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									              THE LOFTUS PARISH DIRECTORY
                                         First Printing March 2006

                                                   published by

                                      LOFTUS TOWN COUNCIL
                                        81a High Street, Loftus
                                         Saltburn TS13 4HG

                                                  Internet version
For ease of download, all illustrations, images and logos have been removed from this version. The front
cover, and the local map, can be found separately on the Town Council's Website.

Also a reduced font set has been used for this version for technical reasons, and file types have been
converted. In some cases this has resulted in changes in layout and appearance that differ in unintended
ways from the printed version.

Front Cover Photographs: (Clockwise from top left)
Carlin How Doorstep Green; Loftus Town Hall*; Cattersty Sands; Woodland steps near
Whitecliffe Woods*

*Courtesy of Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council

We wish to acknowledge the contribution of the following to this publication:

      Mrs A Atkinson (Clerk to the Council)
      Mrs J Currie (Town Council Administration)

      Julie Morrison & John Hannah (Loftus Library)

      Mary Bielby.

      The members of the Directory Committee:

             Councillors: Roger Clipsham (Chair)
                          Linda Bell (Vice Chair)
                          Stephanie Aplin-Wakefield (Editorial Group)
                          Eric Jackson
                          Christine Swales
                          Janet Welford
                          Angela Whitaker
                          Gerry Dickinson
                          Allan Greening

                           We are grateful to the following sponsors:

                                   Surestart East Cleveland

          Although reasonable care has been taken to provide the best possible
          information, it is incumbent on the user to verify such information when
          necessary. Neither Loftus Town Council, the contributors or sponsors will
          accept liability for the consequences of any errors or omissions.
This Parish Directory arose from the ashes of the original
intention to do a Parish Plan.

Councillors had seen a copy of a professionally produced
Parish Directory and felt it was the ideal tool to be of
assistance to visitors and newcomers to the area.

It has been a lot of hard work, a lot of wasted copy, some
irritation, but finally, a lot of pride, in a Document which has
been produced entirely “in house” by we amateurs with
only a modicum of printing and publishing knowledge. I am
proud to have been a part of that team and am honoured
to be Mayor in the year that the first Loftus Parish Directory
has been produced.

Well done, Loftus Town Councillors
and many thanks to Janet & Alison, our Office Team.

    Councillor Linda Bell, Town Mayor 2005/2006
                                        TO THE
                                LOFTUS PARISH DIRECTORY

The Parish Directory Committee of Loftus Town Council welcomes to you this first printing of the
Directory & Guide.

It is in the fullest sense the work of the members of the Council, who are all unpaid volunteers.
We have not hired an external firm to do this, and we kept the demands on the Council's staff to a
minimum by doing virtually all the creation, writing and typing ourselves. For this reason this
publication has a unique "home-made" feel to it which we hope the reader will find satisfying.

The Main Directory sections consist strictly of entries returned by local businesses and
organisations, so it will be easy task to spot what seem to be omissions. If you wish to submit
details, new or amended, for a possible future update, please ask the Clerk to the Council for a

It must be admitted that no sooner is the ink dry than a publication such as this starts to become
out of date. Nevertheless the reader will get a good sense of the amazing range of what can be
found in this parish - it may well be the first time such a comprehensive guide to the Loftus Area
has been produced, and we may have only "scratched the surface".

Most sections confine themselves to the boundaries of the Loftus Town Area (see map), In some
cases it has been sensible to range wider, for example for places of interest, or to inform about
unique facilities - e.g. hospitals - which serve the area from outside. A 20 mile radius has
generally served for this purpose.

The printed format is designed for easy reference. If you wish to request a copy, for a place
visited by the public, please contact the office.

The directory can also be downloaded through the Council's Website at

I would like to take this opportunity to convey my personal thanks to all those who have been
involved in this venture.

Councillor Roger Clipsham

Chair of the Parish Directory Committee

March 2006
                                     LOFTUS PARISH DIRECTORY


Pages up to this page:
    (i) Front Cover; (ii) Logo of the Council, publication information & cover details;
    (iii) Acknowledgements and Sponsors; (iv) Message from the Town Mayor of Loftus;
    (v) Introduction; (vi) Contents.
                                                                     [Page colour in printed version]
 QUICK REFERENCE (Travel, Medical & Emergencies)
 LOFTUS TOWN HALL (Hire Information)
 THE LOFTUS TOWN COUNCIL (Members and Staff)
 BUSINESS AND COMMUNITY DIRECTORY                                            [deep Yellow]
Allotments Associations     Doctors                  Grocers             Post Offices
Bakeries                    Electrical               Household Goods     Pubs, Hotels, Social Clubs
Builders/joiners/plumbers   Engineering              Industrial Units    Skips, Reconditioned Autos
Butchers                    Estate Agents            Jewellers           Schools
Carpet Suppliers/Fitters    Faith Organisations      Kennels/Catteries   Sports
Child Care                  Farming/Equestrian       Laundries           Take-aways/Fish & Chips
Clothes/Shoes               Florists                 Leisure             Tea shops/Cafes
Community Centres           Garages/Auto Sales       Museums             Training
Community Organisations     Garden Supplies/         Newsagents          Transport
Crafts/Natural Products     Greengrocers             Off-licences        Veterinary

       Writers, Musicians                                       [Light blue]
   FOLKLORE AND MYSTERIES OF THE LOCALITY                      [Cream]
   THE HISTORY OF LOFTUS                                       [Salmon]
   PLAQUES AND WAR MEMORIALS                                   [Salmon]
   MUSEUMS AND PRIORIES                                        [Salmon]
   THE NATURAL HISTORY OF THE AREA                             [Dark green]
   WALKING IN AND AROUND LOFTUS                                [Dark green]
       Tourist Information; Countryside Visitors' Centres;
       Visitor Attractions; Children's Activities.                         [Lilac]
       Car Boot Sales; Farmers markets, Country Shows; Pub Quiz Nights [Light Green]
       Hotels; Guest Houses; Self-catering                                [Pink]
   DINING OUT                                                            [Pink]
                                     MAP OF
                                  LOFTUS TOWN

The map has been omitted from the Internet Version of this Directory in order to make it easier to
download. It can, however, be found on the Town Council's Website.

The Loftus Town Council Area runs from Carlin How in the west to Cowbar in the east, and from
the North Sea southwards to include Scaling and part of Scaling Reservoir, and some of the
nearby moors, to the south of the Guisborough-to-Whitby Road.
                           LOFTUS PARISH DIRECTORY

Emergency fire, police, ambulance, coastguard:       999 (or 112)
Minor injuries only:
     East Cleveland Community Hospital, Alford Road ,Brotton
                  (24 hour nurse practitioners)     01287 676205
     James Cook Hospital, Marton Road, Middlesbrough
                  Accident & Emergency Department 01642 850850
Dental emergency: (Out of hours, dentist not available)
     Phone one of the two numbers above who will give you the dental emergency
Environmental emergencies:
     Pollution, damage or danger: 0800 80 70 60 (24 hr Environment Agency)
     Floodline:                    0845 988 1188 (24hr flood warnings)

POLICE:    Crimes Desk:            01642 326326
           Domestic Violence Team: 01642 302069 between 8am and 4pm
           Wildlife Liaison:       01642 302733 (or RSPCA 0990 555999)
General practitioners: LOFTUS: "Woodside", High Street: 01287 640385
                        BROTTON: East Cleveland Hospital: 01287 676215
Loftus Dentists: Burnside & Carter, West Road:              01287 640333
                  N Plahé, Arbroath House, High Street:     01287 642974
Loftus Pharmacies:      Harrop (Silver), 1 Zetland Rd: 01287 640557
                        Lloyds, 26 High St:            01287 640301
                        Also, Coop Brotton High St:    01287 676298
NHS Direct:             0845 46 47
Loftus Veterinary:      Beck Veterinary, 1 Liverton Rd 01287 640269
                                                       01947 820333
Traveline (All Local Buses & Rail Times): 0870 608 2 608
24 Hour Rail Info:                        08457 48 49 50
National Express:                         0870 5 808080
Durham Tees Valley Airport (formerly Teesside Airport):    01325 332811
All Departments                              0845 6126126
Community Safety Wardens (out of hours only) 01642 771379 (else as above)
     Please consult the front pages of The Phone Book
                               Loftus Town Hall

Loftus Town Hall was built by Lord Zetland in 1879, and although it retains many of
its historical features it is now equipped for use in the 21st Century, with modern
kitchen, audio-visual equipment and comfortable furniture.
The building itself is owned by Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, but it is
managed by Loftus Town Council for the use of the community. The Town Council
is pleased to be able to accommodate a number of community groups on a regular
basis, and also to organise Tea Dances and Concerts, but the building is also
available for one-off meetings, training sessions, parties, dances, wedding
receptions and many other uses. Facilities for the disabled include ramp access to
the lower rooms, lift to the upper floor, disabled toilet on the lower floor and hearing
loop on the upper floor.
Loftus Town Hall can be booked by individuals or groups, by contacting the Clerk to
the Council on 01287 641000. Rates current at time of going to press are
First floor Function Room
Commercial Hire                            £16 per hour
Charitable organisations                        £10 per hour
Ground floor Room 1 or 2
Commercial Hire                             £7 per hour
Charitable organisations                         £5 per hour
Ground floor room 1 and 2
Commercial Hire                            £14 per hour
Charitable organisations                        £10 per hour
Whole building except council chamber £180 per day
Council Chamber by arrangement only
All prices include VAT and use of kitchen/crockery, and up to one hour is allowed
free of charge for setting up and clearing away.
Useful contacts

Loftus Town Council

Loftus is served by 14 unpaid, elected Town Councillors, three of whom are also
Borough Councillors.

Ward                   Name                        Contact
Easington              Gordon A Davis              01287 640640
Easington              Mary Lanigan                01287 640993
Liverton Mines         Christine Swales            01287 644733
Liverton Mines         Janet Welford               01287 641587
Loftus                 Stephanie Aplin-Wakefield   01287 642573
Loftus                 Linda M Bell                07977 589412
Loftus                 Gerry R Dickinson           01287 641076
Loftus                 Andrew M Downs
Loftus                 Eric M Jackson              01287 641516
Loftus                 Roger Lings                 01287 641300
Loftus                 Allan R Greening            01287 641837
Skinningrove and       Roger Clipsham              01287 643589
Carlin How
Skinningrove and       Barry Hunt
Carlin How
Skinningrove and       Angela J Whitaker           07929 883214
Carlin How

Alternatively, you can contact the Town Council on 01287 641000 and ask for
      Alison Atkinson (Clerk to the Council)

Loftus Town Hall caretakers are
      Christine Neilson       01287 641777
And Geoff Rispin        (Assistant Caretaker)

The Town Council also employs Harry Wildmore to open and clean the two sets of
public toilets (Water Lane and West Road)
   Loftus Parish Directory





BECK VETERINARY PRACTICE:                  1 Liverton Terrace, Loftus.            Tel:        01287
640269BITE TO EAT                          58 High Street, Loftus.                       Tel: 01287
643210BLENKINSOP, D.W.:                       26 Zetland Road, Loftus                    Tel: 01287
640274BOOZE BUSTERS:                          Arbroath House, High St. Loftus            Tel: 01287
640435BRAMWELL, D.J.:                         22 Zetland Road, Loftus                    Tel: 01287
641459BRECKON & SHAW:                         10 Zetland Road, Loftus                    Tel: 01287
640971BRITANNIA INN:                          65 High Street, Loftus                     Tel: 01287
640612BUNNYLAND:                              Golden Hill Farm, Liverton                 Tel: 01287
642228CARLIN HOW FISHERIES:                   14 Front Street, Carlin How                Tel: 01287
641406CARLIN HOW MINI-MARKET:                  9 Brotton Road, Carlin How                Tel: 01287
643035CARLIN HOW SUB POST OFFICE: 24 Front Street, Carlin How                            Tel: 01287
640921CATALOGUE SHOP:                          29 Zetland Road, Loftus                   Tel: 01287
640347CHANDOS MINI COACHES:                    20 Lantsbery Drive, L’ton Mines           Tel: 01287
641383C.H.A.N.G.E. (Carlin How Community Forum)            6 Mt. Pleasant, Carlin How Tel: 01287
643589CHARLIE’ S BARGAIN CENTRE: Liverton Terrace, L’ton Mines                           Tel: 01287
641606CLARK HARDWARE:                           2, 9 & The Forge, North Rd. Loftus       Tel: 01287
Deepdale, Skinningrove                     Tel: 01287 642877CO-OP WELCOME STORE:
Zetland Road, Loftus                Tel: 01287 640384D.K. SERVICES:
Unit 23 Lantsbery Drive, L’ton Mines Tel: 01287 640676EAST CLEVELAND EMPLOYMENT
& TRAINING GROUP:                                              Lantsbery Drive, Liverton Mines
                          Lantsbery Drive, Liverton Mines         Tel:      01287      642244EAST
CLEVELAND COMMUNITY CRAFT GROUP:                           C/o Community Centre. Duncan Place
                                                           Loftus                 Tel:        01287
Riverside Building, Skinningrove    Tel: 01287 644044

