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									                Lab Shelf LP         Catalog
LP Title        Number Publisher     Number       LP Composer(s)
Bernstein                 Masterwo   MS6956 ML
conducts Bartok A233      rks        6356      Bartok

                         Masterwo MS 6723
Liebestraum       A234   rks      ML 6123         Liszt

Riders to the
Sea, Magnificat A235     Angel       S-36819      Ralph Vaughan Williams

Otello            A236   Victrola    VIC-1365     Verdi

plays Bacharach A237     London      SP 44158     not listed

250 Years of             Quadraph
Film Music        A238   onic     CQ 32381        various
bach's greatest
fugues scored
for double
orchestra         A239   RCA         ARD1-0026    bach

The pocket bach A240     Angel       S-36067      Bach
                                                  wilbye, bateson, bennet, wilbye,
                         Project                  weelkes, gibbons, byrd, vasquez,
                         Total                    morata, anonymous, morata, escobar,
Madrigals        A241    Sound 3     PR 7002 SD   goncales, morata
Die Forelle--Die
chorlieder       A242    RCA         RL 30461     Schubert
Song Cycles for
Soprano Plus… A244       Leonarda LPI 106        Weill, Zaimont, Schonthal (?)

The Foggy,
Foggy Dew       A245     EMI        HQS 1341     Folksongs….

The Testament
of Freedom,
Symphony no.1 A246       Angel      S-37315      Randal Thompson

Ned Rorem:
Some Trees and
other songs,
David Ward-              Compose
Steinman:                rs
Fragments from           Recording
Sappho         A247      s         CRI 238 USD Ned Rorem, David Ward-Steinman

Songs of
Herbert Howells
and C.W. Orr    A248     Unicorn    RHS 369      Herbert Howells and C.W. Orr

Charles Ives,            Heritage
Vocal Music       A249   Society    MHS 1240     Charles Ives
Jussi Bjorling,
Der Tenor des                       1 C 147-
Nordens           A250   Dacapo     00947/48 M   various
Poem no.11,
The Battle of the
Symphonic                Long
Poem 2, Tasso-           Playing
Lament and               Mercury
Triumph           A251   Classics   MG 10083     Liszt
The Great
Pavarotti        A252   London    OS26510      Donizetti, Verdi, Puccini, others

Man With the
Banjo            A253   DOT       DLP-110      various
excerpts from
the sleeping            RCA
beauty           A254   Victor    LM-2177      Tchaikovsky

Symphony no.6
in B minor,             RCA
pathetique.   A255      CAMDEN CAL-503         Tchaikovsky

Fledermaus and          RCA
Gypsy Baron    A256     Victor    LM-2130      Strauss

Die Fledermaus A257     Victor    LM-1114      Strauss
Debussy: His
works for
Orchestra               Stereo
(complete)     A258     Vox Box   SVBX 5128    Debussy

Rusticana        A259   Angel     3509 (3S)L   Mascagni

                        n (made                Schumann, Bartholdy, Smetana,
Chorlieder der          in                     Dvorak, Chubert, Tchaikovsky,
Romantik         A260   Germany) SL 43115-B    Brahms,Bruckner
La Battaglia Di          MRF
Legnano            22536 Records   MRF-109    Verdi

Welcome To               Audio    ABC/ATS200
Vienna             22280 Treasury 09         Various

Ivan Susanin       22606 MK        MK216D     Glinka

Musical Rarities                              Giovanni Bottesini, johann Mathias
for Double-Bass    20001 Stereo    MHS 984    Sperger, Domenico Dragonetti

The Middle               Time Life
Piano Concertos    20002 Records STL-M05      W.A. Mozart
The Lade String          Time Life
Quartets           20005 Records STL-M03      W.A. Mozart

                         Time Life
Sacred Music       20006 Recors    STML M12   W.A. Mozart
The Late                 Time Life
Symophonies        20006 Records STL M02      W.A. Mozart
The Middle               Time Life
Symphonies         20007 Records STL-M06      W.A. Mozart

String Duos and
Quintets/Piano           Time Life
Quartets           20010 Records STL-M07      W.A. Mozart

The Mirriage of
Figaro/Masonic           Time Life
Music              20011 Records STL-M14      W.A. Mozart

The Magic
Abduction from           Time Life
the Seraglio       20012 Records STL-M08      W.A. Mozart
Chamber Music
Winds/Piano            Time Life
Trios            20013 Records STL-M15   W.A. Mozart

The Piano              Time Life
Sonatas          20015 Records STL-M10   W.A. Mozart
The Violin             Time Life
Sonatas          20016 Records STL-M18   W.A. Mozart

Don Giovanni &
Concert Arias          Time Life
for Bass         20018 Records STL-M04   W.A. Mozart

The Violin             Time Life
Concertos        20019 Records STL-M13   W.A. Mozart

The Late Piano         Time Life
Concertos        20020 Records STL-M01   W.A. Mozart

The Early              Time Life
Serenades        20021 Records STL-M20   W.A. Mozart
The Late
Divertimentos           Time Life
and Serenades     20022 Records STL-M09        W.A. Mozart

Concertos/Early         Time Life
Piano Concertos   20023 Records STL-M11        W.A. Mozart

The Pirates of          Digital
Penzance          20024 Recording OSA-1277     W. Gilbert and A. Sullivan

La Sonnambula     20025 Everest   435/3        V. Bellini

La Sonnambula     20026 Bralow     104E        Bellini
                        can't read C10 25601
Norma             20028 it)        002         V. Bellini
The Damnation
of Faust          20029 RCA       LM-6114      Berlioz

Carmen            20030 London    0-5570       Bizet
Carmen             20030 London     0-5570       Bizet

conducts Berlioz   20031 Columbia M 35112        Berlioz
Romeo and                Red Seal
Juliet             20032 Records LM-6011         Berlioz

L'Ajo Nell'              Opera
Imbarazzo          20033 Records    UORC 220 B Donizetti

La Dame
Blanche            20034 unknown EJS-427         Boieldieu

La Passion de
Gilles             20035 Ricercar   RIC 024-25   Boesmans

Marin Faliero      20036 unknown EJS-381         Donizetti

Maria Stuarda      20037 London     OSA 13117    Donizetti

Rosenkavalier      20038 London     OSAL-1435    Strauss

Boccaccio          20039 e        8096-2L        Boccaccio
The Rite of
Spring             20040 Columbia M 34557        Stravinsky

The Gypsy
Baron              20041 Everest    S-469/2      Strauss
Elektra           20042 Everest    S-459/2      Richard Strauss

Die Drei Pintos   20043 on        PRL3-9063     Weber, completed by Mahler

Esclarmonde       20044 London     OSA 1311B    Mascagni
patcliff          20047            MRF-57-S     Mascagni

L'amico Fritz     20048 Angel                   Mascagni

L'amico Fritz     20049            EJS-355      Mascagni

Manon             20050 Seraphim ID-6057        J. Massenet

Sapho             20051 nal        PLE 129/31   Massenet

The Girl in
Disguise          20053 Everest    S-444/3      W. Mozart

Lucio Silla, K.         RCA /      VICS-6117
135               20054 Victrola   (STEREO)     W. Mozart
Mozart: Don             EJS
Giovanni          20055 Records    EJS-419      Mozart
Rosa Ponselle
as Norma and
other famous            RCA /      VIC -1507
heroines          20056 Victrola   (ZVRM-3660) Schubert and others
Tales of
Hoffman        20057 Urania   US 5224-2   J. Offenbach

Orphee aux
Enfers         20058 Angel    SZCX-3886   M.J. Offenbach

La perichole   20060 Angel    DSBX-3923   M.J. Offenbach

Hoffmanns            EMI      1C 157-45
Erzahlungen    20066 Angel    351/53      M.J. Offenbach

The Tales of
Hoffmann       20067 Angel    CLX-3667    M.J. Offenbach

La Grande
Duchess de
Gerulstein     20068 Columbia M2 34576    M.J. Offenbach

La Gioconda    20069 London   A 4331      Ponchielli

                     Age of
Palestrina     20071 Opera    EJS - 521   H. Pfitzner
Nina or La
Pazza Per
Amore              20072 Everest    S-467/3        Giovanni Paisiello
The Devils of                       6700 042 . 2
Loudun             20073 Philips    LP .           K. Penderecki

                         Connoiss CS 2-2107
The Chimes of            eur      STEREO
Normandy           20074 Society  2LPs             R. Planqette

The Ring of the          Murray
Nibelung           20077 Hill       940477         R. Wagner

Il Ritorno               VOX:
D'Ulisse In              Rediviva
Patria             20078 Musica     DLBX 211       C.Monteverdi

Don Giovanni       20079 Everest    403/3          W. Mozart

The Marriage of          Cetra
Figaro             20080 Everest    S-424/3        W.A. Mozart

The Tsar's Bride   20081 Angel     SRCL-4122       Rimsky-Korsakov
Le Coq d'Or
(The Golden
Cockerel           20082 MHS        4142/44     N. Rimsky-Korsakov

La Betulia
Liberata, K. 118         RCA /      VICS-6112
(oratorio)         20083 Victrola   (MONO)      W. Mozart

Mazeppa            20084 e        LO43 3LP      P. Tchaikovsky

The Beggar
Student (Der
Bettelstudent)     20085 Everest    S-466/2     Milloecker

Le Roi De                London
Lahore                   Digital
(Massenet)         20086 Recording 3 LDR 10025 Massenet

Il Bravo           20087 Ferro      UORC-318    Mercadante

                                    LAR 17
                         Fonit      STEREO
La Gazzetta        20088 Cetra      (2LP)       Gioachino Rossini

Virginia           20089 Records    MRF-137 (3) Mercadante

                         RCA /      VICS-6126
Ascanio in Alba    20090 Victrola   (STEREO)    W. Mozart
Arabella          20091 London    A-4412      R. Strauss

La traviata       20092 Angel     SCLX-3780   G. Verdi

Macbeth           20093 Angel     SCLX-3833   G. Verdi
Complete Ballet
Music             20095 Philips   6747 093    G. Verdi

The Ballet        20096 Time Life STLF-0002   Varoius

The American
Spirit            20097 Time Life STLF-0001   Various
Marching in
Review            20098 Time Life STLF-0005   Various
The Good Old
Days              20099 Time Life STLF-0006   Various

Latin Rhythms     20100 Time Life STLF-0004   Various

Waltzes           20101 Time Life STLF-0008   Various
Gershwin           20102 Time Life STLF-0009   George Gershwin

Overtures          20103 Time Life STLF 0010   Various

Opera Highlights   20104 Time Life STLF0012    Various
Variations on the
Dance               20105 Time Life STLF-0013   Various

Love Songs          20106 Time Life STLF-0014   Various
The Russian
Composers       20107 Time Life STLF-0015   Various

Guests of the
Pops            20108 Time Life STLF-0016   Various
Concertos          20112 Time Life STLF-0018   Various

Fidelio            20113 Records   DXH-147     L.V. Beethoven

Tebaldi Festival   20115 London    OSA-1282    Various

Loreley            20116           BJR-1361    Catalani

Resurrezione       20117           HRE 237-2   Franco Alfano
Gli Abencerragi    20118           EJS-514     Cherubini

                         Hungroto SLPX 11904-
Medea              20120 n        06          Cherubini

Beatrice di
Tenda              20121 London    OSA 1384    Bellini
I Capuletti Ed I
Montecchi          20122            EJS-159-D     Bellini

vanessa            20123 Victor     LM-6138       Samuel Barber

I Capuletti Ed I
Montecchi          20124            MRF-19        Bellini

La Sonnambula      20125 London     A 4365        Bellini

Il Pirata          20126 Replica    MRF-51        Bellini

il Matriomonio
Segreto            20127 Cetra      422/3         Domenico Cimarosa

A Village Romeo
& Juliet           20128 Angel      SBLX-3784     Delius

Devereux                         ABC/ATS
(Elizabeth and                   20003
Esssex)            20129 ABC/ATS (STEREO)         Donizetti

Il Pirata          20130 Angel      SCL-3772      Bellini

Lucrezia Borgia    20131 Treasures e.r.r. 129-2   Donizetti
                        Red Seal
Lucrezia Borgia   20132 Records LM 6176 (3)    Donizetti

Il Duca D'Alba    20133 Records   UORC-190     Donizetti

Il Borgomastro          Opera
Di Saardam        20134 Records   UORC - 166   Donizetti

                                  ABC/ ATS
Lucia Di                ABC       20006-3
Lammermoor        20135 Records   STEREO       Donizetti

Anna Bolena       20136 Angel     AVC-34031    Donizetti

Lucia di
Lammermoor        20138 London    OSA-1327     Donizetti

The Elixir of
Love              20139 Centra    415 3        Gaetano Donizetti

Martha            20140 Cetra     Cetra 1254   Flotow

                        RCA Red ARL3-3046-3-
Andrea Chenier    20141 Seal    D            Giordano

Faust             20142 Angel     SZDX-3868    Gounod
Andrea Chenier    20143 Melodram MEL 421(3)   Giordano

Andrea Chénier    20144 Seraphim IB-6019      Giordano
Ero S onoga                      JUS N N4
Sviteta           20145 Sakoj    201          Jakov Gotovac
                                 FCX 363 a
Mireille          20146 Columbia 365          Gounod

Christus          20147 on       LPX 1506-08 Liszt
La Traviata       20148          MRF-87      G. Verdi
Falstaff          20149 Records UORC-111     G. Verdi
The Merry
Widow             20150 Angel     3630 B/L    Franz lehar
                        Age of
La Traviata       20151 Opera     EJS-306     G. Verdi

Il Trovatore      20152 London    OSA-13123   G. Verdi

Il Trovatore      20153 Angel     SCLX-3855   G. Verdi

Il Trovatore      20154 hon      2562 004-006 G. Verdi

La Traviata       20155 Victor    LM 6003     Verdi

La Battaglia di
Legnano           20156 Philips   6700 120    Verdi
                     RCA Red
Aida           20157 Seal    LSC-6198      Verdi

La Traviata    20158 Victor    LSC-6154    G. Verdi

                     ND Opera
La Favorita    20159 Series   SRS 63510    Donizetti

Stiffelio      20160 Philips   6769 039    G. Verdi

Rigoletto      20161 Angel     SZCX-3872   G. Verdi

                     RCA /
Rigoletto      20162 Victor    LM-6051     G. Verdi

                     Red Seal
Il Trovatore   20163 Records LM-6008 (2)   G. Verdi

               20164           lds-6155    Verdi

               20165           2707 103    Verdi
20166   161-43 100/1 Verdi

20167   36232        Verdi

20168   2562 007-008 Verdi

20169   OSA-13130    Verdi

20170   RS-63021     Verdi

20171   OSA-1279     verdi

20172   LSC 6180     Verdi

20173   osa-1382     verdi

20174   arl3-0564    Verdi

20175   2562 019-021 verdi

20176   CRL3-2951    Verdi
                 20177          2709-014    Verdi

                 20178          osa-13105   Verdi

                 20179          LC 0173     Verdi

                 20180          SCLX-3850   Verdi

Otello           20181 London   OSA 1324    Verdi

Tristan und            Grammop
Isolde           20182 hon      2713 001    Richard Wagner

Die Walkure      20183 London   OSA 1509    Wagner

Prima                  RCA
Donna/Volume 2   20184 Victor   LSC-2968    Various

Der Freischutz   20185 Seraphim SIB-6010    Weber

Meistersinger    20186 Angel    SEL-3776    Wagner

Lucia di               RCA
Lammermoor       20187 Victor   LSC-6170    Donizetti
Roberto                ABC
Devereux         20188 Records    ATS 20003     Donizetti

Martha           20189 Eurodisc   25 422 XGR    Friedrich von Flotow

Porgy and Bess   20190 RCA        ARL3-2109     George Gershwin

Andrea Chenier   20191 RCA        ARL3-2046     Giordano

Fedora           20192 London     OSA-1283      Giordano

Faust            20193 RCA        FRL4-2493     Gounod

Faust            20194 /Odyssey Y3 32103        Gounod

Faust            20195 Victor     LM 6400 (3)   Gounod

Faust            20196 London     OSA 1433      Gounod

Messiah          20197 Victor     LSC-6175      Handel

Opening nights         RCA
at the met       20198 Victor     LM-6171       Various
Hamlet         20199 London    410 184-1 3 Ambroise Thomas

Mignon         20200 London    A4309        Thomas

La Traviata    20201 Angel     SCLX-3780    Verdi

The Merry
Widow          20202 Angel     3630 B/L     Franz Lehar

Rienzi         20203 Angel     SELX-3818    Wagner

Tannhauser     20204 UORC      UORC-230     Wagner

Die Walkure    20205 Treasures ERR-107-4    Wagner

Die Walkure    20206 Seraphim IE-6012       Wagner
                     s                      based on the play by arthur miller,
                     Incorporat             music by robert ward, libretto by
The Crucible   20207 ed         CRI-168     bernard stambler

Euryanthe      20208 Angel     SDL-3764     Weber
Francesca da
Rimini         20209 BJRS      BJRS 137-3   Zandonai

Countess             Arabesqu
Maritza        20210 e Records 8057-2       Emmerich Kalman
Hansel and              Masterwo
Gretel            20211 rks      M2 35898       Humperdinck

Acis and                L'oiseau-
Galatea           20212 lyre      OL 50179-80 Handel
La Juive          20213 EJS       EJS-439     Halevy

Aida              20214 Victor     LM-6069      Verdi

Don Carlos        20215 Everest    414/4        Giuseppe Verdi

Lucia di                RCA
Lammermoor        20216 Victrola   VIC 6001 (2) Donizetti

Giovanna d'Arco   20217 Records    MRF-90       Verdi

Attila            20218 Philips  6700 056       Verdi
Alzira            20219 Records MRF-8 (2)       Verdi
The Queen of            Series
Spades            20220 (London) SRS 63516      Tchaikovsky

Aida              20221 Victrola   VIC-6119     Verdi

The Barber of           RCA
Seville           20222 Victor     LM-6143      Rossini
La Pietra del                       VSD
Paragone             20223 Vanguard 71183/4/5       Rossini

                                      3 C163-
                           EMI        00978S/9/80
Il Turco in Italia   20224 (odeon)    M           Gioacchino Rossini

Semiramide           20225 London     A-4383        Rossini

                           Heritage   MHS
Tancredi             20226 Society    3754/5/6      Rossini

Elisabetta           20227 EJS        EJS-133       Rossini

The Barber of
Seville              20228 Everest    413/3         Gioacchino Rossini

La Cenerentola
(complete)           20229 London     A 4376        Rossini

                                      7, RPL
Otello               20230 Replica    2419/21       Rossini

                                      10, RPL
Guglielmo Tell       20231 Replica    2429/31       Gioacchino Rossini
Guglielmo Tell       20232 Records    MRF-69        Rossini
La Donna del               BJR
Lago                 20233 Records    BJR 116 (3)   Rossini

Franz Schubert:            Deutsche
Lieder, Volume             Grammop
1                    20234 hon      2720 005        Schubert
Franz Schubert           Grammop
Lieder, volume 2   20235 hon      2720 022     Schubert

Faust              20236 London   OSA-12100    Schumann

Katerina                 made in
Ismailova          20237 the USSR RCL-4100     Shostakovich

Olympia            20238 EJS      EJS-542      Spontini
Der Liebe Der
Danae              20239 SP       SP-4         Strauss

Die Frau Ohne            Series
Schatten           20240 (London) SRS 64503    Strauss

Daphne             20241 hon      18-956/57-   Richard Strauss

Romeo and
Juliet             20243 Angel    SCL-3734     Gounod

Julius Caesar      20244 Victor   LSC-6182     Handel

Treemonisha        20245 hon      2707 083     Scott Joplin

die tote stadt     20246 RCA      ARL3-1199    Erich Wolfgang Korngold
Countess            Arabesqu
Maritza       20247 e Records 805 7-2         Emmerich Kalman

The Land of         Arabesqu
Smiles        20248 e Records 8055-2          Franz Lehar

The Merry
Widow         20249 Angel      35033          Franz Lehar

Paganini      20250 Angel      SBLX-3863      Franz Lehar

I Pagliacci   20251 London     OSA 1280       Leoncavallo

I pagliacci   20252 Angel      3527 (35) /L   Ruggiero Leoncavallo

Pagliacci     20253 London     OSAD 13125 Mascagni, Leoncavallo

I pagliacci   20254 Angel      SZCX-3895      Leoncavallo, Mascaagni
Rusticana     20255 London     OSA 1213       Mascagni

Rusticana     20256 RCA        CRL1-3091      Mascagni

Cavalleria          RCA
Rusticana     20257 Victrola   VIC-6044       Mascagni

                    abc        ABC/ ATS-
Manon         20258 records    20007/4        Jules Massenet
Don Quichotte    20259 London   OSA-13134   Massenet

Esclarmonde      20260 London   OSA 13118   Massenet

Thais            20261 Angel    SCLX-3832   Massenet

La Navarraise    20262 RCA      ARL1-1114   Massenet

Thais            20263 RCA      ARL3-0842   Massenet

Medea in               Cardinal VCS
Corinto          20264 Series   10087/8/9   Giovanni Simone Mayr

Elijah           20265 RCA      LSC-6190    Mendelssohn

Les Huguenots    20266 London   OSA 1437    Meyerbeer

Cosi Fan tutte   20267 rks      Y3 32670    Mozart

Cosi Fan Tutte         RCA Red
(complete)       20268 Seal    LSC-6416     Mozart
Tosca            20269 London  OSA 1210     Puccini
The Abduction         Treasury
from the              Series
Seraglio        20270 (London) RS 63015      Mozart

Tosca           20271 hon      2707 121      Puccini

Tosca           20272 Angel      DSBX-3919   Puccini

Tosca           20273 London     LL 660/1    Puccini

Tosca           20274 Victor     LDS 7022    Puccini

Tosca           20275 Angel      3508 B/L    Puccini

Tosca           20276 Philips    6700 108    Puccini

Tosca           20277 London     OSAD12113 Puccini

Tosca           20278 RCA        ARL2-0105   Puccini

Tosca           20279 hon      2707 087      Puccini

Manon Lescaut   20280 Victrola   VIC-6027    Puccini

Madama                RCA
Butterfly       20282 Victor     LM-6121     Puccini

Tosca           20283 London     OSA 1267    Puccini
Madama                  Masterwo
Butterfly         20284 rks      M3 35181      Puccini

Butterfly         20285 rks      Y3 32107      Puccini
Butterfly         20286 RCA        LSC-6160    Puccini

The Marriage of         RCA
Figaro            20287 Victor     LSC-6408    W.A. Mozart

Cavalleria              Masterwo
Rusticana         20288 rks      SL-123        Mascagni

Ariadne auf
Naxos             20289 Angel      3532        Strauss

Ariadne auf
Naxos             20290 London   OSA 13100     Richard Strauss
Der                     Series
Rosenkavalier     20291 (London) RS 64001      Strauss

La Gioconda       20292 unknown TD 505/3       Ponchielli

La Boheme         20293 London     90-5572     Puccini

La Gioconda       20294 Victrola   VICS-6101   Ponchielli

The Gambler       20295 Melodiya M3 34579      Prokofiev
Il Trittico        20296 Angel     SCLX-3849     Puccini
L'ange de Feu
(The Flaming             Westmins
Angel)             20297 ter Gold W-39634        Serge Prokofieff (Prokofiev)

La Fanciulia Del
West               20298 London    OSA 1306      Puccini

Toti Dal Monte     20299 Angel     GRB 4000      Beniamino Gigli

Butterfly          20300 Everest   421/3         Giacomo Puccini

Butterfly          20301 Angel     SCL-3702      Puccini

                                   3C 153-
Manon Lescaut      20302 EMI       18411/12      Puccini

Tosca              20303 (London) RS 62002       Puccini

Turandot           20304 s)          HRE 321-3   Puccini
Turandot             20305 London    OSA 1308      Puccini

Giovanna d'Arco      20306 Angel     SCL-3791      Verdi

I Lombardi           20307 Philips   6703 032      Verdi

I Masnadieri         20308 London    LDR 73008     Verdi

                                     11, RPL
I Vespri Siciliani   20309 Replica   2433/35       Verdi

Il Trovatore         20310 Everest   426/3         Verdi
La Forza del               Recording
Destino              20311 s         LR 170 -3     Verdi

La Forza del
Destino              20312 Cetra     LPO-3 2011    Verdi

Don Carlo            20313 Cetra     LPO-4 2018    Verdi

Luisa Miller         20314 Victor    LM 6168 (3)   Verdi

Nabucco              20315 London    A-4382        Verdi
Luisa Miller      20316 Everest    433/3       Giuseppe Verdi
Recordings of
the Century       20317 Angel      GRB 4002    Verdi

The Caliph's            Music
Magician: Shu &         Historical
Sha               20318 Society    MHS 3565/66 Gabriel von Wayditch

Die Feen          20319 Records    MRF-146-S   Wagner

Parsifal          20320 Philips    PHM 5-550   Wagner
                        Age of
Der Fliegende           (private
Hollander         20321 record)    EJS-515     Wagner
Macbeth           20322 Records    BJR 117 3   Verdi

Verdi: Requiem    20323 rks      M2 30060      Verdi

Simon                   Capitol
Boccanegra        20324 Records    GCR 7126    Verdi
Stiffelio         20325 Records    MRF-136 (2) Verdi

un ballo in                        30/1033
maschera          20326 Cetra      1250        Verdi
Un Giorno di
Regno             20327 Philips    6703 055     Verdi

Il Catone in
Utica             20328 Erato      75204 X 2    Vivaldi

La Fida Ninfa     20329 Rediviva   DLBX 210     Vivaldi

                        Heritage   MHS
Orlando Furioso   20330 Society    3918/19/20   Vivaldi

Maria Stuarda     20331 Records    ATS 20010/3 Donizetti

Lucrezia Borgia   20332 Victor     LSC-6176     Donizetti

Lucia di                ABC
Lammermoor        20333 Records    ATS 20006-3 Donizetti

Lucrezia Borgia   20334 London     OSA-13129    Donizetti

The Barber of
Seville           20335 Angel      SCLX-3761    Rossini

Otello            20336 Philips    6769 023     Rossini

Giovanna d'Arco   20337 Angel      SCL-3791     Verdi

Elisabetta        20338 Philips    6703 067     Rossini
The Siege of
Corinth            20339 Angel     SCLX-3819   Rossini

La Pietra del                     VSD
Paragone           20340 Vanguard 71183/4/5    Rossini

Samson and
Delilah            20341 RCA       ARL3-0662   Saint-Saens

Dido and
Aeneas             20342 RCA       ARL1-3021   Purcell

Hippolyte et             L'oiseau-
aricie             20343 lyre      286-7-8     Jean-Philippe Rameau

May Night          20344 hon      2709 063     Rimsky-Korsakov

The Barber of            RCA
Seville            20345 Victor    LM 6104     Rossini

La Fanciulia Del         Grammop
West               20346 hon      2709 078     Puccini

Gianni Schicchi    20347 rks      M 34534      Puccini

Turandot           20348 London    OSA 13108   Puccini

Turandot           20349 Angel     CL-3671     Puccini
Le Villi, Edgar
(act II)          20350 RCA      LSC-7096    Puccini

La Boheme         20351 Victor   LM 6006     Puccini

La Boheme         20352 rks      Y2 32364    Puccini

Manon Lescaut     20353 Angel    SBLX-3782   Puccini

Suor Angelica     20354 rks      34505       Giacomo Puccini

La Rondine        20355 Victor   LSC-7048    Puccini

La Boheme         20356 London   OSA 1208    Puccini

La Boheme         20357 London   OSA 1299    Puccini

La Boheme         20358 Victor   LSC-6095    Puccini
Il Re Pastore   20359 Victor   LSC-7049    Mozart

La Periehole    20360 RCA      FRL-5994    Offenbach

Perichole       20361 Victor   LOC-1029    Offenbach

La Boheme       20362 Angel    SZBX-3900   Puccini

La Boheme       20363 Angel    SBL-3643    Giacomo Puccini

La Boheme       20364 RCA      ARL2-0371   Puccini

La Gioconda     20365 63518    5RS063518   Ponchielli

La Gioconda     20366 London   OSA 1388    Tebaldi

Don Giovanni    20367 hon      143.1269841 Mozart
Don Giovanni    20368 hon      2709 085     Mozart

Le Nozze di
Figaro          20369 London    OSA 1443    Mozart

Fidelio         20370 London    3LDR 10017 Beethoven

San Francisco
Opera Gala      20371 london    OSA 1441    various, and not listed.

La Forza del
Destino         20372 London    OSA 13122   Verdi

I Lombardi      20373 Philips   6703 032    Verdi
Luisa Miller     20374 Victor    LSC-6168    Verdi

Luisa Miller     20375 London    OSA13114    Verdi

un ballo in
maschera         20376 Seraphim IC-6087      Verdi

a masked ball    20377 london    OSA 1398    verdi

Attila           20378 Philips   6700 056    Verdi

Aroldo           20379 rks      M3X 35906    Verdi

Aida             20380 Angel     SCL 3716    Verdi

Don Giovanni     20381 London    XLLA 34     Mozart

die tote stadt   20383 RCA       ARL3-1199   Erich Wolfgang Korngold

Die Agyptische         Teatro
Helena           20384 Dischi    TD507/3     Richard Strauss
Arabella         20385 London    A-4412       Strauss
Orfeo Ed               Recording
Euridice         20386 s         LR 139-9     Gluck

La Vida Breve    20387 Angel     Bl-3672      Falla

Euridice         20388 Orpheus   OR 344/345   Jacopo Peri (?)

La Clemenza di
Tito             20389 London    OSA 1387     Mozart

Il Re Pastore    20390 Victor    LSC-7049     Mozart

Boccanegra       20391 Melodram MEL 703 (3)   Verdi

Orfeo Ed               MRF
Euridice         20392 Records   MRF-9        Haydn

                                 FCX 683 A
Le Roi D'ys      20393 Pathe     685          Edouard Lalo
Rosenkavalier     20394 Angel    3563 D/L    Richard STrauss

Rosenkavalier     20395 London   OSAL-1435   Strauss

Salome            20396 hon      2707 052    Strauss

Eugene Onegin     20397 London   OSA 13112   Tchaikovsky

Mignon            20398 rks      M4 34590    Thomas

Ariadne auf
Naxos             20399 London   OSAD13131 Strauss

A Waltz Dream     20400 e Records 8063-2     Oscar Straus

Vienna Waltzes    20401 Society  CS2-2106    Johann Strauss

Johann Strauss
II: Wiener Blut   20402 Angel    SBLX-3831   Johann Strauss (II?)
The Gypsy
Baron           20403 Angel     BL 3612      Johann Strauss

La Donna del          BJR
Lago            20404 Records   BJRS 116-3   Rossini

The Secret of
Susanna         20405 London    OSA1169      Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari

Requiem         20406 Victor    LM-6018      Verdi

Aida            20407 RCA       LSC-6198     Verdi

Aida            20408 Victor    LM-6122      Verdi

un ballo in
maschera        20409 london    osa 1328     verdi

un ballo in           Grammop 2562 009--
maschera        20410 hon      011           verdi

un ballo in
maschera        20411 Philips   6769 020     verdi

un ballo in
maschera        20412 angel     sclx-3762    verdi
I due Foscari    20413 Philips   6700 105    Verdi

Ernani           20414 Victor    LSC-6183    Verdi

Rigoletto        20415 Cetra     LPC 1247    Verdi

un ballo in            RCA
maschera         20416 Victor    LSC-6179    Verdi

un ballo in            Grammop 2562 009--
maschera         20417 hon      011          verdi

I Masnadieri     20418 London    LDR 73008   Verdi

Macbeth          20419 London    A-4380      Verdi

Die Fledermaus   20420 London    OSA 1319    Johann Strauss

Aida             20421 London    LLA 13      Verdi
Aida           20422 London    OSA 1313     Verdi

Aida           20423 Angel     SZCX-3888    Verdi

Aida           20424 Angel     SCLX-3815    Verdi
Alzira         20425 Records   MRF-8 (2)    Verdi

Aida           20426 London    OSA1393      Verdi

I puritani     20427 Records   ATS20016/3 Vincenzo Bellini

Il Trovatore   20428 RCA       LSC-6194     Verdi

I Masnadieri   20429 Philips   6703 064     Verdi

Il Trovatore   20430 RCA       AGL3-4146    Verdi

Il Trovatore   20431 Angel     C/L 3653     Verdi

Il Trovatore   20432 hon      2728 008      Verdi
Il Trovatore         20433 London     OSA 1304    Verdi

Macbeth              20434 Victrola   VICS-6121   Verdi

The Flying
Dutchman             20435 Angel      SCL 3730    Wagner

ng                   20436 London   OSA 1604      Wagner
Lohengrin            20437 (London) RS 65003      Wagner

I Vespri Siciliani   20438 RCA        2398        Verdi

Un Giorno di
Regno                20439 Philips    6703 055    Verdi
                           not for
Tosca                20440 sale)      UORC-184    Puccini
                      Grammop 2562 015---
Don Carlos      20441 hon      018          Verdi

Don Carlo       20442 Seraphim IC-6004      Verdi

Don Carlo       20443 Angel     SDL-3774    Verdi

Il Corsaro      20444 Philips   6700 098    Verdi

Das Rheingold   20445 London    OSA 1309    Wagner

Siegfried       20446 London    OSA 1508    Wagner

Tannhauser      20447 London    OSA 1438    Wagner
Falstaff        20448 rks      M3L 350      Verdi

La Forza del
Destino         20449 London    OSA 1405    Verdi

La Forza del
Destino         20450 RCA       ARL4-1064   Verdi

La Forza del
Destino         20451 Angel     SDL-3765    Verdi

Covent Garden
Album           20452 London    OSA 1276    various

Carmen          20453 hon      2709 043     Bizet

La Boheme       20454 Seraphim IB-6000      Puccini

Naughty               an                    music by Victor Herbert, book and
Marietta        20455 Collection N 026      lyrics by rida johnson young
Beatrice di tenda   20456 London    OSA 1384     Bellini

I Capuleti e I
Montecchi           20457 Angel     SCLX-3824    Bellini

Norma               20458 RCA       LSC-6202     Bellini

Norma               20459 Records   ATS-20017-3 Vincenzo Bellini

Norma               20460 rks      M3 35902      Bellini

La Sonnambula       20461 Seraphim IB-6108       Bellini

Les Troyens         20462 Philips   6709 002     Berlioz

Carmen              20463 Victor    LDS 6164     Bizet

Norma               20464 Seraphim IC-6037       Bellini
Norma           20465 London   OSA1394     Bellini

Il Pirata       20466 Angel    SCL-3772    Bellini

Carmen          20468 Victor   LM 6102     Bizet

Les Pecheurs
de Perles       20469 Angel    SBLX-3856   Bizet

Regina          20470 Odyssey Y3 35236     Marc Blitzstein

Owen Wingrave   20471 London   OSA 1291    Benjamin Britten

Peter Grimes    20472 London   OSA 1305    Benjamin Britten

La Wally        20473 London   OSA-1392    Catalani

Louise          20474 Angel    SCLX-3846   Charpentier
Medea              20475 London    OSA 1389     Cherubini

Lecouvreur         20476 Columbia M3 34588      Cilea

Lakme              20477 Seraphim SIC-6082      Leo Delibes

Anna Bolena        20478 Records   ATS 20015/4 Donizetti

La Fille Du
Regiment           20479 London    OSA 1273     Donizetti

Don Pasquale       20480 Angel     SBLX-3871    Donizetti

The Elixir of
Love               20481 Seraphim IB-6001       Donizetti

L'elisir d'amore   20482 London    OSA 13101    Donizetti

The Golden Age
of Operetta        20483 London    OSA 1268     Selected Composers

The Royal
Family of Opera    20484 London    RFO-S-1      Selected works.
The Age of Bel
Canto               20485 London     OSA 1257   ????

Carlo Bergonzi
sings Verdi         20486 Philips    6747 193   Verdi

Wagner: Der
Ring Des                             6747 037
Nibelungen          20487 Philips    16LP       Wagner

Carmen              20488 hon      2709 083     Georges Bizet

Vanessa             20489 Victor     LM-6138    Samuel Barber

The Ballad of             Grammop
Baby Doe            20490 hon      2709 061     Douglas Moore, John Latouche

Iphigenie en              Vox
auride (Iphigenia         Opera
in Tauris)          20491 Box        OPX 212    Gluck

Nine Beethoven            RCA
Symphonies          20492 Victor     LM-6901    L.V. Beethoven
The University of
Tulsa, Modern
Choir and                                       Vincint Persichetti, Richard Rogers,
University                ITTI                  Jerome Kern, Irving Berlin, Norman
Chorale             20493 Studios    none       Dello Joio
Die Schone                Heritage
Mullerin            20494 Society    MHS 4097   Franz Schubert
Symphony No.6
"Pathetique"        20495 London    CS6034        Tchaikovsky

Bizet Symphony
in C,
Mendelssohn               Columbia
Symphony No. 4            Masterwo
(Italian)           20496 rks      M 34567        Bizet, Mendelssohn

                          Bourg     BG 4019-20,
Galathee            20497 Records   ID 290 X 2  unknown

                                                  Purcell, Ives, Hahn, Schoenberg, Liszt,
                                                  Britten, Vuillermoz, Rossini,
                          Columbia                Rachmaninoff, Martin, Rodrigo,
                          Masterwo                Hullebroeck, Weldon, Nakada,
Souvenirs           20498 rks      M35119         Canteloube, Sibelius, Dutch Folk Song

Peer Gynt
suites, op.46
and op.55, Bizet:
Suites, no.1 and                    STPL
2                   20499 VOX       512.410       Grieg, Bizet

Aisle Seat          20500 Philips   6514 328      John Williams

                          , Berkeley
Tosca               20501 CA         RR-514       Puccini
Dixit Dominus,            Musical
Coronation                Heritage
Anthem No.1         20502 Society    MHS 4104     George Frideric Handel

Missa Solemnis      20503 Vox       TV 34289      Haydn

Das Land Des                        5 C 181 -03
Lachelns            20504 Odeon     047/48        Lehar
Piano Music:            Heritage   MHS
Grieg, Grainger   20505 Society    912134Z     Edvard Grieg, Percy Grainger

Romeo and
Juliet            20507 Angel      36287       Gounod

Pops Roundup      20508 Victor     LM-2595     unknown

The Three               Everyman
Penny Opera       20509 Classics SRV 273 SD Kurt Weill, Bertolt Brecht

Solomon           20510 Angel      35340       Handel
Soviet Army
Chorus and
Band              20511 Angel      35411       various
Sacred Arias by
the great
masters           20512 Columbia P 14171       Haydn, Mendelssohn, Bach, Handel
Minneapolis             Mercury
symphony          20513 Records    SR2-9005    Leo Delibes

court and
music of the                                   Josquin de pres, compere, brumel, de
16th century      20514 Nonesuch H-71012       fevin, mouton, others.
Prelude and
Liebestod          20515 RCA        AGL1-1274   Wagner

Mozart: flute
concertos          20516 Philips    PHC 9011    Mozart
The Great Verdi
Ballets            20517 London     CS6945      Verdi

Eleanor Steber:          Columbia/
Verdi Heroines     20518 Odyssey Y 31149        Verdi

Presenting three
outstanding              Legendar
american                 y
sopranos of the          Recording              Rossini, Bellini, homas, Mozart,
1980's.            20519 s         LR 189       Handel, R.Strauss

                         Grammop SLPM 139
Il Campanello      20520 hon      123           Donizetti

Tchaikovsky:             Everyman SRV-223/4
Swan Lake          20522 Classics SD            Tchaikovsky
Opera Without            Westmins
Words              20523 ter Gold WGS-8188      Bizet

The Rite of              Mercury
Spring             20524 Classics   MG 50030    Stravinsky
The Carnival of
the Animals, and
other good--time
classics for two         Capitol
pianos             20525 Records    SP-8657     Saint-Saens, Ravel, Debussy

Saint Cecilia
Mass               20526 Angel    36214         Gounod
E. Power Biggs     20527 rks      ML 4820       Julius Reubke, Franz Liszt
100 Great
Moments from              Columbia
the World's               Masterwo
Favorite Music      20528 rks      GMS 1       Various

Overtures to                                   Donizetti, Rossini, Maillart, Offenbach,
forgotten operas    20529 London    CS 6486    Verdi, Herold, Wallace

Concertante for           Columbia
Violin, viola and         Masterwo MS 6625 ML
orchestra           20530 rks      6025       Mozart

                                               albeniz, lecuona, ravel, abreu, albeniz,
                          Capitol              marquina, massenet, falla, rossini-
La Danza!           20531 Records   P 8314     respighi

                                               luther, bach, wagner, tchaikovsky,
Virgil Fox Plays                               trad, handel, boellmann, liszt,
the Classics        20532 Angel     S-36052    debussy, kreisler, macdowell, sullivan
Pictures at an
Exhibition, Night
on Bald
Mountain            20533 TELARC 10042         Moussorgsky

Carmen              20534 TELARC 10048         Bizet, Grieg

Swan Lake           20535 Everest   3390       Tchaikovsky

The art of the
french horn         20536 Everest   3432       Brahms, Mozart, Marin Marais

Van Cliburn: My
favorite Debussy    20537 RCA       LSC-3283   Debussy
Kiri te Kanawa:           Masterwo IM 37298,
Verdi & Puccini     20538 rks      DBL 37298   Verdi, Puccini

Vronsky and
Babin: Brahms:
Waltzes             20539 Seraphim 60033       Brahms

Dido and                  Everyman
Aeneas              20540 Classics SRV-279 SD Purcell

Waltz!              20541 Records   S 8623     various

Le Papillon         20542 London   CS6812      Offenbach
The Merry                 Westmins
Widow               20543 ter Gold WGS-8159    Franz Lehar

                          Westmins WGMO-8253-
Tosca               20544 ter Gold 2          Puccini

Claudio Arrau:
Liszt: Complete
paraphrases on
operas, Verdi:
Il trovature/ I
ombardi, aida/
don carlo,
boccanegra          20545 Philips   6500 368   Liszt, Verdi

                          Masterwo             lenoir, bizet, liszt, gounod, koechlin,
Plaisir d'Amour     20546 rks      M 33933     delibes, poulenc, martini, dell'acqua
marches, and
choruses from
the time of
napoleon           20547 Nonesuch H-1075        various

Montserrat               Grammop                Gounod, Meyerbeer, Charpentier,
Caballe            20548 hon      2530 073      Bizet, Massenet

The art of Ljuba                                Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Puccini, Weber,
Welitsch           20549 Seraphim 60202         Richard Strauss

Mozart Arias       20550 Odyssey 32 16 0363     Mozart

Showcase           20551 London     SS 1        various
The Sound of
Genius             20552 Columbia SOG-2         sampler

                         Grammop SLPM
Joseph Haydn       20553 hon      138782        Joseph Haydn

Haydn:                   Vanguard
Symphony 99,             Everyman
102                20554 Classics SRV 211 SD Haydn

Thesee             20555 Victrola   VICS-1686   Jean Baptiste Lully

Mozart Opera
and Concert
Arias              20556 Philips    6500 544    Mozart
Il Tabarro          20557 RCA       LSC-3220    Puccini

Operetta at the           EMI/Ange              johann strauss II, franz lehar, jacques
Wells               20558 l        ESDW 712     offenbach

Verdi: Il
highlights          20559 Angel     S 36404     Verdi

Die Fledermaus      20560 Victor    LM 1114     Johann Strauss

Leontyne Price:
Heroines            20561 RCA       LSC-3337    Puccini

Vladimir Atlantov         columbia
highlights from           masterwo M 34516, X
puccini's tosca     20562 rks      698          Puccini

Wagner. The
seraphim guide
to the ring         20563 seraphim Np-60200     Wagner

Candide             20564 Records   NW 340/341 Leonard Bernstein

Doktor und                Turnabout
Apotheker           20565 VOX       TV 34311    Dittersdorf
Anna moffo,
Leopold                   RCA
stokowski           20566 Victor    LSC-2795    canteloube, villa-lobos, rachamninoff
Gounod: St.
Cecilia Mass        20567 Angel    DS-38145     Gounod

Great Artists at
the Met:                           21-112-42-
Leontyne Price      20568 MET      PT8          verdi, puccini, mozart, barber

Renata Scotto
songs by
Rossini, bellini,
donizetti, verdi    20569 RCA      AGL1-1341    rossini, bellini, donizetti, verdi

                                                puccini, mascagni, puccini, verdi,
Mirella Freni       20570 Angel    S-37446      bellini, mozart, cilea

Boieldieu: Ma             Turnabout
tante Aurore        20572 VOX       TV 34222    Boieldieu

Great sopranos                                  gounod, beethoven, mozart, verdi,
of our time         20573 Angel    36135        wagner, bizet
Feast               20574 Angel    36015        Walton

Caballe sing
sWagner             20575 Erato    ARL1-3351    Wagner

The Merry                 Everyman
Widow Waltz         20576 Classics SRV 205 SD Lehar, Strauss
Rosemarie                (made in
Landry             20577 canada)    DFL-6005    french art songs, folk songs
conducts                 Columbia
favorite Rossini         Masterwo ML 5933, MS
Overtures          20578 rks      6533        rossini

The great voice
of Marilyin                                     rossini, thomas, meyerbeer, bellini,
Horne              20579 London     411 649-1   gluck, saint-saens

Maria Callas and
Sutherland: The
Art of the
Coloratura         20580 Everest    3293        Donizetti, Spohr, Rossini, Verdi, Bellini
Iris               20581 Records    ERR-133-2   Mascagni
Sylva Sass:
r, Tristan und
Isolde , Der
Hollander,               Hungarto
Tannhauser         20582 n        SLPX 11940 Richard Wagner
Menotti's The            Masterwo
Medium             20583 rks      MS 7387    Menotti

Gli Amori di
Teolinda           20584 Orfeo      S 054831    Giacomo Meyerbeer

Elena Da Feltre    20585 EJS        EJS-570     Mercadante
                          (made in   SX 0526, SX
Verbum Nobile       20586 poland)    0527        Stanislaw Moniuszko

The Merry
Widow               20587 London     OSA 1172    Lehar
Operne Arije:
Radmila                   RTL
Bakocevic                 (unknown LD 0455,
(soprano)           20588 ?)       SOKOJ         bellini, verdi, puccini, giordano, wagner

Tulsa: Simon
Estes               20589 unknown none           schubert, bizet, copland, burleigh

Beverly Sills
sings: Mozart,
marten alle
arten, ruhe sanft
mein holdes
leben, vorei spie
garti o dio,
amor amor
op.68, breit uber
mein haupt,
monologue and
scene from                ABC        ABC-ATS
Daphne              20590 Records    20004       Mozart, Richard Strauss

The Maid in the           Record   ANA-1055-A-
Tower               20591 company B            Sibelius

Giacomo                   Westmins WGM0-
Puccini: Tosca      20592 ter Gold 8253/2        Puccini
Beniamino Gigli          collector's
in "L' Elisir d'         limited
Amore"             20593 edition     MDP 008   donizetti
Farrell and
Tucker: puccini          Columbia
and verdi                Masterwo
favorites          20594 rks      MS 6604      puccini, verdi

                                               handel, mozart, pergolesi, donizetti,
                         RCA                   verdi, gretry, meyerbeer, thomas,
Lily Pons: arias   20595 Victrola   VIC-1473   rimsky-korsakoff, delibes

Beverly Sills:
scenes and
arias from               Westmins              massenet, charpentier, thomas,
french opera       20596 ter Gold WST-17163    meyerbeer
Renata Scotto
and Placido
Domingo sing             Columbia
Romantic Opera           Masterwo              Massenet, gounod, giordano,
Duets              20597 rks      M 35135      mascagni

Beverly Sills:
bellini and
donizetti                Westmins
heroines           20598 ter Gold WST-17143    bellini and donizetti

Rise Stevens in
exerpts from             columbia/
Bizet's Carmen     20599 odyssey Y 32102       Bizet

Leona Mitchell,
Kurt Herbert                                   puccini, rondine, mascagni, mozart,
Adler              20600 London     OS26591    rossini, verdi

Leona Mitchell,
Kurt Herbert                                   puccini, rondine, mascagni, mozart,
Adler              20600 London     OS26591    rossini, verdi

Gustav Mahler:           Deutsche
Rafael Kubelik.          Grammop
Symphony no.2      20601 hon      2707 043     Gustav Mahler
Debut Solo
Recording:               CBS
Siegfried                Masterwo              wagner, tchaikovsky, smetana,
Jerusalem          20602 rks      M 35830      meyerbeer, mozart, flotow, weber
                                                    di capua, tosti, cannio, gambardella,
O Sole Mio:                                         anon, di curtis, pennino, d'annibale,
Pavarotti           A602     London    OS26560      tagliaferri, denza

Pavarotti: primo                                    Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti, Boito, Verdi,
tenore                 20604 London    OS 26192     Ponchielli, Puccini, Cilea, Pietri

Wunderlich: lyric                                   mozart, verdi, flotow, smetana,
tenor album 3          20605 seraphim S-60148       puccini, tchaikovsky, kalman, lehar

The rubinstein
story: essy aby              RCA
clifton fadiman        20606 Victor    LM-2265      Chopin
Beethoven:                   RCA
Concerto no.5          20607 Victor    LM-2124      Beethoven

Handel: The
Messiah                20608 Everest   3398         Handel

Mozart: the                  Turnabout TV 34072S,
magic flute            20609 VOX       TV 4072      Mozart

Munch conducts               RCA
Wagner                 20611 Victor    LM-2119      Wagner
Vivaldi: the four            RCA
seasons                20612 Victor    LM-2424      Vivaldi
Sibelius:                    RCA
symphony 2             20613 Victor    LM-2342      Sibelius
Verdi: alle
ouverturen und
overtures and                Deutsche
preludes                     Grammop
(complete)             20614 hon      2707 090      verdi

Aragall: Italian                                    Puccini, Donizetti, Cilea, Verdi,
Opera Arias            20615 London    OS26499      Giordano

Margaret Price:
Mozart Arias           20616 RCA       AGL1-1532    Mozart
Rita Hunter:
arias and duets
in performance         20617 VOCE      VOCE-43      not listed
voices in
from the italian
operatic                  RCA                     bellini, donizetti, meyerbeer, verdi,
repertoire          20618 Victrola   VIC-1395     puccini
Premiers (first
recording of rare
Verdi arias,
des airs rares de
Schallplatten--           CBS
Premiere der              Masterwo 74037 CB
Verdi-Arien         20619 rks      281            Verdi
operatic duets      20620 London     OS26449      Verdi, bellini, donizetti,

voices in
from the german
operatic                  RCA
repertoire          20621 Victrola   VIC-1455     mozart, beethoven, weber, wagner,

                                                  Mozart, Puccini, Verdi, Falla, Wagner,
Portrait of Pilar   20622 London     OS26611      Granados

Regine Crespin      20623 EMI        C 061-16403 Rossini, Verdi, Wagner, Berlioz

Take a look.              1985 tour
Have a listen.            preview
Metropolitan              recording               Wagner, Mozart, Tchaikovsky,
opera 1985 tour     20624 (none?)   Stereo M02    Puccini, Verdi, Humperdinck

Italian operatic
arias, Traubel      20625 columbia ML 2052        verdi, mozart, puccini, ponchielli
French Opera                                     auber, bizet, offenbach, gounod,
Gala, Joan                                       meyerbeer, lecocq, masse,
Sutherland          20627 London     OS26166     charpentier

Schubert: music
for theater,
rosamunde, the            RCA
magic harp          20628 Victrola   VICS-1638   Schubert

Judith Blegen,            Columbia               schubert, mozart, saint-saens,
Frederica von             Masterwo               chausson, scarlatti, brahms,
Stade               20629 rks      M 33307       schumann

The Scots
Guards              20630 Angel      S35792      unknown (some traditional)

Glenn Gould
Beethoven's 5th
Symphony in C
minor op.67
transcribed for           Columbia
piano by franz            Masterwo
liszt               20631 rks      MS 7095       Beethoven/liszt

La Juive            20632 RCA        ARL1-0447   Halevy

Coloratura arias:
Mady Mesple         20633 Angel      S-37095     donizetti, verdi, rossini, bellini

The Merry
Widow               20634 Angel      S-37500     F. Lehar

Regine Crespin                                   offenbach, hahn, straus (sic?),
sings Offenbach     20635 London     OS26248     messager, christine
Anna Moffo:
heroines from                                    donizetti, berlioz, massenet, thomas,
great french                                     bizet, meyerbeer, gounod, massenet,
operas              20636 RCA        ARL1-0844   charpentier
Verdi: La
highlights          20637 Angel      S-36925     Verdi

The Art of                                       bizet, thomas, gounod, canteloube,
Gladys                    RCA                    massenet, saint-saens, tchaikovsky,
Swarthout           20638 Victrola   VIC-1490    offenbach

Dances from
West Side Story,
Gershwin: Porgy
and Bess (a
symphonic                 RCA
picture)            20639 Victrola   VICS-1491   Bernstein, Gershwin
Symphony no.9             RCA
in C                20640 Victor     LM 1040     Schubert

Leontyne Price:
Prima Donna,
great soprano                                    purcell, mozart, verdi, meyerbeer,
arias from                RCA                    massenet, verdi, cilea, charpentier,
purcell to barber   20641 Victor    LM-2898      barber
Peer Gynt Suite           of the
1 and 2             20642 world     MT-20B       debussy, richard strauss, grieg

Anna Moffo:
Mozart Arias        20643 seraphim S-60110       Mozart

Victoria de los
zarzuela arias      20644 Angel      S-36556     various (not listed)

domingo: la                                      mascagni, gounod, verdi, cilea,
voce d'oro          20645 RCA        ARL1-0048   puccini, bizet
domingo, katia
ricciarelli: great
love duets           20646 RCA       ARL1-2799   verdi, puccini, zandonai

Gustav Mahler              Grammop
Symphony nr. 2       20647 hon      2726 062     Mahler
the great
american                                         gluck, wagner, mozart, beethoven,
soprano: Helen             columbia/             ilgenfritz, tchaikovsky, r. strauss,
Traubel              20648 odyssey Y 31735       bishop

Barry Morell
sings Verdi arias
and scenes from
oberto to falstaff   20649 RCA       CRL2-0158   Verdi
Wagner: the
march                20650 Angel     S-36879     Wagner
Noel Coward's
Bitter Sweet         20651 Angel     S 35814     Noel Coward
Sir John
Stainer's "The             MGM
Crucifixion"         20652 Records   GC-30005    Sir John Stainer

Mendelssohn: a
night's dream
incidental music,
hansel and
gretel - suite       20653 seraphim 60056        Mendelssohn, Humperdinck

Jose Carreras
sings Donizetti,
Bellini, Verdi,
Mercadante,                                      Berdi, Mercadante, Donizetti, Bellini,
Ponchielli           20654 Philips   9500 203    Ponchielli
Kiri Te Kanawa
Sings Songs
from Broadway,                                   Bernstein and sondheim, rodgers,
the opera and                                    hammerstein, bizet, stillman and oters,
the concert                Westmins              gershwin, heywward, benoff, webster,
stage.               20655 ter Gold WGS-8233     lara
music of victor
herbert            20657 Angel      SFO-37160   victor herbert

Obraztsova         20658 Angel      S-37501     cilea, mascagni, verdi, saint saens,

Lily Pons: arias   20659 odyssey Y 31152        donizetti, mozart

Warren: the
great hits of a          RCA                    leoncavallo, rossini, bizet, gounod,
great baritone     20660 Victrola   VIC-1595    offenbach, verdi, puccini

Gwyneth Jones
Recital            20661 London     OS 25981    Beethoven, Cherubini, Wagner, Verdi
dramatic                                        verdi, mascagni, puccini, catalani,
soprano arias      20662 London     OS26497     ponchielli, giordano

                                                ponchielli, mascagni, giordano,
martina arroyo     20663 Acanta     DC 23.325   puccini, verdi

an operatic
recital by mario
del monaco         20664 London     LL-1244     verdi, puccini, leoncavallo, mascagni

The Merry                Masterwo
Widow              20665 rks      OS 2280       Franz Lehar
Grace Bumbry,             Grammop
Verrdi-Arien        20666 hon      138 987        Verdi

Thte Sound of             Spinoram
Music               20667 a Records MK 3078       Rodgers, Hammerstein

