W 9 20vendors by NT24D8


									MCC_W9_VENDORS                              6625                11/7/2011
Name                                       ShortName        Vendor
100 Black Men of Greater Kansas City       100 BLACK-001    0000017409
1138 Inc dba Validity Screening Solution   VALIDITY-001     0000015803
24/7 Express Logistics Inc                 24/7 INC-001     0000018553
3235106 Nova Scotia Limited                32351 NOVA-001   0000019779
3521 Baltimore LLC                         3521 BALTI-001   0000012480
360 YOUTH LLC                              360 YOUTH-001    0000015261
3E Company                                 3E COMPANY-001   0000010284
3M Company                                 3M CO-001        0000005690
3ME Inc dba Retco Alloy Co                 RETCO-001        0000008452
4 All Promos LLC                           4 ALL PROM-001   0000020633
4 Imprint                                  4 IMPRINT-001    0000008090
401K ASP LLC dba ASPire Financial Servic   ASPIRE FIN-001   0000019979
451 Degree Protection/Capital City Fire    451 DEGREE-001   0000019573
4MD Medical Solutions                      4MD-001          0000017621
84 Lumber Company                          84 LUMBER-001    0000020656
8760 Engineering LLC                       8760 ENGIN-001   0000020431
A & E Home Video dba History Education     HIST EDU-001     0000005124
A C Designs                                A C DESIGN-001   0000017116
A Clean Slate LLC                          CLEAN SLAT-001   0000019906
A Daigger & Company Inc                    A DAIGGER-001    0000002504
A Rifkin Co                                A RIFKIN-001     0000008435
A Thyme For Everything LLC                 A THYME-001      0000017924
A Zahner Company                           A ZAHNR CO-001   0000018283
A to Z Theatrical Supply and Service       A TO Z THE-001   0000004904
A&E HOME VIDEO                             A&E-001          0000016548
A&E Printing LLC dba Regal Forms           REGAL FORM-001   0000021156
A&L Catering                               A&L CATER-001    0000016934
A&S Venture, Inc.                          A&S VENTUR-001   0000019624
A&W Medical Supply                         A&W MEDICA-001   0000019198
A-1 Sewer & Septic Service                 A-1 SEWER-001    0000002904
A-Luster Metal Finishing                   A-LUSTER-001     0000020083
A-Ran Stainless Fabricators Inc.           A-RAN STAI-001   0000021003
A-l Promotions LLC                         A-1 PROMOT-001   0000005257
A2MG, Inc.                                 A2MG, INC.-001   0000017661
A3 Creative Group                          A3 CREAT-001     0000020133
AA Promotions                              AA PROMO-001     0000015774
AAA Party Rental                           AAA PARTY-001    0000006176
AAA Satellite LLC                          AAA SATELL-001   0000017725
AAT Inc                                    AAT INC-001      0000020052
AATF National Headquarters                 AATF-001         0000016825
ABC Fry Wagner dba Fry Wagner Moving       FRY WAGNE-001    0000019587
ABC-CLIO Inc                            ABC-CLIO-001     0000000127
ABS Support Services, Inc.              ABS SUPP-001     0000019283
ACC Hospitality Lessee LLC dba          HILTON-ATL-001   0000020962
ACCESS American Associates Degree       ACCESS-002       0000018721
ACCESS Kansas City                      ACCESS KC-001    0000020684
ACES Deli & Catering                    ACES DELI-001    0000016532
ACI Boland Inc                          ACI BOLAND-001   0000017468
ACME Sign Hanger Inc dba ACME Sign      ACME SIGN-001    0000011182
ACRA Enterprises Inc                    ACRA ENTER-001   0000020587
ACSM-MARLS-UCLS-WFPS                    ACSM MARLS-001   0000018734
ACT Inc                                 ACT INC-001      0000000139
ACT-1 PRODUCTIONS                       ACT-1 PROD-001   0000016271
ACUBE                                   ACUBE-001        0000006533
AD Mfg Corp                             AD MFG COR-001   0000017906
ADA & IT Center                         ADA IT-001       0000005015
ADA Fundraising & Auction Merchandise   ADA FUND-001     0000020080
ADP Inc                                 ADP INC-001      0000005133
ADT Enterprises Inc                     ADT ENTERP-001   0000002814
AFP Mid America Chapter                 AFP MID AM-001   0000008122
AGP Inc.                                AGP INC-001      0000017638
AHEAD                                   AHEAD-001        0000003233
AIGA                                    AIGA-001         0000017978
AIRSPLAT                                AIRSPLAT-001     0000019993
AK Athletic Equipment Inc.              AK ATHLETI-001   0000020867
AKI Enterprises Inc. dba Marinelock     MARINELOCK-001   0000019565
AKT Inc.                                AKT-001          0000015691
ALLDATA                                 ALLDATA-001      0000002553
ALLEN,CHAD T.                           ALLEN'S 24-001   0000021236
AMC Trading dba Gemelli                 AMC TRADIN-001   0000021145
AMERICAN SOCCER COMPANY                 AM SOCCER-001    0000018718
AMF Northland Lanes                     AMF NORTH-001    0000004242
AND Technologies Inc                    AND TECH-001     0000012531
ANDERSON,JOHN R.                        ANDER-001        0000015568
AOS G                                   AOS-001          0000015274
APAC Kansas Inc                         APAC-001         0000002833
AQUA SHEEN                              AQUA SHEEN-001   0000018599
ARC/Western Blue                        WESTERN BL-001   0000001210
ARJO Inc                                ARJO INC-001     0000018951
ARMSTRONG PRODUCTS                      ARMST PROD-001   0000016679
ASAI                                    ASAI-001         0000002304
ASB Controls LLC                        ASB CONTRO-001   0000021089
ASC Pumping Equipment                   ASC PUMPIN-001   0000019656
ASH City USA Inc                        ASH CITY-001     0000019419
ASI Associates Inc dba Arbor Scientific   ARBOR SCIN-001   0000008162
AT&S (American Trailer & Storage)         AT&S-001         0000018300
ATD-American Company                      ATD-AM CO-001    0000008522
ATEXINC Corp                              ATEXINC-001      0000018692
ATS Systems                               ATS SYSTM-001    0000018926
AV Guy                                    AV GUY-001       0000016648
AV Now                                    AV NOW-001       0000014810
AVECO                                     AVECO-002        0000005647
AVES Audio Visual Systems Inc.            AVES-001         0000016972
AVMA Professional Liability Insurance     AVMA-002         0000020503
AVS GEAR                                  AVS GEAR-001     0000021052
AWT World Trade Inc                       AWT WORLD-001    0000012938
AYENEL dba Austin Walsh Photography       AYENEL-001       0000018198
Aaberg,David                              AABERG,DAV-001   0000019950
Abasa-Nyarko,Charles                      ABASA,CHAR-001   0000018112
Abbey Simons Co                           ABBEY SIM-001    0000002978
Abdi,Farah Mohamed                        ABDI,FARAH-001   0000017877
Abe's of Maine                            ABES OF MA-001   0000009636
Aber,Dave                                 ABER,DAVE-001    0000013250
Able Hands Interpreting Services          ABLE HANDS-001   0000008854
Abrams,Allan                              ABRAMS,AL-001    0000017878
Absolute Advertising                      ABSLT ADVE-001   0000011775
Absolute Fire Inc                         ABSOLUTE-001     0000020165
Abugusisa,Mustafa                         ABUGUS,MUS-001   0000019505
Academic Cap & Gown                       ACAD CAP-001     0000018655
Academic Success Press                    ACAD PRESS-001   0000004269
Academic Theraphy dba High Noon Books     HIGH NOON-001    0000014633
Academic Traditions                       ACAD TRAD-001    0000014119
Academy for Academic Leadership           ACADEMY FO-001   0000020925
Acceleration LLC                          ACCEL-001        0000018471
Access Services                           ACCESS-001       0000018619
AccessIT                                  ACCESSIT-001     0000013660
Accolade USA Inc                          ACCOLADE-001     0000018074
Accredit Review Committe Edu Surg Tech    ARC-002          0000004389
AccuTruck LLC                             ACCUTRUCK-001    0000020364
Ace ImageWear                             ACE IMAGE-001    0000000126
Ace Pipe Cleaning Inc                     ACE PIPE-001     0000008260
Acevedo,Michelle F                        ACEVE,MICH-001   0000016851
Acheve Consulting Inc                     ACHEVE INC-001   0000016725
Achieve Global                            ACHIEVEGLO-001   0000000137
Acivplant Corporation                     ACIVPLANT-001    0000017093
Ackerman,Debra                            ACKERMAN,D-001   0000015482
Acme Floor Co Inc                         ACME FLOOR-001   0000002079
Acock,Kelly                                ACOCK,KEL-001    0000018428
Acorn Group dba Acorn Naturalisis          ACORN-001        0000017963
Acres Inc                                  ACRES INC-001    0000005574
Action Printing                            ACTION PRN-001   0000017419
Action Target Inc.                         ACTN TARGT-001   0000012625
Acton's Auto Service                       ACTONS AU-001    0000020099
Aculty Spec. Prods /Zep Manufacturing Co   ZEP MFG CO-001   0000001200
Adams Point Golf Club                      ADAMS PT-001     0000017060
Adams,Debbie                               ADAMS,DEB-001    0000014989
Adams,Katrina dba K's Quality Home Daycr   ADAMS,KAT-001    0000013092
Adams,Sheri L                              ADAM,SHERI-001   0000010300
Adams-Gabbert & Associates LLC             ADAMS GABB-001   0000019907
Adco Medical Inc                           ADCO-001         0000010798
Adcuda LLC                                 ADCUDA LLC-001   0000020479
Addis Electric Inc                         ADDIS-001        0000019691
Addison,Margaret J dba Addison Land Day    ADDISON,MA-001   0000016745
Addo Enterprises Inc                       ADDO ENTER-001   0000021062
Adel,William N. dba 123 Graphic Products   123 GRAPHI-001   0000021002
Adesa Kansas City                          ADESA KC-001     0000015304
Adkin,Anthony                              ADKIN,ANTO-001   0000013895
Adkins,Dave M                              ADKINS,DA-001    0000016780
Adolph Kiefer & Associates                 KIEFER-001       0000009613
Adult Basic Education                      ADULT EDU-001    0000018071
Advance Magazine Publishers, Inc.          VANITY FAI-001   0000012278
Advanced Backflow Tech                     ADVANCED-001     0000018000
Advanced Commercial Enterprise             ADVAN LAMP-001   0000019689
Advanced Education Services Inc            ADV EDUCAT-001   0000011399
Advanced Exercise Equipment                ADV EXERCI-001   0000003856
Advanced Fire Inc                          ADV FIRE-001     0000010603
Advanced Mfg Techniques Inc                ADVANCED-002     0000019460
Advanced Protective Coating                ADV PROTEC-001   0000007609
Advanced RP Inc.                           ADVANCED R-001   0000018807
Advanced Systems Technology Inc            ADVANCE SY-001   0000019334
Advanced Technology Group                  ADVANCE TG-001   0000020033
Advantage Fire Protection Systems Inc      ADVANTAGE-001    0000019162
Advantage Tech of MO dba ComTech Service   COMTECH-001      0000019287
Adventures in Advertising Recognition Co   AIA-001          0000012945
Advertising Club of KC dba Ame Ad Fed      ADVERTISNG-001   0000002450
Advertising Needs Inc                      ADVERTISIN-001   0000018259
Advertising Store Inc                      ADVERTISIN-002   0000018757
Aegis Business Solutions, LLC              AEGIS BUS-001    0000019290
Affiniti Pub dba JF Riggs Publishing Co    JF RIGGS-001     0000000592
Affordable Elegance                        AFFORD ELE-001   0000005391
Agriculture Future of America              AGRICULTR-001    0000015506
Ahloe,Safsten                              AHLOE,SAF-001    0000017845
Air Compressor Engineering Inc             AIR COMPRE-001   0000000151
Air Conditioning Contractors of America    AIR COND-001     0000003806
Air Filter Plus                            AIR FILTER-001   0000005627
Air One Compressor EQ Inc                  AIR ONE-001      0000011329
Airbrush Unlimited dba New England Pictu   NEW ENGLAN-002   0000016881
Airgas Inc                                 AIRGAS INC-001   0000000153
Airheads, Inc.                             AIRHEADS-001     0000020726
Akers Washington, Lori Rae                 AKER,LORI-001    0000019995
Akzo Nobel Paints LLC                      GLIDDEN-002      0000000456
Al Tutton Photography                      AL TUTTON-001    0000017342
Alabama Metal Ind Corp                     AL METAL-001     0000018747
Alamar Uniforms of Kansas City LLC         ALAMAR-001       0000020103
Alber Electric Co Inc                      ALBER ELEC-001   0000004646
Albright,James                             ALBRIGH,JA-001   0000007199
Albright,Sara                              ALBRIGH,SA-001   0000017214
Albuquerque Baseball Club LLC              ALBUQUERQU-001   0000020202
AlcoPro Inc                                ALCOPRO-001      0000018861
Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation           ALEX LEMON-001   0000020752
Alexander Hamilton Institute               ALEX INSTI-001   0000017148
Alexander Open Systems Global Sol Inc      ALEXAN SYS-001   0000002892
Alexander Publications LLC                 ALEXANDER-001    0000017761
Alfax Furniture LLC                        ALFAX-001        0000018826
Alfred & Myra Massey dba A Matter Taste    A MATTER-001     0000020906
Alibris                                    ALIBRIS-001      0000007627
Alimed Inc                                 ALIMED INC-001   0000000156
All About Fun                              ALL FUN-001      0000018379
All About Learning                         ALL ABOUT-001    0000020200
All About Network LLC                      ALL ABOUT-002    0000020336
All American Fitness                       ALL AM FIT-001   0000000157
All American Sweats dba All American Emb   ALL AM EMB-001   0000012888
All Metro Movers, LLC                      ALL METRO-002    0000019288
All Nations Flag Co                        ALL NATION-001   0000000158
All Noise Control                          ALL NOISE-001    0000019633
All Seasons Insulation LLC                 ALL SEASON-003   0000015443
All Seasons Party Rental                   ALL SEASON-002   0000000159
All Star Awards & Ad Specialties Inc       ALL STAR A-001   0000000160
All Star Casting Co Inc                    ALL STAR C-001   0000005486
All Systems Designed Solutions             ALL SYSTEM-001   0000007678
All Temp Inc                               ALL TEMP-001     0000019357
All-Spec Industries                        ALL-SPEC-001     0000017891
Allcraft Jewelry Supply                    ALLCRAFT-001     0000018774
Allen J Flood Companies Inc                ALLEN FLD-001    0000015156
Allen,Brenda Rae                           ALLEN,BREN-001   0000007115
Allen,Lester E                             ALLEN,LES-001    0000016198
Allen,Sarah L                              ALLEN,SARA-001   0000016396
Allgood,Spencer M                          ALLGOOD,SP-001   0000020567
Alliance Medical Inc dba AllMed            ALLI MEDIC-001   0000006504
Alliance for Technology Access             ALLIANCE-001     0000014953
Alliance for Young Artist & Writers Inc    ALLIANCE-002     0000015284
Alliance of Hazardous Materials Profess    AHMP-001         0000011781
Allied 100                                 ALLIED-001       0000018376
Allied Electronics Inc                     ALLIED ELE-001   0000011871
Allied Staffing LLC                        ALLIED STF-001   0000013134
Allied Theatre Crafts Inc                  ALLD THEAT-001   0000008078
Allied Waste Services                      ALLIED WST-001   0000015243
Allison & Alexander                        ALLISN ALX-001   0000015068
Allposters.com                             ALLPOSTERS-001   0000017961
Allsorts Co LLC dba Allsorts Promo Prdct   ALLSORTS-001     0000019746
Allstate Fire Co                           ALLSTATE-003     0000020380
Allstate Tower Co Inc                      ALLSTATE-002     0000019284
Allwood,Sean M                             ALLWOOD,SE-001   0000018087
Almar Printing                             ALMAR PRNT-001   0000006245
Alpha Forklift Inc                         ALPHA INC-001    0000012275
Alphi Creations                            ALPHI-001        0000019017
Alpine Litho-Graphics Inc                  ALPINE INC-001   0000020064
Alta Book Center Inc                       ALTA BOOK-001    0000002283
Altec Industries Inc.                      ALTEC-001        0000018904
Alternative Business Systems LLC           ALTERN SYS-001   0000003575
Alternative Communication Services         ALTERNATIV-001   0000020320
Alternative Energy Company, LLC            ALTERNATIV-003   0000020901
Alternative Energy Store                   ALTERNATIV-002   0000020746
Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute/AFVI    AFVI-001         0000019882
Alvarado Screen Print                      ALVARADO-001     0000020082
Alvarado,Linda                             ALVARA,LIN-001   0000017539
Alvarez,Luz Maria                          ALVAREZ,LM-001   0000017168
Alvin & Co Inc                             ALVIN CO-001     0000004273
AmSan Kansas/Missouri                      AMSAN KSMO-001   0000000336
Amazin Tree Service                        AMAZIN TRE-001   0000017046
Ambassador Tours                           AMBASSADOR-001   0000015155
Ambrose Video Publishing                   AMBROSE-001      0000003112
Ambrosi Brothers                           AMB-001          0000016869
Ame Asso Collegiate Registrars/Adm Offcr   AACRAO-001       0000002225
Ame Society Composers Authors Publishrs    ASCAP-001        0000003388
Amer Family Life Assurance Co Columbus     AFLAC-001        0000018333
Amera-Chem Inc.                            AMERA-CHEM-001   0000018236
AmeriPride Services Inc                    AMERIPRIDE-001   0000021040
American 3B Scientific LP                  AM 3B SCIE-001   0000001946
American Academy of Religion               AAR-001          0000017435
American Animal Hospital Association       AAHA-001         0000020235
American Arbitration Association Inc       AME ARBIT-001    0000015209
American Assoc For Advancement Science     AAAS-001         0000003226
American Assoc for Lab Animal Science      AALAS-001        0000004656
American Assoc for Paralegal Education     AAFPE-001        0000011316
American Assoc of Sex Edu Counslrs Thera   AASECT-001       0000016800
American Association for Affirmative Act   AAAA-002         0000021068
American Association of Community Colleg   AACC-002         0000000171
American Association of University Women   AAUW-001         0000014791
American Band Accessories, LLC             AMERICAN B-001   0000017756
American Bar Association                   AMERI BAR-001    0000019046
American Boiler and Mechanical             AM BOILER-002    0000006057
American Bottling Co                       AM BOTTLNG-001   0000002102
American Catastrophe, Inc.                 AMERIC-001       0000020128
American Century Realty Inc                AME REAL-001     0000019455
American Century Services                  AM CENTURY-001   0000000170
American Century Services LLC              AM CENTURY-002   0000017747
American Ceramic Society dba               CERAMC MON-001   0000003196
American College Personnel Assoc           ACPA-002         0000003347
American College of Emergency Physicians   AMER COLLG-001   0000020738
American Conference of Academic Deans      ACAD-001         0000017925
American Council Teaching Foreign Langua   ACTFL-001        0000006406
American Council on Education              AM COUN ED-001   0000000172
American Counseling Association            AM COUNSEL-001   0000002179
American Craft Council                     AM CRAFT-001     0000021202
American Dental Assistance Association     ADAA-001         0000012693
American Dental Association                ADA-001          0000004293
American Digital Security, LLC             AMER DIG-001     0000019291
American Distribution Co LLC               AME DISTRI-001   0000019879
American Distribution System Inc           AM DISTRBT-001   0000010905
American Educational Products LLC          AME EDU-001      0000020418
American Fire Sprinkler Corp               AM FIRE SP-001   0000000176
American Food & Vending Corporation        AME FOOD-003     0000017886
American Food & Vending Services of MO     AME FOOD-002     0000016580
American Forensic Association              AM FORNSIC-001   0000007794
American Geological Institute              AM GEOLOGI-001   0000015276
American Health Care Assoc Publications    AHCA-001         0000019240
American Health Information Manag Assoc    AHIMA-001        0000003130
American Heart Association                 AM HRT ASN-001   0000000179
American Heartland Wipers LLC              AMER HEART-001   0000019763
American Home Inspectors Train Institute   AHIT-001         0000019125
American Hospital Assoc Services Inc       AHA SERVC-001    0000012078
American Hotel Register Company            AM HOTEL-001     0000012421
American Industrial Hygiene Association    AIHA-001         0000018762
American Institute Professional Bookeep    AIPB-001         0000008892
American Institute of Biological Science   AIBS-001         0000002190
American Institute of Physics, Inc.        AM INSTITU-001   0000020609
American Institute of Prof Bookkeepers     AM INS PRO-001   0000013956
American Italian Pasta                     AMERICNITL-001   0000014201
American Jazz Museum                       AM JAZZ MU-001   0000008442
American Lebanese Syrian Assoc Charities   AME LEBAN-001    0000018062
American Legacy Construction Group Inc.    AMERICAN-001     0000018327
American Legion Tirey J Ford Post 21       AM LEGION-001    0000016646
American Library Association               AM LIBR AS-001   0000000182
American Locker Security Systems Inc       AM LOCKER-001    0000004390
American Map                               AM MAP-001       0000003129
American Marketing Association             AME MARKET-001   0000015681
American Math Assoc of Two Yr Colleges     AMATYC-001       0000002947
American Mathematical Society              AM MATH-001      0000015133
American Medical Association               AM MED ASN-001   0000003710
American Metals Supply Co Inc              AM METAL-001     0000021127
American Meteorological Society            AMS-002          0000001956
American Midwest (Formerly American Feed   AME MIDWST-001   0000000174
American Midwest Equipment Inc             AME EQUIP-001    0000011247
American Music Company Inc                 AM MUSIC-001     0000000224
American Occupational Therapy Assoc Inc    AOTA-001         0000000226
American Pad & Paper LLC                   AMPAD-002        0000010109
American Payroll Institute Inc             API-001          0000005919
American Physical Therapy Association      AM PTA-001       0000003106
American Pipe & Supply Co                  AM PIPE CO-001   0000007143
American Red Cross                         AM RED CRS-001   0000000230
American Riggers Supply Co                 AM RIGGERS-001   0000012754
American Safety Training                   AM SAF TRN-001   0000008158
American Science & Surplus                 SCIPLUS-001      0000018073
American Sign Specialties Company          AME SIGN-001     0000016977
American Society Indus Sec Chapter 50      ASIS CH 50-001   0000003164
American Society Radiologic Technolo       ASRT-001         0000003029
American Society Training & Develop Inc    ASTD-001         0000001974
American Society for Quality               ASQ-001          0000001975
American Society of Clinical Pathologist   AM SOCIETY-004   0000005548
American Society of Criminology            AME SOC-001      0000018504
American Sociological Association          AMER SOCIO-001   0000014476
American Solutions for Business            AME SOLU-001     0000018952
American Steel Works Inc.                  AMERICAN S-001   0000020348
American Technical Publishers              AM TECH PU-001   0000000232
American Textile Mills Inc                 AME TEXT-001     0000009380
American Thermo dba Four Point Products    FOUR POINT-001   0000008733
American Type Culture Collection           ATCC-001         0000010493
American Type Culture Collection           AM TYPE CU-001   0000016728
American Waste Systems, Inc.               AMER WASTE-001   0000019285
American Welding Society                   AM WELDING-001   0000002453
American Wire Group                        AME WIRE-001     0000019880
Americon                                   AMERICON-001     0000019286
Ameriguard Inc                             AMERIGUARD-001   0000020383
Ameriprise Financial Services Inc          AMERIPRISE-001   0000019894
Amico Corporation                          AMICO-001        0000018819
Ampubsvc.com Inc dba American Publisher    AME PUB-001      0000015527
Amsterdam Printing & Litho                 AMSTERDAM-001    0000007969
Anatomical Worldwide / Anatomy Warehouse   ANATOMY-001      0000020037
Ancare                                     ANCARE-001       0000000779
Anchor Pad Security, Inc.                  ANCHOR-001       0000017194
Anchor Sales and Service Co Inc            ANCHOR SAL-001   0000019660
Andax Industries LLC                       ANDAX-001        0000020696
Anders,Garry                               ANDERS,GA-001    0000018908
Anders,Sonya dba Soul's Poem               ANDERS,SON-001   0000018851
Andersen Products Inc.                     ANDERSEN-001     0000018302
Anderson,Alyssa Easton                     ANDERS,ALY-001   0000017910
Anderson,Amber Lene                        ANDERSON,A-001   0000020568
Anderson,Crystal                           ANDERSON,C-001   0000020789
Anderson,David dba Anderson Auto Body      ANDERSON-001     0000019553
Anderson,James W. dba                      WORKFORCE-002    0000020997
Anderson,John R                            ANDERSON,J-002   0000007765
Anderson,Kevin Lee                         ANDERS,KEV-001   0000020826
Anderson,Leia                              ANDERSN,LE-001   0000020137
Anderson,Linda M                           ANDERS,LI-001    0000019795
Anderson,Robin                             ANDERS,ROB-001   0000014036
Anderson,Tremell                           ANDERS,TRE-001   0000012430
Anderson-Roberts,Robyn                     ANDERS,RO-001    0000016756
Andragogy Associates                       ANDRAGOGY-001    0000015327
Andrea Bryan Photography LLC               ANDREA BRY-001   0000018526
Andrew Drumm Foundation dba Drumm Farm     DRUMM FARM-002   0000020486
Animal Blood Bank dba Animal Blood Resou   ANIML BLOO-001   0000001749
Anixter                                    ANIXTER-001      0000005233
Annenberg/CPB Math & Science Collection    ANN/CPBMAT-001   0000002482
Ano,Angra M                                ANO,ANGRA-001    0000015690
Answer KC                                  ANSWER KC-001    0000016910
Antech Diagnostics                         ANTECH-001       0000016749
Antwine,Iretha                             ANTWN,IRET-001   0000008337
AnyCollege.Com                             ANYCOLLEGE-001   0000015847
Apex IT Inc                                APEX IT-001      0000018033
App Painting LLC                           APP PAINT-001    0000019760
Apple Computer Inc                         APPLE COMP-001   0000000241
Apple Nine Services Kansas City Inc.       HAMPTON-001      0000021238
Apple Nine Services Kansas City, Inc.      HAMPTN INN-001   0000000466
Applebee,Joel                              APPLEBEE,J-001   0000020687
Appleton Construction Inc.                 APPLETON-001     0000020704
Applied Concepts                           APPL CON-001     0000015002
Applied E Business dba CascadeGPS.com      CASCD GPS-001    0000020120
Applied Measurment Professional            APPLD MEAS-001   0000005617
Approved Memory                            APPROVED-001     0000018162
Aprisa Technology LLC                      APRISA-001       0000019485
AraSmith,Autumn                            ARASMITH,A-001   0000021056
Arab,Ranjit D.                             ARAB-001         0000016427
Aramark Uniform & Career Apparel Inc       ARAMARK-002      0000001803
Arbeau,Gerald J dba Arbeau Piano           ARBEAU,GE-001    0000019787
Arbor Wood Products Inc.                   ARBOR WOOD-001   0000020043
Arcbridge Consulting                       ARCBRIDGE-001    0000020887
Arce Communications dba KC Hispanic News   KC HISPNC-001    0000017426
Archaeology Institute of America           ARCHAEOLOG-001   0000021176
Archer,Cassie                              ARCHER,CAS-001   0000016759
Archive                                    ARCHIVE-001      0000016566
Arctic Education Foundation                ARCTIC ED-001    0000013952
Arel,Michael D                             AREL,M D-001     0000012632
Arizant Healthcare Inc.                    ARIZANT HE-001   0000020709
Arjo Huntleigh Inc                         ARJO HUNTL-001   0000018959
Arkansas Electric Cooperative Inc.         ARKANSAS E-001   0000020237
Arkansas Rehabilitation Services           AR REHAB-001     0000015505
Armada Corporate Intelligence              ARMADA-001       0000020592
Armstrong Medical Industries Inc           ARMSTNG ME-001   0000000258
Armstrong,Kelly Lynn                       ARMS,KELLY-001   0000017237
Armstrong,Michelle                         ARMS,MIC-001     0000017983
Army Emergency Relief                      ARMY EMER-001    0000016755
Arnell,Steve                               ARNELL,STV-001   0000010845
Arnold,David                               ARNOLD,DAV-001   0000003827
Arrow Cleaner & Dyer dba Arrow Fabricare   ARROW SRVC-001   0000012614
Arrow Magnolia International, Inc          ARROW MAG-001    0000020480
Arrow Stage Lines                          ARRW STAGE-001   0000006525
Arrowhead Containers Inc                   ARROWHD CO-001   0000018880
Ars Nova Software                          ARS NOVA S-001   0000002362
Art Lithocraft Co                          ART LITHO-001    0000015372
Artcraft & Foremost dba Promotions Now     PROMOTION-001    0000018389
Artesian Press Inc                         ARTESIAN-001     0000018879
Arthur J Gallagher Risk Mngmt Svcs Inc     ART GALLAG-001   0000004639
Artichokes                                 ARTICHOKES-001   0000020981
Artisan Medical                            ARTISAN-001      0000019751
Artisans Screenprint & Embroidery          ARTISANS-001     0000018272
Artworks of Kansas City                    ARTWORK KC-001   0000010784
Ascheman,Daniel E                          ASCHEMAN,D-001   0000020617
Ashcroft,Robert J                          INNOV FINA-001   0000007491
Asher's Chocolates                         ASHER CHOC-001   0000019155
Asian American Chamber of Commerce Inc     AACC-004         0000016678
Aspen Contracting Inc                      ASPEN CONT-001   0000020158
Aspen Properties Inc dba New Victorian     NEW VICTOR-001   0000020530
Aspen Publishers Inc dba Wolters Kluwer    ASPEN PUBL-001   0000000262
Aspire Brands LLC                          ASPIRE BRA-001   0000020084
Assessment Technologies Institute LLC      ATI-002          0000016654
Assn for Education of Young Children       AEYC MO-001      0000013522
Asso Women Health Obstetric Neonat Nrse    AWHONN-001       0000019981
Assoc Childhood Education International    ACEI-001         0000004578
Assoc Higher Edu Facilities Officers       APPA-001         0000004919
Assoc Study of African Ame Life & Hist     ASALH-001        0000017852
Assoc for Healthcare Document Integrity    AHDI-001         0000002905
Assoc of American Colleges and Univ        AAC&U-001        0000003451
Assoc of Black Nursing Faculty High Edu    ABNF-001         0000020900
Assoc of Coll & Univ Telecomm Admin        ACUTA-001        0000005644
Associated Air Products                    ASSOC AIR-001    0000008683
Associated Industries of Missouri          ASSOC IND-001    0000011388
Associated Mechanical Inc                  ASSOC MEC-001    0000011993
Associated Theatrical Contractors (ATC)    ASSOC TC-001     0000016864
Association College & University Auditor   ACUA-001         0000020186
Association Customer Contact Professionl   ACCP-001         0000019967
Association For Enterprise Opportunity     ASSOC ENTR-001   0000017945
Association Treat of Sexual Abusers Inc    ATSA INC-001     0000019720
Association for Career & Tech Education    ACTE-001         0000001901
Association for Counslr Edu & Supervsn     ASSOC CES-001    0000017015
Association for Institutional Reseach      ASSOC IR-001     0000001855
Association for Psychological Science      ASSOPSYCH-001    0000020110
Association for Skilled & Tech Science     ASTS-001         0000019379
Association of Classroom Teacher Testers   ASSOC CLAS-001   0000005568
Association of Community College Trustee   ACCT-002         0000013186
Association of Energy Engineers Inc        AEE-001          0000017905
Association of Missouri Charter Schools   ASSO MO-001      0000019404
Association of Missouri Geologists        ASSOCIATIO-001   0000016166
Association of Surgical Technologists     ASSOC SURG-001   0000000267
Astridge International                    ASTRIDGE-001     0000018854
Atagana,Silas                             ATAGANA,SI-001   0000020712
Athletic Publishing Company               ATHL PUBSH-001   0000003353
Atkins,Bryan N                            ATKINS,BRY-001   0000018109
Atkins,Erika                              ATKINS,ERI-001   0000018113
Atkins,James R                            ATKINS,JA-001    0000018665
Atkins,Kyle                               ATKINS,KYL-001   0000021220
Atlanta Thread and Supply Company         ATLAN THRD-001   0000019003
Atlantic Information Services             ATLNTC INF-001   0000016240
Atlantic Monthly Group, Inc.              ATLANTIC-001     0000020631
Atlas Handling Systems LLC                ATLAS SYST-001   0000000277
Atlas Levy Sewing Machine Company         ATLAS SEWI-001   0000016960
Atlas Pen & Pencil Corp                   ATLAS PEN-001    0000007410
Atman Inc. dba pcRush.com                 PCRUSH-001       0000010044
Atrium Finance dba Holiday Inn Joplin     HOLIDAY-002      0000001875
Attainment Company, Inc.                  ATTAINMENT-001   0000018351
Attig Photography                         ATTIG PHOT-001   0000018706
Audio Acoustics Inc                       AUDIO INC-001    0000016991
Audiovisual Inc                           AUDIOVISUA-001   0000003941
Audrie Seeley & Co                        AUDRIE SEE-001   0000011761
Augusta Sportswear Inc                    AUGUSTA-001      0000018825
Aulet,Ron                                 AULET,RON-001    0000016716
Aunt Lute Books                           AUNT LUTE-001    0000018381
Aurora Supply Company dba ASC Pumping     ASC PUMP-001     0000012923
Austin Community College                  AUSTIN CC-001    0000017809
Austin Sales Inc.                         AUSTIN SAL-001   0000020341
Austin,Juanita                            AUSTIN,JUA-001   0000012740
Authentic Promotions.com                  AUTHEN PRO-001   0000019598
Auto Sport Catalog/Interntl Auto Parts    AUTO SPORT-001   0000018775
AutoDesk Inc                              AUTODESK-001     0000001871
Automated Business Systems                AUTO SYSTM-001   0000009889
Automatic Sync Technologies LLC           AUTOMATIC-001    0000019951
Avanti Press                              AVANTI PRS-001   0000014641
Avcorp Business Systems dba Lineage       LINEAGE-001      0000019335
Avila University                          AVILA UNIV-001   0000002996
Awakening Avatar Enterprises, Inc.        CHI AIRBRS-001   0000020113
Awards Network                            AWARDS-002       0000018935
Axis Technologies Inc                     AXIS TECH-001    0000019855
Axzo Press LLC                            AXZO PRESS-001   0000017757
Aytes,Melvin A                            AYTES,MEL-001    0000002254
Ayvar,Carrie Sue                           AYVAR,CAR-001    0000015496
Azar LLC dba Dominos Pizza                 DOMINOS PI-001   0000020254
Aztec Company dba Aztec Sign and Designs   AZTEC SIGN-001   0000009869
B Independent, Inc.                        B INDEPEND-001   0000021132
B Positive Promotions                      B POSITIVE-001   0000019651
B&B Machine Repair LLC                     B&B LLC-001      0000018164
B&B Tour & Charter Services-LLC            B&B-001          0000016781
B&G Beverage                               B&G BEVERG-001   0000014363
B&H Foto Electronic dba B&H Photo Video    B&H PHOTO-001    0000004037
B&J Food Service Equipment                 B&J FOOD S-001   0000013302
B'Way Corp dba Hurler Athletic Company     HURLER ATH-001   0000017788
BA Designs LLC dba Superior Inst Svcs      BA DESIGN-001    0000020579
BBD Inc dba The Store Meat Market          STORE MEAT-001   0000020547
BC MacDonald & Company                     BC MACD-001      0000015195
BD's Mongolian Barbecue                    BD'S MONGO-001   0000019147
BEEKLEY CORPORATION                        BEEKLEY CO-001   0000021241
BFM Wholesale Corp                         BFM WHLSL-001    0000020116
BG of KC MO LLC                            BG OF KC-001     0000010385
BH Medwear                                 BH MEDWEAR-001   0000019189
BIA Financial Network Inc.                 BIA-001          0000016841
BIZCO Inc dba Bizco Technologies           BIZCO-001        0000019293
BMT Micro Inc                              BMT MICRO-001    0000019811
BNA Books                                  BNA BOOK-001     0000000186
BNI Publications dba BNI Building News     BNI NEWS-001     0000015416
BP Direct Marketing Serious LLC            BP DIRECT-001    0000020944
BREEZE SOFTWARE                            BREEZE SOF-001   0000015067
BROWN & BIGELOW, iNC.                      CREATIVE C-001   0000021181
BRS Photography                            BRS PHOTO-001    0000020135
BRUML MGMT,LLC DBA TECHSTYLES SPORTSWEAR                    0000021045
BSquared Training and Consulting Service   BSQUARED-001     0000019004
BT Group                                   BT GROUP-001     0000015213
BT Music Inc                               BT MUSIC-001     0000019176
BVAC                                       BVAC-001         0000020223
BWI                                        BWI-001          0000001747
Babcock Creative LLC                       BAB CREATI-001   0000017857
Babcock,David C                            BABCOCK,DA-001   0000020607
Baby2Tot.Com                               BABY2TOT-001     0000013500
Bagby,Jill M dba Message Point             MESSAGE PO-001   0000020278
Bailey,Lenton Jr                           BAILEY,LEN-001   0000020662
Baker & Taylor Inc                         BAKER & TA-001   0000000187
Baker & Taylor Inc                         BAKER-001        0000016205
Balanced Body Inc                          BALANCED-001     0000018903
Baldwin Pole & Piling Co. Inc.             BALDWIN PO-001   0000020993
Baldwin Regalia Co.                        BALDWIN RE-001   0000021116
Baldwin,Jakobb Nathan                      BALDWIN,JA-001   0000018913
Baler Service Company                      BALER SVC-001    0000017478
Ball Power Equipment LLC                   BALL POWER-001   0000012870
Ball,Rick                                  BALL,RICK-001    0000014758
Ball,Yakethia                              BALL,YAKE-001    0000013114
Balloon Inspirations                       BALLOON IN-001   0000020008
Bank Liberty                               BANK LIB-001     0000017577
Banks,Charles                              BANKS,CHAR-001   0000003828
Banta Publications-Kansas City             BANTA PUBL-001   0000002579
Baptist-Trinity Lutheran Legacy Found      BAPTIST-001      0000017854
Bar,Louis                                  BAR,LOUIS-002    0000018075
Bar-Kochba M. Botach dba Botach Tactical   BOTACH TAC-001   0000021121
BarCharts Inc                              BARCHARTS-001    0000000190
Barber & Sons Tobacco Co                   BARBER SON-001   0000000189
Barbier,Robert C dba Campus Sales          BARBIER,RO-001   0000008735
Barchers,Elvin E Jr                        BARCH,ELVI-001   0000018615
Barcode Planet                             BARCDE PLA-001   0000016101
Barewin,Lee                                BAREWIN,LE-001   0000014522
Barge-Howell,Angelynn dba Annas BLD LLC    BARGE,ANGE-001   0000002558
Barlett,Douglas                            BAR-003          0000017360
Barnes & Noble Bookstores                  BARNES NOB-001   0000001472
Barnes,Pamela K                            BARNES,PAM-001   0000020221
Barnes,Rachel                              BARNES,RA-001    0000018973
Barnes,William F                           BARNES,WIL-001   0000019703
Barnett,Cameron                            BARNETT,CA-001   0000016770
Barnhart                                   BARNHART-001     0000017889
Barraza,Anthony                            BARRAZA,AN-001   0000017802
Barrons Educational Services               BARRN EDU-001    0000007753
Barry-Ford,Adam                            BARRY-FORD-001   0000021232
Barstow Community College                  BARSTOW-001      0000018598
Bartee,Anetra                              BARTEE,ANE-001   0000020481
Bartkoski,Kenneth J                        BART,KEN-001     0000017289
Bartlett,Douglas                           BART,DOUG-001    0000017353
Bartoletti,Robin                           BARTOLETTI-001   0000017668
Bartolotta,Marissa A.                      BAR-002          0000017311
Barts Electric Inc                         BARTS ELEC-001   0000012598
Baseball Express Inc                       BASEBALL-001     0000014738
Basgall,Richelle M.                        BASGALL-001      0000021124
Basham,Nicholas                            BASHAM,NIC-001   0000014866
Bass,Harold Jr                             BASS,HAROL-001   0000019924
Bass,Jennifer                              BASS,JENN-001    0000016254
Basudde,Fiona                              BASUDDE,FI-001   0000019421
Batteries Plus                             BATTERYPLU-001   0000009141
Battery Mart of Winchester, Inc.           BATTERY MA-001   0000018953
Batting Cages, Inc.                        BATTING-001      0000018606
Batts Communications Services, Inc.        BATTS COMM-001   0000019292
Baudville Inc                              BAUD INC-001     0000002302
Baumgardner,Trey                           BAUMG,TREY-001   0000019400
Baxter,Clint M                             BAXTER,CLI-001   0000018846
Bay Insulation Supply of Kansas City       BAY INSULA-001   0000019300
Bayer                                      BAYER-001        0000005984
Bayley,Timothy                             BAYLEY,TIM-001   0000017780
Baynham,Durham                             BAYNHAM,DU-001   0000016325
Bayou Forest Products, Inc.                BAYOU FORE-001   0000017994
Beach,Kevin                                BEACH,KEVN-001   0000010815
Beagles Rental Center                      BEAGLE RNT-001   0000006662
Bearden's Stained Glass & Door             BEA-001          0000016583
Bears Printing & Bindery Inc               BEARS PRIN-001   0000000191
Beason,Aeriel                              BEASON,A-001     0000019448
Beatrice Victorian Inn dba Beatrice New    BEA NEW-001      0000020537
Beauty & Hair.com/Wigs.com                 BEAUT HAIR-001   0000018997
Beaver Drill & Tool Company                BEAVER TOO-001   0000009546
Because We're Family Photography LLC       BECAUSE-001      0000020322
Beck and Call                              BECK-001         0000015569
Beck, Pamela H dba Cued Speech Discovery   CUED-001         0000018123
Beck,Pam                                   BECK PAM-001     0000014590
Becker-Parkin Dental                       BEC-001          0000016949
Beckers Dozen                              BECKERS DZ-001   0000014749
Beckett, Samuel Louis dba Beckett Tuning   BECKETT,SA-001   0000019672
Bediako,Joseph                             BEDIAK,JO-001    0000020795
Bee Tree Care                              BEE TREE-001     0000006425
Beeler,Nataliya R                          BEELER,NAT-001   0000016540
Beeny,Nadine                               BEENY,NADI-001   0000016713
Behrends Auto                              BEHRENDS-001     0000012142
Belfield,Dan                               BELFIELD,D-001   0000013756
Bell,Billie Jean                           BELL,BILLI-001   0000017716
Bell,Deborah Lynn                          BELL,DEB-001     0000017349
Bells Floral & Interiors                   BELLS FLOR-001   0000018202
Belson Outdoors, Inc.                      BEL-001          0000016185
Belton School District #124                BELTN SCHL-001   0000003993
Belvoir dba Environmental Nutrition        ENVIR NUTR-001   0000002193
Ben Achtenberg dba Fanlight Productions    FANLIGHT-001     0000010063
Ben Meadows                                BEN MEADOW-001   0000009151
Benco Dental                               BENCO-001        0000017850
Benjamin,Keith                             BENJAMIN,K-001   0000018579
Bennett Packaging of Kansas City Inc       BENNETT PA-001   0000002223
Bennett,Philomene                          BENNETT,PH-001   0000018802
Bennett,Robin                              BENNETT,RO-001   0000018887
Benso Inc.                                 BENSO-001        0000020886
Benson,Michael M                           BENSON,MIC-001   0000001432
Bentley Systems Inc.                       BENT-001         0000016455
Bentz,Kenneth C Enterprises dba Sladek     SLADEK DO-001    0000014804
Benz Microscope Optic Center               BENZ MICRO-001   0000016016
Berchtold Corporation                      BERCHTOLD-001    0000018820
Bergland,Robert                            BERGLAND,R-001   0000018322
Bergman,Eileen                             BERGMAN EI-001   0000014591
Bergman,Jon                                BERGMN,JON-001   0000003829
Bergthold,Andrew                           BERGTH,AND-001   0000019584
Bergthold,Carolyn M                        BERGTHO,CA-001   0000018912
Berislavich,Zakariah                       BERIS,ZAK-001    0000017343
Berkman Center for Internet & Society      BERKMAN-001      0000018066
Berman,Carl Robert Jr.                     BERMAN,CAR-001   0000017616
Bernan Associates                          BERNAN-001       0000000194
Bernard Consulting Group Inc               BERNARDINC-001   0000014708
Bernardo,Nick dba Net Gain Marketing       NET GAIN-001     0000019449
Berntsen International                     BERNTSEN-001     0000018449
Berrett-Koehler Publishers                 BERR-001         0000016805
Bershire Associates Inc                    BERKSHIRE-001    0000020228
Bertschy,Jason                             BERTS,JAS-001    0000020018
Best Buy Gov, LLC                          BEST BUY G-001   0000015525
Best Plumbling Specialties                 BEST PLUM-001    0000016682
Best Portable Toilet Inc                   BEST TOILT-001   0000014964
Best Priced Products Inc                   BEST PRICE-001   0000020377
Best Value Textbooks                       BEST VALUE-001   0000013868
Beta Beta Beta Biology Honor Society       BETA BETA-001    0000018714
Bethards,Tyler                             BETHA,TY-001     0000018462
Better Office Products Company             BETTEROFFC-001   0000014696
Better Way Inc.                            BETTER WAY-001   0000019409
Beyond the Wall                            BEYOND WAL-001   0000017213
Big Dudes Music City/Advance Sound & Com   BIG DUDES-001    0000001949
Bigger Faster Stronger Inc                 BIGG FAST-001    0000004606
Bill Fritz Sports Corp                     BILL FRITZ-001   0000020266
Bill and Mikes Photo dba Midwest Photo     MW PHOTO-001     0000014042
Bills Floor Machine Service                BILLS FLOO-001   0000000197
Bills Tropical Greenhouse Inc              BILLS GREE-001   0000000198
Billy Goat Industries Inc                  BILLY GOAT-001   0000015872
Bilyeu, Kennette R.                        BILYEU,KEN-001   0000017636
Binary Research International Inc          BINARY RES-001   0000015256
Bindi,Bonita                               BINDI,BONI-001   0000015773
Bingham Enterprises                        BINGHAM EN-001   0000000199
Bingham,Mindy dba Academic Innovations     ACAD INNOV-001   0000020552
Bio Corporation                            BIO CORP-001     0000001750
Bio Environmental Syst Tech dba BEST       BEST-001         0000019294
Bio-Rad Laboratories                       BIO-RAD-001      0000015217
Biomedical Model Company                   BIOMED MOD-001   0000011179
Birthways Inc                              BIRTHWAYS-001    0000014450
Bishop,David Wayne                         BISHOP,DAV-001   0000019923
Bishop,Steven                              BISHOP,STE-001   0000020461
Bisk Education                             BISK-001         0000019105
Bitstream, Inc.                            BITSTREAM-001    0000020758
Bitterman Family Confections LLC           BITTERMAN-001    0000020529
Bjorn,Cynthia                              BJORN,CYNT-001   0000020953
Black Achievers Society of Kansas City     BLACK ACHI-001   0000019659
Black Health Care Coalition                BLACK HLTH-001   0000017908
Black,Judith                               BLACK,JUDI-001   0000016758
Black,Matt                                 BLACK,MATT-001   0000017513
Blackbaud                                  BLACKBAUD-001    0000000200
Blackboard Inc                             BLACKBOARD-001   0000008069
Blackburn,Jason                            BLACK,JASN-001   0000017000
Blackfox Training Institute LLC            BLACKFOX-001     0000006226
Blackmore & Glunt, Inc.                    BLACKMORE-001    0000015784
Blackmore,Roger                            BLACKMOR,R-001   0000017966
Blacktie LLC                               BLACKTIE-001     0000019684
Blackwell Publishing Professional          BLACKWL PU-001   0000013818
Blair,Donald/Sierra Moreno Mercantile Co   SIERRA CO-001    0000020234
Blair,Scott                                BLAIR,SCOT-001   0000011258
Blais,David dba Microscope Service         BLAIS,DAV-001    0000015975
Blake,Michael Gene                         BLAKE,MIC-001    0000018917
Blanchard Training & Development, Inc.     BLANCHARD-002    0000021031
Blanchard and Loeb Publishers              BLANCHARD-001    0000013068
Blanche,Renee                              BLANCHE,RE-001   0000016634
Bland,Susan                                BLAND,SUSA-001   0000020573
Blank Shirts                               BLANK SHIR-001   0000017995
Blatcher,Robert A                          BLATCH,ROB-001   0000005036
Bleacher Gear                              BLEACH GEA-001   0000000202
Bledsoe Rental / A to Z Ventures Inc       BLEDSOE-001      0000001817
Bleich & White Inc                         BLEICH WHI-001   0000000203
Blewett,Niya                               BLEWETT,NI-001   0000020138
Blick Art Materials                        BLICK ART-002    0000000314
Blickhan,David                             BLICKH,DAV-001   0000004049
Blickhan,Karen M                           BLICK,KARE-001   0000017798
Blinds-To-Go                               BLIND-TO-G-001   0000000204
Blitzen & Company/Savanahland Edu Park     SAVANAHLAN-001   0000021226
Block and Company Inc                      BLOCK CO-001     0000017394
Bloomberg LP dba Business Week             BUSINESS W-001   0000016154
Blount Inc (Frederick Manufacturing)       BLOUNT INC-001   0000018228
Blowin Away Balloons                       BLOWINAWAY-001   0000013441
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City      BCBSKC-001       0000019168
Blue Gauntlet Fencing                      BLUE GAUNT-001   0000016177
Blue Martini Entertainment LLC             BLUE ENTER-001   0000016819
Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce           BS CH COMM-001   0000002595
Blue Springs Fitness                       BS FITNESS-001   0000004800
Blue Springs Ford                          BLUE SP FO-001   0000010420
Blue Springs R-4 School District           BS SCHOOL-001    0000003759
Blue Springs Rotary Club                   BS ROTARY-001    0000011307
Blue Springs Winwater                      BS WINWATR-001   0000019018
Blue Symphony LLC                          BLU SYMP-001     0000019885
Blue Valley School District USD 229        BLUE VALL-001    0000018668
Blue Valley Tractor & Supply               BLUE VALLE-004   0000001943
Blue Valley Tractor & Supply Inc.          BLUE VALLE-003   0000017992
Blystone,Jamie Lee                         BLYST,JAM-001    0000016414
Board Trustees of University of Alabama    UNIVERS AL-001   0000020205
Board of Police Commissioner/KCMOPolDept   KCMO POLCE-002   0000002564
Board of Police Commissioner/KCMOPolDept   KCMO POLCE-001   0000008291
Boaring Distributors Inc dba BDI           BDI-001          0000008705
Boatright,Jim                              BOAT,JIM-001     0000019702
Bob Clements International Inc             BCI INC-001      0000016813
Bobit Associates Inc                       BOBIT INC-001    0000015378
Bockes,Terry                               BOCKES,TER-001   0000017354
Bogart,J Dennis                            BOGART,J D-001   0000014018
Bohnert,Craig                              BOHN,CRAIG-001   0000017290
Bollinger, Inc.                            BOLLINGER-001    0000021093
Bolte,Sean                                 BOLTE,SEAN-001   0000016693
Bomar,Robert D.                            BOMAR,ROBE-001   0000021109
Bonanno,Frank                              BONAN,FRA-001    0000019352
Bond,Bernadette                            BOND,BERN-001    0000017749
Bond,Eric                                  BOND,ERIC-001    0000017816
Bones Clones                               BONES CLON-001   0000013970
Bonitas International LLC                  BONITA LLC-001   0000019215
Bonkeen,Saimon                             BONKEEN,SA-001   0000016627
Bonne Bell LLC                             BONNE BELL-001   0000018919
Bonner,Michael                             BONNER,MI-001    0000019562
Boone,Benjamin T                           BOONE,BEN-001    0000018213
Boor,Cortney                               BOOR,COR-001     0000019701
Boost Sports Performance, LLC             BOOST-002        0000021251
Borchers,Mark                             BORCH,MARK-001   0000020161
Borders Books                             BORDERS-001      0000011659
Bordner Roofing Company                   BOR-001          0000016453
Bordner Stucco Co                         BORDNER-001      0000015521
Borton LC                                 BORTON LC-001    0000017944
Bosch,Seth                                BOSCH,SETH-001   0000016879
Bosley,Dean                               BOSLEY,DEA-001   0000016299
Bostrom,Peter A dba Lithic Casting Lab    BOSTROM,PE-001   0000019001
Bothwell-Saxton Restaurants LLC           MCALISTER-002    0000020785
Bottcher                                  BOTTCHER-001     0000012228
Bottle Your Brand                         BOTTLE BRN-001   0000018666
Bottlegreen                               BOTTLEGRN-001    0000018667
Boudreaux,Rosemary                        BOUDRE,ROS-001   0000019430
Boulden,Walter T                          BOULDEN,W-001    0000017619
Bounds Exterminators Inc                  BOUNDS EXT-001   0000014138
Bourdlais,Heather                         BOUR,HEATH-001   0000017496
Bowen,Trevisa                             BOW-001          0000015830
Bowie,Phyllis A                           BOWIE,PHY-001    0000019700
Bowker                                    BOWKER-001       0000006787
Boynton Companies Inc dba RELYmedia       RELYMEDIA-001    0000019921
Boys and Girls Club of Greater KC         BOYS GIRLS-001   0000005284
Brackenbury,Eve M                         BRACK,EVE-001    0000010963
Brackers Good Earth Clays Inc             BRACKERS-001     0000000211
Brain Injury Assoc of Kansas & Great KC   BRAIN INJU-001   0000020770
BrainStorm Inc.                           BRAINSTORM-002   0000015361
Brainbench                                BRAINBENCH-001   0000017941
Braintrain                                BRAINTRAIN-001   0000007306
Brancatos Robinson Catering               BRANCATOS-001    0000006825
Brand,Linda Ade                           BRAND,LIND-001   0000020031
Branders.com                              BRANDERS-001     0000013713
Brandt,Kathleen                           BRANDT,KAT-001   0000009732
Branson,Ty                                BRANSN,TY-001    0000016985
Brants Store/Customized Apparel           BRANTS-001       0000015365
Brattain,David                            BRATT,DAVD-001   0000020257
Brauer Supply Company                     BRAUER-001       0000020813
Brauer,Samuel Blake                       BRAUER,SAM-001   0000019151
Braun,Mary                                BRAUN,MARY-001   0000020139
Bravo Development Inc dba Brio Tuscan     BRAVO INC-001    0000019780
Bravo, Susan A.                           BRA-001          0000015836
Bravo,Susan A                             BRAVO,SUSN-001   0000007722
Breadboard Companion                      BREADBOARD-001   0000018127
Breaden,Barbara                           BREADEN,B-001    0000017667
Bredehoeft Millwork Inc.                 BREDEHOEFT-001   0000020191
Breeding,Mark Owen                       BREED,MARK-001   0000020872
Breitbach,D J                            BREITBAC,D-001   0000003832
Bressman,Henry S                         BRESSMAN,H-001   0000002463
Brevis Corp                              BREVIS COR-001   0000002089
Brewer,Richard                           BREWER,RIC-001   0000020546
Bri-Zel Street Plate Rental, Inc.        BRI-ZEL-001      0000020983
Bridges Transitions Co                   BRIDGES CO-001   0000006034
Bridging the Gap                         BRIDGING-001     0000018900
Briggs Brothers Turf Farm                BRIGGS BRO-001   0000000213