FOUNDATION:                 The Council House, High St., Loftus. Tel: 01642 318447LOFTUS
CRICKET & ATHLETIC CLUB: Whitby Road, Loftus.                     Tel: 01287 640891 LOFTUS
DOLPHINS:                   c/o Loftus Leisure Centre,
Deepdale Road, Loftus                 Tel: 01287 644373DREAM DAYS:                    The
Chapel, Liverton Mines                Tel: 01287 642929EOTAS E2E:                     Unit
12, Lantsbery Drive, L’ton Mines Tel: 01287 644206FLORALCRAFT:                        45
West Road, Loftus                     Tel: 01287 643633FORBUOYS:
48/49 West Road, Loftus               Tel: 01287 640354 FREEBROUGH              COMMUNITY
COLLEGE: Rosecroft Lane, Loftus              Tel: 01287 640563GARBUTT BROS.:
Hillside, Carlin How                         Tel: 01287 640397GIRLGUIDING (See Community
Organisations):                              Tel:07949 254 890GLASBY, Dr. M. & PARTNERS:
        Woodside Surgery, High St. Loftus           Tel: 01287 640385GOOD LIFE FORUM:
Community Café, Riverside Building, Skinningrove Tel: 01287 642508GRAHAM’S SHOES:
                33 Zetland Road, Loftus             Tel: 01287 640997GREENHOW JOINERY:
                       Greenhow Farm, Grinkle Lane,
        Easington, Loftus                    Tel: 01287 641267G.R.H. FIELD MAINTENANCE:
                7 Robinson Court, East Loftus       Tel: 01287 640230GRINKLE PARK HOTEL:
                Grinkle Lane, Easington, Loftus     Tel: 01287 640515HARRY DACK INFANTS
SCHOOL: West Park Avenue, Loftus                    Tel: 01287 640416HUMMERSEA PRIMARY
SCHOOL: Westfield Way, Loftus                       Tel: 01287 641781JACK-IN-THE-BOX:

     Old Co-op Building, High St. Loftus       Tel: 01287 203030JOLLY HOLLY:
                  Liverton Terrace, Liverton Mines    Tel: 01287 640456LADYBIRD DAY
NURSERY:          Scaling Dam, Easington, Loftus      Tel: 01287 643153
LEAPFROGS DAY CARE: Whitecliffe Children's Centre, Kilton Lane, Carlin How

LINDSEY, M. & B.:                            64 West Road, Loftus                Tel:         01287
640874LIVERTON MINES ALLOTMENTS GROUP: C/o 17 St. Martin’s Close,
                                      Liverton Mines, Loftus       Tel: 01287 644733LIVERTON
MINES COMMUNITY CENTRE:                      Cleveland Street, Liverton MinesLIVERTON MINES
FISHERIES: 3 Cleveland Street, Liverton Mines Tel: 01287 640529LIVERTON MINES POST
OFFICE:         Graham Street, Liverton Mines       Tel: 01287 640549LIVERTON MINES
VILLAGE FORUM: c/o Jolly Holly, Liverton Terrace,
        Liverton Mines                       Tel: 01287 640456LOFTUS BAKERY:
        31 Zetland Road, Loftus              Tel: 01287 643469LOFTUS CARPET CENTRE:
        24 Zetland Road, Loftus              Tel: 01287 643450LOFTUS DEVELOPMENT
TRUST:          Old Co-op Buildings, High Street,                                       Loftus
                              Tel: 01287 641342LOFTUS JUNIOR SCHOOL:                    West Road,
Loftus                 Tel: 01287 640506LOFTUS LABOUR PARTY:                     10 East Street,
Loftus                 Tel: 01287 641076LOFTUS WEST ROAD SOCIAL CLUB: West Road,
Loftus                 Tel: 01287 640493LONG’S STORE:                                    17 Zetland
Road, Loftus           Tel: 01287 644211MIND:                                    23a       Diamond
Street, Saltburn              Tel: 07865 770 568PARTNERS ESTATE AGENTS:                         34
Zetland Road, Loftus          Tel:     01287      644727RAZZMATAZZ             INTERNATIONAL:
        Unit H, Lantsbery Drive,                                          Liverton Mines, Loftus
                Tel: 01287 643333
RALSTON HEATING & PLUMBING 22 St Cuthbert's Walk, Liverton Mines
                                             Saltburn, Cleveland                 Tel: 01287 643704
ROBINSON ENGINEERING:                        Lantsbery Drive, Liverton Mines     Tel:         01287
642805ROYAL HOTEL:                                  Whitby Road, Loftus                 Tel: 01287
640339SAFARI GARAGE:                                Scaling Dam, Easington, Loftus      Tel: 01287
640710ST JOSEPH’S PRIMARY SCHOOL:                   (No Further Details Given)          S.B.
ROOFING:                              (No Further Details Given )S.B.G. ( SKELTON, BROTTON,
GENERAL): 27 Zetland Road, Loftus                   Tel:      01287      642315SKINNINGROVE
BONFIRE COMMITTEE:                                          Tel: 01287 640602

SKINNINGROVE LINK-UP:                      Riverside Building, Skinningrove   Tel: 01287 642508

SOMERFIELD COMPACT STORE:                   29-30 High Street, Loftus           Tel:      01287
640261SSAFA:                                        18 Greta Road, Skelton           Tel: 01287
203403STEVE PEIRSON CARS:                           (No Further Details Given)STONEHOUSE
BAKERY:                      81 High Street, Loftus               Tel:                    01287
642214SURESTART:                                    c/o Youth & Community Centre,
                             Duncan Place, Loftus                 Tel: 01287 644200SWALES,
PHIL:                        c/o 17 St Martin’s Close,            Tel: 01287 644733
                             Liverton Mines, Loftus                      or 644382TIGER INN:
                                     Whitby Road, Easington, Loftus      Tel:             01287
640420TOTALLY NATURAL SKIN CARE:                    10 Springhead Terrace, Loftus    Tel: 01287
641529WADSWORTH’S GREENGROCER:                                                       Tel: 01287
643950WALBY, HARVEY:                 Sheiling House, Grinkle Lane, Easington, Loftus Tel: 01287
640756WATERWHEEL INN:                       Liverton Village, Loftus                 Tel: 01287
640322WEBSTER Ltd, C. :                     Sheralee, Whitby Road, Easington         Tel: 01287
640227WELFORD, CLIVE:                       Roxby Moor Farm, Scaling, Loftus         Tel: 01287
641840WEST END POST OFFICE:                 14 West Road, Loftus                     Tel: 01287
640340WHITECLIFFE PRIMARY SCHOOL: Kilton Lane, Carlin How, Loftus                    Tel: 01287
640414WHITE HORSE:                                  High Street, LoftusWOBBLY WOTNOTZ:
The Chapel, Liverton Terrace, Liverton Mines, Loftus       Tel: 01287 642929WOLD POTTERY:
              79 High Street, Loftus                              Tel: 01287 640100WOMEN’S
INSTITUTE:                                                        Tel: 01287 642605

Only details supplied by authorised persons have been included in this Business & Community

                          ALLOTMENTS ASSOCIATIONS
LIVERTON MINES ALLOTMENTS GROUP –Leisure Gardening & Small Livestock
Contact Name: Mrs C. Swales (Secretary) 17 St Martin’s Close, Liverton Mines
                                                        Tel: 01287 644733

Gardening & Small Livestock. Seed, Implements & Garden Sundries Sales.
Contact Name: Mr D. Shimmins, 6 Oak Walk, Westfield Estate, Loftus.
                                                  Tel: 0791 0556 321

LOFTUS BAKERY – Home Baking, Sandwiches, Hot & Cold Food, Outside Catering
Contact Name: Deborah Carr, 31 Zetland Road, Loftus TS13 4PW
                                                      Tel: 01287 643469

STONEHOUSE BAKERY – Wide Selection of Speciality Breads, Rolls, Cakes & Confectionery
Products Available
Contact Name: Ian Clacherty, 81 High Street, Loftus TS13 4HG
                                                        Tel: 01287 642214 (Shop)
                                                               Or 660006 (Office)

                        BUILDERS / JOINERS/ PLUMBERS
Contact Name: Michael Booth, Greenhow Farm, Grinkle Lane, Easington TS13 4TZ
                                                     Tel: 01287 641267

M & B LINDSEY LTD. – Builders & Roofers
Contact Name: Mike Lindsey, 64 West Road, Loftus, Cleveland                      Tel: 01287 640874

KEVIN RALSTON PLUMBING & HEATING - Central heating. Oil, Gas, Solid Fuel, LPG.
Design, install, maintain. Corgi & Oftec Registered. All plumbing, bathrooms-showers- kitchens.
Contact Name: Kevin Ralston, 22 St Cuthbert's Walk, Liverton Mines, Saltburn, TS13 4QL                                      Tel: 01287 643704

PHIL SWALES – Any Type of Building Work
Contact Name: Phil Swales, 23 Cleveland Street, Liverton Mines, Loftus
                                                         Tel: 01287 644733/ 644382
                                                         Mobile: 07760 457 618

S.B. ROOFING – No Further Information Given

HARVEY WALBY (BUILDER) –NHBC Reg. Builder. All Aspects of Building Work
Contact Name: Harvey Walby, Sheiling House, Grinkle Lane, Easington TS13 4NT
                                                      Tel: 01287 640756
                                                      Mobile: 0792 990 5403

D.W.BLENKINSOP – Butcher & Baker, Meats & Savouries
Contact Name: Tom Blenkinsop, 26 Zetland Road, Loftus TS13 4PW
                                                      Tel: 01287 640274

                        CARPET SUPPLIERS / FITTERS

LOFTUS CARPET CENTRE – Carpet, Vinyl & Soft Furnishing Retailer
Contact Name: Linda Watson, 24 Zetland Road, Loftus TS13 4PW
                                                      Tel: 01287 643450

                                    CHILD CARE
JACK –IN-THE-BOX DAY NURSERY – Ofsted Approved Day Nursery for Children Aged
                                        6 Weeks to 8Years
Contact Name: S. Boyd, Old Co-op Building, High Street, Loftus TS13 4HW        Tel: 01287 203030

Contact Name: Jennifer Welford, Scaling Dam, Easington. TS13 4TR
                                                       Tel: 01287 643153

LEAPFROGS DAY CARE: - Quality Day Care for children aged 0 - 12 years.
Contact name: Kathryn Porter,
              Whitecliffe Children's Centre, Kilton Lane, Carlin How, TS13 4AD
                                                          Tel: 01287 646020

                                 CLOTHES /SHOES

CATALOGUE SHOP – Home & Handyman Supplies
Contact Name: K. Raine, 29 Zetland Road, Loftus
                                                       Tel: 01287 640347

DREAM DAYS – New Designer Wedding Dresses, Once Worn
Contact Name: Mel Stevens, The Chapel, Liverton Terrace, Liverton Mines.
                                                       Tel: 01287 642929

EDWARD GUY FOUNDATION – Fundraiser For Hospice Care
Contact Name: Mrs Brenda Thompson, Council House, Loftus TS13 4HG
                                                    Tel: 01642 318447

GRAHAM’S SHOES – Footwear Retailer
Contact Name: Mr G. Hanson, 33 Zetland Road, Loftus TS13 4PW                  Tel: 01287 640997

                             COMMUNITY CENTRES
Contact Name:   Cleveland Street, Liverton Mines, Saltburn TS13 4QY

                        COMMUNITY ORGANISATIONS
C.H.A.N.G.E. (Carlin How Community Forum)
             For all living, working & serving in Carlin How
Contact Name: Roger Clipsham (Secretary), 6 Mount Pleasant, Carlin How, Saltburn TS13 4EJ                          Tel: 01287 643589

EAST CLEVELAND CRAFT GROUP – Embroidery, Patchwork, Quilting, Knitting, &
Crocheting, Learning By Example In A Friendly Environment. Monday Afternoon.
Contact Name: Ann Middlemas, c/oLoftus Community Centre, Duncan Place, Loftus TS13 4PR
                                                       Tel : 01287 641221

Contact Name: Mrs J. Brown (No Further Information Given)

GIRL-GUIDING LOFTUS DISTRICT – Organisation For Girls & Women 5 To 65 Years
Contact Name: Diane Ouwehand
                                              Tel: 07949 254 890

LIVERTON MINES VILLAGE FORUM –Village Residents’ Organisation
Contact Name: Andrew Lindsey, c/o The Jolly Holly,. Liverton Mines TS13 4QH          Tel: 01287 640456

LOFTUS DEVELOPMENT TRUST – Care & Regeneration Of Built & Natural Environment
Contact Name: John Groarke (Director), Old Co-op Building, High Street, Loftus TS13 4HW       Tel: 01287 641342

M.E.R.G.e. (Mars Estate Residents Group) – Aims To Address Environmental, Residential,
Tenancy & Social Issues On The Mars Estate
Contact Name: L. Bell (Secretary) Springhouse Farm, North Terrace, Loftus TS13 4JG
                                                        Tel: 07977 589 412

REDCAR & CLEVELAND MIND (East Cleveland Day Service) – Drop In & Information
Service For People With Experience of Mental Health Problems
Contact Name: Gary Brown, R & C Mind, East Cleveland Day Service,
                            23a Diamond Street, Saltburn TS12 1EB
                            Tel: 07865 770 568

SKINNINGROVE BONFIRE COMMITTEE-Organisers Of A Themed Bonfire Every Year.
Nationally Acclaimed.
Contact Name: Tina Dowey
                                         Tel: 01287 640602

