Brown University FY10 Tuition Prepayment Plan (TPP) Agreement

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                                     Tuition Prepayment Plan Agreement

Terms and Conditions

1.       Subject to qualification of eligibility to participate by the University, the individual(s) named below (the
"Participant(s)") elect to participate in Brown University's Tuition Prepayment Plan and agree to the program terms and
conditions contained herein.

Name(s) of Participant(s):


Regarding the tuition of:                                                       Banner ID:

This agreement covers only the basic tuition charges and does not cover other fees such as room, board, and
miscellaneous charges.

2.       The University will accept prepayment of the total undergraduate tuition at the rate in effect when the registered
student enters the plan. By prepaying the entire undergraduate tuition, families will eliminate future increases.

3.      Students receiving any Financial Aid Scholarship dollars would not be eligible for this program, without the written
permission from the Director of Financial Aid.

4.       The Tuition Prepayment Plan (TPP) will be available for a maximum of four and minimum of two academic years.

5.       Participant(s) may only enter the Tuition Prepayment Plan (TPP) within the time designated in this Agreement.

6.       The University's tuition rate for academic year 2009-2010 is $38,048.

7.     Participant(s) desire to use the TPP for the student listed above for       2     3     4 qualifying years of enrollment at
Brown University beginning with the Fall Semester 2009.

8.        Participant(s) desire to use the TPP plan set forth herein by paying the sum of $                   (the total prepaid
tuition equal to the number of years * $38,048.)

9.       Receipt of the total prepaid tuition set forth above will constitute payment in full of the student's tuition at the
University for the aggregate number of years set forth above, subject to the following terms and conditions. While these
qualifying years need not be consecutive, the student is only allowed enrollment absences (whether by leave of absence,
withdrawal, suspension, dismissal, or expulsion) totaling two semesters (one year).

10.       On or before August 1 of the student's initial academic year, the participant(s) will pay the total prepaid
tuition stated above. For enrollment in the plan beginning Fall Semester 2009, payment and agreement must be received by
August 1, 2009.
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Tuition Pre-Payment Plan Agreement
11.      The University will refund to the participant(s) any prepaid tuition for succeeding years plus any semester refund
follows: calculated as

        (1)       Leave, Withdrawal, and Separation: A student who leaves or withdraws from the University during a
semester shall be eligible for a tuition payment refund during the first five weeks according to the following schedule:

                   Week of Withdrawal                          Percentage Amount of Refund *
                           1and 2                                         80 percent
                              3                                           60 percent
                              4                                           40 percent
                              5                                           20 percent

         (* the amount refunded shall be calculated based upon the value set forth in section 6 above.)

          A student suspended, dismissed, expelled, or who withdraws when under investigation for misconduct, shall not have
tuition refunded for the semester in which the action is taken.

        A student who leaves, withdraws, or is separated from the University during or at the end of the first semester of an
academic year shall not be charged tuition for the second semester provided the student is not re-enrolled during the second

         Participation in the plan shall terminate for a student not enrolled at the University for any cumulative period
exceeding two semesters (excluding periods covered by the "study away" provisions). In such an event, the University shall
refund the prorated amount of the unused prepaid tuition. This amount shall be calculated based upon the value set forth in
section 6 above.

          Any leave, withdrawal, and/or separation of the student that occurs during a semester while participating in the plan
shall count as a full semester toward the two semester allowed absence, regardless of whether or not any tuition was refunded
for the semester of partial enrollment.

         (2).      Course Reduction: A student who changes their enrollment status from full-time to less than full-time will
not be eligible for continued participation in the Tuition Prepayment Program. The University will refund any remaining
prepaid tuition to the participant(s) based on the value set forth in section 6 above.

         (3).     Study Away: All students who matriculate to Brown after July 1, 2006, will be charged Brown University
tuition while studying abroad for academic credit, and tuition pre-payment is applicable in the same terms as on-campus study.

12.      General Provisions Concerning Refunds. The University will not pay interest on refunds of prepaid tuition.

         The University reserves the right to offset any amounts refundable here-under against any amounts owing to it by
participant(s) or the student, whether or not then due, including, without limitation, any other tuition or non-tuition charges
incurred by the student and any balance owed by participant(s).

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Tuition Pre-Payment Plan Agreement