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									Genesis of Hero Mindmine

  Talent shortage in new emerging
                                        Build the bridge
  Opportunity for India and            between formal
   companies in India in the global     education system
   service sector                       and industry needs

  The Hero Groups’ desire to give to   Help companies
                                        become globally
   the society and at the same time
   contribute to building the economy   through better use
                                        of human resources
  A good business opportunity for
   Hero given its inherent strengths
We are part of The HERO Group

 •   One of the most widely recognized brands in India

 •   Its part of 4.2 billion US $ group

 •   Hero Cycles is the world’s largest bicycle maker

 •   Hero Honda is the world’s largest two wheeler maker

 •   Hero Daimler – commercial vehicle

 •   Dealer network of over 6,000
Hero Mindmine has created an Advisory
Board of Eminent Business Visionaries

       Mr. N.R. Narayana Murthy
       Chief Mentor, Infosys Technologies Ltd

       Mr. Deepak S Parekh
       Chairman, HDFC

       Dr. R.A. Mashelkar
       Ex-Director General, CSIR

       Mr. Analjit Singh
       Chairman, Max Group

       Mr. Raman Roy
       Chairman Quattro

       Prof. Vinayshil Gautam
       Prof. Of Management, IIT Delhi & Founder Director IIM Kozhikode
Hero Mindmine Integrated learning
solutions provider

                                   Integrated Learning Solutions Provider

                                                     BPO Learning solutions
            Education and Career

                                                                              Enterprise Learning

                                              Training Delivery

                                            Content Development

                                       Assessments and Measurement

                                             Training Consulting
Areas of Expertise

    Training                                    Training
    Delivery                                   Consulting

                      “Partner with clients
                       to offer end-to-end
                     solutions in Training
                         & Development
                      services and deliver
                     results by enhancing
                         service quality,
                        productivity and

     Content                                       &
   Development                                measurements
  Capabilities and markets

 Domains                                                                Industries

• Communication                                                      • Aviation
                                                                     • Banking
• Leadership
                             UK (England,                            • Consumer
                                 Scotland,                             Durables
• Sales                          Ireland)
                                                                     • Consumer Non-
• Service                                                              durables
                                                     Mauriti         • Financial Services
• Team              US                               us                & products
  Effectiveness                              India                   • Energy
• Content                                                 Hong Kong• HR services
  Development                                        Singapore
                                                         Malaysia  • Insurance
• Training                                                           • IT services and
  Consulting                                             Australia     products
                                                                     • Publishing &
• Assessments &                                                        Knowledge
  Measurements                                                         Services
                                                                     • Telecom-
   National Presence

Learning Centers
 At Hero Mindmine, we have always invested significant
 resources in Research and Development

         Self Dev. &
                                 14%                           Investment of
                                                               over 40 man-
                      37%                                      years last year
                                       18%                     on Research
                                                               and IP creation

Research &                                     TNA, Customi-
  Content                                        zation &
Development                                     Preparation

  Source : Employee timesheets
Exceptional People

                          Educational Qualifications

                                    Post Graduate = 45%
                        Others                              MBA

                                  55%                 41%


                                                       Average age = 32 years
     Average experience = 8 years
                          Above                                             Above
                 12%      12                                                40
                                                                  15%       years
Our Learning professionals are our greatest asset

Professionals are selected after a strict             Selected professionals go through a
Recruitment and Selection process                     rigorous certification program at the

    Screening        Floor Test                         Shadowing          BOOT           Coaching
                                      Ref. checks                          CAMP

                                                      • Observations   • 10-15 Train   • Handholding
              • Presentation in      • Non-             as a learner     the Trainer     - co-training
 •3 Rounds      domain area            solicitation                      programs in     - coaching
 •Psychometric with handling         • Integrity                         a quarter
 tests          live audience
                and Q&A.                                               • Adult
              • Personality                                              Learning
                attributes,                                              skills and
                Basic Training                                           Domain
                Skills and                                               skills
                Domain Skills
 • Outstanding                                                     Last quarter :
   professional                                                     73 attended;
   s                                                               less than 70%
 • Selection                                                          certified
   ratio < 1%
Hero Mindmine’s Core Training Modules address
the key performance levers of an organization