Pavarotti: the                                    Leoncavallo, Riese, Bizet, Puccini,
world's favorite                                  Verdi, Gounod, Puccini, Verdi, Puccini,
tenor arias         20668 London     OS26384      Verdi
Mirella Freni and
Renata Scotto:
duets from
mozart              20669 London     OS26652      Mozart, Bellini
verdi, bellini,
donizetti           20670 Philips    839 791 LY   Verdi, bellini, donizetti,

Leontyne Price:
samuel barber,
two scenes from
antony and
summer of 1915      20671 RCA        LSC-3062     Samuel Barber

Beverly Sills and
Sherrill Milnes:
up in central
park, duets from
operetta and
musical comedy      20672 Angel      S-37323      unknown

Great Sacred
Songs               20673 London     OS 25038     unknown

arias from                                        bizet, donizetti, auber, gamley,
forgotten operas    20674 London     OS 26199     massenet, verdi, vaccai, maillart

Rosa Ponselle             RCA
as Norma            20675 Victrola   VIC-1507     schubert, verdi, bellini,
Metropolitan             Grammop              verdi, puccini, R. strauss, mozart, J.
opera gala         20676 hon      2530 260    strauss, verdi,

                         Columbia             wagner, bach, rachmaninoff,
Those Fabulous           Masterwo             stravinsky, kodaly, sibelius, sousa,
Philadelphians.    20677 rks      MGP 17      mussorgsky-ravel, richard strauss

Giacomo Aragall    20678 Acanta   DC 29.391   puccini, donizetti, cilea, verdi, giordano

Elgar: Pomp and
marches, Bliss:
things to come,
welcome the
queen              20679 London   STS 15112   Elgar, Bliss

conducts Milnes!
Milnes conducts                               Bizet, Massenet, Boito, Gounod,
Domingo!           20680 RCA      ARL1-0122   Giordano, Verdi, Mascagni

Romantic Songs     20681 London   STS15164    Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti

                         Westmins             giordano, leoncavallo, ponchielli, bizet,
Viva La Virgen     20682 ter Gold WGS-8214    verdi
eleanor steber:
live at the                                   Mozart, charpentier, puccini,
continental                                   massenet, sieczynski, fields-kreisler,
baths              20683 RCA      ARL1-0436   ross-lehar, puccini
                                                 donizetti, mascagni, tosti, rossini,
                                                 zandonai, cimara, ponchielli, pergolesi,
Tebaldi in                                       paradisi, scarlatti, gluck, ricci,
Concert             20684 London     OS 26303    mercadante, bellini, puccini

                          columbia/              beethoven, weber, gluck, verdi, hart
Eileen Farrell      20685 odyssey Y 31739        rodgers

operatic recital:
mozart, puccini,
weill, and
kodaly, songs                                    puccini, weill, kodaly, mozart,
and arias           20686 Qualiton   LPX 11410   smetana, csajkovszkij, leoncavallo

Sylvia Geszty:                                   strauss, mozart, offenbach, rossini,
coloratura arias    20687 London     OS 26114    bellini, verdi

James King:
operatic recital    20688 London     OS 26039    Weber, Beethoven, Wagner

Prima Donna/                                     handel, weber, bellini, verdi, wagner,
Volume 5            20689 RCA        ARL1-3522   leoncavallo, britten
Sylvia Sass:
sensational new
star                20690 London     OS26524     unknown

                                                 bizet, tchaikovsky, saint saens,
Regina Resnik       20691 London   OS25316       wagner, verdi
The Stravinsky            Masterwo
Album               20692 rks      MG 31202      stravinsky
                                                 mozart, berlioz, wagner, verdi,
Prima Donna/                                     j.strauss jr., mascagni, dvorak, cilea,
volume 4            20693 RCA        ARL1-2529   korngold, puccini, menotti

Symphonies Vol.
III, Nos. 6 and 7   20694 Orpheus    OR H-203    Joseph Haydn

Haydn: Surprise
symphony no.
94, clock
symphony                  RCA
no.101              20695 Victor     LM-2394     Haydn

sylvia gezty:                                    r. strauss, mozart, offenbach, rossini,
coloratura arias    20696 London     OS 26114    bellini, verdi

Suppe                                STPL
Overtures           20697 VOX        516.540     unknown

Lazar Berman,
Claudio Abbado.
Rachmaninoff:             Columbia
piano concerto            Masterwo
no.3                20698 rks      M 34540       Rachmaninoff

Anton Reicha:             Musical
wind quintets             Heritage
volume 1            20699 Society    MHS 1054    Anton Reicha

Anton Reicha:             Musical
wind quintets             Heritage
volume 2            20700 Society    MHS 1070    Anton Reicha

Brahms:                   Columbia
symphony no.1             Masterwo
in c minor op.68    20701 rks       ML 5124      Brahms
Music                     Treasures
Treasures:                of the
Beethoven           20702 World     none         Beethoven
Ein Heldenleben     20703 Victor    LM-1807      Richard Strauss
Rubinstein plays          RCA
Grieg               20704 Victor     LM-1872    Grieg

A night in Venice   20705 rks      M2 35908     Johann Strauss

Fra Diavolo         20706 hon      2726 72-10   Daniel Francois Esprit Auber

overtures, and
dances from
seven great               Capitol               bellini, verdi, leoncavallo, mascagni,
italian operas      20707 Records    SP-8671    puccini
op.35               20708 London     CS7098     Rimsky-Korsakov

Carmina burana      20709 rks      MX 33172     Orff

Les airs les plus         Barclay
celebres de "La           (made in
Belle Helene"       20710 France)    91029      Offenbach
Canon in D                Musical
major: johann             Heritage
pachelbel           20711 Society    MHS 1060   Johann Pachelbel
canon in d
major, partia no.
VI in b flat
major, partie in
G major, Johann
Friedrich Fasch:
concerto in d
major, sinfonia
in g major,               Musical
sinfonia in a             Heritage              Johann Pachelbel, Johann Friedrich
major               20712 Society    MHS 1060   Fasch
pictures at an
exhibition, night
on bald
mountain            20713 Summitfd SUM 1021     Modest Mussorgsky

symphony 40 in
g minor k.550,
ein kleine
k.525               20714 London     CS7066     Mozart
dorati: detroit,
1812, capriccio
italien op.45,
marche slave
op.31               20715 London     CS 7118    Tchaikovsky
Romeo and
Juliet, Hamlet      20716 somerset SF-11600     Tchaikovsky
Antonio Vivaldi:
six concertos for
woodwinds,                Musical
strings and               Heritage
continuo            20717 Society  MHS 1076     Vivaldi
Antonio vivaldi:          Musical
concerti opus 11          Heritage
(complete)          20718 Society  MHS 4105     Vivaldi
The Moldau and            Masterwo
other favorites     20719 rks      M 31817      Dvorak, Smetana

Alessandro                Musical
Scarlatti, Messa          Heritage
di Sancta Cecilia   20720 Society    MHS 4076   Alessandro Scarlatti
A treasure of
Early Music:
volume 2, music         Haydn
of the ars nova         Society        ST HSE 7-
and renaissance   20721 Records        9101         unknown
A treasure of
Early Music:
volume 1, music         Haydn
of the middle           Society        ST HSE 7-
ages              20722 Records        9100         unknown

                                                    thomas morley, thomas ravenscroft,
The Cries of                                        thomas whythorne, christopher tye,
London and                                          richard dering, john bennett, william
Music in the            Musical                     byrd, henry youll, john bennett, william
Honor of Queen          Heritage                    byrd, edward johnson, thomas morley,
Elizabeth I       20723 Society        MHS 884      john hilton
Composers                 Compose
Alliance                  rs
Recording                 Recording
Award: The face           s
on the bar room           Incorporat
floor             20724   ed           CRI 442      Henry Mollicone, Lukas Foss
Rimsky-                   Musical
Korsakov:                 Heritage
Scheherazade      20725   Society      MHS 4096     Rimsky-Korsakov
schumann                  RCA          LM-2701,
symphony 4        20726   Victor       LSC-2701     Beethoven, Schumann
Schubert                  RCA
Symphony 9        20728   Victor       LM-1835      Schubert

Rachmaninoff            RCA
Symphony No.2     20729 Victor         LM-2106      Rachmaninoff

                                                    Vivaldi, Bach (J.S.), Mozart,
Classical II                                        Mussorgsky, Respighi, Prokofiev,
Sampler           20730 Maxell         DPL-I-0464   Canteloube, (+Mahler??)
waltzes, march
of the siamese
children, the
carousel waltz,
slaughter on
tenth avenue,
victory at sea     20731 Columbia CL 810        Richard Rodgers
Sabre dance,
russian sailors'
galop, age of
gold polka,
dance of the
tumblers,                                     khachaturian, shostakovich, rimsky-
polovetsian              Columbia             korsakov, prokofiev, gliere,
dances, and six          Masterwo MS 6958, ML kabalevsky, mussorgsky, tchaikovsky,
more               20732 rks      6358        borodin

Mass: mozart.      20733 WFB        613-1       Mozart

symphony 4 in g
major, carnaval
overture           20734 Angel      35622       Dvorak
opus 14            20735 London   LL 439        Berlioz
Stern, Mehta:            Columbia
brahms violin            Masterwo
concerto           20736 rks      M 35146       Brahms

variations on a
theme by haydn,
academic                 Columbia
festival and             Masterwo
tragic overtures   20737 rks      M 34572       Brahms, Haydn
complete                 Musical
symphonies               Heritage
volume II          20738 Society    MHS 4169/70 Brahms
Bartok music for
percussion and
mathis der maler   20739 Angel     S 35949      Bartok, Hindemith

Symphony No. 4     20740 Toscanini LM 1713      Brahms

Showtime: a
historic organ
recording…. The
last recorded
performance of
the magnificent
theater organ,
starring ashley          Comman
miller             20741 d Records RS 881 SD    unknown

                         A Division
The Daemonic             Vanguard
Liszt              20742 Record     VCS-10041   F. Liszt
complete ballet
music from the
operas             20743 Philips   9500 673     Gaetano Donizetti
Afternoon of a
faun (debussy),
daphnis and
chloe no.2               Columbia
(ravel), la mer          Masterwo
(debussy)          20744 rks      MS 6077       debussy, ravel

Claudio Abbado
conducts Verdi
Overtures          20745 RCA       ARL1-3345    Verdi

A treasury of
Early Music: an
anthology of
masterworks of
the middle ages,         Haydn
the renaissance          Society
and the baroque    20747 Records   ST HSE-9102 unknown
Georg Philipp
Telemann:                Turnabout
Pimpinone          20748 VOX       TV 341245    Telemann
Vivaldi: the four
seasons, les                         STPL
quatre saisons      20749 VOX        511.480       Vivaldi
Symphony and
Manfred                   RCA
Overture            20750 Victor     LM-2474       Schumann
Romeo and                 Deutsche
Juliet, suites 1          Grammop
and 2               20751 hon        2532 087      Prokofiev
                          Masterwo   MS 6478, ML
Ports of Call       20752 rks        5878        ravel, ibert, debussy, chabrier
Till Eulenspiegel   20753 Victor     LM-2077       Richard Strauss

Tchaikovsky :             RCA
Symphony no.5       20754 Victor     LM-2239       Tchaikovsky
the lady from
marian                    RCA                      edward r. murrow, fred w. frendly
anderson            20755 Victor     LM-2212       (???)
Tchaikovsky:              RCA
violin concerto     20756 Victor     LM-2129       Tchaikovsky

Haydn               20757 Urania     UR 8005       Vivaldi, Telemann, Haydn

Weber: Grand
Duo Concertant,
Sonata              20758 RCA        ARC1-4825     Weber, Schubert

New Music of
Charles Ives:             Columbia
seventeen first           Masterwo
recordings          20759 rks      MS 7321         Charles Ives
                                                   magidson-conrad, rodriquez,
                                                   youmans, barroso, azevedo, dinicu-
                                                   heifetz-schmid, chabrier, gade,
In the Latin              RCA                      lecuona, yradier, anderson, kreisler,
Flavor              20760 Victor   LM-2041         anderson, falla
Philip Glass:             CBS
Songs from                Masterwo
Liquid Days         20761 rks      FM 39564        Philip Glass
Dvorak: new
world symphony,
overturee            20762 London     CS6980     Dvorak

Antonin Dvorak:
symphony 9 in e            Musical
minor from the             Heritage
new world op.95      20763 Society    MHS 4084   Dvorak

Michel Corrette:
Dominum (after
vivaldi's spring),
Mysteres de                Musical
notre seigneur             Heritage
jesus christ         20764 Society    MHS 4085   Michel Corrett, Henri Desmarets

Frederic Chopin:
piano concerto 1           Deutsche
in e minor, 4              Grammop
mazurkas             20765 hon      2535 206     Frederic Chopin

Bach Cantatas:
jauchzet gott in
allen landen,
mein herze
schwimmt im
blut                 20766 Philips    6500 014   Bach
Rostropovich:              Columbia
Tchaikovsky                Masterwo
violin concerto      20767 rks      35126        Tchaikovsky
Nathan Milstein:
JS Bach                    Deutsche
sonatas and                Grammop
partitas             20768 hon      2721087      J.S. Bach
Italiano             20769 Philips    6998017    Beethoven

Mozart:                    Deutsche
violinkonzerte,            Grammop
violin concertos     20770 hon      2864 006     Mozart

Complete                   Deutsche
slavonic dances:           Grammop
antonin dvorak       20771 hon      2864004      Dvorak
Philharmonic             RCA                    Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Brahms,
Festival           20772 Victor   LDS 6407      Strauss

The Royal
Ballet: Gala             RCA                    Tchaikovsky, Rossini, Delibes, Adam,
Performances       20773 Victor   LDS 6065      Schumann, Chopin

Paganini: the 6          Grammop
violin concertos   20774 hon      2864005       Paganini
no.4 in F minor
op.36, no.5 in e
minor op.64,
no.6 in b minor          Deutsche
op.74                    Grammop
"pathetique"       20775 hon      2721085       Tchaikovsky

Evenings at the                   SIC-6069 (6
Ballet             20776 seraphim LPs)          Chopin, Schumann, Delibes, Adam

The Magic Flute    20777 Angel    DSCX-3918     Mozart

Mozart: The
Magic Flute        20778 Angel    C/L 3651      Mozart
a survey of the
world's greatest                                 reinken, h. bach, j.m. bach, j. christoph
organ music                                      bach, j.b. bach, kuhnau, boehm,
complete in 6                                    luebeck, walther, telemann,
volumes,                                         kauffmann, vogler, l.bach, gronau,
volume III---                                    krebs, homilius, w.f. bach, cpe bach,
central germany     20779 VOX BOX SVBX 5318      kellner, j.c.bach, kirnberger, j.e. bach
                          Sine Qua
The Nutcracker      20780 Non      SQN 7791/2    Tchaikovsky
The Great
Tchaikovsky               Columbia
Symphonies                Masterwo
nos. 4, 5, 6        20781 rks      D3S 781       Tchaikovsky
bartok: music for
percussion and
divertimento for
strings             20782 Angel      S-36760     bartok
Jean Sibelius:
Lemminkainen              Deutsche
Suite, Karelia            Grammop
Suite               20783 hon      2530 656      Jean Sibelius
symphon no.3,
symphony for
strings             20784 Columbia MS 7442       William Schuman

Schuman: new
england triptych,
Griffes: poem
for flute and
Mennin:                   Mercury
symphony no.5       20785 Classics   SRI 75020   Schuman, Griffes, Mennin
symphony no.6,
Walter Piston:
symphony no.4       20787 Columbia AML 4992     William Schuman, Walter Piston

Boulez conducts           Masterwo
Bartok              20788 rks      M 31368      Bartok
symphony 9,
janiculum           20789 RCA        LSC-3212   Schuman, Persichetti
piano concerto
and fantaisie
polonaise           20790 RCA        LSC-3190   Paderewski

Beethoven: the            Masterwo ML 6416, MS
ninth symphony      20791 rks      7016        Beethoven

Alan Hovhaness
Symphony 4,
vittorio giannini         Mercury
symphony 3          20792 Classics   SR90366    Alan Hovhaness, Vittorio Giannini

tone poems=
danse macabre,
le rouet d'
omphale, la
jeunesse d'
hercule, phaeton    20793 Angel      S-37009    Saint-Saens
nos.1 and 2         20794 Angel      S-36995    Saint-Saens

symphony 3 in c
minor with organ    20795 Angel      35924      Saint-Saens

Ma Vlast            20796 hon      2707 054/-/18 Bedrich Smetana
Brandenburgisc            Das Alte SAWT 9460-
he Konzerte 1-6     20797 Werk     A          J. Bach
Mahler                    Columbia
Symphony 5 in c           Masterwo
sharp minor         20798 rks      M2S 698    Mahler
Strauss: Ein
Heldenleben         20799 Angel      S-36764     Strauss
Merry Pranks,
Op. 28 & Death
Op. 24              20800 Pickwick   SPC-4028    Richard Strauss
graduation ball-
ballet, Weber: le
spectre de la
rose-ballet         20801 London     STS 15070   Strauss, Weber
overture on
russian and
kirghiz folk              USSR
themes,                   Melodyia/
symphony 1          20802 Angel     SR-40192     Shostakovich
Ralph Vaughan
Symphony no.4
in F minor,
rhapsody no.1       20803 Angel      S36557      ralph vaughan williams

Liszt: hungarian
rhapsodies 1
and 2, Smetana:
bartered bride
(overture, polka,
furiant), Dvorak:
capriccioso         20804 RCA        LSC-3085    Liszt, Smetana, Dvorak

Francis poulenc:
concerto in d
minor for two
pianos and
orchestra           20805 Angel      35993       francis poulenc
debussy: three
nocturnes, ravel:
espagnole            20806 seraphim S-60104      debussy, ravel

Z                    20807 rks      OS 3370      mikis theodorakis
symphony 7                 USSR
(1942),                    Melodyia/
Leningrad            20808 Angel     SRB-4107    Shostakovich
                                                 Villa-Lobos, Camargo Guarnieri,
                           columbia              Silvestre Revueltas, Oscar Lorenzo
Latin American:            masterwo              Fernandez, Aaron Copland, Carlos
Fiesta               20809 rks      MS 6514      Chavez
capriccio italien,
marche slave,
gopak from
procession of
the nobles from
mlada                20810 Angel      S-37227    Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov

English Music                                    Holst, Delius, Purcell, Vaughan
for Strings          20811 Angel      S-36883    Williams, Walton, Britten
symphony 2,
henry cowell               Desto
symphony 5           20812 Records    DST 6406   randall thompson, henry cowell

Music for the              Capitol               walton, bliss, bullock, elgar, benson-
Queen                20813 Records    SP 8685    elgar, blake-parry, kipling quilter
concerto per
violino n.3          20814 Philips    6500 175   Paganini
Sir Hubert Parry     20815 Society    MHS 1483   Sir Hubert Parry
Carmina Burana      20816 hon      139 362     Carl Orff

Carl Nielsen
Symphony no.5       20817 London    CS 6699    Carl Nielsen
symphony 1,
suite for the
birthday of
prince charles      20818 Philips   9500 107   Michael Tippett

Verdi: Overtures    20819 Angel     S-37407    Verdi
Sir William
Feast               20820 Angel     S 35681    Sir William Walton
Tchaikovsky:              USSR
Suite no.1 in D           Melodyia/
minor op.43         20821 Angel     SR-40174   Tchaikovsky
Tchaikovsky:              Mercury
symphony 5          20822 Classics SRI 75056   Tchaikovsky
Francesca da
Rimini, Hamlet,
Voyevode            20823 London    CS 6841    Tchaikovsky
Symphonies of
Symphony no.5,
the wasps
overture            20824 RCA       LSC-3244   Vaughan Williams

Sir william
Walton conducts
his great film
music               20825 seraphim S-60205     Sir William Walton
Fantasie on
Folksong suite,
Variations          20826 Angel     S-36799    Vaughan Williams, Elgar
A london
Symphony            20827 RCA       LSC-3282   Vaughan Williams
Symphony 6 in
E minor, the lark
ascending           20828 Angel     S36469     Vaughan Williams
Ralph Vaughan
Williams: Job: a
masque for
dancing             20829 Angel     S-36773      ralph vaughan williams

Karl Bohm:
conducts richard
Strauss. Festive
Prelude, Till
Eulenspiegel,             Deutsche
Don Juan,                 Grammop 138 866 ST
Salome's Dance      20830 hon      33 SLPM       Richard Strauss

richard strauss:
don quixote         20831 Angel     S-37046      Richard Strauss
conducts                  Columbia
Stravinsky: Jeu           Masterwo
De Cartes           20832 rks      M 31921       Stravinsky

Boulez conducts
Stravinsky's Le           Columbia
Sacre du                  Masterwo
Printemps           20833 rks      MS 7293       Stravinsky
Manfred                   USSR
(symphonic                Melodyia/
poem op.58)         20834 Angel     R-40028    Tchaikovsky
Tchaikovsky               Masterwo ML 5749, MS
Symphony 7          20835 rks       6349       Tchaikovsky

serenade for
strings, souvenir
de florence         20836 Argo      ZRG-584      Tchaikovsky
symphony 2 in c
minor op.17
"little russian"    20837 Philips   PHS 900-205 Tchaikovsky
symphony 2          20838 London    STS 15120    tchaikovsky

schumann: the
four symphonies     20839 London    CSA 2310     Schumann
conducts                  Columbia
Nielson,                  Masterwo
symphony 4          20840 rks      M 30293       Nielsen

Sibelius                            SAL3515,
symphony no.2       20841 Philips   835 306 LY   Sibelius
symphony no.2      20842 Philips   PHS 900-092 Sibelius
Ballet Suties
Nos. 1, 2, 3             USSR
(Dmitri                  Melodyia/
Shostakovich)      20843 Angel     SR-40115     Dmitri Shostakovich

Shostakovich:            USSR
Symphony no.10           Melodyia/
in e minor         20844 Angel     SR-40025     Shostakovich

concertos nos.
1, 2, and danses
fantastiques       20845 seraphim 60161         Dmitri Shostakovich
symphony no.2,
3                  20846 RCA       LSC-3044     Shostakovich
Symphony No. 4     20847 odiya     SR-40177     Dimitri Shostakovich

symphony no.6,
the age of gold
(ballet suite)     20848 RCA       LSC-3133     Shostakovich
symphony no.8      20849 Angel     S-36980      Shostakovich

Shostakovich:            USSR
the execution of         Melodyia/
stepan razin       20850 Angel     R 40000      Shostakovich
Shostakovich:            Melodyia/
symphony no.11     20851 Angel     SR-40244     Shostakovich

symphony 13
(babi yar)         20852 RCA       LSC-3162     Shostakovich
Shostakovich:            USSR
music for soviet         Melodyia/
films              20853 Angel     SR-40160     Shostakovich
Smetana: 4
dichtunen, 4             Deutsche
symphonic                Grammop 2530 248 ST
poems              20854 hon      33         Smetana
Antonio Vivaldi:
le quttro
stagioni, die vier         Deutsche
jahreszeiten, the          Grammop
four seasons         20855 hon      2530 296      Vivaldi

                           n (With
                           hon label
6 Concerti                 on the
grossi op.3          20856 side….)   2533 116     Georg Friedrich Handel
Bach: two violin
concertos (no.1,
2)                   20857 Angel     36010        Bach, Vivaldi
symphony no.5        20858 London    CSA2238      Bruckner

Mahler:                              839 797/98
Symphony 6           20859 Philips   LY           Mahler

concerto for two
pianos and
Vronsky and
Symphony no.8        20860 Angel     S-36625      Vaughan Williams, Vronsky and Babin
Concerto in F,
MacDowell:                 Deutsche
Concerto no.2 in           Grammop
D minor              20861 hon      2530 055      Edward MacDowell, George Gershwin
Concertos from
spain, alicia de
Surinach: piano
concerto breve,
fruhbeck de
burgos               20862 London    CS6990       Montsalvatge, Surinach
Schuman: violin
concerto, Walter           Deutsche
Piston:                    Grammop
symphony 2           20863 hon      2530 103      William Schuman, Walter Piston
overture 1812,             Deutsche
marche slave,              Grammop 139 029 ST
romeo und julia      20864 hon      33 SLPM       Peter Tchaikovsky
swan lake,
sleeping beauty
suites               20865 London    CS 6452      Tchaikovsky

George Szell
William Walton:
Symphony 2,
variations on a
theme by
hindemith            20866 Odyssey   Y 33519      William Walton, Hindemith

Pictures at an
Exhibition           20867 Philips   6570 176     tchaikovsky, Glinka
Symphony 2           20868 Argo      ZRG 535      Tippett

Georg Phillip
Water Music,
overture in c
hamberger ebb
und fluht,
concerto for
three violins and
strings in f major   20869 Nonesuch H-71109       Georg Phillip Telemann

Berlioz overtures    20870 Philips   835 367 LY   Berlioz
symphony 2,
leonore overture
no.2                 20871 London    STS 15068    Beethoven

symphony no.4,             USSR
prometheus                 Melodyia/
overture             20872 Angel     S-60061      Beethoven

Boulez conducts
Berlioz              20873 columbia M 31799       Berlioz
suites nos.1 and
2, carmen suite
no.1                20874 Angel     S-35618    Bizet
double concerto,
the violin
romances            20875 Philips   6500 137   Brahms, Beethoven

serenade no.1 in
d major (op.11)     20876 London    CS 6567    Brahms

Albinoni: adagio,
canon, Corelli:
Mozart: eine
nachtmusik          20877 seraphim S-60271     Albinoni, Pachelbel, Corelli, Mozart
Bartok: piano
concerto no.2,
four pieces for
orchestra           20878 Rca       LSC-3159   Bartok,

samuel barber;
piano concerto,
william                   Columbia
schuman; a                Masterwo
song of orpheus     20879 rks      MS 6638     Samuel Barber, William Schuman
Mahler                    Masterwo M2S 735,
Symphony 10         20880 rks      M2L 335     Mahler

A festival of
french organ              Columbia
music, e. power           Masterwo             widor, saint-saens, franck gigout,
biggs               20881 rks      MS 6307     vierne, alain, dupre

Bruch: violin
scottish fantasia   20882 London    CS 6595    Bruch

french music for
the harp            20883 Angel     36290      Debussy, Ravel, Pierne, Faure
The Fantasy
Film World of
Herrmann            20884 London    SP 44207   Bernard Herrmann
Bill Graham's
fillmore east,
lorin hollander at
the baldwin
concert grand        20885 Angel      SFO-3602   prokofiev, Bach, debussy, hollander

Richard Strauss:
domestica            20886 Angel      S-36973    Richard Strauss
symphony 1, 8        20887 Angel      S 35657    Beethoven

Beethoven: ode
to joy (choral
finale of the
ninth symphony       20888 Angel      S-36815    Beethoven

Grigory Sokolov
(winner of the
Tchaikovsky                USSR
Competition in             Melodyia/
Moscow)              20889 Angel     SR-40074    saint-saens, schumann

Marches for                Mercury               Walton, Sibelius, Schubert, Borodin,
Orchestra            20890 Classics WC 18069     Beethoven, Wagner, Grieg
Finlandia            20891 rks      MS 6196      Sibelius, grieg, alfven
Ormandy: four              Columbia
favorite violin            Masterwo   D3S 721,   Beethoven, Brahms, Tchaikovsky,
concertos            20893 rks        D3L 321    Mendelssohn
                           Century    ST-541
STAR WARS            20894 Records    (0898)     John Williams

Schubert-Liszt,            Turnabout
Liszt                20895 VOX       TV 34265    Schubert, Liszt
How the West               MGM
was Won              20896 Records 1SE5          Alfred Newman
Bax, Holst                 HNH
Moeran               20897 records   HNH 4038    Bax, Holst, Moeran

                                                 cabanilles, torre, cabezon, olague,
Battle Imperial      20898 London     CS 7046    bassa, anon, soler (unknown)
Arthur Fiedler
and the Boston
Pops play The
Beatles            20899 RCA      LSC-3117       The Beatles (???)
                         Masterwo                robert wise, jerome robbins, leonard
West Side Story    20900 rks      OS 2070        bernstein, etc.
Henry Mancini
conducting the
orchestra pops     20901 RCA       LSC-3106      unknown
Gayne Ballet             RCA
Suite              20902 Victor    LSC-2267 RE Offenbach, Khachaturian
debussy, Ibert,
Ravel              20903 seraphim S-60102        Debussy, Ibert, Ravel
Seiji Ozawa:
bartok, kodaly     20904 Angel     SFO-36035     Bartok, Kodaly

Citizen Kane       20905 RCA       ARL1-0707     Bernard Herrmann
Concerto for
Violin and               USSR
Orchestra in D           Melodyia/
minor              20906 Angel     R 40002       Khachaturian
The Respighi             Masterwo
Album              20907 rks       MG 32308      unknown
Tchaikovsky: the
nutcracker         20908 Angel     SB-3788       Tchaikovsky

Polovetsian              Masterwo MS 7014, ML mussorgsky, ippolitov-ivanov, borodin,
Dances             20909 rks      6414        glinka
symphony 3 in e
flat Rhenish,
Mendelssohn: a
night's dream
overture           20911 London    STS 15246     Schumann, Mendelssohn
                                               josquin des pres, johann kugelmann,
                                               giovanni gabrieli, melchior franck,
                                               matthew locke, johann pezel, jean-
                                               baptiste lully, henry purcell, michel
fanfares: from           Music                 corrette, ludwig van breethoven,
the 16th century         Guild                 claude debussy, paul dukas, florent
to the present     20912 Records   MS-120      schmitt, albert roussel, andre jolivet

Louis Moreau
symphony " a
night in the
grand tarentelle
for piano and
Morton Gould:            Vanguard
latin american           Everyman            Louise Moreau Gottschalk, Gottschalk-
symphonette        20913 Classics SRV-275 SD kay, Morton Gould
Serenade no.2
in a major,
Serenade for
instruments        20914 London    CS 6594     Brahms, Dvorak
Liszt & Enesco     20915 Mercury   SRI 75018   F. Liszt, Enesco
Stokowski, first
outside the
soviet union.      20916 RCA      LSC-3067     Khachaturian, Rimsky-Korsakov
Bernstein                Columbia
conducts                 Masterwo
Hindemith          20917 rks      MS 7426      Hindemith, carl maria von weber
Holst: The
Planets            20918 London    CS 6734     Holst

Gustav Holst,
the planets        20919 Angel     36420       Gustav Holst

Three Places in          RCA Red
New England        20920 Seal    ARL 1 1682    C. Ives, R. Harris
charles Ives:              Columbia
symphony 2 and             Masterwo MS 6889, ML
the fourth of july   20921 rks      6289        Charles Ives
A sound
Joseph Jongen
concertante          20922 Angel    S-36984      Joseph Jongen
symphony 2           20923 London   CS 6323      Khachaturian

Antonin Dvorak:            Grammop
symphony nr. 6       20924 hon      2530 425     Antonin Dvorak
symphony 7 in d
minor op.70          20925 London   STS 15125    Antonin Dvorak
and Gypsy                  RCA
Baron                20926 Victor   LM-2130      Johann Strauss, Jr.

symphony no.8
in g, two
slavonic dances      20927 Angel    S-36043      Dvorak

Dvorak: The                Columbia
Slavonic Dances            Masterwo
(complete)           20928 rks      MS 7208      Dvorak

Barenboim                  Columbia
conducts Elgar,            Masterwo
Symphony 2           20929 rks      M 31997      Elgar

Kalinnikov:                USSR
Symphony no.2              Melodyia/
in A (1898)          20930 Angel     SR-40132    Vasily Kalinnikov
Copland                    Columbia
conducts                   Masterwo
Copland              20931 rks       MS 7375     Copland

Antonin Dvorak:
variations op.78,
op.66, notturno
op.40                20932 Nonesuch H-71271      Dvorak
Symphonie                             PHM500-101,
Fantastique         20933 Philips     PHS900-101 Hector Berlioz
Berlioz: Harold           Masterwo
in Italy            20934 rks         M 30116     Berlioz
The                       Columbia
Tchaikovsky               Masterwo
Ballet Album        20935 rks         MG 30297    Tchaikovsky
Rachmaninoff:             USSR
symphony 3 in a           Melodyia/
minor               20936 Angel       SR-40117    Rachmaninoff

ancient airs and
dances (three
suites 1917,
1923, 1932)         20937 Angel       S-37301     Respighi
christmas eve
suite, sadko
musical picture,
flight of the
from tzzar
dubinushka          20938 London      CS 6036     rimsky-korsakov
Respighi: La
Dukas: The
apprentice          20939 London      STS 15005   Rossini, Respighi

Prokofiev: suite
from the love for
three oranges,
scythian suite      20940 Odyssey 32 16 0344      Prokofiev
Prokofiev: the            Melodyia/
stone flower        20941 Angel     SR-40066      Prokofiev
symphonic                 USSR
dances, three             Melodyia/
russian songs       20942 Angel     SR-40093      Rachmaninoff
symphony no.2             Comman
in E, op.27         20943 d Classics CC 11006 SD Rachmaninoff
Britten, Matinees
and soirees
Respighi -                Westmins
Rossiniana          20944 ter Gold WGS-8271      Britten, Respighi, rossini

Rossini:                  Grammop
ouverturen          20945 hon      2530 559      Rossini
Symphony 3, 4       20946 London     STS 15025   Roussel

Emerson Lake
and Palmer:
Works, volume
1                   20947 Atlantic   SD 2-7000   emerson lake and palmer
conducts his
(Jeremiah, thte           Columbia
Age of Anxiety,           Masterwo
Kaddish)            20948 rks      MG 32793      Leonard Bernstein

The Copland
Album               20949 Columbia MG 30071      A. Copland

Fifth Symphony      20950 Columbia MS 7279       Dimitri Shostakovich

Mehta conducts
Schubert            20951 London     CS7067      Schubert
Jean Sibelius:
symphonie nr.1            Deutsche
e moll op.39, der         Grammop
bare op.64          20952 hon      2530 455      Jean Sibelius
symphonies 3
and 6               20953 Philips   9500 142     Jean Sibelius
Rimsky-                   USSR
Korsakov:                 Melodyia/
Scheherazade        20954 Angel     SR-40112     Rimsky-Korsakov
Dvorak: New
Smetana: The
Moldau              20955 Angel      S 35615     Dvorak, Smetana
The Orchetral             Virgin    VR 13-115
Tubular Bells       20956 Records   0698        Mike Oldfield
symphony in g             HNH
minor               20957 records   HNH 4014    E. J. Moeran (1894-1950)
symphonie nr.3
schottische,              Deutsche
hebriden-                 Grammop
ouverture           20958 hon      2530 126     Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

felix                     Deutsche
mendelssohn               Grammop
bartholdy           20959 hon      2530 416     Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

william mathias:
dance overture,
ave rex a carol
invocation and
dance, harp               L'oiseau-
concerto            20960 lyre      Sol 346     William Mathias

Symphony no.1       20961 Everest   3005        Mahler

Paul Hindemith:
Mathis der
konzertmusik fur
und blechblaser
op.50, concert            Deutsche
msuic for strings         Grammop
and brass op.50     20962 hon      2530 246     Paul Hindemith
symphony 94,
99                  20963 London    STS 15085   Haydn
nos. 96, 99         20964 Philips   6570 083    Haydn
George Frideric
concerto in b flat
major for harp
and orchestra
op.4 no.6            20965 Nonesuch H-71164       George Frideric Handel
Romeo and
Juliet (ballet
music)               20966 Angel      36174       Prokofiev

Prokofieff: piano
concerto no.3,
Gary Graffman:
classical                  RCA
symphony             20967 Victrola   VICS-1105   Prokofieff, Gary Graffman
concerti per
violino no.1 and
4                    20968 Philips    6500 411    Paganini

Rhapsody!            20969 London     CS 7119     Enesco, Liszt, Dvorak, Ravel

Bruno Walter:
Eine Kleine                columbia/
Nachtmusik           20970 odyssey Y 30048        Mozart

Nielsen: clarinet
symphony 2 "the
four                       RCA
temperaments"        20971 Victor    LSC-2920     Nielsen
Prokofiev                  Melodyia/
Symphony 3           20972 Angel     SR-40092     Prokofiev
Prokofiev:                 USSR
symphony 4                 Melodyia/
op.47/112            20973 Angel     SR-40040     Prokofiev

symphony 2, 7        20974 Everest    3214        Prokofiev

Serge Prokofieff:          Deutsche
symphony nr. 5             Grammop 139 040 ST
b dur, op.100        20975 hon      33 SLPM       Prokofieff
symphony no.6              USSR
in e flat minor            Melodyia/
op.111               20976 Angel     SR-40046     Prokofiev
Orchestre de
Paris: Poulenc:
sinfonietta         20977 Angel    S-36519     Poulenc
Rachmaninoff:             Masterwo MS 6986, ML
symphony 1          20978 rks      6386        Rachmaninoff
The orchestral
works of zoltan
Kodaly              20979 London   CS 6862     Zoltan Kodaly
Edouard Lalo:
selections),              Deutsche
rhapsodie                 Grammop
Norvegienne         20980 hon      2530 106    Edouard Lalo

symphony no.3             Columbia
in b minor, op.42         Masterwo
"Ilya Murometz"     20981 rks      MG 33832    Gliere
Szell Conducts            Masterwo
Mozart              20982 rks      MG 30368    Mozart

concerto no.1 in          Columbia
E minor, Liszt:           Masterwo
Todtentanz          20983 rks      MS 6252     Chopin, Liszt

Music for 4
cpe Bach, Js
Bach, Malcolm       20984 London   STS 15075   CPE BACH, JS BACH

E. Power Biggs:           Columbia
Bach Organ                Masterwo
Favorites, Vol. 5   20985 rks      M 31424     Bach
Bach Organ
Favorites,                Columbia
played by E.              Masterwo
Power Biggs         20986 rks      MS 6261     Bach

Sebastian Bach:           Audio
masterworks for           Spectrum
the organ           20987 Classical ASC-808    J. S. Bach
Bruckner: Te
deum               20988 Angel     S-36615      Bach, Bruckner

William Alwyn:
symphony no.2,
sinfonietta for
strings            20989 Lyrita    SRCS. 85     William Alwyn

William Alwyn:           HNH
Symphony no.1      20990 records   HNH 4040     William Alwyn

                                                rossini, bernstein, glinka, bizet, falla,
                         Columbia               wolf-ferrari, ravel, saint-saens,
The Joy of               Masterwo               mendelssohn, copland, offenbach,
Music              20992 rks      M2X 795       tchaikovsky, wagner, prokofiev, nicolai

Antonin Dvorak:          Collection
Symphony 5 in f          (rediffusio
major              20993 n)          HCN 8016   Dvorak, Smetana
symphony 4,
overture of
Othello            20994 Philips   6500 124     Antonin Dvorak
symphony no.2      20995 Philips   6500 123     Antonin Dvorak
Symphony 1         20996 Philips   6500 122     Dvorak
symphony 4         20997 Angel     S 36245      Anton Bruckner
Kalinnikov:              USSR
Symphony no.1            Melodyia/
in G minor         20998 Angel     SR-40173     Kalinnikov

Mozart:                            STPL
Requiem            20999 VOX       512.740      Mozart
Bartok: piano
concertos nos. 1
&3                 21000 Angel     S-36605      Bartok
Switched-on                  Masterwo
Bach                A592     rks      MS 7194       Bach

symphony 1
(overture to the
school for
scandal), medea
suite (adagio for            Mercury
strings)               21002 Classics   SRI 75012   Barber
Sebastian Bach:
konzerte fur
zwei und vier
(concertos for
two and four                 dasaltewe SAWT 9424-
harpsichords)          21003 rk        B          Bach

J.S. Bach
preludes and                 ORYX
fugues                 21004 (peerless) BACH 1019   Bach

Sebastian Bach:
brandenburg                  Audio
concertos nos.1,             Spectrum
2, 6                   21005 Classical ASC-805      Bach

Johan Sebastian
brandenburg                  Audio
concertos nos.               Spectrum
3, 4, 5                21006 Classical ASC-806      Bach

                             n (With
J.S.Bach:                    Deutsche
Franzosische                 Grammap
Suiten: french               hon label
suites nos.1-4               on the
(BWV 812-815)          21007 side….)   2533 138     Bach
The Bach Album      21008 rks      MG 30072      Bach

Bach: two
concertos for
and orchestra, c
major, c minor, f
minor g minor       21009 Angel    S-36762       Bach
Barenboim                 Masterwo
conducts Elgar      21010 rks      M 32599       Elgar

Elgar: Pomp and
marches, Bliss:
things to come,
welcome the
queen               21011 London     STS 15112   Elgar, Bliss
concerto for
piano and
variaciones               RCA
concertantes        21012 Victor     LSC-3029    Ginastera
glazunou: the
concert waltz
no.1, 2             21013 London     CS 6509     Glazunou

Ferde Grofe:
Grand Canyon
Suite:                    Mercury
Mississippi Suite   21014 Classics   SR90049     Ferde Grofe

symphony in d
minor, le
chasseur maudit     21015 London   CS 6222       Franck
Rustic wedding            Columbia
symphony, by              Masterwo
Karl Goldmark       21016 rks      MS 7261       Karl Goldmark
handel overtures
and sinfonias       21017 London    CS 6586      Handel
Piano concerto                      SAL 3787,
5 (emperor)         21018 Philips   839 794 LY   Beethoven

William Tell
Overture, Lizst:
grand galop
Pierne: march of
the little fauns,
Gopak, Delibes:
the huntresses,
korsakov: dance
of the tumblers,          Columbia               Liszt, Jarnefelt, Pierne, Fauns,
Saint-saens:              Masterwo               Mussorgsky, Delibes, Rimsky-
bacchanale          21019 rks      M 31640       korsakov, Saint-saens

symphony on a
french mountain
air, franck:
varations           21020 Odyssey   Y 31274      D'indy, Franck

Victory at Sea      21021 RCA       VCS-7064     Richard Rodgers
concerto no.1
op.32               21022 RCA       LSC-3080     Scharwenka
Prince Igor
Russian Easter
Overture, In the
Steppes of                RCA
Central Asia        21023 Victor    LSC-2202     Rimsky-korsakov, borodin
Beethoven Nine
Symphonies       21024 London    CSP-9      Beethoven
symphonies 1           RCA
and 9            21025 Victor    LM 6009    Beethoven
The complete
symphonies of
haydn, volume
two              21026 London    STS 15131/4 Haydn

Rodgers          21027 Columbia C2L-3       unknown

mirella freni:
operatic arias   21028 Angel     36268      various

                                            puccini, dvorak, charpentier, bizet,
pilar lorengar   21029 London    OS 25995   massenet

Sondheim         21030 Records   2WS 2705   unknown

Zero Mostel in
Fiddler on the
Roof             21031 RCA       LSO-1093   Harold Prince (???)
Bells are                     Masterwo             Betty Comden, Adolph Green, Jule
Ringing                 21032 rks      OL 5170     Styne

Saint-Saens:                  Columbia
symphony no.3                 Masterwo
in c minor op.78        21033 rks      ML 5212     Saint-Saens
R. Strauss: suite
from der
death and
op.24                   21034 columbia ML 4044     R. Strauss

Highlights of                 RCA
Don Giovanni            21035 Victor   LSC-2847    Mozart
Tchaikovsky                   RCA
concerto no.1        A626     Victor   LM-2252     Tchaikovsky

Caballe, Puccini
Arias                   21037 Angel    S-36711     Puccini

Caballe: Rossini              RCA
Rarities                21038 Victor   LM 3015     Rossini

Gaite Parisienne        21039 Victor   LM 1001     Offenbach

Great operatic                                     rossini, donizetti, bellini, offenbach,
duets:                  21040 RCA      LSC-3153    verdi, puccini, ponchielli

Verdi and
Donizetti Arias
(Pavarotti)             21041 London   OS-26087    Verdi, donizetti
puccini: opera
without acting (la
madame                        RCA
butterfly)              21042 Victor   LM/LSC-2604 puccini
symphony 5 in e
minor                   21043 Angel    35055       Tchaikovsky

Mozart: Karl                  Grammop
Bohm                    21044 hon      139160      Mozart
Mozart: Karl              Grammop
Bohm                21045 hon      138112         Mozart

The Creation        21046 Heliodor   LL 25028-2   Joseph Haydn

overture 1, 2, 3.
Fidelio, overture
opus 72b.           21047 London     LL 1319      Beethoven
Romeo and                 RCA
Juliet              21048 Victor     LM-2043      Tchaikovsky
Moonlight and
Waldstein                 RCA
Sonatas             21049 Victor     LM-2009      Beethoven
Coppelia ballet
suite, Sylvia
Ballet Suite        21050 London     LL 846       Delibes

romantic                                          weber, schumann, schubert,
overtures           21051 London     STS 15076    mendelssohn, cherubini

symphonies 5              RCA
and 8, toscanini    21052 Victor     LM 1757      beethoven
emperor                   RCA
concerto            21053 Victor     Lm-1718      Beethoven
Henry Krips:
Viennese                                          ziehrer, gungl, ivanovici, lanner, lehar
Waltzes             21054 seraphim 60018          (????)

Colin davis:
Mozart. Nine
overtures           21055 seraphim 60037          Mozart
Mozart; bruno             Masterwo
walter              21056 rks      ML 5014        Mozart
symphony 4,
music for a               Vanguard
midsummer                 Everyman
night's dream       21057 Classics SRV-161 SD Mendelssohn
Magic Fire                  Masterwo
Music                 21058 rks      ML 6101      Wagner

dorothy kirsten
in opera and                RCA                   charpentier, puccini, massenet,
song                  21059 Victrola   VIC-1552   gillespie, gershwin, hammerstein

                                                  Wagner, Weber, Planche, Kind, Piave,
Nancy Tatum:                                      Verdi, Ghislanzoni, Ponchielli, Boito,
operatic recital      21060 London     OS 25955   Cammarano
Kostelanetz                                       Tchaikovsky, Offenbach, Prokofiev,
conducts:                   Columbia              Schumann, Chopin, Humperdinck,
Promenade                   Masterwo              Strauss, Borodin-Sargent, De Falla,
Favorites.            21061 rks      ML 6206      Bizet, Sousa
Incomparable                RCA
Wagnerian Duo         21062 Victrola   VIC 1681   R. Wagner

the exciting disc
debut of katia
ricciarelli: the
golden voice of
the '70s, great
verdi arias           21063 RCA        LSC-3329   Verdi
Dietrich fischer-
deskau. Verdi
arias                 21064 seraphim 60014        Verdi
bastien und                 world
bastienne             21065 series   PHC 9024     Mozart

Leontyne Price:
5 great operatic
scenes                21066 RCA        LSC-3218   verdi, tchaikovsky, strauss, beethoven

Tebaldi: in duets     21067 London     OS 25951   boito, puccini, cilea

Victoria de los
Angeles: Opera                                    bizet, offenbach, mascagni, gounod,
Duets                 21068 Angel      36351      verdi, puccini, rossini
Toscanini: Verdi-
--rigoletto act IV,
Luisa Miller--
overture quando
le sere al
placido, I                  RCA
lombardi: trio.       21069 Victrola   VIC-1314   Verdi
Beverly Sills:
scenes and
arias from                Westmins               massenet, charpentier, thomas,
french opera        21070 ter Gold WST-17163     meyerbeer

Barbirolli in
vienna              21071 seraphim S-60184       strauss jr, strauss sr.

welcome to                ABC
vienna              21072 Records   ATS-20009    unknown
Scenes from
Verdi: Gwyneth
Jones               21073 London    OS 26081     verdi

Beverly sills-
Bellini and
Donizetti                 Westmins
Heroines.           21074 ter Gold WST-17143     bellini, Donizetti
Joan Sutherland
and Marilyn
Horne: duets
norma               21075 London    OS 26168     Bellini, Rossini
Montserrat                RCA
Caballe             21076 Victor    LSC-2862     bellini, Donizetti

Final scene from                                 Mozart, strauss (r.), puccini, strauss
Salome              21077 Odyssey   32 16 0077   (j.)

Deutekom singt
Bellini, Rossini,
Verdi               21078 Philips   6500 096     Verdi, Rossini, Bellini

great love duets
from opera
(Anna Moffo)        21079 RCA       ARL1-0165    puccini, donizetti, verdi, massenet
Caballe, verdi           RCA
rarities           21080 Victor    LSC-2995    Verdi

butterfly          21081 Angel     S-36567     Puccini

Bidu Sayao: in
honor of the
35th anniversary
of her
opera debut        21082 Odyssey   Y 31151     mozart, gounod, puccini, leoncavallo

William Tell
highlights         21083 seraphim S-60181      Rossini

Great moments
from italian                                   Mascagni, Puccini, Cavalani, Rossini,
opera              21084 London    STS 15023   Verdi, Bellini, Donizetti

Marilyn Horne
sings Rossini      21085 London    OS 26305    Rossini

Opera arias:
wagner, verdi      21086 Angel     35540       wagner, verdi

Greatest Hits      21087 RCA       LSC-5006    Leroy Anderson

Franz Liszt's
greatest hits of
the 1850's         21088 RCA       LSC-3259    Liszt

The Robert
Shaw Chorale:
Operatic                 RCA                   bizet, offenbach, gounod, verdi,
Choruses           21089 Victor    LSC-2416    wagner, mascagini, strauss jr.

Christa Ludwig
sings scenes
from Bizet's
Carmen             21090 seraphim S-60119      Bizet
Two fo the
greatest voices
of our time:
milnes: great
operatic duets     21091 RCA        LSC-3182     puccini, verdi, bizet, ponchielli

                         Vanguard            johann strauss jr. josef strauss, josef
The Great Waltz          Everyman            lanner, emil waldteufel, carl michael
composers          21092 Classics SRV-150 SD zierer, oskar nedbal

Samson and               RCA
Delilah            21093 Victor     LSC-2309     saint-saens

dorothy kirsten
in opera and
song               21094 Odyssey    31737        puccini, giordano, gershwin

Milanov Operatic         RCA
Duets              21095 Victor     LSC-2303     puccini, giordano, verdi, dvorak

Captain Going            RCA                     loewe, rodgers, porter, bernstein,
Up                 21096 Victor     LM-2093      rodgers

                         Masterwo MS 6835,
Bless this house   21097 rks      ML 6235        unknown

meditational             Masterwo                messiaen, bach, handel,
music volume 1     21098 rks      ML 5226        mendelssohn, schubert
                         Masterwo                wheeler, stein, rigby, montgomery,
Irene              21099 rks      KS 32266       tierney

King and I         21100 a Records MK 3045       Rodgers, Hammerstein

West Side Story    21101 rks      OL 5230        jerome robbins, robert griffith, prince

Pipe Dream         21102 Victor     LOC-1023     rodgers and hammerstein
A night with
Romberg          21103 Columbia CS 8108       unknown

Dear World       21104 Columbia BOS 3260      alexander cohen (???)
MAME             21105 rks      KOL 6600      fryer, carr, harris

Carousel         21106 Victor     LPM-1048    rodgers and hammerstein
The Music Man    21107 Records    W990        meredith willson

                       MCA        formerly
                       (previousl known as
Oklahoma!        21108 y Decca) DL7-9017      Richard Rodgers

                       RCA                    gade, ketelbey, waldteufel, sousa,
Pops Stoppers    21109 Victor     LM-2270     falla, liszt, mendelssohn, chabrier

The new moon     21110 Records    SW 1966     sigmund romberg
music from
million dollar         RCA                    lerner, loewe, lane, rodgers,
shows            21111 Victrola   LSC-2965    hammerstein II
                                              movie soundtrack…music composed
Picnic           21112 Decca    DL 8320       by george duning
Annie get your         Masterwo
gun              21114 rks      OS 2360       Irving Berlin

                       Masterwo               norma panama, melvin frank, al capp,
li'l abner       21115 rks      OL 5150       michael kidd, gene de paul

Oscar Lavant
plays favorite
concertos        21116 columbia CL 740        Grieg, Tchaikovsky
Camelot          21117 rks      CL 1570       Lerner and Loewe
Annie get your                                Richard Rodgers and Oscar
gun               21118 Decca     DL 9018     Hammerstein the 2nd

Victory at Sea    21119 a Records S-44        richard rodgers
The Sound of            Masterwo              Richard Rodgers and Oscar
Music             21120 rks       S 32601     Hammerstein the 2nd

This is my              RCA
country           21121 Victor    LM-2662     unknown

I like Jazz!      21122 Columbia JZ 1         unknown

Two's Company     21123 RCA       CMB1-2757   charles scherman
The Student
Prince            21124 Columbia CL 826       Sigmond Romberg

                                              harold arlen, y. harburg, sig herzig,
Bloomer Girl      21125 Decca    DL79126      fred saidy
The Apple Tree    21126 rks      KOL 6620     Stuart Ostrow (?)

The Merry               RCA       LOC-1094,
Widow             21127 Victor    LSO-1094    Franz Lehar

The Great Waltz   21128 Records   SVAS 2426   Music by Johann Strauss Sr. and Jr.

Happy Hunting     21129 Victor    LOC-1026    Jo Mielziner

Bookends/               Columbia
Simon and               Masterwo
Garfunkl          21130 rks      KCS 9529    unknown
                        Masterwo OS-2017, OL
Gypsy             21131 rks      5420        David Merrick, Leland Hayward
                                   formerly DL7-
Carousel            21132 MCA      9020          Rodger, Hammerstein

spectacular         21133 London   SP 44071     various
the king and I,
lincoln center
production,               RCA
original cast       21134 Victor   LSO-1092     richard rodgers

My Fair Lady        21135 rks      OS 2015      Alan Jay Lerner, Frederick Loewe
Sugar               21136 Records UAS-9905      david merrick

Yours is my
heart alone…              RCA      VCM/VCS-
Robert Shaw         21137 Victor   7023         unknown

Wunderlich: lyric
tenor, opera
operetta song in                                Mozart, nicolai, flotow, verdi, puccini,
memoriam            21138 seraphim 60043        lehar, fall, kalman, heins, neuendorff

Treasures of
Vienna              21139 Angel    35851        johann strauss
A Great Light             one Long              von herold, tschaikowski, schubert,
Concert             21140 Playing  2044         berliz, liszt, von suppe

The story of
great music: the          Time Life             Berlioz, Chopin, Liszt, Mendelssohn,
romantic era        21141 Records STL 140       Schumann, Verdi
The story of
great music: age         Time Life         Beethoven, Boccherini, Gluck, Haydn,
of elegance        21142 Records STL 141   Mozart

The story of                               Brahms, Bruckner, Offenbach, Saint-
great music: the         Time Life         Saens, Johann Strauss, Tchaikovsky,
opulent era        21143 Records STL 142   Wagner

The story of
great music: age         Time Life
of revolution      21144 Records STL 143   Beethoven, Rossini, Schubert

The story of                               Bach Corelli, Couperin, Handel,
great music: the         Time Life         Purcell, Rameau, Scarlatti, Telemann,
baroque era        21145 Records STL 144   Vivaldi

                                           Babbitt, Bernstein, Boulez, Britten,
The story of                               Copland, Hindemith, Poulenc,
great music: The         Time Life         Shostakovich, Vaughan Williams,
Music of Today     21146 Records STL145    Walton

The story of
great music: the                           Bartok, Berg, Gershwin, Milhaud,
early twentieth          Time Life         Prokofiev, Schoenberg, Stravinsky,
century            21147 Records STL 146   Villa-Lobos, Webern
The story of
great music:
prelude to                Time Life           Debussy, Mahler, Puccini,
modern music        21148 Records STL147      Rachmaninoff, Ravel, Richard Strauss

The story of                                  Balakirev, Borodin, Dvorak, Glinka,
great music:              Time Life           Janacek, Moussorgsky, Rimsky-
Slavic traditions   21149 Records STL 148     Korsakov, Smetana

The story of
great music: the          Time Life           Albeniz, Bizet, Chabrier, Falla,
spanish style       21150 Records STL 149     Granados, Turina, Victoria
The Story of
Great Music
From the                  Time Life           Buztehude, Byrd, Frescobaldi, Andrea
Renaissance         21151 Records STL 150     Gabrieli,

                                              offenbach, waldteufel, flotow, nevin,
                          Hacker              handel, delibes, borel, mendelssohn,
                          Music               donizetti, smith, lehar, webster, rossini,
                          Box                 gillett, hoschna, chopin, schuman,
Silver Reeds        21152 Records   none      strauss, waldteufel

Gaite Parisienne    21153 Somerset SF-11100   Offenbach
Beethoven's               Masterwo
Archduke Trio       21154 rks      ML 6219    Beethoven

American                  Sound,
Waltzes             21155 Inc.      S-5022    unknown

Cocktail Party      21156 Somerset SF-12100   unknown
The Soul of
Spain               21157 Somerset SF-6600        Unknown
                                                  edgar lansbury, stuart duncan, joseph
godspell            21158 Bell (byrd) bell11102   beruh
Bizet: Carmen
Suite               21159 London     LLP 179      Bizet
Handel: Water                        STPL 541
music               21160 VOX        040          Handel

Aria Senza voce                    Album ASV - Mozart Gounod, Puccini, Rossini,
(Bass)              21161 Monaural 508         Verdi
Rimsky-                   Columbia
Koraskov                  Masterwo
Scheherazade        21162 rks      ML 4089     rimsky-korsakov

Dietrich Fischer-
dieskau, bach,
telemann            21163 seraphim S-60121        Bach, Telemann

a waltz to
remember            21164 Alshire    S-5219       unknown

Tassinari and
Tagliavini          21166 Cetra    no. 50,018     verdi, mascagni, puccini, massenet
                          Masterwo                Beethoven, Rossini, Weber,
Overture!           21167 rks      MS 6223        Mendelssohn, Berlioz

Guy Fraser                                        mozart, tchaikovsky, vaughan
Harrison            21168 unknown none            williams, sibelius

Gershwin's                Masterwo
greatest hits       21169 rks      MS 7518        Gershwin,
Concerto in a             Capitol
minor op.53         21170 Records   P-8052    Antonin Dvorak

Pablo Casals
conducts his              Columbia
oratorio El               Masterwo
Pessebre            21171 rks      M2 32966   Pablo Casals

60 years of
music america             RCA
loves best          21172 Victor    LM-6088   unknown

Stars of the Met:         Time Life
the early years     21173 Records STLM-111    various artists

The Sound of              Masterwo
Genius              21174 rks      SGS-1      various artists
                                                rachmaninoff, mozart, rubinstein,
Mantovani plays                                 thome, mendelssohn, handel,
the immortal                                    offenbach, schubert, brahms, bach,
Classics            21175 London   LL 877       chopin, tchaikvosky

Concerto under
the stars, 101
strings             21176 Somerset SF-6700      chopin, others (not listed)
concerto for              Columbia
violin and cello,         Masterwo
tragic overture     21177 rks      ML 5493      Brahms

A salute to               Masterwo              bizet, verdi, mozart, puccini,
Ricahrd Tucker      21178 rks      M 30118      leoncavallo, ponchielli,

Mozart: Don                         TV 4030, TV
Giovanni            21179 Turnabout 34030S      mozart
Concertos           21180 SAGA     XID 5032     Bach

Verdi: Aida         21181 London   R 23037      Verdi

Great Love
Duets               21182 RCA      ARL1-2799    verdi, puccini, zandonai

highlights from           RCA
verdi's rigoletto   21183 Victor   LM 1104      Verdi
Brigadoon          A597     rks      CL 1132    alan jay lerner, frederick loewe

The columbia
album of george
volume 2              21191 columbia CL 1082    Gershwin,

The Columbia
Album of
volume 1              21192 columbia CL 1081    Gershwin,

Percy Faith's
Greatest Hits         21193 Columbia CL 1493    Percy Faith (?)

