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									                   Web Sites for ESL Teachers

Lists of Great Web Sites for ESL Teachers

Most comprehensive Web sites that include listening, reading, writing,
speaking, grammar and vocabulary exercises and activities, as well as
games, quizzes and a lot more. (The Idea Cookbook section is a real gold mine!) (Go explore the beginning, intermediate, and advanced
English sections. They are well worth a visit.)
Listening Exercises and Activities (Well divided into three sections: easy, medium, difficult) (10 amazing lessons on Canada’s history,
cultures, and a lot more, all divided by level.) (The solar system) (Here you can find lots of stories on a wide range of topics.
Some come with a video.) (Very interesting stories with videos and
activities) (Stories with exercises) (Many fascinating stories with transcripts and

The audio files on the following Web sites require the use of RealPlayer (free) (Lots of interviews) (Health matters) (Interesting stories about
science, culture, and the environment of the far north) (Poets and their works with videos) (Science, environment, global
climate change, etc.)

Listening: News

The audio files on the following Web sites require the use of RealPlayer (free)

Lists of Web Sites for Listening Activities and Exercises

Reading Activities and Exercises (Many difficulty levels) (Texts with exercises) (Texts with

Reading Material (Newspapers,
magazines, books and literature, etc.) (Biographies) (World newspapers)

Lists of Web Sites for Reading Activities and Exercises
Writing Activities (Creative writing activities) (Postcards)
&stext=1 (Lots of international topics with texts and questions) (Wide range of
writing activities) (Motivating and thought-provoking
ESL writing worksheets)

List of Great Web Sites for Writing Activities and Exercises

Speaking Activities (Conversation questions) (Conversation questions) (Speaking activities with playing
cards) (Playing cards) (Oral communication activities with lesson plans) (Great conversation prompts with an
emphasis on vocabulary) (Short conversation activities for beginners)

Debates (Everything you need for your
debates in the classroom) (Information on how to hold
an effective class debate) (A wide variety of debate topics)

Roleplays (Lots of ideas for roleplays)
Vocabulary (Look for the 20-Minute ESL Vocabulary Lessons section.) (Games, puzzles, quizzes, etc.) (Vocabulary exercises divided by difficulty level) (Quizzes) (Vocabulary teaching ideas)

Word Lists (Some sections or free to use.) (Buildings, clothes, food, etc.)

Lists of Web Sites for Vocabulary Exercises and Activities

Grammar (Most common verb tenses in English) (Quizzes on a multitude of
grammar notions) (Well divided by difficulty level) (Excellent site with handouts and answers)
Lists of Web Sites for Grammar Exercises

Phrasal Verbs (Phrasal verbs with
meanings and examples) (Look in the Stuff for Students section.) (Lots of good exercises)

Idioms (A great collection of idioms with quizzes,
 all divided into different categories.)

Proverbs (Look in the Quizzes section. You will find lots of different

Games (Hangman, crosswords, jumbled
words, matching games, etc.) (Printable board
games, word puzzles, memory cards, quizzes, wordsearches, etc.) (All sorts of word games)
%20(Games%20and%20Puzzles).html (Brain teasers, fun facts, vocabulary games with
pictures, jigwords, etc.)

Games: Reproducible Activity Sheets (Worksheets and teacher’s
notes taken from the Get Real series.) (Bingo games, lots of worksheets, board games, etc.)

List of Web Sites for Games of All Sorts

Quizzes (Grammar, vocabulary, knowledge)

American Slang (Definitions and examples) (Look in the Quizzes section.) (Look in the Stuff for Students section.) (A great collection of American
slang all divided into categories: slang nouns, adjectives, verbs, greetings, etc.)

Jokes (Look in the Podcast (MP3 Files) section. You can listen to
these jokes or simply read them.) (Jokes divided into 3 different
levels: elementary, intermediate, advanced.)
Songs (Songs with lyrics) (Look in the Podcast (MP3 Files) section.) (Songs with lyrics)

Pictures, Picture Dictionaries and Flashcards (Animals, actions, Halloween, etc.) (Medical, vehicles,
buildings and places, verbs, adjectives, etc.) (Human body, jobs and work, clothes, etc.) (Lots of
flashcards and ideas of activities and games you can do with them.)

Articles on Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing Skills and
Strategies (Speaking, grammar, internet, listening, etc.) (Reading better and faster) (Reading strategies) (Teaching writing skills)

Teaching Techniques (Teaching culture, classroom management, motivating your
students, etc.)

Lesson Plans (Ready-to-go lesson plans
around a common topic, lesson plans for activities and games all divided by level, etc.) (Look in the Lesson Plans section. You will find tons of
lesson plans for your ESL classroom.)

Holidays, Celebrations and Special Events (Christmas stories, Christmas Web
pages) (Lots of worksheets for Christmas,
Easter, Halloween, St-Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.)

Organizers and Semantic Maps

Adult Education (Lots of free material for adult ESL classes.) (Web sites for adult education (ESL))

Language Exchange Programs

TESL in Québec and Canada (Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport) (SPEAQ) (R.R.E.A.L.S.) (The Canadian Association of Second Language

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