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									                                   GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                         CLASS OF 1965
                                  45TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

Abbazia, Sandra (Bria)                            jlantz@hotmail.com
                                                  Albrizio, Victoria
25 Davenport Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830                               56 Maple Street
doowop5593@hotmail.com                            Danielson, CT 06239-1628
I am widowed with four children (Shari,           Allevato, Jennifer (Welliver) (2010)
Wendi, Patrick and Sandi) and three
grandchildren with one on the way. I still live   2441 S. Kihei Rd. D304
and work in Greenwich.                            Kihei, Hawaii 96753
Abbott, Jacqueline (Haight)                       jennifferwelliver@yahoo.com

23 Hunters Ridge Road                             I'm livin the dream on Maui. I've written and
Huntington, CT 06484-3561                         published a childrens book called "That's
203-929-0099                                      NOT What Grandmas Are For" If you're on
Adamson, Elizabeth (2010)                         Maui call and we'll get a beer......aloha
                                                  Allison, William (2010)
128 Lake Par Parkway
Lake George, NY 12845                             3 Day Lily Place
                                                  The Woodlands, TX 77381-2650
Adkins, Richard (Dick) (2010)                     936-321-5543
1163 Will Scarlet Way
Macon, GA 31220                                   Aloisi, Marilynn (Bardin)
A’Hearn, Jane (Moroso) (2010)                     59 Richard Road
                                                  Greenwich, CT 06830-6012
227 Modoc Place                                   203-531-9399
Pacifica, CA 94044                                Alphin, Bryan (Bente)
jane.moroso@gmail.com                             180 Elbow Lane
                                                  Landenberg, PA 19350-1126
I am sad I will not be with you on 9/25. Our      610-255-4310
oldest son is getting married that day in         Amundsen, Randi (Starmer) (2010)
Chico, CA. I am married to Jeff Moroso
(GHS class of '63). We have 2 sons. My            7022 Bush Rd
sister Julie will be here In CA for the wedding   Jamesville, NY 13078
so we both send you our best wishes for a         315-637-5213
great reunion.                                    randi.starmer@gmail.com

A’Hearn, Julie (Lantz)                            In the past week my husband of 39 years (!)
                                                  and I have moved into the new timber-frame
932 Harriman Street                               house that our son built for us in a rural area
Great Falls, VA 22066                             south of Syracuse NY. I retired nearly 3
202-387-2151                                      years ago from a job as a corporate research
                                   GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                         CLASS OF 1965
                                  40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

librarian and have spent most of those years      Appel, Nancy (Borge) (2010)
navigating the house building and house
selling process and researching/indulging my      482 Town St
interest in native plants and natural             East hampton, CT 06423
landscaping. Our daughter is a part-time          (860) 891-8191
photographer and full time mother of 2            nborge@snet.net
precious red-headed boys in WV, while our
other son is an author of books for pre-teens     Since we were last together we have
and lives in Hoboken with his wife. Not sure      become grandparents. Connor Frederick
how such diverse talents and interests            Lawrence will be 3 this October. I won't bore
developed but such surprises are the spice        you with details...And promise not to have
of life. Here is hoping the reunion is full of    too many pictures. We also bought a house
good surprises. I am sorry that I will miss it.   in East Haddam, CT. It took us two years to
Andersen, John                                    find a house older than Ron that he could fit
                                                  in. Our new home was built in 1817. The
4 Capitola Road                                   year James Monroe became the 5th US
Danbury, CT 06811-2966                            Preident and Mississippi became a state, etc.
203-797-8980                                      We are loving it up here along the
mabellguy52@aol.com                               Connecticut River. We are making many new
Andersen, Judean (Ward) (2010)                    friendships and renewing many old ones, as
                                                  there is a large group of Greenwich people
135 Byram Road                                    who now live up here.
Greenwich, CT 06830-5905                          Arth, Frederica (Rabuazzo)
judeanward@aol.com                                11 Salem Street
                                                  Cos Cob, CT 06807
Hi. I am married with two kids, age 23 & 25       203-661-3118
and work at Old Greenwich School as a             Auger, Catherine (Vesterby)
teacher's aide.
Andersen, Karen (Condaras)                        12 Bonner Drive
                                                  Queensbury, NY 12804-1002
103 Stratford Place                               518-798-1335
Charleston, WV 25303-2818                         cathy_mtflowers@yahoo.com
304-744-0463                                      Augustin, Thomas
Anderson, Gail (Ettinger)
                                                  1332 King Street
51 West  86th
            Street #310                           Greenwich, CT 06831-2908
New York, NY 10024                                203-531-8962
212-933-4660                                      Auckerman, Lloyde (Duff)
                                                  3 Grove POB St. #277
Angotto, Carol (Pia)                              Brandon, VT 05733-1001
1276 Westover Road                                Avann, Susan (Ferraro)
Stamford, CT 06902
203-322-1927                                      61 Sinawoy Road
                                  GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                        CLASS OF 1965
                                 40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

Cos Cob, CT 06807-2325                           is starting his junior year at Pacific Lutheran
203-869-2652                                     University in Tacoma, WA, majoring in
Bailey, Kim                                      Psychology. So, for all intents and purposes,
                                                 we are empty nesters. We love visitors.
22 Forest Street                                 Summers are especially beautiful. Winters
Unionville, CT 06085                             are…well, with age an no kids to shovel the
860-673-0711                                     snow, getting too darn long! Soon we may
Bardone, Susan (Henderson) (2010)                become snow birds, migrating south with the
                                                 geese. I wish we could attend the reunion.
31 Deer Hill Road                                These days, trips to the ―lower 48‖ are to visit
Redding, CT 06896-2312                           aging parents in Arizona and Ohio. Brudie,
203-938-2742                                     George, Finnith, Mare, Leaky, Lizzie, Hol,
sueh31@sbcglobal.net                             Alan W., Bev, Dottie..my prom date P-Kath
                                                 and P-Marg, are you out there? Also,
Married 35 years to T.G. Henderson.              Betsy@alyeskaresort.com. Happy reunion
Daughter Kristen, a vet tech, is 31 and          everyone!
getting married next month in Newtown. Son       Beal, Geoffrey **
Ian, 28, full-time paralegal and law student
in NYC, graduating 2011. I've been a part        4552 Flad Avenue
time Ass't Town Clerk and Registrar of Vitals    St. Louis, MO 63110-3354
in Redding for 8 years. Also work part time      Bealer, Ronald
as a statistical ass't. to a consultant.
Bassett, James (2010)                            110 Knox Road
                                                 Stamford, CT 06907
34 Griffith Road                                 Beatini, Albert
Riverside, CT 06878-1202
203-637-5279                                     6 Maple Lane
jimbassett@optonline.net                         Box 429
Bayes, Betsy (Preis)                             Westbrookville, NY 12785
                                                 Becker, Jamee
PO Box 789
Girdwood, AK 99587-0789                          27 W. 55th Street, Apt 31
preis@alaska.net                                 New York, NY 10019
Hey! Where has everyone been the past 40
years? I’ve spent the last 30 living and         I tried college, but it didn’t click. I moved to
working as an accounting manager in              NY and modeled (was on magazine covers,
Girdwood, Alaska, a small ski resourt town       including Sports Illustrated). In 1970 I
40 miles southeast of Anchorage. I am            married, moved to France, learned French, in
married to a great guy, Pat, a buyer for the     that order. I continued modeling and retired
Anchorage School District. We have two           in 1980, a few years after my second child.
boys, Tommy (23) and Andy (so close to 21        The Fashion Institute of Design and
that he can taste the beer). Tommy lives in      Merchandising hired me as their European
Baltimore, MD and has a market research jog      director. I got involved with the American
that takes him all over the world (sigh). Andy   community, Embassy and Residence, and
                                  GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                        CLASS OF 1965
                                 40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

was President of USO in France. I was            207-338-2325
awarded a medal by the city of Paris (not so     andreebella@hotmail.com
sure this is necessary - the French are big on   Bennett, Alan (2010)
giving medals, so I got a few). I divorced in
1997 and returned to the US. I opened a          4847 Foxhall Crescent NW
paint-your-own pottery studio in Greenwich.      Washington, DC 20007
My mother died. I attended the Institute of      202-337-0557
Culinary Education. I was hired as a             arb1948@aol.com
cook/chef (I think chef is a big word!). This
year, I decided to smell the roses. I have two   I've been a lawyer in DC since graduating
children and two grandchildren, but don’t get    from law school in '72. It's been a truly
me started on them….sublime! So…..?              interesting career, but 45 years out from high
Also, I traveled A LOT while modeling.           school, might be time to try something else.
Beesinger, Suzanne                               I've also really enjoyed reconnecting with a
                                                 number of GHS friends via Facebook in the
94 Mile Creek Road                               last couple of years.
Old Lyme, CT 06371-1716                          Bennett, Marjorie
Behringer, James                                 PO Box 169
                                                 Colchester, VT 05446
1920 E. Janice Way                               Benvenuto, Frank (2010)
Phoenix, AZ 85022-3911
602-992-0593                                     PO Box 254
Classmates                                       Zephyr Cove, NV 89448-0254
Belcher, Barbara (Bobbi) (Manning) (2010)        Move2NV@aol.com

39 Pierson Drive                                 I have been living in the Lake Tahoe Nevada
Greenwich, CT 06831-2524                         area since 1971. I worked at the local
203-661-2792                                     Casinos playing in the orchestras backing up
bobbijackmanning@aol.com                         such stars as; Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis
                                                 Jr.,Sarah Vaughn, Don Rickles,Mac
2005                                             Davis,Johnny Mathis just to mention a few. I
Best wishes to all! I am still happily married   have been out of touch with my Greenwich
to Jack (GHS ’62). I am the mother of three      High Class Mates but would enjoy hearing
grown sons: Jack (GHS ’88); Jim (GHS ’90);       from anyone.
and Jay (GHS ’95). I am the grandmother of       Bestor, Donald
three and still working at GHS.
Belicka, William                                 453 SE Sunnydale Lane
                                                 Port St. Lucie, FL 34963-2227
83 Morgan Street #76                             561-871-9978
Stamford, CT 06905-5434                          Bestor, Robyn (Byrne) (2010)
Bella, Andree                                    86 Mourning Dove Drive
                                                 Saunderstown, RI 02874
84 Leler Road                                    401-295-0065
Belfast, ME 04915                                murmy2@msn.com
                                  GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                        CLASS OF 1965
                                 40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

Dan and I have been married for 28 years       Classmates
and have two children...Christopher 25 and     Blish, Ethel (Weissmann)
Michael 17 and a beautiful 4 year old
cockapoo, Bentley. We moved to RI almost       43 Rodwell Avenue
19 years ago. Dan is in sales and I'm a stay   Greenwich, CT 06830-6170
at home mom.                                   203-869-8315
Biondo, Ann (Capparelle) (2010)                Blomquist, Robert

929 West Port Royale Lane                      111 Pilgrim Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85023                              Greenwich, CT 06830-4941
602-942-1290                                   203-531-5251
annc@ancapinsurance.com                        Blume, Sharon (Vecchiolla) (2010)

Biondo, Doreen (Stendale)                      193 Byram Road
                                               Greenwich, CT 06830-5906
3 Moharimet Drive                              203-531-4229
Madbury, NH 03820-9556                         vecchiolla@juno.com
Birdsell, Bruce (2010)                         Runnig again in the November 2,2010
                                               election in Greenwich for, Democratic
8 Hunt Terrace                                 Registrar of Voters. I have held this position
Greenwich, CT 06831-4147                       since January 1993. Must be doing
203-531-6517                                   something right, as I do enjoy my elected
bruce.birdsall@johnstonesupply.com             position.
                                               Bodine, Robert
Married to Rosemarie Facchin (Class of '66),
7/29/67. Three daughters-Tina Birdsall Mutz    3381 Texas Street
(Trumbull, CT), Terri Birdsall Lammlein (St    Lake Station, IN 46405-2838
Louis, MO), Lisa Birdsall (Greenwich, CT).     219-963-0436
Three grandchildren - Ryan and Alexander       Bogdanchik, John
Mutz and Carlyn Lammlein. Co-owner w/Ro
of Johnstone Supply of White Plains, NY.       398 Nonopage Road
Luv Golf!                                      Fairfield, CT 06432-7249
Black, Jonathan                                203-255-6491
                                               Bohacs, Peter **
2708 Eaton Court
Danbury, CT 06811                              YMCA
203-731-3064                                   259 Putnam Avenue
Classmates                                     Greenwich, CT 06830
Blake, James **                                Bolling, Richard

Blanche, Susan (Bannon)                        123 Palm Street
                                               Newark, NJ 07106-1105
4017 92nd Avenue, SE                           973-351-7593
Mercer Island, WA 98040
                                    GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                          CLASS OF 1965
                                   40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

Borge, Ronald (2010)                                have a great time and I would enjoy hearing
                                                    from old friends.
482 Town St.                                        Breitweiser, Joseph **
East haddam CT 06423
(860) 891-8191                                      1 N. Beechwood Road
borge-r@comcast.net                                 Niantic, CT 06357-1421
(2005)                                              860-739-5784
I still don’t have an after school job (I retired   Brewer, Beverly (Ray) **
in 2001). I still sail (Commodore of my sailing
club), I still drive fast cars (if you don’t have   84 Putnam Park
400 HP, you might as well walk) and I would         Greenwich, CT 06830
still rather smile than frown. I may not run as     713-376-7346
fast as I used to but I see a great deal more.      Bridge, Douglas
Boylan, Regina (Bulla)
                                                    4 Canterbury Lane
52 Cloverdale Avenue                                Monroe, CT 06468-3340
White Plains, NY 10603-3204                         Brough, Helen **
                                                    15 Grand Avenue
My husband, Frank, and I live in White              Old Greenwich, CT 06870-2227
Plains, NY. We have been married for 29             Brown, Martha (Fitzgerald)
years. We have two daughters. Andreas is
27 and works at Deutsche Bank in NYC.               PO Box 1424
Gina is 24 and works at Media Planning              Colorado Springs, CO 80901
Group in NYC. I work as an Executive                719-527-6725
Secretary at GE in Stamford, CT. I am               dfitzgeruccs@yahoo.com
looking forward to seeing everyone on
October 1st.                                        I am still nursing (30 years)…now in an
Bradford, Dawn (Lundell) (2010)                     inpatient oncology unit. None of our five
                                                    children are at home today (you never
730 Mount Oglethorpe Tr.                            know!), so the food bills are much lower
Alpharetta, GA 30022-1010                           lately. Dough is the SID at UCCS so our
770-409-0111                                        lives are filled with sports, sports, sports. I
dawnb623@gmail.com                                  AM the forever cheerleader. See you all
I have a prior commitment at the time of the        Brown, Nancy (Parker)
reunion, however, I am looking forward to
reading about everyone. I have been in the          459 Gehring Road
south for years but I do get to CT. to visit        Tolland, CT 06084-3613
family. I was widowed three years ago when          860-871-9020
my husband, Glenn Lundell, GHS class of             Browne, Mary Linda (Bianchi)
'63, died. Being single again is an
adjustment! The new love in my life is my 16-       245 Belfair Oaks Blvd.
month-old grandson born to my daughter,             Bluffton, SC 29910
Heather, and her husband. I hope you all            843-757-0971
                                  GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                        CLASS OF 1965
                                 40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

Bruce, Caroline (Kitty) (Cooney)                 working in Philadelphia, and Anna
                                                 from business school, working in
64 Magna Lane                                    San Francisco.
Westbrook, CT 06498-1907
                                                      Best wishes to friends from
                                                 Glenville School, CJH and GHS.
                                                 Thanks for fond memories of
I have three children and two grandchildren.     wonderful relationships.
I write suspense novels for junior high school   Bryson, Joan
readers (I’ve done about 75 of them)and two
have become movies. I live on the shoreline      226 Byram Road
of Eastern Connecticut and in NYC. I used        Greenwich, CT 06830-5939
to be a church organist and now sing in          203-531-5764
concert choirs. I went back to college a few     Bubel, Owen
years ago to re-learn my high school Latin (I
                                                 6901 Southridge Drive
loved Mr. McGoldrich and Miss Gardiner)
                                                 Mclean, VA 22101-5463
and now take classes at UConn, Columbia or
Fordham. I still keep up with my 6th grade
teacher from OG Elementary, Mr. Albert, who
gave us such wonderful instruction in writing.   Bunk, Joseph **
Brunel, Gregory **                               337 Ledge Drive
                                                 Torrington, CT 06790-2245
30 Brookside Drive
Greenwich, CT 06830
                                                 Burna, Richard
Bruno, William (2010)
                                                 1358 Crane Crescent
1550 Redfern Drive
                                                 Norfolk, VA 23518
Pittsburgh, PA 15241
billbruno@comcast.net                            Burton, Katherine (Stevens)