Gaite Parisienne      21194 Somerset P-11100    Offenbach

Suite for flute
and jazz piano        21195 Columbia M 33233    Claude Bolling (Pianist, composer)
Stravinsky: The
Firebird              21196 Columbia ML 5728    Stravinsky
Dvorak `
ormandy               21197 RCA      LSC-3085   Liszt, Smetana, Dvorak

A russian
concert               21198 Angel    S-36889    borodin, mussorgsky, rismky-korsakov

Grieg: concerto
in a minor for
piano and
orchestra op.16,
rhapsody on a               Columbia
theme of                    Masterwo
paganini op.43        21199 rks      ML 5282    Grieg ,rachmaninoff
Rachmaninoff:            Masterwo
concerto no.2      21200 rks      ML 5481    rachmaninoff

Ravel: Daphnis           Masterwo
and Chloe          21201 rks      MS 6260    Ravel

The Sound of             Masterwo            strauss, mendelssohn, herold, chopin,
Genius 1963        21202 rks      GS/GB 12   granados

The Sound of             Masterwo            wagner, bach, beethoven, chopin,
Genius             21203 rks      GB 6       brahms, rossini

The Sound of             Columbia            Bernstein, Liszt, Campra, Bach,
Genius, volume           Masterwo            Schubert, Weinberger, Chopin, Haydn,
3                  21204 rks      GS-10      Strauss

Van Cliburn:
Chopin, sonata
in b flat minor,
op.35 funeral
march, sonata in
b minor op.58      21205 RCA     LSC-3053    Chopin
Tchaikovsky:               Masterwo
Swan Lake            21206 rks      KS 6308      Tchaikovsky

Johnny Mathis:             Columbia
Johnny's                   Masterwo
Newest Hits          21207 rks      CL 2016      unknown
the romanti
csound of fred
waring and his             Capitol    PC/SPC-
pennsylvanians       21208 Records    3451       unknown

Herb Alpert &
the Tijuana                A&M
Brass                21209 Records    SP 4114    Herb Alpert (???)

Golden Hits:               Mercury
Patti Page           21210 Classics   MG 20495   unknown

All time favorites
by Harry James       21211 Columbia CL 655       Harry James

Beethoven:                 Yorkshire STPL
Symphony 9           21212 Records 510,000       Beethoven
pictures at an
espagnol             21213 Columbia ML 5401      Moussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov
Rhapsody in
Blue, an
American in
paris                21214 columbia ML 5413      Gershwin,

carnival in                Masterwo
vienna               21215 rks      ML 5752      unknown
Mary Poppins     21216 Records BV-4026           Walt Disney
Progy and Bess   21217 rks      OL 5410          George Gershwin

The Sound of           RCA          LOCD-2005,
Music            21218 Victor       LSOD-2005 Rodgers, Hammerstein

The Many
moods of               RCA
christmas        21219 Victor       LSC-2684     christmas carols…

Andy Williams:
Moon river and           Columbia
other great              Masterwo              arranged and conducted by robert
movie themes     21220   rks        CS 8609    mersey
                         ABC                   betty comden, adolph green, charles
Applause         21221   Records    ABC-OCS-11 strouse, lee adams, etc.
Brigadoon        21222   rks        CSM 385      lerner and loewe
Camelot          21223   rks        OL 5620      alan jay lerner, frederick loewe
Doctor Zhivago   21224   Records    S1E-6ST      david lean, boris pasternak
Funny Girl       21225   rks        BOS 3220     william wyler, ray stark

The King and I   21226 Epic     LN 3680          Rodgers, Hammerstein
My Fair Lady     21228 rks      OL 5090          herman levin
piano concerto
1, 2             21229 London       CS-6774      Rachmaninov
Mozart, the last
six symphonies
vol. III
(symphony 40,
41)                21230 Angel     S-36772      Mozart

Misty: Pete              Coral
Fountain           21231 Records   CRL 757516 contemporary artists

John gart at the
organ: some
evenign            21232 KAPP      KL-1459      rodgers and hammerstein

our man in holly
wood, Henry              RCA
Mancini            21233 Victor    LSP-2604     unknown

Randolph's               Monumen
Yakety Sax!        21234 t Records SLP 18002    Boots Randolph

Meet the
Francis Poulnec
playing his own
works              21235 Columbia ML 4399       Poulenc, Satie
Dohnanyi: suite
en valse op.
39a, ernst von
dohnanyi and
edward kilenyi,
Dohnanyi: waltz
settings, edward
kilenyi, piano     21236 Columbia ML 4256   Dohnanyi, schubert

great masters of
the keyboard:
debussy, ravel,
faure              21237 Columbia ML 4291   Debussy, Ravel, Faure

Great masters
of the keyboard:
charles camille
Ferruccio                                   Busoni, Liszt, Chopin, Beethoven,
Busoni             21238 Columbia ML 4292   Saint-saens,

great masters of
the keyboard:
edvard grieg,
eugene d'albert,
arthur nikisch,                             Leschetizky, d'albert, grieg, brahms,
max reger          21239 Columbia ML 4293   reger

great masters of
the keyboard:
ignace jan
vladimir de
manuel de falla,
granados, xaver                             paderewsky, chopin, pachmann,
scharwenka,                                 scharwenka, granados, de falla,
frank marshall     21240 Columbia ML 4294   albeniz

great masters of
the keyboard:
richard strauss,
gustav mahler,
scriabin, max
reger              21241 columbia ML 4295   mahler, reger, strauss, scriabin
The World's
favorite Chopin:
Artur Rubinstein     21242 RCA      LSC-3322    Chopin

Yellow Bird          21243 KAPP     KL-1244     unknown
Symphony 6           21244 RCA      LSC-3058    Tchaikovsky
Afternoon of a
Faun, La Mer,              Columbia
Ravel: Daphnis             Masterwo
and Chloe no.2       21245 rks      ML 5397     Debussy, Ravel

America", Eddy
Arnold               21246 RCA      PRS 346     unknown
Five Treasured
recordings form
the heritage of
greatness on                                    Tchaikovsky, Paganini-kreisler,
RCA Red Seal         21247 RCA      SP-33-555   Brahms, Wagner, Strauss, Beethoven

Organ Reveries             Masterwo             Brahms, Rubinstein, Saint-Saens,
by virgil Fox        21248 rks      ML 4401     Bach, Brahms

I left my heart in         Masterwo
san francisco        21249 rks      CS 8669     unknown

Harry Belafonte:           RCA
Calypso              21250 Victor   LSP-1248    Harry Belafonte (?)
Nat King Cole
sings George               Full
Shearing plays             Dimensio
with the quintet           nal Sterio
and string choir     21251 (FDS)      SW 1675   unknown
                                                 Debussy, Salzedo, Tournier, Renie,
                                                 Liszt, Zabel, Poenitz, MacDowell,
Clair de lune      21252 Urania     US 5138      Dilling, Follets, Prokofiev

ner: Orchestral
from the Ring of
the Neibelung      21253 London     SPC 21016    Wagner

Prokofiev: Peter
and the wolf.            Columbia
Tchaikovsky:             Masterwo
Nutcracker suite   21254 rks      ML 5593        Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky

Jennie             21255 Victor     LOC-1083     Cheryl crawford, richard halliday (??)
can-can            21256 Records    S452         Cole Porter

Christmas in the         Heritage
new world          21257 Society    MHS 4077     unknown

Christmas with           Musical                 Holst, Praetorius, Morales, Lassus,
the Harvard              Heritage                Davidson, Biebl, Gruber, Handl, Prez,
Glee Club          21258 Society    MHS 4083     Taverner

660 Peachtree                       EAR-10285,
Street             21259 E.A.R.     AL-10007     unknown

Once upon a                                      hambleton, houghton, william and jean
mattress           21260 KAPP       KRS-5507     eckart
                         ABC                   Armstrong, a Norman rosemont
Kiss me Kate       21261 Records   CSS 645     production

Oklahoma!          21262 RCA       CBL1-3572   Rodgers, Hammerstein

Roger Wagner
Chorale: great
choral music of          Capitol
christmas          21263 Records   STBB-488    unknown…christmas songs

Civilization and
its Discontents    21264 Nonesuch N-78009      michael sahl and eric salzman

Fresh Aire VI:           American
Mannheim                 Gramaph
Steamroller        21265 one      AG-386       Chip Davis

Sorta-Dixie        21266 World Inc. ST 1054    unknown

Sorta-May          21267 World Inc. 1051       unknown

Barbara Cook at          Masterwo
Carnegie Hall      21268 rks      M 33438      unknown
The mormon
tabernacle               Columbia
choir's greatest         Masterwo MS6951, ML
hits               21269 rks      6351       Unknown

A treasury of
gregorian chant    21270 VOX       PL 16.420    gregorian chant
Piano concerto           Spinoram
1                  21271 a Records MK 3061      Tchaikovsky
                                                Joe Layton's drury lane theatre
Gone with the                                   production of margaret mitchell's Gone
Wind               21272 AEI       AEI 1113     with the wind

Bittersweet        21273 Discs     BIS 1377     unknown

                         Masterwo               Irving Berlin, howard lindsay, russel
Mr. President      21274 rks      KOL 5870      crouse, joshua logan
                         Masterwo OL 5180, OS   book by lillian hellman, score by lonard
Candide            21275 rks      2350          bernstein, etc.

                                                jene friedlander, michael parver, gene
Anything Goes      21276 EPIC      FLS 15100    andrewski (???)

                         CBS                    judy gordon, cy coleman, maurice and
                         Masterwo               lois f. rosenfield, in association with
Barnum             21277 rks      JS 36576      irvin field and kenneth feld

Anyone can
whistle            21278 Columbia AKOS 2480     arthur laurents, stephen sondheim

Plain and Fancy    21279 Records   S603         music by albert hague
No, No, Nanette   21280 Records    S 30563      music by vincent youmans

La Cage aux
folles            21281 RCA        HBC1-4824    music and lyrics by jerry herman
Out of this                                     book by dwight taylor and reginald
World             21282 Columbia OL 54390       lawrence, musical by Cole Porter

She Loves Me      21283 (DRG)      DS-2-15008   Harold Prince (???)

The Student
Prince            21284 Kanon      K 01 132     sigmund romberg
A Day in
Hollywood: a
night in the            DRG                     dick vosburg, frank lazarus, jerry
Ukraine           21285 records    SBL 12580    herman, etc

The best of
gilbert and
sullivan          21286 seraphim S-60149        unknown
The best little
whorehouse in           MCA
texas             21287 Records    MCA 3049     larry king, peter masterson, carol hall

Carnival          21288 Records    SE 3946 OC david merrick (???)
The Big Country   21290 Records    UA-LA270-G William Wyler
George M!         21291 rks        KOS 3200     music and lyrics by george m cohan
Tovarich          21292 Records    TAO 1940     music by lee pockriss

                        Masterwo                music composed and orchestra
On the Town       21294 rks      OL5540         conducted by Leonard Bernstein
Lucy: MAME        21295 Records K 56035         unknown, jerome lawrence ???

Carlos Montoya    21296 Allegro    AR 88063     unknown
My Fair Lady     21297 rks      OL 5090        book and lyrics by alan jay lerner

Annie            21298 rks      34712          unknown

                       Masterwo                book by norman panama and melvin
li'l abner       21299 rks      OL 5150        frank

Milk and Honey   21300 Victor     LOC-1065     book by Don Appell

Hello, Dolly!    21301 Victor     LSOD-1087    david merrick

The Sound of           Bros.
Music            21302 Records    1377         rodgers and hammerstein

Annie get your         RCA
gun              21303 Victor     LSO-1124     richard rodgers

New Girl in            RCA                     book by george abbott, music and
Town             21304 Victor     LSO-1027     lyrics by bob merrill

                       Buddah     BDS 95006-1-
seesaw           21306 Records    OC           music by cy coleman
On The                 Columbia
Twentieth              Masterwo
Century          21307 rks        35330        music by cy coleman
1776: a new            Masterwo
musical          21308 rks        BOS 3310     Stuart Ostrow (?)

Mack & Mabel     21309 Records    ABCH 830     david merrick

guys & dolls     21310 Records    MCA 37094    frank loesser

Gypsy            21311 RCA        LBL1-5004    laurents, styne sondheim, robbins,
Interrupted              MGM
Melody             21312 Records E3185            unknown
Kean               21313 rks        KOS 2120      robert lantz
                         CSP (a
                         service of
Let's Face It      21314 records) P 14944         unknown

42nd Street        21315 RCA         CBL1-3891    david merrick
Greenwillow        21317 Victor      LOC-2001     frank loesser, samuels, etc

Follies            21318 Records SO-761           music and lyrics by stephen sondheim
                         Columbia                 music by richard rodgers, play is by
Flower Drum              Masterwo                 rodgers and hammerstein in
Song               21319 rks      OS 2009         association with joseph fields
                                                  frederick brisson (presenter), book
                         Paramou                  and lyrics by lerner, music by andre
Coco               21320 nt      PMS-1002         previn

the columbia
treasury of the
american                 Columbia
musical theatre:         Masterwo
Camelot            21321 rks      32602           alan jay lerner, frederick loewe

The 20's Roar      21323 Records FM7              unknown

Those Glorious
MGM Musicals:
2 complete
original sound           MGM
track recordings   21324 Records     2-SES-41-ST unknown
Peter Pan          21325 Victor      LSO-1019     Edwin Lester
                         book by
                         music by    Casablanca
They're playing          marvin      Record and
our song           21326 hamlisch    Filmworks    NBLP 7141
                         Masterwo              Michael Bennett (music by marvin
A Chorus Line      21328 rks      33581        hamlisch)

Finian's                 Masterwo
Rainbow            21329 rks      CS 2080      music by burton lane
Cabaret            21330 rks      KOL 6640     harold prince
A Little Night           Masterwo
Music              21331 rks      KS 32265     music and lyrics by stephen sondheim

Tommy and
Jimmy Dorsey
Bands              21332 Sparton   C33-4913    Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey (?)

The Andrews              Capitol
sisters in Hi-fi   21333 Records   W 790       unknown

High Button              RCA
Shoes              21334 Camden    CAL 457     unknown

                                               music by richard rodgers, oscar
Allegro            21335 RCA      CBM1-2758    hammerstein II
Irma La Douce      21337 rks      OS 2029      david merrick

                                               robert wright, george forrest,
Kismet             21338 London    SP 44043    alexander borodin

Gigi               21339 RCA       ABL1-0404   lerner , loewe

Ballroom           21340 rks      35762        michael bennett (??)
The Girl in Pink         Masterwo               jeanmaire, goldner, shepard traube,
Tights             21341 rks      ML 4890       farrelli

                                                gounod, charpentier, puccini, bizet,
Jeanette                 RCA                    delibes, herbert, smith, kern, rourke,
MacDonald          21342 Victor     LM-2908     harbach, friml, stothart

Funny Girl         21343 Records STAO 2059 ray stark (?)
My Fair Lady       21344 rks      2015      bernard shaw, lerner, loewe, hart
The                      MGM
Fantaasticks       21345 Records SE-3872 OC music by harvey schmidt

42nd Street        21346 RCA        CBL1-3891   david merrick
Peter Pan          21347 Victor     LSO-1019    Edwin Lester

The Boy Friend     21348 Records    MCA-2074    sandy wilson

                         Capitol                harold prince, music by john kander,
Zorba'             21349 Records    SO 118      joseph stein, fred ebb
Three Wishes             Capitol
for Jamie          21350 Records    L-8119      albert and arthur lewis (?)
promises,                Artists
promises           21352 Records    UAS 9902    david merrick (???)

Saratoga           21353 Victor     LSO-1051    novel by edna ferber

REX                21354 RCA      ABL1-1683     music by richard rodgers
                         Masterwo               music and lyrics by jay livingston and
Oh Captain!        21355 rks      OL 5280       ray evans

A collector's            RCA
Show Boat          21356 Victrola   AVM1-1741   jerome kern, oscar hammerstein II
The Desert
Song                21357 Columbia ACL 831     music by sigmund romberg

                                               music and lyrics by stephen sondheim,
Sweeney Todd        21358 RCA      CBL2-3379   book by hugh wheeler

Man of La
Mancha              21359 Decca    DXSA 7203   dale wasserman
Lady in the
Dark, Down in             RCA
the Valley          21360 Victor   LPV-503     unknown
Portraits in
Stereo: Five
complete                  RCA
albums              21361 Victor   PRS-158     unknown

the lord's prayer   21362 rks      MS 6068     unknown

Gaite Parisienne    21363 Somerset SF-11100    Offenbach

The Spirit of             Masterwo
Christmas           21364 rks      XMS 6100    christmas carols…
Serenade opus             RCA
8                   21365 Victor   LM-2550     Beethoven, Kodaly

Victory at Sea      21366 Victor   LSC-2335    Richard Rodgers
Grand Canyon
Suite (Grofe),
Victory                   RCA
(Beethoven)         21367 Victor   LSC-2433    Grofe, Beethoven
Unfinished, and           RCA
symphony 5          21368 Victor     LM-2516    Schubert
The Merry
Widow               21369 Palace     5088       rodgers and hammerstein

                          St. Mark's
                          8140 N.
                          W. 36th,
A Gift of Love      21370 a, 73008 LPS 9004     unknown
Cleopatra           21371 Records CXS-197       unknown

There's a
Meeting Here
Tonight!            21372 Angel      S-36072    unknown

Grace Moore:
one night of love   21373 Grapon     15         Grace Moore (??)

Stephen Foster            RCA
Favorites           21374 Victor     LSC-2295   unknown

A Grand Night             Masterwo
for Singing         21375 rks      M 35170      unknown

The Nutcracker      21376 Classics   OL-2-101   Tchaikovsky

Big Bands:                Time Life
Benny Goodman       21377 Records STBB03        Unknown

Big Bands:                Time Life
Glenn Miller        21378 Records STBB01        Unknown
Big Bands:              Time Life
Harry James       21379 Records STBB04        Unknown

Big Bands:              Time Life
Tommy Dorsey      21380 Records STBB02        Unknown

Giants of Jazz:         Time Life
Benny Goodman     21383 Records STL-J05       Unknown
Giants of Jazz:
Coleman                 Time Life
Hawkins           21384 Records STL-J06       Unknown

Giants of Jazz:         Time Life
Jack Teagarden    21385 Records     STL-J08   Unknown
Giants of Jazz:         Time Life
Sidney Bechet     21386 Records     STL-J09   Unknown
Giants of Jazz:         Time Life
Benny Carter      21387 Records     STL-J10   Unknown
Giants of Jazz:         Time Life
Earl Hines        21388 Records     STL-J11   Unknown
Giants of Jazz:         Time Life
The Guitarists    21389 Records     STL-J12   Unknown
Giants of Jazz:         Time Life
Lester Young      21390 Records     STL-J13   Unknown
Giants of Jazz:         Time Life
Fats Waller       21392 Records     STL-J15   Unknown
Giants of Jazz:
Henry "Red"             Time Life
Allen             21393 Records     STL-J16   Unknown
Giants of Jazz:         Time Life
Johnny Hodges     21395 Records     STL-J19   Unknown
Giants of Jazz:         Time Life
Teddy Wilson      21396 Records     STL-J20   Unknown
Giants of Jazz:         Time Life
Ben Webster       21397 Records     STL-J21   Unknown
Giants of Jazz:         Time Life
Count Basie       21398 Records     STL-J22   Unknown
Giants of Jazz:
Frank                   Time Life
Teschemacher      21399 Records     STL-J23   Unknown
Giants of Jazz:         Time Life
Art Tatum         21400 Records     STL-J24   Unknown
Giants of Jazz:         Time Life
Bunny Berigan     21401 Records     STL-J25   Unknown
Giants of Jazz:         Time Life
Johnny Dodds      21402 Records     STL-J26   Unknown
Giants of Jazz:         Time Life
Joe Sullivan      21403 Records     STL-J27   Unknown
Giants of Jazz:         Time Life
Bessie Smith      21404 Records     STL-J28   Unknown
the swing era:
the music of
wonderful times:
making a lot out
of a little        21405 Time Life STL 340   unknown

the swing era:
the music of
1936-1937, the
vitaphone and
video              21406 Time Life STL 341   unknown

the swing era:
the music of
vintage years of
humor              21407 Time Life STL 342   unknown
the swing era:
the music of
where swing
came from          21408 Time Life STL 343   unknown

the swing era:
the music of the
1939: a real
dream of a year    21409 Time Life STL 344   unknown

the swing era:
the music of
1940-1941, how
it was to
beyoung then       21410 Time Life STL 345   unknown
The Swing Era:
The Music of
Swing as a way         Time Life
of life          21411 Records STL 346   unknown

The Swing Era:
The music of
when sport was         Time Life
mighty sporty    21412 Records STL 347   unknown

The Swing Era:
The Music of
1944-1945, the
golden age of          Time Life
network radio    21413 Records STL 348   unknown
The Swing Era:
Music of the
Postwar Years,
A clutch of               Time Life
characters          21414 Records STL 349   unknown

The Swing Era:
Into the 50's,
How sex was               Time Life
invented            21415 Records STL 350   unknown

The Swing Era,
Encore!, The
day of the great          Time Life
entertainers        21416 Records STL 351   unknown

The Swing Era,
curtain call, the         Time Life
sounds of swing     21417 Records STL 352   unknown
The Swing Era:
One More Time,            Time Life
Swing Lives!        21418 Records STL 353     unknown

The Swing Era       21419 Time Life STA 354   unknown

the greatest              The
recordings of the         Franklin
big band era,             Mint
archive                   Record
collection          21420 Society    1-/-2    unknown

the greatest              The
recordings of the         Franklin
big band era,             Mint
archive                   Record
collection          21421 Society    3-/-4    unknown
the count basie
story: roulette           roulette
birdland series     21422 birdland   RB-1       unknown

A study in
frustration: the
henderson story,
thesaurus of
classical jazz      21423 columbia C4L 19       unknown

                                                beethoven, brahms, copland, debussy,
                                                dvorak, franck, moussorgsky,
                                                prokofieff, ravel, rimsky-korsakoff,
Stereo: for the           RCA        LSC-9300   rossini, saint-saens, stravinsky,
joy of it           21424 Victor     (10 LPs)   tchaikovsky

the playboy: jazz
allstars volume
3                   21425 playboy    PB1959     unknown
pops festival    21426 digest     none   unknown

the great band         reader's
era              21427 digest     none   unknown
                                                  rimsky-korsakov, tchaikovsky, ibert,
Scheherazade:                                     ravel, balakirev, hanson, falla,
rhapsodic mood             reader's               respighi, stravinsky, debussy, enesco,
music                21435 digest     none        turina, franck, dvorak, delibes
scheherazade         21436 Philips    6500 410    nicolay rimsky-korsakov

Charles Ives:
symphony 4           21437 RCA        AGL1-3787   Charles Ives

Macdonald &
nelson eddy:               RCA
favorites in hi-fi   21438 Victor     LPM-1738    unknown

XANADU               21439 Records    MCA 6100    unknown

What's New? In             Capitol
Stereo               21440 Records    SN3         unknown
sing along with            Supereco
connie francis       21441 rds      8002         unknown

Two pianos,
twenty voices:
lew davies and             Comman
his orchestra        21442 d Records RS 813 SD   unknown

Here We Go                 Capitol
Again!               21443 Records   T1258       unknown

College Concert:
the kingston trio,
recorded in live           Capitol
performance          21444 Records   ST 1658     unknown

The Kingston               Capitol
Trio: At Large       21445 Records   T1199       unknown

Roger                      TeeVee
Whittaker: All             Records,
my Best              21446 Inc.     TV-1056      Roger Whittaker

Percy Faith and
his orchestra        21447 Columbia CS 8427      unknown

Sunset, eddie              RCA
heywood              21448 Victor    LPM-1529    unknown
Erroll Garner,            Mercury
Plays Misty         21449 Classics   SR 60662   unknown

Ray conniff and
his orchestra: 's
awful nice          21450 columbia CL 1137      unknown

Hollywood in
Rhythm: ray
conniff             21451 Columbia CS 8117      unknown

Calcutta!                 Dot
Lawrence Welk       21452 Records    DLP 3359   unknown

Velvet Carpet       21453 Records    DT720      unknown

Al Hirt, at the
mardi gras,
recorded live in          RCA
new orleans         21454 Victor     LSP-2497   unknown

Three's a crowd
when it's
intimate jazz       21455 somerset SF-10400     unknown

Roger Williams:
more than a
miracle             21456 KAPP       KS-3550    unknown
                                              prokofiev, tchaikovsky, lalo, gliere,
                                              chopin, puccini, offenbach, vaughan
Stars for a                                   williams, debussy, liszt, puccini,
Summer Night      21457 Columbia PMS-1        copland

Charlie Rich:
behind closed
doors             21458 EPIC      KE 32247    unknown

Pete Kelly's            RCA
Blues             21459 Victor    LPM-1126    unknown

Fiddler on the
Roof: complette         Golden                lyrics by sheldon harnick, music by
story and songs   21460 Records   LP 260      jerry bock, produced by howard scott

Les Elgart: The
band with that
sound             21461 Columbia CS 8245      unknown

                        MGM       SE3882P
Bing & Satchmo    21462 Records   (E388 2P)   arranged and conducted by billy may
Explosion in
Jazz: ed bernet
and the                     Levee     recorded july
dixieland seven       21463 Records   16, 1961      unknown

The Great
sound of Les
Elgart                21464 Columbia CS 8159       unknown

Trumpet and
Strings: Al Hirt---         RCA
he's the king         21465 Victor    LSP-2584     unknown

The New Glenn               RCA
Miller---today        21466 Victor    LPM-2270     unknown

The Five                    Dot
Pennies               21467 Records   DLP 29500    unknown

Merry Christmas             Capitol
Jackie Gleason        21468 Records   W758         unknown

Blue Midnight,
and other
instrumentals by            Decca
bert kaempfert        21469 Records   DL 74569     unknown
                                                 e. bernstein, h. arlen, w. schumann, c.
                                                 coleman, e. hagen, h. warren, h.
                          Audio                  mancini, weill, j. mccoy, w. gross,
Percussive Jazz     21470 Fidelity   DFS 7002    bauza, shavers

Stan Getz: big
ban bossa nova      21471 Verve      V6-8494     unknown

By Request,               RCA
Perry Como          21472 Victor     LSP-2567    unknown

Henry Mancini:
the second time
around, and               RCA
others              21473 Camden     CAS-928     unknown
original sound
track from the
flm exodus by
earnest gold.             RCA
"EXODUS"            21474 Victor     LSO-1058    unknown

Bobby Darin &
Johnny Mercer:            ATCO
Two of a Kind       21475 Records    SD 33-126   unknown
Cotton Candy:
Al Hirt (he's the
king), more of
that "honey in            RCA
the horn"           21476 Victor     LSP-2917    unknown

Around the
world in 80 days    21477 somerset P-2800        composed by victor young

Eddie Rabbitt:            ylum
Horizon             21478 Records 6E-276         unknown

The Main Event:                                  original motion picture soundtrack (not
a glove story       21479 Columbia JS 36115      listed)
Charley Pride:
Did you think to          RCA
pray                21480 Victor     LSP-4513   unknown

                                                Frank McPherson, Burt Bacharach,
                                                Hal David, Bob Nelson, Paul Williams,
                                                Don Costa, Charles E. King Collection,
I love this land:         Maui                  Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman,
Al Harrington       21481 Records    HR-1001    Tuitama, Harvey Schmidt, Tom Jones
Sound Track               Warner
Music: Rome               Bros.
Adventure           21482 Records    1458       Max Steiner (???)

Persuasive                Comman
Percussion          21483 d Records RS 33-800   unknown

Music for the             Capitol
Fireside            21484 Records    ST1192     unknown

                                                irving berlin, oscar hammerstein,
                                                harold rome, cole porter, robert wright
Show Stoppers                                   and george forrest, betty comden,
from the                  Mercury               jerry bock, leonard bernstein, oscar
Fabulous Fifties    21485 Classics   MG 20411   hammerstein II, richard rodgers

The Sweet and             Capitol
the Swingin'        21486 Records    ST1361     unknown

reeds and                 Comman
percussion          21487 d Records RS 820 SD   unknown

Gone with the
wind---the dave
brubeck quartet     21488 columbia CS 8156      unknown
Tonight Only!
The Dave
Quartet, guest
star Carmen
McRae              21489 Columbia CS 8409     unknown

Ski Songs, sung
by Bob Gibson      21491 Electra   EKL-177    unknown

glenn miller
plays selections
from the glenn
miller story and         RCA
other hits         21492 Victor    LPM-1192   glenn miller (???)

Great songs of
Christmas          21493 Columbia CSS 1033    unknown

Kenton in Hi-Fi    21495 Records   SW 724     unknown

There's no
business like            Decca
show business      21496 Records   DL 8091    unknown

Jackie Gleason
presents The             Capitol
Gentle Touch       21497 Records   SW 1519    unknown
24 of hank
williams'                 MGM
greatest hits       21498 Records    SE 4755-2   hank williams ???

Billy Joel: Glass
Houses              21499 Columbia 36384         Billy Joel

Francois            21500 Philips    P 77310 L   unknown

Herb Alpert and
the Tijuana
Brass "!! Going           A&M        LP112, SP
Places !!"          21501 Records    4112        unknown
The Shearing
performances of
great piano               Capitol
favorites           21502 Records    ST1472      unknown

Tom T. Hall: the          Mercury
storyteller         21503 Classics   SR 61368    unknown

Tom T. Hall: for
the people in the         Mercury
last hard town      21504 Classics   SRM-1-687   Tom T. Hall
Bobby Bare
sings Lullabys,
Legends, and
Lies              21505 RCA       CPL2-0290   unknown (shel silverstein??)

Like Love         21506 columbia CS 8233      unknown

The best of
charley pride,          RCA
vol.II            21507 Victor    LSP-4682    unknown

Love will keep          A&M
us together       21508 Records   SP-4552     unknown

Chet Atkins'            RCA
Teensville        21509 Victor    LPM-2161    unknown

Bee Gees:               RSO
Greatest          21510 Records   704         unknown

Darin at the            ATCO
copa              21511 Records   33-122      unknown
Four Freshmen              Capitol
and Five Saxes       21512 Records   T844       unknown

                                                harold arlen, ted koehler, richard
                                                rodgers, lorenz hart, norman gimbel,
                                                eddie heywood, erroll garner, jimmy
Ebb Tide and                                    mchugh, dorothy fields, bob haymes,
other                                           alan brandt, robert maxwell, victor
instrumental               Decca                young, ned washington, peter de rose,
favorites            21513 Records   DL 74165   erroll garner, leon pober, ernest gold

Henry Mancini:
our man in                 RCA
hollywood            21514 Victor    LSP-2604   unknown

Julie and Carol            Columbia
at Carnegie                Masterwo
Hally                21515 rks      OS 2240     ?????

Ray conniff and
his orchestra: 's
awful nice           21516 Columbia CL 925      unknown

Say it with music
(a touch of latin)   21517 Columbia CS 8282     unknown

Original motion            United
picture hit                Artists
themes               21518 Records   UAS 6197   unknown
s marvelous        21519 Columbia CS 8037       unknown

It's the talk of
the town           21520 Columbia CS 8143       unknown

Honey in the
Horn: Al Hirt            RCA
(he's the king)    21521 Victor     LSP-2733    unknown

Beauty and the           Capitol
Beat!              21522 Records    ST1219      unknown
Grease (the
soundtrack from
the motion               RSO
picture)           21523 Records    RS-2-4002   barry gibb (??)

                                                george and ira gershwin, cole porter,
                                                buddy montgomery, george shearing,
                                                wright and forrest, parish derose
                                                shefter, wes montgomery, george
                                                shearing, delange, van heusen, buddy
Love walked in!    21524 Jazzland   JLP 955     montgomery, armando peraza

EXOTICA            21525 Liberty    LRP 3034    martin denny?

Andy Williams:
Under Paris
Skies              21526 Cadence CLP 25047      Andy Williams???
                                               hank cochran, mel tillis, mel tillis-
                                               wayne walker, bill anderson, jimmy
Burl Ives: It's                                fox, roger miller, mel tillis, al robinson,
just my funny            Decca                 mel tillis-marijohn wilkin, ronnie self,
way of laughin     21527 Records    DL 74279   don wayne, harlan howard

Secret songs for
young lovers:
the pian o magic
of andre previn,
combined with
the lush strings
of david rose
and his                  MGM
orchestra          21528 Records    E3716      unknown
The George
Shearing Quintet
with Nancy
Wilson, the
swingin's                Capitol
mutual!            21529 Records    ST1524     unknown
9 to 5             21530 Records    T-627      colin higgins???

serenade: percy                   CS 8757, CL
faith              21531 Columbia 1957        unknown

Mr. Big            21532 d Records RS 807 SD   unknown

…from the
"hungry i" the           Capitol
kingston trio      21533 Records    T1107      unknown

MUSIC              21534 Records    WS 1788    Mason Williams
conway twitty,
don williams,
merle haggard,            MCA
john conlee         21535 Records   MCA 5696   unknown

Bee Gees:                 BSO
spirits having            Records,
flown               21536 Inc.     RS-1-3041   Bee Gees

The Ray Conniff
somebody loves
me                  21537 Columbia CS 8442     unknown

Conniff meets
butterfield         21538 Columbia CL 1346     unknown

Miss America
Presents: A
collector's album   21539 columbia XTV 68873   unknown

the ray conniff
singers, young
at heart            21540 Columbia CS 8281     unknown

Choice! The
best of the
ramsey lewis trio   21541 Cadet     755        unknown

slim whitman:
songs I love to
sing                21542 Epic      JE 36768   unknown
The boy next
door. Roger
Williams: a
piano serenade
fo rthe girl next
door                21543 KAPP      KL-1003    unknown

bouquet of love:
the percy faith
strings             21544 columbia CS 8481     unknown

Three Little              RCA
Words               21545 Victor    LPM-1356   unknown

Make Way, The             Capitol
kingston trio       21546 Records   ST 1474    unknown

String Along with
the Kingston              Capitol
Trio                21547 Records   ST1407     unknown

The Kingston              Capitol
Trio                21548 Records   T996       unknown

the Kingston              Capitol
Trio: sold out      21549 Records   T1352      unknown

Streisand: guilty   21550 columbia FC 36750    unknown
Evie              21551 Records   WST-8628    unknown
Music from "Mr.         RCA
Lucky"            21552 Victor    LPM-2198    Henry Mancini

Jackie gleason
presents Night          Capitol
Winds             21553 Records   W717        unknown

Billy Vaughn            Dot
Plays             21554 Records   DLP 25156   unknown

The Norman
Luboff Choir,           RCA
You're My Girl    21555 Victor    LSP-2368    unknown

Coffee Break:
reg owen and            RCA
his orchestra     21556 Victor    LPM-1582    unknown

Opiate d'Amour    21557 Records   SW 1315     composed by jackie gleason
Giants of Jazz:
Duke Ellington       21559 Time Life none        unknown

Giants of Jazz:
Billie Holiday       21561 Time Life none        unknown

Bach: (CPE),
concerto in e flat
major wq.43                Musical
no.3, concerto in          Heritage
c minor wq.31        21563 Society    MHS 1545   CPE Bach

                           Forum: a
                           division of
JS Bach              21564 records     F 70004   Bach
                          Forum: a
                          division of
JS Bach             21565 records     F 70003   Bach

J.S. Bach: four
concertos for
and orchestra       21566 Nonesuch H-71019      Bach

J.S. Bach:
concerto for 3
harpsichords , 1,
2, concerto for 4
harpsichords        21567 VOX        PL 6670    Bach

Bach: concerto
for three pianos
in d minor,
Mozart: concerto          Columbia
for three pianos          Masterwo
in F major K.242    21568 rks      ML 5895      Bach, Mozart
Bach: concerto
for 2
harpsichords in
c major,
concerto for 3
harpsichords in
c major,
concerto for 4
harpsichords in           Decca    DL 10,028,
a minor             21569 Records MG 7643       Bach
Bernstein                 Masterwo
conducts Bartok     21570 rks      ML 6356      Bartok

Bartok: concerto
no.1 (1927),
concerto no.4             Columbia
(for the left             Masterwo
hand)               21571 rks      MS 6405      bartok, prokofiev
Bartok: piano
concerto no.1,
rhapsody for
piano and                            STPL
orchestra           21572 VOX        511.350    Bartok

Bartok: piano             Westmins
concerto 1, 2       21573 ter Gold XWN-19003    Bartok

Bartok: piano             Westmins
concertos 2, 3      21574 ter Gold XWN 18277    Bartok
Rhapsody for
piano and
fantasy on polish
themes for piano                     STPL
and orchestra                        514.220, S-
op.19               21575 VOX        2483          Bartok, Paderewski

Beethoven piano           RCA
concerto 4          21576 Victor     LM-2797       Beethoven
piano concerto 1
in c major,
sonata no.27 in
e minor op.90       21577 Angel      35580         Beethoven
piano concertos
2, 4                21578 London     CS 6374       Beethoven
piano concertos
1, 4                21579 Odyssey    32 16 0056    Beethoven
piano concerto
no.5 in E flat      21580 London     STS15210      Beethoven
piano concerto
no.4, sonata in e
major opus 14             Mercury
no.1                21581 Classics   SR90381       Beethoven
piano concerto
no.4                21582 Angel      S35511        Beethoven
piano concerto            RCA
no.3                21583 Victor     LM-2122       Beethoven
Concerto            21584 Odyssey    32 16 0326    Beethoven

The Young                 Turnabout
Beethoven           21585 VOX       TV-S 34367     Beethoven
concerto no.2,
prokofieff:               RCA
concerto no.3       21586 Victrola   VIC-1520      Beethoven, Prokofieff
nr.5                21587 Philips    839 600 LY    Beethoven
Piano Cocnerto
no.3, rondo in b
flat major         21588 London     STS 15111   Beethoven

Artur Schnabel:
"emperor"                RCA
concerto           21589 Victrola   VIC-1511    Beethoven
piano concerto 5
in e flat
(emperor)          21590 seraphim S-60069       Beethoven
Beethoven:               Columbia
Emperor                  Masterwo
Concerto           21591 rks      ML 5766       Beethoven
piano concerto
no.1 in c major    21592 Angel      35723       Beethoven

concerto 2 for
piano and
orchestra op.19,
Bach: concerto           columbia
1 for piano and          masterwo
orchestra          21593 rks      ML 5211       Beethoven, Bach

Radu Lupu plays
Beethoven          21594 London     CS 6715     Beethoven
concerto 2 for
piano and
orchestra op.19,
overture to
consecration fo
the house                Westmins
overture op.124    21595 ter Gold WL 5302       Beethoven
concerto 1 in c
major for piano          Columbia
and orchestra            Masterwo
op.15              21596 rks      ML 4914       Beethoven
Piano concerto
1, Choral
fantasia           21597 London     STS 15211   Beethoven
piano concertos
2, 4               21598 London     STS 15212   Beethoven
piano concerto 5
in e flat major
"emperor", six
variations on the
turkish march
from the ruins of
athens op.76        21599 VOX      PL 11.740   Beethoven

concerto 4 in g
major for piano
and orchestra
op.58, Mozart:
concerto no.25
in c major for
piano and
orchestra k.503     21600 EPIC     LC 3574     Beethoven, Mozart
piano concerto
no.3 op.37,
fantasia for
piano chorus
and orchestra             Westmins
op.80               21601 ter Gold WST 17078   Beethoven
Beethoven                 RCA
Concerto no.4       21602 Victor   LSC-2680    Beethoven
Beethoven                 RCA
Concerto no.4       21603 Victor   LSC-2680    Beethoven

concerto 5 in e
flat major for
pian o and
orchestra op.73     21604 London   LL 879      Beethoven
piano concerto 1
in c, eleven              Columbia
bagatelles                Masterwo
op.119              21605 rks      ML 6238     Beethoven
Beethoven:                RCA
concerto no.4       21606 Victrola VIC-1505    Beethoven

concerto 4 in g
major op.58         21607 London   LL-417      Beethoven
concerto no.5 in          RCA
e flat op. 73       21608 Victor   LM 1718     Beethoven
concerto 3 in c
minor for piano
and orchestra
op.37               21609 London    LLP 289    Beethoven
concerto 3 in c
minor for piano
and orchestra
op.37               21610 Columbia ML 4738     Beethoven

Piano concerto
5 "the emperor"     21611 London    LL 114     Beethoven

Ernest Bloch:
Symphonique         21612 Vanguard VSD-2101    Ernest Bloch, Henry Litolff

Bloch: concerto
grosso for string
orchestra and
piano, quartet 5    21613 Everest   3328       Bloch
Brahms:                   RCA
concerto no.2       21614 Victor    LM-2581    Brahms

Brahms                    RCA
concerto no.2       21615 Victor    LSC-2466   Brahms
Brahms: piano
concerto no.2 in
b flat major        21616 London    CS 6539    Brahms
Cliburn:Brahms            RCA       LM-2724,
Concerto no.1       21617 Victor    LSC-2724   Brahms

Brahms: piano                       STPL
concerto 2          21618 VOX       510.990    Brahms
Brahms: Piano
concerto no.1 in
d minor             21619 Angel     S-36463    Brahms

Brahms: piano             Turnabout
concerto no.2       21620 VOX       TV 4342    Brahms

Brahms: piano
concerto no.1       21621 London    CS6947     Brahms
concerto no.1 in
d minor for
piano and
orchestra op.15
(brahms)           21622 London     LL-911       Brahms

concerto no.1 in
d minor for              Columbia
piano and                Masterwo
orchestra op.15    21623 rks      ML 4829        Brahms
Brahms: piano            Masterwo
concerto no.2      21624 rks      MS 6715        Brahms

Brahms' piano            Turnabout
concerto no.2      21625 VOX       TV-S 34419    Brahms
concerto no.2 in
b flat major for
piano and                RCA
orchestra          21626 Victor     LCT 1025     Brahms

Brahms:                  Audio
concerto no.2      21627 Fidelity   FCS 50,016   Brahms
Brahms: piano
concerto no.2 in
b flat major       21628 Angel      S-36728      Brahms
Elliot Carter:
piano concerto,
colgrass: as             RCA
quiet as           21629 Victor     LSC-3001     Elliott Carter, Michael Colgrass

Dinu Lipatti:
chopin, concerto
no.1 in e minor    21630 seraphim 60007          Chopin
Chopin: piano            Columbia
concerto no.1 in         Masterwo
e minor            21631 rks      ML 6112        Chopin

Gina Bachauer:
chopin, piano
concerto no.1 in
e minor,
nocturne in c
sharp minor,             Mercury
three etudes       21632 Classics   SR90368      chopin
Clara Haskil,
Igor Markevich     21633 Philips    PHM500-034 Chopin, De Falla
the music
frederick chopin.
His story and his
music                21634 VOX        MM 3520     Frederick Chopin

Chopin: piano
concerto no1,
Mendelssohn:               RCA
capriccio brillant   21635 Victrola   VICS-1030   Chopin, Mendelssohn
Chopin: piano
concerto no.2 in
f minor op.21,
fantaisie in f
minor op.49          21636 Angel      35030       Chopin
Emanuel Ax:
chopin               21637 RCA        ARL1-2868   Chopin

maurizio pollini,
chopin, concerto
no.1 in e minor      21638 seraphim S-60066       Chopin
Chopin: Piano
concertos nos. 1           Westmins
and 2                21639 ter Gold XWN 18288     Chopin

Chopin: piano
concerto no.2 in                      STPL
F minor op.21        21640 VOX        511.470     Chopin
Dello Joio:
Fantasy and
Ravel: Concerto            RCA        LM-2667,
in G                 21642 Victor     LSC-2667    Dello Joio, Ravel

Faure, Ballad for
piano and
orchestra op.19,
poeme for violin
and orchestra        21643 VOX        PL 0450     Faure, Chausson
John Field:
concerto no.1,
Hummel, rondo
brillant on a
russian folk             RCA
theme              21644 Victrola   VICS-1533   Field, Hummel
Rhapsody in
Blue, an                 Columbia
American in              Masterwo
paris              21645 rks      MS 6091       Gershwin
Rhapsody in
Blue, an
American in
paris              21646 London     SPC 21009   George Gershwin
Levant plays
Rhapsody in
Blue, and an
american in
paris, concerto
in F               21647 Columbia CL 700        Gershwin
concerto for
piano and
(1961), sonata           Desto
for piano          21648 Records    DS 6402     Alberto Ginastera
Grieg: Piano
concerto and
Peer Gynt                Westmins
Suites             21649 ter Gold XWN 18231     Grieg
american                 rs
contemporary:            Recording
american                 s
composers                Incorporat
orchestra          21651 ed         CRI 440     harbison, stock

Pennario, Grieg:
Piano Concerto
in a minor,
Rhapsody on a
theme of
paganini           21652 seraphim S-60195       Grieg, Rachmaninoff
Philippe                 Masterwo
Entremont          21653 rks      ML 5301       Grieg, Moussorgsky
Josef haydn:
concerto in f
major for piano
and orchestra,
concerto in c
major for oboe
and orchestra       21654 ARTIA     ALS 7203    Josef Haydn

Hiller - Raff,
piano concerti      21655 Candide   CE 31058    Ferdinand Hiller, Joachim Raff

Chopin: The
Piano Concertos
no.1 and no.2       21656 RCA       VCS-7091    Chopin

Hummer: piano
concerto in a
minor, Clementi:          Concert
piano sonata              Hall                  Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Muzio
op.40 no.2          21657 Society   H-1641      Clementi
Hummel: piano
concerto in b
minor (en si
Boieldieu: piano
concerto in F                       STPL
(en fa)             21658 VOX       512.250     Hummel, Boieldieu

Khachaturian        21659 Everest   SDBR 3055   Khachaturian
Liszt Piano               Stereo    STPL
Concertos 1&2       21660 Vox       510.420     Liszt

Gyorgy Cziffra:
liszt, piano
concerto no.1 in
e flat, Hungarian
Fantasia            21661 Angel     35436       Liszt

Byron Janis:              Mercury
plays liszt         21662 Classics SR90329      Liszt
Mendelssohn:              Masterwo
concerto 1, 2       21663 rks      MS 6128      Mendelssohn
the world
recordings of
Concerto in a
minor for piano
and strings,
allegro gioioso,         Turnabout
rondo brillante    21664 VOX       TV 34170S   Felix Mendelssohn

Mendelssohn        21665 Nonesuch H-71099      F. Mendelssohn
American                 s
Contemporary:            Incorporat
peter mennin       21666 ed         CRI 399    Peter Mennin

Moscheles          21667 (VOX)     CE 31010    Ignaz Moscheles

piano concerto           Candide
in e major         21668 (VOX)     CE 31030    Moritz Moszkowski

Mozart: concerto
for two pianos
and orchestra in
e flat major
K.365, concerto
for three pianos
and orchestra in
F major K.242      21669 Nonesuch H-71028      Mozart

Gilels & Zak:
mozart concerto
for two pianos
k.365              21670 Monitor   MC 2006     Mozart, Saint-Saens

Concerto no.20
for piano and
orchestra in d
minor k.466,
concerto no.23
in a major for
piano and
orchestra k.488    21671 Nonesuch H-71072      Mozart
Mozart: works
for organ and
orchestra                 Westmins
volume 1            21672 ter Gold WST-17090    Mozart
Mozart: piano
concerto in c
k.503, rondo in d                  STGBY
k.382               21673 VOX      512.110      Mozart

Mozart piano
concertos, no.8
in C major                Deutsche
k.246, no.27 in b         Grammop SLPM 138
flat major k.595    21674 hon      812          Mozart

Rudolf Serkin,            Columbia
George Szell:             Masterwo
Mozart              21675 rks      ML 5169      Mozart

Mozart: piano
concerto, no.15,          Turnabout TV 4027, TV
11 (k450, k387)     21676 VOX       34027S      Mozart

mozart, concerto
no.20, Haydn:
andante and
variations in f           RCA      LM-2635,
minor               21677 Victor   LSC-2635     Mozart, Haydn

mozart, concerto
no.20, Haydn:
andante and
variations in f           RCA      LM-2635,
minor               21678 Victor   LSC-2635     Mozart, Haydn

Philippe                  Masterwo
Entremont           21679 rks      ML 5678      Mozart
Mozart: piano
concerto no.19
k.459, piano
concerto no.26
k.537               21680 monitor  MC 2089      Mozart
Fou Ts'ong,               Westmins EO WST-
Mozart              21681 ter Gold 17132        Mozart
Mozart: piano
concerto no.20,
23, rondo for
piano and
orchestra in a            Mercury    SR90413,
major k.386         21682 Classics   MG50413     Mozart

Serkin/Mozart       21683 rks      MS 6049       Mozart

Mozart: piano
concerto 22,              Westmins
piano sonata 16     21684 ter Gold WST 17079     Mozart

Mozart: piano
concerto 22,              Turnabout
rondo k.382         21685 VOX       TV 34233     mozart

Mozart, Franck      21686 columbia ML 4536       Mozart, Franck

Mozart:                   Masterwo
Concerto 9, 12      21687 rks      ML 5209       Mozart
Dinu Lipatti's
last concert with
orchestra           21688 Angel      35931       Mozart, Enesco

Mozart: piano
concerto no.27,
piano sonata
no.II in a major    21689 London     STS 15062   Mozart
Mozart: piano
concerto no.27,
b flat major                         STPL
k.595               21690 VOX        511.260     Mozart
Piano Concerti:
Paisiello in c
major, Karl
Stamitz in f              Turnabao TV 34001S
major.              21691 ut       TV 4001       Giovanni Paisiello, Karl Stamitz

Mozart: piano
concerto no.8 in
C k.246, piano
concerto no.9 in
e flat k.271,
rondo in a k.386    21692 London     CS 6501     Mozart
Mozart: piano
concerti no.14,                      STPL
16                  21693 VOX        511.650    Mozart

Mozart: concerto
no.18, 24           21694 Nonesuch H-71059      Mozart
concerto for
piano and
orchestra 1,
tales of the old
op31, four
pieces, op32        21695 VOX        PL 6590    Prokofieff

Prokofieff: piano
concertos nos. 3          RCA
and 4               21696 Victor     LSC-3019   Prokofieff

Prokofieff: piano
concertos nos. 1          RCA
and 2               21697 Victor     LSC-2897   Prokofieff

Prokofieff: piano
concerto no.5       21698 RCA        LSC-3121   Prokofieff, weill
concerto no.3
piano concerto            Mercury
no.1                21699 Classics   SR 90300   Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff
Richter plays
prokofiev           21700 Bruno      BR 14042   Prokofiev
piano concerto            Mercury
no.3                21701 Classics   SR90283    Rachmaninoff

piano concerto
2, preludes nos.
4, 5, and 12.       21702 Angel      35736      Rachmaninoff
Byron Janis:
concerto no.2 in          Mercury
c minor             21703 Classics   SR09260    Rachmaninoff

Richter plays             Parliamen
Rachmaninoff        21704 t         PLP-134     Rachmaninoff

Rachmaninoff:             RCA
piano concerto 3    21705 Victor     LM 1178    Rachmaninoff
Pennario plays
andre previn              RCA
conducts            21706 Victor     LSC-2788     Rachmaninoff
concerto no.1,
Strauss:                  RCA
burleske            21707 Victrola   LCS-1101     Rachmaninoff, Strauss
John Browning:
ravel, concerto
in d for the left
Prokofiev,                Capitol
concerto 3 in c     21708 Records    SP 8545      Ravel, Prokofiev
Ravel: concerto
in d major for
the left hand for
piano and
concerto in g
major for piano
and orchestra       21709 London     LL 797       Ravel

Vittorio Rieti:
Harpsichord               Compose
concerto, partita         rs
for flute oboe            Recording
stringquartet             s
and harpsichord           Incorporat
obbligato           21710 ed         CRI SD 312   Vittorio Rieti

piano concerto
no.5 in f op.103,
korsakov: piano
concerto on a             Period
russian theme       21711 Records    SHO 333      Saint-saens, Rimsky-korsakov

Scharwenka          21712 Candide    CE 31046     Xaver

Lazar Berman,
Claudio Abbado.
Rachmaninoff:             Columbia
piano concerto            Masterwo
no.3                21713 rks      M 34540        Rachmaninoff
Piano concerto
op.42, piano
pieces op.23,
fantasy for violin
and piano op.47
with arnold
steinhardt           21714 RCA       LSC-3050    Schoenberg

fantasy for
piano, schubert-
liszt: wanderer
fantasy for piano                    ST/PL
and orchestra        21715 VOX       511.610     Schubert, Liszt

schumann piano
concerto, grieg
piano concerto       21716 Philips   PHS900-047 Schumann, Grieg
schumann,                  Columbia
piano concerto,            Masterwo
kozertstuck          21717 rks      ML 6088      schumann
concerto for
piano, Franck:
for piano and
orchestra            21718 Everest   SDBR-3036   Schumann, Franck

Piano concerto
in a minor op.54,
Grieg: piano
concerto in a                        STPL
minor op.16          21719 VOX       511.780     Schumann, Grieg
concerto for
piano and
orchestra in a
minor op.54,
Konzertstuck for
piano and                  Vanguard
orchestra in f             Everyman
minor op.79          21720 Classics SRV-293 SD Schumann, Weber
piano concerto
2, Ravel: piano         Columbia
concerto in g           Masterwo
major             21721 rks      MS 6043      Shostakovich, Ravel
concerto for
piano and wind
capriccio for
piano and
orchestra         21722 London     CS 6035    Stravinsky
Tchaikovsky             RCA
Concerto no.1     21723 Victor     LM-2681    Tchaikvosky
Tchaikovsky             RCA
Concerto no.1     21724 Victor     LM-2252    Tchaikovsky
The historic
broadcast of
April 25, 1943,
Horowitz/Toscan         RCA
ini               21725 Victor     LM-2319    Tchaikovsky
                        Hall of
Sviatoslav              Fame
Richter           21726 Records    HOF 525    Saint-Saens, Schubert

piano concertos         Westmins
1 and 2           21727 ter Gold XWN 18289    Tchaikovsky
piano concerto
no.2 in g major
opus 44           21728 Philips  PHC 9007    Tchaikovsky
Tchaikovsky:            Columbia
piano concertos         Masterwo ML 6155, MS
2, 3              21729 rks      6755        Tchaikovsky
historic 1941
recording of
tchaikovsky             RCA
piano concerto    21730 Victrola   VIC-1554   Tchaikovsky
piano concerto
no.1 in b flat          Parliamen
minor op.23       21731 t         PLP 120     Tchaikovsky

piano concerto    21732 Angel      36142      Tchaikovsky, Franck
piano concerto              RCA        VICS-1039,
no.1                  21733 Victrola   VIC-1039     Tchaikovsky

piano concerto              USSR
no.1 in b flat              Melodyia/
minor                 21734 Angel     R-40016       Tchaikovsky
piano concerto              RCA
no.1                  21735 Victrola   VICS-1039    Tchaikovsky
2nd piano
concerto                    Classic
(complete                   Editions
version)              21736 Inc.       CE 3         Tchaikovsky
Carl Maria Von
Weber: Grand
concerto no.2
for piano and
concertino for
horn and
andante and
hungarian rondo
for viola and
siciliana for flute
and small                   Turnabout
orchestra             21737 VOX       TV-S 34488    Carl Maria Von Weber

Weber: piano
concertos no.1
in c major op.11,
no.2 in e flat
major op.32           21738 VOX        PL 8140     Weber
Piano concertos             Recording
by Ben Weber,               s
and by Charles              Incorporat
Worinen               21739 ed         CRI 239 USD Ben Weber, Charles Wuorinen
destino, al son
de la marimba,
juan colorado,
bajada de maza,
chiapas, jardin
sin rosas, 3 de                                 unknown (beguiine, armando
mayo, carmita                                   dominguez, fox, zapateado, bermejo,
flor hermosa,                                   oteo, vals, abel dominguez, gustavo
morir por tu                       DML-8149     dominguez, gordillo, rodriguez,
amor                 21740 Dimsa   SF-2         ramirez, garcia????????)