Bright Horizons Children's Centers Inc   BRIGHT HZN-001   0000016518
Brink,Alice                              BRINK,ALIC-001   0000017779
Brink,Ronald L                           BRINK,RON-002    0000019671
Brinks Inc                               BRINKS INC-001   0000011569
Brinton Electric Co Inc                  BRINTON EL-001   0000000214
Broadcast Music Inc                      BROAD MUSC-001   0000007162
Broadcast Music Inc dba BMI              BMI-001          0000000185
Broadway Photo LLC                       BRO-003          0000016529
Broadway Westport Council                BROD WESTP-001   0000005000
Broadway Wrecker LLC                     BROAD WREC-001   0000019688
Brock Enterprises Swimming Pool Equip    BROCK ENTE-001   0000012830
Brock,Glenn                              BROCK,GLEN-001   0000020702
Brock,Jim                                BROCK,JIM-001    0000014737
Brodart Company                          BRODART CO-001   0000002238
Brody Chemical Inc                       BRODY CHEM-001   0000020614
Broken Arrow Electric Supply             BA ELECTRI-001   0000005191
Broken Pencil Productions Inc.           BROKEN PEN-001   0000019630
Broocke,Jessica D.                       BRO-001          0000015993
Broockerd,Bronson                        BROOCKERD-001    0000020290
Brooks,Alvin                             BROOKS,AL-001    0000017072
Brooks,Chen Xue                          BROOKS,CHE-001   0000020292
Broom,Robert Jr                          BROOM,ROB-001    0000020807
Broski Fence Co LLC                      BROSKI LLC-001   0000010799
Browar,Jonathan B.                       BROWAR,JON-001   0000004929
Brown Book Shop Inc                      BROWN BOOK-001   0000017318
Brown Covey                              BROWN COV-001    0000012529
Brown, Larry G.                          BROWN, L-001     0000015570
Brown,Austin J                           BROWN,AUS-001    0000019516
Brown,Bonnye                             BROWN,BO-001     0000018611
Brown,Cardell                            BROWN,CAR-001    0000018170
Brown,Christopher Douglas                BROWN,CHRS-001   0000020493
Brown,Judythe                            BROWN,JU-001     0000020811
Brown,Larry G                            BROWN,LARR-001   0000007724
Brown,Michelle D                           BROWN,MI-001     0000018659
Brown,Morgan                               BROWN,MORG-001   0000020516
Brown,Pamela                               BROWN,PAM-001    0000016498
Brown,Rebecca                              BROWN,REB-001    0000014497
Brown,Ronnie                               BROWN,RON-001    0000017587
Brown,Ty                                   BROWN,TY-001     0000016905
Browns Medical Imaging LLC                 BROWNS MED-001   0000000218
Brozovich,Alicia N.                        BROZOVICH-001    0000021076
Brundage,Richard/                          CENTER ADV-001   0000012094
Bruner Contracting Company LLC             BRUNER LLC-001   0000019904
Brunk,Jared dba Superstring                BRUNK,JAR-001    0000018753
Brunson Instrument Co.                     BRU-001          0000017532
Brunston Net & Supply Inc                  BRUNSTON-001     0000019963
Brunswick Corporation dba Life Fitness     LIFE FITNS-001   0000020562
Brustein & Manasevit                       BRUSTEIN-001     0000014644
Bryan Edwards Publishing Co Inc            BRYAN EDWA-001   0000002161
Bryan,Judy                                 BRYAN,JUDY-001   0000018623
Bryant,Deborah                             BRYANT,DEB-001   0000020152
Bryant,Donna M Dr                          BRYANT,DON-001   0000017210
Bryant,Jennifer                            BRYANT,JEN-001   0000018974
Bryant,Trent                               BRYANT,TRE-001   0000019925
Bublitz Machinery Company                  BUBLITZ MA-001   0000012310
Bucey,Jeanne M                             BUCEY,JEAN-001   0000018957
Buckingham Manufacturing Co Inc            POWERTEL-001     0000019941
Budget Blinds                              BUD-001          0000017591
Budget Car Rental                          BUDGETRENT-001   0000013490
Budgetext Corporation                      BUDGETEXT-001    0000002318
Bue Mountain Community Foundation          BLUE MT-001      0000019161
Bugarinovic,Julijana                       BUGARI,JUL-001   0000020485
Builders Association                       BUILDERS-001     0000003540
Builders Overhead Door Service Inc.        BUILDERS O-001   0000015027
Building Keepers Inc                       BUILD KEEP-001   0000009256
Building Owners & Managers Assoc of KCMO   BOMA-001         0000019970
Bulb Direct                                BULB DIR-001     0000011027
Bullfrog Films Inc                         BULLFROG-001     0000004423
Bult,Danelle                               BULT,DANEL-001   0000019517
Bulte Company Inc                          BULTE-001        0000015414
Bumpus,Judy dba Bloom Business Consultin   BUMPS,JUDY-001   0000002644
Burback,Audrey                             BURBACK,AU-001   0000020743
Burch,William Scott                        BURCH,W C-001    0000016649
Bureau Veritas Quality International       BUREAU VER-001   0000003880
Bureau of Education and Research           BUREAU EDU-001   0000015499
BurellesLuce Transcripts                   BUR-001          0000016454
Burge,Enockishad M                         BURGE,ENOC-001   0000020319
Burger & Brown Engineering Inc.            BURGER-001       0000020998
Burke,Jack                                 BURKE,JACK-001   0000021055
Burke,John                                 BURKE,JOHN-001   0000017217
Burkett & Sons Inc.                        BURKETT-001      0000020487
Burkhart,Darlene                           BURKH,DARL-001   0000003492
Burnett,Christopher                        BURN,CHRIS-001   0000018006
Burns Boys Company Inc.                    BURNS BOYS-001   0000020527
Burnstad,Helen M                           BURNSTD,HE-001   0000001446
Burtin & Associates                        BURTIN-001       0000019388
Burton,Robert                              BURTON,ROB-001   0000016824
Burts Bees Inc                             BURTS BEES-001   0000019247
Buschling,Paige LeAnn                      BUSCHLIN,P-001   0000020869
Business 21 Publishing LLC                 BUSINESS21-001   0000019940
Business By Promotion                      BUSNSS PRO-001   0000007345
Business Executive for National Security   BUSINESS-002     0000020367
Business Journal Publications Inc.         BUSNSSJRNL-001   0000001006
Business Media Inc                         BUS MEDIA-001    0000002077
Business Performance Group Inc.            BUS PER GR-001   0000020371
Business Personnel Services Inc            BUSINESS-001     0000015374
Business Systems Inc                       BUS SYSTEM-001   0000000243
Business Training Media                    BUSINESS T-001   0000020098
Bussey Media Production                    BUSSEY MED-001   0000014796
Butler Animal Health dba Butler Schein     BUTLER SCH-001   0000005488
Butler County Community College            BUTLER CC-001    0000008737
C Withers Tasty Catering                   C WITHERS-001    0000016543
C&A Service                                C&A SRVC-001     0000018533
C&C Sales Inc dba C&C Group                C&C GROUP-001    0000015442
C&C Sales, Inc.                            C&C SALES-001    0000017660
C&M Restoration Company                    C&M RESTOR-001   0000017421
C&S Maintenance, Inc.                      C&S-001          0000016489
C-Med Surgical Inc                         C-MED SURG-001   0000019438
C2F Inc                                    C2F-001          0000000246
CAM Inc                                    CAM INC-001      0000007989
CAMPBELL,MATTHEW                           CAMPBELL,M-002   0000020919
CAPT                                       CAPT-001         0000001894
CARRIER,DEBORAH D DBA HEARTLAND JAMBOREE                    0000021211
CAS                                        CAS-001          0000006586
CAS Enterprises, Inc. aka Awristocrat.co   CAS AWRIST-001   0000020379
CASAS                                      CASAS-001        0000018490
CB Promotional Products LLC                CB PROMOTN-001   0000000245
CBIZ Accounting Tax & Advisory Services    CBIZ ACCOU-001   0000016888
CBIZ Benefits & Insurance Services Inc     CBIZ BENEF-001   0000006379
CCSSE/University of Texas at Austin        CCSSE-001        0000016457
CDI Industrial Mechanical Contractors      CDI IND-001      0000017420
CDW Government Inc                         CDW GOVT-001     0000006893
CEC Controls Company Inc                   CEC CONTRL-001   0000017045
                                      CASE PARTS-001
CELSIUS JOINT VENTURE dba CASE PARTS CO                     0000021230
CENGAGE dba EDUCATION TO GO                EDUCATION-003    0000008692
CENGAGE Learning                           CENGAGE-001      0000004064
CFM Distributors                           CFM DISTRI-001   0000006413
CGTech                                     CGTECH-001       0000015689
CI Sport Inc                               CI SPORT-001     0000012928
CJ Smith Machinery Co.                     CJ SMITH-001     0000008947
CK Dorman & Company Inc                    CK DORMAN-002    0000015171
CK Enterprises Inc                         CK ENTER-001     0000012581
CK Productions Inc.                        CK PRODUCT-001   0000020945
CL McMichael Company                       CL MCMICHA-001   0000015026
CLT Computer dba Multiwave.com             MULTIWAVE-001    0000010220
CMA Consulting LLC                         CMA CONSUL-001   0000018060
CMH Software, Inc.                         CMH-001          0000017447
CMP KC Corp dba KCMO/KCJK/KCFX/Chiefs      KCJK-001         0000015054
CMS Communications, Inc.                   CMS COMM-001     0000019297
CNC Concepts Inc                           CNC CONCPT-001   0000002652
COMPASS MARKETING GROUP                    COMP-001         0000017051
CPP Inc (Consulting Psychologist Press)    CPP-001          0000000247
CPR On Call                                CPR ON CAL-001   0000019096
CPR Pro                                    CPR PRO-001      0000017562
CR Associates Inc dba ChurchPartner Res    CHURCHPART-001   0000019968
CRES                                       CRES-001         0000008621
CRL Flooring                               CRL FLOORI-001   0000017720
CRM Learning                               CRM LEARN-001    0000011194
CROSSROADS TRADE                           CROSRD TRD-001   0000016681
CRU-WiebeTech                              CRU-WIEBE-001    0000018124
CSN Stores LLC dba CSN Supply              CSN STORE-001    0000019770
CSN Stores, LLC dba More Patio Umbrellas   MORE PATIO-001   0000020195
CSPA                                       CSPA-001         0000016783
CTE Public dba Cutting Tool Engineering    CUTTING TO-001   0000018628
CW Signs & Associates                      CW SIGNS-001     0000017799
CW Video & Photography LLC                 CW VIDEO-001     0000005691
CWH Research Inc                           CWH RESRCH-001   0000013435
Cabelas Marketing Brand Management Inc     CABELAS-001      0000009700
Cabinet Design Software                    CABINET DS-001   0000016667
CableOrganizer.com, Inc.                   CAB-001          0000017357
CableWholesale.com                         CABLEWHLSL-002   0000019486
Cad Store                                  CAD STORE-001    0000012143
Cady,Dick dba A-Z Welder                   A-Z WELDER-001   0000019507
Cafe Racer                                 CAFE RACER-001   0000013166
Cahokia Mounds Museum Society              CAHOKIA-001      0000015104
Cain,Marvin Dale                           CAIN,MARV-001    0000020829
Cain,Thomas                                CAIN,THOM-001    0000017209
Cal Poly Pomona Foundation Inc             CAL POLY-001     0000018966
Caldwell,Cherylette                        CALDWL,CHE-001   0000018604
Caldwell,Renee                             CALD,RENEE-001   0000016267
Calence LLC dba Insight Networking         INSIGHT NT-001   0000002825
Cali Bamboo, LLC                           CALI BAMBO-001   0000020523
Calicutt,Steven                            CALICUTT,S-001   0000020972
California Assoc Edu of Young Children     CAEYC-001        0000020692
California Princeton Fulfillment Service   CPFS-001         0000007934
California Workforce Association           CWA-002          0000016542
Call,Kelli                                 CALL,KELLI-001   0000015786
Calumet Photographic                       CAL PHOTO-001    0000005309
Calvary Mechanical and Refrigeration LLC   CALVRY MEC-001   0000016878
Calvert's Paving Company                   CALVRT PAV-001   0000014819
Calvin College                             CALV-001         0000017165
CamInstructor                              CAMINST-001      0000017717
Caman Construction Co. Inc.                CAMAN-001        0000017665
Cambridge Educational Services Inc         CAMBRI EDU-001   0000002300
Cambridge Stratford LTD                    CAMBRIDGE-002    0000010890
Cambridge University Press                 CAMBRG PRS-001   0000002281
Camp David                                 CAMP DAVID-001   0000008583
Camp,Melody                                CAMP,MELO-001    0000020733
Camp,Theresa                               CAMP,THER-001    0000017783
Campbell & Company Communications Inc      CAMPBELL-003     0000020267
Campbell & Company Communications LLC      CAMPBL CO-001    0000019196
Campbell Sod Inc                           CAMPBL SOD-001   0000017455
Campbell,Desiree                           CAMP,DESI-001    0000018094
Campbell,Jamie Jo                          CAMP,JAMIE-001   0000018976
Campbell,Patrick A                         CAMPBELL,P-001   0000017815
Campos,Juan Felipe                         CAMPOS,JU-001    0000020853
CampuSpeak Inc                             CAMPUSPEAK-001   0000017503
Campus Compact                             CAMPUS COM-001   0000018128
Campus Marketing Specialists               CAMPUS MAR-001   0000003200
Campus One Sportswear LLC                  CAMPUS LLC-001   0000018097
Campus Works Inc                           CAMPUSWRK-001    0000016417
CampusEAI                                  CAMPUSEAI-001    0000016723
Candid LLC dba Candid Marketing Agency     CANDID MAR-001   0000020036
Canfield Funding LLC dba Millennium Fund   MILLENNIUM-001   0000001832
Canfield,Donald E                          CANFIELD,D-001   0000018534
Cannizzaro,Pete                            CANNIZ,PET-001   0000004853
Canterbury,Josh                            CANTER,JOS-001   0000016294
Cantrell,Chacy Anna                        CANTRELL,C-001   0000018664
Canyon Outback Leather Goods, Inc          CANYON OUT-001   0000013393
Cao,Cathy Hanh                             CAO,CATHY-001    0000018532
Capital Electric                           CAPTL ELEC-001   0000002082
Capital Express                            CAPITALEXP-001   0000018514
Capital Sand Company                       CAPITAL CO-001   0000016312
Capitol Advantage/Congress at Your Fingr   CONGRS FIN-001   0000007699
Capitol Plaza Hotel                        CAPITL HTL-001   0000016614
Carambola Tradeshow Group                  CARAMBOLA-001    0000020053
Card Systems USA dba Alternative Retail    ALT RETAIL-001   0000020077
Cardinal Hill Golf Course                  CARDINAL-002     0000019456
Cardio Entertainment, Inc.                 BROADCAST-001    0000020581
CardioCommand, Inc.                        CARDIOCOMM-001   0000020240
Cardwell,John                              CARDWELL,J-001   0000018204
Care Plant Inc                             CARE PLANT-001   0000007763
Career Communications Inc                  CAREER COM-001   0000011595
Cargill Associates Inc                     CARGILL-002      0000016651
Carl Walker, Inc.                          CARL WALKE-001   0000019134
Carliss Industries Inc                     CARLISS-001      0000014944
Carlson Wagonlit Trillium Travel Service   CARLSON-001      0000018095
Carlson,Alyssa                             CARLSON,AL-001   0000020500
Carlson,Gwelda dba Reading Skills Plus     CARLSON,GW-001   0000018425
Carlson,Rhonda                             CARLSON,RH-001   0000021046
Carnahan,D'Anne                            CARNAHAN,D-001   0000021171
Carnegie Village LLC                       CARNEGIE-001     0000020463
Carnival Times Inc                         CARNIVAL-001     0000011364
Carolina Academic Press                    CAROL ACAD-001   0000018733
Carolina Biological Supply Co              CAROLN BIO-001   0000000103
Carpet Cushions & Supplies Inc             CARPET-001       0000020021
Carpet Factory Outlet dba RD Mann Commrc   RD MANN-001      0000002786
Carrier Commercial Service                 CARRIER-002      0000018348
Carrier Enterprise LLC/ Comfort Products   COMFRT PRO-001   0000005075
Carrol Appliance Svc dba Carroll Parts     CARROL-001       0000017696
Carroll Appliance Serv dba Carroll Parts   CARROLL-001      0000020332
Carroll Seating Co Inc                     CARROLL CO-001   0000002533
Carroll,Paul dba Bulb Source LLC           BULB SOURC-001   0000020365
Carrollton R-VII School District           CARROLLTON-001   0000011324
Carson-Dellosa Publishing Co. Inc.         CARSON-001       0000014572
Carstar                                    CARSTAR-001      0000015390
Cartagena,Miguel                           CARTAGE,MI-001   0000019373
Carter Broadcast Group                     CARTER GRP-001   0000013964
Carter Glass Co Inc                        CARTER GLS-001   0000004571
Carter Waters Construction Materials       CARTER WAT-001   0000000255
Carter,Christopher                         CARTER,CHR-001   0000014158
Carter,Monty                               CARTER,MON-001   0000012769
Carter,Steven L                            CARTER,STE-001   0000020351
Carver Learning Systems                    CARVER LS-001    0000002736
Carver,Kathy                               CARVER,KAT-001   0000018339
Carver,Patrick W                           CARVER,PAT-001   0000019372
Case Supply Inc                            CASE SUPPL-001   0000000256
Cass County Coatings, Inc.                 CASS COUNT-001   0000020974
Cass Gazette                               CASS GAZET-001   0000001885
Cassell,David T                            CASSELL,D-001    0000019911
Cassidy Turley Midwest dba Cassidy Turle   CASSIDY-001      0000020333
Caster,Lona K                              CASTER,LON-001   0000016832
Cataldi,Daniel                             CATALDI,DA-001   0000018314
Cater Time Vending                         CATER TIME-001   0000020438
Catering Unlimited                         CATER UNLI-001   0000001082
Cato,Jerrold                               CATO,JER-001     0000016913
Cauble,Ronald dba The Bone Room            BONE ROOM-001    0000019439
Cavanaugh,Kara                             CAVAN,KARA-001   0000010561
Cave,Sondra Lynn                           CAVE,SON-001     0000018855
Cedar Creek Lumber LLC                     CEDAR-001        0000016721
Cedar Fair dba Worlds/Oceans of Fun        WORLDS FUN-001   0000001223
Celartem Inc dba Extensis Inc.             EXT-001          0000016038
Celebration Party Rentals Inc              CELEB PART-001   0000018614
Centar Industries Inc                      CENTAR IND-001   0000012243
Center For Learning Tree Institute         CENTER LRN-001   0000016505
Center For New American Media              CNAM FILM-001    0000019922
Center School District #58                 CENTER SCH-001   0000009905
Center for Academic Integrity              CENTER ACA-001   0000015307
Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instr   CENTER-001       0000017687
Center for Education & Employment Law      CENTER EEL-001   0000012217
Center for International Comm Col Edu      CICCEL-001       0000016744
Center for Ocupational Research & Develp   CORD-001         0000002731
Center for Phlebotomy Education            CENTR PHLE-001   0000016673
Center for Practical Bioethics             CENTER BIO-001   0000004398
Centerpoint Medical Center                 CENTERPNT-001    0000018529
Central Academic Coordinators Clinicl Ed   CENTRAL AC-001   0000019969
Central Assoc of Physical Plant Admin      CAPPA-001        0000010663
Central Jackson County Fire Protect Dist   CENTRALJCF-001   0000010083
Central Piedmont Community College         CENTRAL CC-002   0000018352
Central Power Systems & Service            CENTRAL PS-001   0000015152
Central State Conf Teach Foreign Lang      CSCTFL-001       0000016547
Centriq Group LLC dba Centriq Training     CENTRIQ-002      0000015685
CentroDepot                                CENTRO-001       0000018015
Century Business Solution                  CENT BSNSS-001   0000016572
Century Fire Sprinklers Inc                CENTURY FI-001   0000006683
Century LLC                                CENTURY-003      0000018106
Ceri Inc                                   CERI INC-001     0000002707
Cerner Corporation                         CERNER-001       0000014227
Certified Fund Raising Executive           CFRE-001         0000003119
Certified Water & Mold Restoration LLC     CERTIFIED-001    0000021239
Certiport                                  CERTIPORT-001    0000009258
Cervantes,Angela                           CERVANT,AN-001   0000017385
Cervantes,Raquel                           CERVANTE,R-001   0000020769
Chackos Bakery                             CHACKOS-001      0000020081
Chagrin Safety Supply                      CHAGRIN-001      0000020060
Chamberlin Contracting                     CHAMBERLIN-001   0000006075
Chameleon Solutions                        CHAMELEON-001    0000017137
Champagnie,LaDon                           CHAMP,LADO-001   0000018436
Champion Brands LLC                        CHAMP BRAN-001   0000019665
Champion Solutions                         CHAMPION-001     0000009798
Champion Zipper Corp dba Sew True          SEW TRUE-001     0000009831
Chance,Laurie A                            CHANCE,LAU-001   0000020778
Chandler,Brad                              CHANDLR,BR-001   0000003835
Channel Publishing LTD                     CHANNEL PB-001   0000013125
Channing Bete Company Inc                  CHANG BETE-001   0000008119
Chapin,Spencer                             CHAPIN,SPE-002   0000020599
Chapman,Jinny                              CHAPMN,JIN-001   0000011903
Chapman,Thomas W dba Creative Biotech      CHAPMAN,T-001    0000019250
Charles D Jones & Co Inc                   CD JONES-001     0000000265
Charles,Ed                                 CHARLES,ED-001   0000017923
ChartHouse International Learning          CHARTHOUSE-001   0000006629
Chase Resorts Inc dba Lodge Four Seasons   LODGE FOUR-001   0000006926
Cheadle,Kevin dba Elite Sports Apparel     ELITE SPRT-001   0000020342
Chem-Aqua, Inc                             CHEM AQUA-001    0000020716
Chen International Inc                     CHEN INTL-001    0000004577
Cheng & Tsui                               CHENG TSUI-001   0000018495
Cherry Hill Printing                       CHERRY PRT-001   0000015070
Cheryl Wuellner Company                    CHERYL WUE-001   0000018361
Chester,Dean                               CHESTER,DE-001   0000016301
Chets Lock & Key                           CHETS LOCK-001   0000000264
Chicago Title Insurance Company            CHICAGO CO-001   0000007287
Chicago White Sox                          CHICAGO-002      0000019194
ChicoEco dba ChicoBag Company              CHICOBAG-001     0000018936
Chief Supply                               CHIEF SPLY-001   0000001926
Child Development Media Inc                CHILD DEV-001    0000001843
Child Health Alert                         CHILD HLTH-001   0000015121
Childers,Donald                            CHILDR,DON-002   0000006518
Children's Choice Child Care Services      CHIL-001         0000017100
Children's Mercy Hospital                  CHILD MERC-001   0000007983
Chitwood,Nathan Andrew                     CHITWOOD-001     0000017669
Chocolate Expressions LLC                  CHOCOLATE-001    0000014990
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma                 CHOCTAW-001      0000018836
Choi Brothers Inc                          CHOI BRO-001     0000018452
Chott,Craig                                CHOTT,CRAI-001   0000020971
Chris Cakes Inc                            CHRIS CAKE-001   0000008935
Christensen,Roberta                        CHRIS,ROB-001    0000018406
Christian Brothers Automotive              CHRIST BRO-001   0000018212
Christian Early Childhood Assn of Greate   CHRISTIAN-001    0000021094
Christian Icons & X-Ray, LLC               CHRST ICON-001   0000020273
Christian L. Kilgore                       KILGORE,C-001    0000015931
Christopher Lee Publications               CHRIS PUBL-001   0000002282
Chronicle Guidance Publications, Inc       CHRON GUID-001   0000006540
Chronicle of Higher Education              CHRON HIGH-001   0000000104
Chrostowski,Twyla J                        CHROST,TWY-001   0000018262
Cimarraon Apartments dba New Victorian     NEW VICTOR-003   0000020538
Cine Services                              CINE-SVS-001     0000015599
Cinematic Visions                          CINEMATIC-001    0000017158
Cintas Document Management                 CINTAS-002       0000006418
Circuit Clerk Clay County                  CIR CL CLA-001   0000002335
Circuit Clerk of Jackson County            CIR CL JAC-001   0000002515
Cisco Systems Inc                          CISCO SYS-001    0000006101
Citron Work Spaces                         CITRON WOR-001   0000015011
City Chevrolet dba Cable-Dahmer            CABLE DAHM-001   0000020312
City Electric Supply                       CITY ELECT-001   0000018358
City Nights Formal Wear                    CITY NIGHT-001   0000017183
City Of Columbia                           CITY COL-001     0000016500
City Union Mission                         CITY UNION-001   0000004539
City View                                  CITY VIEW-001    0000016561
City Wide Maintenence Company, Inc.        CITY WIDE-002    0000019387
City Wide Transportation Inc               CITY TRANS-001   0000020810
City Wide Window Washing Co                CITY WIDE-001    0000014225
City of Albuquerque                        CITY OF AL-001   0000020207
City of Blue Springs                       CITY BS-001      0000006335
City of Gladstone                          CITY GLADS-001   0000005180
City of Independence                       CITY INDEP-001   0000000332
City of KC dba Shoal Creek & Hodge Park    SHOAL CRK-001    0000014929
City of KC/Convention & Entertainment      KC CONVENT-001   0000004635
City of Kansas City MO                     CITY KCMO-001    0000010261
City of Kansas City dba Heart of America   HEART AME-001    0000015913
City of Lees Summit                        CITY LS-001      0000004621
City of Liberty                            CITY OF LI-001   0000018932
City of Maryland Heights                   CITY MARY-001    0000016801
City of North Kansas City                  CITY NORTH-001   0000018591
City of Riverside                          CITY RIVER-001   0000012918
Civic Research Institute Inc               CIVIC RESE-001   0000002354
Claar,Roger E                              ARC ARCH-001     0000020574
Claeys,Michael                             CLAEYS,MIC-001   0000015859
Claflin Medical Equipment                  CLAFLIN-001      0000017622
Claiborn,Daniel C dba Claiborn & Assoc     FORENSIC-001     0000020225
Clancy,Jason                               CLANCY,JAS-001   0000017969
Clanton,James                              CLANTON,JA-001   0000014019
Clapp,Danny S                              CLAPP,DAN-001    0000019824
Clapp,Gary                                 CLAPP,GARY-001   0000020321
Claridge Products                          CLARIDGE P-001   0000003642
Clarion Hotel                              CLARIONHTL-001   0000016615
Clark Enersen Partners                     CLARK ENER-001   0000020050
Clark Equipment Co dba Bobcat Company      BOBCAT-001       0000017824
Clark's Tool                               CLARK'S TO-001   0000002293
Clark,David                                CLARK,DAV-001    0000017703
Clary,Alician                              CLARY,ALI-001    0000017922
Classic Cookie & Cafe                      CLASSIC CC-001   0000017188
Classics on Stage! - On Stage!             CLA-001          0000017013
Classroom Direct                           CLASRM DIR-001   0000004502
Clay County Board Election Commissioners   CLAY COUNT-003   0000004829
Clay County Economic Dev                   CLAYCO EDC-001   0000020376
Clay County Economic Development Council   CLAY EDC-001     0000006622
Clay County Sheriff's Office               CLAY COUNT-009   0000016853
Clay Johnson Foundation                    CLAY FOUND-001   0000017592
Clay Stubbs, DVM                           STUBBS EQN-001   0000002816
Clay,Morris A                              CLAY,MORRI-001   0000020742
Clayman Promotional Group                  CLAYMAN-001      0000020531
Clayton Paper & Distribution Inc.          CLAYTON-001      0000009078
Clayton,Bruce L                            CLAYTON,BR-001   0000017329
Clean Harbors Environmental Services       CLEAN HARB-001   0000005161
Cleaner Innovations LLC                    CLEANER-001      0000021083
Clear View Bag Co Inc                      CLEAR VIEW-001   0000019239
Cleary,Taimur Amin T.R.                    CLEARY,TAI-001   0000020999
Clem,Gary B                                CLEM,GARY-001    0000017288
Clemons,Charlie                            CLEMONS,CH-001   0000019985
Clergy Services Inc                        CLERGY INC-001   0000015228
Clifton,Tina                               CLIFTON,TI-001   0000016791
Clock,K                                    CLOCK,K-001      0000019351
Clokey Productions                         SAN LUIS V-001   0000020616
Closed Caption Maker                       CLOSED CAP-001   0000013821
Cloth & Clay Inc                           CLOTH CLAY-001   0000018382
Clubhouse Inn & Suites                     CLUBHOUSE-001    0000018247
Clubrunner                                 CLUBRUNNER-001   0000002106
Coaching Systems, LLC                      COACHING-001     0000018031
Coalition for Independence                 COALITION-002    0000017458
Coast Community College District           COAST COMM-001   0000011168
Coastline Community College                COAST COLG-001   0000000339
Coca-Cola Refreshments USA Inc             COCA-COLA-001    0000000341
Cochran,Amy                                COCHRAN,AM-001   0000016884
Cochran,Travis                             COCHRN,TRA-001   0000016987
Cody Sales & Engineering, Inc.             CODY SALES-001   0000002897
Coggswell,Gladys                           COGGS,GLAD-001   0000015571
Colaner,Nathan R                           COLANER,NA-001   0000020174
Colbert, Steven A Jr                       COLB,STEVE-001   0000017949
Colburn,Kristine dba Kansas City Backflo   KC BACKFLO-001   0000009776
Cole County Circuit Clerk                  COLE CNTY-001    0000015075
Cole Parmer Instrument Co                  COLE PARMR-001   0000001812
Cole Termite & Pest Control, Inc.          COLE TERM-001    0000019322
Cole,Iesha                                 COLE,IESHA-001   0000017782
Coleman Productions Inc                    COLEMAN-001      0000014683
Coleman,Brandon                            COLEMAN,BR-001   0000019358
Coleman,Sebastian                          COLEMAN,SE-001   0000019568
Colenbrander,Andrew John                   COLENBRA,A-001   0000017929
Coleton,Kathleen                           COLETON,KA-001   0000015371
Collaboration Works                        COLLABORAT-001   0000020891
Collage Video Specialties                  COLLAGE VI-001   0000003381
Collection Technology Inc                  COLL TECH-001    0000020848
College & University Profes Assoc for HR   CUPA-HR-001      0000008667
College Board Publications                 COLLEGE BD-001   0000000343
College Bookstore of America               COLLEGE BK-001   0000013582
College Legal Information Inc.             COLLEGE CI-001   0000020979
College Media Advisers                     COLL MEDIA-001   0000006574
College Reading & Learning Association     CRLA-002         0000005847
College Retirement equities Fund           CREF-001         0000016764
College Store Enterprise dba Legal Books   LEGAL BOOK-001   0000002242
CollegeSource, Inc.                        COLLEGESOU-001   0000019088
Collegiate Pacific                         COLL PACIF-001   0000007015
Collene Concrete Inc.                      COLLENE CO-001   0000017647
Collings,Kelly Carrlene                    COLLINGS,K-001   0000021120
Collins Circle,Kelly                       COLLINS,K-001    0000017739
Collins,Sarah                              COLLINS,SA-001   0000020821
Colon,Dilme A (Sito)                       COLON,DIL-001    0000017300
Colonial Nursery Corporation               COLNL NURS-001   0000000344
Color of Language                          COLOR OF L-001   0000014906
ColorID LLC                                COLORID-001      0000019188
Colorado Community College System          FRONT RANG-002   0000017084
Colormark                                  COLORMARK-001    0000019321
Colson,Ed                                  COLSON,ED-001    0000019949
Colter,Dorothy                             COLTER,DOR-001   0000019984
Columbia Business Ribbon dba Klear Image   KLEARIMAGE-001   0000019221
Columbia Catering Company                  COLUMBIA-001     0000017403
Columbia Dentoform Corporation             COLUM DENT-001   0000009011
Columbia Properties Ozarks dba Tan Tar A   TAN TAR A-001    0000002763
Colvin,Christine                           COLVIN,CHR-001   0000020151
ColyPro                                    COLYPRO-001      0000018634
Combase                                    COMBASE-001      0000020994
Combined Systems Tech, Inc.                COMBINED-002     0000019310
Combustion Safety Inc                      COMBUSTION-001   0000018049
Comcast of Missouri Inc                    COMCAST-001      0000016496
Come Land Maintenance Service CO Inc       COME-001         0000020440
Comet Industrial Products Inc              COMET IND-001    0000019897
Comet School Supplies Inc                  COMET SCHO-001   0000002391
Comfidex Corporation                       COM-002          0000016605
Comfit Learning                            COMFIT LLC-001   0000012982
Comm District Coll dba Jefferson College   JEFFRSN CO-001   0000002967
Command Spanish Inc                        COMMAND SP-001   0000009821
Commenco Incorporated                      COMMENCO-001     0000000345
Commercial Appliance Repair Inc            COMM APPLI-001   0000015511
Commercial Aquatic Services                COMM AQUAT-001   0000001922
Commercial Innovations Inc                 COMM INNOV-001   0000018799
Commercial Landscape Supply, Inc.          COMMER LAN-001   0000019330
Commercial Readers Service                 COMM READR-001   0000002267
Commercial Turf & Tractor                  COMMERCIAL-001   0000018939
Commission On Accreditation                COMMISSION-001   0000010136
Common Ground Consulting                   COMMON-001       0000019039
Communication Equipment & Engineering Co   CEECO-001        0000020210
Communication Plus+ Interpreter Service    COMM PLUS-001    0000014271
Communications & Electrical Supply         COMM ELECT-001   0000019307
Community Action Partnership Great St Jo   COMM ST JO-001   0000014963
Community College of Baltimore County      COM COLLEG-001   0000019983
Community Colleges for International Dev   CCID-001         0000009399
Community Development Service              CD PUB-001       0000015234
Community Foundation of the Ozarks         COMM FOUND-001   0000018715
Community Services League                  COMMUNITY-003    0000020690
Community Shredder Inc., LLC               COMM SHRE-001    0000019313
Community of Christ                        COMM CHRST-001   0000012151
Comp XP Inc                                COMP XP-001      0000016707
CompResource Inc                           BUS ESSEN-001    0000020954
CompTIA                                    COMPTIA-001      0000017851
CompUSA Retail, Inc. dba CompUSA B2B       COMPUSA-002      0000019336
Compass Athletic Equip dba A.D.Starr Co.   A.D.STA-001      0000017382
Compass Control & Instrumentation Inc      COMPASS-002      0000020028
Competition Electronics                    COMPETITIO-001   0000020915
Compi Distributors Inc.                    COMPI-001        0000018650
Complete Carpet Care Inc                   COMPLETE-002     0000020865
Complete Office Solutions,Inc.             COMPLETE O-001   0000021110
Comprehensive Adult Studnt Assess System   COMP ADULT-001   0000001792
Comprehensive Mental Health Services       COMPREHENS-001   0000021030
Compterized Assessment Placement Prog      ACTT-002         0000012960
Computer Aided Technology Inc              COMPUTER A-001   0000019636
Computer Comforts, Inc                     COM COMFOR-001   0000019138
Computer Digital Imaging Corp (CID)        CID-001          0000018752
Computer Explorers                         COMPEXPLR-001    0000018229
Computer Network Accessories               COMP NETWK-001   0000000363
Computer Network Solutions Inc             COMPNETSOL-001   0000011426
Computers Networks Solutions               COMPUTERS-001    0000017659
Con-Way Transportation Services            CON-WAY-001      0000000378
Concept2 CTS Inc                           CONCEPT2-001     0000007698
Concepts for Business LLC                  CONCEPTS-001     0000002330
Conde Nast Publication dba Fairchild Bks   ADVANCE MA-001   0000008736
Conexsys International Registration Solu   CONEXSYS-001     0000019609
Congressional Quarterly Inc                CQ INC-001       0000000365
Conley Sprinkler Inc                       CONLEY INC-001   0000015512
Connect For Education Inc                  CONNECT ED-002   0000019070
Connect2One                                CONNECT2ON-001   0000006241
ConnectEdu Inc                             CONNECT ED-001   0000015362
Connecticut Valley Biological Supply Co    CT VLY BIO-001   0000000366
Connecticut Valley Biological Supply Co    CT VALLEY-001    0000014367
Connelly,Katherine dba String Side Up      CONNELLY,K-001   0000016914
Conney Safety Products LLC                 CONNEY-001       0000011707
Connors,Mary                               CONNOR,MA-001    0000018426
Conocophillips                             CONOCOPHIL-001   0000012760
Conrad Fire Equipment                      CONRAD-001       0000008985
Consolidated Electrical Dist dba Rensenh   RENSENHOUS-001   0000000116
Consolidated Library dba Mid-Continent     MID-CONTI-001    0000017095
Consolidated Management Company/CMCO       CONSOL MGN-001   0000020432
Consolidated Plastics                      CONS PLAST-001   0000003624
Consolidated Printing                      CONS PRINT-001   0000000367
Consolidated Storage Co dba Equipto        CONSOLIDAT-001   0000019203
Constance F Lower Trust                    CONSTANCE-001    0000014750
Construction Solutions LLC                 CONS SOL-001     0000018140
Constructive Playthings                    CON PLAY-001     0000006527
Consumer Reports Magazine                  CONSUMER-002     0000008895
Consumers Choice POS Inc                   CONSUMERS-001    0000019213
Contemporary Publishing Co                 CONTEMP-002      0000020583
Content On Demand Inc                      CONTENT-001      0000018086
Continental Equipment Co                   CONTI EQUP-001   0000014046
Continental Research Corporation           CONTNL COR-001   0000010176
Continental Steel & Conveyor Co.           CONTINENTA-001   0000018144
Contour Design Inc                         CONTOUR-001      0000019235
Contreras,Justin                           CONTRE,JUS-001   0000019328
Control Consultants & Supply Company       CONT CONSU-001   0000019396
Control Installations of Iowa Inc          CONTRL IA-001    0000013257
Control Installations of Iowa, Inc         CI3-001          0000009811
Control Service Company Inc                CONTRL SER-001   0000000370
Conventions Sports & Leisure Internatnl    CONVENTION-001   0000018894
Conway,Patrick A                           CONWAY,PAT-001   0000006813
Cook,Anthony                               COOK,ANTHO-001   0000017545
Cook,Peter                                 COOK,PETER-001   0000012716
Cook,Timothy Ryan                          COOK,TIM-001     0000019274
Cooke,Kevin M                              COOKE,KEV-001    0000020426
Cookston,Douglas                           COOKS,DOUG-001   0000017291
Cooling Tower Depot, Inc.                  COOL TOWER-001   0000019317
Coon,David                                 COON,DAVID-001   0000014265
Cooper,Christopher                         COOP,CHRIS-001   0000020544
Cooper,Darrel R                            COOPER,DA-001    0000019699
Cooper,Morgan                              COOPER,MOR-001   0000020852
Coordinating Committee Automotive Repair   CCAR-001         0000017221
Copes,Elisha                               COPES,ELI-001    0000017380
Copy Card Control Systems                  FOTOS-001        0000016355
Copy-Rite                                  COPYRITE-001     0000000375
Copyright Clearance Center                 COPYRIGHT-001    0000015399
Cord Communications Inc                    CORD COMM-001    0000010330
Cordill,Tim                                CORDILL,TI-001   0000008127
Cordle,Cameron dba CLC Enterprises         CLC ENTER-001    0000020817
Corectec                                   CORECTEC-001     0000011392
Corless Mechanical Incorporated            CORLS MECH-001   0000000371
Cornell Roofing & Sheet Metal Company      CORNEL ROF-001   0000000372
Cornerstone Baptist Church                 CORNERSTON-001   0000018479
Cornoll Roofing & Sheet Metal Company      CORNOLL-001      0000017658
Cornyn Fasano Group Inc                    CORNYN INC-001   0000015640
Corporate Art Services Inc                 CORP ART-002     0000011719
Corporate Copy Print                       CORP COPY-001    0000008703
Correau Burden,Lisa                        CORREAU,LI-001   0000020001
Cortz, Inc dba In The Swim                 IN THE SWI-001   0000019398
Corwin Press Inc                           CORWIN INC-001   0000006985
Corwin,Crystal A                           CORWIN,CRY-001   0000018278
Cory,Ronald                                CORY,RON-001     0000017292
Costanza,Kara                              COSTA,KARA-001   0000018977
Costco                                     COSTCO-001       0000019186
Costume Society of America                 COSTUME-001      0000017864
Coterie Theatre                            COTERIE-001      0000006583
Cottey College                             COTTEY COL-001   0000006301
Cottier,Mary B                             COTTIER,MA-001   0000018737
Couch,James                                COUCH,JA-001     0000017870
Coulter Ventures, LLC dba Rogue Fitness    ROGUE-001        0000020916
Coulter Video                              COULTR VID-001   0000016647
Council for Exceptional Children           CEC-001          0000003573
Council for Higher Edu Accreditation       COUNCL HEA-001   0000005996
Council for Opportunity In Education       COUNCIL OP-001   0000002045
Council for Professional Recognition       COUNCIL PR-002   0000017303
Council for Resource Development           CRD-001          0000001856
Council for the Advancement of Standards   CAS-002          0000016162
Council of North Central Two Yr Colleges   COUNCL COL-001   0000008693
Council of science Editors (CSE)           CSE-001          0000019745
Council on Social Work Education           COUNCIL-001      0000018465
Countryside Maintenance                    COUNTRYSDE-001   0000000356
County of Buchanan School R-5              COUNTY R5-001    0000016976
Coursey Enterprises Inc                    COURSEYINC-001   0000010482
Coussens,Christopher                       COUSS,CHRS-001   0000018415
Covington Engineering Corp                 COVING ENG-001   0000012460
Covington Group                            COV-001          0000017252
Cowger,Lorraine                            COWGER,LO-001    0000017514
Cowles,Maria Antonia                       COWLES,MA-001    0000018217
Cox eLearning Consultants LLC              COX LLC-001      0000019733
Cox, Diane K.M.                            COX-001          0000015572
Cox,Diane K M                              COX,DIANE-001    0000012715
Cox,Jessica                                COX,JESSI-001    0000015621
Coyne & Blanchard                          COMM ARTS-001    0000003812
Crader,Gregory Keith                       CRADER,GRE-001   0000016952
Craig William Creative dba Community Lin   COMMU LINK-001   0000012478
Craiger,Jane dba Q B Ltd                   CRAIGER J-001    0000014594
Crain Communications dba Automotive News   AUTO NEWS-001    0000005321
Crane Consulting                           CRANE CONS-001   0000013329
Crape,Gordon                               CRAPE,GORD-001   0000017293
Cravens,Cynthia Marie                      CRAVENS,CY-001   0000020318
Crawford Industries LLC dba Polypro        CRAWFRD IN-001   0000020212
Creal,Zebrina Alaine                       CREAL,ZEB-001    0000018801
Creasey Printing Services                  CREAS PRIN-001   0000006858
CreateForLess LLC                          CREATE LES-001   0000019002
Creation Engine                            CREATION E-001   0000020217
Creative Carnivals & Events LLC            CREATIVE-007     0000018891
Creative Printing Services, Inc.           CREATIVE-008     0000019309
Creative Pultrusions Inc.                  CREATIVE P-001   0000020065
Creative Stitch                            CREATIVE-009     0000021126
Creative Voice Development Group           CREATIVE-004     0000017504
Creative-Coldsnow                          CREATIVE-006     0000002067
Crescent Electric Supply Co                CRESCENTCO-001   0000000744
Crestline Company Inc                      CRESTLINE-001    0000007685
Crews,Jeanne B                             CREWS,JEAN-001   0000015573
Crimestar Corporation                      CRIMESTAR-001    0000020980
Crisis Management System Inc               CRISIS INC-001   0000014976
Cristo Rey Kansas City                     CRISTO REY-001   0000017310
Crites,Barry J                             CRITES,BAR-001   0000019789
Critical Site Products, Inc.               CRITICAL-001     0000019318
Critical Systems Services Inc              CRITIC SYS-001   0000019195
Crocker,Marianne                           CROCKER,MA-001   0000019942
Crookshanks,Toby                           CROOKS,TOB-001   0000019296
Cros Sports Shop LLC                       CROS SPORT-001   0000020443
Cross Country Education LLC                CROSS EDU-001    0000010550
Cross Cultural Communication Systems Inc   CCCS-001         0000017734
Cross Cultural Health Care Program         CROSS CULT-001   0000016982
Cross Midwest Tire                         CROSS TIRE-001   0000002037
Cross Tec Corporation                      CROSS TEC-001    0000011543
Cross,Carrie                               CROSS,CAR-001    0000018295
Cross,John Jr                              CROSS,JOHN-001   0000017912
Cross,Shirley Ann                          CROSS,SHIR-001   0000019429
Crossland Construction Co Inc              CROSSLAND-001    0000018663
Crossland Machinery Co Inc                 CROSLND MA-001   0000000359
Crossover Graphics, Inc                    CGP MARKET-001   0000018208
Crow,Laurel                                CROW,LAURL-001   0000010287
Crowd Systems                              CROWD SYST-001   0000014388
Crowley Wade and Milstead                  CROW WADE-001    0000008118
Crowley,Tim                                CROWLEY,TI-001   0000017974
Crown Services Inc                         CROWN SRVC-001   0000007172
Crozier,Marvin                             CROZIER,MA-001   0000013489
Crump,Amy Josephine                        CRUMP,AMY-001    0000018543
Crumpley, Justin                           CRUMPLEY,J-001   0000016139
Crystal Clear Enterprise Inc               CRYSTL CLE-001   0000012313
Crystal Productions                        CRYST PROD-001   0000001818
Crystal Productions dba Art Video World    ART VIDEO-001    0000011338
Cuesta College Bookstore                   CUESTA CB-001    0000020676
Cuisine LLC                                CUISINE LL-001   0000019223
Cuisine LLC                                CUISINE-001      0000019226
Cukierkorn,Jacques                         CUKIER,JA-001    0000007812
Culig,Sandra K                             CULIG,SAN-001    0000019434
Cullum And Brown, Inc.                     CULL BROWN-001   0000019314
Culotta,Gregory David                      CULOTTA,G-001    0000009229
Culpepper and Associates, Inc.             CULPEPPR A-001   0000017865
Cultural Crossroad Inc                     CULTURAL-001     0000017439
Cummins Central Power                      CUMMINS-001      0000018539
Cundiff,Mike                               CUNDIFF,MI-001   0000002186
Cunningham Associates Inc                  CUNN-001         0000015534
Cunningham Autobody Inc                    CUNNINGHAM-001   0000018515
Cunningham,Josef K                         CUNNING,JO-001   0000019928
Cunningham,Randall                         CUNNING,RA-001   0000018580
Cupini's Inc                               CUPINI'S-001     0000015306
Curators of University of MO               CURATORS-001     0000004077
Curenton,Sharon                            CURENTON,S-001   0000020055
Cushani Publishing Inc                     CUSHANI PB-001   0000014414
Custom Guide Inc                           CUST GUIDE-001   0000014305
Custom Limousine Inc.                      CUSTOM-001       0000019392
Custom Screen Printing                     CUSTOM SP-001    0000017952
Cusumano,Daniel dba Ameraguard             AMERAGUARD-001   0000016397
Cuthbert,Randall dba Charlotte Manor Apt   CUTHBERT,R-001   0000019540
Cutrer, Rosemary                           CUTR-001         0000015574
Cutrer,Rosemary dba Cottonwood Tales       CUTRER,ROS-001   0000007645
Cutting Edge Productions Inc               CUTTING ED-001   0000019319
CyberSource                                CYBERSOURC-001   0000012107
Cycle Connections Online Motorcycle Maga   CYC-001          0000016748
Cynmar Corporation                         CYNMAR CRP-001   0000000396
Cyrgus Company dba Nebraska Scientific     NE SCIENTI-001   0000007673
Cytek Media Systems                        CYTEK-001        0000015600
D E Enterprises Inc dba NRG Tech Solutn    NRG TECH-001     0000020843
D&B POWER ASSOCIATES INC.                  D&B-001          0000016411
D&D Masonry Inc                            D&D MASNRY-001   0000000287
D&D Security Resources                     D&D SECUR-001    0000019627
D&H Distribution                           D&H-001          0000016138
D'Bronx Too Corp dba DBronx                D'BRONX-001      0000002347
D3 Technical Service LLC                   D3 TECH-001      0000018038
DBA CompUSA/Gov/Ed                         COMPUSA-001      0000000374
DBA Fitness Showcase                       FITNS SHWC-001   0000000443
DBR Publishing                             DBR PUBLIS-001   0000001991
DECO Tool Supply Company                   DECO TOOL-001    0000000304
DEPCO LLC                                  DEPCO-001        0000000312
DEX                                        DEX-001          0000017522
DG Supplies Inc                            DG SUPPLS-001    0000020594
DH Pace CO dba Overhead Door of KC         OVEHD DOOR-001   0000000860
DH Pace Construction Services              DH PACE CO-001   0000006310
DHG Kansas City LLC                        DHG KC LLC-001   0000016502
DHL Express USA Inc                        DHL EXPRSS-001   0000012958
DIRECTV                                    DIRECTV-001      0000018070
DJ Hank Production                         DJ HANK-001      0000014932
DJ PRODUCTS INC.                           DJ PRODUCT-001   0000021149
DK Smythe Mgmt dba Mad Science of GKC      MAD SCIENC-001   0000014524
DLS Tire Centers Inc                       DLS TIRE-001     0000020177
DLS Tire Centers Inc dbaTCI Tire Centers   TCI TIRE-001     0000003437
DP Medical Services                        DP MEDICAL-001   0000020628
DRE Inc                                    DRE-001          0000018860
DRUMMOND MARKETING INC                     DMI-001          0000020285
DSS Inc dba Digital Sound Systems          DSS INC-001      0000012817
DWH Inc dba Fish Window Cleaning           FISH WIND-001    0000017481
Da Vinci Reprographics                     DA VINCI-001     0000018080
Dale Carnegie Training                     DALE CAR-001     0000017620
Damon Pursell Construction CO              DAMON PUR-001    0000019726
Dan Moses dba E2E Web Solutions            E2E WEB-001      0000019454
Dani Designs                               DANI DESIG-001   0000018732
Daniel Smith Inc.                          DAN SMITH-001    0000020718
Daniel,Kermit                              DANIEL,KER-001   0000019917
Daniel,Lloyd C                             DANIEL,LLO-001   0000011187
Daniels Moving & Storage dba McCormack D   MCCORMACK-001    0000019868
Daniels,Aaron L                            DANIELS,A-001    0000017813
Darby Printing Company                     DARBY-001        0000017708
Darby,Sue                                  DARBY,SUE-001    0000016694
Darco Equipment Service Co                 DARCO-001        0000000292
Darkroom & Studio Repair                   DARKROOM-001     0000015294
Darling International Inc                  DARLN INTR-001   0000007278
Darnell,John L.                            DARNELL,JO-001   0000003525
Dash Medical Gloves                        DASH GLOVE-001   0000013889
Data Connect Enterprise, Inc.             DATA CONNE-001   0000018206
Data Essentials Inc                       DATA ESSEN-001   0000000295
Data Source Media                         DATA-001         0000017247
Data Technique                            DATA TECH-001    0000011735
DataTrend Technologies Inc                DATATREND-001    0000018326
DataViz, Inc                              DATAVIZ-001      0000019520
Dataco Derex Inc                          DATACO DEP-001   0000019841
Datalux Corporation                       DATALUX-001      0000004508
Datamation Systems Inc                    DATAMATION-001   0000013482
Datasphere Technologies, Inc.             DATASPHERE-001   0000020411
Dau,Sarah                                 DAU,SARAH-001    0000016895
Daugherty,Dianne dba Emerald City Int'l   EMERALD CI-001   0000020725
Daugherty,Peter                           DAUGHE,PE-001    0000019349
David P Ross LLC                          DAVID ROSS-001   0000014097
Davidson,Donald                           DAVIDS,DON-001   0000017862
Davis Instruments Corporation             DAVIS INST-001   0000008654
Davis Safety Supply                       DAVIS SAFE-001   0000018661
Davis Sands & Collins                     DAVIS SAND-001   0000016048
Davis, Glendora                           DAVIS-001        0000015575
Davis,Julie Barnett                       DAVIS,JULI-001   0000019597
Davis,Russell E                           DAVIS,RUSS-001   0000018410
Dawn Sign Press                           DAWN SIGN-001    0000000298
Day Star Corporation                      DAY STAR-001     0000000300
Day,Dennis V                              DAY,DENNIS-001   0000015718
Day-Timers Inc                            DAY-TIMER-001    0000000301
Daymark Solutions Inc                     DAYMARK-001      0000009336
Dayspring Electric Inc                    DAYSPRING-001    0000020361
De La Torre,Brian dba DeLaTorre Design    DE LA TORR-001   0000020605
De Soto USD 232                           DE SOTO-001      0000018669
DeBoard,Virginia dba VG Designs           DEBOARD,VI-001   0000016921
DeLaSalle Education Center                DELASALLE-001    0000009427
DeLeon,Michael dba El Mambo World LLC     EL MAMBO W-001   0000020327
Deal Express dba Discount Office Items    DISCOUNT-001     0000018310
Dealer Training Academy, LLC              DEALER TRA-001   0000021138
Dean Machinery Co.                        DEAN-001         0000017121
Dean,Cherie dba Fetch Design Inc          FETCH DESG-001   0000013626
Deans Trophies & Engraving Co             DEANS TRO-001    0000001784
Deason,Rebecca                            DEASON,REB-001   0000020543
Decal Techniques Inc.                     DECAL TECH-001   0000019142
Dedalus Films dba Icarus Films            ICARUS-001       0000017575
Dees Communications                       OFF TO COL-001   0000004679
Defender Services Inc                     DEFEND SER-001   0000019725
Deffenbaugh Disposal Service              DEFFEN DSP-001   0000000305
Del Popolo,Barbara                         DEL POPO,B-001   0000016037
Del Seamonds,Leeny                         DEL SEA,LE-001   0000014228
Delaney,Alexis P                           DELANEY,AL-001   0000019299
Delich,Thersa                              DELICH,THE-001   0000017223
Della Lamb Community Services              DELLA LAMB-001   0000011865
Dellavia,Scott                             DELLAV,SCO-001   0000018413
Delorme Publishing CO                      DELORME-001      0000004548
Delta Apparel dba MJ Soffe LLC             MJ SOFFE-001     0000019784
Delta Dental of Missouri                   DELTA DENT-001   0000000306
Delta Foremost Chemical Corp               DELTA CORP-001   0000017153
Delta Innovative Services                  DELTA INOV-001   0000015805
Delta Sweeping Co.                         DELTA SWP-001    0000010556
Delta Systems Co dba Delta Publishing Co   DELTA SYS-001    0000012706
Demco Inc                                  DEMCO-001        0000000308
Deneen Pottery                             DENEEN-001       0000019132
Deng,Gabriel                               DENG,GAB-001     0000017440
Deng,Mathiang                              DENG,MATH-001    0000017438
Denoyer-Geppert Science Co.                DGI-001          0000003198
Dental Assisting National Board Inc        DANB-001         0000012882
