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									                                                                                                           VIDEO CONTACT                                George Klein, Tasmanian College of
                                                                                                           DIRECTORY AUGUST-1973
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                                                                        Video a s tool for social intercommunication and                production                                       -
  Hello ... this is BUSH VIDEO transmitting some                  information feedback - consciousness as communal -                    It i s proposed 'to- establi~lr an experimental video
  printed messages. W e are people w h o are putting our          bond matrices.
  herds into the common information space of video                      Video as anthropologic tool for world cultural ' workshop as a teaching-learning situation.
    We d me video as a tool for the                                                          P ~                                             Design ,     and      production        of     originally
 communication.              of                                     integration. e.g.      Videospace/time realization of              invented/modified videotools            e.g. _ Chrominance
 reception, codification, and transmission of audio/visual          Australianaboriginal -dreamtime.                                   synthesizer, 4-gun Read/write' tube, Yz" vidicon. frrbe,
  information; and as the technological extension of the                                                                                cox box (far topological transformation of videospa~),
  human brain's memory/image "processing, storage,'and               BUSH VIDEO PROGRAM PROCESS                                         comprehensive mixing facility (at least mixing 2 VTR's,
  retrieval system. -After consciously and uncorrs~iauly,            ` We        are , primarily concerned         with , . self        at, most mixing 6), Electronic video experimentation' ,
seeing and dreaming, video and metavideo 24 hours a                educational/experimental video software and hardware-              Feedback loop exploration, subjective color exploration;
                      four months we educational; a brief ` (a) SOFTWARE
 (Burley) and lastthe discovered are now givingsocial ` = march, production and display.
     day for the                                                                                                  "                        a)-Black/white revolving :
                                                                                                                                 `alpha-wave video modulatidns' discs, Land color.theory,
report of "these instrumented revisits to paradise"                 ,. -                                                              ( Mono- to color conventer            via filter-wheel, ; EEG
 integra#onai, global culture partic patianal, and simply           Research
 world turning-on potentines of video communication                 (l) Metavideo: Design of generalized video languages           BUSH VIDEO FACILITY
 whiff make the present pre-programmed, one-way                  far universal human:, communication and program                                                                   of town crier.
                                                                                                                                   broadest TV as obsoletelY ` relevant as the a universe
                                                                                                                                   image information integration tool.             ~
                                                                                                                                   include color mixing arti) editing functions 'with Y
 Realisation of the, total. ecoiogcalinterdependence of          (2) Design of          generalised                     rrang
                                                                                                          video languages                 is
                                                                                                                                      it for         osed ' to ex
                                                                                                                                                  roadditional experimentalexist
                                                                                                                                                                          the hardware.forth to
 facility will be
 all living forms on the planet requires our responsibility      operational situations..                                                       Pp
                                                                                                                                   portable and will serve asP~cl a, partially mobile basis for
  to. globally coordinate our energy modulating strategies              Suggested curriculum (cjr vid~ >. Design, ;Science
      .w'              `a 1     a co>        nicat on nie _                   s of -TV, the                                                     takitg the`:
  arl~ a un iversal language for rYe n d literacy. Jcssaph_~EI' Sya~tgettc
                                  w                                                                                                '..:         .                    .t teo
                ~'es       p    .                             :   Videoepeog,

Khoureys :: article       "Alchemy o€ Communication                                          math
                                                                Cybernetics and Video_ , Epistemology Communication                from cuff-,                 u:                  e
     arts                                                                                                                                                  individual artists and code       teaching
outlines h tradition of this hermetic west evolving to .           (Video Information         fheo`ry), Life and Light, projects, q television courses. It will d4: this by supplying
                                                                                              a creative
  video as the contemporary aichemic tool, -                              Structuralist      Mythology       Progranuning, World exP erimentation and le$,r~y ng situation and display
    It seems to us that video is the fast of a family Of'a-          community of Interests and the Theory of Games on
    which will expand the field of man's knowledge in
         Y                                                           educational,                                                              venue an equipment shortage - in a centralized "
                                                                                         industrial and social use. Suggested (VThere isstillfor the software producedindicated by
unprecedented recederrted forms.                                      educational video ~ research subjects:- Synergetics, ,
     new generation of universe communication tools .-                           Neumann); Media Ecology:„                        ,location and a travelling facility touring communities,
  robably as revolutionary as Gutenberg's pnntrng,press                    (3) Design of specific video languages for immediate. ' arts festivals colleges and universities:
                                                                                                                                                                                      "Towards a
   "Topological Videospace" indicates a conceptual                    Engineering.                                                    educational institutions - we suspect that it needs
  framework of inside-outing one surface Klein bottles for                                                                             -liberating - possiblya nationally co-ordinated liberation
                                                                                                                                                                                      Theory of
 video information             considered in teens of four , productions                                                                                                                 have been
                                                                                                                                      front - Can AUS use its influence haze? ThereGeneral
  communication processes - reception, codification,                       ~ Video productions are considered not as static .                                                          us electric '
                                                                                                                                          , t -of ideas ffloating around about a. camSystems
                                                                                                                                                    transmission, and transaction of
                                                                                                                                                    messages: Products but ' asstill Theory;
                                                                                                                                                    process, reviews which can
                                                                                                                                                    evolve     a la
                                                                                                                                                               p,                     Physics, Si
                                                                                                                                                                                      Geology, to
                                                                                                                                                                                        the our a
                                                                                                                                                                                      number` C of
                                                                                                                                                                                      There m   sk
                                                                                                                                                                                      people is y'
                                                                                                                                                                                      who largev ,
                                                                                                                                                                                      have used hi
                                                                                                                                                                                      amount andld
                                                                                                                                                                                      of        e
                                                                                                                                                                                      want to use
       Video as prosaic or harmonic articulation:; for the              man's function on the planet (educational.prog ams as           3.' Play back topes from other campuses           '     m
Communication" states a of the imagination-gestating
                                definition of , communication         Biology, Ecology, Meteorology, Sources of Energy,-              equipment. sharing `of conscious    -experience ' of ever viand
 spontaneous investment                                               orev ously listed).                                                                                                       e
                                                                his (bHARDWARE had nowhere near the kind of use that Bush a universal language. Video may be the tool to create
                                                                                   which has                                                                                                    in
 intellectual increments of experience.                                                                                             and                                                         fe
   as a Video as self actualizing, meditational toolgY reality
                                                        fo            Political
                                                                          Research     Geography,                                     video's equipment has 'had, in the Universities and e
                                                                                                      Ergonomics, , Production that language.                                                   d
 .projections e.g. self-made videospaces-as empty memory                  (1) Design. , of      a universe - image information           You can use/access this tool in your situation.        k.
 theatre for staging consciousness transformations (see                integration tool for recordin                                                                                            "
             Joseph                                                                                    g, processing, storing and                                                               W
             's .vidiations to be played with byinsertion of
                  "Memory Theatre") and for , self or others                                                                             On campus, many, faculties. have portapaks for         ri
     specific.                                                         image bank of accumulated images of man's cultural                                                                       e,
    -                                                                  retrieving audio/visual information from a computerized restricted education use.°Derestrict this. If you get            n
   invited into the theatre: '                                         evolution.                                                     "
                                                                                                                                    access under a research pretext we would like to work       w
        Synthetic video/music translations (video                      '(2) Research, (if possible), into developments in with you and see your tapes.                                          a
        art).: Video therapy (cybernetic                                                                                                                                                        p
                                                                       pertinent teohnologies .e.g. photography (especially infra          We would like to tour campuses                       in
        acupuncture?). Video diaries of personal                       and ultra naked - sense reception spectrum), electron                                                                    te
                                                                                                                                           to:Energise 'existing context.                       st
VIDEO AS SOCIAL INTERACTION                                            microscopy, fiber optic cable information transmission;             Work and share experience in                         e
                                                                       3D holographic display, laser -video projection, radio".            video. Disseminate our skills.                       d
                                                                       interferometry, graphic computer systems.                                                                                ,
      Video as ,social monitors (Social Early warning                                                                                      Show tapes from other cities.                        n
systems similar to DEW - Distant Early Warning system                       (3) Progressive survey of videotools as they become                                                                 b
                                                                      available. Test, experiment and feedback performance,              ' BUSH VIDEO PEOPLE: Joseph El Khourey, Mick           h
for missile detection) for detection of evolutionary                  mformation,on'h" videotape systems.                                                                for showing.
                                                                                                                                           Take tapes to the next stopLewis, Ann Kelly, Melinda,
                                                                                                                                         Glasheen, John Kirk. Jonnv                             ra
changes in societies.`                                                      ( 4 ) Design  modifications to presently available           Tom Barber Anna Soares Martin Fabinyi, Sri Richard,    li
      Vido:, as tool for initiation, of social evolutionary                                                                                                                                     n
                                                                         equipment for preferred functions;                             Mad Jack Meyer, Fat Jack Jacobson, Karl Wheelbarrow,    th
strategies.                                                                   (5) Research Slushware i.e. Organic hardware and          Brian Williams, John Sissond, Jim McDonald, Damian. -   e
      E.g. "Challenge for Change" type projects (cf.                     Media Ecology:                                                 Wednesday, August 8, 1973.                              o
Warwick Robins and Tom Zubrycki's articles).                                                                                                                                                    w
         BuA sriot1~'aivitk$"XV'S               §f< I`9`11S Fit` rue                                                                                                                            s
                                                                                                                                        Magic assumes laws and forces running through the
                                                                                                                                    universe which the operator can use, once he knows the
                                                                                                                                    way to capture them. The Renaissance conception of an
                                                                                                                                    animistic universe; operated by magic, prepared the way
                                                                                                                                    for the conception of a mechanical universe, operated by
                                                                                                                                    mathematics. in this sense; Bruno's vision of an animistic
                                                                                                                                    universe of innumerable Worlds through which run the
                                                                                                                                    same magico-mechanical laws, is a prefiguration, in
                                                                                                                                    magical terms, of the seventeenth-century . vision. But
                                                                                                                                    Bruno's main interest was not in the outer world but in
                                                                                                                                    the inner world. And in his memory systems we see the
                                                                                                                                    effort to operate the magico-mechanical laws, not
                                                                                                                                    externally, but within, by.reproducing in the psyche the
                                                                                                                                    magical mechanisms. The translation of this magical
                                                                                                                                    conception into mathematical terms has only been
                                                                                                                                    achieved in our own day. Bruno's assumption that the
                                                                                                                                   astral forces which govern the outer world also operate
                                                                                                                                    within, and can be reproduced or captured- htere to
                                                                                                                                     operate a magical-mechanical memory, seems to bring
                                                                                                                                     one curiously close to the mind machine which is able to
                                                                                                                                     do so much of the work of the human brain by
                                                                                                                                     mechanical means.
                                                                                                                                       The Art of Memory, in the 14th century is: followed by
                                                                                                                                       Robert Fludd, who is in the Rena ssance:tradition, . and
                                                                                                                                       also by thinkers who are taking it In new directions,
                                                                                                                                       Bacon, Descartes, Leibniz. In the 17th century the art` of
                                                                                                                                       memory underwent yet another of its transformations
        In Campanella's "City of the Sun," a Utopia of astral                                                                          turning from a method of memorising the Encyclopedia
   magic is described in which the round central Sun temple,                                                                          of Knowledge, and reflecting the world in memory to an
   painted with the images of the stars, - was -                                                                                       aid for investigating the Encyclopedia and the world ; -with
   surrounded by the concentric circles of the walls of the                                                                            the object of discovering new Knowledge. .
   city on which the whole world of the creation and of man
   and his activities was represented in images dependent on
                                                                                                                                         "The Monads of Leibniz."
   the central causal images. The "City of the Sun" could be
   used as an occult memory system through
                                                                                                                                           Mneumon ca, says Leibniz,'provides the matter of an
   which everything could_ be quickly learned, using the                                                                              argument; Methodologia gives it form; and Logica is the
   world `as a book' and as `local memory.' The children of
   the Sun City were instructed by the Solarian priests who
                                                                                                                                      application of the joining of the image of some sensible
                                                                                                                                     Mnemonica as, the matter to the form. He then defines
   took them round the City to look at the pictures,                                                                                thing to the thing to be remembered, and this image, he
   whereby they, -learned the alphabets of all languages and                                                                          calls a note He then mentions that things seen are better
   everything else through the images on the walls. The               The images of the stars are intermediaries between the         remembered than things heard.
  pedagogic method of the highly occult Solarians, and the        ideas in the super-celestial world and the sub-celestial           In' this new mathematical-Lullist art, says Leibniz, notae
  whole plan of their City and its images, wasaform of local elemental world. By arranging or manipulating or using                  will be used as an. .alphabet. These notae are to be
  memory, with its places and images.                           the star images one is -manipulating forms which are a              as `natural' as possible, a universal writing. They may be ,
   General Principles of the Classical art of memory:"-The fast stage. nearer to reality than the objects: in the inferior          like -geometrical figures, or like the `pictures' used by the
    step was the imprint on the :memory of a series of Loci or   world, all of which depend on the stellar influences.              Egyptians and the Chinese, though Leibnizian notae will,
        places, the commonest though not the only type of        One can act on the inferior world; change the stellar `            be bettor for `memory'' than these: *                 ..
              mneumonic place system used was the .              influences on it, if one knows how to arrange and
                                                                                                                                        As-is well known, Leibniz formed a project. known, as the-
                                                                                                                                        characteristica: Lists:were to be drawn up of all the
                                                                 manipulate the star=images. In fact the staf-images are the            essential notions of thought, and to these notions were
     Architectural type. In order to form a.series of places in  `shadows of ideas,' shadows. of reality which are
    memory sk- building is to be remembered, the forecourt,                                                                             to-be assigned symbols or `characters.'The `characters' '
                                                                  nearer to reality than the physical shadows -in the lower                    re to-: be > used . in , logical combinations to form a
      the 11 Mitlg:; fOUm, bedrooms, parlours, pot admitting      world.
    statues and other : ornaments           which have been                                                                                universal art or calculus far the solution 4 -211 problems '
       mesho d in the building: This is done as soon as the                                                                                    Allied-- to the characteHilica or calculus in LeibRiz's
       memory of the facts is required, all, these . places are                                                                                 mind was-.the project -for pan ` encyclopedia-mhich
      visited, and their various deposits are retrieved.                                                                        .'bring .together.all- the arts,and sciences known to
    The art developed in classical antiquity as an assistant                                                                                'When all knowledge' ;was systematised in man.           the
    to the art of-oration.                                                                                                                encyclopedia, `characters' could be assigned to all notions;
                                                                                                                                         and the universal calculus would eventually, be established,
       The memory theatre of the Divine Camillo.                                                                                                             for the solution of all 'problems. f iebniz
     "They say that this man has constructed an                                                                                        envisaged _ the °application of the          calculus ,jo all
     amphitheatre into which whoever is admitted as a                                                                                  departments of thought and activity. Even religious
     spectator. will be able to discourse on any subject ... I                                                                         difficulties would be removed by it.
     spoke to him about his work. He calls his theatre by                                                                              It was through his invention of new"characters' that
     many names, saying now that it is built or constructed                                                                            he was able to :operate the infinitesimal calculus; which
     mind and soul, and now that it is a windowed one. He                                                                              was.. but , a fragment, or a specimen, of the , never
     pretends that all things that the human mind can                                                                                  completed `universal characteristic.'
     conceive and which we cannot see with the corporeal                                                                               The word Monad was borrowed by Leibniz from
     eye, after being collected together by diligent                                                                                   Bruno. Though Leibnix as a philosopher of the 17th
     meditation may be expressed by certain corporeal signs             Let us contemplate the spectacle of the statues of gods        century has moved into another atmosphere and a new
     in such a way that the beholder may at once perceive           and goddesses, assimilated to the stars, revolving, both as        world he bears obvious- marks. from the. Hermetic
     with his eyes everything -that is otherwise hidden in the      magic images of reality and as memory images                       tradition. The Leibnizian monads when they are human
     depths of the human mind. And ft is because of this            comprehending . all possible notions, on the, wheel in             souls having memory, have as their chief function the
     corporeal looldng that he calls it a theatre.                  Bruno's "Statues." ; Or think of -the inextricable, maze of        representation or reflection of the universe of which
       Camillo's theatre rests basically upon seven pillars, the    memory rooms in "Images," full of images of ll things in           they are living mirrors.
       Seven Pillars of Solomon's Douse of Wisdom.                  the elemeatl -world, controlled by the significant . images        If I were to choose a patron saint for cybernetics out of
       By these columns' signifying most stable eternity, we        of the Olympian gods.                                              the history, of science, I should- have to choose Leibniz.
       are to understand the seven. sephirdth of the                                                                                   The Philosophy of Leibniz centres about two closely
       super-celestial world, which are the' seven measures of                                                                         related concepts - that of a universal symbolism and that
       the celestial and inferior worlds, in which are contained         It is not enough to say vaguely that the memory               of a calculus of reasoning. From these re descended the
       the ideas of all things both in the celestial and in_ the     wheels worked by magic. It was a highly systematized              mathematical notation and the symbolic logic of the
       inferior worlds.                                              magic. Thus the images of decans of the zodiac; the               present day.
       In his memory building the Universe will' be                  images of the planets, the images of the moon-stations                                  Norbert weiner - "Cybernetics"
       remembered through organic association of all its parts       would form and reform in ever changing combinations,              History of The Art of Memory adapted from Franc
       with their underlying eternal order.                          in connection with the images of the houses. Did he               Yates' "The Art of Memory,"
       The basic images are those of planetary -gods andunder        intend that there would be formed in the memory using
       the images there were drawers of writings related to          these ever-changing comlbinations, of astral images
       the subjects recalled. by the images.                         some kind of alchemy of the imagination, a
       Today- it would look, like a huge ornamental filing           philosopher's stone in the , psyche <through which
       cabinet. But we should not lose sight of the grandeur         every: possible arrangement and combination of objects
       of the idea - the Idea of a memory organically geared         in the lower world -.plants; animals, stones- would be
       to the Universe.                                              perceived and remembered? And that, in the forming
                                                                     and reforming of the inventor's images - in. accordance.
       Giordano Buno's Art of Memory.                                with the forming and reforming of the astral images on
                                                                     the central wheel, the whole history-of -man would be
      A most solid 'foundation for the truths and secrets of         remembered fromabove, as it were, all his- discoveries,
    nature. For you must know that it is by one and the same         thoughts, philosophies, productions?
    ladder that nature descends to the production of things              Such a memory would be the memory of a divine
    and the intellect ascends to the knowledge of them; and          man, of a Magus with divine powers through his
    that the one and the other proceeds from unity and               imagination harnessed -to the. workings of the cosmic                    w=RR•R& WT•
    returns to unity, passing through the multitude of things        powers. And such an :attempt would rest on the                           V..n*i.*v aa*M
    in the middle. (Giordano Bruno)                                  Hermetic assumption that man's. mens is divine, related
                                                                                                                                                r.: P      I':1    S
        The aim of the memory system is to establish within, , in    in its origin to the star-governors of the world, able both                                =Z
                                                                                                                                                    rf 1" • _ `.oas"T
    the psyche, the return ofthe intellect to unity through the      to reflect and to control the universe.
    organization of significant images.

