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             T&E Refresher Course
          Acronyms and Abbreviations
                                                         April 2010

A&TWF         Acquisition and Technology Work force
Aa            Achieved Availability
AAA           Army Audit Agency
AAC           Army Acquisition Corps
AAE           Army Acquisition Executive
AAR           After Action Review
ABCS          Army Battle Command System
ABM           Anti-Ballistic Missile
ABNSOTD       Airborne and Special Operations Test
ACAT          Acquisition Category
ACIE          Army Clothing and Individual Equipment
ACM           Acquisition Career Manager
Acq           Acquisition
ACRB          Acquisition Career Record Brief
ACTD          Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration
ACTDMP        Advanced Concept Development
              Demonstration Management Plan
ACTID         Advanced Concepts Transformation Integration
ADA           Air Defense Artillery
ADACS         Automated Data Collection System
ADATD         Air Defense Artillery Test Directorate
ADATS         Army Development and Acquisition of Threat
ADM           Acquisition Decision Memorandum
ADP           Automated Data Processing
ADPE          Automated Data Processing Equipment
ADSS          ATEC Decision Support System
AEC           Army Evaluation Center
AEP           Army Experimentation Program
AFOTEC        Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation
AGSE          Aviation Ground Support Equipment
AI            Additional Issue
Ai            Inherent Availability
AIS           Automated Information System
AITAS         ATRRS Internet Training Application System

              Acronyms and Abbreviations
             TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
AK           Alaska
AKA          Army Kwajalein Atoll
ALDT         Administrative and Logistics Down Time
ALMC         U.S. Army Logistics Management College
AMBL         Air Maneuver Battle Lab
AMC          U.S. Army Materiel Command
AMDBD        Army Medical Department Board
AMEDD        Army Medical Department
AMEDDC&S     U.S. Army Medical Department Center and
AMMO         Ammunition
AMRDEC       Aviation and Missile Research and
             Development Center
AMSAA        US Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity
AMSEC        Army Modeling and Simulation Executive
AMSO         Army Modeling and Simulation Office
Ao           Operational Availability
AoA          Analysis of Alternatives
AP           Acquisition Plan
APA          Army Procurement Appropriation
APB          Acquisition Program Baseline
APG          Aberdeen Proving Ground
APM          Assistant Product Manager
AR           Army Regulation
ARDEC        Army Research, Development, and Engineering
ARL          U.S. Army Research Laboratory
ARNG         Army National Guard
AROC         Army Requirements Oversight Council
ARPA         Advanced Research Projects Agency
ARPANET      ARPA Network
ARTEP        Army Training and Evaluation Plans
ARTY         Artillery
AS           Acquisition Strategy
ASA(ALT)     Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition,
             Logistics, and Technology)
ASA(CW)      Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works)
ASA(FM&C)    Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial
             Management & Comptroller
ASA(FM)      Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial
ASA(IL)      Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations

             Acronyms and Abbreviations
            TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
ASA(M&RA)    Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and
             Reserve Affairs)
ASA(RDA)     Assistant Secretary of the Army (Research,
             Development, and Acquisition)
ASAP         As Soon As Possible
ASARC        Army Systems Acquisition Review Council
ASAS         All Source Analysis System
ASD          Assistant Secretary of Defense
ASD(C3I)     Assistant Secretary of Defense (C3 Intelligence)
ASD/COMP     Assistant Secretary of Defense/Comptroller
ASD/PA       Assistant Secretary of Defense/Public Affairs
ASD/SA       Assistant Secretary of Defense/Systems
ASE          Aircraft Survivability Equipment
ASL          Authorized Stockage List
ASP          Automation Support Plan
AST          ATEC System Team
AT           Antitank
ATACMS       Army Tactical Missile System
ATC          Aberdeen Test Center
ATCCS        Army Tactical Command and Control System
ATD          Advanced Technology Demonstration
ATDL         Army Tactical Data Link
ATE          Automatic Test Equipment
ATEC         Army Test and Evaluation Command
ATIRS        Army Test Incident Reporting System
ATRMP        Army Test Resources Master Plan
ATSA         ATEC Threat Support Activity
ATTC         Aviation Technical Test Center
AUTIP        Army User Test Instrumentation Program
AUTL         Army Universal Task List
AV           Audiovisual
AVN          Aviation
AVNC         Aviation Center
AVTD         Aviation Test Directorate
AWE          Advanced Warfighting Experiment

B&RF         Base and range facilities
BAS          Battlefield Automated System
BASOPS       Base Operations
BAT          Brilliant Anti-Tank
BCBL         Battle Lab
BCE          Baseline Cost Estimate

             Acronyms and Abbreviations
            TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
BCIS       Battlefield Combat Identification System
BCM        Baseline Correlation Matrix
BDAR       Battle Damage Assessment and Repair
BDE        Brigade
BDU        Battle Dress Uniform
BFA        Battlefield Functional Area
BFV        Bradley Fighting Vehicles
BFVS       Bradley Fighting Vehicle System
BIT        Built-in Test
BITE       Built-in Test Equipment
BL         Battle Lab
BLOS       Beyond Line-of-Sight
BLRIP      Beyond Low-Rate Initial Production
BLUEFOR    Blue (friendly) Force(s)
BLWE       Battle Lab Warfighting Experiment
BMD        Ballistic Missile Defense
BN         Battalion
BOI        Basis of Issue
BOIP       Basis of Issue Plan
BOS        Battlefield Operating System
bps        bits per second
BRDEC      Belvoir Research and Development Engineer
BSA        Base Support Agreement
Btl Lab    Battle Lab
BTL LAB    Battle Lab
BTRY       Battery
BTU        British Thermal Unit

