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Wimberley Institute of Cultures Newsletter                                   January 5, 2010

   Zach House Project Featured                   our President, Tinka Eoff. Friends, she
       at Quarterly Meeting                      has been a wonderful president, during
                                                 whose tenure remarkable things have
Mark your calendars! The Quarterly               been accomplished, including the
Meeting Monday, January 18 is going              completion of the Buck Winn murals
to be super special. The meeting will            restoration and the inauguration of a
be at the Community Center – 6:00                highly successful lecture series. We'll
p.m. for social time and 7:00 p.m. for           want to give her a "fireworks and
dinner. BYOB and don't forget to give a          confetti" send-off.
warm welcome to new faces.
Cost for dinner is $12 per person,               It is time to collect 2010 membership
payable at the door. To make your                dues. Checks should be made payable
reservation, please Email Melinda                to Wimberley Institute of Cultures and
Gumbert at mgumbert@austin.rr.com or             noted as “2010 dues.”            For your
call her at 847-5092.     Reservations           convenience there will be a table at the
should be made by January 11. All                meeting where you may drop off your
reservations must be honored.                    dues     along      with    a   completed
                                                 Membership Dues and Enrollment Form
Our program will feature the Zach                which you’ll find in this newsletter.
House Project, the biggest thing on our
agenda since the restoration of the                          Or, mail dues to:
Winters-Wimberley House in the 1990s.
You'll hear about the project and its                 Wellborn Gregg, Treasurer
status.     And a special guest, Dr.                 Wimberley Institute of Cultures
Annette Morris Newberry, who actually                        PO Box 167
lived in the Zach house with her parents                Wimberley TX 78676
and grandparents in the 1950s, will tell
about the house when it was intact and           Please help us by paying your dues
somebody's "home." (Dr. Newberry is              in January so the Board can develop
the great, great granddaughter of                the 2010 budget when they begin
Pleasant Wimberley.)                             work in February.

