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Creating a Guest User Account by Bradleystephens


									                             Viewing Applicants as a Guest User
                                                using the online employment system

Logging On                                                                             General Tips
Guest user accounts are set up at the hiring manager's discretion for individual       Hiring Manager Site               Applicant Site
positions if more than one person will be reviewing the applicant pool. The
user name and password associated with the position is distributed to each              If you have questions or need guidance completing
member of a hiring committee so that they might view the application materials          logging on using a guest user account please contact
                                                                                        your HR Generalist by calling the Human Resources
for each candidate.                                                                     front desk at 401 863.3175.
With your user name (this should start with "GU") and password provided by
                                                                                        The OES is optimized for use with Internet Explorer.
the hiring manager in hand:
                                                                                        The browser's navigation buttons are disabled while
1. Open your browser, type into the address field           you are in the OES. One should use the system's
and hit ENTER. You should arrive at a login screen.                                     internal links to navigate.

2. Enter your user name and password in the corresponding fields and click on           One should use the scroll wheel on the mouse with
LOGIN.                                                                                  caution while in the system. The scroll wheel can,
                                                                                        instead of scrolling down the page, scroll through one
3. The next screen should display a table with details including the position title,    of the page's dropdown menus and populate the field
job number, number of applicants, etc.                                                  incorrectly.

Viewing Your Applicants                                                                 Those using guest user access can view applicants but
                                                                                        cannot manage them.
1. Click on the blue VIEW link under the POSITION TITLE heading.
                                                                                        A guest user account only allows one to view the
2. This is the APPLICANTS page, where the position's active applicants are              applicants for a single position.
displayed. Here you will be able to view the names of your applicants and the
materials they have submitted for review. Click on the appropriate link. A new
window will appear and you will be able to view the document in Adobe Reader.
From here you can print the materials for your records and/or save them to your
hard drive.
3. Close or minimize the window containing the document to return to the list
of applicants.
Viewing the Job Description
1. Look to the top of the APPLICANTS page. There should be a block of red just
below the job title with a white link that reads POSITION DESCRIPTION. Click
on the link.
2. On the page that follows, click on the blue VIEW link.
3. You should see a new window appear that displays the job description for
the position. Here you may print out the job description and/or save it to
your hard drive.

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