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									                   The American Physiological Society
                             Membership Services
                   9650 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, Maryland 20814-3991, U.S.A.
                Phone: 301-634-7967 - FAX: 301-634-7241 -
                         Integrating the Life Sciences from Molecule to Organism

Dear Colleagues:

On behalf of The American Physiological Society (APS), I am pleased to invite
you to the 2003 APS Conference entitled "Understanding Renal and
Cardiovascular Function through Physiological Genomics." The meeting will
take place at the Radisson Riverfront Hotel and Convention Center in Augusta,
Georgia, October 1-4, 2003.

The goal of this meeting is to provide an opportunity to learn how the new tech-
nologies, tools and applications of genomics can be used by the physiologist to
discover how genetic and environmental factors influence renal and cardiovas-
cular function.

Physiological genomics is a rapidly evolving field that studies how biological
molecules explain the function of cells, organ systems, and the organism and
how the responses at all of these levels are influenced by the environment.
Physiologists are now fully embracing the new technologies of genomics in a
way that has opened many new avenues of research. An increased level of
cooperation must be formed between those working at the molecular level and
those who are able to study whole organisms. This meeting will bring together
scientists who are responsible for formation of this new discipline. This is why
we need your attendance.

The program will combine presentations from acknowledged authorities with
presentations from young investigators to facilitate exchange of the very newest
ideas in the physiological genomics. There will be a strong emphasis on inte-
grating classic physiology with developments in genomics research. Submitted
abstracts will be the basis of several oral-sessions and poster presentations. A
special career session will have particular appeal to students, fellows and young

We are depending on your participation to make this meeting a success.


David M. Pollock
Conference Chair
       Wednesday                     Thursday                     Friday                         Saturday
       October 1                     October 2                   October 3                       October 4

10:00 AM                     9:00 AM -12:00 PM          9:00 AM – 10:15 AM                9:00 AM – 11:35 PM
Registration Opens           Gene Expression,           Workshop on                       Application of
                             Proteomics, and            Bioinformatics                    Physiological Genomics
                             Pharmacogenomics           Chair: R. McIndoe                 to Therapeutic Targets
1:30 – 3:00 PM                Chairs: J.X. She and M.                                     Chairs: M. Brands, and
Careers in Physiological          Pollman               Speakers:                              J. Lorenz
Genomics                                                Richard McIndoe, Medical
Chair: D. Pollock            Speakers:                      Col. of Georgia               Speakers:
                             Jin Xiong She, Medical     Roger E. Bumgarner, Univ.         Harold Snieder, Med.
Speakers:                         Col. Of Georgia           of Washington                      College of Georgia
Una Ryan, Avent              W. Marston Lineham,        Peter Tonellato, Med. Col         Erwin Bottinger, Albert
    Imunotherapeutics             NIH/NCI                   of Wisconsin                       Einstein College of
Joan Keiser, Pfizer Global   John Yates, Scripps                                               Med.
    Research and                  Research Institute    10:30 – 11:45 AM                  David H. Wasserman,
    Development              Kelly Frazer, Perlegen     Renal and Cardiovascular               Vanderbilt Univ.
Terry Bishop, NIDDK               Sciences              Disease Markers                   Jurgen Schnermann,
                             Steve Gullans, Harvard     Chair: H. Brooks and J.                NIH/NIDDK
                                  Univ.                      Unthank                      Jeff Sands, Emory Univ.
       3:00-4:00 PM          Matthew Pollman,
           Break                  Millennium            Speakers:
                                  Pharmaceuticals       Curt Sigmund,                             11:35 PM
                                                            Univ. of Iowa                         Adjourn
4:00-6:05 PM                                            Howard Jacob,
Plenary Session: Overview         10:15-10:45 PM            Med. Col. of Wisconsin
of Physiological Genomics             Break             Peter Doris, Univ. of Texas-
Chair: C. Webb                                              Houston

