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					                                         COSC 101: COMPUTER LITERACY
MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.
     1) The ________ computer had switches on the front of it, which were used to enter data using 0s 1) _______
             and 1s.
         A) Apple II                                      B) TRS-80
         C) Commadore PET                                D) Altair

       2) One of the reasons the Apple II computer was popular was that:                                  2) _______
           A) the operating system instructions were stored in ROM.
            B) it had a mouse input device.
            C) it was inexpensive.
            D) it had a hard drive.

       3) Which personal computer was the first to use the hard covered 3.5" floppy disk?                 3) _______
           A) Apple Macintosh                                 B) Commodore PET
           C) Osborne                                         D) IBM PC

       4) The ________, weighing 24.5 pounds, was the industry's first portable computer.                 4) _______
            A) TRS-80                                        B) Commodore PET
            C) IBM PC                                       D) Osborne

       5) Many people believe Grace Hopper's greatest contribution to computing was:                      5) _______
           A) an easy-to-use electronic spreadsheet program.
            B) the DOS operating system.
           C) the compiler.
           D) the design of the ENIAC.

       6) Which of the following is NOT a spreadsheet application?                                        6) _______
           A) VisiCalc               B) EasyCalc             C) LOTUS 1-2-3            D) Excel

       7) The advancement and introduction of which of the following allowed users to interact with the   7) _______
          computer more easily?
            A) word processing software                      B) operating systems
            C) the Internet                                  D) the graphical user interface

       8) Which of the following computers was the first to use the binary number system and have         8) _______
          memory that repowered itself upon booting?
           A) ENIAC                                            B) Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC)
            C) Z1                                             D) Harvard Mark I

       9) The graphical user interface was developed by:                                                  9) _______
            A) Microsoft.                                    B) Apple Corporation.
            C) IBM.                                          D) Xerox.

      10) The first commercial Internet Web browser was developed by ________ in 1995.                    10) ______
            A) Intel                  B) Microsoft          C) Firefox              D) Netscape

      11) A person who does not conform to a set of approved standards of social or professional          11) ______
            A) violates social ethics.                       B) follows rule utilitarianism.
             C) commits unethical behavior.                       D) practices situational ethics.

       12) Which of the following ethical philosophies states that decision making should be based on the            12) ______
           particular circumstances and not on fixed laws?
             A) dynamic ethics                                   B) situational ethics
             C) relativism                                      D) Judeo-Christian ethics

       13) Which of the following is NOT a criterion used in "fair use" decisions?                                   13) ______
            A) what is the effect of the "fair use" of the material
            B) how is the creator of the "fair use" material compensated
            C) what is the purpose of the "fair use" of the work
            D) how much of the copyrighted material is being used

       14) Google's China Web site not allowing search results for sites considered illegal or objectionable         14) ______
           by the Chinese government is an example of:
             A) fair use.                                       B) intellectual property.
             C) personal privacy.                               D) censorship.

       15) If electronic toll pass records are used as evidence in a divorce case, this would raise questions        15) ______
              A) personal privacy.                                 B) social justice.
              C) free speech.                                      D) fair use.

       16) If an individual created a set of songs that imitated the style and lyrics of songs from Disney's         16) ______
           The Lion King, this would be an issue dealing with:
              A) personal privacy.                                 B) censorship.
              C) social justice.                                   D) copyright.

       17) All of the following are arguments for banning online gambling EXCEPT:                                    17) ______
             A) Internet gambling may lead to a gambling addiction.
              B) Internet gambling is too easy for minors to get involved with.
             C) prohibiting online gambling would send it underground.
             D) Internet gambling makes it hard to ensure that the operations are "honest."

       18) Which of the following is NOT one of Freeman Dyson's technologies that could turn poor rural              18) ______
           areas into sources of wealth?
             A) renewable resources                         B) Internet access
              C) genetic engineering                        D) solar energy

       19) OpenOffice 3 includes all of the following components EXCEPT:                                             19) ______
            A) Calc.                   B) Impress.            C) Access.                    D) Writer.

phishing.                                                                                                       D)

        4) A computer virus normally attaches itself to another computer program known as a:                         4) _______
              23 Which of the following is NOT a Linux              23 ______
               ) distribution?                                      )
             A) Mandriva                 B) Gentoo                  C) Eudora                D) Ubuntu

       24) Which of the following is similar to the Windows System dialog box and displays hardware and              24) ______
           software information on a Mac?
             A) System Profiler                                B) System Preferences
      C) Activity Monitor                                D) Control Panel

