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									                          Basket Contents

Theme baskets created for Maury teams and clubs by their parents and sponsors

Boys JV Baseball                             The Ultimate Will Ferrell
The entire selection of Will Ferrell DVDs with a   PNY 512 mb thumb drive
 Phillips Docking Entertainment Sustem             Soccer ball
DVD rack                                           Old Spice Body Wash
Tie                                                Dale Earnhardt Jr. pull back race car
A black bow tie for a formal wedding crash         Hand Grips
Your own “Old School” XL ODU Tee Shirt!            Gold’s Gym Bag
2 "buy one get one free" passes to Chilled Ponds! 4-one month passes to Gold’s Gym
Coach: David Bachman
Basket Coordinator: Mary Ellen Triplett

Boys Varsity Baseball                              Basket of Dreams
1 batting lesson from Tim Hummel of 7 Cities Sports ($75 value)
4 Norfolk Tides tickets                            Blue “baseball” sports chair
$50 gift chips from Baxter’s Sports Lounge         Wooden bat and ball
$50 Ruby Tuesdays gift certificate                 Nike baseball pants
$30 Zero’s Subs gift certificate                   2-pkgs of sunflower seeds
$50 Monarch Grill gift certificate                 Baseball boy statue
Under the Baseball Moon by John H. Ritter          Plastic baseball cups
For the Love of Baseball with Forward by Bobby Thompson
The Golden Age of Baseball with Forward by Ernie Banks
The Love of Baseball                             1 pkg of Baseball napkins
Orange sports chair                              2 “Baby Ruth” baseballs
Foam baseball bat and ball                       Pocket size Cardinals helmet
4-Tshirts from 7 Cities Sports (1-S, 2-Ls, 1 XL) 2 baseball magazines
Box of “Big League Chew” bubble gum              3-Baseballs
New York Mets travel coffee mug                  Peanuts
Coach: Jack Baker
Basket Coordinator: Denise Bashara

Boys JV Basketball                               UVA Tailgating
4- UVA cushion stadium seats with strap          UVA stickers
UVA 24 pk soft-side cooler                       Instant disposable grill
UVA football                                     Car trunk organizer
UVA mini basketball set                          Misc. snacks
UVA talking (fight song) bottle opener
Coach: Shaun Jackson
Basket Coordinator: Julie Hall

Boys Varsity Basketball                          Gardening
Small trellis                                    4 pairs of garden gloves
Painted planter stand                            3 bird seed bells
4 Flower pots                                    Terracotta sun hanging
3 wind chimes                                    Misc flowers
2 wind socks
Sponsor: Jack Baker
Basket Coordinator: Julie Hall

Cheerleading                              Bed and Body Works
Gapbody Nightfall body scrub                        Ms. Pedicure Spa Retreat for Feet
Gapbody Nightfall shower gel                        1-Pedi paddle
Victoria Secret Sweet Temptation                    2-Bath sponges
Exhilarating Body Wash                              2-Loofah terry buffs
Victoria Secret Sweet Temptation                    1-Loofah brush
Hydrating Body Lotion                               2-Loofah soap pouches
Calvin Klein women’s 4 Eaux de Toilette gift pack   2-Candles
Calvin Klein men’s 4 Eaux de Toilette gift pack
Sponsor: Patty Chavis
Basket Coordinator: Lisa Lewis

Choral Parents                                      Me and My Car
Everything you need to take care of your car!!!     Air Freshener
Dirt Devil™ Devil Ray small vacuum                  Chrome Cleaner
Telescoping pole & squeegee                         Simonize car wax
Canister of Pre-Moistened towels                    3 Foam Applicators
Car Soap                                            Dust Pan and Brush
Sponges                                             GOOP glue
Window Mop                                          Detailing Caddy
Glass Cleaner                                       Large bucket
Tire Cleaner                                        The Club tire cage
Leather cleaner                                     Vent brush
Rug Cleaner                                         Clean-Up Rags
                       All in a large bucket!
Sponsor: Theresa Jasper
Basket Coordinator: Michelle Morseberger

Class of 2008                                   Grilling Essentials
Weber Kettle Grill                              Char-Broil Electric Charcoal lighter
$50 Omaha Steaks gift certificate               barbecue cookbook
Weber Kettle Grill cover                        22-pc stainless steel grill set
Bag of Char-Broil Mesquite Wood Chips
Sponsors: Cornel and Jennifer Parker
Basket Coordinator: Nell King