Bush' Vj}$ofVWup aa~~                                                                                                                                                 l     Cr?    o'~ ' fa:~zl
                                                                                                       libaries,, - museums, computers,
                                                                                                       film-studios. The monitors are moving
                                                                                                       in' fluctuating geometric formation now
                                                                                                       they suggest a Hindu'Yantra now a
                                                                                                       Klein worm, a Hopi sand painting, the
                                                                                                       helical structure of the DNA the
                                                                                                       icosahedron structure of a virus or a
                                                                                                       dome by Buckminister Fuller. I call this
                                                                                                   show:- THE DREAMING OF THE
                                                                                                  ELECTRONS # 1! ~~t INFORMATION
                                                                                                           Man has secreted vast amounts of
                                                                                                       Art       and       Knowledge        in
                                                                                                       communicatable forms, all this can be
                                                                                                       stored in global memory and made
                                                                                                       available to all men.
                                                                                                           "Survival now would seem to
                                                                                                       depend upon the extension of
                                                                                                       consciousness       itself   as      an
                                                                                                       environment this extension of
                                                                                                       consciousness has already begun with
                                                                                                       the computer and has been
                                                                                                       anticipated in our obsesslow with ESP
                                                                                                       and occult phenomena." -- Marshal
                                                                                                       McLuhan. -

                                                                                                        Information - omnidirectional,
                                                                                                       retrievable, open access, many faceted              Therefbre an integrated synthesis of
                                                                                                       cable nerve satellite links, evermore           the stored information will be required
                                                                                                       precise .- integrated. circuits, microfilm,     especially for the Initiation or education
                                                                                                       lasers. Many foribs 7 telex, video, xerox       of the young, This will probably mean
                                                                                                       - all knowledge available at any human          the    formation       of a syncronous
                                                                                                       terminal of global nervous system. Go           audio-visual language which will be used
                                                                                                       anywhere portable recording devices in
                                                                                                       the hands of all. Invisible cords s of energy     by . men to extend consciousness and
   Man's powers of observation in time                                                                                      and       3d of energy       knowledge in similar ways to the previous
                                                                                                       information                                       language ' ~ nthesis - first as sound then
and space are very great. He is conscious                 Universe consistent with its
- of his awareness and expresses his                                                                                                                                h
                                                          omni-directional history is ` mutating                                                                    o
consciousness in the symbols, rituals;
                                                          several television strains, as                of the planet into "a global .not only `the literate cultures of the West. theatre that
architecture, and Institutions that he creates.                                                         demands spectacular
                                                          cross-fertilizing agents bearing the                                                                      o 1
These creations in turn act upon their maker,                                                                                                    . message of total communication systems. w
                                                                                                                                                   , d Some sydnbo syss which tem
                                                          genetic                                                                                  anything conceive programming beyond. ould
                                                                                                                                                                    g be      he l ful      -
in an ascending spiral of ever widening loops
that trace the limits of the world in which he              BUSH VIDEO sometimes known as               of by ; the - old Hollywood. The glo                        r The bal probably
lives. In man, the observer's role brings the                                                                                                      - mufti-conceptual Churingas of the
participants role to levels of possibilities that        the outback of communications research         theater deands the world population             .-AustralianpAborigines,. the Mandalas and
know no limits but those that he himself                 or Channel Infinity.-                          not only as audience but as a cast of                       h
accepts as the ultimate stages of his own                                                                                                                 seed-mantras of Tantric Art, the, symbols
development.                                                 Right from the start we were operating     participants. - Marshal McLuhan.                  and systems of the Hermetic tradition.
   If you look on the horizon of the present             on many levels -idea, materialisation,                                                           The " Geometric extensions               of
   continuous eternity you will notice that a            myth, fulfillment, seed, information the               MUSICAL HIEROGLYPHS                       consciousness cited by
                                                                                                                                                                    p                    Anne Tyng,
   sun is rising called, "total communications"          message is the media are undergoing                                                              extendingrfrom Jung's idea of the
   - that's our sphere - we,- are the new                revolution      upon revolution on the             As well as storage of this immense            Archet eo-
   alchemists brought together by our                    technical front and are conse uent-l"          body of knowledge a . new language                  „    yPj
   percepthon of the Lapis in the cauldron of                                               q      y                                                          As ordering operators and image
   the Videosphere, for the last three months            generating ideas in the minds of artists       synthesis seems to be required.                   formers in the world of symbolic images,
   we have been exploring'this memory studio             educationalists and speculators. The               (1) To overcome, the problem of                         t
   from centre to circumference with                     science has the means to. satisfy all          information - the process is, slow, bulky         the archetypes thus function as the
   telepathic and orbiting , . satellite dialogues       material needs for all menbeenproblem is
                                                         historyof our century has the the result       possible overload and make is
                                                                                                        and inefficient - the word systemretrieval        sought for bride between the sense
   with neighbouring celestial bodies.                   of the free information buying and selling
                                                         one of design science of flow. Capitalist      practical its bindings both literally.
                                                                                                        straining - [the libraries of today areand        perceptions and ideas." - to the genetic
                                                         Design science has served its evolutionary     conceptually. The new Memory theatres                       n
"Man can do nothing without the make                     under the profit motive. In an age when"       archaic forms, in an age of electric              code 1? s
believe of a beginning."                                 purpose it is now obsolete.                    would        probably use        multi-modal
Where do we start AUSTRALIA 1973                             computer                                  indexing      with       a        light ; pen
                                                             . INSIDE THE MEMORY THEATRE - retriever system.]                                                      f
TELEVISION                 ABC            Chanrfel
1234567891011 "NEANDERTHAL TV this                                                                    (2) It - is difficult and inadequate to                      o
network is more to be pitied than abhorred,                  14 is l am. I am locked in the memory    properly express concepts born of                            r
it stands at the foot of -an evolutionary                theatre watching the monads of Leibniz -     audio-visual- dialogue in the present                        m
ladder which it does not have the strength to                                                         word
                                                         passing through the one-eyed , chambers of language.
climb. However, -                                        Infinity tilrough infolding feedback and    (3) The immensity of Information will                         ,
                                                         the corridors of topology, spiralling       eventually require vast second level                          t
                                                          amidst the Architecture of history,        indexing, to facilitate reaching the first                    h
                                                                                                     level of information.                                         e

   Bush Videoufillatuktk~aFXl SvvAtuglist~ ,                     ~3r age                                                                                           w
                                            .+~~ 1jcii
rn' ,, ", "`       `ACT;sps   i   'e'~Tirh3e'I   .p
         tA gsng

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                                                                                                                ,cq  paot;ua ;nq ssaooid oup Aq pa;euam
                                                                                                                aiam aidoad ui uounloeai ieuisnput
                                                                                                                ;sjg;o linsai au; si )ioegpaa3 am;esaN
                                                                                                                -;otu;sap ]Jas Ipm am io spunu pue Suuo3
                                                                                                                asiaetun Uu 3o uot;eiga;ut otuouueg anew
                                                                                                                ;snur,am jug; sisaggns xoegpaa3 ant;esau ut
                                                                                                                aseaxoul - ;ue;niiod e `paziiupads oo; `;sa;ga
                                                                                                                `amiuindtueur st it asneoaq ABoiougoa; Aq
                                                                                                                pa;euage ale 4epoi aidoad 4uVK -
                                                                                                                -aot;uaidde spiamos ag; pue tined
                                                                                                                s,Aa3iuotu aip ;o saigeied ag; Sut-sn
                                                                                                                `sura;sAs uot;euuo;ui apeur ueur ui ;uaiagw
                                                                                                                siaguep aip ino pmuiod soil `iauraM ijagioN
                                                                                                                -ustsap pa;ei2a;ui aetsuagaidtuoo a;e;tssaoau
                                                                                                                s;uauruojTeug- . tJOSUOS apeur-ueur
                                                        ~uot;ea~o pug `ssaooid aun;umaip ieuia;a                sutseaiout-sang
                                                       ui a3p;md spultu Up pue ssaooid aip
                                                       st onpoid aip uognionaX uoi;euuo;ui
                                                       lo. `ieu;snpul puooas arp ul                                             OQg2IJIiq
                                                                                          *auo;s pau;-aau
                                                                                                                          NO XWOQgg3 3AIIVJ3N
                                                      age         louu.L ugo f, *Suioq
                                                        unto sni.3o sassaoai ag; ui uip3 pazlirsuas
                                                        uodn i$noq; se -sanjasuiag; Sulonpoidoi
                                                        Ajieiaiti wag; laa3 pinoo aq inun Asoleus
                                                       3o Tamod aepsoggns aip Aq -js tuagoie                               upig) «-sucslueuoaut-OMas IEt3BjPe
                                                        ag; uodn Aiantxagaz ;os o; pod ueno                                Aq pue Apoq ieotsoiolq ag; ,(q paiegs
                                                        itagi uo aumo sassaooid piemino asagy                                 st gotgm am;oru;s tio;eiaai - otseq e
                                                        s;uautuadxa :magi < 3 o p t j o m piem;no                   st a.rag; `ssutaq ueuing sut;eotunuauoo Aq
                                                        a l p ui _ ; u a u g p j l n 3 of Suuq o; Sutnu;s               pauuo3 sdtiisuot;elaualut uetunq 3o pus
                                                        aiam Amp gotgm - sassomid umoujun                          ptnur ueuxnq aq; 3o euatuouagd xaidLuoo
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                                                        snotosuooun pemui unno Itag'i 3o                           3o sasag;od iq tio;uoidxa aqs -sasdeuAs pda
                                                        aip pa;oafoid aun
                                                                                                                           sAmrped snoejau ;o ura;sAs e se pug
                                                        ouadma              acij , sjsturauotd          oson           uralsAs jeotuegoaui 3IUMUAP-oiptiq e
                                                        ud ; nag; 3o siagd  ag.L„                                  se'`sIo;roedeo ,pue sio;spuei; 3o pasoduroo
                                                                               OUd M,Igfls                             . ura;sAs ietogtije ue se pazgeax aq Aeur
                                                                                                                       `;.rep MOit notjeuuo3ut uE ut .passaidxa
                                                                                                                  `ura;sAs Alo;eingoi-aums og;L -s;uauodutoo
                                                                                                                   nag; 3o Aliluapt; ienplAiput pue ieua etu
                                                                                                                `utguo agi 3o ;uopubdaput axe sura;sAs 3o
                                                                                                                sat;jadoid aip legs ;gstsut aip o; auioo am
                                                                                                                `spjag,pa;elai UT sia3ilom nnoiia3 nag; pus
                                                                                                                s;stnsuq jein;oiu s `s;stgoiodoag;ue
                                                                                                                pan;otu;s `s;sAleuv srua;sxs `s;suoarp
                                                                                                                suiaasls - it:xauas `s;suoag;
                                                                                                               uot;euuo3ut `sueot;auragA3 ,to              )iiom
                                                                                                               Suuaauoid agi o; "tp ;uasoid ;V„
                                                                                                                            .rod aYLuon.IiS e ap?4014 ppioo
                                                                                                                 o; Yiaas gotqm ; gno        uiapou 'jo sum
                                                                                                                  see aie axatg' `saoznos asoIPse datA sV
                                                                                                                                   «sassaaojd ;t fdnot~
                                                                                                                pue; suotsraap 3o stseq aip aruoaaq tionim
                                                                                                                'sauouraxu s;unoute o] .4sepue; o;
                                                                                                                asentijed jo agloqo a;tugul ue pus ssawe
                                                                                                                 uea shoo Stniisnds o;ul apTnoad
                                                                                                                am8 gonim sura;;ed uata;s;mogo lsagoq
                                                                                                               asag; 3o; uogesnmgro pq;eds ag:L9,
                                                                                                                             This article was written by Mick Glashcen, for the World

                                                 E X P E R I E N C E -` O F                                                           ENERGY                   Design     Science
                                                    Decade Think-In, London, July 1967,                                      and has since been printed by the World Game and the
                                                                                                                             International Times.

                                                                                                                                       mass) as multiplied by the entirely non interfered local
 ' -Universe is he aggregate of all humanity's all time,              By      entropy, we        refer - to the experimentally         omnidirectional velocity       of surface ` growth of an
                                                                    demonstrated physical behaviours covered by the second             omnidirectional,               outward-b6und ' spherical
 consciously apprehended and communicated experience.
                                                                    law of thermodynamics and the lattees disclosure of the                                           wave ol radiant energy in
    Universe is finite because it is the sum total of               omni-accelerating-acceleration          of         -         the   terms of second power of radial wavg module frequency
finitely furnished- experiences. - Universe though finite                     diffusion of physical energy patternings of              growth rate."
is a nonsimultaneous structure-ergo, unitarily                      universe-spoken of by the mathematical physicist as the                M equals all the locally complex, concentric,
unpatternable=ergo, conceptually unthinkable-ergo,                  "Law of Increase of the . Random Element", which may               self-associative, unique holding patterns of all energy,
                                                                                                                                       and                     -
undefinable. This is to say undefinable does not mean               also be called the "Law of Expanding Universe".
infinite or un finite. It means that definability - de-finite       By            anti-entrophy, we           refer    to .- the           C2 equals all ,,the eccentrically disassociativt
is a sub-set of finite-ergo, pattern de-fmition is a                omni-accelerating-acceleration            of _ the clarifyingly    individual patternings of all energy (C being the radial of
subdivision of finite-yet-unitarily-undefinable universe.           differentiated and inter-communicated, experience derived,         linear speed of radiant energy, which is approximately
The definable conception is therefore the first thinkable           pattern cognitions of the human mind which progressively
sub-set functioning of universe.
                                                                                                                                       186,000 mps).                           Buckminster
                                                                    disclose the orderly complex of omni-interactive, pure,            Fuller                  Energy
The .physicist's Law o f Conservation of Energy which states        weightless and apparently eternal principles governing the
that energy may be neither created nor destroyed-ergo is            intellectual design and operation of the seemingly and                  Universe is an all energy accounting
finite-embraces only the :physical aspects of experience.           ""suggestively" only-infinitely self-regenerative universe.             system. E=MC 2 . This said -
My definition embraces both the physical and metaphysical,          We may call this metaphysical phenomenon - which                    In the inherently subjective language of physical
the latter being all the weightless experiences of thought.         continually simplifies and contracts the generalized                transformation of an omni-interaltering and
    The metaphysical includes a mind extracted, refiningly -        description°of principles apparently operative in all the           accelerating universe there are only two fundamental
concentrated and consciously formulated anti-entropic               special case experiences - "the Law of Decreasing                   kinds ol observable transformational changes, i.e.
generalizations, in a hierarchy of progressively contracting        Confusion", or the "Law of Intellectual Conservation", or           angular, of sub-unity alterations and linear or plural
degree, which most economically describe the workings of            the "Law of the Contracting Universe", or the "Law of               unity (frequency modulated) accelerations. These
the metaphysical sub-division of universe. Buckminster                                                                                  subjectively viewed transformations of universe are
                                                                    Diminishing Chaos", or the "Law of Progressive Order", or
Fuller. - man has no nature but his own history - his total                                                                             also designeo angle and frequency modulations.
                                                                    the _"Law of Contractively Orderly Generalizations".
history,_ electronically, this total history is now potentially -                                                                       Angular patterns are. the locally complex, concentric
                                                                        While gravity's effects are physically measurable, the
present          in        a kind of simultaneous                                                                                       self-associative, unique holding patterns of all energy
                                                                    concept of gravity is in itself unweighable.
transparency that carries us into a world of "heliotropic                                                                               and frequency patterns are the eccentrically
                                                                    Metaphysics and physics are thus seen to co-function, to
nought time". -            Marshall McLuhan                                                                                             disassociative individual patterns of all energy.
                                                                    progressively conserve the self-regeneration of
                                                                    non-simultaneously and overlappingly evolving universe.                 Matter: angularly cohesive gravitational inwardly
                                                                        Man's ` function in universe is that of the metaphysical,       shunted chordal patternings.
                                                                    anti-entropic function. He is essential to the conservation             Energy: the linear acceleration of an
        Humanity: Universal Anti-Entropic Function                  of universe which is in itself an intellectual' conception.         omnidirectiona radiant wave.
                                                                                                              Buckminster Fuller.           Life: an energy capturing anti-entropic
                                                                                                                                        omnidirectional radiant wave growth system..
    Is the human an accidental "Theatre goer" who
 happened in on the "Play of Life" - to like it or not:or                                                                               "Life is a partial continuous, progressive, multiform
                                                                     "E=MC 2. This said that the- total of local system energy
 does humanity perform an essential function in                                                                                         and conditionally interactive, self realization of the
                                                                     is the product of all concentric local systems of energy's
 universe? We find the` latter to be true.                                                                                              potentialities of atomic electron states."
                                                                     self-interfered, shunt-holding patterns (M for                                                                    J. D. Berna
   1   Busf Video fTharunka XL-5, August ~ 7 ,    1973   Page 6
    The dual and regenerative human functioning as                   following a precise pattern or cycle: If we set a pendulum                "In- this manner, said I:' although these variegated
successive, high frequency, subjective and -objective,               in motion it is not difficult to count the number of strokes;         bodies in the heavens- are deemed the most beautiful
(subconscious and conscious)' which altogether provide               of cycles, in a given period of time. Similarly it is quite easy      and the most accurate of the'kind, yet (as they are only
angular range finding and the teleologic irreversibility of          to observe and time such natural -cycles of natural                   part of the visible world) are far inferior to the real
human articulations are implemented exclusively by two               phenomena. become greatly faster or slower, or as the                 beings which are carried in those orbits in which real
principles with which humanity modifies his forward                  phenomena being studied become impossible to observe                  velocity, and real slowness, in true:number, and in all true
experiences in Universe in preferred ways. The two                   with man's unaided senses, then we must find` other                   forms, work with respect to one another, and carry all
physical principles by which alone man may alter his eves            means of observing or calculating these cycles.                       things that are within them: which latter things truly are
evolving environment are those of angular and frequency                Much of all basic scientific knowledge can be                       to be comprehended by reason and the intellectual
modulations. Angular in (c.f. rudderinp) is erroneously                encompassed within what man has learned of these                    power, but not by sight: or do you think they can? By no
spoken of by man as spatial modification. Frequency of                 cycles of motion . . ."                     John J. Grebe.          means, replied he."         The. Republic of Plato, Book
event modulation is erroneously spoken- of by humanity as                                                                                  VII
time modfciation. These capabilities of man's senses, brain                                                                                    The sensed radient energy frequency wave message are
and mind, provide the basis for his strategically selective              ". . . everything that exists and happens in the world,           decoded into conscious experience by intellect. Thinking is
differentiations of experiences. The human's subjective              every object and. every, every pjant and animal organism,             F.M. - frequency modulation. It is the tuning-out of the
experiences are teleologically and spontaneously                     . almost continually emits its characteristic identifying             myriad of relevant energy-message frequency variable
transformed into objective alterations of the evolutionary           signals:"                               Lawrence K. Frank             perceived by the sense receptors to leave a residue of
environment - to most effectively support man's unique                                                                                      messages which are .. feedback
                                                                                                                                           tuned-in or acceptedencoded into generalized abstract
brain and mind functioning in universe in the anti-entropic            ". . : the conscious `world' is in fact energy radiently
                                                                                                                                            angular patterns. " Intellection is cumulative pattern
role.                                                                manifest at relative rates of retarded speed . . ." -
                                                                                                                                            apprehension. Thought is perceptions-of patterns in '
      It is our intent to so design or control the angles and                  Buckminster Fuller
                                                                                                                                            universe, the codifying of energy experience messages into
  frequencies of the evolving environment events that the                                                                                   generalized abstract angular patterns. ,
  spontaneous reflexing of society will result in all men                The ail-energy universe continually emits radient
  enjoying all of Earth - and the progressive -reaches of the        wave frequencies - some             of -whose signals . man           3. Transmission
  universe about it - without mutural interference with one          consciously, ,receives;. and- decodes into a generalized                  "In the beginning was the word" - might g be changed
  anothers degrees of subjective and objective . freedoms.           pattern or "cycles" of "motion", which he has encoded                 to "Ir. the beginning of industrialization was the word"
                                                                     into ' the electromagnetic spectrum - a .linear chart                   the first atmospheric wave propagating, ear diaphragm
                                                                     indicating the frequencies in cycles per second of all                receiving, physical formulation of an abstract teleologic
                              World                                  radient energies.and. the narrow spectrum bands of light              device invented entirely by intellect's anticipatory
                                                                     and sound within which man can "sensorially monitor"                  conceptioning of its usefulness and by man's subsequent
        Because of the incessant wheeling about of humans            with his naked , sense receptor's angular channel                     conscious (fading off into sub-conscious) disciplining of
   first in the womb, then in the baby carriage, then on foot;       constraints. . :                                                      muscles and nerves."                     Buckminster Fuller
                                                                     "A sound - travelling first in air, the          by way of                ',the spoken word was the first technology by which
   in the auto and- ship and plane. roundabout a spinning            middle-ear bones and oval window into -the fluids,of the-
   earth in a spinning solar system within an involutine -_                                                                                man was able to let go of his environment in order to
   evolving, spiralling spinning galaxy, totally inventoried         spinal cochlae     - generates a wave     in the basilar              grasp it in a new way. Words are a kind of information
   experiences, are'_ inherently orrmidireftional when
                                                                     membrane. The basilar, membrane bellies in and' ` out, ,              retieval that can range over the total environment and
   considered as the sum of observational orientations.
                                          Buckminster Fuller         carrying along the, complex of tissues above it. The hair -           F experience at high speed ... By means of transtatiotr.of .
                                                                     cells of the organ of Corti move with the basher                      immediate . sense experience into vocal symbols the -
       But the world, mind, is was and will be- writing its own      membrane. But the hairs have their tops-embed4ed in                   entire world can be evoked at any instant...
   wrunes for ever, man, on all matters that fall under the ban                                                                                                                           .
   of our infrarational senses.                   James Joyce        the tectorial membrane and their roots fixed in the hair,.                ... Just. as writing is an extension and separation of
                                                                     cells, so, they cannot side. Instead, the motion of the
   Finnegans Wake;
                                                                                                                                       our most meatier and objective sense, the sense of sight,
                                                                      basdar membrane bends and twists and pulls. and pushes           number is an extension and separation of our most
     The whool of the whaal in the. wheel of the wofd of
the Boubou from Bourneum has tus come to taon!                        the hairs. Under these physical stresses,.the hairs generate     intimate and interrelating' activity, our sense of touch.
                                                                      electricity, , and the electrical signals stimulate       the        ; ,- If the human ear can be - compared to a radio receiver
                                          James Joyce                                                                                    electromagnetic waves ... " '               Marshall McLuhan
                                                                                          Sound and Hearing, Life Science Library. . that is able to decode electromagnetic waves and recode
                                                                      auditory nerve. Eventually.and-deviously -the electrical
                                          .. Finnegans                signals; running,pattern recognition capacity of the eye the -
                                                                            "The visual through the^ auditory nerve stimulate                 Thought's &bstrr 6t angular patterns are encoded - by
                                              Wake                      lens and correlated brain function has been progressively        symbol. tterns which extend, may be and evoke a
                                                                                                                                       them as. sound, the human voicetranslate compared to a
                                                                         extended and of the brain: . .
                                                                      hearing centres amplified throug                                                    - e being experience. These symbols
                                                                                                            the simple-magnifying., radio transmitter in uenc able to translate sound into
   We      ve been rapt in the "artifice of eternity' by the             Tet1s to                                                      nic- ` micro e " s             ... . ~', f! q          y          l?. .
placin      of out own nervous system around the _entire _           ope 'and ipi, -through` the `(physical formulatldas of ari abstract" teleologic device` . camera lucida and obscure to the
          ~                             '                            photographic and                                                             are transmitted ty en            i fre uenc
    globe.                                                           televisision camera, arid towards- so histicated s        tern       «               -                    ~"         q     a    waves
The first satellite ended "Nature' in the old sense; "Nature"                                                    p                        ( atmospheric wave propagating ) modulated by
became the content of a manmade environment. From that                                                                                                                                      which
                                                                                                                                                                                            record, and
moment, all terrestfal - phenomena were to become                                                                                                                                           amplify
                                                                                                                                                                                            .visual and
increasingly programmed artifacts and every facet of human life                                                                                                                               angularly
now comes within the scope of the artisticogion."        Marshall   frequencies, `hear' in the radio frequencies,, acrd, may            4. Transaction                                      co-ordinated
McLuhan                                                             more delicately `feel' through electronic metering: than                                                                constraints (
                                                                                                                                                                                            "disci linin
        Humanity is taking off - from its flouder, snail, and       with his :ost snesitive skin areas.         Buckminster Fuller          "Society can only be understood through a P g of study
    crablike existence, only around the two dimensional bottom               patterns:af great magnitude.                                                   nerves") into preferred patterns of
                                                                     aural". . . The world can be thought of as a myriad of To_ '~ of muscles andand the communication facilities which
                                                                                                                                        the messages
    of the sky ocean world - into its self-interference free four          This development 'also encompasses 'the ways in                           It May Concern extends the
                                                                                                                                            Whom'articulation. Man messages." frequency  Norbert:
    dimensional occupancy of universe. Buckminster Fuller            which man has widened his `sensorial' monitoring to the           symbol
                                                                                                                                            Wiener                                                 quency
                                                                                                                                                                                         belong to it . .
                                                                                                                                    electro-magnetic spectrum through instrumentation. HeNorbert by -
                                                                                                                                       modulation capacityeof these transmitting channels
                                                                                                                                            Weiner "Culture may be defined as a distinctive pattern
                                                                                                                                    his communication-tool instruments-media.
                                                                     can now `see' into the infra-red, ultra-violet and x-ray               of
         Towards a General Theory of Communication                     These radient frequency waves emitted from the,                  living, hose shared components are 'attitudes, values, ,. .
                                                                       environment impinge-upon man's sense receptors, whose - goals, institutions, and modes of communication. These
   Within the general system's network of all                          angularly' co-ordinated channel constraints determine            'would also include the `style' of living as influenced by
   energy-experience universe, "communication" has been                which wave lengths; are directly apprehendable, e.g. as          those man-made environmental control elements and
   defined as "the sharing of conscious experience of energy".         described above, the sound-generated frequency wave in           products in common usage".                         John McHale
   The communication process is the moving of this
   energy-experience information from a sender to a receiver.          the biocular membrane is recorded by the bending and
   We have proposed that this process consists of four sets of                                                                              "The forum of public interaction, may be thought of
   events:                                                             twisting, pulling and- pushing - angular constraining of      . as a cultural marketplace where senders and receivers
       1) RECEPTION of energy message from -the universe.                                                                               the hair 'cells. This channel constraint limitation is
                                                                                                                                                     seek each other out. There must be an element
       2) CODIFICATION of these received messages -into                                                                                 of the unexpected in the messages delivered there, a bit
   patterns.                                                                                                                            of a"the true wealth of world
       3) TRANSMISSION of these codified pattern
                                                                       2. Codification
                                                                       relatively     overcome by- mans                                                                        or is time is wasted
                                                                                                                  sense extension . surprise, for most of the receiversmantheir mathematically
                                                                       instruments' which angularly modulatemessages, extracting inventoriable as' his physically organized ability to
                                                                           "... sensory relays recode sensory the previously
   messages by information-symbol-tools transmitted by
                                                                       non-sensorial relative entrophy from the highly redundant protect and satisfy his forward, inexorable; measured
                                                                     signals of high frequency bands into sensorially-tunable           , " The potential for surprise in messages, as metabolic
                                                                                                                        focusing        1)y intellectual regeneration needs, - technique,, may
                                                                       perceptivity limits e.g. microscope's angularly reduced but and various adaptations of Shannon's which is statable in
                                                                     sensory input - so that redundancy is
       4) TRANSACTION of these information-symbols by a
   society-culture acting on the energy environment.
                                                                                                                                        serve intuitively as an days, safely and . ."
                                                                     comparatively little informationwaves.... the sensory relays per capita forward index of cultural value . adequately
                                                                       lens modulates impinging light lost
                                                                     try to ensure that what they pass on really is NEWS : . ."         anticipated."                               Buckminster Meir
       Of course, this is a linear statement of what is in fact a
   continually regenerative feedback cycling of the reception,
                                                                                                                                              ``Information is a name for the content of what is
   transmission,           re-en-de-codification,         action                                           Sensory                      exchanged with the outer world as we adjust to it, and
   re-action-transmission of energy experience information                                                 Communication                make our own adjustment felt upon it ... to live
   messages. Consideration of the angle and frequency
                                                                                                                                        effectively is to live with adequate information."
   variables for each event elucidates this continual                      "Man's brain is a multi-frequency (four sensory ranges)                                                      Norbert Weiner
   energy-message - frequency modulation by angular -                 scanning (T.V.) integration, continually operating in
   constraints.                                                       co-ordination with 'a multitude of memory (kinescope                    The myriad of energy experience information s%
       Now, to further describe the events in the                     taped) T.V. scanners. The whole array of new and memory rnbols are encoded into communication network
   communication process by discovered relevant quotations,           T.V.'s is frequency monitored by an angulaf and frequency patterns of social transactions, by culture. Culture is
   and brief consideration of the angle, and frequency                modulated pattern commonality . scoring and frequency modulation. It is the tuning out of irrelevant
   variables in each event:                                           score-predicing conceptual co-ordination capability. The message symbols to a residue of tuned-in messages
                                                                      T.V. co ordi natiog conceptual capability includes a which are encoded into "the distinctive patterns of
                                                                      score-guessing and score guess testing faculty, as well as a living". These patterns are translated and transmitted by
                 The Communication Process                            strategic-tests-contriving-pattern consideration, all of "attitudes, values, . goals, institutions, modes of
                                                                      which conceptual patterning proclivities are self-started communication, and environmental controls" which,
   1. Reception                                                       and regenerated by synergetical intellection. Generalized with tools, angularly modulate the energy environment
       "Everything in nature has motion - not just casual             systematic conceptuality's omni-directional relationships in preferred patterns for metabolic and intellectual
   motion but motion that is rhythmic and unending,                   are only angularly configured and are indepedent of size or survival frequency desires and needs.
                                                                      dimension."                                Buckminster
                                                                      Fuller                                                                 Bush Video Tharunka XL-5, August6,~1973~, {age 7
                MESSAGE-MEDIA MATCH                                      TO recapture the lost information on the phases of                 "The situations that we call painful or unpleasant.
     We the wavefronts it is necessan'to add aYsecond uniform now come f o a more specific soft sell. In the last                       are those in which we cannot fit the input of
                                                                                                                                        nerve-impulses to our set of rules. In the terminology:
   section it. was indicated how man's naked               sense     optical field of coherent light sufficie~tly powerful to           of. these lectures they are the situations of doubting or
                                                                                                                                        uncertainty. Since there is no fit we seek to make one
                                                                                                                                        by every sort of expedient we can devise, if only by
   receptors 1receive radient ener wave frequencies only             make the amplitudes of the original and added fields               ascribing the disorder to some agent that we call the
   within a limited band of wavelengths, how the brain               everywhere positive....                                            "pain" within us ... in so far as we can visualize the
                                                                                                                                        process of fitting input to the rules it seems to involve
   decodes    nerve signals by          tuning its - frequency           To make a hologram, coherent light, such as that               some kind of serial matching, in which as much as
                                                                                                                                        possible is fitted and what is left over is then fed back
                                                                                                                                        through the machine again".                    J.       Z
   oscillations to leave residual pathways in the neural             emitted by a laser, is split into two beams: The signal
   network mosaic, how energy information messages are               beam is diffracted by the object of "which a hologram is              Recent probes into the brain's energy environment
                                                                                                                                        by molecular- biologists cave uncovered more specific
   produced, by modulation of the channel constraints' of            to be made so that an apparently haphazard pattern of              evidence of such several matching:
   the communication tools, and how a society-culture                wavefronts flows from the object to the film -plate in                 ". . . such wired in instinctive networks as the optic,
                                                                                                                                        motion and emotional centres of the brain are direct
   survives by adapting its pattern of living and information        which the hologram will be recorded. The reference                 products of the genetically coded-DNA-RNA--protein
                                                                                                                                        factory of the cell and its differentiated development. It
   conservation to the total energy environment. In all              beam is directed straight at the' hologram plate where it.         now seems equally obvious to many of the ,new
                                                                                                                                        biologists that, in more devious and elusive way.
   cases the most efficient           reception,   codification,     interferes with' the signal beam, the wavefronts of the            specific molecules shaped by the DNA-RND messages
                                                                                                                                        also act as the medium for :carrying on all the brain's
   transmission, and transaction of energy experience is             two beams either augmenting 'each other to leave 'a                functions of memory, learning and even thought,
   when the channel constraints are best adapted to the              bright spot on the, film or cancelling out to leave a dark         Lessing

