MYP 5 year course sequence by cuiliqing


									MYP Course of Studies
- 5 Year MYP

                                            Courses offered at Gateway Secondary School in 2011-12 School Year
Subject Areas           6th grade course                         7th grade course
Language A
                        MYP Language Arts 1                     MYP Language Arts 2

Language B *
                        MYP Language B 1                        MYP Language B 2

                        MYP Science 1                           MYP Science 2

                        MYP Global Studies 1                    MYP Global Studies 2

Arts #
                        MYP Visual/Performing Arts 1            MYP Visual/Performing Arts 2

Technology              MYP Technology 1 (or integrated with    MYP Technology 2 (or integrated
                        other subject area)                     with other subject area)

Physical Education      MYP Health and Wellness 1               MYP Health and Wellness 2

                        MYP Mathematics 1                       MYP Mathematics 2

in 2011-12 School Year
           8th grade course                   9th grade course                     10th grade course

          MYP Language Arts 3                 MYP English 4                        MYP English 5

          MYP Language B 3                    MYP Language B 4                     MYP Language B 5

          MYP Science 3                       MYP Science 4 (Biology)              MYP Science 5 (Chemistry)

          MYP Civics/Current Issues           MYP Contemporary World History       MYP American History

          MYP Visual/Performing Arts 3        MYP Visual/Performing Arts 4         MYP Visual/Performing Arts 5

          MYP Technology 3 (or
          integrated with other subject       MYP Technology 4 (or integrated      MYP Technology 5 (or integrated
          area)                               with other subject area)             with other subject area)

          MYP Health and Wellness 3           MYP Health and Wellness 4            MYP Health and Wellness 5

          MYP Mathematics 3 or
          Extended MYP Math 3 (HS             MYP Mathematics 4 or Extended        MYP Mathematics 5 or Extended
          Algebra)                            MYP Math 4 (HS Geometry)             MYP Math 5 (HS Algebra 2)

          Extended MYP math begins in         MYP students in 9th and 10th         Students in several of the 9th and
          8th grade for students who          grade will be required to complete   10th grade MYP courses will be
          demonstrate the ability to          a capstone Personal Project over     encouraged to take AP assessments
          successfully complete high          these two years of school.           in these content areas upon
          school math coursework by 8th                                            conclusion of relevant MYP courses.
          Courses listed in italics will be
          offered for HS Credit. All
          students will take Current
          Issues. Some 8th graders will
          take extended MYP
          Mathematics 3 for HS Algebra

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