Welcome/Introduction:             12:00-1:30 PM              11:45 AM -1:30 PM
David Pollock,                      FREE TIME                   FREE TIME
Martin Frank, APS
Speakers:                                               1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Fred Luft, Humboldt          1:30-3:30 PM               Poster Session
     University, Berlin      Poster Session
Allen Cowley, Medical
     College of Wisconsin
Elizabeth Nabel,
Josephine Briggs

6:05 – 7:00 PM                                          3:30 PM – 5:00 PM
Opening Reception                                       Free Communications
Featuring hors d’ oeuvres                               Chair: D. Pollock
and cash bar                                            (talks selected from
                                                        submitted abstracts)

                                                        6:30 PM
                             3:30-5:00 PM               Cocktail Reception
                             Free Communications
                             Chair: J. Pollock          7:30 PM
                                                        Awards Banquet
                             (talks selected from       (student/fellow awards given to
                             submitted abstracts)       best abstract presentations)
                                                      General Information

The APS Conference Understanding Renal and Cardiovascular                                 Advance Registration
Function through Physiological Genomics will be held October
1-4, 2003 at The Radisson Riverfront Hotel, Two Tenth Street,         To register in advance, mail or fax the enclosed registration
Augusta, Georgia 30901. The deadline for submission of                form with the applicable fee in U.S. funds to the APS Meeting
abstracts is May 7, 2003.                                             Office, 9650 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, Maryland, 20814-3991,
                                                                      U.S.A., fax 301-634-7241. The deadline for registration is
                                                                      August 15, 2003. Additional registration forms may be
                 Registration and Information
                                                                      obtained from this office or downloaded at www.the-
                                                             Badges, receipts and
The registration fee includes entry into all symposia and poster
sessions, opening reception, coffee breaks, and Saturday              Program Abstract pick-up cards will be mailed to US registrants
Banquet and Awards Presentation.                                      before the meeting. Purchase orders will not be accepted.

Type                        Advance (US)        On-Site (US)
                                                                                        Program/Abstract Volume
Member                      $   290.00          $   340.00
Retired Member              $   175.00          $   225.00            The program and abstract volume will be printed in the August
Non Member                  $   340.00          $   390.00            issue of The Physiologist. Advance registrants will be sent a
Postdoctoral                $   225.00          $   275.00            pick-up card to exchange at the registration desk for a copy of
Student                     $   175.00          $   225.00            The Physiologist. On-site registrants will receive it upon regis-

                  Postdoctoral Registration                                                 Program Objective

Any person who has received a Ph.D. degree in physiology or           The goal of this meeting is to provide an opportunity to learn
related field, within four years of this meeting, as attested to by   how the new technologies, tools and applications of genomics
the department head, is eligible to register at the postdoctoral      can be used by the physiologist to discover how genetic and
fee. A statement signed by the department head confirm-               environmental factors influence renal and cardiovascular func-
ing postdoctoral eligibility must accompany the registra-             tion.
tion form. Letters should be addressed to Erika Mercer-Epps,
                                                                                             Target Audience
Meetings Assistant, APS Meetings Office, 9650 Rockville Pike,
Bethesda, MD 20814-3991.
                                                                      This meeting is intended for all scientists and professionals
                                                                      from different fields who share an interest in learning how new
                     Student Registration                             technologies, tools and applications of genomics can be used
                                                                      to discover how genetic and environmental factors influence
Any student member or regularly matriculated student working          renal and cardiovascular function and are interested in inte-
toward a degree in one of the biomedical sciences is eligible to      grating classic physiology with developments in genomics
register at the student fee. Nonmember postdoctoral fellows,          research.
hospital residents, interns, and laboratory technicians do not
qualify as students. For nonmember students, a statement
                                                                                  Continuing Medical Education (CME)
of eligibility (on bottom of the registration form) signed by
the department head or research advisor must accompany
                                                                      The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
the remittance for advance student registration. A certifi-
                                                                      is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing
cate or letter signed by the department head, or a student ID
                                                                      Medical Education to sponsor Continuing Medical Education for
card, must be presented by a nonmember student who regis-
                                                                      physicians. Category I Continuing Medical Education (CME)
ters at the meeting.
                                                                      credits will be offered at this meeting. CME application forms
                                                                      will be available in the Conference Registration office. For the
                        Banquet Tickets                               purposes of Continuing Medical Education Credits toward he
                                                                      American Medical Association Physician's Recognition Award,
One banquet ticket is included in the meeting registration fee.
                                                                      the APS Conference: Understanding Renal and Cardiovascular
Additional tickets for guests may be purchased at the confer-
ence registration desk.                                               Function through Physiological Genomics is jointly sponsored
                                                                      by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental
                            Refunds                                   Biology. There is a $35.00 application fee, payable upon sub-
                                                                      mission of the form. For more information, contact the FASEB
The advance registration fee will be refunded in full to those        Office of Scientific Meetings and Conferences at 301-634-7010.
who must cancel their attendance at the meeting, provided the
request for refund is received in the APS , Meeting Office by
September 17, 2003. Refund requests must be submitted in
writing and be accompanied by the advance registration
receipt and badge.
                                                     General Information