25) When building your own computer, which of the following is NOT required?                      25) ______
     A) a CPU                                         B) a router
     C) operating system software                     D) RAM

26) Which of the following is the automated backup utility in Mac OS Leopard?                     26) ______
     A) Dashboard               B) Spotlight            C) Time Machine       D) Time Capsule

27) The ________ is the box that contains a computer's main electronic components.                27) ______
      A) motherboard                                    B) system bus
      C) central processing unit (CPU)                  D) system unit

28) The earliest generation of electronic computers used ________ as switches.                    28) ______
      A) integrated circuits                             B) vacuum tubes
      C) microprocessors                                 D) transistors

29) ________ is the semiconductor material used to make transistors.                              29) ______
      A) Copper sulfide                                B) Strontium nitrate
      C) Silicon                                       D) Titanium oxide

30) The ________ number system uses the digits 0-9 and the symbols A-F.                           30) ______
      A) decimal             B) hexadecimal            C) binary                 D) octal

31) Which of the following is NOT character code?                                                 31) ______
     A) EBCDIC                 B) ANSI                   C) ICANN                D) ASCII

32) A byte is is composed of ________ bits.                                                       32) ______
      A) 8                      B) 2                     C) 16                   D) 10

33) The ASCII code can represent ________ unique characters.                                      33) ______
      A) 256                  B) 1,024                C) 128                     D) 512

34) Unicode uses ________ bits to code character data.                                            34) ______
      A) 24                    B) 10                     C) 8                    D) 16

35) Which of the following is NOT a CPU processing cycle step?                                    35) ______
     A) fetch                  B) execute             C) code                    D) store

36) The special memory storage areas built into the CPU are called:                               36) ______
      A) buffers.             B) accumulators.         C) cells.                 D) registers.

37) What type of memory stores frequently used instructions or data needed by the CPU?            37) ______
     A) flash                B) SDRAM                  C) RDRAM                 D) cache

38) Which of the following sequences lists the speed of memory from the fastest to the slowest?   38) ______
     A) RAM, Level 2 cache, Level 1 cache, registers
     B) RAM, Level 1 cache, Level 2 cache, registers
     C) registers, Level 2 cache, Level 1 cache, RAM
     D) registers, Level 1 cache, Level 2 cache, RAM

39) ADD, SUB, MOVE, and EQU are examples of ________ language commands.                           39) ______
            A) HTML                   B) assembly              C) machine               D) SQL

      40) The collection of commands that a specific CPU executes is called its ________ set.                40) ______
            A) instruction          B) command               C) processing              D) control

      41) The main purpose of the CPU's ________ is to decode program instructions into commands             41) ______
          understood by the CPU.
            A) ALU                  B) system clock          C) registers            D) control unit

      42) When a U.S. business hires a third party within the United States to provide services they offer   42) ______
          to their customers, it is called:
             A) outrigging.              B) outsourcing.       C) offstaging.           D) offshoring.

      43) When a U.S. company hires a company outside of the United States, they are using a technique       43) ______
            A) offshoring.         B) outlanding.          C) outsourcing.            D) offtracking.

      44) Systems development includes all of the following positions EXCEPT:                                44) ______
            A) network engineer                               B) helpdesk analyst
            C) programmer                                    D) technical writer

      45) An IT professional working a(n) ________-based job reports for work to the same location each      45) ______
          day and interacts with the same people on a regular basis.
            A) project                B) office               C) home                  D) field

      46) A(n) ________ works with others in the Web development area to make a site easy to navigate.       46) ______
            A) video producer                               B) graphic designer
            C) interface designer                           D) animator

      47) Programmers, systems analysts, project managers, and technical writers are generally               47) ______
          considered part of a(n) ________ team.
            A) Web development                               B) support services
            C) information systems                           D) systems development

      48) ________ go to a user's physical location and fix software and hardware problems.                  48) ______
            A) Telecommunications technicians                    B) Computer support technicians
            C) Network administrators                            D) Helpdesk analysts

      49) Which of the following is NOT a degree that prepares students for IT careers?                      49) ______
           A) ACM                                             B) MIS
           C) computer science                               D) computer engineering

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.
     50) The Altair could be purchased fully assembled or as a kit.                                          50) ______

      51) Released in 1984, the Apple Macintosh was the first computer brought to market that used a         51) ______
          graphical user interface.