Class of ’09                                    Garden of Ease
$50 Lowe’s gift certificate                     Hose nozzle
The Best of Gardening Design Ideas              Cast iron bird feeder
2008 Farmer’s Almanac                           Cast iron flora bird
Martha Stewart’s Outdoor Living                 Garden hand tools
Five Minute Flower Arranging book               Garden apron
Hammock chair                                   Coiled water hose
2 Pink flamingo lawn ornaments                  Gardening knew pads
Gentle Shower watering wand                     Padded kneeler
Burt’s Bees Hand Care kit                       Gardening gloves
Expandable leaf rake                            Bulb planter
All in an Easy-Go Utility Cart
Sponsor: Kelli Hunter-Beamon
Basket Coordinator: Karen Priest

Crew                                             Life by the Sea
Mariposa tray with Star Fish Handles
3 Personal Training Sessions with Michelle Matte of Fitness Express
“Oyster” glass platter
4 “Oyster" glass appetizer plates
“By the Sea” votive candle holder
Keep Cool dip carafe
“Coastline” PInot Grigio wine
Shadow box of shells
Kitchen towel
Fiber optic fish night light
Coach: James Thomson
Basket Coordinator: Patty Shelanski

                                                                      Adidas Gea
Cross Country                                    Running
One Rock and Roll Half Marathon Entry Fee
Running Coach gift certificate
Pedicure gift certificate from Changes
1 hour massage gift certificate from Changes
1 cross country license plate frame
1 package of Odor Eaters
1 package of Body Glide
Power Bars
…...All in a blue adidas™ bag
Sponsor: Nicole Dewey
Basket Coordinator: Sharon McDonald

Culinary Arts I                           Back to School
5-pk Memorex CD-Rs                        Oral-B toothbrush
2 boxes Kleenex tissues                   Crest Glide dental floss
Post-It page markers                      Crest Pro-Health toothpaste
2- Black Sharpies                         Small travel bag
Bic Matic Grip Pencils                    Rolling Travel Case
2-Uniball anti-check fraud pens           Purell hand sanitizer
X-Tra large Antibiotic Band-Aids          Mead Five Star 5-subject notebook
Sponsor: Phyllis Kitrell
Basket Coordinator: Ronda Edwards

Intro to Culinary Arts                    New Edition
Munchkin Bath Temperature Duck            6 Wash cloths
Munchkin dishwasher basket                Infant clippers
Munchkin bottle bag                       2 pc. Gerber bath set
Munchkin Safety Baby Bath Cradle          5 Tagless Onesies
2-Sassy Flipper Gripper rattles           “Just Hatched” newborn onesie
“One, Two, Three” board book by Boynton   “I Love Mommy” 3-month onesie
Johnson’s gift set                                   Cold care essentials:
(baby shampoo, baby bath, baby lotion, Desinex)      1-medicine dropper
Baby Einstein “Lullaby Classics”                     1-nasal aspirator
Small classic Pooh bear                              Disney baby blanket
                               All in a baby bath tub!
Sponsor: Phyllis Kitrell
Basket Coordinator: Rhonda Edwards

Debate Team                                  Party Like a Rock Star
1-Bandana, Buckle and Belt set                       Turin’s Malibu rum flavored filled chocolates
1- Choker, Tie and Gloves set                        Pkg of Parmesan Garlic Pita Chips
“The Fifth Element” DVD                              Pkg of Simply Naked Pita Chips
2- decks of playing cards                            2 jars of Pace Picante sauce
Pkg of 60 casino style chips                         Jar of Fritos Chili Cheese dip
Bottle of Mojito mix                                 Can of Fritos Scoops
Bottle of Pomegranate Twist mix                      2 cans of Goofy String
Bottle of Lemon-Lime Seltzer                         4 Plates
4 cans of Rock Star Energy Drink                     2 Salsa bowls
Sponsor &Basket Coordinator: Arianna Clark

DECA                                                 Maury Spirit
Maury Football hooded sweatshirt (XL)                Stadium chair
Maury Commodores crew sweatshirt (M)                 Maury mug
Maury Commodores T-shirt (XL)                        Maury pennant
Maury Baseball cap                                   Helmet seat cushion w/ keychain
Sponsor & Basket Coordinator: Vanessa Smith

FCCLA                                            Scrapbooking
Sponsor: Allison Copeland
Basket Coordinator: Mary Franklin

