Ducati Sporting Club Desmo Due Championship rider profile forms2 by stariya


									                      Ducati Sporting Club Desmo Due Championship
                                  2009 Entry Rider Profile

Riders Profile for commentators and club information

                                      Name: Craig Fisher

                              Home town:          Newbury, Berkshire

                                            Age: 45 years old   (at time of print)

                              Date of birth: 09/06/63
          # 34
                               Occupation: IT Manager

                              Team Name:

                            Race Number: 34

                                 Sponsors: W.M.Snell, Alton, Hampshire. Ducati Dealer

                                Best result:

          Years racing in Desmo Due: Zero –First year track side of the fence

                     Years racing (total): First year novice

      Championship Entered A or B: Class: Desmo Due Class A

                 Championship or Cup:

                  2008 Series Position: Class:                                       Position:

                      2009 Expectations: To have fun racing and give my supporters and
                                                  sponsors a great day out watching

                   Favourite UK Circuit: Cadwell

                      Interesting Points: Having supported DD since it began and with 7

(Please include your person race website)         years of track day experience behind me, I decided it
                                                  was time to give Big Boy Racing a go!!

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