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PART.III Schedule B


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                                           Schedule B

D:\DATA_Pending\300910\nadiad_tr\BOQ.doc       -1-
                                            Schedule B
   Name of Work: Construction of Control Room Building, Cable Trench, Chainlink
    fencing , Road, etc. at 66 KV Barejdi S/S Ta: Dascoi, Dist. Ahmedabad under
                                  Nadiad Tr. Circle.
 SR.                                                     APROX.    RATE
                DESCRIPTION               UNIT                               AMOUNT
 NO.                                                      QTY.
  1  Excavation for foundation in CMT                     310.00     47.00    14570.00
     trenches up to 1.5m depth
     including sorting out and stacking
     of useful materials and disposing of
     the excavated stuff up to 200meter
     lead for Loose or soft soil
  2  Excavation for foundation for depth CMT               45.00     52.00     2340.00
     from 1.5 Mt to 3 Mt.          depth
     including sorting out and stacking
     of useful materials and disposing of
     the excavated stuff up to 200Mt.
     lead for Loose or soft soil
   3      Filling in plinth/trenches & yard with   CMT    215.00     30.00     6450.00
          earth in 150mm, thick layers
          including       watering,   ramming,
          consolidating etc., complete as
          directed by EIC. - Excavated earth
          from foundation. The item rate
          includes all leads & lifts.
   4      DO as per Item No.3 but yellow           CMT    125.00    252.00    31500.00
          earth / murrum of approved quality
          brought from out side.
   5      Filling in plinth with sand under CMT.           15.00    277.00     4155.00
          floors including watering, ramming,
          consolidating and dressing etc.
   6      Providing     brick   masonry       in   CMT    125.00   1942.00   242750.00
          foundation and up to plinth in C.M.
          (1:6) including racking out joints up
          to 12mm depth, scaffolding, curing,
          filling up the gaps between the
          joints complete as directed by
          E.I.C. Up to PLINTH.
   7      DO but FOR SUPER STRUCTURE               CMT     80.00   2007.00   160560.00
          : G.F + F.F + Stair Cabin

D:\DATA_Pending\300910\nadiad_tr\BOQ.doc   -2-
   8      Do but for partition wall up to plinth   SMT   27.00    282.00     7614.00
          & two floors G.F + F.F + Stair
   9      Providing and laying cement              CMT   65.00   1767.00   114855.00
          concrete 1:4:8 (1 Cement : 4
          Course sand : 8 black crushed
          stone aggregate 40mm nominal
          size)   and      curing    complete-
          Foundation and plinth.
  10      Providing and laying ordinary            CMT   35.00   4110.00   143850.00
          exposed cement concrete / M:15
          for plain or     RCC structure,
          finishing smooth with curing etc.
          comp. Including the cost of form
          work & excluding the cost of
          reinforcement .
  11      -do- but excluding the cost of           CMT   22.00   3015.00    66330.00
          reinforcement and shuttering. - For
  12      -Do- but for M-25 grade concrete         CMT    9.00   4567.00    41103.00
          as per mix design of concrete for
          exposed work. G.F + F.F + Stair
          Cabin for -For Footing
  13      -Do- but for column                      CMT   21.00   6070.00   127470.00

  14      -Do- but for beam                        CMT   35.00   5568.00   194880.00

  15      -Do- but for slab & Chhaja               CMT   30.00   5508.00   165240.00

  16      Providing form work of steel / ply       SMT   10.00    130.00     1300.00
          wood planking so as to give a
          smooth exposed finish including
          centering (steel adjustable tubular
          supports). Shuttering strutting and
          propping etc. for any height of
          propping and centering below
          supporting floor to ceiling , and
          removal of the same for reinforced
          concrete and plain concrete.
          for G.F + F.F + Stair Cabin

