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					RHS#                                          Title                                  Author(s)
 3192 $2500 and a Dream (the Fansteel Story)                       Tennyson, Jon
 1232 10 Most Popular Short Wave Receivers                         Short Wave Craft
 2195 100 Electronic (Semiconductor) Circuits, Vol. 3              Aronson, Milton & Morrison, C.
 2021 100 Electronic Circuits                                      Aronson, Milton
 4289 1001 Radio Questions and Answers - 1927 Ed.                  Radio News
 4200 1001 Radio Questions and Answers, 1926 Ed.                   Adelman, Leon, Ed.
 3205 1001 Radio Questions and Answers, 1929 Ed.                   Ross, Allan K., Ed.
 3878 101 Electronic Projects for Under $10 (1971 Ed.)
 3000 101 Electronic Projects for Under $15                        Elementary Electronics
 1091 101 Key Troubleshooting Waveforms for Horiz. AFC- Osc Ckts   Middleton, Robert
 1090 101 Key Troubleshooting Waveforms for Horiz. Sweep Ckts      Middleton, Robert
 1233 101 Radio Hook-Ups                                           Radio News
 1236 101 Radio-Electronics Circuits                               Shunaman, Fred & Pascale, A.
 2659 101 Short Wave Hook-ups                                      Short Wave Craft
 1579 101 Ways to Use Your Color-TV Test Equipment                 Middleton, Robert
 3861 101 Ways to Use Your Ham Test Equipment, 1st Ed.             Middleton, Robert
 2618 101 Ways to Use Your Ham Test Equipment, 2nd Ed.             Middleton, Robert
 1376 101 Ways to Use Your Oscilloscope                            Middleton, Robert
 1536 101 Ways to Use Your VOM and VTVM, 2nd. Ed.                  Middleton, Robert
 1664 103 Simple Transistor Projects                               Kneitel, Tom
  651 104 Easy Projects for the Electronics Gadgeteer              Brown, Robert
 1526 104 Easy Transistor Projects You Can Build                   Brown, Robert M.
 1195 10th Anniversary Dinner, NBC                                 NBC
 2108 1-2-3-4 Servicing Stereo Amps                                Belt, Forest
  557 1-2-3-4 Servicing Transistor CB Two-Way Radios               Belt, Forest
  649 125 One-Transistor Projects                                  Turner, Rufus
 4111 14,000 Direct Tube Substitutes                               Cisin, H. G.
 3288 14th Ed. FM Atlas                                            Elving, Bruce
 1234 150 Radio Hook-Ups                                           Radio News
  923 150 Radio Television Picture Patterns & Diagrams Explained   Coyne
 2414 1927-1945 Small and Specialty Mfgrs. Radio Diagrams          Supreme
 2412 1927-1946 Phonograph and Radio-Phonograph Diagrams           Supreme
 3210 1930 Radio Directory
   27 1934 Official Short Wave Radio Manual                        Gernsback, Hugo
   33 1935 Radio Man's Guide                                       Cockaday, Laurence
  524 1936 Radio Data Book                                         Cockaday, Laurence
 1235 1945-1947 Post-War Automatic Record Changers                 Beitman, M.N.
 2413 1946-1950 Small and Specialty Mfgrs. Radio Diagrams          Supreme
  640 1952 Battery Factfinder Packet                               RCA
 4120 1954 Radio Annual, 17th Ed.                                  Alicoate, Jack (Ed.)
 1076 1955 Supplement to Westinghouse TV Service Manual            Westinghouse
  764 1957 Edition Hi-Fi Guide & Yearbook                          Tepfer, Charles
 2261 1958 Electrical Design Data Manual                           Kiver, Milton (Ed.)
   92 1958 Test Equipment Annual                                   Sams
 2442 1960-1961 TV Circuit Handbook                                Marshall, Samuel
 2028 1961 Audio Yearbook
 1595 1963 Tube Caddy Tube Substitution Guidebook                  Middleton, H. A.
 2077 1964 Tube Caddy Tube Substitution Guidebook                  Middleton, H. A.
 1212 1972 Popular Tube/Transistor Substitution Guide              TAB Books
3208 1972 Tube Caddy Tube Substitution Book                            Middleton, H. A.
1618 1973 Atlas of FM Repeaters                                        73
3333 1975 Tube Caddy Substitution Guidebook                            Middleton, H. A.
3089 1978 Ed. Amateur Radio Equipment Directory                        Gordon, Kenneth
1547 1978 Television Blue Book, 27th Ed.                               NARDA
3090 1979 Ed. Amateur Radio Equipment Directory                        Gordon, Kenneth
1347 199 Color TV Troubles and Solutions                               Goodman, Robert
3438 1993 Radio Amateur Callbook - International Listings
3437 1993 Radio Amateur Callbook - North American Listings
3439 1993 Radio Amateur Callbook - Supplement (NA and International)
1335 20 Years of Corn, Don McNeill's Breakfast Club                    McNeill, Don
1330 20 Years of Memory Time                                           McNeill, Don
1705 20th Century Journey                                              Shirer, William
  12 34 Lessons in Radio and Television                                Cockaday, Laurence
1229 4 Channel Stereo                                                  Sessions, Ken
1528 40 Uses for Germanium Diodes                                      Sylvania
 986 40 Uses for Germanium Diodes - 2nd Ed                             Sylvania
2706 50 Transistor Workship Projects                                   Radio Shack
 634 555 Timer Applications Source Book, w/Experiments                 Berlin, Howard
2826 65 Years of WGY (commemorative brochure)
2099 70 Years of Radio Tubes and Valves, 2nd Ed.                       Stokes, John
2622 73 Dipole and Long-Wire Antennas                                  Noll, Edward M.
3361 750 Practical Electronic Circuits                                 Phelps, Roland
3841 7th Audio Anthology - 1964                                        Audio
3948 99 Ways to Improve Your TV Reception                              Buckwalter, Len
3962 9XM Talking: WHA Radio and the Wisconsin Idea                     Davison, Randall
2606 A Basement Seat to History                                        Jurey, Philomena
1464 A Catalog of Equipment for Oscillography, 6th Ed.                 DuMont
2417 A Century of Wireless (EBU Technical Review, Spring 1995
3265 A Cookbook to Digital Filtering and Other DSP Applications
2338 A Course in Radio Fundamentals (1942)                             Grammer, George
2054 A Course in Radio Fundamentals (1948) 3rd Ed.                     Grammer, George
2408 A Course In Radio Fundamentals (1960) 4th Ed.                     Grammer, George
 751 A Course in Radio Fundamentals (1972)                             Grammer, George
1181 A Day in the Life of a Disk Jockey                                Wong, Michael
1099 A Dictionary of Electronic Terms - 7th ed                         Beam, Robert
1098 A Dictionary of Radio Terms - 1941 ed                             Gorder, L. O.
3322 A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney                                    Rooney, Andrew
  57 A Flick of the Switch, 1st Edition                                McMahon, Morgan
3508 A General Review of TVI Causes, Effects and Solutions             Babcock Electronics
1751 A Gift of Laughter                                                Sherman, Allan
2828 A Golden Age                                                      Wickham, Martha
1132 A Handbook of Wireless Telegraphy                                 Erskine-Murray, James
3249 A Legal Primer on Managing Museum Collections                     Malaro, Marie
2949 A Manual of Veneering                                             Villiard, Paul
1698 A Memoir by Arlene Francis                                        Francis, Arlene
3342 A Modern Transistor Workbook                                      Radio Shack
3250 A Museum Guide to Copyright and Trademark                         Shapiro, M., Miller, Brett`
1902 A Native's Return (Vol. 3)                                        Shirer, William
1619 A New Broadcast Transmitter Circuit Design for Frequency Mod      Morrison, J. F.
 460 A New Electronic Television System for the Amateur             Sherman, J. & Waller, L.
  51 A New Look at the Old Lighthouse                               Adair, James
1358 A New Way to Service Color TV                                  Babcoke, C.
  55 A Pictorial Album of Wireless and Radio                        Greenwood
  61 A Pictorial History of Radio                                   Settel, Irving
1381 A Pictorial History of Television                              Blum, Daniel
2735 A Primer on Museum Security                                    Keck, C., etal.
1762 A Reporter's Life                                              Cronkite, Walter
2974 A Resource Guide to the Golden Age of Radio                    Siegel, Susan and David
3232 A Shadow of Red                                                Everitt, David
2018 A Technological Survey of Broadcasting's Pre-History           Sivowitch, Elliott
1804 A Thousand Sundays                                             Bowles, Jerry
3301 A Voice from Afar                                              Collins, Robert
2097 A. Atwater Kent: The Man, the Manufacturer, and His Radios     Williams, R., Wolkonowicz, J., etal
 565 ABCs of Citizen's Band Radio                                   Buckwalter, Len
 553 ABCs of Citizen's Band Radio - 3rd Ed                          Buckwalter, Len
1561 ABCs of Computers                                              Lytel, Allan
4250 abc's of Electrical Soldering                                  Dezettel, Louis M.
