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                                                                                                   Report ................................ 2
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                                                                                                   Human Resource Corner .... 9
Vol. 45, No. 7 July 2009
Newsletter of the Northeast Public Power Association                                               Around New England ....... 13
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                                      Lineworker fitness and lifestyle is
                                      topic of NEPPA conference & expo
                                         Keoki Kamau, a former trainer for the       tunity to visit with NEPPA equipment and
                                       Washington Redskins and the San Diego         service providers in the exhibit hall and
                                                      Chargers football teams,       outside, Linda Calderiso highlighted the
                                                      led off NEPPA's 2009           benefits of proper ergonomic training for
                                                      Safety & Operations            utility field staff, referring to points made
                                                      Conference, June 23, at        by Kamau regarding the unique nature of
                                                      the Boxborough Holiday         line work and ergonomics.
                                                      Inn in Boxborough, Mass.          A discussion of meter safety followed
                                                            Kamau, who presently     presented by John Kirkland of PowerTech
                                                        runs a fitness program       Associates, inc.
                                                        for lineworkers at the          After lunch Bill Hesson and David
                                                        San Diego Gas & Electric     Fabrizius, NEPPA trainers, addressed the
                                                        "Flex Center," spoke on      importance of keeping safety in the fore-
                                                        the importance of stretch-   front during crisis situations. Attendees
                                                        ing, exercise and fitness    viewed safety films and joined in safety
                                                        training for "industrial     discussions before returning to the exhibit
                                                        athletes" such as utility    hall and participating in raffle drawings.
                    Keoki Kamau                         lineworkers. At San Diego                          See photos on page 6
                                       Gas & Electric, Kamau teaches line-
                                       workers how to maximize their per-
                                                                                                      A professional
                                       formance and minimize their risk of
                                       injury through proper care, training                           training program for
                                       and treatment of their bodies.
                                                                                                      public power field
                                          Kamau was joined by John
                                       McRae, performance support analyst                             supervisors

                                       and lineworker trainer at San Diego
                                       Gas & Electric and former gen-
                                       eral foreman at Taunton Municipal

                                       Lighting Plant.
                                         A full breakfast was provided by
                                       The Okonite Company before and
                                       during the session.
                                                                                        Oct. 7 – 8, 2009 - Sterling, Mass.
                                          After participants had an oppor-
 Executive Director’s Report
                                     The Importance of Recognition

                                        For many years, a national consulting            Each year, NEPPA provides a wonder-
                                     firm which specializes in employee devel-       ful opportunity to its members to recog-
                                     opment and motivation has conducted             nize outstanding employees and com-
                                     surveys to determine what makes them            missioners. This is done at our Annual
                                     tick. Specifically, they ask employees          Conference, where a public presentation
                                     at all different levels of their organiza-      is made to individuals who have been
                                     tions to describe the things that really        nominated by their managers in sev-
                                     motivate them to perform at a high level.       eral different categories. These include
                                     Consistently, year after year, the responses    “Distinguished Service” to a NEPPA utility,
                                     are the same. For most employees, the           “NEPPA Service” for contributions to the
                                     opportunity to grow, to use their skills, and   association, “Commissioner Service” to
                                     to be recognized for their contributions,       recognize Light Board members, and the
                                     far outrank compensation as motivational        “Person of the Year,” which honors an indi-
     by Patrick Hyland
                                     factors.                                        vidual “for sustained, outstanding service
                                         Among these factors, recognition is         and contributions to NEPPA and to public
                                     frequently the most overlooked by super-        power.”
                                     visors and managers. While opportuni-              Having witnessed the reaction of many
                                     ties abound for recognizing outstanding         individuals to receiving an award from an
                                     performance, they are not often taken in        association of their professional colleagues,
                                     many organizations for a variety of reasons.    I believe strongly that public recognition
                                     Often, supervisors and managers are sim-        can profoundly affect employee’s feelings
                                     ply unaware of how meaningful recognition       about themselves, their jobs, and their
                                     is for most employees, and focus instead        organizations. It may be a small gesture
                                     on the traditional “carrots” of compensa-       for some people, but for many others it is
                                     tion, benefits, working conditions, etc.        a moment that they remember forever.

   Staff                             Board of Directors                                                          Continued next page

