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									                                            Capabilities Summary

Lumark Technologies, Inc.      4904 Tydfil Court, Suite 100      Fairfax, Virginia 22030      Phone: 703-278-8500   Fax: 703-278-0094   
         Lumark Corporate Overview

• Small Business – Minority Owned (SBA 8a and SDB certified)
   – Founded in 1999
• Government and Commercial Marketplace Focus
   – Offer several specialized and business support practices
• Sound Financials and DCAA Compliant Accounting Practices
   – Profitable with Established Line of Credit and 3rd Party Audited Financial Statements
• Corporate Office located in Fairfax, Virginia
   – DC Metro Area, Bedford MA, Raleigh NC, Absecon NJ, Greenville SC and Dallas TX
• Core Competencies
   – Quality Support Services                              Lumark Prime IDIQ Vehicles
   – Applied Research Support                       GSA FSS 70 (IT Schedule): GS-35F-0146R
   – Technical Support Services                     USN SeaPort Enhanced: N00178-05-D-4668
                                                       ** CONUS Across All 9 Zones
• TS Facility Clearance

          Our goal is to support our clients commitment to quality in order to
          meet today’s needs and prepare them for tomorrow’s challenges.
                 Lumark Mission

Today organizations are confronted by a multitude of increasingly
complex challenges that impact on their ability to achieve program and
project success. Regardless of their market sector – government,
industry or academia – these challenges contain the same core
components: technical; management; quality; and delivery.

Our Mission is to:
 – Assist clients by institution of high quality work processes to meet delivery
   requirements and meet business and performance objectives.
 – Provide research and development support to help organizations maintain
   their technological leading edge.
 – Provide highly qualified, dedicated, and well educated staff to help
   organizations meet their mission goals.

Lumark provides a range of professional services to support this mission
on behalf of our clients throughout a program or project’s lifecycle.
    Lumark Core Service Area Offerings

      Quality Support Services                       Applied Research Support
Enterprise and Project Support                   Human Factors and Ergonomics
• Business Process Improvement and Coaching      • Human Factors Engineering
• Benchmarking and Process Audits                • Modeling and Simulation
• Organizational Development and Training
• SEI CMMI, ISO, Six Sigma, ITIL Standards          Technical Support Services
                                                 Systems Development Support
Quality Assurance and Control
                                                 • Concept and Strategic Planning
• Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)
                                                 • Feasibility and Cost-Benefit Analysis
• Section 508 Disabilities Compliance
                                                 • Operations Management and Reporting
• Test and Evaluation (T&E) Support
                                                 • Acquisition & Requirements Development
                                                 • System Life Cycle Management Support
Standards Compliance and Monitoring
• PMA, CPIC and Clinger-Cohen Compliance
                                                 Specialized Domain Expertise
• Post Implementation Reviews (PIR)
                                                 • Financial Management and Cost Accounting
• GPRA & Performance Compliance Monitoring
                                                 • Foreign Language Machine Translation (MT)
• OMB Exhibit 300 Compliance & IT Investments
                                                 • Security Accreditation Preparation
• Business Case Analysis
                                                 • Network Management/Admin and Hosting

   Client Support Focus                           Solutions Support Focus
    Lumark Major Federal Clients

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA): Lumark is currently      Department of State – Bureau of Consulate Affairs:
supporting BAH under the Department of Defense              Lumark provided on-site staff with expertise in business
Intelligence Information Systems (DoDIIS) Integration and   consulting, process improvement and quality support services
Engineering Support Services Contracts (DIESCON3)           for a large systems development project using IBM’s Rational
contract. Lumark is poised with cleared staff to support    Unified Process (RUP), Rational CASE tools and the SEI
DIA and all IC agencies to meet their intelligence needs.   CMMI process standards for the DOS Passport program.

Department of Education (ED): Lumark is providing           Federal Aviation Administration – WJ Hughes Tech
Post Implementation Review (PIR) services to the ED         Center: Lumark has on-site staff providing Technical Editing,
Federal Student Aid (FSA) Chief Information Officer         Database, Technical Expert Consultation, Document,
(CIO) office to meet Clinger Cohen Act (CCA) mandated       Workshop, Seminar, Data Analysis, Data Assimilation/Data
annual reviews of IT investments as part of the CPIC and    Quality, Risk Analysis, Software Development and Analysis,
OMB Exhibit 300 process. Lumark has provided on-site        Systems Engineering and Modeling, Program Management
staff in IV&V support with 100% award fee performance.      Support and Branch Support by winning two 5-year
                                                            multimillion dollar competitive single award contracts for the
Federal Aviation Administration, HQ: Lumark staff           Airport and Aircraft Safety Research and Development (R&D)
has conducted numerous research studies in Human            Division and the Flight Safety Branch. Lumark’s delivery has
Factors and Safety in the aviation maintenance              resulted in outstanding performance recognition and follow-on
environment for the Office of Flight Standards (AFS).       work with expanded tasking.