D:\DATA_Pending\300910\nadiad_tr\BOQ.doc   -3-
  17      Providing Thermo Mechanically          MT      15.00 40770.00    611550.00
          treated bars (TMT bars) confirmed
          to IS 1786 FE 415 for RCC work
          including bending, binding and
          placing in position etc. completed
          for RCC work.
  18      Providing 15mm thick cement            SMT   1790.00    101.00   180790.00
          plaster single coat on masonry /
          bela / concrete wall / ceiling for
          plastering up to any floor level
          finished even and smooth in
          cement mortar 1:3 (1 Cement : 3
          sand) finished with floating coat of
          neat cement slurry .
  19      -Do- but 20mm th. Double coat          SMT    450.00    120.00    54000.00
          smooth plaster
  20      Providing 20mm thick sand face         SMT    185.00    138.00    25530.00
          cement plaster on wall up to height
          10 meters above ground level
          consisting of 12mm thick backing
          coat of C.M. 1:3 (1 cement : 3
          sand) and 8mm thick finishing coat
          of C.M. 1:1 (1 cement : 1 sand) etc.
  21      Providing & fixing approved quality    NO       1.00   1400.00     1400.00
          stainless steel sink of size 450 X
          400 mm including all necessary
          fitting as per instruction of E.I.C.
  22      Providing cement vata (10cm x          RMT     25.00     14.00      350.00
          10cm size) quarter round in
          cement mortar 1:1 including neat
          cement finishing watering etc.
  23      Providing white washing with lime      SMT    625.00      5.00     3125.00
          on wall surfaces (three coats) to
          give and even shade including
          thoroughly brooming the surface to
          remove all dirt, dust, mortar drops
          and other foreign matter.

D:\DATA_Pending\300910\nadiad_tr\BOQ.doc   -4-
  24      Providing      distempering     (three   SMT   350.00     54.00   18900.00
          coats) with oil bound distemper of
          approved brand and manufacture
          and of required shade on
          undercoated wall surface to give
          an even shade over and including
          a priming coat with distemper
          primer of approved brand and
          manufacture        after   thoroughly
          brushing the surface free from
          mortar droppings and other foreign
          matter and also including preparing
          the surface even and sand
          papered smooth.
  25      Providing & applying 3 coats of          SMT    50.00     77.00    3850.00
          ACID / ALKALI resisting paint of
          approved shade & make to wall,
          ceiling including filling putty
          smoothing the surfaces scaffolding
          etc. complete as directed by E.I.C.
  26      Providing & applying 2 coats of          SMT   640.00     66.00   42240.00
          APOCOLITE APEX or its equiv.
          ACRYLIC EXTERIOR paint on
          existing plastered surface or
          approved make & shade including
          finishing & thinning as per
          manufacturer’s instruction. A gap
          of 6 hrs. Should be given between
          2 subsequent coats. The work
          should be carried out strictly as per
          manufacturer's specification and
          requirement comp. as directed by
  27      Providing and fixing approved            SMT    10.50   3559.00   37369.50
          quality rolling shutters of approved
          make made of 80mm wide M.S.
          Laths interlocked together through
          their entire length and jointed
          together at the ends by end locks
          mounted on specially designed
          pipe shaft with bracket plates guide
          channels and arrangements for
          inside locking with push pull
          operation complete including the
          cost of hood cover & spring & three
          coats of oil painting, etc. comp. (A)

D:\DATA_Pending\300910\nadiad_tr\BOQ.doc   -5-
          Shutter having width below 3.5
  28      Providing & fixing approved quality      SMT    5.50   3343.00   18386.50
          FRP door having FRP frame of
          size 100x50mm & 28mm thick FRP
          shutter with Depressed Panel
          shutter having extra reinforcement
          on side and edges and in Gel coat
          finish. The core of the shutter is to
          be filled up with injected fiber
          extinguishing grade polyurethane
          foam done in situ along with
          embedded wooden pieces for
          stiffening and also for fixing hinges
          and fixtures. The whole FRP frame
          and shutter is to be water proof,
          weather proof, termite proof and
          resistance to mild acid/Alkali
          resistance including SS hinges with
          necessary screws and aluminum
          fixture    and     fastenings      etc
          complete. 28mm th. shutter & 100
          x 50mm frame.
  29      Providing and fixing approved            SMT   10.50   3667.00   38503.50
          quality partly paneled/ partly glazed
          double     leaf   powder       quoted
          aluminum door using extruded
          section fabricated by standard.
          manufacturer      with    frame     of
          101.50x44.50mm rect. sec. having
          thickness 2.1mm & weighing
          approx 1.60 kg/rmt & door shutter
          of 114.30 x 44.45 mmx1.55mm
          weighing approx. 1.36kg/RMT for
          top & bottom section and 47.62 x
          44.45 mm x1.55mm weighing
          approx. 0.88kg/RMT for vert. style
          & 150 x 44.45 mm for lock rail
          having     thickness     2.2mm      &
          weighing 2.36 approx kg/rmt and
          floor spring door closure of
          approved make and using 5mm
          thick approved quality HB4 plain
          glass with glazing deep rubber
          gasket,     necessary       hardware,
          handle cum locking arrangement