   Patrick Hyland                    Gary Babin              Scott Edwards           NEPPA News Line is published once a month, 12 times
   executive director                president               Littleton, Mass.        a year by the Northeast Public Power Association,                 Mansfield, Mass.
                                                             Ted Garille             Suite 201, 100 Medway Road, Milford, MA 01757.
   Kristin DiGirolamo                John Bilda              Pascoag, R.I.
   administrative director           first vice-president
                                                             Barbara Grimes                Norwich, Conn
                                                             Burlington, Vt.         tel: 508.482.5906
   Mary Harrington                   Scott Corse                                     fax: 508.482.0932
                                                             Sean Hamilton
   communications director           second vice-president                           website:
                                                             Templeton, Mass.             VPPSA
                                                             John Hiscock
                                     Robert Jolly                                    Annual subscription rates:
   Rockie Blunt                                              S. Norwalk, Conn.
                                     secretary                                       NEPPA member utilities, $35 (first 20 subscriptions
   training and education director   Marblehead, Mass.       Thomas R. Josie                                                                  included in dues), non-members, $53. Extra
                                                             Shrewsbury, Mass.
                                     Vincent Cameron                                 subscriptions available to utilities for $17.50 and
   David Fabrizius                   treasurer               Richard Joyce           associate members for $35.
   safety and technical director     Reading, Mass.          Wellesley, Mass.              Calvin Ames             Mark Kelly
   Sharon McDonald-Davies            Madison, Maine          Middleton, Mass.
   administrative assistant          James Bakas             George Lague               Plymouth, N.H.          Swanton, Vt.
                                                                                                        The Northeast Public Power
   Sheila Boone                      William Bottiggi        John Tzimorangas                           Association is an organization
   administrative secretary          Braintree, Mass.        Hingham, Mass.                             representing and serving con-                                                                                     sumer-owned electric utilities in
                                     John Clark              Eric C. Werner
                                     Houlton, Maine          Hardwick, Vt.                              New England.

                                     Michael Cloutier
                                     Groveland, Mass

2 NEPPA News Line
Continued from      So, please take some time to consider         and approve all awards. Award categories
 previous page   whether an employee or an official in            and criteria have been sent to all member
                 your organization is worthy of recogni-          managers, and are listed below. Also,
                 tion for their work or their contributions.      previous award recipients may be seen on
                 We invite any NEPPA general manager              the NEPPA website.
                 to submit nominations for NEPPA awards              Take this opportunity to say thanks for
                 until August 7th, at which time the NEPPA        a job well done.
                 Executive Committee will meet to review

                     The award categories are as follows:

                     Person of the Year
                     for sustained, outstanding service and contributions to NEPPA and to public power

                     Francis “Skip” Willey Individual Achievement Award
                     for an employee of a NEPPA system who demonstrates a professional commitment
                     to public power through personal development and participation in NEPPA’s
                     educational programs and other association activities

                     Distinguished Service
                     for outstanding service to a NEPPA utility

                     NEPPA Service
                     for significant contributions to the association

                     Commissioner Service
                     for Commissioners or elected Light Board members who have provided
                     outstanding leadership to their public power systems for three full terms or at least
                     10 years

                     Century Award
                     for member systems which celebrate their 100th anniversary during the year

                     We welcome written nominations for any of these awards, along with a brief
                     description of the individual’s contributions or achievements. Please feel free to
                     nominate more than one individual for Distinguished Service, NEPPA Service, or
                     Commissioner Service, as multiple awards can be made in these categories. For
                     your information, past recipients of NEPPA awards can be found on the NEPPA
                     website (
                     Please send nominations to the NEPPA office by no later than Aug. 7.
                      FAX: 508-482-0932; email: We look forward to receiving
                     your nominations.

                                                                                           NEPPA News Line 3
                               CMMEC receives Energy Innovator
                               Award from APPA
                                  The American Public Power Association             to achieve the highest return and savings to
                               has honored the Connecticut Municipal                customers per dollar spent. The joint action
                               Electric Energy Cooperative with its                 agency’s measurement and verification
                               prestigious Energy Efficiency and                    program (approved by ISO New England)
                               Environmental Award. This award,                     identifies conservation programs that
                               sponsored by APPA’s Demonstration                    achieve the most savings.
                                                   of Energy-Efficient                 CMEEC, with its members, experimented
                                                   Developments (DEED)              with different methodologies and programs
                                                   program, recognizes              to distribute compact fluorescent light
                                                   innovative programs              bulbs to their customers in a coordinated
                                                   that help utilities              manner. The agency’s Home Energy
                                                   provide better service           Savings program, launched last fall,
                                                   to electric customers            helps homeowners to reduce energy
                                                   or increase the                  consumption, and the Energy Key™ theme
                                                   efficiency of utility            increased awareness of the systemwide
                                                   operations.                      portfolio of energy efficiency initiatives
                                                          Connecticut               available to customers.
                                                       Municipal Electric               In 2008 the program achieved life-
                                                       Energy Cooperative           cycle economic and environmental
APPA Board Chair Maude
Grantham-Richards pres-        and its utilities offer a broad range of             benefits including an overall benefit-cost
ents award to Jeff Brining     energy-saving programs and rebates for               ratio of $5.20 for every $1 spent; overall
of Norwich Public Utilities
and George Adair, director     residential, commercial, and industrial              effective capacity equivalent reduction of
of public utilities, Town of   customers. The programs are customized               approximately 3,000 kW; approximately
Wallingford.                   to benefit the demographic and business              175 million kWh saved; 133,000 tons of
                               needs of each municipality. CMEEC focuses            CO2 avoided; 12.6 million gallons of oil
                               on easy-to-understand, locally run programs          equivalent avoided; and electricity savings
                               that are clearly identified with the local utility   equivalent to 20,000 homes for one year.