 885 ABC's of FET's                                                 Turner, Rufus
 216 abc's of Ham Radio                                             Pyle, Howard
 578 ABC's of Radio-Frequency Heating                               Shields, John
2401 abc's of Silicon Controlled Rectifiers                         Lytel, Allan
2244 abc's of Tunnel Diodes                                         Galaan, Peter
1658 A-C Circuit Analysis                                           Schure, Alexander
2671 AC Set and Power Amplifier Manual                              Duston, Merle
1680 Accordian Man                                                  Floren, Myron
1328 Achievement in Radio                                           Snyder, W. & Bragaw, C.
  28 Acoustic Measurments                                           Beranek, Leo
2660 Across the Atlantic and Pacific via RCA                        RCA
1852 Acting is a Business                                           Joels, Merrill
3355 Active Filter Cookbook                                         Lancaster, Don
3236 Active Inductorless Filters                                    Mitra, Sanjit
 419 Active Networks                                                Rideout, Vincent
2085 Additional 1955 Television Servicing Information               Beitman, M. N.
2089 Additional 1962 Television Servicing Information               Beitman, M. N.
 643 Adjustment and Operation of Modulators                         Westinghouse
 796 Admiral Color TV Service Manual                                Davidson, Homer
1490 Advanced Color Television Servicing                            Sloop, Joseph
2117 Advanced Electrical Measurements                               Michels, Walter
3200 Advanced Electronic Communications Systems                     Tomasi, Wayne
 235 Advanced Mathematics for Electronics Technicians               U.S. Navy
 562 Advanced Radio Control                                         Safford, Edward, Jr.
3215 Advanced Servicing Techniques, Vol. 1, Color & B/W TV          Zbar, Paul and Orne, Peter
1531 Advanced Techniques for Troubleshooting With the Oscilloscop   Goodman, Robert
  13 Advanced Television Servicing Techniques                       Zbar, Paul
2007 Advanced Television Servicing Techniques, 2nd Ed.              Zbar, Paul
2069 Advances in Electronics and Electron Physics, Vol. 33A         Marton, L.
2948 Advances in Image Pickup and Display, Vol. 1                   Kazan, B. (Ed.)
1383 Adventure in Radio                                             Cuthbert, Margaret
1712 Adventures in Poetry                                           Malone, Ted
3326 AFN Answer Book                                                 Armed Forces Network
2763 AFRA Antics, October 11, 1946 (program booklet)                 AFRA
2764 AFRA Radio Fund Fest, Feb. 1945 (program booklet)               AFRA
 375 Air Cooled Transmitting Tubes TT 3                              RCA
4003 Aircraft Radio and Electrical Equipment                         Morgan, Howard
1890 Airline Radio Service Manuals, Vol. 1 (1929-1942)               Airline
 435 Aligning Philco Receivers (Vol. 1)                              Rider, John
1954 Aligning Philco Receivers (Vol. 2)                              Rider, John
 990 All About Aerials (Gernsback Ed. Library # 4)
 855 All About Aerials (reprint) - also original                     Consolidated Radio Call Book
1107 All About CB Two-Way Radio                                      Siegel, Hy
  63 All About Crystal Sets                                          Green, Charles
3259 All About Cubical Quad Antennas, 2nd. Ed.                       Orr, William
2423 All About FM Antennae and Their Installation                    Carini, L. F. B.
 988 All About Frequency Modulation
3053 All About Radio and Television, 2nd Ed.                         Gould, Jack
 266 All About Television                                            Derby, John
1350 All In One Alignment Handbook                                   Shane, Jay
4275 Alliance Tenna-Rotor Service Manual                             Alliance
2121 Allied Electronics 1971 Industrial Catalog (#710)               Allied Radio Corp.
 194 Allied Electronics 1972 Industrial Catalog (#720)               Allied Radio Corp.
1096 Allied Electronics Data Handbook - 5th Ed                       Carrington, Eugene
3524 Allied Industrial Electronics Catalog 1967 (No. 670)            Allied Electronics
 195 Allied Radio Catalog - 1948                                     Allied Radio Corp.
 181 Allied Radio Catalog - 1951                                     Allied Radio Corp.
 182 Allied Radio Catalog - 1953                                     Allied Radio Corp.
 183 Allied Radio Catalog - 1959                                     Allied Radio Corp.
 184 Allied Radio Catalog - 1960                                     Allied Radio Corp.
 185 Allied Radio Catalog - 1963                                     Allied Radio Corp.
 186 Allied Radio Catalog - 1964                                     Allied Radio Corp.
 187 Allied Radio Catalog - 1965                                     Allied Radio Corp.
 188 Allied Radio Catalog - 1966                                     Allied Radio Corp.
 189 Allied Radio Catalog - 1967                                     Allied Radio Corp.
 190 Allied Radio Catalog - 1968                                     Allied Radio Corp.
 191 Allied Radio Catalog - 1969                                     Allied Radio Corp.
 192 Allied Radio Catalog - 1970                                     Allied Radio Corp.
3525 Allied Radio Catalog No. 127 (1952)                             Allied Radio
 193 Allied Radio Shack 1971 Catalog (# 300)                         Allied Radio Corp.
 846 Allied's Radio Builder's Handbook -1943, 4th Ed                 Allied Radio Corp.
   4 Allied's Radio Builder's Handbook -1945                         Allied Radio Corp.
2031 Allied's Radio Builder's Handbook -1946                         Allied Radio Corp.
   6 Allied's Radio Builder's Handbook -1951                         Allied Radio Corp.
 975 Allied's Radio Data Handbook - 1943                             Allied Radio Corp.
2035 Allied's Radio Data Handbook - 1947                             Allied Radio Corp.
3891 Allied's Radio-Circuit Handbook - 1943                          Allied Radio Corp.
1460 Allied's Radio-Circuit Handbook - 1944                          Allied Radio Corp.
2032 Allied's Radio-Circuit Handbook - 1947                          Allied Radio Corp.
   3 Allied's Radio-Circuit Handbook - 1950                          Allied Radio Corp.
1247 Alternating Current Electricty & Its Appl. to Ind., 2nd Crse    Timbie, W. & Higbie, H.
 989 Alternating Current for Beginners (Gernsback Ed. Library # 3)
2119 Alternating Current Machinery                                      Bryant, John & Johnson, Elmer
1773 Alternating Currents in Radio Receivers                            Rider, John
2403 Amateur FM Conversion & Construction Projects                      Sessions, Ken. W., Jr.
 433 Amateur Radio - A Beginner's Guide                                 Fortune, J. Douglas
3363 Amateur Radio Antennas, 2nd Ed.                                    Hooton, Harry
2392 Amateur Radio Call Directory (1982-83 Ed.)                         Speer, Jack & Anand, Ashok
2445 Amateur Radio Field Resources Directory 1986-1987                  ARRL
 724 Amateur Radio Incentive Licensing                                  Brown, Robert & Kneitel, Tom
 781 Amateur Radio Novice Class Theory Course                           Schwartz, Martin
1035 Amateur Radio Stations of the United States                        FCC
 434 Amateur Radio Theory Course (1956)                                 Schwartz, Martin
 363 Amateur Radio Theory Course (1963)                                 Schwartz, Martin
 214 Amateur Radio Theory Course (1968)                                 Schwartz, Martin
3241 Amateur Radio Theory Course (1974)                                 Schwartz, Martin
3421 Amateur Radio: An International Resource for Technological, Econ   Tiffany, W. Moritz, K., Hacke, etal
2617 Amateur SSB Radio Guide                                            Hooton, Harry D.
2993 Amature Radio Mobile Handbook                                      Caringella, Charles
4252 Ameco Code Course                                                  Ameco
 844 AMECO Radio Amateur Q&A License Guide                              Schwartz, Martin
  46 America is My Neighborhood                                         Scott, Willard
1968 America Through the CBS Eye                                        The George Washington Univ.
1694 American Broadcasting                                              Lichty, Lawrence
1771 American Television                                                Eliot, Marc
1401 An Introduction to Radio and Television                            Phillips, D., Grogan, J., & Ryan, E
4286 An Introduction to Television                                      Hylander, C. J. & Harding, R. J.
1154 Analog Computer Techniques                                         Johnson, Clarence
 315 Analysis and Control of Non-Linear Systems                         Ku, Y. H.