D:\DATA_Pending\300910\nadiad_tr\BOQ.doc   -6-
          and using aluminum sheet on both
          side with plywood in between for
          panel          including          S.S.
          hinges(3nos.on each shutter) and
          all fixtures/fastening of anodised
          section with all labours & materials
          etc. complete as per drawing &
          manufacturer's          specification.
          Complete unit shall be fabricated
          from aluminum section conforming
          to HE9WB designated to IS:1285 /
          1980 for its chemical and
          mechanical properties. Anodization
          shall be conforming to IS
  30      Providing and fixing approved            SMT    2.00   2865.00    5730.00
          quality aluminum ventilator having
          frame size 55x35mm             having
          thickness     3mm      &    weighing
          1.36kg/rmt       approx     standard
          aluminum extruded          anodized
          frame having panel of 5mm thick
          white/brown glass fixed horizontal
          louvers in aluminum channel as
          per details drawings.
  31      Providing & fixing approved quality      SMT   29.00   2865.00   83085.00
          aluminum        anodised       sliding
          windows having standard section
          using extruded section fabricated
          by standard manufacturers with 20
          Microns silver colour anodising as
          per drawing (Main frame 61.85mm
          x 31.75mm x 1.5mm/0.784kg/mt.&
          Shutter 40mm x 18mm x 1.55mm /
          0.547 kg/mt) windows shall be of 4
          mm thick. Triveni, Saint Gobbin
          'HB4' plain glass glazing rubber
          gasket and necessary hardware,
          handles cum locking arrangement
          etc.     Complete unit shall be
          fabricated from aluminum section
          conforming to HE9WB designated
          to IS 1285/1980 for its chemical
          and       mechanical      properties.
          Anodized shall be conforming to IS
          1868/1968.      All joints shall be

D:\DATA_Pending\300910\nadiad_tr\BOQ.doc   -7-
          mechanically joint having secured
          with specially design MS. Zink
          plated heat arrangement.         No
          welding process shall be allowed in
          the unit.
  32      Providing and fabricating and           KG.   240.00    43.00    10320.00
          placing approved quality steel work
          welded in built up sections, framed
          work including cutting, hoisting,
          fixing in position and applying a
          priming coat of red lead paint and 3
          coats of oil painting of approved
          shade & make. rate includes the
          erection of angle post for CL
          fencing :-(A) In beams and joints
          channels angles, tees, flats with
          connecting cleats as in main and
          cross beams, hip and jack rafters,
          purloins connected to common
          rafters etc..
  33      Providing & fixing MS Grill of          KG.   700.00    55.00    38500.00
          approved      quality   &     design
          weighing 25 to 30 kg/smt. as per
          drawing & as directed with
          necessary grill door (if required)
          including welding or bolted fixtures
          and fastening. M.S. Flat hold fasts,
          300mm long, 16mm dia. aldrop &
          300mm. long tower bolt necessary
          with handles etc. with 3 coats of oil
          painting of approved shade & tint
          with one coat of red oxide primer
          including grouted hold fast in CC
          (1:2:4) etc. complete as directed by
  34      Providing and laying approved           SMT   240.00   815.00   195600.00
          quality polished Kotah stone
          slab(25mm th.) flooring including
          using 35x25mm approved quality
          machine cut, marble strip over
          20mm (average) thick base of
          cement mortar 1:6 (1 cement : 6
          course sand or L.M. 1:1.5 laid over
          and jointed with grey cement slurry
          including rubbing and mirror
          polishing using polishing machine