                               Hyland receives APPA service award
                                  Patrick J. Hyland, executive direc-               ning and management of programs and
                               tor of the Northeast Public Power                    services to 75 public power utilities in
                               Association (NEPPA) in Milford, Mass.,               the six New England states. Prior to his
                               received the American Public Power                   appointment as NEPPA executive director,
                               Association’s (APPA) Harold Kramer-John              he served as town manager of Stoughton,
                               Preston Personal Service Award at the                Mass., and budget director of Arlington
                               Association’s national conference in Salt            County, Va. Hyland served on APPA’s
                               Lake City, Utah. This award recognizes ser-          Legislative and Resolutions, Nominations
                               vice to APPA through substantial contribu-           and Awards, and Advisory committees. He
                               tions toward Association goals.                      also participated in the Ad Hoc Task Force
                                  Hyland has served as the executive                on Tax-Exempt Financing and is on the
                               director of NEPPA since 1989. In that                PowerPAC Board of Directors.
APPA Board Chair Maude
Grantham-Richards presents     capacity, he is responsible for overall plan-
Hyland with his award.

4 NEPPA News Line
2009 Annual Conference
               The Winds of Change
      Massachusett's Energy Future                   Smart Grid

          Secretary of the Executive Office of         Marcy L. Reed, senior vice president,
      Energy and Environmental Affairs, Ian          public affairs at National Grid, will discuss
      A. Bowles, will address Massachusett's         Smart Grid and the Utility of the Future at
      energy future at NEPPA's 2009 Annual           NEPPA's Annual Conference.
      Conference. Bowles oversees the                     She is responsible for all govern-
      Commonwealth’s six environmental, natu-        ment relations in the U.S., as well as the
      ral resource and energy regulatory agen-       corporate giving programs & community
      cies, and also serves as chairman of the       relations for National Grid. She is deeply
      Massachusetts Water Resources Authority        involved with policy development, advanc-
      and chairman of the Energy Facilities          ing the company’s climate change agenda,
      Siting Board.                                  and ensuring the tie between the com-
         He brings nearly 20 years of experience     pany and the community is strong. Marcy
      in the energy and environmental sectors.       joined National Grid over 20 years ago
      He was a director or advisor to three early    and has held various positions in finance,
      stage clean energy technology compa-           merger integration, and corporate affairs.
      nies and has broad leadership experi-          She also spent 3 years living in London
      ence in environmental policy. He served        as the National Grid Head of Investor
      in the Clinton Administration as associ-       Relations.
      ate director of the White House Council            She is the global executive sponsor for
      on Environmental Quality and as senior         National Grid’s Women in Networks affin-
      director of the Global Environmental           ity group. She sits on the Boards of The
      Affairs directorate at the National Security   Partnership, the Massachusetts Business
      Council.                                       Roundtable and the United Way of Central
         A Cape Codder, Bowles grew up               Massachusetts, and she is extremely active
      in Woods Hole and is a graduate of             in community programs in New York and
      Falmouth High School. He holds an A.B.         Massachusetts.
      in Economics cum laude from Harvard               She is a graduate of Dartmouth
      College and a Masters degree from              College and holds a Masters degree from
      Oxford University, where he remains an         Northeastern University. Married with two
      adjunct member of the teaching faculty at      children, she lives in Concord, MA.
      the Graduate School of the Environment
      and Geography.

 Ocean Edge Resort, Brewster, Mass. September 20-23
                                                                                        NEPPA News Line 5
2009 Safety and Operations Conference & EXPO
NEPPA's 2009 Safety and Operations Conference and Expo featured a trade show with over four
hours of time reserved for participants to spend with exhibitors. Exhibitors were as follows:

ABB Inc.                         James A. Kiley
Accurate Controls CRS.           Lincoln Hoist
ALTEC Industries                 McFarland Cascade
Arthur J. Hurley                 mPower Innovations
Cal-Tek                          Mohawk, Ltd.
Cembre                           North American Equipment
Cooper Power Systems             Upfitters
D.C. Bates Equipment Co.         NOVINIUM
E.L. Flowers & Associates with   Omnilite
Preformed Line Products          On Target Utility Services
EDI (with Maloney Electric)      Osmose Utilities Services, Inc.
Fleet Electrical Service         Power Sales Group
GE Energy                        Powertech Associates
HasGo                            Shamrock Power Sales
Hassett Utility Sale, Inc.       Southeastern Transformer          Leah Moreschi of Middleton Light confers with Kevin
Hawkins Safety Equipment         Stuart C. Irby Co.                Sullivan of Cembre.

Hendrix Wire & Cable             TCI of NY, LLC
Hometown Connections (with       The Okonite Company
Milsoft)                         Three C Electric
Hubbell Power Systems            Wesco
Hydron, Inc.