C          A computer programming language for UNIX
C/G        Contractor or Government
C/J        Communications/Jam
C2         Command and Control
C2E        Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation
C2I        Command, Control, and Intelligence
C2V        Command and Control Vehicle
C3         Command, Control, and Communications
C3CM       Command, Control, and Communications
C3I        Command, Control, Communications, and
C3TD       Command, Control, and Communications Test

           Acronyms and Abbreviations
          TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
C4           Command, Control, Communications, and
C4I          Command, Control, Communications,
             Computers, and Intelligence
C4/IT        Command, Control, Communications,
             Computers/Information Technology
C4IEWS       Communications, Command, Control,
             Computer, Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and
C4ISP        Command, Control, Communications,
             Computers, and Intelligence Support Plan
C4TD         Command, Control, Communications, and
             Computers Test Directorate
CAA          Center for Army Analysis
CAC          Combined Arms Center (TRADOC)
CAE          Component Acquisition Executive
CAIV         Cost As An Independent Variable
CAP          (1) Certification and Accreditation Plan, (2)
             Crisis Action Planning, (3) current approved
             program, (4) Critical Acquisition Position
CAPL         Civilian Acquisition Position List
CAR          corrective action report
CART         Corrective Action Review Team
CAS          Close Air Support
CASCOM       Combined Arms Support Command
CASTFOREM    Combined Arms & Support Task Force
             Evaluation Model
CATD         Combined Arms Test Directorate
CB           Chemical, Biological
CBD          Chemical Biological Defense
CBR          Chemical, Biological, Radiological
CBS          Corps Battle Simulator/Simulation
CBT          (1) Combat, (2)Computer-based Training
CBTDEV       (1) Combat Developer, (2) Combat
CBW          chemical and biological warfare
CC           Close Combat
CCA          Configuration Control Authority
CCAWS        Close Combat Anti-Armor Weapons Systems
CCB          Configuration Control Board
CCE          Commercial Construction Equipment
CCMA         crew-correctable maintenance action
CCTD         Close Combat Test Directorate
CD           (1) Combat Developments , (2) Compact Disk

             Acronyms and Abbreviations
            TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
CDD          Capability Development Document
CDR          (1) Commander, or (2) Critical Design Review
CDRL         Contract Data Requirements List
CD-ROM       Compact Disk-Read Only Memory
CE           Continuous Evaluation
CEP          Concept Experimentation Program
CEPSARC      Concept Experimentation Program Schedule
             and Review Committee
CERCLA       Comprehensive Environmental Response,
             Compensation, and Liability Act
CERDEC       US Army Communications and Electronics
             Research, Development, and Engineering
CG           Commanding General
CGS          Command and General Staff
CHEM         Chemical
CHS          Common Hardware and Software
CI           Counter Intelligence
CIE          Clothing and Individual Equipment
CINC         Commander-in-Chief (President of the United
CIO          Chief Information Officer
CIPR         Concept In-Process Review
CJCS         Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
CJCSI        Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction
CJCSM        Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Manual
CJTF         Commander, Joint Task Force
CM           Countermeasures
CMD          Command
CMP          Configuration Management Plan
CNCE         Communications Network Control Element
CNP          Candidate Nomination Proposals
CO           Commanding Officer
COA          (1) Comptroller of the Army, (2) Course of
COC          Chain of Command
COE          Chief of Engineers
COEA         Cost and Operational Effectiveness Analysis
COI          (1) Critical Operational Issue, (2) Course of
COIC         Critical Operational Issues and Criteria
COM/INT      Communications/Intercept
COMARLANT    Commander, US Army Forces, Atlantic

             Acronyms and Abbreviations
            TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
COMDCAEUR      Commander, Defense Communications
               Agency, Europe
COMINT         Communications Intelligence
COMJAM         Communications Jamming
COMJTF         Commander, Joint Task Force
COMOPTEVFOR    Commander, Operational Test & Evaluation
COMSAT         Communications Satellite
COMSEC         Communications Security
CONOPS         (1) Continuity of Operations, (2) Concept of
CONUS          Continental United States
COR            Contracting Officer's Representative
CoS            Chief of Staff
COSCOM         Corps Support Command
COTR           Contracting Officer's Technical Representative
COTS           Commercial-off-the-Shelf
CP             Command Post
CPD            Capability Development Document
CPI            Critical Program Information
CPO            Civilian Personnel Office
CPOC           Civilian Personnel Operations Center
CPU            Central Processing Unit
CPX            Command Post Exercise
CRB            Configuration Review Board
CRD            Capstone Requirements Document
CRMP           Computer Resource Management Plan
CRTC           Cold Regions Test Center
CRWG           Computer Resources Working Group
CS             (1) Combat Support (2) Chief of Staff
CSA            Chief of Staff, Army
CSCI           Computer Software Configuration Item
CSE            chargeable to support equipment
CSM            Command Sergeant Major
CSS            Combat Service Support
CSSBL          Combat Service Support Battle Lab
CSTAR          Combat Synthetic Training Assessment Range
CT             Customer Test
CTC            Combat Training Center
CTEA           Cost and Training Effectiveness Analysis
CTEIP          Central Test and Evaluation Improvement
CTP            (1) Critical Technical Parameter, or (2)
               Coordinated Test Program

               Acronyms and Abbreviations
              TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
CTR                     Center
CTSF                    Central Test Support Facility
CW                      Chemical Warfare
CWBS                    Contract Work Breakdown Structure
CWG                     Communications Working Group
CWO                     Chief Warrant Officer
CY                      Calendar Year