D:\DATA_Pending\300910\nadiad_tr\BOQ.doc   -8-
          with grinding six emery's of
          different no. including using
          special chemical powder for
          polishing including white cement
          coating two times during polishing
          for filling up minute holes or cracks
          in joints etc. comp.
  35      Providing and laying polished Kota      SMT   48.00   799.00   38352.00
          stone slab 25 mm th. in risers of
          steps, Dedo and sills laid on 10
          mm thick CM 1:3 & jointed with
          grey cement slurry including
          rubbing and mirror polishing etc.
  36      Providing and laying color glazed       SMT   70.00   657.00   45990.00
          or its equivalent make 6mm thick in
          flooring & dado laid on bed of
          12mm thick cement mortar 1:3 (1
          cement : 3 course sand) & fixing
          the same in cement & providing
          12mm thick back coating of cement
          plaster in CM 1:3 for base, filling
          the joints with white/color cement
          neatly finishing the joints curing
          etc. complete.
  37      Providing & fixing approved quality     SMT   30.00   674.00   20220.00
          approved quality ceramic vitrified
          tiles of best quality matt/glossy
          finish of Johnson/Kajaria/Nittco or
          its equivalent make of required size
          for flooring, skirting etc. including
          fixing the same in cement mortar
          (1:2) setting with ready made tile
          adhesive as recommended by
          manufacturer's including fillings of
          joints mixed with pigmented
          cement slurry of matching shade
          etc. complete - For battery room.

D:\DATA_Pending\300910\nadiad_tr\BOQ.doc   -9-
  38      Providing and fixing      approved         RMT   25.00    147.00   3675.00
          quality to wall, ceiling, floor &
          trenches galvanized mild steel
          tubes (medium grade) of the
          following nominal bore tube fitting
          and clamps including making good
          the wall, ceiling, floor & refilling
          for- 15mm pipe
  39      -Do- but for 25mm pipe.                    RMT   20.00    259.00   5180.00
  40      -Do- but for 40mmpipe                      RMT   10.00    392.00   3920.00
  41      -Do- but for 20mm pipe                     RMT   20.00    185.00   3700.00
  42      Providing &       fixing     approved      NO     2.00    338.00    676.00
          quality gun metal check or non-
          return     wheel     valve     for    -
           20 mm dia.
  43      Do but for 25mmdia                         NO     2.00    465.00    930.00
  44      Providing and fixing approved              NO     8.00    187.00   1496.00
          quality screw down bib tapes of
          following size:                    (A )
          Brass screw down bib tap polished
          bright 15mm dia.
  45      Providing & fixing approved quality        NO     1.00   4800.00   4800.00
          readymade P.V.C. water tight
          storage tank of 1000 liters capacity
          made from linear low density
          polythene & low density polythene
          LDPF product confirming to I.S. :
          10146-1982 with cover including
          providing & fixing one 20mm dia,
          float valve ball-cock, one 20mm dia
          G.I. over flow pipe of length up to
          0.30 Mt. including making all
          connection for inlet/outlet etc.
          complete as directed by E.I.C.
  46      Providing & fixing FINOLEX brand           RMT   65.00    102.00   6630.00
          or equivalent approved quality rigid
          P.V.C. pipe for rain water including
          necessary fittings like bends, shoe,
          cowl etc. & fixing the pipes to the
          wall in plumb by means of G.I.
          Clamps of 18 gauge sheet at 1 to
          1.5 meter distance, filling the joints
          with approved solution complete as
          directed      by        E.I.C.      for

D:\DATA_Pending\300910\nadiad_tr\BOQ.doc    - 10 -
          -90 mm O.D. PVC pipe
  47      Providing and laying (to level or         RMT   30.00    160.00    4800.00
          slopes) and jointing with stiff
          mixture of cement mortar in
          proportion 1:1 approved quality
          salt glazed stoneware pipes
          following      nominal      internal
          diameters including testing of pipes
          and joints complete for 150 mm
  48      -Do- but for 100mm dia. pipe              RMT   10.00    119.00    1190.00
  49      Providing and fixing      approved        NO     5.00    309.00    1545.00
          quality C.I. Nahani trap of
          approved size & make with
          additional aluminum perforated jali
          cover & C.I. Pipe outside the wall
          with plug, bend, etc. complete as
          directed          by          E.I.C.
          (a) 100MM DIA
  50      Providing and fixing approved             NO     3.00   1014.00    3042.00
          quality S.W. gully trap with C.I.
          Grating, brick masonry chamber
          and water tight C.I. cover with
          frame of 300 mm x 300 mm size
          (inside) with standard weight.
           (a) 150 mm x 100mm size P or R
  51      Providing B.B. Masonry inspection         NO     5.00   2771.00   13855.00
          chamber (MANHOLE) of 600mm x
          600 mm size including light type
          approved C.I. Cover with frame,
          necessary     excavation,    bottom
          concreting of B.B.C.C. (1:4:8)
          150mm thick/225mm, thick B.B.
          Masonry in C.M. (1:6) 12mm thick
          cement plaster in C.M. (1:3) inside
          & to all exposed faces up to
          300mm below ground level, curing
          etc. including disposal of surplus
          excavated earth up to radius of
          500mt. including 3 coats of white or
          colour wash to all exposed finished
          surface etc. complete as directed
          by EIC. (B.B. Masonry up to
          1000mm depth).