J.S. Bach: Little
Prelude in C,
bourree in E
minor, Minuet in
G, March in D,
Minuet in G
minor, Polonaise
in G minor,
March in E flat,
Minuet in G,
Polonaise in E,
Little Preludes in
C, Cminor, F,
Musette in D,
Gavotte and
Musette in G
minor, Prelude
in C (well
clavier), Little
prelude in c
minor, little
prelude in c,
polonaise in G
minor                21741 Duco    EP-3001      J.S. Bach
The Well-
Tempered                   Columbia
Clavier              21742 Records ML 6176      J. Bach
Bach: the two
and three part
inventions                 Columbia
(inventions and            Masterwo
sinfonias)           21743 rks      ML 6022     Bach
Bach: French               Westmins
Suites 1, 2, 3       21744 ter Gold XWN 18157   Bach
Bach: french               Westmins
suites 4, 5, 6       21745 ter Gold XWN 18158   Bach
Edition, Wanda
(July 5, 1879-
august 16,                  RCA
1959)                 21746 Victor      LM-2389     bach
The Well-
Tempered                    Columbia
Clavier               21747 Records     ML 5808     J. Bach
Bach: goldberg              Turnabout   TV 4015, TV
variations            21748 VOX         34015S      Bach
Johann                      Blue
Sebastian Bach:             Mounds,
complete piano              Wisconsi
works album 1         21749 n           none        Johann Sebastian Bach
Bach for
fantasy and
fugue fantasia in
c minor, six little
toccata in d
major, prelude,             Columbia
fugue and                   Masterwo
allegro               21750 rks      ML 5916        Bach

(harpsichord)         21751 Angel       COLH 304    Scarlatti
The Well-
Temepered                   Columbia
Clavier               21752 Records MS 6538         J. Bach
Sebastian Bach:
english suites              Westmins W-9327
vol.1                 21753 ter Gold (18384)        Bach
Sebastian Bach:
english suites              Westmins W-9328
vol.2                 21754 ter Gold (18385)        Bach
Carl Philipp
Emanuel Bach:
sonata in a
major, rondo in
g major, 12
variations on
folie d'espagne,
sonata in g
major, rondo in           Musical
e flat major,             Heritage
sonata in f major   21755 Society    MHS 558       CPE Bach

                          Forum: a
                          division of
Johann                    roulette    F 70005 , LM-
Sebastian Bach      21756 records     1877          Bach

Joerg Demus
plays J. S. Bach:         Westmins
partitas 3, 5, 6    21758 ter Gold WST 17068       Bach
Joerg Demus
plays J. S. Bach
(vol.1), partitas         Westmins
1, 2, 4             21759 ter Gold WST 17067       J. S. Bach
sonata no.2 in a
major op.2 no.2,
sonata no.11 in
b flat major opus
22                  21760 London     LL 948        Beethoven
Variations on a
theme of
archduke of
rudolph of                Drake
austria             21761 University none          Beethoven
Sonatas: C#
minor op.27
no.2, E major             Drake
op.109              21762 University none          Beethoven
sonatas b flat
major opus 22, g
minor opus 49
no.1, g major
opus 49 no.2       21763 Philips   PHS900-076 Beethoven
Ernst von
Dahnanyi plays
Beethoven          21764 Everest   3109       Beethoven
Ernst von
Dahnanyi plays
Beethoven          21765 Everest   3109       Beethoven

sonata no.17 in
d minor
"tempest" opus
31 no.2, Sonata
no.3 in c major
opus 2 no.3        21766 London    LL 627     Beethoven
sonata 16 in g
major op.31
no.1, sonata
no.18 in e flat
major op.31
no.3               21767 London    LL-951     Beethoven
John Ogdon,
sonata             21768 RCA       LSC-3123   Beethoven
Sonatas nos. 9,
11, 20             21769 London    CS 6584    Beethoven

Sonatas: no.9 in
e major op.15
no.1, no.10 in g
major op.14
no.2, no.13 in e
flat op.27 no.1,
no.14 in c sharp
minor op.27
no.2 "moonlight"   21770 Angel     35652      Beethoven

Sonatas: no.7 in
d major op.10
no.3, no.11 in b
flat op.22         21771 Angel     35653      Beethoven
Sonatas: no.4 in
e flat op.7, no.5
in c minor op.10
no.1, no.6 in f
major op.10
no.2                21772 Angel     35655      Beethoven

Beethoven:                Grammop 138 934 ST
bagatelles          21773 hon      33 SLPM     Beethoven

sonata no.31 in
a flat major opus
110, sonata
no.32 in c minor
opus 111            21774 London    LL-953     Beethoven
sonata 23 in F
minor op.57,
sonata no.21 in
C major op.53             Capitol
waldstein           21775 Records   PAO 8409   Beethoven

sonata 10, 22,
24                  21776 London    LL 603     Beethoven, Warum

pianoforte          21777 London    LL-949     Beethoven
sonata no.28 in
a major opus
101, sonata
no.23 in f minor
opus 57
"appassionata"      21778 London    LL 597     Beethoven
sonatas nos.2,
10, 19              21779 London    CS 6585    Beethoven

Artur Schnabel:
Beethoven, the
complete piano
volume 5,
concerto no.5 in
e flat major
op.73 "emperor"     21780 Angel     COLH.5     Beethoven
Joerg Demus
Beethoven: 15
variations with
fugue on eroica
theme, 6
bagatelles                ABC
op.126              21781 Records   MS-829      Beethoven
Beethoven: 4
piano sonatas
moonlight)          21782 VOX       PL 11.570   Beethoven
sonata no.13,
14, 19, 20          21783 London    LL 705      Beethoven
sonatas nos.16,
22, 27              21784 London    CS 6639     Beethoven
sonata no.29 in
b flat major opus
106                 21785 London    LL 602      Beethoven

sonata no.18 in
e flat major
op.31 no.3, 32
variations in c
ecossaises in e
flat major, rondo         Connoiss
in g major op.51          eur
no.2, seven               Record
landlerische              corporatio
tanze in d major    21786 n (MK)     MK 1568    Beethoven

Beethoven:                Artia
sonata no.23 in           Presents
F minor                   MK
"appassionata",           (produced
Haydn: sonata             in the
no.20 in c minor    21787 USSR)     MK 1550     Beethoven, Haydn
sonata in c               Columbia
sharp minor               Masterwo
op.27, no.2         21788 rks      ML 4432      Beethoven
appasionata, les          harmonia
adieux, sonate            mundi
op.111              21789 (france) KHF-20326   Beethoven
John Browning:
diabelli                  RCA
variations          21790 Victor   LSC-2877    Beethoven

sonata no.31 in
a flat major opus
110, sonata
no.32 in c minor
opus 111            21791 London   LL-953      Beethoven

sonata 1, 5, 6, 7   21792 London   CS 6389     Beethoven
sonata in c               Columbia
sharp minor               Masterwo
op.27, no.2         21793 rks      ML 4432     Beethoven

Beethoven: thirty
three variations
on a waltz by
diabelli op.120     21794 London   STS 15036   Beethoven
sonata 16 in g
major op.31
no.1, sonata
no.18 in e flat
major op.31
no.3                21795 London   LL-951      Beethoven
sonata no.8 in c
op.13, sonata
no.9 in e major
op.14, no.1,
sonata no.15 in
d major op.28       21796 London   LL-952      Beethoven
Brahms: the
complete piano
works vol.2         21797 London   CS 6404     Brahms
Brahms: the
complete piano
works vol.3         21798 London   CS 6410     Brahms
Brahms: the
complete piano
works, vol. 1       21799 London    CS 6396     Brahms
op.76 op.116        21800 Angel     35028       Brahms
Brahms: Piano
concerto no.1 in
d minor             21801 London    STS15209    Brahms

dances for piano          Turnabout
four-hands          21802 VOX       TV 34068S   Brahms

Firkusny plays            Capitol
Brahms              21803 Records   P8485       Brahms

Brahms: sonata
in F minor op.5,
op.117 no.1,
op.119 no.3         21804 London    STS 15272   Brahms
Brahms: the
complete piano
works vol.4         21805 London    CS 6444     Brahms

Brahms: The
Complete Piano
Works vol.5         21806 London    CS 6473     Brahms
Brahms: the
complete piano
works vol.6         21807 London    CS 6477     Brahms

Brahms: the
complete piano
works vol.7,
variations op.24,
variations op.35    21808 London    CS 6474     Brahms
Brahms: the
complete piano
works vol.8         21809 London    CS 6482     Brahms
variations and
fugue on a
theme by
variations on a
theme by
paganini            21810 London   CS6158      Brahms
Brahms: 10                Columbia
intermezzi for            Masterwo
piano               21811 rks      MS 6237     Brahms

Brahms: 2
op.79, capricci
op.76 nr.1 und
nr.2, intermezzo          Deutsche
op.76 nr.4,               Grammop 138 902 ST
fantasien op.116    21812 hon      33 SLPM     Brahms
Novaes: chopin
(complete)          21813 VOX       PL 8170    Chopin
Chopin: 24
preludes op.28      21814 London    LL 755     Chopin

Chopin Etudes
opus 25 (no.13-           Hall of
24), Liszt:               Fame
Mephisto Waltz      21815 Records   HOFS 521   Chopin, Liszt
Brailowsky plays
Chopin                    Columbia
Mazurkas, vol. I,         Masterwo ML 5802, MS
nos.1-21            21816 rks      6402        Chopin

Polonaises          21817 Philips   PHS900-009 Chopin

Chopin: Etudes
opus 10 no.1
through no.12,            Hall of
Chopin: Ballade           Fame
in f major          21818 Records   HOF 520    Chopin
polonaise in a
major op.40
no.1, fantasy
impromtu in c
sharp minor
op.66, polonaise
in e flat major
op.39, chopin
etudes op.25        21819 Plymouth P12-20         Chopin

Badura-Skoda              Westmins
plays Chopin        21820 ter Gold WST-17053      Chopin
Chopin: piano
concerto no.2 in
f minor opus 21,
fantasy in f              Mercury
minor opus 49       21821 Classics   SR 90432     Chopin
concerto 2 in f
minor for piano
and orchestra,            Connoiss
Liszt: concerto 2         eur
in a major for            Record
piano and                 corporatio PLPS 628 ,
orchestra           21822 n (MK)     PLP 628      Fryderyk Chopin, Franz Liszt

Ignace Jan
plays chopin        21823 Everest    X-902        Chopin

Chopin Recital
Benno                     Capitol
Moiseiwitsch        21825 Records    SG7230       Chopin

Philippe                  Columbia
Entremont: the            Masterwo
Chopin of Love      21826 rks      M 30063        Chopin
leah effenbach
plays chopin:             Aristocrat
four scherzos       21827 Records A050176         Chopin
leah effenbach
plays chopin:
etudes opus 25,
trois nouvelles
brillantes opus            Aristocrat
12                   21828 Records A040176        Chopin

Dinu Lipatti
plays the chopin
waltzes              21829 Odyssey   32 16 0057   Chopin

Chopin Waltzes
(complete)           21830 Angel    S 35726       Chopin
Piano Music of             Treasury
Chopin Vol. 3        21831 Series   STS 15050     F. Chopin

polonaises no.1-
10 (c sharp
minor op.26
no.1, e flat minor
op.26 no.2, a
major op.40
no.1, c minor
op.40 no.2, a flat
major op.53, d
minor op.71
no.1, b flat
major op.71
no.2, f minor
op.71 no.3           21832 VOX       514.19       Chopin
polonaises           21833 VOX       PL 14.100    Chopin

chopin: 24
etudes op.10, 25     21834 EPIC      LC 3065      Chopin
Weissenberg/Ch             RCA
opin                 21835 Victor    LSC-2984     F. Chopin

Chopin etudes
op.10 and op. 25     21836 RCA       LSC-3072     Chopin
Artur Rubinstein,
chopin waltzes            RCA
(complete)          21837 Victor   LM-1892      Chopin

nocturnes, vol.II   21838 EPIC     LC 3152      Chopin

chopin waltzes:
peter katin         21839 London   STS 15305    Chopin
                                   PL 12.620,
chopin: 4                          STPL
ballades            21840 VOX      512.620      Chopin

Perahia: the              Columbia
chopin preludes           Masterwo
(complete)          21841 rks      M 33507      Chopin

an hour of
chopin piano
music               21842 plymouth P-12-84      Chopin
                          Remingto volume I,
Music Plus!         21843 n        number 15    Chopin
the chopin
scherzos:                 RCA
rubinstein          21844 Victor   LSC-2368     chopin

wiktor labunski           Damon
plays chopin        21845 Recording none        Chopin

Horowitz: piano           RCA
music of chopin     21846 Victor   LM 1707      Chopin

Rubinstein and            RCA
chopin              21847 Victor   LM-2277      Chopin
preludes book
one                 21848 Angel    35066         Debussy
preludes books
1 and 2             21849 KAPP     KAPP 6501     Debussy

children's corner         Columbia
suite, suite              Masterwo
bergamasque         21850 rks      ML 4539       Debussy

Claude Debussy
by Walter
fifteen piano
pieces              21851 Angel    35026         Debussy

Claude Debussy
by Walter
preludes 2eme
Livre               21852 Angel    35249         Debussy

Richter: a piano
recital, Debussy:         Turnabout
preludes, book II   21853 VOX       TV-S 34360   Debussy

Clair de Lune: a
Debussy piano
recital by                Columbia
philippe                  Masterwo
entremont           21854 rks      MS 6214       Debussy

guiomar novaes:
preludes            21855 VOX      PL 10.180     Debussy
Claude Debussy
by Walter
d'esquisses         21856 Angel      35250      Debussy

Haydn: sonatas
for piano: vol.I    21857 Monitor    MCS 2094   Haydn

Haydn: short
masterpieces for
the keyboard        21858 Monitor    MCS 2098   Haydn

Mozart: concerto
in d major k.175
for piano and
Haydn: concerto
in c major for
piano and
concerto in a             Musical
major for piano           Heritage              Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph
and orchestra       21859 Society    MHS 726    Haydn, Karl Ditters Von Dittersdorf

Joseph Haydn:
keyboard music,
volume 1            21860 Orpheus    OR H-101   Joseph Haydn

Joseph Haydn:
keyboard music,
volume XII (12)     21861 Orpheus    OR H-112   Joseph Haydn

George Frederic
Handel: volume
II, the complete
works for
harpsichord,              Forum: a
christopher               division of
wood on                   roulette
harpsichord         21863 records     F 70012   George Frederic Handel
19 Hungarian
complete in 3
(volume II nos.8-
13)                 21865 VOX        PL 8910    Franz Liszt
Edition: Franz             Westmins
Liszt                21866 ter Gold WST 14149    Franz Liszt

Liszt: totentanz
malediction          21867 VOX       ST-PL11.030 Liszt

Liszt: operatic
and dramatic               Turnabout
fantasies            21868 VOX       TV 34163S   Liszt
Franz Liszt: 19
Rhapsodies and
complete in 3
(Volumes III
Nos. 14-19) and
rhapsody             21869 VOX       PL 8920     Franz Liszt
Franz Liszt: 19
Rhapsodies and
complete in 3
(Volumes I Nos.
1-7)                 21870 VOX       PL 8900     Franz Liszt

Liszt: hungarian
nos.16, 17, 18,
19, rhapsodie              Westmins
espagnole            21871 ter Gold XWN 18338    Liszt
Liszt: sonata in b
benediction de
dieu dans la
gnomenreigen         21872 Philips   6500 043    Liszt
etudes volume I,           Turnabout
op.11 nos.1-9        21873 VOX       TV-S 34469   Liapunov

Liszt: hungarian
rhapsodies nos.
9, 10, 11, 12, 13,         Westmins
14, 15               21874 ter Gold XWN 18337     Liszt

Liszt: hungarian
nos.1, 2, 3, 4, 5,         Westmins
6, 7, 8              21875 ter Gold XWN 18336     Liszt

Franz Liszt: a
virtuoso piano             World
recital, Cziffra     21876 Series    PHC 9005     Liszt

Franz Liszt:
Rhapsodies: a
piano recital
featuring cortot,          Distinguis
friedman, ganz,            hed
hofmann,                   Recording
paderewski           21877 s, Inc.    DR 106      Franz Liszt

Music Masters:
Nicolo Paganini,
Franz Liszt (His
story and his
music)               21878 VOX       MM-3630      Nicolo Paganini, Franz Liszt
Liszt: Sonata in
b minor,
Sonata in A                RCA
minor op.143         21879 Victor    LSC-2811    Liszt, Schubert

Rubinstein plays           RCA
Liszt                21880 Victor    LM-1905     Liszt
A liszt recital:
Jorge Bolet,
pianist              21881 Everest   SDBR 3064   Liszt

Liszt: sonata in b         Columbia
minor, piano               Masterwo
music of liszt       21882 rks      ML 4084      Liszt

Gyorgy Cziffra:
liszt recital        21883 Angel     35528       Liszt
songs without              Westmins
words                21884 ter Gold WL 5192      Mendelssohn

Piano Music of
fantasy in F#
minor, three
preludes and
fugues, scherzo
a capriccio in F#
minor, scherzo
in B minor,
rondo                                MCS (C)
capriccioso          21885 monitor   2128        Mendelssohn
Mozart: minuetto
in g major k.1,
minuetto in d
fantasia in d
minor k.397,
rondo in a minor
k.511, andantino
in e flat major
variations on
"ah, vois dirai-je,
maman" k.265,
allemande in c
minor k.399/2,
courante in c
minor k.399/3,
fantasia in c
minor k.396,                Musical
eine kleine gigue           Heritage
in g major k.574      21886 Society    MHS 830    Mozart

Mozart: Fantasy
in c minor k.475,
piano sonata in
c minor k.457,              Musical
andante in f                Heritage
major k.616           21887 Society    MHS 1700   Mozart

                            Deutsche SLPM 138
wilhelm kempff              Grammop 707, LPM 18
plays mozart          21888 hon      707        Mozart
Backhaus              21889 London     CS 6534    Mozart
lorin hollander,
pictures at an
prelude in c
sharp minor,
prokofieff:                 RCA                   Moussorgsky, Rachmaninoff,
toccata               21890 Victor     LSC-2823   Prokofieff
pictures at an              Capitol
exhibition            21891 Records    P8323      Moussorgsky, Tchaikovsky
moussorgsky:            Columbia
pictures at an          Masterwo
exhibition        21892 rks      ML 5600      Moussorgsky
the complete
works for solo
piano volume 2,
preludes op.32,
prelude                 Columbia
(posthumous),           Masterwo
fragments         21893 rks      M 33430      Rachmaninoff
John Ogdon
plays The
Piano Sonatas     21894 RCA      LSC-3024     Rachmaninoff
complete piano          Columbia
music of ravel,         Masterwo
vol. III          21895 rks      ML 4520      Ravel

complete piano          Columbia
music of ravel,         Masterwo
vol. II           21896 rks      ML 4519      Ravel

complete piano          Columbia
music of ravel,         Masterwo
vol. I            21897 rks      ML 4518      Ravel

Pennario: Piano         Capitol
colors of Ravel   21898 Records   SP8533      Ravel

maurice ravel:
piano music             World
(complete)        21899 Series    PHC 2-001   Maurice Ravel
volume 24:
sonatas for             Westmins
harpsichord       21900 ter Gold WST 17069    Domenico Scarlatti
Horowitz plays            Masterwo
Scarlatti           21901 rks      ML 6058     Scarlatti
scarlatti: 16
sonatas for
harpsichord         21902 Nonesuch H-71094     Domenico Scarlatti
sonatas for               Westmins
harpsichord         21903 ter Gold XWN 18328   Domenico Scarlatti

scarlati: sonatas
for harpsichord,          Westmins
vol.II              21904 ter Gold XWN-18329   Domenico Scarlatti

scarlati: sonatas
for harpsichord,          Westmins
vol.III             21905 ter Gold XWN-18330   Domenico Scarlatti
Sonatas for
harpsichord               Westmins W9338
volume 10           21906 ter Gold (18068)     Domenico Scarlatti
sonata in d
major (richter)     21907 Monitor   MC 2043    Schubert

Richter plays
Schubert            21908 Monitor   MC 2027    Schubert
fantasia, sonata
in a major
op.120              21909 Angel     36150      Schubert

sonata in c
(unfinished), 4
landler, moment
musical in f
minor, allegretto
in c minor          21910 Monitor   MCS 2057   Schubert
Sonata in c              Dover
minor, sonata in         Publicatio
b major op.147     21911 ns         HCR-207     Schubert

musicaux op.94
sonata In c              Columbia
major                    Masterwo
(unfinished)       21912 rks      ML 5153       Schubert

musicaux op.94,
three pieces op.
posth.             21913 VOX      PL 12.140     Schubert

op.90 (nos.1-4),
op.142 (nos.1-4)   21914 VOX      STPL 58940 Schubert
schubert           21915 London   CS 6820       Schubert
Gary Graffman            Masterwo
plays Schubert     21916 rks      ML 6135       Schubert
Schubert           21917 Angel    35534         Schubert
Schubert: 36
waltzes op.9,
sixteen german
dances op.33,
twelve valses            Turnabout TV 340065,
nobles op.77       21918 VOX       TV 4006      Schubert
sonata in d
impromptu in g
flat op.90 no.3,
impromptu in a
flat op.90 no.4    21919 London   CS 6416       Schubert
Recital, Jean-
Rodolphe Kars
(piano)            21921 London   CS 6714       Schubert
second sonata            Turnabout
for piano          21922 VOX       TV 34317     Schumann
op.20               21923 London     CS 6859     Schumann
nze/Carnaval        21924 EPIC       LC 3869     Schumann

Perahia plays
etudes,                   Columbia
posthumous                Masterwo
etudes, papillons   21925 rks      M 34539       Schumann
Schumann:                 RCA
Carnaval            21926 Victor   LM-1822       Schumann, Franck

Clara Schumann      21927 Candide    CE 31038    Clara Schumann

Alicia de
Larrocha            21928 London     CS 6749     Schumann
Schumann            21929 London     CS 6471     Schumann
Schumann:                 Dover
novelletten               Publicatio HCR-ST-
op.21               21930 ns         7002        Schumann
carnaval op.9,            Forum: a
concerto in a             division of
minor for piano           roulette
op.54               21931 records     F 70007    Robert Schumann
Toccata             21932 VOX        PL 11.630   Schumann

A Schumann                Heritage
piano recital       21933 Society    MHS 813     Schumann
carnaval op.9,
sonata no.2 in g
minor op.22         21934 Angel      S-36552     Schumann
op.16, sonata in
f minor op.14       21935 London     STS 15255    Schumann
piano concerto
in a minor ,
variation son a
theme by clara            Mercury
wieck               21936 Classics   SR90383      Robert Schumann

The piano music
of Henry Cowell:
folkways records          Folkways
FM 3349             21937 Records FM 3349         Henry Cowell

French Baroque
music for
Harpsichord         21938 EPIC       LC-3889      couperin, rameau, boismortier
Alexiei Haieff:           rs
gifts and                 Recording
semblences,               s
sonata for piano,         Incorporat
note of thanks      21939 ed         CRI SD 510   Alexei Haieff
Tippett: piano
sonatas nos.1,
2, and 3            21940 Philips    6500 534     Michael Tippett

Franz Schubert:
sonata in b flat
major d. 960,
three                     Musical
impromptus d.             Heritage
946                 21941 Society    MHS 1042     Franz Schubert

Muzio Clementi:
sonata in d
major op.37
no.3, sonata in g
minor op.7 no.3,
sonata I b flat
major op.24               Musical
no.2, 10 waltzes          Heritage
from op.39          21942 Society    MHS 970      Muzio Clementi
American                  Recording
Historic: john            s
powell's sonata           Incorporat
teutonica           21943 ed         CRI 368    John Powell
the twenty-four
piano preludes            MGM       E 3070, M
op.34               21944 Records   2313        Shostakovich
preludes &
fugues              21945 Philips   PHS 900-048 Shostakovich

Glenn Gould,
Scriabin: sonata          Columbia
no.3, prokofiev:          Masterwo
sonata no.7         21946 rks      MS 7173      Scriabin, Prokofiev

cahconne in g
major, suite
no.14 in g major,
minuet in g
minor, BACH:
fantasy and
fugue in d minor,
capriccio sopra
la lontananza,
del suo fratello
dilettissimo in b         Westmins
flat                21947 ter Gold WST 17065    Handel, J.S. Bach
American                  s
Contemporary:             Incorporat
dane rudhyar        21948 ed         CRI 372    Dane Rudhyar
Alicia de
Larrocha, Mostly
Mozart              21949 London    CS6866      Mozart, Bach, Busoni
Liszt: hungarian
fantasy for piano
and orchestra,
chopin: rondo
for piano and
orchestra op.14
spianato and
polonaise                              STPL
brillante op.22     21950 VOX          512.500      Liszt, Chopin
20th Century
spanish piano
music               21951 Angel        36281        Falla, Rodrigo, Montsalvatge

the artistry of
arturo benedetti
michelangeli        21952 London       CS 6446      Beethoven, Galuppi, Scarlatti
Carole Terry,             rs
harpsichord.              Recording
20th century              s
harpsichord               Incorporat                Henry Cowell, Vincent Persichetti,
works               21953 ed           CRI SD 533   William Albright, Ned Rorem
David Holzman       21954 ed           CRI SD 538   Wolpe, Pleskow, Greenbaum
Ralph Shapey,             s
Fromm                     Incorporat
Variations          21955 ed           CRI 428      Fromm? Ralph Shapey??

piano music of            RCA
carl nielsen        21956 Victor       LSC-3002     Carl Nielsen

songs and
dances of death,          Columbia
Brahms: four              Masterwo
serious songs       21957 rks      ML 6134          Mussorgsky, Brahms
Rhapsody on a
theme of
variatin son a
nursery tune        21958 London       CM 9262      Rachmaninov, Dohnanyi
Field:nocturnes      21959 Nonesuch     H-71195      John Field
John Powell          21960 ed           CRI SD 505   John Powell
Wanda                      s
Maximilien,                Incorporat                Ral shapey, gerald chenoweth, robert
encore               21961 ed           CRI SD 496   moevs
American                   s
Contemporary:              Incorporat                roger sessions, miriam gideon, ben
robert black         21962 ed           CRI 481      weber
contemporary               s
music: wanda               Incorporat
maximilien           21963 ed           CRI 404      luigi dallapiccola, robert moevs

Couperin: les
fastes de la
grande et
(the annals of
the great and
minstrelsy), les
folies francaises,
pieces de
clavecin             21964 Nonesuch H-71037          Francois Couperin

grande sonate
op.56 in c minor,
grande sonate
brillante op.177                                     Sigismund Thalberg, Friedrich
in a flat            21965 Genesis      GS 1016      Kalkbrenner

                           e Records
Rameau               21966 Inc.      1110-9-62       Rameau
goyescas           21967 London    CS7009        Granados
                         Long                    Alexander Reinagle, Louis Moreau
american music           Playing                 Gottschalk, Charles Tomlinson Griffes,
series             21968 Records   alg 3024      Robert Palmer

Mandolin Music:
Beethoven,                                       Ludwig Van Beethoven, Johann
Hummel             21969 Nonesuch H-71227        Nepomuk Hummel
Hummel             21971 VOX        TV-S 34562   Hummel
Telemann: 12             Dover
Fantasias for            Publicatio
Harpsichord        21972 ns         HCR-210      Telemann

Music of the                                     matthias weckmann, johann achelbel,
Baroque Era for                                  george bohm, johann valentin
Harpsichord and          Unicorn                 rathgeber, johann kaspar ferdinand
Clavichord         21973 Records   UN 1002       fischer, samuel scheidt
Horowitz plays
Clementi                 RCA
sonatas            21974 Victor    LM-1902       Clementi

                         e Records
Rameau: vol. 2.    21975 Inc.      CRS 1602      Rameau

                         e Records
Rameau: vol. 3     21976 Inc.      CRS 1603      Rameau
Charles Ives:
the short piano          Folkways
pieces             21977 Records FM 3348         Charles Ives

Gershwin           21978 VOX       MM 3700       George Gershwin

J. J. Froberger:
organ and
pieces                   Cambridg
performed by             e Records
gustav leonhardt   21979 Inc.      CRS 1509      J. J. Froberger
Alica de
Larrocha: piano
music of
granados           21980 EPIC       LC 3910      Granados

gina bachauer:           Mercury
sir john gielgud   21981 Classics   SR90391      claude debussy

                                               mozart, beethoven, schubert,
the great new                       covered by mendelssohn, schumann, weber,
virtuoso: roert                     tape….SDBR rachmaninoff, liszt, chopin, brahms,
bohnke             21982 Everest    3071       prokofiev

music of the                                     paganini, liszt, chopin, debussy,
great keyboard           Capitol                 debussy, godowsky, schuman,
masters            21983 Records    P8374        rachmaninoff, prokofiev, paderewski

                                                 beethoven, chopin, couperin, debussy,
the art of               RCA                     liszt, paderewski, schubert, schumann,
paderewski         21984 Camden     CAL-310      stojowski

sonata no.30 in
e major op.109,
chopin: sonata
no.2 in b flat
minor op.35        21985 London     LLP-266      beethoven, chopin
Emil Gilels:
musicaux,                   USSR
schumann                    Melodyia/
nachtstucke           21986 Angel     SR-40082    Schubert, Schumann

Josef Hofmann:              Columbia
golden jubilee              Masterwo              chopin, rachmaninoff, mendelssohn,
concert               21987 rks      5ML 4929     beethoven, moszkowski
Preludes op.11,
Brahms:                     Capitol
Waltzes op.39         21988 Records   G7110       Scriabin, Brahms

Pennario:                                         j. strauss jr., mendelssohn, saint-
virtuoso                    RCA                   saens, shostakovich, prokofieff, ravel,
favorites             21989 Victor    LSC-2714    kreisler, gounod

schubert: sonata
in a minor
op.143, brahms:
rhapsody no.1
op.79, 3
op.117                21990 London    CS 6716     Schubert, Brahms

Haydn: sonata in
g major, five
scarlatti                   Columbia
sonatas, mozart:            Masterwo
sonata in f major     21991 rks      ML 5695      Scarlatti, Haydn, Mozart

Debut: John                 Capitol               chopin, liszt, bach, schubert, debusy,
Browning              21992 Records   P-8464      rimsky-korsakov

Josef Fidelman
plays liszt, ravel,                               Liszt, Ravel, Rachmaninoff, chopin,
rachmaninoff          21993 Urania    US 58021    debussy

Keyboard giants             RCA                   paderewski, chopin, liszt, schumann,
of the past           21994 Victor    Sp-33-143   arensky, j strauss jr., liszt, levitzki, liszt
alicia de
larrocha            21995 London     CS 6676    Grieg, Mendelssohn

the sonatina        21996 Everest    B 1849     clementi, mozart, beethoven, kuhlau

Theme and                 Heritage              schubert, faure, rachmaninoff,
variations          21997 Society    MHS 1669   tchaikovsky
Etudes: by
cramer czerny
clementi            21998 Academy ALP 303       cramer, clementi, czerny

Stravinsky: three
Ravel: Le                 Connoiss
Tombeau de                eur
Couperin            21999 Society  50-5665      Stravinsky, Ravel
Van Cliburn:
Beethoven,                RCA
Mozart              22000 Victor     LM 2931    Beethoven, Mozart

great masters of
the keyboard:
debussy, ravel,
faure               22001 columbia ML 4291      Debussy, Ravel, Faure

Famous classics
for the piano       22002 Angel      35996      Debussy, Chopin, Granados

Alicia de                 Musical
larrocha: piano           Heritage              frederic chopin, manuel de falla, franz
recital II          22003 Society    MHS 1747   liszt, felix mendelssohn, franz schubert

Misha Dichter       22004 Victor     LSC-2970   Brahms, Stravinsky

Cecile Staub
Genhart plays                                   beethoven, scarlatti, palmgren,
Beethoven and                                   brahms, chopin, lully/godowsky,
other solo works    22005 Monaural MC 20170     loeillet/godowsky, chopin/zadora
Sonata 2 in A
major, op.2
no.2. Bach
fantasia and
fugue in d minor,
toccata and               Capitol
fugue in d minor    22006 Records   SG 7177      Beethoven, Bach

Sonata 2 in A
major, op.2
no.2. Bach
fantasia and
fugue in d minor,
toccata and               Capitol
fugue in d minor    22006 Records   SG 7177      Beethoven, Bach

The Art of the            RCA
Harpsichord         22007 Victor    LM-2194      Bach, J k f Fischer

A lorin hollander         RCA
concert             22008 Victor    LM-2912      Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Schumann
Villa Lobos:
Brasileras nos.1          MGM
and 4               22009 Records   E3105        Villa Lobos

Aaron Copland       22010 Lyrichord LL 104       Aaron Copland
Naumburg                  rs
Piano Award               Recording              Samuel Barber, Louis Gruenberg,
Winner              22011 s Inc.    CRI SD 295   Ernest Bloch
Volume 26:
sonatas for
Fernando                  Westmins
Valenti             22013 ter Gold WST 17071     Domenico Scarlatti

Volume 25:
Scarlatti sonatas         Westmins
for harpsichord     22014 ter Gold WST 17070     Domenico Scarlatti
Gershwin plays
Rhapsody in
Blue                22015 Everest   X-914        unknown
Malcolm Frager:
Mozart sonata
for two pianos in
d k448,
andante and
varations for two
pianos two
cellos and horn
etude in the
form fo a canon
op.56 no.4           22016 London       CS 6411      mozart, schumann
Sollberger:                Compose
divertimento,              rs
impromptu for              Recording
piano. Lerdahl:            s
string trio, piano         Incorporat
fantasy              22017 ed           CRI SD 319   Harvey Sollberger, Fred Lerdahl
Music of                   Incorporat                Roger Matton, William McCauley,
Canada               22018 ed           CRI SD 317   Clermont Pepin
contemporary               Recording
piano music ,              s
Robert Miller on           Incorporat                Charles Wuorinen, Stefan Wolpe,
piano                22019 ed           CRI SD 306   Yehudi Wyner, George Perle

Granados plays
Granados       A627        Everest    X-909          Granados
Cowell,                    s
Hovhaness,                 Incorporat
Pinkham              22021 ed         CRI-109        henry cowell
otto luening         22021 ed         CRI 334        Otto Luening
American                s
Contemporary,           Incorporat               Bazelon, lansky, pleskow, zuckerman,
New Trends        22022 ed         CRI 342       cross
American                Recording
contemporary,           s
New Piano               Incorporat               Burge, curtis-smith, chaitkin, hudson,
music             22023 ed         CRI 345       frank

American                Recording
contemporary,           s
instrumental            Incorporat
music             22024 ed         CRI 350       Lieberson, Lundborg
Contemporary            s
music: new              Incorporat
piano music       22025 ed         CRI 333       Pollock, Nieman

Sylvia Marlowe
plays Francois
couperin le
grand             22026 Decca        DL 710161   Francois Couperin
Ned Rorem:              rs
poems of love           Recording
and the rain,           s
second piano            Incorporat
sonata            22027 ed           CRI 202     Ned Rorem
John Cage:              rs
sonatas and             Recording
interludes for          s
prepared piano          Incorporat
(1946-48)         22028 ed           CRI 199     John Cage
roger sessions:         rs
piano sonata            Recording
no.1, william           s
mayer piano             Incorporat
sonata            22029 ed           CRI 198     roger sessions, william mayer
Bagatelles          22030 Turnabout TV 34077s     L.V. Beethoven

Kuhlau,                   Turnabout
Clementi            22031 VOX        TV-S 34376   Kuhlau, clementi
Modern                    Dover
American Piano            Publicatio HCR-ST-
Music               22032 ns         7014         Various
Copland: Piano
Fantasy, piano
variations.         22033 Odyssey    32 16 0040   Copland
                                                  Cantallos, baldassare galuppi, mateo
                          Musical                 albeniz, alexander reinagle, lodovico
Early sonatas for         Heritage                giustini di pistoia, johann wilhelm
the piano forte     22034 Society    MHS 733      haessler

Serge Prokofieff:
Sonatas for               Westmins
Piano volume 2      22035 ter Gold W-9312         Prokofiev

Serge Prokofieff:
Sonatas for               Westmins
Piano volume 3      22036 ter Gold W-9313         Prokofiev

Sylvia Marlowe      22037 Decca      DL 710149    Henry Purcell
Bartok: piano
concerto no.1,
rhapsody for
piano and                            STPL
orchestra           22038 VOX        511.350      Bartok

Petri play sbach,         Westmins
and busoni          22039 ter Gold XWN 18844      bach, busoni

Dvorak Slavonic                     TV 4060, TV
Dances              22040 turnabout 34060S      Dvorak

the carnival of           Capitol
animals             22041 Records    SP-8657      Saint-Saens, Ravel, Debussy
Max Reger           22042 Society    MHS 1487     Reger
50 variations on          Heritage
a waltz theme       22043 Society    MHS 1396     anton diabelli
smetana: four
czech dances,
three salon
polkas op.7,
reminiscence of
pilsen, souvenirs
of bohemia
opp.12 and 13,
three poetic
polkas op.8,               Musical
polka from                 Heritage
student lifeq        22044 Society      MHS 1373     Bedrich Smetana
Brahms/ Ravel.
Variations and
fugue on a
theme by handel            Hungarot
op.24                22045 on           LPX 11528    brahms, ravel
Barbara Kolb         22046 ed           CRI SD 537   unknown
Douglas                    s
Allanbrook,                Incorporat
Edwin Dugger         22047 ed           CRI SD 541   Douglas Allenbrook, Edwin Dugger
sviatoslav richter   22048 rks          ML 5396      Liszt, Schubert

Howard Hanson:
concerto in g
major for piano
and orchestra
op.36, rudolf
firkusny: piano
with the
symphony                   Columbia
orchestra, grieg           Masterwo
holberg suite        22049 rks      ML 4403          Howard Hanson, Rudolf Firkusny, Grig
Pennario             22050 Records                   beethoven, haydn, mozart
                                                 chopin, tchaikovsky, paganini-liszt,
The Young                 RCA                    scarlatti, debussy, horowitz, dohnanyi,
Horowitz            22051 Victor    LM-2993      kabalevsky

Frederic Chopin:
Complete works,
volume IX           22052 Orpheus   OR C-155     Frederic Chopin
Eden & Tamir:
French music
for two pianos      22053 London    CS6754       poulenc, debussy, satie

Bartok              22054 Decca    DL 9963       stravinsky, bartok
Perahia plays             Columbia
and conducts              Masterwo
Mozart              22055 rks      M 34219       mozart
Music from                Columbia
Marlboro:                 Masterwo
Busoni, Reger       22056 rks      ML 6291       Busoni, Reger

Music of Rayner           nal Music
Brown               22057 (WIM)      WIMR-8      unknown

Brahms:                   Deutsche
kalvierquintett f         Grammop
moll op.34          22058 hon      139 397       Brahms
Brahms: Piano
Quartet in G                        TV 34037S,
minor, op.25.       22059 turnabout TV 4037      Brahms
Brahms piano
quintet in f              RCA
minor, op.34        22060 Victor    LSC-2971     Brahms

the two pianos                                   brahms, arensky, dvorak, strauss-
of leonard                Capitol                chasins, grieg, chopin-pennario,
pennario            22061 Records   SP 8517      schubert, pennario, benjamin
Rudolph Ganz,
Vogelback in a            Tiffany                cesar-franck, francis poulenc, camille
two piano                 Recording              saint-saens, cecile chaminade, robert
concert             22062 Company T-2000         schumann, arthur benjamin
Bach                22063 Classics   SR 90410     Bach

Bach                22064 VOX        PL 9580      Bach

3 sonatas for
viola da gamba            harmonia
and harpsichord     22065 mundi    KHB 21009      Bach

duo piano recital   22066 Everest    SDBR 3076    Mozart, Chopin, Luboshutz

                                                  arensky, benjamin, copland, rimsky-
Dances for Two            RCA                     korsakoff, strauss, stravinsky,
pianos              22067 Victrola   VICS-1419    tchaikovsky

odman               22068 Odyssey    32316 0220   Bartok

Bartok plays
Bartok: sonata
for two pianos
and percussion,
10 pieces from
for children,
evening in
transylvania and          Turnabout
bear's dance        22069 VOX        TV 4159      Bartok
Erich Itor Kahn:          s
piano works,              Incorporat
string quartet      22070 ed         CRI 489      Erich Itor Kahn
american                  s
contemporary:             Incorporat
ramon zupko         22071 ed         CRI 425      music by Ramon Zupko
academy and
institute of arts
and letters               Compose
award record:             rs
berry swift,              Recording
piano sonata,             s
summer notes,             Incorporat
great praises       22072 ed         CRI 412      Wallace Berry, Richard Swift

music for two
pianos and four           MGM                     stravinsky, brahms, debussy,
hands               22073 Records   E3038         schumann, ravel

Paul Badura-
skoda and Joerg
Demus play                Westmins
schubert            22074 ter Gold XWN 18790      schubert

                                                  manuel infante, arthur benjamin,
Piano Bravo         22075 Omega     OML-1043      darius milhaud, debussy

Piano Russe         22076 Omega     OML-1042      Rachmaninoff, Arensky
Arthur berger:
three pieces for
two pianos ,
chamber music
for 13 players.           Compose
Richard                   rs
Donovan: five             Recording
elizabethan               s
lyrics, music for         Incorporat
six                 22077 ed         CRI SD 290   Arthur Berger, Richard donovan
fantasy in f
minor, grand
duo in c            22078 VOX        DL 1050      Schubert
Modern music              Incorporat              Wallingford Riegger, Vincent
for two pianos      22079 ed         CRI SD 279   Persichetti, Nicolai Berezowsky
Vally Weigl:
songs of
songs newly
seen in the
dusk, requiem                                     Vally Weigl, Dinu Ghezzo, Dinos
for allison         22080 Orion     ORS 81410     Constantinides, Brian Fennelly
                                                bach, barber, brahms, dvorak, isaac,
                                                kodaly, mendelssohn, poulenc, reger,
                         CBS                    rimsky-korsakov, rore, schoenberg,
collegium vocale         Masterwo               scandello, schumann, silcher,
koln: folk songs   22081 rks      IM 39060      tchaikovsky
di tancredi e
clorinda. Three
tempro la cetra,
con che                            TV 4018, TV
sooavita, amor     22082 turnabout 34018S      montiverdi
marais, purcell,
telemann,                                       attaingnant, couperin, marais, purcell,
veracini           22083 pirouette   JA 19001   telemann, veracini

                                                william byrd, anonymous, thomas
                                                tomkins, martin peerson, nicholas
                                                strogers, giles farnaby, robert johnson,
the fitzwilliam                                 peter philips, john munday, william
virginal book      22084 pover       HCR-5266   tisdall, john bull

Francis Poulenc:
concerto for two
pianos and
orchestra,               Musical
sonata for two           Heritage
pianos             22086 Society     MHS 3576   Francis Poulenc

Musique Judeo-           mundi                  Louis Saladin, Salamone de Rossi
Baroque            22087 (france) HM 1021       Ebreo
canon in d
major, partia no.
VI in b flat
major, partie in
G major, Johann
Friedrich Fasch:
concerto in d
major, sinfonia
in g major,               Musical
sinfonia in a             Heritage                Johann Pachelbel, Johann Friedrich
major               22088 Society    MHS 1060     Fasch

Dances              22089 Odyssey    32 16 0035   unknown
Musica                    Heritage
Nocturna            22090 Society    MHS 4050     mozart, purcell, corelli
Bruno Walter
conducts and              Turnabout
plays Mozart        22091 VOX       THS 65036     Mozart

Richard Wilson:
music for solo
flute, concert
piece for violin
and piano. Colin          Compose
McPhee:                   rs
concerto for              Recording
piano with wind           s
octette                   Incorporat
accompaniment       22092 ed         CRI SD 315   Richard Wilson, Colin McPhee

Chopin by                 Capitol
Starlight           22093 Records    P8371        Chopin
the romantic              Masterwo
music of chopin     22094 rks      ML 5161       Chopin
michael haydn:
concerto for
viola and
hummel: fantasy                     TV 4079/TV   johann nepomuk hummel, michael
for viola           22095 turnabout 34079S       haydn

Art of the Fugue:         Concert
Bach. Part one--          Disc (a
-contrapuncti             product of
one through               concertap
eleven              22096 es inc.)   CS-230      Bach

Art of the Fugue:
Bach. Part two---
Contrapuncti              CD
twelve through            incorporat
fifteen             22097 ed         CS-250      Bach

Bartok sonata             cambridg
and divertimento    22098 e records CRM-803      Bartok

Frederic Chopin           Musical
complete works            Heritage   MHS OR C-
volume XII          22099 Society    158         Frederic Chopin

Frederic Chopin
Complete Works
volume XIV          22100 Orpheus OR C-160       Chopin
The Art of                Masterwo
Francis Poulenc     22101 rks      MS 6518       Poulenc

Schubert            22102 Victrola   VICS-1405   schubert
                                                 gluck-kreisler, wieawski, vivaldi, kodaly-
                                                 milstein, chopin-milstein, , ries, nardini,
                                                 brahms, massenet, stravinsky-
Milstein                   Capitol               dushkin, paradis-dushkin, rimsky-
minatures            22103 Records   P8339       korsakov
Mozart: works
for organ and
orchestra                  Westmins
volume 2             22104 ter Gold WST-17091    mozart

New Music for              Recording
the Piano            22105 s Inc.    SD 288-B    Various
Chopin: 12
polonaises           22106 VOX       VUX 2003    chopin

piano music
(complete) vol. II   22107 VOX       SVBX 5469   Schumann
Piano Music
(Complete)                 Stereo
Volume I             22108 Vox Box   SVBX 5468   Schumann

j.s. bach
keyboard music       22109 VOX       SVBX 5434   Bach

bach keyboard
(complete) vol. II   22110 VOX       SVBX 5435   Bach
Grieg: piano
music, volume II    22111 VOX       SVBX 5458    Grieg

sergei prokofiev:
the complete
music for solo
piano in two
volumes             22112 VOX       SVBX 5408    Prokofiev

Virginal Book, a
comprehensive                                    byrd, bull, munday, farnbaby, philips,
selection           22113 VOX       SVBX 572     johnson, peerson, gibons

Haydn: Sonatas
for keyboard,
volume 1
(twenty early
works)              22114 VOX       SVBX 573     Haydn
beethoven: the
five piano
concertos           22115 Epic      BSC 151     Beethoven
                                                Samtliche (beethoven, czerny, liszt,
Diabelli-                 Telefunke SMA 25 081- hummel, kreutzer, mozart, moscheles,
variationen         22116 n         T/1-3       erzherzog, rudolph)

piano music
(complete)          22117 VOX      SVBX 5421     Beethoven
Chopin: the               Connoiss
poetry of the             eur
piano               22118 Society  SRL 7664      chopin
The Well-
clavier, book 2     22119 Decca     DX-128       J.S. Bach

Carl Maria Von
Weber: the
complete piano
works (vol.1)       22120 VOX       SVBX 5450    Weber
Carl Maria Von
Weber: the
complete piano
works (vol.II)      22120 VOX        SVBX 5451    Weber

Piano music,
volume 1            22122 VOX        SVBX 5416    Beethoven
The complete
recordings 1932-
37 (vol.3)          22123 seraphim IC-6065        Beethoven

Artur Schnabel,
the complete
recordings 1932-
37, vol.2           22124 seraphim IC-6064        Beethoven

Artur Schnabel,
the complete
recordings, 1932-
37 vol.5            22125 seraphim IC6067         Beethoven

Brahms: die               Grammop
kavlierkonzerte     22126 hon      2563 208       Johannes Brahms
beethoven: the
five piano                           STS-15203/6
concertos           22127 London     (4)         Beethoven

                                     HC-650/1-4 4
Beethoven: 5                         Langspielplatt
Klavierkonzerte     22128 Historia   en             Beethoven
Brahms: piano
music volume II     22129 VOX      SVBX 5431   Brahms

Haydn: sonatas
for keyboard
volume III          22130 VOX      SVBX 575    Haydn

Haydn: sonatas
for keyboard
volume IV           22131 VOX      SVBX 576    Haydn

Mozart: piano
concertos vol.1     22132 Epic     SC 6054     Mozart
The complete
recordings 1932-
37                  22133 seraphim ID-6063     beethoven

Debussy: piano
(complete) vol.II   22134 VOX      SVBX 5433   Debussy

Faure Piano
Music, vol.1        22135 VOX      SVBX 5423   Faure

Faure Piano
Music, vol.2        22136 VOX      SVBX 5424   Faure
Piano Music         22137 VOX      SVBX 5420   Beethoven

Debussy: piano
(complete) vol. I   22138 VOX      SVBX 5432   Debussy
Chopin              22139 Victor   LSC-7037    Chopin

chopin, the               RCA
nocturnes           22140 Victor   LSC-7050    Chopin

Artur Schnabel:
the complete
recordings 1932-
37, vol.4           22141 seraphim IC-6066     Beethoven
columbia-                  Compose
princeton                  rs
electronic music           Recording               Edgard Varese, Otto Luening, Milton
center, tenth              s                       Babbitt, Vladimir Ussachevsky, Pril
anniversary                Incorporat              Smiley, Alice Shields, Bulent Arel,
celebration          22142 ed         CRI SD 268   Mario Dvaidovsky
Schweitzer plays
Bach, organ
works                22143 Odyssey   32 26 0003    Bach

pieces de                  dasaltewe 6.35276, 4
clavecin             22144 rk        LPs, EK       Francois Couperin

sergei prokofiev:
the complete
music for solo
piano in two
volumes              22145 VOX       SVBX 5409     Sergei Prokofiev

Bartok: piano
music (volume
III)                 22146 VOX       SVBX 5427     Bartok

Bartok, piano
(complete) vol. II   22147 VOX       VBX 426       Bartok

BARTOK: piano
(complete) vol.
1, Mikrokosmos       22148 VOX       VBX #425      Bartok

Brahms: piano
music, volume I      22149 VOX       VBX 430       Brahms
The Well-
Tempered                   RCA
Clavier              22150 VICTOR    LM-6801       J.S. Bach

Mozart: piano
concertos vol. II    22151 Epic      SC 6056       Mozart
charles rosen:
the late                Columbia
beethoven               Masterwo
sonatas           22152 rks      M3X 30938     Beethoven

Haydn: sonatas
for keybord
volume II.        22153 VOX       SVBX 574     Haydn

Mozart: piano
sonatas           22154 VOX       SVBX 5429    Mozart

Mozart: piano
sonatas           22155 VOX       SVBX 5428    Mozart
Mozart: wanda
landowska,              RCA
piano             22156 Victor    LM-6044      Mozart

George Frederic         Musical
Handel: Suites          Heritage
for harpsichord   22157 Society   MHS 646-650 Handel
gieseking plays         columbia/
debussy           22158 odyssey 32 36 0021    debussy
the gieseking
heritage          22159 Angel     3600 B/L     Beethoven

ravel: the
complete piano
casadesus         22160 Odyssey   32 36 0003   Ravel

Funf                    Grammop
Klavierkonzert    22161 hon      138770/73     Beethoven

                                               ingolf dahl, arthur berger, kent kennan,
                                               samuel adler, hall overton, milton
                                               babbitt, miriam gideon, sol berkowitz,
                                               ben weber, leo kraft, paul a. pisk, mel
                                               powell, morton gould, vivian fine, alan
                                               hovhaness, george perle, norman
new music for                                  cazden, joseph prostakoff, peggy
the piano: 24                                  glanville-hicks, ernst bacon, robert
contemporary            RCA                    helps, mark brunswick, earl kim, josef
composers         22162 Victor    LSC-7042     alexander

Beethoven:              Murray
complete piano          Hill
music             22163 Records   S-3456       Beethoven
Liszt: annees de
(complete)           22164 VOX BOX SVBX 5454      Liszt
bach: keyboard
volume V             22166 VOX       SVBX 5438    Bach
Sonatas: no.2,
no.3                 22167 Angel     35654        Beethoven

Norma                22168 London    OSA 1272     Bellini

Bellini: Il Pirata   22169 Angel     SCL-3772     Bellini

I puritani
(vincenzo bellini)   22170 London    OSA 1373     Vincenzo Bellini

I capuleti, e I
montecchi            22171 Angel     SCLX-3824    Bellini

Bianca e                   MRF
Fernando, Bellini    22172 Records   MRF-133 (3) Bellini

Bellini: Beatrice
di Tenda             22173 London    OSA 1384     Bellini

Bellini: norma       22174 RCA       LSC-6202     Bellini

vincenzo bellini's         ABC
Norma                22175 Records   ATS-20017-3 Vincenzo Bellini
Norma            22176 Victor    LSC-6166     Bellini

Norma            22177 London    OSA1394      Bellini

Maria Callas:
bellini, norma   22178 seraphim IC-6037       Bellini

La Straniera     22179 BJR       BJR107       Bellini

Saint Ludmila    22180 n        ST 50585-7    Dvorak

The Spectre's          Records
Bride            22181 Corps    ALP-196/7     Dvorak
Rusalka          22182 n        50 440 - 3    Dvorak

Rusalka          22183 Corps     ALS-503/3    Dvorak

Rusalka          22184 Urania    US 5219-3    Dvorak

Louise           22185 Angel     SCLX-3846    Charpentier
                       MRF       MRF-150-
Gwendoline       22186 Records   S[2]         Emmanuel Chabrier
Le Convive De
Pierre           22187 Melodiya LDX 78 661/2 Alexandre Dargomijski

Khmelnytsky      22188 Bruno     BR 23037/9L Dankevych
Hunyadi Laszlo      22189 Bruno      BR 23030-2L Erkel Ferenc