D&O                  Doctrinal and Organizational
DA                   Department of the Army
DA IPR               DA In-Process Review
DAA                  Designated Approving Authority
DAB                  Defense Acquisition Board
DAE                  Defense Acquisition Executive
DAES                 Defense Acquisition Evaluation System
DAG                  Data Authentication Group
DAIG                 Department of the Army Inspector General
DAP                  Designated Acquisition Program
DARPA                Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DAS                  Director of the Army Staff
DAU                  Defense Acquisition University
DB                   Database
DBBL                 Dismounted Battle Battle Lab
DC                   Data Collector
DCAS                 Defense Contract Administration Services
DCD                  Directorate of Combat Developments
DCG                  Deputy Commanding General
DCS                  Deputy Chief of Staff
DCS, G-1 (Personnel) Deputy Chief of Staff G-1 for Personnel (Army
DCS, G-2 (Intel)     Deputy Chief of Staff G-2 for Intelligence (Army
DCS, G-3 (Ops)       Deputy Chief of Staff G-3 for Operations &
                     Plans (Army Headquarters)
DCS, G-4 (Logistics) Deputy Chief of Staff G-4 for Logistics (Army
DCS, G-6/CIO         Deputy Chief of Staff G-6 for Information
                     Systems, Command, Control, Communications,
                     & Computers/Chief Information Officer (Army
DCS, G-8 (Programs) Deputy Chief of Staff G-8 for Programs (Army
DCSCD                Deputy Chief of Staff for Combat
                     Developments (of TRADOC)

                        Acronyms and Abbreviations
                       TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
DCSCDD       Deputy Chief of Staff for Concepts, Doctrine,
             and Developments (of TRADOC)
DCSDOC       Deputy Chief of Staff, Doctrine (of TRADOC)
DCSOPS&T     Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and
             Training (of TRADOC)
DCST         Deputy Chief of Staff for Training (of TRADOC)
DDDRE        Deputy Director, Defense Research and
DDR&E        Director of Defense Research and Engineering
DE           (1) Data Element (2) Directed Energy
DEFCON       Defense Readiness Condition
DEM/VAL      Demonstration and Validation (phase)
DEP          Deputy
DEPSECDEF    Deputy Secretary of Defense
DEW          Directed Energy Weapon
DIA          Defense Intelligence Agency
DID          Data Item Description
DIPR         Detailed Test Plan In-process Review
DIR          Director
DIS          Distributed Interactive Simulation
DISA         Defense Information Systems Agency
DISC4        Director Information Systems for Command,
             Control, Communications, & Computers
DISCOM       Division Support Command
DISNET       Defense Integrated Secure Network
DISUM        Daily Intelligence Summary
DLA          Defense Logistics Agency
DMSO         Defense Modeling and Simulation Office
DN           Data Net
DoD          Department of Defense
DOD          Department of Defense
DODD         Department of Defense Directive
DODI         Department of Defense Instruction
DODIG        Department of Defense Inspector General
DOD-STD      Department of Defense Standard
DOIM         Director of Information Management
DoR          Director of Readiness
DOT&E        Director, Operational Test and Evaluation
DOTE         Director, Operational Test and Evaluation
DOTMLPF      Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel,
             Leadership and Education, Personnel and
D&O TSP      Doctrinal and Organizational Test Support

             Acronyms and Abbreviations
            TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
DP           Data Processing
DPE          Data Processing Equipment (or Element)
DPG          (1) Dugway Proving Ground, or (2) Defense
             Planning Guidance
DPW          Directorate of Public Works
DR           (1) Decision Review, (2) Data Requirement
DRM          Director of Resource Management
DRP          Data Reduction Plan
DRT          Design Review Team
DS           Direct Support
DS/GS        Direct Support/General Support
DSA          Defense Supply Agency
DSM          Data Source Matrix
DSMC         Defense Systems Management College
DSN          Defense Switched Network
DSNET        Defense Secure Network
DSS          Direct Support System
DSSW         Defense Services Support - Washington
DST          Direct Support Team
DT           Developmental Test
DT&E         Developmental Test and Evaluation in OSD
DTC          US Army Developmental Test Command
DTG          Date Time Group
DTIC         Defense Technical Information Center
DTIP         Developmental Test Instrumentation Program
DTP          Detailed Test Plan
DTRR         Developmental Test Readiness Review
DTV          Driver's Thermal Viewer
DUSD         Deputy Under Secretary of Defense
DUSD(ATL)    Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for
             Acquisition, Technology & Logistics

E-date       Test end date
E3           Electromagnetic Environmental Effects
EA           Environmental Assessment
ECCM         Electronic Counter-Countermeasure
ECM          Electronic Countermeasures
ECP          Engineering Change Proposal/Package
ECSTD        Engineer Combat Support Test Directorate

EDT          Engineering Development Test
EEMP         Environmental Engineering Management Plan
EEP          Event Execution Plan

             Acronyms and Abbreviations
            TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
EES       Environmental Engineering Specialist
EFOGM     Enhanced Fiber Optic Guided Missile
EIA       Environmental Impact Assessment
EIS       Environmental Impact Statement
ELINT     Electronic Intelligence
ELPA      Event Level Pattern of Analysis
E-Mail    Electronic Mail
EMC       Electromagnetic Compatibility
EMD       Engineering and Manufacturing Development
EMI       Electromagnetic Interference
EMOTR     Enhanced Multiple Object Tracking Radar
EMP       Electromagnetic Pulse
EMR       Electromagnetic Radiation
EMRH      Electromagnetic Radiation Hazard
EMRO      Electromagnetic Radiation Operational
ENG       Engineer
ENGR      Engineer
ENL       Enlisted
EO        Electro-Optical
EOA       Early Operational Assessment
EOC       Early Operational Capability
EOSFEL    Electro-Optical Sensor Flight Evaluation
EPCRA     Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-
          Know Act
EPG       Electronic Proving Ground
EPLRS     Enhanced Position Location Reporting System
ER        Event Report
ERB       (1) Emerging Results Brief, or (2) Engineering
          Review Board
ERDEC     Edgewood Research, Development, and
          Engineering Center
ESM       Electronic Support Measures
ESR       Early Strategy Review
ESS       Effectiveness, Suitability, & Survivability
EUR       Europe
EUSA      Eighth US Army
EUT       Early User Test
EW        Electronic Warfare
EXP       Experiment
EXSUM     Executive Summary