                       Local Information                                                        Car Rental

For more information on the Augusta area, please call the             Alamo has been appointed the official car rental company for
Augusta Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau at 1-800-           the conference. Alamo is offering special discounted rates to all
726-0243 or visit their web page at                conference attendees. The special rates are available one
                                                                      week before and one week after the meeting dates and incud-
                                                                      es unlimited mileage. For reservations, contact your travel
                      Travel Reservations
                                                                      agent or call 1-800-732-3232 or experience Alamo’s hot new
United and Delta Airlines are the official airlines of the APS        site at Be sure to request Group ID #68970 and
Understanding Renal and Cardiovascular Function through               rate code GR at time of reservation.
Physiological Genomics Conference.
                                                                                             Student Awards
Delta Air Lines is offering special rates which allow you a 5%
                                                                      Awards will be given in two categories, students and postdoc-
discount off Delta's published round-trip fares within the conti-
                                                                      toral fellows. Recipients will be selected by a panel of judges
nental U.S., Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, San
                                                                      who will review the abstracts and the presentations at the meet-
Juan, Nassau, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Caribbean. By
                                                                      ing. To be considered for an award the candidate must be first
purchasing your ticket 60 days or more prior to your departure
                                                                      author of an abstract submitted for presentation and must
date, you can receive and additional 5% discount. Applicable
                                                                      check the appropriate box on the abstract submission site indi-
restrictions must be met. Seats are limited. To take advan-
                                                                      cating a desire to be considered for the award. The sponsor of
tage of these discounts call Delta Meeting Network reser-
                                                                      the abstract must certify in writing the student or postdoctor-
vations at 1-800-241-6760 and refer to the File Number
                                                                      al status of the candidate by completing the Award
                                                                      Certification Form (download certification form at www.the-
                                                             and faxing to: 301-
United Airlines is offering special meeting fares to Atlanta for
                                                                      634-7241 by May 9, 2003. Special recognition and announcement
all attendees who use the Special Meeting Desk to book their
                                                                      of the recipients will be made during the Awards Banquet on
reservations (Atlanta’s Heartfield International Airport is approx-
                                                                      Friday, October 3.
imately two hours from Augusta by car). Book early and take
advantage of the promotional fares that give you the greatest
savings! Earn a 5% discount off the lowest applicable fare,                        Future Meeting Dates
including First Class, or 10% off the mid-week coach fare. By
purchasing your ticket at least 30 days in advance of your                               2004
scheduled travel you will receive an additional 5% discount.                    Experimental Biology 2004
Simply call (or have your travel agent call) 1-800-521-4041                        April 17-21, Washington, DC
and refer to Meeting ID Number 557HS. Mileage Plus mem-
bers receive full credit for all miles flown to this meeting.
                                                                                   APS Conference
Tickets can be mailed by United, picked up at your local travel
agency or United Airlines ticket office. You or your travel agent
                                                                                  Immunological and
should call today, as seats may be limited.                                Pathophysiological Mechanisms in
                                                                             Inflammatory Bowel Disease
                                                                                    September, Location TBA
                    Housing Reservations
                                                                               APS Intersociety Meeting
The Radisson Riverfront Hotel Augusta is offering APS                     The Integrative Biology of Exercise
Conference Attendees a hotel room rate of $105.00 single or                           Date and Location TBA
double occupancy (not including tax). To make reservations
call 1-800-333-3333 or (706)722-8900. Be sure to identify                               2005
yourself as an APS meeting attendee and provide the met-                    XXXV International Congress of
ing dates. A first night deposit is required with all reservations.
                                                                               Physiological Sciences
Confirmation will be sent directly from the hotel. Be sure to
                                                                                March 31-April 5, San Diego, CA
review and double check all information on your confirmation.
Any changes/corrections should be made directly with the
hotel. The deadline for reservations is August 15, 2003.                        Experimental Biology 2005
                                                                                     April 1-5, San Diego, CA