Candidates for the new Board of
Directors will be introduced, and you'll
hear a thumbnail biography of each of
                                                  WIC Featured at Board Meeting
This meeting will also be a farewell to             of Texas Hill Country Trail
The Pic Wic Papers                           1                                   www.wimwic.org
                                                   The Board, plainly impressed with our
Jenelle Flocke of the Wimberley Chamber            work, asked, “Does the City help you
of Commerce asked us to explain our                with your funding? And what is your
work to a very interesting and valuable            income source?” The City, represented
group, the Texas Hill Country Trail                by Don Ferguson, was present. “No
Region’s Board of Directors, who met at            money for preservation,” was his
Wimberley’s City Hall on November 9.               answer, “but the City can help by
A power point presentation prepared by             waiving certain fees – for example,
Dee Ann Story and Claire Billingsley               those attached to the Zach House
was offered to the Trail Board. The                project.” (When completed, this house
Texas Hill Country Trail Region is an              would be eligible for two markers, State
arm      of    the     Texas    Historical         and National.)
Commission, from whom they receive
funds.           They     represent     a          Completing the presentation was a
19-county-wide area selected based on              photo of the interior of Brookshire
richness in both natural and historical            Brothers Grocery, showing our historic
resources. Natural:       creeks, rivers,          photos in this superb exhibit space. This
underground caves, hills, limestone                was a major hit with the visiting Board.
features, wildlife, e.g. (Do we qualify!)
Historical: historic sites and proof of            Understanding the value of our beautiful
their preservation.                                village, rich in both natural and historical
                                                   resources, the Board reminded the City
The group saw and heard of this work in            that preservation is important to tourism.
progress: Wimberley has a total of ten             It brings in needed dollars which could
sites with historic markers: two are               be shared one day with Wimberley
archeological (the “Suhm Midden” and               Institute of Cultures. (We hope so! So
the “Millrace”); eight vary from subject           far, our dues and Pie Social income,
markers, for sites no longer extant but            plus gifts from the Lions and Civic Club,
nevertheless important to our history              have been our main supports.)
(the Wimberley Mills, e.g.), to actual site
markers. For your information, two of              Both Flocke and Chamber Member,
those sites earned both State and                  John Meyer, said proof of the success
National recognition: the 1892 Dobie               of our presentation was that members of
House on Old Kyle Road and the 1850s               the Trail Board were seen on the square
Winters-Wimberley House.            Another        and up at the Winters-Wimberley House
Registered Texas Historic Landmark                 looking at our historic sites. Because
site already approved with a marker in             Wimberley qualifies to be on this Hill
process at the foundry is “The                     Country Trail, our tourist traffic will
Gingerbread House” on the square,                  include visitors who have their excellent
owned by Sue Franklin. This cottage                trail maps, which will now feature
also qualifies for a listing in the National       Wimberley.
Register. Take a look. It’s the business
next to the two-story Aunt Jenny’s Attic.
The Pic Wic Papers                             2
                                                               Mystery of the www.wimwic.org
           Embedded Cottages                    the remaining shops were remnants of
                                                the last two cottages.        Her friend
Back in the 1930s-40s, Joe Springs,             Bonnie Dean’s home was indeed
who owned the lumber yard on the                partially intact, embedded in these
village square, decided to build three          current businesses. Of course, Bonnie
cottages near Cypress Creek, one for            is excited to hear her home still exists
each of his two grown children, Bonnie          and will return as soon as possible.
Dean Springs Edge and her brother,              (She now lives in Victoria, TX)
Jody and a larger one with a fireplace
for him and wife Alta.       Wimberley          This is one of the discoveries featured in
Institute of Cultures has long had a            Wimberley Institute of Cultures’s
photo of two of those cottages, quite           upcoming exhibit “History of the Village
charming, small and each with a picket          Square” to open in January. Several
fence. And Cypress Creek is visible in          buildings will be “uncovered” to reveal
back of them. They face what is now             their former identities and you will be
the rear of River House and side of Blue        amazed.        Legendary teacher and
Bacon. But they are no longer visible,          author, centenarian Susie Danforth will
so, of course we assumed they had               be in front of her two-story home, her
been torn down. Brocante and The                l940s Buick parked in her garage right
Wimberley Valley Candy Co. are in what          on the village square.          You’ll be
we supposed was their location.                 surprised to learn what is in that building