F&AO      Finance and Accounting Office
F/K       Fire Kill

          Acronyms and Abbreviations
         TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
FA         Field Artillery
FAA        Functional Area Assessment
FAAD       Forward Area Air Defense
FAQ        Frequently Asked Questions
FAR        Federal Acquisition Regulation
FAR        Functional Area Review
FAS        Field Artillery Section
FAST       Forward Area Support Team
FAT        First Article Testing
FATADS     Field Artillery Tactical Data Systems
FAX        Facsimile
FBCB2      Future Battle Command-Brigade and Below
FC         Fire Control
FCC        Federal Communications Commission
FCS        Future Combat System
FCT        Foreign Comparative Testing
FD         (1) Failure Definition, or (2) Functional
FD/SC      Failure Definition/Scoring Criteria
FDE        force development experiment
FDT        Force Development Test
FDT/E      Force Development Test or Experimentation
FIO        Foreign Intelligence Office
FIS        Firing Impulse Simulator
FLIR       Forward Looking InfraRed
FM         Field Manual
FM/TO      Field Manual/Technical Order
FMCCS      Force Modernization Command and Control
FMECA      Failure Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis
FMS        Foreign Military Sales
FMTV       Family of Medium Tactical Vehicle
FNSI       Findings of no significant impact
FOA        Field Operating Agency or Field Operating
FOAE       Field Operational Activities Element
FOC        (1) Full Operational Capability (2) Future
           Operational Capability
FOF        Force-on-Force
FOIA       Freedom of Information Act
FORGEN     Force Generation Report
FORSCOM    Forces Command
FoS        Family of Systems
FOT        Follow-on operational test

           Acronyms and Abbreviations
          TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
FOT&E        Follow-On Operational Test and Evaluation
FOUO         For Official Use Only
FP           Functional Proponent
FRG          Force Requirements Generator
FRP          full-rate production
FRP DR       Full-Rate Production Decision Review
FS           Fire Support
FSP          Full Scale Production
FSTD         Fire Support Test Directorate
FTP          File Transfer Protocol
FTX          Field Training Exercise
FUE          First Unit Equipped
FY           Fiscal Year
FYDP         Five-Year Defense Plan
FYTP         Five-Year Test Program

GAO          General Accounting Office
GFE          Government Furnished Equipment
GFI          Government Furnished Information
GFM          Government Furnished Materiel
GFP          Government-furnished property
GFS          Government Furnished Software
GMDTD        Ground Missile Defense Test Directorate
GMT          Greenwich Mean Time
GO           General Officer
GOSC         General Officer Steering Committee
GOSIP        Government Open Systems Interconnection
GPS          Global Positioning System
GS           General Support
GSA          General Services Administration
GSE          Ground Support Equipment

HAC          House Appropriation Committee
HAEMP        High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse
HALO         High Altitude-Low Opening
HASC         House Armed Services Committee
HAZMAT       Hazardous Material
HAZMIN       Hazardous Waste Minimization
HAZMIN P2    Hazardous Waste Minimization and Pollution
HAZMIN/P2    Hazardous Waste Minimization and Pollution
HCA          Head of Contracting Activity

             Acronyms and Abbreviations
            TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
HE        High-Explosive
HEL       (1) U.S. Army Human Engineering Laboratory,
          (2) High Energy Lasers
HELSTF    High Energy Laser Systems Test Facility
HEMP      High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse
HEMT      High Electron-mobility Transistor
HET       Heavy Equipment Transporter
HFE       Human Factors Engineering
HHA       Health Hazard Assessment
HHC       Headquarters and Headquarter Company
HIMAD     high-to-medium-altitude air defense
HMMWV     High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle
HOB       Height of Burst
HQ        Headquarters
HQDA      Headquarters, Department of the Army
HRED      Human Research Engineering Directorate
HSC       Health Services Command
HSI       Hardware/Software Interface
HTI       Horizontal Technology Integration
HUC       Human Use Committee
HUMINT    Human Resources Intelligence
HW        Hardware

I/O       Input/Output
IA        Information Assurance
IAV       Interim Armored Vehicle
IAW       In accordance with
IC        Internal Control
ICD       Initial Capabilities Document
ICP       Individual Career Plan
ICT       Integrated Concept Team
ICW       In Coordination With
ID        (1) Infantry Division, (2) identification
IDA       Institute for Defense Analyses
IDP       Individual Development Plan
IE        Independent Evaluation(s)
IEB       Independent Evaluation Briefing
IEP       Independent Evaluation Plan
IER       Independent Evaluation Report
IETM      Interactive Electronic Technical Manual
IEW       Intelligence and Electronic Warfare
IEWCS     Intelligence Electronic Warfare Common Sensor