                                                 1114 South Britain Road
At the time of our 40th Reunion,
                                                 Southbury, CT 06488
Lynne and I had just purchased a                 203-267-6163
100-year old summer home on                      kbstevens@yahoo.com
Martha’s Vineyard. Over the five                 Byrne, Daryl (Fleuren) (2010)
years, we restored the home and
its grounds. While “wintering” in                501 Belair Way
Pittsburgh, I authored a book on                 Nashville, TN 37215
leadership ethics, The King Rat                  615-665-9096
and His Court: Lessons in                        dbfleur@comcast.net
Corporate Greed. Visit
                                                 After 42 years I finally cut the cord to
www.thekingrat.com for details.
                                                 Greenwich 4 years ago this November. Well
Both of our children graduated in                almost, I didn't sell my condo in town, which
                                                 is currently rented out, just in case I want to
2010 -- Billy from law school,
                                   GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                         CLASS OF 1965
                                  40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

come back someday.                                203-531-1974
I moved to Nashville, TN to be near my            janicegunnip@greenwich.k12.ct.org
daughter, Annie, who went to Vanderbilt           Campiformio, Paula (Sutliffe) (2010)
University for both her undergrad and
graduate degrees and never came back              16 Salem Street
home. Vanderbilt Medical Center Children's        Cos Cob, CT 06807-4166
Hospital hired her immediately as a neonatal      203-661-4166
intensive care nurse. She was married to a        psutliffe@optonline.net
Metro police officer in May so hopefully I will
have some grand babies soon.                      Faculty; The Graduate Institute: Health
I am retired now and spend the winter             Systems Manager (retired): Procter &
months in my home is Delray Beach, FL.            Gamble
I have rediscovered the game of Canasta,          Cantavero, Agostino (Gus)
play weekly in both TN & FL. Lots of fun and
a great way to meet new friends.                  2 Apple Tree Lane
In short, I've gone from ball gowns, to           Riverside, CT 06878-1001
cowboy boots to flip flops. Having a great        203-357-7646
time in this chapter of my life.                  Cantavero, Carlo (2010)
Yee Haw!!
Caie, Richard                                     595 Steamboat Rd
                                                  Greenwich, CT 06830
67 Crane Road North                               carlo595@aol.com
Stamford, CT 06902-2505
203-357-1693                                      I am married, three children, three grand
Cain, Maureen (Rutherford)                        children, business owner, member of the
                                                  R.T.M. R.T.C. in Greenwich, and love my
59 Shore Road                                     vacation time in Nantucket...class of 65
Old Greenwich, CT 06870-1815                      senior year three art classes with "mr thrum
203-637-2591                                      the best" mr krol, miss hebert,mr. wall,mr.
Classmates                                        carlson,mr berkowitz,mr. rice gym
Calabrese, Arthur William                         teacher.spent alot of time in miss ferber's
                                                  office mr. bella's office, mr jackson, mrs.
41 Lake Drive                                     dunn, mr. pfau,and mrs.smith...but i wiil
Darien, CT 06820-3122                             alway's have the room 101 "crap gang"
203-323-4730                                      carlo,rick anthony peter,the vaudeville, and
bcalabrese@medimedia.com                          being in charge of the Christmas tree lights
Caldwell, Wayne                                   with Anthony "chip" chiappetta, and the stage
                                                  craft crew, best to my blood rich orrico were
30 Friendly Road                                  we ever on time for school, we hold the
Norwalk, CT 06851-3108                            record late 141 day's out of 180....best to the
203-846-9131                                      class of 65 you were the light in the tunnel for
                                                  me in my senior year..best carlo
Campbell, Janice (Gunnip)                         Caporale, Anita (Field) (2010)
67 View Street                                    Glenwood
Greenwich, CT 06830-5931
                                  GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                        CLASS OF 1965
                                 40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

Two Dry River Court                              Riverside, CT 06878-2317
Redding, CT 06896-2333                           203-637-2843
203-938-0874                                     Carter, Paul **
2005                                             417 N. Whitworth Avenue
Graduating from UConn in 1970 with a BS in       Brookhaven, MS 39601-2960
Physical Medicine, I finished my residency       601-833-5107
(in Physical Therapy) in September, married      Caruso, Eugene
classmate Thom Field in October and moved
to and passed my state boards in Rhode           90 Sasco Hill Terrace
Island in November! Starting our family (son     Fairfield, CT 06430-5651
Christopher and daughter Amanda, after           203-255-2029
moving back to Connecticut, Thom’s job later     Cassone, Stephen
took us to Paris. Living in France allowed
me to discover my ―raison d’etre‖ – traveling    234 E. Middle Patent Road
the world (a real miracle for a former           Greenwich, CT 06831-2838
agoraphobic!), with a special place in my        Catto, Barbara (Merchant) (2010)
heart for England. Following Paris, we lived
in Bernardsville, NJ where my career began       61 Circle Drive
evolving, beginning with my Masters degree       Greenwich, CT 06830-6737
in Gerontology and my pursuit of theological     barbcatto@gmail.com
studies and vocation in chaplaincy. Our new      Still in Greenwich. Pres. of Vivian Electric,
careers, our family, friends and faith keep us   Inc Two children married. 1st grandchild on
going. Working with a great crew on this         tne way.
reunion has made it all the more exciting as     Ceci, Roselle (Budrawich)
has seeing and hearing from so many
                                                 4 Scribner Avenue
friends, both old and new
                                                 Norwalk, CT 06854-2538
Capparelle, Frank J. (2010)
                                                 Ceva, Melinda (Gardiner) (2010)
929 West Port Royale Lane
                                                 P O Box 108
Phoenix, AZ 85023-5298
                                                 Hillsdale, NY 12529
Carino, Mary (Tarnowski) **
145 Signal Hill Road                             I have fulfilled my life-long dream of working
Wilton, CT 06897-1933                            in the field of music. I play the celtic harp
Carr, Nancy (Slapin)                             and sing as a therapeutic musician, providing
                                                 prescriptive, therapeutic music at the
Fox Run Road                                     bedside. I am CEO of an organization that
Norwalk, CT 06853                                trains musicians to do this work.
203-846-1478                                     Chiappetta, Anthony
Carriero, Linda (Ross)
                                                 91 Ritch Avenue
210 Riverside Avenue                             Greenwich, CT 06830-6919
                                 GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                       CLASS OF 1965
                                40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

Classmates                                     children, John and Stephanie, have blessed
Chiappetta, Sue Ann (Sabanski)                 us with a total of 5 grandchildren - 3
                                               granddaughters and 2 grandsons. We're
100 N.E. 6th Avenue, Lot #205                  both still working the same jobs but looking
Homestead, FL 33030                            forward to retirement. We still spend
mcgilly_3@hotmail.com                          summer months at our Tyler Lake cottage in
                                               Goshen where we enjoy boating, swimming,
I married Rich Sabanski (GHS ’64). We have     lots of 9-5 card games with local friends and
three daughters, three grandsons and one       are always ready to welcome visits from old
grandaughter. Rich retired from the army in    acquaintances.
2001. We have been in south Florida for        Close, Allen
about seven years. We’ve enjoyed traveling
while in the Army but now we’re having great   3210 N. Albermarle Street
fun being grandparents. Mrs. C. is here with   Arlington, VA 22207-4219
us…playing with her ―great‖ grandsons…they     703-532-3699
are the smartest kids she knows…she would      Condaras, Daphne (Dressler) **
love to hear from all of you!
Chim, Alan                                     108 Pierce Blvd.
                                               Windsor, CT 06095-1825
103 Blue Ridge Road                            860-688-7795
Penfield, NY 14526-9543                        Conner, Edward
Chmurak, Anne (Simpson) **                     479 Allison Avenue
                                               Longwood, FL 32750-7546
12 Arapaho Road                                407-331-0079
Brookfield, CT 06804-3104                      Conrad, Brian
Christiansen, Dennis                           PO Box 63
                                               Moyie, BC VOB2AO
9 Suburban Avenue                              250-829-0767
Cos Cob, CT 06807-2415                         Conway, Candace (Coleman)
Cilia, Carol (Santos)**                        7565 Wolfbrook Drive
                                               Atlanta, GA 30350-1182
26 Robertson Lane                              770-394-5484
Cos Cob, CT 06807-2522                         Coperine, Michael
Clark, Debbi (Benoit) (2010)                   47 Mianus View Terrace
                                               Cos Cob, CT 06807-2219
8 Parson Terrace                               203-629-5484
Torrington, CT 06790-4446                      Coppola, Louis
debbi_rich_benoit@yahoo.com                    211 River Road Ext.
                                               Cos Cob, CT 06807
All these years later, Rich and I are still    Cordner, William
happily married - 42 years and counting! Our
                                  GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                        CLASS OF 1965
                                 40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

8 Cedar Glen                                     Habersham, a new urbanism community in
W. Simsbury, CT 06092-2202                       Beaufort, SC. I see Ann Iverson Parke
860-658-2975                                     several times a year, and have kept in touch
Cornelius, Mary (Mish)                           with just a few of our classmates. Enjoy
                                                 finding old friends on Facebook!
28 Windaway Road                                 Crossen, Kenneth
Bethel, CT 06801-1610
Courter, Bonnie **                               1116 Marshall Road
                                                 Pittsboro, NC 27312-8282
Cliff Road                                       919-542-3827
Greenwich, CT 06830                              Crowe, Robert (2010)
Cox, Roger
                                                 5727 Gore Range Ct
16 Marigold Lane                                 Golden, CO 80403
Trumbull, CT 06611-5513                          303 279 9229
203-452-1040                                     thumpdog1@aol.com
Crandall, Sarah
                                                 Married to Joy for some 35 years. Retired
PO Box 7900                                      from AT&T after 39 years. Now living in
Madison, WI 53707-7900                           Golden, Colorado. I volunteer at the
Crawford, Elizabeth (Reisz) (2010)               Coolorado Railroad Museum restoring and
                                                 rebuilding locomotives and rolling stock from
PO Box 785                                       the late 19th and early 20th century. When
Cape Neddick, ME 03902-0785                      not ther I can be found jeeping in the
207-363-2267                                     mountians with my black lab "Harley"
ereisz@myfairpoint.net                           Crowle, Robert
I lived in Sceaux, France for a year as an       PO Box 341
exchange student after GHS graduation.           Otis, MA 01253
Received a B.A. in French from William           bobeotis@yahoo.com
Smith College, Geneva, NY and an M.S.L.S.        Culpepper, Diane (Johnson)
from SImmons College in Boston. Moved to
NYC to work for the national office of the       2342 Generation Drive
Episcopal Church as Youth and Young Adult        Reston, VA 20191
Ministry Coordinator, then to NH to return to    703-476-5735
librarianship as Reference Librarian at the      Classmates
Portsmouth Public Library. Met and married       Curcio, Carmen (Budkins)
Mel Reisz, the owner of Summerwind
Jewelers & Goldsmiths in Portsmouth. We          56 Alexander Street
live in Cape Neddick, ME where I am now          Greenwich, CT 06830-6204
the Director of Library Media Services for the   203-869-0499
York School Dept. We have a daughter,            D’Andrea, Florence (Verrier) (2010)
Sara, who is following in her father's
footsteps who will take over the family          12 Forest Avenue
business when we retired in a few years. We      Old Greenwich, CT 06870-1506
have plans to build a retire home in             203-637-3586
                                 GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                       CLASS OF 1965
                                40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

fverrier@msn.com                              561-533-7495
Married to John Verrier. Two daughters -
Leslie Gavin (Stamford) and Liz Holcomb       Happily retired spring 2009 after 31+ years
(Fairfield). Four grandchildren - Quinn and   with South Florida Water Management
Dylan Gavin; Mason and Riley Holcomb          District. 5+ years cancer survivor, enjoying
(guess which are the boys and which are the   all life has to offer. Been traveling back and
girls!)                                       forth to Colorado to help my daughter, so
Daniel, Nancy (Johnson) (2010)                missed the notice of the reunion. Hoping to
                                              attend the 50 year!
151 Daisy Lane                                Davies, Michael
Durham, CT 06422-1603
NJDcrossroads@yahoo.com                       8 Grove Street
                                              Pleasantville, NY 10570
2005                                          914-747-0088
I’ve been married to Gary for the last 37+    Davino, Gary **
years. Our son, Jesse, lives and works in
Boulder, CO and our daughter, Sarah, and      38 Hunt Terrace
her husband, Steve, live in Chicago. We try   Glenville, CT 06831-4147
to appreciate each day!! My website shows     203-531-7537
what I’m up to, work-wise                     Davis, Edward
Daniels, Michelle (Nautaret)                  541 Helena Circle
                                              Littleton, CO 80124-2729
4645 Lake Valenzia Blvd. W.                   Deacon, Allison (Gardner)
Palm Harbor, FL 34684
727-781-6731                                  149 Canonchet Drive
Danielson, Charles                            Portsmouth, RI 02871-4203
PO Box 369                                    Classmates
Wayne, ME 04284                               De Berry, Deborah (Long) (2010)
Danielson, Margaret (Peggy) (Mazzer)          31766 Broad Beach Road
                                              Malibu, CA 90265
1900 Kelton Avenue                            310-589-1500 (Ext. 22)
Los Angeles, CA 90025                         deborah@amzmusic.com
pdaniels@asucla.ucla.edu                      No retirement plans in site, but maybe by our
Da Pra, Marie (Fox)                           next reunion . . See you all in 2015 for our
                                              50th!. DeDe
5 Fletcher Reach                              Dellacorte, Beverly (Corte)
Plymouth, MA 02360
Darmochwal, Carol (Wolfson) (2010)            18 Orchard Street
                                              Cos Cob, CT 06807-2407
360 Forest Hill Blvd.                         203-869-7687
W. Palm Beach, FL 33405
                                    GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                          CLASS OF 1965
                                   40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

DeLuca, Jack (2010)                                Miami with B’ED. I returned to Greenwich to
                                                   teach Elementary Education (through 1975).
2 Maple Street                                     That year, I moved to Honolulu, where I sold
Cos Cob, CT 06807-1610                             real estate from 1978-1988 when I married
203-637-3777                                       Don Close and moved to Charlotte, NC. In
delucachevy51@aol.com                              1989, we were transferred (by E.I. Dupont
                                                   Co.) to Lansing, MI where we lived until
Still in town, still not retired! My wife Vickie   transferring again to St. Louis, MO where we
(Class of 66) and we've owned Riverside            remain in the western suburb of Chesterfield.
Floor Covering for 30 years. Married 42            Disapio, Charles
years. We have a son Jeff, 38 and a
daughter Cary 34. Two grandsons, Michael           35 Garry Street
5, Max 4 and another grandchild on the way.        Greenwich, CT 06830-6255
DeMarkey, Sophie **                                203-869-7286
                                                   Dolan, Cynthia **
97 Pemberwick Road
Greenwich, CT 06831-5046                           Round Hill Road
203-531-6793                                       Greenwich, CT 06830
De Roche, Renee (Constabile) **                    Domico, Philip

315 E. Diamond Avenue                              3 Laurel Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20877-3071                        Parsippany, NJ 07054
Diamandouras, Costis **                            201-334-7980
                                                   Doran, Alan **
27 Hawthorne Street
Greenwich, CT 06831                                50 E. Putnam Avenue
203-869-7286                                       Greenwich, CT 06830-5601
Dianis, Thomas (2010)                              Doriss, Robert