   energy frequency messages:                                        spot: _ The resulting fine speckled pattern contains              The DNA-RNA communication process is the
                                                                                                                                   ultimate medium harmoniously tuned to message!
                                        of the angular channel _     information describing the wavefronts themselves,             Giant linear molecules of deoxyribonuclic acid (DNA)
                                                                                                                                   codify the total genetic information: governing the
     Could the harmonious tunin8                                     whereas ordinary photography can record only light            form and function of every living cell and organism in
                                                                                                                                   double standard helical ladders of four chemicals,
   constraints be so perfectly matched to the energy                              „ frequency' messages, that this energy-experience intensity.....
                                                                                                                                   adenine thymine, guanine and cytosine which are
                                                                                                                                   repeated in 64 different sequences along the molecule
_ information could be received, codified, transmitted                                   B. J. Thompson and G. B. Parrent, Jr.
                                                                                                                                   (now all identified - the genetic code has been
   and transacted indirect angle and frequency ' terms? We               Holography,-Science Journal, January 1967. In             cracked!). This information is transferred in short
                                                                         holography, information is received in direct             sequences, as needed, to strips of. ribonucbic acid
   would move closer to a generalized energy language and            frequency' and angle terms. Oninidirectionally                (RNA), which act as templates for              oulding-
   expanding Galilio's dream of the language of the universe.                                                                      the thousands of specific proteins making up particular
                                                                                                                                   cell or organism.
       This already happens. We receive and codify pure              waves of light frequency messages are frozen on the film
                                                                                                                                       The codification of genetic information along the
                                                         Xp          plate,by the angular interference patterns they make
                                                                                                                                   strands of the DNA molecule is the ultimate language!
   energy messages. We transmit and transact arbitrary               with the reference beam. `A hologram transmits direct         -" but at present nature's cipher which man is
   energy - Meaningless symbols. Just as we naturally (and                                                                         translating with the,aid, of information Theory:
   unconsciously) tune      the constraints of our sense             waves at angles:                                                          `,`Proteins have properties which make them especially
                                                                                                                                          attractive-,: -from the standpoint of information theory.
   receptors 'and neutral network to match the message                       "The fine structure of the hologram acts as a highly         molecule."`                              He 'an.R           -'I
                                                                                                                                          They are constructed -as a;pert, informationthey, consist of
                                                                                                                                          As we shall,see in the next message, since theory
   input,wavefronts , so should we tune our communication tools and     complicated diffraction grating and generates                     some definite arrangement of about 20 different amino
                                                                                                                                          considers the amount of.protein molecule . could be looked
                                                                                                                                          acid residues. Thus, the' information contained in a
   live our lives.angles .                                              which depart from the hologram at different                                  as message and the amino acid residues .
                                                                                                                                          messagethe a function of the frequency probability of
                                                                                                                                          upon as
                                                                                                                                          occurrence of symbols. -, the more probable the less
   Perhaps this idea is a corollary-of Buckminster                      These light energy wave messages are tuned by Fuller's            information. Here with proteins asdo not know if the letters
                                                                                                                                          as the alphabet. For example, we linear messages and
   conception of energy and 'synergy",-'. as energy                     frequency modulation: (or, more accurately phase                  of this alphabet (the amino acids) frequencies in words
                                                                                                                                          amino acids as symbols, the relative are arrangedof amino
                                                                                                                                                     acids and or-,, not, that is,' we know nothing
                                                                                                                                          within the message , -their inter-symbol influence will of
                                                                                                                                          determine the information content . of protein messages.:
                                                                                                                                          the reduntancy'characteristics-of the`~rotem,_
   'represents the behaviour of the separate arts of the                modulation).                                 ,` 1?
                                                                                                                                          Such considerations of DNA information codification of
   universe, synergy can be                                                  "Just as•an electric wave can be mod ted to serve as         relative -frequencies of amino acids seem similar to
     defined as: "the behaviour of whole systems unPredicted by the. separate behaviour in isolation, of their say), so
                                                                                 a carrier of information (about sound,                   Buckminster Fuller's theory of thought codifications:
     can the, interferometrically produced wave pattern be modulated
     component                                                                                                                            "Thinking is FM - frequency modulation - for it results
     parts..                                                            to serve as'a carrier of information about the ligh waves         in tuning out irrelevances as` a result:of definitive
                                                                                                                                          resolution of - the exclusively tuned-in or accepted
                                                                                                                                          feedback messages pattern differentiability."
     Itt ; .the same way as synergy produces unexpected                 that produced it."                                                     and
                                                                                                                                          "Intellections are- cumulative pattern apprehensions and
   energy advantages of strength . and                stability              Holography,, has many extraordinary message                  are syriergeticahly integrative as wisdom." seems to
                                                                                                                                          further indicate the: inherent relationship between
             ,:.                                            Y =         matchin medium                    - because eve       oint on     thought patterns and DNA patterns which he proposes
   harmonious _ tuning of channel constraints to message                         8             properties                 ry P            to be:
                                                                                                                                          'omnitetrahedronal-structuring , as a triple bonded linear
   requfrequency : f
   on the hologram,                 produced            unexpected resonance,              the hologram sends light to every point
                                                                                                                                          tetrahedronal array and the four unique quanta corners
                                                                                                                                          may explain DNA's dichotomy transferred T, A. G, C
   amplification, and harmony.
                                                                                                                                          patterning control of all biological species
                                                                        if the film is broken into' pieces each piece can,
                                                                                                                                          DNA's role as pattern maker for both living cells and
     Man naturally. tunes the constraints of his sense                                                                                    abstract conceptions empirically closes the gap between
                                                                        reconstitute e entire original, i          --its like DNA ,       -life and ;thought. Evolution as the rise of consciousness
                                                                        re production` which is is also like in its non-negative          can be understood as ' the progress of efficiency of
                                                                                                                                        " information codification of amino, acid sequences.
                                                                                                                                          Universe as the accumulated sum of man's consciously
   receptors:, to eneenergy frequency messages. For example- ' p 8Y ,                      rintin = if the hologram -is treated as a      apprehended experiences can be understood as the
   ne ative a                                                                                                                             interactions of specially coded RNA molecules in the
                                                                                                                                          nerve cells of the neural network.
   the ear differentiates between highand low. frea .uenc a
   holography which uses, the highly coherent light from                P -$                                     d          $
                                                                                                                                          DNA reproduction thought-processing is the ultimate
   of glass sounds by wavefronts of.,ripple '
                                     the. light coming from
   laser to diffract the matching 'wave-like". frequency a . yCodificatio to make a positive print on a second,piece
                                                                                 ' used                                                   message - harmoniously-tuned-to channel. - A perfect
   scene and records on light-sensitive film the light waves
   themselves to produce a three dimensional picture, seems nfilm thepostive with-again reconstruct the function scene,
                                                                          The tuning of the sense receptors is a original of the          synthesis of medium and message resulting in
   a perfect example of the channel constraints of a                 brain nerve cells - motor neurons which spark the                    unforeseen synergetical advantages of anti-entropy
                 "ahe basilan membrane to energy message
   induced in medium tuning to the its torsional :; ,
   recepting                                                         contraction of muscles, sensory nerves which receive and             information about energy order which is used to devise
   frequency:                                                        transmit light, heat, ,pressure and other sense impulses, and        new evolutionary adaptations to more efficiently
 "Light has a wavelike character, like an alternating electric interneurons, the most numerous, which interconnect the                    modulate the energy environment.
 current. To describe the light emanating from a source or more a `black/white reversalmake up the`-original ... as the
                                                                        not specialized types and because of the brain film               "Looking at the long course of evolution it seems that
 reflected from an object it is necessary to state both the sense receptors naturally modulate their                   channels to        by the process of variation and selection populations
                                    ? their phase. All interfering two sets of coherent Atinct ming
 constraints: of. the waves and record is e result ofoptical
 amplitude                                                                      accommodate                             he
                                                                                                     some -Point - in- energy n           have been produced that are able to support life under
                              the         process,. rocess,. he ear, must                                                                 continually more and more difficult conditions. There is
 detectors, such as the eye, photocells and photographic frequency messages, the brain must similarly-,operate by a'
 film, respond only to intensity, which is a long time process of "serial matching". From the last section, where
                                                                        waves to produce -a modulated interference pattern just           a certain parallel between this finding of new
   differentiate square hi                                                           .                                            ` the    requency and low frequency
 average of thebetween of thef amplitude. When squared., a the brain wac considered as a kind of internal map of een , gh-environments by evolution and by the formation of new
 negative amplitude yields the same intensity as a positive environment where external sensations produced mosaic                         associations in the brain. In the brain, by association and
   as two radio emissions can interfere to produce a sound, so that, the. proper :information                  passed
 amplitude of the same magnitude. Thus the information patterns of discharging nervemay be etc, we P along to that
                                                                                                        cells,          can infer         learning, things that were not previously significant for
 captured by the     brain,. This discrimination occurs when
                  e eye or a piece of                                the brain does function by some sort of nerve signal tuning          life are made to become so."
 photographic film is incomplete.
                                                                        modulated carrier wave whose"
                                                                     messages to the neural medium: ;information is not
                                                                                                                                                                                            J. Z. Young
 Bush Video~T£la                                                                                                                                                                                   5dy
                                               ` br~e, .one.of rd¢
   soon - ressure activates the bas hen m 10-73f P          ~i~                     Y cltangln$;the po~.mity-~ bepause #t is an                                                                    Lm
    The synergetic anticipatory capabilities of intellect (in             Information theory, is concerned with the` 'efficient . the environment - within their respective' laws of
respect to conceptual formulations of evolutionary                 encoding of messages, whether they are sequences of                      conservation.                                                '
transforming potentials of universe and the anticipatory                amino acids or dots and dashes of electric current. It                       Firstly,, of energy: As the great anti entropic, man
stratagems evolved by intellect to test such hypotheses)              seems to be sufficiently generalized to be able to include                reverses the         entropy-increasing          tendency of
imply the possibility of a velocity transcendence of                 all energy frequency messages.                                            thermodynamics by             the progressive' precessional
omniscient functioning over omnipotence functioning                     It considers messages to emanate from an."ergodic"                  conversion of energy into work:
which could mean an intellectually regenerated                     source which is analogous to the non-simultaneous "man is a "life long" visible patterning integrity
evolutionary extension of universe in generalized                   universe event patternings:                                              which both corporeally and extra corporeally
synergetical     integrity.      Intellect's    comprehensive            44 ... an ergodic source is a hypothetical machine                  redistributes and synergetically transforms in
anticipatory objectivities indicate a speed of functioning          which produces an infinite number of or ensemble of                      precessional patterns permitted in principle ... which
transcendental to physical events. Intellect may be                 he                                                                     ,.processes most often with subconsciously co-ordinate
                                                                   infinite sequences of characters."
"creating" finitely extending and re-fining universe as it
asks each next good question."            Buckminster Fuller.      It adopts Fourien analysis to define change        in      terms. of      reflex routines, but which he now at this unique threshold
                                                                                                                                                               moment in history consciously particpates in
    "Thought might artificially perfect the thinking               energy wave transformations:
                                                                                                                                                         to meagerly. successful degree whose directional
instrument itself; life might rebound forward under the            ". . . any variation of a quantity with time can be                                  resultants often are precessionally "impulsive" in
collective effect of its reflection."     Teilhard de Chardin      accurately represented as - the sum of a number of                                 principle as are the locally dancing water molecules
                                                                    sinusoidal variations of different amplitudes, phases, and
                                                                    frequencies: The ; quantity concerned might be the                       impulsively resultant in the abstract reality for instance
                                                                   displacement of a vibrating string, the height of a surface , of the swift porpoise gliding and some of which
     Are these examples of transmitting channel                         of a rough ocean, the temperature of an electric iron, of                  resultants in principle are known as the `realities' of
constraints tuned to frequency messages?                                  the current and :voltage in a telephone or telegraph wire                 energy which are identified . as a variety of unique
     "Resonance is that special case of forced vibration
                                                                       99                                                                   "energy , effects.
where the natural frequency of the system corresponds                                                                                        Some of which abstract principle "energy" behaviour
to the frequency of activation - the larnyx provides a                  Then it precisely defines the amount of information
                                                                   in any message, from random events to an energy wave,                     man precessionally converts into "work" which he
sound compounded of many frequencies of vibration.                                                                                           applies to the progressive conscious and subconscious
The head cavities resonate to some of these frequencies            as the logarithm of the number of possible messages or
                                                                   aplitudes, which is the number of YES/NO choices,                         participations of men in accelerating the local even
and not to others. By changing the shape and size of                                                                                         patternings of apparently ever totally -self-transforming
these cavities we change the resonant frequencies, and             which is the amount of information measured 'in "bits"
                                                                            How, then, is "information" defined? In .the                     patterns of evolution"                        Buckminster Fuller
the sounds that leave . our mouths have different                                                                                            Precession is defined as "pattern transformation at 90° to
proportions of the various harmonies. The quality of                  - mathematical theory a unique conception is
                                                                      formulated, somewhat distinct from that previously                     the lines ' of co-ordinated in-put action". . For example,
the vowels depends upon what harmonies are                                                                                                   surfboard riding. Just as a board riders movement
reinforced. "                                                         defined for our purposes.. Quantity of information is
                                                                      related not to what is being' said but to what could be                "slant-wise across the waves' abstractly "rolling" fronts at
                                 r                  G. A.                                                                                    such an angle that the rate of coasting inwardly towards
Miller "An Arab is anyone whose mother tongue tongue                  said. That is, information is a measure of the         , freedom