Varsity Field Hockey                             Wine Lovers Basket
3 bottles of wine                                Bottle chiller
Basket                                           Cocktail napkins
Clear Lucite wine cooler                         Set of 4 wine glasses
Waiter cork screw                                Double bottle wine carrier
Vacuum wine sealer                               Wine crackers
Cork screw-more elaborate                        Lindt chocolate
$25.00 total wine gift card
Coach: Beanie Schleicher
Basket Coordinator: Robin Lee

JV Football                                      Starbucks
Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Beverage Center            Starbucks Dark Chocolate
$25 Starbucks gift card                          Nonni’s Biscotti (original)
Starbucks Breakfast Blend (mild-ground) 12 oz.   Nonni’s Biscotti (cioccolati)
Starbucks Colombia (medium-ground) 12 oz.        TAZO Calm Herbal Infusion Tea
Starbucks Espresso Roast (bold-ground) 12 oz.    Stainless steel travel mug
Starbucks Vanilla Bean Truffles 4.2 oz.          Coffee mug
Starbucks After Coffee Mints (cinnamon)
Coach: Shawn Ellis
Basket Coordinator: Stacey Ellis

Varsity Football                                 ODU Football
Mini ODU Football helmet                         ODU Football coffee mug
ODU Football helmet magnet                       ODU Football writing pad
3 ODU Football shirts                            ODU Football key chain
Mini ODU football                                ODU Football bag clip
ODU Football license plate frame
Coach: Shawn Ellis
Basket Coordinator: Stacey Ellis

German Club                                      Made in Germany
2-$25 gift certificates from the Biergarden      German pizza cutter
1-$25 gift certificate from the Garden Pantry    German salad spinner
2-bottles of German Wine                         Curry ketchup
1-pkg of Knödel potato dumplings                 Red cabbage
1-bottle of German vinegar                       Assorted candies and cookies

Girls Golf Team                                  Lower Your Handicap
Swingyde Corrects club face alignment
Super Stroke Putting System
Eye Line
Green Fees for 4 players at Sewells Point Golf Club
Green Fees for 4 players at Lamberts Point Golf Club
Green Fees for 2 players at Chesapeake Golf Club
Cuban Roast Pork Feast for 15-20 people
Coach and Basket Coordinator: Mary Beth Sullivan

Greece Kids                                      Greece is the Word!
 3 bottles of Greek wine:                       Vintage Greek Bouzouki
· Kouras Patras                                 Kalamata Olives
· Roditis                                       Greek Coffee
· Kouros Nemea                                  Zanae Greek Beans
 $75.00 Gift Certificate to Azars Restaurant    Zanae Stuffed Vine Leaves
 Evil Eye Bracelet                              Worry Beads
 Crest of Alexander Pin
Sponsor: Teri Kershasky
Basket Coordinator: Liza Delpierre

Guidance               College Application Survival Basket
Membership in a 6 session SAT prep group with Chris Trudeau
1-2 hour private SAT "cram" seeion with Floyd Smith
$10 Target gift card
2008 Fiske Guide to Colleges
How to Survive Getting your Kid into College
What to do When for College
Real College Essays that Work
America's Best Colleges for B Students
Orange enamel bin filled with supplies in 2 white tins:
  20 pencils, set of 12 colored pencils; highlighters: black and blue pens;
  Crazy Glue; duct tape; Whiteout; small stapler; paper clips; rubber bands;
  mailing envelopes w/ stamps; 3-hole punch
Orange snack bowl with assorted "healthy" brain food snacks
Blue enamel bin with assorted supplies:
  2 accordion portable files; index tab dividers; file folders; index cards;
  manila mailing envelopes; Post-It stickers; To-do list; insulated drink holder
Maury colors flet blanket made by Kim Stewart, Maury parent
Counselors and Basket Coordinators: Ann Christie & Valerie Hunter

Italian Club                                              Italy in a Basket
2 bottles Italian wine (1red,1white),                     2 bags of colorful pasta
4 wine glasses                                            amoretti cookies,
espresso coffee beans                                     biscotti
balsamic vinegar                                          chocolates
olive oil
Sponsor: Rosa Motta-Bischof
Basket Coordinator: Kacky Bryant

