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									         Global Mobile Roaming: Operator Strategies,
                Opportunities and Challenges


With LTE services rolling out around the globe in 2011, operators and affiliates must prepare
 themselves for the transformative effect this will have on the telecoms industry, particularly
    the roaming sector. The enterprise roaming segment has long provided a reliable price
    inelastic revenue stream but this stream can be widened to include all subscribers and
increase revenues in a saturated market. International regulatory bodies are taking action in
  regards to roaming costs and we believe this is the right time to capitalise with smart and
                                  effective pricing strategies.

                           Roaming - Strategies and Revenues

How can additional revenues be gained from LTE roaming services? This research has shown
that Roaming revenues will reach over US $66 Billion in 2016. To capitalise, we describe the
  right strategies to embark upon within this holistic and timely report. The report further
 dissects roaming revenues year-by-year, region by region and by service type from 2011-
 2016. You will also discover the current roaming legislation, new business models and the
                                various drivers and barriers.

                          Why change roaming strategies now?

 Operators need to deal with data pricing and bill shock swiftly to ensure subscribers utilise
  roaming services in increasing numbers. This Visiongain report provides crucial data and
     forecasts for any current or potential member of the LTE and roaming ecosystems.

              Some of the key points researched and forecasted include:

                           • Global Mobile VoIP revenues by 2016
                           • Roaming fraud revenue loss by 2016
                        • Data traffic for mobile subscribers by 2016
         • % of subscribers switch off data services on their handsets while abroad
            • % of subscribers who feel roaming data charges are too expensive
           • % of global mobile subscribers who regularly utilise roaming services
          • % of operator revenues that will come from roaming services in 2011
          • % of operator revenues that will come from roaming services in 2016

                                   Table of contents :

                      E1 Transformation in European Mobile Roaming
                          E2 Data Roaming Regulations in the EU
               E3 Global Roaming - Is there a need for new Business Models?
                E4 LTE Spectrum refarming is changing the face of Roaming
                           E5 Points Emerged from this Research

                      1. Introduction - What is Global Mobile Roaming?
                                1.1 How Does Roaming Work?
                        1.2 Roaming Services - Voice and Beyond
                          1.2.1 Usage and Charges for Roaming

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