Seven Wonders of the Ancient World The term “Seven Wonders of the by cuiliqing


									        Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
  The term “Seven Wonders of the World” means, works regarded by the ancient Greeks and
                    Romans as the most remarkable structures of their day.

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

  1.   Pyramids of Giza
  2.   The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
  3.   Statue of Zeus by Phidias
  4.   The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
  5.   The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
  6.   The Colossus of Rhodes
  7.   The Lighthouse of Alexandria

Your project should include the following:

      What are the qualities of this structure that makes it a “wonder of the world/”
      Include details of it construction: What is it? Where was it located? When was it built?
       Who built it? Why was it built? What was it made of? How big was it? How long was it
       around for?

You will be required to write about two of the seven Ancient Wonders.

You must include the following:

   o 1 letter to the editor
   o 1 classified ads or advertisements (1 ad for each wonder)
   o Visuals (1 story for each wonder).
   o Story on the construction (1 story for each wonder).
   o 1 story from a construction worker.

The following web sites are a great place to get information on the seven wonders.

The final product is due at the end of class Monday October 3, 2011

                       Please plan your time wisely!
What is the letter to the editor?
Most newspapers will have a section that will allow people to write a letter to the editor of the
newspaper in response to an article in one of the past issues. For this project you would want to
write about something that concerns you with one of the wonders. Maybe you were upset with
credit being given to someone else or someone thought that one of the wonders was not
important. This is your chance to give your opinion on something that has to deal with the seven

What is a classified ad?
This is an area where you can advertise a product, try to sell something, or inform people that
you are in need of something that deals with the seven wonders. You may create a visual

What is considered a visual?
This includes a picture of the ancient wonder. You MUST have one picture for each wonder you
write about, you may have more than that, but one is required.

What is a story on the construction?
This is where you talk about the history of the wonder. Make sure to include details of its
construction: What was its purpose, who built it, where was it, how was it built, why was it
built, when was it built, what was is made out of, how big was it, and does this wonder still

What is the story from a construction worker?
You create a construction worker who participated in the construction of the wonder and tell
about their experience. What did they do? Why did they work on it? How much where they paid?
How long did they work on it? What were the conditions like? Etc. Please be creative

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