3430 Analysis and Design of Electronic Circuits                         Chirlian, Paul
2231 Analysis and Design of Feedback Control Systems                    Thaler, George, & Brown, Robert
1388 And Now a Word from Our Sponsor                                    Morgan, Henry
3469 Annual Reports of the Federal Radio Comm. 1927-33                  Federal Radio Commission
2560 Antenna Assembly TM 11-5013                                        U.S. Army
2404 Antenna Data Reference Manual                                      Carr, Joseph
2636 Antenna Engineering Handbook                                       Jasik, Henry
3002 Antenna Fundamentals - NAVSHIPS 900, 121(A)                        US Navy
2637 Antenna Manual                                                     Smith, Woodrow
4008 Antenna Systems (AF Manual 52-19)                                  U.S. Air Force
3252 Antenna Theory and Design                                          Elliott, Robert S.
2201 Antennas                                                           Schure, Alexander
 570 Antennas                                                           Blake, Lamont
3044 Antennas and Antenna Systems (TM 11-314)                           War Dept.
 867 Antennas and Radio Propagation (TM11-666)                          U.S. Army
1532 Antennas for TV, CB, Shortwave, 2nd Ed.                            Dezettel, Louis
3445 Antennas: Selection, Installation, and Projects, 4th Ed.           Evans, Alvis & Britain, Kent
3224 Antique Radios: Restoration and Price Guide                        Johnson, David and Betty
 117 Antique Trader Radio and Television Price Guide                    Husfloen, Kyle
4115 Application of Radio and Television Principles (1 - 5th Ed.)       Coyne
4292 Applications Manual for Operational Amplifiers, 2nd Ed.            Philbrick/Nexus
 167 Applications of Oscilloscopes - Lesson 4                           Taylor, G. L.
3995 Applications of the Cathode Ray Oscilloscope in Radio Research     Watson-Watt, R. A., etal.
 399 Applied Electronics                                            MIT Staff
1204 Applied Electronics, 2nd Edition                               Gray, Truman
1442 Archer Semiconductor Reference Handbook                        Radio Shack
2802 Archer Semiconductor Replacement Guide, 1981 Ed.               Radio Shack
1537 Archer Transistor Substitution Guide                           Radio Shack
1184 Armstrong Memorial Research Foundation Directory
3953 ARRL Code Kit                                                  Harris, Charles
1431 ARRL Electronics Data Book                                     DeMaw, Doug
4237 ARRL Ham Radio Operating Guide (1976)                          White, Ellen
3005 ARRL Operating Manual                                          Halprin, Robert ; Editor
2885 ARRL's Vintage Radio                                           ARRL
2098 Arthur Collins: Radio Wizard                                   Stearns, Ben
1250 Arthur Godfrey's Stories I Like to Tell                        Godfrey, Arhtur
2289 As I Remember Them                                             Cantor, Eddie
1833 As It Happened: A Memoir                                       Paley, William S.
1666 Atomic Radiation Detection and Measurement                     Renne, Harold
2001 Atwater Kent Radio (1925 Ed.)                                  Atwater Kent
3984 Atwater Kent Radio (1926 Ed.)                                  Atwater Kent
3985 Atwater Kent Radio Instruction Book (3rd Ed.)                  Atwater Kent
3222 Atwater Kent Radio Instruction Book, Vol. 1                    Atwater Kent
2002 Atwater Kent Radio Instruction Book, Vol. 2                    Atwater Kent
3223 Atwater Kent Radio Instruction Book, Vol. 3                    Atwater Kent
3452 Atwater Kent Radio Parts List for Models 9, 10, 12, 20, etc.   Atwater Kent
 209 Audels Handy Book of Practical Electricity                     Graham, Frank
3212 Audels New Radiomans Guide (1940)                              Anderson, Edwin P.
4007 Audels New Radiomans Guide (1944)                              Anderson, E. P.
 493 Audels Radiomans Guide                                         Graham, Frank
1455 Audel's Television Service Manual (1951)                       Anderson, Edwin
2139 Audel's Television Service Manual (1953)                       Anderson, E. P.
2439 Audio Cyclopedia, 2nd Ed.                                      Tremaine, Howard
3520 Audio Handbook                                                 Bohn, Dennis, etal.
2307 Audio Measurements                                             Crowhurst, Norman
3073 Audio/Radio Handbook                                           National Semiconductor
1198 Aunt Sammy's Radio Recipies                                    USDA
 991 Auto Radio Installation and Servicing                          Sylvania
 998 Auto Stereo Service and Installation                           Dorweiler, Paul
 414 Automatic Feedback Control                                     Ahrendt, W. & Taplin, J.
 100 Automatic Frequency Control Systems                            Rider, John
2095 Automatic Record Changers and Recorders                        Rider, John
 430 Automatic Volume Control                                       Rider, John
 674 Automobile Radio and Servicing - 3rd Ed                        Martin, Louis
2275 Aviation Radio                                                 Roberts, Henry
1953 Bachelor's Children                                            Flynn, Beth
2299 Basic Audio Course                                             Hoefler, Donald Car
 366 Basic Carrier Telephony                                        Talley, David
2116 Basic Color Television Course                                  Prentiss, Stan
 391 Basic Course in Radio (for Midshipmen)                         Nyquist, W.
 601 Basic Digital Electronics                                      Ryan, Ray
2074 Basic Electrical Measurements                                  Stout, Melville
 650 Basic Electricity and Beginning Electronics                    Clifford, Martin
3425 Basic Electron Tubes                                        Geppert, Donovan
1141 Basic Electronic Test Instruments                           Turner, Rufus
2046 Basic Electronics                                           U.S. Navy
3067 Basic Electronics Course                                    Crowhurst, Norman
3337 Basic Electronics, 3rd Ed.                                  Zbar, Paul
1145 Basic Electronics, 3rd Edition                              Grob, Bernard
3811 Basic Electronics, Vol. 1                                   Van Valkenburgh, Nooger, & Neville
2739 Basic Equipment Manual                                      Vancouver Cooperative Radio
1148 Basic Feedback Control System Design                        Savant, C. J., Jr.
 689 Basic Field Manual - Signal Corps 2nd Ed                    War Department
1219 Basic Math Course for Electronics                           Jacobowitz, Henry
 736 Basic Mathematics for Electricity, Radio, and Television    Singer, B B
1895 Basic Mathematics for Electronics                           Cooke, Nelson
3407 Basic Mathematics for Radio                                 Maedel, George
1377 Basic Oscillators                                           Gottlieb, Irving
 130 Basic Radio                                                 Hoag, J. B.
 488 Basic Radio Course                                          Frye, John
1224 Basic Radio Course, 2nd Edition                             Frye, John
 476 Basic Radio Operator - Vol 1                                U.S. Air Force
 477 Basic Radio Operator - Vol 2                                U.S. Air Force
4261 Basic Radio Repair, Vol. 2                                  Tepper, Marvin
4262 Basic Radio, Part 1, Ed. Series EK-2A                       Heath Co.
1558 Basic Radio, Vol. 4, AM & FM Rcvrs.                         Tepper, Marvin
1559 Basic Radio, Vol. 6, Transmitters                           Tepper, Marvin
3837 Basic Radio: Theory and Servicing, 3rd Ed.                  Zbar, Paul
 262 Basic Television - Principles & Servicing                   Grob, Bernard
2136 Basic Television - Principles and Servicing, 2nd Ed.        Grob, Bernard
1207 Basic Television, 3rd Edition                               Grob, Bernard
 596 Basic Television, Vol. 3 (TV Receiver Circuit Expln.)       Schure, Alexander
1443 Basic Theory and Application of Transistors, TM 11-690      U.S. Army
 864 Basic Theory and Applications of Electron Tubes(TM11-662)   U.S. Army
1329 Basic Transistors                                           Schure, Alexander
2990 Beam Antenna Handbook                                       Orr, William I.
1706 Before Television                                           Taylor, Glenhall
1687 Before the Colors Fade                                      Reasoner, Harry
4194 Beginner's Guide to Tube Audio Design                       Rozenblit, Bruce
  56 Behind the Front Panel                                      Rutland, David
3007 Belden Magnet Wire Handbook 13
4108 Below Ten Meters                                            Millen, James and Kruse, Robert
 935 Bench Servicing Made Easy                                   Middleton, Robert