                                                                      of choice or source exercises in the' selection of a                   earth's centre is synchronizingly designed ' and
is Arabic," says Gamal Abdel Nasser. It is not only the                                                                                      co-ordinatingly governed . by . the "surf-boarders"
chief bond, but a chief source of trouble. Its whole                  message. More specifically, information is measured' by
                                                                      the logarithm (to the phase 2) of the number of                        angular learning to match the rates of
stress is on rhetoric and resonance, not meaning and                   unit of information is called a "bit" (condensation of - "outward' local motions of each of the individual water
content. How poetically an Arab speaks. is far more                   available choice. A
                                                                       "primary              digit"). A          two      choice situation is :           molecules in respect to earth" - so does
important than what he says. "In Arabic", assents one                  man's matching
specialist, "the medium squared is the message
                                                                    . manner, if one has available sayinformation: In like
                                                                       characterisezed by one "bit of 8 alternative messages                  of his evolutionary, adaptive environmental (angular).
                                                                                                                                              constraints to. the 'wave frequencies of the energy
                    Arabia Decepta: A People Self-Deluded                                                                                   environment enable him to ride the waves of evolution!
Time Essay, July 14,196'7 "The listener selects a station by       among which he is equally free to choose, thensince 8 =
                                                                   23 so that Ion 8 = 3, one notes that -this situation is                        Secondly, of information. As the great accumulation
tuning his receiver to the appropriate frequency. An electric                                                                                   of experience, man is on the threshold of accumulating
circuit consisting of a coil of wire and a condenser has a         characterized by 1bits of information."
                                                                                                                  DeFleur and Larsen.           all individual mens' experience in a total collective
natural frequency of its own, that is to say, it will carry +               The average number of these bits, per symbol or per              consciousness-by the progressive realization of himself
an , alternating current at one particular frequency much                   to
more readily then any other. A condenser is simply an
                                                                    second necessary to encode the message produced by the                   be evolution conscious of itself.
arrangement of metal plates. The tuning knob controls ' the
. plates in such a circuit, and , by moving it the `resonant'       source gives, the "entropy", (which we met in the last                      "Consciousness rises          . through living beings: that
frequency is changed." . Nigel Calder                               was
       Some of us naturally and harmoniously :frequency             section ,as measuring the disorder ' in matter). Here about all we were able to say. Butifrom the moment the
   modulate our messages by tha electrically. channel               entropy-;is a measured choice - the choice the source                    threshold. of . thought is crossed its progress becomes
   constr*hs: An of us _ can electrically. In the last section.     exercies in selecting the one particular message that is                 easier to unravel; for life has not,only reached the rung
   we saw hrvz the new electronic communication tools are                                                                                                                                          actually
   providing us with the medium for a new language of .
   energy experience. Our hypothesis of communication as                                                                                                                                           d, and
   the sharing of conscious experience of energy is                                                                                                                                                measuring
                                                                   formula: NO              are better able to . follow it, because we - recognise
   tentatively validated by electricity's integration of energy                                                                                                                                    the
   and information:                                                               W if the entropy of A source is less than 'fhe             ourselves in it."'                          Teilhard de Chardin
       "the very idea of communication as interplay is             channel      , capacity, messages from the source can be, We have previously seen how such hypotheses, of
                                                                                                                                                                                                   y of
                                                                      encoded so that they can be transmitted over the                       evolution-consciousness . ar.e being confirmed by                o
   inherent in the electrical, which combines energy , and ,                                                                                                                                       n which
   information in its intensive manifold - today it is the         channel. This is the basic concept of information theory                  scientific investigation, e.g. molecular biological evidence
   instant speed of electricity that, for the first time permits   originated by Claude E: Shannon: of neural -processing of information as a DNA-RNA                                              ourselves
   easy recognition of the patterns and the formal contours                 "Shannon calls this the :fundamental theorem of the              transfer. We are beginning , "to recognise ourselves", in
                                                                                                                                                                                                   stand,' but
   of change and development."Marshall McLuhan                     noiseless channel. He states it as follows: genetic code messages. Who' will we recognise in the                                begins to
       Thus, says: McLuhan, electric light is pure                          "Let a source have entrophy H (bits per second) and              "message(s) more clearly written" -along the overflowfrhelicalor~ d
                                                                                                                                                                                                       t#a be
                                                                                                                                                                                                       ~- free
                                                                                                                                                                                                       eely -
   information, the medium is the message..                        a channel have a capacity [to transmit] bits per second.                  strands of the DNA molecules; in. the nerve cells of our
                                                                                                                                                           `                        :.. " the aid -enies' 'of
       OK. We like transmitted media messages of pure              Then it is possible to encode the output of the source in                 nerual network!?
                                                                      such away as tojransmit at the average rate message.
                                                                    uncertainty that is„resolved on receipt of the (C/H) = E                 which it has been -cottflned>~Y clear written,inidwe
                                                                                                                                                  New expansions of consciousness are                         not
   energy information. But what is the language of                                  and information are identified by the same               physiology. The message , is more clear ly written, and we
   message-media inherent in the new electronic                    symbols per second over the channel, where E is                 pronouncements of mysticism:
   communication tool technology?                                  arbitrarily small. It is not possible to transmit at an ". .. one day man's brain may be provided with
       "- If TV were shut off that could end the war in            average rate greater than C/H."             extrasensory equipment, such as . a microwave receiver
   Vietnam - and at the same time set back the Civil Rights                 Let us restate this without mathematical niceties.               and transmitter devices, . to extend his range of
   movements?                                                      Any discreet channel that . we may specify, whether it communication and put him in direct connection with
       McLuhan: Oh, yes. But . there is an alternative: Put        transmits binary digits, ltters and numbers, or dots, his more and sophisticated information processing
   hundreds of extra lines of the TV image, step up its               dashes, and spaces of certain distinct length has some'                machines."                                      Lawrence Lessing
   visual intensity to a new hot level. This might serve to        particular unique channel capacity C. Any ergodic               But since hypotheses of "collectivity of
   reverse the whole effect of TV. It might make the TV            message has some particular :entropy H. If H is less than                 consciousnesses" are statements of the harmonious
   image ,„photographic, slick, like moves: hot and                or equal to C, we can transmit the messes generated by                    tuning of individual human'brain wave radiation to total
   detached. Bell Telephone are now operating with 8,000           the source over the channel. If H is greater than C we                    universe energy integrity, their pronouncements are
   line TV images, not 800, quite beyond the frdenlity of          had better not try to do so, because we just plain can't."                inherently poetic:
   any known photographic process."                                         It not this fitting' of the entropy to a unique channel          "We. are faced with a harmonized collectivity of
                                   Conversation with                  capacity the tuning of a frequency message' to channel                 consciousness         equiovalent         to      a     sort of
   McLuhan, Encounter June 1967 OK. Different amounts
                                                                   constraints? We have powerful formula for the design of                   super-consgousness. The idea is that of the earth is not'
   of information elicit different responses. How many
                                                                   efficient communication transactions:                 only becoming covered by myriads of grains of thought,
   "bits of information" to various reactions? How is this
   related to the channel capacity of the human eye as it                   Although communication engineers warn that their                 but becoming enclosed in a single thinking envelope so
   becomes another screen? The number of lines in a                theories are purely intended to assist the encoding of as to form functionally, no more than a single vast grain
   (horizontally scanned) picture determines the vertical             electrical signals, could we tentatively proceed further to            of thought on the siderial scale, the plurality of
   resolution only; horizontal definition is a function of         apply their formulae to, consideration of the whole of                    individual reflections grouping themselves together and
   how many transistors from black to white can be                    the         electromagnetic spectrum and man's energy " reinforcing one another in the act of a single unanimous
   accommodated in a single line, which is a function of                experience?                                                          reflection."                                Teilhard de Chardin
   how rapidly we are able to switch the picture tube                   Global, two-way transmission individually TRANSACTIONS                                                           computed-linked
   electron beam on/off which is a function of pandwidth                holographic TV will realise this
   of the entire system which is a function of the carrier                  "and the instrumented points to paradise show it to              potential - as almost did the Beatles "Our World" global
   modulating frequency.                                                                                 p         p                         TV transmission:
       By saying "the medium is the message" is a good                  be a comprehensively coordinate dynamically .                                                                      „
   comprehensive . aphorism and implies the harmonious                  equilibrious earnable vantage ever tuneably tunable                       Christ, when pressed for a           rule , said only ONE
   relationship between the transmitted signals and the                 amidst the reci rocable complexities ` of evolutionary,              word, a dynamic word, - LOVE. Today this may be
   channel capacity, but it,isn't a specific communication                                    p                       „                      scientifically defined as the non-retarded, RADIATION
   tool for the showing of energy experience.                           waMan, -frequency p harmoniously, patterning                 tunes growths . . . himself                               to             the
       Although McLuhan criticizes information theory as                                                   OF                   PURE         ENERGY, harmonically                              digestible and
   being too concerned with content and not form, it does               "evolutionary, wave-frequency , atternin rowgrowths" of                          scientifically utilizable by all (man) through the
                                                                        to be one of the-individual sequence integrities of
   elucidate content and also indicates ways of
   harmoniously relating them - tuning the messages to the              complex patterning consequences' of all the g he S himself is a
                                                                        the univtierse energy environment, because                                       and recompositional functioning of intellect."
   channel constraints - the mediumbecoming the message                 alternatively* permitted individual freedoms of equally
                                                                        miniature,                  universe.                                                                            Chains to the Fuller,
                                                                                                                                                                                        MICK GLASHEEN
   maybe.                                                               elective patternings of total universe:
                                                                        " . . each and every individual man appears possibly                                                        Nine Chains t the Moon.
                                                                        Thus man naturally and now consciously modulates
                                                                        harmonious transactions of energy and information
                                                                        with                                                              Bush Video iai= XL- ; Xu                         97 , age
                                                                                                                                        Modification to number one:
                                                                                        3,D*       T. V
 GENERAL                                                                                                                               One (a): Instead of one camera we
                                                                                  "'twos evening and warm fries belit
 'Nine Chains to the Moon', Buckminster Fuller, Southern Illinois            the starry cold pains' of yonder'"; (B.B.             need two cameras switching on and off
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  'No More Second Hand God', Buckminster Fuller.                                  Now that we've got the typewriter set            going through ONE videotape and being
  The Phenomenon of Man', Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Fontana,               up, what'll we write about Karl?                      played back through ONE monitor.
  1955.                                                                           Well, we can talk about hardware,                    Three: The ; right eye          receives
                                                                             software, or slushware.                               information obtained only by the right
 'Sound and Hearing', S.S. Stevens, F. Warshofsky, Life Science                   What about                                       hand camera and similarly vice versa but
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 January 1967:                                                               elaborate on the data from which we                   white threedimensional'vision.
  CODIFICATION                                                               decided °to choose. The term 'ware' -                     'What are you talking about, Karl?'
'Information Theory. and the Structure of Proteins', H. R. Branson.          where does the word `ware' originate                  'I'm talking about reality of conception
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Press 1953.                                                                       At a ridiculous guess, I'd say that it           perception.'
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    Sons Inc. 1961:                                                          burnished manganese hydroxide'?                       of good can come of it.'
                                                                                  It's -an old word, a really old word;         MAD JACK AND KARL WHEELBARROW
                                                                             that's it, I think.
    'Electricity Grows Up', Nigel Calder. Phoenix House Ltd.,                     Has it got anything to do with
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                                                                             approximation of a picture of what this
  TRANSACTION                                                                laity Given) person was getting at?
   'Understanding Media', Marshall McLuhan. Routledge and Kegan                "Yes and No,: by golly, (bet's have a '
   Paul, London, 1964.                                                     look at the, dictionary, again - getting a bit
   '2000+', John Mefale, Architectural Design, February 1967.              accurate here)-from no' point of view, it
                                                                           would imply that;the person was still in
   'A Communication Theory of Urban Growth', Richard L. Meir.              film because it rolls although I suppose
   'the Human Use of Human Beings', Norbert Wiener.                        videotape rolls as well. However, the
                                                                           person -.volunteering such a statement                           MEDIA - VIDEO POINT!
                    META VIDEO
   BIBLIOGRAPHY JacohBoehme `Aurora' 1956                                  either, implies that he understands the
' Bishop Berkley 'A New Theory .of Vision'                                 aspects that make a video, or that he
   Norman O. Brown'Loves Body' 1969                                        knows nothing about it whatsoever.                 ACCESS - "newsletter for individuals and organizations -,
. :G. Spencer Brown, 'Laws of Form' 1969                                          So, before making our .irrevocable               interested in or participating in Public Access.
   Naom Chomsky'Language and Mind' 1972                                      decision' upon which type of ware to         -        Television". Write to him for inquiries ... names D;
   R. BuckiosterFuller 'Intuition' 1P72. Carl                                                                                      Smith, Genus Project, c/o Tharbet, 56 West 75th St:,
   G. Jung'Psychology and Alchemy'                                           comment, do you or does anyone here think
                                                                             that the word 'weight' is worth commenting            1A N.Y.C., NY 10023.
   G, Evelyn Hutchinson The Ecological Theatre and the
   Evolutionary _Play' 1970                                                  upon, in any context including that of the       APRIL VIDEO • CO-OPERATIVE - "'produce a
   Claude levi-Strauss `The Raw and the Cooked' 1967                         elusiveness of the moment of -'supreme                publication called The Dumpling- Place which is a
                                                                                                                                   prhlt out of,information *vant to vido-pgople
                                                                             boreddm? Yes or No?                                   subscribe send i        rtngd6u. `€o P.O.       ;
  John C. Lilly, `Programming and Metaprogramrning in the Human
  Bio     puter- 1967                                                             Shit yeah!                                       Bearsville, N.Y. 1240.
  ,Davi Lindsay' voyage-to, ArcWrus'                                                                                               CABLE INFORMATIO14 -'newsletter for
                                                                                Thankeeall, and I've just been                     Churchmen, and
                                                                                                                                   educators, `          community leaders.      Yearly
  John McHale -'The Future of the Future' 1970                              informed-that slushware is bade because it
  Warren S. McCulloch `Embodiments of Mind'                                                                                        subscription $10, 475 Riverside Drive, 'RM.852,
                                                                            implies a sort of beauty in slush. We really           N.Y.C.10027. ' '
  Ralph Metzner 'Maps of Consciousness' 1970
  Marshall McLuhan 'Take Today: The Executive as Drop-out' 1971
                                                                            have to decide, brothers, you know,                    CATS VIDEO TRAINING MANUAL - basic
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  and Charge' 1970 Jerome Rothenberg (ed) 'Technicians of the               up on us in the form of the - second                   procedures, editing, fieldwork etc. Send 50p. 15 Prince
  Sacred' 1966                                                              dimension which is about to expire at the              of Wales Crescent, London, N.W. 1. (It's good stuff.)
                                                                            bottom of this sheet.                             GUERILLA' TELEVISION -- Michael Shamberg and
  Paul Ryan, 'Birth, Death and Cybernation: Cybernetics of the
  Sacred' 1972                                                                  Karl;     'The     lowest      common         Raindance. High information covering the evolution. of
  W. E. H. Stanner 'On Aboriginal Religion'.                                denominator of videotape is that                  alternate video, its hardware, groups and future. For
                                                                            anybody can muscle (wrought) their way            - information write Gordon & Breach - Suite 1'304, 440
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                                                                            muscles via an egoless state.' (Sony for          790. Madison Avenue, N.Y.C. 10021.
  Frances A. Yates 'The Art of Memory' 1967                                 editing that speech of yours, Karl, I'll          MAGNETOSCOPE, - news on hardware, production,
  Gene Youngblood 'Expanded Cinema' 1970
  George Zipf 'Human Behaviour and the Principle of Least Effort'
                                                                            restate ,you verbatum:) Ego out onto the          cable $7 yearly subscription. Video White Light, P.O. Box
  1935                                                                      tape. Yeah I think that's fair enough.            298, Planetarium Station, N.Y. N.Y. 10024. MEATBALL -
        Sitting here in NY watching the paranoid workings                       Wrighteau, beauty; okay, terrific -           Dutch/English international video newsletter,
   of politics unfolding thru video energy a fantasy of the                 so that: (what d'you reckon, mate?) .             approximately 80c. per issue. Hartogstr Sa, den haag,
   future emerges.                                                              'So that the further interests of             Holland"
        The Nixon tapes suggest the possibilities: what iff y               video show themselves through being                    METROMEDIA - Print-out is a monthly newsletter of
   instead of audio tapes, Nixon had made videotapes of                     shown.' Righteau, now we're serious:                   the Metro Media Association of Greater Vancouver:
   everything that happened in the White House. Instead of                    Go on.
   all- the confusing verbal evidence at present fascinating                                                                      Print-Out, c/o 1688 West 4th Ave., Vancouver, B.C.,
   200 million viewers, we'd be able to see the real thing. But                 Mate, why don't we just talk about                Canada.
   everyone's worried: the tapes could be edited. An                        three dimensional video for a while,                  RADICAL SOFTWARE - High information
   alternative emerges :'.                                                  hey. Eh?                                              magazine covering the spectrum of alternate, vido
        Let's wire all government buildings for video. Live ,
                                                                              '.Three        dimensional                          and interrelated technologies - subscription queries -
   video. Thousands of vameras in every office. Transmitted
                                                                              video.' 'Right-ho." Where                           Gordon & Breach Science Publishers, Suite 1304,
   by laser or cable to every home. At any time anyone can
                                                                              are       we?'      'Three                          440 Park Avenue, South, N.Y.C. N.Y. 10016.
                                                                              dimensional video.'                                 U.K. VIDEO INDEX - Centre for Advanced
   tune in to any government office and see what's going on.
                                                                                `Okay.' 'hang on what do you                      Television Studies 1973. Arts, community,
   Real open government. We can see what our paid                           reckon.'
   representatives are doing. If they fuck up we hope on the                                                                      educational video, directory of users, hardware,
                                                                                'The way of three dimensional                     software. 15 Prince of Wales Crescent, London,
   videophone and complain. If they don't pull their weight                 video is as follows: one, two cross
   we fire them. People's government.                                                                                             N.W. 1.
                                                                            polarised Kerr Cells mounted in front             URBAN TELECOMMUNICATIONS FORUM - 12
        It makes a change from' the current video use.                      of the videcon tube.
   Cameras checking whether. we're shoplifting. Cameras                                                                       issues for $17 - 276 Riverside Drive, N.Y.C. 10025.
                                                                              `Yeah, go on.'
   checking whether we're working in our factory or not.                                                                      VIDEO IN COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT -
   Cameras checking how we're driving down the streets.
                                                                                                                              Hopkins, Evens, Kirk & Herman (Cats.) 1972. $4
                                                                                'Switching from one to the other              approximate - definite work - basis for decision making
   We've, accepted these spying devices. Why be so hung                     alternately, triggered by the synch.              in setting up and operating projects. 15 Prince of Wales
   up on secrecy? But let's make the process two-way.                       pulses      thus      generating      25          Crescent, London, N.W.I.
   Let's watch our representatives and stop them.                           dextro-oriented     polarised    images               VIDEO-- EXCHANGE DIRECTORY - directory of
   becoming our masters.                                                    interspersed with 25 lava-oriented                    facilitate tape exchange as a means of communication,
        Video can expand our vision. It can take us places we               images/second.                                        and to encourage the use of video as
   can't go. It can keep us informed. Rather than being a                       Two: When played back, onto a                     a parallel-information medium. 4454 West 2nd
   weapon to oppress us it can be a tool to liberate us.                    monitor with a similar arrangement of                 Vancouver 8, B.V. Canada.
        Make way for television democracy.                                  Kerr-Cells in front of the screen with                VIDEOTOOLS - Big equipment catalogue with
                                    Albie Thoms, NY, July 73                the observer wearing glasses which are                helpful hints on production and editing. C.T.L.
                                                                            livoand     dextro-oriented    'polaroid              Electronics, 86 West Broadway, N.Y.C. 10007.
                                                                            lenses, both. the left eye and the right
                                            A10ustr7, 1973, Page A 10       eye receive 25 images (independent)
                                                                            per second.
                                                                                                          77 777~7777
    a   FROM VIDEO                    AND LINE PLAYBACK
                                                                                                    MIX ©N
                                                                        FEE                       VIDEOTAPE
              SHOOT SNAKE                                               D
              ON PORTAPAK                                               INT

                                                 We pass from the immediate present world into time machine parameters. First% stage is
                                           the image access modem where' visual records;af present; past and' past present future lie
                                           imprinted and codified etsctromwetically., "there "keys punched will trigger a -scan of the total
                            JOHN KI        rec4&tetrieving dustars,lf 4Mage values- and forms
                                            according to the binary coding co-ordinates. We have` us                   -numerals from the
                                            random number generator in the last co-ordinate places. f1, random spread of image values
                                            will result. We take three cassettes and walk to the„ control --room. Sf cassettes into three
                                            machines and Watch the countdown on three screens climb into position at the mixer and
                                            those screens erupt with imagery and now test the slide
                                            The large monitor: on the right shows the mixer output and with the punch of a.. button it cuts
                                            from images, of jungle, exploration to scenes of the last Moon; Mission. Move die' sliders
                                            and",there is a gentja ntix of a huge tapestrey reptile coiling its rings around the last rocket stage;
                                            getting ever smaller as it disaappears earth pointwardsPunch in machine three, cut from reptile to
                                            viruses drifting toward human cell walls, the dead shell of the rocket disappears into the point and
                                            flame erupts through the whole of space enveloping the virus, penetrating cell walls. Its hot. Grab
                                            that knob and ease it round - the flames cool to mauve then_ green. The electron microscope-
                                            jurnps in' several magnifications superimposing virus structure over the,command moduel
                                            in,complex metamorphasis of similar forms. Sucking` this thin cold into its belly it drags the
                                            astronaught to its side. He grapples through                                                          ,
                                            the port in the virus wall a -switch flash and he floats through huge gaps between intersecting vines.
                                            Sunlight filters downwards past huge parrots as the spaceman -increases in size till the whole forest
                                            fills the envelope of his skin.
                                            The forest fades. Birds are replaced by buttons-vines become oxygen lines. As screen
                                            flashes within the screen and we are in video contact with earth.