Department of Veterans Affairs – Austin Automation          Department of Personnel Management (OPM): Lumark is
Center (AAC): Lumark continues to provide CMMI              currently supporting Sher Associates by providing technical
training and process compliance support to the VA’s         support services to several OPM financial and program offices.
Austin Automation Center (AAC). This includes               This support consists of or Rapid Applications Development
CMMI maturity level 3 appraisal support in an ITIL          (RAD), application hosting, and software maintenance for
environment for an organization of over 300 staff.          Lumark developed information systems.
               Lumark Commercial Clients

Major Process Improvement Clients                              PPC: Lumark has and continues to support Project Performance
                                                               Corporation (PPC) Federal Government clients by providing SEI
                                                               process improvement and appraisal services that have resulted in
                                                               obtaining maturity CMMI level 3 by SCAMPI appraisal. We
                                                               provided process improvement, training, coaching, documentation
                                                               and various other related improvement support to enable effective
                                    General Data Systems       process change.

                                                               Pragmatics: Lumark has and continues to support Pragmatic
                                                               Federal Government clients by providing SEI training and
                                                               appraisal services that have resulted in obtaining CMMI maturity
                                                               level 3 and 4 by SCAMPI. Our staff has provided custom training
                                                               support that has focused on measurement and management
                                                               improvements using statistical methods and tools. Our staff
                                                               expertise has been instrumental in monitoring improvement
                                                               progress towards maturity level 5.

Business Consulting Clients
     AdvantEdge Group, Apptis – GDS, Apptis – PlanetGov, ASEC, Bizcom USA, Blue292, Borenstein Group, Cetrom, Cetrom IT,
CPSI, Data Scientific Corp, EC Logic, Finch-Hatton Group, Global Internetworking, Gyrus Systems, IBSI, IGN, Location Age,
MicroPact Engineering, Nastel Technologies, Nexus Consortium, Potomac Management Group, QSSI, Rhyan Technologies, Safety Net
Solutions, SAVVIS, Sher Associates, SSD, TAPE, Technology Team
                 Quality Support Services

•   Benchmarking & Planning Support
     –   Lumark’s approach to planning improvements is to first benchmark the process capability against a
         reference standard such as CMMI®, ISO, Six Sigma or ITIL. We identify strengths and weaknesses
         of process areas through questionnaires, interviews and document reviews. We take into account
         the business objectives of the organization which is instrumental in providing a careful balance
         between model compliance and process change.
     –   The result is a record of the deltas between the current organization’s capability and the reference
         standard that serves as input to follow-on process improvement activities.

•   Process Improvement Support
     –   Lumark’s approach to process improvement is to analyze the results of a process benchmark and
         develop a process improvement roadmap that aligns with the organization’s business objectives.
         Our roadmap is a detailed work breakdown structure (WBS) of activities that delineate an action
         plan to closes any gaps (if any) and focus on process improvement. Lumark’s action plans include:
           •   Prioritization of tasks with mapping to compliance
           •   Expected outcomes and key performance measures
           •   Realistic allocation of effort, schedule and resources to ensure accomplishment of the plan
           •   Alignment and consistency with the organization’s strategic goals and business objectives

•   Implementation Assistance:
     –   Lumark provides coaching services to your organization in support of process improvement
         activities. Lumark’s coaches can assist with:
           •   Project practice and template development
           •   Project Management and Organizational development
           •   Project Support functions and use of Automated Tools
           •   Quantitative Measures and Data Analysis
                 Quality Support Services

•   Compliance Monitoring and Quality Assurance:
     –   We provide management oversight services with schedule milestone reporting on your process
         improvement compliance using Lumark’s Compliance Scorecard relative to a standard like CMMI.
         Our staff is skilled in several management tools (e.g. Primavera, MS Project) and reporting
         techniques such as PERT and Earned Value Management (EVM)