3323 Berlin Calling                                              Edwards, John C.
1945 Berlin Diary                                                Shirer, William
3318 Best Broadcasts of 1938-39                                  Wylie, Max
1498 Best Cartoons from Electronic Technician                    Electronic Technician
3484 Best of Bloopers                                            Schafer, Kermit
3949 Best Ways to Use Your VOM and VTVM                          Shunaman, Fred, Ed.
3950 Better Management Guides (for service shops)                Electronic Servicing
2327 Better TV Reception in Fringe and Low-Signal Areas          Smith, Woodrow & Dawley, R. L.
2014 Bibliography of Frank Conrad                                Kraeuter, David
 164 Bibliography of the History of Electronics                  Shiers, George
1785 Bill Stern's Favorite Baseball Stories                              Stern, Bill
1927 Bing                                                                Thompson, Charles
1930 Bing and Other Things                                               Crosby, Kathryn
3463 Bits of Wireless History from Gray History of Wireless Museum       Gray, G. J.
3311 Bob Hope: A Half Century on Radio and Television                    Museum of Broadcasting
4119 Bob Johnson FCC License Course for 1st Class FCC License            Johnson, Bob
4165 Border Radio                                                        Fowler, Gene & Crawford, Bill
3299 Border Radio - Revised Edition                                      Fowler, Gene and Crawford, Bill
2329 Brass Button Broadcasters                                           Christman, Trent
2268 Breakfast Club Family Album                                         McNeill, Don
2270 Breaking News                                                       MacNeil, Robert
 163 British Radio and Television Pioneers                               Kraeuter, David
3987 Broadcast Antennas: AM, FM, and TV (Electronics course)             Winter, Glenn
   1 Broadcast Equipment Catalog, AM, FM, and Television, 1950           RCA
 172 Broadcast Operator's Handbook                                       Ennes, Harold
 365 Broadcasting in America                                             Head, Sydney
1768 Broadcasting: Radio and Television                                  Ewbank, H. & Lawton, S.
2814 Broadcasting's Better Mousetrap (FM)                                FM Broadcasters, Inc
1146 Buchsbaum's Complete HB of Practical Elec. Ref. Data, 2nd Ed        Buchsbaum, W.
2389 Build a Personal Earth Station for Worldwide Sat. TV Recept.        Traister, Robert
2994 Build Useful Electronic Accessories for Your Car                    Buckwalter, Len
2707 Build Useful Electronic Gadgets for Your Home                       Hoberman, Stuart
3461 Building & Installing G5RV Antennas for Effective Multiband Perf.
2096 Building and Designing Transistor Radios                            Warring, R. H.
3248 Building Board Diversity                                            Rutledge, Jennifer
1243 Bunnell Catalog, 28th Ed., 1918 (reprint)                           Bunnell
2830 Burr Tillstrom's Kuklapolitan Courier Year Book                     Tillstrom, Burr
1818 But We Were Born Free                                               Davis, Elmer
1894 By Elmer Davis                                                      Davis, Elmer
1850 By Quentin Reynolds                                                 Reynolds, Quentin
3870 Calculations on Vacuum Tubes and the Design of Triodes              Kusunose, Yuziro
1868 Call Me Lucky                                                       Martin, Pete
3271 Calvin Coolidge: Our First Radio President                          Wallace, Jerry L.
 200 Cameradio Catalog - 1964                                            Cameradio
1791 Can You Top This?                                                   Ford, E., Hershfield, H., Laurie, J
2259 Carrier and Microwave Dictionary                                    Lenkurt
2029 Cassette Tape Recorders - Care and Repair                           Salm, Walter
 114 Catalog #20, Electro Importing Co. (reprint)                        Electro Importing
 455 Catalog of Electron Tube Types Used by the Navy (NAVSHIPS900,075)   Navy Dept.
2655 Catalogue R-6 Radio Supplies (Julius Andrae & Sons)
1999 Cathode Ray Tube Displays (Rad Lab 22)                              Soller, T., Starr, M., etal.
 869 Cathode Ray Tubes and Their Associated Circuits (TM 11-671)         U.S. Army
3502 CATV Data Book                                                      Scientific Atlanta
1881 Cavalcade of Broadcasting                                           Mitchell, Curtiss
 554 CB Radio Accessories                                                Sands, Leo
 925 CB Radio Operator's Guide                                           Brown, Robert
3006 CB Radio: A Complete Guide                                          Buckwalter, Len
 572 CB Radios - A Practical Guide                                       Dolowich, Madeline
2005 CB Rules and Regulations                                            Sams
 686 CBS: Reflections in a Bloodshot Eye                                 Metz, Robert
1106 Central Radio & TV Schools - Corresp. Course Lessons 1, 2
 938 Characteristics and Apps of Solion Electrochemical Devices      Union Carbide
 850 Characteristics of Cathode Ray Tubes                            Sylvania
 849 Characteristics of Sylvania Receiving Tubes                     Sylvania
3466 Charateristics Chart and Socket Connections of RCA Rcvg Tubes   RCA
2153 Charles Herrold, Inventor of Radio Broadcasting                 Greb, Gordon & Adams, Mike
1779 Charley Weaver's Family Album                                   Arquette, Cliff
2340 Circuit Analysis by Laboratory Methods                          Skroder, C. & Helm, M.
2180 Circuits Manual                                                 Motorola
 552 Citizen's Band Radio Handbook, Rev Ed.                          Hicks, David
 974 Citizen's Band Radio Service Manual                             Burnes, Robert & Sands, Leo
1238 Classic Cones                                                   Chidester, Buford & Jane
1735 Classic TVs, Pre-War thru 1950s, with Price Guide               Wood, Scott
1871 Close Encounters                                                Wallace, Mike
1605 Closed Circuit and Industrial Television                        Knoll, Edward
1642 Closed-Circuit Television Handbook                              Wortman, Leon
2043 CMOS Cookbook                                                   Lancaster, Don
3357 CMOS Databook, Natl. Semiconductor                              National Semiconductor
 614 Codes and Code Practice                                         Dart, Harry
3336 Collecting Old Radios and Crystal Sets                          Alth, Max
2729 Collections Management 101                                      Heaver, M & Stevens, V.
  53 Collector's Guide to Antique Radios, 4th Edition                Bunis, Marty
2703 Collector's Guide to Antique Radios, 6th Edition                Slusser, John
3495 Collector's Guide to Antique Radios, Seventh Ed.                Slusser, John
  45 Collectors Guide to Transistor Radios, 2nd Edition              Bunis, Marty
1734 Collector's Guide to Vintage Televisions                        Durbal, B. & Bubenheimer, G.
1913 College Bowl Quiz Book                                          Nasr, Carol
3927 Color and Black & White Television Theory and Servicing         Liff, Alvin
 950 Color Television - Simplified Theory and Service Techniqes      Fink, Donald
1569 Color Television Engineering                                    Wentworth, John
 954 Color Television for the Service Technician                     Saunders, Albert
1650 Color Television Fundamentals                                   Kiver, Milton
1578 Color Television Receiver Practices                             Dean, Charles
1027 Color Television Servicing (B507-B509)                          NRI
1028 Color Television Servicing (B510-B512)                          NRI
1029 Color Television Servicing (B513-B515)                          NRI
1030 Color Television Servicing (B516-B518)                          NRI
1016 Color Television: Selection, Operation, Servicing, 1957 Ed.
2790 Color Television: Theory and Servicing                          Herrick, Clyde N.
  82 Color TV Circuit Operation Guide, Revised & Expanded            Electronic Servicing
1548 Color TV Field Service Guide, Vol. 1                            Sams
1549 Color TV Field Service Guide, Vol. 2                            Sams
1560 Color TV Field-Service Guide, Vol. 3                            Sams
2822 Color TV Fundamentals, 2nd Ed.                                  Kiver, Milton
 916 Color TV Guidebook                                              Electronic Technician/Dealer
 958 Color TV GuideBook                                              Sams
1457 Color TV Service Handbook                                       RCA
  11 Color TV Service Manual (GE)                                    Goodman, Robert L.
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3418 Color TV Servicing Made Easy, Vol. 3                           Lemmons, Wayne & Babcoke, Carl