                  Contact the APS Meetings Office Voice 301-634-7967, Email:
                                                     Abstract Information

                                                                                          Presentation of Papers
               How Do I Submit My Abstract ?
                                                                      The first author must present the paper unless alternate
All abstracts must be submitted electronically. Each abstract
                                                                      arrangements are made with the APS Executive Director. No
should contain a sentence stating the study objective (unless
                                                                      paper may be read by title. An individual may be first author of
given in the title); a brief statement of methods, if pertinent; a
summary of the results obtained; and a statement of the con-          only one abstract. All abstracts will be scheduled into poster
clusions. It is not satisfactory to say, "the results will be dis-    sessions. Poster board space will be assigned to a full day
cussed". Use a short, specific title. Capitalize initial letters of   session for the display of illustrative material (graphics, charts,
trade names. Use standard abbreviations for units of mea-             and tabular matter). Although the materials are to be available
sure. Other abbreviations should be spelled out in full at first      for viewing throughout the day, authors are expected to be in
mention, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses.                 attendance for only a specific segment of the session. The
Exceptions: DNA, RNA, etc. Include the source of research             specific time at which the author must be present will be
support on the bottom line of the abstract.                           included on the Abstract Program Confirmation Email.
                                                                      Projection and electrical outlets will not be provided in the
                                                                      poster session area. The space and time allocation for each
                     Abstract Publication
                                                                      poster presentation will be indicated in the program with the
Abstracts will be published in the August issue of The                usual listing of abstract title, author(s), and institution. Authors
Physiologist by direct reproduction from the electronic submis-       are required to have their poster placed on the boards by 8:30
sion. Authorization of the senior author is required as certifica-    AM on the morning of their assigned session. Authors must dis-
tion that the research adheres to the APS Guiding Principles for      mantle their posters by 10:00 PM on the day of presentation.
the care and Use of Animals. The Guiding Principles are avail-
able     via    the    world    wide    web     at:    www.the-                              Software Required                         Submission requires the use of a 4.06 web browser or higher
                                                                      and Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download the latest ver-
                   Acceptance of Abstracts                            sion of Microsoft Internet Explorer at or
                                                                      Netscape Navigator at
All abstracts properly submitted will be accepted and
scheduled for poster presentation. Authors will not receive            A copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded at
notification of abstract acceptance. A limited number of     Links to free copies of these programs are
abstracts will be selected to present a brief oral presentation.      available on the submission site at .
These authors will present both a poster and oral presentation.
They will be notified by August 15, 2003.                             The submission process will take approximately 15-20 min-
                                                                      utes depending on the speed of your Internet connection.
                      Abstract Revisions
                                                                                  Information for Scientists Traveling
Do not submit an abstract more than once. The abstract                                    to the United States
submission site allows for revisions. Go to the login (Returning
                                                                         The National Academies has a useful web site concern-
User) page and enter the first author's last name and the                ing obtaining a visa; see
abstract number provided in your submission to start the revi- 
sion process. Do not submit revisions under "New User" or you
will be charged for a new abstract. The deadline for revisions           As part of new security procedures, many applications
is May 7, 2003.                                                          are being sent to the State Department in Washington
                                                                         where they are reviewed, with assistance from other
                                                                         agencies. Because of the number of visas being
                   Withdrawal of Abstracts                               processed and the need to be thorough with the reviews,
                                                                         this can take as much as six to eight weeks. Therefore,
To withdraw you abstract, login as a "Returning User" and enter
                                                                         we advise scientists intending to come to the United
the first author's last name and abstract number. You will see a         States to apply for their visa as early as possible (at least
screen that shows your existing abstracts. Click on "Delete"             three months before the visa is needed). Please check
next to the abstract ID you would like to withdraw. The next             with your local U.S. consulate or embassy to find out the
screen will show the deleted abstract status as "withdrawn by            earliest you may apply. For more information please
author". Print a copy of this screen for your records.                   see U.S. Department of State Visa Services
Withdrawals must be done online by 5:00 PM EST, May 7,                   Information