                                                today. Exhibit chair Steve Gartside will
Peggy Oldham Savage, a new member,              be reporting his opening date soon.
introduced Wimberley Institute of               This exhibit will engage the entire
Cultures to Joe Springs’ daughter               community; our village square is, after
Bonnie, who has recently brought                all, the heart of our hometown.
several fine early Wimberley photos to
be scanned for our archives. Bonnie             Board of Directors’ Meetings
and Peggy wondered if remnants of
those cottages could be detected.               The Board meets the second Tuesday
They found only Joe’s first home.               of each month at 3:00 p.m., at the
However, one recent Saturday, Peggy             Winters-Wimberley House. All Board
decided to search for the other two             meetings are open to members.
herself.     With another Wimberley
Institute of Cultures member, she led
the way, knocked on the door of Wendy
                                                  Annual Winters-Wimberley
Lovejoy’s business, parallel to the creek        Outreach Educational Program
(but the second tier of businesses),                   By: Charlotte Carter, Chair
Lovejoy Gardens, and sure enough,
inside was a most remarkable fireplace,         The 13th Annual Winters-Wimberley
the very one Joe built for himself. But         Outreach Educational Program is
the chimney itself was not visible.             scheduled for the week of March 22,
Knocking on the NEXT door, Peggy                2010.   This program brings Fourth
found the chimney! And finally, inside          Grade students, teachers and parents
The Pic Wic Papers                          3                                 www.wimwic.org
from the Wimberley community to the             home he built for her and his family.
Winters-Wimberley House where they              Architectural details are described and
are provided with a variety of activities       pointed out to the students, and
focused on people and events that               information about the restoration of the
shaped the history of Wimberley and             house.
                                                Upon          returning      to      the
After arrival at the Winters-Wimberley          Winters-Wimberley House the students
House, a teacher welcomes the visitors          learn about the other millers – Cude,
and gives them a brief history of the           Wimberley and Pyland – and their lives
house and its restoration. They proceed         from 1864-1925. They hear about the
to the front porch where “William               families of the millers, especially what
Winters”    portrayed    by    Raymond          life was like as a child. They also hear
Lankford greets them. In character, he          about the families’ major concerns for
shares his travels from Tennessee to            food, shelter, and clothing. One thing
Texas, his experiences at the Battle of         that always brings a big response from
San Jacinto, and his life as a miller in        the students is learning about Miss
“Glendale” (to become Winters’ Mill,            Susie’s squirrel dumplings and green
then Cude’s Mill, and lastly Wimberley’s        grape pie. Before returning to school
Mill) now Wimberley. The students have          students       enjoy    lemonade     and
the opportunity to ask questions of Mr.         homemade cookies.
Winters, which he answers with much
detail and humor.                               The continued success of our
                                                educational project can be attributed to
The experience for the students                 the help given by numerous volunteers.
continues after crossing RR12 to the            Volunteers can help in a variety of ways:
site of the mill now Ozona Bank. They           such as teaching, facilitating an activity,
observe old millstones, and learn the           preparing and serving refreshments or
many purposes of the mill – from the            providing homemade cookies.
processing of grain to cotton to lumber.
A teacher also gives them a hands-on            Please consider being a volunteer and
experience, grinding corn.         Using        helping us give Wimberley children a
graphics, the teacher also explains how         glimpse into the lives of the men,
the mill was powered by water from              women and events that influenced the
Cypress Creek. They proceed to Mill             history of their community and Texas. I
Race Lane to hear about the millrace            will be at the January meeting with
and how the water was brought to the            volunteer forms. WE NEED YOU!
mill from a dam at the creek and then to
a pond at the mill site.                                         Kudos
On the way back from the millrace, the          Deb Bradshaw, Winters-Wimberley
students stop by the Zach Wimberley             House Manager, who continues to
house. They are told about Zach and             encourage rentals of the house, a
how he met his young wife and the               much-needed financial source for
The Pic Wic Papers                          4                                 www.wimwic.org
paying our utility costs.                        Wimberley to Amarillo, Canyon, and
                                                 Abilene, where we will visit sites such as
Jenelle Flocke, Chair of the Wimberley           Frontier Texas, the Plains Museum, the
Chamber of Commerce, for inviting us             Colorado City Museum, and a guided
to speak to the Board of Directors of the        tour of the Palo Duro Canyon State
Texas Hill Country Trail Region’s.               Park.