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1203 Color TV Servicing, 4th Ed.                                    Buchsbaum, Walter
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2803 Color TV Trouble Cures, Vol. 2                                 Sams
2804 Color TV Trouble Cures, Vol. 3                                 Sams
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1590 Complete Guide to Modern VCR Troubleshooting and Repair        Lenk, John
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2773 Consumer Electronics Systems Tech. Interfer. HBK - TV Interf   EIA
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2971 Conversion Diagrams                                            R&M Radio
1123 Converting to Large Picture Tubes
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2200 Crystal Handbook
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1554 Dial Cord Stringing Guide, Vol. 2 (DC-2)                       Sams
1555 Dial Cord Stringing Guide, Vol. 3 (DC-3)                       Sams
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1556 Dial Cord Stringing Guide, Vol. 5 (DC-5)                       Sams
1557 Dial Cord Stringing Guide, Vol. 8 (DC-8)                       Sams
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2767 Directional Antenna Handbook                                   Jones, Robert A.
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 732 Directory of Radio Broadcasting Stations                       Clapp, James
4168 Dirty Discourse: Sex and Indency in American Radio             Hilliard, Robert & Keith, Michael
3329 Discovering Electronics                                        Douglas-Young, John
1334 Don McNeill's Breakfast Club 1948 Yearbook                     McNeill, Don
1333 Don McNeill's Breakfast Club 1950 Yearbook                     McNeill, Don
1336 Don McNeill's Breakfast Club 1954 Yearbook                     McNeill, Don
1331 Don McNeill's Favorite Poems                                   McNeill, Don
1936 Donahue: My Own Story                                          Donahue, Phil
1182 Don's Other Life                                               McNeill, K.
1839 Don't Let Them Scare You: The Life & Times of Elmer Davis      Burlingame, Roger
1836 Don't Shoot, It's Only Me                                      Hope, Bob
3954 Dry Batteries                                                  Schneider, Norman
1697 Due to Circumstances Beyond Our Control                        Friendly, Fred
 699 DuMont Industrial Cathode Ray Tubes                            DuMont
 660 DuMont Multiplier Phototubes                                   Dumont
1463 DuMont Multiplier Photo-Tubes                                  DuMont
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3532 Early FM Radio                                                 Frost, Gary
1592 Early Radio Wave Detectors                                     Phillips, Vivian
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2633 Electronic Circuits Handbook (Vol. II)                         Kneitel, Tom
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2220 Electronic Components Handbook, Vol. 2                         Wright Air Develop. Center
2386 Electronic Components Hobby Manual, 2nd. Ed.                   GE
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2301 Electronic Designers' Handbook                                 Landee, R., David, D., & Albrecht
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1149 Electronic Engineering                                         Seely, Samuel
2061 Electronic Engineering                                         Alley, Charles
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3014 Electronic Projects You Can Make                              Fawcett, Roger
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 742 Electronic Shortcuts for Hobbyists - 2nd Ed [Diodes]          Sylvania
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1059 Electronic Technician 101
1060 Electronic Technician 103
1061 Electronic Technician 104
 919 Electronic Technician 104 - Vol 4
1062 Electronic Technician 106
1063 Electronic Technician 107
1231 Electronic Technician's Handbook of Time-Savers & Shortcuts   Grolle, Carl
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1998 Electronic Time Measurements (Rad Lab 20)                     Chance, B., Hulsizer, R., etal.
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2800 Electronic Troubleshooting with Simplified Circuit Analysis   Rozman, Leo
 268 Electronics                                                   Millman, Jacob & Seely, Samuel
 288 Electronics                                                   Corcoran, George & Price, Henry
1206 Electronics                                                   Parker, P.
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3022 Electronics Circuit Designer's Casebook Vol. II
3965 Electronics Data Book                                         Radio Shack
2626 Electronics Data Handbook                                     Clifford, Martin
3082 Electronics Designer's Casebook Number 1                      Electronics
3021 Electronics Designer's Casebook Number 2
3085 Electronics Designer's Casebook Number 3                      Electronics
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2565 Electronics' Engineering Manual
 621 Electronics' Engineering Manual (1938)                        Electronics
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 541 Electronics' Engineering Manual (1940)                        Electronics
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2228 Electronics' Engineering Manual, Vol. III
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 956 Electronics Installation and Servicing Handbook - 1967
 957 Electronics Installation and Servicing Handbook - 1968
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2044 Electronics Technician 2, Vol. 2, NAVPERS 10191                U.S. Navy
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  40 Elektromagnetische Schwingungen & Drahtlose Telegraphie        Zenneck, J.
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1230 Elements of Tape Recorder Circuits                             Burstein, Herman & Pollak, H.
1087 Eliminating Manmade Interference                               Darr, Jack
4173 Emergency Broadcasting and 1930s American Radio                Miller, Edward
3312 Emmy's Twentieth Anniversary                                   Natl. Academy of Telev. Arts & Scie
3309 Empire of the Air                                              Lewis, Tom
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2363 Encyclopedia of Radio, Vol. 2                                  Sterling, C. H. (Editor)
2364 Encyclopedia of Radio, Vol. 3                                  Sterling, C. H. (Editor)
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4133 Encyclopedia of Television, 2nd. Ed., Vol. 2                   Newcomb, Horace, Ed.
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4145 Encyclopedia of Television, 2nd. Ed., Vol. 4                   Newcomb, Horace, Ed.
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2024 Engineers Mini-Notebooks - Basic Semicond. Circuits           Mims, Forrest III
2026 Engineers Mini-Notebooks - Digital Logic Circuis              Mims, Forrest III
2023 Engineers Mini-Notebooks - Op-Amp IC Circuits                 Mims, Forrest III
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1614 Essential Characteristics - 12th Ed.                          GE
 769 Essential Characteristics - Receiving Types                   GE
 921 Essential Characteristics (No Ed. Listed)                     GE
2324 Essential Characteristics (tubes, pic. tubes, germ. diodes)   GE
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1125 Family Fun in Tape Recording                                  Ahlers, Arvel
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1242 Federal Radio Receiving Apparatus (reprint)                   Babcock, Larry
2017 Federal Telegraph Company                                     Mayes, Thorn
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 817 Feedback                                                      Crowhurst, N H
3310 Fessenden: Builder of Tomorrows                               Fessenden, Helen
2187 FET Circuits                                                  Turner, Rufus
1671 Field Effect Transistor Projects                               Motorola
1194 Field Radio Techniques                                         U.S. Army
1439 Field-Effect Transistors                                       Sevin, Leonce J. Jr.
 733 Fifth Annual Report of the Federal Radio Commission            FCC
1864 Fifty Fabulous Years                                           Kaltenborn, H. V.
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3267 Filter Handbook Vol. 2 - Design                                Breed, Gary, Ed.
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1955 Five Women I Love                                              Hope, Bob
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4116 FM Simplified, 2nd Ed.                                         Kiver, Milton S.