Hunyadi Laszlo      22190 Qualiton   LPX 1040-42 Erkel

Il prigioniero      22191 London     OSA 1166     Luigi Dallapiccola

Bank Ban            22192 Qualiton   HLPX 150-52 Erkel

Peer Gynt
suites, op.46
and op.55, Bizet:
Suites, no.1 and
2                   22193 Orfeo      S 005823 F   Werner Egk

                          EMI angel
The Apostles        22194 series    SLS 976       Elgar

Bank Ban            22196 on       LPX11376-78 Erkel Ferenc

Castle              22197 London     OSA-1158     Bartok

Bluebeard's               Bartok
Castle              22198 Records    #310 & 311   Bartok
Lakme               22199 Archives   1045A        Delibes

Lakme               22200 Seraphim SIC-6082       Delibes
Pelleas et
Milasande         22201 London      OSA-1379     Debussy

Boulez conducts
Debussy:                Columbia
Pelleas et              Masterwo
Melisande         22202 rks         M3 30119     Debussy
Rusalka (no             russian
russian font            font        no russian
available)        22203 available   font available Dargomyzhsk
a. s.                   russian
dargomyzhsky,           font not
rusulka (the            available
water nymph),           (made in
opera             22204 USSR)       none         a. s. dargomyzhsky

Fidelio           22205 London      OSA 1259     Beethoven

Fidelio           22206 Nonesuch HR-73005        beethoven

Fidelio           22207 Victor      LM-6025      Beethoven

                                    1C 157-02
Leonore           22209 Odeon       853/55       Beethoven

Cyrano de               MRF
Bergerac          22210 Records     MRF-131 (2) Alfano

Resurrezione      22211 s          HRE 237-2     Franco Alfano
                        font not   33A 035027---
Raphael           22212 available. 28(a)         A. Arensky

Le Cheval De            MRF         MRF-164-S
Bronze            22213 Records     (3)          Auber
fra diavolo       22214 Urania   US 5204-2   francois auber

fra diavolo       22215 Urania   US 5204-2   francois auber

                                 2 C 167-
Manon Lescaut     22216 EMI      14056/8     auber

Prince Igor       22217 Angel    CL-3714     Borodin

Death in Venice   22218 London   OSA 13109   Benjamin Britten

A midsummer
night's dream     22219 London   OSA 1385    Britten

Doktor Faust      22220 hon      2709 032    Bufoni
La Muette de            MRF      MRF-123-S
Portici           22221 Records (3)          Auber

Mefistofele       22222 Angel    SCLX-3806   boito

Mefistofele       22223 London   OS26274     boito

Mefistofele       22224 London   OSA1307     boito

Boieldieu: Ma           Turnabout
tante Aurore      22225 VOX       TV 34222   Boieldieu
La dame blache      22226 s          HRE 249-2     boieldieu

Les Pecheurs
de Perles           22227 Philips    PHC 2-016     Bizet

Les Pecheurs
de Perles           22228 Angel      SBLX-3856 Bizet
The Pearl-                font not   33A 032645---
Divers              22229 available. 50(a)         Bizet

Prince Igor         22230 London     SRS 64506     Borodin

highlights from
Prince Igor         22231 London     5563          Borodin

                          MK (some
Prince Igor         22232 maker)    MK 215D        Borodin
Prince Igor         22233 Angel     SRDL-4116      borodin
Prince Igor         22234 Angel     SRDL-4116      borodin

the pearl fishers   22235 Angel      3603          bizet

trouble in tahiti   22236 Heliodor HS 25020        leonard bernstein
Mass: Leonard             Masterwo
Bernstein           22237 rks      M2 31008        leonard bernstein

Ivan IV             22238 VOCE       voce-22 (3)   Bizet
La Jolie Fille de         MRF
Perth               22239 Records    MRF-160-S     Bizet

Marilyn Horne
sings Carmen        22240 London     SPC 21055     Bizet

Les Pecheurs                         C153-
de Perles           22241 EMI        12057/8       Bizet

Carmen              22242 hon      2709 083        Georges Bizet

Carmen              22243 London     RS 63006      Bizet

Carmen              22244 Victor     LM 6102 (3)   Bizet

Carmen              22245 Cetra      LPS 3276      Georges Bizet

Carmen              22246 Angel      SCL-3767      Bizet

Carmen              22247 Victrola   AVM33-0670 Bizet

la damnation de           Grammop
faust               22248 hon      2709 048        Berlioz

L'enfance du              RCA
Christ              22250 Victrola   VICS-6006     Berlioz
Berioz: La mort
cleopatre/three           L'oiseau-
choruses            22251 lyre      SOL 304        Berlioz

The Trojans         22252 Angel       B-3670       Berlioz

                                      6709 002 5
Les Troyens         22253 Philips     LPs          Berlioz

                          editions of
Berlioz: Beatrice         L'oiseau-
and Benedict        22254 lyre        OL 256/7     Berlioz

Berlioz: Beatrice         L'oiseau-
and Benedict        22255 lyre      SOL256-7       Berlioz
Benevenuto                            6707 019
Cellini             22256 Philips     4LPs         Berlioz

LULU                22257 rks      SL-121          Alban Berg

Der Barbier Von                       C 147-01
Bagdad              22258 Electrola   448/49       Peter Cornelius

Aaron Copland's           Columbia
Opera: The                Masterwo
Tender Land         22259 rks      ML 6214         Aaron Copland

Il matrimonio                         422/3 S-
segreto             22260 Everest     422/3        Domenico Cimarosa
L'arlesiana       22261 Everest    S-430/2     Francesco Cilea
Callas Medea      22262 Classics   SR3-9000    Cherubini
Cherubini: Il
Crescendo,              MRF
Pigmalione        22263 Records    MRF/C-03    Cherubini

L'Etoile          22264 EMI        27 0086 3   Chabrier

Alban Berg:             Masterwo
Wozzeck           22265 rks      32 21 0001  Alban Berg
les                     MRF
abencerrages      22266 Records MRF/C-07 (2) Cherubini

Louise            22267 rks      M3 34207      Charpentier

Louise            22268 Epic       SC 6018     charpentier

Cilea: andriana
Lecouvreur        22269 London     OSA 1331   cilea
Adriana                 nces
Lecouvreur        22270 Edition    3 HOPE 246 Cilea

La Wally          22271 London     OSA-1392    Catalani
Loreley           22272 Records    BJR 136-2   Catalani
Cherubini:             MRF
Anacreon         22273 Records   MRF/C-01 (2) Cherubini
cherubini: ali         MRF
baba             22274 Records   MRF/C-05 (3) Cherubini

Orontea          22275 (france) HM 1100/02    Cesti

L'Ormindo        22276 Argo      ZNF 8-10     Cavalli

La Calisto       22277 Argo      ZNF 11-12    Cavalli

Beverly Sills    22278 Edition                Various

Up In Central
Park             22279 Angel   S-37323        Various
The Mad                hill
Scenes           22281 Records ATS-2001       Various

Beverly Sills
Sings Mozart,          Audio    ABC-ATS
Strauss          22282 Treasury 20004         Mozart, R. Strauss

Scenes and
Arias from             Westmins
French Opera     22283 ter      WST-17163     Various
Scenes and
Arias from           Westmins
French Opera   22284 ter      WST-17163     Various

Bellini and
Donizetti            Westmins
Heroines       22285 ter      WST-17143     Bellini and Donizetti

Bellini and
Donizetti            Westmins
Heroines       22286 ter      WST-17143     Bellini and Donizetti
Rigoletto      22287 Oper     H 674         Verdi

Rigoletto      22288 Meliodor   88.96296296 Verdi

Boccanegra     22289 RCA        ARL3-0564   Verdi

Boccanegra     22290 Angel      3617 C/L    Verdi
                                  6769 039
Stiffelio         22291 Philips   2LP           Verdi

Stiffelio         22292 Records   MRF 32        Verdi

La Traviata       22293 RCA       VIC-6004      Verdi

La Traviata       22294 Saga      7017          Verdi

                        RCA /
La Traviata       22295 Victor    LSC-6154      Verdi

                        RCA /
La Tri            22296 Victor    LM 6003 (2)   Verdi

Il Trovatore      22297 Angel     C/L 3653      Verdi

Highlights        22298 Angel     36404         Verdi

                        RCA /
Il Trovatore      22299 Victor    LM 6008 (2)   Verdi

Nais              22300 ERATO     STU 71439     Rameau
                                  CBS D2
Le Temple de la                   37858, US-
Gloire            22301 CBS       12M 37858     Rameau
                                    1010 S 77
Zais                22302 STIL      2210         Rameau

Zephyre             22303 nal        PLE 078     Rameau

Zoroastre           22304 Turnabout TV-S 34435   Rameau

Little Red Riding                  33A 028165-
Hood                22305 Melodyia 66(a)       M. Raukhverger

                          ND Opera
L'Enfant et les           Treasury
Sortileges          22306 Series   SR 33086      Ravel

Cecilia             22307 s          HRE 244-3   Refice
Le Coq d'Or               Record
(The Golden               Corporati
Cockerel            22308 on         MK 222-C    Rimsky-Korsakov

Le Coq D'or         22309 e Records ULP 108/110 Rimsky-Korsakov

Le Coq D'or         22310           BJRS 1421-A Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakoff

Les Paladins        22311 n        SRV-318 So    Rameau

Les Paladins        22312 n        SRV-318 So    Rameau
The Student               Rca
Prince              22313 Victor   LSC-2339      Romberg
Belfagor           22314           BJRS 1221-B Ottorino Respighi

La Compana               MRF
Sommersa           22315 Records   MRF-172-s    Ottorino Respighi

Sigurd             22316           BJRS 1411-A Ernest Reyer

Sigurd             22317 Vogue     LDM 30136    Botiaux

Christmas Eve      22318 e Records ULP 144/146 Rimsky-Korsakov

The Snow
Maiden             22319           MK 217E      Rimsky-Korsakov

The Snow
Maiden             22320 Columbia M4 34599      Rimsky-Korsakov

The Tsar's Bride   22321 Melodiya SRCL-4122     Rimsky-Korsakov
Tsar Saltan     22322           MK 206 C    Rimsky-Korsakov

Suor Angelica   22323 London    OSA-1152    Puccini

Kitezh          22324           MK 209 D    Rimsky-Korsakov

May Night       22325 hon      2709 063     Rimsky-Korsakov

Mlada           22326 Angel     r 67-2786   Rimsky-Korsakov

Sadko           22327 e Records ULP 127/130 Rimsky-Korsakov
Butterfly          22328 Columbia Y3 32107       Puccini

Manon Lescaut      22329 Angel      SBLX-3782    Puccini

                         RCA /
La Rondine         22330 Victor     LSC-7048     Puccini

La Fanciulla Del         Enterprise
West               22331 s          HRE 278-3    Puccini

Gianni Schicchi    22332 Angel      35473        Puccini

Butterfly          22333 Saga       7021         Puccini

Madama                   RCA /
Butterfly          22334 Victrola   VIC 6100 (3) Puccini

Edgar              22335 Columbia M2 34584       Puccini

La Fanciulla Del         London
West               22336 Records    OSA - 1306   Puccini
The Girl of the
Golden West       22337 Everest   S-453/3     Puccini

The Girl of the
Golden West       22338 Seraphim SIC-6074     Puccini

La Boheme         22339 Victor    VICS-6019   Puccini

La Boheme         22340 Saga      7002        Puccini

La Boheme         22341 London    RS 62001    Puccini

Die Drei Pintos   22342 Red Seal PRL3-9063    Weber/Mahler

Euryanthe         22343 Angel     SDL-3764    Weber

Orpheus in the
Underworld        22344 Angel     SZCX-3886   Offenbach

Don Giovanni      22345 hon      2711 006     W.A. Mozart
Koanga           22348 Angel     SBLX-3808    Delius

Beauty and the
Beast            22349           CEJS 101-3   Frank DiGiacomo
La Boheme        22350 Records   ME-101       Puccini

La Boheme        22351 Seraphim IB-6000       Puccini

Orfeo Ed               RCA
Euridice         22352 Victor    LSC-6169     Gluck

The Taming of
the Shrew        22353 Urania    US 5221/3    Goetz

Fedora           22354 Everest   S-452/2      Umberto Giordano

Gilbert and            Opera
Sullivan         22355 Company 3CSL 1008      Gilbert and Sullivan
Atlantida         22356 Angel     SBLX-3852   Falle

Falla: LaVida
Breve             22357 Angel     BL-3672     Falle

Penelope          22358 Records   MRF-148-S   Faure

Lully: Alceste    22359 Columbia M3 34580     Lully

Shevchenko        22360 Melodia   33 C 0911-14 Georgy Maiboroda

                        Red Seal
Hercules          22361 Records LSC-6181      Handel

                        Westmins WGSO-8200-
Israel in Egypt   22362 ter Gold 2          Handel

Istael in Egypt   22363 Argo      ZRG 817/8   Handel
                      Vanguard VCS-
Jephtha         22364 /Cardinal 10077/8/9     G.F. Handel

Judas                 RCA Red
Maccabeus       22365 Seal    LSC-6201        Handel

Zar Und
Zimmermann      22366 Seraphim Sic-6020       Lortzing

                      Das Alte   6.35326 GK
Belschazzar     22367 Werk       (4)          Handel

                      Deutsche 4-LP
                      Grammop STEREO
Giulio Cesare   22368 hon      2711009        Handel

Julius Caesar   22369 Victor     LSC-6182     Handel

Handel Admeto   22370 EMI        LC 0223      Handel

Ariodante       22371 RCA        LSC-6200     Handel

Scenes from
Ariodante       22372 MGS        MGS 108      Handel

The Merry             Grammop 2 LP - Stereo
Widow           22373 hon      2707070      Franz Lehar
La Boheme     22374 Everest   S-4462/3    Leoncavallo

I Pagliacci   22375 Seraphim IB-6058      Leoncavallo

I Pagliacci   22376 Seraphim IB-6009      Leoncavallo

I Pagliacci   22377 Angel     3618 B/L    Leoncavallo

                              2 C 153-
Le Roi D'ys   22379 Pathe'    11068/9     Edouard Lalo

                              FCX 683 A
Le Roi D'ys   22379 Pathe'    684         Edouard Lalo
Gypsy Love    22381 Urania    US 5205-2   Franz lehar

The Land of
Smiles        22382 Angel     3507 B/L    Franz lehar

The Land of
Smiles        22383 London    OS 26052    Franz lehar
The Merry
Widow             22384 Angel      3501 B/L      Franz lehar

The Merry               Digital
Widow             22385 Recording OSA 1205       Franz Lehar

The Merry               Westmins
Widow             22386 ter Gold WGS-8159        Franz Lehar
                        Hungarot LPX 11504-
Spinning Room     22387 on       05              Kodaly

Die tote Stadt    22389 RCA        ARL3-1199     Korngold

Violanta          22390 Works      35909         Korngold

                                   LPX 16564-
Csardaskiralyno   22391 Qualiton   66            Kalman

                                   C 191-29
Grafin Mariza     22392 Odeon      068/69        Kalman

A Hundred                          set of 2
Devils and One          Made in    records, no
Girl              22393 USSR       number        T. Khrennikov
Hary Janos       22394 London     OSA 1278    Kodaly

Kodaly: Hary
Janos            22395 Qualiton   HLPX 1023-5 Kodaly

Kabalevsky:            Melodiya
Colas Breugnon   22396 Stereo    M3 33588     Kabalevsky

Die                               C 191-
Csardaspurstin   22397 Odeon      29066/67    Kalman

Verdi Otello     22398 Victor    lds-6155     Verdi
Otello           22399 s         None         Verdi

Otello           22400 Angel      SCL-3742    Verdi

Verdi Otello     22400 Angel      SCL-3742    Verdi
Otello           22401 Victor     LM-6107     Verdi

Macbeth          22402 hon      2709 062      Verdi
Otello             22403 Angel     SCLX-3809    Verdi

Otello             22404 RCA       AGL3-1969    Verdi
Macbeth            22405 Records   OSA-1380     Verdi

                                   6703 064
I Masnadieri       22406 Philips   3LP          Verdi

Nabucco            22407 Records   OSA-1382     Verdi

Rigoletto          22410 Victor    LM 6101      Verdi

Rigoletto          22411 Everest   470/3        Verdi

Rigoletto          22412 ola       VIC-6041     Verdi
                         RCA/Victr VIC-1633
Rigoletto          22415 ola       (MONO)       Verdi

Requiem            22416 Angel     SRB-4101     Kabalevsky

The Italian Song
Book               22417 Angel     SBL-3703     Wolf

Romeo et                           839 716/17
Juliette           22418 Philips   LY           Berlioz
Requiem           22419 ola       LDS-6077 (2) Berlioz

Requiem           22420 Columbia M2S 730       Berlioz

Messiah           22421 Recording OSA 1396     Handel

Dvorak            22422 n        MS 0981       Dvorak

Romeo et                Digital
Juliette          22423 Recording OSA 12102    Berlioz

Petite Messe                      ARL2-2626
Solennelle        22424 RCA       (STEREO)     Rossini

Jesus Christ            DECCA
Superstar         22425 Records   DXSA 7206    Webber, Andrew Lloyd and Rice, Tim

Elijah            22426 RCA       LSC-6190     Mendelssohn

Giuseppe Verdi:         Parliamen
Requiem           22427 t         PLP 154-2    Giuseppe Verdi

Verdi Requiem     22428 t         PLP- 154-2   Giuseppi Verdi
Verdi Requiem     22429 Columbia M2S 707      Verdi
Romeo and               RCA/Victr
Juliet            22430 ola       Vics-6042   Berlioz
Romeo and               RCA/Victr
Juliet            22430 or        Vics-6098   Berlioz

Claudio           22432 Nonesuch H-71090      Monteverdi

Claudio           22433 Nonesuch H-71092      Monteverdi

Di Tancredi e
Clorinda" Three
"Tedmpro la
Cetra" "con che
soavita" "Amor"   22434 Turnabout TV 34018S   Monteverdi

Rudolf Kempe
Conducts Music
Czechoslovakia    22435 Seraphim S-60098      Rudolf Kempe

Smetana           22436 hon      2707 054     Smetana

Smetana: My
Fatherland        22437 Seraphim IB-6003      Sir Malcolm Sargent

Printemps         22438 London     CS 6079    Debussey
toscanini         22439 RCA        VIC-1246   Toscanini

Fantaisie for
Piano and
Orchestra         22440 Angel      S-37065    Debussy, Ravel
La Mer, Daphnis           Vandguar
and Chloe suite           d
no. 2/ La                 Everyman
Valse(Barbirolli)   22441 Classics Srv-177       Debussy, Ravel
Treasures from
the Kromeriz              Suprapho               Carissimi, Handl-Gallus, Pecelius,
Castle              22442 n        1 12 0991-2   Biber, Vejvanovsky

17th Century
Venetian Opera      22443 Angel      36341       Monteverdi & Cavalli

                                                 Monteverdi, Purcell, Handel, Gluck,
                                                 Mozart, Beethoven, Rossini, Donizetti,
                                                 Bellini, Verdi, Gounod, Bizet, Beber,
The Seraphim                                     Wagner, Straus, Borodin,
Guide To Grand                                   Mussorgsku, Mascagni, Puccini, Cilea,
Opera               22444 Seraphim SIC-6062      Janacek, Stravinsky, Berg, Briitten

Ma Vlast (My              Parliamen
Country)            22445 t         PLP-111-2    Smetana

Ma Vlast (My              London
Country)            22446 Stereo     STS 15096/7 Smetana

Die Entfuhrung
Aus Dem Serail
Au Serail)/               Deutsche
Bastien Und               Grammop
Bastienne           22447 hon      139213/15     W.A. Mozart

The Girl In
Disguise (La
Giardiniera)        22448 Everest    S-444/3     W.A. Mozart

                                     839 758/
Idomemeo            22449 Philips    60LY        W.A. Mozart

Lucio Silla, K.           victrola   VICS-6117
135                 22450 RCA        (STEREO)    Mozart
Mitridate Re Di         Grammop
Ponto             22451 hon      2740 180     W.A. Mozartt
                        Red Seal
Il Re Pastore     22452 Records LSC-7049      Mozart

                        Red Seal
The Impresario    22453 Records LSC-3000      Mozart

Zaide             22454 Philips   PHC 2-015   Mozart

Zaide             22455 Philips   6700 097    Mozart

                        ND Opera
Mozart The              Treasury
Magic Flute       22456 Series   SRS 63507    Mozart

Boris Godounov          USSR
Highlights        22458 Melodiya SR-40049     Boris Godounov

The Marriage      22459 Records   931036      Moussorgsky

Mozart The
Magic Flute       22460 Angel     C/L 3651    Mozart

Boris Godunov     22461 Stereo    D4S 696     Mussorgsky
Sorochintsy Fair    22462 Artia      ALS-505      Mussorgsky

The Marriage of
Figaro              22463 Seraphim IC-6002        Mozart

Werther             22464 Angel      SCL-3736     Massenet

Werther             22465 Stereo     US 5233/3    Massenet

                          Vanguard VCS-
Medea               22466 /Cardinal 10087/8/9     Giovanni Simone Mayr

Die Heimkehr                         1C 065-30
aus der Fremde      22467 Odeon      741 Q        Mendelssohn

Il Bravo            22468 Italia     ITL 70002    Mercadante
Le Prophete, La                                   Giacomo Meyerbeer/ Jacques
Juive               22469 Eterna     748          Francois Halevy

The Ballad Of
Baby Doe            22470 Stereo     HS-25035-3   Moore, Douglas

Ascanio in Alba -
A Dramatic                Victrola   VICS-6126
Serenade            22471 RCA        (STEREO)     Mozart

Bastien und               World
Bastienne           22472 Series     PHC 9024     Mozart
Scenes from
Werther             22473 RCA        VICS-1518    Massenet

La Clemenza Di
Tito                22474 Stereo     OSA 1387     Mozart

Cosi fan Tutte      22475 Columbia Y3 32670       Mozart

Don Giovanni        22476 Turnabout TV 4117-19    Mozart
The Consul       22477 Records    DXA-101      Menotti

La Cena Delle          MRF        MRF-147-
Beffe            22478 Records    S[2]         Giordano

Andrea Chenier   22479 Angel      3645 C/L     Giordano

                       an opera
Andrea Chenier   22480 club       MO 826       Giordano

Andrea Chenier   22481 Seraphim IB-6019        Giordano

Orfeo Ed
Euridice         22482 London     5103         Gluck

Orphee           22483 Philips    PHC 2-014    Gluck

Iphigenie in
Aulis            22484 Eurodisc   86271XR      Gluck

Mireille         22485 Angel      SZCX-3905    Gounod

Mireille         22486 Records    115.073/75   Gounod
Bomarzo          22487 CBS        32 31 0006   Ginastera

Faust            22489 Erato      FRL4-2493    Gounod

Edgar            22490 Columbia M2 34584       Puccini

The Siege of
Corinth          22491 Angel      SCLX-3819    Rossini

The Barber of
Seville          22492 Heliodor   HS 25072-3   Rossini

La Cambiale di
Matrimonio       22493 Everest    S-4462/2     Rossini

La Cenerentola   22494 hon      2709 039       Rossini

                                  2 C 167-
Genovena         22495 EMI        02914/6      Schumann

                                  1C 157-02
Genovena         22496 EMI        914/16 Q     Schumann

Rossini:               Recording
Adelaide Di            Enterprise
Borgogna         22497 s          HRE 264-3    Rossini

Armida           22498 Records    MRF-59       Rossini
L'Assedio Di
Goacchino              MRF
Rossin           22499 Records    MRF-38       Rossini
Samson and
Delilah          22500 RCA        2098         Camille Saint- Saens

Samson et
Dalila           22501 Angel      3639 C/L     Saint-Saens

Alfonso und                       1C 157-30
Estrella         22503 EMI        816/18 Q     Schubert
Selections                Cambridg
FromLa Griselda     22503 e        CRS 2903     Scarlatti

Schumann's                London
Faust               22504 FFRR      OSA-12100   Schumann
Thousand and
One Nights          22505 Urania    US-5203-2   Strauss

The Gypsy
Baron               22506 Angel     BL 3612     Johann Strauss

Gypsy Baron         22507 Angel     3566 B/L    Strauss, Johann

Il Cappello di                      TRL2 1153
Paglia di Firenze   22508 RCA       (2)         Nino Rota

The Demon           22509 e Records ULP 114/117 Rubinstein

Fernando Cortez     22510 Records   MRF-104 (2) Spontini

La Vestale          22511 Everest   S-451/3     Spontini

Fledermaus          22512 Odyssey Y2 32666      Strauss
Thousand and              Urania
One Nights          22513 Records               Strauss
La Cenerentola,    22514 Records    OSA 1376     Rossini

La Donna del
Lago               22515 BJR        BJR116 (3)   Rossini

Marouf             22516 Records    MRF-68       Henri Rabaud

Sir John in Love   22517 Angel      SCLX-3822    Vaughan Williams

Juditha                  RCA /
Triumphans         22518 Victrola   VICS-6016    Vivaldi

                                  33a 034033-
The Witch          22519 Melodyia 34(a)       V. Vlasov and V. Fere'

La Fida Ninfa      22520 onic     TV 340665      Vivaldi

                         hungaroto SLPX 11901-
L'Olimpiade        22521 n         03          Vivaldi

Orlando Furioso    22522 RCA        (3)          Vivaldi

Ariadne Auf              BASF
Naxos              22523 Monaural KBF 21806      R. Strauss

Guntram            22524            D           Strauss

The Maid of
Orleans            22525 Melodiya M4 33210       Tchaikovsky
Mazeppa           22526 Bruno      BR23045/47L Tchaikovsky

Der Zigeuner-                      C 163-
Baron             22527 Odeon      28354/5     Johann Strauss

The Beautiful
Galatea           22528 Urania     US 57167    Von Suppe'

Hugh the Drover   22529 Angel      SZBX-3879   Ralph Vaughan Williams
Ernani            22530 Victor     LSC-6183    Verdi

Gerusalemme       22531            JLT 0010    Verdi

Giovanna d'Arco   22532 Angel      SCL-3791    Verdi

I Lombardi        22533 Everest    S-454/3     Verdi
Aida              22534 RCA        VIC-1623    Verdi

Aida              22535 Victor     LM 6122     Verdi
Ernani         22537 Everest    S-448/3     Verdi

Falstaff       22538 Victor     LSC-6163    Verdi

Luisa Miller   22539 Victor     LSC-6168    Verdi

Macbeth        22540 Victor     LSC-6147    Verdi

Macbeth        22541 Victrola   VICS-6121   Verdi

Macbeth        22542 Angel      SCLX-3833   Verdi

Aida           22543 Victrola   VICS-6113   Verdi

I Lombardi     22544 Philips    6703 032    Verdi

Luisa Miller   22546 London     OSA13114    Verdi
Matilde di           MRF
Sabran         22547 Records    MRF-108     Rossini
                                PHM 500-093
Mose           22548 Philips    B           Rossini

The Covetous
Knight         22549 Melodiya SRBL-4121     Rachmaninoff

La Guirlande   22550 Nonesuch H-71023       Jean-Philippe Rameau

Armida         22555 VOCE       VOCE - 2 (2) Dvorak

                     Suprapho SUP 2481/3
The Jacobin    22557 n        (stereo)      Dvorak

Lucia Di             ABC        ABC ATS
Lammermoor     22563 Records    20006-3     Donizetti

La Fille Du          Ratapian
Regiment       22564 Records                Donizetti

Gabriella Di         Opera
Vergy          22565 Rara       OR3         Donizetti

Les Martyrs    22566 VOCE       Voce-16     Donizetti

Linda di             MRF
Chamounix      22567 Records    MRF-115     Donizetti
La Favorita      22569 London    OSA1310      Donizetti

La Fille du
Regiment         22570 London    OSA 1273     Donizetti

Don Pasquale     22571 Angel     SBLX-3871    Donizetti

Don Pasquale     22572 Everest   404/2        Donizetti

                       Opera     Cetra LO 20-
Don Sebastiano   22573 Live      3            Donizetti

The Elixir of
Love             22574 Seraphim IB-6001       Donizetti

Caterina               MRF
Cornaro          22575 Records   MRF-99-s     Donizetti

Don Pasquale     22576 hon      151.4861111 Donizetti

                       Grammop 2 LP 2726
Don Pasquale     22577 hon      084           Gaetano Donizetti

Don Pasquale     22578 London    OSA 1260     Donizetti

La Dafne         22581 ABC       AB-67012/2   Marco da Gagliano
                       RCA Red
Tiefland         22582 Seal    RL 70038      Eugen D'Albert

Roberto                ABC
Devereux         22583 Records   WST-323     Donizetti

Rosmonda               MRF       MRF-127-S
D'Inghilterra    22584 Records   (3)         Donizetti

                       MRF       MRF-135-S
Torquato Tasso   22585 Records   (3)         Donizetti

Ugo Conte Di
Parigi           22586 London    R.S. 1-78   Donizetti

Maria Stuarda    22587 London    OSA 13117   Donizetti

                       ABC       ABC/ATS
Maria Stuarda    22588 Records   20010/3     Donizetti

Ne M'Oubliez           Opera
Pas              22589 Rara      OR 4        Donizetti

Maria Padilla    22596 London    OR6         Donizetti

Maria Stuarda    22597 London    OSA-13117   Donizetti
Lucrezia Borgia   22598 London    OSA-13129   Donizetti

Tiefland          22599 Records   SPA 40/42   Eugen D'Albert

Lucrezia Borgia   22600 Victor    LSC-6176    Donizetti

Fedora            22601 London    OSA 1283    Giordiano

Fedora            22602 rks      12M 42181  Giordano
Madame Sans-            MRF
Gene              22603 Records MRF-165 (2) Giordano
Siberia           22604 Records MRF-118 (3) Umberto Giordano

                                              Peggy Glanville-Hicks and Robert
Nausicaa          22605 CRI       CRI 175     Graves

                        ND Opera
Alceste           22607 Series   SRS 63512    Gluck
Der betrogene                       1C 065-28
Kadi              22608 Electrola   834 Q         Gluck

Die konigin von         hungaroto SLPX 12179-
saba              22609 n         82          goldmark
Die konigin von
saba              22610 BJR         BJR 115-3     goldmark

Faust             22611 Angel       3622          Gounod

Faust             22612 Saga        7010          Gounod

Faust             22613 Columbia Y3 32103         Gounod

La Reine de
Saba              22616 BJR         BJR 123 (2)   Gounod

Romeo Et
Juliette          22617 London      RS-63024 (3) Gounod

A Festival of
Baroque Operas    22618 London      OSA-1270      Graun/Bononcini
Beyond the
Danube           22620 Bruno     BR 23074-5L Gulak-Artemovsky

The Mother       22621 n        50 681-2      Alois Haba

                       La Voix
                       de Son    2 C 167-
Ciboulette       22622 Maitre    73105/6      Reynaldo Hahn

La Juive               RCA Red
(Highlights)     22623 Seal    ARL 1-0447     Halevy

La Juive               Enterprise
(Complete)       22624 s          HRE 212-3   Halevy

L'Ajo                  MRF       MRF-149-
Nell'Imbarazzo   22625 Records   S[3]         Donizetti

Anna Bolena      22626 ABC       20015/4      Donizetti

Anna Bolena      22627 London    OSA 1436     Donizetti
L'assedio di              Opera
Calais              22628 Rara       OR9          Donizetti

                          MRF        MRF-37-S
Belisario           22629 Records    (372-B)      Donizetti
Borgomastro di            not for
Saardam             22630 sale)      UORC 166 A Donizetti

                          Grammop SLPM 139
Il Campanello       22631 hon      123            Donizetti

Il Castello di            MRF
Kenilworth          22632 Records    MRF-143-S    Donizetti

Gershwin: Porgy           (product
and Bess            22633 of CBS)    32 36 0018   Gershwin

Porgy and Bess      22634 London     OSA13116     George Gershwin

The Grand Duke
(or the Statutory
Duel)               22635 London     OSA 12106    Gilbert and Sullivan

The Mikado          22636 London     RS 62004     Gilbert and Sullivan
The Mikado       22637 London    RS 62004     Gilbert and Sullivan

                       Collection RP 12447/48
Penelope         22638 Archives HM 57X2       Gabriel Faure

                                 UR 217, US
Flotow: Martha   22639 Urania    5217         Friedrich von Flotow

Martha           22640 Angel     SCL-3753     Friedrich von Flotow

Susannah         22641 written   IGSO88       Music and libretto by Carlisle Floyd

                                              Words by John Gay, Music arranged
The Beggar's           RCA                    by Dr. Johann-Christoph Pepusch and
Opera            22642 Victor    LM-6048      Frederic Austin
Joseph Haydn:
L'infedelta              Hungarot SLPX 11832-
Delusa             22644 on       34          Haydn

Haydn: L'isola
disabitata         22645 Philips   6700 119   Haydn

Joseph Haydn:
Die Jahreszeiten   22646 Nonesuch HC-73009    Haydn

Orfeo Ed                 MRF
Euridice           22647 Records   MRF-9      Haydn

Orlando                            6707 029
Paladino           22648 Philips   4LP        Haydn

                         Hungarot SLPX-11926-
Lo Speziale        22649 on       27          Haydn

La Fille Mal
Gardee             22650 London    CS 6252    Herold-Lanchbery

                         Grammop SLPM
Cardillac          22651 hon      139435/36   Paul Hindemith

Savitri            22652 Argo      ZNF 6      Holst
The Wandering
Scholar          22653 Angel     S-37152      Holst

King David, La
Creation du                     VSD 2117/8
Monde            22654 Vanguard VSD 2117/18 Arthur Honegger, Darius Milhaud

Hansel and
Gretel           22655 Odyssey   Y2 32656     Humperdinck

                                 1C 157-30
Konigskinder     22656 Odeon     698/700 Q    Engelbert Humperdinck

The Cunning            Suprapho
Little Vixen     22657 n        1 12 1181-2   Leos Janacek

                                SUA ST
The Excursions         Suprapho 50531/3 SUA
of Mr. Broucek   22658 n        10531/3     Leos Janacek
Fate (OSUD)      22659 n        SUP 2011/2   Leos Janacek

Osu'd Fate       22660 n         2117.5      Leos Janacek
From the House         MASTER
of the Dead      22661 WORKS 32 21 0006      Leos Janacek
From the House         Recording
of the Dead      22662 s         LDR10036    Leos Janacek

Jenufa           22663 Angel    SBL-3756     Janacek

                       Suprapho 1 12 0711/2 0
Jenufa           22664 n        12 0711/2     Leos Janacek

Katya Kabanova   22665 London   OSA-12109    Janacek
                       Recording ARTIA ALPO
Katya Kabanova   22666 Company (S)-85 B/L   Janacek

The Makropulos         Suphraph
Case             22667 on       22667         Janacek

                       Grammop 2707 083,
Treemonisha      22668 hon      2LP           Scott Joplin

                       Grammop 2707 083,
Treemonisha      22669 hon      2LP           Scott Joplin

                       Westmins WGSO-8205-
Rodelinda        22670 ter Gold 3          Handel

Rodelinda        22671 ter Gold WST-17102     Handel

Saul             22672 Urania   US - 5240-2   Handel

Semele           22673 Vanguard 71180/I/2     Handel
                       RCA (Red
Solomon          22674 Seal)    LSC-6187      Handel

Solomon          22675 Vanguard 71204/5/6     Handel

Theodora         22676 Cardinal   10050/I/2   Handel

Xerxes (Serse)   22677 ter Gold WST-321       Handel

                       Westmins WGSO-8202-
Xerxes (Serse)   22678 ter Gold 3          Handel

Judas                  Cardinal VCS.
Maccabaeus       22679 Series   10105/6/7     Handel

Judas                  Westmins WGSO-8201-
Maccabaeus       22680 ter Gold 3          Handel
Orlando          22681 RCA       LSC-6197 (3) Handel

Rinaldo          22682 Columbia M3 34592      Handel (Haendel)

Der                              C 153-
Waffenschmied    22683 Odeon     28930/31     Albert Lortzing

Der                    Turnabout TV 34034 S
Waffenschmied    22684 (Electrola) TV 4034    Albert Lortzing

                                 C 163-28
Der Wildschutz   22685 Odeon     534/36       Albert Lortzing

Zaza             22686 Cetra     LPS 3275 (2) Leoncavallo

Gli Zingari,           MRF       MRF-139-S
Edipo Re         22687 Records   (2)          Leoncavallo

                                 OSA 12107
L'Oracolo        22688 London    (2)          Leoni

                                 1C 065-28
Die Opernprobe   22689 Odeon     835 Q        Albert Lortzing
                                    1C 183- 30
Undine             22690 Odeon      218/20       Albert Lortzing

                         Deutsche LPM
                         Grammop 18580182 HI-
Don Giovanni       22691 hon      FI          Mozart

La Betulia
Liberata, K. 118                    VICS 6112
(Oratorio)         22692 Victrola   (3)          Mozart

Magdeleine         22693 BJR        BJRS 138-2   Massenet

Cendrillon         22694 BJR        BJRS 125-2   Massenet

Le Cid             22695 Columbia M3 34211       Massenet

Don Quichotte      22696 Everest    S-440/2      Massenet

Esclarmonde        22697 London     OSA-13118    Joan Sutherland
Le Jongleur de
Notre-Dame         22698 BJR        BJRS 139/2   Massenet

Le Jongleur de
Notre-Dame         22699 Angel      SBLX-3877    Massenet

                         ABC        ABC/ATS
Manon              22700 Records    20007/4      Massenet
Manon           22701 Seraphim ID-6057       Massenet

                                AOSA - 1165
Therese         22702 London    (1)         Massenet

La Navarraise   22703 RCA       0698         Massenet

La Navarraise   22704 Columbia M 33506       Massenet

Le Roi De             London
Lahore          22705 Digital   3LDR-10025 Massenet

                      MRF       MRF-125-S
Sapho           22706 Records   (2)          Massenet

Thais           22707 Angel     SCLX-3832    Massenet

Thais           22708 RCA       ARL3-0842    Massenet

Thais           22709 Angel     36286        Massenet

                      Records   UR 227, US
Thais           22710 Corp.     5227         Massenet

                      Westmins WGSO-8203-
Thais           22711 ter Gold 2          Massenet
Cavalleria             Deutsche
Rusticana, I           Grammop              Teatro Alla Scala, Ruggiero
Pagliacci        22712 hon      168.2857143 Leonccavallo
I Paglacci,
Cavalleria             RCA
Rusticana        22713 Victor    L M 6106 (3) Leoncavallo, Mascagni
                                 ??? Made in
Vivi             22714 Centra    Italy….      di Franco Mannino

Hans Heiling &         MRF
Der Vampyr       22715 Records   MRF-70-S     Marschner

                       Suprapho SUA
Julietta         22717 n S      10611/13      Bohuslav Martinu

L'Amico Fritz    22718 Angel     SBL-3737     Mascagni

L'Amico Fritz    22719 Everest   S-429/2      Mascagni
Cavalleria               Columbia
Rusticana          22720 (Odyssey) Y3 33122      Leoncavallo, Mascagni

Rusticana          22721 Victrola   VIC 6044 (2) Mascagni

Isabeau            22722 Records    MRF-97-S     Mascagni

Isabeau            22723 Cetra      LPC 55034    Pietro Mascagni
Lodoletta          22724 Records    MRF-110 (2) Mascagni

Il Piccolo Marat   22725 Cetra      PC 1268 /3   Pietro Mascagni
Zanetto            22726 Records    MRF-81       Mascagni
                         Made in
Semyon Kotko       22727 U.S.S.R.   MK214D        Prokofiev

War & Peace        22728 Heliodor   HS-25039-3    Prokofiev

War & Peace        22729 Heliodor   HS-25039-3    Prokofiev

                                  M4 33111, X
War & Peace        22730 Columbia 2798        Prokofiev
The Betrothal in
a Monastery        22731 Everest    S-465/3       Prokofiev

The Flaming              Westmins WGSO-8173-
Angel              22732 ter Gold 3          Prokofieff (Prokofiev)

                         Made in
                         the        33C 0697---
The Gambler        22733 U.S.S.R.   702(a)        Prokofiev

The Gambler        22734 Melodiya M3 34579        Prokofiev

Love for Three           Melodiya/
Oranges            22735 Angel     SRBL-4109      Prokofiev
Dialogues Des
Carmelites      22736 Angel    3585 C/L   Poulenc

Dialogues Des
Carmelites      22737 Angel    3585 C/L   Poulenc

Dialogues Des
Carmelites      22738 Angel    3585 C/L   Poulenc

Dialogues Des
Carmelites      22739 Angel    CL-3585    Poulenc

Les Mamelles
de Tiresias     22740 Seraphim 60029      Poulenc

La Voix               RCA
Humaine         22741 Victor   LSS 2385   Poulenc

The Medium
and the
Telephone       22742 Columbia OSL-154    Menotti
Virginia        22743 Records MRF-137 (3) Mercadante

                               C 061-
Veronique       22744 Pathe    10175/6    Andre Messager
Dinorah            22745 Rara       OR5          Meyerbeer

L' Africana        22746 Records    MRF-85       Meyerbeer

L' Africana        22747 Eterna     Eterna 485   Meyerbeer

Il Crociato in
Egitto             22748 BJRS       BJRS-128 (3) Meyerbeer
                         MRF        MRF-119-S
L'Etoile Du Nord   22749 Records    (3)          Meyerbeer

Die Hugenotten     22750 Historia   H-670        Meyerbeer

Les Huguenots      22751 London     OSA-1437     Meyerbeer
Gli Ugonotti       22752 Records    MRF-18       Meyerbeer

Le Prophete        22753 Columbia M4 34340       Meyerbeer

Le Prophete        22754 BJR        121-4        Meyerbeer
                        does not
                        have     .33A
Princess                Russian 0309929---
Turandot          22755 font)    32[a]        C. Gozzi

Roberto Il              MRF
Diavolo           22756 Records MRF-20        Meyerbeer
                        does not
Chanita's Kiss    22757 font)    none         Milyutin
                        does not
Trembita          22758 font)    none         Milyutin

Straszny Dwor           XEPN
(The Haunted            0109/011 XEPN
Manor)            22759 2        0109/12      Stanistaw Moniuszko

Verbum Nobile     22760 MUZA      XL 0526-7   Stanistan Moniusko

L'Amore Dei Tre
Re                22761 Everest   S-447/2     Italo Montemezzi
L'Amore Dei Tre         Delphi
Re                22762 Records   none        Montemezzi

L'Incoronazione         Opera
Di Poppea         22763 Box       OPBX 113    Monteverdi

L'Incoronazione         Dasaltew
Di Poppea         22764 erk      none         Monteverdi
L'Orfeo         22765 n         none         Monteverdi
Il Ritorno
D'Ulisse in           Dasaltew
Patria          22766 erk      none          Monteverdi

The Return of
Ulysses               Turnabout
(exerpts)       22767 Vox       TV 34131S    Monteverdi

Boris Godunov   22768 Angel      SDLX-3844   Mussorgsky

Boris Goduov    22769 London     OSA-1439    Mussorgsky

Boris Godunov   22770 Columbia M4S 696       Mussorgsky

The Fair at           Melodiya/
Sorochinsk      22771 Angel     SRBL-4117    Mussorgsky

                      Made in
Khovantchina    22772 U.S.S.R.   none        Moussorgsky (Mussorgsky)

Khovantchina    22773 Angel     SRDL-4125    Mussorgsky
                      font not
Khovantchina    22774 available. none        Moussorgsky (Mussorgsky)

Salammbo        22775 WORKS 79253            Mussorgsky

Salome          22776 RCA       LSC 7053 (2) Strauss

Salome          22777 London    OSA-1218     Strauss

Frau            22778 Angel     SZCX-3867    Strauss

Mavra, Les                     MS 6991, ML
Noces           22779 Columbia 6391        Igor Stravinsky
The Whirlpool   22780 n        SUA 10234-6 Eugen Suchon

Daphne          22781 Angel     DSBX-3941    Strauss
                      d Opera
                      Series), a
Die Frau Ohne         product of
Schatten        22782 London     SRS 64503     Strauss

                      an Opera
Der                   January
Rosenkavalier   22783 7th, 1939 none           Strauss

Rosenkavalier   22784 Angel       S3563 D/L    Strauss

                                  1 C 193-30
Boccaccio       22785 Electrola   216/17 Q     Franz von Suppe

Boccaccio       22786 s         8096-2L        Suppe

                      Hungarot SLPX-11738-
Samson          22787 on       39          Szokolay

Vernasz         22788 Qualiton    LPX 1262-63 Szokolay

King Roger      22789 Aurora      AUR 5061/2   Szymanowski
                                     XL 0250 - XL
King Roger          22790 Muza       0251         Karol Szymanowski

                          Red Seal
Amahl and the             ve
Night Visitors      22791 Recording LSC-2762      Menotti

Le Due Illustri           MRF
Rivali              22792 Records    MRF-88       Saverio Mercadante
Elisa E Claudio     22793 Records    MRF-94       Mercadante

                          Enterprise Berlin 1974 in
Il Giuramento       22794 s)          Stereo        Mercadante

Ir Giuramento       22795 s          HRE 319-2    Mercadante
Orazi E Curiazi     22796 Records MRF-120-S       Mercadante

Il Reggente         22797 Records    MRF-73       Mercadante

Kleine geistliche
Konzerte, Book
II (1639), SWV
306-337             22798 Nonesuch HD-73024       Heinrich Schutz

The                       Ultraphon
Decembrists         22799 e Records ULP 123/126 Shaporin
Rosina            22800 London     OSA-1160     Shield

Katerina                Melodiya/
Ismailova         22801 Angel     SRCL-4100     Shostakovich

Lady Macbeth of
Mtsensk           22802 Angel      SCLX-3866    Shostakovich

                        Made in
Moscow,                 the        33A 034379--
Cheremushki       22803 U.S.S.R.   82           Shostakovich

The Nose          22804 Melodiya M2 34582       Shostakovich

Kullervo          22805 Angel      SB-3778      Sibelius
                     Made in   33A 027963--
Virineya       22806 USSR      70(a)        S. Slonimsky

The Bartered         Suprapho
Bride          22807 n        1116 3511-13 Smetana

The Bartered         Suprapho
Bride          22808 n        94.11111111 Bedrich Smetana

                     Bruno Hi-
The Bartered         Fi
Bride          22809 Records BR 23023/5 L Smetana

The Bartered         Productio
Bride          22810 n)        ALPO-82 CL Bedrich Smetana

The Bartered         Productio
Bride          22811 n)        ALPO-82 CL Bedrich Smetana
Brandenburgers           Suprapho
In Bohemia         22812 n        230.3333333 Sedrich Smetana

Dalibor            22813 Genesis   GS 1040/42   Bedrich Smetana

The Devil's Wall   22814 n        170.3333333 Bedrich Smetana

The Kiss           22815 n        HCNL 8006/7 Bedrich Smetana
                         Suprapho SUA ST
Libuse             22816 n        50701       Bedrich Smetana

The Two                  Suprapho
Widows             22817 n        1 12 2041/3   Bedrich Smetana

Fledermaus         22818 rks      SL-108        Johann Strauss

                         Grammop 2 LP, 2707
Die Fledermaus     22819 hon      088           Johann Strauss
                       eur      CS2-2106
Vienna Waltzes   22820 Society  2LPs         Johann Strauss

Wiener Blut      22821 Urania   US -5209-2   Johann Strauss

Wiener Blut      22822 Urania   US -5209-2   Johann Strauss

Arabelia         22823 hon      148.3882353 Richard Strauss

Ariadne auf            Grammop 2709 033
Naxos            22824 hon      (3LP)        Richard Strauss

Daphne           22825 Angel    DSBX-3941    Richard Strauss
La Forza del
Destino           22826 Angel     SDL-3765      Verdi
La Forza del            Recording
Destino           22827 s         LR 170-3      Verdi

La Forza del                       OSA-13122
Destino           22828 London     (3)          Verdi

La Forza del            RCA
Destino           22829 Victor     LSC 6413 (4) Verdi

Un Giorno di            Everest
Regno (King for         Opera
a Day)            22830 Series     S-456/2      Verdi

Un Giorno di                       6703 055
Regno             22831 Philips    (3LP)        Verdi

                                   6747 407
Rigoletto         22833 Philips    2LP          Verdi

Simon                   Grammop 3LP 2740
Boccanegra        22834 hon      169            Verdi

                        RCA        VIC 6008/1-2
Il Trovatore      22835 Victrola   26.35003     Giuseppe Verdi
                       Made in
                       the        33A 025643--
Three Novellas   22836 U.S.S.R.   46(a)        O. Taktakishvili

Pimpinone        22837 Philips    PHC 9066      Telemann
                       MRF        MRF-169-S
Hamlet           22838 Records    (3)           Ambroise Thomas

Mignon           22839 Columbia M4 34590        Ambroise Thomas

Mignon           22840 London     RS-63014 (3) Ambroise Thomas

The Midsummer                     6703 027
Marriage         22841 Philips    3LP           Michael Tippett
                      New        Robert        Virgil Thompson (Music), Gertrude
The Mother of         World      Indiana 1976, Stein (text), Scenario (Maurice
Us All          22842 Records    NW 288/289 Grosser)

                      New        Robert        Virgil Thompson (Music), Gertrude
The Mother of         World      Indiana 1976, Stein (text), Scenario (Maurice
Us All          22843 Records    NW 288/289 Grosser)
The                   Meoldiya
Enchantress     22844 Stereo     M4X 35182     Tchaikovsky

Eugene Onegin   22845 London     (3)           Tchaikovsky

Eugene Onegin   22846 Angel     SRCL-4115      Tchaikovsky
Eugene Onegin     22847 London     SRS 63509   Tchaikovsky

Iolanta           22848 Melodiya M2 34595      Tchaikovsky

                                   BR 23078L-B
                                   side 2, BR
Iolanthe          22849 Bruno      side 4      Tchaikovsky

Maid of Orleans   22850 Melodiya M4 33210      Tchaikovsky

The Maid of             Melodiya/
Orleans           22851 Angel     SR-40156     Tchaikovsky

David-Beg         22852 (Monitor) MC 2084/5    Armen Tigranian
                        MRF        MRF-174-S
Notre Dame        22853 Records (3)            Franz Schmidt

Gurrelieder       22854 Philips    6769 038    Schoenberg

                                   Electrola 1 C
Das Paradies                       193-30187/88
Und Die Peri      22855 Odeon      Q             Schumann

Der Rose                Odeon       C 193-28
Pilgerfahrt       22856 (Electrola) 842/43Q    Schumann
Szenen Aus             Records
Goeth's Faust    22857 #7        #7           Robert Schumann

                       CBS    79344,
                       MASTER 36926, US
Schwanda         22858 WORKS M3 36926         Weinberger

Der Corregidor   22859 Urania     US-5208-3   Hugo Wolf

The Secret of
Susanna          22860 London     OSA-1169    Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari

The Barber of
Seville          22861 Angel      3638 C/L    Rossini

Dido and               Grammop
Aeneas           22862 hon      198424        Henry Purcell

Turandot         22863 Angel      CL-3671     Puccini

Schicchi         22864 Angel      35473       Puccini

Le Nozze Di                       6707 014
Figaro           22865 Philips    4LP         Mozart

                       RCA        VICS 6000
Tosca            22866 Victrola   (2)         Puccini
Tosca             22867 London   OSA-1284     Puccini

Tosca             22868 Angel    3508 B/L     Puccini
Madama                  RCA
Butterfly         22869 Victor   LSC-6160     Puccini

Boris Godunov     22871 London   OSA-1439     Mussorgsky

Tales of                         ABC/ATS
Hoffmann          22872 ABC      20014/3      Offenbach

Don Giovanni            RCA
(Highlights)      22873 Victor   LSC-2847     Mozart

Cosi Fan Tutte    22874 Seraphim IC-6127      Mozart

Cosi Fan Tutte
(complete)        22875 RCA      LSC-6416     Mozart

The Magic Flute   22876 London   OSA 1397     Mozart

I Quattro
rusteghi          22877 Cetra    LPC 1239/3   Ferrari
I Quattro
Rusteghi         22878 Cetra     LPC 1239/3   Ferrari

I Quattro
Rusteghi         22879 Cetra     LPC 1239/3   Ferrari

I Cavalieri Di         MRF
Ekebu            22880 Records   MRF-167 (2) Rccardo Zandonai

                       RCA Red
Aida             22881 Seal    LSC 6198 (3) Verdi

Aida             22882 RCA       VIC-6119     Verdi

Giulietta E
Romeo            22883 Cetra     LPC 1266/2   Zandonai

Francesca Da
Rimini           22884 Everest   S-450/3      Zandonai

Francesca Da
Rimini           22885 London    OS 26121     Zandonai
Aida             22886 Victor     LSC-6158 (3) Verdi

Alzira           22887 Records    MRF-8        Verdi

Aroldo           22888 WORKS M3X 35906         Verdi

Aroldo           22889 Voce       Voce-3       Verdi

                                  6700 056
Attila           22890 Philips    2LP          Verdi

Un Ballo in                       6769 020
Maschera         22891 Philips    3LP          Verdi
Ein Maskenball   22892 Historia   H-669        G. Verdi

Un Ballo in
Maschera         22893 London     OSA-1328     Verdi

                       Red Seal
Un Ballo in            ve
Maschera         22894 Recording LSC-6179      Verdi

A Masked Ball    22895 London     OSA-1398     Verdi
La Battaglia Di         Everest/C
Legnano           22896 etra      S-431/3    Verdi

                                  6700 098
Il Corsaro        22897 Philips   2LP        Verdi

Don Carlo         22898 Seraphim IC-6004     Verdi

                                  6700 105
I due Foscari     22900 Philips   2LP        Verdi

Falstaff          22901 Columbia M3S 750     Verdi

Don Carlo         22902 Angel     SDL-3774   Verdi

                                  6769 060
Falstaff          22903 Philips   3LP        Verdi
Falstaff               RCA
(highlights)     22904 Victor   LM-6111     Verdi

Der Freischutz   22905 Angel    SCL-3748    Weber

                       Grammop 2709 046
Der Freischutz   22906 hon      3LP         Weber

Der Freischutz   22907 Urania   US 5242-3   Weber

                       division of
Oberon           22908 records) VCS 10063   Carl Marie von Weber

                       Grammop 3LP, 2709
Oberon           22909 hon      035         Carl Marie von Weber

Die                    Columbia             Music: Kurt Weill, Lyrics: Bertolt,
Dreigroschenop         Masterwo             Brecht. Entire production supervised
er               22910 rks      O2S 201     by Lotte Lenya
Il Franco              Opera      Cetra LO 21
Cacciatore       22911 Live       3             Weber

Der Freischutz   22912 Seraphim SIB-6010        Weber

Der Freischutz   22914 Heliodor   HS 25016      Weber

Der Freischutz   22915 London     OSA-13136     Weber

Der Freischutz   22916 Series    S-468/3        Weber

Abu Hassan       22917 Urania     US 57029      Carl Marie von Weber

Abu Hassan       22918 Urania     US 57029      Carl Marie von Weber

Battle and
Victory          22919 Urania     US-57126      Carl Marie von Weber
Le Papillon     22920 London     CS6812       Offenbach

Robinson              Opera
Crusoe          22921 Rara       OR7          Offenbach

Saffo           22922 Records    MRF-10       Giovanni Pacini

                      La Voix
                      de Son
                      (image is
                      like RCA
La vie                Victrola--- 2C 165-
Parisienne      22923 the dog) 14123-4        Offenbach

Oedipus der           Grammop
Tyrann          22924 hon      139251/53      Orff

La Gioconda     22925 London     OSA-1388     Ponchielli
I Lituani       22926 Records    MRF-168-S    Ponchielli

                                 UORC 177-A
Au Travers du         Opera      (no case, just
Mur             22927 Rara       LP sleeve)     Don White
La Grande
Duchesse de
Gerolstein      22928 Urania     US-5115-2    Offenbach
La Grande
Duchesse de
Gerolstein      22929 Urania     US-5115-2    Offenbach
Les Cloches de
Corneville       22930 Philips    837.481 GY   Robert Planquette

La Gioconda      22931 Editions EA 045         Ponchielli
La Gioconda      22932 Oper     H 671          A. Ponchielli

La Gioconda      22933 Seraphim SIC-6031       Ponchielli

                       RCA        VICS 6101
La Gioconda      22934 Victrola   (3)          Ponchielli

                       RCA        VICS 6101
La Gioconda      22935 Victrola   (3)          Ponchielli

                       Dasaltew 6.35014
Euridice         22936 erk      (2LPs) ER      Jacopo Peri

Lysistrate       22937 on       SLPX 11810 Emil Petrovics
                       Grammop 4LP 2711
Palestrina       22938 hon      013          Hans Pfitzner

The Chimes of          eur
Normandy         22939 Society  CS 2-2107    Planquette

Nina or La
Pazza per              Everest
Amore            22940 (Cetra)   S-467/3     Paisiello

Absalom and            Grammop 3LP 2709
Etery            22941 hon      094          Zakharia Petrovich Paliashvily

Die Teufel Von
Loudun           22942 Philips   6700 042    Penderecki

La Serva
Padrona          22943 Everest   S-445/1     Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
Leonora (Ossia
l'Amore                MRF       MRF-144-S
Coniugale)       22944 Records   (3)         Ferdinando Paer

The Barber of
Seville          22945 Everest   S-443/2     Giovanni Paisiello
The Martyrdom             Columbia
of Saint                  Masterwo
Sebastian           22946 rks      M2S 753      Debussy

                          Deutsche SLPM 138
Songs of Franz            Grammop 793 LPM 18
Liszt               22947 hon      793          Liszt
Prelude and
Liebestod           22948 RCA       AGL1-1274   Wagner

The Trout and
other Songs         22949 Angel     36341       Schubert, and others?