          Acronyms and Abbreviations
         TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
IEWTD      Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Test
IFF        Identification, Friend or Foe
IG         Inspector General
IGAR       Inspector General Action Request
IGCE       Independent Government Cost Estimate
IIPT       Integrating Integrated Product Team
ILS        Integrated Logistics Support
ILSM       Integrated Logistics Support Manager
ILSMM      Integrated Logistics Support Management
ILSMT      Integrated Logistic Support Management Team
ILSP       Integrated Logistic Support Plan
IM         Information Manager / Management
IMA        Information Mission Area
IMB        Individual Maneuver Branch
IMMP       Information Management Modernization Plan
IMO        Information Management Officer
IMP        Information Management Plan
INF        Intermediate Nuclear Forces
INFOSEC    information security
INSCOM     Intelligence and Security Command
Intel      Intelligence
IO         Information Operations
IOC        Initial Operational Capability
IOT        Initial Operational Test
IOT&E      Initial Operational Test and Evaluation
IOTE       Initial Operational Test and Evaluation
IP         (1) Implementation Procedure, (2) Information
           Processor, (3) Interface Protocol, (4) Internet
           Protocol, (5) Instructor Pilot, (6) Initial Point
IPPD       Integrated Product and Process Development
IPR        In-Process Review
IPT        Integrated Product Team
IR         Infra-Red
ISA        Installation Support Agreement
ISC        Information Systems Command
ISDN       Integrated Services Data Network
ISP        Integrated Support Plan
ISS        Instrumentation, Stimulation, and Simulation
ISSA       Inter-Service Support Agreements
IT         Information Technology
IT&E       Integrated Test and Evaluation
ITAB       Information Technology Acquisition Board

           Acronyms and Abbreviations
          TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
ITOPS      International Test Operating Procedures
ITP        Individual Training Plan
ITR        Information Technology Requirement
ITSA       Information Technology Support Activity
ITTS       Instrumentation, Targets, and Threat
IU         Interface Unit
IV&V       Independent Verification and Validation
IW         Information Warfare

JAG        Judge Advocate General
JCATS      Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulation
JCS        Joint Chiefs of Staff
JCS PUB    JCS Publication
JIM        Joint Improvement Modernization
JITC       Joint Interoperability Test Command
JLOTS      Joint Logistics Over the Shore
JROC       Joint Requirements Oversight Council
JT&E       Joint Test and Evaluation
JTF        Joint Task Force
JWARS      Joint Warfare System

K          Thousand
KPP        Key Performance Parameter

LAN        Local Area Network
LCC        Life-Cycle Cost
LCEP       Life Cycle Environmental Profile
LEA        Logistics Evaluation Agency
LFT        Live Fire Test
LFT&E      Live Fire Test and Evaluation
LH         Light Helicopter
LNO        Liaison Officer
LOG        Logistics
LogDemo    Logistics Demonstration
LOI        Letter of Instruction
LOS        Line-of-Sight
LOSAT      Line-of-Sight Antitank
LR         Letter Requirement
LRIP       Low-Rate Initial Production
LRU        Line Replaceable Unit
LSAR       Logistic Support Analysis Record
LSP        Logistics Support Plan

           Acronyms and Abbreviations
          TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
LUT         Limited User Test

M           (1) million, or (2) meters
M&S         Modeling & Simulation
MA          Mission Abort
MAA         Mission Area Analysis
MAC         Maintenance Allocation Chart
MACOM       Major Army Command
MAD         Methodology & Analysis Directorate (of OTC)
MADP        Materiel Acquisition Decision Process
MAF         mission affecting failure
MAINT       Maintenance
MAIS        Mobile Automated Instrumentation Suite
MANPRINT    Manpower and Personnel Integration
MAP         Materiel Acquisition Process
MASSTER     U.S Army Project Mobile Army Sensor System
            Test, Evaluation, and Review
MATDEV      Materiel Developer
MaxTTR      maximum time to repair
MC          Mission Capability
MCA         Military Construction Appropriation
MCBD        Mission Capability Break Down
MCBF        Mean-Cycles-Between-Failures
MCBOMF      Mean-Cycles-Between-Operational-Mission-
MCOTEA      Marine Corps Operational Test & Evaluation
MCS         Maneuver Control System
Mct         Mean Corrective Time (maintenance)
MDA         (1) Milestone Decision Authority, or (2) Missile
            Defense Agency (formerly BMDO)
MDAP        Major Defense Acquisition Program
M-Demo      Maintenance Demonstration
MDR         Milestone Decision Review
MEDCOM      Medical Command
MEF         Mission Essential Functions
MENS        Mission Element Need Statement (replaced by
MET         Meteorology
MI          Military Intelligence
MIL         Military
MilDep      Military Deputy
MILES       Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System
MILGP       Military Group

            Acronyms and Abbreviations
           TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
MILHDBK      Military Handbook
MILPERCEN    Military Personnel Center
MILPO        Military Personnel Office
MILSPEC      Military Specification
MIL-STD      Military Standard
MIMIC        Microwave/Millimeter-wave Monolithic
             Integrated Circuit
MIPR         Military Interagency Procurement Requisition
MIS          Management Information System
MISICC       Management Information Systems Input to
             Command and Control
MISO         Management Information System Officer
MLS          Multi-Level Security
mm           millimeter
MMBF         Mean-Miles-Between-Failures
MMBOMF       Mean-Miles-Between-Operational-Mission-
MMBUMA       Mean-Miles-Between-Unscheduled-
MMW          Millimeter Wave
MN           Multi-National
MNS          Mission Need Statement
MOA          Memorandum of Agreement
MOD/SIM      Modeling and Simulation
MOE          Measure of Effectiveness
MOP          Measure of Performance
MOPP         Mission Oriented Protective Posture
MOS          (1) Measure of suitability, (2) Military
             Occupational Specialty
MOST         Mobile Over the Snow Transport
MOT&E        Multi-Service Operational Test and Evaluation
MOU          Memorandum of Understanding
MOUT         Military Operations Urban Terrain
MP           (1) Mission Profile, or (2) Military Police
MPT          manpower, personnel and training
MR           (1) Maintenance Ratio, or (2) Materiel Release
MRBF         mean-rounds-between-failures
MRRB         Materiel Release Review Board
MRTFB        Major Range and Test Facility Base
MS           Milestone
MSC          Major Subordinate Command
MSE          Mobile Subscriber Equipment
Msg          Message
MSN          Mission