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2585 Foreign Radio Amateur Callbook Mag., 1976 Vol. 53, #4
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1759 Forever Hold Your Banner High                                  Bowles, Jerry
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2198 Frequency Changers                                             Gottlieb, Irving
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2358 Frequency Modulation                                           Sturley, K. R.
 625 Frequency Modulation                                           Hund, August
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2771 From 5 Watts to 1,000 Watts                                    Meade, Russell
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3300 From CB to Ham Beginner                                        Stanley, J. A.
2775 From D-Day through Victory in Europe (War Correspondents)      CBS
1886 From Mary Noble to Mary Hartman                                Edmonson, Madeline
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1647 Functional Circuits and Oscillators                            Reich, Herbert
1437 Fundamental Electronics and Vacuum Tubes                       Albert, Arthur
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1580 Fundamentals of Color Television                               Boyce, William
2680 Fundamentals of Color TV for Service Technicians               RETMA
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4234 Fundamentals of Radio Telemetry                                Tepper, Marvin
3028 Fundamentals of Television Engineering                         Glasford, Glenn
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2306 Fundamentals of Vacuum Tubes, 1st Ed.                          Eastman, Austin
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1385 Fundamentals of Writing for Radio                              Cowgill, Rome
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2030 Gates Equipment Catalog                                        Gates
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 993 GE Transistor Manual, 2nd Ed                                   GE
2181 GE Transistor Manual, 3rd Ed.                                  GE
2178 GE Transistor Manual, 4th Ed.                                  GE
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4217 Getting Publicity                                            Fletcher, Tana and Rockler, Julia
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2705 Getting Started in Electronics, 2nd Ed.                      Allied Radio Corp.
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1793 Ginny Gordon and the Broadcast Mystery                       Campbell, Julie
3444 Glossary of Communications                                   Smith, Emerson C.
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 857 Golden Classics of Yesteryear                                Ingram, Dave
  62 Golden Jubilee 1909-1959                                     Radio Club of America
1812 Golden Throats and Silver Tongues: The Radio Announcers      Poindexter, Ray
1824 Good Evening Everybody                                       Thomas, Lowell
1746 Good Evening: A Personal Memoir                              Swing, Raymond
1137 Gracie: A Love Story                                         Burns, George
1940 Grand Old Opry                                               WSM
 345 Graphical Constructions for Vacuum Tube Circuits             Preisman, Albert
1827 Groucho                                                      Arce, Hector
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 475 Ground Radio Operator - Vol 2                                U.S. Air Force
1409 Growing Up in St. Paul, Minnesota                            DeCoster, Donald W., Jr.
3951 Guide to CB Servicing                                        Electronic Servicing
  81 Guide to Color TV Servicing                                  Electronic Servicing
4193 Guide to Old Radios                                          Johnson, David & Betty
4131 Guide to Short Wave Listening                                Hallicrafters
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3083 Guidebook of Electronic Circuits                             Markus, John
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1011 Hawkins Electrical Guide No 10 (1917)
1003 Hawkins Electrical Guide No 2 (1917)
1004 Hawkins Electrical Guide No 3 (1917)
1005 Hawkins Electrical Guide No 4 (1917)
1006 Hawkins Electrical Guide No 5 (1917)
1007 Hawkins Electrical Guide No 6 (1917)
1008 Hawkins Electrical Guide No 7 (1917)
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4123 Hawkins Electrical Guide No. 2 (1914)
4124 Hawkins Electrical Guide No. 3 (1914)
4125 Hawkins Electrical Guide No. 4 (1914)
4126 Hawkins Electrical Guide No. 5 (1914)
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4128 Hawkins Electrical Guide No. 7 (1915)
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1939 Here's Ed                                                         McMahon, Ed
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2453 Hints & Kinks for the Radio Amateur - Vol. 3                      ARRL
 748 Hints & Kinks for the Radio Amateur - Vol. 4                      ARRL
4257 Hints and Kinks for the Radio Amateur - Vol. 9 (1974)             ARRL
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1809 History As You Hear It                                            Thomas, Lowell
3325 History of AFRTS: The First 50 Years                              AFRTS
4276 History of Communications-Electronics in the United States Navy   Howeth, Capt. L. S.
3946 Hobby Project Manual                                              International Rectifier
3934 Home Audio Systems Vol. 1 - Capehart, Zenith                      TAB
3935 Home Audio Systems Vol. 2 - Coronado, Channel Master, Hitachi     TAB
3936 Home Audio Systems Vol. 3 - Admiral, Automatic, Midland, Sharp    TAB
1857 Honest, Abe                                                       Burrows, Abe
1726 How My World Turns                                                Fulton, Eileen
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1862 How Sweet It Is                                                   Bacon, James
1876 How Sweet It Was                                                  Shulman, Arthur
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1959 How to Become a Radio Amateur - 1968 Ed.                            ARRL
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1776 How to Become a Ventriloquist                                       Bergan, Edgar
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1032 How to Build and Operate Short Wave Receivers
1244 How to Build and Operate the Ultradyne Model L-2                    Lacault
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2988 How to Hear Police, Fire, and Aircraft Radio                        Buckwalter, Len
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1736 How to Make Your Own Radiophone
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2681 How to Save Time Analyzing and Tracing TV Circuits, 2nd Ed.         Kiver, Milton S.
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1200 How to Use Color TV Test Instruments                                Goodman, Robert
 825 How to Use Diagrams in Radio Servicing                              Supreme
1510 How to Use Signal & Sweep Generators                                Johnson, J. Richard
1201 How to Use Test Instruments in Electronics Servicing                Shunaman, Fred
1225 How To Use Your VOM, VTVM, and Oscilloscope                         Clifford, Martin
1398 How to Write Television Comedy                                   Settel, Irving
1185 How Well I Remember Radio Days                                   Turano, Vivian
2675 Howard W. Sams Photofact Television Course, 2nd Ed.              Sams
 311 Hyper & Ultra High Frequency Engineering                         Sarbacher, Robert & Edson, William
3296 I Broadcast the Crisis                                           Kaltenborn, H. V.
1853 I Kid You Not                                                    Parr, Jack
1686 I Looked and I Listened                                          Gross, Ben
1760 I Love Her, That's Why!                                          Burns, George
1805 I Never Left Home                                                Hope, Bob
1858 I Owe Russia $1200                                               Hope, Bob
1878 I Remember Jimmy                                                 Adler, Irene
1820 I Talk As I Like                                                 Carter, Boake
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4238 Images of Peace                                                  CBS
2194 Impedance Matching                                               Schure, Alexander
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1887 In Search of Light: The Broadcasts of Edward R. Murrow           Bliss, Edward, Jr.
1119 In the Storm of the Eye: A Lifetime at CBS                       Leonard, Bill
4161 Indelible Images: Women of Local Television                      Beadle, Mary & Murray, Michael, Ed.
2092 Index (to MIT Rad Lab Series) (Rad Lab 28)                       Henney, K., etal.
 161 Index to Radio and Electronics Patents                           Kraeuter, David
1083 Index to Transactions of the AIEE - Vol 1 (1884-1900)            AIEE
1084 Index to Transactions of the AIEE - Vol 2 (1901-1910)            AIEE
1085 Index to Transactions of the AIEE - Vol 3 (1911-1921)            AIEE
2303 Inductance Calculations                                          Grover, Frederick
1572 Industrial Control Electronics                                   Mandl, Matthew
 886 Industrial Electronic Control                                    Cockrell, W D
3413 Industrial Electronic Tubes, Course 25                           Westinghouse
 428 Industrial Electronics                                           Coyne Staff
2073 Industrial Electronics and Control                               Kloeffler, Royee
1662 Industrial Transistor & Semiconductor Handbook                   Tomer, Robert
 985 Industrial Uses for Germanium Crystals                           Sylvania
 767 Information on US Radio Patents and Suits - Supp 1               RMA
 768 Information on US Radio Patents and Suits - Supp 2               RMA
2233 Information Transmission, Modulation, and Noise                  Schwartz, Mischa
1770 Information, Please!                                             Golenpaul, Dan
2614 Inside ABC                                                       Quinlan, Sterling
3864 Inside Electronics                                               Upton, Monroe
2286 Inside the Vacuum Tube                                           Rider, John
3370 Inside TV tuners                                                 PF Reporter Editors
 705 Installation & Maintenance of Telegraph Printer Equipment        U.S. Government
4113 Installation and Servicing of Low Power Public Address Systems   Rider, John
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3365 Integrated Circuit Projects - 2nd Ed.                              Rakes, Charles
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3218 Interence Handbook: Television Interference                        EIA
