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1. Education
   • Brown University, Providence, RI (2005-present)
      PhD Candidate in Sociology
      Concentration in international migration, development, remittances, civil society and
   • University of Oxford, Oxford, England (2002-2004)
      MPhil Latin American Studies
      Concentration in History and Development Anthropology in Latin America
   • Emory University, Atlanta, GA (1998-2002)
      BA English Literature and Journalism

2. Publications/Papers
   • Villacrés, Daniela. Forthcoming. Book Review for Beyond the Boycott: Labor Rights,
      Human Rights, and Transnational Activism by Gay Seidman. Ethnic and Racial Studies.
   • Itzigsohn, José and Daniela Villacrés. 2008. “Migrant Political Transnationalism and the
      Practice of Democracy: Dominican external voting rights and Salvadoran home town
      associations”. Ethnic and Racial Studies, Vol. 31 No. 4 May 2008 pp. 664-686.
   • Villacrés, Daniela. 2007. "A View from the Inside: The Remittance-Development Link
      and the Case of Intipucá, El Salvador". Paper received Honorable Mention at the Inter
      American Development Bank—Multilateral Investment Fund’s competition supporting
      academic research on remittances.
   • Pan-American Development Foundation (PADF). 2005. “ALCANCE Final Project
      Report: Increasing the Impact of Community Remittances on Education in El Salvador”.
   • Villacrés, Daniela. 2004. “Migration, Remittances, and Local Development: The Case of
      Intipucá, El Salvador”. MPhil Thesis: Oxford University.

3. Scholarships, Grants, and Awards
   • Alternate Candidate for the Inter-American Foundation’s Grassroots Development
      Fellowship (2008).
   • Beatrice and Joseph Feinberg Memorial Fund, Sociology Department, Brown University
   • Certificate of Appreciation from the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration,
      Department of State, for contributions to Lebanon Task Force (July-August 2006).
   • The Carlos de Sola Wright Memorial Fund, Oxford University (2003).
   • Latin American Centre Management Committee’s Travel Fund, Oxford University

4. Work and Research Experience
   • Brown University, Teaching Assistant, 2006-2008: (i) Organizational Theories of the
      Public and Private Sectors; (ii) Theories of Organizational Dynamics and Decision
      Making; and (iii) Race and Ethnicity in the Modern World. Assist professors with class
      preparation and lectures; meet regularly with students; and grade exams/essays.

   •   Brown University, Research Assistant for Professor Hilary Silver, Summer 2007:
       Conducted interviews with Latino politicians for a project on immigrant political
       incorporation; Coded and analyzed interview data.
   •   U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, Washington,
       D.C., Summer 2006: Worked with Policy and Migration teams researching, developing,
       and analyzing US Government (USG) policy on related issues; Contributed to
       formulation/articulation of Bureau issues under the new USG foreign assistance
       framework; Prepared talking points and position papers for use by the U.S. Mission at the
       UN High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development; Represented the U.S. Mission
       at the “UN Informal Interactive Hearings of the General Assembly with Representatives
       of NGOs, Civil Society, and the Private Sector on International Migration and
       Development”; Represented the Bureau during Senate and House hearings on
       immigration reform, and other migration-related events.
   •   Pan American Development Foundation, Washington, D.C., January-June 2005:
       Served as full-time consultant on ALCANCE—a program that channeled community
       remittances into an educational programs in rural El Salvador; Designed and led training
       sessions aimed at strengthening the organizational and development capacity of migrant
       hometown associations (HTAs); Facilitated migrant involvement with the project and
       served as liaison between the Foundation and HTAs; Conducted empirical research and
       analyzed data for inclusion in final project report.
   •   Emory University Study Abroad Program, Cape Town, South Africa, Summer 2002:
       Participated in an internship program aimed at researching post-apartheid integration in
       the schooling system; Served as teaching assistant at two primary schools; Conducted
       interviews on post-apartheid racial relations and educational development with students
       and faculty; Coded and analyzed interview data and complied final report.

5. Professional and Extracurricular Activities
   • First Migration and Development Workshop for Young Researchers and Teachers,
      June-July 2008: Selected to participate in the Workshop organized by the International
      Network on Migration and Development and hosted by the Colegio de la Frontera Norte
      (COLEF) in Tijuana, Mexico, and the Center for Comparative Migration Studies at the
      University of California San Diego (CCIS-UCSD); Exchanged disciplinary and analytic
      perspectives with young researchers and senior scholars to critically analyze current
      migration issues from cross-regional view.
   • Vanguardia Latina Espacio USA, April 2008: Selected to participate in thematic
      workshops with other young Latino leaders to dialogue about issues critical to the
      hemisphere and the integration challenges faced by Latino communities in the US;
      Developed written recommendations during workshops which were presented to the
      organizers at the close of the conference.
   • Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Member of the Graduate Student
      Association, Brown University, 2005-present.
   • AmeriCorps Program, CentroNía, Washington, D.C., Summer 2002: Served as youth
      mentor and provided guidance and supervision for at-risk children in the program;
      Tutored in reading and math; Planned daily activities for program participants.
   • Sasha Bruce Youthworks, Inc., Summer Enrichment Program, Washington, D.C.,
      Summer 2001: Developed, administered, and supervised activities for at-risk teens in the

       program; Assisted counselors and social workers in evaluating youths’ progress; Served
       as youth mentor.
   •   The Patricia M. Sitar Center for the Arts, Washington, D.C., Summer 2001:
       Organized annual art auction; Represented the Center in fundraising negotiations with
       media sources; Increased Latino profile in auction by recruiting the participation of
       Latino organizations and businesses, as well as donations by local Latino artists.

6. Foreign Language Proficiency
      Spanish: Fluent, spoken at home; French: Fluent; studied for 10 years between middle
      school and college. Italian: Working knowledge, studied for 2 years in college.


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