96 Valleywood Road                                 930 S. Bonnie Lane
Cos Cob, CT 06807-2321                             Watkins, CO 80137-8912
203-869-8514                                       Robert.Doriss@Worldnet.att.net
                                                   After several careers, I settled back into the
Diggs, Charles **                                  insurance business. I left the general
                                                   aviation field where I had been president of a
21 Oakridge                                        small flying company. I did a bunch of
Greenwich, CT 06830                                traveling to the four corners of the globe after
203-661-3234                                       Vietnam (the Greenwich Time published my
Dinwiddie, Pam (Close)                             Vietnam memoirs in 1985). I’m still in the
                                                   military on the reserve side, doing work as a
262 Herworth Drive                                 guest instructor on assignment. When not
Chesterfield, MO 63005-6910                        working, my wife, Jean, and I play hobby
closes@juno.com                                    ranchers on our 20-acre ranch here in
                                                   Colorado. My one daughter will be working
I was a 1969 graduate from the University of       in Washington, DC next year in politics and
                                   GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                         CLASS OF 1965
                                  40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

research.                                         fred.edwards@tusd.k12.az.us
                                                  Ehret, Robert
Doyle, Daniel (2010)
20 Mopus Bridge Rd                                Elias, Albert Louis (2010)
Ridgefield, CT 06877
mudcatdoyle@gmail.com                             600 South Dixie Hwy #457
                                                  West Palm Beach, FL 33401
married to Janie Kirwan, not hsrdly dead!!!
Doyle, Penelope (Johnson) (2010)
                                                  enjoying retirement and a new lifestyle from
402 Pensacola Drive                               a wheelchair . I HAVE BEEN WELL AND
Gaithersburg, MD 20878                            SAY A BIG HI TO ALL MY FRIENDS IN THE
(301) 580-4670                                    CLASS OF 65. LOOK FOR ME IN MY
catsparrow1@yahoo.com                             MOTORIZED WHEELCHAIR RIDE BY WITH
Recently separated, getting divorced after 18     ZEUS RUNNING CLOSE BEHIND. STAY
years, living with my daughter Ashley and         YOUNG, WELL AND HAPPY- ALBERT
her two children. Planning on retiring in         Embury, Philip
Delaware at the beach, still working on
poetry, heading down to beach in October.         PO Box 181
Have a great reunion.                             Boyce, VA 22620-0181
Drescher, Donna (Crawford)                        540-837-1699
                                                  Emerich, Scott **
520 Georgian Road
La Canada-Flin, CA 91011-3546                     406 Sound Beach Avenue
818-952-7045                                      Old Greenwich, CT 06870
Dyer, Chris (Hamden)                              Classmates
                                                  Enright, Helen (Pollock)
16970 Grandview Street
Stillwell, KS 66085-9376                          6 Chaucer Court
913-897-3703                                      Milford, CT 06460
I am still involved in the music field. I have    Faegri, Knut
continued to play professionally in addition to
my private teaching studio. Both of our           Sollerudy 1 7B
children (Ty and Kelley) are married and we       N-0283, Oslo, Norway
are expecting our first grandchild in January.    472-252-4429
Mack and I will be celebrating our 39th           knut.fagri@kjemi.uio.no
wedding anniversary in March and we have          Fairman, Keith
been blessed beyond our wildest dreams.
Edwards, Frederick                                21 Walgrave Drive, Old Bradwell
                                                  Milton Keynes, England
Riversville Road                                  Falco, Ronald **
Glenville, CT 06831
520-490-4440                                      6834 Acacia Court
                                   GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                         CLASS OF 1965
                                  40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

Frederick, MD 21703-7223                          Greenwich, CT 06831-3139
301-228-2552                                      203-869-1576
Falconer, Jill (Leslie)                           Ferris, Georgianna (Pietro)

22 Ponce De Leon Avenue                           24312 Via Santa Clara
St. Augustine, FL 32084-4679                      Mission Viejo, CA 92692-1922
904-829-3410                                      714-830-7564
Fales, Sue (Marzi)                                Ficker, Jane (McCloskey)

646 Reservoir Road                                489 Cassatt Court
Southbury, CT 06488                               West Chester, PA 19380
203-264-5385                                      610-280-9557
Falvella, Mary (Browne)                           Classmates
                                                  Ficker, Wendy (Bender)
343 East 21st Street #2
New York, NY 10010                                5353 Valley Park Road
212-529-8398                                      Doylestown, PA 18901-9771
maryfbrowne@netzero.com                           215-766-0289
                                                  Field, Thomas (2010)
I’ve had several careers so far! I left GHS for
college in DC and stayed there, working for       Glenwood
the Department of Labor, until 1985.              2 Dry River Court
Deciding that I wanted to do something            Redding, CT 06896-2333
different with my life, I moved to New            203-938-0874
Hampshire and then Vermont as a B&B               tfield@maglaw.com
owner. It was hard work, but a great life -       2005
just a little too dependent on those              It’s been a wonderful ride, and being married
uncontrollables like weather and gas prices.      to classmate, Anita Caporale, has been the
In 1995 I moved to NYC where I got my MA          best part of it. Then there are two wonderful
at Columbia. I now work for a company that        children, Christopher and Amanda (both of
develops examinations for licensure and           whom have pursued creative careers [not
certification programs. I live in Manhattan       from my genes]), some loving pets and great
with my sister Anne. There have been a lot        family. I retired as an international tax
of opportunities for me to get back to            partner after 30 years with
Greenwich lately, as my Mom still ives there      PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2002. I initiated
and is getting ready to move out of here          a technology venture for two years (ongoing)
home. Greenwich is a beautiful community          and am now back in the ―fray‖ as the
and I will miss visiting as my Mom moves on       Administrative Director of a NYC law firm,
(to NYC).                                         while continuing on the Board of Directors of
Faust, George **                                  the Stamford Symphony Orchestra where
                                                  I’ve been for six years. We’ve been blessed
398 Sound Beach Avenue                            that work and play have allowed us to both
Old Greenwich, CT 06870-2222                      live (Paris) and travel around the world, but
Fee, Stephen **                                   Connecticut has and always will be special. I
                                                  look forward to seeing many of you in
118 Taconic Road
                                   GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                         CLASS OF 1965
                                  40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

October.                                          but also enjoyable in a weird kind of way.
Finch, Frank (2010)
                                                     Ann and I plan to be at the Reunion, and
14274 Greentree Trail                             we're excited about seeing friends from the
Wellington, FL 33414-4046                         past. (Notice I didn't say "old friends.")
561-333-6496                                         See you there!
frfinch@aol.com                                          ----Frank

   Dear classmates, like most of you I've had
my ups and downs in the past 45 years, but        Finch, Victoria
generally more wins than losses. I've been
fortunate in many ways, starting with my          310 Bruce Park Avenue
family.                                           Greenwich, CT 06830-6312
    I live with my wife and two daughters in      Fisher, Estelle D. (Hayes)
Wellington, FL now (just west of West Palm
Beach). My wife's a reading teacher, and I'm      154 Battle Avenue
running a civil engineering company. I still      White Plains, NY 10606-2133
enjoy working, so I haven't yet started talking   914-761-8319
about the "R-word", but I'm sure I will before    ezedenel@yahoo.com
very long. The rough economy makes me
wonder why I bother sometimes.                    What a blessing to have this milestone of 40
    One daughter just graduated from Duke         years! I am an extremely proud parent of a
(as an engineer), and one daughter is a           wonderful daughter who turned 27 years old
sophomore at the R.I. School of Design, an        in February, 2005. I am an IBM retiree and
art college. (Maybe I'll retire when the last     will soon be starting my 10th year as a
tuition payment is made!)                         substitute teacher in the White Plains school
    Rounding out our family is a black            district. This has been a most satisfying
Labrador Retriever and a Golden Retriever.        experience. God has, and continues, to
                                                  bless me richly. Eze
    Here's a short recap of the last 45 years:    Fisher, Gerald (2010)
I went to West Point out of GHS, planned to
serve my 5-year obligation and get out.           92 Heulitt Road
Instead, I ended up serving in the Army 27        Colts Neck, NJ 07722-1429
years and retiring as a colonel. Spent a          732-431-0625
year in Vietnam, as well as all over the US,      gafmar@aol.com
including Hawaii. Had some time in Saudi          Fitter, Jeffrey
Arabia as well. Left the Army in 1996 and
went into engineering consulting which was a      1300 Lakewood
good fit for me. (My Army service was with        Morgan City, LA 70380
the Corps of Engineers.)                          504-384-7900
    After a couple of different jobs I landed     Fitzgerald, Michael **
with my current firm, Greenhorne & O'Mara,
8 years ago. I'm now the CEO, and I have          19 Hidden Brook Road
the pleasure of negotiating the rough waters      Riverside, CT 06878-2303
of a recession. It's been quite a challenge,      Flaherty, Kathleen (Locke)
                                  GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                        CLASS OF 1965
                                 40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

4 Midfield Road                                  Fudge, Rodney **
Danbury, CT 06811-5216
203-748-6172                                     3710 Catalina Drive
Flinn, Negley                                    Marietta, GA 30066-2812
1259 N. Rio Vista Blvd                           Classmates
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301-3708                    Fuller, Clifford
Fong, Nancy (Chin)                               1608 Fenton Street
                                                 Lakewood, CO 80214-1608
21 Windsor Lane                                  302-462-5253
Cos Cob, CT 06807                                Fullilove, Jim (2010)
Fossum, John
                                                 Bailey Brook Farm
3 Hemlock Cove Road                              Camden, ME 04843
Falmouth, ME 04105-2447                          207-230-0152
207-797-5206                                     mediagroup@roadrunner.com
Foster, James
                                                 A raised glass or two (or three) to time spent
23-11 Armstrong Court                            off the clock---here's to semi-retirement!
Greenwich, CT 06830                              Fulton, Jill (Jarboe) **
Franz, Ann Marie                                 74 River Road
                                                 Cos Cob, CT 06807-2516
40 Laddins Rock Road
Old Greenwich, CT 06870-1434                     Gallagher, Susan (Figlar)
Freimuth, Martha (2010)                          35 Newtown Avenue
                                                 Stratford, CT 06614-3554
25 Victoria Road                                 203-377-1535
Manchester, CT 06040-4911                        Gasparino, Richard
lems.cove@yahoo.com                              97 Ward Street
                                                 Norwalk, CT 06851-2827
I won't be able to attend the reunion but hope   203-846-6695
everyone has a good time! I'm a Psychiatric      Gedney, Dawn (Anderson) **
Social Worker, working with children &
families, and love the work. Also look forward   219 Milbank Avenue
to retiring, though!                             Greenwich, CT 06830-6617
French, Allison (Meseck)                         Gentile, Linda (Parisi)

4408 Sprague Road                                137 Sound Beach Avenue
Raleigh, NC 37613-4119                           Old Greenwich, CT 06870-1741
919-781-8385                                     203-637-1276
Classmates                                       Gibson, Booth **
                                 GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                       CLASS OF 1965
                                40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

Orehill #2M, Box 623                            716-586-3860
Danbury, CT 06813-0623
Classmates                                      Good, John (2010)
Giles, Patricia (Cassara)
                                                181 Archertown Road
265 SW 7th Street                               New Egypt, NJ 08533
Dania, FL 33004-3947                            609-758-0427
Ginise, Michael                                 Goodx2@comcast.net

10 Hassake Road                                 Retired the end of August 2010, Now a
Old Greenwich, CT 06870-1317                    widower, wife died 3 yrs ago. Want to try
203-637-2200                                    and enjoy retirement
Giordano, Andrew                                Goodridge, Peter **

6 Temple Lane                                   32 Summit Road
Narragansett, RI 02882-3050                     Riverside, CT 06878-2107
401-782-6561                                    Gramlich, John (2010)
Goldschmid, Charles
                                                705 N. Main Street
7151 E. River Canyon Road                       Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Tucson, AZ 85750                                630-790-3632
520-546-6380                                    jwg629@sbcglobal.net
Golinski, Edwin (Lesperance) (2010)
                                                retired from UST in 2004 and am enjoying
47-649 Ahuimanu Road                            life! Playing a lot of golf.
Kaneohe, HI 96744-5435                          Griscom, Virginia (Zane) **
spirit@hawaii.rr.com                            8 Bramble Lane
                                                Riverside, CT 06878-1802
Left Greenwich in 1967 via the draft. Spent     Grubb, Kerrin (Coyle) (2010)
'68 in Vietnam as a combat engineer. Came
back early 1970, then left about 1972 to        24 Sinawoy Road
search my fortunes. Got a BA in 1978            Cos Cob, CT 06807
(English) and an MA in 1980 (Anthropology)      203-637-3171
then headed for Polynesia in 1981. Been         Kerrinc@vwti.com
here ever since, making a living however I
can. Currently I'm just a retired cultural      I have been a travel advisor for 43 years at
anthropologist. My wife Michelle (of 22         Valerie Wilson Travel Inc, Virtuoso Agency in
years) and I live with our teenage son (now     Old Greenwich, I was married to Jim Coyle,
17) on an acre of tropical fruit and flowers    but we are divorced, I am Living with David
near Kaneohe Bay in windward Oahu.              Theis. I am very involved with Adopt a
Looking forward to not recognizing anyone....   Doges and Cats too shelter in Greenwich,
Gomperts, Robert **                             and the Greenwich Military Covenant of Care
                                                for the soldiers in Afganistan and Iraq and
1915 Baird Road                                 elsewhere we welcome them home and send
Penfield, NY 14526-1015                         needed items. Puttin on the dog is the 25th
                                     GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                           CLASS OF 1965
                                    40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

and preperation on thur and friday                   Haigh, Kathleen (Kontos) **
Guerra, Antonia (Stapelfeldt)
                                                     Mountain Road
1264 View Street                                     Underhill Center, VT 05490
Camano Island, WA 98282                              Classmates
425-750-3600                                         Hampton, Dennis (2010)
                                                     77 Barnes Road
I am looking forward to renewing old                 Stamford, CT 06902
friendships. I am still involved in                  203-321-1017
art…presently marketing new construction in          nyaudio@aol.com
the greater Puget Sound area near Seattle.
Chris Stapelfeldt, my husband, and I are             Are you sure this isn’t our 25th year
celebrating our 24th wedding anniversary this        anniversary? I have many great memories of
September. We have two sons from his                 GHS and was reminded of some of them
previous marriage and three grandchildren.           when I ran into Coach Ted Hines in Danbury
Haas, Linford (Buster) (2010)                        several years ago. So it’s forty years (and
                                                     four children) later. My youngest is just
360 New England Road                                 going off to college (she’s the one who made
Guilford, CT 06437                                   me go tandem skydiving with her this
203-453-6736                                         summer). I’m now living in Stamford and
zhaas@att.net                                        looking forward to seeing some long-lost
                                                     friends in October.
Still married to the same woman for 41 years         Hanafee, Sharon (Vanghel)
and enjoying it (Nancy Chiappetta ’66). Two
great kids . Daughter Jane married working           93 Kenwood Road
in NYC for Bertlesman as Book Editor. Son            Milford, CT 06460-7020
Doug, after coaching Cheshire to 2 State             203-878-7838
Class L soccer championships in 5 years,             Hanna, Kevin
retired from coaching to work full time as
Help Desk Superviisor for NorthEast Utilities.       204 New Canaan Avenue
Enjoy tcruising and traveling to foreign ports       Norwalk, CT 06850
of call. Still working for Computer Sciences         Hansen, Barbara (Cyr) (2010)
after 30 years and thinking about retirement.
Working from home makes retirement that              1941 SE 26th Street
much more difficult. Spent over 30 years at          Cape Coral, FL 33904-3264
refereeing all levels of Soccer including High       941-772-9823
School and Adult in Connecticut till my knees        buddybarb3@hotmail.com
finally gave out. Is it time to start planning for
the 50th yet?                                        I am sorry I am unable to attend- I'm sure it
Hadden, Gail (Pugni)                                 will be a lot of fun to see class members
                                                     again. It would be nice to hear from anyone
PO Box 211                                           who does remember me. barbara (hansen)
Eldred, NY 12732-0211                                cyr
845-557-0567                                         Hansen, Roger
                                  GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                        CLASS OF 1965
                                 40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