2654 Interference Notebook                                              Heisler, K. G., Jr., etal.
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1449 International Morse Code, TM 11-459, TO 31-3-16                    U.S. Army
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1635 International Radio Tube Encyclopedia (Copy 2)                     Babani, Bernard
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1018 International Rectifier Corp. - Solar Cell & Photo Cell Hnbk
1015 International Rectifier Corp. - Zener Diode Handbook               International Rectifier
1700 International Television Almanac - 1956                            Aaronson, Charles
  38 Intro. to Television Receiver Design Volume 1                      Philco
  39 Intro. to Television Receiver Design Volume 2                      Philco
4117 Introducing International Radio                                    MacHarg, Kenneth
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1577 Introduction to Color TV                                           Kaufman, Milton
3032 Introduction to Color TV, 2nd Ed.                                  Kaufman, M. & Thomas, H.
1654 Introduction to Electric Circuits                                  Jackson, Herbert
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2240 Introduction to Electrical Transients                              Kurtz, Edwin, & Corcoran, George
1563 Introduction to Electron Tubes and Semiconductors                  Alvarez, E. C.
2130 Introduction to Electronics                                        Hughes, R. J. & Pipe, Peter
 103 Introduction to Electronics                                        Gray, Paul
1541 Introduction to Electronics                                        Mims, Forrest M. III
1448 Introduction to Electronics (NAVPERS 10084)                        U.S. Navy
2157 Introduction to Electronics (TM 11-660)                            U.S. Army
2059 Introduction to Electronics I                                      Grob, Bernard, & Kiver, M.
2058 Introduction to Electronics II                                     Grob, Bernard, & Kiver, M.
1218 Introduction to Hi-Fi                                              Brown, Clement
2393 Introduction to Industrial Electronics                             Benedict, R. Ralph
3958 Introduction to Integrated Circuits & IC Projects                  Middleton, Robert
 592 Introduction to Integrated Semiconductor Circuits                  Khambata, Adi
 774 Introduction to Microwaves                                         Ramo, Simon
4147 Introduction to Satellite TV                                       Bowick, C. & Kearney, T.
3030 Introduction to Space Communication Systems                        Krassner, George & Michaels, Jackso
3997 Introduction to UHF Circuits and Components                        Kiver, Milton
 471 Introductory Microwave Techniques                                  Tinnell, Richard
2953 Intuitive IC OP Amps                                               Frederiksen, Thomas
 371 Invention and Innovation in the Radio Industry                     Maclaurin, W. Rupert
 453 Inverse Feedback                                                   Schure, Alexander
4158 Invisible Stars: A Social History of Women in Amer. Broadcasting   Halper, Donna
 683 Ionospheric Radio Propagation (NBS Circ 462)                       NBS
3024 Ionospheric Radio Propagation (NBS Monograph 80)                   Davies, Kenneth
2278 It Only Hurts When I Laugh                                   Freberg, Stan
1888 It Seems Like Yesterday                                      Kaltenborn, H. V.
3302 It Sounds Impossible                                         Slate, Sam & Cook, Joe
1688 Jack Benny                                                   Livingston-Benny, Mary
1718 Jack Benny: An Intimate Biography                            Fein, Irving
1153 Jack Darr's Service Clinic #3                                Darr, Jack
1755 Jerry Lewis In Person                                        Gluck, Herb
1677 Jessel, Anyone?                                              Jessel, George
1617 Jobs & Careers in Electronics, 1961                          Popular Electronics
1189 Joel Whitburn Pop Singles Annual                             Whitburn, Joel
2103 Johnny Holliday: from Rock to Jock                           Holliday, Johnny, & Moore, Stephen
2199 Johnson Antenna Handbook, 6th Ed.
4215 Jones Ultra-High-Frequency Handbook - 1937 Ed.               Jones, Frank
1947 Jot 'Em Down Store                                           Lum and Abner
1715 Keep Laughing                                                Amsterdam, Morrie
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1730 Kids Say the Darndest Things                                 Linkletter, Art
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2369 Klystrons and Microwave Tubes (Rad Lab 7)                    Hamilton, D., Knipp, J., etal.
2995 Know About Electric Organs                                   Crowhurst, Norman H.
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1505 Know Your Oscilloscope                                       Smith, Paul C.
3944 Know Your Oscilloscope, 2nd Ed.                              Smith, Paul C.
3835 Know Your Oscilloscope, 4th Ed.                              Middleton, Robert
2192 Know Your Square-Wave and Pulse Generators                   Middleton, Robert
2631 Know Your VOM-VTVM                                           Risse, Joseph
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1721 Ladies and Gentlemen, Easy Aces                              Ace, Goodman
 196 Lafayette Catalog - 1968                                     Lafayette
 197 Lafayette Catalog - 1969 (Cat. 690)                          Lafayette
 198 Lafayette Catalog - 1969 (Cat. 693)                          Lafayette
 199 Lafayette Catalog - 1970 (Cat. 700)                          Lafayette
2124 Lafayette Radio Electronics Catalog - 1971 (Cat. 710)        Lafayette
2123 Lafayette Radio Electronics Catalog - 1972 (Cat. 720)        Lafayette
 959 Large Screen Color Receiver                                  RCA
1693 Last Train from Berlin                                       Smith, Howard K.
1690 Laugh Louder, Live Longer                                    Hershfield, Harry
1869 Laughter In The Air                                          Took, Barry
1932 Laughter, A Wonderful Thing                                  Brown, Joe E.
 581 Learning the Radio Telegraph Code - 1961, 9th Ed             ARRL
 582 Learning the Radio Telegraph Code -1970, 13th Ed             ARRL
3856 Learning the Radiotelegraph Code (1944 Ed.)                  Huntoon, John
4253 Learning the Radiotelegraph Code, 7th Ed. (1955)             ARRL
2326 Lefax Radio Data                                             Lefax
1847 Let's Go to Press                                            Weiner, Ed
3839 Let's Talk Transistors                                            Stoffels, Robert
3488 Letters from Mamma                                                Arquette, Cliff
1722 Liberace: An Autobiography                                        Liberace, Lee
1905 Life's Little Dramas                                              Hodges, Bart
 881 Linear Applications - Vol 1                                       National Semi
3228 Linear Applications Handbook (1980)                               National Semiconductor
3074 Linear Databook                                                   National Semiconductor
 171 Liste Alphabetique des Indicatifs D'Appel
2279 Listening to Radio 1920-1950                                      Barfield, Ray
3230 Live Television: The Golden Age of Television 1946-1958 in NY     Sturcken, Frank
 945 Logical Color TV Troubleshooting                                  Gaddis, Ben
2091 Loran (Rad Lab 4)                                                 Pierce, J., McKenzie, A., Woodward
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1674 Low Power Telecasting                                             Ennes, Harold
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1960 M Street Radio Directory                                          Unmacht, Robert