 Mike McManus
 of Hydron and
 Wayne Lottman                                                 Lincoln Hoist and Three C Electrical were represented at the
 of Power Tech                                                 event.
 their products.
                               How a “Sarbanes Oxley mindset”
                               can benefit municipal energy buyers
                                   Municipal energy buyers are among          so do your rate payers. When that process
         Operating to a        the most resourceful in the industry.          is conducted online, you also have a well-
                               Long before the mantra of “doing more          documented paper trail to support your
       higher standard         with less” became a staple of corporate        contract award and decision-making process,
           while saving        America, “munis” prided themselves on          streamlining future approvals with your
                               their efficiency and thrift, working with      governing board and arming you if ever
                  money        limited resources to provide great value       questioned about the legitimacy of your
                               and stewardship to their customers. After      method or results.
                               all, munis are the communities they serve.        So, do you really need all this firepower
                               Owned by their bill-paying members, munis      for your next energy procurement? Didn’t
                               are highly motivated to deliver energy to      your broker get you a pretty good deal last
                               their customers at attractive rates.           time? I’ll answer these lines of inquiry with
                                   That’s why I’m suggesting that munis       even better questions, the ones you should
                               today have an opportunity to both deepen       be asking. Do you know with certainty that
                               their commitment to their constituents AND     you got the best deal the market could
                               save money by embracing best practices         offer? More importantly, do you have the
                               currently transforming energy procurement      evidence to convince your customers, Board
                               in the larger public sphere. Just as private   and, potentially, your critics? Would more
                               utilities are adopting Internet procurement    competition help you secure lower prices?
                               to maximize their supply pool, test market        While munis are not held to the Sarbanes-
                               pricing, reduce costs and meet the             Oxley rigors of their private-utility cousins,
       By Tom Hawes, Vice      transparency, fairness and documentation       they can benefit from a like mindset to
      President, Wholesale
                               demands of Sarbanes Oxley, munis, too, can     achieve operational excellence and uphold
        Markets, Northeast
                               tap the power of the Net to both safeguard     something sacred – the trust of their
World Energy Solutions, Inc.   and advance their role as their community’s    communities. Online energy procurement;       energy stewards.                               has its roots in the efficiency and economy           Online energy procurement offers a          that have always guided munis, while
                               host of benefits without placing unrealistic   delivering new tools, inexpensively, that help
                               demands on small staffs. While many munis      make good decisions better.
                               rely on existing broker relationships and         And that’s all on the record.
                               paper based processes to buy their energy
                               today, the power of an Internet procurement
                                                                              About the Author
                               to attract more suppliers, increase
                                                                              Tom Hawes is Vice President of Wholesale
                               competition (often through real-time, online   Markets, Northeast, at World Energy
                               auctions), test various product structures     Solutions, Inc. (;
                                                                              NASDAQ: XWE). Headquartered in
                               and terms, and automatically document          Worcester, MA, World Energy runs online
                               the entire process, is an undeniable asset.    exchanges for energy and green commodi-
                                                                              ties. The Company, an associate member of
                               Simply put, best practices in online energy
                                                                              NEPPA, helps numerous government and pri-
                               procurement can help your organization         vate-sector entities around New England with
                               “play big” and “play fair,” without adding     their strategic energy procurements. Hawes
                                                                              can be contacted at thawes@worldenergy.
                               headcount or overhead.                         com; or 610-496-9527.
                                 When multiple suppliers bid for your
                               business, the muni wins, and by extension,

                                                                                                       NEPPA News Line 7
PURMA Risk Management Report
                                 New Rules Affecting Liability Insurers AND Self-Insurers

                                     Section 111 of the Medicare, Medicaid,           ment of a retention or deductible under
                                 and SCHIP Extension Act of 2007                      a General Liability policy is paid first from
             by Diane Belanger
                                 (MMSEA) includes a requirement for liabil-           your own account, rather than your insurer.
                  CEO, PURMA
                                 ity insurers, including self-insurers, and              At the time the RRE registers with
                                 providers of workers’ compensation and               CMS, the RRE must identify two key
                                 no-fault insurance to provide information            and different individuals: an Authorized
                                 to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid             Representative, who completes the regis-
                                 Services (CMS) that would assist CMS in              tration process and has ultimate respon-
                                 identifying and securing its secondary               sibility for the RRE’s compliance under
                                 payor position on claimants who may be               MMSEA reporting requirements, and
     PURMA (The Public           receiving Medicare and other benefits.               an Account Manager, who controls the
 Utilities Risk Management       While insureds can be assured that insur-            administration of the RRE’s account and
 Association) is a regional      ers, including captive and risk retention            manages the overall reporting process.
 association serving the         groups will be responsible to assure                 The RRE may also designate a Reporting
 risk management and             compliance with these new rules, utilities           Agent, such as a third-party administrator,
 insurance needs of public       self-insured for claims which may involve            to perform the quarterly claim reporting;
 power systems throughout        potential payment for medical related                however, the RRE retains ultimate respon-
 New England. As affiliated      expenses for an occupational, bodily inju-           sibility for compliance.
 service providers to the        ry, or personal injury need to act.
                                                                                         This report is intended to raise aware-
 northeast public power             The rules require the applicable                  ness of these impending requirements
 community, PURMA and            Responsible Reporting Entity (RRE) to                and their timelines and to motivate those
 NEPPA collaborate on a          register on-line by logging into the CMA             affected to take action. Additional details
 variety of informational and    website by September 30, 2009, begin                 and guidance is available directly from
 educational activities.         a data testing phase on January 1, 2010,             the CMS website at http://www.cms.
                                 and begin required quarterly submission    
                                 of claims data on April 1, 2010. A test to           NGHPUserGuide031609.pdf .
                                 determine if your company is the RRE is
                                                                                        PURMA Members may also contact
                                 whether or not your account is funding
                                                                                      PURMA for information and assistance in
                                 the payment to the claimant. Any com-
                                                                                      addressing MMSEA Section 111 reporting
                                 pany self-insured for liability under Excess
                                                                                      compliance concerns.
                                 Liability retention is considered an RRE.
                                 You may also qualify as an RRE if pay-