Denton,Roger                               DENTN,ROGR-001   0000006342
Dentsply Rinn                              DENTSPLY R-001   0000021070
Denver Development Materials Inc           DDM-001          0000017549
Denver Developmental Materials, Inc        DENVER DEV-001   0000008410
Department of Veteran Affairs              DEPT VETRN-001   0000013181
Derico,Lamar                               DERICO,LAM-001   0000019655
Derovations Corp                           DERO-001         0000019566
Derting,Terry L.                           DERTING,TE-001   0000006387
Design Concepts                            GW BROWN-001     0000020164
Design Investments Inc                     DESIGN INC-001   0000019045
Design Mechanical Inc                      DESIGN MEC-001   0000012306
Design Science Inc                         DESIGN SCI-001   0000003197
Design Tec Office Products Inc             DESIGN TEC-001   0000019053
Destiny Consulting, LLC                    DEST CONSU-001   0000019643
Development Concepts dba Impact Publicat   IMPCT PUBL-001   0000008251
Developmental Dimensions Int Inc           DDI INT-001      0000014554
Developmental Studies Center               DEVLP CENT-001   0000001861
Devereux Foundation                        DEVEREUX-001     0000020969
Devos LTD dba Guaranteed Returns           GUARANTEED-001   0000014654
Dewar,Randy L                              DEWAR,RAND-001   0000019214
Dex Media East Inc                         DEX MEDIA-001    0000020536
Dharma Trading Company                     DHARMA TRA-001   0000015220
Diamond Comic Distributors Inc             DIAMOND CO-002   0000018597
Diamond Manufactur dba H-O-T Fire Safety   HOT FIRE-001     0000009857
Diaz Gomez,Pedro A.                        DIAZ GOMEZ-001   0000021054
Dickinson Theatres, Inc.                   DICKINSON-001    0000020109
Dickson, Donald W.                         DICKSON,DO-001   0000009451
Dickson,Kevin                              DICKSON,KE-001   0000016715
Dicus Davis Sands & Collins                DICUS DAV-001    0000002018
Die-Cast Promotions                        DIE-CAST-001     0000018017
Dierking,Erik                              DIER,ERIK-001    0000018978
Diggs Construction LLC                     DIGGS CONS-001   0000020985
Digi-Key Corporation                       DIGI-KEY-001     0000000321
DigiGraphics Inc                           DIGIGRAPHC-001   0000019954
Digigraph Xpress, LLC                      DIGI XPRES-001   0000019642
Digital Design LLC                         DIGITAL LL-001   0000012125
Digital Niche                              DIGITAL NI-001   0000011742
Digital River Ed Svcs Inc dba Journey Ed   JOURNEY ED-001   0000001809
Digital River Ed dba Academic Superstore   ACADEMIC-001     0000008161
Dillavou,Traci                             DILLAVOU,T-001   0000018045
Dilmaghani,Shahriar                        DILMAG,SHA-001   0000017484
Ding,Chenglan                              DING,CHEN-001    0000016685
Dino O'Dell                                DINO O'DEL-001   0000016965
Dirck,John Michael                         DIRCK,JOHN-001   0000018914
Direct Dental Supply                       DIR-001          0000016966
Direct Messenger Service                   DIR MSNGR-001    0000000316
Director of Revenue                        DIRECT REV-001   0000007070
Disbursing Officer                         DISBURSING-001   0000018328
Discount Toner & Ink                       DISCOUNT-002     0000018437
Discover Media LLC                         DISC MEDIA-001   0000021203
Discovery Channel Store                    DISCOVERY-002    0000017770
Dish Network LLC                           DISH NET-001     0000017953
Diskeeper Corporation                      DISKEEPER-001    0000017631
Disney Destinations LLC                    WALT WORLD-001   0000015150
Disney,Kathy                               DISNEY,KAT-001   0000015065
Display Case Company LLC                   DISPLAY-002      0000019773
Display Sales                              DISPLAY-001      0000011380
Display Works                              DIS WORKS-001    0000014936
Displays2Go                                DISP 2 GO-001    0000008542
Dissket Rite                               DR INSTRUM-001   0000020176
Diuguid,Lewis                              DIUGUID,LE-001   0000011726
Diveley,Steven James                       DIVELEY,ST-001   0000020861
Diversified Metal Fabricators Inc          DIVERSIFD-001    0000018373
Diversity Resources Inc                    DIVERS RES-001   0000008413
Division Of Employment Security            DIV EMP SE-001   0000000319
Division of Workforce Development/MACT     DIVISN WRK-001   0000008445
Dixie Medical                              DIX-001          0000017511
Dixon-Garrison,Ebony                       DIXON,EBON-001   0000016623
Dixons Chili                               DIXONS CHI-001   0000018480
Dlorah dba National Americn University     NATL AME-001     0000016033
Dobbs,Stanley W                            DOBBS,STAN-001   0000005033
Dobson Signs Inc                           NEW SIGNS-001    0000017113
Doctors Equipment Service                  DOCTRS EQP-001   0000000320
Dodd,Denise L.                             DODD,DENIS-001   0000021219
Dodson,Mei W dba Healthmate eMassager      DODSON,ME-001    0000020513
Doherty Steel, Inc.                        DOHERTY-001      0000017666
Dohrmann, Robert                           DOHR,ROB-001     0000016313
Dolan,John                                 DOLAN,JOHN-001   0000016935
Dollard,Cynthia Lynn                       DOLLARD,CY-001   0000020871
Dominion Blueline USA dba Rediform Inc     REDIFORM-001     0000020222
Dominion Technologies Group                DOMINION-001     0000019062
Domtar Paper Company LLC                   ENTERPRISE-001   0000020334
Don Bosco Education Center                 DON BOSCO-001    0000004706
Don Johnston Co                            DON JOHNST-001   0000006087
Don's Mobile Welding, Inc.                 DON'S MOBI-001   0000021034
Donaldson Mechanical                       DON MECH-001     0000004588
Donnelly College                           DONNL COLL-001   0000002752
Door Controls Inc                          DOOR CNTRL-001   0000000323
Dorian,Debra S dba Simple Solutions        DORIAN,DEB-001   0000019889
Dorsey,John                                DORSEY,JOH-001   0000001395
Dos Mundos                                 DOS MUNDOS-001   0000000325
Dosatron International, Inc.               DOSA-001         0000016207
Dotson,Kenneth                             DOTSON,KEN-001   0000017243
Dotson,Tammie                              DOTSON,TAM-001   0000005025
Doty & Sons Concrete Products, Inc         DOTY & SON-001   0000009240
Double C Industries                        DOUBLE C-001     0000018670
Double Check                               DOUBLE-001       0000016637
Doubled D Inc dba Dale Brothers            DALE-001         0000019241
Dougherty,Jennifer Kelly                   DOUGH,JEN-001    0000017381
Douglas Pump Service Inc                   DOUGLAS PU-001   0000000326
Douglas Stewart Company Inc                DOUG STEWR-001   0000003131
Douglas Stewart Company, Inc.              DOUG-002         0000016428
Douglas,Deborah R                          DOUGLAS,D-001    0000004050
Douglass,Kim                               DOUGLASS,K-001   0000020708
Douma,Eldrena                              DOUMA,ELDR-001   0000015495
Dover Publications Inc                     DOVER PUBL-001   0000000329
Dow Jones & Co dba Wall Street Journal     WALL ST JR-001   0000001190
Dow Lohnes PLLC                            DOW LOHNES-001   0000014493
Downtown Council                           DOWNT COUN-001   0000019582
Downtown East Industrl Park Owners Assoc   DEIPOA-001       0000002989
Dr Instruments                             DR INSTRU-001    0000020315
Dr Vinyl of Eastern Clay County            DR VINYL-001     0000012358
Dr. Smoothie Brands                        DR SMOOTHI-001   0000020779
Draeger Medical Inc.                       DRAEGER ME-001   0000020311
DraftingSteals LLC                         DRAFTING-001     0000020216
Dragons Gymnastics Inc                     DRAGON INC-001   0000016218
Drake Scruggs Equipment Incorporated       DRAKE SCRU-001   0000000330
Drakey,John Andrew                         DRAKEY,JOH-001   0000020732
Dramatic Publishing Company                DRAMAT PUB-001   0000007567
Dramatists Play Service Inc.               DRAMATISTS-001   0000002512
Draper,Brandon                             DRAPER,BRA-001   0000018909
Draper,Jeffrey dba Marketechnologies       MARKETECH-001    0000020492
Draper,Marshall                            DRAPER,MAR-001   0000020226
Dream Factory Inc                          DREAM FAC-001    0000017061
DreamMaker Publishing                      DREAM MKR-001    0000013886
Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream Inc               DREYER ICE-001   0000016507
Dri-Stick Decal Corp dba Rydin Decal       RYDIN DECL-001   0000002406
Driskell,Kevin Neal                        DRISK,KEV-001    0000019722
Driskill,Jen                               DRISK,JEN-001    0000017450
Drissi,Jawad                               DRISSI,JAW-001   0000020970
Drs Foster and Smith Pet Supply            DRS-001          0000016128
Drury Capital Corp dba Drury Inn           DRURY-001        0000015431
Dubois Consultants Inc                     DUBOIS CON-001   0000019644
Dubois Wirless Solutions, Inc              DUBOIS WIR-001   0000019645
Dudley,Mary H                              DUDLEY,MAR-001   0000018004
Duffy,Donna K                              DUFFY,DONN-001   0000017149
Dugger,Stephanie                           DUGGER,STE-001   0000020797
Dugmore & Duncan Inc.                      DUGMORE-001      0000019724
Duke University                            DUKE UNI-001     0000012712
Duke,David                                 DUKE,DAVID-001   0000019674
Duke,Tyler C                               DUKE,TYLER-001   0000020392
Dumler,Robert R                            DUMLER,ROB-001   0000018130
Dunbar Armored Inc.                        DUNBAR ARM-001   0000020776
Dunbar Security Products                   DUNBAR SEC-001   0000020842
Duncan,William P                           DUNCAN,WIL-001   0000019353
Dunlop,James Patrick                       JIM DUNLOP-001   0000020995
Dunn Right LLC dba The Liddle Sport Shop   LIDDLE-001       0000019230
Dunn,Kurt                                  DUNN,KURT-001    0000011373
Dunn,Russell                               DUNN,RUSSL-001   0000010119
Duraflex International                     DURAFLEX-001     0000016666
Duranotic Door                             DURAN DOOR-001   0000000384
Durham School Services                     DURHAM SCH-001   0000012328
Dussell,David                              DUSSEL,DA-001    0000016784
Dwight Frizzell DBA BCR                    BCR-001          0000016191
Dwyer,Joseph Robert                        DWYER,J R-001    0000012675
Dykstra,Hannah A                           DYKSTRA,HA-001   0000019958
Dynamic Displays LLC                       DYNAMIC DI-001   0000019709
Dynatron Elevator Inc                      DYNATRON E-001   0000012410
E Larry Shirley                            E LARRY SH-001   0000017519
E Republic dba Government Technology       E REPUB-001      0000020478
E&J Specialty Contractor Inc               E&J-001          0000017570
E&P Financing LP dba Super 8 Motel         SUPER MOTL-001   0000004547
E&S Woodwrd Enterprs                       GREAT FRAM-002   0000020912
E-Filliate Inc                             E-FILLIATE-001   0000008109
E.C. Professional Video                    E.C. PROF-001    0000019552
E.S.Schubert LLC                           E.S.SCHUBE-001   0000020964
EA Sween Company                           EA SWEEN-001     0000000388
EAGLE EQUIPMENT INC.                       EAG-001          0000016272
EAR CARE PRODUCTS                          EAR CARE-001     0000020845
EAT Advertising and Design                 EAT ADVERT-001   0000014707
EBSCO                                      EBSCO-001        0000000399
EBSCO Publishing dba Salem Press Inc       SALEM PRES-001   0000000971
ECCO Select Corporation                    ECCO SELCT-001   0000019253
EDOPP                                      EDOPP-001        0000017595
EF EDUCATIONAL TOURS                       EF EDUCATI-001   0000018538
EG Tech LLC                                EG TECH-001      0000019451
ELI Inc                                    ELI INC-001      0000019450
ELITE CUISINE LLC                          ELITE CUIS-001   0000021060
EM Strategies LLC                          EM STRAT-001     0000018703
EMC Publishing LLC                         EMC-001          0000000397
EMCH Fundraising LLC                       EMCH LLC-001     0000018621
EME                                        EME-001          0000003628
EMED Co Inc                                EMED CO-001      0000007680
ENDOCO Inc                                 ULTI DENTL-001   0000017861
EPIC SPORTS                                EPIC SPORT-001   0000017769
EPKO Industries dba MDC Wall Coverings     MDC WALL-001     0000019545
ERGO WORKS, INC.                           ERGO-001         0000015849
ESPN Magazine LLC                          ESPN MGZN-001    0000011134
ESTOPARE,MATTHEW J                         ESTOPARE,-001    0000021041
ETH-NOH-TEC                                ETH-NOH-TE-001   0000017803
EZ Enterprises Inc. dba Green Haven Sod    GREEN HAVE-001   0000019452
Eades,Renee/Sincere Touch Massage Therpy   SINCERE-001      0000020465
Eady,Jane                                  EADY,JANE-001    0000018581
Eagle Auto Stripping                       EAGLE AUTO-001   0000017307
Eagle Software Inc                         EAGLE-001        0000018011
Eagleburger,Steven A                       EAGLE,STE-001    0000018153
Earl May Seed and Nursery LC               EARL MAY-001     0000008535
Early Childhood Manufacturers Direct       EARLY-001        0000018697
Earlychildhood dba Discount School Suppl   DISC SUPPL-001   0000004543
Earthwalk Communications Inc               EARTHWALK-001    0000019945
Eason,Beverly                              EASON,BE-001     0000019827
East Central College                       EAST CTRL-001    0000017561
East Meets West of Troost, Inc.            EAST MEETS-001   0000020124
Eaton,Melissa A                            EATON,MEL-001    0000018047
Eberhart,Chris                             EBERHART,C-001   0000019418
Eberhart,John M                            EBERT,JOHN-001   0000020444
Ebertos Inc dba Soccer Master              SOC MASTR-001    0000017091
Eccleston,Thomas E                         ECCLESTN,T-001   0000020838
Echo Global Logistics Inc                  ECHO GLOBL-001   0000020279
Echolab                                    ECHO-001         0000016709
Eckhardt,John                              ECKHR,JOHN-001   0000006519
Eclipse Partnership                        ECLIPSE PA-001   0000014186
Eco-Light Harvester LLC                    ECO-LIGHT-001    0000019785
Eco-Light Harvester LLC                    ECO LIGHT-001    0000019944
EcoDirect Inc.                             ECODIRECT-001    0000020130
EcoUsable Inc                              ECOUSABLE-001    0000019883
Ecolab Inc.                                ECOLAB-001       0000015162
Economic Modeling LLC                      EMSI-001         0000018927
Economic Opportunity Foundation Inc        ECONOMIC-001     0000017115
Economy Power and Instrument Inc           EPI-001          0000018178
Ecotality inc dba Fuel Cell Store          FUEL CELL-001    0000019205
Ed M Feld Equipment Co Inc                 ED M FELD-001    0000008619
Ed Roehr Safety Products Co                ED ROEHR-001     0000013339
Ed's Sporting Goods                        ED SPORTNG-001   0000007301
Ed's Trophies & Awards                     ED'S TROPH-001   0000016727
Edelman-lyon Co                            EDELMAN-001      0000020630
Edgar,Jason                                EDGAR,JAS-001    0000020790
Edge Enterprises Inc                       EDGE ENTER-001   0000002113
Editorial Projects in Education            EDUCATION-006    0000011084
Edmund Scientific Co dba Science Kit LLC   SCIEN KIT-001    0000000401
Edu-Technology                             EDU-TECHNO-001   0000018516
Education Direct                           EDUCATION-008    0000014103
Educational Directories Inc                EDU DIRECT-001   0000003606
Educational Global Technologies, Inc.      EDU-001          0000017108
Educational Resources Inc (KS)             EDU RES-002      0000018069
Educational Theatre Assoc dba Internatio   INTL THES-001    0000020622
Educational Theatre Association            EDU ASSOC-001    0000012443
Educational Video Network Inc              EDU VID NT-001   0000000404
Educators Social Responsibility (ESR)      ESR-001          0000012946
Educause                                   EDUCAUSE-001     0000005435
Edvotek                                    EDVOTEK-001      0000004225
Edwards Chemicals                          EDW CHEM-001     0000011381
Edwards McDowell Inc                       EDWARDS MC-001   0000006482
Edwards Medical Supply                     EDW-001          0000017027
Edwards,Traci                              EDWARD,TRA-001   0000009153
Edys Grand Ice Cream                       EDYS ICE-001     0000015212
Eiffel Bay Productions Inc                 EIFFEL BAY-001   0000017840
El Grupo Folklorico Atotonilco             GRUPO FOLK-001   0000018002
Elcometer, Inc.                            ELCOMETER-001    0000020401
Eldon & Sons Inc                           ELDON INC-001    0000011773
Eldridge,Michelle                          ELDRI,MI-001     0000017306
Electro Painters                           ELECTRO PA-001   0000003338
Electro Painting & Refurbishing Inc        ELECTRO-002      0000019878
Electrolife Battery dba Available by Req   AVAIL REQ-001    0000019453
Electronic Contracting Company             ELECTRONIC-001   0000019220
Electronic Imaging Materials Inc           ELECTRONIC-002   0000019259
Electronic Services Inc                    ELECTRONIC-003   0000019730
Electronic Technologies Corp               ELEC TECHL-001   0000014985
Electronic Video Systems Inc               ELEC VIDEO-001   0000005856
Electronics Supply Co Inc                  ELECT SUPL-001   0000000405
Electronix Express                         ELECTNX EX-001   0000000406
Element K Corporation                      ELEMENT K-001    0000006345
Elevator Safety Services Inc               ELEVATR SV-001   0000011158
Eliason & Knuth of Kansas City, Inc.       ELIASON-001      0000017657
Elliot,Marc                                ELLIOT,MAR-001   0000018862
Elliot,Marc                                ELLIOT,MA-001    0000018865
Elliott Jenkins Inc dba Lew Printing       LEW PRINT-001    0000020658
Ellis,Elizabeth                            ELLIS,ELI-001    0000020449
Ellison Communication Consultants          ELLISON CC-001   0000015707
Ellison,Brian                              ELLISON,BR-001   0000016437
Elsen,William                              ELSEN,WILL-001   0000018320
Elsevier                                   ELSEVIER-001     0000009371
Ely,Shy-Quon                               ELY,SHY-Q-001    0000019569
Embark IT Inc                              EMBARK IT-001    0000019466
Embarq Missouri Inc dba Centurylink        CENTURYLIN-001   0000015757
Embassy Row LLC/Hilton Washinton           EMBASSY RW-001   0000018728
Emblem Enterprises Inc.                    EMBLEM-001       0000020073
Embrace Smiles LLC                         EMBRACE-001      0000018813
EmbroidMe                                  EMBROIDME-001    0000019209
Emerande Corporation dba Tanan Floral      TANAN FLOR-001   0000001106
Emergency Medical Products Inc             EMERGN MED-001   0000002805
Emerson & Church Publishers                EMERSON-001      0000018559
Emery-Pratt                                EMERY-PRTT-001   0000012099
Emhart Teknologies LLC                     EMHART-001       0000017907
Emma Inc                                   EMMA INC-001     0000020090
Emmert Welding & Manufacturing Co          EMMERTWELD-001   0000015563
En Pointe Technologies Sales Inc           EN POINTE-001    0000014513
En Pointe Technologies Sales Inc.          EN POINTE -001   0000020948
Enable Mart                                ENABLE MT-001    0000019368
Enco Manufacturing                         ENCO MFG-001     0000000409
Encomium Publications Inc.                 ENCOMIUM-001     0000020955
Encore One LLC dba General Parts LLC       GENRL PART-001   0000002699
Encore One, LLC                            GENERAL PA-001   0000020540
Encore Staffing                            ENCORE STF-001   0000007842
Encore/GateHouse Media                     ENCORE-001       0000017724
Encyclopedia Britannica Inc                ENCYPD BRT-001   0000000410
Endress+Hauser                             ENDRESS-001      0000020087
Energy Express Inc                         ENERGY INC-002   0000016469
Engelbrecht,Madeline                       ENGELBRE,M-001   0000002170
EngineerSupply                             ENG SUPPLY-001   0000019527
Engle,Angela C dba Angees Sole Desgn       ENGLE,AN-001     0000019850
Engler Engineering                         ENGLER ENG-001   0000015086
Englert,William S                          ENGLE,WILL-001   0000020497
English,Miakesha                           ENGLISH,MI-001   0000017649
Enloe, Vickie dba Enloe Enterprise LLC     ENLOE ENT-001    0000019464
Enoki Events LLC dba BOOST Conference      BOOST-001        0000020710
Enright Plumbing Inc                       ENRIGHT PL-001   0000019612
Entercom Radio                             ENTERCOM-001     0000008117
Enterprise Communications Inc              ENTER COMM-001   0000020627
Enterprise Interiors Inc                   ENTPR INTE-001   0000019614
Enterprise Rent A Car                      ENTER CAR-001    0000010738
Enterprise Resource Planners Inc           ENTERPRISE-002   0000020437
Entertainment Systems, Inc                 ENTER SYS-001    0000007235
Entrepreneurial Edu Foundation/FastTrac    FAST TRAC-001    0000014798
Envelopes of Nevada, Inc.                  ENVELOPES-001    0000018920
Enviromental Monitoring Systems Inc.       ENVIRO-001       0000020525
Environmental Mechanical Contract/Servc    ENVIR ME C-001   0000017656
Environmental Systems Research Institute   ESRI INC-001     0000001827
Environmental Systems Research Institute   ENVIR SYS-001    0000011485
Environments Inc                           ENVIRONMEN-001   0000000383
Environmtl Regulat Assoc/ERA Environmtl    ERA ENVI-001     0000019990
Eos Surfaces LLC                           EOS SURF-001     0000020645
Epic Entertainment Inc                     EPIC INC-001     0000015552
Equal Opportunity Publications Inc         EQUAL OPPR-001   0000006198
Equipment & Supply Central                 EQUIPMENT-001    0000017897
Ergo In Demand Inc.                        ERGO-002         0000016631
Erijen Enterprises dba Cartridge World     CARTRIDGE-001    0000015468
Erisman,Justin                             ERISMAN,JU-001   0000018409
Ervin,Elgin                                ERVIN,ELGI-001   0000009194
Ervin,Van                                  ERVIN,VAN-001    0000003742
Esco Institute LTD                         ESCO INST-001    0000003175
Escobar,Alejandro                          ESCOBAR,AL-001   0000019301
Escoe,Cheryl                               ESCOE,CHER-001   0000016328
Esoke Cultural Arts Center                 ESOKE ARTS-001   0000014895
Essential Care                             ESSENTIAL-001    0000015349
Essential Spanish for Professionals        ESSENTIAL-002    0000017991
Ethnic Enrichment Cultural Council         ETHNIC ENR-001   0000005038
Ethridge,Eric                              ETHRIDGE,E-001   0000019977
Etnire,Michael                             ETNIRE,MIK-001   0000004711
Eurest Dining Services                     EUREST-001       0000000389
Europa Sports Products Inc.                EUROPA-001       0000017938
Evans, Linda dba Hawaiian Polynesian Rev   HAWAIIAN-001     0000018315
Evans,Mark Thomas                          EVANS,MARK-001   0000020391
Evans,Waltraud                             EVANS,WALT-001   0000012840
Event Specialists                          EVENT SPEC-001   0000015474
Everest                                    EVEREST-001      0000013615
Everest Trading Corp                       EVEREST CO-001   0000013852
Everly,Rebecca Sue                         EVERLY,REB-001   0000019525
Every Pressure Washer                      EVERY-001        0000018847
Evologic LLC                               EVOLOGIC-001     0000020134
Ewing Irrigation                           EWING IRRI-001   0000012177
Exaclair Inc                               EXACLAIR-001     0000019339
Exact Staffing Resources                   EXA-001          0000016981
Excel Partnership Inc                      EXCEL PART-001   0000012023
Excellence in Service                      EXCEL SVC-001    0000015415
Excellent Equipment Service                EXCEL SVCS-001   0000016635
Excelsior Springs School District          ES SCHOOL-001    0000003970
Execuline Business Systems dba EBS Scan    EBS-001          0000010158
Executive Audio Visual Services Inc        EXEC AUDIO-001   0000018853
Executive Hotel Management dba             HOLIDAY IN-001   0000004614
Executive Limousines                       EXEC LIMOS-001   0000017452
Exhibit Associates Inc                     EXH ASSOC-001    0000002696
Expert Tow & Recovery LLC                  EXPET TOW-001    0000007439
Experts Exchange LLC                       EXPERTS-001      0000019076
Explorers Percussion                       EXPLORE PE-001   0000005263
Exposure Inc                               EXPOSURE-001     0000010768
Expresso Fitness Corporation               EXPRESSO-002     0000018303
F+W PUBLICATIONS, INC.                     HOW/PRINT-001    0000016106
F+W Publications Inc dba F+W Media Inc     F+W PUBL-001     0000002052
F5 Networks, Inc.                          F5 NETWORK-001   0000018270
FA Davis Publishing Co                     FA DAVIS-001     0000007670
FAAC Inc dba IES - INTERACTIVE TRAINING    IES-001          0000018334
FANUC Robotics America Inc                 FANUC INC-001    0000018232
FAULWELL,MARVIN R                          FAULWELL,M-001   0000021244
FDC Contract                               FDC-002          0000016899
FIRESTONE COMPLETE AUTO CARE               FIRESTONE-002    0000021197
FRENCH GERLEMAN ELECTRIC CO                FRENCH-001       0000020880
FSC Inc                                    FSC INC-001      0000020126
FUZE Design, Inc.                          FUZE DESIG-001   0000015772
Fabricor                                   FABRICOR-001     0000009683
Fabulous Floors LLC                        FABULOUS-002     0000019806
Facility Solutions Group - FSG             FSG FACIL-001    0000020068
Factory Warehouse                          FACT WARE-001    0000014971
Facts On File Inc / Infobase Publish       FACTS FILE-001   0000000414
Facts on File Inc aka Infobase Publish     INFOBS FOF-001   0000020375
Faehmel,Babette                            FAEHMEL,BA-001   0000018297
Fagan Company                              FAGAN CO-001     0000000416
Fagan,Mary Carol                           FAGAN,MC-001     0000018896
Fairbanks Scales Inc                       FAIRBANKS-001    0000018434
Fairbrook Management Company               FAIRBROOK-001    0000018354
Fairfax Industrial Association Inc         FAIRFAX-001      0000020634
Faith Productions dba Freestyle Graphics   FREESTYLE-001    0000011237
Faith Technologies, Inc                    FAITH TECH-001   0000013891
Faiz,Iqbal Mohammad                        FAIZ,IQBAL-001   0000020106
Falder,Kyle                                FALDER,KY-001    0000016229
Fall Creek Enterprises LLC                 FALL CREEK-001   0000017988
Fallin,Rhonda                              FALLIN,RHO-001   0000017602
Fambrough and Associates Inc               FAMBROUGH-001    0000019506
Family Conservancy                         FAMILY CON-002   0000014297
Family Golf Park                           FAM GOLF-001     0000002165
Family Media Group DBA KC Parent           KC PARENT-001    0000001009
Fanara,Joseph Michael                      FANARA,JO-001    0000016834
Fancy Fare Catering                        FANCY FARE-001   0000001439
Farley & Sathers Candy Co                  FARLEY CO-001    0000002475
Farley,Marleon D                           FARLEY,MAR-001   0000018156
Farmer Bros Co                             FARMER BRO-001   0000019007
Farmer,Justin M                            FARMER,JUS-001   0000020000
Farmers Insurance Group                    FARMERS IN-001   0000009030
Faronics Technologies USA Inc              FARONICS-001     0000006814
Farwest Line Specialties Inc.              FARWEST-001      0000019270
Fast Dry Corp dba 10-S Tennis Supply       10-S TENNI-001   0000019467
Fast Horse                                 FAST HORSE-001   0000016373
FastSigns                                  FASTSIGNS-001    0000000423
Fastenal Company                           FASTENL CO-001   0000006762
Faultless Laundry CO                       FAULTLESS-001    0000019469
Faus,Joseph                                FAUS,JOSPH-001   0000017544
FedEx                                      FEDEX-001        0000000420
Federal Letter Co Inc dba FELCO            FELCO PRNT-001   0000014859
Federal Market dba Creative Homeowner      CREATIVE-005     0000017996
Federation of State Board of Phys Thera    FSBPT-001        0000017766
Feingold,Miriam                            FEINGOLD,M-001   0000016269
Fellowship of Christian Athletes           FELLOW CHR-001   0000015433
Feminist Press                             FEMINIST-001     0000018185
Fergerson,Richard/ Reliable Restorations   RELIABLE-002     0000019916
Ferguson Enterprises Inc                   FERGSN ENT-001   0000000430
Ferguson,Keith dba Ferguson Furniture      FERGUSON-001     0000016193
Ferguson,Margaret G                        FERGUSON,M-001   0000017533
Ferguson,Robin Dee                         FERGUSN,RO-001   0000018798
Ferlatte,Diane                             FERLATT,DI-001   0000014229
Ferrellgas                                 FERRELLGAS-001   0000000431
Ferris Kimball Company LLC                 FERR KIMBL-001   0000018988
Festival Foods                             FESTIVAL-001     0000012356
Fick,Kathy                                 FICK,KATHY-001   0000012624
Fidelity Investments                       FIDLTY INV-001   0000000432
Fields,Rick                                FIELDS,RIC-001   0000003837
Fieldtex Products Inc.                     FIELDTEX-001     0000017805
Fierst,Gerald                              FIERST,GER-001   0000018497
Figlio                                     FIGLIO-001       0000015543
Filkel, Janet                              FILK-001         0000015576
Film Row LLC                               FILM ROW-001     0000017829
Films Humanities & Sciences/Films Media    FILMS-001        0000000435
Financial Printing Resource, Inc.          FIN-001          0000016384
Financial Professionals Inc                FINCL PROF-001   0000000436
Fincher,Melissa M                          FINCHER,ME-001   0000020791
Fine Cut Concrete Sawing & Drilling LLC    FINE CUT-001     0000012170
Fineline Products Inc                      FINLN PROD-001   0000000437
Finkley,Randolph dba Randolph Bindery      RAND BINDR-001   0000004841
Fire One Inc                               FIRE ONE-001     0000018764
Fire Protection Publications               FIRE PRO-001     0000002158
Firestone Building Products Company        FIRESTONE-001    0000016664
First Agency Inc                           FIRST AGNC-001   0000013595
First American Title Insurance Company     FIRST AMER-001   0000017433
First Baptist Church of Grain Valley       FIRST BAPT-002   0000019030
First Baptist Church of Independence      FIRST BAPT-001   0000007195
First Baptist Church of Raytown           FIRST BAP-001    0000018103
First Biomedical Inc. dba InfuSystem      INFUSYS-001      0000020473
First Choice Assoc dba MI Print Shop      MI PRINT-001     0000019477
First Christian Church of Blue Springs    FIRST CHRI-001   0000019129
First DBA Source Inc                      FIRST INC-001    0000017558
First Data Coro                           FIRST DATA-001   0000016638
First Knight Service Inc                  FIRST KNIG-001   0000005230
First Lutheran Early Education Center     FIRST LUTH-001   0000018828
First Step Fund                           FIRST STEP-001   0000000440
First Student                             FIRST STUD-001   0000000622
Fisher Scientific                         FISHER SCI-001   0000000442
Fisher,Lyle B                             FISHER,LY-001    0000020283
Fishman,Barbara J                         FISH,BAR-001     0000017880
Fite,Gini                                 FITE,GINI-001    0000016356
Fitness Anywhere Inc                      FITNESS AN-001   0000018636
Fixlogix LLC                              FIXLOGIX-001     0000020122
Flatdog Media Inc                         FLATDOG-001      0000019457
Fletcher,Andrew                           FLETCHR,AN-001   0000017218
Flinn Scientific Inc                      FLIN SCNTF-001   0000000447
Florence-Darlington Technical College     FLORENCE-001     0000016979
Flores,Barbra                             FLORES,BAR-001   0000008643
Flores,Janet                              FLORES,JAN-001   0000018738
Flores,Steve                              FLORES,STE-001   0000004051
Florida PrePaid College Plan              FL PREPAID-001   0000015269
Flournoy,Marion                           FLOURNOY,M-001   0000002034
Flow Bridge Grp dba Flobridge Group LLC   FLOW BRIDG-001   0000020507
Fluffy Duck Inc dba Earth Divas           EARTH DIVA-001   0000019918
Fluke Networks Ins                        FLUKE NET-001    0000009074
Flute Juice Productions                   FLUTE JUIC-001   0000018527
Flynn,Gillian                             FLYNN,GILL-001   0000014909
Flynn,Natalie                             FLYNN,NAT-001    0000020140
Focus Consulting LLC                      FOCUS CONS-001   0000017917
Focus Technology International            FOCUS TECH-002   0000019279
Focused Technology                        FOCUS TECH-001   0000012562
Fogo de Chao Churrascaria LLC             FOGO-001         0000020641
Fold-A-Goal                               FOLD-A-GOA-001   0000018210
Foley Company                             FOLEY CO-001     0000020534
Foley,Ivan dba Landmark Newspaper         LAND NEWS-001    0000000625
Folger Coffee Company                     FOLGER CO-001    0000019077
Follett Higher Education Group            FOLLET HGH-001   0000000451
Fond Memories Engraving Co                FOND MEMRS-001   0000000485
Fontastik Inc                             FONTASTIK-001    0000015373
Fonza-Thomason,Marjorie Ann               THOMAS,MAR-001   0000020757
Food Equipment Repair Inc                 FOOD EQUPM-001   0000002496
Forbes, LLC                               FORBES-001       0000015673
Forbo Adhesives LLC                       FORBO ADHE-001   0000018874
Ford Motor Company                        FORD MTR C-001   0000000486
Ford Tool Steel                           FORD TOOL-001    0000008791
Ford,Reginald                             FORD,REG-001     0000017776
Fordham,Sheila                            FORD,SHEIL-001   0000019714
Fordyce Concrete Co Inc                   FORDYCE-001      0000019473
Forefront Environmental Services          FORE-001         0000017059
Foreman,Michael                           FOREMN,MIC-001   0000009588
Foresee,Gaylon                            FORES,GAY-001    0000019734
Forestry Suppliers Inc                    FORSTRY SU-001   0000000487
Form - Tech, INC                          FORM-TECH-001    0000005941
Formworks, LLC                            FORMWORKS-001    0000017650
Fort Osage R-1 School District            FORT OSAGE-001   0000000489
Fortin,Jennifer                           FORTIN,JEN-002   0000016702
Fortman,James G dba Vision Aid Systems    VISION AID-001   0000019130
Fortune Magazine                          FORTUNE-001      0000002428
Fortune Magazine                          FORTUNE MG-001   0000013963
Foster,Sarah                              FOSTER,SAR-001   0000017280
Foulk,Robert                              FOULK,ROB-001    0000018898
Foundation Delta Edu Economic Developmt   DEED FOUND-001   0000019982
Foundation For Critical Thinking          FOUN CRIT-001    0000009139
Foundations Inc/ Center for After Schoo   FOUNDATION-001   0000012800
Four C Corp dba Balls Food Stores         BALLS FOOD-002   0000014030
Foutes,Jerrod                             FOUTES,JER-001   0000018007
Fowler,Gaylen                             FOWLER,GAY-001   0000006746
Fowler,Michael B                          FOWLER,MI-001    0000017950
Fox Lawson & Associates LLC               FOX LAWSON-001   0000013627
Fox Scientific Inc                        FOX SCI-001      0000019468
Fraley,Nathan                             FRALEY,NAT-001   0000016475
Frame USA                                 FRAME USA-001    0000015210
Francis Sporting Goods Inc                FRAN SPORT-001   0000013004
Francis,Christine                         FRANC,CHRI-001   0000017294
Francis,Sharon A.                         FRANCS,SHA-001   0000008528
Franciskato,Brian                         FRANCIS,BR-001   0000016867
Frank Paxton Lumber Co.                   FRANK-001        0000016720
Frank,Andrew                              FRANK,AND-001    0000016989
Franklin Beedle & Associates              FRANKLN BE-001   0000002159
Franklin Bronze Plaques                   FRANKLIN B-001   0000019348
Franklin Covey                            FRANKLN CO-001   0000000491
Franklin,Mark M                           FRANKLN,MA-001   0000018779
Franzoia,Sherry                           FRANZO,SHE-001   0000005295
Fred Arbanas Golf Course                  FRED ARBAN-001   0000016201
Fred Pryor Seminars                       FRED SEMNR-001   0000002759
Frederick,Jennie L                        FREDE,JENN-001   0000020675
Free Country Design & Construction        FREE COUNT-001   0000019470
FreeStyle Photographic Supplies           FS-FREESTY-001   0000001948
Freedom Electric Professionals Inc        FREEDOM-002      0000019802
Freedom Fire Protection Inc.              FREEDOM FI-001   0000017640
Freelance Printing & Mailing Solutions    FREELANCE-001    0000019472
Freels,Ryan D                             FREELS,RY-001    0000016480
Freeman decorating Services dba Freeman   FREEMAN-001      0000015664
Freeman, Valerie F.                       FREE-001         0000015835
Freeman,Shawn                             FREEMAN,S-001    0000017909
Freemon,Jon                               FREEMON,JO-001   0000019273
Freightquote.com Inc                      FREIGHT-001      0000016997
Freise,James H                            FREISE,JA-002    0000016448
French,Dan C                              FRENCH,DAN-001   0000019610
French,Nell                               FRENCH,NEL-001   0000018582
Frentrop,Christopher                      FRENTROP,C-001   0000019100
Frerking,Randall L                        FRERKIN,RA-001   0000019394
Fresh As A Daisy Inc                      FRESH AS A-001   0000020277
Fresno Oxygen/Ram Welding Supply          FRESNO-001       0000019032
Frey,Michael W                            FREY,MICHL-001   0000016932
Friedmann,Barb                            FRIEDMA,BA-001   0000016289
Friend of Missouri Women's Council        FRIEND MO-002    0000017431
Friend, Charles J.                        FRIE-001         0000015625
Friend,Charles J                          FRIEND,C J-001   0000014079
Friends of Northeast Vikings              FRIENDS NE-001   0000018013
Friends of University Academy             FRIENDS-001      0000020731
Friends of the Zoo                        FRIEND ZOO-001   0000006219
Fries Lawn & Leisure Inc                  FRIES LAWN-001   0000006648
Fries,James D                             FRIES,JA-001     0000018092
Fristoe,Larry                             FRIST,LARR-001   0000012280
Fritts,Craig H                            FRITTS,CRA-001   0000020711
Frontier Bag Company Inc                  FRONTIER-002     0000019476
Frontier Bag Inc                          FRONT BAG-001    0000015391
Frost, Jeff R.                            FROST,JEFF-001   0000013322
Fry & Associates Inc                      FRY ASSOC-001    0000002073
Fry,Andrew J                              FRY,ANDREW-001   0000018766
Fry,David W.                              FRY,DAVID-001    0000021053
Frye,Daniel K MD                          FRYE,DAN-001     0000019325
Fuentes,Jo Ellen                          FUENTS,JO-001    0000007200
Fuji Film Graphics                        FUJ-001          0000016425
Fujifilm North America Corporation         FUJIFILM-001     0000016452
Fulfillment Plus, Inc.                     FULFILLMEN-001   0000020062
Full Compass                               FULL COMPA-001   0000019557
Full Employment Council                    FULL EMPLO-001   0000004462
Fun Services of Kansas City LLC            FUN SRVC-001     0000013803
Funky Rico Inc                             FUNKY RICO-001   0000019248
Fusion Welding Solutions Inc               FUSION WEL-001   0000017856
Fuss,Mark                                  FUSS,MARK-001    0000019888
Futura Futbol Club                         FUTURA CLU-001   0000019592
G B Communications Inc                     G B COMM-001     0000013953
G&H Consulting, LLC                        G&H-001          0000017404
G&K Craft Inc dba PRO Chemical & Dye       PRO CHEMIC-001   0000008063
G&K Service Co                             G&K SRVC-001     0000000495
G3 Boats                                   G3 BOATS-001     0000016885
GALLUP MAP                                 GALL-001         0000016465
GAUMARD                                    GAUMARD-001      0000016043
GE Miller Inc                              GE MILLER-001    0000006721
GENERAL LABORATORY SUPPLY                  GEN LAB-001      0000019471
GFI Digital Inc                            GFI DIGITL-001   0000016493
GFSI, Inc/GEAR for Sports Inc              GEAR SPORT-001   0000006939
GHA Technologies Inc                       GHA TECH-001     0000014818
GHC Specialty Brands dba Professnl Equip   PROFES EQP-001   0000020059
GIA Publications, Inc                      GIA PUBLIC-001   0000015319
GLM Creative LLC                           GLM CREAT-001    0000018030
GLV Inc dba The Volleyshop                 VOL-001          0000017134
GNS Wireless LLC                           GNS-001          0000019109
GO PAPA LLLP DBA UNDERCOVER                UNDERCOVER-001   0000020744
GSM Corp                                   GSM CORP-001     0000000498
GTM Sportswear                             GTM SPORTW-001   0000009727
Gabriel,Dennis G                           GABRIEL,DE-001   0000018225
Gadberry,Shawn                             GADBE,SHAW-001   0000019698
Gaffin,Melissa                             GAFFIN,MEL-001   0000015376
Gage Machine Tool                          GAGE TOOL-001    0000017272
Gagnelius,Amber                            GAGNEL,AM-001    0000020189
Gallagher Benefit Services Inc             GALLAGHER-002    0000019957
Galloway,Chetter                           GALLOW,CHE-001   0000015494
Galls, an Aramark Company                  GALLS INC-001    0000000501
Gallup Organization                        GALLUP ORG-001   0000018081
Gamble Music Company                       GAMBLE MUS-001   0000008068
Game Developer's Conference                GAME DEVLP-001   0000016479
Game Time Athletics                        GAME TIME-001    0000016458
Game Time Graphics inc.                    GAME TIME-002    0000021147
Game Time Turf Care Inc.                   GAME-002         0000016262
Game World Event Services LLC              GAME WRLD-001    0000016792
Gammill Sewing Center                      GAMMILL-001      0000018014
Gammon,Richard dba Presque Isle Cultures   PRESQUE IS-001   0000004461
Gander Educational Publishing              GANDER EDU-001   0000005433
Gann,Rickey P dba Signs by Mouse           SIGN MOUSE-001   0000009081
Gannett USA Today Info dba USA Today       USA TODAY-001    0000001130
Ganzer,Luke Charles                        GANZER,LUK-001   0000019433
Garcia,Frank                               GARCIA,FRA-001   0000017926
Garcia,Jennifer                            GARCIA,JEN-001   0000017531
Garcia,John dba Westside Apparel           GARCIA,JOH-001   0000014437
Garcia,Jose F                              GARCIA,JF-001    0000019555
Garcia,Linda M                             GARCIA,LIN-001   0000019554
Garden City Community College              GARDEN CIT-001   0000018649
Gardner Telecom Inc                        GARD TELE-001    0000020131
Gardner,Reich                              GARDNR,RE-001    0000011561
Gareis,Stacey                              GAREIS,STA-001   0000013997
Garner,Michael                             GARNER,MIC-001   0000019602
Garnett,Aaron                              GARNETT,AA-001   0000016986
Garrett,Larry                              GARRETT,LA-001   0000013153
Garrett,Mary F                             GARRETT,MA-001   0000018542
Garrison,Dale                              GARRSN,DA-001    0000006967
Garry Gribbles Running Sports              GARRY GRIB-001   0000003148
Garry Gribbles Running Sports              GARRY GRIB-002   0000020269
Gartner Studios Inc                        GARTNER-001      0000020271
Gartrell,Daniel James                      GARTREL,DA-001   0000012271
Garver,Jacob                               GARVER,JAC-001   0000021227
Gaskil,Hannah                              GASKIL,HAN-001   0000020425
Gastl,Philip E                             GASTL,PHIL-001   0000017459
Gate City Glass Company                    GATE CITY-001    0000004744
Gatehouse Media MO Holding dba Examiner    EXAMINER-001     0000000390
Gatekeeper Administration & Consult LLC    GATEKEEP-001     0000018345
Gates & Sons Barbecue dba Gates Bar BQ     GATES BBQ-001    0000000502
Gates,Deborah L                            GATES,D L-001    0000015421
Gates-Grantham,Toni                        GATES,TON-001    0000017713
Gateway Arch Riverfront                    GATE ARCH-001    0000018312
Gateway Building Products of MO Inc.       GATEWAY BU-001   0000020057
Gatlin Education Services                  GATLIN EDU-001   0000015590
Gautreaux's Matial Arts Centers            GAUTREAUX-001    0000020759
Gaylord Bros                               GAYLRD BRO-002   0000000507
Geib,Linda                                 GEIB,LINDA-001   0000008850
Gellender,Tad                              GELLEND,TA-001   0000009015
Gemaco Inc                                 GEMACO INC-001   0000018915
General Automatic Sprinkler Fire Protect   GENRL AUTO-001   0000000164
General Electric Co / Medical Systems      GE CO-001        0000006953
General Elevator & Hydraulics Inc          GENRL ELVT-001   0000000510
General Medical dba AED Professionals      AED PROF-001     0000019268
General Revenue Corp                       GENRL REVE-001   0000002311
Generations Go Green LLC                   GENERATION-001   0000020834
Geneva Scientific dba Barco Products Co    BARCO PROD-001   0000001952
GenevaLogic                                GENEVA-001       0000015265
Geological Society Of America              GEOL SOC-001     0000014310
Geometric Technology                       GEOMETRIC-001    0000018029
George Patton Assoc Inc dba Displays2Go    DISPLAYS2-001    0000015532
Georgia College & State University         GA COLLEGE-001   0000017055
Georgia Institute of Technology            ACCESS TXT-001   0000020495
Georgia State University                   GA STATE U-001   0000015348
Gerber Technology                          GERBER-001       0000018561
Gerber Tours, Inc.                         GERBER TOU-001   0000020414
Gerhards,Cheryl                            GERHARDS,C-001   0000016746
Getinge USA Inc                            GETINGE-001      0000000662
Getty Images                               GETTY-001        0000020849
Gibbs General Printing Inc                 GIBBS GEN-001    0000020508
Gibbs Technology Leasing                   GIBBS TECH-001   0000016279
Gibbs,Bryan                                GIBBS,BRY-001    0000018377
Gibbs,Rodney                               GIBBS,ROD-001    0000018486
Giddens & Russell                          GIDDENS-001      0000016575
Giddens Group LLC                          GIDDENS-002      0000017615
Gidding,Kristina Vasily                    GIDDING,KR-001   0000020378
Gift Wrapped Catering                      GIFT WRP C-001   0000000452
Gil's Sales Co dba GSC Lighting & Supply   GSC LIGHT-001    0000019343
Gilgour,David M                            GILGOUR,DA-001   0000018044
Gilpin,Corey                               GILPIN-001       0000018573
Gitter,Benjamin                            GITTER,BEN-001   0000018583
Glad Consulting                            GLAD CONSL-001   0000014471
Glad Rents Inc                             GLAD RENTS-001   0000000453
Gladstone Bowl Inc                         GLADSTONE-002    0000018169
Gladstone Dodge                            GLADSTONE-003    0000020307
Glahn,John                                 QUALITY SY-001   0000020989
Glantz Holding Inc                         GLANTZ HOL-001   0000020433
Glas-Col                                   GLAS-COL-001     0000015639
Glaze,Judy                                 GLAZE,JUDY-001   0000008863
Gleason,Tyler                              GLEASON,TY-001   0000018461
Gleasons Flower & Gift                     GLEASONS-001     0000013980
Glen,Emily                                 GLEN,EMI-001     0000018502
Glenroy Inc dba EverWhite                  GLENROY IN-001   0000014447
Global & Multicultural Education Center    GAME-003         0000020409
Global Control Systems Inc.               GLOBAL-001       0000018523
Global Equipment Co                       GLOBL EQUP-001   0000006902
Global Equipment Company                  GLOBAL EQU-001   0000017314
Global Govt Education Solutions Inc       GLOBAL GOV-001   0000009483
Global Knowledge Intermediate Holdings,   GLOBAL KNO-001   0000020835
Global Quality Exchange Inc               GLOBAL INC-002   0000018595
Global Technologies                       GLOBL TECH-001   0000007674
Glock Professional Inc                    GLOCK INC-001    0000019715
Go Green Carpet Recycling KC LLC          GO GREEN-001     0000020681
GoPicnic Inc                              GOPICNIC-001     0000019735
Gochnauer,Ben E.                          GOCHNAUER-001    0000021137
Godard & Son Rfg Inc                      GODARD-001       0000018292
Goddard & Son Rfg. Co. Inc.               GODDARD-001      0000017642
Godfrey Video Services                    GODFREY-001      0000018600
Godsey,Sue                                GODSEY,SUE-001   0000011618
Goens Brothers Inc                        GOENS BROS-001   0000005936
Goens Rental & Sales Inc                  GOENS RETL-001   0000019891
Goetze Niemer Co dba Goetze Dental        GOETZE-001       0000018834
Gold Medal Squared                        GOLD MEDAL-002   0000014452
Goldenberg,Susan                          GOLDE,SUSN-001   0000012267
Golf Strategies LLC dba Drumm Farm Golf   DRUMM FARM-001   0000020462
Golmer,Karen                              GOLMER,KA-001    0000017982
Gonzalez,Ana G                            GONZAL,ANA-001   0000017009
Gonzalez,David                            GONZALEZ,D-001   0000021119
Gonzalez,Edgar                            GONZALZ,ED-001   0000016904
Gonzalez,Javier                           GONZAL,JAV-001   0000017273
Gonzalez-Humphrey,Justina                 GONZAL,JUS-001   0000018051
Good Samaritan Project Inc                GOOD SAMAR-001   0000004056
GoodHeart-Willcox Publisher               GOODHEART-001    0000000470
Goodman Distribution Inc.                 GOODMAN DI-001   0000020674
Goodwin Pro Turf Inc.                     GOODWIN-001      0000021182
Gopher Sports                             GOPHER SPR-001   0000007469
Gordley,Illyssa                           GORDLEY,I-001    0000019581
Gordon,Michale Ann                        GORDON,MI-001    0000018949
Gorham,Adam                               GORHAM,ADA-001   0000017822
Goss,Dana L                               GOSS,DANA-001    0000011998
Gould Evans Associates LC                 GOULD EVAN-001   0000000474
Gourmet Gatherings, LLC                   CLASSIC-001      0000009933
Gourmet Grocery Catering LLC              GOURMET GR-001   0000020959
Gourmet International Inc                 GOURMET-001      0000020801
GovConnection Inc                         GOVCONNECT-001   0000000837
GovDeals                                  GOVDEALS-001     0000017189
Government Fleet Sales                    GOVERNMENT-001   0000020689
Gow-Mac Instrument Company                 GOW-MAC-001      0000013553
Gowin,Barney                               GOWIN,BARN-001   0000010755
Grace Advertising & Consulting Inc         GRACE ADV-001    0000019281
Graceland College/University               GRACE COLL-001   0000005852
Graham,Alice A                             GRAHAM,ALI-001   0000018474
Graham,Austin William                      GRA-003          0000017275
Graham,Diane L dba DLG Solutions           DLG SOLUTN-001   0000018810
Graham,Kanetra                             GRAHAM,KAN-001   0000016653
Grain Valley Pointe                        GRA-002          0000016903
Grain Valley R-5 School District           GRAIN VALL-001   0000012621
Grainger Inc                               GRAINGER-001     0000001180
Grand River Printing inc.                  GRA-001          0000016617
Grandview Area Chamber of Commerce         GRANVW CHA-001   0000003195
Grandview Consolidated School District 4   GRANDVIEW-002    0000006801
Grant Professionals Association            GRANT PROF-001   0000018147
Grant Writing USA                          GRANT-001        0000017610
Grant,Doris J                              GRANT,DORI-001   0000016652
Graphic Arts Technical Foundation          GRAPHIC-001      0000017465
Graphic Chemical & Ink Co                  GRAPH INK-001    0000019723
Graphicsland, Inc.                         GRAPHICSLA-001   0000018902
Graphique de France                        GRAPHIQUE-001    0000019992
Grass Pad                                  GRASS PAD-001    0000000482
Grawe,Jacqueline T                         GRAWE,JACQ-001   0000019066
Gray Manufacturing Company Inc             GRAY MANU-001    0000019478
Gray,Bridget                               GRAY,BRIDG-001   0000016751
Gray,Milton                                GRAY,MILTN-001   0000009780
Graybar Electric Company Inc               GRAYBAR EL-001   0000005524
Grayson County College                     GRAYSON-001      0000021245
Grayson,Rhonda                             GRAYSON,RH-001   0000003506
Graystone Group Advertising                GRAYSTONE-001    0000014631
Great Deals                                S J DISCOU-001   0000020688
Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company       GREAT ELEP-001   0000020280
Great KC Business Leadership Network Inc   BUSNS LEAD-001   0000019987
Great KC Sports Found dba WIN for KC       WIN KC-002       0000009392
Great Kansas City Black Nurses Assoc       GREAT KC-004     0000014551
Great Lakes Clay & Supply Co               GREAT LAKE-002   0000020236
Great Lakes Educationl Loan Services Inc   GREAT EDU-002    0000017853
Great Mats                                 GREAT MATS-001   0000020201
Great Plains Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc     GREAT PLNS-001   0000014984
Greater KC Council on Philanthropy         GREAT KCCP-001   0000000355
Greater Kansas City AEYC dba MidAme AEYC   MID AEYC-001     0000003696
Greater Kansas City Building & Trades      GREAT KC-005     0000017943
Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce    GR KC CHMB-001   0000000753
Greater Kansas City Community Foundation   GREAT KCCF-001   0000012072
Greater Kansas City Employmnt Roundtable   GREAT KC-007     0000018990
Greater Kansas City Linc Inc               GREAT KC-001     0000008746
Greater Kansas City Sports Commission      GREAT KC-006     0000018642
Green Company Inc                          GREEN CO-001     0000000484
Green Energy Concepts, Inc.                GREEN ENER-001   0000019397
Green Light Projects                       GREEN LGHT-001   0000015851
Greenability Magazine                      GREENABILI-001   0000018899
Greene,Arthur I Jr                         GREENE,ART-001   0000020141
Greenfield, Geneva                         GREEN-001        0000015577
Greenfield,Geneva                          GREEN,GENE-001   0000007648
Greenleaf Book Group                       GREENLEAF-001    0000019736
Greenleaf,Ann L                            GREENLF,A-001    0000020910
Greenstreet,William H Jr                   GRENSTRT,W-001   0000001479
Greenwood Publishing Group Inc             GREEN PUBL-001   0000006901
Greenwood Publishing Group dba Heinemann   HEINEMANN-001    0000000527
Greer, Joseph T.                           GREE-001         0000015578
Greg Schneider Enterprises                 GREG SCHNE-001   0000018149
Gregg,Joshua Wayne                         GREGG,JOSH-001   0000020022
Gregg,Larry J.                             GREGG,LARR-001   0000014261
Greggs,Billy C                             GREGG,BILL-001   0000018308
Gregory,Rupert                             GREGOR,RUP-001   0000019057
Grenawalt,Karen                            GRENA,KARN-001   0000007197
Grenke,Raymond W                           GRENKE,RAY-001   0000011174
Grey House Publishing                      GREY HOUSE-001   0000003716
Greystone Graphics                         GREYSTONE-001    0000011603
Grieb,Jeffrey C                            GRIEB,JEFF-001   0000020830
Griffin,Phil                               GRIFFN,PHI-001   0000004967
Griffin,Ronald                             GRIFFIN,RO-001   0000017702