Latin Club                                                Coffees and Teas
4-pkgs of Starbucks whole bean coffee:                    DaVinci Hazelnut Syrup (sugar free)
 Columbia, French Roast                                   Coffee carafe
 Breakfast Blend, Café Verona                             Stainless Steel Cool Grinder
3-boxes of Stash premium teas:                         Alladin Stainless Steel Thermos
   Chai Spice, Fusion Red & White                      Tea Set
   Lemon Ginger Caffeine Free Herbal
2-boxes of Biscotti- Decadence & Limone
2-boxes of Bliss White Tea & Vanilla Tea bags
1-box of Twinings English Breakfast Tea bags
2-Hillside self-heating lattes-Hazelnut &Double Shot
Sponsor: Rosa Motta-Bischof
Basket Coordinator: Beth Paluszek

Boys Lacrosse                           A Weekend at the Beach
                    Look for this basket in the Live Auction
Coach: Woodson
Basket Coordinator: Liza Delpierre
Donated by: Brian & Inger (’79) Friedman and Alex & Susan Pincus

Boys Lacrosse                     Linebacker Spaghetti Dinner
Spaghett dinner for 12 cooked at your home by Coach Woody
Dessert for twelve comes with the dinner
Tuscan dinnerware for four
Wine glasses and Napkins
Four placemats
Coach: Woodson
Basket Coordinator: Liza Delpierre
Girls Lacrosse                             Get in Shape in 2008
6 months membership to Gold’s Gym                    Men’s athletic socks
Ipod shuffle/iTunes gift card                        Women’s athletic socks
Gold’s Gym t-shirt                                    Fitness magazine
Gold’s Gym bag                                        Fitness cook book
Yoga DVD                                              6 gallon package of Gatorade
Yoga mat                                             1 box of sport energy beans
Yoga magazine                                        1 box of Cliff bars
Pedometer                                            2 bottlers of Vitamin Water
Sweat wrist and headbands                             2 containers of Sport Sunscreen
2 three pound hand weights                            2 water bottles
Speedo Goggles                                        Plastic carrying tub
Exercise ball
Sponsor: Drew DePeter
Basket Coordinator: Robin Lee

Maury Stage Company                                   Masquerade
Hair salon gift certificate-$100 value                         2 tubes of face paint
Hair and makeup makeover gift certificate ($250) value
2 tickets to see New York’s Ailey Dance Company performance at Chrysler Hall
     on Saturday, May 3rd       $60 value (orchestra seats)    Theater paraphernalia
Phantom of the Opera and The Mask of Zorro DVDs                Movie goodies
2 bottles of wine and 2 wine glasses
Sponsor and basket coordinator: Sharon Davidson-Cook
Model UN                                             Foods Near and Far
Sarabeth's Strawberry Rhubarb Spreadable Fruit (USA)
Borgo de’ Medici Light Mixed-Flowers honey (Italy)
Walker's assorted shortbread (Scotland)
Biermann assorted box of Marzipan (USA)
Kopper's chocolate covered raisins (USA)
Baci Italian hazelnut chocolates (Italy)
Organic Bean gourmet coffee (Latin America)
Caffercole Miscela Expresso coffee (Italy)
Santa Barbara low-fat Pecan Praline biscotti (USA)
Café Britt Coffee Candy Chews (Costa Rica)
Freddi Swiss Roll cappuccino cake (Italy)
2-boxes of Oetker instant mousse (Canada)
(French Vanilla & Dark Chocolate Truffle)
2 travel bottles of Akvavit, a Norwegian liquer similar to vodka (Norway)
Sponsor & Basket Coordinator: Maria O' Hearn

National Honor Society                               Girl Going Off to College
Modern Girl’s Guide to Life survival book            Flashlight
$50 MacArthur Center gift card                       Lint brush
X-Long set of sheets                                 Key lanyard
Set of pink towels (2 bath, 2 hand, 2 washcloth)     Coffee thermos
Scented drawer liner
Desk essentials kit –Stapler, Pencils, Paper clips, Post-It-Notes
Hair Towels (2)                                      Multiple outlet unit
Set of Hangers (2)                                    First aid kit
Journal                                               Stationary
All in a laundry basket
Sponsor: Rhonda Richaradson
Basket Coordinator: Nell King

