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									Port City Community Church
Biblical Counseling Ministry

   613 Shipyard Blvd. Suite 104
      Wilmington, NC 28412


   2 brothers-in-law got together and wanted to start
    a non-denominational Church
   After 3 years of prayer, PC3 was launched on
    October 24, 1999
   With no advertising, 85 people showed up for the
    first service
   Since then, PC3 has grown to be one of the
    largest Churches in Wilmington
   MISSION: “To reach people and help them walk
    with God”
         Counseling Ministry
 Purpose:   “To help others meet the
  challenges of life in a way that will please
  and honor the Lord Jesus Christ. We
  believe that God, through revelation in the
  Bible, has provided His people with
  thorough guidance and instruction for faith
  and life.”
 For this reason, all who seek help at PC3
  do so free of charge
           Population Served
 Men,  women, couples, children, and families
  all enter into counseling
 Women outnumber men in counseling
 Premarital counseling is a huge part of their
 People suffering from addictions, eating
  disorders, abuse, or any life-hindering
 In 2006, 226 people were served by 15
  counselors (only 3 “on-staff”, the others are
  trained volunteers)
                      What did I do?
   Treasure Island
   Small Groups
   Biblical training
       Once a month
       Individual homework then group discussion of a Theology topic and
        2 counseling topics
   Observation of individual sessions
   Premarital Counseling
       My fiancée and I are learning our Biblical roles as husband and
        wife, communication skills, and discuss topics that will come up in
        our marriage
   Education of biblical vs. secular views of eating disorders
   Referrals for women with eating disorders
   Consent forms
   Square One
       Marriage seminar
                        Treasure Island

I  am a Small Group Leader for 1st grade
 Every Sunday I teach them about a virtue
  (ex: Honesty) and how it is demonstrated
  in the Bible
 Fun, age-appropriate activities
 Worship!
                Small Groups
   I am involved in a Thursday night Small Group
   I also lead a Monday night Small Group
   All are college-age women
   Reading different books and discussing them as a
   Prayer
   Accountability
   My Small Group girls have become my best friends
    because we “walk through life together”
   Small Groups are the “heart” of the Church
 This practicum has taught me many things,
  especially about myself and what I want to do with
  my life
 I love everything about my practicum, especially
  that they invest in the person, not just the hour
       Domestic violence example
   Because of this experience, my career goal is to
    open a Christian Retreat for young women suffering
    from eating disorders, unplanned pregnancy, or
    abuse victims where they can come and learn
    about Christ and their identity in Him


 Thiswould be a great place for someone
 who wants to pursue God and do His work
 by investing in and helping people walk
 through life

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