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									       Can't hear anyone via an earpiece on an iPhone 4
If you can't hear anyone through your Apple iPhone 4 earpiece or they are distorted and it crackles, then
you might need an Apple iPhone 4 earpiece repair. How can you assess whether this is the case? Just
plug in your headphones and if a person calling you is clear, then your earpiece is at fault.
Having your earpiece hardware repaired is not a problem if handled correctly. Now as the Apple iPhone 4
is an expensive phone you need to make sure your iPhone 4 repair is in safe hands. So when it comes to
safe hands, you should hire iPhone Repairs Direct to repair your iPhone 4 earpiece. Why? We will list the
reasons why we should be entrusted to perform the iPhone repair:

We have the experience you require.
We have been repairing Apple iPhones in the UK since September 2007. Even though the iPhone 4
model didn't exist back then, our experience of repairing earlier models, and our recent experience of
repairing Apple iPhone 4 models, makes us ideal to handle your repair.

We guarantee the Apple iPhone 4 earpiece repair.
You need to know you are not wasting your time, giving us your Apple iPhone 4 to be repaired. So you
can be rest assured the repair is being carried out by the correct people, as we guarantee to repair the

We have the replacement part readily available.
We have the replacement part available, so we can quickly perform the iPhone 4 earpiece repair. As well
as your iPhone 4 being in safe hands, this is another important part of our repair service, as it means your
repair will be carried out quickly.

We will perform the earpiece repair in 48 hours or less!
We will successfully perform the Apple iPhone 4 earpiece repair in 48 hours or less, from when we
receive the faulty Apple iPhone 4. This is a quick turnaround, but we don't skip any steps and always take
great care to perform a successful repair.

So how does our Apple iPhone 4 service work?
First of all you need to book your repair via our website, else give us a call. Once the repair has been
booked and paid for, you send the faulty iPhone 4 to our repair centre based at Banbury. When we
receive the iPhone 4 we will expertly repair your phone, then post it back. The repair process could take
up to 48 hours, but often it is posted back much sooner.

   If you live in the UK and have a faulty iPhone 4 earpiece, hire iPhone Repairs Direct to fix it.

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