Chamber Orchestra                       Norfolk Performance Arts
Gift certificate for 2 Virginia Symphony tickets
(to either Tchaikovsky’s Concerto No. 1 or Brahm’s Second)
Gift certificate for 4 Hurrah Players tickets for “Robber Bridegroom” (7/25-27/08)
Gift certificate for 2 Virginia Opera tickets for “Il Trovatore”
Gift certificates for 2-Season Tickets for the Virginia Stage Company (2008/2009 season)
4 Season Tickets for the Theater at Old Dominion University (2008/2009 season)
5 free movie rentals from NARO Expanded Video *Bottle of Champagne
($50) Regal Cinema gift certificates                  Hershey “Hugs”
Gift certificate for 2 dinner entrees at Zio’s        DVD “Life with Father”
“Opera for Dummies”                                   Va. Arts Festival candle in a tin
*Beethovan CD                                         Va. Arts Festival T-shirt (XL)
Va. Arts Festival Blend Coffee                        Va. Tattoo playing cards
Va. Arts Festival coffee mug                          4 champagne flutes
Va. Arts Festival bag
Concert Orchestra                          Man-Cave!
60 qt. Igloo cooler on rollers             Duct tape
Mini Heineken beer keg                     Peg board
The Beer Belly                             Peg hooks (30 pc.)
6-pack of Specialty beers                  Dry erase board
“Homebrewing for Dummies”                  Work gloves
Black and Decker “Storm Station”           Mini Nerf football
Colossal universal remote control          Large Nerf football
BBQ grill brush set                        Football Clapper
Multi-purpose lighter                      Small football whistle
Car Vac                                    Surfboard playing cards
Tool rack                                  Jar of pretzels
8-piece junior tool set                    Jumbo peanuts
Canvas drill and fastener pouch            Snyder Hot Buffalo Wings Pretzles
“Hand Tool Rack” for tool storage          2-plastic football bowls
DVD “Hard Knox”                            Assorted heavy duty tie-downs
Sponsor: Ryan Featherer
Basket Coordinator: Debbie Higgins

Philosophy                                 Mind Over Matter
Book and gift set: A Stitch of One’s Own   Kakuro puzzle book
Murder is My Racquet (short stories)       Jumbo Chalk Compass
4 Sudoku puzzle books                      1 Language Lab CD-Rom
Sudoku pen and pencil book                 2 percussion instruments
Electronic mini Sudoku                          2 fiber optic pens
PuzzleMania                                     4 pks Magic Dough
The Line Game                                   2 Roll-a-Puzzles
Sponsor and Basket Coordinator: Arianna Clark

Psychology                                      Sunday in the Park
2 cans of Silly String                          2-9.3 ounce curvy Super Bubbles
2 badminton racquets with birdies               1 child’s Bow and Arrow set
1 Wiffle bat and ball set                       2 bags of Herr’s potato chips
5-pack of Wiffle balls                          2 bags of trail mix
100 Water Bomb balloons                         1 bag of Nathan’s Gummi Hot Dogs
1 Splash Bomb slinger                           1 football Chip and Dip tray
1 hackeysack                                    2 ice packs
6-in-1 Bubble Fun                               1 box of sandwich bags
3-pack of Cola Bubbles                          4 flower plates
1 Care Bear bubble blowing set                  1 tablecloth
1 ball                                          4 bottles of Propel
               all in a Coleman cooler
Sponsor and Basket Coordinator: Arianna Clark

JV Sailing                                      Cookin' Outdoors
Igloo 60 qt. Rolling Cooler with Handle
Grill Tek Automatic Hot Dog Grill Roller
Uniflame Portable Charcoal Grill
SteelBEAM Fluorescent Battery Lantern
SmartBBQ Digital Temperature Fork
Waterproof Match Holder with Matches/Strikers
Kingsford Charcoal
BBQ Tongs
Neoprene Grill Mitts
Grill Scrubber
Coach: Butch Patterson
Basket Coordinator: Julie Etheridge

Varsity Sailing                                 Let's Go Camping!
TexSport Portable Fan/Light                     Virginia Bird Guide
Greatland Folding Fabric Table                  Compact Camper’s Hammock
Guide to Identifying Animal Tracks              Greatland Quad Chair
Book of Trail and Campfire Stories              Coleman Toasting Forks
High Sierra Expandable Hydration Pack           Virginia State Park Guide
Tasco 12x25mm Binoculars with Case              Ozark Trail Map Compass
Shenandoah National Park Day Hike Guide         S’mores ingredients
Signed copy of Ghosts, Witches & Weird Tales of Virginia Beach
… All in a Land’s End Large Tote Bag