5 Lake Terrace                                   Queen!!). I’d simply love to hear from
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32982-2309                 anyone who even vaguely remembers
904-285-2668                                     me….have a fantastic reunion!
Classmates                                       Heberling, Dawn (McCready)
Hastings, William (Biff)
                                                 138 Byram Road
56 Cooperleaf Drive                              Greenwich, CT 06830-2650
Newtown, PA 18940-1781
215-579-0102                                     Rob and I have been together for 26 years,
Classmates                                       married for seven of those years. We have
Haweeli, Ellen                                   two grandchildren: Blake, 8, and Devenny, 2.
                                                 I just retired from Putnam Trust, Bank of New
10 Benjamin Street                               York after working there for 20 years.
Old Greenwich, CT 06870                          Heitman, Virginia **
Heald, Sheri (Bankes)                            676 Riverside Road
                                                 Greenwich, CT 06831-2650
Ty-Ucha’r-Lian, Cilcain, Mold                    Helmrich, Robert
Flintshire CH7 SPA
North Wales, UK                                  25 Riverside Lane
sheribankes@onetel.com                           Riverside, CT 06878-1318
I would just adore to be able to be there with   Hendricks, Brett **
you all, but just can’t make it. Next time, I
hope! I live in the hills of North Wales with    29 Nimitz Place
my husband, Nicholas, a stockbroker, in our      Old Greenwich, CT 06870-1117
200-year old farmhouse. I’m a lawyer-turned      Henry, Rebecca (Becky) (Dion)
photographer, having studied international
law at Cambridge University (England) after      16633 SE 40th Place
doing German at UConn and Vassar. We             Bellevue, WA 98008-5978
have three daughters Rosanna (―Wink‖),           beckyayd@comcast.net
Flora (―Posy‖), and Taleri (a Welsh name -
rhymes with ―canary‖) - and one son,             Timing is everything! I just came back from a
Rhydian (also a Welsh name). They study or       visit to the east coast and thus I am unable to
work in Italy, China, Ireland and Scotland,      return so soon. I send hugs to each and
,respectively, which makes visiting them very    every one of my fellow classmates and hope
exciting. Two years ago Nicholas was High        you are all happy and healthy. For me, I am
Sheriff of Clwyd (North Wales), an               working as a social worker in international
honorary/ceremonial post which involves,         adoption and am looking forward to retiring in
among other things, officially greeting any      another few years after so many at work. I
visiting royalty (we had the Queen, Prince       now have two step-daughters (Melissa and
Philip and Prince Charles - we were very         Holly, ages 23 and 27), along with my
lucky!). I’m still in touch with Dagny           daughter Jennifer, also age 27, who is in Los
Hultgreen and Knut Faegri (speaking of           Angeles.
royalty, he and I were Senior Prom King and      Higgins, Heather (Joyce)
                                 GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                       CLASS OF 1965
                                40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

195 Black Hawk Trail                          Horling, Stephen (2010)
Waynesville, NC 28785
hjdances@aol.com                              957 Rainbow Trail
                                              Orange, CT 06477
I’m looking forward to seeing and             steve@horling.com
reconnecting with everyone.
256 Webbs Hill Road                           After Greenwich High I graduated from
Stamford, CT 06903-4418                       Mitchell College with an AS in Engineering
203-968-0765                                  and from Univ of Bridgeport with a MS in
Hill, Lawrence **                             Electrical Engineering. I worked for Norden
                                              Systems for 4 years on the F-111D and the
8 Meyer Place                                 Space Shuttle. I transferred to Sikorsky
Riverside, CT 06878-1604                      Aircraft (helicopters) where I'm an
Hinlicky, Rebecca (Broadbent) (2010)          Engineering Project Lead/Manager for 36
                                              years on the UH-60 Black Hawk, SH-60B
54 Cognewaugh Road                            Seahawk, RAH-66 Comanche, CH-53E, etc.
Cos Cob, CT 06807-1711                        I married Sandra Chapin (UCONN 70) on
203-869-8954                                  June 27, 1970, married 40 years and going
Broadbentinc@yahoo.com                        strong. I have 2 children: Bryan and Carolyn.
                                              Bryan has his PHD in Software Engineering
Hobart, Aaron (Ron)                           and Carolyn a BA. Bryan's a Software
                                              Engineer/Manager in CA at company you all
18 Griswald Point                             know. Carolyn is a VP in the jewelry industry
Old Lyme, CT 06371-1901                       in NYC. Both are married. We have 3 lovely
860-434-3408                                  Grand Children: Megan, Riley and Gavin.
Holly, Valerie (Erickson) **                  You can also find me at "Tucked Away" on
                                              Nantucket. From the "it's a small world
411 S. 14th Avenue                            department" Peter Meerbergen's (GHS 65)
Bozeman, MT 59715                             son Brook designed the addition to our
Holman, Mary                                  Nantucket home.
                                              Horowitz, Edna
2604 W. 48th Street
Austin, TX 78731-5602                         208 Tide Avenue
512-454-5702                                  Tavernier, FL 33070-2436
mary.holman@gmail.com                         305-852-1456
Holmes, Peter **                              Hosack, Glen
42 Eustis Street                              15304 Kwanzan Court
Cambridge, MA 02140                           N. Potomac, MD 20878-4702
Hone, Timothy                                 301-924-2399
4669 Forestdale Drive                         Houck, Linda (Maloney)
Fairfax, VA 22032-3502
703-323-8989                                  16 Holland Street
Classmates                                    Asheville, NC 28801
                                  GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                        CLASS OF 1965
                                 40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

704-285-9528                                     Howell, R. Newton
Houk, Robert **
                                                 921 E. 520th Avenue
2355 Holland Street                              Pittsburg, KS 66762-8765
Asheville, NC 28801                              620-231-3991
704-942-0960                                     Hroziencik, Lee (Hamilton)
Howard, Barbara (Keller)                         59 W. Olive Street
                                                 Long Beach, NY 11561
227 Fitch’s Pass                                 203-531-7071
Trumbull, CT 06611                               Hultgreen, Dagny (Griswold) (2010)
kelfam98@yahoo.com                               21 Quarry Road
                                                 Simsbury, CT 06070-1810
Howard, Terri (Sturtevant) (2010)                860-658-6072
57 Weber Ave                                     I am a 1969 graduate of Connecticut College
Hillsborough, NJ 08844                           in New London and went to graduate school
(908) 829-0223                                   in community planning in RI in 1974-76 and
crazyjewishlady@aol.com                          worked in the City of Stamford. I was married
                                                 in 1981 to Harry Griswold, aerospace
I taught French, and lived in France for a       engineer, and lived in Simsbury, CT ever
couple of years. I raised 2 sons and am          since. We have two daughters, Heidi (age
expecting my first grandbaby. I am a widow,      27- school teacher), who was married in VT
but enjoy life and still am an active actress.   on Aug. 14, 2010 to Brian Kelly, and Becky
Enjoy the reunion. I'll be doing Noises Off,     (age 22) who recently graduated from
and won't be able to attend.                     college in RI. We have 3 sons- Eric, Scott &
Howard, William Garrett (Garry)                  Craig (Harry's, ages 40-43)and 6
                                                 grandchildren, some living in California. I
315 Tall Oak Trail                               work full time as a commercial appraiser,
Tarpon Springs, FL 34688                         valuing land (development rights,
727-945-0841                                     conservation easements, subdivisions, etc.)
garrett1012@aol.com                              in CT.
                                                 Huntzinger, Karin
I’m married to Laura, the same wife for 22
years, with two children, Justin and Morgan.     345 E. 81st Street
Justin started UCF on a scholarship and          New York, NY 10028-4005
Morgan is in her first year of high school.      212-737-9135
Both have always been Honor Roll students        Husted, Judith (Montaner)
(unlike Dad). I live on a golf course and play
to a 5 handicap. I’m in the financial planning   35 Stone Crest Road
business and have been for 18 eyars. I have      Ridgefield, CT 06877-2521
a 1965 Corvette Roadster in the garage –         203-431-6405
maroon with black interior that has been         Hynes, Nancy (Sage Patterson) (2010)
restored and is a total beauty. Life is good!
                                                 3318 E. Pinchot
                                 GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                       CLASS OF 1965
                                40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

Phoenix, AZ 85016                             Johnson, Karen (Conti) **
                                              6 Hollow Wood Lane
Ingram, Patricia (McNamee) **                 Greenwich, CT 06831-5002
                                              Johnston, Sarah (Kueffner)
40 Staples Lane
Glastonbury, CT 06033-3824                    151 Cedar Road
860-659-9697                                  Southport, CT 06490-1087
Iverson, Ann (Parke)                          203-255-9276
                                              Johnston, Susan G. (Turnley)
111 S. Great Road
Lincoln, MA 01773-4701                        1856 Blossom Court
781-259-0276                                  Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
annparke@att.net                              914-245-7483
Iverson, Ronnie                               turnleys@aol.com

1485 Calie Yuca                               It’s been a wild 40 years in many ways and
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-2246                  finally the reunion committee has tracked me
805-498-5073                                  down! I’ve been happily married for 27+
Jackson, Heather (Allen)                      years, with two great kids, countless jobs,
                                              degrees and interests, but have missed you
1829 Knobb Hill                               all. One weekend is much too short to
Brighton, MI 48116-8220                       reconnect and I hope to hear from many by
810-229-5420                                  e-mail, including those who couldn’t make it
hallen@bas.k12.mi.us                          back and like me were on the missing list for
Jackson, Yvonne (Davis)                       many years. I have more interest than I have
                                              time, especially volunteer causes that can be
PO Box 362                                    advanced through the internet. I would love
Princeville, NC 27886                         tips from anyone having success in this field!
919-823-3423                                  (Whew! Just 100 words!)
Jennings, John                                Johnston, Susan L. (Tartaglia) **
137 Beardsley Road                            17516 Bodkin Avenue
Shelton, CT 06484                             Lake Elsimore, CA 92630
203-929-8141                                  Jones, Sally (Elwell)
Johanson, Nancy (Hrnciar)
                                              PO Box 905
33 W. View Place                              Nantucket, MA 02554-0905
Riverside, CT 06878-1326                      508-228-4189
203-637-4049                                  Kach, Richard
Johnson, Charles **
                                              2 Old Toll Road
39 Bay Ridge Road                             Madison, CT 06443-8218
E. Harwich, MA 02645                          203-457-1349
508-430-1738                                  skimmer27@yahoo.com
                                GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                      CLASS OF 1965
                               40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

Kelly, Richard                               210 E. 58th Street #70
                                             New York, NY 10022-2044
69 Byram Terrace Drive                       Punkindancer@aol.com
Greenwich, CT 06831-5125                     After 26 1/2 years of teaching I'm enjoying
Kent, Leslie **                              retirement and enjoying keeping in touch with
                                             my former students. ( I'm glad to see they
PO Box 53436                                 remember the little people) I'm still
Atlanta, GA 30355-1436                       passionate about performing, working out,
888-560-1170                                 keeping in touch with friends and traveling.
Kerner, John                                 This year I hope to begin a new chapter in
                                             the book of my life.
35 Brays Island Drive                        Kolok, Barbara (Tiriolo) (2010)
Sheldon, SC 29941
Kessler, Carolyn (Ohlson)                    1 Village Drive
                                             Trumbull, CT 06611
77 Halsey Drive                              203-445-8404
Old Greenwich, CT 06870-1227                 boccipat@aol.com
Kidder, David **                             Happily married to Pat (GHS '64) for 44
                                             years and proud parents of 3 children, super
1300 Nicolet Drive                           proud grandparents of 6! Have my own
Cheboygan, MI 49721-9327                     business as a free-lance paralegal,
231-627-6576                                 concentrating on estate administration,
Kingery, Margaret Sue (Bennett)              planning and Title XIX planning. Looking
                                             forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!.
766 Rocksprings Drive
                                             Kopec, Margaret (Peggy) **
Lawrenceville, GA 30043-2115
770-945-0598                                 Kopp, Barry
Kingsley, Christiane **
                                             6 Sunrise Drive
611 Lake Avenue                              Freehold, NJ 07728
Greenwich, CT 06830-3833                     732-303-8414
KIrwan, John (2010)                          MatawanPetVet@cs.com
20 Mopus Bridge Road
                                             I am the owner/director of Matawan Animal
Ridgefield, CT 06877-1236
                                             Hospital. I am married to Sheryl Leslie Kopp.
                                             We have six children: Justin, Ethan, Glenn,
                                             Leigh-Ann, Zachary and Lindsay and a
Kirwan, Juliana (Jane) (Doyle) (2010)
                                             grandson, James David (JD). We have 12
20 Mopus Bridge Road                         pets: Ross, Devon, Otto , Specs, Bono,
Ridgefield, CT 06877-1236                    Emily, Verity, Vanessa, Jaden, Misato,
203-438-6094                                 Reginald and Charlotte.
weberjanie@hotmail.com                       Kramer, Amy (Perry)
Kleinfeld, Fran (2010)
                                             91 Court Street
                              GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                    CLASS OF 1965
                             40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

Dover, NH 03820—3937                       34 Bauer Road
803-742-2717                               Westport, CT 06880-4101
Kriskey, Kathy (Shea)                      203-254-7228
                                           Lapegna, Linda (Nishball) (2010)
12 Hoover, Road
Riverside, CT 06878-1420                   58 Archer Lane
203-637-2048                               Stamford, CT 06905-1721
Katsh222@aol.com                           203-322-4555
Kristoph, William **                       nish44@hotmail.com

283 Lambton Lane                           2005
Naples, FL 34104-7867                      I’ve been married to Bruce Nishball for 22
941-455-7008                               years. I work as a 3-year old teacher at St.
Krochta, Peter                             Paul’s Day School in Riverside, CT. I live
                                           with one dog, Archie, a male
500 Sweetwater Place                       Coonhound/Pointer mix and four cats,
Longwood, FL 32779-2577                    Nanya, Night, Big Boy, and Mariah…all
407-774-5899                               rescued!
Kroyer, Karen (Cooper)                     LaPolice, Bonnie (Burna) (2010)
49 Lakeside Drive                          2436 Fallen Tree Drive W.
Ridgefield, CT 06877-2116                  Jacksonville, FL 32246
203-438-3985                               904-220-5212
karen1681@sbcglobal.net                    BBurna@aol.com
Kusiowski, Richard
                                           Rich and I are still married, 43 years later.
41 Cambridge Road                          We have three children, Candice, Jennifer &
Stamford, CT 06902-4418                    Richard II. We also have three grandchildren,
203-357-1527                               Melanye(12), William (10), and Samantha
rkusiowski@snet.net                        (8). We are both sorry that we won't be able
Lahey, Thomas **                           to attend. Our daughter Jennifer has stage 3
                                           breast cancer and will be having her surgery
3 Putnam Hill                              at that time. We will be taking care of our
Greenwich, CT 06830-5718                   granddaughter Melanye. Our best to
Lakin, Dona **                             everyone and if you're ever in Jacksonville,
                                           FL. give us a call.
20 Brookside Drive
                                           Lee, Oliver **
Greenwich, CT 06830-6404
Classmates                                 72 Pixlee Place
Lalla, Linda (Persampieri)                 Bridgeport, CT 06610
                                           Lee, Roberta (Jose)
33 Hollow Wood Lane
Greenwich, CT 06831-5020                   26 Miller Lane
203-531-5219                               Riverside, CT 06878-1508
Lamberson, Gary                            203-637-4824
                                  GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                        CLASS OF 1965
                                 40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

Legg, Jeffrey                                   Lockwood, Sally (Kallmann)

314 E. Glenoaks Blvd                            RFD 461A-5
Glendale, CA 91207-2012                         Edgartown, MA 02539
323-245-5567                                    Sally@vineyardnursing.org
Leighton, Robert
                                                I’m married to Alan Kallmann (GHS ’64). Our
538 Stratfield Road                             daughter, Kristen, is married to Nick
Fairfield, CT 06432-1850                        Calarese and temporarily living in Milford, CT
Leinbach, John (Chris)                          with their 2 ½ year old daughter, Katie. Our
                                                daughter, Jaimee, is in her last year of
4502 Vista Largo                                school for Physical Therapy and will marry in
Torrance, CA 90505-6358                         September of 2006. I continue to work in
310-373-2858                                    home care and hospital nursing on the
lein1969@aol.com                                Vineyard. Alan is currently a civilian with the
Leonard, Mary (Pagel)                           Office of Naval Intelligence in Cuba.
                                                Lofft, William (2010)
918 S. 32nd Street
South Bend, IN 46615-1902                       10635 Atrium Drive
Leslie, Andrew **                               San Diego, CA 92131-1607
39 Water Street                                 lofft@mindspring.com
St. Augustine, FL 32084-2886
904-825-4549                                    Really do hate to miss it. Doing another
Librizzi, Mary Jane (Brown)                     start-up. Next one for sure!
                                                Longo, Ralph
250 Center Street
PO Box 227                                      55 Fieldcrest Drive
Cape Vincent, NY 13618-0227                     Fairfield, CT 06432-4254
315-654-2172                                    203-333-6302
mjbatcape@aol.com                               Lowden, Beverly
I am an insurance agent selling policies for    20 Hickory Lane
dog clubs. I love all the dog shows. Don        Seymour, CT 06483-1314
sells snow machinery for a Canadian             203-888-3464
company. We have two daughters, two             Lucas, Joyce Christine (2010)
grandsons, one granddaughter and a
grandson due this month. We have a              1400 W. Laburnum Ave
chocolate Labrador we walk along the St.        Richmond, Va 23227
Lawrence River 5-7 miles each day. In the       804 562 4559
winter, we cross-country ski frequently. Life   christilu@earthlink.net
has been good to us. Our favorite time is
traveling to Louisville, KY to see our great    Lukse, Michael **
family. We do get to see Robyn Bestor
Byrne and her family each Labor Day.            9428 Hanover S. Tr.
                                                Charlotte, NC 28210-7733
                                   GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                         CLASS OF 1965
                                  40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