                                                                        C2 CINE


                                                                                         9411 Vide'o'fha                  ,"              AVE
                                                                                                                                           Alaska Education Broadcasting
                                                                                                                                           Commission. This demonstration IS being
                                                                                        communication, stimulate cultural                  carried out by the University of Alaska's
                                                                                         development and encourage interval and            Division of Media Services utilizing the
                              so 0            INTERNATIONAL LAW                          inter-community involvement.. The               small- village of Anatuvuk Pass as the test
                                                                                         mini-TV stations have the "advantages of          site.
                                        Every Island, no matter how small, has its        low cost and simplicity. Also by virtue of           It is proposed that a similar
                                        belt of territorial seas; but extending         remoteness and lower power these stations          demonstration unit be set up in the
                                        beyond the three mile limit by                        would be free of the complexities            Canadian North. The facilities of the
                                        "perscription" is, yours if you use it,             of channel allotment and interference.          Mackenzie Institute in Inuvik are
                                        occupation is the most satisfactory claims'     The mini-TV units are made up' of a                 available to this demonstration.'Since
                                        to the sea-bed. Military and civil use of       standard boradcasting unit costing $2,000           the Macken2ie Institute has a complete
                                        the sea-bed is the same as freedom of the        with an input from a video player, camera-         _Sony production studio, there is a .
                                                                                                                                             %" TV
                                        seas.                                            and microphone, or microwave relay.
                                                                                         close                                            associa*bn with the Inuvik CBC station,
                                                                                         Back up equipment of the Sony 'h" format         and as most Inuvik residents have TV
                                        BROADCASTING AND TELEVISION                      would include a camera, video-recorder, -        receivers, the mechanics of operating a
                                        ACT. Board
                                           The                                           and miscellaneous gear                           demonstration are simple and relatively
                                           Controls: put in, in equipment or
                                           What you                                       costing around $2;500. The system has           inexpensive.
                                           system. Who operates the stuff, as             effective FM radio broadcast which can be              The Mackenzie Institute has been
                                           regards staff. Where you put it, the           used independently. with a bonus of the.,          operating in Inuvik since 1967 along the
                                           What imput of power.
                                           location.                                      video picture. Allowing $500 for instllation       lines of a community college and had
                                        'What operating frequency or bands.               and training the total package                     been active in educational television since
                                          What hours you broadcast, times.              amounts to $5,000 per unit.                          1969. -
                                          How much Aussie content.                      Probably the mini-TV stations would be                   The minimum cost of a mini-TV
                                                                                        operated by volunteer legal groups to                demonstration . would be $2,5000 to
                                         A person why not, on a ship outside            optimize community - involvement.                    cover the .cost of purchasing a 10-watt
                                         Australia, but in water adjacent to            Effective communication would be                     TV/FM broadcast unit plus $500 for
                                         Australia:                                    encouraged ahead of demands for fixed                 travel, supplies, videotapes and the
                                         Establish, maintain or use any station or    broadcast hours or quality of technical                production of a report. If additional
                                         appliance for transmitting broadcast         presentation. The mini-TV stations could               funds are available it is suggested that a
                                         programmes by means of wireless              operate independently or be part of. a                 local student or group of students be
                                         telegraphy.                                  mini-TV network. The format of the                     hired through the coming summer to
                                         Penality $1,000 or a term not exceeding      Alberta Native Communications Society
                                         five years.                                                                                         staff the mini-TV demonstration. A
                                                                                      is suggested as this group' operates

                            W                      Proposal for Mini-TV
                                                   Broadcasting Station for
                                                     Remote Settlements
                                                                                      independently but has representation
                                                                                      from all social and ethnic groups. With a
                                                                                      mini-TV network programs              can ,
                                                                                      be bicycled and repairs facilitated by the
                                                                                                                                             further $1,000-$2,000 would be required
                                                                                                                                             for this aspect.
                                                                                                                                             Richard M. Hill For, information on how
                                                                                                                                             the programme is progressing write to:
                                           Small self-cofttained TV broadcasting      direct exchange of faulty components.                  Brian Thompson, Indian Brotherhood of
                                         stations are proposed for installation in       A demonstration Mini-TV unit is now                 the Northwest Territories, P.O. Box 338,
                                         northern communities to facilities              underway under the authority of the                 Yellowknife, N.W.T.
                              a 11
                             4J_J W.,
Bush Video Tharunka 12CL-5, August 7, 1973, Page.
                                                Development' (copy enclosed) we
                                                a .possible model for allowing community
                                                access to programming for cable systems,
                                                for your perusal.

LEGAL MODEL FOR GUARANTEED Licensing of Programme Originating"
                                                       "A license be granted to two
          CENTRE FOR ADVANCED                       programme originating 6odies using the
           TELEVISION STUDIES                                                                          It will also appoint staff to service
                                                    same carrier these being the community
                                                    access umbrella organisation and the            production and administrative groups who
    We would like, to submit the following          cable company each of these being      under its control.
    suggestions and recommendations for the         separately responsible to the' Minister for
    consideration of the Minister of Posts and                                                      Servicing Officers                              Editorial Control
                                                    their programming.
    Telecommunications relevant to                                                                   A number of paidofficers of the                    Member groups which, from time to
    programming origination for transmission        A Community .         Access     Umbrella         organisation will be appointed to             time particpate in programme production
    over cable systems.                             Organisation                                      administer programming services under         shall be_reponsible for editorial control
    Given the stipulation by the Minister that          This organisation should be in the            the following categories:                     of, their : production except where such
"programming must be all of a kind specially        form     of   an    association    or    a        1; General administration and secretarial 2   production is considered libellous or
designed to appeal to the local community of        non-profit-making trust or foundation             Accounting                                    obscene.
the areas served" and that production               whose objects are solely the production of        3. Research
equipment now exists and is being used by           programming - as a service for the                                                            Access
community groups in North America to                community and in part to provide this             4. Community           Communications
                                                                                                                                                 Access to production facilities_ and
originate their own . programme material for        programming for cable transmission. It                facilitation '
                                                                                                                                                 transmission time shall be open to any,
cable transmission, we suggest that:--              will establish a production group and               5. Production assistance
    1. Community groups already existing in         provide production equipment and make                                                        group, without prejudice, either, on a first
    this . country using videotape equipment to     sure it is made available, without                  6. Technical services assistance         come first served basis or a time-sharing
    originate programming for internal              prejudice, to all members of the                                                             basis, to be decided by the policy-making
                                                                                                         Production Facility and Technical
    purposes could now , provide programming        community who-wish to use it.                       and will work with community groups in body on the basis of availability.
    for cable transmission.                                                                              Standards -
                                                                                                        assisting their production.                Finance
    2. That in principle these groups should be      Structure                                         Community access to a scheme on a
    able to . make such programming without                                                                                                           Participation of these groups within, the
                                                     The organisation will be open to                  broadly representative basis necessitates association in programme production
    external editorial control' except for normal                                                      the use of highly portable and easily
                                                     membership by any individual or                                                             should not be precluded by lack of
    legal constraints and that they should have                                                        operable videotape recording (VTR)        sufficient funding. The funding could
    free access to local cable systems.              constituted group within the community
                                                     (and could include the cable operator) to         equipment, so both W' and ' / a " V T R   come from a number. of, sources, e.g.:
    3. That community groups without access                                                            equipment shall be used for origination.
    to production facilities should be given         participate in furthering its objectives and                                                  1. Grants from Charitable Trusts
                                                     would be completely non-exclusive within          For final editing this material will be        2.     Grants      from      Community
    access to such as is necessary for the                                                             transferred to 1" VTR allowing editing
    origination of programming for cable             these terms.                                                                                     agencies, including local government
                                                     Representatives of each constituted group         and a final transmission signal of             and national government agencies -.
                                                     will constitute the policy-making body of         adequate quality- (this method has been     3. A percentile portion of subscriber
      Further to these, and the list of factors
                                                     the organisation and will be responsible          fully explored and found adequate in        license fees (as in Canadian example) 4.
      forwarded from the conference on
                                                     for assuring respresentivity, for finance,        'similar schemes in Canada). Purchase       Grants from educational institutions 5.
      `Communications and Community
                                                     and legal liability for programme content.        and/or access of both these facilities      Charitable donations.
                                                                                                       shall be ensured.

                                                                                                                                          Bush Video Tharunka XL-13:; August , 7 .1973y Page
  Hugh - Guthrie, P.M.G. We'd like to talk
  communications and to use video in a worthwhile
  manner. This is one of the best uses that you can put
  video to, it is saving the transportation and is
  non-pollutant. If we had to fly to Sydney we would
  have used 3000 gallons of kerosene. - These are the sorts
  of things that we would like to look at in talking about -

     communications .
     We'd like to use communications for the benefit of
  community. That may, sound grand from an
  Organisationas well as getting a return for our money
  like us - but
     we want to provide the community with a tool.
  Dr- Albert Seyer, P.M.G. We hear all the time what
  technology can- be doing and I think we can be sure
     technology can do what ever we want. What we want
     to do is find out what the community wants then
     change the technology to fit that and this is where we
  getting enough feedback. So one of the purposes of
     are not
  exercise is to find out what you people want as
   representative of the community - over to you
            Kirk, B u s ' flexible. r y e y o u need is a
     John is accessiblehandVideo - What , read about some
     facility. in New York who have an O.B. v a n and
      they pull u p along , side some telephone wires and
      plug in.                                               Michael, B.V. But it is also a fact that when this sort of       -        Neil Edwards, P.M.G. Are we going into
    active o rP.M.G. When y o u. say plug in d o you mean
      Albert, a passive sense.
    John Kirk, B:W. I mean going out into a community
      in an                                                  something
    and                                                     thing happens a kind of world culture perception that              which may snowball into something we don't expect. -
    reacting with a portapahn and plugging into a cable      naturally of their own CUIture. in underdeveloped
                                                             countries generates an awareness there are examples of           Howthese things. we be when we make decisions to
                                                                                                                              into careful must
     system for wide distribution of that information. .     gohow both have worked together. Also the traditional              Hugh, P.M.G. I think you have it all mixed up. The
                                                                                      .P                                                     is on line between the futuren is an
                                                                                                                                             rejecting it - what we is oneothatg now
                                                                                       kind                                                  past.        generator are d i and the
                                                                                        'sized There - Thats off
                                                                                        Albert, P.M.G-is a balance line                       I'm system my I see that is
                                                                                                                              interaction -- extension of thatnervous beenare-em
                                                                                                                              of communicationnot
                                                                                                                                              ,             culture has:
    interaction I think we a       too ihibid b y , G                                                                                             .renteofM . . what s e J othe l y in
                                                                                                                                                      - P . there            rn
                                                                                                                                                                         S uh e
                                                                                                                                                  mostpersononecthat satisfies only
                                                                                                                                                  onesystem at a a s .
       technology' can do now so that we don't think of what traditional cultures that you're talking about are not
    Mfck GJasheen'BV - On th lg sal                      leo
                                                                                                                                  J o h n K i r k : "Mach's of an interesting idea i n
       his.head - we would like it to d o .                                                                                  we'dik to             Albert P.M.G. - one is person toare
                                                                                                                                                   sorts of needs I was wondering
                                                                     being stimulated but are being killed off. ,--earecenot probably twa univeral image bank - think there if
                                                                                                                    you are becoming p is -
      have instant two-way communication betweemany t     .woean dendtnhahlgy wt t                              mo person
        communications Why haven'totlbl TVw                           d p         oecnooase pe
    people TV is world that is that g ultimategoa.. no.iscovering namely communities elsewhere and I don't
_ rr than in the still . a mediumthe werdiatet video
    Albert                                      fm                              instant communication over ' the        world
   source n
    . ouro                                                       ke w
                                                             anowcommon often look too far afield rathe
   .ur own grass roots. theanger of us Mict We want omnidirectional interaction to see if
      -                                     looking at o                                                dil
                                                                                  re is a d
                                                              , spersing ourseves Whe          you talk to ei
  irrespective of space - a time get- together. Monitors of their throat cut in Timbuktu they know it all over the
                                                                                          n                   d .er people they
 people all around the world talking to "each'other ,
   communication is         possible between human beings             world five minutes later.
                                                                   ' are really worried about the fact that if someone gets
 Albert. There are 3000 million individuals in the world: John Kirk, The governing parameters of the information
 What is the reality of that kind of hook-up?                      network that boardcasts news all over the world via
                                                                 satelite aren't geared towards the interest of
                                                                 What does it, matter if a gay gets           , threat put-in,
                                                                 ` Timbuktu to somebody in the street lieje.' - I mean it
                                                                 might,, matter and it might not. The only way to affect          communication and group to group, and the other
                                                                 - the who are receiving the information to have have
                                                                people control of what goes through the media is some             ,access to general information when you need it.
                                                                sort of selection so that they can scan what's coming in
                                                                 the                                                              And its a matter of having a flexible- enough
                                                              and work out what is relevant. to thent'and what's not.             system to cope with that.
                                                                                                                                  Albert: You're approaching here an area which
                                                              - -:Withbroadcast T.V. you don't get that choice.                   needs to be' recognized. The more information is
                                                                     The way to get around this is to get back into               stored the more complete it becomes . to retrieve
                                                                     your own community and start finding out wants               it. The problem arises out of the, fact that. there
                                                                     going on there and then build your perceptions               are more and more people generating more and
                                                                     outward. - That's the way. I feel about it.                  more information.
                                                              Bill Lavery, P.M.G. Do we need video. Why not just                  Michael. At the same time there is an explosion of
                                                                 America or video between to put telephone in
                                                              Audio? , Is it more important U.S.A. and Australia.                 facts there is an implosion of the principles that are
                                                              South Kirk. When you look at the whole information
                                                                 John                                                             holding these `facts together` that's pretty evident in
                                                                 problem its not just one type of information but a lot           the evaluation of science. If you could _just put that
                                                                 of different types and there is a use for . transmitting         sort of , information into the computor that is
                                                                 fascimiles and there is a use for transmitting just              integrating the data.
 John'Kirk. I think its fairly simple the more people straight visual information that we are seeing now not                      Albert. The sheer.fact that you are' sitting here to
 you want. to reach the more energy you need to get necessarily in the form of talking heads but maybe                            me is an extremely interesting factor until a few
 that information across. On a point by point basis people performing real time skills that they want to                          days ago I didn't know of your existence. And at
 you need a high frequency grid with points on a grid transmit to another point; so that people can learn.
 and a system. whereby each of those points are Its a matter of working out what sort of information                              the same time we are trying to think the same
 accessible. So that the social reality is that people can you want to put across:                                                problems out.
 get in touch with the                                                                                                            John Kirk. I think the way the video groups
                                                                 Bill, P.M.G. I think also putting priorities on what
next group of people.                                                                                                             operate internationally is interesting because in
                                                                 sort of information you want to convey.
John Craich, P.M.G. Similar to the subscriber                    John Kirk: I think the educational T.V. system in                one respect they are tuned in very closely to
telephone network. interest comes into the whole
  Albeit.- Community community with these you could                                                                               what's going on working with people-in both
  tribethatvillage around you normal sensory functions Brazil is a pretty interesting, one. It is a satelite link.
  thing.or Historically your and of interest was the
  communicate through community of interests is                                                                                   working video processes and just straight
  is it wide not necessarily on developed into a but
              community the
  really attitude were interests a geographic basis
  mentalintellectual basis.
  on an                                                          They take central programmes and broadcast them
  John Kirk. People in Malaysia or Indonesia are in a            to the whole country. Its not an interactive network             documentation. And a lot of: these people travel
  very different position to what we are in.                     but a central point radiating.                                   and when they do they take tape and there is quite
  Neil Edwards, P.M.G. The other day we went to                                                                                   a bit of cross-fertilization in the type of software
  Maquarie University to talk to a guy who is an ex                                                                               and also in video concepts of how this tool can
  journalist and he was saying that the                                                                                           service a new communications system.
  underdeveloped countries and the Iron Curtain                                                                                   _Joseph, B.V. I think we .have reached that
  countries are scared stiff of the kind of thin g                                                                                evolutionary point where we have to make really
  you're talking about. They are scared of being                                                                                  inspired       and       expansive       communications
  swamped by western cultural, values and                                                                                         experiments with wide cross-sections of people
  technocratic values - the upwards and onwards                                                                                   who aren't familiar with high technology so that
  technocratic' values of this kind of medium.                                                                                    there people be given a chance to contribute to
  What do we do about them. Do we have to                                                                                         the creation' of a 'high information environment.
  therefore say. Well this part of the world can' have                                                                            So on the practical level I'd like to suggest a series
  this medium because they want it whatever that                                                                                  of projects which we could possibly co-operate in.
  means and another part of the world doesn't. Well                                                                               There are a few just off the top of my head.
  that really could be a hang-up. We speak about                                                                                  First a link-up between tribal and culturally
  global village and things' like that but are we going                                                                           Aboriginal people in the centre and the north of
  to be screwing up the villages that are really                                                                                  Australia with de-authorised Aboriginals in the
  villages.                                                                                                                       cities and towns of the East. Secondly, a two way
                                                                                                                                  cable system in the village co-operative in Nimbin
                                                                                                                                  which is trying to integrate the best of the craft
                                                                                                                                  orientated technologies with newer technologies.
                                                                                                                                  A third area would be in a high density city
                                                                                                                                  situation possibly in a housing development
                                                                                                                                  situation as~there are a lot of video groups
         Bus&,V 4 -VikitnkaAK A Ai st41I +J age 4 *:&                                                                             interested in working with these people.
                                                                  collective awareness of issues affecting their everyday      identities and life styles.
V I D E O - A G E N T F O R C H A N G E                           lives. It proved that what one person has to say does
                                                                  mean something to someone else besides himself.                     With the permission of local council authorities other
  It i s becoming increasingly evident that we are in the
                                                                  Furthermore, it helped to demonstrate that community           interaction generating facilities were introduced into the
  midst of a tremendous societal transformation. The rapid
                                                                  video can exert a type of dynamism which serves to             neighboariiood by the people themselves = community
  change in social values has found collective expression in
                                                                  accelerate perception and understanding. And, therefore,       fairs were staged in close off streets, adventure
  a whole diversity of alternative life styles springing up in
                                                                  accelerate action.                                             playgrounds for children built on open blocks.'
  the .urban setting. More generally, it has brought about a
                                                                                                                                      The presence of all these additional resources has
  widespread concern over the fact that the institutions           In the Australian urban setting community video exists        contributed in a major way towards the rejuvenation and
  servicing the needs of the majority of the population -          only in its very formative stages. It is only quite recently revitalization of an arei where formerly interracial conflict
  education, welfare, health, employment etc. are                  that individual' operators / challenge for change teams- and hostility was high. Sigftiflcantly, crime rates have
  becoming increasingly more complex, centralized,                 have started to plug into particular issues around which      dropped to their lowest point in a decade.
  bureaucratized.                                                  community sentiment has coalesced. '                               The introduction of public access TV in Australia
    Finding themselves in a state of complete powerlessness        Currently, receiving the most attention is (1) . Victoria     obviously depends a lot on government recognition of its
in the face of what is _perceived to be both remote and            Street, Darlinghurst - the, focus of a three pronged          potential benefits to user-groups. Initially what makes this
coercive, people are beginning to insist on the need of being      confrontation between the local resident action group,        transition a difficult one is that people have thoroughly
able to participate in the shaping of their own environment.       developer and council, and (2) the Redfem aboriginal          internalized the conception of television as a one-way
Which means among other things, directing and                      housing project = the subject of antagonism directed          medium. We have become passive consumers of
manipulating the tools of modern communication necessary           against it by the local white working class community.        information.
to gain and exercise that participation. Video, as yet only a
                                                                   As each video project is only in its initial stages, it is as      At this. stage, a lot depends on individual operators
recent innovation in communications technology, has come
                                                                   yet too early, to: assess its impact on the community. It is and challenge for change teams. One lesson that has been
to be -recognized as a powerful tool wfiich can give people
access to means of generating, receiving and exchanging            quite possible however, that at least with Victoria Street, learnt from the Canadian experience is that once people
                                                                   the video people operating in the area acted too late -       have been exposed to participatory television, they will
ideas and information, thus facilitating responsible decision
                                                                   opposing attitudes have already become firmly                 quickly acknowledge its benefits - -particularly its.
                                                                   entrenched. The obvious lesson to be learnt here is that potential for facilitating collective action, and then begin
                                                                                                                                 to demand it.
making.                                                            Challenge for Change groups should monitor needs and
                                                                   preferences of effected groups before redevelopment -           Education of potential user-groups
                                                                   plans have been drawn up. In this way not only does                The logical place where education in the technique and
                                                                   community video become an indispensable , tool for use of VTR can begin is the . school.
                                                                   urban planners, but it also provides a means by which              John Burke (Melbourne Learning Exchange) describes
                                                                   people can begin to participate in shaping their own his involvement with some of the early activities of the
                                                                   environments.                                                 Media Access Centre of Portola Institute - one of which
                                                                   Cable television - by the people and for the people           focused on an experiment with video equipment at a
                                                                       A revolution in communication media is gradually          school, open day. '
                                                                  looming - soon people will be able to plug into' cable         "Te open day made the first characteristic very clear. We
                                                                  video at the switch of a dial and watch events taking          were invited to take equipment to the school, which was a
                                                                  place within their own neighbourhoods and                      junior high school. We took two sets of Sony 'k". One was
Challenge for Change                                              communities in the comfort of their own homes. -               used in a classroom for recording and instant play back.
                                                                  America has been the first country to make provision           The other went on- tours of the school. both cameras were
          The potential of video as a vehicle for change can      far Public Access television - i.e. that set aside for direct  operated by students after a brief introduction to
    best be illustrated by reference to the Canadian              use by the public. A small but steadily growing number         techniques. No very tangible products came out of the
    government-sponsored "Challenge for Change"                   of urban centres and small towns right across the              classroom; though students found the medium exciting -
    programme -= the first -ever application of UTR to            nation have already been wired-up with cable systems.          mostly, it was a first experience of being 'on-camera' - but
    community organization.                                            Cable time is made available to groups or                 the possibilities
Back i n, the late 60's, one of the teams original. .projects     individuals on a first come first served basis. No
consisted of working with the `Comite des Citoyens de                                                                             for student workshops were clear. The camera which
                                                                  control is placed over programme_ content.                      toured the grounds' produced some interesting student'
Saint, Jacques,' a dynamic citizens organization operating. in    Subscribers, who pay, as little
one of the poorer areas of Montreal. At the. initial              as six dollars -a month for a linkup to this service, can       observations on the school. After reporting on the
foundation meeting of the organization, the citizens voted        watch.people at their places of work; in neighbourhood          activities of the open day, igtarviewing teachers and
that the most critical problem facing their community = and       stores, restaurants and parks, at public meetings, sports
one which deserved immediate attention - was it s record o€       carnivals etc.
bad                                                               This is what .started to happen during the Nimbin'
                                                                  cum-together in May -- although, on a modified and
health.                                                           smaller scale. I remember some of the locals blowing their
    t o~ } R stated , tobtdome obvious; -that the lobbying of
                                                                  minds over some of the festival programme material
    pr viricial         and civic -- authorities was provfng      beamed through the cable - they would stand for hours
    ineffectual, the organization decided to take . the           gazing into monitors set in stvategic locations` along the
    problem" i nt o its ow n hands. An apartment was              main'- street. ` Nimbin townspeople and festival-goers
    rented in the area and subsequently renovated. Medical        saw the first experiment in public access cable video in
    and dental workers who showed interest in the idea of         Australia. -
    a citizen run community clinic were recruited. Soon the       A ' comparison with the way in which' community events
    clinic was operating 5 nights a week.                         are perceived and communicated over commercial and
  Within the context of what was taking place, the .                                                                               other students, the camera crew chose to view the school
                                                                  federal owned television reveals further the revolutionary       as they saw it.' The particular school had an eight foot
  Challenge for Change team saw its main role as that of          nature of their new medium.
  "sensitizing the inhabitants of the area to their common                                                                         high wire fence around it and the, crew projected their
                                                                     o Take for example a rent. strike in full swing on            perspective of Was a "prison" and dug further into its
  problems and to communicate the committee's hope'                  New York's West side. If one tunes into commercial
  that together they can act to change their situation." The                                                                       characteristics from that point of view. The product was
                                                                     TV one may see a 60 second edited strip of picketing          not malevolent, but potentially illuminating for staff and
  group promptly set about to prepare half-hour                      accompanied by a smooth commentary on. the part of
  programmes on the causes of ill-health in the' area - bad                                                                        administration. Video can clearly be used to record
                                                                     the announcer. The film is shot at the point of heated        different perceptions of a school situation."
  housing, unemployment, inadequate welfare, sparse                  confrontation, defined as the most attention getting
  recreation facilities, bad education, inferior medical care.                                                                     Besides schools, educational campaigns will in the
                                                                     and therefore the most newsworthy. A dial twist to            forseeable future be conducted in workplaces and other
  These tapes were s ho w n a t the beginning of each                Upper Manhattan P ,A. Cable TV, may present the
  meeting (which incidentally, were open to anyone to                                                                              community centres - explaining to people that cable is
                                                                     viewer with a totally different perspective on the            not merely an extensionor further refinement of TV but
  come along):                                                       event:: He may find himself looking at the tape of a
    Challenge for Change published a report describing the                                                                         an entirely new means of communication:
                                                                     group trying to organize the strike - the nature and
    effects the programmes had on the local residents.               reasons for their involvement and committment to
    "When the 30-minute video presentation was over, -each                                                                          Video - a,catelyst of urban change
    group moved its chairs into a circle and plunged into a            Public access cable operates free of the necessities of          Entirely new perceptions of community life are
    discussion. Having seen people like themselves on the              the commercial format i.e. that  , the meaning. of events   developing in the urban environment. Resident Action
    screen, discussing their problems -with utter frankness            and their expression must be altered.- to meet the Groups, legal and, medical referral centres, learning
    removed much of the reticence and timidity people have             requireements of a marketable commodity = in this. exchanges and adventure playgrounds are springing up in
    in a group of strangers ... They talked at length of               case, `news.' Instead it provides any person or group local communities in response to the felt need by people
    problems-- shared and possible collective solutions.               with the -opportunity of -have input into a collective
       "Could we have stopped people in the street and                 bank of information. Inevitably, a different yet more ` to retain control over their own lives.
       questioned them, the same way, if we had not had the            accurate and rounded perspective on events is
       camera or a microphone? I don't think so. It's a good           presented.                                                        Community video is seen as - a tool which can
       pretext for talking to them.                                                                                                  considerably accelerate these changes. Urban
       "When people were interviewed, they became                                                                                    inhabitants will be able to understand - their individual
       interested in the Committee. Then they came to the                                                                            and collective problems and deal, with them more
       public meetings and became involved and eventually                                                                            effectively. Consequently, reducing the monopoly of
       joined the team.                                                                                                              power in the hands of a few.
       "People could tell it was another citizen like                                                                                One could almost forsee the situation in the next two
       themselves doing the interview, and they had more                                                                             decades when communications will be the primary
       confidence in us than they would from the CBC or                                                                              determinant of urban life. However I tend to be optimistic
       NBC. Often the press deforms what is said.                                                                                    in forecasting the changes that video may bring about.
       "The people we interviewed on the street - I really felt                                                                          Judging from recent overseas experience, widespread
       they wanted to get a message across. They wanted                                                                              public access to cable TV will result in more face to face
       other people to hear about their problems, to share                                                                           human interaction rather , than less. While, at the same
       them. People feel pretty isolated.                                                                                            time, concomitant political and economic
       "I think people hoped their message would reach the            The possible applications of P.A. , cable TV are virtually
                                                                                                                                     decentralization will bring about the simultaneous.
       powers that be. They had never had the chance before."      limitless. On New ores West side, a heterogeneous
                                                                                                                                     phenomena of societal dispersion and integration -
                                                                   community of mixed racial and ethnic groupings has been
                                                                                                                                     dispersion into a multiplicity of diverse communities and
                                                                   making their own tapes and then sending them over the
                                                                                                                                     lifestyles, and integration into an increasingly global
       The above comments were reflective of the type of           local cable system. What this has achieved is a greater
                                                                                                                                     urban culture.
     attitudes people shared at the meetings. Clearly the          mutual understanding and tolerance amongst the various                                    Tom Zubrycki
     project was a success in as much as it generated a            groups of their separate cultural