                  Contact the APS Meetings Office Voice 301-634-7967, Email:
                                        Abstract Submission Instructions

                    BEFORE YOU START                                 thors or affiliations in the document to be uploaded. These will
  1)     READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. Clear instructions                   automatically be included in the abstract from the information
         are also provided on each screen.                           you previously entered.

  2)     Prepare your abstract body (excluding title,                Method (2) Enter your Submission on line (or Cut and
         author and institution) in a Microsoft Word docu-           Paste Method)
         ment, Rich Text Format, ASCII Text, or                       First: Enter the title of your abstract in the title box.
         WordPerfect format. Font should be in Times                  Second: Enter the body of your abstract in the text box.
         New Roman, 12 point. Remember to include
                                                                     Cut and Paste- If the abstract contains only text, Greek char-
         the funding source as the last line of your
                                                                     acters, math symbols, and super/subscripts, you may type it in
                                                                     the space provided, or you may cut and paste a word process-
  3)     Word-count your abstract body to ensure that it
                                                                     ing document that does not contain special characters. Use the
         does not exceed 1500 characters, including
                                                                     "Special Characters" toolbar on the right side of the screen for
                                                                     special symbols. Special characters are inserted at the end of
  4)     Save the abstract body and remember the
                                                                     the text. You may cut and paste to move them where they are
         name of the file.
                                                                     needed. Enter the text of the abstract in the space provided.
  5)     Have the abstract title close by.                           Remember to include the funding source(s) as the last line of
  6)     Have the full names and institutions for all your           your abstract. The body of the abstract should be no more that
         coauthors close by.                                         1500 characters including spaces. A character counter is pro-
                                                                     vided at the bottom of the screen. DO NOT include the title,
  7)     Have your credit card account number and
                                                                     author, coauthors or affiliations in the text box. These will auto-
         expiration date to pay the $50 abstract handling
                                                                     matically be included in the abstract from the information previ-
         fee. The abstract handling fee is non-refund
         able.                                                       ously entered. Before you continue you must preview your
  8)     Open your Explorer (preferred) or Netscape
         browser to:                        Screen 7- Details
                                                                     Please indicate where appropriate if: (1) you would like your
Screen 1                                                             abstract submitted to the Graduate Student/Postdoctoral Fellow
Sign on as a "New User" to begin the process.                        Award Competition (2) you would like to be considered for an
                                                                     oral presentation? And (3) Have any relationships to disclose.
Screen 2 - Login Information
Enter the first author's email address twice.                        Screens 8 - 10 Payment
                                                                     There is a $50.00 nonrefundable abstract processing fee. This
Screen 3 - First Author Information
                                                                     must be paid by credit card (MasterCard, Visa or American
Enter the requested information about the FIRST AUTHOR.
                                                                     Express) before you can complete the submission of your
Certain fields are required and you will not be allowed to con-
                                                                     abstract. This site is secure. If you have questions regarding
tinue until all required fields are completed.
                                                                     the payment, send an e-mail to . If you
Screen 4 - Coauthor Information                                      need a receipt of abstract fee payment please select "view
Enter the information about each coauthor. Complete all              printable receipt" and print a copy for your records.
required fields. This information will appear on your abstract
                                                                     Screen 11- Proofread
exactly as it is entered. When you have finished entering coau-
                                                                     You must proofread and accept your abstract using Adobe
thors, or if you have no coauthors, select "Finished adding
                                                                     Acrobat Reader. After proofing your abstract submit to finish.
coauthors" to proceed to the next step.
                                                                     Screen 12- Finished!
Screens 5 & 6 - Submission Method
                                                                     You will receive a confirmation e-mail and abstract number
You have two choices for submitting your abstract: (1) "upload
                                                                     upon the successful submission of your abstract. Please use
your submission" or (2) "enter your submission on line". If you
                                                                     this abstract number in all future correspondence about your
select "upload", Please review the formatting instructions (listed
                                                                     abstract. The first author's last name and abstract number will
above) before submitting the file.
                                                                     be required for revisions.
Method (1) Upload your Submission
                                                                     Abstracts scheduled for presentation in poster sessions will be
Enter the title of your abstract in the appropriate box.
                                                                     grouped by topic, numbered and listed in the program, and pub-
Use the browse button to select the abstract that you have pre-
                                                                     lished in the August Issue of The Physiologist.
viously prepared and saved. Upload that file containing just the
body of your abstract. DO NOT include the title, author, coau-