3350 M Street Radio Directory, 10th Ed.                                Apel, Steve & Devine, Cathy, Eds.
  54 Machine Age to Jet Age                                            Stein, Mark
2704 Machine Age to Jet Age II                                         Stein, Mark
3883 Machine Age to Jet Age III                                        Stein, Mark
2947 Made Possible By. . .                                             Ledbetter, James
1795 Maggie Muggins Stories                                            Grannan, Mary
4229 Magic Dials                                                       Thomas, Lowell
 798 Magnavox Color TV Service Manual                                  Prentiss, Stan
1571 Magnetic Amplifiers                                               Storm, H. F.
1672 Magnetic Amplifiers: Principles and Applications                  Mali, Paul
2305 Magnetic Circuits and Transformers                                MIT Staff
3998 Magnetic Recording                                                Begun, S. J.
1665 Magnetic Tape Recording (NASA SP-5038)                            Athey, Skipwith
3346 Magnetic Tape Recording, 4th Ed.                                  Tarry, P. A.
2342 Maintenance and Servicing of Electrical Instruments, 3rd Ed.      Spencer, James
2691 Make Your Own TV Repairs (1966 Ed.)                               Margolis, Art
1208 Make Your Own TV Repairs (1968 Ed.)                               Margolis, Art
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1513 Making Money in Television Servicing                              Ecklund, Eugene
2732 Making Museums Matter                                             Weil, Stephen
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2249 Mallory Condenser Service and Replacement Manual                  Mallory
 535 Mallory Radio Service Encyclopedia (1946), 5th Ed.                Mallory
 115 Man of High Fidelity                                              Lessing, Lawrence
3529 Man of High Fidelity: Edwin Howard Armstrong                      Lessing, Lawrence
4212 Mandl's Television Servicing                                      Mandl, Matthew
2701 Manipulating the Ether                                            Brown, Robert J.
1161 Manual for Integrated Circuit Users                               Lenk, John
4216 Manual for Museums                                                Lewis, Ralph
2951 Manual of Active Filter Design, 2nd Ed.                           Hilburn, John & Johson, David
 468 Manual of Electronic Servicing Tests & Measurements               Genn, Robert
3454 Manual of Wireless Telegraphy for the Use of Naval Electricians   Navy Department
2140 Marconi Receiving and Measuring Instruments (repro)               Marconi
1681 Marconi, Pioneer of Radio                                         Coe, Douglas
2410 Marine Electronics Handbook, 2nd Ed.                           Sands, Leo
3458 Marine Radiotelegraph Operator License Handbook                Noll, Edward
1883 Mark It and Strike It                                          Allen, Steve
3476 Maryland Curiosities                                           Blake, Allison
1353 Master Handbook of 1001 Practical Electronic Circuits          Sessions, Ken
 605 Master Handbook of Electronic Tables & Formulas - 4th Ed       Clifford, Martin
3937 Master Index to Supreme Publications Most-Often Needed
2399 Master OP-AMP Applications Handbook                            Fox, Harry W.
 481 Master Receiving - Picture Tube Substittuion Guide Book        Middleton, H. A.
1349 Master Transistor Substitution Handbook                        TAB Books
 466 Mastering Oscillator Circuits                                  Carr, Joseph
2444 Material Presented at the Service Managers Conference, 1936    RCA
 233 Mathematics for Electricians and Radiomen                      Cooke, Nelson
3863 Mathematics for Radio and Communication - Book I               Maedel, George
3394 Maverick                                                       Coombs, Charles
 386 Measurements in Radio Engineering                              Terman, Frederick
1860 Memoirs of an Amnesiac                                         Levant, Oscar
 526 Methods of Testing FM Broadcast Receivers                      IRE
 563 Micro and Thin Film Electronics                                Levine, Sumner
2448 Microcomputers in Amateur Radio                                Kasser, Joe
2374 Microwave Antenna Theory and Design (Rad Lab 12)               Silver, Samuel
2376 Microwave Duplexers (Rad Lab 14)                               Smullin, L. & Montgomery, C.
2368 Microwave Magnetrons (Rad Lab 6)                               Collins, George
2378 Microwave Mixers (Rad Lab 16)                                  Pound, R. & Durand, E.
2380 Microwave Receivers (Rad Lab 23)                               Van Voorhis, S. N.
1669 Microwave System Fundamentals                                  Mivec, F. Jonathan
3032 Microwave Techniques (NAVSHIPS 900,028)                        MIT Rad Lab
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2371 Microwave Transmission Circuits (Rad Lab 9)                    Ragan, George
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4184 Military Communications                                        Sterling, Christopher, Ed.
2420 MIL-STD-108A, Definitions of and Basic Req. for Enclosures..   U.S. Department of Defense
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1609 RCA Reference Book 1960                                        RCA
1354 RCA Reference Book 1961                                        RCA
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2670 Receiving Tube Substitution Guide Book, Second Supplement    Middleton, H. A.
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3071 Recommended Types                                            GE
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3264 RF Circuit Design                                                 Bowick, Chris
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1691 Sammy Kaye's Sunday Serenade                                      Kaye, Sammy
1917 Schmock - Schmock                                                 Allen, Steve
1908 Schnozzola                                                        Gene Fowler
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1487 Semiconductor Reference Guide (1984 Ed.)                          Radio Shack
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 680 Service Hints - Vol. 2                                         Sylvania
2212 Service Hints - Vol. 3                                         Sylvania
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 789 Servicing GE TV for 1974-1976                                  Prentiss, Stan
1089 Servicing HiFi and FM in the Customer's Home                   Kiver, Milton
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 792 Servicing Magnavox TV for 1976                                 Prentiss, Stan
 793 Servicing Panasonic TV for 1974-1975                           Prentiss, Stan
 783 Servicing Philco TV for 1973                                   Prentiss, Stan
 782 Servicing Philco TV for 1974-1975                              Prentiss, Stan
 784 Servicing Quasar TV for 1973-1975                              Prentiss, Stan
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4272 Servicing Record Changers                                      Mileaf, Harry
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  94 Servicing Superheterodynes                                     Rider, John
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1202 Servicing Sync Circuits                                        Margolis, Art
2411 Servicing the Modern Car Radio                                 Hurlbut, A. L.
 648 Servicing Transistor Equipment                                 King, Gordon
4274 Servicing Transistor Radios                                    D'Airo, Leonard
1086 Servicing Transistor TV Receivers                              Kiver, Milton & Gray, Charles
1511 Servicing TV from Tuner to Picture Tube
 811 Servicing TV in the Customer's Home (rev Ed)                   Kiver, Milton
2820 Servicing TV Receiver Circuits                                 Electronic Technician Editors
2242 Servicing TV Receivers                                         Sylvania
 635 Servicing TV Receivers by Signal Substitution & Signal Traci
1506 Servicing TV Remote Controls                                   Marshall, Samuel
  78 Servicing TV Vertical & Horizontal Output Systems              Thomas, Harry
1088 Servicing TV Video Systems                                     Dines, Jesse
2182 Servicing with Dip Meters                                      Lenk, John
 675 Servicing With Set Analyzers                                   McEntee, H. G.
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 786 Servicing Zenith TV for 1976                                   Prentiss, Stan
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2011 Short Wave Coil Data Book (reprint)                            Denton, Clifford
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1915 Singapore Goes Off the Air                                     Playfair, Giles
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 753 Single Sideband for the Radio Amateur - 1965, 4th Ed           ARRL
3235 Single Sideband for the Radio Amateur, 5th Ed.                 ARRL
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4181 Sir Charles Wheatstone                                         Bowers, Brian
1843 Small Sounds in the Night                                      Sevareid, Eric
1950 Smart Aleck                                                    Teichmann, Howard
1741 So Help Me                                                     Jessel, George
1708 So Long Until Tomorrow                                         Thomas, Lowell
1717 So You Want to Be A Sportscaster                               Coleman, Ken
1893 Soap World                                                     LaGuardia, Robert
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1742 The Quiz Kids Red Book
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2052 Ucando Digital Workbook - 2
2053 Ucando Digital Workbook - 3
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4232 Using Your Meter (VOM and DVM Multitesters)             Evans, Alvis J.
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 615 Very High Frequency Techniques - Vol 2                   Reich, Herbert et al
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1064 Wallace's Telaides - Motorola TV, Vol. 4                 Wallace
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1066 Wallace's Telaides - Combination Issue No 3              Wallace
1067 Wallace's Telaides - Combination Issue No 5              Wallace
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1899 Whatever Became Of (Second Series)                       Lamparski, Richard
1901 Whatever Became Of (Third Series)                        Lamparski, Richard
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1777 Where Have I Been?                                       Caeser, Sid
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1910 Will Rogers, Ambassador of Good Will                     O'Brien, P. J.
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1695 Will Rogers: The Man and His Time                        Ketchum, Richard
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1880 WOR Radio                                                      WOR
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1877 Writing News for Broadcast                                     Bliss, Edward
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1854 Yours Truly                                                    Downs, Hugh
2323 Zener Diode Handbook - 1st Ed.                                 Motorola
 799 Zenith Dealer Numerical Parts Price List                       Zenith

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