Mass "Messa di
Gloria"             22950 RCA       FRL1-5890   Puccini

Messa di Gloria     22951 Philips   9500 009    Giacomo Puccini

The Creation              Label
(sung in English)   22952 Records   DXSA 7191   Haydn

Sylvia              22953 London    CSA-2236    Delibes
Das Rheingold     22954 London    OSA-1309    Wagner

Das Rheingold
and Die Walkure
(Highlights)      22955 London    OS 25126    Wagner

Das Rheingold     22956 hon      147.0714286 Wagner

Das Rheingold     22957 Philips   6747 046    Wagner

Rienzi            22958 Angel     SELX-3818   Wagner
Der Ring Des
Nibelungen      22959 London    OSA-1440 (4) Wagner

Das Rheingold   22960 Seraphim IC-6076      Wagner

Die Walkure     22961 Seraphim IE-6077      Wagner

Siegfried       22962 Seraphim IE-6078      Wagner

ng              22963 Seraphim IE-6079      Wagner

The Ring of           Hill
Nibelung        22964 Records   940477      Wagner
An Introduction
to Der Ring Des
Nibelungen        22965 London    RDN S-1    Wagner

Siegfried         22966 London    OSA-1508   Wagner

Die Fledermaus    22967 London    OSA-1296   J. Strauss

Agnese di               MRF
Hohenstaufen      22968 Records   MRF 60     Gaspare Spontini

Siegfried         22969 London) STL-443      Wagner

Tannhauser        22970 Angel     3620D/L    Wagner

Tristan und
Isolde            22971 Angel     3588 E/L   Richard Wagner
Tristan und          RCA
Isolde         22972 Victor     LM-1829      Wagner
Tristan und          Series
Isolde         22973 MET 3      MET 3        Wagner

Tristan und          Grammop
Isolde         22974 hon      136 433        Wagner

Tristan und                     6769 091
Isolde         22975 Philips    5LP          Wagner

Die Walkure,
Act I          22976 Seraphim 60190          Wagner

Die Walkure    22977 Seraphim IE-6012        Wagner

Die Walkure    22978 hon      139.9828326 Wagner

Tosca          22979 Victrola   VIC 6000 (2) Puccini

Tosca          22980 s          HRE 275-2    Puccini

Die Walkure    22981 London     OSA 1203     Wagner
                    Time Life
                    division of
Die Walkure   22982 records) STL 442      Wagner

Die Walkure   22983 Victor   LDS-6706     Wagner

Il Tabarro    22984 Victor   LM-2057      Puccini

Il Tabarro    22985 RCA      LSC-3220     Puccini

                    Grammop 2LP 2707
Tosca         22986 hon      121          Giacomo Puccini

Tosca         22987 London   OSA-1284     Puccini

Tosca         22988 RCA      ARL2- 0105   Puccini

                    Westmins WGMO-8253-
Tosca         22989 ter Gold 2          Puccini

Tosca         22990 Victor   LDS 7022     Puccini
Il Trittico        22991 London     OSA-1364   Puccini

                         EMI La
                         voce del   3 C153-
Trittico           22992 padrone    50329/31   Puccini

Turandot           22993 Angel      CL-3671    Puccini

                         RCA Red
Suor Angelica      22994 Seal    MLDS 20262 Puccini

Turandot           22995 Victor     LSC-6149   Puccini

Le Villi , Elgar         RCA Red
(ACT II)           22996 Seal    LSC-7096      Puccini

Le Villi           22997 rks      M 36669      Puccini

                         , The
Dido and                 Club
Aeneas             22998 Limited    SH 117     Purcell
Dido and
Aeneas            22999 Angel     36359        Purcell

                        Everyman SRV 311 / 12
The Fairy Queen   23000 Classics SD           Henry Purcell

The Indian              Music
Queen             23001 Guild     MS -124      Henry Purcell

                        Grammop 2LP 2707
Tosca             23002 hon      087           Puccini

Saul & David      23003 Unicorn   RHS 343/5    Carl Nielsen

Turandot          23004 London    OSA 1308     Puccini

Turandot          23005 (Cetra)   S-427/3      Giacomo Puccini

Tales of                          ABC/ATS
Hoffmann          23006 ABC       2014/3       Offenbach
Dubrovsky        23007 e Records ULP 118/120 Napravnik

Die Lustigen           Deutsche
Weiber von             Grammop 2709 065
Windsor          23008 hon      (3LP)         Otto Nicolai

The Merry
Wives of
Windsor          23009 Urania     US 5214/3   Nicolai

Bavards          23010 RCA        ZL 30805    Jacques Offenbach

The Tales of
Hoffmann         23011 Angel      CLX-3667    Offenbach

Tales of
Hoffmann         23012 Urania     US 5224-2   Offenbach

Il Trovatore     23013 Victrola   AVM2-0699   Verdi

Il Trovatore     23014 Victrola   AVM2-0699   Verdi
Christopher                Opera
Columbus             23015 Rara       OR2        Jacques Offenbach
Golden Age "Il             RCA
Trovatore"           23016 Victrola   VIC-1684   Verdi

                           RCA Red
Il Trovatore         23017 Seal    LSC-6194      Verdi

Il Trovatore         23018 Red Seal LSC-6150     Verdi
                           Red Seal LM 6008-2,
Il Trovatore         23019 Records E2RP-4109     Verdi

Verdi at La                Grammop SKL 2721
Scala                23020 hon      011          Verdi

                           Westmins WGSO-8285-
Lohengrin            23021 ter Gold 4          Richard Wagner
Collection of              Time Life
Great Opera          23021 Records STL-OP01      Verdi

                           RCA Red ARL4-0370
I Vespri Siciliani   23022 Seal    2398          Verdi
100 Years of            Grammop
Bayreuth          23023 hon      2721 115      Wagner

The Flying              Victor
Dutchman          23024 Red Seal LM-6156 (3)   Wagner

The Flying
Dutchman          23025 London     OSA 1399    Wagner

Gotterdammeru           Time Life
ng                23026 Records STL 444        Richard Wagner

Gotterdammeru           For
ng (Highlights)   23027 Pleasure   CFP 40008   Wagner

ng                23028 London   OSA 1604      Wagner
Lohengrin         23029 (London) RS-65003      Wagner
Lohengrin         23030 Angel     3641 E/L   Wagner

Die                     RCA
Meistersinger           Victor
von Nurnberg      23032 Red Seal LSC-6708    Wagner

Erinnerungen an         Heliodor, 2LP-
Bayreuth          23033 Historisch 2700703   Wagner
Highlights from            Murray
Wagner's                   Hill      920425, a 5
Operas               23034 Records   record set    Wagner

Great Men in
Music, Johann              Time Life
Sebastian Bach       23035 Records STL 544         Bach

                           Grammop 138 639/40
Der Freischutz       23913 hon      SLPM           Carl Marie von Weber
Gone with the              MGM
Wind                211293 Records S1E-10 ST       david selznick, margaret mitchell

Iphigenie in
Aulis               222488 RCA       ARL2-1104     Gluck

                  and      RCA/Victr
Otello            22408    ola       VIC-1365      Verdi
                  and      RCA/Victr
Rigoletto         22413    ola       AVM2-0698     Verdi

                  22559,   Suprapho ALPOS-89-D
Rusalka           22558    n        (4 record set) Dvorak

La Zingara        22579    Turnabout TV 340335     Rinaldo da Capua
Don Carlo       2289?   London     OS 26041    Verdi
Maistersinger   A164    angel                  wagner

Symphony No.7,
Toscanini/ New
York                    RCA
Philharmonic   A1       Victrola   VIC-1502    Beethoven

Dvorak Sinfonie
nR. 4 Overture,,
Othello" London
Witold Rowicki A10      Philips    6500 124    Dvorak
Beethoven:              RCA
symphony no.3 A100      Victrola   VICS-1655(e) Beethoven

Be My Love: the
golden voice of         Reader's
mario lanza     A101    Digest   RDA 73-A      unknown
The Great Band         Reader's
Era            A102    Digest   RD 25-K   unknown

                                          chopin, arensky, stravinsky, debussy,
                                          liszt, gershwin, rachmaninoff, dvorak,
World's Great          Reader's           falla, brahms, weber, sousa,
Piano music     A103   Digest   none      mendelssohn, weber, schubert,
Yours, Engelbert         Reader's
Humperdinck      A104    Digest   RDA-004/A      unknown

Bach Suiten NR.
2 UND 3,
Leppard         A105     Philips    839 793 LY   J. S. Bach
Piano Sonatas -
Ashkenazy -
Volume 13       A106     London     CS 7192      Beethoven

Rudolf Serkin -
Beethoven         A107   Columbia M 32294        Beethoven

Symphony No.
7, Egmont:
Overture, Arturo
Toscanni, NBC
Symphony                 RCA
Orchestra        A108    Victrola   VICS-1658(e) Beethoven
Symphony No. 1
in C Major, Op.
21, Symphony             Vanguard
No. 8 in F Major,        Everyman
Op. 93            A109   Classics SRV-146SD    Beethoven

Brahms Piano
Concerto No. 1   A11     London    CS 6329     Brahms

Piano Music of
Bach, Wilhelm
Backhaus         A110    London    STS 15065   Bach
Brendel in
Variations       A111    Philips   9500 381    Beethoven

Beethoven Violin
Concerto: violin
romances nos.1
and 2            A112    Philips   6570 051    Beethoven
Ludwig Van
Piano sonatas,
funeral march,           Deutsche
op.26 and op.31          Grammop
no.1             A113    hon      2530 654     Beethoven
Ludwig Van
piano sonatas,
"les adieux"             Deutsche
op.81a, op.79,           Grammop
op.90            A114    hon      2530 589     Beethoven

Quintet for piano
and winds                Columbia
op.16, octet for         Masterwo
winds op.103      A115   rks      M 33527      Beethoven
Piano Rags By
Scott Joplin,
Joshua Rifkin,
Piano             A116   Nonesuch H-71248      Scott Joplin
Beethoven -              Deutsche
Eroica - Berliner        Grammop
Philharmoniker -         hon
Herbert von              Gesellsch
Karajan           A117   aft       138 802     Beethoven

Triple Concerto   A118   Columbia MS 6564      Beethoven

Four Favorite                                  Beethoven, Brahms, Mendelssohn,
Trios             A119   Columbia D3S 799      Schubert
Wolgang                  Decca
Amadeus                  Record
Mozart The               Company
Symphonies        A12    Limited  D171D4       Mozart

Lohengrin         A120   hon      2720 036     Richard Wagner

The Moog
Bach…To Say
Nothing of
Chopin, Mozart,
Paganini and             RCA Red               Bach, Chopin, Mozart, Rachmaninoff,
Prokofieff      A121     Seal    LSC-3125      Prokofieff, Paganini, Wurman

Sing Plainsmen,
Sing            A122     None     None         Various

Famous                   London
Melodies of              Internatio
Japan             A123   nal        SW 99411   Various
Christmas At
Saint John's      A124   ARGO       ZRG 782   Various

Hoffnung Music           Angel
Festival Concert A125    Records    35500     Various

Town and
Country Sound
of Christmas             SM
Vol. 2            A126   Capitol    SL-6893   Various

Turkish Village          Explorer
Music             A127   Series     H-72050   Laxmi G. Tewari

(Yiddish) folk
songs without
words             A128   Vanguard VRS 9045    Various
First major
recording of
own piano
version of the
famous Violin
Concerto in D             RCA Red
Opus 61a           A129   Seal    LSC-3152     Beethoven

Eroica                    Columbia
Beethoven                 Masterwo
Symphony No. 3 A13        rks      MS 6774     Beethoven

Sonatas -                 Grammop
Pathetique,               hon
Moonlight,                Gesellsch
Appassionata       A130   aft       139 300    Beethoven

Piano Sonatas
Op. 110 & Op.
111                A131   Philips   6500 764   Beethoven

Sonata in B flat
Op. 106            A132   London    CS 6563    Beethoven

Ludwig Van
Beethoven          A133   Nonesuch H-1025      Beethoven
Gershwin -
Rhapsody in
Blue               A134   Stereo    CS8286     Gershwin

Your Favorite             Kapp
Christmas Music           Records,
Volume 6        A135      Inc      SLP 7014    Various Artists
Symphnie                  Fidelity
Fantastique        A136   Inc      FCS 50003   Berlioz
Bach Triumphs! A137     Pro Arte   PAL 1087   Bach

Horowitz Plays          Columbia
Scriabin        A138    Stereo   M31620       Scriabin
a brilliant
showpiece for
Concerto for
Orchestra       A139    Stereo     MS 6626    Bartok
Beethoven -
Piano Concerto
No. 5 in E flat                    SLPM 138
major           A14     Stereo     777        Beethoven, Klavierkonzert

My Favorite
Encores, Van            Red Seal
Cliburn          A140   Stereo   LSC-3185     Various Artists

Songs of Joy
from a Singing          Omnisoun
City             A141   d Inc    N 1019       Various Artists

Great Orchestral
Highlights form
the Ring of             Columbia
Nibelungs        A142   Stereo   MS 7291      Szell/Wagner

Vienna           A143   Victor     IM-2112    Joseph Wechsberg
Joan Sutherland
A Festival of
Baroque Operas A144     Stereo     OSA-1270    Bononcini, Graun

A Collector's           Victorla               Gershwin-DuBose Heyward & Ira
Porgy and Bess A145     America    AVMI-1742   Gershwin

Greatest Hits
Volume III       A146   Stereo     ML 6472     Various Artists

Don Ho
Greatest Hits!   A147   Stereo     6357        Don Ho

Highlights of           Living
Aida             A148   Stereo     LSC 2616    Verdi

Reiner Conducts         RCA
Wagner          A149    Victor     LSC-2441    Wagner

Debussy La Mer          Angel
Trois Nocturnes A15     Stereo     35977       Debussy

Kismet       A150       Angel      S-37321     Alexander Borodin
Oberammergau A151       Stereo     3158215     Musikalischer Querschnitt

The Greatest
Hits from
Carmen           A152   RCA        LSC-3341    Bizet

Serenada for
string orchestra A153   Philips                Dvorak

Luigi Cherubini
Streichquartette A154   Archiv                 Luigi Cherubini
Overtures        A155   Philips                Berlioz
The nine
Symphonies of
Gustav Mahler   A156   Columbia    Mahler

                                   Irving Berlin, Richard Rodgers, cole
                                   Proter, Vincient Youmans, Jerome
                                   Kern, Tchaikovsky, Grieg, Johann
                                   Strauss Jr, Franz Lehar, Chopin,
                                   George Gershwin, Offenbach, Lerner
                                   and Loewe, Debussy, Leroy Anderson,
                                   Duke Ellington, Frank Loesser,
Magical World          Reader's    Rachmaninoff, Richard Strauss,
of Melody       A157   Digest      Stephen Foster

The giants of
Jazz: Teddy
Wilson          A158   Time Life   Teddy Wilson
The giants of
jazz: Fats waller A159   Time Life              Fats waller
Piano Concerto                       SLPM 138
No. 1             A16    Stereo      822        Tchaikovsky

The giants of
jazz: sidney
bechet          A160     Time Life              Sidney Bechet
The giants of
jazz: Lester
Young             A161   Time Life   robin, young
                                     Lestergaskill, columbo, roasas,
                                     webster, aaronson, rose, north, zaret,
                                     sour, manners, herbert, young,
                                     Velazquez, skyar, nemo, brown, kahn,
                                     himber, warshauser, sprigato,
                                     gershwin, louiguy, david, piaf, lerner,
                                     loewe, coward, rodgers, hemmerstein,
                                     charles newman, heyman, harmati,
                                     davies, romberg, gould, weill,
                                     anderson, straus, stange, adams,
                                     meyer, baer, bloom, mercer, kern,
                                     stillman, mcgrane, arlen, green,
                                     eckstine, hines, crowder, ellington,
                                     delange, mills, handy, brahman,
                                     furber, simons, marks, rushing,
                                     durham, basie, calloway, mills,
                                     dmpsey, mitchel, alter, drake, gordon,
                                     revel, koehler, jonson, mayhew,
                                     carmichael, waller, brooks, razaf,
                                     shaw, hart, berlin, friml, haarbach,
                                     freed, brown, stothart, wright, ruby,
                                     kalmar, nelson, ager, desylva,
                                     katscher, wayne, gilbert, jolson,
                                     dreyer, grey, sprauge, colcord, corday,
                                     carr, eliscu, barris, clifford, lawrence,
                                     adamson, grofe, porter, schwartz,
                                     dietz, wodehouse nelson, hillard,
                                     nolan, villard, reisfeld, morris, lecuona,
                                     gilbert, sullivan, lane harburg, arodin,
                                     dHardelot, teschemacher, pestalozza,
                                     di capula, chopin, marshall, harford,
                         Reader's    donnelly, styne, cahn, yvain, willemetz,
Hear them again A162     Digest      pollock, batti, hornez, seelen,

berlioz:requiem   A163   columbia    berlioz
Harold in Italy   A165   sterio      berlioz
Prokofiev Piano
Concertos Nos.
1 and 3         A166     Columbia ML 6325      Prokofiev

Ludwig Van
Piano Trios Op.          Deutsche
70, No.1 "Ghost-         Grammop
Trio" and No. 2 A167     hon      2530207      Beethoven

Gaite Parisienne
(Complete)        A168   Columbia ML 5348      Offenbach
Mozart: Piano
concerto No. 15
in B Flat, K. 450
sympony N. 36
in C, K. 425
"Linz"            A169   London   CS 6499      Mozart
Swan Lake
highlights        A17    Angel    S-37561      Tchaikovsky

Symphon No. 4 A170       Columbia ML 5485      Mahler

Symphony No. 3 A171      Columbia ML 6169      Bernstein Nielsen

Mendelssohn              London
Symphony No.             Digital
4, 'Italian'    A172     Recording LDR 10003   Mendelssohn
Tchaikovsky     A173     RCA       (e)         Tchaikovsky

Serenade in
A/Variaions on a
Theme of Haydn A174      Angel    RL-32091     Brahms
Schubert: String
Quintet in C
Major            A175    crd      CRD 1018     Schubert
Piano Concerto
no. 4 Mozart:
Piano Concerto
no. 25           A176    CBS      37762        Beethoven, Mozart
Symphony No. 4
in D Minor, Op.
120 Beethoven
Symphony No. 8
in F Major, Op.
93              A177   Stereo    BC 1254    Schumann

Japanese               Capitol
Mandolins      A178    Records   ST 10376   Various

Music of
Bulgaria        A179   Nonesuch H-72011     Various
Swan Lake &
Sleeping Beauty
Suites          A18    London    CS 6452    Tchaikovsky

Music for a
Golden Flute   A180    Epic      BC 1116    Griffes, Foote, Honegger, Hanson
Bruno Walter
Bruckner:              Columbia
Symphony No. 9         Masterwo
in D Minor     A181    rks      MS 6171     Anton Bruckner
The Amorous
Flute             A182   ARGO       ZRG 746    Various

L'Egisto          A183   Record     MRF-76     Francesco Cavalli

Der Freischutz A184      hon      2707 009     Carl Maria Von Webber
Rhapsody In
Blue, An
American In
Bernstein at the         Columbia
Piano and                Masterwo
Conducting       A185    rks      MS 6091      Gershwin
Puccini: Opera-
Tosca            A186    Columbia CL767        Puccini

Jewels of Wolf-
Ferrari           A187   London     CS6154     Ferrari
La Boheme for
Orchestra         A188   Columbia CL797        Puccini

Debussy: La
Mer Iberia
Franck: Psyche
and Eros        A189     Victrola   VIC-1246   Debussy and Franck
Zubin Mehta Los
Symphony No. 4
in F Minor (Op.
36)             A19      London     OP 36      Tchaikovsky
Orchestra 110th                                Krzysztof Penderecki, Gene Gutche,
Release         A190     Stereo     LS-722     Karel Husa
Verdi Un Ballo          Hungarto
Di Maschera      A191   n        SLPX 11665 Verdi

Britten: War
Requiem--Rattle A192    Angel     DSB-3949     Britten

Four Melodic
Masterpieces of
Samuel Barber A193      CBS       32 11 0006   Barber
William Boyce:
The Eight
Symphonies      A194    Angel     S-36951      Boyce
Bartok, Dance
Suite, Two
Portraits, and
Dances          A195    London    CS 6407      Bela Bartok

Bach Concerto
in D Minor,
Vivaldi Concerto                               Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio
in A Minor       A196   Philips   6500 119     Vivaldi

American Music                                 Samuel Barber, Irving Fine, Elliot
for Strings    A197     Nonesuch D-79002       Carter, and David Diamond

Music of the
Moravians        A198   Columbia 32160340      Moravians
Die Vier
Symphony                RCA: Red
Orchestra        A199   Seal     RL 03425      Levine Dirigiert Brahms
Symphony No. 4
and Overture
"Lenore I" and
"Lenore III"
Amsterdam      A2       Philips    6500 089     Beethoven
Brahms -
Symphonie No.
4 Wiener                Deutsche
Philharmoniker          Grammop
Carlos Kleiber A20      hon      2532 003       Brahms
Sonatas        A200     Odyssey    23 26 0007   Ralph Kirkpatrick
                        Omaha =
Czech Brass             Heritage
Band           A201     Disk       HDLP - 5001 Karel j. Dvorak
Czechoslovakia          Olympic
n Folk Songs   A202     Records    6132         none
Czechoslovakia          Olympic
n Folk Songs   A203     Records    6132         none

Music from the
Motion Picture
2001: A Space
Odyssey          A204   MGM        S1E-13 ST    Various

Selections from
2001: A Space
Odyssey         A205    Columbia MS 7176        Various

Amazing Grace--
The Pipes and
Drums and
Military Band of
the Royal Scots         RCA
Dragoon Guards A206     Victor     LSP-4744     Various
Songs Of The
Norwegian               Capitol
Fjords           A207   Records   DT 10069    Various
Beethoven               RCA
Sonatas          A208   Victor    LSC-2654    Beethoven

Symphony No. 9 A209     Columbia Y 34625      Beethoven

Serenade No. 1
Bernard Haitink A21     Philips               Brahms

Boulez: Le
Marteau Sana
Maitre, Nr. 5
Zeitmasse for           Columbia
Five Woodwinds A210     Stereo   32 16 0154   Boulez, Stockhausen

Brahms:                 hon
Klavierkonzert          Gesellsch
Nr. 2 B-Dur      A211   aft       139034      Brahms
Fantastique      A212    Philips   SAL 3441     Berlioz
Brahms: Piano
Concerto No. 1           RCA Red
in D Minor       A213    Seal    LSC-2917       Brahms
que and
Sonatas Nos.
22, 24, 25, 27
and 30           A214    Philips   PHS 3-907    Beethoven

Rubenstein               RCA Red
Chopin Sonatas A215      Seal    LSC-3194       Chopin

Mozart Piano
Concertos K.466
and K.503         A216   London    CS 6532      Mozart
Nr.27, Rondo,            Telefunke
Nr. 5             A217   n         6.41962 AW   Mozart
Divertimenti KV
136, 137, 138     A218   Stereo    139 033      Mozart
Divertimenti,            Deutsche
Serenata                 Grammop 136 480
Notturna          A219   hon      ST33 SLPEM Mozart

2 Rhapsodien
op. 79, Capricci
op. 76 Nr. 1 und
Nr. 2,                   Deutsche
Intermezzo op.           Grammop
76 Nr. 4,                hon
Fantasien op.            Gesellsch
116              A22     aft       138 902      Johannes Brahms
Vienna Holiday    A220   Columbia CL 706      Various

The Joy of
Christmas         A221   Columbia MS 6499     Various

Roger Wagner
Chorale Great
Choral Music of          Capitol
Christmas       A222     Records   STBB-488   Various

Concert in the           RCA: Red
Park              A223   Seal     LSC-2677    Various

Complete Piano
Music          A224      Stereo    S-3456     Beethoven

Pillar of Fire    A225   Victor    DM 1005    Schonberg
Nos. 31, 35, 32   A226   London    CS 6625    Mozart
Sonata in B
Minor, Chopin:
Sonata No. 3 in
B Minor         A227     Angel     S-36784    Liszt, Chopin

Piano Music By
Gershwin       A228      Nonesuch H-71284     Gershwin

Violin Concertos
In E minor and                     SAL 6500
D minor          A229    Philips   465        Mendelssohn

Concertos op.
36 & op. 70       A23    Philips   9500 320   Mauro Giuliani
symphony          A230   Philips   SAL3727    Mendelssohn

Pavarotti "King                               Puccini, Bellini, Rossini, Strauss,
of the High C's" A231    London   OS 26373    Verdi, Donizetti
Chopin Preludes          eur
Op. 28          A232     Society  CS-1366     chopin

Brahms Violin            RCA Red
Concerto in D     A24    Seal    ATL1-4200    Johannes Brahms
Brahms Piano
Concerto No. 1
in D Minor, op.          Angel
15                A25    Stereo    35892      Johannes Brahms
Luigi Boccherini
Quintett Nos. 4,
7, 9< La Ritirata
di Madrid>
Narciso Yepes,
Gitaarre Melos
Stuttgart *             Deutsche
Lucero Tena,            Grammop
Castagnetten      A26   hon      2530 069     Luigi Boccerini

ballettsuite,           Deutsche
chopin-douglas:         Grammop 136 257 ST    Leo Delibes, Frederic Chopin - Roy
les sylphides   A28     hon      33 SLPEM     Douglas

preludes book
one by Walter
Gieseking        A29    Angel     35066       Debussy

Mozart The
Volume 3
Salzburg 1772-          L'oiseau-
1773             A3     lyre      D169D3      Mozart

Chopin: 4
Scherzi, Shura          HNH
Cherkassky       A30    Records   HNH         Chopin
Symphony 4,
Overture no.3,
George Szell,
the Cleveland                     BC 1264, LC
Orchestra        A31    Epic      3864        Beethoven
Giants of Jazz:
Pee Wee
Russell           A32   Time Life STL-J17   unknown

Brahms                  hon
Symphony                Gesellsch
Number 1          A33   aft       138 924   Johannes Brahms

Giants of Jazz:
Henry "Red"
Allen             A34   Time Life STL-J16   unknown
Giants of Jazz:
James P.
Johnson           A35   Time Life STL-J18     unknown

Giants of Jazz:
Johnny Hodges A36       Time Life STL-J19     unknown

                                              johann sebastian bach, george frideric
                                              handel, joseph haydn, wolfgang
Records to                         1991       amadeus mozart, ludwig van
accompany               Musical    Broadway   beethoven, mussorgsky-ravel,
LISTEN by               Heritage   new york   giovanni gabrielli, frederic chopin,
Joseph Kerman A37       Society    10023      hector berlioz, johannes brahms
Duets from
Norma         A38       London     OS 26168   Bellini, Rossini
Requiem        A39      Angel     DS-38216   Mozart
Symphony No. 1
in C minor
Istvan Kertesz
The Vienna
Orchestra      A4       London    CS 6836    Brahms

Leontyne Price:
Verdi Heroines A40      RCA       VCS-7063   Verdi

Great Men of
Music: Peter
Tchaikovsky       A41   Time Life STL 541    Tchaikovsky

                                             Mozart, Tchaikovsky, R. Vaughan
A musical Profile A42   unknown LPS-9009     Williams, Sibelius

plenty of Pete:         Coral
Pete Fountain     A43   Records   CRL 757424 unknown

They're playing         RCA
our song: Al Hirt A44   Victor    LPM-3492   unknown

Those were the
days: Pete              Coral
Fountain       A45      Records   CRL 757505 unknown

Pavarotti: hits                              Donizetti, Gluck, Rossini, Beethoven,
from lincoln                                 Bellini, Verdi, Tosti, Puccini,
center            A46   London    OS26577    Leoncavallo
South Rampart
Street Parade:
Pete Fountain
and his Mardi          Coral
Gras Strutters   A47   Records   CRL 57440     unknown

The New Andre
"wonderland of
sound" Today's
great hits     A48     Columbia CL 1657        unknown
Operatic Duets A49     London    OS26449       unknown

Herbert von
Karajan and the
Philharmonic           Deutsche
Orchestra              Grammop
Dances by              hon
Brahms and             Gesellsch SLPM 138
Dvorak          A5     aft       080           Brahms and Dvorak

Scheherazade     A50   Records   35505         Rimsky- Korsakov

Berlioz Romeo                    839 716/ 17
et Juliette      A51   Philips   LY            Berlioz
Theo romantic
music of
rachmaninoff     A52     Columbia CL 1001     Rachmaninoff

Liszt: hungarian
nos.1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8 (volume          Westmins
I)                 A53   ter Gold XWN 18336   Liszt

Uniquely                 RCA
Mancini          A54     Victor   LPM 2692    Mancini

The columbia
album of
Rodgers          A55     Columbia C2L-3       Richard Rodgers

Wonderland of
Opera: andre
kostelanetz 18
golden highlights
from the best
loved operas      A56    Columbia CS 8795     unlisted.

The columiba
album of
Jerome Kern      A57     Columbia C2L-2       unknown
Leoncavallo: I
Pagliacci        A58   Angel     3527 (35)   Ruggiero Leoncavallo

Greetings from         RCA
Perry Como       A59   Victor    LPM-2066    unknown
Brahms Fourth
Bernstein. New         Columbia
York                   Masterwo
Philharmonic     A6    rks      MS 6479      Brahms

Jessye Norman A60      Philips   420 180-1   unknown

A Music Box
Christmas        A61   Columbia CS 8498      unknown

Messiah: Handel A62    Digest   RDA27-A      George Frederick Handel
Boulez conducts        Masterwo
Wagner          A63    rks      M 32296      Wagner
West Side Story A64   rks      OS 2070     Leonard Bernstein

South Pacific   A66   rks      ML 4180     Richard Rodgers

South Pacific   A67   rks      OL 4180     Richard Rodgers

The Whole
World Dances          Columbia
With Ernie            Masterwo
Hecksher        A68   rks      CL 2332     Various

                      Capitol              Dinicu/Heifetz, Brahms, Dvorak,
Gypsy!          A69   Records   P8342      Montei, Sarasate

Levine Conducts
Symphony No.
1, Chicago
Symphony              RCA Red
Orchestra       A7    Seal    ARL 1-1326   Brahms

Holiday In Rome A70   Columbia CL 647      Various
Greatest Hits   A71    London     PAV 2003-4   Various

La Boheme       A72    Philips    20281        Puccini

Night's Dream,
Schumann--             RCA        VICS--1337
Symphony No. 3 A73     Victrola   (e)          Mendelssohn, Schumann

La Boheme       A74    Victor     LM-6042      Puccini

Boccherini: 6
Quintets        A75    ARGO       ZK 93        Luigi Boccherini
Dvorak: New
Smetana: the
Moldau          A76    Angel      S 35615      Dvorak, Smetana

The heart of the
piano concerto:
themes from the
major piano
concertos minus
the solo piano
part. You play
missing part.                                  J.S. Bach, C. P. E. Bach, Haydn,
Complete with          Music                   Mozart, Beethoven, Mendelssohn,
music book and         Minus                   Schumann, Liszt, Tschaikovsky,
12 inch LP       A77   One        341          Rachmaninoff, Grieg
The Threepenny
Opera          A78       Odyssey    Y2 32977    Weill

101 Strings: the         High
soul of russia   A79     Fidelity   M-5049      unknown
Variations on a
Theme by
Haydn Tragic
Academic                 Columbia
Festival                 Masterwo
Overture         A8      rks      MS 6965       Brahms

Kansas City
Count Basie 3
"For the Second
Time"              A80   Pablo      2310-878    unknown
The Complete
Symphonies of
Haydn: Volume
1                  A81   London     STS 15135   Haydn
The Complete
symphonies of
Haydn: volume
six                A82   London     STS-15249   Haydn
Leonid Kogan:
Paganini, violin
concerto no.1,
cantabile in d
major              A83   Angel      35502       Paganini

Eugen Jochum,
Sinfonie Nr. 9,
Lenore II, III
Ouverture       A84      Philips    6700 040    Beethoven
The Chopin
Ballades:                RCA
Rubinstein      A85      Victor     237C        Chopin
Fantastique     A86      London     CS6790      Berlioz
conducts                Columbia
Spanish                 Masterwo ML 6186, MS
Favorites        A87    rks      6786        Charbrier, Falla, Ravel

Symphonies 1            RCA
and 9            A88    Victor     LSC-6096     Beethoven

symphony no.9,
manfred                 RCA
overture       A89      Victrola   VIC-1249     Dvorak, Schumann

Dvorak Dumky
Trio, op. 90
Beaux Arts Trio A9      Philips    LY 802 918   Dvorak

Beethoven               Grammop
Bicentennial            hon
Collection, Six         Gesellsch
concertos Vol.III A90   aft       Volume III    Beethoven
Beethoven:            Grammop
Bicentennial          hon
Collection, Piano     Gesellsch
Sonatas Vol.IV A91    aft       Volume IV   Beethoven

Beethoven             Deutsche
Bicentennial          Grammop
Collection,           hon
Music for the         Gesellsch
Stage Vol. V    A92   aft       Volume V    Beethoven
Beethoven              Deutsche
Bicentennial           Grammop
Collection,            hon
Choral Music           Gesellsch
Vol. VI         A93    aft       Volume VI    Beethoven

Beethoven              Deutsche
Bicentennial           Grammop
Collection,            hon
String Quartets,       Gesellsch
Vol. VII         A94   aft       Volume VII   Beethoven
Beethoven               Deutsche
Bicentennial            Grammop
Collection,             hon
Music for Piano,        Gesellsch
Vol. VIII        A95    aft       Volume VIII   Beethoven

Beethoven               Deutsche
Bicentennial            Grammop
Collection,             hon
Chamber Music,          Gesellsch
vol. IX        A96      aft       Volume IX     Beethoven

Beethoven               Deutsche
Bicentennial            Grammop
Collection,             hon
Music for violin        Gesellsch
and cello, Vol. X A97   aft       Volume X      Beethoven
variations for
flute op.105 and
107               A98   Seraphim S-60307        Beethoven
sonata in e flat
op.31 no.3,
op.12             A99   RCA       ARL1-2397     Beethoven, Schumann
French Baroque
Music for                                       louis and francois couperin, rameau,
Harpsichord    A673     Epic      BC 1289       boismortier

Mozart, Franck   A830   columbia ML 4536        Mozart, Franck

Beethoven               Masterwo
symphony 9       A550   rks      ML 5200        beethoven
Chopin: the             Connoiss
poetry of the           eur
piano            A632   Society  SRL 7664       Chopin

Wozzeck          A428   Columbia M2 30852       Alban Berg
Hambro and              Comman
Zayde            A284   d Classics CC 11010 SD Mozart, Mendelssohn, Schubert
                                               An adaptation of "The Yellow River"
                                               Cantata written in the mid 40's by
"The Yellow             RCA Red                Hsien Hsing-hai to deify Mao Tse-
River" Concerto A738    Seal       ARL1-0415   tung's war against the Japanese.

10 Pianos, 16           Columbia
Pianists,               Masterwo                Sousa, Rossini, Strauss, Joplin,
Monster Concert A762    rks      M 31726        Gottschalk, others

100 Great
Melodies the                                    Meyerbeer, Saint-Saens, Debussy,
World Loves                                     Chopin, Falla, Tchaikovsky, Herbert,
Best, Volume 10 A760    RCA       ARL1-0230     Leoncavallo, Tchaikovsky, Sousa
20 exerpts from
the world's
greatest                                     Unknown---the cover says "selected
operatic,                                    from 700 Angel albums listed in 'The
symphonic,                                   Angel World of Classical Music', the
choral and                                   first edition of a significant new 224
instrumental                                 page guide to recorded music." I
masterpieces on                  SPRO        guess they planned on being in
record          A878    Angel    2776/2777   business forever.

24 Cape Breton
pipe selections A462    Celtic   SCX 54      unknown

3 Blazers       A754    Records EX 1002      unknown

5 Great Operatic                             Verdi, Tchaikovsky, Verdi, R.Strauss,
Scenes           A585   RCA      LSC-3218    Beethoven
50 years of film,
original motion
recordings of the
great scenes
and stars from
the warner               Warner
brothers clssics         Bros.
1923 to1978       A665   Records   3XX 2737     unknown

A Baroque
Concert by               Vanguard
Leopold                  Everyman
Stokowski       A699     Classics SRV 363 SD Bach, Vivaldi, Corelli

A Biggs Festival,
the many                 Columbia
sounds of E.             Masterwo               Bach, Handel, Gabrieli, Soler, Mozart,
Power Biggs       A324   rks      EPB1          Tchaikovsky, and others
A ceremony of
Carols, Rejoice
in the Lamb,
Festival Te              RCA
Deum              A350   Victor     LSC-2759    Benjamin Britten

A Christmas                       CS 9557 CL
Album             A364   Columbia 2757          Barbra Streisand

A Collector's
Sondheim          A607   RCA        CRL4-5359   unknown

A funny thing
happened on the          Capitol
way to the forum A308    Records    SW 1717     Harold Prince

A Hystoric
Return, P.D.Q.
Bach at
carnagie hall.    A566   Vanguard VSD 79223     P.D.Q. Bach

A John                                          Kramer, Schubert, Donaudy,
McCormack                RCA                    Traditional, Bantock, Rachmaninoff,
Collection        none   Victrola   VIC-1393    Hopper

A little Sondheim        EMI/Ange
Music             A320   l        DS-37347      Sweeney Todd (Sondheim?)

A Midsummer
Night's Dream     A655   Angel      35881       Mendelssohn

A New Sound
from the
Japanese Bach
Scene         A705       RCA        VICS-1458   Bach
A Schumann
Song recital      A347   DECCA      DL 9935      Schumann

                                                 Soundtrack of the Transcona
                                                 Enterprises, Inc., production presented
A Star is Born    A450   Columbia LE 10011       by Warner Bros.

A Wagner
Festival          A719   London     SPC 21035    Wagner

Encores           A349   ARGO       ZRG 902      Handel, Bach, Haydn, Mozart

Academy of St.
Fields            A406   Argo       ZRG 875      Delius

                         Time       S/2048 series
Accordion Italy   A942   Records    2000          unknown

Acis and                            414 310-1
Galatea           A898   London     LJ2          Handel
Music from the
crossroads of            Explorer
Asia              A703   Series     H-72053      Recorded in Kabul….Folksongs
After Hours     A647    Philips   6514 284     Not listed.

Aida            A416    Angel     35288        Verdi

Al (He's the
King) Hirt, The         RCA
Happy Trumpet A801      Victor    LSP-3579     unknown

Alexander               RCA       09026-62705-
Nevsky          A558    Victor    6            Sergei Eisenstein
Also Sprach
Zarathustra     A491    London    CS 6609      Richard Strauss

Songs of the
Bachianas               RCA                    Canteloube, Villa-Lobos,
Brasileiras No.5 A391   Victor    LSC-2795     Rachmaninoff, Vocalise

An Eileen Farrel        Masterwo               Schubert, Schumann, Debussy,
Song Recital     A409   rks      MS 6151       Poulenc

An Elisabeth
Schwarzkopf                                    Schubert, Schumann, Wolf, Wolf-
Song Book       A523    Angel     36345        Ferrari, Debussy, Rachmaninoff
An Ezio Pinza
Recital, his great
roles at the              Columbia/             mussorgsky, verdi, ponchielli, rossini,
metropolitan       A604   Odyssey Y 31148       mozart, bellini, thomas, halevy, puccini

                          West 5th              hairston, lekberg, ehret, moe fryxell,
An hour of                Newton                moe, wilhousky, smit, pachelbel,
christmas II     A841     KS 67114 none         wilhousky, sargent

An hour with the          Odyssey
Ramsey Lewis              (product   ARGO LP
trio             A777     of CBS)    645        various

Angela Lansbury           Masterwo
as Mame         A823      rks      KOS 3000     Fryer, Carr, and Harris

Anton Bruckner            Grammop
Symphony Nr. 2 A918       hon      2532 063     Bruckner

Anton Bruckner            Grammop
Symphony Nr. 9 A281       hon      2530 639     Anton Bruckner

Anyone can
Whistle          A336     Columbia S 32608      Various

                                                Caldara, Pergolesi, Paisiello, Martini,
Aria Amorose     none     A518       9500 557   A. Scarlatti, etc.
                        Angel) ///
Armenian Folk           Capitol
Songs!           A704   Records ST 10492        Folksongs….

                        MACE (A
                        division of
Armenian Songs          Records
and Dances     A412     Inc.)       SM 10015    Folksongs….

Arturo Toscanini
Two Favorite
Symphony 5,
Unfinished              RCA
Symphony         A318   Victrola   VICS-1648(e) Beethoven, Schubert

Bach Cantata
no.58, Arias
from Cantatas
33,114, 182,
202, mass in F   A269   DECCA      DL 9411      Bach

Bach: The Hunt
Telemann: The
Canary Canata A890      Seraphim S-60121        Bach, Telemann

Barry Tuckwell,
Horn Concertos
by Joseph
Haydn and
Michael Haydn A930      Angel      SZ- 37569    Joseph Haydn, Michael Haydn
Bartok Piano
Music (complete
Mikrokosmos     A756    VOX      VBX #425    Bartok

Bartok: allegro
barbaro, out of
doors, sonatina,
3 burlesques, 3
hungarian folk
roumanian folk
dances, and
roumanian               Turnabout
christmas carols A612   Vox       TV 34167   Bartok

Beethoven       A514    Educo    3006        Beethoven

Beethoven       A794    Nonesuch H-71227     Beethoven
Beethoven and            Pharmace
Bach            A765     uticals  none        Beethoven, Bach

concerto no.3 in
c minor for piano
and orchestra
op.37             A497   columbia ML 4738     Beethoven
Fourth Piano                      ML 6145 MS
Concerto          A295   Columbia 6745       Beethoven

Beethoven                Deutsche
Overtures                Grammop
(Ouverturen)    A280     hon      2531 347    Beethoven
Symphony #6     A276     Angel     ASD 3583   Beethoven

String Quartets:
Op. 74, Op. 95 A525      Philips   6500 180   Beethoven

Beethoven                Grammop
Symphonie Nr. 5 A275     hon      2530 516    Beethoven

Beethoven                Grammop 138 806 ST
Symphonie Nr. 7 A438     hon      33 SLPM     Beethoven
Symphony No.6
Overture        A436     London    CS 6556    Beethoven

Beethoven                Grammop
Symphony No.7 A398       hon      2531 313    Beethoven

Beethoven violin
concerto         A576    Fidelio   ATL 4022   Beethoven
concerto no.2,
prokofieff:              RCA
concerto no.3    A905    Victrola VIC-1520    Beethoven, Prokofieff
Beethoven:               Masterwo
Diabelli        A611     rks      ML 5246     Beethoven
Eugen Jochum      A439   Philips   6500 087    Beethoven
Beethoven:               RCA
Horowitz          A610   Victor    LSC-2366    Beethoven
Piano Sonatas
Op. 27/1 op. 54
& op.31/2, Der
Sturm, The
Tempest           A437   Philips   9500 503    Beethoven
Piano Trio No.6          Rediffusio
in Bb, Op.97             n
"Archduke"        A390   LEGEND LGD 002        Beethoven
symphonies 1             RCA
and 9             A496   Victor    LM-6009     Beethoven
Beethoven: the
Complete piano
sonatas           A366   Angel     GRM 4005    Beethoven
Beethoven: The
Bruno Walter      A506   unknown D7S 610       Beethoven

Beethoven:               Grammop
Violin Concerto   A512   hon      139021       Beethoven

Benny Goodman
and Paris: Listen        ABC
to the Magic      A446   Records   RS 921 SD   Unknown

                         RCA Red
Bernadette               Seal
Peters in                Digital
Andrew Lloyd             Original
Webber's "Song           Broadway
and Dance" The           Cast
Songs          A422      Recording HBC1-7162 Andrew Lloyd Webber
Bernstein: Age           Masterwo MS 6885, ML
of Anxiety        A713   rks       6285       unknown

Bizet: Sarasate,
Ricci            A872    London    CS 6165     Bizet, Saint-Saens
Blue Midnight,
and other
instrumentals by        Decca
bert kaempfert A499     Records    DL 74569    unknown

Blue Skies       A448   London     414 666-1   Various contemporary artists.

Bolet at                                       Bach, Chopin, Strauss, Strauss,
Carnegie Hall    A307   RCA        ARL2-0512   Wagner, Moszkowski, rubinstein

born a child and
yet a king:
christmas at st.
olaf college,           St. Olaf
volume II        A671   records    E-661/E-662 unknown

Box Sets '77            CBS                    (Not for sale). Selected exerpts of
Sampler SPR             Masterwo               Haendel, Bach, Brahms, Schoenberg,
111              A742   rks      none          Borodin, Donizetti

Brahms Concert
no. 2, Artur            RCA
Rubinstein     A479     Victor     LM-1728     Brahms

Brahms Piano
Concerto No. 1   A294   Philips    6500 623    Brahms

Brahms Piano            Deutsche
Quintet in F            Grammop 139 397 ST
minor            A876   hon      33 SLPM       Johannes Brahms

Brahms                  Suprapho
Symphony 4       A293   n        4 10 2077     Brahms
Symphony No.1 A 265      Philips    6500 519   Brahms

Symphony No.3,
Tragic Overture A268     Philips    6500 155   Brahms

Brahms:                  Hall of
concerto for             Fame
violin in D major A575   Records    HOFS 508   Brahms
Brahms: Piano
Concerto No.1            RCA
in D minor        A945   Victor     LSC-2917   Brahms

Brahms: Piano            Deutsche
Concerto No.2            Grammop 139 034 ST
in B flat Major   A874   hon      33 SLPM      Brahms

Brahms:                  Grammop 138 925 ST
Symphony Nr. 2 A875      hon      33 SLPM      Brahms

Brahms:                  Grammop 138 926 ST
Symphony Nr. 3 A924      hon      33 SLPM      Brahms
Brahms: The
Symphonies and
Tragic Overture A936     Victrola   VIC-6400   Brahms

Brahms: Violin           Deutsche
concerto in d            Grammop 138 930 ST
major             A877   hon      33 SLPM      Brahms

Brigadoon         none   Columbia CL 1132      Frederick Loewe
Serenade for
tenor horn; and
strings and les
illuminations     A405   London     5358       Benjamin Britten
Symphony 4        A909   London     CS 6695    Bruckner

Bruckner: 10             Grammop 2740 253 (12
Symphonies        A634   hon      LPs)        Bruckner
Bruno Walter:
Beethoven the           Columbia/
nine symphonies A630    Odyssey Y7 30051      Beethoven
Concerto for
violin and
orchestra, op.
35a, sonata no.2
in e minor for          Columbia
violin and piano        Masterwo
op. 36a          A389   rks      ML 5224      Busoni
Cabaret         A910    rks      KOL 6640     Harold Prince

Call Me Madam A598      Victor     LOC-1000   Irving Berlin

Camelot         A555    Sutton     SSU-205    lerner, loewe

Canadian Brass:         Masterwo
Basin Street    A614    rks      42367        various

Cantatas by                                   Francois Couperin, Allesandro
Couperin        A650    Angel      36237      Scarlatti, Georg Philipp Telemann

Carl Nielsen
Symphony no.1,
Helios Overture,
Pan and Syrinx,         Columbia
Rhapsodic               Masterwo MS 7004, ML
Overture         A521   rks      6404        Carl Nielsen

Carl Nielsen
Symphony no.5 A540      Nonesuch H-71236      Carl Nielsen

Carl Tausig        21970 Candide   CE 31031   Carl Tausig
Carmen            A388   Angel     3613        Bizet

Carousel          A596   Records   W694        Rodgers and Hammerstein
Cesar Franck
Symphony in D
minor, Ravel:
Fanfare from
L'eventail de
Jeanne            A871   London    SPC 21061   Cesar Franck

                                               Copland, Cowell, Freed, Hanson,
                                               Moore, Taylor, Thompson, Whithorne,
Charlotte Martin A751    Educo     3021        Elwell, Sessions, Pisk, Q. Porter

Charlotte Martin A805    Educo     EP-3003     Clementi, Kuhlau

                                               Manuel M. Ponce, Octavia Pinto, H.
                                               Villa-Lobos, A. Ginastera, R. Halffter,
                                               Carlos Chavez, Silvestre Revueltos,
Charlotte Martin A344    Educo     EP-3020     Juan Jose Castro

Charpentier              Haydn
Magnificat in D   A274   Society   HS-9045     Marc-Antoine Charpentier
Cheganca: The
Wanderley Trio     A795    Verve     V-8676     unknown
no.2 f-moll,               Deutsche
piano concerto             Grammop
no.2 in f minor.   A 270   hon      LPEM 19 452 Chopin

Variations on La
ci darem op.2,
Fantasy on
Polish Airs
op.13, Andante
spianato and
Grand Polonaise
in E flat op.22  A914      Philips   6500 422   Chopin

Christmas                  nal Award
Chorale            A834    Series     AK X-5    unknown

Christmas in               Sunset
Carols             A901    Records   ST-7706    Christmas Carols….

Classic Cole       A510    Columbia M34533      Cole Porter
                                                 Debussy, Joseph Canteloube, Hugo
                                 X698 M          Wolf, Gabriel Faure, Orff, Handel,
Classical Barbra A449   Columbia 33452           Schumann, Claus Ogerman

                                 Records 36-
                                 38 Willesden
                                 Lane London
                        Arcade   Tel: (01) 328
                        (Made in 1911 Telex
Cleo             A646   England) 27140         Not listed.

COLE             A601   RCA        CRL2-5054     Cole Porter

Columbia                         L2L 1007/
Record News      A902   Columbia L2S 1008        Sampler

Concert in the          Mercury
Tivoli Gardens   A695   Records    SR 90461      unknown

Concerti Grossi         Deutsche
op. 6 nr.5, 10,         Grammop
12              A925    hon      139012          Handel

Conchita         A620   Cetra      LPC 55029     Riccardo Zandonai
Copland: Piano          Odyssey
Fantasy, piano          (product   32 16 0040,
variations.      A767   of CBS)    32 16 0039    Copland

Czech National          Rubini
Theatre Singers none    Collection GV28          Made in England… Unknown
Cziffra plays           eur
Liszt            A593   Society    CS 2092       Liszt
December         A495   Records WH-1025          unknown
Mouret:                  Archiv
Fanfares,                Produktio
Symphonies       A915    n         198 333       Delalande, Mouret

Der Fliegende
Hollander        A486    Angel      DSCX-3958    Wagner

Dietrich Fischer-
Dieskau: Verdi
Arias             A325   Seraphim 60014          Verdi

Dinu Lipatti:            (product
Bach, Mozart     A613    of CBS)    32 16 0320   Bach, Mozart
Doctor Zhivago
(The original
soundtrack               MGM
album)           A305    Records    S1E-6ST      Maurice Jarre
Doctor Zhivago
(The original
soundtrack               MGM
album)           A476    Records    S1E-6ST      Maurice Jarre

Don Carlo        A949    Artists    PA-84-075    Giuseppe Verdi

Donizetti: lucia
di lammermoor,
opera in three
acts             A860    Cetra      C-1205       Donizetti

Dr. Robert                                       Bach, D. Scarlatti, Beethoven, Haydn,
Whalin           A340    Educo      9566         Schubert, Brahms, Moszkowski
Duke Ellington,
Lionel Hampton,          Guest
Ray Bloch       A569     Star       GS 1427     unknown
Dvorak Cello
Variations on a                   MS 6714 ML
Rococo Theme A292        Columbia 6114       Dvorak, Tchaikovsky

Variations, The
Golden Spinning-
Wheel            A291    London     CS 6721     Dvorak
Dvorak                              AT 114
Symphony 9       A929    RCA        26.41019    Dvorak

Symphony No. 7 A362      London     CS 6607     Dvorak
Dvorak: New              Gold
World                    Award
Symphony        A755     Classics   AA-216      Dvorak

Dvorak: String
quartet in F
op.96 American,
Borodin: String
Quartet in D
Italiano        A917     Philips    PHS 900-197 Dvorak, Borodin
symphony 4 in G
major op.88,
Scherzo                  Vanguard
Capriccioso              Everyman
op.66           A536     Classics SRV-133SD     Dvorak
Symphony 5 in
E minor (new
world)          A843     Avon       PH 513      Dvorak

E. T. (The Extra-        MCA
Terrestrial)      A300   Records    MCA-6109    John Williams

E.Power Biggs
plays Bach in            Columbia
the                      Masterwo
Thomaskirche    A277     rks      KM 30648      Bach
Earl Fatha Hines        Grand
and his                 Prix
orchestra        A571   series     K 134       Earl Fatha Hines (???)

