Computer%20Science%20(tri-fold) by stevencampbell



Michael Black
                              B U
Ugur Cetintemel
Eugene Charniak              C 
Tom Dean
Tom Doeppner
Amy Greenwald
Maurice Herlihy
John F. Hughes
John Jannotti
Chad Jenkins
Claire Kenyon
Philip Klein
Shriram Krishnamurthi
David Laidlaw
Anna Lysyanskaya
Franco Preparata
Steve Reiss              Department of Computer Science
John Savage
Meinolf Sellmann
Roberto Tamassia
Eli Upfal, chair
Andy van Dam
Pascal Van Hentenryck
                             th Commencement Exercises
Peter Wegner, emeritus
Stan Zdonik                     Sunday, May , 
                                 St. Stephen’s Church
                                   George Street
      AB Computer Science:                      Gabriel Taubman                            ScM Computer Science:        
                    Vesselin Arnaudov                            honors                                  Stuart J. Andrews
                      honors, senior prize                    Michael Tschantz                           Alexandru O. Balan
                    Alexander Boutelle                           honors, senior prize, magna cum laude   Melissa E. Chase         The Department of Computer                 The Susan Colver Rosenberger Prize
                    Lee Butterman                             Stacy Wong                                 Christopher L. Chin      Science recommends for graduation          was established in  by Jesse L.
                    Evan Hammer                               Peter Woo                                  Christopher D. Cole      with academic honors those students        Rosenberger as a memorial to his
                    Matthew Hatoun                            Pawel Wrotek                               David J. Eigen           who have completed a high-quality          wife, who was the daughter of Charles
                    Jonathan Hollinger                           magna cum laude                         Andrea M. Fein           thesis and have received mostly A’s in     K. Colver, of the class of . The
                    Kea Johnston                              Jason Ye                                   Jesse D. Funaro          courses used for the concentration. The    Department of Computer Science
                    Shaun Joseph                                 honors, magna cum laude                 Sharon Goldwater         University may award baccalaureate         recommends students for this award
                    Ethan Leland                                                                         Daniel H. Grollman       degrees magna cum laude to the             in recognition of academic excellence
                                                              Combined AB/ScB Computer Science
                    Jamay Liu                                                                            Peter W. Hopkins         upper % of the graduating class,         and service to the department. This
                                                              Yiannis Alexander
                    Noah Massey                                                                          Mark S. Humphrey         as determined by the Committee on          year, the students being recognized for
                                                              Haruyoshi Sakai
                    Michael Pozar                                                                        Anjali Jhingran          Academic Standing. The list above          academic excellence are David Eustis,
                                                                honors, magna cum laude
                    Judith Shabry                                                                        Zheng Li                 includes all students being recognized     Stephanie Lee, and Michael Tschantz,
                                                              Jonathan Warman
                    Eric Shashoua                                                                        Heng Lian                today, including those who are receiving   and for service are Vesselin Arnaudov,
                    Damien Suttle                             ScB Math-Computer Science                  Casey A. Marks           diplomas at other departments’             Sarah Bell, and Danielle Karr.
                    Nancy Tom                                 Benjamin Aisen                             Maria Meyerovich         ceremonies, those who graduated last
                      honors                                  Miriam Goldberg                            Benjamin J. Mishkin                                                 You are cordially invited to join us at
                                                                                                                                  December, some of those who are one
                    Robert Tzong                              Harishabd Khalsa                           Philip G. Montgomery                                                the Computer Science Department for
                                                                                                                                  or two courses shy of completing their
                    Christopher Wells                         Thomas Petrillo                            Syung Youn Nam                                                      a reception honoring today’s graduates.
                                                                                                                                  degree, and those who have elected not
                    Shirlyn Wong                                                                         Victor Naroditskiy                                                  Please follow us back to the rd and
                                                              ScB Applied Math-Computer Science:                                  to participate in today’s ceremony.
                    Vanessia Wu                                                                          Shashank Ramaprasad                                                 th floors of the Thomas J. Watson Sr.
                    Michael Zaitzeff                          Daniel Bookstaber                          William H. Sheffler                                                  Center for Information Technology at
                                                                honors                                   Peter G. Sibley                                                      Waterman Street.
                    ScB Computer Science:                     Sophia Brueckner                           Vadim A. Slavin
                    Jonathan Bankard                            magna cum laude                          Jenine A. Turner
                    Sarah Bell                                Redha Elminyawi                            Alexander M. Zgolinski
                      senior prize                            David Eustis
                    Edwin Chang                                 senior prize                             PhD Computer Science:
                    Benjamin Gojman                           David Grabiner                             Yasemin Altun
                    Edward Kern                                                                          Russell W. Bent
                      honors, magna cum laude                 ScB Computer Science-Economics:            Donald P. Carney
                    Stephanie Lee                             Lars Johansson                             David C. Gondek
                      honors, senior prize, magna cum laude     magna cum laude                          Keith B. Hall
                    Michael Leen                              Danielle Karr                              Joseph J. LaViola, Jr.
                    Anthony Newman                              senior prize                             Emmanuel Renieris
                    Michael Oneppo                            Adam Samet                                 Ioannis Tsochantaridis
                    Shirin Oskooi                               magna cum laude                          Joel D. Young
                    Ivaylo Piskov                             ScB Computational Biology:
                    Cyril Saint Girons                        Ethan Bromberg-Martin
                                                                honors, magna cum laude

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