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Newspaper Oswego Valley News 1978 - 0278


									   WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1978
                                                                                 OSWEGO VALLEY NEWS                                                  "The Paper That's Read from Cover to Cover"

                               In Your
                                                                                                                                                                                 Thru Feb. 22
                            Candid Opinion
                                        By Helen Saisselin
   Question: How do you feel about the physician service in the area?
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             it 1 '
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              Mary Horn                                                         Oswego
               Hannibal                                                 Homemaker and mother
    Self-employed with husband             John Nickloff                "That's kind of hard to say
         in "Mary and Gene's                   Oswego                because even though we
             Egg Route."                    Truck driver             have a family doctor who
       "The family hasn't needed      "I don't think it's too bad.   lives in Fulton, if anything
                                                                                                                MODEL 487-4
    much medical attention In my own case I go to the happens to my children it's
    recently. Up until now we've V.A. Hospital in Syracuse easier to take them to the                      TWO-SPEED JIG SAW KIT
    been quite healthy, but we but my wife and daughter Oswego Hospital emergency                           Operates at 2800 spm for cutting
    have a good doctor if we need have a family doctor in room. I know I can get                            hard materials—3500 spm for cutting
    one. He lives in Fulton but Oswego. Last time we had an service faster there. When                      soft wood

    has an office here in Han- emergency we went to the it's a question of not knowing
                                                                                                            Equipped with 5 assorted blades
                                                                                                          • Foot tilts to 45° left or right for
    nibal.                         Oswego Hospital. It's easier how sick a child is, I can't                accurate bevels
                                                                    call my doctor and get an-            9 Double insulated for added protection
       "In an emergency, we to go there than to get hold of swers to questions over the
   have the Hannibal Fire their doctor.
   Dept.'s Ambulance Service         "I    wouldn't consider phone. The nurse in the of-
   and I do think that they're    calling a doctor unless I fice will just set you up with
   the greatest. If they were not thought       it    was an an appointment. I've had to
   able to reach my doctor I emergnecy. If you call on the take a couple of my children
   know that they'd get another phone the doctor will say to Syracuse to an ear
   doctor or transport us to a "come in." He doesn't an- specialist because there's no                                                                Do K with
   hospital in Oswego, or Fulton swer questions over the doctor in either Oswego or
   or even Syracuse. For a phone.                                   Fulton who can take care of
   small village we do very well     "I would say that there's a them. If tomorrow one of
   when there's emergencies. need for more doctors, them gets an earache I am
      "I think that in most areas especially general prac-             "I'd say in general the
   there's a need for more titioners in the area, because doctor's fees in the area are
   G.P.'s.                        the cities and towns are too high. However, the
      "Overall I think medical growing. Other people I've important thing to me in that
  costs in the area are high but talked to feel the same.           my children are healthy so I
                                                                                                                                                       BRANDY WINE
                                     "I think Oswego hospital don't hesitate to take them to
  I have no complaints about
  my doctor's rates. Even has kept up with this growth. a doctor because of the cost.
                                                                                                                                                    Buckskin Woodgrain Paneling
  with Blue Cross I think It's a well run hospital.                    "Because I have six
  young couples who have'            "I would say that the children ranging in age from
  children needing medical doctors rates in this area are 8 years to 15 years old, I feel                                                             0NLY
  attention find the cost a real high. However most working that the greatest need in the
  burden."                        people today are usually area is for more doctors to                                                                             $425
                                  covered by insurance and treat children between the
                                  this takes a share of the ages of five to eighteen. I                                                                                               4x8 sheet
                                  expense away from the think the reason the
                                  person being treated."           emergency rooms are so
                                                                   busy is because there's no
                                                                   other place to take these
                                                                                                                BRIX PAK                                         simply apply           and secure
                                                                                                                                                                    motar                in place
                                                                                                         Facing brick For Interior &
                                                                                                              Exterior Surfaces

          John L. Di Dominick
         Retired-postal service
                                                                                                              "*" „                          antique red
        "I'd say that overall it's                                                                         Our Reg. T ctn.
    good. There are some ex-
  ceptions but generally the
    doctors in the area are
     thorough, knowledgeable
                                          Deanna Moulton                                                                                            PICTURE FRAMES
                                               Minetto                 Joseph L. Richards
    and conscientious.
       "You can't always get a          Unemployed elementary                 Fulton
                                                                                                                                                                  by Barclay
   doctor in an emergency- school teacher, homemaker              Retired-material handler at
   especially the doctor of your            and mother
                                      "Fortunately we haven't
                                                                            Sealright                                                                      Our Reg. $374 to J 10 49
   choice. In any case, if we had to use doctors much, but          "I can't complain. I have a
   can't reach our family I think the service is ex- family doctor and he's there
   doctor. I think the best thing cellent, there's a variety of when I need him. In an
   is just to go to the emergency different doctors available emergency, I'd just go to the
  room at the hospital.                                          emergency room at the
                                   for different disorders and a hospital and they would call
                                                                                                                                                     15% off
       "Our family doctor is very good hospital in the area.                                                                                                 present stock only
  cooperative as far as asking                                   my own doctor. In non-
                                      "We.have a family doctor
  about        symptoms and but in the case of an emergency situations I'm                                                                    3 styles & 6 sizes to choose from
  prescribing for them over emergency, which we able to ask my doctor
  the phone if he thinks it is haven't had in a long time, questions over the phone.
  serious he'll have us come I'd probably go to the                 "Yes, I think there's a                                                                                     Plus
  right to his office or if it's emergency room at the need for more doctors in the
  real bad, he'll meet us at the hospital and have them try to area. Any doctor's office you
  emergency room.                  locate my doctor. In the case
                                                                 go into is always loaded and
                                                                                                                  SAVE                                $30 0                 per gal.
      "I think there's a need for of non-emergency situations generally a person has to
 more G.P.'s in the area. Too I can usually call my doctor wait IV2 to 2 hours to see the
 many of the doctors here are and ask him what to do. He'll doctor.
 specialists. The doctors answer any questions I                   "As far as doctors rates in                                           Enterprise 1 - Coat
 rates as far as general might have over the phone. the area, I can't complain
practioners are concerned            "I think the doctors rates
                                                                 about my own doctor's rates                                                        Flat Exterior Latex
 are fair but as far as the in the area are justified. but I've heard other people
specialists-1 think some of They're not as expensive as say that doctors fees are too                                                           WARENTED
 their rates are exorbitant. say New Jersey, where we high.                                                                                 covers in 1 coat
     "I'm retired and on a spent some time. I consider             I'm glad to see that there
limited income so if I were my own doctor's fees very are some young doctors
referred to a specialist I'd reasonable.
certainly think twice before         "The trend for general
                                                                 coming into this area
                                                                 There's six or seven doctors
making a decision about doctors is coming back and I in the area now that are in
going to him because of the do think this area could use their seventies and the young
                                                                                                * Offer limited to present
                                                                                                                                            fade & stain resistant
                                                                                                                                                 fast drying
                                                                                                                                            easy water cleanup
                                                                                                                                                                                7        Our Reg.
                                                                 doctors will relieve these             stock only
cost."                             more."                        older ones."

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