                                 Service Partners                      Board of Directors              Staff
                                 Contributing members                  Gail Cohen, President
                                                                       Braintree                       Diane Belanger
                                 Associated Electric & Gas Insurance                                   Director of Risk Management
                                   Service, LTD                        Dale Cronan, Vice- President
                                                                       Concord                         Andrea Friberg
                                 Starkweather & Shepley Insurance                                      Administrative Director
                                    Brokerage, Inc.                    Wayne Doerpholz, Treasurer
                                                                       S. Hadley                       Joan Mirabile
                                                                                                       Risk Management Coordinator
                                 AIG Global Energy                     Tomasa Bermudez, Director
                                 American Appraisal Associates         Chicopee
                                                                       James Moynihan, Director
                                 Braver Accountants and Advisors       North Attleborough
                                                                                                       352 Turnpike Road , Suite 302
                                                                       Jeff Dobbins, Secretary         Southborough, MA 01772
                                                                       James Lavelle, Director         Tel: (508) 624-6700
8 8 NEPPA News Line
  NEPPA News Line                                                      Holyoke
Human Resource Corner

                              It’s lonely at the top
                                 The axiom “it’s lonely at                               feedback, and formulate stra-
                              the top” is often so very                                  tegic goals.
                              true. Today many general                                     Coaches help the gen-
                              managers find themselves in                               eral manager to look at issues
                              a world filled with isolation,                            objectively. Sometimes general
                              uncertainty and challenge                                 managers are encumbered by
                              with no one around to lend                                various issues, personalities,
                              support. Recognizing that                                 and political agendas. The
                              they can’t do it alone, suc-                              coach can help him/her to
                              cessful general managers are                              sort through the issues so that
                              turning to someone whom                                   the general manager can be
                              they can talk to and who will carefully lis-   objective and reach a better decision.
                              ten- - an executive coach.
                                                                                How often have you been sucked
By Rick Dacri,                   General managers often find it difficult    into the dynamics of your organization
Dacri & Associates, LLC       or nearly impossible to discuss certain        losing all perspective on the issues and
                              issues with their staff. They need to speak    problems? In fact, it is often the case that
Rick Dacri is a manage-       with someone candidly, confidentially,         in the process, you become part of the
ment consultant, execu-
                              without being concerned about what it          very problem you are trying to solve! You
tive coach and expert in
human resources. He is        sounds like and without the fear of offend-    can no longer see the problem - you get
the author of the forthcom-   ing.
ing book: Uncomplicating                                                     pulled into the day to day issues at hand
Management: Focus on             As one general manager told me,             and the dynamics of the situation, and
Your Stars & Your Company     “Sometimes I just need a reality check...      your perspective is eroded. You can lose
Will Soar. Rick helps NEPPA
members improve individual    I can’t get that from my direct reports.       sight of the big picture - the very essence
and organizational perfor-    My people are often so concerned about         of your role. Effective coaches help gen-
mance. Dacri & Associates
is a NEPPA member and         what they think I want to hear and I just      eral managers to “step off the merry-go-
consults to many members.     don’t need that! Frankly, I’m just not         round” and step back from the problem
Rick can be reached at 800-   comfortable telling them certain things. I     in order to recapture their objectivity
892-9828, or                 want to be able to formulate my ideas first    - allowing them to once again see the big
                              and I need to be able to bounce them           picture.
                     get different perspectives with-      The coach’s role should not be to swing
                              out being encumbered by the politics of        a general manager in a particular direc-
                              the organization. As an outsider, you give     tion, nor to provide the general manager
                              me this.”                                      with the answers. Merely it is a trusted
                                  So what are executive coaches?             individual who helps the general manager
                              Coaches are consultants, confidants, or        to reach his/her own answers. Coaches
                              friends with whom general managers can         can be tough and direct, but their role is
                              turn to talk through issues, strategize        to listen intently, ask thought provoking
                              on critical issues, bounce ideas off, tell     questions, and thereby help the general
                              intimate thoughts, or merely someone           manager to think through the issues in a
                              with whom they can just vent. Coaches          clear, objective and unencumbered man-
                              can help general managers think through        ner.
                              problems, clarify issues, provide candid