Grimes,Christy                             GRIMES,CHR-002   0000016955
Grimm,James R                              GRIMM,JAME-001   0000018937
Griner and Schmitz                         GRINR SCH-001    0000003957
Grizzly Industrial Inc                     GRIZZLY IN-001   0000006694
Groetzinger,Richard                        GROETZ,RIC-001   0000017957
Groschang,Sasch                            GROSCH,SAS-001   0000019673
Gross,Christine                            GROSS,CHRS-001   0000018082
Growth Opportunity Alliance dba GOAL/QPC   GOAL/QPC-001     0000001839
Grubb & Ellis/ The Winbury Group           GRUB ELLIS-001   0000015460
Gruber Power Services                      GRUBER PWR-001   0000016533
Grush,Michael                              GRUSH,MI-001     0000018782
Gryphon House Inc                          GRYPH HOUS-001   0000005431
Gs Jamaican Quisine Inc                    GS JAMAICA-001   0000016235
Guadalupe Centers                          GUADALUPE-001    0000004699
Guardianship Services of Seattle           GUARDIANSH-001   0000014249
Guehring,Brian                             GUEHRI,BRI-001   0000020294
Guiding Light Electric                     GUIDINGLGT-001   0000010491
Guier Fence Co                             GUIER FENC-001   0000004459
Guier Ornamental Iron Inc.                 GUIER-001        0000017655
Guitar Center Stores Inc                   GUITAR INC-001   0000019075
Gulf Specimen Marine Lab                   GULF SPECM-001   0000016241
Gulf States Distributors                   GULF STATE-001   0000000458
Gulick,Barbara                             GULICK,BAR-001   0000021032
Gumminger,Margaret L.                      GUMMING,MA-001   0000013826
Gunderson,Seth Davis                       GUNDERSN,S-001   0000020604
Gunn,Kelvin R                              GUNN,KEL-001     0000018838
Gunter Pest Management                     GUNTR PEST-001   0000005146
Gutierrez,Edward                           GUTIERR,ED-001   0000015447
Guy Brown Products                         GUY BROWN-001    0000019479
Guzman,Kathryn A                           GUZMN,KAT-001    0000020041
H&H Publishing Co                          H&H PUBL-001     0000000459
H&R Concrete Company Inc                   H&R INC-001      0000018222
H&W Machine Repair & Rebuilding Inc        H&W REPAIR-001   0000018872
HACHETTE BOOK GROUP USA                    HAC-001          0000016096
HALL,KENT D                                HALL,KENT-001    0000020930
HCMR Inc dba Higher Education Mrkt Repro   HIGH ED MA-001   0000001882
HCPro Inc                                  HCPRO-001        0000012005
HD Supply                                  HD-001           0000016990
HD Supply Const Spl LTD dba White Cap      WHI-001          0000016831
HEBCO Inc                                  HEBCO-001        0000014311
HEMCO CORPORATION                          HEMCO-001        0000020224
HERITAGE MEDICAL                           HERITAGE M-001   0000019663
HISPANIC ECONOMIC DEVELOP OF GREAT KC                       0000021207
HJH Corp dba Hodes Company                 HODES PROD-001   0000008825
HMC Enterprise Corp                        HMC ENTER-001    0000019495
HMH Rent A Car                             HMH RENT-001     0000020554
HMS-Beagle                                 HMS-BEAGLE-001   0000014309
HOFFMAN,ERIC J.                            SAY CHEEZ-001    0000021193
HOLMES,ANDREW                              HOLMES,AND-001   0000020943
HPI International Inc                      HPI INC-001      0000004830
HPT TRS IHG -1 INC                         STAYBRIDGE-001   0000021004
HSBC Retail Credit dba HSBC Business Sol   HSBC BSNSS-001   0000016385
HTR Group                                  HTR GROUP-001    0000015417
HW Wilson Company                          HW WILS CO-001   0000007167
Haag Bat Company Inc                       HAAG BAT-001     0000020668
Habermehl,Angela                           HABER,ANGE-001   0000019521
Habitat for Humanity                       HABITAT HU-001   0000016854
Hackett Publishing Company Inc      HACKT PUBL-001   0000000462
Hagstrom Map                        HAGSTROM-001     0000017120
Hakes Real Estate LLC               HAKES REAL-001   0000019501
Halco Inc                           HALCO INC-001    0000003681
Hale,John D                         HALE,JOHN-001    0000017462
Hall,Brad                           HALL,BRAD-001    0000014032
Halls                               HALLS-001        0000002340
Halo Branded Solutions, Inc         HALO BRAND-001   0000021082
Halsey,Ross W                       HALSEY,ROS-001   0000013427
Hamer,Douglas K                     HAMER,DOUG-001   0000001488
Hamilton & Associates Inc           H&A-001          0000008296
Hamilton,Jessica Lyn                HAMILT,JES-001   0000020745
Hamilton,Luke P                     HAMIL,LUKE-001   0000016856
Hammer Brothers                     HAM-001          0000016574
Hampden Engineering Corporation     HAMPDEN-001      0000003656
Hand In Hand LLC                    HAND IN HN-001   0000020441
Hankins Services Inc.               HANKINS-001      0000017630
Hankins Services, Inc.              HANKIN SER-001   0000006819
Hankins Surgical Supply Co.         HAN-001          0000017150
Hanna Rubber Company Inc            HANNA RUBR-001   0000000476
Hannah,Alan                         HANNAH,AL-001    0000017424
Hanrahan Asphalt Paving Co Inc      HANRAHAN-001     0000007231
Hanson,Kristen E                    HANSON,KRI-001   0000020517
Happy Apples                        HAPPY APPL-001   0000019443
Har-Noy Metal Fabricators Inc.      HAR-NOY-001      0000019356
Harbor Freight Tool Company         HARBOR-001       0000016215
Harding,Katherine                   HARDING,KA-001   0000019578
Hardy Diagnostic                    HARDY DIAG-001   0000014392
Hare,Sally Z                        HARE,SALLY-001   0000009916
Hargett, Melva                      HARG-001         0000015579
Hargett,Melva                       HARGETT,ME-001   0000009784
Hargrave,Kathleen                   HARGRV,KAT-001   0000018647
Harlan Davidson Inc                 HARLAN INC-001   0000019792
Harland Technology Services         HARLAND-001      0000016889
Harmon Plumbing and Heating         HARMON PH-001    0000016730
Harmony                             HARMONY-001      0000003324
Harmony Printing & Development Co   HAR PRINT-001    0000009235
Harper Collins Publishers           HARPR COLL-001   0000000515
Harper's Magazine Foundation        HARPER'S M-001   0000020623
Harris Communications               HARRIS COM-001   0000002278
Harris, Gwendolyn                   HARR-001         0000015580
Harris,Aleasha D                    HARRIS,ALE-001   0000017516
Harris,David                        HARRIS,DAV-001   0000019823
Harris,Jarrard                           HARRIS,JAR-001   0000020808
Harris,Mark                              HARRIS,MAR-002   0000020822
Harris,Milan dba Milans Fitness Repair   MILAN FIT-001    0000020407
Harris,Peggy J                           HARRIS,PEG-001   0000019876
Harris,Rita                              HARRIS,RIT-001   0000017073
Harris,Sharon L                          HARRIS,SHA-001   0000020569
Harris,Vincent J                         HARRIS-001       0000020488
Harris,Zelema                            HARRIS,ZEL-002   0000016906
Harrison, Robert Gregory                 HARRISN,GR-001   0000006743
Harrisonville Cass R-IX School           HARSN CASS-001   0000000517
Harrisonville Family Medicine Inc.       HARRISONVI-001   0000017691
Harrisonville Tractor Co Inc             HARRIS TRA-001   0000015666
Harrower,Tim                             HARROW,TIM-001   0000018321
Harry J Epstein Co                       HARRY EPS-001    0000019782
Hart,George L                            HART,GEO-001     0000017364
Hart,Sharon                              HART,SHAR-001    0000017082
Hartnett,Alex                            HARTNETT,A-001   0000017821
Harts Auto Repair                        HARTS AUTO-001   0000013524
Hartsook and Associates                  HARTSOOK-001     0000005083
Harvard Maintenance Inc                  HARVARD MA-001   0000020768
Harvard University                       HARV UNI-001     0000003143
Harvest Ball                             HARVEST BL-001   0000006732
Harvest Baptist Church                   HARVST CHU-001   0000001761
Harvest Productions                      HARVEST PR-001   0000006614
Harvest Productions, Inc.                HARVEST PR-002   0000019329
Harvest Resources Associates LLC         HARVEST RE-001   0000018680
Harvesters                               HARVESTERS-001   0000018530
Harvey,Clyde Sr                          HARVE,C SR-001   0000009196
Harvey,Melvin                            HARVEY,MEL-001   0000004314
Hastings,Amy                             HASTING,AM-001   0000015816
Hatch Inc dba Creative Diversity         CREAT DIV-001    0000009843
Hatch,Jason C. dba Athletic Stuff        ATHLETIC S-001   0000020850
Hatfield, Jean A.                        HATF-001         0000015581
Hauge,Crystal                            HAUGE,CRYS-001   0000013896
Hawkhill Video                           HAWKHILL-001     0000004063
Haws Embroidery & Specialty Co           HAWS EMBRD-001   0000000520
Haxton,Harriet J.                        HAX,HARR-001     0000017278
Hay Group Inc                            HAY GROUP-001    0000018963
Hay,Melissa                              HAY,MELISS-001   0000017039
Hayes,Benjamin Louis                     HAYES,BENJ-001   0000021164
Hayes,Diamond Jewel                      HAYES,DJ-001     0000018793
Hayes,Laura                              HAYES,LAUR-001   0000019675
Hayneedle Inc                            HAYNEEDLE-001    0000015396
Haz-Mat Response Inc                       HAZ-MAT-001      0000009063
Hazardous Materials Publishing Co Inc      HAZARDOUS-001    0000020256
Hazelden                                   HAZELDEN-001     0000003580
Head,Joan                                  HEAD,JOAN-001    0000011905
Head,Steven Joseph                         HEAD,STEVE-001   0000017990
Health Benefits Conference & Expo          HEALTH BEN-001   0000016477
Health Care Logistics Inc.                 HEALTH CAR-001   0000020455
Health Communications Inc                  HEALTH INC-001   0000011305
Health Education Network dba Health ED     HEALTH ED-001    0000016464
Health Enhancement Systems                 HEA-001          0000016213
Health Gear, Inc.                          HEALTH GR-001    0000020370
Health Tech Resources dba Impact Fitness   IMPACT FIT-001   0000019500
Healthline Medical Products                HEALTH MED-001   0000019363
Healthpointe Medical Group Inc             HEALTHPOIN-001   0000020085
Healthy Solutions Inc                      HEALTHYINC-001   0000016459
Heart Math                                 HEART MATH-001   0000013967
Heart Rate Inc dba Versa                   HEART RATE-001   0000011850
Heart of America Council dba BSA           BOY SCOUT-001    0000013929
Heart of America Indian Center             HEART INDI-001   0000018866
Heart of America USA Volleyball            HEART USA-001    0000003683
Heart of America United Way                HEART AM U-001   0000000522
Heart to Heart International Inc           HEART INC-001    0000017460
Heartland Community College                HEARLND CC-001   0000003036
Heartland Green Industry Expo              HEARTLAND-005    0000019514
Heartland Leasing Serv dba Heartland Sea   HEARTLAND-007    0000020295
Heartland Mechanical Services Inc          HEART SRVC-001   0000012721
Heartland Motor Coach dba Heartland Trai   HEARTLAND-006    0000002212
Heartland Regional Medical Center          HEARTLAND-008    0000020947
Heartland Solutions                        HEARTLAND-004    0000019026
Heartland Specialty Contractors, Inc.      HEARTLAND-002    0000017632
Heartland Technology Solutions             HEART TECH-001   0000008487
Heath Sales & Service Inc                  HEATH SALE-001   0000019502
Heath,Susan dba Metrospace Design Group    METRO DESI-001   0000019762
Heaton Resource                            HEATON-001       0000019242
Heaton,Linda Jo                            HEATON,LIN-001   0000018421
Hedberg,Vickie                             HEDBERG,VI-001   0000019131
Heiberg Consulting Inc                     HEIB CONS-001    0000011148
Heidelberg USA Inc                         HEIDLBRG-001     0000010514
Helena Chemical Co                         HELENA CO-001    0000006511
Helix Architecture & Design                HELIX ARCH-001   0000019497
Helms,Spiker Dennis Michael                HELMS,SPI-001    0000019332
Helt's Turf Farms LLC                      HELTS TURF-001   0000009541
Hendricks,John                             HENDRICK,J-001   0000016855
Henry E Lyons & Co dba Interntl Carpet    HENRY LYON-001   0000019496
Henry Schein Inc                          HENRY SCHE-001   0000002093
Henry,Rudy                                HENRY,RUDY-001   0000018064
Henry,Shane                               HENRY,SHAN-001   0000020209
Henry-Cook,Gina dba Go Global Inc         HENRY,GINA-001   0000015554
Henson Sheetfed Repairs Inc               HENSON INC-001   0000013545
Henter Math LLC                           HENTER-001       0000015410
Here Media                                HERE MEDIA-001   0000021158
Herff Jones Inc                           HERFF JONE-001   0000002175
Heritage Companies                        HERITAGE-006     0000020251
Heritage Computer Consulting & Services   HERIT COMP-001   0000019498
Heritage Crystal Clean LLC                HERITAGECC-001   0000011587
Heritage Tractor Inc.                     HERITAGE T-001   0000020748
Herman,James N                            HERMAN,JAM-001   0000001499
Hermes Company, Inc.                      HERMES COM-001   0000017654
Hernandez,Amanda C                        HERNANDZ,A-001   0000020907
Herndon,Norman J dba Metro Sportswear     HERND,NORM-001   0000019337
Herold,Don                                HEROLD,DON-001   0000017726
Herold,Kurtis S                           HEROLD,KUR-001   0000011363
Herpel,Russell                            HERPEL,RUS-001   0000017463
Herrick,Stuart W                          HERRICK,SW-001   0000015225
Hershey,Jean Arlene                       HERSHEY,JE-001   0000020860
Hershey,Kathryn E                         HERSH,KAT-001    0000016858
Hertz Equipment Rental & Sales            HERTZ EQUI-001   0000009173
Hertz Furniture Systems Corporation       HERTZ FURN-001   0000003263
Herzig,Dylynda                            HERZIG,DYL-001   0000016354
Heska                                     HESKA-001        0000003149
Heskett,John                              HESKETT,JO-001   0000013809
Heubel Material Handling Inc              HEUBEL MAT-001   0000019499
Heugh-Edmondson Conservation Services     HEUGH-001        0000016613
Heuwinkel,Jason                           HEUWIN,JA-001    0000006908
Hexagon Metrology Inc                     HEXAGON-001      0000016314
Hickman Mills C-1 School District         HICKMN MLS-001   0000002668
Hickman Mills Tow                         HICKMN TOW-001   0000016684
Hicks-Ashby Company                       HICKS-001        0000020661
Hieronymus,Gary                           HIERO,GARY-001   0000016933
Higher Ed Loan Authority of State of MO   MOHELA-001       0000014193
Higher Education Publications Inc         HIG ED PUB-001   0000000529
Higher M-Pact                             HIGHER M-001     0000016077
Highland Hotel & Convention Center        HIGHLAND-002     0000018357
Highland Products Group LLC               HIGHLAND-003     0000019729
Highsmith Inc                             HIGHSMITH-001    0000000530
Higman Equipment Co dba Siggins Company   SIGGINS CO-001   0000003588
Hill,John W                                HILL,JOHN-001    0000020667
Hill,Rachel Y                              HILL,RACHE-001   0000017791
Hill-Rom Company                           HILL-001         0000016557
Hiller,Ron dba Song Support                SONG-001         0000017126
Hills Pet Nutrition Inc                    HILLS PET-001    0000000531
Hilltop Service & Equipment                HILLTOP-001      0000003472
Hillyard Inc dba Hillyard Kansas City      HILLYARD-002     0000014135
Hilti                                      HILTI-001        0000002862
Hilton Displays                            HILTON DIS-001   0000019440
Hima/Kunal LLC dba Comfort Suites          COMFORT-001      0000015629
Himmelstein,Susan                          HIMME,SUSN-001   0000016687
Hinckley Springs                           HINCKLEY-001     0000003555
Hinds-Eggeman,Patricia                     HINDS,PAT-001    0000017104
Hinkel, Sandra Sue                         HINK-001         0000015582
Hinkel,Sandra Sue                          HINKEL,S S-001   0000009897
Hinkle Family Fun Center                   HINKLE FAM-001   0000020199
Hinson,June dba First5 Image Consult LLC   HINSON,JU-001    0000019788
Hinzman,Peggy                              HINZMAN,PE-001   0000012810
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Great KC   HISPAN CC-001    0000005961
Hispanic Outlook In Higher Education       HISPANC ED-001   0000004688
Historic Garment District Museum           HISTORIC-001     0000017987
Histories for Kids Inc                     HISTORIES-001    0000020289
History Today LTD                          HISTORY TO-001   0000020939
Hitschfel Instruments Inc                  HITSF INST-001   0000005194
Ho, Joann E.                               HO-001           0000016876
Ho,JoAnn E                                 HO,JOANN-001     0000007638
Hobdy,Mignon dba Mignon's Catering         HOBDY,MIG-001    0000020585
Hobsons Inc                                HOBSONSINC-001   0000013733
Hockaday,Jeff                              HOCKADAY,J-001   0000017076
Hockenbergs Equipment & Supply Co, Inc.    HOCKENBERG-001   0000020754
Hocker,Christina M                         HOCK,CHRIS-001   0000013227
Hoelker,Denis                              HOELKER,DE-001   0000019050
Hoffman Cortes Contracting Company         HOFFMAN-002      0000017633
Hoffman,Carolyn Frances                    HOFFMAN,CA-001   0000017077
Hog Wild Entertainment                     HOG WILD-001     0000015658
Hohenschild Welders Supply Company         HOHENSCHIL-001   0000009443
Holiday Inn Express                        HOLIDAY-001      0000000536
Holiday Sand and Gravel Company            HOLIDAY SA-001   0000020643
Holland 1916                               HOLLAND 19-001   0000018281
Holland,Brian                              HOLLAND,BR-001   0000014615
Holland,Stephen P                          HOLLAND,SP-001   0000015107
Holliday Dental Company                    HOLL-002         0000017068
Holliday Sand & Gravel Co                  HOLLIDAY-002     0000018857
Hollinger Metal Edge Inc                   HOLLINGER-001    0000009969
Hollingshead,Jonathan                      HOLLING,JO-001   0000018117
Holloway Sportswear Inc                    HOLLOWAY-001     0000016206
Holloway,Robert Jr                         HOLLOWAY,R-001   0000019146
Holmes Drywall Supply Inc                  HOLMS DRYW-001   0000000539
Holstine,Kenneth                           HOLSTINE,K-001   0000014731
Holt Anatomical Inc                        HOLT ANAT-001    0000015710
Holt,Christopher                           HOLT,CHRIS-001   0000018493
Holtzbrink Publishers                      HOLTZ PUBL-001   0000005398
Home Builders Association                  HOME ASSOC-001   0000009610
Home Power Inc                             HOME INC-001     0000019580
Home Science Tools                         HOME SCIEN-001   0000019175
Homestead Construction and Landscaping     HOME CONST-001   0000014226
Hometown Solutions                         HOMETWNSL-001    0000014415
Hon Company                                HON COMPAN-001   0000021096
Honey Baked Ham Company                    HONBAKHAM-001    0000005140
Hood,Jerry                                 HOOD,JERRY-001   0000018386
Hook,J Philip                              HOOK,J PHI-001   0000018835
Hooker,Steven Joseph                       HOOKER,STE-001   0000011300
Hope House Inc                             HOPE HOUSE-001   0000005397
Hopkins Fulfillment Service                HOPKIN SVC-001   0000009400
Hopkins Uniform Company dba Hopkins Medi   HOP-001          0000016890
Horkman,Jennifer Renee                     HORKMAN,JE-001   0000016470
Horn Printing & Office Supply Inc          HORN PRINT-001   0000015564
Horn,John                                  HORN,JOHN-001    0000019912
Horner,Beth                                HORNER,BET-001   0000007596
Hornstra,Sally A.                          HORNSTRA-001     0000005426
HorseCoursesOnline                         HORSECOURS-001   0000016419
Horsepower Control Systems                 HORPWR CNT-001   0000000546
Hort Network                               HORT NETWR-001   0000020580
Horvath,Kevin                              HORVATH,KE-001   0000021011
Hosack,Denise                              KC METRO-002     0000001000
Hosack,Michael R                           HOSACK,MI-001    0000017958
Hosick,David                               HOSICK,DA-001    0000018231
Hospice and Palliative Nurses Associatio   HPNA-001         0000021005
Hot Dog International LLC                  HOT DOG-001      0000020242
Hotmetal Creative LLC                      HOTMETAL-001     0000019023
Hotshot Fire & Safety                      HOTSHOT FR-001   0000004351
Hotz Bus dba Toshiba Business Solutions    TOSHBA BS-001    0000000548
Houchen Bindery Ltd                        HOUCHN BIN-001   0000000549
Houghton Mifflin Company                   HOUGTN MIF-001   0000000550
Houston,Sean                               HOUSTON,S-001    0000021142
Hovey Williams LLP                         HOVEY LLP-001    0000010522
Howard Industries dba Howard Tech Solutn   HOWARD TEC-001   0000019483
Howard, Sarah                              HOWA-001         0000015583
Howard,Alyssa                              HOWARD,ALY-001   0000021177
Howard,Christopher                         HOWARD,CHR-001   0000018741
Howard,James                               HOWARD,JA-001    0000017554
Howard,Ryan                                HOWARD,RYA-001   0000009849
Howard,Sarah                               HOWARD,SAR-001   0000007643
Howard,Thomas M.                           HOWARD,T-001     0000015584
Howe, Priscilla Persis                     HOW-001          0000015834
Howe,Desiree                               HOWE,DESIR-001   0000016252
Howe,Priscilla                             HOWE,PRISC-001   0000005163
Hu-Friedy                                  HU-FRIEDY-001    0000002485
Hubbard,Janet                              HUBB,JANET-001   0000008847
Huber & Associates Inc.                    HUBER & AS-001   0000020699
Hubert Company LLC                         HUBERT CO-001    0000020389
Huckleberry Notary Bonding Inc             HUCKLEBE-001     0000020359
Hudson & Duke Communications Inc.          HUD-001          0000017498
Hudspeth,Julie                             HUDSPE,JU-001    0000019929
Hughes Machinery Co                        HUGHS MACH-001   0000006701
Hughes,Geri Lynne                          HUGHES,GER-001   0000018674
Huhman,Chad                                HUHMAN,CHA-001   0000017350
Hull Anesthesia, Inc.                      HULL ANEST-001   0000020670
Human Anatomy & Physiology Society Inc     HAPS-001         0000004649
Human Kinetics Inc                         HUMN KINET-001   0000003386
Human Resource Management Assn of KC       HUMAN RMA-001    0000010635
Humberson,Laurilyn                         HUMBER,LAU-001   0000018736
Humble Enter dba Post Press Specialties    POST PRESS-001   0000014792
Hunt's Car Care Center                     HUNT CAR-001     0000019484
Hunt,Katherine                             HUNT, KAT-001    0000018979
Hunter Engineering Company                 HUNTER CO-001    0000019574
Husch Blackwell LLP                        HUSCH BLA-001    0000018396
Hussain,Stephanie                          HUSSAIN,ST-001   0000013106
Hussein,Mariam                             HUSSEIN,MA-001   0000013105
Huston,Rosemary                            HUSTON,ROS-001   0000016616
Hutchison,Mark L                           HUTCHISN,M-001   0000016729
Hutson,Cally dba QTS                       HUTSON,CA-001    0000016954
Huttig Building Products                   HUTTIG BLD-001   0000015181
Hy-Vee                                     HY-VEE-001       0000000552
Hydeman Company                            HYDEMAN-001      0000002324
Hygafem KS-MO LLC dba Wellbeing Midwest    WELLBEING-001    0000019943
I.A.T. Interactive, LLC                    I.A.T. INT-001   0000021080
IAGMASEP                                   IAGMASEP-001     0000002875
IAHB                                       IAHB-001         0000004424
IBT Inc                                    IBT INC-001      0000000554
ICM Distributing Company, Inc.             ICM DIST-001     0000021081
ID Edge Inc                                ID EDGE-001      0000019892
IDSC Holdings LLC dba Snap-On Industrial   SNAP INDUS-001   0000001047
IDW LLC dba ID Wholesaler                  ID WHOLE-001     0000014514
ILEETA                                     ILEETA-001       0000016698
IMPACT Promotions dba Branding Stop        BRANDING S-001   0000020072
IMPRESS SYSTEMS                            IMPRESS-001      0000021024
INFOGRIP                                   INFOGRIP-001     0000019366
INSCO INDUSTRIES                           INS-001          0000015846
INTEC Construction Company                 INTEC-001        0000017740
INTEGRATED NETWORK CABLE                   SHOWME CAB-001   0000020928
IParadigms LLC                             IPARADIGMS-001   0000013813
IQ Learning Systems Inc                    IQ LEARNG-001    0000020729
IRELAND,KOREY                              IRELAND-001      0000016582
ISABA Inc dba Los Alamos Market & Cocina   LOS ALAMOS-001   0000016517
ISS Facility Serv dba BG Serv Solution     ISS-001          0000007315
Ice Machine Factory                        KITCH REST-001   0000020310
Ice-Masters Inc                            ICE-MASTER-001   0000014050
Ikon Financial Services                    IKON FINAN-001   0000013513
Image Flooring LLC                         IMAGE FLOO-001   0000019490
Image Quest                                IMAGEQUEST-001   0000015286
Imagine This Enterprise dba Jaguar Educa   JAGUAR EDU-001   0000011189
Imaging Concepts                           IMAG CONCE-001   0000019487
Imaging Office Systems Inc                 IMAGE OFFI-001   0000019494
Immersion Medical Inc                      IMMERSION-001    0000020340
Impact Publishers Inc                      IMPACT PUB-001   0000001768
Imua Associates LLC                        IMUA ASSOC-001   0000015485
In-House Solutions Inc                     IN-HOUSE-001     0000003699
In-Range Supplies by Live Fire Holdings    IN-RA-001        0000017192
InPro Corporation                          INPRO CORP-001   0000008916
Inbody, Gloria J.                          INBO-001         0000015585
Independence Chamber of Commerce           IND CHM CM-001   0000000564
Independence Council for Economic Dev      INDEP CED-001    0000018353
Independence Fire & Safety Co LLC          INDPN FIRE-001   0000005296
Independence School District               IND SCHOOL-001   0000000567
Independence Symphony dba Heritage Philh   HERITAGE-007     0000002689
Independent Equipment Service              IND EQP SR-001   0000016975
Independent LLC                            INDEPENDNT-002   0000009542
Independent Living Aids Inc                INDEP LIV-001    0000011143
Independent Photo Art Supply               INDP PHOTO-001   0000000568
Index Restaurant Supply                    INDEX REST-001   0000002305
Indian Hills Country Club                  INDIAN HIL-001   0000010040
Indoff Inc.                                INDOFF-001       0000010788
Industrial Accessories Company Inc         INDUSTRIAL-001   0000017480
Industrial Hauling Corp                    OLINGER-001      0000020635
Industrial Soap Company                    INDUS SOAP-001   0000012191
Infinigi, Inc.                             INFINIGI-001     0000020114
Infinite Energy dba Progress Electric      PROGRESS-002     0000017634
Infinity Micro Computer Inc                INFINITY-002     0000019799
Infinity Sign Systems                      INFINITY-001     0000017751
Info Print Solutions Company, LLC          INFO-001         0000016929
Info-Data Services                         INFO-DATA-001    0000017960
InfoSource Inc                             INFOSOURCE-001   0000007154
Information Today Inc                      INFO TODAY-001   0000002957
Inforsource Inc                            INFORSOURC-001   0000015708
Infranca Technologies                      INFRANCATC-001   0000014893
Ingram Periodicals Inc                     INGRAM INC-001   0000020353
Ingrams                                    INGRAMS-001      0000000573
Ink Technologies                           INK TECH-001     0000018735
InkCloners, LLC                            INKCLONERS-001   0000020250
Inland Associates                          INL-002          0000017387
Innovative Education Systems               INNOVATIVE-001   0000018751
Innovative Educators                       INNVT EDUC-001   0000016135
Innovative Laboratory Systems, Inc.        INNVT LABO-001   0000017651
Innovative Neurotronics, Inc.              INNOVATIVE-002   0000020532
Insight Direct                             INSIGHT-002      0000019488
Insight Edge LLC                           INSIGHT LL-001   0000019693
Insight Financial Services                 INSIGHT SV-001   0000016438
Insight Mechanical Contractors             INSIGHTMEC-001   0000014958
Insight Media                              INSGHT MDA-001   0000000575
Insight Print and Display                  INSIGHT PD-001   0000018522
Insomnia Inc                               INSOMNIA-001     0000020416
Insomnia Incorporated                      DEREK HUGH-001   0000020317
Inspiration Software Inc                   INSPIR SOF-001   0000001951
Inspire Magazine                           INSPIRE MG-001   0000019227
Instant Products Inc                       INSTANT PR-001   0000005264
Instar Performance                         INSTAR-001       0000019061
Instawares                                 INSTAWARES-001   0000015767
Institute Electricl & Electronc Engineer   IEEE-001         0000019481
Institute for Brain Potential              IBP-001          0000019234
Institute for Community College Develop    ICCD-001         0000015178
Institute for Supply Management-KC inc     ISM KC INC-001   0000018299
Institute of Hazard Materials Management   IHMM-001         0000004283
Instructional Technology Council           INSTRUCTTC-001   0000014892
Instrumentation Systems & Automation Soc   ISA-001          0000018187
Integrated Bio Tec Svcs dba L-1 Enrollmt   L-1 ENROLL-001   0000018709
Integrated Supply Network                  ISN-001          0000014937
Integrated Training and Perform Solution   INTEGRATED-001   0000018794
Integrative Health LLC                     INTEGRATIV-001   0000016576
Integrity Carpet Cleaning                  INTEGRITY-002    0000019717
Integrity Investment Advisors              INTEGRITY-003    0000019975
Intelecom Intelligent Telecommunications   INTELECOM-001    0000006368
Intelitek                                  INTELITEK-001    0000004165
Intellect Controls Group Inc               INTELLECT-001    0000017171
Intelligent Software Inc.                  INT-001          0000016610
Interior Landscapes                        INTER LAND-001   0000015222
Interior Surface Co                        INTER SURF-001   0000010076
International Air Transport Association    IATA-001         0000015631
International Assoc of Admin Professnls    IAAP-001         0000016798
International Assoc of Chiefs of Police    IACP-002         0000012568
International Association Fire Fighters    INTERNTL-001     0000018987
International Association for Cont Ed      IACET-001        0000011249
International Business Machines Corp       IBM-001          0000000553
International Carpet and Vinyl             INTER CARP-001   0000019875
International Center for Leadership Ed     INTER-001        0000016639
International City Managemt Assoc/ ICMA    ICMA-001         0000014766
International Code Council Inc             INTERNL CC-001   0000017190
International Credit Recovery Inc          INTER CRED-001   0000020905
International Education Training Service   IETS-001         0000019965
International Executive Housekeeping Ass   IEHA INC-001     0000003674
International Foundation Empl Benefit      CEBS PRGM-001    0000020023
International Inst Biochem and Biomed      IIBBT-001        0000018407
International MODAPTS Association          MODAPTS-001      0000017959
International Paper dba Xpedx              XPEDX-001        0000001192
International Print dba Coronado Binding   CORONADO B-001   0000000254
International Public Management Asso-HR    IPMA-HR-001      0000016733
International Relations Council            INTL RL CN-001   0000000581
International Soc Performance Imprvement   ISPI-001         0000001890
International Society of Automation        INTL SOCIE-001   0000020468
International Women's Forum                INTER WOMN-001   0000016492
Internatl Assoc Campus Law Enforce Admin   IACLEA-001       0000011259
Internatl Nursing Assoc Clinic Sim/Learn   INACSL-001       0000017893
Internatnl Public Safe Leader Ethics Ins   INTERNATNL-001   0000019000
Interntnl Assoc of Business Communicator   IABC-001         0000001881
Interpreting Solutions LLC                 INTER SOLU-001   0000016908
Interstate All Battery Center              INTER BATT-001   0000008545
Interstate Contracting                     INTERSTATE-002   0000017682
Interstate Electrical Supply               INT-002          0000017430
Interstate Flooring LLC dba ISC Surfaces   ISC SURFAC-001   0000018143
Intier Automotive                          INTIER AUT-001   0000015483
Into the Classroom Media                   INTO CLASS-001   0000007773
IntoCareers, College of Ed                 INTOCAREE-001    0000005370
Intrigue Hotels LLC dba Park Place         INTRIGUE-001     0000000852
Inver Hills Community College              INVER HILL-001   0000013027
Iowa Community College Athletic Confernc   ICCAC-001        0000018453
Iowa State University of Science & Tech    IA STATE-001     0000017444
Ireland Bindery Company Inc                IRELND BIN-001   0000000587
Ireland,Kristine L                         IRELAND,KR-001   0000019600
Iron Mountain                              IRON MNTN-001    0000000588
Isenhour,Nita G                            ISENHOUR,N-002   0000019618
Island Spice Caribbean Restaurant          ISLAND SPI-001   0000018054
It Takes Two Inc                           IT TAKES 2-001   0000015446
Ivers,Roberta A.                           IVERS,ROBB-001   0000011929
Ivesco LLC                                 IVESCO-001       0000019177
Izzys Espresso Service Inc                 IZZYS SRVC-001   0000015139
J & A Traffic Products                     J & A TRAF-001   0000020996
J & B Deli, LLC, dba Jasons Deli           JASON DELI-001   0000004694
J & J Corp dba American Concrete Pumping   AMER CONCR-001   0000019749
J & J Professional Janitorial Lawn Serv    J & J PROF-001   0000019135
J & J Screen                               J & J SCRE-001   0000017946
J & K SOCCER                               J & K SOCC-001   0000018254
J & N Enterprise dba Commercial Concepts   COMM CONCP-001   0000000346
J & R Investments                          WOODLEY-001      0000010619
J A Lillig Excavating Inc.                 J A LILLIG-001   0000017646
J C Ehrlich Co Inc dba Presto-X LLC        PRESTO-001       0000020510
J Harlen Company Inc                       J HARLEN-001     0000019908
J Howard Automotive LLC                    JHOWARD-001      0000020483
J J Keller & Associates                    JJ KELLER-001    0000002550
J L Industries Inc                         J L INDUST-001   0000012869
J Marvin Crozier dba Crozier Studio LLC    CROZIER-001      0000016171
J S Consulting                             JS CONSULT-001   0000017495
J Squared dba University Loft              UNIV LOFT-001    0000019140
J World Sports Inc                         J WORLD-001      0000019884
J&D Equip Inc dba American Equipment Co    AM EQUIP-001     0000012605
J&H Berge Inc                              J&H BERGE-001    0000011094
J&R Computer World                         J&R-001          0000017020
J. Wilbur Company                          J WILBUR-001     0000009251
J.B.HUNT TRANSPORT INC.                    J.B.HUNT T-001   0000021150
J.L.MATTHEWS CO INC.                       J.L.MATTHE-001   0000021143
J2 Printing                                J2 PRINT-001     0000010686
JA Del Inc dba Fiorellas Jack Stack      FIORELLAS-001    0000002956
JA Food Service                          JA FOOD SV-001   0000020272
JA Majors Company                        JA MAJORS-001    0000000590
JB Brothers Company                      JB BROTHER-001   0000020067
JBD Business Systems LLC                 AFFORDABLE-001   0000021133
JCI Industries Inc                       JCI-001          0000009474
JD Automotive LLC, dba MAACO Collision   MAACO-001        0000007022
JD Ventures In dba Watts Up Lighting     WATTS UP-001     0000019192
JE Dunn Construction Co                  JE DUNN-001      0000000239
JEET LLC dba EconoLodge                  ECONOLODGE-001   0000012609
JENKINS,ANNETTE C.                       JENKINS,AN-001   0000020934
JF Rigss Publishing                      JF RIGGS-003     0000016020
JH Recognition Company                   JH RECOGTN-001   0000005220
JNT dba Ray's Donuts                     RAYS DONUT-001   0000020775
JOHN MORRIS EQUIP & SUPPLY CO            JOHN MORRI-001   0000021198
JOHNSON PUBLISHING CO                    EBONY-002        0000021213
JOHNSON,DAVID A DBA FIREHOUSE            FIREHOUSE-002    0000021249
JR Electrical Supply                     JR ELECT-001     0000000594
JSI LLC                                  JSI LLC-001      0000017810
JSTOR                                    JSTOR-001        0000008252
JSW Enterprises dba Warner Enterprises   WARNER ENT-001   0000016295
JW Pepper & Son Inc                      JW PEPPER-001    0000011768
JW ROTHWELL dba ACE TREE SERVICE         ACE TREE S-001   0000021114
Jabral Inc                               JABRAL INC-001   0000007610
Jackson County Advocate                  JA CO ADVO-001   0000000754
Jackson County Board of Election         JA CO BOAR-001   0000004816
Jackson County Circuit Clerk             JA CO CIRC-001   0000000755
Jackson County Parks and Recreation      JA CO PARK-001   0000000756
Jackson County Soil Water Conservation   JA CO SWCD-001   0000015377
Jackson,Crystal                          JACKSON,CR-001   0000011972
Jackson,Dennis                           JACKSN,DEN-001   0000008632
Jackson,Denny                            JACKSN,DEN-002   0000010844
Jackson,Jamie Renee                      JACKSN,JA-001    0000019428
Jackson,Jerome                           JACKSN,JER-001   0000018725
Jackson,Joseph S Jr                      JACKSON,JO-001   0000018673
Jackson,Nathan                           JACKSON,NA-001   0000014260
Jackson,Terrance                         JACKSON,TE-001   0000019828
Jacobs,Andrew                            JACOBS,AN-001    0000015386
Jade Alarm                               JADE ALARM-001   0000000597
Jaffe,Christopher E                      JAFFE,CHRI-001   0000018282
Jafry,Mahfooz A                          JAFRY,MAH-001    0000019463
Jameco Electronics                       JAMECO-001       0000005411
Jamerson,Mary                              JAMERS,MAR-001   0000020019
James F Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation     JAMES LINC-001   0000019783
James Printing                             JAMES PRNT-001   0000008934
James Rhem & Associates LLC                NATL TEACH-002   0000016076
James and Brenda Fonner                    PARK N POO-001   0000020105
Jannetti Publication dba Nursing Economc   NURSIN ECO-001   0000020260
Janssen Glass & Door, LLC                  JANSN GLSS-001   0000018964
Jarrett,Gary D.                            JARRETT,GA-001   0000009802
Jarrow,Jane dba DAIS                       JARROW,JAN-001   0000006623
Jasper Seating Company dba Jasper Group    JASPER GRP-001   0000019489
Jay Distributors                           JAY DIST-001     0000015687
Jay Wolfe Dodge Inc                        JAY WOLFE-001    0000000598
Jayhawk Fire Sprinkler Co Inc              JAYHAWK FI-001   0000011257
Jazz A Louisiana Kitchen                   JAZZ A LOU-001   0000005497
Jeans Flowers                              JEANS FLOW-001   0000020593
Jeff Tiller dba Omni Enterprises LLC       OMNI-001         0000019539
Jefferson City Area YMCA                   JEFF YMCA-001    0000017408
Jefferson City Public Schools              JEFFERSON-001    0000018968
Jeffress,Jennifer                          JEFFRESS,J-001   0000020701
Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company                 JEFF-001         0000016286
Jeffrey R. Vaughn                          VAUGHN,J-001     0000020863
Jeffries,Amanda                            JEFFRIES,A-001   0000016179
Jeffries,Nicholas                          JEFFS,NIC-001    0000016625
Jelly Belly Candy Company                  JELLY BELL-001   0000014642
Jenkins & Associates Inc                   JENK ASS-001     0000019493
Jenkins,Donna J                            JENKINS,DO-001   0000017601
Jenkins,James D.                           JENKINS,JA-003   0000021237
Jenkins,Ron                                JENKINS,RO-001   0000014203
Jenkins,Ronald D                           RONS KORN-001    0000011982
Jennings,Richard W                         JENNINGS,R-001   0000019523
Jerrys Sport Shop                          JERRY SPOR-001   0000000599
Jessica Kingsley Publishers                JES-001          0000016525
Jewish Vocational Service                  JEW VOC SV-001   0000000596
Jim Dar Enterprises                        JIM DAR-001      0000000600
Jim Hawk Truck & Trailers Inc.             JIM HAWK-001     0000017730
Jim Kidwell Construction Corp              JIM KIDWEL-001   0000017718
Jim Plunkett Inc. dba JPI Glass            JPI GLASS-001    0000017635
JoMarie Guastello dba JMG Printables       JMG PRINT-001    0000000593
JobTarget LLC                              JOBTARGET -001   0000021061
Joe H Tanner Baseball Products             JOE TANNER-001   0000010510
Joffe,Camelia                              JOFFE,CAME-001   0000018783
John A Marshall Company                    JOHN A MAR-001   0000010541
John Deere Landscapes                      JOHN DEERE-001   0000016870
John Deere dba Lesco Inc                   LESCO-002        0000001758
John F Blair Publisher                     JOHN BLAIR-001   0000013347
John Hancock Life Insurance Company        JOHN HANCK-001   0000019156
John Hopkins University Press              JOHN HOPKN-001   0000015747
John Knox Village                          JOHN KNOX-001    0000000603
John Rohrer Contracting Co Inc             JOHN ROHRR-001   0000002083
John Rohrer Contracting Company, Inc.      JOHN ROHRE-001   0000017664
John Wiley & Sons Inc                      JOHN WILEY-001   0000000612
John Wornall House Museum                  JOHN WORNL-001   0000018158
Johnigan,Katrina                           JOHNI,KAT-001    0000017754
Johnny Cs Deli                             JOHNY CS-001     0000000604
Johnny Mac's Sporting Goods Stores Inc     JOHNNY MAC-001   0000020515
Johnny on the Spot                         JOHNY SPOT-001   0000000407
Johnson Communications Services Inc        JOHNSN COM-001   0000010859
Johnson Control Inc/York International     JOHNS/YORK-001   0000006724
Johnson County Community College           JCCC-001         0000000606
Johnson County Extension Ed Foundation     JOHNSN CT-001    0000016499
Johnson County Graphics                    JOHN CTY G-001   0000019492
Johnson County Library                     JOHNSN LIB-001   0000013389
Johnson,Anita                              JOHNSN,ANI-002   0000015788
Johnson,Deborah                            JOHNS,DEB-001    0000018305
Johnson,Douglas P dba First Nation Sales   FIRST NATI-001   0000020847
Johnson,Duane I.                           JOH-003          0000017336
Johnson,Ebony                              JOHNSN,EBO-001   0000017868
Johnson,Ever                               JOHNSN,EVE-001   0000020429
Johnson,Jeanette E                         JOHNSN,JEA-001   0000018435
Johnson,John L                             JOHNSN,JO-001    0000018791
Johnson,Jonathan dba DirectGov Source      DIRECTGOV-001    0000020102
Johnson,Joyce A                            JOHNSN,JOY-001   0000020417
Johnson,Kishana                            JOHNSN,KIS-001   0000018672
Johnson,Niel M                             JOHNSN,NI-001    0000016743
Johnson,Oji Demarcus                       JOHNSN,OJI-001   0000020499
Johnson,Pauline                            JOHNSN,PAU-001   0000017230
Johnson,Shanta                             JOHNSN,SHA-001   0000019765
Johnson,Tracey Jean                        JOHNSN,TRA-001   0000018584
Johnson,W Mark dba Camouflage Comm Inc     JOHNSN,WM-001    0000018380
Johnston Industrial Supply Inc.            JOHNSTON-001     0000020308
Johnstone Supply                           JOHNSTONE-001    0000000608
Joint Review Committee Edu Radiologc Tec   JRCERT-001       0000003936
Joliet Junior College                      JOLIET COL-001   0000018555
Jolley,Amy D                               JOLLEY,A D-001   0000018784
Jones & Bartlett Publishers Inc            JONES BART-001   0000000607
Jones & Mitchell                           JONES MITC-001   0000014714
Jones, Earl Robert                         JONES-001        0000016400
Jones,Brandon R                            JONES,BRAN-001   0000016497
Jones,Brittany                             JONES,BRIT-001   0000020977
Jones,Bruce Anthony                        JONES,BRUC-001   0000014263
Jones,Clarence dba Sun Up DJ Services      JONES,CLAR-001   0000019978
Jones,Clint                                JONES,CLIN-001   0000021192
Jones,Daniel P                             JONES,DAN-001    0000019461
Jones,Delores                              JONES,DEL-001    0000017527
Jones,Lewis L                              JONES,LEW-001    0000018307
Jones,Melody Lynn                          JONES,MEL-001    0000020555
Jones,Paul F                               JONES,PAUL-001   0000016418
Jones,Robert L                             JONES,ROB-001    0000018115
Jones,Sheron D                             JONES,SHER-001   0000010807
Josenberger,Dionandre                      JOSEN,DIO-001    0000014998
Jostens                                    JOSTENS-001      0000013951
Journal Communications Inc                 JOURNALINC-001   0000014052
Joyner,Marilou                             JOYNER,MAR-001   0000011059
Jr College Distrct East Central MO         EAST CTRL-002    0000020897
Judd,Cary                                  JUDD,CARY-001    0000016564
Judge,James H dba Linric Company           LINRIC CO-001    0000020647
Juett Enterprises dba Cottman Transmissn   COTTMN TRN-001   0000013755
Jules Borel                                JULES BORE-001   0000012042
Junior College District Newton McDonald    CROWDR COL-001   0000004665
Justrite Rubber Stamp & Seal Co            JUSTRITE-001     0000013612
K&H Communications LLC                     K&H COMM-001     0000019327
K&J Management dba Lifetime Outdoor Furn   LIFETIME-001     0000019851
K&K America Corp dba C&H Distributors      C&H DISTRI-001   0000003961
K-Log Inc                                  K-LOG-001        0000001921
KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY                    K-STATE-001      0000021118
KAWASAKI ROBOTICS (USA) INC.               KAWASAKI-001     0000019590
KB Litho Co                                KB LITHO-001     0000000981
KBB Bindery LLC                            KBB BINDER-001   0000019634
KBEQ                                       KBEQ-001         0000003712
KC Fitness Supply dba Fitness First        FITNS FRST-001   0000003139
KC Abrasive Company LLC                    KC ABRASIV-001   0000019512
KC Copiers Inc                             KC COPIERS-002   0000006232
KC IRISH DANCE, LLC                        KC IRISH D-001   0000021111
KC ISPI                                    KC ISPI-001      0000006352
KC Labor Directory                         KC LABOR D-001   0000020927
KC MASS Services LLC                       KC MASS SV-001   0000018360
KC Machine                                 KC MACHINE-001   0000017089
KC Medical Inc                             KC MEDICAL-001   0000015623
KC Mercantile                              KC MERCANT-001   0000017935
KC Photo Booth LLC                         KC PHOTO B-001   0000020296
KC Sign Express Inc                        KC SIGN-002      0000019528
KC Spring Works Inc                        KC SPRING-001    0000017537
KC Urban Times LLC                         KC URBAN-001     0000017828
KC WINDUSTRIAL COMPANY                     KC WIND-001      0000016184
KC Waterpark dba Schlitterbahn Vacation    SCHLITTER-001    0000020185
KC-Photos                                  KC-PHOTOS-001    0000018355
KCFX 101 FM                                KCFX-001         0000000984
KCG Inc dba Rew Materials                  REW MATERL-001   0000000940
KCI Inc                                    KCI INC-001      0000006370
KCJ Catering dba J Catering                J CATERING-001   0000020347
KCK Area Chamber of Commerce               KCK CHAMBE-001   0000020169
KCLP Corp dba City Lighting Products Co    CITY LIGHT-001   0000000334
KCMLIN                                     KCMLIN-001       0000000985
KCMO AM 710                                KCMO AM-001      0000005634
KCPT Public TV 19 Inc                      KCPT TV-001      0000000986
KCR International Trucks dba Diamond Int   KCR DBA DI-001   0000019331
KCTV 5                                     KCTV5-001        0000015031
KCWE TV 29                                 KCWE-001         0000013652
KD Speciality Contractors/Whiteboar A-Z    WHITEBOARD-001   0000020243
KD Christian Const Co Inc                  KD CHRIS-001     0000019442
KEHE Distributors Holdings LLC             KEHE-001         0000020862
KForce Inc and Subsidiaries dba KForce     KFORCE-001       0000013214
KIPP KC dba KIPP Endeavor Academy          KIPP ACAD-001    0000019937
KJE Inc dba Servpro E Indepen Blue Sprin   SERPRO-001       0000020612
KK office Solutions Inc                    KK OFFICE-001    0000004352
KMBC-TV                                    KMBC-TV-001      0000009215
KMBZ News Radio 980                        KMBZ NEWS-001    0000006882
KMXV FM                                    KMXV FM-001      0000001863
KQRC                                       KQRC-001         0000002009
KRBZ                                       KRBZ-001         0000006854
KRM Information Services Inc.              KRM-001          0000017103
KSHB TV                                    KSHB TV-001      0000000980
KYYS                                       KYYS-001         0000003717
Kacico Dance                               KACICO-001       0000019887
Kadlec-Hassing,Alison                      KADLEC,ALI-001   0000018547
Kahn,Allan N                               KAHN,ALLAN-001   0000015620
Kaleikau,Taylor                            KALEIKAU,T-001   0000019522
Kalinowski,Katherine                       KALINO,KAT-001   0000016445
Kamal,Omar                                 KAMAL,OMAR-001   0000016293
Kaminsky and Associates Inc                KAMINS INC-001   0000004697
KanAHEAD                                   KANAHEAD-001     0000000991
Kansas Association of Interpreters         KAI INC-001      0000009628
Kansas City Air Filter Company Inc         KC AIR FIL-001   0000002360
Kansas City Area Archivists                KC ARCHIVS-001   0000004326
Kansas City Area Development Council       KC DEV CNL-001   0000001005
Kansas City Area Trans Authority           KC TRANSPR-001   0000012692
Kansas City Area Transportation Authorit   KCATA-001        0000008426
Kansas City Art Institute                  KC ART-001       0000011308
Kansas City Audio Visual Inc               KC AUD VIS-001   0000000992
Kansas City Ballet Association Inc         KC BALLET-001    0000020717
Kansas City Bindery & Mailing Service      KC BIND-001      0000019510
Kansas City Board Election Commissioners   KC BOARD-001     0000004820
Kansas City Calibration Laboratories Inc   KC CALIBRA-001   0000018332
Kansas City Call Company Inc               KC CALL-001      0000000251
Kansas City Catering Inc                   KC CATERNG-001   0000002551
Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture   KC URBAN-002     0000019932
Kansas City Chiefs Football Club           KC CHIEFS-001    0000009626
Kansas City Chinese Association            KCCA-001         0000020192
Kansas City Construction Rental LLC        KC CONSTR-001    0000020549
Kansas City Convention & Visitors Assoc    KC CONVENT-002   0000017340
Kansas City Coring and Cutting             KC CORING-001    0000000994
Kansas City Disc Jockeys Inc               KC DISC-001      0000016629
Kansas City Electrical Supply              KC ELECTRI-001   0000013152
Kansas City Envelope                       KC ENVELOP-001   0000002204
Kansas City Fence & Guard Rail Corporati   KC FENCE-001     0000016809
Kansas City Freightliner                   KC FREIGHT-001   0000017700
Kansas City Gardener                       KC GARDNER-001   0000003020
Kansas City Globe                          KC GLOBE-001     0000000278
Kansas City Hydraulics Inc                 KC HYDRA-001     0000017412
Kansas City Industrial Council             KC INDUSTR-001   0000004659
Kansas City Installers Inc                 KC INSTALL-001   0000019529
Kansas City Interfaith Council             KC INTER-001     0000017482
Kansas City Kansas Community College       KCKCC-001        0000001008
Kansas City Kite Club                      KC KITE-001      0000017001
Kansas City Life Insurance Co              KC LIF INS-001   0000000998
Kansas City Mechanical Inc                 KC MECHNCL-001   0000000999
Kansas City Metro Ceramic Supply Inc       KC MET CER-001   0000007177
Kansas City Missouri School District       KC MO SCHO-001   0000002685
Kansas City Power & Light                  KCPL-001         0000001011
Kansas City Power Products Inc             KANSAS CIT-002   0000020650
Kansas City Public Library                 KC PUB LIB-001   0000001001
Kansas City Renaissance Festival           KC REN FES-001   0000001911
Kansas City Repertory Theatre              KC REPERTR-001   0000004285
Kansas City Royals                         KC ROYALS-001    0000003988
Kansas City South Foundation               KC S FOUND-001   0000013861
Kansas City Sports & Fitness              KC SPORTS-001    0000016863
Kansas City Sports LLC                    KC SPORTS-002    0000019935
Kansas City Star                          KC STAR-001      0000001012
Kansas City Steel                         KC STEEL-001     0000001003
Kansas City Store Fixtures                KC STORE-001     0000011412
Kansas City Testing & Engineering LLC     KC TESTING-001   0000016362
Kansas City Tomorrow Alumni Association   KC TOMORRW-001   0000004523
Kansas City Veterans Career Fair KCVCF    KC VETERAN-001   0000018876
Kansas City Veterinary Medical Assoc      KC VET MED-001   0000015214
Kansas City Winnelson                     KC WINN-001      0000014841
Kansas City Winwater Works Co             KC WINWATR-001   0000006531
Kansas City Wireless Inc                  KC WIRELSS-001   0000008544
Kansas City Young Audiences               KC YOUNG-001     0000012541
Kansas Ethanol LLC                        KS ETHANOL-001   0000017753
Kansas Fencing Inc                        KANSAS FEN-001   0000020648
Kansas Golf and Turf Inc                  KANS GOLF-001    0000021099
Kansas Head Start Association             KS HEAD-001      0000018477
Kansas Maid Inc                           KS MAID-001      0000007664
Kansas Occupational Therapy Assoc         KOTA-001         0000014728
Kansas Payment Center                     KS PAYMENT-001   0000006536
Kansas State University                   KS STATE U-001   0000008925
Kantola Productions                       KANTOLA PR-001   0000016105
Kaplan Early Learning Co                  KAPLAN LRN-001   0000001013
Karen L. Lange dba ReGenesis Upholstery   REGEN UPHL-001   0000007483
Kasper,Susan J.                           KASPER,SU-001    0000013802
Kastle Grinding LLC                       KASTL GRND-001   0000002114
Katz,Milton                               KATZ,MILTN-001   0000019013
Kauffman FastTrac Inc                     KAUFFMAN-001     0000014868
Kaw Roofing and Sheet Metal Inc           KAW ROOF-001     0000014846
Kay's Caps                                KAY'S CAPS-001   0000012904
Kearney Lawn & Outdoor Equipment          KEARNEY-001      0000019420
Keding,Daniel T.                          KEDING,DAN-001   0000021252
Keesee,Spencer                            KEESE,SPEN-001   0000016327
Keeshan's Framing Services                KEESHAN SV-001   0000008186
Keith,Zachary D.                          KEITH,ZACH-001   0000014270
Kelco Laundry Systems Inc                 KELCO INC-001    0000019063
Keller Fire and Safety Inc                KELLR FIRE-001   0000001016
Kelley,Clarence M                         KELLEY,C M-001   0000015226
Kelley,Michelle A                         KELLEY,MIC-001   0000019816
Kelling,Douglas                           KELLING,DO-001   0000013707
Kellogg,Barbara dba Uplifting Stories     KELLOG,BA-001    0000015586
Kelly Ludden Design                       KELLY LUDD-001   0000013285
Kelly,Michael K                           KELLY,MIC-001    0000017216
Kelton,Douglas W                           KELTON,DO-001    0000020561
Kemp,Andrew                                KEMP,ANDRW-001   0000018454