                                                                                                                                   Bush Vidsq Tharurika XJwS, August:;.: AX15 8WA 5,,; i'
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Challenge for Change is an open access community
The Borough of Camden is part of the most central London urban complex and                                      This page is a collage of information collected when we made a film on                    television project which has been operating a series of plot
has a large urban redevelopment programme. As a bunch of video freaks squatting                             "Housing Rights" for the Borough of Cjmden. It let us explore some of the                     programmes in Sydney for the past six months. Its work
in derelict council housing due for demolition under the programme we were                                  problems local council tenants were facing.: Shooting portable video equipment                basically involves the application of video-tape equipment
politically committed. We were sharing the same risks of fire violation of privacy                          allowed the formulation of a model for using this tool to generate interaction                and television techniques to the breaking down of barriers
by officials, and lack of security as long term local residents. Our homes were up                          between tenants, community aid centres and the Borough Council. Tenants                       within the community - at all levels.
for                                                                                                         benefitted by Council action stimulated by first hand evidence on videotape.                      The; project seeks to give people the ability - both
                                                                                                                                                                                                          individually and in groups - to communicate more
"ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN" on CAMDEN HOUSING REDEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME                                                                                                                                          effectively about the problems which involve them. It also
                                                                                                                                                                                                          provides a medium capable of assisting the
                                                                                                                                                 starving and seated labour in factories
   The housing cost yardstick is one of               Seifert speaks endearingly of the, men       virutally disappeared. The streets still      it is done by more subtle means                        community in more honest and constructive
                                                                                                                                                 through property. As Engels wrote one                  self-assessment of these problems.
 the most serious constraints on the                who made millions out of property deals.       there, in odd comers you can still seethe     hundred years ago; so with a slight                    Although basically a locally developed project established
                                                                                                                                                 change those words could be used as a                  by two Sydney journalists, Marlene Matteson and Warwick
 designed of     housing. Perhaps it is             Those same millions have caused land           names. But the people and buildings have,     leader in any of today's newspapers.                   Robbins, Challenge for Change parallels closely in concept
                                                                                                                                                   "Unemployment, the Housing Problem,                  a similar structure of the same name run for the past seven
                                                                                                                                             bad schools, urban blight; mental illness are              years by the National Film Board
 necessary for the Borough Architects or            values to rise so much that the Minister of    almost gone. Only Camden knows where.
                                                                                                                                             all part of the pressures brought on the        '11    7~ of Canada. The Canadian situation has its origins in film
                                                                                                                                             people by the economy. If you are homeless,
 Directors to seriously question why                the Environment, himself         one-time      So much of the rentable housing stock                                                           and graduated to the use of portable video-tape to equipment
                                                                                                                                             you are 100% homeless, if you are
                                                                                                                                             unemployed you are also 100%                                               through long-term experimentation in the
 interest rates are so high on housing              developer refused Camden's application         has gone, that one area often comes down unemployed." We can' either pay lip service                        potentials of both mediums in community situations.
                                                                                                                                             to the problems as -architects and kid                  y      Here the principal has been varied slightly in having its
 finance; 3/ of every tenant's rent goes to         to compulsorily purchase the former            solely to provide homes for decanted      ourselves and others we are trying hard to                     base in the awareness of the community's need for
                                                                                                                                             solve the problems, or                                         improved communication rather than a quest for
 pay off an interest charge.                        Euston Square site for housing because         people from another site, so that that                                                                   applications for a medium.
                                                                                                                                              we do not accept them. The choice is                          In Sydney at this time it has been possible to assess
   But beside the reality of the housing            being next door to Euston Centre the           site, in its turn, can be demolished.       ours.                                                        that - based on overseas experience; particularly that in
                                                     broken and rutted. Gospel Oak has                                                                                                                      Canada - application of videotape - facilities and
 situation for so - many thousands         of       cost of an acre of land was £376,000: In       Perhaps less than 109o, some AA                                                                          techniques at the simplest -level, with high-speed
 students                                                                                                                                                                                                   production capabilities and maximum ease of
                                                                                                                                                                                                            operation has the greatest potential for achievement.
 people in' Camden, the £25 to 00 rents             1960, houses on the site would have been       put it at      under 5%, of       the new                                                                Challenge for Change saw, the need as primarily one of
                                                                                                                                                                                                            access and has set about, initially using equipment
  for Branch Hill are like rubbing salt in          lucky to fetch £1,000.                         accommodation on Camden's sites is                                                                       borrowed from a number of sources (in particular
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Bush Video), to make these facilities available to
We go to church, housing social aid                                                                                                                                                                         people in asituations.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             variety of
  their wounds. Equally to contact them
and tenants associationsirrelevant todirectly         Parts of Camden today look like              taken up by the people hopefully waiting
                                                                                                                                                                                                          The material produced so far has been applied in A
tenants with problems.                                                                                                                                                                                    number of different ways. In one, situation,- a
We architectural mysticism and a
          visit tenants . and ask                 Belfast without the rubber bullets. Streets     on a list they will never reach the top of. rap. Ikirs. Baker tells of
                                                                                                                                 Introductory                                                             community group in South Sydney has, and is, being
          -their problems. We sort                                                                                               her situation and frustrations involved.                                 assisted to produce material for uses ranging from
  description of types and they want
problems intothe schemes. All construct           of derelict houses, smashed windows,                 Many many people have. made tenant on a pension
                                                                                                                                 Jimmy , Cobb,                                                            submissions to Government ministers to short segments
interview questions for open ended                                                                                               wants to, make home improvements.                                        for broadcast on National television.' In two other
  is somewhere clean, warm and decent
 Interviews . with tenants using these to
replies.                                          corrugated iron flapping backwards and :        fortunes out of other men's misery cut council red tape. Chris and
                                                                                                                               does he in                                                                 group situations involving people confronting social
 questions. Replay of tape for editing by                                                                                      Jerry' on the\dole can't afford to pay rent                                repression; in particular a Gay Liberation group, the
 tenant.                live.   forwards in the   wind. Pavements are         other-times in history, now ,instead of          because they put improvements and                                          equipment is being used to help in an internal capacity
 Replay of tenant interviews to                                                                                                heating first.                                                             within the groups to help in their understanding of their
                                                                                                                               W. Barnes, Director of Housing replies:                                    own problems. It is hoped later that this material will
community aid organisations.
Their answers to tenants problems.                                                                                             Mrs. O'Connell has a crippled child in a                                   provide a basis for wider communication outside the
Editing: Grouping interviews into areas                                                                                        house with. all windows smashed by                                         groups.
of common problems. Use of most                                                                                                vandals. She won't move to council high                                    Work        is also . being done on foreign language
pointed examples. Community help                                                                                                                                                                         programmes in both- the resident action and education
                                                                                                                               rise flats.
answers follow each grouping.                                                                                                                                                                            fields.
                                                                                                                                   Answer.; W. Barnes.
Reply to council Director of Housing                                                                                                                                                                     All of this work has been aimed at establishing as quickly
                                                                                                                               Mrs. Baker is offered a flat in a distant
Programme.                                                                                                                                                                                               as possible a wide base of local experience to provide-
                                                                                                                               Borough. S in detail below.
He reads transcript and gives scripted                                                                                         Answer;_W. Barnes.                                                        for a vertical expansion in Challenge for Change
answers to tenants problems stating                                                                                                                                                                      activities as its evidencep potential and the need for this
                                                                                                                                   Welfare Rights - Where to Get them.
council policy, tenants rights and areas of                                                                                        Antonis:get a notice to,quit.                                         type of activity draws increased and wider support in the
council help.                                                                                                                         See in detail below.       w
                                                                                                                                                                                                         provision of facilities and operating resources.
Replay to the elected ward councillors                                                                                         Answer: Community Advice Bureau.                                          However, at this point it might be as well to go back and
for approval.                                                                                                                  Chris M4 Jerry - Can we claim a rent                                      look more , closely at the concepts from which Challenge
Transfer to 16mm film for distribution to                                                                                      refund.                                                                   for Change grew, particularly in relation to. the existing
schools, tenants associations; clubs where                                                                                             Answer: Community Advice Bureau.                                  communication structures which dominate our society.
most council tenants can be                                                                                                          Where to ,go to claim your rights - list                            A starting point in development came with the
reached.                                                                                                                                                                                                 realisation of the severe limitations which exist within
                                                                                                                                              of names an4;addresses.
                                                                                                                                                                                                         current media, both printed and broadcast, in terms of
                                                                                                                                                                                                         ability to relate to the problems and aspirations of our
                                                                                                                                                                                                         sectional societyy and the individuals which make it up.
                                      THIS:IS VIDEOTAPE,                                                  The problem can be seen as having, its cause in the
                                                                                                          overall domination of the communications media by
Mrs. Baker: My eldest boy was crippled. They ,gperated and they said he will be                           business principals, rather than the -need to dissendnate
  in ,hospital till.the Christmas. Well he corned out two days later, He needed all new                   information and opinion - domination by the need to
      clothes which                                                                                       measure achievement in terms of profit rather than
      was all my wages went on him thatuveek; I went up to social security and they                       social improvement:
      would not help me: Although we food or anyth ing else they'refuse' to help                   Probably the greatest weakness in the media today is the
      me because I was working full time. I'd nover been in a position where to                           shallow level of its dealings with people and the realities
      ask for help so I didn't keep any of the receipts, Every peony I'd earned that week                 of their day-today lives. The mass-media seems so gften
      went on that boy. He had to have shoes, everything. Well two years without                          to live on fantasy and the unreal dramatisation of real
      clothing sort of thing he had to have the lot: They.said they couldn't help me.                     situations. The result is that the few essays into the real
      They sent me down to Bidborough House and they gave W,a pound. And they                             problems of society which do occur are generally buried
      made me' feel as if I beggared myself for that pound. I'd never felt; well I suppose                under the cynical and opportunistic mass of day-by-day
        wouldn't whet mean it feeling again. I was told to, in. tee s in day they
      I You knowlike toI have thewas anger. AndBecause. f wasif,I packedthatwork and it                   so-called "reportage." The elements of truth are painted
      Was help,me.
    wouldanger. If Well t was prepared to work if .they'd help- me pay my rent and other                  with the brush of sensation and end up as the trite and
    expenses a s ' we had no furniture, well we hadn't got a lot in here. There was no                    the distorted.
    heating for the kids or anything so, they;said I couldn't have, f went down to on the                 Perhaps this situation is unavoidable. It is most certainly
    housing committee. They said I wasn't in,the, rea,, in the district long enough. They                 irreversable within current media structures. Where media
    sent me medals for my husband. I didn`t want medals; All 1 want is a flat to -.                       is required to cater for the: needs of a vast number of
     live in. Now since we' moved in here, the :childre, well they, have deteriorated. In their           people it is impossible for it also to cater for' sectional
  way of life, I mean you like to-set a standard to the children to be clean. They don't have             and minority requirements. This is particularly so when
   to be expensively dreaspd in'all the mod clothing. They don't have to have that if they're             the main function required of the media is the provision
                                  clean. But you go outinto the kitchen and'you run from it The           of slightly varying forms of flippant panacea, pitched at a
            door doesn't fit properly, there's holes in the wall, the wallpaper is hanging down:          level where thought is a limited requirement.
          It's just like` this here behind us I t's exactly the same. So in my mind; to people ;,           It is a sad thing that our society accepts that our
         like me, I think the system's wrong, and l think something should be done about it '           press and television will only infrequently examine real
            John Kirk: This film tells you some of the benefits ;you can claim as a tenant and'         problems in more than a cursory fashion - and even' less
         where to claim them. What problems do people have pnd what do they think about
                                                                                                        often seek possible solutions:
           them? In this film, some of your neighbours talk about just that Y~ will also get,,:     However, this is less than forgivable when modem technology,
        the replies made by the: Council after they heard and` saw what these people had to         can now provide improved methods of communication which
                                                                                                    are ideally suited to the requirements of proper community
     Mrs, Baker: How do l come up to my family? It'll, cost me about six shillings bus              dissemination of information and opinion and to the quest for
       fare-to come up here to as k them for a, lend of ten shillings and then really if            solutions for problems at a minority group and individual level.
  wouldn't be' ten shillings I'd want it'd be -a pound. I'd want because I'd`have to get            So often the weakness in: our intersocial relationships is an
   back home again. ,                                                                               inability to convey accurate information and at the same time
      Interviewer: So if you getrehoysed you'd like to be rehoused round here?
   Mrs. B.: I have to f e rehoused around here because the children, see, there-'- a                real emotion across the barriers between community groups
                                                                                                    and social sttatas. These barriers can be the result of varying
 family life here for them.                                                                         factors but, no matter what their cause, it will only be through
   William Barnes* I know, and I also know that having to travel from south of the                  application of sensitive catalysts that they will be broken down.
 Thames to work in Camden or to visit friends iW'Camden costs a lot of fa res '.                    ,
 There are over 200;11)0 people in' the Borough -Y say 70,000 families: There are                   Challenge for Change is designed to be such, a catalyst. It is.
 considerably fewer dwellings and many of the dwellings are still substandard: We                   designed to provide the flexibility of structure necessary to
 are trying to raise standards -,to give people kitchens and bathrooms where they                   cater for the needs of a 'multitude of varying situations; to
have so far had= none: We are also trying in places like Kentish Town to provide                    provide a means of information dissemination which can, at
some green open space where there has not'beemany until now. This means moving                      the same time, be sensitive to the emotional requirements of
some people out I know that this means breaking up communities, cutting people                      the communities in which it functions: '
off from friends; schools and hospitals - and no=ose wants to dothat But if                         The Canadians, in summing up their project, used the following
enough,people agree to move together; we can create new communities in new                          words. "People may soon understand how the mass-media's
surroundings   WELFARE RIGHTS AND.WHERE,T.0 GET THEM                             ,                  power to move information on a national scale, when linked
                 MRS. BARKER CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU KENTISH TOWN                                    with the potential of voluntary groups for small-group
        Mrs. Barker: The greatest number of our problems in fact that come to us are on             feed-back, could be used creatively in the process for social
   ., housing and there, really, is where people ought to know their rights. : , "7lhtoni:          change.
   The eight months ago she ask me for. Eg4.a week, so lsaid , to him i can't                       What was said in Canada applies equally here, and those
 give you £9 in a week but I will give you £8Jn a week, so he says , no { can't take Ir8            involved in Chaferigd for Change afid who have come in
    I want £9. Well I sex to him if you want E9 I can't give you £9, So-he says to me I             contact with its work believe that the next few years will
    'will, go to my solicitor and tell him to send you a letter to leave the house (a notice        see it and other allied activities becoming an integral and
                                                                                                    essential part of the community. One fact is becoming
                                                                                                    more and more clearly demonstrated as the work here
  JoFn Kirk: If I came in here with a notice to quit in my hand from my landlord,                   progresses - once you give an individual a voice he Will
  how could you help me?                                                                            use it and fight to retain it -once you free a person from
       Mrs. Barker: The first thing 1 would tell you Would -be, do not leave your
  accommodation immediately: You have rights as and unfurnished tenant Which                        oppression it is far harder to return him to that condition
  will enable you to probably stay quite a While or'indeinitely not quite so many'                  than it ever was to keep him there
  rights as tenant. But we tell people not to panic. •,
  a furnished
          SUPA 8mm and POLAROID
       For many years both Supa 8mm and
   Polaroid have suffered the category of
 being toys, or to quote big-time movie
   makers and photographers
   "tin-professional". - Both tools however
   have an incredible amount of potential.
   that at last is being tapped by those into
    With making of any video-tape (be it
broadcast or other) you w i l l experience
   that it is the only medium that is flexible
   enough to "feed in" a variety of other
   mediums. For example, in a simple studio
   mix situation, movie, stills, and print as
   well as music and live performing maybe
 collaged together to produce your tape. A
                                                      victims in earthquaked ,Manaq,.,a;
 lot of diverse information then can
   supplement the theme of your tape and              Nicaragua, ail of which demytholeoize
   generate a lot more information                  the type of T.V. "camera-crews" and.
   "outside" the videosphere.                       "directors"' and like a video community'
      Supa 8mm is flexible enough to                access situation allows frlmmaking to be
   document the simplest situation, yet Its         done by more people, giving them the
   limitlessness can be used very creatively        opportunity to become the media.
   (e.g. see "K-Tape 1" an original 8 m film, The instant feedback qualities of Polaroid
  by Jim Wilson - Sydney Filmmaker's                photography provide ' quick
Cinema - Darlinghurst). It is both cheap              pictorial • information without long
 (raw stock is about $4.00 tax exempt 50            darkroom time. Most of the photographs
 ft      Kodachrome) and accessible (walk             in this magazine were taken with
 Polaroid your nearest chemist and buy a -. film providing sharp, detailed software
   down to
   camera for $         ) It opens up a whole , (black and white 3000 A.S.A.). Polaroid
   n e w unexplored visual area being the            postcards, visual catalogue polaroids,
 most manuverable of any kind of filmic            there are an infinite number of uses that
   tool (be it film or video) that can shoot         can be programmed on the spot with
 things beyond the reach of the latter. -8m. Poloroid. Communicating in a short space
   hardware is already very sophisticated.           of time with a photograph is an incredible
Beaulieu have a camera that can shoot              attribute to any tool.
  from 2-70 t.p.s., has interchangeable                   On a broader scale Polaroid artists
  lenses and can provide a sound back-up,             such as Une Laysiepen are doing good
whale Super 8mm scans systems provide                things. Consider his anti-pollution Polaroid
playback (black and white or colour)                 enlargment of ,a threatening oil refinery on
with sound, thru a home T.V. set or any              the side of his home in Amsterdam
number of monitors. Specifically, its an             (probably the largest shown in Europe). He
ideal "back-up" tool for a studio-mix but            is currently working on an . enlargment of a
its also interesting to note its influence on        Boeing 747 which' he plans to exhibit in
the commercial broadcast scene. India is             front of Amsterdam's Royal Palace
planning to use it for her budding                   complete' with Jumbo
broadcast network while Tokyo T.V.                   soundtrack. Another artist, Ted Sefos (an
viewers watch a regular Supa 8mm                     "old Chicago bell-hop") is i n t o the
movies. C.B.S. recently aired a Supa 8mm             metaphysics of Polaroid. By concentrating
movie made by a team of doctors treating             very hard (after a certain
                                                        amount of beer or cream buns). he can
                                                        take mind t_oto of a certain understood
                                                        image. For example, he concentrates on
                                                        the Effrel Tower, snaps a colour
                                                        on his head, and produces the image of
                                                        the Tower on print.
                                                     The best of Polaroid's film is yet to
                                                     come. Still under research in the U.S. is
                                                     Polaroid's cine film, which will enable the
                                                     filmier to shoot, process and show hii
                                                     work in a matter of minutes.
                                                     These tools. are good, it just needs
                                                     people to be aware of them and use them
                                                     to seek out a higher understanding of
                                                     themselves, their friends and the world.
                                                                                                                                                 PORTABLE STUDIO CONSOLE
                                               THE NATIONAL NV-3082E/ WV-85E(
                                               EIAJ 1std) %„ PORTABLE VTR SYSTEM                                                            QUALITY ENGINEERING FEATURES 1.
                                               features                                                                                     Special effects include external key,
                                                 * 32 Minutes recording on a 5" reel.
                                                                                                                                              fade-in,      fade-out,    superimpose,
                                               * 45 Minutes' operation on two Panaloid                                                        vertical, horizontal; and comer wipes,
                                                  batteries.                                                                                  and , transformation of negative
                                               * Replay through large (1'/z') camera
                                                  eyepiece monitor.                                                                           continuous tones to positives.
                                                                                                                                                2. Self-contained industrial 2:1
                                               * Audio Dubbing facility.
                                               * Separate key switches for each                                                                 interlace sync generator.
                                               function.                             ;                                                          3. Pushbutton chooses
                                                                                                                                                internal/external or VTR
                                               * Inscribed tape path for 100%
                                                                                                                                                synchronization (genlock).
                                               interchangeability with National NV
                                                                                                                                                4. Effected output may be monitored
                                                  3000 series VTR.
                                                                                                                                                on studio cameras WV-341N or
                                                    300 lines resolution (recorder).
                                                                                                                                                WV-361 N.
                                                  LOW LIGHT OPERATION from 50
                                                  lux minimum.                                                                                  5. Internal power supply for intercom
                                                  Overall weight 9.5 Kg. PRICE:                                                                 and tally lights.
                                                                                                                                                6. Self-contained video switcher for as