                   COMMUNITY ORGANISATIONS (Cont.)
SKINNINGROVE LINK-UP – Charitable Trust, Not For Profit Voluntary Organisation
Contact Name: Skinningrove Link-up, Riverside Building, New Company Row, Skinningrove           Tel: 01287 642508

SSAFA – Ex Service Person’s Organisation
Contact Name: Barbara Newman
                                                      Tel: 01287 203403

SURESTART EAST CLEVELAND –Support For Families With Children Under 5 Years
Contact Name: Chris Bell, Loftus Youth & community Centre, Duncan Place, Loftus TS13 4PR                     Tel: 01287 644200

WOMEN’S INSTITUTE (Loftus) – Women’s Group To Encourage Involvement In Educational
& Social Activities. Held In Loftus Town Hall.
Contact Name: Teresa Wilkinson
                                               Tel: 01287 642605

                       CRAFTS / NATURAL PRODUCTS

RAZZMATAZZ INTERNATIONAL LTD –British Ethical Organic Buckwheat Pillows &
Health & Beauty Herbal Aromatherapy Pampering Brands
Contact Name: Mr & Mrs Barnes, Unit H, Lantsbery Drive, Liverton Mines TS13 4QZ

                                                       Tel: 01287 643333
Skincare & Herbal Remedy Products. Many Ingredients Are Organic. Packaging Is Re-Cycled.
Contact Name: Suzanna Thelwall, 10 Springhead Terrace, Loftus, Cleveland TS13 4JZ                                   Tel: 01287 641529

WOLD POTTERY – Hand Thrown Pottery Made On The Premises & Shop Selling High Class
Art, Crafts & Gifts
Contact Name: Jill Christie, 79 High Street, Loftus TS13 4HG                      Tel: 01287 640100


DR. M. GLASBY & PARTNERS – General Practioners
Contact Name: Practice Manager, Woodside Surgery, High Street, Loftus
                                                      Tel: 01287 640385


BRECKON & SHAW – General Domestic Electrical Dealer & TV /Video / Hi -Fi Repairs.
Panasonic, Toshiba, Hotpoint Main Dealers
Contact Name: Doug Breckon / Dennis Shaw, 10 Zetland Road, Loftus TS13 4PP
                                                     Tel: 01287 640971

C.WEBSTER – Electrical Contractors, Commercial & Domestic
Contact Name: Sheralee, Whitby Road, Easington, Saltburn-by–Sea. TS13 4NW                             Tel: 01287 640227

                               ENGINEERING FIRMS

ROBINSON ENGINEERING – Foundry Casting In Iron, Steel, Aluminium & Copper Base
Contact Name: Mr G. Robinson, Steel Foundry, Lantsbery Drive, Liverton Mines TS13 4QZ
                                                      Tel: 01287 642805

                                 ESTATE AGENTS

Contact Name:                  34 Zetland Road, Loftus                             Tel: 01287 644727

Contact Name: Alison Anderson, 27 Zetland Road, Loftus, Cleveland. TS13 4PW                             Tel: 01287642315

                             FAITH ORGANISATIONS

Contact Name: Rev. Peter Langford, The Rectory, Grinkle Lane, Easington TS13 4NT                         Tel: 01287 641348

DEEPDALE PENTECOSTAL CHURCH – Services: Sundays 11 a.m.(Adults) Sunday Club
11.a.m. & 6 p.m. (Children) Monday 6.30 –Youth Club (Term Time Only)
Contact Name: Pastor James Duff, Deepdale Road, Loftus
                                                       Tel: 01287 623342

Contact Name: The Church Steward, Wesley Terrace, Carlin How TS13 4EG
                                                     Tel: 01287 640026

                        FAITH ORGANISATIONS (Cont.)

ST HELEN’S PARISH CHURCH –Parish Church of Carlin How & Skinningrove

Contact Name: Fr. Whitwell SSC, Rockcliffe View, Carlin How, Saltburn –by-Sea TS13 4EJ              Tel: 01287 643702

Contact name: Rev P Langford, The Rectory, Easington
                                                       Tel 01287 641348


ST LEONARD’S PARISH CHURCH –Parish Church (Loftus in Cleveland)
Contact Name: Fr.Whitwell SSC, Water Lane, Loftus, Saltburn–by-Sea TS13 4RN                      Tel: 01287 643702

Contact Name: Rev. P. Langford, The Rectory, Easington
                            Tel: 01287 641348

                     FARMING / EQUESTRIAN SERVICES

MR. C. WELFORD – Farm Or Garden Hedges Laid, Coppiced Or Just Tidied Up. Free Estimates
Contact Name: C. Welford, Roxby Moor Farm, Scaling, Loftus. TS13 4TT
                                                     Tel: 01287 641840

G.R.H. FIELD MAINTENANCE SERVICES –Equine Paddock Maintenance, Small
Agricultural Services. Licenced.
Contact Name: Bob Haw, 7 Robinson Court, East Loftus.
                                                      Tel: 01287 640230


FLORAL CRAFT – Florist Dealing With Gifts, Weddings, Births & Funeral Tributes etc.
Contact Name: Mark O’Neill, 45 West Road, Loftus, Cleveland. TS13 4RG
                                                      Tel: 01287 643633

                            GARAGES / AUTO SALES

Contact Name: Ellen Boyes, Safari Garage, Scaling Dam, Easington. TS13 4TP
                                                       Tel: 01287 640710

STEVE PEIRSON CARS- (No Further Details Given)

                       GARDEN SUPPLIES /HARDWARE

CLARK HARDWARE – Hardware, DIY, Wallpaper, Garden Supplies, Paint, Pet Food,
Giftware, Housewares, Doors, Toys, Fireworks.
Contact Name: Jayne Harrison, Nos. 2, 9 & The Forge, North Road, Loftus
                                                       Tel: 01287 640355


WADSWORTH’S – Greengrocers
Contact Name: Derek Wadsworth
                                                       Tel: 01287 643950

Contact Name: Mr Hislop, 9 Brotton Road, Carlin How TS13 4DG
                                                      Tel: 01287 643035

CHARLIES’ BARGAIN CENTRE – Frozen Food, Off Licence & Groceries
Contact name: Dennis Puri, Liverton Terrace, Liverton Mines TS13 4QJ
                                                        Tel: 01287 641606

Contact Name: M. Whittaker
                                                       Tel: 01287 640384

SOMERFIELD COMPACT – Supermarket with Liquor, Cigarettes, Produce , Meat, Dairy,
Delicatessen, Frozen Food, Bread, Cakes, General Groceries.
Contact Name: Nigel Brass, 29/30 High Street, Loftus
                                                         Tel: 01287 640261

                              HOUSEHOLD GOODS

LONG’S STORE – Stationery, New & Used Books, Toys, Bric-a-Brac, Clothes & Much More
Contact Name: J. Ashworth 17 Zetland Road, Loftus TS13 4PW
                                                      Tel: 01287 644211

                                INDUSTRIAL UNITS
Entrepreneurial Starter Units
Contact Name: Graham Walker, Lantsbery Drive, Liverton Mines TS13 4QZ                         Tel: 01287 643244


D.J. BRAMWELL –Sales & Repairs to Repairs To Watches, Clocks & Jewellery
Contact name: David Bramwell, 22 Zetland Road, Loftus TS13 4PW
                                                      Tel: 01287 641459

                             KENNELS / CATTERIES
BUNNYLAND BOARDING KENNELS & CATTERY – Bunnyland & Guinea Pig Paradise,
Small Animal Experience
Contact Name: Jude Medd, Golden Hill Farm, Liverton
                                                    Tel: 01287 642228

DK SERVICES- Laundry Services For Both Business & Personal Requirements
Contact Name: Dawn & Karen Chandler, Unit 23, Lantsbery Drive, Liverton Mines TS13
                                                 Tel: 01287 640675

WOBBLY WOTNOTZ – Bouncy Castles & Inflatables Hire & Manufacture
Contact Name: Mel Stevens, The Chapel, Liverton Terrace, Liverton Mines
                                                       Tel: 01287 642929

CLEVELAND IRONSTONE MINING MUSEUM –The Museum Preserves & Promotes The
Ironstone Mining History & Heritage Of East Cleveland
Contact Name:               Deepdale, Skinningrove Cleveland TS13 4AP                   Tel: 01287 642877

FORBUOYS – Newsagents & Convenience Store
Contact Name: Mr Steve Brown, 48 /49 West Road, Loftus TS13 4RF
                                                      Tel: 01287 640354

                                 OFF –LICENCES

Contact Name:                           Arbroath House, High Street, Loftus

Tel: 01287 640433

                                   POST OFFICES
Contact Name: Mr Scott, 24 Front Street, Carlin How TS13 4AB
                                                       Tel: 01287 640921

LIVERTON MINES POST OFFICE- Post Office & Store Specialising in Home Cooked Meats,
Pies & Quiches
Contact Name: Mrs C.E.Maywood, Graham Street, Liverton Mines TS13 4QR
                                                     Tel: 01287 640549

WEST END POST OFFICE – Post Office & Newsagents
Contact Name: J.W. & S.J. Cooper, 14 West Road, Loftus, Cleveland TS13 4RW
                                                       Tel: 01287 640340


BRITANNIA INN – Public House
Contact Name: Rhona Sisson, 65 High Street, Loftus, Cleveland TS13 4HG
                                                        Tel: 01287 640612

GRINKLE PARK HOTEL – Open For Lunches & Dinners, Functions, Weddings &
Contact Name: Vanessa, Grinkle Park Hotel, Grinkle Lane, Easington TS13 4YB
                                                       Tel: 01287 640515

JOLLY HOLLY – Local Fun Pub
Contact Name: George / Andrew, Liverton Terrace, Liverton Mines
                                                       Tel: 01287 640456

LOFTUS WEST ROAD SOCIAL CLUB – Functions Include: Live Entertainment, Bingo, Big
Screen Football. We Also Cater For Weddings & Parties With Food Available.
Contact Name: Peter Dalrymple, West Road Loftus, Cleveland. TS13 4RG
                                                       Tel: 01287 640493

ROYAL HOTEL – Public House Serving Food Daily With A Sunday Carvery & Bed &
Breakfast Facility
Contact Name: Joanne Davidson, Whitby Road, East Loftus, Cleveland. TS13 4LQ
                                                      Tel: 01287 640339

TIGER INN – Mon-Sat Food Served Daily 12p.m Until 9.30p.m. Sunday Lunch 12-3p.m.
Booking Advisable. Quiz Night Tues. Live Entertainment Every Saturday
Contact Name: Sue Maguire, Whitby Road, Easington TS13 4NE
                                                        Tel: 01287 640420

WATERWHEEL INN – Public House, Restaurant & Carvery
Contact Name: Ian or Jill, Liverton Village, Cleveland. TS13 4TB
                                                          Tel: 01287 640322


WHITE HORSE PUB – Public House
Contact Name: Elaine Lawton, High Street, Loftus


Contact Name: David Garbutt, Hillside Autos, Carlin How TS13 4AQ
                                                       Tel: 01287 640397


HARRY DACK INFANTS – Infant School With Nursery Attached & After School Club
Contact Name: Christine Buckley, West Park Avenue, Loftus. TS13 4RL
                                                              Tel: 01287 640416

HUMMERSEA PRIMARY SCHOOL –5-11 Years Primary School With 13 Place Nursery &
Contact Name: Miss Sue Thompson. Westfield Way, Loftus. TS13 4XB     Tel: 01287 641781

LOFTUS JUNIOR SCHOOL – We Provide Education For Children aged 7-11
Contact Name: Mr D. Parkes, West Road, Loftus TS13 4RJ     Tel: 01287 640506


Contact Name: Mrs C. Shannon, Kilton Lane, Carlin How, Saltburn TS13 4AD
      whitecliffe_primary_school@     Tel: 01287 640414

FREEBROUGH COMMUNITY COLLEGE - Community College serving Loftus Skelton,
Brotton and surrounding area
Contact name: Ian Mather (Vice Principal); Ann Marshall;
Loftus Centre, Rosecroft Lane, Loftus, Saltburn, TS13 4PZ                              Tel: 01287 640563


LOFTUS CRICKET & ATHLETIC CLUB –Multi-Sports Club With Licensed Bar
Contact Name: Sarah Jane Smith, Whitby Road, East Loftus, Cleveland. TS13 4LG
                                                       Tel: 01287 640891

LOFTUS DOLPHINS SWIMMING CLUB – Swimming Club Coaching Swimmers From
Improver To National Level. 7 To 70 Years
Contact Name: Barbara Wilkinson, c/o Loftus Leisure Centre, Deepdale Road, Loftus                          Tel: 01287 644373

                         TAKE-AWAYS / FISH & CHIPS
BITE TO EAT –Take Away, Hot & Cold Food
Contact name: L. Shepherd, 88 High Street, Loftus TS13 4HG
                                                        Tel: 01287 643210

Contact Name: Lorraine Brooks, 14 Front Street, Carlin How TS13 4AB
                                                        Tel: 01287 641406

LIVERTON MINES FISHERIES – Traditional Fish & Chips. Open Mon-Fri 4.30 to 9p.m.
Fri – Sat 11.30 to 1.15p.m.
Contact Name: Mrs J. Pearson, 3 Cleveland Street, Liverton Mines TS13 4QY
                                                         Tel: 01287 640529