             Acronyms and Abbreviations
            TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
MTBEFF    Mean-Time-Between-Essential-Function-Failure
MTBEMA    Mean-Time-Between-Essential-Maintenance-
MTBF      Mean Time Between Failures
MTBM      Mean-Time-Between-Maintenance
MTBMA     Mean Time Between Maintenance Action
MTBOMF    Mean Time Between Operational Mission
MTBR      Mean-Time-Between-Repair
MTBUMA    Mean-Time-Between-Unscheduled-
MTMC      Military Traffic Management Command
MTOE      Modified Table of Organization and Equipment
mtr       Meter
MTTR      Mean Time to Repair
MWBK      Mounted Warfare Battle Lab-Knox
MWO       Modification Work Order

NAF       Non Appropriated Funds
NATO      North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBC       Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical
NBCCS     Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Contamination
NCO       Noncommissioned Officer
NDI       Non-Developmental Item
NEPA      National Environmental Policy Act
NET       New Equipment Training
NETSP     New Equipment Training Support Package
NETT      New Equipment Training Team
NEW       nuclear weapons effects
NG        National Guard
NGB       National Guard Bureau
NIST      National Institute of Standards and Technology
NLT       Not Later Than
NMC       Not Mission Capable
NMCM      Not Mission Capable, Maintenance (formerly
NMCS      Not Mission Capable, Supply (formerly NORS)
NMD       National Missile Defense
NMS       National Military Strategy
NRDEC     Natick Research Development and Engineer
NSA       National Security Agency
NSC       National Security Council

          Acronyms and Abbreviations
         TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
NSS         (1) National Security System or (2) National
            Security Strategy
NSTD        Nonsystem Training Device
NTC         National Training Center
NUC         Nuclear
NWE         Nuclear Weapons Effects
NWS         National Weather Service

O&M         Operations and Maintenance
O&O         Operational and Organizational
O&O Plan    Operational and Organizational Plan
O&S         Operating and Support
OA          Operational Assessment
OAR         Operational Test Agency Assessment Report
OASD        Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense
OCE         Office of Chief of Engineers
OCMA        Operator Correctable Maintenance Action
OCONUS      Outside Continental United States
ODC         (1) Ozone Depleting Compound, (2) Other
            Direct Cost
ODP         Officer Distribution Plan
ODUSD       Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of
OED         Operational Environmental Data
OEM         (1) Original Equipment Manufacturer, (2) On
            Equipment Materiel
OER         Operational Test Agency Evaluation Report
OF          Objective Force
OFER        Operational Test Agency Follow-on Evaluation
OIC         Operational Issues and Criteria
OIPT        Overarching Integrated Product Team
OJT         On-the-Job-Training
OM          Operations Manual
OMA         Operation and Maintenance, Army
OMAR        Operational Test Agency Milestone “X”
            Assessment Report
OMB         Office of Management and Budget
OMF         Operational Mission Failure
OMS         Operational Mission Summary
OMS/MP      Operational Mission Summary/Mission Profile
ONS         Operational Needs Statement
OPA         Other Procurement Appropriation
OPCON       Operational Control

            Acronyms and Abbreviations
           TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
OPFOR       Opposing Forces
OPORD       Operation Order
OPS         Operations
OPSEC       Operations Security
OPTEMPO     Operational Tempo
OPTEVFOR    Navy's Operational Test Evaluation Force
OR          (1) Operations Research, (2) Operational
ORD         Operational Requirements Document
ORR         Operational Readiness Rate
ORS         Operational Requirements Statement,
ORSA        Operations Research Systems Analyst
OSD         Office of the Secretary of Defense
OSHA        Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OT          Operational Test
OT&E        Operational Test and Evaluation
OTA         Operational Test Agency
OTA TP      Operational Test Agency Test Plan
OTC         US Army Operational Test Command
OTECC       Operational Test and Evaluation Coordination
OTERAM      Operational Test and Evaluation RAM
OTIC        Operational Test Instrumentation Committee
OTIP        Operational Test Instrumentation Plan
OTRR        Operational Test Readiness Review
OTRS        Operational Test Readiness Statement
OTSG        Office of the Surgeon General

P2          Pollution Prevention
P3I         Pre-planned product improvement
PA          Pattern of Analysis
PAM         Pamphlet
PAO         Public Affairs Officer or Office
PC          Personal Computer
PCS         Permanent Change of Station
PDM         Program Decision Memorandum
PDR         Preliminary Design Review
PDSS        Post-Deployment Software Support
PE          Program Element
PEO         Program Executive Officer
PER         Personnel
PERSCOM     Personnel Command
Ph          Probability of Hit