Coach: Butch Patterson
Basket Coordinator: Julie Etheridge

SCA/ Home is Where the Heart Is…Home Sweet Home
For the Kitchen:                                     For the Junk Drawer:
Large and Small Magnetic Clips (two 4-packs)         Mag-Lite Flashlight
Kitchen Towels                                       9 Foot Extension Cords (3-pack)
Shelf Liner                                          Lighter
13-Gallon Kitchen Trash Bags                         Hammer
Magnetic Notepad / To Do List                        Tape Measure
Magnetic Emergency Contact List
Fire Extinguisher                                    For Celebration and Recovery:
For Under the Sink:                                  Choxie Chocolates
Rubber Gloves                                        Champagne
Lysol Disinfecting Wipes                             First Aid Kit
Dustpan Set                                          Advil
Watering Pot                                         Tums
15W CGL Light Bulbs (2-pack
For Decoration:
Multi-Colored Welcome Mat
Hand Soap
Picture Hanging Kit
Scented Candle
Sponsor and Basket Coordinators: Sarah Featherer and Jessica Huntoon

Skate Board Club                                      College Care Package
The high bidder for will ensure that a college goody basket is mailed to the co-ed
  of his/her choice every month during the 2008-2009 academic year
In putting the baskets together, Susan Nottingham will accommodate the recipient’s
The baskets will have specific themes depending on the time period
(Halloween, “Exam Survival”, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.).
We all mean well, but not everyone has great follow-through!
Monthly deliveries will remind one lucky student that someone in Norfolk loves them. :-)
Basket Coordinator: Susan Nottingham

Boys Soccer                                            Boys Off to College
Adidas University of Virginia sweatshirt               o First-aid kit
      (navy w/ orange letters)                         o Laundry bag & pop-up hamper
Soft navy oversized throw                              o 8 plastic hangers
School supplies:                                       o Flashlight w/ batteries
o     2 GB USB memory stick
o     8 Pilot Precise pens
o     Pack of printer paper
Personal Items:
o     Toiletries in basket
    (shampoo/conditioner, toothbrushes, razors, shaving cream,
       Axe body spray, manicure set, hand sanitizer)
o Set of blue towels-bath, hand, wash cloth
o Wash cloths-4 navy, 2 orange (go Maury!)
All in a large Adidas soccer bag
Sponsor: Mohsin Bouziane
Basket Coordinator: Kathleen Boone
   Girls Soccer                                           Sports
   A gift certificate good for a pair of premium level seats for DC United soccer team
   A pair of tickets for any 2008 home Tides baseball game
   An assortment of autographed Admirals hockey team stuff, including a signed hockey stick!
   A huge black Adidas duffel bag from Premier Soccer
   A gift certificate good for 2-2008 season tickets for the Piranhas soccer team
    VIP Pass to MHS home games
   $40 Gift Card to Orapax Restaurant                     2-Disposable cameras
   $25 Gift Card from Papa John’s Pizza                   bug repellant
   $25 Gift Card from Starbucks                           Mini Fan
   UVA Sweatshirt                                         Rain Poncho (adult size)
   Virginia Tech sweatshirt                               Folding Umbrella
   Folding sideline chair                                 UVA winter hat Hand Warmers
   2-Old Dominion University Stadium Seats
   Virginia Tech 2007 ACC Championship baseball cap
   2-blankets hand-made by members of the Girls Soccer Team
ks including: trail mix, Doritos, roasted peanuts and bottled water
     all in a large Adidas Duffel Bag
   Sponsor: Christine Bouziane
   Basket Coordinator: Beth Beach

   Social Studies                                         Pet Lovers
   $50 gift certificate for Wet Noses Boutique
   Multi-texture chew ring
Pet toothpaste and toothbrush
Large natural rawhide bone
Harry Barking Shea butter 2 in 2-shampoo and conditioner
Bon Ton and Bon Ton bag refill Zogoflex Huck toy
3 Bags dog treats (low fat):
Liver, Cranberry liver, Cheese
Wag More car sticker
Sponsor and basket coordinator: Arianna Clark

Softball                                         Let's Have Fun
2-Norfolk Tides baseball tickets                $5 Best Buy gift card
$15 Planet Music gift card                      $50 Blockbuster Video gift card
2-Regal Theater movie tickets                   3-Photo albums
$50 Roger Brown’s Restaurant Gift certificate   Frisbee and sand bucket
$10 AMC movie tickets                           Coffee mugs
$15 Cold Stone Creamery gift card               Assorted candy
2 admission tickets to Ocean Breeze Fun Park    Certificate for 4 Chanello’s large pizzas
2-Tropical Smoothie mugs with free smoothies