D:\DATA_Pending\300910\nadiad_tr\BOQ.doc   - 11 -
  52      Providing and fixing approved             NO   2.00   2026.00   4052.00
          quality wash basin of size
          550x440mm with single hold pillar
          tap with C.I. or M.S. brackets
          painted white / colour including
          cutting holes and making good the
          hole including pillar tap, stop cock,
          PVC connection and PVC waste
          pipe to be concealed with bottle
  53      Providing & fixing approved quality       NO   2.00    720.00   1440.00
          light type C.I. Manhole covers with
          water tight C.I. Frame & fixing the
          same in concrete etc. complete as
          directed by E.I.C. for 600X600 mm
  54      Providing and fixing approved             NO   2.00   1096.00   2192.00
          quality ORISSA PAN water closet
          squatting     pan     size    580mm
          including providing and fixing
          100mm size P or S trap jointing tap
          with the pan and soil waste pipe
          and with G.I. inlet connection for
          flush pipe with W.C. pan and
          chromium plated brass half turn
          flush cock of approved quality of
          25mm dia. etc. complete.
  55      Providing & Fixing approved quality       NO   2.00     48.00     96.00
          a set of 6 Nos. of stainless steel
          coat racks of approved quality fixed
          on 20 mm. thick teak wood batten
          including 3 coats of oil painting etc;
          complete as directed by E.I.C
  56      Providing and fixing     urinal of        NO   1.00   1060.00   1060.00
          approved      quality    including
          connection with trap and with
          integral longitudinal flush pipe
          concealed                    outlet
          (A) squaring plate pattern white
          earthenware 550mm x 300mm

D:\DATA_Pending\300910\nadiad_tr\BOQ.doc   - 12 -
  57      Supplying & fixing approved quality        RMT    25.00   383.00     9575.00
          reinforced concrete heavy duty non
          pressure pipes with collars for
          culverts carrying heavy traffic as
          per      IS-458-1971       standard
          specification including setting the
          pipes in C.M. 1:2 watering and
          laying (to level or slope) of class
          NP2 of 250mm dia.
  58      Supplying & fixing approved quality        RMT    55.00   415.00    22825.00
          reinforced concrete heavy duty non
          pressure pipes with collars for
          culverts carrying heavy traffic as
          per      IS-458-1971       standard
          specification including setting the
          pipes in C.M. 1:2 watering and
          laying (to level or slope) of class
          NP3 of 300mm dia.
  59      Supplying & stacking 40 to 60mm            CMT   150.00   849.00   127350.00
          size hard stone road black crushed
          metal including transportation filling
          the box etc. complete. (box
          measurement shall be paid with
          20% void deduction)- For road
  60      Supplying & stacking murrum of             CMT    40.00   175.00     7000.00
          approved       quality       including
          transportation, filling the boxes etc.
          completed as directed. (Box
          measurement will be paid with 15%
          deduction of voids).
  61      Supplying & stacking 6mm size grit         CMT    20.00   796.00    15920.00
          including     transportation        for
          spreading on road filling the box
          etc. complete.
  62      Labour charges for spreading 40 to         SMT   710.00    19.00    13490.00
          60 mm size metal in 100mm thick
          layers with required grade &
          camber & watering rolling the each
          layer with 8 to 10 tones power
          roller including filling depression
          which occur during process etc.
          complete as directed by E.I.C.
  63      -DO- as above but with murrum              SMT   710.00     9.00     6390.00
  64      -DO- as above but for grit                 SMT   710.00     8.00     5680.00