                               TEA SHOPS /CAFEs
THE GOOD LIFE FORUM – Community Café Providing A Range Of Healthy Meals. Buffets
By Arrangement
Contact Name: Café Volunteers, Riverside Building, Skinningrove
                                                        Tel: 01287 642508

EAST CLEVELAND YOUTH HOUSING TRUST – Registered Charity Working With
Young People Aged 16-25, Providing Supported Housing & Training Opportunities
Contact Name: Steve Stevenson, Riverside Building, Skinningrove.                                Tel: 01287 644044

EOTAS E2E – Entry 2 Employment. A Training Provider For 16-19 Years
Contact Name: Sue Wheatley (Programme Manager) Maureen Fitzgerald (Key Worker)
Unit 12, Lantsbery Drive, Liverton Mines, Cleveland. TS13 4QZ          Tel: 01287 644206

CHANDOS MINI COACHES – Luxury Mini Coach Hire, Airports, Weddings, Private Hire &
School Contracts
Contact Name: Philip Wiseman, 20 Lantsbery Drive, Liverton Mines or 18 Twizziegill View,
                                                       Tel: 01287 641383

Community Groups / Organisations
Contact Name: Graham Walker, Lantsbery Drive, Liverton Mines TS13 4QZ                   Tel: 01287 642244

                          VETERINARY SURGEONS

Contact Name: Susan Beck, 1 Liverton Road, Loftus.
                                                   Tel: 01287 640269

All Data In This Business Directory Is Compiled From Information Given By The







THERESA TOMLINSON – Theresa lives in Whitby, North
Yorkshire and has written many books about the surrounding
area, and was often inspired by the photographs of Frank
Meadow Sutcliffe. He was the inspiration of her first Historical
story called “The Flither Pickers” and since then she has
researched historical themes all over Whitby and Cleveland.
Email address:

MIKE MORGAN – Mike is a versatile journalist who is now a
district reporter for the Middlesbrough Evening Gazette and for
many years worked on the Whitby Gazette. He has over the
years won many awards such as News Reporter of the Year
and News Feature Writer of the Year. Recently he was the
regional winner of the prestigious national Race in the Media
Mike now lives in Whitby and has published historical military
books on the SAS and The Green Howards. Even if you are not
historical or military minded his books are compelling reading
Like “Sting of the Scorpion” about the Long Range Desert
Group, “Forward Regardless” the adventurous life of the oldest
man to reach both the North and South Poles, “D-Day Hero” the
story of CSM Stanley Hollis VC.

ERIC JACKSON – Eric Michael Jackson is a local author, born
in Loftus and has lived their all his life, except for a few months
during the Second World War when the family was „bombed
out‟. He went to St Joseph‟s RC School, Deepdale Road, Loftus
and later to Sacred Hearts School, Redcar. His jobs have
included egg collecting and cinema projectionist, to working in
the Central Warehouse, East Cleveland Co-op, Loftus, to the
brick gang on Skinningrove Works. There followed a long spell
with United Auto Services (now Arriva). Today he is a member
of Loftus Town Council and Redcar and Cleveland Borough
Council. . He has written several publications on Loftus and the
surrounding area. He also wrote “Spotlight on the Silver
Screen” an interesting and enlightening book on local cinemas
& theatres, which was published by Loftus Town Council

JEAN WIGGINS – Lives in Loftus and has published two
books about Loftus – “Loftus in old picture postcard” &
“Around Loftus”

PAT BARKER – Born Thornaby-on-the-Tees in 1943,
writes about life in war time and women‟s life stories.
Educated at The London School of Economics, she
became a teacher in history and politics. Her first novels
“Blow your house down” and “Union Street” were hard
hitting and unsentimental they are strong and memorable
books celebrating the individuality of the lives of „ordinary‟
women. Her book “Union Street” was winner of 1983
Fawcett Prize which has been filmed as “Stanley and Iris”.
The violence of the First World War became the backdrop
to her novels “Another World” and “Border Crossing” which
looked at the effects on following generations. Pat has
published many more novels and they have earned her
considerable praise.

BERT WARD – Was born George Herbert Ward in North
Ormsby, Middlesbrough on the twentieth September 1922.
He was a Political lecturer and wrote a pamphlet “I‟ll see
Socialism in my time”. Bert also wrote poetry and short
stories such as “The Steel Bongie” and “The Luscious
Plum” published by Mudfog.

It has been very hard to choose which writers we were
going tell you about, so we chose those which were closest
to the town of Loftus, Cleveland. The North East has a
wealth of talent in their publisher, playwrights, songwriters,
poets and authors, who have often taken their inspiration
from the people and landscapes of the North East. We
hope you will find the time to enjoy reading and listening to
some of the works from the people we have listed.





                           VIN GARBUTT

Vin Garbutt was born in South Bank, Middlesbrough, but now lives
in Hummersea near Loftus, Cleveland.
Vin discovered Folk Music whilst he was still at school and became
a regular visitor and performer at The Rifle Club in Cannon Street,
Middlesbrough. When he left school Vin went into the safety of an
apprenticeship at I.C.I. Wilton Chemical Plant. During this time he
went regularly to Ireland in search of his musical roots. At the age of
21 he became a professional musician and armed with a rich
repertoire of songs he spent his first summer busking his way
around the bars of Italy, Gibraltar and Morocco. It was then that he
found he had a talent for song writing.
In 1972 he recorded his first album for Bill Leader – The Valley of
Tees. This established him as a singer song writer with a social and
environmental conscience.
Throughout the 70‟s Vin‟s reputation grew until he became the most
sought after performer on the Folk Scene. In the 80‟s he was asked
to tour abroad, visiting such places as Australia, Bermuda, Canada,
Cyprus, Demark, France, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Ireland,
Indonesia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and U.S.A. In order
to satisfy the demand from abroad he sets off around the world once
a year.
During 1999 Vin celebrated his 30th year as a professional
performer; he spent the first part of the year doing a world tour.
When he got back to England he set off on his “Take it Easy After 30
Years On The Road” tour. He played to packed theatres up and
down the country and whilst on tour he released his “Word of Mouth”
Then in came the Millennium bringing a new event on his calendar
The BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. Vin was asked to present the award
to “The Best Folk Club 2000” and in the following year was
nominated for “Folk Singer of the Year” and was the winner of “Best
Live Act” BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2001. Later on Vin was further
honoured by Teesside University when he received the Honorary
Degree of Master of Arts. Vin was congratulated as “Teesside‟s
roving ambassador of folk music”, for taking his inspiration from the
people and culture of Teesside, for his services to the arts and the
area of The North East of England.

                    JEZ LOWE

By the time Jez Lowe recorded his first solo album in
1980, he‟d already spent almost a decade playing
and absorbing the traditional music of his native
North East, England. This area is rich in working
class values and holds a wealth of songs and music
unique to this corner of the British Isles.
His songs have been taught in school classrooms
not only in England but also Canada and the U.S.A.
Jez tours half the year with the BAD PENNIES and
the other half going solo.
With fourteen full length recordings to his credit,
numerous tracks on compilation projects, three
songbooks and a consistently full international
touring calendar, Jez has proven himself one of the
most popular and respected performers on the
international folk scene.

Other names to look for on the folk scene are: Marie
Little, Chris Ormston and George Welsh.

                        CHRIS REA

Chris Rea was born in Middlesbrough, England; he did not
pick up his first guitar until the age of nineteen. In 1973 he
joined a local band called Magdalene, whose singer Dave
Coverdale had just left to join Deep Purple. Magdalene
changed their name to Beautiful Losers and even though
they won a Melody Maker competition, they more or less
lived up to their name. Chris left the band in 1977 to embark
on a solo career, in April 1978 he released his single “Fool
(if you think it‟s over), which went to the charts in both the
U.K. and U.S.A. Since then he has sold over 22 million
albums world wide, his exceptional career now spans
nineteen albums and during this whole time he has
performed live with his band in International concert halls.
Chris leads a happy family life with pastimes such as Italian
cooking, a good pint of beer and his passion for car racing
and Ferraris. When Chris fell ill with a pancreatic condition
he underwent several complicated operations, during which
his wife and two daughters helped keep him strong, Chris
claims his family literally saved him. After his illness Chris
made the album “Stony Road” which shows his musical
roots, the state of his life, with an amazing sincerity and
openness not previously shown in his earlier works. The
typical melodic touches in “Stony Road” heralds from his
Irish/Italian background
Chris has always had a feeling for the Blues, in other words,
the chords and sounds which form the basis of the Blues
can be heard in many old Chris Rea songs. The quality of
his live performances in particular has been praised by the
media as one of the great moments of Blues Rock.

Dalesman Singers – Male voice choir - sing traditional
songs. This male voice choir has a huge following; they
travel up and down the country and often sing abroad.

Skinningrove and Eskdale Male Voice Choir – This long
established popular choir sings traditional songs conducted
by Mavis Hall.

Colleen Brown – Often heard accompanying other groups,
she has a rich Tenorous voice and a unique sound of her

Stony – Local North-east band who now tour all over the
U.K. and often overseas. In 1997 they played live at the
Rosedale Festival and have produced a C.D from the
event. A must to listen to is their C.D “Cigarettes &

Janie St John – This highly talented soloist is no stranger
to the Northeast, her wide range of songs hit the hearts of
young and old alike. Her “Songs just for you” is a double
cassette of popular music.

Sarah Sweeting – Sarah was born in Guisborough, and is
one of the North – East‟s favourite sopranos. Sarah has
toured Eastern Australia and works in Sydney. She has
toured throughout the Far East and her last London
performance was in Covent Garden. In October 2005
Sarah returned from Australia to do a special concert in
Guisborough, she sang alongside Suzannah Clark at
Gisborough Hall in aid of Sir William Turner‟s Almshouses

Suzannah Clark – Was born in Middlesbrough and is now
Cultural Ambassador for her home town. Suzannah studied
in Italy with Pavarotti‟s singing teacher and appeared at La
Scalla, Milan. Suzannah has toured extensively in North
Korea and is the first British opera singer to perform in the
country. Her recital in Pyongyang was at the invitation of
Kin Il Sun, the country‟s president. Suzannah has appeared
many times on television, in the news, BBC Songs of Praise
as well as many light entertainment programmes.
Suzannah recently performed with Sarah Sweeting at
Gisborough Hall.





In the year 1535 the local fishermen of Skinningrove caught in their
nets a creature they called the “Sea man”; unfortunately there are
no descriptions of this sea man. It was recorded that the sea man
was taken to a disused house in the village and kept there for
several weeks.
The creature became something of a celebrity and tourist attraction,
people came from far and wide to Skinningrove to have a look at
him, some people tried to feed him, but found he refused all offers
except raw fish, which he ate with relish and in great abundance.
This was no problem for the people of the village as this was their
chief source of employment.

The sea man was most patient and courteous with his visitors and
was particularly enamoured with the female visitors, he would sit
and gaze intently at them with a very intense look almost akin to
being in love.
Although having no human voice he would screech at them for
communication and the people of the village and visitors were most
kind to him and respected him.

As time went by his behaviour was such that he was part of the
community and was no longer locked up day and night, he was
allowed more freedom, but eventually the inevitable happened and
the sea man made his escape into the water, but before he
disappeared out of sight, he turned and waved a farewell and
disappeared for good.


Handale lies about two miles south of Loftus, it is not a village but it was once the
location for a small priory of Benedictine nuns, founded in 1133, which thrived
until the Reformation. The land then passed into the custody of Mr Ambrose

It was while in the Beckwith family that the piece of folklore arose concerning a
loathsome wyrm or serpent. The serpent had a special power, one that lured
maidens into his lair. It is said the moment a maiden set eyes upon this loathsome
creature, she was mesmerised by huge hypnotic eyes, which compelled them to
follow the serpent back to his lair. Here the serpent kept them for several days
before devouring them. In the nearby town of “Lofthous” (now called Loftus) many
beautiful maidens disappeared never to be seen again, the local people were
terrified and none would go into Handale to kill the serpent. One day a man called
Scaw came into the village, he was handsome and strong, and had a fondness for
fair maidens, however he quickly realised that there were few maidens around and
soon learnt of the reason why. Being a brave soul he decided to do something
about the serpent and equipped himself with a fine suit of armour and a trusty
sharp sword. Amidst cheers from the good people of “Lofthous” and with the
knowledge that only the day before the Lord of the Manor’s daughter Emma had
vanished, they thought by the serpent, he set off to Handale.

He searched through the thick wood, looking for the serpents cave, and as dusk
grew near he heard terrible sounds coming from a deep cave in a steep, rocky cliff
the other side of a woodland clearing.

Scaw knew he had to entice the serpent out of his lair so he chucked stones and
shouted. There came an almighty roar, with flames and smoke coming from the
cave, the serpent of Handale flew out of his lair, intent on devouring young Scaw.
With agility Scaw lunged and slashed at the serpent, but his hide was so tough it
made little difference; he did not flee, but keep circling, hiding behind trees or
boulders, just managing to keep out of reach of the serpent’s hot breath. He
fought on into the darkness, but he was rapidly becoming tired, he looked for a
vulnerable part of the serpent’s body. Scaw thoroughly exhausted tripped over a
branch of a fallen tree, he lay wearily as the serpent approached ready to strike,
Scaw turning onto his back, made a last desperate thrust upwards into the
serpents soft throat, whereby he severed a blood vessel, the serpent fell dead by
his side. Before returning to “Lofthous” Scaw remembered that Emma Beckwith
might still be in the serpents lair, he trudged towards the cave, although it was
dark, at the back of the cave he could make out her white dress as she huddled
terrified on the ground. Gently he led her outside and showed her the dead
serpent. On the way home he fell in love with Emma and eventually married her.