704-542-6565                                     Mahoney, Kathleen (Rotzien)
Lynch, Barry
                                                 18 Huckleberry Lane
2 Center Road                                    Greenwich, CT 06831-3341
Old Greenwich, CT 06870                          203-661-9252
203-637-2616                                     Mancuso, Vincent
Lynn, Jay (2010)
                                                 1535 Eden Isle Blvd. NE #164
18207 N.  48thPlace                              St. Petersburg, FL 33704
Scottsdale, AZ 85254                             813-821-3312
(602) 368-8000                                   Mardula, Mavis (Drezek) **

jelynnjr@hotmail.com                             9 Woodside Drive
                                                 Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520
MacDougal, Kristine **                           Margenot, Albert

18785 S.W. Olde Wood                             325 SE 10th Avenue
Aloha, OR 97006                                  Pompano Beach, FL 33060
MacKay, Bonnie (Caie) (2010)                     Marino, Carol (Jenkins) (2010)

279 Riversville Road                             21 Strickland Road
Greenwich, CT 06831-2520                         Cos Cob, CT 06807-2727
203-869-7499                                     203-661-8832
caiebonn@aol.com                                 cjenks13@optonline.net

Bob and I just completed an ―infinity edge       'Still a "townie" and proud of it! Recently
waterfall‖ pool at our farm in NC.Not quite      moved to Riverside after 41 years in Cos
ready to retire and still looking at ways to     Cob. Married to Tom Jenkins (SMHS '66) for
serve the King of kings!                         27 years. 'Hope to retire in two years (accent
Maduri, Josie (Kahn) (2010)                      on 'hope!'). My best to all my GHS
105 Shore Road                                   Marino, Thomas **
Old Greenwich, CT 06870
203-637-3897                                     10287 N. Kendall
jkahnc@aol.com                                   Miami, FL 33176-1719
                                                 Marsh, James **
Retired after 32 years with Unilever (formerly
Chesebrough-Pond’s) as Northeast Facilities      47 Field Point Road
Manager. I am married to Jim Kahn for 23         Greenwich, CT 06830
years and have two dogs, Beatrix and Lily.       Marthey, Curt **
Maduri, Peter
                                                 91 Sheephill Road
97 Fieldstone Road                               Riverside, CT 06878-1123
Stamford, CT 06902-2575                          Martin, Gary (2010)
                                                 4130 Annunciation ST.
                                      GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                            CLASS OF 1965
                                     40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

New Orleans, LA 70115                                 McGough, Susan (Rule)
gary.neworleans@gmail.com                             RD 1, Box 845
                                                      Bether, VT 05032-9737
Alive and well and still intact. Will not be          802-234-5620
able to attend, but will be with you all in spirit.   McGrath, Stephen
As always, Gary
Martine, Eugene                                       69 Jobs Road
                                                      Wallingford, CT 06492-2531
PO Box 787                                            203-269-4499
Greenwich, CT 06830-0787                              McKee, Edythe **
Mastin, Frederick (2010)                              PO Box 395
                                                      Greenwich, CT 06830-0395
1290 Little Oaks Circle                               McKeever, Catherine (Gehm)
Titusville, FL 32780
321-264-1821                                          12 Beaudoin Street
fmastin@yahoo.com                                     Bedford, NH 03110-6700
                                                      McKenna, Moira (Murray)
Mastin, Michael
                                                      5439 W. State Street
83 Old Barn Road W.                                   Homosassa, FL 34446-1578
Stamford, CT 06905-4119                               727-457-9567
203-353-8450                                          amurra1@tampabay.rr.com
Maxwell, Donna                                        After high school, I stayed in town and began
                                                      working for New England Motors as an
418 Under Mountain Road                               accounting clerk. I also met my future
Salisbury, CT 06068-0073                              husband there. We married and have a
860-435-0098                                          beautiful daughter. Then we packed up and
Mazurkiewicz, Urszula (Geertgens)                     promptly moved to Florida. Our daughter is
                                                      now grown with a 17 year old son. We are
36 Soundview Street                                   still in Florida and have no aspirations to go
Port Chester, NY 10573-4556                           back North any time soon. I’m a claims
914-937-5218                                          adjuster for a major insurance company. My
McChesney, Jeananne (Urbanowicz)                      husband is in real estate. And I’m still having
                                                      fun! Sorry, but I won’t make the reunion.
23 Sycamore Lane                                      McKinven, Nancy (2010)
Oxford, CT 06478-1439
203-888-7742                                          222 E. Pearson St
McGavren, Steven **                                   APT. 1102
                                                      Chicago, IL 60611
2701 Truxton Avenue                                   312-951-2801
Bakersfield, CA 93301                                 nmckinven@aol.com
Classmates                                            Reitred from L'Oreal 1/1/09. Living in
                                  GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                        CLASS OF 1965
                                 40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

Chicago, enjoying dance, symphonies,             working in many media, such as masonry
literature courses, theatre, etc. Live two       stone fireplaces, with wood. I’ve been on
blocks from Lake Michigan and two blocks         Nantucket Island since 1971 with a few
from Michigan Avenue - great location. Have      ventures off, including Kootenie National
returned to L'Oreal as a part-time consultant.   Park and Yaak area, Montana for two years
McNamara, Martha **                              with the two boys and wife Peggy Budington
                                                 and one venture from 1994 to 1996 serving
704 Bellafonte Road                              in the Peace Corps in Zambia. What fun I’ve
Pittsburgh, PA 15232                             had in the last three years playing league ice
Mead, Harold                                     hockey.
                                                 Meli, Vincent
137 Victoria Drive
Haines City, FL 33844-6229                       66 Wilbur :Peck Court
863-956-0705                                     Greenwich, CT 06830-6363
Mediate, Gloria (Vizzo)                          203-869-1545
                                                 Menneg, Karlin (Genetelli) (2010)
76 Skyview Drive
Stamford, CT 06902-1524                          1911 Addison Lane
Meeker, Leigh (Lionetti)                         Alpharetta, GA 30005
3 Ledge Road                                     Mester, Tamara (Kahrimanis)**
Old Greenwich, CT 06870-2308
203-637-1196                                     23 Hoover Road
leigh107@hotmail.com                             Riverside, CT 06878-1421
Meerbergen, Peter Paul                           203-637-8504
                                                 Migliano, Vincent **
20 Rugged Road
Nantucket Island, MA 02554-2859                  22 Sound Beach Avenue
                                                 Old Greenwich, CT 06870
At this point in life, I am the content          Mihalec, John (2010)
grandparent of two and a parent of a 16-year
old. My first son, Brook (36)is with wife        1687 Cross Highway
Peyson and their newborn on Liberty Street       Fairfield, CT 06824
in Nantucket. My second son Chadd (35) is        914-499-7355
doing millwork, furniture and general            jmihalec@optonline.net
contracting and sports on the island. Anneke
(31) is with her man as the mom of a 6-          Retired in June after 32 years with IBM.
month old grandson in Hawaii for nine years,     Married, One daughter
including a U. of H. Marine Science degree.
My youngest (16) is Gabriell who graduated       Miller, Carla (Jackson)
from Red Cliff Ascent, Wah Wah Mountains,
desert plateau Utah. I have also traveled        14900 SW 297th Street
with A, B and C to Nepal, Thailand and           Homestead, FL 33030
Europe. I still work on historic buildings,
some new and some reproductions. I design        My life has taken a lot of turns. The best one
new works, do furniture, millwork and enjoy      brought me to South Florida where I met my
                                  GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                        CLASS OF 1965
                                 40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

husband of 23 years. Between us, we’re           972-985-1495
proud to have a grown son, two grown             printprincess@verizon.net
daughters, two granddaughters, and a
German Shepard we love like one of our           Just celebrated our 30th anniversary of being
kids. We call Leisure City, FL (where            Texans and 28 years as business owners.
Hurricane Andrew paid us a visit 13 years        My husband Rich and I have been
ago) our temporary home until we can escapt      distributors together for the duration and I
the constant threat of hurricanes and retire     also have my own company doing digital
near Johnson City, TN. We sympathize with        training material for large corporations. Both
the devastation that Hurricane Katrina           our sons married in 2009 – 3 ½ months
brought to those in LA and MS and pray for       between weddings and since the last reunion
their recovery. Until we can retire, I work as   I have replaced both my knees. Other than
a Legal Assistant for a respected law firm in    that we’re looking forward to retirement in the
downtown Miami. We try to live a Christian       future and continue to enjoy weekends of
life and fellowship at on of the Churches of     Lake Camping in OK in out travel trailer.
Christ here, and pray that all my fellow         Moe, Sharon (Chairet)
classmates have found purpose and
happiness in their lives. I wish I could be      35 Grove Street
there.                                           Cos Cob, CT 06807
Miller, Reginia (Kay) **                         203-661-1821
                                                 Moger, Bruce **
Rock Ridge Lane
Greenwich, CT 06830                              18 Bay Street
Miller, Sherrill ( Berrymanjohnson)**            Wickford, RI 02852-5002
Highgate Road                                    Mollison, Ann (Waters) (2010)
Riverside, CT 06878
Miller, Susan (Benson)                           35 Selwyn Road
                                                 Belmont, MA 02478-3557
82 Fischer Circle                                617-484-9010
Portsmouth, RI 02871-5410                        ann.m.waters@gmail.com
Milne, Edward                                    2005
                                                 Band Room people – let’s get together!
120 Corliss Lane                                 Monaco, Connie (Zeh)
Cheshire, CT 06410-3710
203-272-4375                                     21 Melrose Avenue
Minchin, Renwick                                 Greenwich, CT 06830-6212
40 Lincoln Avenue                                Monroe, Eileen
Greenwich, CT 06830
                                                 174 Kennedy Drive
Mitchell, Nancy (Lindstrom) (2010)               Bridgeport, CT 06606-5919
4012 Emerson Drive                               Moore, James **
Plano, TX 75093-6606
                                   GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                         CLASS OF 1965
                                  40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

41 Wildwood Drive                                 Rowayton, CT 06853
Greenwich, CT 06830-6727                          203-853-2511
Moore, Page (Baird)                               l.siegel@netcousa.com
                                                  Muessel, Lynn (Townsend)
41 Bayne Street
Norwalk, CT 06851-1218                            2529 Swiftwater Lane
Morlot, Edward                                    Brockhaven, PA 19015-2643
143 Chicasaw Run                                  Mulcahey, Terrance
Woodstock, GA 30188-5712
770-928-2827                                      6 Grimes Road
Morriss, George                                   Old Greenwich, CT 06870-2019
61 East Gate Road                                 Murano, Louis (2010)
Guilford, CT 06437-2263
203-453-6414 (H)                                  3807 Waters Reach Lane
203-906-6160 I                                    Indian Trail, NC 28079-5240
gmorriss@aol.com                                  704-821-3523
Life has been wonderful. Sue (Williams,
GHS ’66) and I have been married for 35           Happily looking forward to retirement in a few
years and we have three terrific children:        years.Going to Myrtle Beach often to enjoy
Kathy, married to Mike with Jack, almost          the salt & sand. Still working full time as a
three and Lilly, just born, living in Bethesda,   pharmacist.My daughter & husband moved
MD; Gregg, just married to Tara and living in     close (l5 minutes) 2 years ago & enjoy every
West Hartford; and Kieth, getting married in      minute.Don't get to Ct. much.
December to Janessa and living in San             Murphy, Daniel **
Francisco. I retired four years ago from
People’s Bank in Bridgeport as Executive          PO Box 871
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer        Keene, NH 03431-0871
after working there for 19 years. Sue and I       603-358-1418
enjoy traveling and being with our family.        Murphy, Judith (Marcini)
Morton, William
                                                  8 Neighborly Way
1 Deer Park Drive                                 Riverside, CT 06878-1005
Greenwich, CT 06830-4638                          203-637-4758
203-869-8727                                      Murray, John **
Moughty, Marilyn (Bivona)
                                                  N. Rock Ridge
8 Shaw Avenue                                     Greenwich, CT 06830
S. Norwalk, CT 06854-2543                         Muskus, Eleanor **
Classmates                                        46 Caroline Place
Mowbray, Linda (Siegel)                           Greenwich, CT 068310-4932
One Arnold Lane                                   Musor, Robert (2010)
                                  GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                        CLASS OF 1965
                                 40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

                                               Novakowski, Elaine (Nethercott)
909 Marina Village Pkwy #624
Alameda, CA 94501                              PO Box 123
650-245-9076                                   Somers, NY 10589-0123
bmusor@hotmail.com                             O’Brien, Doris (Honald)

I have been living in the SF Bay area for 20   9 Cary Road
years and am still active ocean racing and     Riverside, CT 06878
cruising.                                      O’Conor, John **
Nardi, Nicholas (Nick)
                                               1159 Coast Village Road #106
94 Country Way                                 Santa Barbara, CA 93108-2721
Madison, CT 06443-1719                         O’Gorman, Paul (2010)
Neitzel, Cornell **                            52 Caroline Place
                                               Greenwich, CT 06831
9 E. Ivy Court                                 203-321-9844
Fishkill, NY 12524-2625                        pjog1111@yahoo.com
Nenni, Nancy (Bardin)                          Retired from law enforcement after 30 years.
                                               Part-time security/personal protection
25 Halock Drive                                specialist. Part-time events co-ordinator for
Greenwich, CT 06831-5010                       the Town of Greenwich. Certified personal
203-531-1888                                   trainer. Married to Lynn Crowle, (GHS ’66)
Nueburger, Harriett (Epstein)                  with three children and five grandchildren.
                                               Oldham, Kristin (Mould)
64 Barnyard Road
Rocky Hill, CT 06067-3606                      23 Chatham Avenue
860-721-1203                                   Milford, CT 06460-4357
Classmates                                     203-878-3777
Neville, Joan (Poulos)                         Olsson, Karen (Tumgoren)

31 Cross Road                                  315 King Street #31
Cos Cob, CT 06807-2615                         Port Chester, NY 10573-4632
203-622-9309                                   914-937-6240
Nielsen, Mary Alice (Polly) (Onslager)         Olszewski, Stephen

6056 Wellsley Drive                            142 Mead Avenue
W. Bloomfield, MI 48322                        Greenwich, CT 06830-6845
Nota, Robert                                   203-531-7969
                                               O’Neill, Sheila (Mackler)
PO Box 962
                                               12100 SW 64th Avenue
Nashville, TN 37315
                                               Miami, FL 33156-5536
                                   GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                         CLASS OF 1965
                                  40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