      52) Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine plans included components similar to those found in            52) ______
          today’s computers, including RAM, a central processing unit, as well as input and output
53) The first programming language ever developed was BASIC.                                             53) ______

54) WordStar was one of the first word processing programs introduced on the market.                     54) ______

55) The Z1 is thought to be the first computer to include features integral to today's systems,          55) ______
    including a control unit and separate memory functions.

56) VisiCalc was one of the main reasons for the rapid increase in PC sales.                             56) ______

57) The Turing Machine was a computer that entered the market immediately after the IBM PC.              57) ______

58) Computers that used integrated circuits are referred to as third-generation computers.               58) ______

59) Joseph Jacquard invented a loom that used cards with punched holes to automate the weaving           59) ______
    process. Later, this process was adopted as a means to record and read data by using punch
    cards in computers.

60) Jack Kilby, from Texas Instruments, invented the world's first integrated circuit.                   60) ______

61) Scientists at IBM developed the microprocessor chip.                                                 61) ______

62) Relativism holds that everyone has his or her own ideas and that there is no universal moral         62) ______

63) A person exhibits unethical behavior when he or she does not conform to approved standards of        63) ______
    social or professional behavior.

64) Unlike written laws, societal ethics provide a general set of unwritten guidelines for people to     64) ______

65) Electronic toll passes are RFID devices that can be used to track where you were at a specific       65) ______
    point in time.

66) Internet gambling is legal in the United States.                                                     66) ______

67) Phishing attempts to trick people to reveal their sensitive information.                             67) ______

68) Social ethics states that decision making should be based on the circumstances of a particular       68) ______
    situation and not on fixed laws.

69) The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 requires companies to provide anonymous methods of                    69) ______
    reporting unethical behavior.

70) Promoting solar energy in rural communities is an example of social ethics.                          70) ______

71) When objectionable material is blocked by content-filtering software, our rights of free access to   71) ______
    information are affected.

72) Filtering software is able to differentiate between information that should be blocked and           72) ______
    information that is not objectionable but instead is informational.

73) The government requires schools and public libraries to have filtering software on their             computers
to receive 73)                                                                                                  ___
discounts                                                                                                       ___
e Internet

      74) The Fair Use Act protects authors from negative comments about their work.                            74) ______

      75) There is universal agreement among societies as to the best system of ethics.                         75) ______

      76) Electrical switches are devices inside the computer that can be flipped between two states: 1 or 0.   76) ______

      77) A semiconductor is any material that can be controlled to either conduct electricity or prohibit      77) ______
          the flow of electricity.

      78) The binary number system is also known as the base 10 number system.                                  78) ______

      79) The duodecimal number system uses the digits 0-9 and the symbols A-F.                                 79) ______

      80) Another name for the CPU processing cycle is the CPU machine cycle.                                   80) ______

      81) Some CPUs now have three levels of cache memory.                                                      81) ______

      82) Level 1 cache is located farther away from the CPU than Level 2 cache.                                82) ______

      83) Level 2 cache has more storage area than Level 1 cache.                                               83) ______

      84) The ALU is the part of the CPU that performs mathematical operations and makes comparisons.           84) ______

      85) Mainlining boosts CPU performance by allowing the CPU to work on more than one processing             85) ______
          stage at a time.

      86) Serial processing uses a large network of computers, with each computer simultaneously                86) ______
          working a section of the same problem.

      87) Clock speeds are measured in hertz (Hz).                                                              87) ______

      88) You can download open source software for free from Web sites and install it on as many               88) ______
          computers as you like and even make changes to the source code.

      89) OpenOffice3 and Microsoft Office 2007/2010 share the same ribbon interface.                           89) ______

      90) Although Web-based alternatives are cost-effective alternatives to Microsoft Office, they are not     90) ______
          as easily accessible as the standard applications.

      91) The OpenOffice 3 application called Base is most similar to the Microsoft Excel program.              91) ______

      92) If you do not like the templates supplied by OpenOffice Impress, you can download others free         92) ______
          of charge.

      93) Base is a popular open source database application.                                                   93) ______
 94) Microsoft Access is harder to learn than MySQL.                                              94) ______

 95) Linux is available in various packages called distros.                                       95) ______

 96) Visio is a free program that allows you to create diagrams and charts.                       96) ______

 97) A disadvantage to building your own computer is the lack of technical support if something   97) ______
     goes wrong.

 98) Zoho and ThinkFree contain Web-based open source alternatives to Microsoft Office            98) ______

 99) Web content creators need to understand HTML/XHTML and JavaScript.                           99) ______

100) A survey indicates that almost half of business experienced no cost savings as a result of   100) _____

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