D:\DATA_Pending\300910\nadiad_tr\BOQ.doc    - 13 -
  65      Providing & placing 60MM thick            SMT    45.00   340.00   15300.00
          grey colour PAVER PRECAST
          CONCRETE BLOCK of approved
          quality size & shape in line & level
          including       fitting    in    50MM
          approved quality of RIVER SAND
          below CONCRETE BLOCK in
          slope filling the joint of concrete.
  66      Providing and fixing approved             NO      2.00   572.00    1144.00
          quality 600mm x 450mm beveled
          edge mirror of superior glass
          mounted on PVC molded frame
          and fixed to wooden plugs with
          C.P. brass screws and washers.
  67      Providing & fixing approved quality       NO      1.00   198.00     198.00
          300x300mm size marble year plate
          with black border all round & letters
          including fixing the same in cement
          mortar etc. comp. As directed by
  68      Providing and fixing approved             NO      2.00   565.00    1130.00
          quality C.P. Brass towel rod
          complete with C.P. Brass brackets
          fixed to wooden plugs with C.P.
          Brass                     screws.
          600mmx20mm size
  69      Providing & laying water proofing         SMT   250.00   384.00   96000.00
          treatment on terrace including
          applying neat cement slurry 2.75
          kg./sq.mt. on cement admixed with
          water proofing component after
          cleaning the surface, Laying
          cement concrete with brick bat
          75mm to 100mm thick with 50% of
          C.M. 1:5 admixed with water
          proofing component over 20mm
          thick layer of C.M. 1:5 to required
          slope including ramming at junction
          of wall and slab, after two days of
          proper curing applying a second
          coat of cement slurry, finished the
          surface with 20mm thick C.M. 1:4
          china mosaic flooring and finally
          finishing flooding 75mm deep with

D:\DATA_Pending\300910\nadiad_tr\BOQ.doc   - 14 -
          water on terrace for a period of two
          week. The contractor shall submit
          performance guarantee of the
          waterproofing item at the rate of
          20% of cost of item of work order in
          the form of FDR of Schedule Bank
          / Nationalised Bank in favour of
          GETCO (A/c Agency) for a period
          of 5 years from actual date of
          completion of work stamp paper of
          appropriate value in approved
          format of GETCO.
  70      Providing & Fixing Standard SIGN          NO.       1.00   6000.00     6000.00
          BOARD of 18 gauge M.S Sheet
          including computerized lettering &
          oil painting & required fabrication
          work as per drawing- size 1800 x
          1200 mm for SUB-STATION
  71      Providing, supplying, fabricating &       KG.   10500.00     58.00   609000.00
          erecting chain link fencing panel of
          size 2400 X 200Omm. made from
          75X75mm & 10 Gauge G.I. Chain
          links & 50 X 50 X 6mm.         angle
          including fixing the chain B136
          link in angle frame by means of
          40X3mm. M.S. Flat welded to
          angle frame drilling to holes in
          angle frame & flat & fixing the
          same with angle post in line level &
          plumb by means of 10mm. dia.
          bolts frame & flat & nuts, 3 coats
          of oil painting to angle iron etc.,
          completed as per drawing & as
          directed by E.I.C. (ALL THESE
          MATERIALS        LIKE M.S. FLAT,
          CHAINLINK FENCING,              M.S.