My treasure is my daughter, Stacey, who is       of the year in Florida (The Villages) and
the Senior Vice President of Global              retired and loving it.
Marketing for a large public relations firm in   Palovick, Janet (Faulkner) (2010)
Manhattan. I spent 20 years in medical-
surgical nursing and moved up in nursing         53 Center Road
administration. I started fund raising for a     Mahopac, NY 10541-3842
local hospital and a no-kill animal shelter,     845-628-9147
which provided great personal satisfaction.      janet.faulkner@verizon.net
Having organized a peaceful demonstration        Still working in IT. Widowed this year.
at the dog pound, I served on two advisory
boards for the shelter. I additionally chaired   Panell, Richard **
a task force for Dade County to improve
conditions there.                                49 Berkeley Place
Orrico, Richard                                  Buffalo, NY 14209
90 Oriole Lane                                   Panker, Toni (Surman) (2010)
Trumbull, CT 06611
203-377-0785                                     65 View Street W.
Classmates                                       Greenwich, CT 06830
Overlock, Starr (Green)                          203-531-8317
5410 Dry Creek Road
Napa, CA 94558-9589                              It's been awhile! I work for Avon for 16 yrs
707-259-0640                                     and lived in Stamford for 10 yrs. I have been
Nelsgreen@netzero.com                            back in town for 16 or so years..have 2
                                                 sons..one still in Greenwich, the other in NY
My husband and I live in Napa Valley and         and very proud Grandmother of 4 yr old
teach in nearby Sonoma (over 35 years). My       twins..Leelee and John..and have my bff
daughters are grown up and live nearby: one      dog, Puppy!..been there, done that..it's been
is a firefighter/paramedic and the other is an   a pretty good ride so far....
artist. I’m still a runner and love my garden.   Papineau, Patricia (Ames) **
Palfe, Michelle (Entwistle) **
                                                 97 Sheephill Road
14 Honey Hill Road                               Riverside, CT 06878-1123
Norwalk, CT 06851-1620                           Pappas, Nancy (Rohinsky)
Palmer, Susan (Kelly) (2010)                     21 Mimosa Drive
                                                 Cos Cob, CT 06807
96 River Road                                    203-661-4182
Westport, MA 02790
508-636-4835                                     I still stay in touch with Debbie Swanson
Skelly5495@aol.com                               Scranton after all these years! I work for a
                                                 graphic design firm after a career teaching
Married to the same man for 44years, three       first grade. Marissa, my daughter, is a
children and 3 grand children. Live 8 months     second year Middle School language arts
                                                 teacher in MA and will be getting married
                                   GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                         CLASS OF 1965
                                  40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

next July. So, I have a wedding to plan.           Perri, David

Parks, Joel (2010                                  558 River Road
                                                   Cos Cob, CT 06807-1905
73 Rudolph Terrace West                            203-637-4678
Yonkers, NY 10701                                  Perri, Donna (Merenski)
joel25@mac.com                                     562 River Road
                                                   Cos Cob, CT 06807-1905
Majored in theater in college and tried acting     203-637-8921
for ten years. Did some TV, two Broadway           Peterson, Douglas
shows and a lot of waiting on tables. Left in
1980 and never looked back. Stayed in TV,          232 Skylands Road
though. First as a reporter in Seattle and Los     Ringwood, NJ 07456
Angeles, then producing and writing for news       203-847-4200
and magazine shows: Fox, ABC News, NBC
News Productions, etc. Not working now but         Classmates
still happily married after 15 years to my first
                                                   Peterson, Geoffrey
(and only) wife. We live in Yonkers on the
Hudson river with Sir Albert the Terrific, our     395 Sandhills Circle
14 year-old Springer Spaniel and Bullet, the       Pinehurst, NC 28474-7035
cat. I still ride and work on motorcycles as a     910-215-9202
hobby. The current fleet includes a 1966
                                                   Petrizzi, Gerry (Pongonis) (2010)
Triumph, 1974 Norton, 1974 Moto Guzzi, 05
BMW and an old dirt bike. Got that Peter Pan       15 Blackberry Lane
thing going on big time                            Norwalk, CT 06850
Passerelli, Donald                                 gpetrizzi@darienps.org
18 Brandywine Road                                 I have been married to Joe Pongonis for 29
Stamford, CT 06905-2101                            years. I have been in education for 42 years.
203-329-1684                                       I am currectly a principal in Darien at Holmes
Pedwano, Rose (Venneri)                            Elementary School.
                                                   Peyton, Charles (Randy)
18 Allison Lane
W. Yarmouth, MA 02673-4902                         10506 Chambers Drive
508-778-1095                                       Tampa, FL 33626-1929
Pennell, Robert                                    813-818-0013
                                                   Pickering, Steve (2010)
RR#1, Box 66
Harrisville, WV 26462                              4662 S. Vrain St.
rep2747@yahoo.com                                  Denver, CO 80236
Perna, Frank                                       303-862-5409
PO Box 5184
Columbia, SC 29250-8346
                                                   I'm retired from USBank as of September,
                                  GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                        CLASS OF 1965
                                 40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

2004 - but - I am now married!!!! I married      813-545-1518
Melinda Rather of Lakewood, Colorado on          Presti, William
October 17, 2009.
Piro, Patricia (Pat) (Forrest) 2010              33 Saxon Road
                                                 Bethel, CT 06801-2324
231 Sugar Apple Way                              203-748-8814
Jupiter, FL 33458                                Pucci, John
patwaltforest@adelphia.net                       8825 S. Chestnut Hill Place
                                                 Highlands Ranch, CO 80130
Living in FL full time, selling real estate in   303-471-6263
Greenwich and Florida. Married 38 yrs. to        jpucci@qwest.net
Walter Forest, 2 daughters, both married with
2 grandsons and 1 grandaughter. Looking          I am enjoying life in Colorado with my wife of
forward to retirement and travel.                14 years, Jeanne, and our sons Jonathan,
Pittocco, Camille (Sarno)                        Joseph, and Jake.
                                                 Rabuazzo, Sandy
55 Mill Hill Road
Southport, CT 06490-1237                         11 Salem Street
203-259-8161                                     Cos Cob, CT 06807
camillesarno@aol.com                             203-661-3118
Prentice, David (2010)                           Raiente, Roseann (MacNaughton) **

123 Tapp Road,                                   7 Tremont Street
Sheenboro, Quebec 30X 2Z0                        Cos Cob, CT 06807-2421
Canada                                           Ramsay, Yancey (Smith)
davidmpc@mac.com                                 2651 Buchanan Road
2005                                             Buchanan, TN 38222-3440
After Dartmouth, I went to NYC for               731-644-2524
advertising and soon fled to Toronto. Good       Rapson, Robert
times and some great adventures, but I
bailed out in 1989 to a more rural area near     2 Widgeon Way
the family’s old fishing camp on the Ottawa      Greenwich, CT 06830-6702
River. I built a house out here in 1997 and      Ray, Ruben (2010)
life is great. I publish Dartmouth reunion
yearbooks all winter and play among a large      1654 Victoria Pointe Circle
cottage community for the other six months       Weston, FL 33327-1301
of the year. I became a Canadian citizen (a      954-659-3373
Dual) and ran for local office am now a          rayent3@aol.com
member of Sheenboro Council. Best to all!
Pressmar, Katherine (Stockwell)                  Retired since 2005 after working for IBM for
                                                 34 years. Doing some part time consulting
4400 32nd Terrace N.                             and substitute teaching along with lots of
St. Petersburg, FL 33713-2120                    tennis(as long as the body holds up) and
                                                 golf. Expecting our second grandchild in a
                                   GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                         CLASS OF 1965
                                  40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

few weeks so sorry I can't attend the event.      Reinken, Doris (Shields)
Have fun.
Raymond, Cynthia (Intrieri)                       4062 Loma Street
                                                  Irvine, CA 92604-2204
22 Cos Cob Avenue                                 949-559-8764
Cos Cob, CT 06807-2117                            Reis, Kathleen (Hennessey)
Classmates                                        48 Woodland Heights
Rayner, Ronald                                    Rockfall, CT 06481
                                                  Rennie, Richard
29 Rumford Street
Concord, NH 03301-3909                            9346 Knollwood Way
603-226-0838                                      Santee, CA 92071
Raynor, Florence (Mattison)                       619-562-4971
                                                  Rich, Lorraine (O’Connor)
154 Old Post Road
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590-4923                   11 Orchard Street
845-298-0177                                      Cos Cob, CT 06807-2423
Reddin, Eve                                       203-622-9010
                                                  Roberto, John
8201 Camano Loop NE
Lacey, WA 98516                                   12 Lima Drive
360-456-5344                                      Monroe, CT 06468-1223
eve@abundant-life-coaching.net                    203-268-2344
                                                  Roberts, Roberta (Lasczak) (2010)
I am living in the Pacific Northwest and loving
it! I’m mom to four terrific adult children,      10 Firethorn Lane
―Fairy Nana‖ to my only (so far) grandchild       Milford, CT 06460
and ―arf-arf‖ to two effervescent Pugs. I am      rlazak@optonline.net
a full-time certified (and certifiable) Life      Robertson, Roberta (Bobbi) (Kaslow)
Coach (see www.abundant-life-coaching.net)
with my own practice, as well as a painter        1522 Main Street
represented by several regional galleries.        Mt. Pleasant, TN 38474
Life is good!
Reilly, James                                     After living in Southern California for 36
                                                  years, my wish to move to beautiful central
105 Glenville Road                                Tennessee came true. My husband, Mike,
Greenwich, CT 06831-4139                          and I bought a lovely antebellum home called
203-531-5748                                      ―Rattle & Snap‖ in Mt. Pleasant. We plan to
Reineck, James (2010)                             continue restoration of the house and
9 Willow Street                                   Romaniello, Rosemary
Hull, MA 02045-1121
781-925-3312                                      3 Valley View/Kingswood 26
JMRandSon@aol.com                                 Norwalk, CT 06851
                                   GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                         CLASS OF 1965
                                  40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

Rosen, Charles
                                                  Hi everyone-I'm still a Sr. Mgr. in IT at Avon
1 Stonehedge Drive S.                             Products-a few more years to go. Our
Greenwich, CT 06831-3219                          daughters, Christine and Kimberly, are off
                                                  on their own and we have one
Rosen, David (2010)                               granddaughter. My husband Chet is a Dean
                                                  at the Choir Academy of Harlem; we enjoy
254 Colburn Rd                                    travelling, riding our Harley and supporting
Temple, New Hampshire 03084l                      POW/MIA issues. See you all at our 50th-
dlrozzin@comcast.net                              stay healthy!!
single, 2 sons, 1 grandson, employed as a         Ruch, Christine (Campel) **
sr. principal engineer. Loving life and getting
younger every year except the body is             4 Onota Lane #6
slowing down.                                     Pittsfield, MA 01201
Rosen, William                                    413-499-6085
                                                  Rudy, Douglas 2010
Gamecock Island
Byram, CT 06830 **                                12101 E. Wethersfield Drive
Ross, Joseph (2010)                               Scottsdale, AZ 85259
210 Riverside Avenue                              dougrudy@mac.com
Riverside, CT 06878-2317
203-637-2843                                      Russo, Patricia (Bellantoni) **
                                                  23 Perna Lane
Happily married to Linda (Carriero). 3            Riverside, CT 06878-1401
Children and 8 Grand Children all in              203-637-9950
Greenwich. Working in the Building Business       Rutherford, Joan (Nichopor)
in NYC. Still interested in cars, boats, kids
                                                  1590 Persimmon Place
and life !
                                                  Noblesville, IN 46062
Roth, Marcia (Fetzer)

154 Township Drive                                I have many fond memories of my years at
Hendersonville, TN 37075-2210                     GHS. I graduated from the University of
615-822-1508                                      Denver, spent seven great ―single‖ years in
Rowella, Patricia (Russo)                         Boston where I met my husband Mike. We
                                                  have two sons (Michael, 24, and Matt, 23).
33 Edgewood Avenue #1                             Six corporate moves later, we settled 12
Greenwich, CT 06830-5211                          years ago into Carmel, IN and are now living
203-362-2721                                      on a lovely lake in Noblesville, IN. I taught
Classmates                                        1st and 2nd grade for 10 years.
Rozanski, Mary (Edwards) (2010)                   St. Charles, Dennis

96 Hawley Avenue                                  2600 12th Street N.
Port Chester, NY 10573-2308                       Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410-2002
914-937-4443                                      561-626-5755
                                  GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                        CLASS OF 1965
                                 40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

Salter, Stefanie (Kyte) (2010)                 159 Mountain Road
                                               Somers, CT 06071-1708
16 Laban Ainsworth Way                         860-763-0387
Jeffrey, NH 03452                              Scheppy, Robert (2010)
(603) 593-5230
steffiekyte@comcast.net                        Costa del Sol
                                               Building 40-4-802
Since the last reunion, my husband and I       Zhu Hai, China 519082
have moved from Massachusetts to New           rjscheppy@yahoo.com
Hampshire and are just beginning to find our
way around this area. Haven't climbed to the   Actually, I'm in Guangdong Province, Zhu
peak of Mt. Monadnock yet, but have            Hai City, China. So, I entered my son's
climbed other mountains nearby.                address in Miami Beach..
Sampson, Meredith                              Schilling, Glenn (2010)

27 Park Avenue                                 332 Blackstone Village
Old Greenwich, CT 06870-1722                   Meriden, CT 06450-2407
Sanford, James (2010)                          203-237-7690
31300 County Road, 384A
Buena Vista, CO 81211-9647                     Recently retired from CSC (Computer
719-395-2417                                   Sciences Corp) and am now working part
sanford@buenavistaco.com                       time there as a security guard. Kids Mike
Scanlon, Jerry                                 and Tracy are doing fine but still no
                                                randchildren ( they’re not even married)
605 Yardley Tr                                 Schmeiler, Dennis
Mundelein, IL 60060
847-970-9185                                   76 Orchard Street
Scanlon, Sue (MacDonald)                       Cos Cob, CT 06807
102 Soundview Drive                            Schmid, Lynn (Knable) (2010)
Stamford, CT 06902-7113
203-357-9206                                   13 East St.
Scheck, Edward (2010)                          Camden DE 19934
                                               (302) 697-9256
134 S. Lincoln Street                          professormom2@hotmail.com
Keene, NH 03431-3831
603-352-7552                                   I am still teaching at a school for students
edward.scheck@myfairpoint.net                  with very special needs. I am an Autism
                                               specialist. Our program is located at one of
I have been happily married to my wonderful    our community based programs located at
wife, Carmen, for 38 years. We have four       Wesley College, Dover, DE. We have 18-21
terrific children … Kyla, Jeremy, Matthew    year old students whom we are preparing to
and Hannah.                                    step out into the world at whatever level of
Scheck, Eugene **                              independence it is their ability to achieve. I
                                   GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                         CLASS OF 1965
                                  40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

am so lucky to have a job that I can truly      Chumash Indian word meanting ―Land of
enjoy!!                                         10,000 tile roofs an hour north of LA
Schmitz, Richard                                surrounded by mountains, lemon groves and
                                                farms‖. Life is good.
26 Old Orchard Lane                             Schupp, Michael **
Shelburne, VT 05482-7274
802-985-2669                                    311 Sprucewood Road
Classmates                                      Lake Mary, FL 32746
Schmitz, Tory                                   407-302-6342
                                                Schupp, William **
5011 Moss Hollow Court
Houston, TX 77018-1021                          68 Belden Road
713-686-3502                                    Carmel, NY 10512-1017
t_schmitz@comcast.net                           845-225-4862
                                                Sczesny, Margaret (Peggy) (2010)

Still working full-time as ICU director but     10105 Old Bon Air Place
cutting back hours. Husband is retired; kids    Richmond, VA 23235
doing well, one in Portland OR in grad          psczesny@yahoo.com
school, one here in Houston, working. We        (2005)
have bought land in Asheville NC and hope       I attended the University of Connecticut
to build and move in next couple of years.      School of Nursing, graduating with a BS in
Schongalla, Robert                              1969. I then attended the University of
                                                Richmond where I received a Certificate in
30 Ashram Road                                  Human Resource Management. I have held
Sanbornton, NH 03269-2227                       various positions at Yale-New Haven
603-934-4058                                    Hospital, Staff Nurse to Assistant Director,
Schroeder, Robert                               1969-1984. I was the Director of Pediatric
                                                Nursing at the Childrens Medical Center of
4453 Summerglen Court                           Virginia Commonwealth University from
Moorpark, CA 93021                              1984-1995. Currently, I am the Director of
805-529-3927                                    Nurse Recruitment at the Southside Regional
rlschroeder@sbcglobal.net                       Medical Center.
                                                Sea, Roy
With a degree in Graphic Design, I have
spent most of the intervening 40 years as a     3030 NE 22nd Street
designer, art director and photographer for     Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33305-1826
magazine publishers. I have been on the         954-561-8389
masthead of Sail, Motorboat, Trailer Life,      Searles, Milton
Motorhome, Bicycle Rider and three
motorcycle magazines. It has been a hoot. I     Hale Ho’a Maha
moved to California in 1980 and married         PO Box 422
Pamela in 1984. We moved to Moorpark in         Kilauea Kauai, HI 06754
1985 and live there still with two cats         Classmates
(www.thecatbrothers.com) Moorpark is a          Selchow, Mary Alice (Proudfoot)
                                   GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                         CLASS OF 1965
                                  40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