Staithes like so many coastal villages has its own folklore and this
one began before Staithes was a fishing village and most probably
when it was just a landing place for nearby Seaton.
There was a terrible storm and all the boats lay sheltered in the quiet
bay, but in the rough sea off Staithes two beautiful creatures were
battered and bruised from fighting against the cruel sea. With
darkness falling they saw the twinkling lights of a village and with
their strength drained they allowed the tide to sweep them ashore.
These beautiful creatures were mermaids with faces and bodies of
maidens and scaly tails like a huge fish.
Exhausted they both collapsed onto the shore of Staithes and fell
into a deep sleep. When they awoke the next morning they found
themselves surrounded by the villagers, who were staring at them in
an antagonistic way, they tried to explain why they were there and
that they meant no harm. The villagers did not listen but seized them
and hauled the terrified and tearful mermaids to the village and
locked them up with just a few raw fish apiece. They remained in
captivity for some time, with some people feeding them and others
taunting and throwing stones at them.
As time went by and the warmth of summer started, the villagers got
accustomed to having them around and even spoke to them, slowly
they were allowed out of their prison but always under supervision.
As the weeks slowly passed by, the people of Staithes forgot they
were sea creatures and one morning as they were playing on the
beach, the mermaids made a dash for the water and with a flash of
their tails swam out into the open sea. The villagers who realised too
late what was happening threw stones to try to head them back in,
but the mermaids had reached safe water.
One mermaid expressed her sadness at their treatment and as she
swam away shouted at them with a curse, she said “The sea shall
flow to Jackdaw‟s Well”, and the villagers just laughed because they
knew Jackdaw‟s Well was a long way inland.
The mermaids curse did come true, because the sea gradually
encroached upon the shoreline, taking with it many homes, then one
day a fearful storm came and swept as many as thirteen houses
away along with Jackdaw‟s Well.
Today the people of Staithes welcome strangers and visitors no matter
where they come from or what they look like.






The discovery of a Neolithic burial cairn beneath an early Bronze
Age barrow at Street Houses near Loftus shows that Neolithic man
formed small pastoral farming communities around 3700 BC.

From 2000 BC to 800 BC the Bronze Age settlers cultivated large
areas of hills and cliff tops.
 Their wood built dwellings have not survived, but, stone built burial
cairns have revealed beakers, food vessels, axes and other cutting

A Celtic stone head from the Iron Age (800 BC to 71 AD) and
possibly used in religious ceremonies, was found at Boulby. These
people lived in round houses and produced bronze and iron tools to
help cultivate the heavy clay soil.

With the invasion of the Romans (71 AD – 410 AD) came the roads,
superb architectural buildings, under floor heating and exotic foods.
Signal Stations were erected to warn against invading Picts and
Saxon ships. One such station was built at Huntcliff; the station
consisted of a well and a thick walled dwelling. The signal during the
day would have been smoke and by night a fire.

During the period 410 AD to 1066, the Vikings invaded the North
East coast and gave the area the name of Cleveland “The land of
cliffs”. Although no artefacts have been found around Loftus, Anglo
Saxon burial urns were discovered at Hob Hill, Saltburn. Amongst
the human remains they found Jet, glass beads, bronze brooches
and an assortment of sharp implements. Examples of these can be
found at the Dorman Museum in Middlesbrough.
A Roman road was built between Goldsborough and Huntcliff.
Coastal stations and settlements were situated on this route. Street
Houses near Loftus was one of the settlements.

In 1066 William the Conqueror arrived in England. Thus began a
period in history where England had a strong Central Government.
However the Normans introduced serfdom which replaced Roman
slavery. The North of England was the last region to resist the
Conqueror and the first to rise against him in 1069. During this

period the countryside North of York to the Tyne was devastated
and settlements were destroyed.

Circa 1300, Loftus consisted of two farming settlements, North
Loftus and South Loftus. North Loftus (now Loftus) later became the
hubbub of community life. A church was erected and became the
focal and administrative establishment. The building of a Water Mill
was an essential factor to the town‟s economic growth. Weekly
markets for vegetables, pigs, cattle and wool were held. Many of the
original streets are still visible today around the Market Place.

1604 marks the beginning of industry in the Loftus area.

Alum crystals were used in the treatment of tanning and a mordant
for fixing dyes. With the development of alum, agriculture ceased to
be the main economic activity. The alum industry brought jobs and
prosperity and with it the growth of Loftus and its surrounds. One of
the most important alum mines was at the top of Boulby cliffs (the
highest on the East Coast). The last alum mines to close were
Boulby and Kettleness in 1871.

About 1796 natural cement was mined in conjunction with the alum.
Cement nodules found in the alum shale, were quarried, broken into
small pieces, roasted and then ground into a fine powder. Most of
the grinding mills were water powered. However in 1817 Loftus
Cement Works had the first steam powered mill in Cleveland.
Cement at that time was expensive to produce and a cheaper
version was made named Slag Cement. This was produced from
iron furnace waste product.
The jetty at Skinningrove is made with Slag Cement, which came
from the Skinningrove ironworks.

In 1848 the main seam of ironstone in the Skinningrove Valley was
discovered. Much work for hard rock miners was created. This
necessitated an influx of labour from other mining regions,
especially from Cornwall whose own coal and copper mines were in
The great surge in the population resulted in large numbers of brick
built terraced houses being built in Loftus, Easington, Carlin How,
Skinningrove and Liverton Mines.
Of the five ironworks serving the Cleveland Ironstone Field,
Skinningrove ironworks established in 1874 has proven the most

successful. In 1907 it started producing steel and now exists as a
rolling mill.

Potash salts are used in the manufacture of fertilisers and other
industrial processes such as glass. In 1968 I.C.I and Charter
Consolidated formed a company named Cleveland Potash Limited
(CPL) `. Twin shafts approximately eleven hundred metres deep
were sunk by a three party partnership named MCC. The mines
stretch out as far as two miles under the seabed and just as far
under land.
A refinery was built on the surface to process the raw ore to a
potassium based fertiliser additive. The ore is refined at Boulby,
transported by rail and road to Teesport, before being shipped
In 1980 CPL started producing salt, which local authorities use to
salt roads in the winter.

Compiled by S. Aplin-Wakefield Cllr - 2005-10-06


Cleveland Industrial Heritage
Industrial Archaeology in Cleveland – A Guide
Ancient Cleveland From The Air – Richard Crosthwaite
History and Antiquities of Cleveland
A History of Yorkshire North Riding

Locteshusum – 11th Century
Lofthusum – 12th Century
Lofthouse – 13th Century
Lofthus – 14th Century
Loftus – 19th Century

Loftus is in the Doomsday book, known then as Loctvs, from
Laght-hus, meaning low houses.

The Urban District formed under the Local Government in 1894,
consisted of Loftus, Liverton and Skinningrove






Loftus – The war memorial at Loftus in Cleveland is situated on the
High Street, with steps on either side leading to the memorial itself.
Stretching on both sides is an ornamental bedding garden.
The memorial was unveiled on November 11th, 1922 and erected by
G. Hebditch.
At the top are the words:
                                  To the
                 Glorious and everlasting memory of
                              Loftus Parish
       Who gave their lives for god and country in The Great War
                               1914 - 1918

Also on the memorial is the dedication:
                  In memory of the men of this parish
                   Who fell in the Second World War
                              1939 - 1945

On the wall surrounding the memorial is a plaque, which was
commissioned and opened by then Mayor of the Borough, Cllr Eric
Jackson, dedicated to:
                       Stanley E. Hollis V.C
                Born in Loftus 21st September 1912
                     On D-Day, 6th June 1944
         Company Sargent Major Hollis of the Green Howards
                 Was awarded the Victoria Cross
                     The only one on that day
                     Died 8th February, 1972
                     This Plaque erected 2002

At the bottom of the steps and situated to the centre is the fountain,
sadly no longer working. At the top of the fountain engraved in the
stonework are the words:
                     “ These laid the world away
              And poured out the red sweet wine of youth
               Gave up the years to be of work and joy
              And that unhoped serene that men call age”

NEWTON MEMORIAL CHAPEL was situated off Chapel
Bank going out of East Loftus, it was surrounded by a grave yard.
This chapel which was much used is now no longer there as it was
bombed in the Second World War. All that remains is a plaque on
the bridge at the corner of East Crescent and Chapel Bank.

This chapel is right next door to the Arlington Public House on the
main High Street at the bottom of the two banks. The stone slab with
George and the Dragon carved on top, that use to reside in the
chapel is now being stored at the Methodist chapel at Carlin How.
Due to diminishing numbers and the high cost of upkeep the
Arlington Chapel is now closed.


The memorial in Easington is opposite All Saint‟s Church on the
main Whitby Road, in a little garden. This memorial commemorates
all those whose who fought in The Great War, 1914 - 1919

                        CARLIN HOW

At the end of Front Street in Carlin How, over looking a panoramic
view towards the sea, is situated the war memorial dedicated to
those who fought in The great War:

                            1914 - 1918
                        To the glorious dead
                         The path of duty
                        Was the way to glory

Also commemorated was the Second World War 1939 – 1945.

SAINT HELEN’S PARISH CHURCH is situated at the
end of Rockcliffe View, with a stunning outlook towards the sea, the
picturesque village of Skinningrove and the woods before Loftus.
Inside the church near the Lady Chapel is a plaque for all those who
fell in The Great War:
            “Until the day dawn and the shadows flee away”
                             1914 - 1919

Also in the church is a stained glass window given by the Rev.
A.P.Mitchell, 1932 for the fallen of The Great War.

The beautiful stained glass window in the east of the church is a
commemoration to George Lockwood Dorman who died serving his
country in the Boer War. His mother dedicated this window in 1902.

There is also a list of names for both The Great War and The
Second World War.


The war memorial is situated on New Company Row outside a row
of bungalows. It is dedicated to all those who fell in The Great War
1914 – 1918 and The Second World War 1939 – 1945.
                In loving memory of Skinningrove men
                 who gave their lives for their country.

             "Pass not this stone in sorrow but in the pride
                and may ye live as nobly as they died”

                     LIVERTON MINES

Memorial in St Hilda‟s Church on Liverton road for all those who fell
in “World War One” and “World War Two”.
There is a plaque on the outside wall of The Jolly Holly, previously
known as The Holywell View, to commemorate Stan E. Hollis V.C.


Situated behind Nos 6 – 10 Victoria Terrace, Loftus, stood a relic of
a bygone industry – candle making.

The old candle factory, built about 1840, was demolished in 2005 to
make way for a new development.

Right from its earliest days the workers there turned out candles in
there thousands, to meet the huge demand in a time before
electricity, and gas was not commonplace. There used to be
another Candle House in Loftus it stood on Micklow Lane near the
junction with Springhead Terrace. It was destroyed by fire. With the
arrival of the new energies, candle making ceased in the 1890‟s.
The building was then used as a fire station, a joinery shop and
other uses.

During the First World War (1914-18) it was used as a drill hall and
firing range. In the 1940s and „50s the kids from East Crescent used
to play in there. In the end the Candle Factory was dilapidated and
in a forlorn state its demise was inevitable, a far cry from its busy
industrial days. Stones from the old building have been incorporated
in the new development. A plaque giving the industrial history will
grace the area.

                       Eric M Jackson     19 March 2006





The Captain Cook Birthplace Museum
Stewart Park, Marton, Middlesbrough, TS7 8AT
Tel: 01642 311211       Fax: 01642515659

Mar – Oct, Tues – Sun: 10am – 5.30pm
Nov – Feb, Tues – Sun: 9am – 4pm

Discover Captain James Cook, from his early days in Marton, Great
Ayton and Whitby, to his great voyages around the world.

The Dorman Museum
Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough, TS5 6LA
Tel: 01642 813781           Fax: 01642 358100

Mar – Oct, Tues – Sun: 10am – 5.30pm
Nov – Feb, Tues – Sun: 9am – 4.30pm

Amazing objects from Middlesbrough’s historic priory to the jungles
of South America.

Ryedale Folk Museum
Hutton le Hole, York, YO62 6AU
Tel: 01751 417367

6TH Mar – 29th Oct: 10am – 5.30pm (Last entry 4.30pm)
Our rescued and restored buildings chart the changes in rural life.
                   Prices correct when going to print

Kirkleatham Museum
Kirkleatham Village, Redcar, TS10 5NW
Tel: 01642 479500

Apr – Sept, Tues – Sun, 10am – 5pm
Oct – Mar, Tues – Sun, 10am – 4pm
Admission FREE

Local museum with a fine collection of archaeology, natural and social

Ormesby Hall
Church Lane, Ormesby, Middlesbrough, TS7 9AS
Tel: 01642 324188

30th Mar – 2nd Nov, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sun, 1.30pm – 4.30pm
Admission: Adults £3.90 Child £1.90 National Trust members free

Mid 18th Century Palladian mansion.