Edita Gruberova
French and
Italian Opera                                  Delibes, Meyerbeer, Gounod,
Arias           A380    Angel      DS-37870    Thomas, Donizetti, Rossini
Edvard Grieg
Symphony,       A921    London     LDR 71037   Edvard Grieg

Eileen Farrell          RCA
sings Wagner     A720   Victrola   AVM1-1413   Wagner

Ein Deutsches           Grammop 072 235-1
Requiem          A829   hon      GHG           Brahms

Ein Heldenleben A726    London     CS-6608     Strauss
Elgar: Sea
Mahler: Five
Songs from
Ruckert         A393    Angel      S-36796     Elgar, Mahler
Elgar: Sea
Mahler: Five
Songs from
Ruckert         A648    Angel      S-36796     Elgar, Mahler

Elgar: The                         Boult ASD
music makers     A404   EMI        2311        Elgar

Schubert Songs
volume 2       A 271    Angel      COLH 131    Schubert

Emil Gilels Im          Deutsche
Salzburger              Grammop
Mozarteum        A864   hon      2530 061      Mozart
                         Archive of
Enrique                  Piano
Granados plays           music
Granados       none      Series     X-909     Enrique Granados

Erskine Hawkins
Quintet: The
Hawk Blows at            Decca
Midnight        A811     Records   DL 74081   Various

Exodus, and
other great
movie themes     A946    Somerset SF-13500    unknown

Ezio Pinza sings
Verdi and                RCA
Mozart Arias     A758    Victor    LM 1751    Verdi, Mozart

Family Library of
Great Music,
Liszt             A333   RCA       FW-310     Liszt

Faure: Eighteen
songs, Frederica
Von Stade, Jean-
Philippe Collard A443    Angel     DS-37893   Faure

Classics for the                              Debussy, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Ravel,
piano            A696    Angel     S-36049    MacDowell, chopin, Strauss

Favorite                 Columbia
Selections from          Masterwo             Bach, Tchaikvosky, Dukas, Ponchielli,
Fantasia        A782     rks      MS 7437     Mussorgsky, Schubert

Sonatinas for                                 Celementi, Dussek, Kuhlau,
the piano        A752    Educo     EP-3022    Kabalevsky

Fiddler on the           RCA
Roof             A477    Victor    LSO-1093   Harold Prince
Fiddler on the           Artists
Roof             A633    Records      UAS 10900      norman jewison, music by jerry bock
                         ,            recorded
                         Metropolit   february 22,
Fidelio          A544    an opera     1941           beethoven

Tristan and              RCA
Isolde Love duet A578    Victor       LM-2618        Wagner

Fledermaus       A880    Columbia SL-108             johann strauss

Four Organ
Concertos        A873    Angel        S 36599        Handel
Four Suites for
Orchestra, J. S.
Bach             A813    Angel        3536 B         Bach

Franck: Violin
Sonata, Brahms,
Horn Trio       A261     London       CS 6628        Franck, Brahms

Frankie Carle: at
the piano.        A595   Columbia CL 6075            Frankie Carle
Franz Liszt:
Etudes and               Music
other works for          Historical
piano             A715   Society    MHS 3971/72 Liszt
Franz Schubert
Songs, Arnold
The book of the
hanging gardens
op.15             A273   Nonesuch H-71320            Schubert, Schoenberg

Franz Schubert:          Grammop 139 149 ST
Impromptus      none     hon      33 SLPM            Schubert
French and                Masterwo MS 6524, ML Debussy, Faure, Respighi,
Italian Songs      A329   rks      5924        Castelnuovo-Tedesco
Fritz Reiner:
Haydn, Clock
Symphony                  RCA
no.101, no.95      A482   Victor    LSC-2742     Haydn

Funny Girl         A323   Records   VAS 2059     Ray Stark

                                    recorded live
Gay Marshall                        at Peabody's
and the Basin             Peabody   Café on April
Street Elite       A913   Records   16, 1978      Unknown.
Gershwin plays            Columbia
Rhapsody in               Masterwo
Blue               A919   rks      M 34205       Gershwin

                                                 A new musical, music and lyrics by
                                                 George M. Cohan, book by Michael
                                                 Stewart, and John and Fran Pascal,
                          Columbia               lyric and musical revisions by Mary
                          Masterwo               Cohan, musical supervision by
George M!          A894   rks      KOS 3200      Laurence Rosenthal

Gershwin's                RCA
Porgy and Bess A586       Victor    LM-2679      Gershwin

getting straight   A670   colgems   coso-5010    ronald stein
Giants of Jazz:
Coleman                   Time Life
Hawkins            A904   Records STL-J06        Unknown

Gieseking, Grieg
Lyric Pieces,
Album II         A733     Angel     35451        Grieg

Giovanna d'Arco A716      Angel     SCL-3791     Verdi
Glenn Miller: in         Crown
the miller mood A589     Records    5068         various

Golden Jubilee
concert, Vladimir
Horowitz          A303   RCA        CRL1-2633    Rachmaninoff

Golden Vibes    A583     Columbia CS 8110        unknown

Gounod: Faust   A857     Columbia SL-112         Gounod

Grace Bumbry:
Carmen Jones    A535     Heliodor   H/HS-25046   Oscar Hammerstein II
Grand Canyon             RCA
Suitee          A798     Victor     LM-1928      Grofe, Copland

Great Love
duets           A735     RCA        ARL1-2799    Various

Great Men of             Time Life
Music: Mozart   A557     Records STL 542         Mozart

Great Opera:             Time Life
Richard Strauss A606     Records STL-OPo8        Strauss
Great Orchestral
Music of
Christmas: the
Hollywood Bowl
Symphony                Capitol
Orchestra        A773   Records   STBB-489   unknown

Great Songs of
Christmas        A568   Columbia CSS 1033    unknown

Great Songs of
christmas        A418   Columbia CSS 388     unknown

Great Songs of          Masterwo
Christmas        A836   rks      CSS 888     unknown

                        Columbia             Chopin, Paderewski, Falla, Debussy,
Greatest Hits:          Masterwo             Chopin, Beethoven, Schumann,
The Piano        A682   rks      M 31406     Rachmaninoff, Liszt
Grigory Sokolov
(winner of the
Tchaikovsky            Melodiya
Competition in         (USSR,
Moscow)         A302   Angel)   SR-40074     Saint-Saens, Schumann
                                             Book by Arthur Laurents, music by
                       Columbia              Jule Styne, lyrics by Stephen
                       Masterwo              Sondheim, musical director: Milton
Gypsy           A897   rks      OL 5420      Rosenstock

Gypsy Strings
and Percussion A711    TIME      52031       not listed

Overtures       A653   Philips   6599 053    Handel

Hans Hotter:
great german
songs           A590   Angel     35583       Schubert, Schumann, Strauss

Hansel and             RCA Red ARL2-0637
Gretel          A414   Seal    1198          Engelbert Humperdinck

Hansel and             Masterwo
Gretel          A802   rks      SL-102 Vol. I Humperdinck

Harp Music of                                Albeniz, Chavarri, Gombau-guerra,
Spain           A745   ARGO      ZRG 5457    Falla, Alfonso, Guridi, Granco
Hatikvah on mt.          Masterwo ML 6453, MS
scopus          A784     rks      7053        Hatikvah, Mendelssohn, Mahler,
Haydn Cello
Concertos in C
and D           A866     Philips   6500 381    Haydn

Haydn Concerto
for Cello and
Orchestra in D,
Luigi Boccherini
concerto for
Cello and
Orchestra in B
flat             A289    Nonesuch H-71071      Joseph Haydn, Luigi boccherini
Haydn Piano
Concertos in D
and G            A865    Angel     S-37136     Haydn

Haydn Prussian           Deutsche
Quartets op.50           Grammop
Nr.1 and 2     A868      hon      2530 440     Haydn

Haydn Quartet
in E flat op.33/2
Joke, Quartet in
F op.3/5
Quartet in D
minor op.76/2
Fifths            A869   London    CS 6385     Haydn

Haydn String
Quartets, The
Aeolian Quartet
Volume one,
op.71, 74       A435     London    STS15325-7 Haydn

Haydn String
Quartets, The
Aeolian Quartet,
Volume Four
op.9 and op.17 A415      London    STS15337-42 Haydn
Haydn String
Volume Six,
op.20, op.64     A524    London    STS15447-52 Haydn
Symphonien Nr.
"Paukenwirbel,           Deutsche
"Drumroll" Nr.           Grammop
104 "London"   A266      hon      2530 525    Haydn

No.96 "Miracle" A870     Philips   9500 348   Haydn
Symphony 101
"The Clock",
"Die Uhr"
Symphony 102 A356        Philips   9500 679   Haydn

Symphony in B
flat major Hob.I         Deutsche
105, Symphony            Grammop
90 in C major    A290    hon      2530 398    Joseph Haydn
Symphony No.
84, Symphony
No. 85 "La                        ML 6348 MS
Reine"           A355    Columbia 6948        Haydn
Haydn                    Columbia
Symphony No.             Masterwo MS 7006, MS
93, 94           A652    rks      6406        Haydn

Haydn, Mozart,
Lili Kraus       A379    Educo     3014       Haydn, Mozart

Heifetz: sibelius        RCA
violin concerto A546     Victor    LM-2435    Sibelius
Heifetz: two
great double
concertos         A573   RCA       LSC-3228   Brahms, mozart
Heifitz Encores   A526   Victor    LM 1166     Various.

Henry VIII and
his Six Wives     A759   Angel     SFO-36895   David Munrow

                         Columbia             Schubert, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven,
Holiday for              Masterwo ML 6278, MS Falla, Chopin, Weber, Boccherini,
Harpsichord       A744   rks      6878        Grieg, Saint-Saens, Tchaikovsky

Honey in the
Horn, Al (He's           RCA
the King) Hirt    A481   Victor    LPM-2733    unknown
Moonlight and
Waldstein                RCA
Sonatas           A483   Victor    LM-2009     Beethoven

How Sweet it is          Capitol
for Lovers        A636   Records   W 2582      Unknown
                                        Ravel, Tchaikovsky, Scriabin,
Howard Wells   A685   Educo   3013      Rachmaninoff, Prokofieff

Howard Wells   A689   Educo   EP3012    Grieg, others.

Howard Wells   A688   Educo   3011      Chopin, Liszt

Howard Wells   A687   Educo   EP-3009   Schumann

Howard Wells   A686   Educo   3010      Mendelssohn, Weber, Brahms
Hugo Wolf: In
der Fruhe, In
dem Schatten
meiner Locken,
Auch kleine
Dinge, Und willst
du deinen
Liebsten sterben
Jesuskind, Nun
wandre' Maria,
Wie glanzt der
helle Mond,
Liebe. Strauss:
Vision, All' mein
Gedanken, Hat
gesagt, bleibt's
nicht dabei,
Heimkehr          A431    Angel     COLH 102     Hugo Wolf

Hugo Wolf:
Songs from the
Romantic Poets A387       Angel     36308        Hugo Wolf

Hugo Wolf:                Deutsche
Spanisches                Grammop
Liederbuch         A392   hon      LPM 18 591    Hugo Wolf

I can get it for          Masterwo
you wholesale      A588   rks      KOL 5780      David Merrick

                                                Samuel Barber, Bela Bartok, Ottorino
I musici           A788   Philips   PHS 900-001 Respighi, Benjamin Britten

I Vespri Siciliani A490   RCA       ARL4-0370    Verdi
Il Segreto di              Masterwo
Susanna             A928   rks Digital IM 36733   Wolf-Ferrari

In a Persian
Garden              A403   Argo     Argo ZK 87    Liza Lehmann
Invitation to the          Masterwo               Weber, Liszt, Saint-Saens, Brahms,
Dance               A786   rks      MS 6241       Gliere

                                                  Wolf Mankowitz and Julian More,
Israel 20           A781   London    SP 44120     music by Monty Norman

Philharmonic               Crystal
Orchestra           A637   Records   S509         unknown

Harpsichord                                       P and D Scarlatti, Zipoli, Galuppi,
Music               A748   Nonesuch H-71117       Paradies, Pergolesi, Rutini, Cimarosa

Itzhak Perlman      A452   Angel     DS-37770     unknown

J.S. Bach           A509   Educo     3001         Bach
J.S. Bach is
alive and well
and doing his
thing on the koto A775   RCA       LSC-3227   Bach

Janet Baker
sings Beethoven
and Schubert    A378     Philips   9500 307   Beethoven, Schubert

Janet Baker
sings Berlioz   A642     Angel     S-36695    Berlioz
Janet Baker
sings Mahler    A375     EMI       ASD 2338   Mahler

Janet Baker:
Brahms Alto
Lieder, Strauss:
Ruh, Meine
Seele, Das
Muttertandelei   A346    Angel     RL-32017   Brahms, Wagner, Strauss

Janet Baker:
Mozart Arias -
La clamenza di
Tito /
ng / Das
Haydn: Arianna
a Naxos /
Berenice che fai A534    Philips   6500 660   Mozart, Haydn
Jean Sibelius:
Crhistian Ferras         Deutsche
Herbert von              Grammop 138961 ST
Karajan          none    hon      33 SLPM     Jean Sibelius
Jesu, Joy of             Masterwo
Man's Desiring    A372   rks      MS 7405     Bach

                         of scepter
Jewish Prayers    A792   records) SM 10033    Bruch, Ravel, Partos, Milhaud
Joerg Demus
Beethoven: 15
variations with
fugue on eroica
theme, 6
bagatelles               ABC
op.126            A856   Records   MS-829     Beethoven
Brahms 3
Intermezzi op.
117, 6
op. 118, 4               Deutsche
Klavierstucke            Grammop 138903 ST
op.119            A520   hon      33 SLPM     Brahms
Serenade A-dur,
Toscanini                          AT 152
Edition           A931   RCA       26.41415 AF Brahms

Sings Irish              RCA
Songs             A465   Camden    CAL- 407   Folksongs?

John Philip
Sousa             A947   Somerset SF-4800     Sousa
John Philip
Sousa: full band
concert of
marches          A454    Somerset P-4800        Sousa

Josef Lhevinne,
Master of the            RCA
Romantic Piano A622      Victrola   VIC-1544    Chopin, Schumann, Debussy, Strauss

Joseph Haydn      A427   Nonesuch H-71031       Joseph Haydn

Joseph Haydn:
Le fedelta
giocoso           none   Philips    6707 028    Haydn
Joseph Haydn:
the six "paris"
symphonies        A286   Nonesuch HC-73011      Joseph Haydn

Levende           A559   Philips    070-209-1   Richard Strauss
by Haydn,                Deutsche
Mozart:                  Grammop 138886 ST
Jagdquartett      A867   hon      33 SLPM       Haydn, Mozart

Ken Griffin       A663   Records    RLP-27      unknown

                                                Bach, mozart,gould, chopin, rodgers,
                                                debussy, lai, gershwin, hovhaness,
keyboard                 Westmins               berlin, beiderbecke, ellington, bartok,
kaleidoscope      A732   ter Gold WGS-8162      kern, Lennon/McCartney, Bacharach
Concerto for
Violin and               Melodiya
Orchestra in D           (USSR,
minor            A750    Angel)   SR 40002    Aram Khachaturian
Flagstad: Set
Three Scenes
from Wagner      A467    Seraphim 60082       Wagner

                         MCA                  Music from original soundtrack….
Kismet           A444    Records   MCA 1424   Robert Wright and George Forest (??)

Kiss Me, Kate    A818    (OL)     OL 4140     Saint Subber, Lemuel Ayers (??)

Kurt Weill:
Recordare, Luigi
Canti Di
Prigionia        A381    Nonesuch 79050       Kurt Weill, Luigi Dallapiccola

La Boheme        none    Angel     3560 B/L   Puccini

La Boheme, La
Scala            A515    Angel     3560 B/L   Puccini

La Cenerentola
(complete)       A 594   RCA       LHMV-600   Rossini

la damnation de          Grammop 138099/100
faust           none     hon      SLPM        hector berlioz
La Fanciula del
West              A635   Angel      3593 C/L    Puccini

La Fanciulla del         Teatro
West             A581    Alla Scala GIR 040LD   Giacomo Puccini

La Gioconda       A563   Victrola   VIC-6101    Ponchielli

La Serva                 RCA
Padrona           A808   Victor     LM-2650     Pergolesi

La Traviata       A357   Angel      SCLX-3780   Verdi

La Traviata       A935   London     OSA 1279    Verdi

La Traviata, La
Scala             A803   Angel      3545 B/L    Verdi

Lakme             A367   London     LLA-12      Delibes
Landmarks of
20th Century
Music          A640       Angel     S-36480    Schoenberg, Webern, Berg
Landmarks of a
Career,                   Capitol              Bach, Debussy, Strauss, Sibelius,
Stokowski      A579       Records   SP8399     Debussy,

                          an Opera
Le Nozze Di               Record
Figaro             A809   Club       M0315     Mozart
Le Sacre du               Masterwo
Printemps          A365   rks        ML 5277   Stravinsky

Pagliacci          A858   Columbia SL-113      Leoncavallo

                                               Couperin, Delalande, Albinoni,
                                               Krumpholtz, Beethoven, Rameau,
Les Duos                                       Bach, Vivaldi, Godard, Satie,
D'Amour, vol. 1    A740   Arion     30 A 113   Khatchaturian, Delannoy

Let's Dance to
hits of the 30's
and 40's           A675   Somerset SF-3100     unknown
Let's Dance to
Hits of the Fifties A710   Somerset SF-12500     Unknown

Lieder von                 Deutsche
Debussy und                Grammop 138 115 ST
Ravel              A407    hon      33 SLPM      Debussy, Ravel

Lieder von                 Deutsche
Debussy und                Grammop 138 115 ST
Ravel              A408    hon      33 SLPM      Debussy, Ravel
Liszt Concerto
no. 1 in E flat,
Chopin                     Columbia
Concerto No.2              Masterwo MS 6955, ML
in F minor         A424    rks      6355        Liszt, Chopin

Liszt: Hungarian
Rhapsodies                 Westmins
no.9-15          A478      ter Gold XWN 18337    Liszt
Liszt: Les
Rhapsodie Nr.
2, Smetana:                Deutsche
Vysehrad, Die              Grammop 139 037 ST
Moldau           A656      hon      33 SLPM      Liszt, Smetana

                                                 Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Schubert,
Lita Guerra        A342    Educo    9565         Chopin, Grieg, Shostakovitch

Liturgical Music
from the
Cathedral        A746      Nonesuch H-71073      Alexander Gretschaninoff and others

Living Strings.            RCA
Souvenir D'italie A844     Camden   CAL 696      unknown
Liza with a "Z"   A363   Columbia 31762         Liza Minelli

                         n (With
                         hon label
                         on the
L'Orfeo           A328   side….)   2723 018     Monteverdi

Lotte Lehmann:
Brahms/ Wolf             RCA        VICS-1320
Songs          A522      Victrola   (e)         Brahms/ Wolf

Lucia di
Lammermoor        A386   London     OSA 1327    Donizetti

Lucia di                 EMI/Ange
Lammermoor        A278   l        DSCX-3951     Donizetti

Pavarotti: King
of the High C's   none   London     OS26373     Various

Pavarotti: Primo                                Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti, Boito, Verdi,
Tenore           A474    London     OS 26192    Ponchielli, Puccini, Cilea, Pietri
Maggie Teyte     A643    Angel     COLH 138      Berlioz, Chausson, Ravel, Duparc
Magnificent Two-
Hambro and               Comman                 Debussy, Poulenc, Franck, Saint-
Zayde            A283    d Classics CC 11013 SD Saens

Mahler: Songs
of a Wayfarer,           Columbia
Sacred Arias of          Masterwo
J.S. Bach         A810   rks      ML 4108        Mahler, Bach

Symphony 3        A545   Nonesuch HB-73023       Mahler

Mantovani and
his orchestra
play the music
of Victor Herbert A821   London    LL746         unknown

Marches by
John Philip
Sousa             A374   Nonesuch H-71266        John Philip Sousa
                       n (made
Marilyn Horne          in        6.48134 DX
Singt Rossini   A649   Germany) 2LPs          Rossini
Schlamme sings
Israeli Folk
Songs           A761   Vanguard VSD-2070      Folksongs….
Master class
Records, L. van
Beethoven       A753   Educo    5002          Beethoven
Masterworks            Masterwo
Sampler         A903   rks      none          sampler
Forrester: A
Schumann               RCA
Recital         A334   Victor   LSC-2275   Brahms, Schumann
Mendelssohn            Columbia
Scotch                 Masterwo MS 6976 ML
Symphony        A425   rks      6376       Mendelssohn
Symphony,              Columbia
Haydn: London          Masterwo
Symphony        A288   rks      ML 5349       Mendelssohn, Haydn
Christmas, Bing
Crosby          A547     Decca     DLP 5019   unknown

Christmas, Bing
Crosby          A838     Decca     550        unknown (bing crosby?)

Messiah          A264    Lyre      DSLO 613   Handel

Messiah          A 262   rkds     M2S 607     George Frederick Handel

Messiah          A383    London    OSA1329    Handel
christmas                Spectra
excerpts by              Sonic
handel           A674    Sound    SDLP X-4    Handel
Million dollar           ette                 rodgers, hammerstein, l. bart, harnick,
melodies         A455    Society  none        bock, loewe, lerner, herman

                         La Voix
                         de son    C 153-
Mireille         none    maitre    10613/5    Gounod
                                  FCX 363 a
Mireille         none   Pathe     365         Gounod

Mister Guitar,          RCA
Chet Atkins      A582   Victor    LSP-2103    unknown

Moiseiwitsch            Decca
plays Schumann A338     Records DL 10048      Schumann
Movie Music in a        at
Small Texas             Westrax
Town 1945-              Studio,
1948             A423   NY       RST-1945     Various

Quartets for
Flute and
Strings         A932    Philips   6500 034    Mozart
Piano Concertos
KV 466 & KV
488             A645    Philips   9500 570    Mozart
Mozart Piano
Concerto No. 15
in B Flat, K.450,
No.36 in C,
K.425 "LINZ"      A354   London    CS 6499      Leonard Bernstein
Mozart Piano
concerto No. 8
in C, K.246,
Piano Concerto
No. 9 in E flat,
K.271, Rondon
in A. K.386       A644   London   CS 6501    Mozart
Mozart Piano             Masterwo ML 6244 MS
Concertos        A297    rks      6844       Mozart

Mozart Piano
Concertos in G
major, K. 453, in
C minor, K. 491 A654     Angel     S-37002      Mozart

Mozart Requiem A359      Philips   802 862 LY   Mozart

Mozart Requiem   A892    hon      2530 143      Mozart
Volume 4.        A537    London    STS15301     Mozart
Symphonien               Deutsche
nr.29 KV 201,            Grammop 139002 ST
Nr.33 KV 319     A488    hon      33 SLPM       Mozart
Symphonies 34,
38, and
Menuetto         A531    Philips   9500 791     Mozart
symphonies no.
30, 23, 28       A543    Philips   6500 527     Mozart

Mozart, Cosi
Fan Tutte
Highlights       A360    Angel     36167        Mozart
Mozart/ Richard
Strauss, oboe
concertos       A882     Philips   6500 174   Mozart, Strauss

en quintets for
piano and winds A861     London    CS 6494    Mozart, Beethoven

en quintets for
piano and winds A862     London    CS 6494    Mozart, Beethoven

Mozart: "Great"          Grammop
Mass in C Minor A891     hon      415 919-1   Mozart
sonaten a dur
kv331, kv 330,
rondo d dur              Deutsche
kv485, a moll kv         Grammop 139318 ST
511              A727    hon      33 SLPM     Mozart

Mozart: clarinet
concerto k.622,
divertimento             Columbia
no.2 in d major          Masterwo MS 6968, ML
k.131            A542    rks      6368        Mozart

Mozart: concerto
no.20 for piano
and orchestra in
d minor, k.466,
concerto no.23
in a major for
piano and
orchestra k.488 A886     Nonesuch H-71072     Mozart

concertos for
flute an
andante for flute
and orchestra     A881   nonesuch H-71126     Mozart
k.205, March
Cassation k.99    A883     London     STS 15247    Mozart

Mozart: Fantasia           Connoiss
and Sonatas                eur
K.475, 457, 520 A314       Society  CS 2002        Mozart

Mozart: I Musici A441      Philips    6500 536     Mozart

Mozart: Piano              Deutsche
Concertoes                 Grammop    138 783 st 33
No.17, no. 21     A466     hon        SLPM          Mozart
Mozart: piano              Masterwo   MS 6695, ML
concertos 21, 24 A489      rks        6095        Mozart

Mozart: Piano
Concertos K.467
and K.503       A312       Philips  6500 431       Mozart
Mozart: piano              Masterwo
trio in B flat,k502 A827   rks      MS 7447        Mozart

Mozart:                    L'Oiseau-
Requiem           A464     Lyre      411 712-1     Mozart

Mozart:                    Deutsche
serenade                   Grammop 138 869 ST
,<<Haffner>>      A505     hon      33 SLPM        Mozart

Mozart:                    Deutsche
Serenade fur 13            Grammop
Blaser KV 361 A313         hon      2530 136       Mozart
Mozart: Sonate
in D-dur (in D
major) KV 448
fur 2 Klaviere
(for two pianos),
Sonate in C-dur
(in C major) KV
521 fur Klavier            Deutsche
zu vier Handen             Grammop
(for Piano Duet)    A885   hon      2530 285    Mozart
Streichquintette           Deutsche
g moll kv 516 d            Grammop 138 057 ST
dur kv 593.         A661   hon      33 SLPM     Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Symphonies 28
and 29              A539   Philips   9500 652   Mozart
Symphony 33,
39                  A660   London    STS15274   Mozart

symphony 41, R.
Strauss: TYL
merry pranks,
JS Bach:
brandenburg                AVON
concerto no.2   A565       records   PH 506     Mozart. R. Strauss, J. S. Bach

Symphony no.40
in g minor k.550,
symphony in d
major (after the
serenade no.9
the post horn
k.320)            A504     Nonesuch H-71047     Mozart
Mozart: The
Early                               6747 099
Symphonies        none     Philips  8LP         Mozart
Mozart: the last           Masterwo M3L 291,
six symphonies      A736   rks      M3S 691     Mozart

Mozart: The
Music for Solo                      MS 6856 ML
Organ               A282   Columbia 6256       Mozart
Mozart: The
Piano Quartets      A863   Columbia MS 6683      Mozart
Mozart: two flute
concertos k313
k314, andante
k315                A457   RCA       AGL1-4290   Mozart
Mozart: Violin
Concertos No.2
in D, K.211,
No.4 in D, K.              EMI/Ange
218                 A440   l        DS-37904     Mozart
uartette d-dur kv          Deutsche
499 und b-dur              Grammop 139355 ST
kv 589              A310   hon      33 SLPM      Mozart

Music Box           A940   Records   SP 19006    unknown

Music for                  Capitol
Dreaming            A548   Records   H222        unknown

Music for the
Royal Fireworks
and three
concertos       A920       Philips   6500 369    Handel

Music from
Chapel of                                        Nicolas Gombert, Thomas
Charles V           A394   Nonesuch H-71051      Crecquillon, Arnolt Schlick

Music of a
people              A783   London    SP 44060    unknown
                                           Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart,
                                           Beethoven, Rossini, Schubert, Berlioz,
                                           Mendelssohn, Chopin, Schumann,
                                           Liszt, Wagner, Verdi, Franck, Johann
                                           Strauss, Jr., Brahms, Bizet,
Music of the                               Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Grieg, Rimsky-
World's Great          Reader's            Korsakov, Debussy, Richard Strauss,
Composers       A815   Digest   RDS        Sibelius, Stravinsky

                                           Gounod, Rimsky-Korsakoff, Saint-
                                           saens, stravinsky, prokofieff,
                                           shostakovich, liszt, beethoven,
Music to have          RCA                 kabalevsky, copland, villa-lobos,
fun by          A785   Victor   LSC-2813   khachaturian
Music you Love:
the great sounds
of the 60's and         Columbia
70's             A888   House    6P 6527     unknown

Music, Martinis,        Capitol
and Memories     A584   Records   SW 509     unknown

Memories of
Japan           A730    London    SW 99314   unknown

My concerto for         MGM
You             A698    Records   SE3868     unknown

My Fair Lady    A599    Columbia OL 5090     Herman Levin
My Fair Lady, In        Masterwo
Stereo           A846   rks      OS 2015     Herman Levin
My Fair Lady,
The King and I   A709    Somerset SF-2700     Bennet

My son, the nut
"Allan Sherman"
sings nutty              Warner
things, this time        Bros.
with strings      A778   Records   1501       various

Nat King Cole:           Capitol
LOVE             A884    Records   ST 2195    unknown
Anthems and              Disneylan
their stories    A768    d Record ST3931      National Anthems

Anthems of the
World            A628    Pirouette FM 15      National Anthems

New Year's
Concert          A780    London    CS 6555    Johann Strauss, Josef Strauss

Night and day:
cavallaro        A549    Decca     DL 5095    unknown

O Sole Mio:
Pavarotti        none    London    26560      various
Khachaturian :
Gayne Ballet             RCA
Suite            A484    Victor    LSC-2267   Offenbach, Khachaturian
Oistrakh         A639   rks      ML 5085      Mendelssohn, Mozart

Oklahoma &              Tone
South Pacific    A419   Stereo    14023       unknown
Oklahoma City
Symphonic                                     Latham, Williams, Leidzen, McRae,
Band             A453   SUMCO     R003        Latham, Rhoads

Oklahoma!        A528   Records   WAO 595     Roders and Hammerstein

Oliver!          A911   Columbia COSD-5501    Lionel Bart

One Touch of
Venus            A817   DECCA     DL 79122    Kurt Weill

                                              Verdi, Giordano, Gounod, Puccini,
Opera Arias      A916   Angel     AV-34046    Mascagni, others

Opera Gala       A426   Angel     36361       Various
Opera without
Words, 101
Strings          A847   somerset SF-8700      verdi, wagner, puccini, bizet

                                              Verdi, Wagner, Rossini, Massenet,
Opera's golden                                Humperdinck, Flowtow, Gounod,
moments          A787   London    SPC 21092   Leoncavello, Puccini
Operatic Duets   A473   London     OS26449     Verdi, Bellini, Donizetti, others

Concertos (Vol.
II)             A926    Angel      S-36700     Handel

Organ Reveries A678     Treasure TLP 832       unknown

Organ Works/
Volume Two       A950   London     STS 15104   Franck

Orientale        A433   Records    SP8453      unknown
Ormandy                 Columbia
conducts                Masterwo   MS 6678, ML
Strauss          A725   rks        6078        Strauss
                        Masterwo               Beethoven, Rossini, Weber,
Overture!        A669   rks        ML 5623     Mendelssohn, Berlioz

                                               gershwin, harbach, hammerstein II,
Overture:                                      kern, youmans, caesar, rodgers, hart,
american                                       robin, grey, youmans, rodgers, hart,
musical theater                                desylva, brown, henderson, dietz,
vol.1 1924-1935 A503    Time       S/2035      schwartz, porter, harbach, berlin

Pagliacci        A737   London     OSA 1212    Leoncavallo

Panpipes of             Capitol
Rumania          A791   Records    SP-10554    unknown
                                                Monnot, Sigman-Constantin-
                         Audio                  Glanzberg, Rousand, Harbourg-Duke,
                         Fidelity               Rodgers-Hart, Weill, Styne, Lerner-
Patachou Sings A893      (AF)       AFSD 5948   Loewe, Rodgers-Hammerstein

Pavarotti in                                    Handel, bononcini, scarlatti, bellini,
concert          A551    London     OS 26391    tosti, respighi, rossini

Passione         A603    London     417 117-1   various

Pavarotti: Hits
from Lincoln
Selections he                                   Verdi, Donizetti, Tosti, Puccini,
sang on his                                     Leoncavallo, Gluck, Beethoven,
historic telecast A822   London     OS26577     Bellini, Rossini
Greatest Hits     A608   London     PAV2003-4   various

Peer Gynt        A459    Somerset SF-9400       Edvard Grieg

Peer Gynt        A845    Hudson     228         Grieg

Peer Gynt,
suites 1 and 2   A800    Somerset SF-9400       Edvard Grieg

perspectives in
percussion, vol.
I                A854    somerset P 13200       scored by joe kuhn, bob lowden

perspectives in
percussion, vol.
II               A852    somerset P 13300       scored by joe kuhn, bob lowden
Pete Fountain's          Coral
New Orleans     A468     Records   CRL 57282   many contemporary artists

Peter Nero (For
the Nero-                RCA
minded)         A659     Victor    LPM-2536    Not listed on Cover.
Symphony Nr. 6           Deutsche
H-Moll                   Grammop 138921
'Pathetique'    A358     hon      SLPM ST 33 Peter Tchaikovsky

Piano Music by
Gershwin         A267    Nonesuch H-71284      Gershwin

Piano Music of
Erik Satie, vol.1 A807   Angel     S-36482     Satie

Piano Music of
Haydn            A420    London    STS 15041   Haydn
Piano Sonatas
HOB XVI 20 &
49               A908    Philips   9500 774    Haydn

Poemes Pour Mi A402      Everest   3269        Olivier Messiaen

Pops Caviar:             RCA
Arthur Fielder   A470    Victor    LM-2202     Rimsky-Korsakov, Borodin
Port Said: Music          Audio
of the Middle             Fidelity
East             A516     (AF)       AFSD 5833   Folksongs?

                                                 Bach, Handel, Brahms, Mahler,
                                                 Mozart, Weber, Verdi, Puccini,
Portrait of the                                  Strauss, Heuberger, Zeller, Mollocker,
Artist             A900   Angel      SCB-3754    Zeller, Lehar, Schubert, Wolf, others

Portrait: Birgit          Grammop
Nilsson            A819   hon      2538 098      Mozart, Weber, Beethoven, Wagner

                          Masterwo               Ports of Chabrier, Ravel, Debussy,
Ports of Call      A396   rks      MS 6478       Ibert

Sinfonietta        A311   Angel      S-36519     Poulenc

                                                 purcell, mozart, verdi, meyerbeer,
                          RCA                    massenet, verdi, cilea, charpentier,
Prima Donna        A629   Victor     LSC-2898    barber

Pro Arte 1984
Sampler            A395   Pro Arte   PAL TWO     16 composers
Prokofiev                 Masterwo
concerto 1, 2     A315    rks      ML 5243         Prokofiev

Prokofiev: War            USSR
and Peace---              Melodiya,
highlights        A691    Angel     SR-40053       Prokofiev

percussion vol.           Comman               originated and produced by enoch
III               A853    d Records RS 821 SD  light, arti director charles e. murphy
Puccini and               Masterwo MS 6604, ML
Verdi Favorites   A327    rks       6004       Puccini, Verdi

Quiet Music:
easy listening for
your relaxation A840      columbia GL 518          unknown
(The Complete
works for solo
piano, volume
2). Preludes,
op.32, prelude            Columbia
posthumous                Masterwo
fragments          A511   rks      M33430          Rachmaninoff
Concerto No. 2,
in C minor,               RCA
op.18              A397   Victor    LM-1005        Rachmaninoff

piano concerto 2 A456     TOPS      L1622          Rachmaninov, Greig

the complete              Columbia
works for solo            Masterwo
piano, volume 1 A814      rks      M 32938         Rachmaninoff
Tcherepnin: 10
Bagatelles op.5,         Deutsche
Weber: Concert           Grammop 138 710 ST
Piece in F minor A806    hon      33 SLPM      Rachmaninoff,Tcherepnin, Weber

Ralph Flanagan
plays rodgers &          RCA
hammerstein II A839      Victor     P 268      Rodgers, Hammerstein II
RCA Victor's
spectactulars for        RCA
59'               A672   Victor     SP-33-16   unknown

Regine Crespin:
Ravel, Berlioz  A257     London   OS 25821     Ravel, Berlioz
Rhapsodies      A298     rks      ML 5299      Liszt, Enesco

Rhapsody        A641     Victor     LM-1878    Enesco/Liszt

Rhapsody in
Blue            A361     Columbia ML 5413      Gershwin

Rhapsody in
Blue            A906     Columbia X 196        Gershwin

Richard Strauss
Songs: Lisa              RCA
Della Casa      A429     Victor     LSC-2749   Strauss

Richard Strauss:
Seven Songs.
Mozart: Four
Concert Arias    A430    Angel      S-36643    Strauss, Mozart
Richter plays            Heritage
Beethoven       A301     Society    MHS 3946   Beethoven
op.35           A463     Columbia 43-5672      Rimsky-Korsakov
Road to                 MACE (A
Istanbul:               division of
Authentic Songs         Septer
of the Middle           Records
East            A743    Inc.)       SM 10031   unknown

                                               Carmelo pino, hans lang, matyas
                                               seiber, david diamond, adamo volpi,
robert davine:          Crystal                john gart, normand lockwood, cecil
accorion         A769   Records   S106         efinger

Roger Williams:
songs of the            KAPP
Soaring 60's    A944    Records   KS-3251      unknown

Roger Williams:
The Solid Gold
Steinway        A812    KAPP      KS-3354      Various

Japanese                Capitol                Traditional and Modern Japanese
Mandolins        A701   Records   ST 10376     Songs (unknown)

                                               Friml, Beethoven, Rubinstein,
                        Capitol                Tchaikovsky, Traditional, Barber,
Romantique       A948   Records   SP8542       Bolzoni, Grieg, Elgar, Corelli

Romeo and
Juliet           A941   Somerset SF-11600      Tchaikovsky
Romeo Et
Juliette         A933   Angel     35980        Tchaikovsky

Rossini: Le
Comte Ory        A410   Angel     3565 B/L     Rossini
Rough House             Capitol
Piano            A766   Records   H 345      unknown

Rubinstein and          RCA
chopin           A556   Victor    LM-2277    Chopin

Chopin, 8
Polonaises, 4           RCA
Impromptus       A513   Victor    LSC-7037   Chopin

Rubinstein: und
Mitglieder des
. Mozart: Die
g moll kv 478,
es dur kv 493    A317   RCA       RL 12676   Mozart
Masters Volume                               J. Lully, J. Rameau, R. Schumann, F.
2, the Young            Westmins             Mendelssohn, S. Prokofiev, F. Chopin,
Gilels           A681   ter Gold WGM-8309    F. Liszt

Samuel Barber:
piano concerto,
William                 Columbia
Schumann: A             Masterwo MS 6638
song of orpheus A728    rks      ML 6038     Samuel Barber, William Schumann

Scenes and              Melodiya
Arias            A321   USSR     SR-40052    Rimsky-Korsakov

Scheherezade     A939   Somerset SF-2600     Nikolas Rimsky-Korsakov
Schubert Lieder A377     Angel     S-36462      Schubert
Schubert Sonata
in C minor,
D.958, 4
Impromptus, D.
899             A279     Philips   6500 415     Franz Schubert

Schubert the
Trout, and other                                Schubart, Ruckert, Schlegel, Holty,
songs            A442    Angel     S-36341      Goethe, Leitner, others

Chopin, Brahms,                                 Schubert, Beethoven, Chopin,
Debussy         A343     Educo     3029         Brahms, Debussy
Schubert: Die
Winterreise     A376     Angel     3640 B       Schubert

Schubert: piano
sonatas in e flat
major d.568, in b                  SAL 3769,
major d.575       A493   Philips   839 770 LY   Schubert

Symphony 6 in c
major, d.589,
exerpts from
incidental music
to rosamunde     A721    London    CS7115       Schubert
Symphony 8 in b
overture and
incidental music
from " a                 Columbia
midsummer                Masterwo
night's dream"   A937    rks      ML 5221       Schubert, Mendelssohn
concerto in a             RCA
minor              A502   Victor    LM-2455      Schumann

selections from
My Fair Lady       A680   Pirouette FM 78        lerner and loewe
Beethoven                 Columbia
Emperor                   Masterwo MS 6366 ML
Concerto           A609   rks      5766       Beethoven

Beethoven piano           RCA
concerto 4         A887   Victor    LM-2797      Beethoven
violin concerto
no.1 in a minor,
op.99              A722   Angel     S-36964      Shostakovich
Symphony 2         A723   London    LDR 10014    Sibelius
Symphony 5         A724   London    LDR 71041    Sibelius
Symphony 2         A494   Philips   PHS 900-092 Sibelius

Boccanegra         A772   London    071 523-1    Verdi

Songs and
Dances from
Turkey             A747   London    SW 99453     Folksongs?
songs children
sing: france
(sung in french
and english by            Riverside
bob and louise            Wonderla
decormier)         A851   nd        1404         unknown

Songs of                  Northland
Ireland,                  road,
Scotland, and             OKC, OK
England            A943   73120     none         unknown
Songs of                  RCA
Poulenc          A519     Victor    LSC-3018    Poulenc

Songs of the
Seasons of                101
Japan            A700     Strings   SAS-609     unknown

Bach II          A789     RCA       ARL1-1042   Bach

Spanish Song of
the Renaissance A326      Seraphim S-60349      Various.

Spectacular      none     London    SPC 21019   Puccini

Spencer Davis'            United
Greatest Hits    A413     Artists   UAS 6641    Unknown

Spielt plays
haydn, reicha,
rossini, donizetti A734   Philips   9500 564    Haydn, Reicha, Rossini, Donizetti

Star Wars,
Encounters of
the Third Kind   A382     London    ZM1001      John Williams
                                              prokofiev, tchaikovsky, lalo, gliere,
                                              chopin, puccini, offenbach, vaughan
Stars for a                                   williams, debussy, liszt, puccini,
Summer Night    A848    columbia PMS-1        copland

                                              Handel, Bach, Wagner, Enesco,
Stokowski's             RCA Red               Rimsky-Korsakoff, Liszt, Smetana,
Greatest Hits   A434    Seal     VCS-7077     Shostakovich
Stout-hearted           of
men sung by             Columbia
Nelson Eddy     A638    Records) HL 7142      unknown

Strauss Waltzes         Coronet
in Hi-Fi        A679    Records   CXS-30      Strauss

Strauss: Sonata         ' Classics
in F for 16             (recorded
winds, Serenade         exclusivel
for 13 winds,           y for the
Gavotte for 13          medical
winds from Suite        professio
op.4             A352   n)         BL-11084   Richard Strauss

Suppe:                  Grammop
Ouverturen      A492    hon      2530 051     Suppe
Richter, a piano
recital          A345   Turnabout TV-S 34360   Debussy

Swingin Dixie           Fidelity
vol.3           A708    (AF)       AFSD 5926   contemporary

Switched-on             Masterwo
Bach            A739    rks      M 32659       Bach

Switched-On             Masterwo
Bach            A623    rks      MS 7194       Bach

Switched-On             Masterwo
Bach            none    rks      MS 7194       Bach

Switched-On             Masterwo
Bach II         A580    rks      KM 32659      Bach

Switched-on             Decca
Bacharach       A306    Records    DL 75141    unknown

Fantastique     A657    Philips    6500 774    Berlioz

Symphony for
Glenn           A712    Somerset SF-5400       Scored by Joseph Kuhn
Symphony for
Tommy            A776   Somerset SF-5700    unknown

Symphony for
Tommy            A572   Somerset P-5700     Tommy Dorsey (??)
Szell conducts          masterwo
Mozart           A879   rks      MG 30368   Mozart

1812 Festival           Mercury
Overture, op. 49 A934   Records   MG50054   Tchaikovsky

Ballet Suites:
Swan Lake/ The
Sleeping Beauty A923    Angel     35740     Tchaikovsky
Tchaikovsky             RCA
Concerto 1      none    Victor    LM-2252   Tchaikovsky

Tchaikovsky             Deutsche
Symphony 5 in           Grammop SLPM 138
E minor, op64.   A927   hon      658        Tchaikovsky

Tchaikovsky             RCA
Symphony No. 5 A472     Victor    LM-2239   Tchaikovsky

Symphony No. 6          Columbia
in B minor, Op.         Masterwo
74 "Pathetique" A296    rks      ML 5235    Tchaikovsky
Tchaikovsky             Masterwo
symphony no.5    A552   rks      MS 6312    Tchaikovsky
exerpts from
The Sleeping            RCA
Beauty           none   Victor    LM-2177   Tchaikovsky
Gala in                  RCA
Leningrad         A828   Victor   60739-6-RC    Tchaikovsky
Tchaikovsky:             al
Nutcracker Suite A417    Records none           tchaikovsky
Tchaikovsky:             Columbia
piano concertos          Masterwo
2, 3             A855    rks      ML 6155       Tchaikovsky

sleeping beauty A567     London     BA 42001    Tchaikovsky
Tchaikovsky:             Masterwo   MS 6437
Swan Lake         none   rks        ML 5837     Tchaikovsky
Tchaikovsky:             al
violin concerto   A574   Records    MSLP 5002   Tchaikovsky
piano concerto
no.1 in b flat           Whitehall
minor op.23       A461   Records WHS 40001      tchaikovsky

Tebaldi Festival,                               Verdi, Puccini, Rossini, Lara, Ponce,
volume 2          A401   London     OS 26113    Cardillo, Tosti, De Curtis, Rodgers

Ernie Ford               Capitol
"Spirituals"      A451   Records    SM-818      Unknown

Teresa Stratas,
The Unknown,
Kurt Weill      A304     Nonesuch D-79019       unknown
Teresa Stratas,
The Unknown,
Kurt Weill      A517     Nonesuch D-79019       Kurt Weill

Thais             A353   RCA        ARL3-0842   Massenet
                                              Stravinsky, Charbrier, Debussy,
                                              Rossini, Britten, Wagner, Ravel, Saint-
That                                          Saens, Smetana, Tchaikovsky,
Philadelphia                                  Khachaturian, Ippolitov-Ivanov,
Sound, 20                                     Kodaly, Prokofiev, Gliere, Orff, Grieg,
favorites         A707   Columbia M2X 786     Rimsky-Korsakov, Mussorgsky

                         DRG                  ?? (A new production) ?? Feuer and
The Act           A658   Records   DRG 6101   Martin?

The Art of Aksel
Schiotz: The
Romantic Era,
Volume 2         A 272   Odeon     MOAK 3     Brahms, Schumann, Grieg, Gade

The Band I
Heard in Tijuana A889    Somerset SF-110      unknown

The Best of
Edith Piaf
(Immortal "Little
Sparrow" of              Capitol
France)           A530   Records   DT 2616    unknown

The Best of the          Capitol
Nat King Cole            Records,
Trio              A615   EMI      N-16260     Nat Cole
The Canadian
Brass, More             RCA
greatest hits    A617   Victor    5628-1-RC     When Luise burned the letters

The Columbia
Album of
Gershwin         A799   Columbia C2L-1          of her unfaithful lover
The Columbia
New Releaser     A693   Columbia none
The Complete
Symphonies of
Haydn Volume                      STS
Three            A319   London    15127/30      Language: ENGLISH
The complete
symphonies of
haydn, volume
eight            A539   London    STS15310-15
The complete
symphonies of
haydn, volume                    STS 15319-
nine             A561   London   24             Generated by ardent fantasy;
The Debussy             Masterwo
Album            A445   rks      MG 30950       in a rapturous hour

The Desert
Song             A651   Angel     S-37319       brought into this world - Perish,
The Earth        A912   Records   WS 1705       you children of melancholy!

The Fantastic
Philadelphians   A625   RCA       ARD1-0017
The Fantastic
Philadelphians   A624   RCA       ARD1-0002      You owe the flames your existence,
The Fantasy
Film World of
Herrmann         A618   London    SP 44207       so I restore you now to the fire,

                        n (With
                        hon label
The Four                on the    2534 003 - -
Seasons          A487   side….)   10             with all your rapturous songs.

the gift of             Masterwo
christmas        A833   rks      CSS 706         various

The golden age
of dance bands A554     Somerset SF-9500

The Grand
Music hall of                                     I burn you now, and soon, you love-
Israel           A729   London    SW 99463       letters,

The Great Glenn         RCA
Miller          A676    Camden    CAL-751        there will be no trace of you here.
The Great
Masterpieces                                      Yet alas! the man himself, who wrote
vol.3           A458    Wyncote   W 9045         you,
The Great New
Virtuoso, Robert
Bohnke           A337   Everest   LPBR 6071      may still perhaps burn long in me.

                                 limited edition-
The Great               Columbia ---nothing is
Songs of                Masterwo even printed
Christmas       A837    rks      on the LP.       unknown

The Great
Songs of                Columbia
Christmas,              Masterwo
Album Three     A835    rks      CSP 117        unknown

The Great               Columbia
Songs of                Masterwo
Christmas       A832    rks      CSS 547        unknown
The Great                Columbia special
Songs of                 Masterwo edition (no
Christmas       A831     rks      label)        unknown

The Great Voice
of Birgit Nilsson A820   London    JL 41066     Wagner

The greatest
names in jazz,
chosen fo rthis
album from verv:
the world's
greatest jazz
catalogue        A562    unknown PRS 2-3        3 records, 26 artists
the greatest
voices of a
golden era,              Design
volume 1         A668    Records   DLP 121      unknown

The Happy                Melodiya,
Domra           A690     Angel     SR-40201     Paganini, Bizet/Sarasate, Shchedrin

                                                Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert,
The Heart of the         RCA                    Mendelssohn, Schumann,
String Quartet   A796    Victor    LM 1192      Tchaikovsky, Dvorak
The Horowitz
(1975/6)         A714    RCA       ARL1-1766    Schumann, Scriabin
The Kingdom       A577   Society  CS 2089     Elgar

The Koto
Connection        A371   Angel     S-37930    Various

The little               general
drummer boy       A605   electric  none       unknown ---children's songs

The many
moods of                 RCA
Belafonte         A587   Victor    LSP-2574   various

opera version of         Columbia
Johann Strauss'          Masterwo
Fledermaus       A859    rks      SL-108      Johann Strauss

The Moog                 RCA Red              Bach, Chopin, Mozart, Rachmaninoff,
Strikes Bach      A411   Seal    LSC-3125     Paganini and Prokofieff

The Most                 Warner
Beautiful Music          Bros.
of Hawaii         A790   Records   WS 1366    George Greeley

                         nal Award
The Music Man     A677   Series     AK-204    meredith willson

The notebook of
Magdalena Bach A757      Nonesuch DB-79020    Bach, mostly. Other composers.
The one and
only tommy               RCA
dorsey            A553   Camden     CAL-650     Tommy Dorsey (??)
The Original
Broadway Cast
Album:                   Decca
OKLAHOMA          A533   Records    DL 79017    Rodgers and Hammerstein

The Original
Sound of the
20's              A749   Columbia C3L 35        Gershwin, others.

The piano
wizardry of Jan          Mercury
August            A692   Wing       SRW 16254   various

The Planets       A384   RCA        AGL1-3885   Holst

The Ramsey
Lewis Trio        A850   Argo       LP-680      unknown

The Riches of                                   Johann Christoph Pezel, Anon. XVth
Brass of                 Musical                Century, Melchior Franck, Jean-
Yesterday and            Heritage               Baptiste Lully, Edmund Haines, Paul
Today             A447   Society    MHS 1446    Hindemith, Georges Barboteu
The Richest            Masterwo
Sound on Earth A684    rks      MGP 7       unknown

The Romantic           Cardinal
Flute           A369   Series   VCS 10010   Danzi, Reinecke, Widor
The Secret of
Susanna         A322   London   STS 15362   Wolf-Ferrari

The Seraphim                                Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert,
Guide to                                    Loewe, Schumann, Brahms, Wolf,
German Lieder   A285   Seraphim SIC-6072    Mahler, Richard Strauss
The Sound of
Genius          A694   Columbia none        unknown
The Sound of
Genius          A697   Columbia SOG-3       various
The sound of          of kapp
hollywood      A667   records) MS-7513      unknown

The Sound of          RCA
Music          A895   Victor    LSOD-2005   Rodger and Hammerstein

The Sound of          Masterwo              Richard Rodgers and Oscar
Music          A816   rks      KOL 5450     Hammerstein the 2nd

The Stage Door        Capitol
Swings         A373   Records   ST 1166     unknown
The Sting      A498   Records   MCA-390     A george roy hill film
The Story of
Christmas      A771   Epic      LC 3144     carols….

the swing Era,
benny goodman
into the '70's A532   Time Life STA 354     unknown
The Swing Era,
the music of
Times: Making a            Time Life
lot out of a little A507   Records STA 340     various

the swing era:
curtain call, the
sounds of swing A287       Time Life STA 352   unknown

The Swing Era:
Encore! The
Day of Great               Time Life
Entertainers      A508     Records STA 351     various
The Swing Era:          Time Life
One More Time none      Records STA 353       Not written

the Three suns          RCA
in 3/4 time      A560   Victor     LPM 3      unknown

Unforgettable           RCA                   Khachaturian, Rachmaninoff, Albeniz,
William Kapell   A702   Victor     LM-2588    Liszt

The unusual
Classical               Westmins              Bach, Sweelinck, Scarlatti, Clementi,
Synthesizer      A731   ter Gold WGS-8182     Bach, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven

The Very Best of        MGM
David Rose       A475   Records    E-4155     David Rose

The Washington
Post Marching
Band, 50
Fabulous                United
Marches        A764     Artists    UAS 6372   various

The Wiz          A899   Atlantic   SD 18137   Ken Harper (?)
The Wonderful
World of               Capitol
Christmas       A842   Records   SL-8000    unknown

The World of
Stan Getz
(Sampler)       A316   Verve     V6S-200    unknown

                                            Waldteufel, Strauss, Boccherini,
                                            Tchaikovsky, Liszt, Offenbach,
                                            Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Benjamin,
                                            Schonherr, Gould, Strauss, Grieg,
                                            Tchaikovsky, Anderson, Dinicu-
The World's                                 Heifetz, De Falla, Bolzoni,
Greatest                                    Tchaikovsky, Guarnieri, Guion, Gould,
Dances          A339   Red Seal CSC-0608    Khachaturian, Kay
the young
volume I        A564   educo     3044       unknown
the young
volume II       A666   educo     3045       unknown

Theme from
Sunday          A683   RCA       LSC-3245   Unknown
There are
Fairies at the
Bottom of our           RCA Red
Garden           A896   Seal    LRL 1-5007   Carthy Berberian

Leading Ladies          Harmony
Stage, Screen,          Headliner
and Radio        A741   Series    KH 32422   unknown

Leading Men,            Harmony
Stage screen            Headliner
radio            A309   Series    KH 32430   various

Three Penny             Masterwo
Opera            A631   rks      34326       joseph papp (????)
                                               Six centuries of carols from six
                                               european countries (Germany, austrai
Tis Christmas            CMS                   germany, spain, france,
Now               A774   Records    CMS 665    czechoslovakia/france)
Rossini                  RCA
Overtures         A616   Victrola   VIC-1274   Rossini
wagner, die
preludes one
and three,
preludes one
and three, a
faust overture,          RCA
siegfried idyll   A460   Victrola   VIC-1247   wagner

Treasures of the
Baroque          A826    Nonesuch H-79         Vivaldi, Handel, Purcell, Bach, Schutz

Tristan und              Grammop
Isolde            A541   hon      2713 001     Wagner

Williams: The
Lark Ascending,
Five Mystical            EMI/Ange
Songs           A400     l        DS-38244     Vaughan Williams

Venice            A501   Victor     LSC-2313   Verdi, Rossini, Offenbach, Ponchielli

Verdi &                  RCA
Toscanini         A335   Victor     LM-6041    Verdi
Verdi Requiem     A480   London    OSA-1294    Verdi

Verdi: La Forza
del Destino       A600   Angel     SDL-3765    Verdi

Verismo Arias:
Pavarotti         A797   London    LDR 10020   puccini and others

Victory at Sea    A570   Somerset SF-10900     Richard Rodgers

Viennese                 Time
Waltzes           A938   Records   S/2069      unknown

Violin Concerto   A779   al       none?        Tchaikovsky

VIVA              A469   Columbia CL 1075      Folk Songs?
Vivaldi: concerti        Columbia
op.8, nos. 5, 6,         Masterwo
7, 8              A718   rks      M 32693      Vivaldi

Vive Paris        A849   Records   S/2060      unknown
Ashkenazy plays
Liszt           A421    London   CS6719      Liszt

Volume 3: Bach          Masterwo
Organ Favorites A538    rks      MS7108      Bach

Voyag a Paris:
The Melodies of
Francis Poulenc A370    Hyperion A66147      Francis Poulenc

Wagner: Die
Walkure, Act 1
scene 3, exerpts
from Die
Gotterdammeru           RCA
ng               A591   Victor   LM-2452     Wagner

Wagner: Tristan
und isolde.
Prelude and
liebestod, other
overtures        A717   Epic     LC 3485     Wagner

quintet         A770    Muza     SX 1148     Bach, Mendelssohn, Khachaturian

                                             Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Paganini,
Warsaw                  Quintesse            Litolff, Grieg, Franck, Mozart,
Concerto        A793    nce       PMC 7014   Addinsell

Water Music,
complete        A263    Angel    36 173      Handel
Water Music,
Suite, The
Musick for the            L'Oiseau-
Royal Fireworks A922      Lyre      DSLO 595     Handel

when the organ
played at twilight A664   Decca     DL 5059      unknown
Kein schoner              Heimat
Land               A619   Melodie   PL 29650     Wiener Sangerknaben
William S.
Newman             A804   Educo     5005         J.S. Bach

World's Greatest          Tops                   Strauss, Rossini, Lehar, Weber,
Overtures        A500     Records   L1515        Nicolai, Beethoven
Yarbrough and
Cowan play
Reizenstein      A341     Orion     ORS 76232    Clementi, Schumann, Reizenstein

your dance date
with Les Brown A662       Columbia CL 6123       unknown

Yuri Butsko:              Made in   33A 034355---
White Nights     A706     USSR      56(a)         Y. Butsko

Zeller: Der
highlights       A621     Angel     S-37165      Carl Zeller

                          La Voix
                          de son    2C 167-
Zemire Et Azor   none     maitre    12881-2      Gretry

Zukerman plays
and conducts              Columbia
four vivaldi              Masterwo
concertos      A825       rks      M 32230       Vivaldi

Beethoven                 Deutsche
Bicentennial              Grammop STL-41 2563
Collection Vol. 1 A332    hon      019        L.V. Beethoven
                          Time Life
Giants of Jazz    A824    Records STL-J07          Jelly Roll Morton
Highlights from           Victor
Lucia Di                  Red Seal
Lammermoor        A907    Records LM-1710          Donizetti

Cendrillon        A485    orks)    M3 35194        Massenet
Ballad of                 Trading
Oklahoma          A331    Post     G8OL-6416       Bob Duncan

Carmen            A299    hon      2709 083        Georges Bizet

Liebeslieder              RCA
Waltzes                   Victor     LSC-2864      J. Brahms

Symphonies        A330    Philips    6500 528      Woldgang Amadeus Mozart

Ninth Symphony
(choral)       A348       Everest    Everest 3241 L.V. Beethoven

Symphony No. 9
in D minor
("Choral")     A385       Seraphim IB-6068         L.V. Beethoven