 Performance                             Decision            People         Service
 Management                              Making            Management       Delivery

• Leadership      • Effective Inter    • Decision      • Supervision     • Customer
• Performance       personal             Making        • Mentoring         Service
  Counseling        Communication      • Negotiation                     • Customer
                                                       • Coaching
• Managing        • Delivering         • Ethics and                        Management
                    Powerful                           • Team Building
  Performance                            values                          • Tele
                    Presentations                      • Conflict          customer
• Goal Setting                                           Management
                  • Successful                                             service
• Time              Business writing                   • Attitude
  Management                                                             • Tele Sales
                  • Telephone                            Management
• Presentation                                                           • Collections
                    Etiquette                          • Change
  skills                                                 Management      • Key Account
                  • Corporate                                              Management
• Project           Etiquette                          • Train The
  Management                                             Trainer         • Channel &
                  • Cross-cultural                                         Agency
• Creativity        sensitivity                                            Management
                  • Assertiveness
Our Approach to Training : CORE beliefs

       • Be Simple, Practical, Relevant, and Results
       • Motivate as well as Educate
       • Focus on key priorities rather than
         overwhelming detail
       • Teach skills and principles that can be
         practiced immediately, and become natural in
         the long-term
       • Include self appraisal to identify individual
         strengths and areas for improvement.
“ACT IT” Model for delivering results

           Assessment         Customization     Training   Implementation   Transformation

            Intervention         Content                      Systems
              Structure        Customization                 integration

                                 Content       Program     Post Workshop
                                Validation     Execution      Review

 Initial   Identification &
  Brief       Analysis
Partial list of Clients

    Manufacturing and        Consumer and             IT and IT- Enabled   Banking , Financial &
      Infrastructure            Retail                     Services        Consulting Services
                                                      • Accenture          • ABN Amro Bank
•   Toyota              •   HP
                                                      • American Express
•   Daewoo              •   IBM                                            •   American Express
                                                      • Computer Science
•   Hindustan Motors    •   Bosch & Laumb                                  •   Bank of America
•   Ashok Leyland       •   Electrolux
                                                      • Daksh (IBM)        •   Capital Bank
•   Hero Honda          •   Phillips
                                                      • Dell               •   GE Money
•   TVS Suzuki          •   LG Electronics
                                                      • EDS
•   Maruti              •   Samsung                                        •   HDFC Life
                                                      • E-Funds
•   Bharati Telecom     •   Hindustan Lever Limited                        •   ICICI Bank
                                                      • E-serve
•   Tata Teleservices   •   Unilever
                                                      • GE                 •   ICICI Prudential
•   Airtel              •   Sify
                                                      • Hughes             •   Mastercard
•   Hutch               •   Satyam Computers
                                                      • ICICI One Source
•   Dunlop              •   HCL Ltd                                        •   McKinsey & Company
                                                      • Infosys
•   JK Tyres            •   Olivetti                                       •   Ocwen Financials
                                                      • HP
•   Bharat Petroleum    •   Ranbaxy
                                                      • IT&T               •   Oriental Bank of
•   Shell               •   Nicholas Piramal
                                                      • Kanbay                 Commerce
•   MTNL                •   Lupin
                                                      • Mastek
•   Godrej              •   Hoechst                                        •   Punjab National Bank
                                                      • Msource
•   Reliance            •   Tata Pharma                                    •   Standard Chartered
                                                      • Oracle
•   Tata Indicom        •   Merind
                                                      • Polaris                Bank
•   Sriram Honda        •   Rallis India
                                                      • Progeon            •   Vijaya Bank
•   DCM                 •   BPL
                                                      • Prudential (UK)    •
•   Punj Lloyd          •   Motorola                                           Trinity (Willis)
                                                      • SITEL
•   Swiss Air           •   Siemens
                                                      • Wipro BPO
•   Jet Airways         •   Wipro
                                                      • WNS
Our International Partners

   Thomson

   DynEd

   BPO Certification Institute

   City & Guilds

   ETS

   SISPARK – Republic of China
Our Knowledge Partners

   ISB [ Hyderabad]