Guisborough Museum
Rear of Sunnyfield House, Guisborough, TS14 6BA
Tel: 01287 203617

April – October, Thurs & Sat, 10am – 4pm
Admission FREE

Museum specialising in the social, agricultural & commercial history
of the town of Guisborough.

                   Prices correct when going to print

Zetland Lifeboat Museum
5 Kings Street, Redcar, TS10 3AH
Tel: 01642 486952

May – Wed, Sat & Sun, 11am - 4pm
1st June – 30th Sept, Mon to Sun, 11am – 4pm
Admission: FREE ( children under 16 must be accompanied by an

The museum houses the world’s oldest lifeboat, built in 1802.

Tocketts Mill
Skelton Road, Guisborough, TS14 6QA
Tel: 01287 634437

End of May – End of Sept, Every Sun, 2pm – 4pm plus
Easter Sun & Mon and National Mills Day (2nd Sun in May)
Admission: Adults £1.50, Conc. £1, Child 25p

Tocketts Mill is a fully restored water-driven corn mill and a grade ll
listed building.

Guisborough priory
Church Street, Guisborough, TS14 6HG
Tel: 01287 633801

1ST April – 31st Sept, Tues – Sun, 9am – 5pm
1st Oct – 31 Mar, Wed – Sun, 9am – 5pm
Admission: Adults £1.10 Child 50p Conc. 70p
English Heritage Members FREE

This priory church ruin is an outstanding example of Gothic

                  Prices correct when going to print.

Whitby Abbey
Whitby (on cliff top east of Whitby)
North Yorkshire
YO22 5JT
Tel: 01947 603568

OPENING HOURS: 19TH Mar – 30th Sept, 10am – 5pm
                   Oct daily – 10am – 5pm
                  1st Nov -31st Mar, Thurs – Mon, 10am – 4pm
                  Closed 24th – 26th Dec & 1st Jan
Admission: Adult £4, Concessions £3, Child £2.

Founded by St Hilda in AD657, Whitby Abbey soon acquired great
influence, before being ransacked by the invading Viking army. It was
to be 200 years before the monastic tradition was revived, but once
again the Abbey was plundered, this time following the dissolution.
The interactive History Gallery recreates images of the Abbey over
time and includes “Talking Heads” of personalities from the past.

Preston Hall Museum
Castlegate Quay
TS18 1BZ
Tel: 01642 781184

OPENING HOURS: April – Sept, 10am – 5.30pm, Daily
Oct – March, 10am – 4.30pm, Mon - Sat, 2pm – 4.30pm,
Sun, 2pm – 4.30pm.
Admission: Adult £1.30 Child/OAP/Student 60p Range of family

The museum houses displays of toys, art, armoury and everyday life.
Stroll along a typical Victorian street, where craftsman still apply
their trade.

                  Prices correct when going to print.

Captain Cook & Staithes Heritage Centre
High Street
Nr. Whitby
TS13 5BQ
Tel: 01947 841454

OPENING HOURS: Jan, Sat – Sun only, 10am – 5.30pm
Feb – Dec, 10am – 5.30pm, Last entry 5pm.
Admission: Adult £2.75 Child £1.25 OAP £2.50 Family £7.50

Life size street scene of 1745. Books dating from 1773 of Cook’s life
and journeys. Webber’s original engravings from Cook’s third voyage,
plus thousands of artefacts and pictures of Staithes.

Captain Cook Memorial Museum
Grape Lane
YO22 4BA
Tel: 01947 601900

OPENING HOURS: March, Daily, 11a - 3pm. Apr - Oct, 9.45am – 5pm.
Admission: Adult £3 Child £2 OAP £2.50 Family £8.50

The house where Cook lodged as apprentice to shipmaster John

Whitby Museum
Pannet Park
YO21 1RE
Tel: 01947 602908

OPENING HOURS: Tues – Sun throughout the year, 9.30am –

                   Prices correct when going to print.


Known locally as the tom Leonard mining museum

Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum is situated in a little village called
Skinningrove approximately 1 mile from Loftus in Cleveland.
The museum owes much to its founder Tom Leonard, who started his
working life at South Skelton Ironstone mine.
With the closure of the mines in the 1950’s and 60’s Tom started collecting
mining items before they became lost forever.
Sadly Tom died before the museum opened in 1983.

Since the opening of the museum in 1983, it has grown significantly,
which is due to the tremendous efforts of the many volunteers and friends,
(if you are interested in being a volunteer, phone 01287 642877).
The museum offers a fully guided tour, so please allow one and a half
hours. There are Teachers’ packs and worksheets available for key stage I
& 2. (should you wish to become a volunteer, phone 01287 642877)

Opening times: 1st March to 31st October
              Monday – Saturday
              School Summer Holidays. Everyday
              1pm to last admission 4pm
              November to February
              The museum is open to pre-booked parties of 10 or more

Entrance charges: Adults £4
                  Children £2
                  Family ticket (2 adults, 2 children) £10
                Induction loop and wheelchairs available

Deepdale, Skinningrove, Cleveland, TS13 4AP - Tel: 01287 642877 – Fax 01287 642970
Email:           Website:


Saltburn and the surrounding areas are steeped in tales of adventure of
smugglers in days gone by, where for some smuggling was a way of life.
Discover how they hid their contraband under the very noses of the Excise
men. Find out about the secret tunnels between The Ship Inn and the White

Set in authentic fisherman’s cottages alongside the famous Ship Inn public
house, the Saltburn Smugglers Heritage Centre recreates the excitement
and danger of those bloodthirsty nights. The hidden treasures will appeal to
all age groups.


Easter weekend – 30th September
Daily – 10am – 6pm
Last admission 5.30pm
October – March, Schools and group bookings only by appointment

CAR PARKING (signposted) and toilets are nearby (200 metres)

                 The Saltburn Smugglers Heritage Centre
                   Old Saltburn, next to The Ship Inn

                                  LOFTUS TOWN AREA
                                   NATURAL HISTORY

Welcome - how to appreciate the natural wealth of the Loftus Area

With an area of about 40 to 50 sq. km, the full extent of the Loftus Area is not generally
appreciated. Extending from the coast southwards to beyond the Whitby-Guisborough
Road, it comprises nearly a fifth of the total area of the Borough, and has many of the
borough's most interesting natural features. Within the boundaries of the Loftus area
alone there are many miles of natural & ancient woodland, 4 miles of coast, cliffs &
beaches, several nature reserves and designated sites of special interest, more than 10
miles of streams, rich in wildlife in particular birds and flora, and the pleasant surprise as
one spots a heron, a deer, a salmon-trout, or a kingfisher, a wild orchid or woodland
flower. There are also at least 70 kilometres (43 miles) of footpaths, both designated and
permissive, to explore.

In order to follow the natural features of the area, one can do no better than to get a
1:25000 (2 ½ inch/mile) Ordinance Survey Map. The "Outdoor Leisure Series No 27
North Yorks Moors Eastern Area " map covers virtually all of the Loftus Town Parish,
though one or two of the features mentioned here lie on adjacent maps.


Ancient, mainly Jurassic Geological strata, (Jet, Iron, Alum, Fossils), have shaped both
the economy and industry of the area, but also literally shaped the visual landscape.
Nowhere is it more obvious than the coastal alum quarries which stretch the length of the
Loftus coast, totally reshaping the profile over hundreds of years (1656 - 1870).
Special features e.g. Loftus Narrows - a site of special geological interest.(SSGI) owing to
its narrow cleft form.

Flora & Fauna
For detailed information refer to the Internet Guide in this directory

Rivers & Watercourses

  Skinningrove & Kilton Beck System
  This valley system was carved out by late glacial action and melting ice, creating
  picturesque wooded valleys that make relaxing and sometimes adventurous walks. It
  is a large catchment fed by moorland at the top, and is thus subject to flash floods
  pushed along by the narrow steep sided valleys. No wonder that the residents of
  Skinningrove already started to rename this as a river, as the image of a trickling beck
  or stream can be quite misleading.

  Staithes Beck-Easington Beck System
  This forms more or less the eastern boundary of the parish, and a significant part lies
  within the boundary of Boulby Potash Mine, which extracts water from it for its
  operations. The spectacular ravine through Cowbar and Staithes is a popular picture
  postcard, and marks the boundary of the Town Council's area.

Lakes & Reservoirs

  Scaling Dam Reservoir :Angling, Sailing
  Lockwood Beck Reservoir: Angling, Walking (This is in Lockwood Parish but is on a
  main tributary of Kilton Beck)
  Carlin How Craggs Farm - Corus Reservoir
  (Nominally this pond is in Brotton Parish, but for practical purposes the works are in
  Carlin How, and thus the pond too.) The pond links underground to the abandoned
  mine system, from where it empties into Skinningrove Beck.

 The Town has many woodlands, mainly following the course of the 2 watercourse
 systems: natural & semi-natural woodlands, but also some plantations. Nearly all of
 these have public access.

Whitecliffe Wood, Clarkson's Wood,          Hancock's Wood & Middle Gill
 & Kilton Woods                             Easington & Roxby Woods
Deepdale Wood                               Handale Woods & Waupley Woods
Loftus Woods - inc. Rosecroft               The Warren

Whitecliffe Wood forms a gateway to the wider Kilton Valley, these ancient and
semi-ancient woodlands harbour rare species including small Leafed Lime, and Spindle.
Recent landslips and flooding have lead to some major landscaping works in this area.

Rosecroft and Loftus Wood can be found to the South of Loftus West and East of
Rosecroft lane. These quaint sites are valued for their picturesque and rights of way
leading to the wider countryside.

Deepdale Wood Loftus, overlooking Loftus Bank, is a smaller woodland site owned and
managed by the Borough. It has a small pond and a picnic area.

Clarkson's Wood in the Kilton Valley is near the village of Liverton Mines, where is found
the official car park, but it can also be accessed from Carlin How. (see Rivers &
Watercourses). Towering over it is the former spoil heap from the Liverton Mines (closed
1910), (see "Other Sites of Interest") now reclaimed and already sprouting numerous
trees and diverse flora. This hides the natural wonderland down below.

Over the centuries, which followed the last ice age, nature has recolonised the blanket of
clay deposited by the glaciers and a fine woodland of oak, ash and elm has established.
An extensive ground flora of primrose, bluebell, ramsons, wood anemone, violet and red
campion delight the eye each spring with a breathtaking tapestry of living colour. The
wood is also home to a number of county rarities such as toothwort, wood vetch, Dutch
rush, and giant horsetail. The wealth of plant life naturally attracts a rich fauna, which
includes roe deer, great spotted woodpecker, tawny owl, spotted flycatcher and a vast
multitude of weird and wonderful insects.

Rosecroft, Loftus, Whitecliffe and Clarkson's Woods in East Cleveland have the status of
Local Nature Reserves.

Hancock's Wood is the easiest woodland for a short recreational walk starting and ending
in the centre of Loftus, from Dam End to Rosecroft Lane: it is also publicly owned (by the
Loftus Development Trust). Cool and sheltered, with its own stream and mill waterfall, it
makes the ideal flying visit. ( See also Walks)

Privately owned woodlands such as Kilton Woods still have rights of way and permissive
paths, and it is possible to take pleasant walks through these. You may not be lucky (or
observant) enough to spot a squirrel or a deer, but looking for the evidence of their
presence is a rewarding pastime.

The Coast

Beaches & Shoreline
Cattersty Sands, Skinningrove Beach, Hummersea Beach are fine undisturbed stretches
of beach with little or no road access, and so are among the parish's "best kept secrets".
Cattersty has dunes and Hummersea the rocky wave-cut platform criss-crossed with the
"rutways" of historic carting tracks
Cowbar has a publicly open seaward groyne suitable for a pleasant walk, but
Skinningrove Jetty is closed as unsafe for the present.

The Cliffs, which stretch virtually one end of the parish to the other, form our northern
boundary. They have given Cleveland its ancient name, which was referred to by Viking
invaders (long before Yorkshire got its present name). The cliffs are for the most part solid
though subject to erosion and should be treated with care.

Notable among these are Boulby Cliffs, the highest on the England's East Coast.
Undoubtedly this must have been a site of a beacon since Roman times, which can be
concluded from the lines of sight, and the name Boulby may derive from a Danish word for
fire. A nearby hill is named "Beacon Hill". Any archaeological evidence has however long
fallen into the sea, very likely helped by the modern human hand, which has carved the
characteristic shelf shape of today's Hummersea & Boulby cliffs. Boulby Cliffs were voted
one on the "Seven Natural Wonders of the North East" in a recent BBC Poll, alongside
The Lake District , Holy Island, High Force and Aysgarth Falls.

Hummersea, which has a steeply descending path and steps which are regularly eroded
at the sea end. Cattersty cliffs are different again, notable as a great part of them is not
natural at all, but formed by slag and industrial waste, overlaying the boulder clay, and to
some extent stabilising them. They are now largely taken over by nature and form an
unusual habitat which is an oasis for several wildflower species such as orchids. The
picturesque promontory of Cowbar form a natural nature reserve for sea birds, but an
idyllic but precarious existence for local residents amid holiday cottages.

All of these cliffs they are subject to natural erosion, but they also are fascinating both for
their beauty and their geological interest. The layers of the Jurassic strata -(see Geology)
are plainly exposed, most easily observed at Skinningrove and Cowbar. The eroded
material, both natural and unnatural mixing together, gives a particular reddish tint to the
local sand, and at Hummersea beach has formed into curious "toadstool" shapes owing to
agglutination with natural cements, and differential erosion of softer strata.