Barbara Thibodeaux for assisting with            Price for the trek is $649 for double
the Texas Hill Country Trails Region             hotel occupancy and $849 for a
presentation.                                    single. A $250 per person deposit is
                                                 required to hold your reservation.
Dan Williams for his generous power
point tech support at various community          To make this trip possible, we will need
events.                                          a minimum of 35 trekkers. WIC
                                                 members are encouraged to sign up by
      Welcome New Members                        February 15, 2010. After such time,
                                                 Tourworks, Inc. will open the trip to their
Richard & Karen Jackson                          mailing list of travelers in this area to
PO Box 2906                                      meet the minimum number required to
Wimberley TX 78676                               make the trip happen.
No email                                         THIS TOUR IS OPEN TO THE
                                                 PUBLIC. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!
                                                 You do not need to be a Wimberley
                                                 Institute of Cultures member to


         OF TEXAS!”
       JUNE 21-25, 2010

WIC, in collaboration with Tourworks,
Inc. is planning a summer trip to the
Palo Duro Canyon in the Texas
Panhandle June 21-25, 2010. The
highlight of the trip is the Texas musical
drama Texas. Our trip will take us from
The Pic Wic Papers                           5                                 www.wimwic.org
                       JUNE 21-25, 2010

                                         Trip itinerary
                (5 Days and 4 Nights, With 4 Breakfasts/1 Catered Lunch/2 Dinners
               Admissions/Local Guides/Motor Coach Transportation/Fully Escorted)

DAY 1:               Monday, June 21 - DEPART FOR LUBBOCK, TX
7:30 a.m.            Motor Coach departs from the Wimberley Community Center Parking Lot
12:30 p.m.           Lunch (on your own) en route near San Angelo
1:30 p.m.            Visit Ft. Concho National Historic Landmark (San Angelo, TX)
                     Take a Guided Tour of the fort before departing for Lubbock.
2:30 p.m.            Depart for Lubbock, Rest stop en route
7:30 p.m.            Check into hotel
                     Dinner this evening (on your own) near the hotel
                     There are numerous chain restaurants within walking distance of the hotel
                     Meals (No Meals)
                     Hotel: Lubbock, TX

DAY 2:               Tuesday, June 22 - LUBBOCK TO AMARILLO
7-9 a.m.             Continental Breakfast at the hotel
9 a.m.               Bags out
9:30 a.m.            Motor Coach departs
10-11 a.m.           Self Guided Tour of American Wind Power Center
Noon                 Lunch (on your own) near Plainview, TX
2 p.m.               Visit the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame and Museum
3:30 p.m.            Depart for Hotel
5 p.m.               Check into hotel for two nights
                     Dinner (on your own) at Feldman’s Wrong Way Diner
                     Meals: (Continental Breakfast)
                     Hotel: Canyon, TX

DAY 3:               Wednesday, June 23 - PALO DURO CANYON, MUSICAL TEXAS!
7-9 a.m.             Continental Breakfast at the hotel
8:30 a.m.            Bags out
9 a.m.               Motor Coach departs
10 a.m.              Arrive at the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum
                     You will find the heart of Texas art, the free spirit of the Taos and Santa Fe
                     schools, and the unsurpassed Southwest American Indian art. Unlock the hidden
                     world of the ancient past through our paleontology, geology and archeology areas
                     while learning about the rich history of the region and seeing some of the finest
                     examples of American fashion in the Textiles Gallery.
Noon:                Catered Lunch at the Museum
1-3:30 p.m.          Rest Break at the hotel or informal shopping time in downtown Canyon
The Pic Wic Papers                                 6                                     www.wimwic.org
3:30 p.m.            Motor Coach Palo Duro Canyon State Park (Headquarters Entrance Gate)
4 p.m.               Guided tour of Palo Duro Canyon State Park with Bernice, Interpreter
                     Please Note: The “Partners in the Palo Duro Canyon” is a non-profit
                     organization helping the canyon with needed supplies not received by State
                     funding. You’re (on your own) donation would be appreciated!
5 p.m.               Depart for Pioneer Amphitheater
6 p.m.               Big Texan Steak Dinner at the Pioneer Amphitheater
8:30 p.m.            Outdoor Texas Musical Drama, “Texas”
10 p.m.              Return to hotel
                     Please Note: The play production policy is to perform “rain or shine.” Please
                     bring rain gear and appropriate clothing. If you prefer to stay at the hotel and
                     not attend, you may do so but with no refunds for the purchased tickets.
                     Meals: (Continental Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
                     Hotel: Canyon, TX

DAY 4:               Thursday, June 24 - AMARILLO TO ABILENE
6:30-8 a.m.          Continental Breakfast at the hotel
7:30 a.m.            Bags out
8 a.m.               Motor Coach departs for Abilene, TX
12:30 p.m.           Lunch (on your own) en route
1:30 p.m.            Visit Frontier Texas! a 14,000 square-foot facility on 6.4 acres, allows visitors to
                     relive the Old West with the help of state-of-the-art technology. Frontier Texas!
                     brings the frontier to life and lets visitors meet people who played out their lives
                     on the Texas frontier. Cutting-edge technology puts a visitor in the middle of
                     attacks by Indians and wolves, stampeding buffalo, a card game shootout and a
                     prairie thunderstorm, even a lovely spring evening filled with fireflies.
3 p.m.               Depart for Buffalo Gap Historical Village.
3:30 p.m.            Arrive at Buffalo Gap
5 p.m.               Depart for hotel and check in
7 p.m.               Enjoy a Farewell Dinner this evening!
                     Meals: (Continental Breakfast, Farewell Dinner)
                     Hotel: Abilene, TX

