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					                    Buy an Apple iPhone 3G Battery
Wherever you are located in the UK, you can buy an Apple iPhone 3G Battery replacement service from
iPhone Repairs Direct. Save yourself the hassle of replacing the battery yourself, and instead pay us to
make the change. You are not just buying a battery, but a service.

Why hire someone to replace an Apple iPhone 3G battery?

Firstly replacing an Apple iPhone battery isn't a straightforward process. Apple iPhone hardware isn't user
friendly when it comes to repairing or replacing parts, such as a battery. Unlike with non-Apple hardware
such as old mobile phones, you can't just replace an iPhone battery in a minute.

We are not knocking Apple iPhones, we are huge fans of the iPhone range, but when it comes to
replacing iPhone hardware, you should leave it to the experts. You do not want to run the risk of causing
damage to your Apple iPhone do you? Let seasoned Apple iPhone hardware experts replace the Apple
iPhone 3G battery for you! However just because you are paying for the service, doesn't mean it is
expensive! Our iPhone 3G battery replacement service is affordable.

Another great feature of our service is the UK wide coverage. So wherever you are in the United Kingdom
you can benefit from our Apple iPhone services. So instead of having to stomach expensive pricing
elsewhere, you can book an Apple iPhone repair service with us.

So other than Apple iPhone 3G battery replacements, do we provide other services?

We provide a great range of Apple iPhone repair services covering the 2G, 3G, 3GS and 4 models. We
don't pretend to be your destination for all Apple iPhone problems. Instead our service which has been
operating since September 2007, provides a good range of services for each of the models we

iPhone Repairs Direct provide an affordable Apple iPhone repair service. As you will see on our website
all our Apple iPhone services are differently priced. No one price for all problems etc. Instead we provide
a good selection of services with their own individual pricing for an Apple iPhone repair. This pricing
enables us to make the iPhone repair affordable.

So how does the service work?

All you have to do is book and pay for the service online or via phone. Then you package and post us
your Apple iPhone. Then in 48 hours or less of us receiving your iPhone, the service is performed and we
post the Apple iPhone back! It really is that simple and as we've mentioned, our service has been
operating since September 2007.

           What's next? Click Apple iPhone 3G battery problem, to visit the service page.

Description: Buy an Apple iPhone 3G Battery from iPhone Repairs Direct. We provide a UK wide Apple iPhone repair service.