   IIT [Delhi]

   IIM [Lucknow]

   MDI [Gurgaon]
BPO countries

  BPO locations by stage of growth

                                Malaysia                     Australia
                  Pakistan                 Mauritius
                                Thailand                     India
   Asia Pacific   South Korea              Philippines
                                Vietnam                      Singapore

   Americas                     Jamaica    Mexico             Canada

                                            Czech Republic
                  Bulgaria      Russia      Hungary
   Europe,                                                    Israel
                  Romania       Ukraine     Poland
   Middle East
   and Africa                               Africa

                  Infancy       Emerging    Escalating       Established
 BPO countries

  Competing countries
                                          Singapore            Ireland              Size of circle
                                                              Australia              to number of
                                       Hong       Holland                           qualified
Location attractiveness
                                       Kong                                           workers
• Infrastructure                                                     U.K.
  - Communication
  - Basic infrastructure
• Country risks/FDI                               Romania?                  India
  - Attractive incentives
  - Political environment
• Time zone
  attractiveness                            Philippines

                        Low        Capabilities of workers                 High
                                   • Qualifications/capabilities
                                   • Foreign languages (primarily English)
                                   • Quality of work/work ethic
                                   • Cost differential
BPO countries

Country specialisation by niche
                                                       •Embedded Software
                                 Russia:                                           Philippines:
                                                       •Hardware Services
                           •High-End Software                                      •BPO
                           Engineering                                             •Contact Centers
                           .Contact Centers                                        •Animation
           Ireland:                                    Development
   •Packaged                                                                       •Application
   Applications                                                                    Development
   •Product Development

    Canada:                                     Romania:                    •ITO
•Application                 Israel:            •Application                •BPO
Development           •High-End Software        Development                 •Product
•BPO                  •Learning Systems         •Contact Centers            Development
•Contact Centers                                •BPO                        •Contact Centers
BPO landscape in India

           Large Multinational        Pure Play Indian BPO companies
    EDS
                                                  EXL Service
    Accenture
                                                ICICI One Source
    IBM
    HP

                               Indian BPO
                            Industry Segments

  Companies with Captive Facilities      Indian Integrated IT-BPO
                                                  Infosys BPO
                                                  Wipro BPO
                                                Nipuna (Satyam)
Enabling Forces

Efforts That have Encouraged Indian BPO Industry

1. India’s IT strengths gave the vital initial thrust to the BPO industry as
   both – software technology and manpower was cheaply available in the
   country. Indeed, it has also helped that BPO industry – the organized
   shape as we see it today – was born in India and hence the spawning of
   the “industry BPO” became easier
2. NASSCOM – the IT industry body – promptly embraced BPO into its fold
   and began actively representing the interests of the Indian BPO industry
   on international fora. There was a “binding” body immediately available
   to BPO companies who they could look up to.
3. Numerous Central and State Government initiatives made high-quality
   physical infrastructure cheaply available to BPO start-ups. The
   employment generation potential of the industry is a huge attraction for
   the government
4. Hero Mindmine is the first organization to launch global BPO
   Certifications for Indian BPO professionals from BCI – BPO Certification
   Institute, Inc. USA.
Enabling Forces

Efforts That have Encouraged Indian BPO Industry

5. NASSCOM has initiated NAC (National Assessment of Competence) – a
   process to identify and certify fresh talent who are potentially
   employable in the IT industry. This has been done to help the IT industry
   cut its cost of wrong hiring and also to identify competence gaps
6. NASSCOM has also established a National Skills Registry which
   includes the database on thoroughly verified human talents who can be
   employed in the IT and ITeS sectors.
7. Companies like Hero Mindmine have introduced a number of high
   quality BPO training programs for freshers as well as for other
   professionals who want to move into BPO industry
8. All top BPO companies have installed robust systems and processes to
   ensure the very best of work environment is provided to people and their
   health, physical safety, career growth and personal development is
   taken due care of.
9. Hero Mindmine’s initiative to Certify all the manpower it trains (BCI
   Certifications are now embedded in all our BPO Agent Development
Vision of Government