            Acronyms and Abbreviations
           TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
PI          Product Improvement
PIP         Product Improvement Program
PIVT        product improvement verification test
Pk          Probability of Kill
Pk/h        Probability of a kill given a hit
PLL         Prescribed Load List
PLRS        Position Location and Reporting System
PLS         Palletized Load System
PM          (1) Project Manager, (2) Product Manager (3),
            Program Manager or (4) Preventive
PM TRADE    Program Manager, Training Devices
PMAC        Preliminary Maintenance Allocation Chart
PMCS        Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services
PM-ITTS     Project Manager for Instrumentation, Targets,
            and Threat Simulators/Stimulators
PMO         Program, Project or Product Management
            Office (or Officer)
PMR         Program, Project or Product Management
PMS         (1) Performance Measurement System,
            Preventive Maintenance Services
PA          Pattern of Analysis
POC         Point of Contact
POI         Program of Instruction
POL         Petroleum, Oils, and Lubricants
POM         Program Objective Memorandum
POS NAV     Position Location and Navigation
PPQT        Pre-production qualification test
PPT         Production Prove-Out Test
PQT         Production Qualification Test
PQT C/G     Production Qualification Test – Contractor or
PQT-C       Production Qualification Test – Contractor
PQT-C/G     Production Qualification Test – Contractor or
PQT-G       Production Qualification Test – Government
PRR         Production Readiness Review
PUB         Publication
PVT         Production Verification Test

QA          Quality Assurance
QAP         Quality Assurance Plan
QC          Quality Control

            Acronyms and Abbreviations
           TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
Qty        Quantity

R&A        Review and Analysis
R&C        Review and Comment
R&D        Research and Development
R&M        Reliability and Maintainability
RAM        Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability
RAM IPT    Reliability, Availability and Maintainability
           Integrated Product Team
RAM-D      Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and
RC         (1) Reserve Component, (2) Remote Control
RCAS       Reserve Component Automation System
RDA        Research, Development, and Acquisition
RDT&E      Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation
REC        (1) Record of Environmental Considerations, (2)
           Radio Electronic Combat
REP        Resource Enhancement Program
RF         Radio Frequency
RFI        Radio Frequency Interference
RFP        Request for Proposal
Rm         Mission Reliability
RM         Resource Management
RMP        Risk Management Plan
RPSTL      Repair Parts and Special Tools List
RPV        Remotely Piloted Vehicle
RRR        RAM Rationale Report
RRWG       RAM Rationale Working Group
RS         Resume Sheet
RT         Random Testing
RTCA       Real-Time Casualty Assessment
RTS        Reagan Test Site
RTTC       US Army Redstone Technical Test Center

S&T        Science and Technology
SA         Secretary of the Army
SAC        Senate Appropriation Committee
SAMP       Systems Acquisition Master Plan
SAR        (1) System Analysis Report, or (2) Safety
           Assessment Report
SAT        (1) Software Acceptance Test, (2) Satellite
SATCOM     Satellite Communications
SBA        Simulation Based Acquisition

           Acronyms and Abbreviations
          TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
SC         (1) US Army Signal Center, or (2) scoring
SCA        (1) Subordinate Command Activity, or (2)
           Software Compliant Architecture
SCAMP      Single Channel Anti-Jam Manportable Terminal
SD&D       (1) Software Development & Design or (2)
           System Development & Demonstration Phase
SDT        Software Development Test
SECARMY    Secretary of Army
SECDEF     Secretary of Defense
SEDS       Simulators, Emulators, Drivers, and Stimulators
SEP        System Evaluation Plan
SES        Senior Executive Service
SFDLR      Stock Funded Depot Level Repairable
SGM        Sergeant Major
SGS        Secretary of the General Staff
SIDPERS    Standard Installation/Division Personnel System
SIG        Signal
SigCtr     Signal Center
SIGINT     Signals Intelligence
SIGSEC     Signals Security
SIL        Systems Integration Laboratory
SIR        (1) Serious Incident Report or (2) Software
           Incident Report
SITREP     Situation Report
SLAD       Survivability/Lethality Analysis Directorate (of
SMA        (1) scheduled maintenance action, (2)
           Sergeants Major Academy
SMART      Simulation and Modeling for Acquisition,
           Requirements, and Training
SMART-T    Secure Mobile Anti-Jam Reliable Tactical
SMDC       Space and Missile Defense Command
SME        Subject Matter Expert
SMI        Soldier Machine Interface
SMMP       System MANPRINT Management Plan
SMP        System Management Plan
SMTS       Smart Munitions Test Suite
SNI        Sustaining Non-major Instrumentation
SO         Special Operations
SOF        Special Operations Forces
SON        Statement of Need
SOP        Standard Operating Procedure

           Acronyms and Abbreviations
          TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
SOR         Statement of Requirements
SOS         System Of Systems
SOW         Statement of Work
SPD         Soldier Performance Division
SMA         Scheduled Maintenance Action
SQA         Software Quality Assurance
SQR         Software Quality Review
SQT         Software Qualification Test
SR          Safety Release
SSC         Soldier Support Center
SSEB        Source Selection Evaluation Board
SSP         (1) System Support Package, or (2) Simulation
            Support Plan
SST         Supplemental Site Test
SSv         Soldier Survivability
ST          Standby Time
STA         System Threat Assessment
STAF        Simulation / Test Acceptance Facility
STAMIS      Standard Army Management Information
STANAG      Standardization Agreement
STAR        System Threat Assessment Report
STD         Standard (Type Classification)
STEP        (1) Simulation, Test, and Evaluation Process, or
            (2) Software test and Evaluation Panel
STO         Scientific and Technical Objectives
STORM       Simulation Testing Operations Rehearsal Model
STR         Software Trouble Report
STRADS      Strategic Deployment System
STRI        Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation
SW          Software
SYS         System

T&E         Test and Evaluation
T&E WIPT    Test & Evaluation Working-Level Integrated
            Product Team
SPR         Software Problem Report
TACCIMS     Theater Automated Command and Control
            Management Information System
TACCS       Tactical Army Combat Service Support
            Computer System
TACFIRE     Tactical Fire Direction System
TACMIS      Tactical Management Information System