                                                                                                      NEPPA News Line 9
Training and Education Update
                        Time to "cowboy up"
                           For the first time in four years, it didn’t    a big proponent of inviting the GF’s to the
                        rain. And that wasn’t the only new thing          two-day event so that they can witness the
                        at NEPPA’s Skills Assessment Rodeo in             skills the students are developing. And in
                        Pascoag, Rhode Island this year.                  addition to the GF’s, Sharon Staz, general
                           Under two days of sunny skies in early         manager at the Kennebunk Light and Power
                        June, more than eighty students in the            District, came all the way down from Maine
                        Apprentice Lineworker Program were put            to see what was going on.
                        through their annual paces on a variety of           For all the newness, however, some
                        events designed to test their technical and       traditions remained. Hands-on vendor
                        climbing skills. Speed was important (where       demonstrations were provided by
                        appropriate) in these events, but under           representatives of Hydron Incorporated, who
                        the watchful eye of NEPPA instructor Steve        coached the new apprentices on climbing
                        Socoby, who now directs the Apprentice            with the Bucksqueeze, and by Shamrock
 By Rockie Blunt
 Director of Training   program, the more critical focus was on           Power Sales, who displayed various safety
 and Education          safety and proper technique.                      products. And the cooperation of the
                            In order to emphasize the importance          Pascoag Utility District was once again in
                        of proper technique, Steve put in a new           evidence. Whether it was operating bucket
                        wrinkle with the fourth-year students, who        trucks, running errands, or flame-broiling
                        in the past had acted as timers for the first-,   lunch-time hamburgers and hot dogs on
                        second-, and third-year apprentices. This         an industrial-sized grill, Pascoag employees
                        year, Steve made them “crew leaders,”             helped out everywhere.
                        arming them with scoring sheets and                  No matter who was asked, the verdict
                        asking them to rate the less experienced          was unanimous: the Rodeo was a great
                        apprentices according to specific                 success - and it promises to be even better
                        performance criteria he had created for each      next year!
                        event: “Hurt Man Rescue Timed Event,”
                        “Cross Arm Change Out,” “Transformer
                        Change Out,” “Obstacle Course,” and
                        “Free Climb/Bucksqueeze Climb.”
                           The result was a wealth of data on each
                        student: what they did well and areas where
                        more instruction might be needed. NEPPA
                        administrative assistant Sharon Davies,
                        who works closely with the Training and
                        Education Department, entered all the data
                        from the scoring sheets for Steve.
                            “This year the specific data will be used
                        for the students’ mid-year evaluations, which
                        will be sent to the utilities,” said Davies.
                           Another new feature of this year’s
                        Rodeo was the presence of various General
                        Foremen who traveled to Pascoag to
                        observe their apprentices in action. Steve is

10 NEPPA News Line
Training and Education Update

                   The sun came out for apprentices participating in NEPPA's Skills
                   Assessment Rodeo. The event, part of the Apprentice Lineworker
                   Program, was held at the NEPPA Training Facility in Pascoag, R.I. in
                   Participation is mandatory and students competed in timed events
                   which included Pole Top Rescue, Transformer and Cross-Arm

                                                                     NEPPA News Line 11
Energy Efficiency Ideas
                              Federal tax credits can pay for 30 percent of cost energy efficiency measures

                                 Consumers who want to save energy             equipment, are covered by the tax credit:
                              by adding insulation, reflective roofing or         • HVAC systems
From the American Public      installing more energy-efficient windows,
Power Association’s Energy                                                        • biomass stoves
                              doors or heating systems, can get the
Efficiency Resource Central                                                       • water heaters
(                 federal government to pay for 30 percent of
                              these home improvements via a federal tax           • solar panels
                              credit authorized by the stimulus bill passed       • heat pumps
                              by Congress earlier this year.                      • wind energy systems
                                 Consumers can receive a tax credit of            • fuel cells.
                              up to $1,500 for efficiency improvements
                                                                                  Tax credits of between $2,500 and
                              made this year and next year. That means
                                                                               $7,500 are available for plug-in hybrid
                              a household that makes $5,000 worth of
                                                                               electric vehicles. Tax credits also are
                              energy efficiency improvements by the end
                                                                               available for hybrid vehicles, for both
                              of 2010 can get the maximum tax credit of
                                                                               personal use and for business use.
                              $1,500, or 30% of the cost.
                                                                                  Home builders are eligible for a $2,000
                                 Some equipment—notably solar panels
                                                                               tax credit for a new energy-efficient home.
                              and other home energy systems that use
                                                                               A tax deduction of up to $1.80 per square
                              renewable energy—qualifies for the same
                                                                               foot is available to owners or designers of
                              tax credit, but with no upper limit. People
                                                                               new or existing commercial buildings that
                              who install solar water heaters, solar panels,
                                                                               save at least 50% of the heating and cooling
                              geothermal heat pumps, small wind systems
                                                                               energy of a building that meets ASHRAE
                              or fuel cells are eligible for a federal tax
                                                                               Standard 90.1-2001.
                              credit that will cover 30% of the cost of
                              these systems. The systems must be in               More information about the tax credits is
                              place by 2016.                                   available from the Environmental Protection
                                                                               Agency’s Energy Star program.
                                 For the following types of projects, the
                              installation costs, as well as the cost of the