Sponsor: Jerry Archer
Basket Coordinator: Stephanie Bogue

Boys Swimming                                    Beach Blanket Bingo!
14 large colorful beach towels
Water Hammock Lounger
Water Kick Board
2 pairs of Dawgs (Croc™ style) sandels
EZ-Freeze water bottle
Rubbermaid Squeezable water bottle
Banana Boat sunscreen (SPF 8)
Poems of Fun and Fancy
book of poetry
2 quilted beach bags
Sponsor and basket coordinator: John O'Hara

Girls Swimming                                Night Out in Ghent
$60 No Frill gift certficate
4 Naro tickets and gift certificate
Gift certificate for $5 in Naro concessions
$25 Color Me Mine gift certificate
$20 Starbucks gift card
Sponsor: Cheryl Jennison
Basket Coordinator: Kacky Bryant

Boys Tennis                                   Tennis
·   4 hours of indoor court time
·   2 racket string jobs
·   1 one hour lesson with Fernanda Luiz
 at the ODU Folkes-Stevens Indoor Tennis Center
$25 Tennis Connection gift certificate
3 cans of tennis balls
Water Jug
Dry Fit unisex white cap
Tennis Towel
2 stadium seats
Shock guard
all in a large Tecnifibre Racket Bag
Coach: James Lidington
Basket Coordinator: Ann Story & Martha Ambler

Girls Tennis                                         All Wrapped Up
  o  Cellophane bags – 5 (Easter, Birthday, all occasion) -
  o Tulle gift bags – 2 -
  o Small – 3 birthday
   o Medium – 6 Valentine, 13 primary, 13 pastels
   o Medium/large – Valentine, baby, 2 Christmas
Boxes                                                Organizers
   o Boxes – 4 jewelry, 2 novelty, 6 gift              o Under bed bin
    o Gift card holders – 3                            o Hanging gift-wrap organizers
    o Take out boxes - medium – 5 various prints
Wrapping Paper etc.
  o Paper rolls - Christmas, Hanukah, Graduation, Baby, Valentines,
    Wedding, Easter, All occasion etc.
  o Clear wrap
    o Shredded filling for bags and boxes – 5 colors
  o Assorted Tissue papers
Ribbon                                                 Miscellaneous
 o Curling                                              o Scissors
 o Pull bows                                            o Tape
 o Netting                                              o Gift cards
   o Special occasion – Valentine, St. Patrick’s Day, Wedding
Professional Gift Warp Service – donated by Jenny Cavender
Coach : Andrea Machesney
Basket Coordinator: Mary Landon Edwards and Nan Gallagher

Track and Field                                        Personal Fitness
Yoga mat                                               iPod sport arm band
Resistance tube kit                                    Sauna Suit adult (XL)
Jump rope                                              55cm Body workout ball
Ankle/wrist weights (1.5 lbs each)                     4 Body and Soul fitness DVDs
10-minute Solution Fitness Ball workout DVD
Coach & Basket Coordinator Dana Newcomer

Girls Volleyball                                       Makeup and More
Bobbi Brown Makeup Organizer
Bobbi Brown Travel Containers
Bobbi Brown lotion and cream samples
Bobbi Brown Deluxe 7-pc. Short Brush Set
Lancôme Blacknoir high definition mascara
Lancôme Color Design eye pencil crayon
Lancôme Bi-Facial eye makeup remover
Lancôme eye shadow, blush, and powder case
2 Lancome Color Design lipsticks (Vintage Rose)
Lancôme Cils Booster XL mascara base
Lancôme parfum, wrinkle cream, and lipstick gift pack
Lancôme under eye concealer
Set of Lancôme Juicy Tubes lip gloss
Clinique tubes of Body Exfoliator & Body Moisture
2 tubs of Clinique Moisture Sugar for hydration
3 Clinique eye shadows (Frosted Blossom, Sparkling Sage, and Blue Lagoon
Wonder Cloth Makeup Remover
Coach: Andrea Machesney
Basket Coordinator: Nell King
idas Gear (the essential grilling, rub, and marinade recipes)
           Bag courtesy of Running, Etc.

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