Kemp,Kyeicha                               KEMP,KYEIC-001   0000018687
Ken Madden Refrigeration                   KEN MADDEN-001   0000003267
Ken-A-Vision Manufacturing Co Inc          KEN A VISI-001   0000001018
Kendall Products                           KENDALL PR-001   0000021185
Kendall,Steve                              KENDALL,ST-001   0000009593
Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company            KENDL HUNT-001   0000001019
Kendle,Joshua Lynn                         KENDLE,JOS-001   0000018585
Kennedy Graphics                           KENN GRAPH-001   0000006986
Kennesaw State University                  KENNESAW-001     0000016424
Kenny,Terrence F                           KENNY,TERR-001   0000004712
Kenton Brothers Inc                        KENTN BROS-001   0000001021
Keppler Associates Inc                     KEPPLR INC-001   0000017881
Kerbany,Teresa Day                         KERBANY,TE-001   0000019953
Kerr,Diane E.                              KERR,DIANE-001   0000011915
Kerr,Mark                                  KERR,MARK-001    0000018319
Kespohl,Chris                              KESPOHL,CH-001   0000015033
Kessler,Stanton S                          KESSLER,ST-001   0000006785
Kettle Stop                                KETTLE STP-001   0000017583
Kevin Collins Company                      KEVIN COLL-001   0000015363
Key Refrigeration Supply LLC               KEY REFRIG-001   0000004420
Key,Ronald A                               KEY,RONALD-001   0000017793
Keystone Ridge Designs Inc                 KEYST RIDG-001   0000012935
Keytec Inc                                 KEYTEC INC-001   0000019960
Khalsa,Karta Purkh Singh dba 3HO Foundat   3HO FOUND-001    0000016768
Kids Vision Heart Inc                      KIDS VIS H-001   0000014151
Kidwell,Katherine                          KIDWELL,KA-001   0000020753
Kiewit Industrial Co                       KIEWIT CO-001    0000016677
Kikkerland Design Inc.                     KIKKERLAND-001   0000021047
Kilgore International                      KILGOR INT-001   0000002818
Kimmerly,Paul                              KIMME,PAUL-001   0000013702
Kincaid Coach Lines Inc                    KINCAID CO-001   0000006524
KinderCare                                 KINDERCARE-001   0000004345
Kindred Minds Enterprises                  KINDRED-001      0000017797
King Hershey PC                            KING HERSH-001   0000014182
King Louie America LC                      KING LOUIE-001   0000004739
King Marketing Group Inc                   KING MRKT-001    0000014659
King,Douglas Jr                            KING,DOUGL-001   0000021170
King,Frieda dba King Electronics Dist      KING ELEC-001    0000021247
Kings Small Engine Repair                  KINGS SMLL-001   0000020107
Kingston Environmental Services            KINGSTON-001     0000018567
Kingswood                                  KINGSWOOD-001    0000018837
Kinsella,Marilyn A                      KINSELLA-001     0000007723
Kirberg Roofing Inc                     KIRBERG-001      0000019511
Kirby,Zach                              KIRBY,ZACH-001   0000018980
Kirk Perucca Associates Inc             KIRK PERUC-001   0000017448
Kirk Welding Supply Inc                 KIRK WLDNG-001   0000001024
Kiser,M Kathryne                        KISER,M KA-002   0000020975
Kitwana,Bakari                          KITWANA,BA-001   0000016823
Klaiber,Linda                           KLAIB,LIN-001    0000017028
Klein Survey Systems Inc                KLEIN SURV-001   0000014278
Klein,Brad                              KLEIN,BRAD-001   0000015350
Klemp Electric Machinery                KLEMP ELCT-001   0000006803
Klinger Educational Products Corp       KLINGER ED-001   0000019994
Klugman,Taylor                          KLUGMAN,TA-001   0000019333
Klute,Paul Grant                        KLUTE,PAUL-001   0000014266
Knapheide Truck Equipment Center        KNAPHEIDE-001    0000001027
Knight,John E                           KNIGHT,J E-001   0000012678
Knight,Margaret                         KNIGHT,MA-001    0000017556
Knopf,John                              KNOPF,JOHN-001   0000017219
Knopke Company LLC                      KNOPKE CO-001    0000012792
Knopp,David                             KNOPP,DA-001     0000019262
Knowledge Connex                        KNOWLEDGE-001    0000021183
Knowledge Key Assoc dba Training Camp   TRAINING-005     0000020491
Koch,Brian                              KOCH,BRIAN-001   0000020142
Koehring,Erica L                        KOEHR,ERIC-001   0000020447
Koldwater Technologies, LLC             KOLDWATER-001    0000017760
Koma Manufacturing and Dist             KCI EXPO-001     0000015208
Konica Minolta                          KONICA-001       0000009447
Konomos & Sons Inc dba Mr Mat CO        MR MAT-001       0000014059
Kontz,Amanda M                          KONTZ,AMA-001    0000017441
Kornis Electric Supply Inc              KORNIS ELC-001   0000001028
Korte,Maureen                           KORTE,MAUR-001   0000012714
Korth,Susan                             KORTH,SUSN-001   0000013847
Korus Company Inc                       KORUS CO-001     0000020406
Kotar,Brenda                            KOTAR,BREN-001   0000016446
Kountz,Shelita                          KOUNTZ,SHE-001   0000020966
Kouri,Carrie A dba Adaptive Child LLC   KOURI,CA-001     0000018916
Koutsoupides,Michael                    KOUTS,MICH-001   0000018586
Kramer Entertainment Agency             KRAMER ENT-001   0000003723
Kramer,Cory                             KRAMER,CO-001    0000017469
Kramps,Richard                          KRAMPS,RIC-001   0000017442
Kranz of Kansas City                    KRA-001          0000017143
Krause,Robin dba The Filling Station    FILLING ST-001   0000020551
Krawitz,Karl                            KRAWITZ,KA-001   0000018181
Kremer,Leon                             KREMER,LEO-001   0000012019
Kresha,Lisa                             KRESHA,LIS-001   0000010590
Krimsky,Roger dba More Power            KRIMSKY,RO-001   0000019202
Kriz-Davis Co. Inc.                     KRIZ-DAVIS-001   0000020061
Krogmeier,Paul                          KROG,PAUL-001    0000019401
Kroymann, Howard dba 1stSales           1STSALES-001     0000020771
Krueger International dba KI            KI-001           0000009301
Kryotech Timers, Inc.                   KRYOTECH T-001   0000020982
Kudzidza                                KUDZIDZA-001     0000016621
Kuer,Gabriel                            KUER,GABRI-001   0000017859
Kueser,Kelly A                          KUES,KELLY-001   0000018931
Kully Supply Inc                        KULLY SUPP-001   0000018878
Kuntz,Gary L                            KUNTZ,GARY-001   0000007721
Kurtz, Gary L.                          KURT-001         0000015587
Kyle,Robert E                           KYLE,ROB-001     0000017328
L A W Publications                      LAW-001          0000015562
L&W Supply Corp dba Arrowhead Drywall   ARROWHEAD-001    0000004584
L-3 Services, Inc.                      MPRI-001         0000021151
LAFARGE North America Inc               LAFARGE-001      0000016068
LANG,ROBERT G.                          LANG GROUP-001   0000021187
LANZA,JEFF DBA COMMUNICATION DYNAMICS                    0000021087
LATIESHA M. BROWN                       BROWN,LATI-001   0000020156
LATIN ART MALL                          LATIN ART-001    0000016680
LCN Closers                             LCN CLOSRS-001   0000007135
LDF Publishing Inc                      LDF PUBLSH-001   0000003141
LECO CORPORATION                        LECO-001         0000016124
LEE'S OK TIRE STORE                     OK TIRE-001      0000014259
LEG Enterprises Inc                     LEG ENTER-001    0000016545
LIBERTY CYCLE CENTER                    LIBERTY-002      0000015182
LK Communications LLC                   LK COMMUNI-001   0000019936
LK Marketing Inc                        LK MARKET-001    0000020306
LOLLMAN,MEGAN                           LOLLMAN,M-001    0000020931
LQ Management LLC                       LQ MANAGE-001    0000016510
LRP Publications                        LRP PUBL-001     0000000616
LS&S LLC                                LS&S LLC-001     0000000617
LTD Signs & Graphics LLC                LTD SIGNS-001    0000019458
LYNDA.COM, INC.                         LYNDA.COM-001    0000020298
LYRIC Choir Gown Company                LYRIC CHOI-001   0000016909
La Petite Academy                       LA PETITE-001    0000003487
LaCosta Facility Support Services       LACOSTA-001      0000020825
LaFavor,Gloria S                        LAFAVOR,GL-001   0000016862
LaForge & Budd Construction Inc         LAFORGE-001      0000019225
LaFramboise,Mark                        LAFRAM,MA-001    0000017967
LaHue,Hope                                LAHUE,HOPE-001   0000018981
LaMotte Company                           LAMOTTE CO-001   0000008110
LaSalle Bank National Association         LASALLE-001      0000017464
LaSalle Hotel Prop dba Westin Michigan    WESTIN MIC-001   0000019686
Laas,Michele G                            LAAS,MI-001      0000017119
Lab Safety Supply Inc                     LAB SAFETY-001   0000000619
LabChem Inc.                              LAB-001          0000016466
Labconco Corporation                      LABCONCO-001     0000018224
Laber,Jennifer                            LABER,JEN-001    0000018954
Labor News, Inc. dba Labor Beacon         LABOR BEAC-001   0000000785
Laboratory Safety Institute               LAB SAFETY-002   0000019193
Laboratory Supply CO dba LABSCO           LABSCO-001       0000021167
Lackey,Michael W                          LACKEY,MI-001    0000018500
Lacy,Brian dba Brian Lacy & Associates    LACY,BRIAN-001   0000019342
Lady of Freedom Monument Foundation Inc   LADY FREED-001   0000019365
Lady,Larry                                LADY,LARRY-001   0000003841
Laerdal Medical Corp                      LAERDL MDC-001   0000002704
Laincz,David                              LAINCZ,DAV-001   0000003847
Laird Plastics                            LAIRD PLAS-001   0000020339
Laird,Heather dba Wright/Laird Casting    LAIRD,HEAT-001   0000003108
Lakes Country Service Cooperative         LAKES CNTR-001   0000011141
Lakeshore Computer Exchange LLC           LAKSHR COM-001   0000007620
Lakeshore Learning Materials              LAKSHOR LE-001   0000000623
Lamar Companies                           LAMAR CO-001     0000010332
Lamcraft Inc                              LAMCRAFT-001     0000002375
Lamination Service Inc                    LAMINT SVC-001   0000001799
Laminator Warehouse                       LAMINATOR-001    0000015524
Lamy,Angel                                LAMY,ANGEL-001   0000016726
Lamy,Michael DBA RetouchMOJO              LAMY,MICHA-001   0000019629
Lan-Design                                LAN-DESIGN-001   0000017771
Lanaman,Shari                             LANA,SHARI-001   0000018091
Lance Inc                                 LANCE INC-001    0000000624
Landauer Inc                              LANDAUER-001     0000007291
Landmark Construction Group LLC           LANDMARK C-001   0000021077
Landmark Dodge                            LAND DODGE-001   0000004984
Landry,Barbara J                          LANDRY-001       0000020697
Landry,Paul M                             LANDRY,PA-001    0000018982
Lands End Inc.                            LANDS END-001    0000011212
Landshire Inc                             LANDSHIRE-001    0000002266
Landworks, Inc.                           LANDWORKS-001    0000016662
Lane Blueprint Co                         LANE BLUE-001    0000000626
Lane Science Equipment Corp               LANE SCIEN-001   0000020686
Lane,Adam K                               LANE,ADAM-001    0000020512
Lane,Judi Smith                            LANE,JUDI-001    0000007201
Lang,Don                                   LANG,DON-001     0000012656
Lange,Karen                                LANGE,KARN-001   0000016558
Langevin Learning Services                 LANGEVIN L-001   0000002367
Langford,Cody                              LANG,CODY-001    0000018227
Lankford & Associates                      LANKFORD-001     0000002413
Lankford Enterprises                       LANKFRD EN-001   0000006442
Lansing USD 469                            LANSING-001      0000018126
Lany,Michael                               LANY,MI-001      0000018564
Lapel Pins Plus Network LLC                LAPEL PINS-001   0000019423
Larkin Contracting LLC                     LARKIN CON-001   0000019535
Larry Simmons and Associates Inc           LARRY INC-001    0000018378
Larsen,Edward                              LARSEN,E-001     0000019632
Larson,JoAnn dba Larson & Co               LARSON,JOA-001   0000019172
LarsonAllen LLP                            LARSONALLE-001   0000020747
Las Chilis                                 LAS CHILIS-001   0000017443
LaserEquipment Inc                         LASEREQUI-001    0000006234
Lasiter,Joseph                             LASI,JO-001      0000017833
Lastar, Inc.                               CABLES-001       0000012690
Lathrop,Alexander                          LATHROP,AL-002   0000016747
Lathrop,Nathan Lee                         LATHROP,NA-001   0000020911
Latino Writers Collective                  LATINO CO-001    0000018055
Laurel Group                               LAUREL GRP-001   0000000627
Laurel Heights Auto Repair                 LAUREL HGH-001   0000009477
Law Enforcemnt and Security Training Inc   LAW ENF SE-001   0000015405
Lawlor,Susan M                             LAWLOR,SU-001    0000020908
Lawmen's & Shooters' Supply, Inc.          LAW SHOOT-001    0000020111
Lawn & Leisure of Lees Summit              LAWN LEISR-001   0000000630
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates                LAWRNC ERL-001   0000002603
Lawrence Paper Company                     LAWRENCE-001     0000021122
Lawson Products Inc                        LAWSN INC-001    0000009426
Lawson,David                               LAWSON,DAV-001   0000019697
Lawton Publications                        LAWTON PUB-001   0000004089
Layne Machine Works Inc                    LAYNE WORK-001   0000018765
Leach,Casey                                LEACH,CASE-001   0000017820
League for Innovation In Comm Colleges     LEAGUE INN-001   0000002403
Leak Solutions Plus dba LSP Waterproof     LSP WATER-001    0000019534
Leanin Tree In                             LEANIN-001       0000020436
Learning & Fun PreSchool                   LEARN FUN-001    0000015695
Learning Ally Inc                          LEARN ALLY-001   0000013256
Learning Enhancement Corporation           LEARNING-001     0000019082
Learning Resources Network                 LEARN RESR-001   0000000614
Learning Seed                              LEARN SEED-001   0000008255
Leath & Sons                               LEATHSONS-001    0000010273
Leaym,Xiaoxuan                             LEAYM,XIA-001    0000019417
Lee Mathews Equipment                      LEE MATHEW-001   0000015471
Lee,Jack                                   LEE,JACK-001     0000020458
Leeds Custom Engraving Co Inc              LEEDS CUS-001    0000000639
Lees Chinese Martial Arts Federation       LEES CHINE-001   0000016281
Lees Summit Baseball Association           LS BASEBLL-001   0000019822
Lees Summit Cares                          LS CARES-001     0000016395
Lees Summit Chamber of Commerce            LS CH COMM-001   0000000642
Lees Summit Dodge                          LS DODGE-001     0000016920
Lees Summit Economic Development Council   LS ECONOMC-001   0000003703
Lees Summit Journal                        LS JOURNAL-001   0000000643
Lees Summit Rent A Car                     LS MITSUBI-001   0000017915
Lees Summit Tribune                        LS TRIBUNE-001   0000001836
Lefebvre,Cody                              LEF-001          0000017373
Legacy Business Group Inc dba LBG          LEGACY BUS-001   0000019531
Lehrman,Angela K dba Angie's Art           LEHRMAN,A-001    0000018844
Leisure Hospitality Ozarks dba Camden      CAMDEN-001       0000020651
Lemmons,Christine                          LEMMON,CHR-001   0000017559
Lemmons,Teresa Gay                         LEMM,T G-001     0000016874
Lenhert,Steven E                           LENHERT,ST-001   0000018907
Lennox Industries Inc                      LENNOX IND-001   0000006412
Lenore,Martina                             LENORE,MAR-001   0000015893
Leonard Brothers Commercial Floor Inc.     LEONARD-001      0000017781
Leopold Gallery LLC                        LEOPOLD LL-001   0000019976
Lepisto,James dba Cyclops Cycle Products   CYCLOPS-001      0000020150
Lerch Bates                                LERCH-001        0000017603
Leslies Poolmart dba Leslies Swimming      LESLIE SWI-001   0000019530
Letterfolders.com                          LETTERFOLD-001   0000018168
Levey,Mickey                               MICKEY-001       0000020244
Levin,Lewis                                LEVIN,LEW-001    0000020395
Levy Premium Food Serv LTD Partnership     LEVY-001         0000021091
Lewer Agency Inc                           LEWER INC-001    0000007884
Lewis,Brian A                              LEWIS,BRI-001    0000019324
Lewis,Christopher                          LEWIS,CHRS-002   0000012851
Lewis,Melinda Kay                          LEWIS-001        0000016429
Lewis,Sasha R                              LEWIS,SASH-001   0000017729
Lex R-V / West Central Distric SkillsUSA   WEST CENT-001    0000015419
Lexington Plumbing & Heating Co Inc        LEXING PLU-001   0000021038
Lexington R-V School Dristrict             LEXNG RV S-001   0000002829
Liberty Area Chamber of Commerce           LIBERTY CC-001   0000003608
Liberty Carton Co - KC Group               LIBERTY CA-001   0000020288
Liberty Distribution Company LLC           LIBERTYLLC-001   0000011378
Liberty Exposition Services Inc           LIBERTY EX-001   0000011580
Liberty Hardwoods Inc                     LIBERTY HA-001   0000001834
Liberty Memorial Association              NATL WWI-001     0000011873
Liberty Press LLC                         LIBER PRES-001   0000019513
Liberty Public Schools                    LIBERTY-001      0000006228
Library Video Co dba Safari Montage       LIBRARY VC-001   0000004581
Library of Congress                       LIBRY CONG-001   0000004228
Lico Steel Inc                            LICO STEEL-001   0000017832
Lidias Kansas City LLC                    LIDIAS-001       0000008924
Lids Team Sports                          LIDS SPORT-001   0000014970
Life Changers Network Inc                 LIFE CHANG-001   0000020159
Life Medical Supplier Inc.                LIFE MEDIC-001   0000019347
LifeCourse Associates                     LIFECOURSE-001   0000020720
LifeSavers, Inc.                          LIFESAVERS-001   0000018464
Lifetime Memory Products Inc.             LIFETIME-002     0000020812
Lifetouch Product dba Lifetouch Publish   LIFETOUCH-001    0000004733
Lift Truck Sales & Service Inc            LIFT TRUCK-001   0000010253
Liggett,Jesse                             LIGGETT,JE-001   0000015071
Light Bulbs Etc, Inc.                     LIG-001          0000017483
Lighton,Linda                             LIGHT,LIND-001   0000017808
Lilleston,James C                         LILLES,JA-001    0000018832
Lillis,Carol                              LILLIS,CAR-001   0000004046
Lillis,John                               LILLIS,JOH-001   0000004047
Lillis,Sheila                             LILLIS,SHE-001   0000004045
Lillis,Timothy                            LILLIS,TIM-001   0000004048
Lilo Steel Inc.                           LILO STEEL-001   0000017663
Limbs & Things Inc.                       LIM-001          0000016930
Lincoln Equipment Inc                     LINCOLN-001      0000012831
Lincoln Investment Planning Inc           LINC INVST-001   0000006753
Lincoln Phys Network dba Company Care     COMPANY CA-001   0000020101
Lincoln,Christopher                       LINCOLN,C-001    0000018983
Linda Caputi, Inc.                        LINDACAPUT-001   0000021071
Linda Hall Library                        LINDA LIBR-001   0000012501
Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes         LINDAMOOD-001    0000020051
Lindenwood University                     LINDENWD U-001   0000016365
Linders Welding                           LINDERS WL-001   0000005591
Lindsey,Fred                              LINDSEY,FR-001   0000020539
Linear Measurement Instruments Corp       LMI-001          0000018233
Liner,Jatavia                             LINER,JATA-001   0000021131
Linn County R-1 Public School             LINN SCHL-001    0000004120
Lion Technology Inc                       LION TECH-001    0000014719
Lippert Mechanical Service Corp           LIPPERT-001      0000012108
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins             LIPPNCT WI-001   0000000651
Listmart Inc                               LISTMART-001     0000009997
Littell,Leslie                             LITTELL,LE-001   0000021218
Little Machine Shop                        LITTLE-001       0000016486
Livers Bronze Company                      LIVERS-001       0000008497
Lloyd's Inc                                LLOYDS INC-001   0000018344
Lloyd,Grace N                              LLOYD,GRAC-001   0000017240
Lloyd,Lynette                              LLOYD,LYN-001    0000013894
Loe,Marc                                   LOE,MARC-001     0000018214
Logan Univ/Logan College Chiropractic      LOGAN UNVI-001   0000019444
Logan,Kelly                                LOGAN,KEL-001    0000017580
Logan,Megan                                LOGAN,MEG-001    0000015548
Logic, Inc                                 LOGIC INC-001    0000019436
Lombardi,Phil                              LOMBAR,PHI-001   0000016329
Long's Electronics Inc                     LONG ELCTR-001   0000013888
Long,Brandie L.                            LONG,BRAND-001   0000017686
Long,Leslie C                              LONG,LESLI-001   0000020873
Longleaf Services Inc                      LONGLEAF-001     0000019744
Longview Foundation                        LV FOUND-001     0000016785
Longview Mansion                           LONGVIEW-003     0000013639
Lorman Busnss Ctr dba Lorman Edu Srvs      LORMAN EDU-001   0000006829
Lornitis,Daniel J                          LORNITIS,D-001   0000020728
Lorri Hunt & Associates Inc                LORRI HUNT-001   0000018863
Los Ninos III dba Stephens House           LOS NINO-001     0000018923
Lotz,Penny dba Polar Ice                   POLAR ICE-001    0000021075
Louis and Company                          LOUIS CO-001     0000019741
Louis,Pettiford dba Clean Start Maintena   CLEAN STAR-001   0000020664
Louisiana State University                 LA STATE U-001   0000014952
Loving Guidance                            LOVNG GUID-001   0000003984
Low Key Productions                        LOW KEY-001      0000012643
Lowery Systems Inc (LSI)                   LOWERY SYS-001   0000019009
Lowry,Gary                                 LOWRY,GARY-001   0000018603
Loya,David                                 LOYA,DAVID-001   0000016467
Loya,Michael                               LOYA,MI-001      0000016484
Loya,Olga                                  LOYA,OLGA-001    0000009759
Lozano,Mark D                              LOZANO,MA-001    0000019731
Lozier Corporation                         LOZIER-001       0000018251
Ludden,Kelly DBA Kelly Ludden Design       LUDDEN,KEL-001   0000013718
Ludwig Design                              LUDWIG-001       0000019999
Luevano Hart Construction LLC              LUEVANO HA-001   0000019532
Luke Kush Corp dba Luke Kush Painting      LUKE KUSH-001    0000020767
Luminous Neon                              LUMINS NEO-001   0000006077
Lunar Bowl Management dba Lunar Bowl       LUNAR BOWL-001   0000013785
Lurey,Lisbeth                              LUREY,LIS-001    0000020764
Lusher,Jessie Ann                          LUSH,JESS-001    0000019930
Lutz,Andrew II dba Lutz Business Service   LUTZ BUSIN-001   0000001837
Luyben Music                               LUYBEN MUS-001   0000003038
Lyle,Jackson                               LYLE,JACKS-001   0000009594
Lyles,Bridgette                            LYLES,BRID-001   0000019571
Lyman,James                                LYMAN,JA-001     0000019927
Lyn Distributing                           LYN DISTRI-001   0000020233
Lynne Rienner Publishers                   LYN RIENNE-001   0000006942
Lynxmotion Inc                             LYNX INC-001     0000018739
Lyon Workspace Products LLC                LYON WORKS-001   0000021153
Lyric Opera of Kansas City                 LYRIC OPER-001   0000006109
Lysaght and Lynn LLC                       LYSAGHT LL-001   0000012920
Lytle Construction Inc                     LYTLE INC-001    0000019187
M&M Golf Cars LLC                          M&M GOLF-001     0000000665
M&M Painting                               M&M PAINTI-001   0000017643
M-Prints                                   M-PRINTS-001     0000003639
M-Soft, Inc.                               M-SOFT-001       0000020475
M.E.Sharpe, Inc.                           SHARPE REF-001   0000006047
MACI Publishing Inc                        MID AM COM-001   0000006627
MACRAO                                     MACRAO-001       0000000654
MANCOMM                                    MANCOMM-001      0000018795
MARKSTAAR                                  MARKSTAAR-001    0000018188
MASFAP                                     MASFAP-001       0000003493
MASSACHUSETTS MEDICAL SOCIETY              MA MED SOC-001   0000020610
MAST Technology Inc                        MAST TECH-001    0000018933
MAVP                                       MAVP-001         0000014905
MBS Textbook Exchange Inc                  MBS TXTBK-001    0000000658
MBT LLC dba Midwest Bio-Tech               MIDWST BIO-001   0000016586
MC Players Theatrical Co                   MC PLAYERS-001   0000004463
MCM Electronics                            MCM ELECT-001    0000015538
MCM Group Inc                              MCM GROUP-001    0000018133
MCUPA                                      MCUPA-001        0000003121
MDB Restaurants Inc dba Golden Corral      GOLDEN COR-001   0000020117
MDF Instruments Direct Inc                 MDF INSTR-001    0000019890
MEMCO-EDCOR SAFETY                         MEMCO-EDCO-002   0000014772
MEP, Inc                                   MEP-001          0000017576
MF Athletic                                MF ATHLET-002    0000001777
MFA Foundation                             MFA FOUND-001    0000015357
MFA Oil Co                                 MFA OIL CO-001   0000000664
MG Trust Company (403b ASP)                MG TRUST-001     0000018806
MGI Inc dba Midwest Graphics/Kid n' Me     MW GRAPHCS-001   0000009718
MGI Promotions                             MGI-001          0000015743
MGM Masonry, Inc.                          MGM MASONR-001   0000017662
MHM Retirement Plan Solutions/CBIZ         MHM RETIRE-001   0000020040
MIDWEST CENTER FOR NONPROFIT LEADERSHIP                     0000016112
MINACT Inc                                 MINACT INC-001   0000015857
MISS MOLLYS                                MIS-001          0000016095
MMC Inc DBA Graphic Services Company       MMC GRAPH-001    0000003925
MO Assoc Community Arts Agencies Inc       MACAA-001        0000018905
MO Assoc of Nursing Home Administrators    MANHA-001        0000020476
MO Committee for Professional Counselors   MO COMMITT-001   0000018944
MO Conservation Heritage Foundation        MISSOURI-001     0000020682
MO Department of Elementary & Second Edu   DESE-MAT-001     0000005643
MO Dept Pub Safe dba MO Div Fire Safety    MO FIRE SA-001   0000001909
MO Division of Worker's Compensation       MO DIVISN-001    0000018998
MO KS Supply Co Inc dba MKS Pipe & Valve   MKS PIPE-001     0000010537
MO MOMATYC Association of Two Yr College   MOMATYC-001      0000004801
MO Police Chief's Association              MOPCA-001        0000019752
MO Substance Abuse Counselor Cert Board    MSACCB-001       0000002246
MO-Kan Teamster Apprenticeship & Trainin   MO-KAN TEA-001   0000021233
MOBIUS                                     MOBIUS-001       0000002745
MOKAN Restaurants Group LLC Subway         SUBWAY-002       0000020281
MPD Medical Systems                        MPD MEDICL-001   0000016555
MRxI Corporation                           MRXI CORP-001    0000017538
MSI Systems Integrators Inc                MSI-001          0000019915
MSPE Western Chapter Edu Foundation        MSPE WEST-001    0000016544
MTS Contracting                            MTS CONTRA-001   0000004308
MV Sport                                   MV SPORT-001     0000010573
MVP Baseball/Softball Academy              MVP BASEBL-001   0000014024
MWI Veterinary Supply Co                   MWI VET CO-001   0000002991
MWV Calmar                                 MWV CALMAR-001   0000020198
Maas-Rowe Carillons, Inc.                  MAAS-ROWE-001    0000017795
Mabu-Kinyang,Victor dba Salsa Dance Biz    SALSA DANC-001   0000020740
Mac Mannes Inc                             MAC INC-001      0000012639
MacGregor,Jean T                           MACGRE,JEA-001   0000016850
MacLeish,Marth                             MACLEISH,M-001   0000020405
MacMurray College                          MACMURRAY-001    0000016503
MacPherson's                               MACPHERSN-001    0000019028
Machina Electronics LLC                    MACHINA-001      0000020369
Machine Tool Consultants                   MACHINE TL-001   0000009787
Macht,Joseph                               MACHT,JOSE-001   0000021161
Macmillan Holdings,LLC                     MPS-001          0000001168
Macs Screenprinting & Sports Apparel       MACS SCRNP-001   0000005994
Maddox,Calvin Lasalle                      MADDOX,CAL-001   0000020566
Madsen,Lisa Elaine                         MADSEN,LIS-001   0000021168
Magid Glove & Safety Mfg. Co. LLC          MAGID-001        0000018399
Magna Publications Inc                     MAGNA PBL-001    0000000672
Magna Publications dba Online Classroom    ONLINECLSS-001   0000011652
Magna Seating of America Inc               MAGNA-001        0000019905
Magnum Medical LLC dba Nurse Z Choice      NURSE Z-001      0000021079
Magtek Inc                                 MAGTEK INC-001   0000003186
Magua,Jacob                                MAGUA,JACO-001   0000020596
Maier,Joshua R                             MAIER,JOSH-001   0000020859
Mail Bay LLC                               MAIL BAY-001     0000016513
Mail Print Inc                             MAIL PRINT-001   0000004839
Mail Solutions Inc                         MAIL INC-001     0000009850
Mail-Bay, LLC dba Mail & More              MAIL & MOR-001   0000000681
Main Event Inc                             MAIN EVENT-001   0000000674
Main,Ryan                                  MAIN,RYAN-001    0000020180
Mair,James C                               MAIR,JAMES-001   0000018906
Majorey,Louise                             MAJOREY,LO-001   0000016837
Majors,Eric                                MAJORS,ERI-001   0000006288
Makarov,Alexander                          MAKAR,ALEX-001   0000017933
Making Cents International                 MAKING-001       0000018205
Makings,Phil                               MAKIN,PHIL-001   0000015660
Mallin,Rachel                              MALLIN,RAC-001   0000019631
Malone,Michael                             MALONE,MI-001    0000017972
Maloney,Timothy Ryan                       MALONEY,TI-001   0000021072
Management Strategies Group Inc            MANGT STRT-001   0000000675
Manager of Finance                         MANAGR FIN-001   0000007311
Mangels, Andrew                            MANG-001         0000015588
Manka,Jacinda                              MANKA,JACI-001   0000017227
Manlo Inc. dba Mannys Restaurant           MANNY REST-001   0000002182
Mann,John W dba The Understudy             MANN,JOHN-002    0000019742
Mann,Johnathan J                           MANN,JOHN-001    0000015624
Mann,Melissa P                             MANN,MEL-001     0000017092
Mann,Sam E.                                MANN-002         0000017607
Mannington Comm dba Mannington Mills Inc   MANN MILLS-001   0000019541
Mannion,Diane                              MANNION,DI-002   0000020030
Manson, Timothy G.                         MANS-001         0000015591
Manson,Timothy G                           MANSON,TIM-001   0000007646
Manuel,Kamerin                             MAN-001          0000017369
Manufacturing Skill Standards Council      MANUFACTUR-001   0000020182
MapInfo Corporation                        MAPINFO CO-001   0000003975
Marable,Justin                             MARABLE,JU-001   0000018546
Marak,Louis                                MARAK,LOU-001    0000018803
Marathon Reprographics Inc                 MARATH DIG-001   0000018689
Marbel,Paulette                            MARBEL,PAU-001   0000016514
March of Dimes                             MARCH DIME-001   0000020275
Marcis & Associates Inc                    MARCIS-001       0000019913
Marcus Allens Broadway Ford                MARCUS ALL-001   0000002423
Marcus Dental Supply Company               MAR-002          0000017109
Margaret J Wheatley Inc                    MARG INC-001     0000016657
Margaret J. Wheatley, Inc.                 MAR-001          0000016868
Maricopa County CC/Rio Salado College      RIO SALADO-001   0000000951
Marietta Drapery & Window Coverings Co     MARIETTA-001     0000019282
Marino,Kathleen                            MARINO,KAT-001   0000020452
Mark McDonald Photography                  MARK-002         0000017129
Mark One Electric Co                       MARK ONE-001     0000006073
Markertek Video Supply                     MARKERTEK-001    0000014101
Market Data Specialists                    MARK-001         0000016608
Market Identity                            MARKET-001       0000018693
Marketability Advertising                  MARKETABIL-001   0000018593
Markow,Peter dba Rainbow Colors LLC        RAINBOW CO-001   0000019605
Marler,Cynthia                             MARLER,CYN-001   0000019361
Marmic Fire & Safety                       MARMIC-001       0000019269
Marpo Kinetics                             MARPO-001        0000019031
Marquis Whos Who                           MARQUIS WW-001   0000002973
Marr,Melissa                               MARR,MELIS-001   0000013867
Marriott                                   MARRIOTT-001     0000010835
Marshall Cavendish                         MARSHL CVN-001   0000000678
Marshall,Nick                              MARSHALL,N-001   0000011252
Marshs Sun Fresh Market                    MARSH SUN-001    0000001929
Marston,Brian                              MARSTN,BRI-001   0000014336
Martech                                    MARTECH-001      0000013091
Martin Four                                MARTINFOUR-001   0000018934
Martin Marietta Materials                  HUNT MARTI-001   0000020857
Martin,Brian C                             MARTIN,BRI-001   0000017284
Martin,Clancy                              MARTIN,CLA-001   0000018897
Martin,John                                MARTIN,JO-001    0000018984
Martin,Robert H                            MARTIN,R H-001   0000015555
Martinez,Carlos G                          MARTINEZ,C-001   0000018840
Mason,Larry D                              MASON,LAR-001    0000018749
Mass Group Inc.                            MASS-001         0000018387
Massachusetts Medical Society              MMWR-002         0000019711
Massco Maintenance dba Maintenance Suppl   MASSCO MAI-001   0000006966
Master Pitching Machine                    MASTER PIT-001   0000015501
Master's Transportation/Master's Leasing   MASTER TRN-001   0000015776
Masters Leasing & Rentals                  MASTERS LR-001   0000016378
Masters,Sally M                            MASTERS,SA-001   0000017913
Matchett,Kera V                            MATCH,KERA-001   0000017847
Maternal & Child Health Coalition          MCHC-001         0000016939
Mathematical Association of America        MATH ASSOC-001   0000003684
Matheson Tri Gas dba Linweld Inc           LINWELD-001      0000000650
Mathews,Charlesetta dba Charlie's Hats     MATHEWS,C-001    0000018829
Mathworks Inc                              MATHWORKS-001    0000004981
Matran Inc dba Quik Trip                   QUIK TRIP-001    0000011161
Matrix Group Limited dba Spike Nashbar     SPIKE NASH-001   0000010390
Matthew Bender Co dba LesixNexis Matthew   MATTW BEND-001   0000007512
Matthews Book Company                      MATTHEW BK-001   0000003955
Matthews,Kathleen                          MATTHW,KAT-001   0000017277
Matthiesen,Robert                          MATTHIES,R-001   0000020899
Matthw Bender & Co Inc dba LexisNexis      LEX NEX-001      0000019475
Matuschek Welding Products Inc             MATUSCHEK-001    0000017414
Maverick Label.com                         MAVERICK-001     0000018235
Max Teaching Inc                           MAX TEACH-001    0000014054
Maxi Aids Inc                              MAXI AIDS-001    0000006091
Maximum Inc                                MAXIMUM-001      0000003289
Maximum Security dba Red Force Fire Secu   RED FORCE-001    0000015200
Maxs Car Care Center LLC                   MAXS CAR-001     0000019305
Maxted,Burke                               MAXTED,BUR-001   0000012491
Maxwell,Christa R                          MAXWELL,CH-001   0000017579
May,Dorothy G                              MAY,DOROTH-001   0000017525
May,Gary                                   MAY,GARY-002     0000021058
Mayes,Gwendolyn S                          MAYES,GWEN-001   0000016604
Mayo Foundation                            MAYO FND-001     0000015633
Mayo,Jamie                                 MAYO,JAMIE-001   0000018551
Mays,Dallas                                MAYS,DALLS-001   0000016382
McAlister's Deli                           MCALISTER-001    0000018767
McAnany Oil Company Inc                    MCANANY-001      0000018104
McArdle,Joshua V                           MCARDL,JO-001    0000019360
McBeth,Ida                                 MCBETH,IDA-001   0000017846
McBrann Cycle Shed                         MCBRANN-001      0000007437
McBride Clinic, Inc.                       MCBRIDE CL-001   0000021084
McBride,Misty                              MCBRIDE,MI-001   0000018052
McCale,Lyndsi J                            MCCALE,LYN-001   0000016516
McCall,Casi Joy                            MCCALL,CAS-001   0000019708
McCalla,Deidre                             MCCALL,DEI-001   0000015295
McCarver,Shenekia                          MCCARV,SHE-001   0000017327
McCaulley,Stacey                           MCCAUL,STA-001   0000018972
McClanahan,Robert G                        MCCLAN,ROB-001   0000017285
McClelland,Carlton Lee                     MCCLE,LEE-001    0000008836
McCombs,Sherry L.                          MCCOMB,SHE-001   0000011922
McConnell & Associates                     MCCON ASSO-001   0000019542
McCormick,Kathleen                         MCCORM,KAT-001   0000017044
McCoy                                    MCCOY-001        0000000686
McCoy,Eileen                             MCCOY,EILE-001   0000021059
McCray Lumber Company                    MCCRAY LUM-001   0000002001
McCulley Oil Co Inc                      MCCULLEY-001     0000014465
McCurry,Ken                              MCCURRY,KE-001   0000017461
McCurry,Shaun                            MCCURRY,S-001    0000018372
McDaniel,Jessicah Renee                  MCDAN,JESS-001   0000018513
McDonald Autobody, Inc                   MCDONALD-001     0000018340
McDonald,Julie                           MCDON,JUL-001    0000015789
McFadden,Darnell                         MCFAD,DAR-001    0000020386
McFarland Cascade Holdings Inc           MCFARLAND-002    0000019016
McGee,Eve J                              MCGEE,EVE-001    0000017074
McGill,Twann Jr                          MCGILL,TWA-001   0000016589
McGinnis,Kevin                           MCGINN,KEV-001   0000018440
McGraw,Mike dba Premier Pick LLC/        PREMIER-001      0000020263
McGraw-Hill Companies                    MCGRW-HILL-001   0000000687
McGuire Lock & Safe                      MCGR LOCK-001    0000000688
McHugh,Diane                             MCHUGH,DI-001    0000015699
McLees,Ryan                              MCLEES,RY-001    0000018165
McMaster Carr Supply Company             MCMAST CAR-001   0000000689
McMillian,Deane                          MCMIL,DEAN-001   0000017900
McMillin,Ryan                            MCMILL,RYA-001   0000006890
McMurry Inc dba Copyediting              MCMURRY-001      0000020300
McNairn,Adrian                           MCNAIRN,A-001    0000016481
McNally,Michael P                        MCNALLY,MI-001   0000021108
McNeill,Julie                            MCNEILL,JU-001   0000020597
McPheeters,Jasmine M                     MCPHEE,JAS-001   0000016857
McPherson Publish dba Weston Chronicle   WESTON CHR-001   0000001215
McQueeny Group Inc                       MCQUEENY-001     0000016430
McQueeny Lock Company                    MCQUEENY-002     0000000690
McQueeny,Matthew A                       MCQUEEN,MA-001   0000020815
McVey,Bart                               MCVEY,BART-001   0000009231
McWilliams,Karime                        MCWILL,KAR-001   0000016253
Me & My Big Ideas Inc                    ME & MY BI-001   0000021106
Mead Direct Response dba Calendars       CALENDARS-001    0000002601
Mead O'Brien Inc.                        MEAD O'BRI-001   0000020284
Meador,James A                           MEADOR,J A-001   0000011827
Measure Up LLC                           MEASUREUP-001    0000019955
Mebane,Carla D                           MEBANE,C D-001   0000015420
Medcom Inc dba MEdcom Trainex            MEDCOM TRA-001   0000002791
Medeiros,Michael John                    MEDEIR,MIC-001   0000018675
Medex Supply Distributors Inc            MEDEX-001        0000019211
Media Education Foundation               MEDIA EDUC-001   0000016912
Media Library                              MEDIA LBRY-001   0000000692
Media Partners Corp                        MEDIA CORP-001   0000015517
Media Services                             MEDIA-001        0000016898
Media Source, Inc. dba Library Journal     LIBRARY JN-001   0000010167
Medical Arts Press                         MEDICAL AR-001   0000019603
Medical Education Technologies, Inc.       MED EDU-001      0000016456
Medical Technology Management Inst         MTMI-001         0000019051
Medicall Marketing Inc                     MED MARKTN-001   0000004685
Medipoint, Inc.                            MEDIPOINT-001    0000021049
Medix, Inc.                                MEDIX-001        0000020589
Medline Industries Inc                     MEDLINE-001      0000018166
Meds Publishing                            MEDS PUBLI-001   0000004533
Meg Selig LPC                              MEG SELIG-001    0000015440
Mega Industries Corporation                MEGA IND-001     0000020606
Megabooks Inc                              MEGABOOKS-001    0000002157
Mehta,Nisheeth dba Aadi Enterprises LLC    AADI ENTER-001   0000019564
Meierottos Jewelry LP                      MEIEROTTOS-001   0000004986
Mel Bay Publications Inc                   MEL PUBL-001     0000014492
Meledge-Ade,Victor                         MELED,VIC-001    0000017979
Melloy,Morris L                            MELLOY,MOR-001   0000017256
Melton,Rance A.                            MELTON,RA-001    0000017555
Memory Ten                                 MEM-001          0000016928
Menco Royal Inc                            MENCO ROYA-001   0000018989
Mendenhall,Jimmy Dale                      MENDEN,JIM-001   0000017819
Mendoza,Gloria                             MENDOZ,GLO-001   0000008719
Mendoza,Patrick                            MEN-001          0000016806
Menees,Eric M                              MENEE,ERIC-001   0000019055
Mental Health Assn of the Heartland        MHAH-001         0000004078
Mentor Tech Group Inc                      MENTOR TEC-001   0000019848
Mercantila Inc                             MERCANTIL-001    0000019666
Mercer,Teresa                              MERCER,TER-001   0000013053
Merchandise Inc                            MERCHANDIS-001   0000020898
Merchant,Amy                               MERCHA,AMY-001   0000016550
Mercury Luggage                            MERC LUGGE-001   0000004055
Mergent Inc                                MERGENT-001      0000011398
Merial LLC dba Merial Limited              MERIAL LTD-001   0000004507
Merion Publications Inc.                   MERION-001       0000015360
Merklein,Paul                              MERK,PAUL-001    0000018416
Merriam Webster Inc                        MERRIAM WB-001   0000000696
Merrill Industrial Electric Co LLC         MERRILL IN-001   0000021179
Merry X-Ray                                MERRY X-RA-001   0000000697
Mesa Community College dba Chair Academy   CHAIR ACAD-001   0000003804
Meskill,John dba Library Advantage         LIBRARY AD-001   0000013222
Messaging Architects                       MESSAG ARC-001   0000015523
Met Media Group LLC                        MET MEDIA-001    0000018001
Metal By The Foot, Inc.                    METAL BY-001     0000019550
Metal Cut to Length of KC                  METAL CUT-001    0000019807
Metal Doors and Frames                     METAL DORS-001   0000000699
Metal Logos of Kansas City                 METAL LOGO-001   0000019386
Metallic Arts                              METALLIC A-001   0000017422
Metro Productions Inc                      METRO PR0D-001   0000000701
Metro Tile Contractors Inc                 METRO TILE-001   0000000702
MetroMedia Inc                             METROMEDIA-001   0000004945
Metropolitan Comm Colleges Foundation      MCC FOUNDA-001   0000002137
Metropolitan Community Colleges            MCC-001          0000002516
Metropolitan Court reporters Inc           METRO INC-001    0000017078
Metropolitan Energy Center                 METRO CNTR-001   0000011228
Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre              METRO THEA-001   0000018696
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co             METRO LIFE-001   0000000704
Metropolitan NewsClips Service             METRO NWSC-001   0000000705
Metropolitan Pier & Exposition Authority   METRO PIER-001   0000019231
Metzger,Jack                               METZGR,JAC-001   0000006886
Meunier,Joseph dba Meunier & Associates    MEUNIER-001      0000010347
Meyer Construction Specialties Inc         MEYR CONST-001   0000002648
Meyer Laboratory Inc                       MEYER LAB-001    0000019543
Meyer Music                                MEYR MUSIC-001   0000002465
Meyer,Tracy                                MEYER,TRA-001    0000017869
Meyers Companies dba Meyers Turf Farm      MEYER TURF-001   0000007982
Meyers,Joel                                MEYERS,JOE-001   0000017993
Meyers,Margaret B.                         MEYE-001         0000015592
Meyers,Martin dba The Meyers Law Firm LC   MEYERS LAW-001   0000020659
Micham,Michael David                       MICHAM,MIC-001   0000016880
Michigan Education Trust                   MI ED TRUS-001   0000017167
Mickes Goldman O'Toole LLC                 MICKES GLD-001   0000018780
MicroBiologics Inc                         MICROBIOL-001    0000015277
Microfilm & Imaging of Kansas City         MICROFILM-001    0000016983
Microlab                                   MICROLAB-001     0000010982
Micron Semiconduct Prod dba Crucial Tech   CRUCIAL-001      0000012129
Microsoft                                  MICROSOFT-001    0000002826
Microsoft dba MSDN Acad/Microsft IT        MICROSOFT-002    0000018151
Mid Amer Minority Busins Devlpmt Council   MAMBDC-001       0000000729
Mid America Ice Cream LLC                  MID AME-001      0000016782
Mid America Laminating Inc                 MID AMERI-001    0000018003
Mid America Peripheral Support Inc         MAPS-001         0000000656
Mid America Sales Associates Inc           SPORTS-001       0000018448
Mid America Sports Advantage               MASA-002         0000007535
Mid America Window Tint                    MID-001          0000015807
Mid Coast Radio Project                    MID-008          0000017235
Mid States Heating & Cooling Inc.          MID STATES-001   0000017644
Mid States Supply Co Inc                   MID ST SPL-001   0000002299
Mid-America Assoc dba MAEOPP               MAEOPP-001       0000003153
Mid-America Labs Inc.                      MID-AMERIC-002   0000020625
Mid-America Pump                           MID-AMERIC-001   0000020268
Mid-America Regional Council               MID AM REG-001   0000007531
Mid-Co Contractors                         MID-CO CON-001   0000001109
Mid-Continental Research for Edu & Learn   PEAK MCREL-001   0000016549
Mid-Plains Marketing dba MPM Ad Special    MPM AD SPE-001   0000015087
Mid-States Association of College Stores   MSACS-001        0000001762
MidAir                                     MIDAIR-001       0000003155
Midland Hardware dba Midland True Value    MID TRUE-001     0000019772
Midland Marble & Granite LLC               MIDLND MBL-001   0000005265
Midland Scientific Inc                     MIDLAND SC-001   0000021086
Midland Steel Co                           MIDLND STL-001   0000006900
Midpoint Trade Books Inc                   MIDPOINT-001     0000020086
Midstates Heating & Cooling Inc            MIDSTATE-001     0000018291
Midtown Printing                           MID PRINT-001    0000019548
Midwave Corporation                        MID-006          0000016521
Midway Ford Truck Center                   MIDWY FORD-001   0000000716
Midway USA                                 MID-007          0000016842
Midwest Acoustics Inc                      MW ACOUSTI-001   0000019613
Midwest Asphalt Coatings Inc               MW ASPHALT-001   0000019536
Midwest Cad                                MIDWEST CA-001   0000016085
Midwest Contract Services Inc              MIDWEST CO-001   0000019900
Midwest Division-LSH, LLC                  LS MEDICAL-001   0000020902
Midwest Ear Institute                      MW EAR INS-001   0000019637
Midwest Embroidery Company                 MW EMBRDRY-001   0000000718
Midwest Hydro Testing LLC                  MID HYDRO-001    0000020178
Midwest Industrial Sales                   MIDWEST IS-001   0000017094
Midwest Institute                          MW INSTITU-001   0000005349
Midwest Interface Sys LLC                  MIS TECH-002     0000015270
Midwest Interface Systems dba MIS Techno   MIS TECH-003     0000001972
Midwest Medical Solutions                  MIDWEST ME-002   0000019081
Midwest Medical Supply Co                  MIDWEST ME-001   0000017812
Midwest Office Technology Inc              MW OFFICE-001    0000011206
Midwest Retail Services Inc                MW RETAIL-001    0000020214
Midwest Shredding Service LLC              MW SHREDNG-001   0000003079
Midwest Sports Officials                   MIDWEST-003      0000015305
Midwest Sports Productins LLC              MW SPORT-001     0000020155
Midwest Supply, Inc                        MW SUPPLY-001    0000009867
Midwest Technology Connection              MTC-001          0000000667
Midwest Tire & Service dba Goodyear Tire   GOODYEAR-002     0000004062
Midwest Transplant Network                 MIDWEST TR-001   0000018646
Midwest Trust Company                      MW TRUST-001     0000017312
Midwest Veterinary Supply Inc              MW VET SUP-001   0000002056
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary    MBTS-001         0000019966
Midwestern Higher Education Compact        MHEC-001         0000010780
Midwestern Higher Education Compact        MID HIGHER-001   0000016501
Midwst Regional Assoc For Develop Edu      MRADE-001        0000005016
Migone Comm dba Phillips Brother Printer   PHILPS PRN-001   0000009866
Miguel-Rius USA Ltd                        MIGUEL-001       0000020262
Mikkelson,Gerald                           MIKKEL,GER-001   0000016636
Mikle,Jerome                               MIKLE,JER-001    0000010730
Milbank Manufacturing Company              MILBANK CO-001   0000011304
Miles of Exotics                           MILES EXO-001    0000018761
Miles,Steven                               MILES,STEV-001   0000019585
Milestone Film & Video, Inc                MILESTONE-001    0000014875
Millenium Camera LLC                       MILLEN CAM-001   0000019677
Miller Building Services Inc               MILLER BUI-001   0000019901
Miller Cooper                              MILLER COO-001   0000001958
Miller Electric Mfg co                     MILLER ELE-001   0000019737
Miller Heiman Inc                          MILLER INC-002   0000019058
Miller Holdings dba Miller Safe&1st Aid    MILLER SAF-001   0000019679
Miller Net Co Inc                          MILLER-001       0000019233
Miller Safety & Security Inc               MILLER INC-001   0000009579
Miller,Douglas B                           MILLER,DOU-002   0000017968
Miller,Larry                               MILLER,L-001     0000021191
Miller,Leslie M                            MILLER,LES-001   0000021162
Miller,Martha D                            MILLER,MA-001    0000017491
Miller,Melissa                             MILLER,MEL-001   0000013230
Miller,Nicholas James                      MILLER,N J-001   0000019065
Miller,Patricia                            MILLER,PAT-004   0000018868
Miller,Todd                                MILLER,TOD-001   0000018652
Millet Golf Cars Inc                       MILLET GOL-001   0000019435
Milsap,Tracy L                             MILSAP,TRA-001   0000004369
Mineral Area College                       MINRAL COL-001   0000003419
Miners Incorporated                        MINERS INC-001   0000018190
Mingucci,Monica                            MINGUC,MON-001   0000003044
Mini-Blind Co                              MINI-BLIND-001   0000017083
Minor,Michael Earl                         MINOR,M E-001    0000016714
Minor,Stacie                               MINOR,STA-001    0000019713
Minority Enterprise Week Inc               MINORITY-001     0000012114
Mission Electronics                        MISN ELECT-001   0000000733
Mission Valley Medical Clinic              MISSION VM-001   0000020673
Missouri ACTE                              MO ACTE-001      0000004230
Missouri Academy of Science                MO ACADEMY-001   0000005117
Missouri Academy of Science                MO ACADEMY-002   0000021128
Missouri Alumni Association                MO ALUMNI-001    0000016802
Missouri Ass Career Tech dba MACTE         MACTE-001        0000006468
Missouri Assoc College Admin Counseling    MOACAC-002       0000004059
Missouri Assoc of Secondary School Princ   MASSP-001        0000013312
Missouri Association Customized Training   MACT-001         0000000655
Missouri Baptist University                MO BAPTIST-001   0000019079
Missouri Biotechnology Association         MO BIOTECH-001   0000016216
Missouri Chamber of Commerce               MO CHAMBER-001   0000001976
Missouri Child Care Resource & Referral    MO CHILD-001     0000015733
Missouri College of Emergency Physicians   MO COLLEGE-001   0000014742
Missouri Community College Association     MCCA-001         0000000659
Missouri Consultants for Education LLC     MO CONSULT-001   0000019974
Missouri Cotton Exchange                   MO COTTON-001    0000020892
Missouri Council of Career & Tech Admin    MCCTA-001        0000000660
Missouri Department Higher Education       MDHE-002         0000013259
Missouri Department of Agriculture         MO DEPT-001      0000007806
Missouri Department of Conservation        MO DEPT CO-001   0000003640
Missouri Department of Health              MO DEPT HL-001   0000003631
Missouri Department of Revenue             MO REVENUE-001   0000001968
Missouri Dept of Economic Development      MO ECO DVL-001   0000014961
Missouri Division of Fire Safety           MO DIV FIR-001   0000007285
Missouri Door & Hardware                   OMEGA DOOR-002   0000020741
Missouri Door Co dba Omega Door Co Hardw   OMEGA DOOR-001   0000008467
Missouri Economic Develop Financing Asso   MO ECO-001       0000019694
Missouri Economic Development Council      MEDC-001         0000002519
Missouri Emergency Med Svcs Assoc          MEMSA-001        0000018325
Missouri Freedom Newspaper                 SEDALIA DE-001   0000001064
Missouri Gas Energy                        MGE-001          0000000735
Missouri Health Care Association           MO HEALTH-002    0000011853
Missouri Lawyers Media Inc                 MO LAW-001       0000017704
Missouri League for Nursing Inc            MO LEAG NU-001   0000000743
Missouri Library Association               MO LIBRARY-001   0000004500
Missouri Library Network Corp              MO LIBRARY-002   0000006161
Missouri Library Network Corporation       MLNC-001         0000000731
Missouri Nurses Association                MO NURSES-001    0000004909
Missouri Office Systems & Supplies, Inc.   MO OFFICE-001    0000009338
Missouri One Call System Inc               MO ONE SYS-001   0000014651
Missouri Peace Officers Association        MO PEACE-001     0000015287
Missouri Physical Therapy Association      MPTA-001         0000006515
Missouri Press Ass dba Missouri Coll Med   MCMA-001         0000004419
Missouri Safety Council                    MO SAFETY-001    0000004702
Missouri School Age Community Coalition    MO SCHL-001      0000017200
Missouri School Boards Association         MO SCHOOL-004    0000018160
Missouri School College Relation Commisn   MO SCHOOL-001    0000002038
Missouri School Counselor Association      MO SCHOOL-005    0000000666
Missouri Scout                             MO SCOUT-001     0000018518
Missouri Sewing Machine Co                 MO SEWING-001    0000003447
Missouri Southern State University         MO SOUTH-001     0000016969
Missouri State Board of Nursing            MO BOARD-002     0000005104
Missouri State Highway Patrol              MO ST HWY-001    0000001995
Missouri State Teachers Association        MSTA-001         0000006471
Missouri State University                  MO STATE U-001   0000016520