Nature Reserves

Cattersty Gill - belongs to Tees Valley Wildlife Trust
Clarkson's Wood, Whiteclffe Wood, Kilton Woods.
Cowbar - beware - this is gull territory! (National Trust - open access.)
Scaling Dam Nature Reserve has a bird hide for the reservoir from where the
oystercatcher, mallard, teal & goldeneye, widgeon and grebe, can be overlooked.

Other Sites of Interest

National Trust:: Hummersea & Cowbar

Large stretches of moorland in the south of the parish, including a remarkable amount of
common land, are coming under the orbit of the "Right to Roam" legislation.
  Easington Moor, Easington High Moor, Waupley Moor, Liverton Moor

Freebrough Hill
This natural hill is a landmark on the Guisbrough - Whitby Road. It is located in Lockwood
Parish, but the local Secondary College serving Loftus has taken its name.

Reclaimed Sites
Naturalists love these places, as they offer an insight into "primary and secondary
colonisation". They sometimes attract rogue bikers, too, but such activity is totally illegal.

Carlin How Clifftop - a fascinating reclaimed open space, sporting wildflowers, orchids and
fine views.

Liverton Mines Hills - gives excellent views, and an unexpected view of Kilton Castle.
There is a footpath beside the railway over the viaduct, which affords views along the
valleys in all directions, in particular over the forest canopy, mixed conifer and broadleaf.

Kilton Hill, also a former spoil heap, is technically just outside our boundary, but affords
spectacular views over the whole area. Wholly artificial, it stands as tall as the smaller
Pyramids of Giza. In the shooting season it is prudent to request formal access from the
Tees Valley Wildlife Trust, who manage the site as a nature reserve, and do not guarantee
your safety.

Deepdale: offers pleasant views, industrial archaeology and the adjacent Deepdale
Wood. Makes an interesting prelude to a visit to the nearby Mining Museum, or a walk
after a visit to the Loftus Leisure Centre

Cheap or free leaflets
Leaflets tend to go out of print, but stocks are not infrequently still held by Tourist Information centres or in
public libraries as reference.
Tees Valley Wildlife Trust Nature Reserves [TVWT]
The Geology of the Tees Valley [TVWT]
Heritage Coast Mining & Quarrying [ N Yorks Moors National Park]
Clarkson's Wood - [Redcar & Cleveland BC]
The Ancient Woods of Loftus -[Redcar & Cleveland BC]

                            WALKS IN AND AROUND LOFTUS

This Guide introduces walks and footpaths in and around the Loftus Town area, including
longer footpaths that start or cross the area, or pass fairly near our boundaries.

With 70 kilometres of footpaths within our boundaries, the possibilities are endless.
However, some walks are waymarked or described in published books or leaflets, and
several have been designed as circular walks. This guide mainly describes those, as it is
beyond the scope of this Directory to publish a complete guide with maps. A bibliography
will be found at the end

A map is invaluable - in particular 1:25000 OS (see Natural History section) - but the
Teesside (i.e. Middlesbrough) A-Z and the Philips County Durham & Teesside Street
Atlas also show most of the main footpaths.

It should go without saying that cliffs and tidal beaches should be treated with caution.
Nevertheless from time to time people are reported falling off the cliffs, hit by debris falling
off cliff faces, or cut off by the tide. Common sense and a set of tide tables will avoid all
such events.
Loftus Town Council accepts no responsibility or liability for the safety or validity of any of
the walks described.

Rights of Way
The only conclusive proof of a right of way is the Definitive Map held by the Redcar &
Cleveland Borough Council, but Ordinance Survey Maps are usually fairly accurate.
Generally speaking, Loftus Town Council has objected to proposals to extinguish existing
rights of way, but minor diversions happen from time to time. Seasoned ramblers will
know that even these definitive paths can become impassable for various reasons, and
lesser-maintained ones in particular can require good boots or wellies.

Follow the Country Code.

The Cleveland Way

This long distance footpath runs along the coast through the area, from Cattersty &
Skinningrove to Cowbar & Staithes. To the north it runs through Saltburn and then goes
inland towards the Cleveland Hills. To the south it follows the coast, through Whitby, and
as far as the major resorts Scarborough and Filey. The main features are the spectacular
views from the high cliffs and the unique rugged landscape created by hundreds of years
of quarrying for Alum, which ended in the 19th century.
The are numerous Guides and websites (see our web guide) devoted to the Cleveland
Way, often found at Tourist Information Offices as well as bookshops.

Cleveland Street

This waymarked historic footpath runs from Guisborough , enters the parish at Carlin
How, passes the Cleveland Mining Museum at Skinningrove, then rises to North Terrace
in Loftus, nominally crossing North Terrace and coming to an end at the Lane by Spring
House. It is possible to continue down this lane to join paths to the Cleveland Way. An
official leaflet is available.

The Miners Way

This waymarked circular walk designed by local people working with the Loftus
Development Trust, takes in the centre of Loftus as well the coast and cliffs at
Skinningrove, Hummersea and Boulby. It has a wealth of local history and spectacular
views that give a sense of wide open spaces. Leaflet available.

Hancock's Wood

This is an ideal short walk if you only have half an hour or so to spare. Hidden away
behind the centre of Loftus, it follows the cool shady stream, passing the old mill waterfall,
and can take one to further paths if one goes under the old railway bridge. Simply take the
narrow path from Water Lane by the Town Hall and Church and the entrance to the wood
appears at the bottom. There is seating in the wood, similar to a park. One exits from the
wood at the other end, being surprised to find oneself behind the main street. There is a
steep path taking one back up, by the Old Co-op, now a Redcar & Cleveland College
outpost, not very far from where you started.

Cattersty Gill

Cattersty Gill Nature Reserve is owned by the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust, who publish a
1¼ -mile walkers' leaflet. This walk takes in industrial history as well as coastal and
woodland natural interest. The walk starts at the sea front car park at Skinningrove. The
car park is built on a pumping station that is well-disguised - the impressive traditional
stone building that you see is very recent, and hides that part of the machinery that is
above ground. The path north crosses through the jetty and goes up across the
fascinating dunes of Cattersty Sands. The unique slag cliffs provide a home for sea birds
and orchids. The Trust's mini-woodland is found up the steps and across to what looks
like an area of scrubland.

As an alternative to retracing one's steps back to Skinningrove, it is possible to continue
walking through to the main road at Brotton near the Old Miners Hospital (now a private
residential development). The path goes through Low Farm.

Another possibility is to start at the car park in Carlin How by St Helen's Church. The
Church, which is hidden away behind the Corus Steelworks, has a prominent spire. From
there you walk across the reclaimed public open space locally known as Carlin How
Clifftop, and hence along the top of the slag cliffs behind the works instead of along the
sands. This way is guaranteed the best views of the whole bay, but naturally, care must
be taken as this permissive path is not a maintained pathway like the Cleveland Way
below. If in doubt, take the jetty path down to the to the beach.

If going by bus, Carlin How Bank Top (The Square) is more convenient as there are more
frequent services including the X56, 65, 89 and also the 62 which also goes into

Walks starting from Skinningrove

Because of its association with the Cleveland Mining Museum & mining history, a fair
number of published walks are available.

       Cleveland Street Circular

For example, the booklet "Four Walks from Skinningrove", available from the Museum as
well as local bookshops and the internet, gives walks starting at the Museum car park.
One of these takes in Carlin How and Craggs Hall, going up to Carlin How by what is
known locally as Pit Bank - a steep, sometimes narrow, path that starts near the bridge.
The path is now part of Cleveland Street (q.v) but historically was the main road to Whitby
before the railway came. There is no Pit there now of course, but the old mine buildings
are still being used by the scrapyard and a nearby cottage. The suggested walk circles
round from the main road to rejoin Cleveland Street and return via Carlin How, passing the
Carlin How Doorstep green and the local shops and post office.

Another walk suggested in Simon Blake's booklet takes in the spectacular views of the
valley from the Liverton Viaduct. It comprises a fascinating 2½ mile industrial history walk
including Liverton Mines and Loftus. An alternative walk, taking in more views of the
valley and more woodland, but two steep flights of steps, is as follows:

       Kilton Valley Circular

Walk towards Skinningrove from the museum across the playing fields, past the children's
playground and, further down, cross the road to the distinctive terrace of "Primrose Hill".
Almost hidden at the end of this are some paved steps that lead up to Carlin How. Go
south up the hill, past the steelworks gates and cross the main road into the Square.
Turning left past the shops onto Kilton Lane, and past the school, takes you towards the
woods. After completely passing several playing fields, any path into the woods on the left
eventually takes you down some steps to the railway viaduct. This is the local shortcut to
Liverton Mines: the valley view in all directions is splendid, over the woodland canopy,
with two hills towering above the valley that are reclaimed spoil heaps. If you have not
time to explore these, (which afford the only view over the hidden ruins of Kilton Castle),
simply cross the railway at the pedestrian bridge.

A steep flight of steps leads one down through mature woodland to the cool river valley at
the confluence of Kilton & Whitecliffe Becks. The massive screen across the beck is part
of the flood protection for Skinningrove, which suffered calamitous floods in the year 2000.
Walk north through the woodland path, alongside the beck, until you arrive at the main
road. Spot the evidence of mining history as you go. Cross the main road with great care,
and then head upwards, straight into Deepdale Wood, going steeply upwards until you hit
the footpath down to Skinningrove known as Wood Road. This was once exactly what its
name suggests, but is now towered over by the reclaimed spoil heaps to the right, and the
pillars of a former mine aerial ropeway to the left. One can walk up these to get more
interesting views, or continue down Wood Road to the Museum.

Cowbar & Boulby Circular
 The North Yorks Moors Park Authority publishes a 6-mile walk designated "Staithes Walk
1" which takes in Cowbar, Dalehouse, Grinkle Mine, Boulby Potash Mine & Boulby.
Further details and map from the North Sea Trail website (q.v.) or the NYMNPA.

Loftus - Handale - (East Loftus or) Easington, Circular or Semi-circular

With this walk there are two alternatives - to end up at Easington and take a bus back to
Loftus or to circle round via East Loftus. Unless you have been previously shown the
route by someone familiar with it, a 1;25000 OS Map is necessary. Some good walking
guides may describe similar walks.
In outline, one starts at the entrance to Loftus Town Hall, and going southwards down
Water Lane, follow the southward path shown on the map by West Field Farm. Branch off
the path southwards parallel to the beck (Middle Gill) rather than going straight down
down to the woods.

One is then crossing fields and skirting woods until finally walking through Handale Wood
by the beck. The tricky bit is curving around Handale in a wide eastward curve (so the
map or local knowledge is essential). One is curving around the site of the one-time
Priory. Following the path eastwards brings one to a large woodland known as the
Warren. Depending on choice, crossing the Warren can bring one either to the road
straight back to South Loftus, eastwards to a path on the left back to East Loftus near the
Cemetery (Loy Lane), or further East to Grinkle Lane with a long walk along the road
northwards to Easington. Easington Church stands on the A174 and buses run back into
Loftus. (on weekdays there are additional buses running from the Tiger Inn at the western
end of Easington).

Bus Stop Walks

Langbaurgh Primary Care Trust have published a set of 9 "Bus Stop Walks" to encourage
healthy activity, and leave the car behind. Most of the walks are within 7 miles of this
parish, and one - "Easington to Saltburn" - Walk Number 4 - starts at Easington and
crosses over the fields to Boulby, then follows the Cleveland Way to Saltburn. Details

Some walkers' booklets and leaflets covering the Loftus area

Six of the best - Along the coast, £2.95 A guide to six circular walks using the Cleveland
The Cleveland Street Walk, 50p [Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council]
The Borough Council lay on regular guided walks - details from their website or Tourist
Four Walks from Skinningrove: Simon Blake [Tuffs 2000]
Cleveland Ironstone Walks, Simon Blake £4.95
The Iron Coast, Simon Blake £3.50
Staithes Walk 1 - at (North Yorkshire Moors National Park)
Bus Stop Walks by Shaun Ivory [Langbaurgh PCT 2005] 01642-777738. Free

Other authors specialising in Cleveland walks include Bob Woodhouse and Alan
Falconer, the latter being out of print but obtainable from libraries and second hand
bookshops. To be up-to-date, the nearest comprehensive bookshop is Guisborough
Bookshop. Tourist Information Centres usually stock the free and low priced leaflets.






The Moors Centre – Danby – Whitby – North Yorkshire – YO21 2NB
Tel: 01439 772737           Fax: 01287 660308

GREAT AYTON (Seasonal April – September)
High Green Car Park – Great Ayton – North Yorkshire – TS9 6BJ
Tel: 01642 722835            Fax: 01642 722835

Priory Grounds – Church Street – Guisborough – TS14 6HG
Tel/Fax 01287 633801

The Town Hall – Albert Road – PO Box 69 – Middlesbrough – TS1
Tel: 01642 729700             Fax:01642 729935

West Terrace – Esplanade – Redcar – TS10 1RP
Tel/Fax: 01642 471921

3 Station Buildings – Saltburn – TS12 1AQ
Tel: 01287 622422               Fax: 01287 625074

Langborne Road – Whitby – YO21 1YN
Accommodation – 01723 383636
General – 01723 383637




Coatham Marsh
Warrenby road, Redcar.
Tel: 01642 759900
Admission: FREE
Coatham Marsh is used by over 200 species of bird, like the Heron, Coot
and Kestrel


Kirkleatham Owl Centre
Kirkleatham Village, Redcar, TS10 5NW
Tel: 01642 480512
OPENING HOURS: Tues – Sun & Bank Holiday Mon
                         10.30am – 4.30pm
Admission: Adult £3, Conc. £2.50, Child £1.75, Family £8.95
Under 4yrs go FREE.
One of the largest collections of owls in the United Kingdom with free
flying displays.