                              NEPPA offers power systems review program
                                 A refresher program on the practical          theory and its practical applications to the
                                   aspects of electric power systems for       world of electric distribution utilities.
                                        public power engineers, techni-           The format of the program is two con-
                                       cians and system operations per-        secutive days of classroom instruction, pre-
                                     sonnel is planned for November            sentations and discussions, complemented
                                    5-6 at the New England Center in           by informal group meetings to discuss the
                                   Durham, N.H. This two-day intensive         practical aspects of utility engineering chal-
                                  program has been designed to fill            lenges. Watch your mail for details or go to
                                an important need for electrical engi- to register.
                               neers and other technical personnel in
                              the public power industry. It will provide
                              an opportunity to review basic electrical
Around New England
          Energy Efficiency Engineer Jared Carpenter joins RMLD

               Conscientiously encouraging the          mitted to promoting green energy pro-
          growth of alternative fuel generation and     grams and the creation of this position is a
          increasingly being recognized as an ener-     big step in that direction.”
          gy-conscious company, Reading Municipal          Prior to joining RMLD, Carpenter
          Light Department (RMLD) has hired Jared       worked as a sales engineer providing
          Carpenter as an energy efficiency engi-       design and selection choices related to
          neer. He will be responsible for carrying     heating, ventilation and air conditioning
          out energy conservation and efficiency        (HVAC) and worked as an acoustical engi-
          programs, renewable energy projects           neer managing highly technical projects
          requiring special expertise and the appli-    from design to installation. Most recently
          cation of new energy technologies and         Jared was a New England regional engi-
          procedures. These projects can range          neering sales manager for Delta T in
          from performing energy audits for residen-    Boston where he calculated potential
          tial, commercial and industrial customers     HVAC energy savings, performed building
          to interacting with RMLD’s customers, con-    analyses, trained customers on building
          tractors and architects.                      standards, designed specific solutions and
             “We are delighted to have Jared on         managed installations and start-ups. At
          staff and are excited about his reach-        Delta T, he also performed energy audits
          ing out to our customers,” said General       and worked with customers to assist them
          Manager Vinnie Cameron. “RMLD is com-         in obtaining rebates.

Member Notes
          ElectriComm, Inc                             Appleton, Wisc. The firm is a GIS and
          ElectriComm, Inc., of 4327 Kencrest Drive,   Mapping solutions provider. With mPower
          Syracuse, NY has joined NEPPA as an          Integrator, users can:
          associate member. The main contact is        • integrate maps and data- and access
          Robert Miller, Sales Engineer. He may be       them from anywhere
          reached at (315) 673-4343. ElectriComm
                                                       • Collect, query and report from any data
          is a manufacturers representative for high
          voltage electrical equipment.
                                                       • Utilize trace flow analysis and transformer
                                                         load analysis
          mPower Innovations
                                                       • Efficiently manage outages and prepare
          mPower Innovations has joined NEPPA as
                                                         compliance reporting
          an associate member. They are located
                                                         Tom Smock can be reached toll free at
          at 1051 N. Lynndale Drive, Suite 2A,
                                                         (877) 269-6971.

          For employment opportunities, go to and click on Employment on the navi-
          gation bar. Employment ad listings are free to members and should be emailed to

                                                                                NEPPA News Line 13
                       Lockbox                                                                       Serving the Risk Management
        Our sophisticated systems get your money                                                          & Insurance needs
                 working for you faster.                                                            of Municipal Utilities in the Northeast
                                                                                                                                            ®     ®

                Remote Deposit                                                                    Public Utilities Risk Management Association
             Make deposits via the Internet.                                                                                   AND
        With the Century compact check scanner,                                                    Public Utility Mutual Insurance Company
           you never need to go to the bank.                                                               (A Risk Retention Group)
               ACH Origination                                                                           Tel 508-624-6700 Fax 508-624-6222
     Take advantage of Century’s leading technology,                                                          
      personal service and skilled end-to-end support.

      Brian Feeney, Executive Vice President (781) 393-4149
       John Lavallee, Senior Consultant (781) 393-4105
        Susan Delahunt, Vice President (781) 356-3408                                                                              WEB:
   Anna Gorska, Institutional Services Officer (781) 393-4025                       Equal Housing Lender/Member FDIC

                                                                                                            an old pro with a new vision.
                                                                                          a proven provider of innovative electrical solutions.
 Delivering insights that positively
                                                                                           an industry leader leading a changing industry.
 impact utility organizations
 since 1942.

 550 Cochituate Road, West Wing Framingham, MA 01701-9344
 508.935.1600 |

                                                                                                   a Partner who’ll be there for you,
                                                                                                         just as we have been since 1926.

 Supplying Quality WIRE & CABLE                                                                                       Electrical Distributor
                                                                                                      Stuart C. Irby Co. ■ 315.622.0020 ■
     to the Electrical Industry                                                            ■
                                                                                                 Electrical & Gas Utility Distributor Service ■ Emergency Mobile Service
                                                                                               Service Center to Repair and Refurbish Lineman’s Tools and Power Equipment

            Since 1929
                                                                             3.25x3.25-NEPPA08.indd 1                                                            2/11/08 11:39:49 AM

