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									                          Factors to Consider When Choosing Mechanical Seals

 Mechanical seals are always present in any construction project that uses machines with rotating shafts
and connections. While these parts are often overlooked, picking out a mechanical seal is something
that should be given ample time considering the different factors that usually come to play at this. Some
manufacturers may discourage the use of mechanical seals mainly because it is more expensive
compared to other alternatives like gaskets and gland packing.

When in use, seals can usually last for a few months or even up to a full year. Despite this, it is still
relevant to know some of the things that easily wear out the seals you are using. Overheating is one of
its biggest problems.

Excessive heat can adversely affect the mechanical seals you are using. It can hasten its deterioration
and can break it down easily in time. This can result in leakages and can be harmful if you are dealing
with toxic chemicals in your plants.

Its seal faces. It can result in the seal sticking to the machine or any other installation it is being used
with. Seals with carbon-graphite faces are especially vulnerable to this. Those with plated faces, on the
other hand, can crack.

Some seals may be deformed due to too much heat absorption. This can lead to a number of problems
including premature leakages. The fillers used in some seals can also melt or corrode at very high

Overheating can be caused by improper installations on the plant itself. This is why it is very important
to deliberate and decide the specific mechanical seals that should be used before proceeding with your
purchases. There may be inefficient cooling systems in your machines or inefficient cooling jackets that
will result to overheating. The problem can also be traced to the people maintaining the installations or

Mechanical Seals Requirements

There are several factors to consider when choosing mechanical seals. You do not want to waste too
much of your resources in buying the wrong seals for your project. You need to set down and make a list
of the specific parameters that the seals will have to conform to and withstand.

Speed of the machine and the frequency of use is the first thing that you need to consider when
choosing mechanical seals. Mechanical seals come in different shapes and sizes and you need to
consider which among the myriad types you need. For machines that operate at 5000 feet per minute,
for example, you can opt for a rotating seal. If the assembly that the seals will be installed in exceeds
this, then a stationary mechanical seal would be the better choice.

Pressure is another factor that needs consideration. Manufacturers usually put the specific maximum
pressure that their products can withstand. Take note of these and make sure that you apply the seals in
machines that operate within the specifications. Temperature, as was discussed above, is also
significant. Lastly, motion capability is another factor in this list. Pick mechanical seals according to the
aforementioned factors.

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