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									Your adventure starts here!
Do you like to camp, build campfires, watch campfire ceremonies, have skits, hike, fish, swim, explore, cross a rope
bridge, play capture the flag, play tug-of-war, paddle canoes, sail, race snow sleds, or shoot arrows, slingshots, and BB

Would it be fun to sleep overnight at the Adler Planetarium, Museum
of Science and Industry, Eagle Cave, or on a World War II submarine?

Have you ever wanted to build a pinewood derby model car and race
it against your friends, or build a Cubmobile car you can sit in and
race others down a hill?

How about a weekend campout where hundreds of Scouts pretend
they've been captured by pirates, are exploring the Oregon Trail, or
have to stop cattle rustlers?

Maybe you're looking for something more relaxing like bowling,
marching in a parade, taking a hay ride, having a pool party, sliding
down a water slide, or watching an outdoor movie from the comfort
of your tent by the pool?

Well then you're at the right place because this is the home of Pack
87, and Pack 87 Rocks!

At Pack 87 you can have fun with your friends, learn a lot (especially outdoor skills), and
go to places that you might not otherwise go.

Cub Scouts is a family- and home-centered program for boys in the first through fifth grade (or 7, 8, 9, and 10 years old).
Cub Scouting's emphasis is on quality program at the local level, where the most boys and families are involved. Fourth-
and fifth-grade (or 10-year-old) boys are called Webelos (WE'll BE LOyal Scouts) and participate in more advanced
activities that begin to prepare them to become Boy Scouts.

Boy Scouts is a program for boys 11 through 17 designed to achieve the aims of Scouting through a vigorous outdoor
program and peer group leadership with the counsel of an adult Scoutmaster. (Boys also may become Boy Scouts if they
have earned the Arrow of Light Award or have completed the fifth grade.)

Venturing is for young men and young women ages 14 to 20. It includes challenging high-adventure activities, sports,
and hobbies for teenagers that teach them leadership skills, provide opportunities to teach others, and give them an
opportunity to learn and grow in a supporting, caring, and fun environment

Boys can join Pack 87 any time of the year. Boys typically join at the Spring (April) and Fall (September) Rally nights held
at Millburn Central or West Schools. At the Pack meeting after Rally night, we welcome new families with a celebration
around the campfire. We provide parents with a parents guide to explain Pack events and operations throughout the

In not too many years our sons grow up and move away to college and careers. Scouting helps prepare boys through the
Cub Scout and then Boy Scout programs. In Cub Scouts, the boys' focus is on having fun with friends, doing their best,
and getting along with other boys. In Boy Scouts, during the grade school years, the focus is on teaching outdoor skills. In
the high school, the focus is on teaching boys to be independent, confident leaders with strong values.

For more information, visit the national Boy Scouts of America website our Northeast Illinois Council
website and select Join Scouting. The latter website has a Scouting video you may find helpful.

Boys from Millburn Central and Millburn West Schools typically join Packs 87, 187, or 1950. All three Packs run excellent
programs. Each Pack has its own character. Parents often choose the Pack that is nearest to them or the Pack to which
most of their son's friends attend. However, visiting all three Packs is the best way to find the one that is right for your
son and you. If after joining you feel you've made a bad choice, switch Packs.

Pack 87 began in 1987 (hence '87). When Pack 87 grew to 110 Scouts in 2002, Pack 87 split into Packs 87, 187, and 1950.
Since then Pack 87 retains about 50-60 boys, the right balance between depth of adult leadership and personal
attention to each boy.

Our Scouting program delivers everything the Cub Scout program has to offer with full coverage of Den, Pack, District,
and Council events, 12 months per year.

Over the years Pack 87 has been one of the top Packs of our District for program quality, growth, retention of boys, and
boys who go on to become Eagle Scouts. In the past few years, our adult leaders have won all the top District awards:
Den Leader of the year, Webelos Den Leader of the Year, Cubmaster of the year, and District Award of Merit. Besides
running a great Pack program, our adult leaders have run District events and served on the District committees. We are
among the top Packs in supporting our Council in Popcorn sales and the Friends of Scouting fundraising campaign.

Pack meetings: Everyone in Pack 87 meets once each month (except in June and July) for a Pack meeting at Millburn
Congregational United Church of Christ. Pack meetings are held on the 4th Monday of each Month. Everyone gathers at
6:45 PM. Pack Meetings begin promptly at 7:00 PM and end just after 8:00 PM.

Den meetings: Dens meet once or twice a month at the Den Leader's home. Typically, each Den goes on a field trip
about once each month

Scouts attend Den meetings once or twice each month. At Den meetings Scouts earn advancements, have a craft, or
take a field trip.

Each month all the Dens and parents get together at Pack meetings. At Pack meetings, Scouts are presented their
advancements, take turns presenting interesting things they've done, put on skits, and interact with Boy Scouts who visit
from local Troops. A few Pack meetings are special: February Pinewood Derby, May campfire program to welcome new
Scout families and celebrate Scout advancements, June pool-party-campfire-campout, July pool party, and December
holiday program.

In summer months Scouts and their families can attend summer camps. Throughout the year our District and Council
provide program activities such as Cubmobile, Webelos Woods campout, Klondike sled race, sporting events, and
sleepovers at the Museum of Science and Industry and Adler Planetarium.

Pack 87 works with community organizations such as Lindenhurst Earth Day, Parade, and Haunted Trail, and Millburn's
Pumpkin Fest.

Parents play an active part in the program. All program activities are run by volunteer parents. Parents are expected to
attend leadership training, help experienced leaders during their first years in Scouting, and then assume the leadership
positions in the last years of Scouting. By having all the parents participate and lead, each parent has only a small share
of the workload as well as flexibility of when they choose to do what.

When your son joins Scouting and again each year, we collect $50 per Scout to process the national Scouting application
and for program fees. Each March each family is asked to donate $100 per family to the Friends of Scouting campaign. In
recent years the average family contribution has been close to that goal.


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