179 Whisconier Road                                masherwood@aol.com
Brookfield, CT 06804-3309                          Shirley, Linda
mproud@brookfieldlibrary.org                       36 Glen Road
                                                   Greenwich, CT 06830-4632
Hello ―old‖ friends! I graduated from West         203-661-9666
Virginia University in 1969 with a Bachelor of     Shuhy, Lawrence
Music Ed degree and married my husband,
Harold (a fellow music major), that July. We       86 Pemberton Avenue
taught on the Eastern Shore of MD for two          Jamestown, RI 02835-1430
years – I taught elementary general music –        401-423-2534
then returned to WVU for Harold’s MMEd             Shuhy, Natalie (Susco)
degree. We moved to the Danbury area in
1972 and I ―retired‖ to raise our four children    5 Dogwood Lane
– Kevin, Elizabeth, Michael and Jeffrey. I         Brookfield, CT 06804-1409
began a new career in 1988 and am now the          203-775-2461
Children’s Librarian at the Brookfield Library.    Simmons, Kevin
We have three grandsons, so far…my new
name is ―Grammy‖. I love it.                       47 Wilson Avenue
Shanahan, Deirdre (2010)                           Rowayton, CT 06853-1504
4608 Buttersworth Place, NW,                       Sinclair, Edward
Washington, DC 20016
kalevala41913@aol.com                              11 Winter Set Road
                                                   Greenwich, CT 06830-3512
I am still working on trade and competition        203-869-6236
law issues, focusing over the past decade on       bud_sinclair@horacemann.org
the Asia-Pacific region. I really enjoy
working with government officials of various       I am still living in Greenwich. I’m currently
cultures and indulging my passion for              the CFO of Horace Mann School in
international travel. I met my husband, a          Riverdale, NY and married to Nancy for 32
Finnish economist, while we both worked at         years. We have two sons, Skip and Rick.
the OECD in Paris. Because of him, I am            Sirbono, Paul
now a good skier and a member of his crew
                                                   25 Lincoln Avenue
in sailing regattas (except Newport to
                                                   Greenwich, CT 06830-5749
Bermuda which is a "guy thing"). I love
learning about my classmates' lives, so
please keep the information coming,                Sisson, Richard (2010)
especially life in "retirement" -- no doubt baby
                                                   3509 Brook Road
boomers are setting new precedents.
                                                   Richmond, VA 23227-4527
Sherwood, Charles                                  804-359-5552
169 Marlboro Road                                  Slaughter, Lynn (Lommasson)
Sudbury, MA 01776-1347
                                                   500 Tucker Station Road
                                                   Louisville, KY 40243-1908
                                 GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                       CLASS OF 1965
                                40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

                                                70 Glen Ridge Road
I’m the proud grandmother of Cameron, born      Greenwich, CT 06831-3669
April 5, 2004. My husband, Alan, and I just     203-531-8798
celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary. I      Soutar, Nancy (Habelmann)
feel so blessed to have such a wonderful
husband and family. I’m now writing and         2563 Leroy Lane
teaching English Composition part-time at a     W. Bloomfield, MI 48324
local university. A hip replacement has         248-682-5451
meant the end of my dancing days, but I still
dance in my dreams!!
Sloat, Richard Bruce (2010)
                                                Spezzano, Linda (Valenti) (2010)
70 Stevenson Road
Fairfield, CT 06825                             15 Neil Lane
203-374-4616                                    Riverside, CT 06878
soccerd3575@hotmail.com                         airjust24@aol.com
                                                Staelin, John (2010)
Married Jody Coleman, class of 1969,
January 27, 1973. Three children: Joseph        PO Box 315
Bruce 36, Jolene Caroline Sutter 30 &           Millwood, VA 22646
Kendra Lee 24 and one grandson, Francis         540-837-1903
Paul Sutter, 3rd (Trey) born March 14, 2009.    jstaelin@earthlink.net
Retired Police Lieutenant from Westport, CT     (2005)
after 35 years. Still is coaching soccer.       I’ve been married for 26 years to Elizabeth
Smith, Charles                                  Locke. We live on a farm in the Shenandoah
                                                Valley of Virginia. I used to ride to the
22 Weaver Street                                hounds but now do my best to swim a mile
Greenwich, CT 06830                             every day. I worked as a management
Smith, Chris **                                 consultant for 20 years but retired to help my
                                                wife with her business, Elizabeth Locke
593 Morehouse Road                              Jewels. I entered local politics and currently
Easton, CT 06612-1335                           serve as the Chairman of the Clarke County
203-261-6045                                    Board of Supervisors. I also serve on the
Smith, David                                    Board of Directors of the Virginia Museum of
                                                Fine Arts, the Virginia State Arboretum and
108 Glenville Road                              the Virginia Association of Counties.
Greenwich, CT 06831-4434                        Stagg, Charlotte (Lee)
Smith, Eugene III (Chip)                        12 Coakley Avenue
                                                Harrison, NY 10528-3314
10 Rusling Place                                914-835-5241
Bridgeport, CT 06604-2106                       katsh222@aol.com
203-331-1333                                    I got married in September, 1971; moved to
Smith, George                                   Northern California in January, 1987; and
                                 GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                       CLASS OF 1965
                                40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

divorced in December, 1989; Recently, I        Charlotte, NC 28203
moved to Florida (May 2005), and am now in     704-334-8212
the process of having a house built. I am      Stewart, Patricia (Oberbeck)
semi-retired from being an
Administrative Assistant, but currently        55 Church Street W.
working to pass the time until my              Greenwich, CT 06830-6804
house is ready for me to move in – should be   203-531-8898
by the beginning of 2006 – my                  Stewart, Richard
address will change again when that
happens (10773 SW 71st Circle, Ocala, FL       183 Shelton Road
34476). I’ve traveled over the years to        Trumbull, CT 06611-5147
various places around the U.S.,                203-378-4603
Canada, Mexico, Australia, and England.        Stiles, Todd **
Sorry I am unable to make the
reunion, but would love to hear from past      1945 Fieldstone Circle
friends                                        Paso Robles, CA 93446
Stamm, Lauretta (Laurie) (2010)                Stoeckle, Robert **

10773 SW 71st Circle                           16 Comly Terrace
Ocala, FL 34476                                Greenwich, CT 06831
lmstammflorida@hotmail.com                     203-531-8630
                                               Stolar, Christine (Basile)
 I married in September 1971;
moved to Northern California in                289 Sylvan Knoll
January 1987; divorced in December             Stamford, CT 06902-5344
1989; and moved to Florida in May              203-964-9980
2005. I am now retired after working           Stramiello, Robert (2010)
as an Admin. Assistant/Office Mgr. at
                                               212 Ancon Avenue
various companies for more years
                                               Pelham, NY 10803
than I want to think about. I love to
travel, and over the years I've been
to various places around the U.S. , to
                                               Studwell, William
Canada, Mexico, Australia, and
England. I'd love to hear from                 14 Riverview Court
fellow classmates.                             Greenwich, CT 06831-4127
                                               Sullivan, John E. (2010)
Stearns, Jeff **
                                               58 Tuckahoe Lane
785 Newcomb Road                               Fairfield, CT 06824
Ridgewood, NJ 07450-5522                       203-368-0466
Stevens, Hildegarde                            mrjes1@aol.com
2210 Sarah Marks Avenue
                                               I been married to Joan for 36 years this
                                 GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                       CLASS OF 1965
                                40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

September 6th. We have one son, Sean, 35        (2005)
years old who lives in San Francisco. By        After college (OWU), I livied in New Haven
strange coincidence, my wife’s office is        with my best friend, Nancy Pappas, and
where the girls’ gym room was in the old high   taught school in Orange, CT. After seven
school!                                         years, we both married, I to Bill Scranton,
Sutliffe, Thomas (2010)                         whom I met skiing, and moved to Vermont.
                                                We have a real estate appraisal business in
2 Plumber Street                                our 200-year old farmhouse. Our only
Epping, NH 03042                                daughter, Ashley, age 26, is a fashion
603-679-1970                                    designer in Santa Monica, CA. I serve on
sutliffe@myfairpoint.net                        several boards, including conservation and
Svihra, Carol (Slocum) (2010)                   an acting company. My interests continue to
                                                be my passion for horses, theatre, showing
351 Pemberwick Road #205                        antique VWs (buses and vans), skiing,
Greenwich, CT 06831                             snowshoeing, biking, raising bantam
203-531-1417                                    chickens, and interesting exotic pets.
gjscarol@yahoo.com                              Swenson, Robert **
I am presently teaching ESL in the ―Bermuda     River Road
Triangle of Education‖ (middle school) in       Putnam, CT 06260
Stamford, CT. I have one son, Justin, who       Swistowich, Eugene
lives in Virginia.
Svrchek, Karen (Dwyer) (2010)                   435 Back Road
                                                N. Windham, CT 06256
367 Wallingford Road                            860-452-4128
Cheshire, CT 06410                              Taar, Gail (2010)
kjdwyer@cox.net                                 44 Pond Place
                                                Cos Cob, CT 06807-2220
Jim(Dwyer Class of '66) and I just celebrated   203-661-9172
our 42nd anniversary on September 1st.          gataar@verizon.net
Where has the time gone? We have three
wonderful married children Kristin, John &      Retired in 2008 after teaching for 37 years in
David and three precious granddaughters!        the Greenwich Public School System.
As we won't be able to attend the reunion I     Talbert, Jim
would like to send my very best to all my
classmates and hope that the reunion is a       87 Turner Road
great success!!                                 Fitzwilliam, NH 03447
Swanson, Deborah (Debbie) (Scranton)            603-585-3070
(2010)                                          jamestalbert@cheshire.net

170 Scranton Lane                               Cathie (GHS ’65) and I just returned from
Wallingford, VT 05773-0160                      motoring our sloop TARKA through the Trent
802-446-2267                                    Severn Canal system in Canada, a ten-day
DebbieSnVT@aol.com                              trip that we thoroughly enjoyed. We live in
                                   GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                         CLASS OF 1965
                                  40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

Fitzwilliam, NH and I work as a financial         Moorseville, North Carolina 28117
consultant at A.G. Edwards & Sons in              704-577-2114
Keene, NH. Our two sons, Greg and Josh,           bbai90@medscape.com
live in Burlington, VT. We plan to retire there
ourselves in a few years to be closer to them     Retired in 2004, had to unretire in 2008,
and to our boat, on Lake Champlain.               doing medical work part-time. I've re-started
Tatton, A. Geoffrey (2010)                        playing bridge, go to tournaments when I
                                                  can. Two girls, Aurora (14) and Isabel (12).
13 Coolidge Avenue                                Tennant, Thomas (2010)
Stamford, CT 06906-1906
203-327-3123                                      275 Grove St., Suite 1-110
Geoff7346@aol.com                                 Newton, MA 02466-2273
                                                  (800) 522-6780, x3137
After working in the accounting department        tom.tennant@mckesson.com
of an air freight company for 24 years, I am
semi-retired working part time at the Darien      Theriot, Christopher (2010)
YMCA teaching swimming. In September
Margaret and I will be celebrating our 31st.      18 Wyndover Lane
anniversary. Our son, Chris,28,is married         Cos Cob, CT 06807-1818
and expecting their first baby in early March.    203-625-0383
Our daughter, Melissa, 25, is in Gradiate         theriotc@gmail.com
School at Uconn. At this time she is doing
her internship in Audiology at Stony Brook        After graduation, I attended Georgetown
Medical Center. She is engaged to be              University in Washington, DC. When I
married in July, 2011.                            graduated from there, it was draft time in the
Taylor, Gail (Mills)                              Vietnam war. I "volunteered" to join the Air
                                                  Force for a 4 year tour at a base in Great
16 Homestead Lane                                 Falls, Montana. During my tour, I married
Greenwich, CT 06831-9250                          Irene Czerwinski (GHS '67) and she joined
203-531-1070                                      me in Montana (greater love hath no
grummie62@aol.com                                 woman). After the Air Force, I returned to
                                                  Greenwich and have been here since then. I
I have had two marriages and two children –       spent over 25 years working for AT&T, then
my daughter, Tracy, 36, (mom to Taylor and        2 years for IBM, and laid off. I have a 28
Tiffany) from my marriage to Roger Byrd           year old son Jason, who just got engaged
(GHS ’66) and my son, Adrian, 20, from my         (wedding in Fall of '11).
marriage to Reggie Mills (GHS ’69). I have        Thomas, Laura (Randall) (2010)
been a Town of Greenwich employee for 34
years, as well as a part-time YMCA                11300 Gatesway Dr
employee for 10 years. I’m still living in        Oklahoma City, OK 73170
Greenwich with all of its changes. I would        918-426-1441
love to hear from my GHS friends.                 laurandall65@yahoo.com
Taylor, William (2010)
                                                  I graduated from Lindenwood College with a
175 Carriage Club drive #6-301                    BA in Mathematics, married Charles in 1969
                                 GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                       CLASS OF 1965
                                40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

and taught 7th and 8th grade math in St.        lnorris9@verizon.net
Louis County. In 1972 I stopped teaching for    Just celebrated our 30th anniversary of being
seven years to be a stay-at-home mom with       Texans and 28 years as business owners.
two daughters. My career continued in           My husband Rich and I have been
McAlester, OK teaching math and computers       distributors together for the duration and I
in grades 6-10. In 1995 Mom moved to            also have my own company doing digital
Oklahoma and lived with us. I retired from      training material for large corporations. Both
teaching in 2003 and took care of Mom until     our sons married in 2009 – 3 ½ months
2004 when she passed away. Charles              between weddings and since the last reunion
retired a second time (McAlester High School    I have replaced both my knees. Other than
Principal in 2001 and Education Specialist at   that we’re looking forward to retirement in the
the Army Defense Ammunition Center in           future and continue to enjoy weekends of
2005) enabling us to move to Oklahoma City,     Lake Camping in OK in out travel trailer.
close to our two daughters. We welcomed         Tower, David
our first grandchild in 2005. We have
thoroughly enjoyed our retirement dividing      53 Orient Avenue
our time between family and church.             Melrose, MA 02176-3221
Oklahoma City is a wonderful place to live! I   781-665-8387
have only been back to Riverside once since     Travis, Kathryn (Koulous)
1995, and will not be able to attend the
Reunion, but look forward to any postings.      19 Waller Avenue
Thompson, Catherine (Talbert)                   Wolcott, CT 06716
87 Turner Road                                  Trotter, Bruce
Fitzwilliam, NH 03477
charlietango@cheshire.net                       6189 Old Brentford Court
Thunquist, Allen                                Alexandria, VA 22310-4348
4764 SW 39th Way                                Trzcinski, Robert
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312-5447
954-963-1271                                    32 Concord Street
Timurkan, Ahmet                                 Greenwich, CT 06831-4213
2 Wildcroft Manor, Putney Heights               Tutera, Juana (Crocker)
London SW15
England                                         82 View Street W.
Todero, Jill (Smith)                            Greenwich, CT 06830-5931
                                                Twine, Esther (Ray)
108 Glenville Road
Greenwich, CT 06831-4434                        40 Cassidy Park
Tonnessen, Linda (Norris) (2010)                Greenwich, CT 06830-4601
698 White Swan Dr.                              Twiss, Patricia (Flynn) **
Arnold, MD 21012
410-757-5458                                    22 Mohigan Trail
                                                East Hampton, CT 06424
                                    GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                          CLASS OF 1965
                                   40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

860-267-6329                                      Comp. Sci. in '76. Raced bicycles for a few
Van Ness, Addison                                 years. Met my wife on trip to see a total
                                                  eclipse of sun in '79. Married in '82. Went to
31 Pleasant Street                                4 eclipses with her. Have three boys now
Cos Cob, CT 07807-2026                            grown. We live in rural Dane Co. outside
Van Vliet, Eric **                                Madison, WI. 5 acres with horses, goat,
                                                  chickens, cats, dogs, etc. Now retired and
1261 Spruce Street                                working as part time library assistant. I have
Berkeley, CA 94709-1464                           a facebook account that I check daily and
510-548-8086                                      check e-mail at least weekly.
Vanacore, Gail (Hilley) **
                                                  Vizzari, Ralph (2010)
3F Ft. Evans Road SE
Leesburg, VA 20176                                40 Etl Lane
Classmates                                        Greenwich, CT 06831
Vidone, Carolyn (Sherry) (2010)                   crvizz@aol.com
78 Sheephill Rd                                   Salon Owner, Visible Changes Salon
Riverside, CT 06878                               and Academy, married, 3 children, 1.5
sherrycarolandsteve@yahoo.com                     grandchildren.
                                                  Volk, Nancy **
Retired from Greenwich Bd. of Ed. two years
ago. We moved to Florida, but now back in         70 Hunting Ridge
Riverside. Twelve grandchildren and one           Greenwich, CT 06830
great grandchild keep us busy. Still love the     Vosper, Dinah
beach as well as traveling whenever
possible.                                         35 North Street
Virga, Jean (Handler) (2010)                      Guilford, CT 06437-2405