                  Contact the APS Meetings Office Voice 301-634-7967, Email:
                                    Ef fective Poster Presentation Suggestions

Abstracts scheduled for presentation in poster sessions will be grouped by topic, numbered and listed in the program, and published
in the Abstract Issue of The Physiologist.


In planning a poster presentation it is useful to keep in mind the advantages of a poster over oral presentation. Posters are available
for viewing for a full day. Authors and interested viewers have more time for discussion. More posters can be presented in the same
time and space than oral presentations reducing the number of simultaneous sessions. There is no first or last presentation on the
program. For these and other reasons, many societies are switching to poster presentations. Planning and experience will make your
poster presentation clear, effective and rewarding.


Posters should be readable by viewers five feet away. The message should be clear and understandable without oral explanation.
The following guidelines have been prepared to help improve the effectiveness of poster communication.

   1.    Initial Sketch      Plan your poster early. Focus your attention on a few key points. Try various styles of data
                             presentation to achieve clarity and simplicity. Does the use of color help? What needs to be expressed in
                             words? Suggest headlines and text topics.

  2.     Rough Layout        Enlarge your best initial sketch, keeping the dimensions in proportion to the final poster (see
                             diagram). Ideally, the rough layout should be full size. A blackboard is a convenient place to work. Print the
                             title and headlines. Indicate text by horizontal lines. Draw rough graphs and tables. This will give you a
                             good idea of proportions and balance. If you are working with an artist, show him/her the poster layout. Ask
                             associates for comments. This is still an experimental stage.

  3.     Final Layout        The artwork is complete The text and tables are typed but not necessarily enlarged to full size.
                             Now ask, is the message clear? Do the important points stand out? Is there a balance between words and
                             illustrations? Is there spatial balance? Is the pathway through the poster clear?

  4.     Balance             The figures and tables should cover slightly more than 50% of the poster area. If you have only a few
                             illustrations, make them large. Do not omit the text, but keep it brief. The poster should be understandable
                             without oral explanation.

  5.     Typography          Avoid abbreviations, acronyms and jargon. Use a consistent type style throughout.
                             Use large type, for example UNIVERS. An 82 X 11" sheet of paper photostatically enlarged 50%
                             makes the text readable from five feet.

  6.     Eye Movement The movement (pathway) of the eye over the poster should be natural B down the
                      columns or along the rows. Size attracts attention. Arrows, pointing hands, numbers and letters can help
                      clarify the sequence.

  7.     Simplicity          The temptation to overload the poster should be resisted. More material may mean less

The poster board surface area is approximately 3'8"or 1.1m high and 5'6" or 1.7m wide. Prepare a 6" high headline strip that runs the
full width of the poster. Include the title, authors and affiliations on the strip in letters not less than 1" or high. Post a large typed copy
of your abstract in the upper left-hand corner.