DAY 5:               Friday, June 25 - ABILENE TO WIMBERLEY
6:30-8 a.m.          Continental Breakfast at the hotel
7:30 a.m.            Bags out
8 a.m.               Motor Coach departs for Fort Phantom Hill (ruins of an 1851 Army post)
8:30 a.m.            Visit Fort Phantom Hill for photos
9 a.m.               Depart for Fredericksburg, TX
1 p.m.               Lunch and free time (on your own) Fredericksburg, TX
4 p.m.               Depart for Wimberley
5:30 p.m.            Arrive home (times are approximate and based on our leisure return)
                     Meals: (Continental Breakfast)

                         PRICE PER PERSON: $649 Double, $849 Single
The Pic Wic Papers                                  7                                      www.wimwic.org
          (Important: We must have 35 passengers for this trip to go. Please sign up early!)

                                   DEPOSIT: $250 per person
                                  DEPOSIT DUE: April 2, 2010
                              FINAL PAYMENT DUE: May 14, 2010

Please Note: $25 per person of your payment will be a contribution to Wimberley Institute of Cultures
for restoration projects and is tax deductible.

                           IT’S SIMPLE TO MAKE A RESERVATION:

1.      Make your deposit check of $250 per person payable to: “TOURWORKS, INC.”
2.      Mail Payments to: 2400 River Road, Wimberley, TX 78676
3.      Include your name, your roommate’s name, and any special needs.
4.      Include an Email address for future correspondence about this trip.
5.      Mail your FINAL PAYMENT (less your deposit) in before May 14, 2010.

                               QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS TOUR?
                                    Call Pam or Frank Sullivan
                                        TOURWORKS, INC.
                                          2400 River Road
                                   Wimberley, TX 78676-5158
                                     Office and Fax: 847-2215
                               Mobile number on tour: (713) 907-4436
                                   Toll Free: 1 (888) TOUR-TEX
                                Web Address: www.toursoftexas.com
                               Or Email: toursoftexas@hotmail.com

                                 REFUNDS & TRIP INSURANCE

This tour is 100% REFUNDABLE up to the Final Payment Date and NON REFUNDABLE after the
Final Payment Date. You may find your own replacement up to departure date. If you think you may
need to cancel for any reason and do not have a replacement, please take out trip insurance. Call
Travel Insured International at 1-800-243-3174. Mention Acct. No: 46765 .

The Pic Wic Papers                                8                                      www.wimwic.org
                             MEMBERSHIP DUES
                           AND ENROLLMENT FORM
Choose One:

        Patron           $100
        Sustaining       $50
        Contributing            $35
        Family           $25
        Individual       $20

                                      PLEASE PRINT

Name (as it should appear in Directory

Mailing Address

Telephone Number

Email Address

                                      Please mail dues to:

                                 Wellborn Gregg, Treasurer
                                Wimberley Institute of Cultures
                                        PO Box 167
                                   Wimberley TX 78676

Membership in Wimberley Institute of Cultures is open to all who are interested in
participating in the purposes and objectives of the organization. Annual membership dues
(January 1 - December 31) are tax deductible.

Wimberley Institute of Cultures is a 501 © (3) nonprofit organization incorporated by the State
of Texas and formed to recognize and preserve the archeological, historical, natural, and
cultural resources of the Wimberley Valley. Wimberley Institute of Cultures strives to
The Pic Wic Papers                             9                                   www.wimwic.org
preserve and foster appreciation of these resources through educational and social activities
available to all members of our community.

The Pic Wic Papers                             10                                   www.wimwic.org

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