Missouri Trucking Association              MO MOTOR-001     0000016877
Missouri Trucking Association              MO TRUCK-001     0000019718
Missouri Turf Paint & Field Graphics       MO TURF-001      0000019306
Missouri United School Insurance Council   MUSIC-001        0000004431
Missouri Veterinary Medical                MO VET-001       0000003992
Missouri Veterinary Medical Association    MVMA-001         0000020559
Missouri Vocational Association            MO VOC ASO-001   0000000745
Missouri Western State University          MO WEST-001      0000010163
Missouri solar Energy Industry Associatn   MOSEIA-001       0000019652
Mister Snacks                              MISTER-001       0000020035
MisterArt.com LP                           MISTERART-001    0000019519
Mitch Murch's Maintenance Management Co.   MITCH MURC-001   0000021085
Mitchell Instrument Company Inc            MITCHELL-003     0000020058
Mitchell Repair Info Co dba Mitchell1      MITCHELL-002     0000019653
Mitchell,Dena S                            MITCH,DENA-001   0000018444
Mitchell,Lee                               MITCHEL,LE-001   0000018046
Mobile Mini                                MOBILE MIN-001   0000014908
Mobile Radio Communication dba Mobilfone   MOBILFONE-001    0000000747
Mobile Structures Inc                      MOBILE STR-001   0000019544
Mobilefone                                 MOBILEFONE-001   0000019133
Mobley,Sadie J                             MOBLEY,SAD-001   0000020739
Modern Marketing Concepts Inc              MODERN INC-001   0000016692
Modern Supply Co Inc                       MODERN SUP-001   0000012496
ModernThink LLC                            MODERN THI-001   0000021098
Modity Inc.                                MODITY INC-001   0000015603
Modular Services Company                   MODULAR-001      0000018822
Moe Moeness                                MOE MOENES-002   0000015401
Mohan,Charles K                            MOHAN,CHA-001    0000020814
Mohler Material Handling                   MOHLER MAT-001   0000014907
Mohr,Brad dba Athco LLC                    ATHCO-001        0000002178
Monarch Flower Company                 MONAR FLOW-001   0000018688
Monet Medical Inc.                     MONET-001        0000018768
Monterey Media, Inc.                   MONTEREY-001     0000018203
Monticello Corporation                 MONTICELLO-001   0000017402
Montuori,Chad                          MONTU,CHAD-001   0000011444
Moody Nolan Inc                        MOOD NOLAN-001   0000019886
Moody,Ken                              MOODY,KEN-001    0000006323
Moore Medical Corporation              MOORE MED-001    0000000750
Moore Wallace/RR Donnelley Co          MOORE WALL-001   0000005068
Moore,Brian                            MOORE,BRIA-001   0000020680
Moore,John                             MOORE,JOHN-001   0000003844
Moore,Linda L                          MOORE,LIN-001    0000020259
Moore,Martha                           MOORE,MA-001     0000019078
Morgan,Jennifer                        MOR-001          0000017370
Morikawa,Hiromi                        MORIKA,HIR-001   0000018742
Morris and Lee Inc dba Science First   SCIE FIRST-001   0000018494
Morris,Janet                           MORRIS,JAN-001   0000017079
Morris,Kevin C                         MORRIS,KE-001    0000017989
Morrison,Emily                         MORRIS,EMI-001   0000016620
Morse Watchmans Inc.                   MORSE WATC-001   0000019625
Mortenson,Thomas G                     POSTSEC ED-001   0000005375
Morton Publishing Company              MORTON PUB-001   0000002156
Morton,Duane                           MORTON,DUA-001   0000013508
Moten,Darren D Jr                      MOTEN,DARR-001   0000020419
Mother & Child Reunion                 MOTHR CHIL-001   0000004835
Motion Fitness                         MOTION-001       0000019606
Motion Savers, Inc.                    MOT-001          0000017543
Motorcycle Safety Foundation           MOTOR SAFE-001   0000000761
Motorola, Inc.                         MOTOROLA-001     0000020338
Mountain Measurement Inc               MOUNTAIN-001     0000016918
Mounts and More                        MOUNTS-001       0000013005
Mouser Electronics                     MOUSER ELE-001   0000007942
Movimento                              MOVI-001         0000017551
Moxie Graphics                         MOXIE-001        MOXIE
Mr Goodcents Subs & Pastas             MR GOODCEN-001   0000000762
Mr LongArm Inc                         MR LONGARM-001   0000020197
Mr Rooter Plumbing                     MR ROOTER-001    0000019059
Mulch Mart                             MULCH MART-001   0000018119
Mullen's Sports Enterprises Inc        MULLEN'S-001     0000015904
Mullen,Sara                            MULLEN,SA-001    0000016686
Mullen,Sherri                          MULLN,SHER-001   0000011918
Multiple Services Equipment Co         MULT SVCS-001    0000000763
Muncy,Linda L dba KC Flipbooks         KC FLIPBKS-001   0000019707
Municipal Court                            MUNICIPAL-001    0000009454
Munyeria,Theuri Ken                        MUNYE,THEU-001   0000020582
Muqtasid,Tasleem M.                        MUQ-001          0000016974
Murphy Transportation Services Inc         MURPHY TRA-001   0000010397
Murphy,David dba Murphy Trophy Engraving   MURPHY TRO-001   0000015553
Murphy,LaVaine                             MURPHY,LAV-001   0000012345
Murphy,Matthew J dba North Star Medical    NORTH STAR-004   0000020632
Murphy,Michael dba 2 Dawgs Copies LLC      2 DAWGS-001      0000019815
Murray,Brad                                MURRAY,BR-001    0000019896
Murray,Kristi Nicole                       MURRAY,NIC-001   0000005381
Musacchio, Dominick dba Michaels Upholst   MICHAEL UP-001   0000019144
Musgrave,Bill E                            MUSGRAVE,B-001   0000020707
Music Arts Institute                       MUSIC ARTS-001   0000000765
MusicSmiths Inc                            MUSICSMITH-001   0000017714
Musician's Friend                          MUS FRIEND-001   0000005262
Musketeers Civic Group                     MUSKETEERS-001   0000019029
Mustardseed Cultural and Environmental     MCE-001          0000019547
My Glass Service Inc                       MY GLASS-001     0000000766
Myers Brothers                             MYERS BROS-001   0000000767
Myers,Charles E                            MYERS,CHAR-001   0000018541
Myers,Merid Rea                            MYERS,MERI-001   0000016836
Myrick,Lawrence                            MYRICK,LAW-001   0000016839
Myron Corp                                 MYRON CORP-001   0000002074
Myron Green Catering                       MYRON GREE-001   0000002353
Myron Green dba TreatAmer dba Bonterra C   TREAT FOOD-001   0000010380
Myron Green dba TreatAmer dba Bonterra C   TREAT AME-001    0000016336
Myrtle's Rabbitry                          MYRTLE RAB-001   0000016753
N Zone Sportswear                          N ZONE SPR-001   0000014768
N-Focus                                    N-FOCUS-001      0000010422
NA Publishing Inc                          NA PUBLISH-001   0000016094
NAACP                                      NAACP-001        0000003199
NACCRRA                                    NACCRRA-001      0000016938
NACSCORP                                   NACSCORP-001     0000000798
NACUBO Publications                        NACUBO PUB-001   0000000799
NAFSA                                      NAFSA-001        0000000784
NASFAA                                     NASFAA-001       0000003435
NATEF                                      NATEF-001        0000018705
NATL ASSN OF TECH PREP LEADERSHIP          NATPL-002        0000021242
NATURE AMERICA                             NATURE AME-001   0000021174
NBC Textbooks dba Nebraska Book Company    NE BOOK CO-001   0000000770
NCS Pearson Inc                            NCS PEARSN-002   0000013336
NECCO Coffee                               NECCO-001        0000000771
NEFF Company                               NEFF COMPN-001   0000005590
NELSON,RACHEL                              NELSON,R-001     0000020929
NFM KS dba Nebraska Furniture Mart Inc     NEBRA FURN-001   0000014972
NIMCO Inc                                  NIMCO INC-002    0000008453
NKC Custom Apparel                         NKC CUST-001     0000016537
NLB Corporation                            NLB CORP-001     0000018093
NORTH STAR THERAPEUTICS                    NORTHSTAR-002    0000020253
NPB Companies Inc                          NPB CO-001       0000015667
NPG Newspaper Inc dba Sun Publications     NPG NEWS-001     0000002481
NRF Foundation                             NRF FNDTN-001    0000013938
NRG Design                                 NRG DESIGN-001   0000014967
NSC Diversified                            NSC DIVERS-001   0000014718
Nace,Tyler                                 NACE,TYLER-001   0000021146
Nadlers Catering                           NADLERS-001      0000005689
Nagel's Visual Aid System                  NAGELS VIS-001   0000002530
Nakajima USA Inc.                          NAKAJIMA-001     0000020992
Namifiers LLC                              NAMIFIERS-001    0000020713
Nance-Durst,Sheryl                         NANCE-DURS-001   0000020787
Nanda-I                                    NAN-002          0000017599
NanoPac Inc                                NANOPAC-001      0000012619
Nartan Academy of Dance                    NARTAN ACA-001   0000016196
Nasatech Computer Systems                  NASTCH CMP-001   0000000803
Nasco                                      NASCO-001        0000000804
Nash Resources Inc dba Nash Resources Gr   NASH RESOU-001   0000020629
Nash,Barbara Gail                          NASH,BARAB-001   0000009493
Nastasi,Mary J                             NASTASI,MA-001   0000020238
Naster,David                               NASTER,DA-001    0000016478
Nat'l Inst Automotive Service Excellence   ASE/ACT-001      0000016735
Nat'l Scholas dba Associated Collegiate    ASSOC PRES-001   0000004292
Natare Corporation                         NATARE COR-001   0000015806
NationWide Utility Poles & Supply Inc      NATIONWIDE-001   0000020009
National Academic Advising Association     NACADA-001       0000000781
National Academic Advising Association     NAAA-001         0000018432
National AfterSchool Association           NATL ASSOC-001   0000017867
National Alliance of Two Year College      NATYCAA-001      0000014184
National Alliance of the Mentally Ill      NAMI-001         0000020514
National Arbor Day Foundation              ARBOR DAY-001    0000015395
National Archives & Records Admin          HARRY S TR-001   0000003463
National Assoc Developmental Education     NADE-001         0000000782
National Assoc Diversity Offcr High Edu    NADOHE-001       0000018374
National Assoc Health Unit Coordinators    NAHUC-001        0000020735
National Assoc Purchasing Mgmt-KC Inc      NAPMKC INC-001   0000018298
National Assoc Veterinary Technician Ame   NAVTA-001        0000019739
National Assoc for Career & Tech Ed Info   NACTEI-001       0000016872
National Assoc of Academic Advisor Athle   N4A-001          0000017721
National Assoc of Colleges & Employers     NACE-001         0000002256
National Assoc of Public Funded Truck Dr   NATIONAL-001     0000020691
National Association of Campus Activitie   NATL CAMPU-001   0000014488
National Association of College Stores     NACS-002         0000012793
National Association of College Stores     PARTNERSHI-003   0000016167
National Association of Ed Procurement     NAEP-001         0000004878
National Association of Social Workers     NASW-001         0000017436
National Black Child Develop Institute     NBCDI-001        0000010486
National Book Network Inc                  NATL BOOK-001    0000005531
National Business Furniture                NATL BU FU-001   0000006593
National Business Incubation Association   NBIA-001         0000017842
National Career Development Assoc          NCDA-002         0000002919
National Cattleman's Beef Association      NATL CATT-001    0000015636
National Center for Developmental Educat   NCDE/KELLO-001   0000017942
National Center for Higher Ed Risk Mngt    NCHERM-001       0000018179
National CineMedia LLC                     NATL CINE-001    0000000808
National Conference of State Legislature   NATL CONFR-002   0000006113
National Council State Boards of Nursing   NCSBN-001        0000002099
National Council for Workforce Education   NCWE-001         0000010580
National Council of Instr Administrators   NATL INS A-001   0000000787
National Council of Student Development    NCSD-001         0000001858
National Council of Teachers of English    NCTE-001         0000000794
National Council on Black Am Affairs       NCBAA-001        0000002638
National Council on Measurement in Ed      NCME-001         0000003135
National Elevator Inspection Services      NEIS INC-001     0000007755
National Employment Law Institute          NATL EMPLY-001   0000008711
National Equipment Company Inc             NATL EQUIP-001   0000009053
National Excelsior Company                 NATL EXCEL-001   0000018814
National Fast Pitch Coaches Association    NATL FAST-001    0000014723
National Fastener Corporation              NATIONAL F-001   0000020387
National Fire Protection Association       NFPA-002         0000000795
National Fire Protection Association       NFPA-003         0000016656
National Geographic Society                NATL GEOGR-001   0000007533
National Gym Supply                        NATL GYM S-001   0000007571
National Head Start Association            NHSA-001         0000009723
National Inst on Teaching of Psychology    NATL PSYCH-001   0000003373
National Institute of Business Managemnt   NATL INST-002    0000007204
National Instruments                       NATL INSTR-001   0000018577
National Junior College Athletic Assn      NJCAA-001        0000000114
National Laminating Inc                    NATL LMNTG-001   0000000811
National Law Enforcement Train Ctr         NATL LAW-001     0000009803
National League for Nursing                NATIONAL L-001   0000006678
National League for Nursing Accredit Com   NLNAC-001        0000000812
National Louis University                  NATL LOUIS-001   0000018269
National Network of Health Career          NATL NTWRK-001   0000016494
National Org for Assoc Degree Nursing      N-OADN-002       0000017384
National Organiz for Assoc Degree Nurs     NATL OR NR-001   0000013885
National Parking Association               NATL PARK-001    0000006601
National Parliamentary Debate Associatn    NATL PARL-001    0000018456
National Patent Analytical Systems         NATL PATNT-001   0000010793
National Pen Corporation                   NATL PEN-001     0000003571
National Research Center College Univer    NRCCUA-001       0000015901
National Retail Foundation, Inc.           NRF-001          0000017563
National Review                            NATL REVIE-001   0000020618
National Safety Council                    NATL SAFTY-001   0000005855
National Scholastic Press Association      NATL SCHOL-003   0000016512
National Science Teachers Association      NATL STA-001     0000003789
National Sheriff's Association             NATL SHERI-001   0000021204
National Soccer Coaches Assoc of America   NSCAA-001        0000018375
National Society of Professional Surveyo   NATIONAL S-001   0000020820
National Starch & Chemical                 NATL STARC-001   0000019207
National Student Clearinghouse             NATL STUDN-001   0000012098
National Student Nurses Association        NAT STU NU-001   0000016131
National Tech Prep Network                 NTPN-001         0000002117
National Tooling & Machining Association   NTMA-001         0000000818
National Utility Industry Training Fund    NTNL UTILI-001   0000020027
Native American Public Telecommunication   NATIVE AME-001   0000020793
Natl Alliance Concurrent Enroll Partner    NACEP INC-001    0000019641
Natl Assn of College & University Attorn   NACUA-001        0000021020
Natl Assoc Collegiate Director Athletics   NACDA-001        0000020669
Natl Assoc for Community Col Entrpreneur   NACCE-001        0000013416
Natl Assoc of Intercollegiate Athletics    NAIA-001         0000018215
Natl Board of Surgical Technology & Surg   NBSTSA-001       0000020078
Natl Comm College Councl Research Plan     NCCCRP-001       0000013456
Natl Commit Plannd Giving dba Partnr Phi   PARTNR PHI-001   0000019480
Natl Council of Instructional Administrt   NCIA-001         0000007686
Natl Exterminating dba Ragan Pest          RAGAN PEST-001   0000000505
Natl Exterminating dba Smithereen Pest     SMITHEREEN-001   0000019657
Natural Disaster Recovery Inc.             SOL ELEC-001     0000020118
Natural Healing by an Angel LLC            NATURAL-001      0000017578
Naturally Yours Inc                        NATURALLY-001    0000020984
Nauman,Amanda dba Serenity on the Square   SERENITY-001     0000020464
Naura Inc dba AAMCO Transmissions          AAMCO-001        0000017755
Nautilus Design LLC                        NAUTILUS D-001   0000019191
Nazdar Company                             NAZDAR-001       0000000822
Neal-Settle Printing Inc                 NEALSETTLE-001   0000000769
Necker,Rebecca A                         NECKER,RE-001    0000019149
Neenan Company                           NEENAN CO-001    0000011432
Neff,Nathan                              NEFF,NAT-001     0000016628
Neighbors Marketing LLC                  NEIGHBORS-001    0000020029
Nellie Marie                             NELLIE MAR-001   0000016491
Nelnet                                   NELNET INC-001   0000020246
Nelson Gallery Foundation                NELSON ART-001   0000000772
Nelson,LaTreice J                        NELSON,LA-001    0000018473
Nelson,Richard                           NELSON,RIC-001   0000018724
Nelson,Zachary Allen                     NELSON,ZAC-001   0000019459
Neopost                                  NEOPOST-001      0000000774
Nerds.Net                                NERDS.NET-001    0000012931
Nesco LLC                                NESCO LLC-001    0000021035
Net-Tech Distributing Inc                NET-TECH-001     0000019771
Netrix LLC                               NETRIX-001       0000018788
Netstandard Inc                          NETSTANDRD-001   0000000775
Network Communications, Inc.             NETWORK CO-001   0000020950
Network Integration Services, Inc.       NETWK INTG-001   0000010218
Network Technologies Inc.                NETWORK-002      0000017997
Nevco                                    NEVCO-001        0000018740
Nevels,Tonya Rochelle                    NEVELS,TO-001    0000019427
Neverve,Eric                             NEVER,ERIC-001   0000017467
New Beginnings Media Group Inc           NEW BEGINN-001   0000019422
New Concepts Dev dba Other World Compu   OTHER WORL-001   0000015724
New Day Films                            NEW DAY-001      0000013381
New Deal Tobacco Warehouse, Inc.         NEW DEAL-001     0000020636
New Directions Behavioral Health LLC     NEW DIRECT-001   0000000778
New Harbinger Publications               NEW HARBIN-001   0000015989
New Horizons Enterprises LLC             NEW HORIZO-001   0000002535
New Leaf Health & Fitness                NEW LEAF-001     0000017585
New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity    NEW ORLEAN-001   0000018218
New Pig Corporation                      NEW PIG-001      0000020695
New Readers Press                        NEW READER-001   0000007774
New Republic                             NEW REPUBL-001   0000020611
New View Glass                           NEW VIEW-001     0000014891
New York Times                           NY TIMES-001     0000014978
Newbyte Educational Software             NEWBYTE ED-001   0000016902
Newlon,Brett E                           NEWLON,BRE-001   0000017818
Newmarket Films                          NEWMARKET-001    0000018390
Newmatic Medical                         NEWMATIC-001     0000018209
NewsEngin Inc                            NEWSENGIN-001    0000020373
NextFlood Publishing LLC                 NEXTFLOOD-001    0000017604
Nextel Communications                      NEXTEL COM-001   0000002064
Nextengine, Inc.                           NEXTENGINE-001   0000019462
Nguyen,Giang                               NGUYEN,GIA-001   0000019024
Nguyen,Tho Kim                             NGUYEN,THO-001   0000017211
Nguyen,Trang B.                            NGUYEN,TRA-001   0000013506
Nichols,Amber                              NICHOLS-002      0000020522
Nichols,Judith E.                          NICHO,JUDY-001   0000008138
Nicholson Kovac Inc                        NICHOL INC-001   0000018265
Nickel,Brian                               NICKEL,BRI-001   0000020454
Nickel,Ricky D                             NICKEL,RIC-001   0000021166
Nicodemus,Avonda                           NICODEMUS,-001   0000021189
Niedenthal,Ada M                           NIEDE,ADA-001    0000018266
Niehouse,Jennifer dba It's So U            NIEHOUSE,J-001   0000019829
Nik Software Inc                           NIK-001          0000017389
Nikon, Inc.                                NIKON-001        0000020685
Nill Bros Sporting Goods                   NILL BROS-001    0000000780
Nimco Inc                                  NIMCO INC-001    0000002322
Niscayah Inc                               NISCAYAH-001     0000018773
Nix,Seandra                                NIX,SEAN-001     0000017742
Noel Levitz                                NOEL LEVIT-001   0000004250
Noles,Samantha                             NOLES,SAM-001    0000019426
Nonprofit Connect                          NONPROFIT-002    0000019340
Noodle Tools                               NOODLE TOO-001   0000014349
Noonshine Window & Blind Cleaning Serv     NOONSHINE-001    0000020833
Norfolk Victorian Inn dba New Victorian    NEW VICTOR-002   0000020535
Norfolk,Bobby                              NORFOLK,BO-001   0000005164
Norfork Iron & Metal                       NORFORK-001      0000009558
Norris Equipment Co LLC dba Wiseman Lawn   WISE LAWN-001    0000020646
North America Board of Certified Energy    NABCEP-001       0000020013
North American Book Dist, LLC              NORTH AM-004     0000013715
North Central Business and Prof Women      NORTH BUSN-001   0000016767
North Central Missouri College             NCMC-001         0000014185
North Coast Medical, Inc.                  NORTH COAS-002   0000020923
North Coast Outfitters LTD                 NORTH COAS-001   0000020698
North Kansas City Cafe                     NORTH KC-004     0000018026
North Kansas City Electric                 NORTH KC-003     0000012476
North Kansas City Schools                  NORTH KC-001     0000006144
North Point Boiler & Combustion Co         NORTH POIN-001   0000018882
North Star Consulting                      NORTH STAR-002   0000015001
North Star Equipment Inc                   NORTH STAR-003   0000016506
Northeast High School Alumni Association   NE HIGH-001      0000017124
Northeast Industrial Association           NE INDUSTR-001   0000006740
Northeast News                             NE NEWS-001      0000002661
Northern Illinois University               NORTH IL-001     0000012766
Northern Safety Company, Inc.              NORTH SAFT-001   0000020112
Northern Tool & Equipment Co.              NORTH TOOL-001   0000009509
Northland Cathedral                        NORTH CATH-001   0000004974
Northland Diversity Council                NORTH DIVR-001   0000007542
Northland Feed                             NORTHLAND-002    0000016750
Northland Industries Inc                   MAGNM FIT-001    0000010933
Northland Neighborhoods Inc                NORTH NEIG-001   0000004818
Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce     NORTH RCC-001    0000002693
Northland Systems, Inc                     NORTHLAND-003    0000018744
Northland Tow Service LLC                  NORTH TOW-001    0000013578
Northstar Financial Forms                  NORTHSTAR-001    0000006269
Northwest Area Education Agency            NW AEA-001       0000015264
Northwest Lineman College                  NORTHWEST-001    0000018287
Northwest Missouri State University        NW MO STAT-001   0000009720
Norton & Schmidt                           NORTN SCHM-001   0000000827
Norton,Darryl Christopher                  NORTON,DAR-001   0000019607
Norton,Kristine                            NORTON,KRS-001   0000011926
Norwood,Calvin                             NORWOOD,CA-001   0000017701
Norwood,Calvin                             NORWOOD,C-001    0000017733
Notebookparts.com                          NOTE-001         0000016612
Nottingham,Mildred                         NOTTING,MI-001   0000017825
Nottingham,Stephen                         NOTTINGH,S-001   0000020854
Novak,Melissa                              NOVAK,MEL-001    0000016541
Nu-Life Laboratories Inc                   NU-LIFE-001      0000001748
Numara Software Inc.                       NUMARA-001       0000020772
Nunez,Christina                            NUNEZ,CHRI-001   0000017984
Nunley,Lowell                              NUNLEY,LOW-001   0000003745
Nyhammer,Diane                             NYHAMMER,D-001   0000021018
Nymat Machine Tool dba HAAS FACTRY OUTLT HAAS FACTR-001     0000016087
O Sportswear dba Ouray Sportswear LLC      OURAY SPRT-001   0000020803
O'Connor Company Inc                       O'CONNR CO-001   0000005076
O'Connor,William                           O'CONN,WIL-001   0000017362
O'Dell Publishing Co                       O'DELL PUB-001   0000008237
O'Dell Service Company Inc                 ODELL SRVC-001   0000013335
O'Dell,Diane T                             O'DELL,DI-001    0000003312
O'Donnell,James dba ODonnell Communicatn   ODONNELL-001     0000020428
O'Maley,Rachel E                           O'MALEY,RA-001   0000018277
O'Neal,Chalis                              O'NEAL,CHA-001   0000013077
O'Reilly Automotive dba O'Reilly Auto Pa   O'REILLY-001     0000000829
OBI Consulting Engineers Inc               OBI CONSUL-001   0000019920
OBon LLC                                   OBON LLC-001     0000020357
OC Services Corp                           OC SERVICE-001   0000020719
ODOR Management dba OMI Industries         OMI INDUST-001   0000020211
ODell,Robert W dba Metro Fire & Safety     METRO FIRE-001   0000019622
ODowds Little Dublin LLC                   ODOWDS-001       0000020818
OEM Health Information Inc                 OEM HEALTH-001   0000008665
OJ DuPree Company LLC                      OJ DUPREE-001    0000005050
OM Office Supply Inc.                      OM OFFICE-001    0000020888
OMB Police Supply dba Express Police Sup   EXPRESS PO-001   0000002912
ONTILITY                                   ONTILITY-001     0000021066
ONX ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS LTD               ONX-001          0000016622
ORI                                        ORI-001          0000015635
ORenick,Mark                               ORENICK,MA-001   0000019998
OTC Direct Inc. dba Oriental Trading Co    ORINTL TRD-001   0000003821
OWAVA LLC dba Barriers Unlimited           BARR UNLIM-001   0000020637
Oak Grove Little League Baseball           OGLLB-001        0000020010
Oakstone Wellness                          OAKSTONE-002     0000017844
Oates,Quo Vadis dba Community Busns Jrnl   COMM BUSNS-001   0000020576
Oberste,Bill dba Road America Mulch Co     ROAD AMER-001    0000019778
Objet Geometries Inc.                      OBJET-001        0000019174
Occu-Tec Incorporated                      OCCU-TEC-001     0000000831
Occupational Health Services               OHS-001          0000010437
Oce Imagistic/North America Document       OCE IMAGE-001    0000016149
Offenholley,Kathleen                       OFFENHOLLE-001   0000017680
Office Business Solutions                  OFFICE BUS-001   0000012331
Office Essentials Inc                      OFFICE INC-001   0000018408
Office Images dba Trainers Warehouse       TRAIN WRHS-001   0000001796
Office Installation Co                     OFF INSTAL-001   0000003770
Office Nation dba PC Nation                PC NATION-001    0000011574
OfficeMax A Boise Company                  OFFM BOISE-001   0000000100
Officemax dba Reliable Office Supplies     RELIABLE-001     0000004094
Officetronics.com                          OFFICETRON-001   0000018275
Ogden Publications Inc                     OGDEN PUBL-001   0000021157
Ogio International Inc                     OGIO INC-001     0000018289
Ohio State University                      OH STA UNI-001   0000004796
Oklahoma Police Supply                     OKL POLICE-001   0000014074
Oklahoma State University FPP              OK STATE U-001   0000009040
Olathe Ford Sales dba Olathe Ford Lincol   OLATH FORD-001   0000019767
Olathe Occupational Medicine Clinic        OLATHE MED-001   0000018470
Olathe T-Shirt & Trophy Inc                OLATHE TS-001    0000019258
Olathe USD #233                            OLATHE USD-001   0000006730
Old Dominion Freight Line Inc              OLD DOM-001      0000016597
Oldebeken,Arthur James                     OLDEB,JIM-001    0000020136
Olinger Rigging LLC                        OLINGER RI-001   0000021175
Ollinger,Marcia A.                         OLLI-001         0000015593
Olms,Kristina                              OLMS,KRIST-001   0000017080
Olusegun,Adeyinka dba Flash Photographer   FLASH PHOT-001   0000020621
Omenski,Naomi                              OMENSKI,NA-001   0000017320
Omenski,Richard                            OMEN,RIC-001     0000017358
Omni Technology Solutions                  OMNI TECH-001    0000011660
OmniUpdate Inc. FKA WebsiteASP,Inc.        OMNIUPDATE-001   0000020132
On Course                                  ON COURSE-002    0000015359
On Demand Technologies                     ON DEMAND-001    0000019774
On Duty Gear, LLC                          ON DUTY GE-001   0000020255
OnGoal LLC                                 ONGOAL LLC-001   0000021140
One Goal Consultants                       ONE GOAL-001     0000016552
One Moore Production Co                    ONE MOORE-001    0000015966
One Moore Productions Co                   ONE MOORE-002    0000017172
Oneok Energy Marketing Co                  ONEOK CO-001     0000006802
Onka,Dennis J                              ONKA,DE-001      0000017971
Online Stores Inc., a/k/a Safety Girl      ONLINE STR-001   0000020372
Opal M Huffman Charitable Trust            OPAL HUFF-001    0000018922
Open Road Communications, LLC              OPEN ROAD-001    0000014988
Oppenheimer                                OPPENHEIMR-001   0000012580
Opryland Hotel Nashville LLC dba Gaylord   GAYLOR-001       0000009695
Optics Planet Inc                          OPTIC PLAN-001   0000019768
Optima Inc.                                MYVISUAL-001     0000020642
OptimalResume.com, Inc.                    OPTIMAL RE-001   0000021000
Optimist International Foundation          OPTIMIST-001     0000018102
Oracle America                             ORACLE-001       0000000855
Organization Design Develop dba HRDQ       HRDQ-001         0000013293
Original Bread dba Panera Bread            PANERA BRD-001   0000008843
Orion                                      ORION-001        0000005952
Orion Fittings                             ORION FITT-001   0000016922
Orkin Exterminating Co Inc                 ORKIN EXTR-001   0000000112
Ormon,Kay F dba ETCAI Products             ETCAI-001        0000016581
Orphan Foundation of America               ORPHAN FOU-001   0000020179
Orr,James Clint                            ORR,JAMES-001    0000020603
Orrick R-XI School District                ORRICK RXI-001   0000009205
Orrick Trailer Services                    ORRICK-001       0000020385
Osage Pecan Company                        OSAGE PECN-001   0000003767
Osciak,Vanessa Marie                       OSCIAK,VA-001    0000016916
Ost,Connie L                               OST,CONNIE-001   0000009589
Otis Elevator Company                      OTIS ELEVT-001   0000018999
Ottawa Bus Serv. dba Crossland Tours       CROSS TOUR-001   0000019320
Ottawa Bus Service dba Crossroad Tours     CROSRD TOU-001   0000000360
Otto, Steve                               OTTO-001         0000015594
Otto,Matt                                 OTTO,MATT-001    0000019948
Otto,Steve                                OTTO,STEVE-001   0000007655
Out In Style Inc                          OUT STYLE-001    0000019222
Outcom Inc dba Porlier Outdoor Advertis   PORLIER-001      0000020326
Overland Park Jeep Inc                    OP JEEP-001      0000003150
Overland Photo Supply                     OVERLND PH-001   0000017263
Overland Tool Inc                         OVELND TOL-001   0000000861
Ovid Technologies Incorporated            OVID-001         0000009184
Owczarzak,Janet                           OWCZAR,JA-001    0000015956
Owen Lumber Co                            OWEN LUMBR-001   0000004872
Owens Originals                           OWENS ORIG-001   0000016840
Owens,Jennifer                            OWENS,JEN-001    0000018485
Owens,Kelvin                              OWENS,KELV-001   0000012516
Oxford University Press                   OXFORD PRS-001   0000000863
Oyler,Lisa                                OYLER,LISA-001   0000013364
Ozanam                                    OZANAM-001       0000015151
P/Strada LLC                              P/STRADA-001     0000020965
P1 Group Inc                              P1 GROUP-001     0000019067
PA Higher Education Asistance Agency      PHEAA-001        0000019683
PACKINGHAM,ELISE                          PACKINGHAM-001   0000020933
PAUL, STEPHEN R. DBA KC POPPERS           KC POPPERS-001   0000020844
PC Mall Gov Incorporated                  PC MALL-001      0000001805
PC/Nametag                                PC/NAMETAG-001   0000008148
PCI Dahmer                                PCI DAHMER-001   0000017637
PD Entertainment Inc                      PD ENTER-001     0000016590
PDIL LLC dba Wingate Weldon Springs       WINGATE-001      0000019405
PDR Distribution LLC                      PDR LLC-001      0000010831
PESI                                      PESI-001         0000006458
PESI Healthcare                           PESI HLTH-001    0000006001
PI Gear Inc.                              PI GEAR-001      0000020956
PIA MidAmerica                            PIA MIDAM-001    0000009233
PIERCE BIOTECHNOLOGY, INC.                PIERCE-001       0000015218
PLATO Inc dba PLATO Learning              PLATO LRN-001    0000013334
PMI                                       PMI-001          0000015323
PNK(STLH), LLC                            FOUR SEASO-001   0000020755
POETS AND WRITERS, INC.                   POETS-001        0000021222
POSEY COMPANY                             POSEY COMP-001   0000017839
POSWorld                                  POS-001          0000017198
PPCT Management Systems Inc               PPCT MGMT-001    0000000841
PRECOR Inc                                PRECOR INC-001   0000001908
PRODUCTS UNLIMITED, INC.                  PRODUCTS U-001   0000021048
                                    POD NETWOR-001
PROMOUNDS, INC. DBA ON DECK SPORTS         ON DECK SP-001   0000020453
PRUETT ENTERPRISES, INC. DBA               SIGNS NOW-001    0000020069
PT Catering                                PT CATER-001     0000016202
Paasche Airbrush Company                   PAASCHE-001      0000020125
Pac-Van, Inc.                              PAC-VAN-001      0000017888
Pacific Crest                              PACIFIC-002      0000020885
Pacific Northwest X-Ray                    PACIFIC-001      0000019159
Pacifica Centennial LLC                    PHOEN MARR-001   0000017792
Packnett,Barry                             PACKNETT,B-001   0000020094
Paden,Jeremiah                             PADEN,JER-001    0000016324
Pagan,Michael A                            PAGAN,MI-001     0000018005
Page,Robert Jr dba The Legacy Group LLC    PAGE,ROBER-001   0000020828
Palmentere Brothers Distributing           PALMNTR BR-001   0000000845
Palos Sports                               PALOS SPOR-001   0000020671
Pan-Dross Enterprises dba PDQ Lawn Svc     PDQ LAWN-002     0000020020
Pankowski,Margaret A                       PANKO,MARG-001   0000017794
Paper Direct                               PAPER DIR-001    0000000846
Paper Folder                               PAPER FOLD-001   0000015700
PaperCut Software International Pty Ltd    PAPERCUT-001     0000019139
Paperclip Communications Inc               PAPERCLIP-001    0000014459
Paradigm Music Group                       PARA MUSIC-001   0000014751
Paradise Park                              PARADISEPA-001   0000014207
Paragon Events Inc                         PARAGON-001      0000017581
Paragon Medical Supplies                   PARAGON ME-001   0000020229
Paragon Print Systems                      PARGN PRNT-001   0000015183
Parallax, Inc.                             PARA-001         0000016927
Paramount Apparel Intl dba Oarsman Sport   OARSMAN-001      0000021155
Paramount Fitness Corp                     PARAMOUNT-001    0000002980
Paraquad                                   PARAQUAD-001     0000018193
Parco Scientific Company                   PARCO SCIE-001   0000020678
Park Hill High School                      PH HIGH SC-001   0000001880
Park Hill High School                      PARK-001         0000017025
Park Hill R-5 District                     PH R-5 DIS-001   0000000851
Park Hill South High School                PH S HIGH-001    0000002107
Park University                            PARK UNIV-001    0000000848
Park University dba Fred Pryor Seminars    FRED SEMNR-002   0000007532
Park,Douglas                               PARK,DOUG-001    0000018296
Parker Hannifin Corp                       PARKER HAN-001   0000000853
Parker Paleontological Enterprises         PARKER-001       0000018723
Parker,Crystal                             PARKER,CRY-001   0000019425
Parker,John Jr                             PARKER,JO-001    0000019798
Parker,Robert Michael                      PARKR,MIKE-001   0000013467
Parris,Amelia A                            PARRIS,A-001     0000018088
Parsons,Emily                              PARSONS,EM-001   0000020502
Partners for Livable Communities           PARTNR LIV-001   0000005353
Partnership For Philanthropic Planning     PARTNERSHI-002   0000020456
Partnership for Public Service             PARTNERSHP-003   0000020286
Partsearch Technologies dba Partstore      PARTSTORE-001    0000018041
Parvin,Kristin                             PARVIN,KRI-001   0000019074
Pascal-Joiner,Steven Matthew               JOINER,STE-001   0000019938
Pasco Scientific                           PASCO SCI-001    0000000870
Pasquiri,Susan dba Sudz Publishing         SUDZ PUBLS-001   0000002654
PassAssured LLC                            PASS-001         0000018889
PastPerfect Software, Inc.                 PAST-001         0000018662
Paton Press dba the Auditor                AUDITOR-001      0000005099
Patterson Companies dba Patterson Dental   PATRSN DEN-001   0000001757
Patterson Medical Sply dba Medco Supply    PATTERSON-001    0000003762
Patterson,Dalyn                            PATTERSON,-001   0000021057
Patterson,James Gordon                     PATTERS,JA-001   0000018083
Patterson,Vicky                            PATTERS,VI-001   0000014997
Patti Banks Associates                     PATTI BANK-001   0000019866
Patzer,Kenya                               PATZER,KEN-001   0000018587
Paul N Gardner Company, Inc. dba Gardco    GARDCO-001       0000020402
Paul O Young Company dba Young             YOUNG-001        0000013942
Paul's Mechanic Service LLC                PAUL SRVC-001    0000018781
Paul,Cheryl Escrow                         PAUL,CHERL-001   0000018626
Pauly Group Inc                            PAULY GRP-001    0000005687
Pavetic-Dickey,Janja                       PAVETIC,JA-001   0000020677
Paving Maintenance Supply Inc.             PMSI-001         0000019197
Paxton/Patterson LLC                       PAXTON/PAT-001   0000019414
Payne,Timothy                              PAY-001          0000017372
Payne,Tracey A                             PAYNE,T A-001    0000015790
Payton,David                               PAYTON,DA-001    0000017948
Peace Lutheran Church                      GROW PEACE-001   0000018427
Peacher,Tom                                PEACH,TOM-001    0000019903
Peachtree Business Products                PEACHTREE-002    0000008740
Peak Technologies Inc                      PEAK TECH-001    0000012288
Pearson                                    PEARSON-001      0000001149
Pearson VUE                                PEARSON VU-001   0000018924
Pearson,Al                                 PEARSON,AL-001   0000014231
Pebble Publishing Inc                      PEBBLE PUB-001   0000002214
Pebley,Mary C                              PEBLEY,MAR-001   0000017778
Pecina,Lauren N                            PECINA,LAU-001   0000020039
PedsLink                                   PEDS-001         0000017139
Peerless                                   PEERLESS-001     0000000878
Peerless Products Inc                      PEERLESS-002     0000016812
Peery,Charlie                              PEERY,CHAR-001   0000013825
Pelger,Ingrid                              PELGER,ING-001   0000017934
Pellow Engineering Services Inc            PELLOW SVC-001   0000010506
Pelofsky & Associates Inc                  PELOFSKY-001     0000017732
Penetrx Marketing                          PENETRX-001      0000012351
Penguin Group USA Inc                      PENGUIN-001      0000000882
Penn Elcom Inc                             PENN ELCOM-001   0000021178
PennWell                                   PENNWELL-001     0000009158
PennWell Corp dba Fire Engineering         FIRE ENGIN-002   0000016691
Pennington Seed Inc                        PENN SEED-001    0000019870
Penns Tow Service                          PENNS TOW-001    0000004220
Pennsylvania State University              PENNSYLVAN-001   0000019182
Penny's Concrete Inc                       PENNYS CON-001   0000004963
Penton Media Inc                           PENTON INC-001   0000004127
People Systems Incorporated                PEOPLE SYS-001   0000000887
PeopleAdmin Inc                            PEOPLEADM-001    0000015203
Pepco Inc                                  PEPCO-001        0000020335
Perales,Dara                               PERALES,DA-001   0000019895
Perceptive Software, Inc.                  PERCP SOFT-001   0000017026
Perceptual Development Corp                IRLEN INST-001   0000020484
Perez,Heather Kelly                        PEREZ,HEAT-001   0000020613
Perez,Jonas                                PEREZ,JONA-001   0000018411
Perfection Crane & Hoist, Inc.             PERFECTION-001   0000017715
Performance Food Centers                   PERFORMANC-003   0000021125
Performance Food Group Inc                 VISTAR-001       0000020926
Performance Management Company             PERFM MGMT-001   0000017047
Performance Marketing                      PERFORM MK-001   0000016827
Performance Packaging Group LLC            PERFORM-002      0000020505
Performance Resources Press                PERFORM-001      0000015530
Performance Sign & Design - Scott          PERFORMANC-001   0000017736
Perkins,Ebony                              PERKIN,EBO-001   0000015793
Perrault,Sue                               PERRA,SUE-001    0000016941
Perry,Chris                                PERRY,CHRS-001   0000007281
Perry,William                              PERRY,WILL-001   0000020446
Perseus Distribution Inc                   PERSEUS-002      0000015084
Personal Development Group, Inc.           PERSONL-001      0000016883
Pest Management Consulting, LLC            PEST-001         0000019289
Peters,K                                   PETERS,K-001     0000020951
Peters,Thomas E                            PETERS,T-001     0000017876
Peterson Busines System dba Peterson Grp   PETERSN GR-001   0000004298
Peterson Cap & Gown Co Inc                 PETERSN CO-001   0000005887
Peterson,Bradley dba Auction Merchandise   AUCTION ME-001   0000019447
Peterson,Carolyn                           PETERS,CAR-002   0000012272
Petes Sports                             PETES SPRT-001   0000018571
Pfeffer,Jane                             PFEFF,JANE-001   0000015926
Pfizer Inc dba Pfizer Animal Health      PFIZER-001       0000007114
Pheasant Run, Inc                        PHEASNT RN-001   0000019376
Phi Rho Pi                               PHI RHO PI-001   0000016754
Phi Theta Kappa                          PHI THETA-001    0000000895
Philips Electronics North America Corp   PHILIPS EL-001   0000020408
Phillips Mulch Sales Inc                 PHIL SALE-001    0000018871
Phillips,Brenda Joyce                    PHILLIPS,B-001   0000020961
Phillips,Geneva E                        PHILLIP,GE-001   0000012453
Phillips,Holly                           PHIL,HOLLY-001   0000017501
Phillips,Jeremiah                        PHILLIPS,J-001   0000018460
Phillips,Richelle                        PHILLIP,RI-001   0000017418
Phillips,Sheena                          PHILLIPS,S-002   0000020560
Philosophy Documentation Center          PHIL DOC-001     0000004682
Philworld Inc dba Waldo Pizza            PHILWORLD-001    0000020831
Phoenix Office Products                  PHOENIX-001      0000019382
Photografx Worldwide LLC                 PHOTOGRAFX-001   0000020881
Photographx Unlimited                    PHOTOGRPHX-001   0000002974
Physician Sales & Services Inc           PHYSCN SSI-001   0000003047
Physics Curriculum & Instruction         PHYSICS-001      0000015601
Physio Tools Oy                          PHYS TOOLS-001   0000007234
Physio-Control Inc                       PHYSIO CNT-001   0000000898
Pickering,Jacqueline                     PICK,JAC-001     0000017920
Pickert,Gary                             PICKERT,GA-001   0000012698
Picture and Frame Industries             PICTUREFRA-001   0000018859
Pidcoe,Jim                               PIDCOE,JIM-001   0000019849
Piedmont Medical                         PIEDMT MED-001   0000016526
Pierce College                           PIERCE COL-001   0000016509
Pierce Enterprise dba Handyman Matter    HANDYMAN-001     0000019277
Pierce,Tammy                             PIERCE,TA-001    0000020143
Pig Out Publications Inc                 PIG OUT-001      0000017954
Pike,David M                             PIKE,DAVID-001   0000016524
Pin Mart                                 PIN MART-001     0000018517
Pinault,Nicki                            PINAULT,NI-001   0000015249
Pine Decals                              PINE DECAL-001   0000018189
Pinkerton Sales, Inc.                    PINKERTON-002    0000020349
Pinnacle Leasing                         PINNACLE-002     0000015634
Pinnacle Sports Medicine                 PINNACLE-003     0000016964
Pinnacle Technology Group Inc            PINNACLE-004     0000018769
Pipes,Gary dba Developers Helper         DEVELOPER-001    0000020399
Pitch                                    PITCH-001        0000000911
Pitney Bowes                             PITNEY BOW-001   0000000912
Pitt,Julia                                 PITT-001         0000017677
Pittman Printing Inc                       PRINT UNLI-001   0000015488
Pittsburgh Paints                          PPG-001          0000018154
Pizza Hut of America Incorporated          PIZZA HUT-001    0000000913
Plasmedia Productions Inc.                 PLASMEDIA-001    0000018009
Plastic Enterprises Co Inc                 PLASTIC EN-001   0000002591
Platte County Board Election Commissionr   PLATTE CBE-001   0000004553
Platte County Economic Development Counc   PLAT ECO C-001   0000000917
Platte County Historical Society           PLATTE HIS-001   0000008364
Platte County R-3 School District          PLAT R3 SC-001   0000000918
Platte County, Missouri                    PLATTE COU-002   0000021043
Plaza Ford Ideal                           PLAZA FORD-001   0000002599
Plaza Maintenance Products & Chemical      PLAZA MAIN-001   0000004189
Pleasant Hill R III School District        PH R III-001     0000018099
Plumbmaster Inc                            PLUMBMAST-001    0000019867
Pocket Nurse                               POCKT NURS-001   0000005960
Pohl, Lawrence MD APC                      MISSION VA-001   0000020654
Polar Electro, Inc.                        POLAR-001        0000013994
Police Legal Sciences Inc.                 POLICE LEG-001   0000020819
Police Magazine                            POLICE-001       0000012688
Political World Communications, LLC        CAMPAIGNS-002    0000020917
Polsinelli Shugart, PC                     POLSINELLI-001   0000019383
Poly-Pak                                   POLY-PAK-001     0000007988
Poly-Tex Inc.                              POLY-TEX-001     0000020089
Pomeroy IT Solutions                       POMEROY IT-001   0000011609
Pope,Jason                                 POPE,JASON-001   0000007138
Portable Computer Systems, Inc.            PORTABLE-001     0000018720
Porter Roofing                             PORTER RFN-001   0000003421
Porter,Dennis dba Happy Faces Entertain    PORTER,DEN-001   0000020231
Porter,Judy D                              PORTER,JUD-001   0000017947
Portland Community College                 PORTLND-001      0000011718
Porto,Matthew J.                           PORTO,MATT-001   0000021012
Portwood,Milton                            PORTWOOD-001     0000020526
Posterworx Inc                             POSTERWORX-001   0000018901
Postlewait,Molly                           POST,MOLLY-001   0000008137
Posty Cards                                POSTY-001        0000016343
Poulos,Robert James                        POULOS,ROB-001   0000019914
Pouncil,Kent E                             POUNCIL,KE-001   0000016835
Pouncil-Burton, Jean                       POUN,JEAN-001    0000015595
Powell Gardens                             POWELL GAR-001   0000002429
Powell, Jan H dba Pleasant Hill Times      PH TIMES-001     0000002132
Power Ad Company Inc.                      POWER AD-001     0000020316
Power On Technologies Inc                  POWER ON-001     0000019006
Power Play Family Entertainment Center    POWER PLAY-001   0000019302
Power Systems Incorporated                POWER SYST-001   0000000924
Power Transmission Distributors Assn.     PTDA-001         0000016476
Powerlineman Publishing Co                POWERLINE-001    0000019959
Powerlineman.com                          POWERLINE-002    0000020466
Poynter,James M                           POYNTR,JA-001    0000009003
Practical Components                      PRACTICAL-002    0000019355
Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation            PRAIRIE BA-001   0000017375
Pratt, Joan M.                            PRAT-001         0000015626
Pratt,Joan M                              PRATT,JOAN-001   0000015375
Praxair Distribution Incorporated         PRAXAIR-001      0000000926
PrePress Graphic Professional Inc         PREPRESS-001     0000020823
Precision Data Products Inc.              PRECISION-003    0000019005
Precision Dynamics Corporation            PRECISION-005    0000020766
Precision Net Co                          PREC NET-001     0000015188
Precision Power & Cabling Inc             PRECISION-004    0000019902
Precitec Inc                              PRECITEC-001     0000018118
Preece,Tanner                             PREECE,TAN-001   0000020427
Premier Assistive Technology              PREMIER LI-001   0000015409
Premier Contracting                       PREMIER CN-001   0000009152
Premier Engineering Consultants, LLC      PREM ENG-001     0000019390
Premier Printing                          PREMIER PR-001   0000015984
PrepLogic LLC                             PREP-001         0000020439
Prescott's Inc                            PRESCOTTS-001    0000019662
President,Wilma                           PRESIDNT,W-001   0000020208
Presidential Freedom Scholarships         PRESIDENT-002    0000017043
Presidents Round Table                    PRESIDENT-001    0000014442
Presstek Inc                              PRESSTEK-001     0000016706
Prestige Construction Co & Dock Service   PRESTIGE-001     0000015804
Prestige International Inc.               PRESTIGE-002     0000021050
Prestige Litho                            PRESTIGE L-001   0000016766
Prestige Medical                          PRESTIGEME-001   0000014472
Price Chopper                             PRICE CHOP-001   0000000871
Price,George                              PRICE,GEO-001    0000020761
Princeton Technology, Inc.                PRINCETON -001   0000020949
Principe,Joseph B                         PRINCI,JO-001    0000020663
Print America Inc                         PRINT AMER-001   0000004515
PrintGlobe                                PRINTGLOBE-001   0000015240
Printable Technologies, Inc.              PRINTABLE-001    0000018146
Prinzing,Cathan                           PRINZNG,CA-001   0000012770
Prinzing,Robin                            PRINZNG,RO-001   0000012771
Priority One Sales Inc                    PRIORITY-001     0000018039
Priority Research Corp                    PRIORITY-002     0000019143
Prism Corporate Solutions dba Prism Sale   PRISM-001        0000021023
Pro Athlete Inc dba Just Bats.com          PRO ATHLET-001   0000000885
Pro Balance Inc                            PRO BAL IN-001   0000007816
Pro Circuit Inc                            PROCIRCUIT-001   0000017625
Pro Ed                                     PRO ED-001       0000003127
Pro Golf Repair                            PRO GOLF-001     0000016958
Pro H2O LLC                                PRO H20-001      0000010770
Pro Lingua Associates                      PRO LINGUA-001   0000019072
Pro Serv of Kansas City LLC                PRO SERV-001     0000019615
Pro Star Sports Inc                        PRO STAR-001     0000019546
Pro-Con Inc                                PRO-CON-001      0000019877
ProLiteracy Worldwide                      PROLIT-001       0000016508
ProMotion Inc dba BookPage                 BOOKPAGE-001     0000018182
ProQuest LLC                               PROQUEST-001     0000008398
Product Expectations                       PRODUCT EX-001   0000018422
Production Automation Company              PROD AUTO-001    0000019919
Production Essentials, LLC                 PRODUCTION-001   0000019389
Proenergy Services                         PROENERGY-001    0000018196
Professional Apparel Company               VET APPARL-001   0000016114
Professional Audio Services Inc            PROF AUDIO-001   0000002069
Professional Development Group II Inc      PROF DEV-001     0000014930
Professional Education Center              PROFESS ED-002   0000019980
Professional Elevator Services, Inc.       PROF ELEVA-001   0000019759
Professional Rehabilitative Services       PROF REHAB-001   0000012057
Professional Service Industries Inc        PROF SVC-001     0000020188
Professional Sports Publications Inc       PROFESSION-001   0000018048
Professional Uniforms db Lydia's Uniform   LYDIAS-001       0000014489
Program Development Associates/Order Dpt   PROGRAM-001      0000018730
Progress Busnss Pub/Ctr Edu & Employ Law   PROG BUSIN-001   0000003276
Progressive Baptist Church                 PROGRESSI-001    0000018025
Progressive Electronics                    PROG ELEC-002    0000000113
Project Lead The Way Inc                   PROJECT LW-001   0000017903
Proliteracy Worldwide dba New Read Press   NEW READRS-001   0000001844
Promark Labels                             PROMARK LA-001   0000014553
Promats Athletics                          PROMATS-001      0000017866
Prometheus Books                           PROMETHEUS-001   0000002233
Prometheus Group                           PROM-001         0000016611
Prometric Inc                              PROMETRIC-001    0000020153
Promotional Consultants, Inc.              PROMOTIONA-001   0000018363
Prophet Corp dba Gopher Sport Play With    PLAY PUR-001     0000006289
Propst,Steven Lee                          PROPST,STE-001   0000017276
Proquest                                   PROQUEST-002     0000013419
Protection One                             PROTEC ONE-001   0000000899
Provantage                                 PROVANTAGE-001   0000012900
Province,Dianna                            PROVIN,DIA-001   0000020144
Provost Systems, Inc.                      PROVOST SY-001   0000016670
Prudent Publish dba Gallery Collection     GALLERY CO-001   0000006625
Pruente,Brandi                             PRUENTE,BR-001   0000019743
Przybyla,David G dba Perpetual Tech Grp    PRZYB,DAV-001    0000018220
Psychological Assessment Resources Inc     PAR INC-001      0000005917
Public Agency Training Council             PUBLIC AGE-001   0000005207
Public Education Employee Retirement Sys   PEERS-001        0000000824
Public Media Dist dba PBS Distribution     PBS DISTRI-001   0000001806
Public Relations Society of America        PRSA-001         0000009630
Public Safety Center Inc                   PUBLIC SAF-001   0000009147
Public School Retirement System of MO      PSRS MO-001      0000000905
Publicidentity Inc                         PUBLICIDEN-001   0000019869
Pump Station Service                       PUMP STATN-001   0000018717
Pumpkins Etc                               PUMPKN ETC-001   0000006510
Pur-O-Zone                                 PUR-O-ZONE-001   0000011083
Purcell,Maureen dba SoLwork LLC            PURCELL,M-001    0000019790
Pure Water Oasis                           PURE WATER-002   0000014328
Pureland Supply                            PURELAND-001     0000020640
Putnam Chevrolet Pontiac Company           PUT CHEV-001     0000012606
Pyramid Excavation & Construction Inc      PYRAMID EX-001   0000015452
Pyramid Films Corp                         PYRAMID ME-001   0000021221
Pyramid Pipe & Supply Co Inc               PYRAMID-001      0000015273
QAI Training LLC                           QAI LLC-001      0000011205
QAS                                        QAS-001          0000017568
QSU Publishing Company                     QSU PUBLSH-001   0000011699
QTC Computer Systems, Inc.                 QTC COMPUT-001   0000020092