                          Program No.*                  TITLE OF PRESENTATION
                                                            Names of Authors

                              Introduction     Fig. 1      Fig. 2      Fig. 3

                          Table 1

                                               Fig. 4
                                      THE AMERICAN PHYSIOLOGICAL SOCIETY
                                      MINORITY TRAVEL FELLOWSHIP AWARDS
                                      Porter Physiology Development Committee
The American Physiological Society, with support from NIDDK and NIGMS, is offering travel awards for under represented minorities
(i.e., African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders) who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents, to attend
the 2003 APS Physiological Genomics Conference, Understanding Renal and Cardiovascular Function through Physiological
Genomics, October 1-1, 2003 in Augusta, Georgia. The specific intent of this award is to increase participation of pre- and postdoc-
toral minority students in the physiological sciences. The awards are open to graduate students, postdoctoral students, and advanced
undergraduate students. Students who obtained their undergraduate education in Minority Biomedical Research Programs (MBRS)
or Minority Access to Research Career (MARC)-eligible institutions, as well as students in the APS Porter Development Program, are
encouraged to apply. Minority faculty members at the above institutions may also submit applications. Funds will provide transporta-
tion, meals, and lodging. The applicant need not be a member of APS. A separate application must be submitted for each applicant;
incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Please type or print clearly.

1. Please provide the following contact information:

                                                               Institution Address:
     Street/P.O. Box:
     City:                                                            State:                   ZIP:
     Telephone:                              Fax:                                 Email:
                                                            Permanent Home Address:
     Street/P.O. Box:
     City:                                                            State:                   ZIP:
     Telephone:                              Fax:                                     Email:
2.         APS Member:       Yes ❏    No ❏

3.         Citizenship:   USA Citizen ❏                  Permanent Resident Visa ❏

4.         Please indicate the ethnic group to which you belong:
           African American ❏      Hispanic ❏    Native American ❏ (specify your tribe membership: ___________________________)
           Pacific Islander (Polynesia/Micronesia) ❏

5.         Briefly describe your current physiological research focus:

6.         Have you submitted an abstract for this meeting?        Yes ❏       No ❏
           If yes, attach a copy of your abstract to this application.

7.         State your reason(s) for wishing to attend this meeting:

8.         Have you previously received support from APS?        Yes ❏     No ❏
           If yes, please describe the type of support and the year(s) in which it was received:

9.         Explain the reason(s) for your financial need:

10.        Include the following with your application:
           a. Brief curriculum vitae
           b. Letter of recommendation from your advisor
           c. Estimated expenses (travel, room, and board)
           d. Current and pending support (faculty only)

Application must be submitted by May 14, 2003 to APS Minority Travel Fellowship Awards Program, 9650 Rockville Pike, Bethesda,
MD 20814-3991; Fax (301) 634-7098; Telephone (301) 634-7226. Incomplete or late applications will not be reviewed.
                          2003 APS Conference
                          Understanding Renal and Cardiovascular Function through
                          Physiological Genomics October 1-4, 2003 Augusta, Georgia
                          APS Meetings Department - 9650 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, Maryland 20814-3991, U.S.A.
                          Phone: 301-634-7967 - FAX: 301-634-7241 -

                                    MEETING REGISTRATION FORM
                              Deadline for Advance Registration is August 15, 2003
                  Complete one form for each registrant and mail or fax with appropriate payment.

Full Name of Registrant:
                                 First Name                        Middle Name                         Family Name

Telephone:                                                FAX:

Email Address:

Emergency Contact Information:

Mailing Address:



Street Address:

City, State/Province:

Postal Code/Zip Code, Country:

               INDICATE YOUR REGISTRATION CATEGORY                                     STUDENT ELIGIBILITY
                                                                            "I certify that the student registrant is presently
❏ APS Member*         $290 ❏ Nonmember $340                                 enrolled at this university and is working
❏ Retired APS Member* $175 ❏ Postdoctoral $225                              toward a degree in a field related to the topic
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