Saltburn Valley Woodland Centre
Valley Gardens, Saltburn, TS12 1JG
Tel: 01287 622408
OPENING HOURS: Open all year, Mon – Fri, 9am – 4pm
                       Alternative Sundays 9am – 4pm
Admission: FREE - There is a charge for some events and school visits.
Interpretative and educational visitor centre in the heart of the valley,
gateway to Rifts woods and the Valley Gardens.


Flatts Lane Woodland Country Park
Flatts Lane, Normanby, Middlesbrough, TS6 0NN
Tel: 01642 459629
OPENING HOURS: All year 6 days a week, closed Saturdays
Visitor Centre opening times vary, telephone for more information
Admission: FREE

Woodland Country Park with many superb views, visitor centre with
exhibition and information point.


Guisborough Forest & Walkway Visitor Centre
Pinchinthorpe, Guisborough, TS14 8HD
Tel: 01287 631132
OPENING HOURS: All year. Visitor Centre not always open, telephone
before arriving at the centre
Admission: FREE - Charges for some events

Gateway to Guisborough Forest and North Yorkshire Moors. Walking,
cycle and bridle tracks, children’s activities.


Tees Valley Wildlife Trust
Margrove Park, Boosbeck, Saltburn, TS12 3BZ
Tel: 01287 610368

The Moors Centre Danby
Danby, Whitby, YO21 2NB
Tel: 01493 772737
OPENING HOURS: Jan – Feb, weekends only, 11am – 4pm
                    March daily, 11am – 4pm
                    April – October, 10am – 5pm
                    November – December, daily, 11am – 4pm
Admission: FREE

Visitor Centre for the North York Moors National Park. Includes
exhibition, shop, tearoom, events, walks and education service.


Upsall Hall Rural Centre
Swans Corner, Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough
Tel: 01642 315481
OPENING HOURS: Works sections open Mon – Fri, 10am – 12pm
                                             1.15pm – 3.30pm

Upsall Hall provides work skills training for adults with learning
disabilities. Visit our work sections and sales area, Horticulture - Farm –
Pottery – Woodwork – Metalwork/forge – Concrete products and Farm




HM BARK ENDEAVOUR: Castlegate Quay, Riverside, Stockton,TS18
Tel: 01642 608109
OPENING HOURS: Easter to Oct – Mon, Tues & Wed, or by arrangement.
Admission: Adult £3, Child £2, OAP £2.50.

Full size replica of CAPTAIN COOK’S ship Endeavour. New children’s cabin and
story area

Middlesbrough Road, South Bank, TS6 6XH
Tel: 01642 219344
OPENING HOURS: Throughout the year, 7 days a week, booking is required.
Admission: Costs vary according to activity.

Multi-activity off road motorsports site. Offering karting, tarmac circuit testing,
quad riding, 4x4 testing and motorcycle training.

SALTBURN CLIFF LIFT: Lower promenade, Saltburn, TS12 2QX
Tel: 01287 622528
OPENING HOURS: Easter to Whit (daily), 10am - 5pm closes for lunch
                   Whit to 12th Sept (daily) 10am – 7pm closes for lunch
                   12th Set – 31st Oct (weekends) 10am – 5pm
Admission: Adult 60p Child 60p (under 5’s free) OAP 30p

Opened on the 28th June 1884, this is the oldest remaining waterbalance cliff lift in

Tel: 01642 502863 - 0781 3153975
OPENING HOURS: Easter Sun to end of Sept.
Every Sat, Sun & Bank Holiday Monday 1pm – 5pm
Main school holiday, every day except Monday 1pm – 5pm
Admission: Adult £1.20 return – 60p single
          Child 50p return – 30p single
          Concession & under 5’s FREE
          Family £7.50
15 inch gauge miniature railway, running from Cat Nab Station to Forest Halt.

                        Prices correct when going to print

TS105BJ – TEL NO: 01642 483520


TS10 5BJ TEL NO: 01642 483520


On A171 Road just outside Whitby
(Opposite garden centre) - (North of Whitby)
SUNDAY MORNING 8am onwards

West Dyke Road
SUNDAY AFTERNOON 1.00pm onwards

Milton Street
SUNDAY MORNING 9.00am onwards

Guisborough/Dunsdale Road
THURSDAY EVENING 4.00pm onwards



Westgate, 9.00am – 4.00pm, 2nd Sat of the month

Museum Quay, 8.30am – 3.30pm, 2nd Sat of the month

Nature’s World, 10.00am – 2.00pm, Last Sun of month

Pinchinthorpe Hall, 9.30am – 2.00pm, 1st Sun of month

            COUNTRY SHOWS

  NORTH YORKS COUNTY ~ Otterington Hall ~ Nr Northallerton



               THIRSK FESTIVAL


      HINDERWELL SHOW ~ A174 Hinderwell Village
  DANBY SHOW ~ Turnoff A171 between Guisborough & Liverton
CASTLETON SHOW ~ Turnoff A171 between Guisborough & Liverton
 EGTON SHOW ~ Turnoff A171 between Grinkle Lane End & Whitby
     WHITBY REGATTA ~ On the Quay Front/ Harbour.


BRITANNIA                     GOLDEN LION
Market Place                  Market Place
Loftus                        Loftus
Every Thurs at 9.00pm         Every Sun at 9.15pm
Tel: 01287 640612             Tel: 01287 640087

Maynard Street                Whitby Road
Carlin How                    East Loftus
Every Thurs at 8.30pm         Every Thurs at 9.00pm
Tel: 01287 643320             Tel: 01287 640339

Station Road                  Whitby Road
Loftus                        Easington
Every Thurs & Sun at 9.00pm   Every Tues at 9.15pm
Tel: 01287 640373             01287 640420


GRINKLE PARK HOTEL: Grinkle Lane, Easington.
Tel 01287 640515      Website:

GRINKLE LODGE: Grinkle Lane, Easington:
Tel: 01287 644701                                   Website:

THE GRAPES: Scalingdam, Easington.                    Tel: 01287
640461                             Website:

HUNLEY HALL HOTEL: Ings Lane, Brotton.
Tel: 01287676216      Website:

THE ARCHES: Manx Lodge, Low Farm, Brotton.
Tel01287 677512        Website:

THE SPA: Saltburn Bank, Saltburn
Tel: 01287 622544

RUSHPOOL HALL HOTEL: Saltburn Lane, Saltburn.
Tel: 01287 624111

THE ROSE GARDEN: Saltburn – Tel: 01287 622947

AMBLE GUEST HOUSE: Saltburn – Tel: 01287 622314

WESTERLANDS: Skelton – Tel: 01287 650690

WHARTON ARMS: Skelton – Tel: 01287 650618

GREEN GHYL: Moorsholm – Tel: 01287 669050
Website: www,

            SELF CATERING
LIVERTON LODGE: Liverton – Tel 01756 799821 agent.

HILLCREST: Moorsholm – Tel: 01287 660740

BARN COTTAGE: Skelton – Tel: 01287 650461

GRINKLE PARK HOTEL: Easington, Saltburn, TS13 4UB.
Tel: 01287 640515               Website:
This 19 Century Country House is set in 35 acres of unspoiled parkland. The intimate dining
room serves A la Carte and is open to non residents and children.

2QQ.         Tel 01287 676216         Website:
Hunley Hall has a tranquil and picturesque view over looking spectacular coastal scenery. Enjoy
freshly prepared home meal and the warm Yorkshire hospitality.

RUSHPOOL HALL HOTEL: Saltburn Lane, Saltburn, TS12 1HD.
Tel: 01287 624111
Our chefs are dedicated to providing the highest standard of English and International cuisine
along with our extensive range of wines. The restaurant adjoins a beautiful conservatory with
spectacular views of the valley and sea.

ALESSIS: 10 Dundas Street, Saltburn, TS12 1DE. Tel: 01287 625033
For that authentic taste of Italy, enjoy the wide range of traditionally cooked dishes.

VIRGO’S: 7 Dundas Street, Saltburn, TS12 1AH. Tel: 01287 624031
Freshly prepared and home cooked, served in a comfortable surrounding.

THE GRAPES: Scaling Dam, Easington. Tel: 01287 640461
 Situated on the moor road opposite the beautiful view of Scaling Dam. Freshly prepared
 meals in a homely and friendly atmosphere.

THE TIGER INN: Whitby Road, Easington, TS13 4NW.
Tel: 01287 640420

Please also refer to Teas Shops, Cafes, Take-aways in the Main Directory [Deep Yellow]

                             LOFTUS TOWN AREA
                               INTERNET GUIDE

Tired of wading through endless results from web searches? Try this convenient web
guide first. This includes some of best of the less obvious websites. Sites come and go,
and change addresses, so expect some of these links to be broken.


The news media and local Councils provide primary entry points to find out about the area.
Search for Loftus or a village name in these sites and see what comes up. (Evening Gazette) (Northern Echo) The local borough website. includes some impressive panoramas - main tourism site


Pictorial Walks & Virtual Tours
Want to know what the place looks like from the comfort of your own home?
A number of visiting walkers have created their own virtual impressions of their journeys
for example
Or the galleries at and .
But the richest pictorial source from a local walker is to be found at
Pictures on these sites are often richly detailed though sometimes slow loading.

Tourism entry points =


Walking British Tide tables -essential for beach
walkers! A new site detailing walks in the National Park

Maps & Aerial Views

Most web users by now realise that the internet is a detailed source of free maps for the
UK and Loftus & Cleveland is no exception. gives aerial photos
as a bonus but there are many map sites including the Ordinance Survey's own site
For a lot of local aerial views see


For maps of every local place around the 1850's go to: is the leading ironstone Museum Site for
Skinningrove, Cleveland and the UK, and the scholarly sources are . . For an interesting local film project look for
Iron Awe in the projects directory of Details of a major film
achievement on Ironstone History will be found at
But local history in Loftus extends to many more areas - prehistory, Vikings, Romans,
world wars, mining of jet and alum, and castles. Earnest researchers go to the archive
departments at Middlesbrough and Northallerton, but all their catalogues can be searched
online at Loftus and other parts of the parish have entries at
Genuki, a leading UK genealogy site
and family historians will want to take a look at the local society's site

Of more leisurely interest are and the back issues of, and the Northern Echo's history site .

Old soldiers will appreciate


Industry using this link will redirect you to the Boulby Mine
section of the website of ICL fertilisers. If you're more excited by Loftus's remarkable role
as the centre of the universe however, go straight to the Boulby Dark Matter Laboratory at . - the Skinningrove Steel Works once had a moving
virtual model of their process, but unluckily for the casual surfer the site has become less
entertaining and more business-like, but still provides insight as to what goes on there. the north-east's water company however, is a mine of information
on many environmental issues.

The local shops in and around Loftus (see this Directory) provide a wide range of goods at
good prices, including a number offering grocery delivery services. However, for those
who like to shop for groceries online, delivers groceries to this area.


The Tees Valley Joint Strategy Unit is a major source of detailed statistical information on
everything from housing to employment and education:
but there are several major national sites that give detailed profiles of the area, these are
mainly arranged by ward boundaries, so can be misleading. Try and the popular
Not just Councils have web sites but also public services. For example: with detailed information about policing and even lists
and photos of your local bobby.


Venues & What's On will tell you what's on at local cinemas anytime, and even e-mail
you every Friday free of charge

Sports Local sports gateway a local surfing website as is The Scaling Dam Sailing Club, popular feature within the
Further afield, the Tees Barrage Whitewater Course is very popular: for
the other Watersports Centres above the barrage

Major and minor football teams also have websites, too, notably of course Middlesbrough FC
and its unofficial fan site Darts Chess

Arts Didgeridoo club The foremost community arts event


Further & Higher Education Redcar & Cleveland College has a local centre in Loftus Prior Pursglove College in Guisborough Teesside University Durham University at Stockton University of Hull also runs courses at Whitby

Want something really local in flavour, the product of genuine enthusiasts, try
Somewhat hidden away inside is this truly local
Skinningrove News. And for a truly personal local flavour try:
The past & present glories of Skinningrove's Annual Bonfire are well photographed at a leading community arts event.


Buses & Rail The North East Journey Planner for buses and rail. for all Arriva Bus timetables & other information Local rail timetables the national railway gateway site The local airport

NATURAL WORLD, & ANGLING for sea birds Tees Valley Wildlife Trust Cleveland Naturalists Field Club for the enthusiast looking for
detailed information on local flora & fauna. Northumbrian Water's detailed Fishing portal
includes details of Scaling Reservoir. The nearby Lockwood Reservoir trout fishery appears
to be managed independently of Northumbrian Water. Cleveland Sea Angler





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