QTI INC                                    QTI INC-001      0000018096
QUIA Corporation                           QUIA-001         0000017003
Qualification Targets                      QUALIFICAT-001   0000018631
Quality Equipment and Service Inc          QUALTY EQU-001   0000019616
Quality Finishing Industries               QUAL FINIS-001   0000018994
Quality Hill Associates                    QUALITY HA-001   0000003722
Quality Inn                                QUALITY IN-001   0000010041
Quality Matters                            QUALITY MA-001   0000017065
Quality Matters /Maryland Online Inc       MARYLAND-002     0000015546
Quality Matters Inc                        QUAL MATT-001    0000019670
Quality Research Associates                QUALITY RS-001   0000011589
Quality Sand and Material Inc              QUALTY SAN-001   0000004353
Quality Transcription Specialists LLC      QTS-001          0000018152
Quality Window Cleaning Inc                QUAL WINDO-001   0000019764
Quandt,Mitchell D                          QUANDT,MIT-001   0000018797
Quant Systems Inc Hawkes Learning System   HAWKES-001       0000018812
Quantum Market Research Inc                QUANTUM-002      0000019647
Quantum Talent LLC                         QUANTUM-001      0000017282
Quartermaster Inc                          QUARTRMSTR-001   0000000960
Queen of the Court Sports, LLC             QUEEN OF-001     0000020129
Questionmark Corporation                   QUESTION-001     0000002651
Quick Address Software                     QUICK ADDR-001   0000012311
Quicksilver Express Courier                QUICKSILVR-001   0000016268
Quill Corporation                          QUILL CORP-001   0000000961
Quinn,Daryl                                QUINN,DARY-001   0000017391
Quinn,Francis C                            QUINN,F C-001    0000015279
Quinn,Taylor C                             QUINN,T C-001    0000018785
R & M Office Products                      R&M OFFICE-001   0000009112
R&N Outdoors                               VALLEY OUT-002   0000001886
R&N Outdoors dba Valley Outdoor Equip      VALLEY OUT-001   0000020093
R&R Grinding LLC                           R&R GRIND-001    0000016150
R-Texx Enterprises Ltd                     R-TEXX-001       0000020381
RA Ventures Inc/Mundo Corp                 MUNDO CORP-001   0000004745
RAth Microtech                             RATH MICRO-001   0000019861
RBS Activewear                             RBS ACT-001      0000014597
RC-2020 Inc                                RC-2020-001      0000011210
RDJ Specialties Inc                        RDJ SPECIA-001   0000014722
RDS Equipment                              RDS EQUIP-001    0000015036
RECY-CAL SUPPLY LLC                        RECY-CAL-001     0000018869
REIS Environmental Inc                     REIS ENVIR-001   0000004054
REJIS Commission                           REJIS COMM-001   0000021136
RENNER SUPPLY CO                           RENNER-001       0000015441
RF Fisher Electric Company LLC             RF FISHER-001    0000009214
RH Peterson Co dba Fitness Showcase        FITNS SHOW-001   0000017305
RIA Group                                  RIA GROUP-001    0000006371
RIM Pacific Inc                            FILEXEC-001      0000019255
RIS Paper Company Inc                      RIS PAPER-001    0000019840
RJ Industries LLC                          RJ INDUSTR-001   0000018142
RJF International Corp aka Koroseal Prod   KOROSL RJF-001   0000020374
RJF International Corp dba Koroseal Inte   KOROSEAL-001     0000019551
RK Black Missouri Inc dba EBE              EBE-001          0000016609
RM Acquistion LLC                          RAND MCNLL-001   0000000974
RODNEY E ADAMS, SAEOPP TREASURER           SAEOPP-001       0000020960
RR Bowker LLC                              RR BOWKER-001    0000003140
RS Hughes Co                               RS HUGHES-001    0000017738
RSC Equipment Rental Inc                   RSC RENTAL-001   0000015232
RSES Foundation                            RSES FOUND-001   0000014618
RSVP & ACT Inc/Animal Care Tech            ANIMAL CAR-001   0000010106
RT Salsman Caterers Inc                   RT SALSMAN-001   0000002181
Rabbit Creek Products Inc                 RABBIT CRK-001   0000018624
Radar,Robert                              RADAR,ROB-001    0000020196
Radiation Detection Company               RADIATION-001    0000012265
Radio Express Inc.                        RADIO EXPR-001   0000020496
Ragar Banners By Design                   RAGAR BANN-001   0000015158
Ragland,Mark                              RAGLAND,MA-001   0000017873
Rail Management Network Inc               RMNI-001         0000019857
Rainbow Resource Center                   RAINBOW RE-001   0000015288
Raine,Elizabeth Carlyle                   RAINE,ELIZ-001   0000015981
Raine,Kevin D                             RAINE,KEV-001    0000012631
Raisz Landform Maps                       RAISZ MAPS-001   0000015282
Ralston Unlimited dba R U Nuts Company    R U NUTS-001     0000019298
Ramirez,Anna                              RAMIREZ,AN-001   0000020471
Ramirez,Mark dba Marks Sanctuary Sound    RAMIREZ,MA-001   0000003971
Ramirez,Mark dba Marks Sanctuary Sound    MARK'S SAN-001   0000020420
Ramos,Luciano H                           RAMOS,LU-001     0000018864
Ramsey & Associates Design Inc            RAMSEY INC-001   0000015341
Ramsey,Glenda R                           RAMSEY,GLE-001   0000016808
Ramtech Building Systems Inc              RAMTECH-001      0000019863
Ranatzar,Martha                           RANATZ,MAR-001   0000017875
Ranch Entertainment Inc                   FAULK RANC-001   0000013641
Rand Technologies of Michigan Inc         RAND TECH-001    0000009818
Randall,Ralph R                           RANDALL,RA-001   0000016515
Randle,Harvey Lee                         RANDLE,HAR-001   0000016317
Randles,Adam                              RAN-001          0000017374
Random House Inc                          RANDM HOUS-001   0000000975
Randy's Lakeview Nursery                  RANDY NURS-001   0000007818
Rangel Distributing                       RANGEL DIS-001   0000004991
Rangers Co dba Ranger Trophies & Sports   RANGER TRO-001   0000008368
Ranipak Inc                               RANIPAK-001      0000020800
Rauschelbach,Jerry                        RAUS,JERRY-001   0000017596
Rave Wireless Inc                         RAVE WIREL-001   0000021069
Raven Gold Enterprises dba TLS            TLS-001          0000020595
Ray,Arron                                 RAY,ARRON-001    0000018417
Ray-Carter,Trilla                         CARTER,TRI-001   0000010936
Raymond Geddes & Co Inc                   RAYMOND CO-001   0000010045
Raymond,Donald L                          EARTH SCIE-001   0000000413
Raymore Peculiar Schools                  RAYMR PEC-001    0000007936
Rays Kansas City Diesel Service           RAYS KC-001      0000017790
Raytown C-2 School District               RAYTWN SCH-001   0000000979
Raytown Chamber of Commerce               RAYTWN CC-001    0000003531
Raytown Quality Schools                    RAYTOWN-001      0000012508
ReUse Institute                            REUSE INST-001   0000019323
Reach Foundation Inc                       REACH FOUN-001   0000018446
Read Right                                 READ RIGHT-001   0000018012
Readers Digest                             READ DIGES-001   0000006248
Ready Minds                                READY MIND-001   0000018975
Reagents Of the University of Minnesota    MINITEX-001      0000008709
Reardon Machine Co Inc                     REARDON-001      0000019732
Rebeca D Fite dba Sonshine Sport Apparel   SONSHINE-002     0000020841
Rebello,Chris M                            REBE,CHRIS-001   0000017709
Rebrovich,Barbara                          REBRO,BARB-001   0000016577
Recognition Plus                           RECOG PLUS-001   0000000928
Record A Hit Inc                           RECORD AHI-001   0000018429
Red River Specialties Inc.                 RED RIVER-001    0000020550
Red Vest Solutions                         RED VEST-001     0000015364
RedDot Warriors, LLC                       REDDOT-001       0000020866
Redd,Frances Nadine                        REDD,F N-001     0000017466
Reddi Services dba Reddi Rootr' KC         REDDI KC-001     0000019257
Redding Medical                            RED-001          0000016538
Redinger,Marilyn                           REDING,MAR-001   0000016231
Redleaf Press                              REDLEAF PR-001   0000000930
Redmond,Tawana Antionette                  REDMOND,TA-001   0000016358
Reed,Troy                                  REED,TROY-001    0000017042
Reese, Toni K.                             REE-001          0000016875
Reese,Eddie                                REESE,EDDI-001   0000010776
Reeser,Jennifer                            REES,JEN-001     0000017388
Reeves-Wiedeman Co                         REEVES WIE-001   0000000932
Reference Service Press                    REFERENCE-001    0000020986
Refrigeration Service Engineers Society    REF SVC EN-001   0000014634
Refurbups.com Inc                          REFURBUPS-001    0000013151
Regal Awards of Kansas LLC                 REGAL AWAR-001   0000020056
Regal Distributing Co                      REGAL DIST-001   0000000934
Regal Poly-Pak                             REGAL-001        0000017485
Regal Supply Co dba Regal Plastic Supply   REGAL CO-001     0000009970
Regents Flooring Co Inc                    REGE FLOOR-001   0000019628
Regents of the University of CA dba UCSD   UNIV CA SD-001   0000020882
Regents of the University of Minnesota     MINITEX-002      0000014064
Regional Imaging Center Inc                REGIONAL-001     0000016663
Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf      REGIST INT-001   0000003229
Rehrig Pacific                             REHRIG-001       0000017612
Reilly,Virginia A                          REILLY,VIR-001   0000017064
Reinders Inc                               REINDERS-001     0000020434
Reintjes & Hiter Co. Inc.                  REINTJES-001     0000019680
Reith,Deanna Brown                         REITH,DEA-001    0000016999
Rejuvenate Inc                             REJUVENATE-001   0000019931
Reliance Diagnostic Systems LLC/Medical    RELIANCE-001     0000019346
Relyco Sales Inc                           RELYCO-001       0000019415
Remel Inc                                  REMEL INC-001    0000000936
Remote Tech Group LLC                      REMOTE TEC-001   0000020313
Renaissance Graphic Arts Inc.              REN-001          0000016567
Renaissance Imports Inc                    RENAISS-001      0000018841
Renaissance Learning Inc                   RENA LEARN-001   0000019750
Renaud Enterprises Inc                     RENAUD ENT-001   0000021037
Rench,Aaron                                RENCH,AAR-001    0000017446
Rendleman Rentals Inc                      RENDLEMAN-001    0000020175
Renewable Energy Solutions Company         SOLAR DESI-001   0000021001
Renner,Lance Patrick                       RENNER,LAN-001   0000020220
Rensen House of Lights                     RENSEN LIG-001   0000000115
Renshaw,Lawrence Jr                        RENSHAW,LA-001   0000017315
Rental Service Corporation                 RENTAL SVC-001   0000000938
Reorganized School Dist 7 Jackson County   LEES SUMMI-001   0000017023
Reorganized School District #1/Kearney     KEARNEY-002      0000004881
Reorganized School District #7 Jackson     LEES SUMMI-002   0000006619
Reorganized School District No 7           REORGANIZD-001   0000012472
Reorganized School School District No 7    LEE SUMMIT-001   0000006506
Reprographics Technician Services          REPRO TECH-001   0000017036
Rescue Critters LLC                        RESCU CRIT-001   0000002990
Rescue Safety Products                     RESCUE-001       0000018729
Research & Education Association           RES ED ASN-001   0000000952
Research Foundation                        RESEARCH-004     0000018630
Resolution                                 CA NEWSREL-001   0000004788
Resource Development Institute             RDI-001          0000016811
Resource II Commercial Floorcovering       RESOUR II-001    0000012953
Resources Management & Consulting          RES MGMT-001     0000000939
Respironics Inc.                           RESPIRONIC-001   0000020241
Respondus, Inc                             RESPONDUS-001    0000008523
Restek Corporation                         RESTEK COR-001   0000020088
Reuben Albrecht Enterprises                REUBEN-001       0000017022
Reusable Resource Association Inc          REUSABLE-001     0000018122
Reyes Media Group Inc                      REYES MEDI-001   0000020350
Rhodes,Dwight L                            RHODES,DWI-001   0000018602
Riback Supply Co Inc                       RIBACK SUP-001   0000006419
Rice,Checliss                              RICE,CHECL-001   0000020802
Rich Company LLC                           RICH CO-001      0000016893
Rich Printing Company                      RICH PRINT-001   0000019864
Richard Aimes CHt LLC                      RICHARD AI-001   0000019408
Richardson Printing Inc                    RICHRDN PR-001   0000017764
Richardson Printing Inc.                   RIC-002          0000016950
Richardson Sports Inc                      RICHARDS-001     0000019549
Richardson,Loga                            RICHARDS,L-001   0000018008
Richardson,Megan                           RICHARD,ME-001   0000014001
Richland Industries                        TOOLS UNL-001    0000012894
Richland Motors Inc.                       RICHLAND-001     0000020049
Richmond,Joy D                             RICHMOND,J-001   0000018053
Ricketts,Leslie                            RICKETTS-001     0000017609
Ricketts,Maxine                            RICKETT,MA-001   0000014813
Ricoh Americas Corporation                 RICOH CORP-001   0000002133
Ridnour,Chad                               RIDNOUR,C-001    0000021186
Riffel,David A dba Riffel Photo            RIFFEL,DAV-001   0000020721
Rigby, Rhett                               RIGBY, RHE-001   0000016169
Right Angle Framing                        RIGHT ANGL-001   0000017392
Riley, Jocelyn dba Her Own Words           HER OWN WD-001   0000014889
Riley,Sheila L                             RILEY,S L-001    0000017874
Rio Grande Jewelry                         RIOGRANDEJ-001   0000009366
Riojas Enterprises Inc/Able Employment     RIOJAS INC-001   0000013529
Rise Vision USA Inc dba Rise Display       RISE DISPL-002   0000018317
Risebig,Meribeth A                         RISEBIG,ME-001   0000016861
Rising Books Inc                           RISING BKS-001   0000017477
Ritter,Laura                               RITTER,LAU-001   0000016596
Rivas,Rebecca Susana                       RIVAS,R S-001    0000017169
River City Ts                              RIVER CITY-001   0000003470
River Salvage                              ARABIA MSM-001   0000013614
Rizzo,Margaret Schmitz                     RIZZO,MARG-001   0000016948
Roach,John S                               ROACH,JOHN-001   0000018161
Roach,Kirby                                ROACH,KIRB-001   0000018384
Roaring Spring Paper Products              ROARING SP-001   0000000946
Roath,George                               ROATH,GEOR-001   0000007098
Robards,Gregory R.                         ROBARDS,GR-001   0000021123
Robben,Michael                             ROBBEN,MI-001    0000019997
Robert Brunkow dba Advanced Fitness Tech   ADV FITNES-001   0000005376
Robert McNeel & Associates                 ROBT MCNEL-001   0000016642
Roberts Auto Plaza Inc                     ROBER AUTO-001   0000019862
Roberts Chevrolet Inc                      ROBERT INC-002   0000017178
Roberts Tool and Die                       ROBERTSTL-001    0000015258
Roberts, Steve dba Complete Roofing Sou    COMPL ROOF-001   0000019308
Roberts,Deb                                ROBERTS,DE-001   0000015957
Roberts,Joshua                             ROBERTS,JO-002   0000017566
Robertson Asset Group dba MFASCO           MFASCO-001       0000016485
Robinson,Kathleen Anne                     ROBINS,KAT-001   0000017911
Robinson,Sheila                            ROBINSN,SH-001   0000008787
Robinson,Sheila                            ROBINS,SHE-002   0000016689
Rochester Institute of Technology          ROCHESTER-002    0000017927
Rocker,Darryl                              ROCK,DARRY-001   0000017744
Rockhurst High School                      ROCKHUR HS-001   0000002394
Rockhurst Univ CE dba National Seminars    NATL SMNRS-001   0000000814
Rockledge Hotel Prop dba Westin Seattle    WESTIN SEA-001   0000015418
Rocky Mountain RAM LLC                     ROCKY MOUN-001   0000014739
Rodbeck Ads dba Union Labor Directory      UNION LABO-001   0000004949
Roder,Brian                                RODER,BRI-001    0000006884
Rodriguez Mechanical Contractors Inc.      RODRIGUEZ-001    0000017645
Rodriguez,Linda L                          RODRIGUEZ-002    0000021248
Rodriguez,Robert                           RODRIG,ROB-001   0000016915
Rogers MFG Inc                             RMI-001          0000016132
Rogers Printing Company, Inc.              ROGERS-001       0000018565
Rogers,Gloria                              ROGERS,GLO-001   0000017524
Rogers,Kathy                               ROGERS,KAT-001   0000015794
Rogers,Richard dba Rogers Mobil Welding    ROGERS-002       0000019640
Rogers,Roberta-Jean Urban                  ROGERS,ROB-001   0000014286
Rohmiller,Ryan                             ROHMILL,RY-001   0000018418
Roldan,William                             ROLDAN,WIL-001   0000021225
Roll Call Inc                              ROLL CALL-001    0000019391
Roll-Offs of America, Inc.                 ROLL-OFFS-001    0000020520
Rolling Frito Lay Sales LP                 ROLL FRITO-001   0000017405
Rolling Hills Publishing                   ROLLING HI-001   0000017679
Rolling Stone                              ROLL STONE-001   0000010080
Romac Liquid Waste Disposal System LLC     ROMAC-001        0000017758
Ron Mears Appreciated Advertising Inc      RON MEARS-001    0000001914
Roof Asset Management Services             ROOF ASSET-001   0000011028
Roof Top Services Inc                      ROOF TOP-001     0000018873
Rooney,Jeanne M                            ROONEY,JEA-001   0000003392
Rose Moon Inc dba Moon Products            MOON PROD-001    0000015768
Rose Printing Co Inc                       ROSE PRINT-001   0000019859
Rose, Roger A.                             ROSE,ROGER-001   0000015596
Rosehill Gardens Inc                       ROSEHILL G-001   0000000950
Rosemann & Associates PC                   ROSEMANN-001     0000019858
Rosen,Selina                               ROSEN,SE-001     0000018450
Rosener's Restaurant & Inn Inc             ROSENER'S-001    0000018058
Roskan,Louisanne                           ROSKAN,LOU-001   0000018369
Ross,Donna dba TransEmploy Solutions LLC   ROSS,DONNA-001   0000019837
Ross,Gayle                                 ROSS,GAYLE-001   0000018496
Ross,John M.                               ROSS,JOHN-001    0000021229
Ross,Keith                                 ROSS,KEITH-001   0000019712
Rossi,Ermanno A                            ROSSI,ERMA-001   0000019416
Rotary Club Independence                   ROTARY CLB-003   0000008348
Rotary Club of Kansas City International   ROTARY CLB-001   0000003336
Rotary Club of Lees Summit                 ROTARY LS-001    0000002123
Roth,Ruth dba Occasions Catering           OCCASIONS-001    0000000817
Roth,Stephanie A                           ROTH,STEP-001    0000020215
Roto-Rooter Plumbing Service               ROTO ROOTR-001   0000000953
Rottinghaus Company Inc. dba Subway        SUBWAY-003       0000021014
Roundtown Media LLC                        ROUNDTOWN-001    0000018943
Routh,John                                 ROUTH,JOHN-001   0000017010
Rowland,Donna J                            ROWL,DON-001     0000020145
Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group      ROWMAN PUB-001   0000006197
Roxberry Juice Co                          ROXBERRY-001     0000020002
Roy F Johnson Co Inc                       ROY JOHNSN-001   0000020038
Royal Consumer Information Products, Inc   ROYAL CON-001    0000020608
Royal Equipment Co                         ROYAL EQUI-001   0000003598
Royal Equipment Service                    ROYAL EQUP-001   0000015310
Royal Fire Protection Inc                  ROYAL FIRE-001   0000000955
Royal Metal Industries Inc                 ROYAL META-001   0000019860
Royal Papers Inc.                          ROYAL-001        0000020074
Rozine, Jacqueline L.                      ROZ-001          0000015832
Ruby Tuesday                               RUBY TUESD-001   0000018342
Ruffin,Sara dba Sonie Ruffin Fabric        RUFFIN,SA-001    0000015367
Ruland,Elizabeth Allman                    RULAND,ELI-001   0000016757
Rule,Christopher                           RULE,CHRIS-001   0000004803
Rush,Ja Ron                                RUSH,JARON-001   0000017676
Rush,John                                  RUSH,JOHN-001    0000013616
Russco Custom Fabrications Inc.            RUSSCO-001       0000021195
Russell,Brandon                            RUSSEL,BRA-001   0000020445
Rust,Thomas dba Southwest Edu Enterprise   SW EDU-001       0000004272
Ruth Burke and Associates                  RUTH BURKE-001   0000017425
Ryals,Gene III                             RYALS,GENE-001   0000017707
Ryals,Gene Jr                              RYALS,GENE-002   0000019793
Ryan,Hugh                                  RYAN,HUGH-001    0000001239
Ryan,John dba African American Publicat    AFRICAN AM-001   0000008681
Ryan,Katherine                             RYAN,KAT-001     0000016624
Rykor,Kayo                                 RYKOR,KAYO-001   0000018588
Rzepka,Tom                                 RZEPKA,TOM-001   0000017817
S&W Waterproofing Inc                      S&W WTRPRF-001   0000000959
S.W.I. (SOUTHWEST IMPORT CO. INC)          SW IMPORTS-001   0000021194
SA Flick Seed Company dba Flick Seed CO    FLICK SEED-001   0000019474
SBC - Integrated Solutions                 SBC INTE-001     0000014888
SCRIP INC DBA PRO-MED PRODUCTS             PRO MED-001      0000009150
SCW LMM Inc dba Les Mills Midwest          LES MILLS-001    0000019710
SESAC Inc                                  SESAC INC-001    0000004603
SFS Architecture, Inc.                     SFS ARCHIT-001   0000020978
SHAW ELECTRIC COMPANY                      SHAW ELEC-001    0000016523
SHRM of Greater Kansas City Inc            SHRM KC-001      0000000460
SHRM/Society for Humn Resourc Management   SHRM-001         0000004488
SIG Sauer, Inc. dba SIG Sauer Academy      SIG SAUER-001    0000020076
SIGMANET Inc                               SIGMANET-001     0000014102
SIL Fitness Inc                            SIL FITNSS-001   0000010739
SIXTA,PEGGY M.                             SIXTA,P-001      0000020920
SK Design Group Inc                        SK DESIGN-001    0000018750
SKC Communications Products Inc            SKC COMM-001     0000009917
SLC of Lees Summit Inc                     SLC LS INC-001   0000020104
SM Corporate Care LLC                      CORP CARE-001    0000013989
SOUTHERN COMPUTER WAREHOUSE                SOUTHERN-002     0000017882
SPSS an IBM Company                        SPSS-002         0000020091
SPX Corporation                            SPX CORP-001     0000008438
SPX Valley Forge                           SPX-001          0000018250
STAEDTLER-Mars LTD                         STAEDTLER-001    0000019446
STEDI LLC                                  STEDI-001        0000019179
STORY,KACI                                 STORY,KACI-001   0000020798
STRICKLER,SCOTT D                          STRICKLER,-001   0000020918
SUNDIN,KYLE WILLIAM                        SUNDIN,KYL-001   0000020932
SUSSEX PUBLISHERS, INC.                    SUSSEX-001       0000021223
SVIDEO.COM LLC                             SVIDEO.COM-001   0000018884
Sable Computer Inc dba KIS                 KIS-001          0000017006
Sachse,Roger                               SACHSE,RGR-001   0000010756
Sackman,Doug C                             SACKMN,DOU-001   0000013429
Safety Kleen Systems Inc                   SAFETY KLE-001   0000000968
Safety Meeting Outlines Inc                SAFETY MEE-001   0000013454
Safety Remedy Inc                          SAFETY REM-001   0000011456
Safety Video Direct LLC                    SAFETY VD-001    0000019034
Sage Publications Inc                      SAGE PUBL-001    0000000970
SageRyder Inc                              SAGERYDER-001    0000013606
Sailler-Moore,Joan M                       SAILLER-MO-001   0000017690
Saint Joe Distributing                     SAINT JOE-001    0000007688
Saint Lukes Hospital                       SAINT LUKE-001   0000001077
Saint Paul School of Theology              SAINT PAUL-001   0000011423
Saladino Plumbing & Heating Co             SALADINO-002     0000017641
Sallie Mae Inc                             SALLIE MAE-001   0000017871
Sallustio,Mauro                            SAL,MAURO-001    0000017359
Salois,Todd J dba ProSource Specialties    PROSOURCE-003    0000020482
Salsbury Industries                        SALSBRY IN-001   0000007682
Sam Ash Quikship Corporation               SAM ASH-001      0000020206
Sammons Preston Rolyan                     SAMMPREST-001    0000006092
Samoei,Peter                               SAMOEI,PET-001   0000019424
Sams Club                                  SAMS CLUB-001    0000002779
Sams,Tiffany                               SAMS,TIFF-001    0000020146
Samsill Corporation                        SAMSILL-001      0000002389
Samuel French Inc                          SAMUEL FRE-002   0000000972
Samuel French, Inc.                        SAMUEL FRE-001   0000014733
Samuel,Cassandra                           SAMUEL,CAS-001   0000016860
Samwiches Inc                              SAMWICHES-001    0000018311
Sand Blast Entertainment Inc               SAND BLAST-001   0000017858
Sand Slingers Racing LLC                   SSR-001          0000019654
SandCrafters LLC                           SANDCRAFT-001    0000019939
Sander,Kelly F                             SANDER,KEL-001   0000017437
Sandia Peak Tram Co                        SANDIA PK-001    0000020204
Sandoval,Edward dba Sandoval Services LL   SANDOVAL S-001   0000021212
Sands,Vernon Craig                         SANDS,V C-001    0000019695
Sandy Brae Laboratories, Inc.              SANDY BRAE-001   0000020400
Sanibel Investments dba Crown Cleaning     CROWN CLN-001    0000018519
Santa Clarita Community College District   SANTACLARI-001   0000020504
Santa Fe Service & Sales Co Inc            SANTA FE S-001   0000000973
Sanzo Specialties Inc                      SANZO INC-001    0000017885
Sara's Flowers                             SARA'S FLW-001   0000018815
Sartoris, Thera dba Erie Computer Compan   ERIE COMP-001    0000013023
Satellite Janitorial Co Inc                SATELL JAN-001   0000008570
Sautter Communications                     SAUTTER-001      0000012502
Savant Corp dba Radiator Depot             RADIATOR-002     0000019716
Saxer,Jane                                 SAXER,JANE-001   0000016737
Saxer,Jane                                 SAXER,JANE-002   0000018660
Sbarge,Beverly G. dba Slide Presentation   SLIDE PRES-001   0000021215
Scan Sound, Inc.                           SCAN SOUND-001   0000020786
Scandium, Inc. dba Apex Lamps              APEX LAMPS-001   0000021130
Scantron Corporation                       SCANTRON-001     0000001055
Scapegoat Press LLC                        SCAPEGOAT-001    0000018367
Scenery Solution                           SCENERY SO-001   0000015549
Schaefer,Brenda J                          SCHAEF,BJ-001    0000017454
Schank,James                               SCHANK,JA-001    0000020558
Scheel,Kyle                                SCHEEL,KYL-001   0000019586
Scheer,Cory                                SCHEER-001       0000017534
Schefers Roofing Company                   SCHEFER RF-001   0000017536
Scheidt,Dana                               SCHEIDT,DA-001   0000020846
Schieber,William L                         SCHIEB,WIL-001   0000017470
Schiller's Audio Visual                    SCHILLER'S-001   0000017683
Schipper & CO USA dba Colorblends          COLORBLEN-001    0000013445
Schipper & Co USA                          SCHIPER CO-001   0000002605
Schlichting,James W                        SCHLICH,JA-001   0000019832
Schmelzle,Robert C                         SCHMELZ,RO-001   0000019986
Schmidli, Steven                           SCHMIDLI-001     0000018572
Schmidt,Rick                               SCHMIDT,RI-001   0000012647
Schmitz,Roger A                            SCHMITZ,RO-001   0000017710
Schneider,Greg                             SCHNEID,GR-001   0000018424
ScholarBuys LLC                            SCHOLAR-001      0000020442
Scholarship America                        SCHOLAR AM-001   0000012642
Scholastic Inc dba Scholastic Book Clubs   SCHOLASTIC-002   0000011410
Scholastic Library Publishing              SCHOLASTIC-003   0000011774
School Health Corp                         SCHOOL HEA-001   0000017722
School Music Group                         HUME MUSIC-001   0000012089
School Outfitters                          SCHOOL OUT-001   0000010527
School Speciality dba Frey Scientific      FREY SCNTF-001   0000000589
School Specialty Inc                       SCHOOL SPE-001   0000001969
School Specialty Inc dba Spark             SPARK-001        0000020578
Schottel,Kathryn                           SCHOT,KATH-001   0000007725
Schottel,Kathy                             SCHOTT,KAT-001   0000015597
Schriefers Office Equipment                SCHRI OFFI-001   0000019800
Schroff Development Corporation            SCHROFF-001      0000016495
Schuler,Claire                             SCHUL,CLAI-001   0000018654
Schultz,Lori L.                            SCHULT,LO-001    0000017356
Schurke & Associates                       SCHURKE-001      0000015237
Schuster,Pamela                            SCHUST,PAM-001   0000018525
Schutte Lumber Co                          SCHUTTE LU-001   0000001059
Sci-ED Warehouse                           SCI-ED-001       0000015497
Science Pioneers Inc                       SCIENCE-002      0000020763
Scientific American MIND                   SCIE AMER-001    0000016739
Scientific Publishing LTD                  SCIE PUBL-001    0000019052
Scientific Specialties Inc                 SCIENTIFIC-001   0000018346
Sciolaro,Sabra                             SCIOLARO,S-001   0000021169
Scott Electric                             SCOTT ELEC-001   0000001780
Scott Rice Office Works                    SCOTT RICE-001   0000010865
Scott,C Kirk III                           SCOTT,C K-001    0000018284
Scott,Ian                                  SCOTT,IAN-001    0000011545
Scott,Jane                                 SCOTT,JANE-001   0000010858
Scott,L Carol dba LC ASSOCIATES            SCOTT,L C-001    0000017114
Scott,Maria Diane                          SCOTT,MARI-001   0000020903
Scottdale Communty College                 SCOTTDALE-001    0000017509
Screenscope Inc                            SCREENSCOP-001   0000018704
Scripps Media cba KMCI -TV                 KMCI -TV-001     0000006847
Scrubs by Virginia                         SCRUBS-001       0000016393
Seabrooks,Joe                              SEABROOK,J-001   0000017081
Seal O Matic                               SEAL O MAT-001   0000014106
Seaman,Peter W                             SEAMAN,PET-001   0000017097
Secoa Inc                                  SECOA INC-001    0000017901
Secure Banking Solutions/ SBS Security     SBS-001          0000016086
Secure-It Inc                              SECURE-IT-001    0000018928
Security Cameras Direct                    SEC CAMERA-001   0000016640
See-More Signs Mfg Inc                     SEE MOR SI-001   0000001065
Segar,Wendell                              SEGAR,WEN-001    0000018484
Seidel,Michael                             SEIDEL,MI-001    0000017029
Seifert,Leroy dba Leroy's Sports Fields    LEROY SPRT-001   0000020325
Seifert,Meg                                SEIFERT,ME-001   0000009907
Seiler Instrument & Manufacturing          SEILER INS-001   0000007293
Selby,Monte                                SELBY,MONT-001   0000012629
Select Photo-Graphics                      SELECT-002       0000019041
Sellers & Marquis Roofing Co               SELLERS MA-001   0000001066
Semsch,Jerry                               SEMSCH,JER-001   0000013247
Senna Technology Systems                   SENNA TECH-001   0000001029
Serrano,Stephen D                          SERRANO,ST-001   0000018398
Servco Equipment & Supply                  SERV-001         0000017058
Servco Equipment & Supply dba Serv-U       SERV-U-001       0000020024
Servi-Tech Inc                             SERVI-TECH-001   0000020227
Service Electric Inc                       SERVICE EL-001   0000004602
Service Printing and Graphics, Inc.        SRV PRINT-001    0000019399
Service Wholesale Inc                      SERV WHLSL-001   0000001031
Seton Identification Products              SETON PRO-001    0000017980
Seven Up Bottling Group                    SEVEN GRP-001    0000007473
Sevy,Adam                                  SEVY,ADAM-001    0000018331
Sew What? Inc.                             SEW-001          0000017016
Sewell Direct                              SEWELL-001       0000018430
Sewell,Bruce A                             SEWELL,BRU-001   0000017255
Sexton,Cynthia M                           SEXTN,CYNT-001   0000005576
Shabbir,Mahnaz M                           SHABBIR,MA-001   0000016786
Shafer,Dennis                              SHAFER,DEN-001   0000020666
Shafer,Todd                                SHAFER,TOD-001   0000020518
Shahin,Maha                                SHAHIN,MAH-001   0000013672
Shamieva,Shahodat                          SHAMIEVA-001     0000021019
Shamrock Scientific Specialty Systems      SHAM SCIEN-001   0000019873
Shamrock dba Medical Equipment Affiliate   MED EQUIP-001    0000008088
Shanteau,Leland                            SHANTE,LE-001    0000020388
Shaped Steel Inc                           SHAPED-001       0000019228
Shareit Inc                                SHAREIT-001      0000013473
Sharp,David E                              SHARP,DAV-001    0000015197
Shaughnassy Kniep Hawe Paper Co            SHAUG KNIE-001   0000019836
Shaw Supply Company                        SHAW SUPPL-001   0000014716
Shaw,Jordan                                SHAW,JORDN-001   0000017220
Shawnee Mission Ford                       SM FORD-001      0000010421
Shawnee Mission Medical Center             SM MED CNT-001   0000005927
Shawnee Mission School District            SHAWNEE MS-001   0000016551
Shawnee Mission Tree/Arbor Mastr Tree      ARBOR MAST-001   0000020168
Sheerin Scientific Company Inc             SHEERN SCN-001   0000001032
Sheil,Stephanie A.                         SHEIL,STEP-001   0000010113
Shelley,Bonnie R                           SHELLEY,BO-001   0000015473
Shelton,Carole E                           SHELTON,CA-001   0000016873
Shelton,Miles                              SHELTON,MI-001   0000019359
Shelton,Nancy                              SHELTN,NAN-001   0000011349
Shelving, Inc.                             SHELVING-001     0000019567
Shepherd,James Matthew DBA Matt Shepherd   SHEPHERD,M-001   0000020602
Shepherds Center of Kansas City Central    SHEPHERDS-001    0000020163
Sherbondy,Jeff                             SHERBON,JE-001   0000014350
Sherman,Clint                              SHERMAN,CL-001   0000021129
Sherpy,K'Lynn dba Body Work                SHERPY,K-001     0000017899
Sherwin-Williams                           SHERWIN WL-001   0000010151
Shields,Tamara L                           SHIELDS,TA-001   0000016483
Shipps Dental & Speciality Products        SHIPPS-001       0000019054
Sho-Rei-Shobu-Kan                          SHO-REI-001      0000018085
Shockey,Carolyn                            SHOCK,CARL-001   0000017565
Shop Anatomical Inc.                       SHOP ANATO-001   0000019575
Shoppa's Mid America LLC                   SHOPPA LLC-001   0000018042
Shore Tire Co Inc                          SHORE TIRE-001   0000018759
Shore-Line Manufacturing Co                SHORE-LINE-001   0000006817
Short,Laura L.                             SHORT,LAUR-001   0000011921
Shouse,Deborah                             SHOUSE,DEB-001   0000006280
Show Me Optical                            SHOW ME OP-001   0000020287
Show Your Logo Inc                         SHOW YOUR-001    0000020683
Showtime Equestrian Center                 SHOW EQUES-001   0000012342
Shrawder,John dba Pentronics Publishing    PENTRONICS-001   0000004372
Shred-Pro LLC                              SHRED-PRO-001    0000014008
Shuck,Christine D dba 25th Hr Organizing   SHUCK,CHRS-001   0000018554
Shull,Matthew                              SHULL,MATT-001   0000018111
Shure Incorporated                         SHURE INC-001    0000009138
Sid Tool Co dba MSC Indust Supply Co Inc   MSC INDUST-001   0000001807
Sideliner Sports LLC                       SIDELINER-001    0000019303
Siegert,Stacey                             SIEGERT,ST-001   0000019996
Siemens Industry Inc                       SIEMENS-001      0000004060
Siemens Product Lifecycle Managemnt soft   SIEMEN INC-001   0000017298
Sierra Building Products                   SIERA BLDG-001   0000004309
Sierra Cabinets                            SIERRA CAB-001   0000004338
Sifuentes,Joseph Ryan                      SIFUENT,JO-001   0000018658
Sigma Solutions Inc                        SIGMA INC-001    0000019865
Sigma-Aldrich                              SIGMA ALDR-002   0000002235
Sign Language Specialists Inc              SIGN LANG-001    0000014828
Signature Offset                           SIGNATURE-002    0000018402
Signcaster Corp dba Johnson Plastics       JOHN PLAST-001   0000016734
Silber Spoons Catering                     SILBER SPR-001   0000009254
Silicon Mountain Memory, Inc.              SILICON-001      0000008520
Silver Interprises of KS Inc               SILVER INT-001   0000015345
Silver Screen Design Inc                   SILV SCREE-001   0000019847
SilverPlatter Information Inc              SILVERPLAT-001   0000001787
Silvey,Chad dba The Kettle Stop            SILVEY,CHA-001   0000001997
Simmons Law Enforcement Inc                SIMM LAW-001     0000013442
Simmons,Ashley                             SIMMONS,A-001    0000016710
Simon Property Group, Inc.                 SIMON-001        0000018594
Simon Roofing & Sheet Metal Corp           SIMON ROOF-001   0000020893
Simon,Betty Jo                             SIMON,B J-001    0000018459
Simplex Grinnell                           SIMPLX GRN-001   0000009360
Simply Green Lawn Sprinklers Inc           SIMPLY GRN-001   0000013314
SimuREAL, Inc.                             SIMUREAL-001     0000020181
Simul8                                     SIMUL8-001       0000021214
Simulaids Inc                              SIMULAIDS-001    0000010360
Simulation Curriculum Corp                 SIMULATION-002   0000019619
Simulation Training Systems Inc            SIMULATION-001   0000006844
Simulution, Inc                            SIMULUTION-001   0000019014
Sioux City NVI LLC                         NEW VICTOR-004   0000020824
Sirchie Acquisition Company, LLC           SIRCHIE-001      0000011105
Sirius Computer Solutions Inc              SIRIUS COM-002   0000019856
Sisk,Michael W.                            SISK,MICHA-001   0000014086
Sisters of the Academy Institute           SISTERSACA-001   0000017951
Six Flags St Louis Theme Park              SIX FLAGS-001    0000002433
Skeeter Kell Sporting Goods                SKEETER KS-001   0000014023
SkillPath                                  SKILLPATH-001    0000001039
SkillsUSA Inc                              SKILLSUSA-001    0000003377
SkillsUSA Missouri                         MO SKILLS-001    0000014435
Skinner,Jason                              SKINNER,JA-001   0000020394
Skoglund,Barb                              SKOGL,BARB-001   0000006145
Skulls Unlimited International             SKU-001          0000016901
Skyline Book Binding Machines              SKY-001          0000016563
Slack Incorporated                         SLACK INC-001    0000001978
Slater,Joyce                               SLATER,JOY-001   0000003327
Slavens,Rita A                             SLAVENS,RI-001   0000019687
Slice Inc                                  SLICE INC-002    0000018942
Small Business Institute                   SBI-001          0000017681
Smallwood Locksmiths                       SMALWD LCK-001   0000001042
SmarThinking                               SMARTHINKI-001   0000018234
Smart Cabling Solutions Inc                SMART CABL-001   0000019843
Smart Technologies                         SMART TECH-001   0000015309
SmarterServices, LLC                       SMARTERSER-001   0000020784
Smarterville Educational LLC/Sunburst Te   EDU RES-001      0000000402
Smiley,Charles                             DJ SMILEY-001    0000021141
Smit,Elsje                                 SMIT,EL-001      0000018301
Smith & Associates Inc                     SMITH INC-001    0000006620
Smith Agency Inc                           SMITH AGEN-001   0000002402
Smith Brothers                             SMITH BROS-001   0000001043
Smith, Katheleen                           SMIT-001         0000015606
Smith, Michael / Thoroughbred Entertain    SMITH,MIKE-002   0000019407
Smith,Allen W dba Ironwood Publications    SMITH,ALLN-001   0000018746
Smith,Anthony W                            SMITH,A W-001    0000016852
Smith,Dennis L                             SMITH,DEN-001    0000018385
Smith,Hayden                               SMITH,HAYD-001   0000013076
Smith,James                                SMITH,JAME-002   0000018024
Smith,Katheleen                            SMITH,KAT-001    0000009783
Smith,Lynnetta (Ladd) dba LS Management    SMITH,LYNN-002   0000019158
Smith,Sara                                 SMITH,SARA-001   0000018653
Smith,Suzan K                              SMITH,SUZN-001   0000011492
Smithsonian Institution                    SMITHSONIA-001   0000021205
Smithville Chamber of Commerce             SMITHVILLE-001   0000011286
Smithville School District                 SMITH SCHL-001   0000008807
Smitty's Lawn & Garden Equipment           SMITTY LWN-001   0000016244
Smokehouse Bar-B-Que                       SMOKEHOUSE-001   0000002641
Smurfitt-Stone Container                   SMURFITT-001     0000012199
Snacks on Racks Inc                        SNACKS INC-001   0000016690
Snyder,Kenneth dba Legal Eagle Newslette   LEGAL EAGL-001   0000015912
Sobbe,William J                            SOBBE,WILL-001   0000009017
Soccer America LLC                         SOCCER AME-001   0000021224
Soccer Unlimited                           SOCCER-001       0000019201
Social Studies School Service              SOCSTUDSCH-001   0000001769
Society for College and University Plan    SOCIETY CO-001   0000016277
Society for Science & the Public           SOCIETY-001      0000017768
Society for Simulation in Healthcare       SOCIETY SH-001   0000017898
Society of Manufacturing Engineers         SOC MFG EN-001   0000004036
SoftChalk                                  SOFTCHALK-001    0000017479
Softstudy                                  SOFTSTUDY-001    0000017067
Software Express, Inc.                     SOFTWARE E-001   0000020864
Software Plus                              SOFTWR PLU-001   0000003321
Soil Service Garden Center Inc             SOIL SVC-001     0000019380
Sol's Glass Co Inc                         SOLS GLASS-001   0000005988
Solar Link Technologies                    SOLAR LINK-001   0000020154
Solcon Inc dba QuickMedical                QUICKMED-001     0000019037
Soli & Soli Inc dba Soli Printing          SOLI PRINT-001   0000014482
Solmetric Corporation                      SOLMETRIC-001    0000020119
Solomon Corporation                        SOLOMON-002      0000019781
Soltys Screen Print dba Raytwn Scrn Prnt   RAYTW SCRN-001   0000006769
Solutions Now Inc                          SOLUTION-001     0000018537
Solutions4Sure.com dba Tech Depot          TECH DEPOT-001   0000009177
Soma Technology, Inc.                      SOMA-001         0000018605
Somali Foundation Inc                      SOMALI INC-001   0000016700
Sommers Sales and Service Inc.             SOMMERS-001      0000015191
Sommers,Stephen R                          SOMM,STE-001     0000018483
Sonneuschein,Sheila                        SONNE,SHEI-001   0000016769
Sonshine Graphics                          SONSHINE-001     0000017233
Sony Electronics/Retail Services           SONY ELECT-001   0000012582
Sorens,Jon                                 SOREN,JON-001    0000014264
Sorkins Inc dba Sorkins Directory Inc      SORKNS INC-001   0000001051
Sound Check Enterprises Inc.               SOUND CHEC-001   0000020123
Source Medical Equipment, LLC              SOURCE MED-001   0000019558
Source Technologies Inc                    SOURC TECH-001   0000001953
South Dakota State University              SD STATE-001     0000018804
South Eastern Book Co                      SOUTH BOOK-001   0000010614
South Kansas City Chamber of Commerce      SOUTH KC-001     0000006000
Southeast Laser, Inc.                      SE LASER-001     0000017050
Southeast Missouri State University        SOUTH MO-001     0000002630
Southern Advantage Company, Inc.           SOUTHERN A-001   0000019518
Southern Aluminum Mfg., Inc.               SOUTH ALUM-001   0000019369
Southern Platte Fire Protection Dist       SOUTHERN-003     0000018032
Southern Police Equipment Co Inc.          SOUTHERN P-001   0000020100
Southern Regional Education Board          SOUTH EDU-001    0000012876
Southern Uniform & Equipment               SOUTHERN-004     0000020261
Southside Services Inc                     SOUTHSIDE-001    0000018540
Southtown Glass Company                    SOUTH GLAS-001   0000006716
Southwest Center for Independent Living    SOUTH LVNG-001   0000018403
Southwest Communication System             SOU AUDIO-001    0000019874
Southwest Solutions Group Inc              SOUTHWEST-002    0000020727
Southwest Steel Fabricators Inc.           SOUTHWEST-001    0000017653
Southwestern Bell Tel CO dba AT&T          AT&T-001         0000000138
Space Plus LLC                             SPACE PLUS-001   0000019872
Spaces Inc                                 SPACES INC-001   0000014010
Spallo,Tina                                SPALLO,TI-001    0000016422
Spanish Bay Venture dba Rons Home Hrdwre   RONS HOME-001    0000019881
Sparrow Community Development Corp         SPARROW-001      0000019267
Spath,Patrice DBA Brown Spath and Assoc    BROWN SPAT-001   0000016027
Spear Inc                                  SPEAR INC-001    0000018107
Spearman,Elvis O Jr                        SPEARMAN,E-001   0000003744
Specialty Concepts Fences Inc.             SPEC-001         0000016810
Specialty Store Services                   SPECIALTY-001    0000017735
Spectrum Consulting Group LLC              SPECTRUM-003     0000019173
Spectrum Industries Inc                    SPEC IND-001     0000019835
Spectrum Laboratory Products Inc           SPECT LAB-001    0000006430
Spectrum Marketing Services LLC            SPECTRUM-004     0000020343
SpeedPro Imaging KC North LLC              SPEEDPRO-001     0000020694
Spencer Fane Britt & Browne LLP            SPENCR LLP-001   0000015231
Spencer Johnsn Partnrs LLC/Red Tree Inc    RED TREE-001     0000018993
Spencer Johnson Partners                   SPEN-001         0000015720
Spencer Reed Group Inc                     SPENCER RD-001   0000015637
Spencer,Barbara                            SPENCR,BAR-001   0000006038
Spiraledge, Inc. dba Swimoutlet.com        SWIMOUTLET-001   0000020976
Spirit Ice Cream of Kansas Cit LLC         SPIRIT ICE-001   0000014858
Spirit Products LTD                        SPIRIT PRO-001   0000015749
Spirit Whispers LLC                        SPIRIT WHI-001   0000017521
Spivey Group LLC db Safe Travl Institute   SAFE TRAVL-001   0000018743
Spivey Group dba Center for Personal       CENTER-002       0000018237
Sporer,James R                             SPORER,JA-001    0000013824
Sport Supply Group Inc dba BSN Sports      BSN SPORTS-001   0000012486
Sport Supply Group, Inc. dba BSN Sports    BSN SPORTS-002   0000019371
Sportime LLC dba Spark Programs            SPORTIME-001     0000015402
Sports Supply Group dba Tomark Sports      TOMARK SPO-001   0000013382
Sportsmith                                 SPORTSMITH-001   0000004291
Sportswall                                 SPORTSWALL-001   0000018343
Spotz,Matthew                              SPOTZ,MATT-001   0000016820
Spragg,Hannah Rose                         SPRAGG,HA-001    0000020571
Springboard Development Co Inc.            AFFORDABLE-002   0000021184
Springfield-Greene County Library Distr    SPRING LBR-001   0000015010
Springshare Inc                            SPRINGSHAR-001   0000020638
Sprinkle,Patricia H.                       SPRINK,PAT-001   0000013461
Sprint Solutions, Inc.                     SPRINT-001       0000001076
Sprouse,Alfred Brian                       SPROUSE,AL-001   0000018027
Spyn Design + Marketing (Spyn LLC)         SPYN DESGN-001   0000018176
Square Grove dba The Human Solution        HUMAN SOL-001    0000020509
Srpingboard, Inc.                          STUDENT ME-001   0000021064
St Charles Community College               ST CHARLES-002   0000010544
St John La Lande Parish                    ST JOHN-001      0000015451
St Joseph School District                  ST JO SCHL-001   0000002642
St Joseph Youth Alliance Inc               ST JOSEPH-002    0000016943
St Louis Cardinals                         ST LOUIS-002     0000017185
St Louis Community College                 SLCC-001         0000005534
St Louis Post Dispatch LLC                 ST LOUIS-003     0000003524
St. Paul Stamp Works dba Allen Markings    ALLEN MARK-001   0000000163
Staging Concepts                           STAGING-001      0000017737
Stahl, Sheldon W.                          STAHL-001        0000016606
Stallings,Wanda                            STALL,WAN-001    0000015958
Stalter,Becky                              STALTER,BE-001   0000011908
Standard                                   STANDARD-003     0000012863
Standard Battery Inc                       STANDARD-004     0000019089
Standard Coffee Services                   STANDARDCO-001   0000014833
Standard Sheet Metal                       STAN SHEET-001   0000015632
Standard Tools Equipment Co dba Tool USA   TOOLS USA-001    0000020533
Standris Medical Supply Inc                STANDRIS-001     0000012815
Stanford,Charles W                         STANFORD,C-001   0000014928
Stanger Industries Inc                     STANGR IND-001   0000001081
Stanion Wholesale Electric Co Inc          STANION-001      0000019791
Stanley M Slowik Inc                       STANLEYINC-001   0000012820
Stanley Security Solutions Inc             STANLEYINC-002   0000015300
Stanley, Darren W dba Service-Rite Med     SERV RITE-001    0000015940
Staples Advantage dba Corporate Express    STAPLES-001      0000000102
Star Signs LLC                             STAR SIGNS-001   0000002665
Star Thrower Distribution                  STAR THRWR-001   0000010823
Starts With a Dream                        START DRM-001    0000018393
State Chemical                             STATE CHEM-001   0000018745
State Fair Community College               STATE FAIR-001   0000008625
State Historical Society of Missouri       STATE HSMO-001   0000002063
State Industrial Product dba ST Chemical   ST IND/CHE-001   0000010336
State MO/Department of Natural Resources   MO DEPT-002      0000003118
State of Iowa Collection Services Center   COLLECT SV-001   0000020017
State of KS - University Daily Kansan      UNIV DAILY-001   0000015717
State of Missouri                          STATE MO-001     0000001083
State of Missouri Div of Profess Registr   MO BOARD-003     0000019060
Stegeman,Nancy L                           STEGEMN,NA-001   0000018544
Stein,Vicki                                STEIN,VICK-001   0000004720
Step Two Investment LLC                    STAMPEDE-001     0000019871
Step2 Company                              STEP2 CO-001     0000001086
Stephen L. Griffeth dba WaterKem, Inc.     WATERKEM-001     0000019374
Stephens College                           STEPHEN CO-001   0000019721
Stericycle Inc                             STERICYCLE-001   0000007543
Sterling Computers Corp                    STERLING-001     0000018827
Sterling Industries Inc.                   STERL INDU-001   0000014568
Sterling Screen Printing                   STERLG SCR-001   0000014015
Steve Laing Communications                 STEVE COMM-001   0000011422
Steve White Writes                         STEVE WW-001     0000013497
Stevens,Monica                             STEVENS,MO-001   0000015106
Stevenson Inc                              STEVENSON-001    0000012074
Stewart Title of Kansas City Inc           STEWART KC-001   0000017497
Stewart,Betty                              STEWART,BE-001   0000016788
Stewart,Jerry L                            STEWART,JE-001   0000017970
Stewart,Kent                               STEWART,KE-001   0000018338
Stewart,Laura Lachae                       STEWART,LA-001   0000018337
Stewart,Robert J                           STEWART,RO-001   0000018867
Stewart,bruce                              STEWART'S-001    0000019249
Stidham,Pat                                STIDHM,PAT-001   0000013055
Stiehl,Ruth dba Th Learning Organization   LEARN-003        0000017193
Stifel, Perrin B.                          STIF-001         0000015607
Stifel,Perrin B                            STIFEL,PER-001   0000011351
Stigall,James Russell                      STIGALL-001      0000016886
Stipes Publishing L L C                    STIPES PUB-001   0000001087
Stith,Tammy                                STITH,TAM-001    0000019833
Stivers Temporary Personnel                STIVER STA-001   0000001088
Stoebick,Michael                           STOEBIC,MI-001   0000018414
Stoecklin,Vicki L                          STOECK,VI-001    0000017743
Stoelting Co                               STOELTING-001    0000019136
Stolberg,Cavierre dba Get It Done Conslt   STOLBERG,C-001   0000019826
Stolhand,Raymond L                         STOLH,RAY-001    0000020806
Stompoly,Phil                              STOMPOLY,P-001   0000003850
Stone Church                               STONECHRCH-001   0000015055
Stone Lion Puppet Theatre                  STONE LION-001   0000013324
Stone,Michael                              STONE,MI-001     0000018420
Stonehouse Studio                          STONEHOUSE-001   0000016473
Stonewall Cable, Inc.                      STONEWALL-001    0000017811
Stonum,Richard                             STONU,RICH-001   0000016787
Story,Neal                                 STORY,NEAL-001   0000016833
Stoughton,Herbert Dr                       STOUGHT,HE-001   0000016998
Stovall,Deborah Ann                        STOVAL,DEB-001   0000018368
Strahm Automation and Mailing              STRAHM-001       0000019757
Strange,Kelsey Marie                       STRANGE,KE-001   0000020556
Strasser Hardware                          STRAS HRDW-001   0000001091
Strategc Business Hold dba Surgical Inst   SURGI INST-001   0000019727
Strategos: Quarterman Lee                  STR QUARTM-001   0000016674
Stratton,John                              STRATTON,J-001   0000020157
Street,Jill                                STREET,JIL-001   0000017921
Stretching Charts dba Visual Health Info   VHI-001          0000015245
Stride & Cline Inc                         STRIDECLIN-001   0000018808
Strong Supply Inc                          STRONG SUP-001   0000011239
Strong,David dba Strong Photography        STRONG-001       0000017675
Strub,Pat                                  STRUB,PAT-001    0000017226
Structural Inspections, Inc.               STR-001          0000016765
Struebing,Jan                              STRUEB,JAN-001   0000017018
Stryker Sales Corp dba Endoscopy Div       STRYKER EN-001   0000003766
Stryker Sales Corp dba Stryker Medical     STRYKER-001      0000018818
Stubbs Publishing CO                       PLAT CITZN-001   0000000916
Stubbs,Kevin dba Stubbs Construction       STUBBS CON-001   0000020474
Stuckey,Leandra                            STUCK,LEA-001    0000020565
Student African American Brotherhood       STUDENT-001      0000017796
Student Body                               STUD BODY-001    0000015683
Studica Inc                                STUDICA-001      0000018941
Study Missouri Consortium                  STUDY MO-001     0000020299
Stuifbergen Bloembollen Export CO          STUIFBERGE-001   0000002480
Stump Printing Company Inc                 STUMP-001        0000021234
Stuppy Inc                                 STUPPY-001       0000019796
Sturges Word Communications                STURGES-001      0000020276
Stutheit,Phillip D                         STUTH,PHIL-001   0000018831
Suburban Lawn & Garden Inc.                SUBURBAN-001     0000018816
Subway                                     SUBWAY-001       0000017096
Success Link                               SUCCESS LN-001   0000010130
Success Truck Leasing Inc                  SUCCESS TR-001   0000018805
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Resources     SUDDEN DTH-001   0000018645
Sudduth,Heather                            SUDDUTH,HE-001   0000011925
Sugar & Spice Catering                     SUGAR SPIC-001   0000010364
Sullivan,Dan                               NETOP STOR-001   0000020265
Sullivan,Eric David                        SULLIVAN,E-002   0000016859
Summers,Huntley Jr                         SUMMERS,HU-001   0000017242
Summers,Michael                            SUMMERS,MI-001   0000017321
Summit Auto Electric                       SUMMIT-001       0000017827