D:\DATA_Pending\300910\nadiad_tr\BOQ.doc   - 15 -
  72      Providing & fixing G.I. Barbed wire        NO    315.00   26.00    8190.00
          fencing (12/14       Gauge) having
          mass and uniformity of Zinc coating
          & specifications shall be as per
          IS 2140 – 1978 & IS 4826 – 1979
          code with minimum 70 micron
          coating having 3 horizontal rows,
          fixing with angle posts by means of
          G.I. U pins or with R.C.C. poles by
          14 Gauge G.I. Wire as per drawing
          etc, complete as directed by EIC.
  73      Providing & applying anti termite          SMT   270.00   49.00   13230.00
          treatment, as per IS 6313 (Part.II &
          II 2001) for building works in pre
          construction & post const. stages,
          using chemicals conforming to
          relevant IS in water emulsion and
          effective when applied uniformly
          over the area to be treated. The
          chemical      to    be      used     is
          chlorophriphos 20% EC or its
          equivalent. The treatment is to be
          carried out as per the procedure
          mentioned below and treated plinth
          surface area is to be taken for
          measurement. (with performance
          guarantee for 5 years)a)For pre
          construction treatment: For plinth
          filling & periphery holes in side
          plinth to be drilled 300MM C/C
          each having depth 1.5M and for
          inside plinth the hole are to be
          treated with diluted chemical
          solution, 1.5 lit. per hole, in the
          ratio of 1:20. For periphery i.e. out
          side plinth the ditch is to be treated
          with diluted solution 2.25 litre per
          rmt. In the ratio 1:20. The entire
          surface area is to be treated with
          diluted solution of dose 2.5 litres
          per smt. over and above as a plinth
          surface treatment.

D:\DATA_Pending\300910\nadiad_tr\BOQ.doc    - 16 -
  74      Providing & laying rigid 4kg/cm2          RMT    10.00    120.00    1200.00
          PVC drainage pipe including
          necessary fittings like bend, tee, Y
          bend plug etc. fixed with wall by
          means of clamps & nails with water
          tight joints by approved solution
          etc. complete as directed by EIC.
          for 75mm dia. Pipe
  75      -Do- but for 100mm dia. pipe              RMT     5.00    204.00    1020.00
  76      Providing & laying 40mm th. IPS           SMT    65.00    155.00   10075.00
          flooring in CC 1:2:4 including
          finishing the floor with smooth
          cement slurry marking diagonal
          lines etc. complete.
  77      Providing & fixing Acrylic name           NO      6.00     55.00     330.00
          plates of required size including
          painting letters as directed &
          fixing as directed by E.I.C.
  78      Providing & fixing M.S. cover for         SMT     4.00   1656.00    6624.00
          cable trench in control room made
          from 14 Gauge M.S. Sheet having
          M.S. Angle frame all-round of 40 X
          40 X 5mm. size and cover shutter
          frame of angle 30 x 30 x 5 mm size
          & 2 supports at middle including oil
          painting of 3 coats.
  79      Demolition including Stacking of          CMT    70.00    254.00   17780.00
          serviceable materials and disposal
          of unserviceable materials with all
          lead and lift. For R. C. concrete
  80      Demolition of brick work & stone          CMT   125.00    133.00   16625.00
          masonry including stacking of
          serviceable materials & disposal of
          unserviceable materials with all
          lead & lift. (ii) In cement mortar.

  81      Dismantling tiled or stone floors         SMT   165.00     12.00    1980.00
          laid in mortar including stacking of
          serviceable materials & disposal of
          unserviceable materials with all
          lead & lift.

D:\DATA_Pending\300910\nadiad_tr\BOQ.doc   - 17 -
  82      Dismantling      doors,    windows,        NO       40.00      46.00        1840.00
          ventilators etc (wood or steel)
          shutters    including   chowkhars,
          Architraves, Holdfasts and other
          attachment etc. complete &
          stacking them within all lead & lift.
          1. Not exceeding 3 sq.m. in area.
  83      Dismantling barbed wire in fencing        RMT      315.00      16.00        5040.00
          including making rolls and also
          including making rolls and also
          including dismantling fencing posts
          including all earth work concrete in
          base and making good the
          disturbed ground stacking useful
          materials as directed.
                                                                      Total Rs.    3883973.50

Note: Service tax shall be reimbursed on production of proof of such payments
      made by the contractor to the appropriate department.

                                                    Superintending Engineer (TR)
                                                     GETCO Circle Office Nadiad

I/We have read and clearly understood the terms, conditions, Schedule ‘B’ and
Technical specifications put by GETCO on WEB site.
I/We hereby accept all the conditions and specifications of this tender document,
and accordingly,
I/We am/are willing to carry out the work at _________________% (in words
______________percentage) above/below the estimated cost. Accordingly the
total     amount         of      my/our      tender       works        out    to
_______ ___________________)

(With rubber stamp/seal of the company)

D:\DATA_Pending\300910\nadiad_tr\BOQ.doc   - 18 -

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