            Acronyms and Abbreviations
           TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
TADSS         Training Aids, Devices,Simulators and
TARDEC        US Army Tank Automotive Research,
              Development, and Engineering Center
TACSAT        Tactical Satellite
TACSATCOM     Tactical Satellite Communications
TACSIM        Tactical Simulation
TAFIS         Theater Army Finance Interface System
TAG           The Adjutant General
TALDT         Total Administrative and Logistic Downtime
TAWG          Threat Accreditation Working Group
TBA           To Be Announced
TBD           To Be Determined
TBP           To Be Published
TC            Type Classification
TCG           Threat Coordination Group
TCM           Total Corrective Maintenance
TCP           Test change proposal
TD            Technology Demonstration Phase
TDA           Table of Distribution and Allowances
TDAP          Test Development and Acquisition Plan
T-date        Test start date
TDNS          Training Device Needs Statement
TDP           Test Design Plan
TDR           Test Data Report
TDT           Total Down Time
TDY           Temporary Duty
TE            Task Element
TEA           Test Environmental Assessment
TECO          Test and Evaluation Coordination Offices
TELECON       Telephone Conversation
TEMAC         Test and Evaluation Managers Committee
TEMP          Test and Evaluation Master Plan
TF            Task Force
TFT           Technical Feasibility Test
TGT           Target
Threat TSP    Threat Test Support Package
TIR           Test Incident Report
TM            (1) Technical Manual, or (2) Threat Manager
TMD           Theater Missile Defense
TMDE          Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment
TN            Technical Note
TNGDEV        Training Developer

              Acronyms and Abbreviations
             TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
TOC             Tactical Operations Center
TOE             Table of Organization and Equipment
TOPM            Test Operating Procedures Manual
TOPS            Test Operating Procedures
TOW             Tube launched, Optically tracked, Wire guided
TR              Test Report
TRAC            TRADOC Analysis Center
TRAC-LVN        TRADOC Analysis Center - Fort Leavenworth
                (formerly CAORA)
TRAC-WS         TRADOC Analysis Center - White Sands
                (formerly TRASANA)
TRADOC          US Army Training and Doctrine Command
Training TSP    Training Test Support Package
TRMS            Test Resources Management System
TRNGDEV         Training Developer
TRP             Test Resource Plan
TRR             Test Readiness Review
TRS             Test Readiness Statement
TRTC            Tropic Regions Test Center
TSARC           Test Schedule and Review Committee
TSCP            Test and Simulation Master Plan
TSG             The Surgeon General
TSM             TRADOC System Manager
TSMO            Threat Support Management Office
TSP             Test Support Package
TSPI            Time Space Position Information
Tst             Test
TTD             Transformation Technology Directorate
TTD&D           Test Technology Development and
TTP             Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
TTS             Tropic Test Site
TUAV            Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

UA              Unit of Action
UAT             User Acceptance Test
UAV             Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UE              Unit of Employment
UFD             User Functional Description
UFR             Unfunded Requirement
UGM             Unmanned Ground Vehicle
UHF             Ultra High Frequency
UIC             Unit Identification Code

                Acronyms and Abbreviations
               TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
UMA           unscheduled maintenance actions
URD           User Requirement Document
USAARMC&S     US Army Armor Center and School
USADASCH      US Air Defense Artillery School
USAES         US Army Engineer School
USAEUR        US Army Europe
USAFAS        US Army Field Artillery School
USAHSC        US Army Health Services Command
USAIC         United States Army Infantry Center
USAICS        US Army Intelligence Center and School
USAINSCOM     United States Army Intelligence Command
USAIS         United States Army Infantry School
USAISC        US Army Information Systems Command
USAKA         US Army Kwajalein Atoll
USAMSAA       US Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity
USAR          US Army Reserve
USAREUR       US Army, Europe
USARJ         US Army, Japan
USARPAC       US Army Pacific Command
USARPAC       United States Army Pacific Command
USARSO        US Army, South
USASDC        US Army Strategic Defense Command
USASOC        US Army Special Operations Command
USATRADOC     US Army Training and Doctrine Command
USAWESTCOM    US Army Western Command
USC           United States Code
USCENTCOM     US Central Command
USD(AT&L)     Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition,
              Technology, and Logistics
USD(ATL)      Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition,
              Technology, and Logistics
USEUCOM       US European Command
USSOCOM       United States Special Operations Command
USSOUTHCOM    US Southern Command
UXO           Unexploded Ordinance

V&V           Verification and Validation
VCSA          Vice Chief of Staff, Army
VECAT         Virtual Electromagnetic C4I Analysis Tool
VEH           Vehicle
VIP           Very Important Person
VISION        Versatile Information System, Integrated, On-
              Line Nationwide

              Acronyms and Abbreviations
             TEMAC T&E Refresher Course
VPG        Virtual Proving Ground
VTC        Video Teleconferencing
VV&A       Verification, Validation, and Accreditation

WAM        Wide Area Mine
WAN        Wide Area Networks
WARM       Wartime Reserve Mode
WARSIM     Warfighters Simulation
WBS        Work Breakdown Structure
WDTC       West Desert Test Center (UT)
WESTCOM    Western Command
WG         Working Group
WIPT       Working-Level Integrated Product Team
WIPTs      Working-Level Integrated Product Teams
WMD        Weapons of Mass Destruction
WO         Warrant Officer
WPN        weapon
WRAP       Warfighting Rapid Acquisition Program
WSMR       White Sands Missile Range (NM)
WSTC       White Sands Test Center (NM)

XO         Executive Officer

YPG        Yuma Proving Ground (AZ)
YTC        Yuma Test Center (AZ)

Z, ZULU    Greenwich Mean Time

           Acronyms and Abbreviations
          TEMAC T&E Refresher Course

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