         Arthur J. Hurley Co., Inc.
         2500 Washington Street
           Boston, MA 02119
         Phone: 617-442-9200
         Fax:       617-427-1025
14 NEPPA News Line
                                                                                              E. L. Flowers & Associates
                                            Location                                                   Manufacturers Representative
                                               Position                          Aluma-Form                              Preformed Line Products
                                                                                 DSG-Canusa                              Ripley Lighting Controls
         24 Hour                               Description                       Fairmont/Greenlee Tools                 S&C Electric Company
                                         Preventive Maintenance                  ITEC-Instrument Transformers            Square-D Breakers
        Emergency                        and Acceptance Testing                  Newell-PSN Insulators                   Substation Engineering & Design
        Response                           Location
                                         Emergency Response                        and other manufacturers of Transmission, Substation and Distribution Products
       508-881-3911                      Engineering & Design
                                               Position                                                113 Main Street, Sturbridge, MA 01566
                                                                                                      Phone: 508-347-2351, Fax: 508-347-5366
    190 Pleasant St.                     Build
    Ashland, MA
                                         Meters and Metering
                                                                                       General E-Mail:, Website:

    508-881-3911                         Systems

advertising in Rd.
     79 Leighton
                 News                       Location
     Augusta, ME                                                                                     Engineers / Consultants &
       800-649-6314                           Position
                                  PowerLogic ION
Line   is $30 with a maxi-
                         Meters & Software                                                                Field Services
                                       Description Install & Support                                                          P ro vi ding Suppo rt and S e r vi ce to the Po wer Indu st ry
mum of                                                                                                     Utilities ~ Power Plants ~ Large Industrials

50 words or is free                                                                                 Planning & Design                    Relay Calibration
                                               Position                                             Systems / Substations                Equipment Testing
                                                                                                    Transmission / Distribution          Preventive Maintenance
   Water members.
to NEPPA Treatment Solutions
                           Description                                                              Technical Studies                    Power Metering
                                                                                                    Relay Coordination                   SCADA & Controls
Deadline for alizing Amines
             the next                                                                             One Charlesview Road                     Phone: 508.634.5300
   Microbiological & Algicidal Control                                                            Hopedale, MA 01747                         Fax: 508.634.5400
      is XXX.
issue Purobrom             Sump Buddy Tablets                                                             
        Bellacide          Anti Clog Drip Pan Units
        Liquibrom          Puroaldehyde
        Purocide                              Heat Transfer
                                                                                Maximize the interest
   Corrosion & Scale Prevention                      Fluids
                                                                                your power company
        Belclene /Belcor
                                                      Propylene Glycol
                                                                                generates by working
        Flocon                                                                  with us in applying
                                                         WINTREX                cash and investment                            Timothy P. Flynn
                                                      Ethylene Glycol           management techniques                          Managing Partner
                                                                                to your revenue stream.                        Flynn Financial Partners, Ltd.
  www hough on com                               1--800--777--2466
                                                 1 800 777 2466                                                                470 Park Avenue S. 6th Floor
                                                                                                                               New York, NY 10016
           Providing                                                            Independence Powered                           (212) 842-3736
                                                                                by LPL Financial.
        practical advice                                                                                                       Securities offered through LPL Financial.
                                                                                                                               Member FINRA/SIPC
       to solve employee
                                                                               Products                    Advice                sAvings                    trust
                                          UNITED POWER
     Executive Recruitment                 GROUP, INC.
     Management Training
   Compensation Development
  Employee Satisfaction Surveys          • 24-Hour Emergency                                                                         Utility Management
                                          Service                            Electric Power                                          and Consulting
                                         • Electrical Testing             Engineering, Design &                                      Services
                                          and Maintenance                  Consulting Services                                       Hometown Connections supports
                                                                                                                                     public power by securing dis-
                                          Specialists                                                                                counted pricing, group packaging
                                                                                                                                     and high levels of service for
                                         • Located in Brockton                                                                       APPA members. Turn to Hometown
                                                                                                                                     Connections to deliver the value
                                          and Norwood                                                                                your customers require.
                                                                           Gary W. Warner, P.E.                                        Owned Public Power
        Dacri & Associates, LLC                                                  Principal                                             National Discount Pricing
         114 Lafayette Center,                                                                                                         for APPA Members
         Kennebunk, ME 04043                                                                                                           Qualified Suppliers
             1-800-892-9828                Al Marrocco                                                                                 Information You Can Trust
             71 Legion Parkway
                                           Brockton, MA 02401             The Warner Consulting Group, Inc.
                                                                                    Post Office Box 693
                                           (508) 559-1694-5                    Westborough, MA 01581-0693
                                                                                 303/526-4515(508) 845-9161
                                                                         (508) 842-4035         Fax           
                                                                                                                                               NEPPA News Line 15
NEPPA Calendar
                                 September 20-23              November 5, 6
                                 Annual Conference            Power Systems Review Course
                                 Ocean Edge Resort            New England Center
                                 Brewster, Mass.              Durham, N.H.

                                 October 20, 27, November 3   November 20
  To find detailed information                                Membership Meeting
                                 Supervisory Skills
  on NEPPA events, go to                                      The International
                                 Golden Eagle Resort                                               Bolton, Mass.
                                 Waterbury, Vt.
                                 9:30 am to 3:30 pm

                                 October 7 - 8
                                 Crew Leadership Program
                                 Chocksett Inn
                                 Sterling, Mass.

16 NEPPA News Line

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