•   Training Support
     –   Lumark offers training in quality standards such as CMMI®, ISO, Six Sigma and ITIL by certified
         instructors including:
           •   Executive Overview Training – ¼ and ½ day sessions
           •   Training Workshops – 1, 2 and 3 day sessions
                  – Requirements, CM, QA, CCB, Peer Reviews, Measurements
           •   Management Seminars – 1, 2 and 3 day sessions
                  – Tracking and Measures
                  – Process Architectures
                  – Process Change Groups
           •   Formal Authorized Training
                  – Introduction to CMMI® – 3 day SEI certified
                  – Green/Black Belt Six Sigma certification

•   Compliance and IV&V Assessment Support
     –   Lumark’s has on staff certified consultants and appraisers including: SEI Authorized Lead SCAMPI;
         ITIL Foundation Certified; Six Sigma Black Belts; and Registered ISO Auditors for delivery of:
           •   Standard CMMI® Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPISM) Class A, B, and C
           •   ISO Registration and Surveillance Audits
           •   ITIL Foundation Compliance Reviews
           •   Six Sigma Benchmarking
           Quality Support Services
   One of Lumark’s Improvement Specialists

 Name       Role               Education                                         Cameo
Paul     Sr. Process   B.S., Computer Statistical      Mr. Meyers is a a creative and results-driven Process
Meyers   Improvement   Science                         Coach and Program Management Professional with
         Specialist,   State University of New York,   over 20 years of progressive experience in all phases of
         Trainer and   Buffalo, NY                     lifecycle development from initial feasibility and conceptual
         Appraiser     •Member Project Management      design through documentation, implementation, user
                       Institute                       training, and enhancement. Additional expertise includes:
                       •Member American Society for    •Excellent leadership and management expertise with the
                       Quality – Certified Quality     ability to effectively train and motivate focused teams;
                       Manager                         experienced in SEI CMM/CMMI, PMI PMBOK, and ISO
                       •Member, Software               9000 certification processes/procedures.
                       Engineering Institute Non-      •Experience in aggressive time-to-marketing requirements,
                       Resident Affiliate program      design, networking, development, and implementation of
                       •Presenter, Census 2005         cost saving systems.
                       SEPG Conference                 •Solid problem-solving and analytical abilities combined
                       •Presenter, 5th Annual CMMI     with effective written, verbal, and interpersonal
                       Technology Conference &         communication skills.
                       User Group                      •“Change Management for the Emerging Business Wave”;
                                                       publication in conference proceedings for Fifth International
                                                       Conference On Practical Software Quality Techniques,
                                                       March 2000
Applied Research Support

                      Applied Research Capability Overview

                 •   Human Factors and Ergonomic System Designs
                     and Studies
                      –   Lumark personnel have conducted ergonomic studies in
                          Government and commercial environments to identify safety
                          issues and created a specialized safety audit systems.
                      –   We have conducted Industrial Safety Audits and have
                          identified major risk factors. Our redesign efforts have led to
                          increased productivity with less injury and down time.

                 •   Human Factors Engineering
                      –   We have created and implemented Risk Mitigation Plans
                          using Human Factors Best Practices
                      –   Our research in Human Factors have led to improved
                          communications, reduction in accident rates, and the
                          development of a variety of software tools.

                 •   Human Computer Interface Design
                      –   Lumark personnel have hosted focus groups for the FAA to
                          gather end-user input on interface design concepts. With
                          the capability to conduct rapid prototyping, we have
                          identified user needs and produced Interface Design
                      –   Throughout a projects lifecycle, Lumark personnel have
                          conducted iterative test and evaluation procedures to
                          validate interface design concepts.

                 •   Training
                      –   Research in the training domain has produced new virtual
                          training environments, improved safety inspection
                          techniques, and effective communication systems
          Applied Research Support
  One of Lumark’s Human Factors Specialists