       ATIONAL                                 (Cam., vtr., mains adaptor) $1155 +
                                               15% sales tax.
                                                                                                        portable studio console
                                                                                                                                                many as five CCTV cameras and a
                                                                                                                                                video tape recorder.
                                                                                                                                                7. Separate video busses for
G.E.C. Elliot-Automation, 16 Whiting St.,      NV - U46A R.F adaptor $39.10 + 15%
                                                                                                                                                previewing and programming.
Artarmon. 439-1922.                            sales tax.                                               PRICE: $1995 + 15% tax.
                                                                                                                                            8. Separate dual-fader and wipe controls.
                                                                                                                                            9. Video level balance control.
       AKAI`p At7STRAIy IA PTY. LTD,      S   THE AKAI VTS 115                                                                                   with optical separation
                                                                                                                                               + 300 lines resolution
                          ,~: harsem:,.

                                              t/a„VIDEOTAPE SYSTEM INCLUDES:                                                                   + Operates from 1500 lux lighting
                                                VC115 camera featuring:
                                               + Replay through eyepiece adjustable                                                           + Automatic or manual apeture
                                               horizontal hold or ext. monitor
                                               for                                                                                            control + White Balance switch for
                                              + Trigger lock and VT10                                                                         correct colour balance
                                                                                                                                              + Weight (camera only) 2.62 Kg.
                                              + System expands to include optional RF
                                              featuring:                                                                                      This camera is pert of a
                                               unit. Tuner, in one portable                                                                   pre-release colour
                                              ++ A clip on 3" monitor with sound                                                              portapack'possibly cassette
                                               + lndependant key; switches for each                                                           loading using EIAJ'/z".PAL reels.
                                               function                                                                                       PRICE:
                                               +200 lines resolution (recorded/%"             will connect to any PAL colour VTR              VTS115            $1769+ tax.
                                               tape) minutes recording time '
                                               + 20                                           and features:                                   CCS150 $1800 Colour portapack
                                                  + 60 minutes operation on 2 x 6 volt          +Unidirectional                               (complete) approx
                                                 batteries                                      microphone sysbm,,,one in the handle,
                                                                                                  Two vidicon                                                              $3500.

                                                                                              The AV-3420CE/AVC-3420CE is a complete portable, battery-operated VTR
                                                                                           system that can be carried and operated by one person. It offers high resolution
                                                                                           picture quality created from the. techniques and experiences accumulated over
                                                                                           many years. )t consists of a handheld-,video camera (with zoom lens and built-in
                                                                                           Electret Condenser Microphone) connected to a shoulder-or back-carried
                                                                                          videocorder. The videocorder records picture and' sound andktooplay them back on
                                                                                          a monitor,or,:with: the optional RE unit. on an ordinary TV set.
                                                                                            The videocorder-can likewise be used to record TV programmes off the air. The
                                                                                            camera has a zoom lens and an Aectronic v ewfinder *that -shows,the operator
                                                                                            recording picture exactly as it will appear on the TV screen. This viewfinder,
                                                                                            moreover, can be used for playbkx to check the, tape as soon as it has been
                                                                                            recorded. An AC power adaptor, which also servees to charge the'batterjd makes it
                                                                                            possible to run the AV-3420CE/AVG3420CE an AC household current. Other
                                                                                            features include still picture and audio, dubbing. Improved: performance on newly
                                                                                            developed High Density Video'Tape and high performance heads assures
                                                                                            horizontal resolution in excess of 300 lines. Picture are sharp and clear with vivid
                                                Jacoby Kempthome Services P,ty. Ltd,,       contrast - a sharply focused virtually grain-free picture, Tapes are .interchangeable
                                                469 Kent St., Sydney. 26-651.               with those of any Sony AV-CE series VTR.                    Price $1190 + 15% tax.

                                               THE JVC NIVICO PV 450/ GS4500 (EIAJ              AWA-REDIFFUSION PTY LTD .                     REDIFFUSION AWA Suppliers of Master
                                               Std1) %- PORTABLE VIDEO
                                                                                               SYDNEY`           422 Lane Cove Road,        Antennae Television Systems using High
                                              SYSTEM features:-
                                                                                                                   And All Capital Cities    NORTH RYDE Frequency and       Radio
                                                 35 Minutes recording on a 5" spool.                               . Phone
                                                                                                                     Frequency              modulation,
                                               * 60 Minutes continuous operation on                                  888-8111
                                                internal batteries.                           AWA=Rediffusion are -distributoos for         DIAL A PROGRAMME is a one channel
                                              * Replay through eyepiece monitor.              these world- renowned manufacturers:          cable TV system. Using a two pair cable
                                                                                                                                            allows the subscriber access to many
                                              * Operable from car battery.                            JVC NIVICO ELECTROHOME -              programmes through dial selection
                                                   Audio dubbing facility.                           REDIFFUSION DYNAR VISCOUNT             access. REDIFFUSION BRISTOL Supply
                                               * 250 lines resolution (recorder):                                                           programming via cable to TV sets in
                                               * Operates from 100 lux minimum                                                              many homes in Bristol, England.
                                                 lighting.                                                                                  Programmes are originated on '/z"
                                                 Compatable with all EIAJ standard 1          and suppliers of closed circuit television    portable VTR within the city and have a
                                                 VTRs especially the Nivico KV 35.               equipment and systems, cameras,            high degree of community participation.
                                                    * Mains power adapter has                     monitors, videotape recorders,            The relay of these programmes to the
                                                    protection.                               distribution systems, to Education and        subscriber's home brings him closer to
                                               * Weight (camera & recorder) 9.5 Kg.            Industry.- Price PV/450 $1309.94 Inc.        community he lives in.

                                                                                                                                            NICKLE CADNIUM BATTERY PACKS OR
                                                                                                                                            BELTS. 5 hours continuous running on J
                                                                                                                                            standard Portapack with Indicator Light,
                                                                                                                                            Fused. Leads & Plugs.PRICE: $130
                                                       STUDIO TWIN CLAMP LAMP SPOT OR                                                       Battery condition Meter PRICE: $15 extra
                                                       FLOOD. 2 times 300 watt. PRICE:
                                                       $1E                                                                                  BATTERY CHARGER FOR BELT with
                                                                                                                                            variable charge rate. AA~, PRICE: $27,

                                                                                                                                           'BACKPACK UNIT. Mounts portapack,
                                                                                                                                           microphone and batteries, holds camera
                                                                                                                                           when not in use. Shockproof and
                                                     STUDIO DOLLIES. Cranked Elevator.                                                     Dustproofed.    PRICE: On application
                                                     Three large wheels. Collapsable. (Not'
                                                     supplied with head.) ,   PRICE:

                                                     Bush Video Tharunka XL-5, Au                                                                                st 7, 1973, Pa e 19
synching      :-. :.. . BY VERONICA

      In as much as technology has been
  found to be destructive it can also be seen                        entee penetration - burst the mind
  to be equivalently constructive, for every                        hymen - release the vital energy required to
  release of energy,` anywhere and at any                           shift this planetary consciousness into
  time. contains, within it the bi-polar                            Aquarian overdrive - stop asking Flakey
  possibility of both creation and "                                Foont questions - how, why - it's true -
  destruction, of         success      -      and                   read `journey to Ixtlan' and get angry
        failure                                                      with Casteneda - try to `see' yourself, not
  succeeded by disintegration. Such is the                           in a mirror - you will not understand what
  most fundamental law of existence - for                            is meant by scientific control unless you
  existence implies dualities and ail energies                       are the fast subject of your experiments -
  are bi-polar.                                                      the space between the leaves of the trees
  We      are . born into this age for                               is the air we breath - become a warrior
          aa particular reason - to fulfill a                        -take responsibility for you every action -
  particular need of the environment, to                             the individual attains 'significance by
  perform- a specific function that is an                            limitation in his
  integral part of the evolution of the                          life style and determination in his duty-.
  Universe and more specifically of the
  planet Earth and mankind as a whole.                       Q        what you want to do and what you have, ;       1

  Our every thought has repercussions
  and every act                                                                 to else - do (and same thing - do
                                                                         Wnothingdo become the do not do) unto

  throughout the cosmos. Nothing can be                             others as you would have others do (and not
  taken lightly or without sufficient `care'.                           do) unto you - the `others' are to include
  Knowledge carries with it the weight of                                other species, entities and beings in this
  its own responsibility. The acid                                               universe - understand the nature
                                                                        of duality - to know yin is a simultaneous
  O    'dreamtime'` beyond the was a time for
  learning to `see' is passing- it conditioned                         comprehensive revelation of yang - love is
  framework created by the intellectual and                            these forces recognising one another in an
  emotional pressures of family, culture                              eternal dance through the cosmos - love is
  and society; it was a time for coming                              the product of love making - love making is
  `face to face' with one's own `dharma', of                                                              the physical
  trying to understand `who 'one is' and                                            manifestation of deep feelings
  what one , is doing on this spinning ball                                    of         affection between two
  flying through endless space. Nothing in                                         entities - it is not screwing,
  this universe is fixed, no state no                                                  or balling or a one-0-one ,
  situation, whether good or bad, ever                                                   nor is ~, ~          O hay
  remains, but is continually
  changing, evolving, Q
  transforming O
  and for this

                                                                                                 the opposite of
                                                                                               the North pole is`
                                                                                            either the South pole
                                                                                       or the Equator -

                                                                                     you are the bridge between
                                                                                    what was and what will be -

  remain attached                                                               ,place the tools of survival
  to any situation but                                                         in the hands of your children,
  must flow with it, learning                                                 not the
  from each moment to adapt-                                                       weapons of destruction -
  to the shape of the next.
  So too the time for dreaming is past. It is                                                          create a
  now time to ACT, to DO - to manifest                              dwelling for your soul in the centre of the
  the dreamtime onto the physical plane.                            cyclone and only depart ,,fXgm there like a
  This can only be done by using what is                            warrior to effect specific tasks - at all costs
  offered to- us through our -environment                           avoid making off centred decisions, _.
  and culture. We can'build a new, world                            criticisms and judgements - in the domain of
  with the tools of the old. To change the                          the mind, what is. true or believed to be true,
  world if -is first necessary to change                            becomes true within the limits of experience,
  oneself and then extend this change,                              these limits are .
  onto the environment.. The first
                                                                    further beliefs to be transcended-in the
  step has already been taken - it is now                           domain of the mind there are no limits
  time for the second.                                            as we enter the mirrored city its ancient
  No-one can transform a culture without                          halls and residences become real in the
  first being informed,. of its contents.. To                     altered mind - consider what senses we
  affect something one must to some extent                        lack that we cannot perceive another
  participate in it. We can participate in a                      world all around us - don't worry about
  whole only if we are willing to accept at                       destroying the aspects oi` this world that
  least some of its means of expression and                       you don't like, help create a world that you
  forms of thinking and knowing. But this                         want to live in with your lovers and
  does not mean that we must accept its                           children - decide what you consider to be
  aims or the use to which it puts its                            valuable information, accumulate as much
  knowledge. It is this which must be                             of it as possible and then share it all
  changed. Technology, if used with                               around - we share ,this planet and, at the
  responsibility can be another                                   moment, it is suffering from a malignant
  means by which we can transform planet                          growth called Whiteman - who doesn't like
  Earth onto a spiritually higher plane. To                       sharing - oil is earth blood - he sucks it.
  do this, the manipulation of technology                         from her skin - this is his greatest -crime -
  and the formin of our environment can                           next is his attacks with atomic weapons on
  no longer be left in the hands of people--Cow'    M8d DD        her oceans and
                                                                  &NnW=V VND-4-MS SYMBOL.
    ~ Xi*©;f1As                   k, , ?~             20
   0 C o f t r o +w - m o o h o o p
   d e s e r t s - the atmosphere that enfolds
   her is being broken down with carbon
   gasses - they are crimes against the
   cosmos we have a short time to rest the
   controls of spaceship earth from the
   -hands of the
   money, power madmen - in the event 'that
   we don't we will have achieved a distinctly
   finite moment of evolution - if the planet
   dies Buddha will shed a tear for us - but
   if.our progression means the

   progression of evil then we will be
   sacrificed - this is true for no other reason
   than that i believe it to be true- i am a
   whiteman and i will describe the danger
   that is upon us and how you can avoid it -
   the battle ground is within our own
   psyches - quote, `Life, with all its complex
   features and contradictions, is either the
   unfolding of an intelligently _ conceived
   purpose, to a pre-ordained pattern of
   growth or it is not'_- it is quite

   obvious to all of us that a lot of what is
   happening should not be ,happening -
   how this comes about is really quite
   simple - if you take full responsibility for
   your every action - even to the point of
   saying 'i am now going .to be irresponsible
   for an hour' - hen it will not be possible
   for negative forces to operate through you
   - concentrate on what you are doing -
   death is our life long companion and he is
   waiting for, you

   to take your eyes off the road so that he
   can get you or use you to get someone ,
   else - this is true - all accidents can be
   ascribed to inattention - the inattention
   or negligence or carelessness while
   engaged in doing something is the crime
   of allowing the     opportunity "for old -
   spooky to come through you and cause
   destruction - witness what happens when
   it comes through someone in a position'
   of power - dont be an instrument of
   negation - practice focusing.your- mind