    To transform Mauritius into a Cyber island
    and develop ICT as the 5th pillar of the
    economy alongside Sugar, Textile, Tourism
    and Financial Services

Mauritius French and English population makes
it a unique chance for offshore business
process outsourcing.
               Onwards Expansion

   Mauritius forms a hub for extension of our
    services to
    –   Kenya
    –   Botswana
    –   Madagascar
   Discussions open with
    –   South Africa
    –   Botswana
    –   Zambia
In the African Continent
             What We Can Do For You

Three levels of interventions
 Engagement in conjunction with the efforts of concerned
  departments of Governments of the respective countries
    –   Offering content
    –   Delivery of training
    –   Hiring, training and certification of trainers followed by regular
        quality control
   JVs with business partners in helping establish a
    network of learning centres as selected locations
    Establish and run learning centres
             Other Interventions

   Help create and establish Service Mindset
   Create a wealth of employable manpower for the
    growing service industry
Challenge to our growth

  Unemployment?                             Un-employability?

                                                           Is the current
                                                             talent pool
                              Unemployment                  employable?


                            Workforce readiness

The biggest impediment in growth cycle is lack of skilled and trained people

   Are the people ready for the industry?
   What is that going to make them employable
   What additional inputs are required?
   Do they need some training?
   Do these people know about growth of this
   Do they see this industry as employer of choice?
Who needs to address these issues


                      Talent Pool      Employable
  Industry                              Talent Pool

In unison we need to address the unemployable talent


                     Un employable
                      Talent Pool

  Partner                                   Industry
The Challenges

  1. Developing a smart long-term BPO Industry Promotion Strategy at the
     Government Level keeping in view the volume and margin possibilities
  2. Nurturing an Industry which can cater to the West – they are the biggest
     outsourcers (nearly 88% of all outsourcing contracts emanate from
     North America and Europe.
  3. Developing Talents having English Language Skills and who are
     internationally Certified so that clients can be ensured of the quality
  4. Establishment of a strong BPO Industry Body which will represent the
     interests of all BPO companies and stakeholders and ensure self-
  5. Setting up a uniform Human Competence Standards framework for BPO
     professionals in Mauritius
  6. Spreading a 360 degree Quality Consciousness among BPO companies
     and making them understand the business logic of working with
     CERTIFIED systems, processes and PEOPLE
The Challenges

7.   Developing a strong positive brand image of Mauritius as a BPO

8.   Developing a self-sustaining Talent Development superstructure, which
     identifies talents early, nurtures them for the industry and continues to
     expand possibilities for them in the global industry

9.   Developing smart strategies to avoid and manage attrition so that the
     Mauritius BPO industry does not suffer like its Indian counterpart

10. Establishing strong, symbiotic relationships with established BPO
    countries for collaboration

11. Understanding Outsourcing requirements of leading multinational
Making them Employable…

   1   Give them a Global BPO Professional Certification

   2   Develop their language skills as demanded in BPOs

   3   Develop them in the basics of the BPO Industry

   4   Expose them to the job contents of entry-level BPO jobs

   5   Strategically Shape their Personalities for BPO

   6   Tune their Psychology and Behavior for BPO

   7   Develop Career Maps for them

   8   Industry endorsed skilling workshops

              Government and Industry Support
What is Hero Mindmine Value Proposition?

Hero Mindmine’s value proposition goes beyond
                         Proven business knowledge and capability to
                          implement successful People & Capability
                                   development solutions

                       Organized according to international standards of
                                methodology and procedures

   Hero Mindmine’s       Worldclass Knowledge & Intellectual Property
                         Reservoir (Training methodologies, learning
   Value Proposition      support material, industry knowledge base,
                                      assessment tools)

                         Large Base of High-Quality Trainers who have
                          trained people for Genpact, IBM, Prudential,
                                  Wipro, EDS, Convergys etc.

                         Vast Experience of Developing BPO Talents for
                         some of the World’s largest & most respected
What we all need to do in unison

   Accelerate the integration of
    Mauritius into the world
    information society

   Position Mauritius as a strategic
    regional hub

   Develop Mauritius as a
    competitive outsourcing hub
       Thank you

        Business Head

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