  Name          Role            Education                                        Cameo
Dr. David   Senior Human   Ph.D., Industrial         Dr. David Kraus has more than 16 years of experience in human
Kraus       Factors        Engineering               factors engineering and program management. During this time,
            Engineer,      Clemson University,       Dr. Kraus has worked with the FAA and the Transportation
            Program /      Clemson, SC               Security Laboratory as a Senior Human Factors and Ergonomic
            Project        M.S, Environmental        Engineer and Program Manager. He has demonstrated his
            Manager        Engineering               knowledge and expertise in experimental design, statistical
                           University of Missouri,   analysis, identifying and implementing technical solutions, and
                           Columbia, MO              managing manpower, personnel, and training in a broad range of
                           B.S., Civil               programs that include research and development in aviation
                           Engineering               systems, Human Factors and Industrial Safety, Manufacturing,
                           University of Missouri,   and Environmental Engineering.
                           Columbia, MO
                                                     Dr. Kraus has provided Human Factors technical engineering
                                                     expertise and program management support to the FAA Flight
                                                     Standards, the FAA Office of Aerospace Medicine, FAA Airport
                                                     Safety Technology R&D, and FAA Aircraft Safety R&D.
                                                     Additionally, Dr. Kraus has provided Human Factors support to
                                                     programs within the TSA Systems Optimization Human Factors
                                                     Integration and Evaluation Laboratory (SOHFIE), the Social
                                                     Security Administration, and NATO HQ. With his skills and
                                                     experience in designing, developing and implementing large-
                                                     scale training systems, Dr. Kraus also managed the worldwide
                                                     deployment of an intelligent client software program for the FAA.
              Technical Support Services

•   We have expertise in full life cycle development including concept definition, requirements
    engineering, prototype development, systems development, integration and testing, deployment
    and maintenance. Some of our specialized domain experience is in Government Disabilities,
    Foreign Language Translation, Information Security and Network/Telecom Administration.
     –   Test and Evaluation (T&E) Support
          •   Test Requirements Definition (T&E Master Plans)
          •   T&E Reporting and Program Major Milestone Reviews
          •   Data Collection and Statistical Analsysis
          •   System Assessments and Evaluation Reports
          •   Test Readiness and Independent Reviews
          •   T&E Results and Accreditation Plans Development

     –   Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) Support
          •   Project Planning and Requirements Analysis
          •   Business Process Reengineering and Work-flow
          •   Telecommunications and Network Engineering
          •   Systems Integration and Testing
          •   Operations Maintenance
          •   Computer Systems Security Analysis and Testing

     –   Life Cycle Management and Engineering Support
          •   Concept Definition and White Papers
          •   Systems and Software Engineering
          •   Information Systems and Application Development
          •   Database Analysis and Design
          •   HW/SW Configuration Management
          •   Project Support (e.g. Technical Editing/Writing, Seminar, Workshops, Admin, Facilities, Documentation)
         Technical Support Services
         Lumark’s High Quality Staff

Lumark has assembled a highly qualified staff of employees to ensure
the accomplishment of our mission.
– Work experience in Government and Commercial support services contracts
  including performance based, hourly and fixed price delivery requirements
– Professional development commitment through formal and professional
  memberships such as ASQ, IEEE, PMI and CMU.
– Cleared staff with Defense and Government background investigations
– Subject Matter Experts with specialized R&D experience and PhD
– Certified Consultants and Appraisers including: SEI Authorized Lead
  SCAMPI Appraisers; ITIL Foundation Certified; Six Sigma Black Belts;
  Registered ISO Auditors and many others
– Technologists with specialized skill sets such as Microsoft, Oracle,
  Cisco, IBM and many more
– Consultants with broad experience in systems development methods like
  Waterfall, Evolutionary, Object Oriented and RAD; CASE Tools and
  Methodologies (e.g. RUP and Rational Tools)
           Quality Support Services
         Which Quality Standard to Use?

   – Delivery Management and Customer Satisfaction Focus
   – Corporate and Operations Management Participation
   – Project Management and Technical Delivery Focus
   – Delivery Management and Technical Participation
   – Operations Management Focus
   – Support Organization Participation            Presentation Takeaway
• Six Sigma                                      Management and Technical
                                                  challenges can be tackled
   – Defect Analysis and Resolution Approach        by leveraging parts of
                                                 quality standards that drive
                                                   efficiencies and not just
• Others                                               paper certificates.
   – Government, Client, …
    Why Lumark and Contact Information

•   Why Lumark?
     –   Successful company with corporate experience across Government and Commercial clients.
     –   Proven performance in quality support, research and development and technical support services.
     –   Qualified and motivated personnel with commitment to quality services and delivery success.

•   Contact Information
     –   Corporate Office                                       Web Address
             Lumark Technologies, Inc.
             4904 Tydfil Court, Suite 100            
             Fairfax, Virginia 22030
             Main: 703-278-8500        Fax: 703-278-0094

     –   Corporate Sales Contact
             Luis Riesco, 703-278-8500 Ext. 1#,

     –   Northeast Sales Contact
              Luis Camacho, (609) 957-5649,

     –   Southeast Sales Contact
             Dr. David Kraus, (864) 884-8016,

     “We look forward to supporting your commitment to quality!”

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