Summit Equipment & Repair                  SUMMIT EQP-001   0000020816
Summit Hotel dba Fort Smith Comfort Inn    FORT SMITH-001   0000014419
Summit Litho                               SUMIT LITH-001   0000001097
Summit Masonry, Inc.                       SUMMIT MAS-001   0000017626
Sumner Group Inc dba Data Max of KC        DATA MAX-001     0000012734
Sumner,Janice Lorraine                     SUMN,JA-001      0000019956
Sun Fresh                                  SUN FRESH-001    0000019381
Sunderland Brothers Co                     SUND BROTH-001   0000014704
Sunflower Food & Spice Co., LTD            SUNFL FOOD-001   0000017685
Sunflower Publishing                       SUN PUBLIS-001   0000012326
Sunlife System Midwest Inc                 SUNLIFE-001      0000019141
SunnySports                                SUNNYSPORT-001   0000017940
Sunset Tours, Inc                          SUNSET TOU-001   0000015618
Sunset Trails Stables                      SUNSET STA-001   0000015016
Super Clean Plumbing & Drain Cleaning      SUPER CLN-001    0000002032
Super Duper Publications                   SUPER DUPE-001   0000018366
Superco Speciality Products                SUPERCO-001      0000015669
Superior Linen & Workwear                  SUPR LINEN-001   0000002446
Superior Upholstery LLC                    SUPRR UPHL-001   0000003427
Supply Chain Solutions Inc                 SUPPLY INC-001   0000017759
Supply Closet                              SUPPLY CLO-001   0000017259
Support Kansas City Inc                    SUPPORT KC-001   0000020183
Supreme Audio                              SUPRME AUD-001   0000006362
Supreme Court of Missouri                  CLERK SUPR-001   0000020598
Surface Technologies Inc                   SURF TECH-001    0000019852
Surfaces Research                          SURFACE RS-001   0000016849
Surgical Advantage, LLC                    SURGI ADVA-001   0000019961
Surplus Exchange                           SURPLUS EX-001   0000016261
Survey Systems Inc                         SURVEY INC-001   0000009691
SurveyMonkey                               SURVEYMONK-001   0000016699
Sutherland Lumber Company                  SUTHERLAND-002   0000018823
Sutherland,Jeff                            SUTHE,JEFF-001   0000017281
Sutters Mill Specialties dba LXG Inc       LXG-001          0000014293
Svehla,Cynthia Price                       SVEHLA,CY-001    0000018589
Svenson,Nanette                            SVENSO,NA-001    0000019740
Swain,Jayden                               SWAIN,JAY-001    0000019402
Swanegan, Deborah J.                       SWAN-001         0000015608
Swanegan,Deborah J                         SWANEG,DEB-001   0000007644
Swank Audio Visuals LLC                    SWANK AUDI-001   0000015643
Swank Motion Pictures Inc                  SWANK MOTI-001   0000001150
Swank,Josh                                 SWANK,JOSH-001   0000017449
Swanner,Kimberly                           SWANN,KIM-001    0000020147
Swartz,Luke A                              SWARTZ,LUK-001   0000017286
Swartz,Scott dba Sunset Lawn & Landscape   SWARTZ,SCO-001   0000019316
Swayne,Jeffrey S                           SWAYNE,JEF-001   0000016688
Sweetwater Sound                           SWEET MUS-001    0000005470
Swim Things Inc                            SWIM THING-001   0000006959
Swope,Audrey                               SWOPE,AUD-001    0000017502
Sykes,Alvin L                            SYKES,AL-001     0000020749
Syndevco Inc                             SYNDEVCO-001     0000018028
Sysco Kansas City Inc                    SYSCO KC-001     0000000713
Systen, LLC                              SYS-001          0000016619
Szymanski,Jay                            SZYMAN,JAY-001   0000016067
T C Strategies Inc                       T C INC-001      0000016461
T&W Steel Co Inc                         T&W STEEL-001    0000002445
T-Mobile                                 T-MOBILE-001     0000009243
T-Ray Specialties, Inc.                  T-RAY SPEC-001   0000019385
T-Shirt King                             T-SHIRT-001      0000009065
T-Smart Seminars                         T-SMART-001      0000017918
TAB Company Inc                          TAB CO-001       0000019846
TACnologies Limited                      TACNOLOGIE-001   0000012682
TAMKO Building Products Inc              TAMKO-001        0000018077
TANNER,STEVEN R                          DESIGNERS-001    0000021243
TCP Global Corp dba Tri City Paint       TCP GLOBAL-001   0000019775
TED Systems LLC                          TED SYSTMS-001   0000012447
TELLUS Business Services LLC             TELLUS-001       0000018535
TJ's Tree Service                        TJ'S TREE-001    0000019245
TLDB Inc. dba AmeriFence Corporation     AMERIFENCE-001   0000021007
TMA Systems LLC                          TMA SYSTMS-001   0000001103
TRI-Star Seed                            TRISTAR-001      0000015619
TROY BIOLOGICALS INC                     TROY BIOLO-001   0000014896
TURPIN,DEBRA K                           TURPIN,D-001     0000020921
TW Ellis Construction Co Inc.            TW ELLIS-001     0000017652
TW Medical Veterinary Supply             TW MED VET-001   0000008434
TW Metals                                TW METALS-001    0000019084
TW Telecom Holdings Inc                  TW TELECOM-001   0000019210
TWA LLC dba Nuvidia                      NUVIDIA-001      0000000368
Tagaban,Gene                             TAGABAN,G-001    0000021253
Tailor Made Etc                          TAILOR MAD-001   0000016789
Taj Mahal                                TAJ MAHAL-001    0000017427
Taj Palace                               TAJ PALACE-001   0000017506
Takach Press Corporation                 TAKACH-001       0000010742
Take 2 Productions LLC                   TAKE 2 LLC-001   0000015260
Talbott,Linda dba Talbott & Associates   TALBOTT,LI-001   0000019181
Talco Direct Inc                         TALCO DIR-001    0000001105
Talcup Inc dba RS Electronics            RS ELECTRO-001   0000020777
Talent Unlimited                         TALENT UNL-001   0000003154
Tall Oaks Conference Center              TALL OAKS-001    0000007461
Tallent,Chris                            TALLENT,CH-001   0000010067
Talley,Denise Lorraine                   TALLEY,DEN-001   0000015515
Tammeus,William D                          TAMME,WILL-001   0000020870
Tamsamani,Zouhair                          TAMSA,ZOU-001    0000019576
Tandem Environmental Solutions (TESCO)     TESCO-001        0000018084
Tanenbaum Center for Interrelig Understn   TANENBAUM-001    0000017030
Tanner Bolt & Nut Inc                      TANNER-001       0000018824
Tanner,Wendy & Steven dba Design Connect   DESIGN CON-001   0000019685
Tate,Jeremy                                TAT-001          0000017371
Taulbee,Tommy J                            TAULBEE,TO-001   0000019042
Taylor & Francis Inc                       TAYLOR INC-001   0000002404
Taylor Corp. dba Curtis 1000               CURTIS 100-001   0000017804
Taylor,Chad                                TAYLOR,CHD-001   0000013418
Taylor,Delores                             TAYLOR,DEL-001   0000017102
Taylor,Laurel M                            TAYLOR,LA-001    0000020079
Taylor,Lily                                TAYLOR,LIL-001   0000015959
Taylor,Mark L                              TAYLOR,MAR-002   0000017786
Taylor,Sean dba Taylor Profnl Consulting   TAYLOR,SE-001    0000019813
Taylor,Simeon Jameal                       TAYLOR,SIM-001   0000012588
Tchantcheu,Cristele Yamdjeu                TCHAN,CRIS-001   0000018356
Teacher of Englsh to Speak of Other Lang   TESOL-001        0000004651
Teachers College Columbia University       TEACH PRES-001   0000001112
Teachers Insurance Annuity Assoc of Amer   TIAA-001         0000001118
Teaching Strategies Inc                    TEACH STRA-001   0000003070
Team Express Distributing LLC              TEAM EXPRE-001   0000020184
Team Office                                TEAM OFFIC-001   0000009119
Tech Directions Books & Media              TECH DIREC-001   0000015263
Tech Services to Go dba TSI Engineering    TSI ENGINE-001   0000019137
Tech Wyze, Inc.                            TECH WYZE-001    0000017689
TechSmith Corporation                      TECHSMITH-001    0000007715
Techmart Computer Products                 SCHOOLMART-002   0000002085
Techno Aide                                TECHNO AID-001   0000004151
Technology Group Solutions                 TECH GRP-001     0000019797
Technology Resource Center                 TRC-002          0000001800
Technology Solutions LLC                   TECH SOLU-001    0000019747
Techonweb.com                              TECHONWEB-001    0000015059
Ted Systems                                TED SYSTEM-001   0000015368
TedTronnes Advertising & Design            TEDTRON-001      0000017175
Teeter,Matthew Jeffrey                     TEETER,MAT-001   0000019364
Tegrity, Inc.                              TEGRITY-001      0000020305
TekSolutions Inc                           TEKSOL INC-001   0000018852
Teknion LLC                                TEKNION-001      0000020032
Telemedia Inc dba Schoolcraft Publishing   SCHOOL PUB-001   0000003232
Teltex Inc                                 TELTEX EL-001    0000001782
Temples,Amy L                              TEMPLES,AM-001   0000014610
Tennant Sales and Service Company          TENNANT-001      0000001115
Teresa Farnum & Associates Inc             TERESA FAR-001   0000018180
Terex Utilities Inc                        TEREX-001        0000020048
Terry,Shannon M                            TERRY,SHAN-001   0000017973
Test Masters Educational Services Inc      TEST MASTE-001   0000020403
TestPath Inc                               TESTPATH-001     0000019738
Texas Book Co                              TEXAS BOOK-001   0000003116
Texas Transportation Institute             TTI-001          0000020884
Textile Fabric Consultants Inc             TEXTILE-001      0000016568
Thaman,Douglas                             THAMAN,DOU-001   0000020990
Thayer,Judith Diane                        THAYER,J D-001   0000016668
The AGA Group LLC                          AGA GROUP-001    0000021078
The Berry Companies dba KC Bobcat          KC BOBCAT-001    0000003557
The BotBrain Company LLC                   BOT-001          0000018722
The Bruce T Hall Trust                     BRUCE HALL-001   0000020703
The Business Closet                        THE BUSINE-001   0000021217
The Civic Council of Greater Kansas City   CIVIC COUN-001   0000020624
The Colad Group LLC                        COLAD GROU-001   0000019842
The College Agency LLC                     COLLEGE-002      0000016752
The Economist                              ECONOMIST-001    0000018404
The Great Books Foundation                 GREAT BOOK-001   0000019649
The Hays Group of Kansas City              HAYS CO-001      0000019124
The Higher Learning Commission             HIGHER LEA-001   0000020435
The Nation Company LP                      THE NATION-001   0000020619
The Nextrend Inc                           NEXTREND-001     0000006505
The Office Pal                             OFF PAL-001      0000020249
The Performance Institute                  PERFORMANC-002   0000019027
The Pin Depot Network LLC                  PIN DEPOT-001    0000020393
The Pointe Inc dba The Pointe Newspaper    POINTE THE-001   0000016887
The Pulse Legal Publications               PULSE LEGA-001   0000009510
The Right Printer I, LTD                   RIGHT PRIN-001   0000019844
The Solar Biz                              SOLAR BIZ-001    0000018778
The Spencer Group Inc                      SPENCR GRP-001   0000020909
The Steel Fixture Manufacturing Co.        STEEL FIXT-001   0000018316
The Towel Depot Inc.                       TOWEL DEPO-001   0000021033
The Training Network                       TRAINING-003     0000018731
The Tree House, Inc                        TREE HOUSE-001   0000017049
The Whole Person Inc                       WHOLE PRSN-001   0000020323
The Work Zone                              WORK ZONE-003    0000019217
TheLearningPit                             THELEARN-001     0000017916
Theatre Directories Inc                    THEATRE-001      0000017919
Thebo,William                              THEBO,WILL-001   0000014223
Theodore Presser Co                        THEODORE-001     0000003162
Thermal Components Company                 THERMAL-001      0000012109
Thies,Philip                               THIES,PHIL-001   0000017471
Thinking Bigger Business Media Inc         THINK BIG-001    0000010338
Thinking Maps Inc                          THINK MAPS-001   0000013223
Third Wave                                 THIRD WAVE-001   0000020693
Thomas James Inc                           THOMAS JAM-001   0000019178
Thomas McDermott dba McDermott Moving Co   MCDERMOTT-001    0000012616
Thomas,Alicia                              THOMAS,AL-001    0000017500
Thomas-Davis,Tammara                       THOMAS,TAM-001   0000016444
Thompson Publishing Group                  THOMP PUBL-001   0000001117
Thompson, Sharon M.                        THOM-001         0000015609
Thompson,David Russell                     THOMPSON,D-001   0000020781
Thompson,David dba TFP Investments Co LL   THOMPSN,DA-001   0000009195
Thompson,Jane                              THOMPSN,JA-001   0000016536
Thompson,Sharon M                          THOMPSN,SH-001   0000007640
Thompson-Lee,Jessica                       THOMP,JESS-001   0000020148
Thomson Gale                               THOM GALE-001    0000012956
Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting, Inc.     THOMSN REU-001   0000018925
Thorn & Son Asphalt Inc.                   THORN & SO-001   0000017627
Three Rivers Community College             THREE RIVR-001   0000009120
Thurston,Jonathan                          THURST,JON-001   0000020553
ThyssenKrupp Online Metals                 THYSSEN ON-001   0000015812
Thyssenkrupp Elevator Corporation          THYSSENKRU-001   0000017628
Tichenor College Textbook Co               TICHENOR-001     0000020054
Tickoo,Sham L dba CADCIM Technologies      CADCIM TEC-001   0000012071
Tiemann,Marc                               TIEMANN,MA-001   0000021154
Tienter,John                               TIENTER,JO-001   0000020042
Tierney Stationary Co dba Tierney Office   TIERNEY-001      0000020264
Tiger Direct Inc                           TIGER DIR-001    0000001120
Tigner,Jason                               TIGNER,JAS-001   0000016326
Timan,Matthew Ryan                         TIMAN-001        0000017608
Time Inc dba Sports Illustrated            TIME INC-001     0000004535
Time Warner Cable                          TIME WARNR-001   0000001941
Timlick,Jeremiah                           TIMLICK,JE-001   0000020545
Tingle,Tim                                 TINGLE,TIM-001   0000014296
Tingle,Tim                                 TINGLE,TIM-002   0000019403
Tinto,Vincent                              TINTO,VI-001     0000014627
Tiny Tot Town                              TINY TOT-001     0000017894
Title Boxing LLC                           TITLE BOX-001    0000009518
TjohnE Productions Inc                     TJOHNE INC-001   0000012467
To The Game LLC dba The Game               GAME LLC-001     0000014049
Toblers Flowers LLC                        TOBLRS FLO-001   0000005496
Todd,Carrie                                TODD,CARRI-001   0000015961
Tomasic,John                               TOMASIC,JO-001   0000018022
Tommy Guns dba Electro Painting Refurbis   ELECTRO-001      0000019588
Tootle,John D                              TOOT,JOHN-001    0000017523
Top Care Inc                               TOP CARE-001     0000020588
Top Flight                                 TOP FLIGHT-001   0000005221
Top Master Inc                             TOP MASTER-001   0000012242
Topete,Ryan                                TOPETE,RYA-001   0000019073
Topsy's Popcorn                            TOPSY-001        0000016488
Topsys Popcorn                             TOPSYS POP-001   0000006824
Toshiba America Info Sys dba Toshiba Dir   TOSHIBA-001      0000020297
Total Filtration Services                  TOTAL FILT-001   0000014462
Total Pharmacy Supply Inc.                 TOTAL PHAR-001   0000019069
Total Plastic Inc                          TOTAL PLAS-001   0000019071
Total Risk Management Inc                  TOTAL RISK-001   0000018609
Toter Incorporated                         TOTER INC-001    0000019591
Touch Screens Inc                          TOUCH SCR-001    0000019367
TouchNet Information Systems, Inc          TOUCHNET-001     0000018163
Tow All Inc                                TOW ALL-001      0000019560
Tower Tech                                 TOWER-001        0000019275
Town and Country Flowers Inc               TOWN FLOWR-001   0000019019
Town,Darlene dba DTIMAGES                  TOWN,DARLE-001   0000019681
Townsend Communications Inc                TOWNSEND-001     0000000122
Townsend Press                             TOWNSND PR-001   0000000119
Townsend,Lauren                            TOWNSEND,L-001   0000020601
Toys R Us                                  TOYSRUS-001      0000014149
Toys for Special Children, Inc.            ENABLING D-001   0000020415
Tozier Parkway Housh Jones                 TPHJ-001         0000020792
Trabon Printing Company Inc                TRABON INC-001   0000003323
Traditional Music Society                  TRADITN MS-001   0000011146
Traffic Safety Store                       TRAFFIC-001      0000017784
Training & Inspection Resource Center      TRAINING-002     0000017719
Training Registry                          TRAINING-004     0000020247
Trainsignal                                TRAINSIGNA-001   0000020879
TranSystems Corporation                    TRANSYSTEM-001   0000013346
Trane Company                              TRANE CO-001     0000007943
Tranquil Time Massage                      TRANQUIL-001     0000015498
Trans Union                                TRANS UNIO-001   0000012344
Transport Topics                           TRANSPORT-001    0000017773
Transportation Services of KC              TRANSPORTA-001   0000019216
Trapp and Company                          TRAPP CO-001     0000008300
Trauma Support Network                     TRAUMA NTW-001   0000015020
Travers Tool Co Inc                        TRAVRS TOO-001   0000003438
Treanor Architects                         TREANOR AR-001   0000016047
Trend Offset Printing                      TREND OFF-001    0000018256
Tresko                                     TRESKO-001       0000013417
Treu,James                                 TREU,JAMES-001   0000015455
Tri-Color Direct Inc. dba Champion Ameri   CHAMPION-002     0000021063
Tri-County Mental Health Services Inc      TRI MNT HL-001   0000001159
Tri-Lateral Sales                          TRI LATERA-001   0000020715
Tri-State Video Services                   TRI-STATE-001    0000017860
TriLiteral LLC                             TRILITERAL-001   0000011041
Triangle Sales Inc                         TRIANGLE-002     0000001160
Trianglecables.com LLC                     TRI-002          0000017365
Triarch                                    TRIARCH-001      0000008113
Tribune Information Services               TRIBUNE IN-001   0000014609
Tribune Media Services                     TRIBUNE MD-001   0000010643
Tribune Publishing Company                 TRIBUN PUB-001   0000002296
Trichenor College Textbook Co              TRICHENOR-001    0000019224
Tridaq                                     TRIDAQ-001       0000013793
Trifart,Don dba Turbo Stat's Software      TURBO STAT-001   0000007914
Trillium Industrial No1 dba Holiday Inn    HOLIDAY IN-002   0000020477
Trio Masonry,Inc.                          TRIO MASON-001   0000017639
Triple JD Management LLC                   TRIPLE JD-001    0000018079
Troxell Communications Inc                 TROXL COMM-001   0000002005
Troy Design & Manufacturing Co             TROY DESGN-001   0000018501
Truck Trailer & Hitch Center               TRUCK-001        0000014258
True Colors International                  TRUE COLOR-001   0000020014
Truelove,Brandon                           TRUELOVE,B-001   0000011386
Trugreen-Chemlawn                          TRUGRN CHE-001   0000001164
Truman Heartland Community Foundation      TRUMN FOUN-001   0000001162
Trust Company of America                   TRUST AMER-001   0000009192
Trustees of the University of PA           TRUSTEE UP-001   0000016463
Tryon,Edward Ray                           TRYON,ED-001     0000017895
Tucker,Candace                             TUCKER,CA-001    0000019572
Tueth Keeney Cooper Mohan & Jackstadt      TUETH KEEN-001   0000011804
Tuff Toe Inc.                              TUFF-001         0000016571
Tulanian,Jack dba Raytech                  RAYTECH-001      0000020655
TurboSquid                                 TURBOSQUID-001   0000020121
Turfer Sportswear                          TURFER-001       0000018318
Turner Ceramic Tile, Inc.                  TURNER-001       0000019218
Turney,Jacob Eli                           TURNEY,JAC-001   0000020572
Turning Point: The Center for Hope/Heal    TURNING PO-001   0000015518
Turning Technologies LLC                   TURNING-001      0000019692
Tuxedo Wholesaler                          TUXEDO WHO-001   0000018271
Twin State Design Products LLC             TWIN STATE-001   0000019563
Twinrocker Hand Made Paper Inc             TWINROCKER-001   0000014660
Tyrrell,Keith                              TYRRELL,KE-001   0000020874
Tyser,Jaime Lynn                           TYSER,JA-001     0000018590
UAW Ford National Programs                 UAW FORD-001     0000009167
UAW-GM Center for Human Resources          UAW-GM-001       0000015289
UCI International/Unique Concepts          UCI INTERN-001   0000020805
UNIV OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO              UNIV-001         0000016421
UNIVERSITY OF UTAH                         UNIVERSITY-001   0000021115
UNUM                                       UNUM-001         0000001126
UPS Freight                                UPS-002          0000015644
UPS Store                                  UPS STORE-001    0000017746
US Body Art, LLC                           US BODY-001      0000017582
US Didactic Edu Products & Training        US DIDACTI-001   0000020309
US Engineering Co                          US ENGINRG-002   0000002393
US Foodservice                             US FOODSVC-001   0000010792
US Geological Survey                       US GEOL SV-001   0000016661
US Mail Supply Inc                         US MAIL SU-001   0000019845
US News & World Report LP                  US NEWSWRL-001   0000020324
US Rescue and Special Operations Group     US RSOG-001      0000018138
US Toy Company                             US TOY-001       0000001127
USA Tank Sales & Erection Co Inc           USA TANK-001     0000017434
USF Health Professions Conferencing Corp   USF HLTH-001     0000019812
USFoundation Inspiration Recog Scie Tech   FIRST-001        0000016570
USSSA Baseball/KC Sports                   USSSA/KC S-001   0000019043
Uline                                      ULINE-001        0000010625
Ultimate Indulgence Massage Therapist      ULTIMATE-002     0000018059
Ultimate Office                            ULTIMT OFF-001   0000005940
Ultra-Chem Inc.                            ULTRA CHEM-001   0000010042
Ultradent Products Inc.                    ULTRADENT-001    0000014619
Unemployment Insurance Services            UNEMP INS-001    0000001134
Uni-hydro Inc                              UNI-HYDRO-001    0000019157
Unified School District #500               UNIFIED-001      0000015491
Unifirst Corporation                       UNIFIRST C-001   0000021015
Uniflex Holdings Inc                       UNIFLEX-001      0000018950
Uniforms & More                            UNIFORM-001      0000018466
Uniforms PRN Inc                           UNIFORMS-002     0000016401
Union Broadcasting                         UNION BROA-001   0000009614
Union Pacific Railroad Company             UNION PACI-001   0000018065
Union Security Insurance Company           UNION CO-001     0000016511
Union Station Kansas City, Inc             UNIONSTAT-001    0000008595
Unipak Corp                                UNIPAK-001       0000019022
Unique Software Corporation                UNIQUE-002       0000020679
UniqueScreen Media Inc a Cinedigm CO       UNIQUE-001       0000020620
Unishippers of Kansas City                 UNISHIPPER-001   0000001135
Unisource                                  UNISOURCE-002    0000001137
Unisource Document Products                UNISOURCE-001    0000001136
Unisource Worldwide                        UNISRCE WW-001   0000004988
United Business Listings                   UNITED BNS-001   0000019114
United Graphics Inc                        UNIT GRAP-001    0000019898
United Heating & Cooling, Inc.             UNITED HEA-001   0000021172
United Missouri Bank of KC                 UMB-001          0000001140
United Parcel Service                      UPS-001          0000001139
United Refrigeration                       UNITED REF-001   0000009381
United Rentals                             UNITD RENT-001   0000002081
United Services Community Action Agency    UNITED SVC-001   0000014329
United Sign Corporation                    UNITED SIG-001   0000001141
United States Bowling Congress inc         US BOWLING-001   0000018100
United States Department of Education      US DEPT ED-001   0000002332
United States Plastic Corp                 US PLASTIC-001   0000010401
United TTY Sales & Service                 UNI-002          0000017014
United Way                                 UNITED WAY-001   0000001142
Unitek Information Techologies             UNITEK-001       0000015684
Unity Temple Church                        UNITY TMPL-001   0000005217
Univ N FL Inst Police Tech & Managment     INST POLIC-001   0000001889
Universal Manufacturing Ci Ubc             UNIVER MFG-001   0000015964
University & College Designers Assoc Inc   UCDA-001         0000008478
University Directories LLC                 UNIV DIREC-001   0000019761
University Plaza                           UNIV PLAZA-001   0000006191
University Press of Kansas                 UNIV PR KS-001   0000005409
University System of NH/Keene ST College   UNIVER NH-001    0000019814
University of California - Berkeley        UNIV CALIF-001   0000004911
University of Central Missouri             UCM-001          0000002265
University of Chicago Press                UNIV CHICA-001   0000001143
University of Florida                      UNIV-003         0000017019
University of Kansas                       UNIV KS-001      0000001144
University of Kansas Hospital Authority    KU HOSPITL-001   0000010836
University of Missouri                     UNIV MO-001      0000003814
University of Missouri Extension Council   UNIV MO EX-001   0000013640
University of Missouri Press               UNIV MO PR-001   0000009920
University of Missouri St Louis            UNIV STLOU-001   0000003777
University of Missouri-Columbia            UNIV MO CO-001   0000001145
University of Missouri-Kansas City         UMKC-001         0000001146
University of Nebraska Press               UNIV NE PR-001   0000001147
University of New Mexico                   UNI OF NM-001    0000015389
University of Oklahoma                     UNIV OK-001      0000011405
University of South Carolina               UNIV SC-001      0000002447
University of South Carolina               NATL RESOU-001   0000015748
University of Texas @ Arlington            UNIV OF TE-001   0000021090
University of Texas at Austin              UNIV TX AU-001   0000005434
University of Wisconsin-Madison            UNIV WI MA-001   0000002116
University of the Ozarks                   UNIV OZARK-001   0000015519
Univision Kansas City                      UNIVISION-001    0000015332
Unlimited Building Maintenance             UNLIMIT BU-001   0000019834
Unnerstall,Mike                            UNNER,MIKE-001   0000019570
Upbeat Incorporated                        UPBEAT INC-001   0000001148
Uphill Corporation                         UPHILL COR-001   0000019246
Uphill UCS LLC                             UPHILL UCS-001   0000015731
Upland Industries dba Eligius Bronze       ELIGIUS BR-001   0000017762
Urban Landscape Inc.                       URBAN-001        0000017611
Urban League of Greater KC                 URBAN LEAG-002   0000006360
Urkevich,Gary                              URKEVI,GAR-001   0000012009
Utility Equipment Leasing Corporation      UTILITY EQ-001   0000017830
Utility Solutions, Inc.                    UTILITY SO-001   0000021144
Utopian Trees Inc dba KAT Nurseries        KAT NURSE-001    0000019509
V Day                                      V DAY-001        0000020469
VA Agent Cashier                           VA AGENT-001     0000019690
VA Medical Center                          VA MEDICAL-001   0000010767
VAECORP                                    VAECORP-001      0000018528
VCOM IMC dba Valiant IMC                   VALIANT IM-001   0000010049
VESI Corp                                  VESI CORP-001    0000018467
VGTV Productions LLC                       VGTV-001         0000016323
VI Reed & Cane                             VI REED-001      0000018892
VK-Martin Inc dba Martin Mechanical Corp   MARTN MECH-001   0000000676
VMS LLC dba Veritas Marketing Solutions    VERITAS-001      0000020368
VSA Inc dba Digital Video Midwest Inc      DIGITL VID-002   0000014803
VSA, Inc                                   VSA-001          0000020584
VWR Education LLC                          SCIENCEKIT-001   0000009817
VWR International                          VWR INTER-001    0000001169
VWR Internatl dba Sargent -Welch           SARG WELCH-001   0000001052
Valet,Michael                              VALET,MIC-001    0000019537
Valley Anatomical Preparations Inc         VAL ANAT-001     0000015709
Valley Forge Technical Info Svcs Inc       VALLEY TEC-001   0000016761
Van Batenburg Garage dba Auto Career Dev   ACDC-001         0000020827
Van Keppel                                 VAN KEPPEL-001   0000010252
Van Wall Equipment                         VAN WALL-001     0000011495
Van Wall Equipment dba Van Wall Group      VAN WALL-002     0000011986
Van-Chevrolet-Cadillac                     VAN CHEVRL-001   0000020765
VanDeVyvere,Whitney                        VANDEVY,WH-001   0000019338
VanDusseldorp,Rodger Kent                  VANDUS,ROD-001   0000017299
VanMiddlesworth,Charles                    VANMDLSWRT-001   0000001711
Vancura,Bradley dba Executive Print Cent   EXEC PRINT-001   0000016645
Vandepopulier,Cathy                        VANDE,CAT-001    0000017225
Vandiver,April                             VANDIVER,A-001   0000015259
Vantage Custom Classics Inc                VANTAGE-001      0000020213
Vantage Point Holdings dba LJS Graphics    LJS GRAPHC-001   0000012919
Vanum Construction Co Inc.                 VANUM CONS-001   0000017629
Variation Reduction Solutions Inc          VRSI-001         0000018276
Vasko,Brad                                 VASKO,BRAD-001   0000016896
Venom Group International                  VENOM GRP-001    0000019412
Ventura Educational Systems                VENTURA-001      0000017902
Veracity Consulting Inc                    VERACITY-001     0000020832
Verilux Inc                                VERILUX-001      0000020794
Verismo Inc                                VERISMO-001      0000019199
Verizon Wireless Services LLC              VERIZON WI-001   0000000271
Verman,Allison A                           VERMAN,A-001     0000017965
Vernier Software                           VERNR SOFT-001   0000001174
Verschelden,Cecilia                        VERSCHEL,C-001   0000021163
Ves Robotics                               VEX ROBOT-001    0000017239
Veselic,Ivan                               VESEL,IVAN-001   0000017287
Veterinary Information Network Inc         VIN-001          0000017741
Vibrant Technologies                       VIBRANT TE-001   0000006859
Vick,Terrance                              VICK,TERRA-001   0000020665
Victoria Supply dba Topbulb/LCD Projectr   TOPBULB-001      0000016353
Vieira Jr,Antonio da Rocha                 VIEIRA,A R-001   0000012732
Viets,Lori dba Knead to Know Bread Cook    VIETS,LORI-001   0000018843
Vigliaturo,Jonathan                        VIGLIATURO-001   0000020600
Viking Athletic Goods, Inc.                VIKING ATH-001   0000021152
Villaca,Paulo                              VILLACA,PA-001   0000017283
Village Earth                              VILLAGE-001      0000016472
Village Press dba Machinist Workshop       HOME SHOP-001    0000007246
Village Profile                            VILGE PRFL-001   0000004495
Village Supplies, LTD                      VIL-001          0000016995
Vintage Nouveau                            VINTAGENOU-001   0000013549
ViraCor LLC                                VIRACORLLC-001   0000018472
Virco Inc                                  VIRCO INC-001    0000015648
Visage, Inc.                               VISAGE, IN-001   0000020071
Vision Teleproduction Inc dba Vision 5 V   VISION-002       0000020506
Visu Medical.com                           VISU-001         0000019599
Visual Health Information                  VISUAL HLT-001   0000005123
VitalEDU                                   VITALEDU-001     0000018197
Vitec Inc                                  VITEC INC-001    0000009801
Vitro America LLC dba Binswanger Glass     BINSWANGER-001   0000000514
Vocal Communication Dymanics Inc           FULL VOICE-001   0000001182
Vocational Biographies Inc                 VOCATIONL-001    0000006199
Voelker,Marsha Ann                         VOELKER,MA-001   0000021013
Vogt,Peter dba Campus Career Counselor     CAMPUS CC-002    0000016665
Voice To Hands Interpreting Inc            VOICE HAND-001   0000016993
Voices for All LLC                         VOICES LLC-001   0000016190
Volunteer Center of Johnson County         VOLUNTEER-001    0000017617
Vortex Inc                                 VORTEX-001       0000015252
Voss Electric Co dba Voss Lighting         VOSS LIGHT-001   0000001186
W Design LLC                               W DESIGN-001     0000018713
W.M. Smith & Associates dba WMS Aquatics   WM SMITH-001     0000015604
W2007 MVP Dallas LLC dba Sheraton Dallas   SHERA-001        0000020649
WB McCloud & Co Inc                        WB MCCLOUD-001   0000000109
WBF Forum for Automation & Mnfg Professn   WBF FORUM-001    0000018157
WCP-Fern Exposition Svc dba George Fern    WCP FERN-001     0000008362
WDAF-TV                                    WDAF-001         0000001179
WHITNEY,CASSANDRA                          WHITNEY,C-001    0000020936
WHOLESALE TAPE & SUPPLY CO(WTS MEDIA)WTS-001                0000016057
WINTER,ERIC G                              WINTER,ERI-001   0000020922
WL Bears Ent dba Volume Instant Printing   VOLM PRINT-001   0000001183
WM Lamptracker                             WM LAMP-001      0000019406
WNET/Educational Broadcasting              WNET EDU-001     0000011666
WORK 'N LEISURE PRODUCTS                   WNL SAFETY-001   0000021196
WPH Kansas City LLC dba Cocoa Key          COCOA KEY-001    0000019169
WRIGHT,EVERETT E                           WRIGHT,EVR-001   0000015066
WW Norton & Company Inc                    WW NORTON-001    0000001178
Waddell & Reed Inc                         WADEL REED-001   0000001184
Wade,Annie                                 WADE,ANNIE-001   0000013100
Wade,Ricke M dba Hi-Tech Signs             WADE,RICK-001    0000018457
Wagner Interior Supply Co                  WAGNR INTR-001   0000001185
Wagstaff,Thomas                            WAGS,THOM-001    0000018135
Wai Lana Productions LLC                   WAI LANA-001     0000020782
Wainwright,Vincent                         WAIN,VIN-001     0000016790
Waite, Dianna                              WAIT-001         0000015610
Waite,Dianna                               WAITE,DIAN-001   0000007641
Wajihuddin,Zahrajabeen                     WAJIHU,ZAH-001   0000017212
Wal-Mart                                   WAL-MART-001     0000001226
Walden,Katherine L                         WALDEN,KAT-001   0000018833
Waldinger Corporation                      WALDINGER-001    0000001188
Waldo Grain Co                             WALDO CO-001     0000019021
Walk The Talk Co                           WALK TALK-001    0000012044
Walker Towel & Uniform Service             WALKER TWL-001   0000001189
Walker,Amanda R                            WALKER,A R-001   0000018676
Walker,Crit                                WALKER,CRI-001   0000020303
Walker,LaVonya                             WALKER,LA-001    0000020149
Walker,Mindy L                             WALKER,ML-001    0000019893
Walker,Robert Michael                      WALKER,RO-001    0000018293
Walker,Rosanna West                        WALKER-002       0000017674
Walker,Thomas                              WALKER,THM-001   0000016695
Walker,Tyra                                WALKER,TY-001    0000018678
Walker-Micham,Nancee                       MICHAM,NAN-001   0000016882
Wall,Jennifer                              WALL,JENN-001    0000014267
Wall,Thomas K                              WALL,THOMA-001   0000018116
Wall,Timothy Jason                         WALL,TIM-001     0000012886
Wallen, Jim                                WALL-001         0000015611
Wallen,Jim dbay Tale-A-Visions             WALLEN,JIM-001   0000007656
Wallpaper Pro LLP                          WALLPAPER-001    0000015719
Walston,William                            WALSTON,WI-001   0000017752
Walters,Marvin                             WALTERS,MA-001   0000019830
Walters,Robert M                           WALTER,ROB-001   0000017445
Walton Family Foundation Inc               WALTON FAM-001   0000018748
Wann,Keith                                 WANN-001         0000017117
Ward Inc dba Blue Nile Cafe                BLUE NILE-001    0000020774
Ward,James L                               WARD,JAMES-001   0000018910
Ward,Terrence dba Doolin Ward Consulting   DOOLIN-001       0000019769
Wards Natural Science Establishment Inc    WARDS SCI-001    0000001197
Warehouse One                              WARHOS ONE-001   0000001199
Warehouse1                                 WAREHSE 1-001    0000016980
Warren,Miguel                              WARREN,MIG-001   0000017706
Washburn, Linda dba LLMGW LLC              WASHBURN,L-001   0000014347
Washburn,Linda dba LLMGW LLC               WASH,LINDA-001   0000009071
Washington Center                          WASHINGTON-001   0000015366
Washington, Loretta                        WASH-001         0000015612
Washington,Carneal T                       WASHING,CA-001   0000015476
Washington,Carneal T.                      WASHING,TO-001   0000010989
Washington,Dr.Jamie                        WASHINGTON-002   0000021113
Washington,Loretta                         WASH,LORET-001   0000007863
Wassmuth,Birgit L                          WASS,BIRG-001    0000020780
Watco                                      WATCO-001        0000001206
Water Depot                                WATER DEP-001    0000012104
Water Gear                                 WATER GEAR-001   0000015009
Waters Piano Service                       WATERS PIA-001   0000017939
Waters,Steven L                            WATERS,STE-001   0000006793
Waterworth,Logan D                         WATER,LOGA-001   0000018110
Watkins Lithographic Inc                   WATKIN INC-001   0000015921
Watkins,William                            WATKINS,WI-001   0000018601
Watney,Guy C dba Anesthesia Service & Eq   WATNEY,G-001     0000002015
Watring,Danny J                            WATRING,DA-001   0000020809
Watson, Janet W. dba JWW & Associates      JWW ASSOC-001    0000019853
Watson,Christopher D                       WATSON,CHR-002   0000019831
Watson,Desta dba Divine Floral Design      DIVINE FLR-001   0000020868
Watson,Katryna                             WATSON,KAT-002   0000020501
Watts,Bridget E dba Nature Study Guild     NATURE STU-001   0000014277
Watts,Edward                               WATTS,ED-001     0000018625
Wavefunction Inc                           WAVEFUNCTN-001   0000015730
Waveland Press Inc                         WAVELAND-001     0000006205
Wavin Wheat Production dba Logo KC         LOGO KC-001      0000020489
Weaklet,Thomas Lee                         WEAKLET,TO-001   0000016683
Weaklet,Thomas Lee                         WEAKLET,TO-002   0000016722
Weaver Instructional Systems Inc           WEAVER INS-001   0000002152
Weaver Mfg & Sales Co Inc                  WEAVER-001       0000016924
Weaver,Nicole                              WEAVER,NIC-001   0000019010
Web Stores America                         AIR PURIFI-001   0000020097
Webb Engineering Services Inc              WEBB ENGIN-001   0000019821
Webb,Michelle dba TW Sportswear            WEBB,MI-001      0000019431
Webber,Kevin D. dba Frontline Apparatus    FRONTLINE-001    0000020958
Webspinout                                 WEBSPINOUT-001   0000016762
Webster House                              WEBSTER-001      0000017574
Webster Veterinary Supply                  WEBSTER VE-001   0000009244
Weko North America Inc                     WEKO NORTH-001   0000016821
Welch & Associates LLC                     WELCH ASSO-001   0000019208
Welch,Dorether M                           WELCH,DORE-001   0000003080
Welch,Larry G                              WELCH,LARR-001   0000019973
Well Being Journal Inc                     WELL BEING-001   0000017428
Wellman,James dba Safe & Risk Manage Sol   WELLMAN,JA-001   0000019758
Wellman,Jamie M                            WELL,JAMIE-001   0000018114
Wellness Council of America                WELCOA-001       0000020615
Wells,James D                              WELL,JAMES-001   0000020066
Wendel,Roger                               WENDEL,ROG-001   0000019696
Wendling,Brian                             WENDLING,B-001   0000017904
Wendt,Charles Jr                           WENDT,CH-001     0000017472
Wenger Corporation                         WENGER COR-001   0000010147
Wenniger,Mary dba Women In Higher Educa    WOMEN HIGH-001   0000006472
Wenzel,Rachel M                            WENZEL,RAC-001   0000018918
Wesco Distribution, Inc.                   WESCO DIST-001   0000018274
Wescott,Douglas                            WESCOTT,DO-001   0000019926
Wesley,Patricia W                          WESLEY,PAT-001   0000016973
West Circle Books                          WEST BOOKS-001   0000009187
West Coast Netting, Inc.                   WEST-001         0000019244
West Coast Plastics Equipment, Inc.        WEST COAST-003   0000019706
West Group                                 WEST GROUP-001   0000001209
West Publishing Corp dba Thomson Reuter    WEST GROUP-002   0000013081
West Publishing/Group/West Payment Ctr     WEST PAYMT-001   0000012381
West Virginia University                   STATE WV-001     0000020301
West Virginia University Research Corp     WV UNIVERS-001   0000019818
West,Elizabeth                             WEST,ELIZA-001   0000014262
West,Gretchen                              WEST,GRET-001    0000015960
West,Karen E                               WEST,KAREN-001   0000001727
Western Extralite Company                  WESTRN EXT-001   0000001212
Western Fireproofing Company of KS         WESTN FIRE-001   0000005259
Western Safety Products Inc                WEST SAFE-001    0000020239
Western Uniform & Towel Service Inc        WESTRN INC-001   0000011065
Westin Crown Center                        WESTIN CR-001    0000001213
Westlake Ace Hardware Inc                  WEST ACE-001     0000019080
Westland Landscape                         WESTLAND-001     0000009425
Westnet, Inc                               WESTNET-001      0000020331
Westport Center for the Arts               WESTPORT-003     0000021250
Westport Floral LLC                        WESTPORT-002     0000010825
Westport Glass & Mirror Co Inc             WEST GLASS-001   0000005569
Westport Investment Group dba Sheraton W   SHER WEST-001    0000020644
Westra,Cameron                             WESTRA,CAM-001   0000019601
Wexford Labs, Inc.                         WEXFORD-001      0000020714
Whatever It Takes Electrical Contractors   WITEC-001        0000019748
Wheatland Waters/Culligan of Great KC      CULLIGN KC-001   0000003133
Wheeler Audio Inc. of Missouri             WHEEL AUDI-001   0000001216
Wheeler,Clint                              WHEEL,CLIN-001   0000018830
Wheeler,Dean H III                         WHEEL,DEAN-001   0000018023
Wheeler,Richard W                          WHEEL,RIC-001    0000018969
Whetstone,Jawon A                          WHETS,JAW-001    0000018970
White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Grp    WHITE HUT-001    0000020006
White Knight Bus & Limousine Co            WHITE KNGH-001   0000015703
White Mule Organics Inc                    WHITE MULE-001   0000020302
White Sands Engineering                    WHITE SAND-001   0000015682
White,Gail                                 WHITE,GAIL-001   0000013404
White,Julie                                WHITE,JUL-001    0000017411
White,Paul                                 WHITE,PAUL-001   0000010069
White,Robert                               WHITE,ROB-001    0000012865
White,Sharron                              WHITE,SHAR-001   0000018239
White,Terry L                              WHITE,TE-001     0000020390
Whited,Michael                             WHITED,MI-001    0000020760
Whiters,Curtis                             WHITER,CUR-001   0000017705
Whitley Construction Company LLC           WHITLEY CO-001   0000019526
Whittlesey,Harold T                        WHITTLE,HA-001   0000019820
Wholesale Sheet Metal Inc                  WHOLS SHET-001   0000001217
Wholesale Solar                            WHOLE SOLR-001   0000020115
Wicklund,Freeman                           WICKLUND,F-001   0000017814
Wide World Travel Svc dba Travel Leaders   WIDE WORLD-001   0000019533
Wiesen,Kimberly                            WIESEN,KIM-001   0000018971
Wikoff Color Corp of SC                    WIKOFF COR-001   0000012368
Wilcox,Jeana                               WILCOX,JEA-001   0000013893
Wiley Subscription Services Inc.           WILEY SUBS-001   0000021231
Wiley,Sara Elizabeth                       WILEY,SARA-001   0000017930
Wilkey,Erin M                              WILKEY,ERI-001   0000015301
Wilko Construction Inc                     WILKO INC-001    0000011181
Wilks Broadcast Group                      WILKS GRP-001    0000016404
Willcott,Ralph                             WILLCOTT,R-001   0000004854
Willcox,Timothy A                          WILLCOX,T-001    0000020413
Willey,Jason                               WILLEY,JAS-001   0000017526
William Jewell College                     WILL JEWL-001    0000004167
William Rainey Harper College              HARPER-001       0000021135
Williams Crow Inc. dba Aidex Corporation   AIDEX CORP-001   0000004153
Williams, Angela J.                        WILL-001         0000015613
Williams, Charles T dba CW Associates      CW ASSOCIA-001   0000002245
Williams,Angela                            WILLIAM,AN-001   0000014359
Williams,Anthino J Sr                      WILLIAM,AN-002   0000018329
Williams,Eric T                            WILLIA,E T-001   0000018576
Williams,Jacquelyn                         WILLIAM,JA-002   0000017279
Williams,LaTrece                           WILLIAMS,L-001   0000018930
Williams,Michael                           WILLIAMS,M-001   0000003792
Williams,Stefanie                          WILL,STEF-001    0000016251
Williams,Tashika                           WILLIAMS,T-003   0000020570
Williams,Veda                              WILL,VEDA-001    0000008476
Williams,Willis F                          WILLIAMS,W-002   0000018145
Williams-Bey,Terrance                      WILLIAM,TE-001   0000010908
Willie Pollard Memorial Scholarship Fund   WILLIE POL-001   0000017542
Williston,Caribeth Larkin                  WILLIS,CAR-001   0000020858
Wills,Marcus                               WILLS,MA-001     0000019704
Wilson,Alice E                             WILSON,ALI-001   0000017037
Wilson,Anita M                             WILSON,A M-001   0000019988
Wilson,Arnold W                            WILSON,AR-001    0000019989
Wilson,Chris                               WILSON,CHR-001   0000019766
Wilson,Eric Tyrone                         WILSON,ER-001    0000016822
Wilson,Natoyia N                           WILSON,NA-001    0000018199
Wilson,Steven                              WILSON,STE-001   0000019524
Winborn,Todd A                             WINBORN,TO-001   0000016894
Winbush,Sheila                             WINBU,SHEI-001   0000020424
Windels,James H                            WINDEL,JA-001    0000017541
Windmill Inns of America                   WINDMILL S-001   0000012603
Windstream                                 WINDSTREAM-001   0000000168
Wing Enterprises Inc                       WING ENTER-001   0000016504
Wingate,Hilary Smith                       WINGATE,HI-001   0000020498
Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems LLC       WINGFOOT-001     0000018719
Wings of Love Inc                          WINGS INC-001    0000018290
Winkler,Randall                            WINKLR,RAN-001   0000003793
Winston-Singleton,Pamela                   WINSTN,PAM-001   0000011704
Winter,Susan M dba Artistic Storage LLC    ARTISTIC-001     0000018787
Winters,Frederick                          WINTERS,FR-001   0000014098
Wisconsin Tech College System Foundation   WTCSF-001        0000003713
Wittenburg,Jennifer                        WITTEN,JEN-001   0000020360
Wolf,Willard W.                            WOLF,WILLA-001   0000021173
Wolf-Wendel, Lisa                          WOLF,LISA-001    0000020293
Wolfert Landscape Co LLC                   WOLFERT CO-001   0000013015
Wolfman Productions                        WOLFMN PRD-001   0000003351
Wolfram Research                           WOLFRAM-001      0000001897
Wolters Kluwer Health dba Lippincott Wil   LIPPINCOTT-001   0000003905
Wolters Kluwer Lippincott dba Nurse Symp   NUR SYMPOS-001   0000014029
Wolters,Brandt                             WOLTERS,B-001    0000021228
Woltman Trophies & Awards                  WOLTMAN-001      0000009237
Wolverine Sports                           WOLVERINE-001    0000010050
Womens Employment Network                  WOMENS NET-001   0000004359
Womens Foundation of Greater Kansas City   WOMEN GRKC-001   0000003949
Woo,Wendy                                  WOO,WENDY-001    0000020557
Woodbridge Sequencing Center               WOODBR SEQ-001   0000002220
Woodburn Press Ltd                         WOODBURN P-001   0000005312
Woodley,Yvonne dba Designs by Vonnie       WOOD,YVON-001    0000018508
Woods Chapel United Methodist church       WOOD CHAPL-001   0000008345
Woods,Ernest                               WOODS,ERNE-001   0000013357
Woods,John D                               WOODS,JO-001     0000019393
Woods,Latosha                              WOODS,LA-001     0000018885
Woods,William R dba Woods and Gray LLC     WOODS,WILL-001   0000011293
Woodward Printing Services                 WOODWARD-001     0000018842
Woolf, Amy Kaspar                          WOOL-001         0000015614
Woolf,Katie Alexandra                      WOOLF,KAT-001    0000020448
Wooten,James                               WOOT,JAMES-001   0000011332
Work Zone, Inc.                            WORK ZON-001     0000017138
WorkPlace Pro/New Life Industries          WORKPLACE-001    0000018895
Working Rx                                 WORKING RX-001   0000012465
Working Spaces                             WORKING SP-001   0000010540
Workplace Answers                          WORKPLACE-002    0000015855
World Almanac Education                   WORLD EDU-001    0000004171
World Book Inc                            WORLD BOOK-001   0000008324
World Company dba Lawrence Journal        WORLD CO-001     0000000632
World Education Services Inc              WORLD ED-001     0000020935
World Engineering Xchange, LLC            WORLD ENGI-001   0000020799
World Medical Equipment, Inc              WORLD-001        0000019260
World Musical Instruments                 WORLD MUSC-001   0000016643
World Ventures Tour and Travel            WVTT-001         0000018881
World Wide Technology Inc                 WORLD TECH-001   0000006337
WorldPoint ECC                            WORLDPOINT-001   0000002075
WorldWebDex dba Showcase Publishing       SHOWCASE-001     0000014536
Worldwide Information Inc                 WORLDWD IN-001   0000018702
Worldwide Interactive Network, Inc        WORLDWIDE-002    0000019345
Wornall Secure Business Solutions         WORNL BUSN-001   0000007562
Worthington Direct                        WORTH-001        0000015550
Worthington, Barbara                      WORTHNTN,B-002   0000015833
Worthington,Barbara                       WORTHNTN,B-001   0000015533
Worthington,Julie                         WORTHING,J-001   0000020788
Wright Idea Enterprises, Inc.             KC KONA IC-001   0000021092
Wright,Everett                            WRIGHT,EV-001    0000015215
Wright,Glenn                              WRIGHT,GLN-001   0000012717
Wright,LaRita                             WRIGHT,LA-001    0000015615
Wright,Thomas Daniel                      WIRGHT,T-001     0000017999
Wubbena,Dennis dba Baseball Bluebook      BASE BK-001      0000020410
Wurrey,Charles J Ph.D.                    WURREY,CHA-001   0000011953
Wurth Baer Supply Company                 BAER SUPPL-001   0000009982
Wurtz,Steve                               WURTZ,STEV-001   0000001308
Wurtz,Tim                                 WURTZ,TIM-001    0000003508
Wyandotte Nation                          WYANDOTTE-001    0000018101
Wyman, Warren                             WYM-001          0000016942
Wynhausen, Judith K.                      WYNH-001         0000015616
Wynright Corporation                      WYNRIGHT-001     0000019947
XS Lighting LLC dba XS Lighting & Sound   XS LIGHTIN-001   0000008147
Xerox Corporation                         XEROX-001        0000000123
Xtreme Clean 88 LLC                       XTREME 88-001    0000019777
YMCA of Greater Kansas City               YMCA GR KC-001   0000004217
YRC Inc                                   YRC INC-001      0000000945
YWCA of Greater Kansas City               YWCA GREAT-001   0000018995
Yager,Tyler Vann                          YAGER,TY-001     0000018499
Yankee Book Peedler dba YBP               YBP-001          0000017234
Yarn Barn                                 YARN BARN-001    0000008062
Yates,Robert                              YATES,ROB-001    0000018643
Yellow Dog Networks Inc                   YELLOW DOG-001   0000019899
Yellow Iris Publishing                     YELLOW IRI-001   0000018786
Yellow Transportation Inc                  YELLOW INC-001   0000003900
York Corvus LLC dba Campus ToolKit         CAMPUS TOO-001   0000018139
Young,Beverly                              YOUNG,BEV-001    0000018458
Young,Grey M.                              YOUNG,GREY-002   0000013067
Young,Karen                                YOUNG,KAR-001    0000015617
Young,Loretta                              YOUNG,LOR-001    0000017322
Young,Riley                                YOUNG,RI-001     0000020423
Youth Sports Publishing dba Soccer One     SOC-001          0000017035
Z&Z Medical, Inc.                          Z&Z MEDICA-001   0000020736
ZMC Hotels dba Comfort Suites/Holiday In   COMFORT/HO-001   0000021235
Zarillo,Angie                              ZARILLO,AN-001   0000017228
Zazueta,Arjan                              ZAZUETA,AR-001   0000020883
Zebra Skimmers Corp                        ZEBRA-001        0000018772
Zeitgeist Films LTD                        ZEITGEIST-001    0000019265
Zeitlow Distributing Company               ZEITLOW DI-001   0000020232
Zernco, Inc.                               ZER-001          0000017337
Zero To Three                              ZERO THREE-001   0000001203
Zevex                                      ZEVEX-001        0000018771
Zijadic,Denis                              ZIJADIC,DE-001   0000017361
Zijadic,Dennis                             ZIJA,DEN-001     0000017363
Zim Manufacturing                          ZIM-001          0000017180
Zimmerman,Ann dba Zimmerman Consult Svcs   ZIMMER,ANN-001   0000018883
Zimmerman,George J                         ZIMMER,GEO-001   0000019728
Zismer,Tasha                               ZISMER,TAS-001   0000013406
Zoglin,Ron                                 ZOGLIN,RON-001   0000007595
ZogoTech                                   ZOGO TECH-001    0000016344
Zones                                      ZONES-001        0000001808
Zorn,Howard H                              ZORN,HOWRD-001   0000019819
Zorrel International Inc.                  ZOR-001          0000016900
Zouire Marketing Group                     ZOUIRE-001       0000018362
Zuma Holdings LLC                          ZUMA HOLD-001    0000018294
Zvacek,Alice                               ZVACEK,A-001     0000020412
Zwarts,Kristin L                           ZWARTS,KRI-001   0000020700
aha! Process, Inc.                         AHA-001          0000016391
bioMerieux Inc.                            BIOMERIEUX-001   0000020218
dba Culligan of Greater Kansas City        CULLIGAN-001     0000002016
eInstruction                               EINSTRUCT-001    0000017406
huber,Marc                                 HUBER,MARC-001   0000020521
iWorx                                      IWORX-001        0000012959
id Signsystems Inc                         ID SIGN-001      0000020660
institute for Natural Resources            INR-001          0000007277
johnson,rickie                            JOHNSON-001      0000021097
klavora,Peter dba Sport Books Publisher   SPORT BOOK-001   0000017297
palisades TVC Holding                     TVC COMMU-001    0000015759
swope Health Services                     SWOPE HLTH-001   0000018431
university of Virginia Press              UNIVER VA-001    0000019252

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