434 Bantam Lake Rd                                I am looking forward to seeing everyone after
Bantam, CT 06750                                  such a long time. After graduating from
860-567-2020                                      GHS, I went to Bennett, WA. I was a special
jvhandler@hotmail.com                             student at Dartmouth where I completed a
2005                                              good portion of my Spanish major (they
I am the Executive Director of a camp and         would not graduate women in those days!). I
retreat center in the Litchfield hills. A tough   ended up at Southern, then went directly to
life, but someone has to do it.                   Middlebury for my Masters. I taught for four
Virgilio, Thomas (2010)                           years, then decided to change careers. I
                                                  went to BU for another Masters in
5460 Enchanted Valley Road                        Broadcasting. I worked in the field for
Cross Plains, WI 53528-9720                       another 10 years. Finally, I decided to return
608-798-3378                                      to teaching where I am now. I live in
trvirgil@tds.net                                  Guilford, CT. I travel as much as I can and
                                                  spend a lot of time working on my house.
Went UConn (BA '69) then to UW-Madison in
WI for Math graduate school. Switched to
                                     GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                           CLASS OF 1965
                                    40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

Walden, Richard (2010)                              Norfolk, MA 02056
P O Box 491
232 Belvidere St                                    Wason, Tod (2010)
St. Johnsbury, VT 05819
203-214-4852                                        255 New Britain Avenue
richardwalden@mac.com                               Hartford, CT 06106
Still golfing, skiing etc. Four kids, great wife,   appleman4707@yahoo.com
33d year as a teacher. Had dinner with Lisa
Adamson last year. Special hello to the             I can't wait to see all my old acquaintances.
Byram folks.                                        I'm on Facebook, so if you haven't already,
Walker, Jarrell (Jerry)                             send me an invite. See you soon!
                                                    Watson, Diane (2010)
3238 Andreason
Lafayette, CA 94549                                 23301 Ridege Route DR. #56
910-299-0691                                        Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Walker, Laraine (Pascarella) (2010)                 (949) 266-7454
50 Aiken Street
Norwalk, CT 06851-2046                              I've been a Minister for 7 years in Laguna
203-847-6942                                        Beach,Ca,Ordained in 2007, MA in 2007,
lwpascarella@optonline.net                          Working on my Doctoral dissertation to be
                                                    completed 2012, a video production on
Walkup, Geraldine (Sibley) **                       Spiritual Healing I was Widowed in March
                                                    2010 when my partner died suddenly of bone
Castle Court                                        cancer. I have successfully survived brain
Greenwich, CT 06830                                 injury, and colon cancer myself, I now
Walters, Fred                                       facilitate workshops on living a prosperous
                                                    Life around the country, and I'm starting an
1 Glenville Street                                  internet ministry on spiritual healing and
Greenwich, CT 06831-3635                            prosperity. I have been clean and sober 33
203-531-5773                                        years, Son lives in Sarasota, Fla,is a radio
Warner, Alan                                        host, "Hans on Paranormal", with Hans
                                                    Hansen and he is also a very talented
3132 Ipswich Drive                                  musical intuitive and medium. Namaste to
Plano, TX 75025-5732                                you all. not sure I will make the reunion at
214-618-2239                                        this point, but will try.
Warren, Susan (Thosen)                              Weigel, Margie
31 Boulder Brook Rd. #28630                         324 Delavan Avenue
Wilton, CT 06897-1519                               Greenwich, CT 06830-5947
203-762-3929                                        203-531-9624
Wason, Linda                                        Weir, Joseph
4 Hoover Road                                       39960 Stayton Scio Road
                                  GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                        CLASS OF 1965
                                 40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

Scio, OR 97374-9576                             grandkids and love getting together with
503-394-3673                                    friends. I love reading, writing and enjoying
Classmates                                      music as well as swimming. I have a 2 year
Weisel, Jeffrey                                 old Shetland Sheepdog who is the best
                                                companion ever! I look forward to seeing
1201 Havasu Drive                               everyone at the reunion and know it will be a
Prescott, AZ 86303-5116                         great time!
520-778-6970                                    Wiener, Consuelo (Linda), (Reyes)
Weiss, Charles (2010)
                                                68 Barron Street, Apt. 2
121 Hillcrest Park Road                         New York, NY 10036
Cos Cob, CT 06807-1902                          212-675-6349
203-637-8765                                    consuelor@mindspring.com
jbondweiss@aol.com                              Wildey, Susan (Simms) **

Rosie and I have 3 daughters, Christie, Lisa,   20 Harold Avenue
and Wendy, and 4 grandchildren, Ashley,         Greenwich, CT 06830
Charli, David, and Bobby. We spend most of      Williams, Joseph III (2010)
our time with our family,(mostly with the
grandchrildren). I still own J. Bond Septic     2 Old Church Road, Unit 2
Ser. and enjoy going to work everyday. Still    Greenwich, CT 06830
play softball and golf.                         203-869-1995
Westbrook, James                                jwilliams@greenwichfineproperties.com

7 Corbalis Place                                Williams, Lynne (Hone) (2010)
Yonkers, NY 10703
914-965-4757                                    47 Rockmere Avenue
Wheeler, Donna                                  Old Greenwich, CT 06870-1325
991 Centre Street                               Lynnehone@sbcglobal.net
Boston, MA 02130-3023
617-522-3085                                    I work as an independent provider 4 days per
Whelan, Robert **                               week in the field of Marriage & Family
                                                Therapy. I love what I do as well as the
Cutler Road, Yale Farms                         independence. Mike and I also have a log
Greenwich, CT 06830                             cabin 2 hours away on Copake Lake, NY
White, Nancy (Whiteside) (2010)                 where we go year 'round. Life is humming
                                                along! We look forward to seeing everyone at
142 Wesley Heights                              the reunion!
Shelton, CT 06484                               Williams, William
(203) 925-0113
Nancywhite4404@att.net                          3509 N. Spyglass Village Path
                                                Lecanto, FL 34451
After my 5th child, I received my RN and        Classmates
have worked in various capacities as a          Wilson, John **
nurse. I am kept busy with my kids,
                                   GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                         CLASS OF 1965
                                  40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

Winckler, Sari (Bitticks)                         Boston, MA 02114-2344
101A Elm Street                                   Wright, Carole (Thomas)**
Auburn, MA 01501-2717
Sari.ma.ultranet@rcn.com                          9336 W. 88th Terrace, #101
                                                  Overland Park, KS 66212-3722
I’m currently working as the Operations           Yorke, Kathryn
Database Manager for Easter Seals, MA.
When I’m not working, I’m either in the           1131 Lake Home Drive
garden or playing fetch with tow of my three      Lodi, CA 95242
dogs. My Coonhound cross doesn’t see the          209-369-9122
point of fetch, but her brothers – a small 125    kay3332sbcglobal.net
pound St. Bernard and a ―heaven knows
what‖ mutt, adore it. So, I exist to pull weeks   I went back to my maiden name and am
and throw dog toys.                               living in California, working part-time as an
Wolfert, Valerie (Murano)                         RN. I still play a lot of sports, but it takes
                                                  longer to recuperate after a hard day of
1729 E. Carriage Drive                            skiing. Fighting the aging process is tough!
Titusville, FL 32796                              Young, William

Wolfert, Veronica Lynn (Biles)                    12 Melody Lane
                                                  Ivoryton, CT 06442-1235
My husband of 36 years, John, and I have          860-767-1414
raised three great sons (Peter, Daniel and        Yusko, Barry
David) in our home of over 27 years. Peter
and his wife, Linda, have blessed us with two     3 Briar Ridge Road
grandsons and are presently living in             Danbury, CT 06810-7240
Virginia. Daniel and David, after being on        203-743-5415
their own for seven and three years,              Zampino, Joseph
respectively, are back home with us. My job
of 20 years at Flagler County Abstract            220 Sheephill Road
Company, keeps me busy in this fast               Riverside, CT 06878-1109
growing county (first in the state and fifth in   203-637-1351
the nation). I am active in church and with       Zeranski, Rick (2010)
my family. My parents and three siblings live
nearby, including classmate Valerie.              78 Field Brook Road
Worden, Richard (2010)                            Madison, CT 06443
64 Carriage Path S.                               rick279@comcast.net
Milford, CT 06460-7544                            (2005)
203-874-5791                                      I am married to Carole Washiewicz
ShirlOleGirl@aol.com                              (Stamford HS ’65). We will celebrate 32
                                                  years of marriage on Thursday, October 6th.
Works, Robert                                     We’ve lived in Madison, CT for seven years
                                                  and previously in Ridgefield, CT for 13 years.
9 Hawthorne Place, #16K                           We have two children, Todd, age 28
                                  GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                        CLASS OF 1965
                                 40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

(Bucknell ’99) and Lauren, age 25                backyard gets better looking with each
(Dartmouth ’02). Todd lives in NYC and           passing year!
Lauren in Cambridge, MA. I have been             Zygmont, Eleanor (Magee)
employed in Human Resource Management
for 25+ years. Currently, I am doing             6 Linden Place
consulting. My interests are golf and            Greenwich, CT 06831-4265
bicycling and vacations on Cape Cod.             203-531-4515
Zimmerman, Dale

7909 Morning Lane
Fort Worth, TX 76123-1926
Zolluccio, Orrie

24 Perna Lane
Riverside, CT 06878-1402
Zornow, Phyllis (2010)

920 Adelphi Court
Ft. Myers, FL 33919-5005

Since graduating from GHS I knocked about
for several years on many adventures
(several involving sailing and yoga training)
before finally ending up in San Francisco
where I gave birth to my son Matt. This
major life changing event precipitated an
almost immediate maturing process resulting
in a degree in Elementary Education. Matt
and I settled down in Fort Myers, Florida
near my mom and brother where I raised him
and taught in various elementary and middle
schools for nearly 20 years. To relieve the
stress of single motherhood, I turned to
choral singing, tennis, digging in my yard and
yoga. I met my husband in the Southwest
Florida Symphony Chorus and was wed in
my backyard where we courted while digging
the koi pond. Getting married at 60 was well
worth the wait. I am now retired from
teaching, am learning bonsai, and the
                                  GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                        CLASS OF 1965
                                 40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

Congratulations to all on the 40th anniversary of our graduation from Greenwich High School!
While many of us are fortunate to join in the festivities of the reunion weekend (September 30 –
October 2, 2005), many other classmates are not.

This Memory Book has been put together to communicate current contact information of those who
chose to share it, as well as some memories they have experienced in the years since we
graduated. The Book also contains the names and last-known addresses of those classmates who
failed to respond or whose mail was returned by the Post Office. We have also included
information regarding the reunion weekend and pages in the back in which to put pictures taken
during the weekend (by you and/or others), as well as those that are shared by classmates from
other sources over time.

Finally, the Book contains a listing of members of the class whom we know have left us. We’re
sure that all will join together in remembering them as we continue with our own lives, enjoying
each and every day we have.

Greetings to those who join us in celebration and best wishes to those who were unable to attend

Love to all,

GHS Class of 1965
40th Reunion Organizing Committee
                                  GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                                        CLASS OF 1965
                                 40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

                                          We Remember

Below is a listing of those who have left us, both during our time in school and since graduation.

First Name      Last Name
Victoria F.     Albrizio
Susan           Avann
Steven J.       Brown
Roger           Columbane
Lyn             Columbane
Pat Ann         Cornelius
Paul M.         De Luca
Clifford        Dietrich
Gary            Domestico
Robert L.       Ellems
Douglas         Ferguson
Judith Ann      Finney
Robert W.       Fisk
Robert          Flemming
Frances L.      Fogg
Philip W.       Frost
Robert          Furano
Rose carolyn Fuscaldo
Edward          Fuss
Peter           Gildersleeve
Patricia        Giles
Brian           Hassan
William         Hollis
Coralie         Hyde
Linda           Lalla
Sue             Lonergan
Thomas B.       McAulay
Paul            Muzoleski
Theresa         Palmiero
Katherine       Pressmar
Louis           Purdy
Rosemary        Quick
barbara Edna Quotidian
Roseann         Raiente
Lorraine        Rich
Roger           Ronnlund
Frank           Sabito
Carole Elizabeth Schnautz
Elaine          Schreders
Kenneth         Schwatrz
                        GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                              CLASS OF 1965
                       40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

Edward     Scott
John J.    Skorvanek
Evelyn     Slater
Kathy      Stephens
William    Tiska
Linda D.   Wason
                         GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                               CLASS OF 1965
                        40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

Please send any updates to ZHAAS@ATT.NET

First Name        Last Name Married Name
Eugene J.         Caruso
Edward J.         Davis
Sophie            DeMarkey
Scott W.          Emerich
Kathleen          Flaherty      Locke
Rodney K.         Fudge
Jill              Fulton        Jarboe
Booth W.          Gibson
Florence Elaine   Raynor        Mattison
Charles           Rosen
Richard E.        Schmitz
Allen R.          Thunquist
David S.          Tower
S. Bruce          Trotter
Addison V.        Van Ness
Robert N.         Works
Carole            Wright        Thomas
Marilyn           Moughty       Bivona
Alan              Chim
Allen W.          Close
Gary L.           Davino
Michael           Fitzgerald
Joan              Rutherford    Nichipor
Jarrell H.        Walker
Stephen J.        Olszwewski Jr.
Jill              Todero        Smith
Geoff H.          Beal
Joseph            Breitweiser
Beverly A.        Brewer        Ray
Anne              Chmurak       Simpson
Charles D.        Diggs
Ronald A.         Falco
John              Kerner
Albert V.         Margenot Jr.
Steven P.         McGavren
Cornell           Neitzel
John R.           O'Connor
Christine         Ruch          Campel
Patricia          Russo         Bellantoni
Jeffrey S.        Stearns
                        GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                              CLASS OF 1965
                       40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

First Name        Last Name   Married Name
Robert P.         Stoeckle
Patricia          Twiss       Flynn
Susan             Wildey      Simms
Valerie A.        Wolfert     Murano
Peter D.          Bohacs
Joseph            Bunk
Renee             Deroche     Constabile
Alan              Doran
Kathleen          Haigh       Kontos
Kevin J.          Hanna
Patricia          Ingram      McNamee
David C.          Kidder
Mavis             Mardula     Drezek
Bruce D.          Moger
Douglas F.        Peterson
F. Geoffrey       Peterson
William           Schupp
Michael V.        Schupp
Gail              Vanacore    Hilley
Robert            Swenson
Kristine L.       Macdougal
Martha R.         McNamara
Valerie           Holly       Erickson
Robert            Houk
nancy M.          Volk
Geraldine M.      Walkup      Sibley
robert G.         Whelan
Sari              Winckler    Bitticks
Patricia          Papineau    Ames
William Jeffrey   Rosen
Daniel J.         Murphy
John G.           Murray
Thomas A.         Marino
James             Marsh
Curt              Marthey
Sherrill          Miller      Berrymanjohnson
Regina            Miller
Peter T.          Goodridge
Virginia          Griscom     Zane
Virginia A.       Heitman
Brett             Hendricks
Lawrence          Hill
Peter A.          Holmes
Karen             Johnson     Conti
                     GREENWICH HIGH SCHOOL
                           CLASS OF 1965
                    40TH REUNION MEMORY BOOK

Christiane     Kingsley
First Name     Last Name   Married Name
Thomas         Lahey
Cynthia Jean   Dolan
Phillip        Domico
Robert R.      Doriss
George R.      Faust
Stephen R.     Fee
Dawn           Gedney      Anderson
Andrew         Giordano
Candace A.     Conway      Coleman
Bonnie         Courter
Sarah F.       Crandall
Marie          Dapra       Fox
Ronald         Bealer
Gregory        Brunel
Richard A.     Caie
Paul           Carter
Carol A.       Cilia       Santos

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