   like a laser beam magnification lens on
   whatever you are doing- at the same e
   'rg~ to;do it with humour - think
  -about the consequences of things that _ A       LPHA
  y o u might get involved in - make sure                                 WAVES AND THE, ANC ALIC W O R D ' © C L O C K
  you know
either beneficially, or detrimentally - then,
                                                                           osrtiic            ""                                     Vt
                                                                                                                                          technical cuct tt: Df r
Laving: decided, to do it, do it with < ,all.        image mirror the radiating biofeedback of excenances the natural need for. eastern
                                                    the        diamond` body.          Cybernetic     the boil :of feedback." the .                                  ;xpaudirt8        ms freeing the
                                                                                                                                                         currents. into stored memory anit reverse
                                                                                                                                                       thunderbolts of numisional being. Trance
your, heart, in fact do it. with every                  acupuncture tantric tattvas and nadis and meditation and the. awareness o£ the                   and rapture, the facility of, freedoms
molecule of your bQdy -F ,with as much                  alpha wave or video moog recreate the scientific challenge to the old concept of              muse may anspire us to alay vijana. or
intelligence, warmth and grace as you can               `cherished goal of the yogis-the wisdom of                                                       involuntary body functions merge in the
of yourself and you will reap the                                                                     cosmopolite                                        communal           brotherhood.
benefits - we all have a lot to do - only you           prajna.         prophetic revolution of the JungianHere the ancient ss0tffAti*,g-:diagrams of
know what it is that you have to do': -.get in            The Buddha Samantaohara signifies           mandalic         microcosm.         Ecological, the astrologer and the infinite - graduations
touch with the people who can assist you in             idential self image; as above so below an adapation of natural rhythms and ' a                of the_
getting it done, say a prayer to. the god in                                 -                        :       against spontanity to weave, starsparks- human ,invention boulders of the Tao
                                                                                                               -                                                     uncarved
you, and get into it = do it gently - after the                                                               to the origin of all of
                                                        the thin wed of neural -gestalt reacts _ retracing and the eliminationproduct of                 `revaltory dissolve into retinal and
                                                                                                                                                          : merge and'
battle is done we can                                                                                         voidness. -'
sit back and smoke in a world without              lotuslife and` lantan st wheels of life: The.        those _unecsary or harmful to our'                     Interior mystical.,visions described in
paranoia and-tell amazing stories to our           thousand rays of the , n rvanic memory          brother worker wgteventuQly, allow us to Evan Wentz Yoga and Secret Doctrines
grand children who will probably think             enter' the' myriad networks of the subtle , reallocate and group our forces around                     parallel the        science of thought
were exaggerating -imagine it.                     body and the philosophical charts of its             those artifacts which reveal the l?asYanti
          ;yNtltt~ tN , fs~NT.                         mirrorsea of coded nucluric intricies:                                                             `Behold form is but ancient theme of
                                                                                                     force refuge in illusory cravings that are a , transferance with an light' and nouce the
                                                                       companions. Supercosmic motives of the higher self. Gone intuition:subtle light body. The signs following of
                                                      cybernetic waves measured in cycles per
                                                           Brain-                                        blinding bar to original creative  will be :      paints on the wall
  who wield their power with such                      second (bikes away) are seen as Delta, the Biofeedback is a chart reactions which
                                                      lazerlord      to global village,     bionic the, harsh cybernetic of change in an                  include
                                                                                                                                                        the cave. an. injunction by Sri Yogananda
 unprecedented irresponsibility. We must               slowest (0 to 4) cycles per second related undulating cerable cortex, the electric                       The Chinese practised the balancing of
 take over their to - not run away from
                                                       to drowsiness creativity and dreamsleep: - energy in the brain measures, 20 to ISO                  interior circuitry and were aware of these
 them, but use them with awareness,
                                                       Alpha brainwaves 8 to 13 per second : microvolts '             this 'operates     a complex         currents constructed a world clock of the
 towards directions that are communally
 joyous and enlightening.                              connected with a , relaxed alert state        system of about 10 billion nerve cells.            astercism elements seasons and meridians.
 No situation occurs by chance. The more               similar to Chan monks and eastern seer in             Emprical evidence       supports the            The Yellow         Emporers Book of
                                                   ' zazen or, meditation. Beta waves are the sublimative regenerative power aroused in Internal Medicine outlines the decent of
 adept one becomes at `seeing' the more               fastest running 13 to 26 cycles per second meditation with a guide to alpha brain                the ' etherial yang and the equilbrating
 able one is to discern the pattern that
                                                      and even, faster in hyper alert states        training procedures. - With the stilling of tendencies within the primal elements of
 connects one thing to another. There are
                                                      called divine madness. Biofeedback or the the mind comes a synchronous firing of                 wind wood fire earth and void. The train
 no loose. ends. Astrologically, Aquarius is
 ruled by the planet Uranus, - under -"whose          circulation of neural currents in"luminous cortial neurons. When the subjects acupuncturist after twelve. years may
 influence comes also television and video.           essence are measured EEG Brainwaves               energies shift from active processing of          diagnose by         auras     and devlopes
 That we have in our hands the use of                 Ekg        Electrocardigrams for        heat thoughts, . feelings -: and           perceptions clairvoyant powers, harmony essence is a
 communal video systems just as the_ new              transformations, CSR to measure skin              dysycronization      occurs. The alpha prearation for the dawing of the sagely .
 age is, approaching is wrought with                  responses and EMG electromyograph to ` rhythm is blocked and other pattern,                         communing the ascendant heavenlies Son
 significance: The Aquarian symbol is that            check muscle tension.                             betas low ampitude and delta drowsiness of Heaven white sun inner                        arisen.
 of the Water Bearer, who carries on his                   Aesthetic and mystical experience merge in altered stages of consciousness. Cybernetic acupuncture directs the
 shoulder an `Urn' from which flows down           come through the cutting down of 'these sheathes are named vijanas saptas                 transmission of light alpha waves and
 to earth a stream of water. The urn is a          attention to the outside world. Starring at          or tanmantras in the Buddhist diagrams            metabolic currents to these trigram
 symbol of~the mystic seed-bag, releasing          television for long hours' of concentration of the factors of perception: The also                  centres.
 from celestial heights the cosmically             increases awareness and may lead to the              radiate within spectrums that vary from                Master Pan Shan exclaims:
 charged living water to fecundate the             hyperalert state and the now tune in to              the rainbow areas to the cosmic rays of                The world of the mind encloses the
 human kingdom below. Power flows always           alpha and mute betaa. The yogic science          the scintilla.       whole universe in its light. It is the cosmic
 from a higher to a lower potential, from          also advocates a fine analyize of all                    `If though wouldst complete the               life and the cosmic spirit and at the same
 the fulfilled to the yet incomplete or            inflowing and peripheral states of being         diamond body diligently heat the roots of time the individual life and the individual
 expectant. The video could be seen as the         and related them to the nerve pathways               consciousness and life. Kindle the light in spirit. Reference: The Yellow Emporers
 urn, the transmitter for the outpourings of       of the spine and cackra centres. The                 - the blessed country near at hand. And          Book of Internal Medicine, Ilza Veith ,
 cosmic programming - the medium through           Samkayan passages of the Bhavad Gita                 there hidden let thy, true self eternally        University of California.
 which we relate to one another the ideas          advise one to sit in padma asa-na ana press dwell.                                                    Creativity and Taoism, Chang Chung
 that flow from the Universal Plastic              the sence gates on the face to reverse the               The experimenters have discovered
 Mediator.'                                        flow of energy and discover in the yoni              with hyper -ventilation and          physical
                                                   mundra. the ignition bindu spark of the          exercises, stimulation from orgone and             Yuan, Prhtetrm.
                                                   eye flicker in the cerable sinus enstasis.       alpha rays meter may break open new                Raindance Radical Software.
                                                                                                                                                          Alpha Waves Jodhi Lawrence, Avon.
'- Bff *itleb ThWhtnlta X14, *!*W 1, .1913,                                                                                                                                                       : 21
                                                                       1: PRESENT VIDEO
                                                                       3. FUTURE
                                                                       4. MEMORY

        Communication          is     the                               or p. Higher the sphere but V-F E = 0 or with
                                               inside-outing and 2 outside, as inshapes are described+as spheresits genus is
     outside-inning of information - out from my head into
     your head. Teleology is the process of transformation of handles with up to p = 8 or 9. These loops feed,upon
     a subjective-idea into its objective realization. Television       each other      as continuously, restrained =cycles of
     is teleologic communication and seional degree looping, withinness and withoutness. Representation of this is the
     i.e. communication inside-outing squared on to the               carbon cycle in' nature used as the information, with
     second power. Information that is outered affects that           loops of ocean food chains, terrestial food chains, able
     which is innered by feedback loopings. to he . represented as growing and _expanding volumes,
        TOPOLOGY is a non-metric elastic geometry                       bubbles, with its energy events, determined the volume
     concerned with transformation of shapes and properties           of the shape contained within that space. The biadic
     such as nearness, inside, outside ... perhaps the easiest        relationship between inner and outer, with you being the
     way to define topological properties which stay the same outer, observer,' flows when you feed into the cycles
     in spite of stretching or bonding. Rubber Sheet .                  energy as mesa-video swell the affected areas, with
        VIDEOSPACE is perhaps most accurately defined~by information slushes_'through the closed system, with a: of
     Geometry.                                                 -        food chairs balancing information; The washing over
     the weird topological form invented in 1882 by the great particular loop of video .tape, once put through a
     German mathematician Felix Klein, called the "Klein -            recorder can °-be fed upon, keyed over as a mapping
     bottle" - which is closed one-sided surface without an           problem. The ever changing nature of quantatitive facts
     inside or outside.' . . expand and contract spreading balancing ripples through
        THE KLEIN BOTTLE seems to be a conceptual tool                the whole system.
:- for f rmulation of, energy inside outing structures, e.g.                 The carboy., cycle is a biadic relation of witbi       s
-       Muter/energy transformations                                    and withoutness, of observer and observed, with you -as         1. NITROGEN            5.:~ONIA
          Energy/information the active gathering, feeding in agent. A more complex                                                     GAS . 2.               ~6.
                                                                                                                                        PROTOPLASM 3.          NITRATES
          Entropy/Syntrophy relation, a tiaidic,'elation allows itself to be represented
          Visible cycles- of nature - cloud topological                 topologically as the Klein' bottle, a space, shape of
     inside-outing, chemical element cycles, Biochemical              continuous insideness' and outsideness, where there are
     cycles etc.     -                                                  three relationships,, an inside and an outside, coming          THE NITROGEN BIOGEOCHEMICAL
        VIDEO KLE1N BOTTLE SPACE could be a rich                      together as one. The -triadic relationship allows                 CYCLE
     matrik for such and a powerful educational tooLfor
     and processing, uni Terse energy modulation monitoring _ qualatative statements, two things can be compared,
     such                                                                 with an apr ori. objective:
     universe process modelling, via World Games world
     inventory.                                                          an The feedback loop- can sweep in turning the process
                                                                             intuitive space upon which multi4evels participation
         They are deepest and most fundamental of all in the actualof video, manifesting, into the'triadic relation, creating
                                                                            information output. The concept of
    geometrical properties, since they persist under the most            cryseng in chemistry is' a Klein bottle           or triadic
    drastic changes in shape. There. are no solids, no straight . relationship; it brings two unrelated things together, an
    lines, only waves, no things, only energy events, only-            inside and outside and makes an overall stronger third.
    behaviours, only verbs, movement, only relationships,                     The nitrogen biochemical cycle is- triadic, "is a
    they allow information on a surface: a relation into .the          self-regulating feedback system making itself qualat
    third dimension. The information on the 2D video .'                  answers to its environment problems.
    transforms to the third dimension, through your
    imagination, your intuition.                TOPOLOGY is a
    conceptive transport device' upon which video
    information spins in your mind.
       No continum of feedback loops allows participation of
       the mind, in not receiving but, doing, you are the
       perceiver on- the surface- contained within the system.
       There is no ivision of inside and-outside,- in the Klein
       bottle you in relation to the transponative, relate to a .
       continuous bib-feedback, inside and outsidedness. No
       relationship is triadic, it -is the fist in the hand, the mind
       within the brain the word within the pen, the eye within
       the video, it allows a qualitive view of relations, through
       the step of intergrating waves intuition in the field.

       Topology space is continuum of surface, with respect

   stretched immediately governing transformation.
   only to anfrom one shape, to another whilst still It is a            1. STAR-DUST
                                                                        3. OXYGEN
   retaining the relation of relative position to its
   geometry of Ahe rubber sheet where surfaces are
   immediate neighbours in shape alone. It is the entering of           2. SOLAR PHOTO SYNTHETIC
                                                                         4. ATMOSPHERIC FREE CARBON
                                                                         5. PLANT
   room through the keyhold, by sucking the room out                     -
                                                                         PROCESS 6. OCEAN FOOD CHAIN
   through that key and examining. it as an inside on the               7. CHALK AND LIMESTONE DECOMPOSITION OF
   outside. Euler's postulate relating to surface states that
   LIMESTO'                                                             8. PLANT AND ANIMAL RESPIRATION AND DECAY
   V-F + E = 2 or the number of vertices minus the _                    9. TERRESTRIAL FOOD CHAIN
   number of faces ± the number of- edges = 2. This                     10. EXCRETA AND CELLULAR CARBON IN HUMUS
   information the V, 'F arid- E can be deformed to any                 11. MICROBE ACTIVITY
   shape still satisfying the equation.' This equation works            12. WOOD, GRASSES, ANIMAL, OIL BURNED
   for a sphere but if' a small hole is cut in that sphere and          13. HOUSEHOLD HEATING                                                      WORLD CARBON
   the information pulled onto the small hole cut V-F + E               14. INDUSTRIAL DECOMPOSITION OF' LIMESTONE,                                CYCLE
       2-1 or 1. This is the equation of a flat sheet. Or the           15. INDUSTRIAL DECOMPOSITION FOR PROCESSING
   description of an edge. The torus ring or doughnut is a              16. CULTIVATION AERATES SOIL AND INCREASES CARBON
   continually spinning loop which has an inside and an                 17. RETURNED THROUGH OTHER PROCESSES
   „,BLEEP,, , , ,THIS                IS TVE EPITORIAI.., , . , ,PLEEP, ,.„ ,PL~f-!...... DEEP, „. ,FLOOP,PLOP.PPM,ZAPZ 0t.,,r E.

                                                                                                                                                I WELL
                   A t a p e of student and resident action aFa~.nst landlord extremism in Adelaide is
           flotin to Sydney overnight. The next,day students see the videotape replayed on monitors
           in recreation areas and passageways around- campus. That night, people
           interested in resident action come out to the see the tape. They can immediately obtain
           information about the strike action without relying on commercial media.
           A tape can be flown i n from New Zealand showing the latest anti American demonstrations and
           suggesting tactics for an Australian situation.                     Lectures, tutorials,
           instructions,advice, AUS travel information,' student union news and gossip, and on ....
                                a campus video network working as an information exchange ultizing 1/2"
                                J standard video gear.              The possibilities     enormous.
           The media show arrives in Wellington s m a l l t o w n r1SW, The dome is erected and some street
           theatre lets the locals know that the trave.Lling media circus is in town. the next week
           or two the kids at the schools are shown how to make tv -shows,put out papers, use radio....shows
           in the dome during day and night get the locals involved in considering the need for c l o s e r
           examination-of the problems of blacks in the area. Myths about the omnipresence of commercial
           media are undone a s p e o p l e ` see how the media can work for them.
                                media should be accessible
                                community media must be a reality not a dream
                                we have a right to have acess t o tools to communicate
                                 no true perspective of socialism w i l l b e presented by capitalist
                                 interests who have too much to lose

                                        WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN..                                                     Paul Coulter

                 This issue of Tharunka-XL5 is all about media, but .                 Victoria Street      last weeks assorted odd'st;sodd's
             the underlying question of media - i s what ;does it                     Party Sunday 12th " from Woroni,Arena,RATS, Radical
             transmit and the influence it has on an audience: Media                  BLERTA,MICK FOWLER: Software, Ixtlan, Man, etc etc.
             i s communication. ,                                                     'afternoon .......
             The first weeks back for this session have shown how the                                 -
             communication of doing things together can be more -                     squattersneeded
             effective. Foundation Day (or week) this y e a r
             rejuvenated student involvement.                                               Professional. hell-raiser           repetition of the
             Although much ,of the involvement was self-indulgent,                          British Oz
                                                                                   Richard Neville, the Australian                  scandal?
             the . Foundation Day -Tharunka (lacking pornography                   famous for the obscenity trial of , • The =Mushrooming
             and satire) made a point about our city. The charities.                                       Oz magazine in,Britain,' has. Phenomenon. Why
             should receive over $2,000 and the _         Tharunkas                                        ,                 'Laundromat
             which were n o t -sold will be distributed to Resident                returned to .Australia after seven ,.automated washing
             Action Groups.                                                        centres have years,-busting our society. led to the
The first weeks of this session have seen an upsurge i s - : student               exploitation of modern
interest`ifn ,other things besides the degree at ivt'rsity: Let's hope                    As guest editor of : this         day washer-women.
interest continues and speads t o                                                  month's POL magazine , Richard • The problem most women
            revaluation ofi6i;d4ree itself.
                                                                                   thumps home his controversial . have =and hate! It itches,
                                       -                                           it lnioris and calhs on a"team of
                                                                                   o                                                de resses:, lt. shell
          Dar- oqpnieezs--te         the people who did the shit work              for your sex
                                                                                   special writers who slam- our" ,
          for Foundation Day, especially those who gave up part                                                              life ... and it isn't V.D.!
          ,.of their holiday to sell Thartinkas o n the day.
                                                                                   system!                                      p
                                                                                                                             Stepping out in drag -Zandra
                                                                                                                             Rhodes gear goes gay with Sylvia
                                                                                   • The e      School Kids' POL. Our         and the Synthetics.
                                                                                   local secondary students speak • Does L.S.D. fry your brains?
                                                                                   out against the sex roles they are Three people give their
                                                                                   opinions to play in schools. on the controversial drug.
                                                                                   expected    `
                                                                                   Could POL's publication of                - • Derelict Liberation-the
                                                                                   fight ;     .
                                                                                   student opinions lead to a.               to allow our city derelicts to
                                                                                   dro                                      out with dignity.
                                                                                                                                Read all'this and more in
                                                                                                                            this month's POL-if you dare!


    lift tie-, Nv on
                                  li~ue !

                                                                                                                                  At your newsagent
                          CONSULATE WYNYARD 4.3Opm
                               Now Polemical Pamphlet:
                 "A FALSE     PHILOSOPHY EXPLODED!"
                             by W.J. Brown
            Read this reply to E. Aarons' pamphlet "Philosophy for an
            Exploding World." It gives the philosophical basis for what
            happened to the Communist Party of Australia. A "must" for
            all followers of Australia's current political scene.
                               Price 40 cents plus postage.

                                  Obtainable only from
                      SOCIALIST WORLD BOOKSHOP 61 Liverpool
                           Street, Sydney. Phone: 26•5016
      Black Jack                                                  :     tiara vax¢r ochvaxer.

                WELFARE COLUMN                             BHP CAN CAMPAIGN                                    CHEAP CHILD MINDING CO-OP
           With the present cold of winter and           In March of this year an Adelaide ecology           The original purpose of Pooh Corner
      ugh price of woollen blankets, one needs 1     action group `friends of the earth,' made_ a        was to provide a cheap minding centre
      cheap way to keep warm, and that is with       film" exposing BHPs fraudulent rcycling             for children of students. Limited numbers
      another person. So in addition to cur          public relations programme. Ironically it was       and high costs have meant that only a
      woollen blanket we need our ever reliable      BHP who "                                           few     benefit-   from    it.  .Obviously
      contraceptives to stove of the patter of       paid .`friends of the earth' to make this           something which is within the reach of
      little feet next winter. Unfortunately the     film. Gabriell Laffite who exposed the              more students is' needed.
      Student health Centre fails to prescribe the   steel can fraud to the media - was                      If enough parents are interested, an
      pill so one must go :Isewhere, the best
      place being the Family Planning Clinic at      instrumental in obtaining this sum for              independent child minding co-operative
      Prince of Wales Hospital. If you have any      FOE from BHPO.                                      can be set up near campus. It will be
      problems at all regarding any form of                Once finished the film was seized by          staffed' on a roster system by parent/s of
      contraception, these - people are really-        Flinders University drama department and a        children who attend. It is hoped that
      great to see as they're always sympathetic       three way battle ensued betweenthe                .each parent will bring toys etc. to be
      to your, requests.                               University, FOE and BHP to get control of         shared.
                                                       the film. The University, under pressure              The costs will only be enough to cover
                                                       from students and FOE's lawyers                   rent. Anyone interested please leave your
                                                                                                         name, address, phone number, times
                                                      -                                                  available for roster at Students' Union
      PRINCE         HENRY          HOSPITAL,         were made to release the film and next             Office.
      Outpatients Dept., Anzac Parade, Little         Wednesday, August 8, as a -prelude to
      Bay 2036. Telephone . (besides above            national anti-can campaign, the film will
                                                      be screened in the Wurth - Room
                                                      commencing at 1.05 -pre. "
     numbers): 661-0111 Tuesday 6 p.m. - 8                  The film is not a technical accounting
     p.m.                                                of can recycling _- rather it is an account
     PRINCE OF. WALES HOSPITAL,                          o€ how the gimmick of recycling, an$the
     Outpatiens Dept., High Street, Randwick             fraud that - perpetuated that , gimmick
      2031. Telephone (besides above numbers)            'caused one -man to reveal the whale
      399-0111. Wednesday 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.                 fiasco. The film title, "Pandien" m eans
     Thursday 6-p.m. - 8 pan.                             duality - a :PR front and the reality are
                                                        shown-to result in a cri sis.
             If your favourite contraceptive has
                (yOu take it once a day dear not:
        once a~ ; week) then you can arrange to
              have - pregnancy testing done at the
          Student Health . Centre at the case. of         The: ponti,)n so far is that .students.
         Baser Steps to decide if it is one, none or entitled to rail concessions any time of
       twins: the year if they are travelling interstate_
           In the meantime sleep wasm and smile. AUS is still negotiating for the same
            With a. smile,                              concessions intrastate. = The present
                               Stephen Collocott - ' system gives the concessions only during
                                  Vicki Whitehead      vacations.
                                                          The aroma! 01 the (TNSfY Students'
                                                          Unipn. Puhtisfed by frans Timtnerman
                                                          in his capacity as
                   Gt_Studeilt publication, ilw i!ditot Hendertion           ~fol .19 No at
         printed by Maxwell Printing Co..Pty Ltd. 108Paul .oulter. Road. Registered15


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                                                                                                                                 Education Officers from the Department of Education
                                                                                                                                 will be, available for interview in Room 1 Hut G (near
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                                                                                                                                 Service)       during      term.
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                                                                                                                                                  Everyj'Thursday afternoon
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                                                                                                 3322.                            If 'you have a problem or wish to make an enquiry about
                                                                                                MOUSE for rent $36.00.
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                                                                                                I dining. Opp. prime Alfred       Room 1 or ring there for an appointment on 663-0351
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                                                                                                 volt inverters. Enable 6 volt               STAFF EMBARGO AT R.M.I T.
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amlet arid ,                                                                                       guarantee• ,
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                                                                                                    Experienced essay`            at
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                          iAAC: BAREk      Elsinore and world of leather and oak and                 Ring
                                                                                                    typistVeronica Thurtell       Staff Associations Council has placed an embargo on that
                                                                                                           on 82-2773
                           hdnhadiifleu                                                                   after 5.00 pre          College due to disputes relating to SECURITY OF
                                                                                                          8oc. footscap
                        ' comes a great roll your owl trtf)n o pasre,                                         Page.               TENURE:
        tings steepe                           i te tobacco.                                           DRESSMAKING
                         Royal Shag is a magnificent experience                                            bZ'SIGNING
                                                                                                  For all occaflons. Day         This action has the support of the RMIT Association of
                                                                                                                                   rofessional Staff which advises prospective applicants
                                                                                                 evening wear.                      at its members have decided to ` withhold their
                         that no roll-your-owner should miss; -                                   Mean cau between loam
                         Did Hamlet roll his own?                                                 -5                             professional co-operation from any person who accepts a
                                                                                                pre Tuesday -Saturday.
                                                                                                      Mrs L Chan,                position at RMIT during the embargo.
                          Had he, itprobably would have been                                          11/1.13 Houston            Any person considering. an academic appointment at
                          _ Royal Shag.                                                               Road,                      RMIT is advised to contact VICSAC'.' for further
                                                                                                THINKING of visiting
                                                                                                   Malaysaai,Want :ore info      'information.                            -
                                                                                                 the place( Contact UMSA         Authorised: R.W. Hinkley, General Secretary, VICSAC,
                                                                                                  Malaysian Students'
                                                                                                  =on) for FREE                  172 Chetwynd Street, North Melbourne 3051. Phone:
         Royal of the Great Danes
                                                                                                   orientation course. Box       (03)329-0372.                             `
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          Bush Y       T,' Xa$r AvVwA f> 1973, P

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