The Organ                 rks      DL-5288         E. Power Biggs

Treasury of               Miracle                Giovanni Gabrieli, Gesualdo, Lassus,
Great                     Sound     40 N1-thru   Lully, Monteverdi, Palestrina Schutz,
Opperettas      A399      Recording N9           Tallis
                A471      Columbia (Masterworks) Tchaikovsky
                                      MS 6437
Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake (Ballet Suite Op. 20)

Guitar Quintets   A763    Qualiton   LPX11344-45 Boccherini, Haydn
the swing Era,
benny goodman           Time Life
into the '70's A951     Records STA 354         unknown

Verdi Otello     A952   Victor     LDS-6155     Verdi

Tosca            A953   Angel      B/L-3655     Puccini

                                   440 070 516-
Cosi Fan Tutte   A954   Philips    1            Mozart

                                   440 071 509-
Boris Godunov    A955   London     1            Modest Mussorgsky

Madama                  Pioneer
Butterfly        A956   Classics   PC-94-023    Giacomo Puccini

                        Teldec     9031-73827-
Salome           A957   Video      6           Richard Strauss

Ernani           A958   Artists    PA-83-060    Giuseppe Verdi
La Donna del
Lago             A962   MRF        MRF-58 (3)   Rossini

Mozart: The
Vol. 7           A966   D173D3     L'Oiseau-Lyre Mozart
Mozart: The
Salzburg 1773-
1775              A967   A170D3    L'Oiseau-Lyre Mozart

A Liszt Recital   A968   Educo             3086 Liszt

The Barber of
Seville           A969   London    OSA 1381     Rossini

La Boheme         A970   Angel     3560 B/L     Puccini

Ornaments         A971   Educo             5034 Carol Lems-Dworkin, Bach

Mozart: the early
symphonies        A972   Philips   6747 099     Mozart

Tchaikovsky:             Columbia
Pathetique               (Masterw
Symphony No. 6 A973      orks)     MS 6160      Tchaikovsky
                         Time Life              Mascagni, Leoncavallo, Ponchielli,
Great Opera       A974   Records STL-OPo6       Giordano

Die Fledermaus A975      Stereo    3581 B/L     Johann Strauss

Through the
Years             A976   RCA       none         various
Great Men of
Music:                 Time Life
Beethoven      A978    Records STL 546         Ludwig van Beethoven

La Divina      A981    Angel    SCB-3743       various

Mendelssohn            Grammop
Barthtoldy     A982    hon      2530 126       Mendelssohn
Mennin Piano
Concerto       A983    LSC      LSC-3243       Mennin, Yarduimian

Mozart                 Columbia
Serenades      A984    Stereo   MS 7273        Mozart

Franz Schubert:        Grammop
Impromptus      A985   hon      139 149        Schubert

Heitor Villa-
Lobos and Franz
Liszt           A986   Educo              3118 Heitor Villa-Lobos, Franz Liszt
                                              Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart,
                                              Beethoven, Rossini, Schubert, Berlioz,
                                              Mendelssohn, Chopin, Schumann,
                                              Liszt, Wagner, Verdi, Franck, Johann
                                              Strauss, Jr., Brahms, Bizet,
Music of the                                  Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Grieg, Rimsky-
World's Great          Readers                Korsakov, Debussy, Richard Strauss,
Composers       A987   Digest    RDA01-A      Sibelius, Stravinsk

la traviata     A988   London    OSA 1366     Verdi
tchaikovsky:           RCA
symphony 5      A989   Victor    LSC-2239     Tchaikovsky

Offenbach La           RCA
Perichole       A990   Victor    LOC 1029     Offenbach

Carmen          A991   Victor    LM-6102      Bizet

Nine Beethoven         RCA
Symphonies     A992    Victor    LM-6901      Beethoven

Gustav Mahler:         Turnabout
Symphony No. 2 A993    Vox       TV 34249-50 Mahler
la traviata     A994   Red Seal LSC-6180     Verdi

Great Opera:
Mozart          A995   Time Life CSL-2033 A   Mozart
In London, In            Capitol                Gershwin, De Rose, Carmichael,
Love             A996    Records    T-10025     Kern, Noble and others

Rossini                  Victor
Overtures        A997    Red Seal LM-2040       Rossini

Toscanini        A998    Victrola   VICS-1337   Mendelssohn, Schumann

The Little               Design
Drummer Boy      A999    Records    DLPX-13     various

Carols           A1000   London     LL 913      various

Great Songs of
(album 4)        A1001   Columbia CSP 155 S     various
25 Greatest
Melodies         A1002   Vanguard VSD 67/68     various

Castles in Spain A1003   Columbia CL 888        various

Symphony No. 5 A1004     Angel      S-36885     Tchaikovsky

The Concert
Sound of Henry
Mancini        A1005     RCA VictorLPM-2897     Various
Scheherazade     A1006    Victor    LM 1732        Rimsky-Korsakov

Das Rheingold    A1007    London    A4340         Wagner
                                                  Cordiferro-Cardillo, Barbieri-E. de
Franco Corelli                                    Curtis, de Paolis-Tortorella, Bovio-
Sings                                             D'Annibale, de Flavis-Pennino, Murolo-
Neapolitan                                        Tagliaferri, Russo-di Capua, G.B. de
Songs            A1008    Angel             35852 Curtis-E. de Curtis
Butterfly        A1009    Columbia CL 869          Puccini

Strauss Waltzes A1010     Victor    LPM-1757       Strauss

Callas           A1011    Angel             36239 Rossini, Donizetti

Gordon Jenins
Manhattan                 Capitol
Tower            A1012    Records   T766           Gordon Jenkins

Patachou         A1013    Columbia CL 571          Maurice Chevalier
Boris Godunov    A1014    Victor   LM-6403         Modest Mussorgsky

Callas: Medea    A1015    Mercury   OL-3-104       Luigi Cherubini

                                                   W.C. Handy, Frand Schott-Stan
                                                   Wrightsman, Jimmie Davis-Eva
                                                   Sarget, Nat Shilkret, Gene Austin,
                                                   G.A. Norton, Bob Haggart, Ray
                                                   Bauduc, Hilton LaMare, Gus Mueller,
                                                   Buster Johnson, henry Busse, Leo
                          Coral                    Wood, Fred Meinken, Dave Ringle,
The Blues        A1016    Records   CRL 57284      Yank Lawson, Morty Corb

Golden Jubilee
concert, Vladimir         RCA Red
Horowitz          A1017   Seal    CRL 1-2633       Rachmaninoff
                                                Strauss, Brahms, Offenbach,
                                                Beethoven, Kreisler-Fields, Borodin,
                                                Sieczynski, Martini, Wagner, Saint-
                                                Saens, Kalman, Macdowell,
                                                Mendelssohn, Rimsky-Korsakov,
100 World's                                     Sibelius, Mascagni, Tchaikovsky,
Most Beautiful                                  Chopin, Leoncavallo, Granados, Saint-
Songs Album                                     Saens, Leibowitz, Sinding, Smetana,
No. 1             A1018    RCA       SMI 1-89   Boccherini, Rozsa

                                                Bazzini, Wieniawski, Sarasate, Vivaldi,
Itzhak Perlman:                                 Schumann, Paganini, Novacek, Joplin,
Virtuoso Violinist A1019   Angel     S-37456    Kreisler

                                                Zaret-North, Bernstein, David-Steiner,
                                                Cramer, Auric-Engvick, Tiomkin,
                                                Mercer-Raskin, Towne-Hadjidakis,
TheMagnificent                                  Gould, Cogswell-Peterson, Turner-
XII               A1020    Monaural LMM-13004   Parsons-Chaplin, Duran-Marks
Sibelius:                  Masterwo
Symphony 2        A1021    rks      ML 5207     Sibelius
                                                Berard & Llenas-Vie; Lucchesi-
                                                Lucchesi; Alain-Marnay; Phillippe-
                                                Gerard-Plante; Toledo-Manzon-
                                                Contet; Barcellini & Barelli-Contet;
                                                Richards-Delanoe; Porter-Larue; North-
                           Capitol              Delanoe; Salvador-Pon; Cordovil-
Paris Revisited   A1022    Records   T10036     Rouzaud
Firebird Suite;
Tchaikovsky:               Columbia
Romeo and                  Masterwo
Juliet            A1023    rks      ML 5182     Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky
                                               Tcaikovsky, Gershwin, Lehar,
                                               Debussy, chopin, Bizet, Gilbert-
100 World's                                    Sullivan, Dvorak, Puccini, flotow,
Most Beautiful                                 Verdi, Rodgers, Waldteufel,
Songs Album                                    Schumann, Millikin-Moore, Foster,
No. 2             A1024   RCA      SMI 1-90    Strauss, Binge, Handel, Ivanovici

The Covetous
Knight         A1025      Angel    SRBL-4121   Rachmaninoff
Mendelssohn: A
Night's Dream,
Rosamunde      A1026      Columbia MS 7002     Schubert, Mendelssohn

Sonata in B Flat
Op. Post. D.960 A1027     Angel    S-37495     Schubert

                                               Wagner, Brahms, Offenbach,
                          Time Life            Tchaikovsky, Strauss, Saint-Saens,
The Opulent Era A1028     Records STL 142      Bruckner

"Trout" Quintet   A1029   Stereo   MS 7067     Schubert

Schubert: Octet           Deutsche
in F Major D.             Grammop
803             A1030     hon      139 102     Schubert
Schubert           A1031   London    CS 6416    Schubert
Three Violin
Sonatas, Op                L'Oiseau-
137                A1032   Lyre      DSLO 565   Schubert

String Quartet in          Grammop
G Major D 887 A1033        hon      139 103     Schubert

Wolfgang                   Deutsche
Amadeus                    Grammop
Mozart             A1034   hon      138 949     Mozart
Serenade in B
Flat, K 361;
"Gran Partita"     A1035   Philips   839 734    Mozart

A Tribute to a
Great Musician:
Benjamin Britten   A1036   London    CS6741     Mozart, Schubert
Mozart: Piano
concertos in D             Deutsche
major and A                Grammop
major              A1037   hon      138 870     Mozart
Mozart: Early
Symphonies         A1038   Philips   6500 532   Mozart
Symphonies         A1039   London    CS7020     Schubert

Lucia Popp
sings Schubert
Lieder         A1040       Angel     DS-38139   Schubert
Symphony No. 9
in C Major     A1041       Stereo    SRV-218 SD Schubert

Schubert           A1042   Philips   6500 284   Schubert
Zubin Mehta:
Schumann           A1043   London    CS7039     Schumann

Ashkenazy plays
Schumann        A1044      London    CS 6471    Schumann

Piano Quartets     A045    Philips   9500 065   Schumann
Piano Concerto A1046       Columbia ML 6088        Schumann
Ashkenazy plays
Schubert        A1047      London   CS 6500        Schubert

Schubert                   Grammop
Symphonies         A1048   hon      2531 047       Schubert

Schubert Sonata
in G Major      A1049      London   CS6820         Schubert

The Barber of
Seville            A1050   London   OS 26007       Rossini

Don Quixote        A1051   London   CS 6593        Strauss
Mozart Horn
Concertos 1-4      A1052   London   CS 6403        Mozart

Kiri Te Kanawa     A1053   Angel    DS-38061       Ravel, Duparc
Concerto No. 2,
Op. 18             A1054   Stereo   CS 6390        Rachmaninoff
Concerto No 3      A1055   Stereo   CS 6359        Rachmaninoff
Sonata in C
minor, Kodaly:
Sonata, Op 4       A1056   Nonesuch H-1155         Rachmaninoff, Zoltan Kodaly
Ravel: The
Works              A1057   Angel             36108 Ravel

Ravel: Bolero;
Mussorgsky-                Deutsche
Ravel: Pictures            Grammop
at an Exhibition   A1058   hon      139 010        Ravel, Mussorgsky-Ravel
LP contents                                     LP artists
concerto for two pianos, percussion and
orchestra. Music for string instruments,        gold, fizdale, new york
percussion and celesta                          philharmonic, Bernstein

Liebestraum, concert etude no.2 in f minor,
consolation no3, mephisto waltz, concert
etude no.3 in d flat, major, valse oubliee,
hungarian rhapsody no.15, canzonetta del
salvator rosa, hungarian rhapsody no.2      philippe etremont, piano
                                            helen watts, margaret price,
                                            norma burrowes, benjamin
                                            luxon, ambrosian singers and
                                            orchestra nova of london,
Riders to the Sea/Magnificat                meredith davies as conductor
                                            metropolitan opera chorus and
                                            orchestra, conducted by wilfred
                                            pelletier, martinelli, jepson,
Otello (scenes)                             tibbett

raindrops keep fallin on my head, alfie, I'll
never fall in love again, this guy's in love
with you, paper mache, trains and boats
and planes, (they long to be) close to you,
you'll never get to heaven, the look of love,
to wait for love, the green grass starts to     Frank Chacksfield and his
grow, wive and lovers                           orchestra
the music lovers, kismet, nicholas and
alexandra, the loves of isadora, one two
three, the trial, rhapsody in blue, death in
venice, a clockwork orange, goodbye
again, fantasia, an evening with the royal      john keating conducts the
ballet                                          london symphony orchestra

St. Anne fugue in e flat, litlte fugue in g
minor, great fugue in g minor, fugue in a       The Philadelphia Orchestra,
minor, fugue in c mior, fugue in c              Eugene Ormandy as conductor

Inventions, sinfonias, preludes, fugues and
bourrees as transcribed and performed in George fields, and four-octave
unique milti-track recordings               chromatic and bass harmonicas.

madrigals, villancicos and part songs, 16th
and 17th centuries                          The Riverside Singers

die forelle, das dorfchen, standchen,
heidenroslein, gott in der natur,
nachtgesang im walde, gott meine
zuversicht, die nachtigall, standchen, la       wiener sangerknabe, farnberger,
pastorella, widerspruch                         harrer, gillesberger
Frauentanz op. 10, Two Songs for Soprano Berenice Bramson, Ruth
and Harp, Totengesange                   Schonthal

Benjamin Britten folk song arrangements:
including the foggy foggy dew, the plough
boy, thte minstrel boy , the sally gardens,
the ash grove, oliver cromwell                Robert Tear, Philip Ledger

The Testament of Freedom: Symphony            Utah Symphony, Maurice
no.1                                          Abravanel

Some Trees and Other Songs, Fragments         Phillis Curtin, Beverly Wolff,
from Sappho                                   Donald Gramm

ORR: along the field, when I watch the
living meet, farewell to barn and stack and
tree, when smoke stood up from ludlow, is
my team ploughing, the lads in their
hundreds, with rue my heart is laden, in
valleys green and still, ORR: while summer
on is stealing, bahnhofstrasse, HERBERT
HOWELLS: king david, come sing and
dance, merry margaret, the lady caroline,
the three cherry trees, on the merry first of Philip Langridge, Bruce Ogston,
may, the dunce, alas alack, miss T            Eric Parkin

Precessional: Let There be Light, Psalm
XXIV, Turn Ye Turn Ye, The Collection,
The Sixty-Seventh Psalm, Three Harvest
Home Chorales, Disclusure Soliloquy,
Serenity, Where the Eagle, In the Mornin',
Christmas Carol, A Christmas Carol,        Berkeley Chamber Singers,
General William Booth Enters into Heaven Alden gilchrist, director

seite 1-4                                     Das Jussi Bjorling

                                              Kurt Eichhorn as conductor of
Liszt: Symphonic Poem no.11, The Battle       the Munich Philharmonic
of the Huns, Symphonic Poem 2, Tasso-         Orchestra, Adolf Mennerich as
Lament and Triumph                            conductor of another part
quanto e bella, quanto e cara, una furtiva
lagrima, la rivedra nell estasi, di tu se
fedele, questa o quella, ella mi fu rapita, o
figli miei, ah! La paterna mano, ingemisco,
cujus animam, ah! Rimiro il bel sembiate,        Pavarotti, and a different
pour me rapprocher de marie, non piangere        orchestra/conductor for each
liu, tu che a dio spiegasti l' ali               track---which are not listed.
st. louis blues, baby face, I'm looking over a
four leaf clover, the sing song girl,
chinatown my chinatown, stars and stripes
forever, sleep, I'll see you in my dreams,
sweet sue just you, tea for two, la
golondrina, old folks at home, I dream of
jeannie with teh light brown hair, bye bye
blues, banjo boogie beat                         Eddie Peabody

                                                 Pierre Monteux conducting the
Excerpts from "the Sleeping Beauty"              London Symphony Orchestra

                                                 The Oslo Philharmonic
Tchaikovsky: Symphony no.6 in B minor,           Orchestra, Odd Gruner-Hegge
pathetique.                                      as conductor

                                                 Arthur Fiedler and the Boston
Strauss: Fledermaus and Gypsy Baron              Pops

                                                 Hugh Thompson, The Robert
                                                 Shaw Chorale, Robert Shaw,
                                                 Regina Resnik, James Melton,
                                                 Johnny Silver, Rise Stevens, Jan
                                                 Peerce, Paula Lenchner, Patrice
Die Fledermaus (highlights)                      Munsel, Robert Merrill

Volume II: JEUX, Poeme Danse, 3
nocturnes, khamma (ballet), printemps,           Orchestra of Radio Luxembourg,
images pour orchestre                            Louis de Froment as conductor
                                                 Teatro alla Scala, Maestro
                                                 Direttore e Concertatore, Tullio
                                                 Serafin, Maestro del Coro,
Cavalleria Rusticana                             Vittore Veneziani

im walde, zigeunerleben, abschied vom
walde, der wandernde musikant,
fruhlingsahnung, im wald, die schwalben,
birke am grunen bergeschang,                     bergedorfer kammerchor, leitung
abendsegen, es zog manch lied,                   helmut wormsbacher,
nachtgesang im walde der kuckuck, die            hornquartett des
kleine nachtigall, vier zigeunerlieder, in       philharmonischen
stiller nacht, ave maria                         staatsorchesters hamburg
                                             Stella, Corelli, Bastianini,
La Battaglia Di Legnano                      Gavazzeni

Vilia (merry widow-franz lehar), Marietta's
Lied, Thunder and Lightning Polka, Voices
of Spring, Im Chambre, Meine Lippen Sie
Kussen So Heiss, Overture to A Night In     Beverly Sills, Julius Rudel,
Venice, Einer Wird Kommen, Wien, Wien. London Philharmonic Orchestra
                                            chrous and orchestra of the
                                            bolshoi theater, conducted by
                                            boris khaikin, petrov, firsova,
Ivan Susanin; complete Opera, four acts     gres, klepatskaya, pankov,
and epilogue                                valaitis, mishutin

Bottesini Concerto No. 2 in B Major, Elegy
in D Major; Sperger Sonata in E Major;
Dragonetti Andante and Rondo in D Major      Ludwig Streicher, Max Valicek

The Middle Piano Concertos, K. 248, 271,     Vladimir Ashkenazy,
385, 413, 414, 415, 449, 450, 451, 453       Philharmonia Orchestra
The Late String Quartets, K.387, 421, 428,
458, 464, 465, 499, 575, 589, 590            Alban Berg Quartet
K. 67, 68, 69, 127, 144, 145, 165, 167,
195, 212, 224, 225, 241, 244, 245, 274,
278, 317, 328, 329, 427, 618, 626
K. 202, 297, 318, 338, 385, 425, 504, 543,
550, 551
The Middle Symphonies. K. 128-130, 132-      Academy of St. Martin-in-the-
134, 162, 181-184, 199, 200, 201             fields, Neville Marriner

String Duos and Quintets/Piano Quartets,
K. 174, 406, 423, 424, 478, 493, 515, 516,   Aeolian String QuartetJoseph
593, 614                                     Fuchs, Lillian Fuchs,
                                             Werner Krenn, Tom Krause,
                                             Georg Fischer, Edinburgh
The Marriage of Figaro/Masonic Music, K      Festival Chorus, London
148, 429, 468, 471, 477, 483, 484, 492,      Symphony Orchestra, Istvan
619, 623                                     Kertesz

                                             Wiener Sangerknaben, Pilar
                                             Lorengar, Rene Koilo, Hans
                                             Sotin, Stuart Burrows, Hermann
                                             Prey, Gerhard Stolze, Cristina
                                             Deutekom, Hanneke van Bork,
                                             Yvonne Minton, Hetty
                                             Plumacher, Martti Talvela,
                                             Vienna State Opera Chorus,
The Magic Flute/ The Abduction from the      Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra,
Seraglio, K. 384, 620                        Sir Georg Solti
                                          Mannheim Trio, Members of the
                                          Vienna Octet, Vladimir
                                          Ashkenazy, London Wind
Chamber Music with Winds/Piano Trios. K. Soloists, Paul Meisen, Members
254, 285, 285a, 285b, 298, 370, 407, 452, of the Kreuzberger String
496, 498, 502, 542, 548, 564, 581         Quartet

The Piano Sonatas. K. 279-284, 309-311,
330-333, 457, 475, 494, 533, 545, 570, 576 Vladimir Ashkenazy,
The Violin Sonatas, K. 296, 301-306, 359, Szymon Goldberg, Radu Lupu,
360, 376-380, 454, 481, 526, 547           Gyorgi Pauk
                                           Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Vienna
                                           Haydn Orchestra, Reinhard
                                           Peters, Fernando Corena,
Don Giovanni & Concert Arias for Bass K. Orchestra of the Royal Opera
527, 432, 433, 512, 513, 539, 196, 541,    House, Covent Garden, Argeo
584, 612, 621a, 492                        Quadri,

                                            Mayumi Fujikawa, Royal
                                            Philharmonic Orchestra, Walter
                                            Weller, Iona Brown, Carmel
                                            Kaine, Tess Miller, Kenneth
                                            Heath, Academy of St. Martin-in-
The Violin Concertos K. 190, 207, 211, 216, the-Fields, Neville Marriner, Alan
218, 219, 261, 268, 269, 271a, 364, 373     Loveday, Stephen Shingles

                                             Daniel Barenboim, English
                                             Chamber Orchestra, Vladimir
                                             Ashkenazy, Philharmonia
                                             Orchestra, Julius Katchen,
                                             Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra,
                                             Karl Munchinger, Karl Engel,
                                             Salzburg Mozarteum Orchestra,
                                             Leopold hager, Sir Clifford
                                             Curzon, London Symphony
The Late Piano Concertos K. 456, 459,        Orchestra, Istvan Kertesz, Alicia
466, 467, 482, 488, 491, 503, 537, 595       de larrocha, Sir Georg Solti

                                             Vienna Mozart Ensemble, Willi
                                             Boskovsky, Walter Lehmayer,
                                             Roland Berger, Alfred Staar,
                                             Rainer Kuchl, English Chamber
                                             Orchestra, Bengamin Britten,
                                             Emanuel hurwitz, Raymond
                                             Keenleyside, Cecil Aronowitz,
                                             Adrian Beers, Academy of St.
                                             martin-in-the-fields, Neville
The Early Serenades K. 63, 99, 100, 185,     Marriner, Vienna Philharmonic
203, 204, 239, 250, 286                      Orchestra, Karl Munchinger,
                                           Bath Festival Orchestra, Yehudi
                                           Menuhin, Sondon Wind Soloists,
                                           Jack Brymer, Academy of St.
                                           martin-in-the-Fields, Neville
The Late Divertimentos and Serenades K.    Marriner, Vienna Mozart
287, 289, 320, 334, 361, 375, 388, 522,    Ensemble, Willi Boskovsky,
525                                        Israel Philharmonic

                                           Vladimir Ashkenazy, Daniel
                                           Barenbolm, Fou Ts'ong, English
                                           Chamber Orchestra, London
                                           Symphony Orchestra, Hans
                                           Schmidt-lsserstedt, Istvan
                                           Kertesz, Roland Berger, Vienna
                                           Mozart Ensemble, Willi
                                           Boskovsky, Barry Tuckwell,
                                           Peter Maag,Milan Turkovic, Jurg
                                           Schaeftlein, Mozarteum
                                           Orchestra, Leopold Hager,
                                           William Bennett, George
                                           Malcolm, Hermann Baumann,
Wind Concertos/Early Piano Concertos K.    Karl Otto Hartmann, Werner
175, 191, 238, 242, 297b, 299, 313, 314,   Tripp, Hubert Jellinek, VKarl
371, 382, 386, 412, 417, 447, 495, 622     Munchinger, Gervase de Peyer.
                                           John Reed, Donald Adams,
                                           George Cook, Philip Pottter,
                                           Owen Brannigan, Valeria
                                           Masterson, Jean Allister, Pauline
                                           Wales, Susan Maise, Christene
The Pirates of Penzance (or The Slave of   Palmer, conducted by Isidore
Duty)                                      Godfrey O.B.E.

                                           Lina Pagliughi, Ferruccio
                                           Tagliavini, Cesare Siepi, Anna
                                           Maria Anelli, Wanda Ruggeri,
                                           Pier Luigi Latinucci, Armando
                                           Benzi, Symphony Orchestra of
                                           Torino della Radio-televisione
                                           Italiana-Cetra Chorus Orchestra
                                           Cond. By Franco Capuana/
La Sonnambula                              Chorus Cond. By Giulio Mogliotti
Antonio Botto, Conducting Orchestra and
Chorus of La Piccola Scala, Edinburgh      Callas, Cossotto, Monti,
Festival                                   Zaccaria

                                           M. Bieshu, G. Grigoryan, L.
Norma                                      Nam, G. Seleznev
Charles Munch conduct's Berlioz's The
Damnation of Faust, OP. 24                 Boston Symphony Orchestra
                                           Troyanos, Domingo, Tekanawa,
Sir Georg Solti conducts Bizet's Carmen    Vandam
                                          Troyanos, Domingo, Tekanawa,
Sir Georg Solti conducts Bizet's Carmen   Vandam

Royal Hunt and Storm from "Les Treyens", Daniel Barenboim, Orchestre de
Suite from "Romeo and Juliette"          Paris

                                          Boston Symphony Orchestra,
New Orthophonic; Complete version         Charles Munch, conductor
                                          Gonzalez, Mariategui,
                                          Dickerson, McKee, Baleani,
                                          Peters, Stilgoe, Orchestra of
                                          Radiotelefi Eireann conducted
                                          by Kenneth Montgomery
L'Ajo Nell' Imbarazzo                     Wexford Festival 1974
                                          Spoorenberg, Gedda, Vroons,
                                          Margarethe, Van Sante,
                                          Gaveston, Driessen, Orchestra
                                          and chorus of the Holland
                                          Festival conducted by C.
The Golden Age of Opera; 4 parts          Fournet

                                          Gottlieb, Farley, Alliot-Lugaz,
                                          Oliver, Symphony Orchestra and
live recording of the world premiere;     Chorus of the National Opera of
Brussels October 1983                     Belgium Pierre Bartholomee

                                          Ferrin, Roberti, Rossi, Meliciani,
                                          Mori, Carbonari, Maganotti,
                                          Salvodi, Begali, Orchestra and
                                          Chrous of the Teatro Donizetti,
                                          Bergamo, cunducted by Adolfo
The Golden Age of Opera; 4 parts          Camozzo

                                          Sutherland, Pavarotti,
                                          Tourangeau, Morris, Soyer,
                                          orchestra del Teatro Comunale
Acts I, II, and III                       di Bologna Bonynge
                                          Crespin, Minton, Jungwirth,
                                          Donath, The Vienna
Acts I, II, and III                       Philharmonic Orchestra, Solti
                                          Prey, Brokmeier, Bohme, Moser,
                                          Dallapozza, Litz, Rothenberger,
Comic Opera in 3 Acts                     Berry
                                          Zubin Mehta conducting the New
Part I and Part II                        York Philharmonic
                                          The Orchestra and Chorus of
                                          the Berlin Opera Company
                                          conducted by Robert Stolz;
                                          Wachter, Shock, Kusche,
The Gypsy Baron                           Schmitt-Walter, Hazy
                                       Anny Konatzni, Danica Ilitsch,
                                       Martha Modl, Franz Klarwein,
                                       Hans Braun, Wilhem Felden,
                                       Dorothea Frass, Dimitri
Electra                                Mitropoulos
                                       Lucia Popp, Werner Hollweg,
                                       Hermann Prey, Kurr Moll, Heinz
                                       Kruse, Franz Grundheber, Kari
                                       Lovaas, Heanette Scovotti,
                                       Munich Philharmonic, Gary
Opera in three acts                    Bertini
                                       Joan Sutherland, National
Esclarmonde                            Philharmonic Orchestra
                                       Pier Miranda Ferraro, Armando
Guglielmo Patcliff                     La Rosa Parodi
                                       Mirella Freni, Luciano pavarotti,
L'amico Fritz                          Vincenzo Sardinero

                                       Benjamin Gigli, Rina Gigli, Alfro
                                       Poli, Beppe, Orchestra and
L'amico Fritz                          chorus, Gianandrea Gazazzeni
                                       Victoria de los Angeles, Pierre
                                       Monteux, Henri Legay & Michel
                                       Dens, Paris Opera-Comique,
Manon                                  Pierre Monteux
                                       Renee Doria, Gines Sirera,
                                       Gisele Ory, Adrien Legros, Elya
                                       Waisman, Orchestre
                                       Symphonique de la Garde
Sapho                                  Republicaine, Roger Coutry

                                       Margot Guillaume, Hetty
                                       Plumacher, Werner Hohmann,
                                       Gustav Neidlinger, Elinor Junker-
                                       Giesen, Gertrud Jenne, Alfred
                                       Pfeifle, Orchestra and Chorus of
                                       Stuttgart, conducted by Rolf
The Girl in Gardener's Disguise        Reinhardt
                                       Falachi, Ferrari, Gata, Pontiggia,
                                       Rota, Fiorenza Cossotto,
                                       Angelicum Orcestra and
                                       Polyphonic Chorus of Milan,
                                       Carlo Felice Cillario as
Lucio Silla, K. 135                    conductor
                                       Welitsch, Schwartzkopf,
Don Giovanni                           Furtwangler

Rosa Ponselle as Norma and other famous
heroines                                Rosa Ponselle
                                    Erna Berger, Annaliese Mueller,
                                    Peter Anders, with the Radio
                                    Berlin Chorus and Orchestra,
Tales of Hoffman                    Arthur Rother as conductor

                                    Mady Mesple, Michel Senechal,
                                    Charles Burles, Michel
                                    Trempont, Jane Rhodes, Jane
                                    Berbie, Michele Pena, Michele
                                    Command, Bruce Brewer Andre
                                    Mallabrera, Hean-Philippe
                                    Lafont, Orchestra & Chorus of
Orphee aux Enfers (Orpheus in the   the Capitole de Toulouse, Michel
Underworld                          Plasson
                                    Teresa Berganza, Jose
                                    Carreras, Gabriel Bacquier,
                                    Orchestra & Chorus of the
                                    Capitole de Toulouse, Michel
La Perichole                        Plasson

                                    Siegfreid Jerusalem, Jeanette
                                    Scovotti, Dietrich Fischer-
                                    Dieskau, Norma Sharp, Kurt
                                    Moll, Julia Varady, Friedrich
                                    Lenz, Ilse Gramatzki, Klaus
                                    Hirte, Hanna Schwarz, Chor des
                                    Bayerischen Rundfunks,
                                    Munchhner Rundfunkorchester,
Hoffmanns Erzahlungen               Heinz Wallberg

                                    Jean-Pierre Laffage, Elisabeth
                                    Schwarzkopf, Jean-Christophe
                                    Benoit, Niccolai Gedda, Ernest
                                    Blanc, Jacques Loreau, Victoria
                                    De Los Angeles, Robert Geay,
                                    Choeurs Rene Duclos,
                                    Orchestre de la Societe des
                                    Concerts du Conservatoire,
The Tales of Hoffmann               Andre Cluytens
                                    Mady Mesple, Alain Vanzo,
                                    Orchestre et Choeurs du
                                    Capitole de Toulouse, Michel
La Grande Duchess de Gerulstein     Plasson

                                    Anita Cerquetti, Giulietta
                                    Simionato, Mario Del Monaco,
La Gioconda                         Ettore Bastianini, Cesare Siepi

                                    Fritz Wunderlich, Sena Jurinac,
                                    Christa Ludwig, Walter Berry,
                                    Otto Wiener, Orchestra and
Palestrina                          chorus directed by Robert Heger
                                           Dora Gatta, Salvatore Gioia,
                                           Agostino Ferrin, Angiola Vercelli,
                                           Giuseppe Zecchillo, Alfredo
Nina or La Pazza Per Amore                 Nobile
                                           Chorus and Orchestra of the
The Devils of Loudun                       Hamburg State Opera

                                          M. Mesple, C Stutzmann, C.
                                          Burles, B. Sinclair, J. Giraudeau,
                                          J. C. Benoit, A. Tallard, C.
                                          Roeder, A. Verlen, J. Bussard,
The Chimes of Normandy                    Jean Doussard as conductor
                                          Wilhelm Furtwangler as
The Ring of the Nibelung (Das Rheinggold, conductor, Live performance at
Die Walkure, Siegfried, Gotterdammerung) La SCALA, Milan (1950)

                                           Bernard Michaelis, Eduard
                                           Wollitz, Antonia Fahberg, Polna
                                           Savridi, Gerald English,
                                           Maureen Lehane, William
                                           Whitesides, Eduard Wollitz,
                                           Reinhold Bartel, Andre Peysang,
                                           Helmut Kretschmar, Bernhard
                                           Michaelis, Margarethe Bence,
Il Ritorno D'Ulisse In Patria              Director is Rudolf Ewerhart

                                           Giuseppe Taddei, Maria Curtis
                                           Verna, Cesare Valletti, Carla
                                           Cavazzi, Antonio Zerbini, Elda
                                           Ribetti, Italo Tajo, Vito Susca,
                                           Symphony Orchestra and
                                           Chorus of Torino della Radio-
                                           televisione Italiana Orchestra
                                           conducted by Max Rudolf /
                                           Chorus conducteed by Rugger
Don Giovanni                               Maghini

                                           Italo Tajo, Gabriella Gatti,
                                           Fernando Corena, Sesto
                                           Bruscantini, Angelo Mercuriali,
                                           Alda Noni, Graziella Sciutti,
                                           Jolanda Gardino, Miti Truccato
                                           Pace, Cristiano Dalamangas,
                                           Manfredi Ponz de Leon,
                                           Symphony Orchestra and
                                           Chorus of Roma della radio-
The Marriage of Figaro/Masonic Music, K    televisione italiana Orchestra,
148, 429, 468, 471, 477, 483, 484, 492,    Fernando Previtali, Gaetano
619, 623                                   Riccitelli
                                           Galina Vishnevskaya, Irina
                                           Arkhipova, Vladimir Atlantov,
                                           Yevgeny Nesterenko, Bolshoi
                                           Theater Orchestra & Chorus,
The Tsar's Bride                           Fuat Mansurov
                                         Soloists, Moscow Radio Chorus,
                                         Opera, and Symphony
                                         Orchestra, Alexei Kovalyov,
Le Coq d'Or (The Golden Cockerel)        Yevgeni Akulou, Conductors
                                         Soloists, Polyphonic Chorus and
                                         Orchestra of the Angelicum,
                                         Milan, Carlo Felice Cillario as
La Betulia Liberata, K. 118 (oratorio)   conductor

                                         Magda Olivero, Ettore Bastianini,
                                         Boris Christoff, Orchestra e Coro
                                         del Teatro Comunale di Firenze,
Mazeppa                                  Jonel Perlea

                                         Rudolf Schock, Hilde Gudeden,
                                         Fritz Ollendorff, Lotte Schaedle,
                                         Hilde Konetzni, Peter Minich,
                                         Berlin Symphony Orchestra and
                                         Berlin Opera Choir conducted by
The Beggar Student (Der Bettelstudent)   Robert Stolz

                                         Sutherland Milnes, Tourangeau
                                         Ghiaurov, Lima Morris, National
Le Roi De Lahore (Massenet)              Philharmonic Bonynge

                                         Paolo Washington, Gino
                                         Sinimberghi, Antonio Savastano,
                                         William Jones, Loris Gambelli,
                                         Mario Machi, Maria Parazzini,
                                         Miwako Matsumoto, Giovanna
                                         Di Rocco, Oberdan Traica,
                                         Orchestra and chorus conducted
Il Bravo                                 by Gariele Ferro

                                         Mario Borriello, Agostino Lazzari,
                                         Angelica Tuccari, Gianna Galli,
                                         Bianca Maria Casoni, Italo Tajo,
                                         Leonardo Monreale, Carlo Cava
                                         Artisti del Coro del Teatro San
                                         Carlo di Napoli, Maestro as
La Gazzetta                              Michele Lauro

                                         Janet Price, Christian Plessis,
                                         Bonaventura Bottone, Maurice
                                         Arthur, John Tomlinson, Hilary
                                         Western, Alan Woodrow,
                                         Chorus of the Northern Ireland
                                         Opera Trust, chorus master is
Virginia                                 Elizabeth Bicker
                                         Ligabue, Rota, Cundari,
                                         Munteanu, Ratti, Chorus and
                                         Orchestra conducted by Carlo
Ascanio in Alba                          Felice Cillario
                                           Hilde Gueden, George London,
Arabella                                   Lisa Della Casa
                                           Beverly Sills, Nicolai Gedda,
                                           Rolando Panerai, John Alldis
                                           Choir & Royal Philharmonic
La Traviata                                Orchestra, Aldo Ceccato
                                           Sherill Milnes, Fiorenza
                                           Cossotto, Jose Carreras,
Macbeth                                    Ruggero Raimondi

Ballet Music                               Antonio De Almeida
                                           Arthur Fiedler, Boston Pops
Varoius                                    Orchestra

National Emblem March (Bagley), Chester,
Mood Indigo (ellington), Hoedoen from
"Rodeo" (Copland), Shenandoah, Seing in
the Clowns from "A Little Night Music"
(Sondheim), Sleigh Ride (Anderson),
Selections from Grand Canyon Suite
(Grofe), Arkansas Traveler (Guion), Home
on the Range, Streets of Laredo, The
Surrey with the Fringe on Top from
"Oklahoma" (Rodgers), Tennessee Waltz
(King), Down in the Valley, Don't Fence Me
In from the film "Hollywood Canteen"
(Porter), Excerpts from "Cakewalk"
(Gottschalk), Waltz Medley (Rodgers),
Three Dances from "Fancy Free"             Arthur Fiedler, Boston Pops
(Bernstein)                                Orchestra
                                           Arthur Fiedler, Boston Pops
Various                                    Orchestra
                                           Arthur Fiedler, Boston Pops
Various                                    Orchestra
                                           Arthur Fiedler, Boston Pops
various latin rhythms                      Orchestra

Tchaikovsky-Waltz from "Serenade for
String Orchestra in C Major", Waltz of the
Snowflakes, Waltz of the Flowers, Walts
from "Sleeping Beauty", Waldteufel-The
Skaters, Estudiantina Waltz, Komzak-Girls
of Baden, Delibes-Swanilda's Waltz, Drigo-
Valse Bluette, Anderson-The Waltzing Cat,
Stolz-Two Hearts in Three-Quarter Time,
Rose-Out Waltz, Reed-Mason-The Last
Waltz, Jolly Fellows, Waltz from Faust,
Musetta's Waltz from "La Boheme",
Waltzes from "The Count of Luzemburg",
Gold and Silver Waltz, Music of the
Spheres, Secret Attractions, Doctrines,
Artist's Life, Roses from the South, By the Arthur Fiedler, Boston Pops
Beautiful Blue Danube                       Orchestra
"The Man I Love" from Lady, Be Good, "Oh,
Kay" Overture, "Funny Face" Overture,
Strike up The Band, Girl Crazy Overture, Of
Thee I Sing Overture, Let 'Em Eat Cake
Overture, They Can't Take That Away From
Me, Love is Here To Stay, Concerto in F,
for Piano and Orchestra, Prelude No. 1-3,
Second Rhapsody for Orchestra with          Arthur Fiedler, Boston Pops
Piano, An American in Paris, I got Rhythm, Orchestra, Peter Nero, Emanuel
A Symphonic Picture of Porgy and Bess.      Borok, Earl Wild,

Prelude to Act II of "Lohengrin" (Wagner),
Overture to "Oberon" (Weber), Overture to
"William Tell" (Rossini), Overture to
"Orpheus in the Underworld" (Offenbach),
Overture to "La Belle Helene" (Offenbach),
Overture to "La Grande Duchesse de
Gerolstein" (Offenback), Overture Di Ballo
(Sullivan), Carnival Overture, Op. 92
(Dvorak), Cuban Overture (Gershwin),
Festive Overture (Shostakovich), An
Outdoor Overture (Copland), Overture to
"The Merry Wives of Windsor" (Nicolai),
Overture to "Candide" (Bernstein), Poet
and Peasant Overture (von Suppe),
Overture to "Il Guarany" (Gomes), 1812     Arther Fiedler and the Boston
Overture (Tchaikowsky)                     Pops Orchestra

Excerpts from "tales of Hoffmann"
(Offenbach), Schatz-Walzer from "Der
Zigeunerbaron" (J. Strauss), Du und Du
Waltzes from "Die Fledermaus" (J.
Strauss), Mack the Knife (Moritat) from
"The Threepenny Opera", Polonaise from
"Eugene Onegin" (tchaikowsky), The Love
for Three Oranges Suite (Prokofiev), Largo
from "Xerxes" (handel), Dream Pantomime
from "Hansel und Gretel" (Humperdinck),
Ride of the Valkyries from "Die Walkure"
(Wagner), Ballet Music from "Aida" (Verdi),
Intermezzo from "Cavallerioa Rusticana"
(Mascagni), Bacchanale from "Samson et
Dalila" (Saint-Saens), Excerpt from "Le
Cid": Argonaise (Massenet), Excerpts from
"La Boheme" (puccini), Excerpts from        Arther Fiedler and the Boston
"madame butterfly" (Puccini)                Pops Orchestra
Fireproof Polka, Op. 269 (Josef Strauss),
Pizzicato Polka (Strauss), Chit-Chat Polka,
Op. 214 (strauss), Champagne Plka, Op.
211 (Strauss), Thunder and Lightning Polka-
Schnell Op. 234 (Strauss), Concert-Polka
for Two Violins and Orchestra, Polka from
"The Age of Gold" Op. 22a (Shostakovich),
Acceleration Waltzes, Op. 234 (Strauss),
Wunderbar from "Kiss Me Kate" (Porter),
Waves of the Danube (ivanovici), Belle of
the Ball (Anderson), Fugue a la Gigue
(Bach), Minuet from STring Quintet in E
Flat Major Op. 13 No. 5 (Boccherini),
Minuetto (Bolzoni), Galop from "Genevieve
de Brabant" (Offenbach), Grand Galop
Chromatique Op. 12 (Liszt), Artists'
Quadrille Op. 201 (Strauss), Hungarian
Dance No. 6 in D Flat Major (Brahms),
Arabian Dance from Peer Gynt Suite No. 2
Op. 55 (grieg), Danse Macabre, Op. 40
(saint-saens), Danze Piemontesi Op. 31
(Sinigaglia), Excerpts from "La Boutique
Fantasque" (Rossini), Excerpts from the
ballet "Interplay" (gould), Mosquito Dance
from Five Miniatrures for Orchesta (White),
Variations on The Varsity Drag from "Good
News" (DeSylva-Brown_henderson), Hora
Staccato (Dinicu), Hava Nagila, Wedding
Dance from "Hassaneh" (Press), Dancing Arthur Fiedler, Boston Pops
through the years medley                    Orchestra

Star Dust, The Night Was Made for Love,
Sweet and Lovely, You and the Night and
the music, I Let a Song o Out of My Heart,
Deep Purple, Stairway to the Stars,
Moonlight Serenade, Moonlight Cocktail, A
String Of Pearls, Sleepy Lagoon, Tenderly,
Blue Moon, That's for Me, It's A Grand
Night for Singing, More than Just a Friend,
Nobody Told Me, Love Makes the World
Go, Look No Further, And This IS MY
Beloved, Misty, What the World Needs
Now Is Love, The Look of Love, I'll Never
Fall in Love Again, Theme from Love Story,
We've Only Just Begun, Rainy Days, Song
Sung Blues, The First Time Ever I Saw
Your Face, You Are The Sunshine of My
LIfe, Time in a bottle, Killing My Softly With
HIs Song, Music from Across The Way,
Goodbye to Love, Love's Theme, Love will Arthur Fiedler, Boston Pops
keep us together                               Orchestra
A Night On Bald Mountain (Mussorgsky),
Overture from The Nutcracker
(Tchaikowsky), Andante Cantabile from
String Quartet No. 1 in D Major, Op. 11
(Tchaikowsky), In The Steppes of Central
Asia (Borodin), Overture from "Prince Igo"
(Borodin), Song fo India from "Sadko"
(Rimsky-Korsakov), King Dodon on the
Battlefield from "Le Coq d'or" (Rimsky-
Korsakov), Russian Easter Overture, Op.
36 (Rimsky-Korsakov), Rhapsody on a
Theme of Paganini Op. 43 (Rachmoninoff),
Carnival OVerture Op. 45 (Glazunov),
Danse Infernale from "The Firebird"
(Stravinsky), Lullaby from "Gayne" Balley
Suite (Khachaturian), Galop from
Masquerade Suite (Khachaturian),
Incidental Music to "Hamlet"               Arthur Fiedler, Boston Pops
(Shostakovich),                            Orchestra, Leonard Pennario

Sophisticated lady, I Got IT Bad and That
Ain't Good, Satin Doll, Caravan, Do Nothin'
Till You Hear from Me, I'm Beginning to
See the Light, Solitude, All the Way, April in
Paris, Danny Boy, Be My Love, Brazil, Whn
Day is Done, The Girl from Ipanema, A
Song after Sundown, Where do you go,
three ballads for Stan, Scherzo from
Concerto Symphonique no 4 (litolff),
Symphonic Variations (Franck), This Guy's        Arthur Fiedler, Boston Pops
in love with you, I'm thinking Tonight of My     Orchestra, Al Hirt, Cht Atkins,
Blue Eyes, WInd and Warm, Cold Cold              Robert Moore, Jerry Carrigan,
Heart, Medley: The Battle of New                 John Greubel, Henry Strzelechi,
Orleans/Sugarfoot Rag, Delilah, I'll Fly         Leonard Pennario, John Lamb,
Away, Country Gentleman, Java, Eli Eli,          Louis Bellson, Duke Ellington,
Carnival of Venice, Pavanne from                 Kate Smith, Jim Hall, Gary
American Symphonette No. 2 (Gould),              Burton, Steve Swallow, Roy
Bugler's Hliday, A Trumpeter's Lullaby           Haynes
Concerto for Organ and Orchestra in G
Minor, Op. 4 No. 3 (Handel), Concerto for
Organ and Orchestra in B Flat Major, Op.
7, No. 6 (handel),, Concerto No. 5 for
Harpsichord, Strings and Continuo in F
Minor, BMV 1056 (Bach). Third movement:
, Concerto for Piano and Orchestra In A
minor, Op. 53 (Schumann). Second
Movement, Concerto for Piano and              Arthur Fiedler, Boston Pops
Orchestra in A Minor, Op. 16 (Grieg) Frist    Orchestra, Stan Getz, Susan
Movement, Concerto No. 2 for Piano and        Starr, Al Hirt, Alfred Krips,
Orchestra in C Minor, Op. 18                  George Zazofsky, Rolland
(Rachmaninoff). Third movement, Concerto      Tapley, Roger Shermont,
No. 1 for Organ and Orchesttra in C Major     Vladimir Resnikoff, Harry Ellis
(Haydn), Trumpet Concerto in E Flat Major     Dickson, Einar Hansen, Gottfried
(Haydn), Violin Concerto in E Minor, Op. 64   Wilfinger, Fredy Ostrovsky,
(Mendelssohn), Concerto No. 1 for Piano       Minot Beale, Herman Silberman,
and Orchestra in G Minor, Op. 25              Stanley Benson, Leo
(Mendelssohn), Concerto No. 1 for Piano       Panasevich, Sheldon Rotenberg,
and Orchestra in B Flat Minor, Op. 23         Noah Bielski, Alfred Schneider,
(Tchaikovsky), Tanglewood Concerto            Max Windr, Julius Shulman, Carl
(sauter)                                      Weinrich, Ralph Votapek
                                              Leoni Rysanek, Irmgard
                                              Seefried, Dietrich Fischer-
                                              Dieskau, Ernst Hafliger, Gottlob
Fidelio                                       Frick
Arias from Lohengrin (Wagner),
Tannhauser (Wagner), Tristan Und Isolde
(Wagner), Carmen (Bizet), Samson et
Dalila (Saint-Saens), Manon (massenet),
Aida (Verdi), La Boheme (Puccini), La
Regata Veneziana (Rossini), Granada
(Lara), Estrellita (Ponce), Catari, Catari
(Cardillo), A Vucchella (Tosti), Non Ti       Richard Bonynge, Antone
Scordar Di Me (De Curtis), If I Loved You     Guadagno, The New
(Rodgers)                                     Philharmonia Orchestra
                                              Franco Cecchele, Elena Suliotis,
                                              Piero Cappuccilli, Gianandrea
Loreley                                       Gavazzeni
                                              Magda Olivero, Giuseppe
                                              Gismondo, Antonio Boyer, Anna
                                              Di Stasio, Fernanda Cadoni, Elio
Resurrezione                                  Boncompagni
Gli Abencerragi                               Cerquetti, Giulini
                                              Sylvia Sass, Veriano Luchetti,
                                              Magda Kalmar, Klara Takacs,
                                              Kolos Kovats, Budapest
                                              Symphony Orchestra, Lamberto
Medea                                         Gardelli
                                              Joan Sutherland, Josephine
                                              Veasey, Luciano Pavarotti,
                                              Cornelius Opthof, Londond
Beatrice di Tenda                             Symphony, Richard Bonynce
I Capuletti ed I Montecchi               Cossotto, Pastore, Maazel

                                         Eleanor Steber, Rosalind Elias,
                                         Regina Resnik, Nicolai Gedda,
                                         Giorgio Tozzi, George
                                         Cehanovsky, Robert Nagy,
                                         Dimitri Mitropoulos, Metropolitan
Vanessa                                  Opera Orchestra and Chorus

                                         Laurel Hurley, Giulietta Cassilly,
I Capuletti ed I Montecchi               Tebaldo Flagello, David Smith
                                         Joan Sutherland, Nicola Monti,
                                         Sylia Stahlaman, Fernando
                                         Corena, Margreta Elkins,
                                         Richard Bonynge, Orchesta and
                                         Chorus of the Maggio Musicale
La Sonnambula                            Fiorentino
                                         Callas, Miranda Ferraro, Ego
Il Pirata                                Rescigno

                                         Alda Noni, Giulietta Simionato,
                                         Cesare Valletti, Sesto
                                         Bruscantini, Ornella Rovero,
                                         Antonio Cassinelli, Orchestra
                                         Stabile del Maggio Musicale
Il Matriomonio Segreto                   Fiorentino, Manno Wolf-Ferrari
                                         Robert Tear, Elizabeth Harwood,
                                         John Shirley-Quirk, The John
                                         Alldis Choir & Royal
A Village Romeo & Juliet, Opera in Six   Philharmonic Orchestra,
Scenes                                   conducted by Meredith Davies

                                         Beverly Sills, Robert Ilosfalvy,
                                         Peter Glossop, Beverly Wolff,
                                         Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,
                                         Charles Mackerras, Ambrosian
Roberto Devereux (Elizabeth and Essex)   Opera Chorus, John McCarthy

                                         Montserrat Caballe, Bernabe
                                         Marti, Piero Cappuccilli, Ruggero
                                         Raimondi, Orchestra and chorus
                                         of Radiotelevisione Italiana
Il Pirata                                (Rome), Gianandrea Gavazzeni

                                         Leyla Gencer, Jose Carreras,
                                         Matteo Manuguerra, Tatiana
                                         Troyanos, N. Rescigno as
Lucrezia Borgia                          conductor
                            Montserrat Caballe, Shirley
                            Verrett, Alfredo Kraus, Ezio
                            Flagello, RCA Italiana Opera
                            Orchestra and Chorus, Jonel
Lucrezia Borgia             Perlea as conductor
                            Catarina Mancini, Amedeo
                            Berdini, Gian Giacomo Guelfi,
                            Aldo Bertocci, Nestore Catalani,
                            Manfredo Pons de Leon, Dario
                            Caselli, Orchestra and chorus of
                            Rai, Roma, conductor Fernando
Il Duca D'Alba              Previtale

                            Pieter van den Berg, Philip
                            Langidge, Renato Capecchi,
                            Ana Philippo, Iet Kiel, Peter
                            Lehmann Bedford, Nico Bier,
                            CorKahlmann, Vittorio Pontillo,
                            Orchestra and chorus of the
                            Zaanstad Opera, Holland,
Il Borgomastro Di Saardam   conductor Jan Schaap
                            Beverly Sills, Carlo Bergonzi,
                            Piero Cappuccilli, Justino Diaz,
                            London Symphony Orchestra,
                            conductor Thomas Schippers,
Lucia Di Lammermoor         Bruno Hoffmann
                            Beverly Sills, Shirley Verrett,
                            Stuart Burrows, Paul Plishka,
                            London Symphony Orchestra,
Anna bolena                 Julius Rudel
                            Joan Sutherland, Renato Cioni,
                            Robert Merrill, Cesare Siepi,
Lucia di Lammermoor         John Pritchard

                            Alda Noni, Cesare Valletti, Afro
                            Poli, Sesto Bruscantini, Bruna
                            Rizzoli, Symphony Orchestra
                            and Chorus of Romo della Radio-
                            Television, Gianandrea
The Elixir of Love          Gavazzeni, Gaetano Riccitelli
                            Ferruccio Tagliavini, Carlo
                            Tagliabue, Pia Tassinari, Elena
Martha                      Rizzieri
                            Placido Domingo, Renata
                            Scotto, Sherrill Milnes, James
Andrea Chenier              Levine

                            Placido Domingo, Mirella Freni,
                            Nicolai Ghiaurov, Thomas Allen,
                            Michele Command, Jocelyne
                            Taillon, Marc Vento, Paris Opera
                            Chorus & Orchestra, Georges
Faust                       Pretre
                                              Maria Callas, Mario del Monaco,
                                              Aldo Protti, Maria Amadini,
Andrea Chénier and Maria Callas Sings         Silvana Zanolli, Enzo Sordello,
Arias from: Verdi's Il Trovatore, Bellini's   Mario Carlin, Michele Cazzato,
Norma, Rossini's Il Barbiere di Siviglia, and Orchestra e Coro del Teatro alla
Puccini's Tosca                               Scala, Antonino Votto

                                             Beniamino Gigli, Maria Caniglia,
                                             Gino Bechi, Giulietta Simionato,
                                             Italo Tajo, Giuseppe Taddei,
                                             Leone Paci, Orchestra and
                                             Chorus of La Scala, Milan,
Andrea Chénier                               conductor Oliviero de Fabritiis

Ero s onoga Sviteta                          Blanka Stilinovic, Josip Gostic
                                             Gabriel Dussurget, Marc
Mireille                                     Pincherle, Roger Bigonnet
                                             S. Nagy, E. Andor, Zs. Nemeth,
                                             J Reti, L. Basti, J. Gregor, S.
Christus Oratorio                            Margittay
La Traviata                                  Callas, Di Stefano, Bastianini

Falstaff                                     Stabile, Baletti, Tebaldi, Elmo
                                             Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Hanny
The Merry Widow                              Steffek, Nicolai gedda

La Traviata                                  Gigli, Caniglia, Cimara
                                             Pavarottti, Sutherland, Horne,
Il Trovatore                                 Wixell, Ghiaurov

                                             Leontyne Price, Elena
                                             Obraztsova, Franco Bonisolli,
                                             Piero Cappuccilli, Ruggero
Il Trovatore                                 Raimondi, Herbert Von karajan
                                             Antonietta Stella, Fiorenza
                                             Cossotto, Carlo bergonzi, Ettore
                                             Bastianini, Ivo Vinco, Maestro
Il Trovatore                                 del Coro
                                             Arturo Toscanini, NBC
                                             Symphony Orchestra, Licia
                                             Albanese, Jan Peerce, Robert
La Traviata                                  Merrilil
                                             Ricciarelli, Carreras,
                                             Manuguerra, Ghiuselev, Orf
                                             symphony orchestra and
La Battaglia di Legnano                      Chorus, Lamberto Gardelli
               Leontyne Price, Placido
               Domingo, Sherrill Milnes, Grace
               Bumbry, Rugggero Raimondi,
               Hans Sotin, Erich Leinsdorf,
               Londond Symphony Orchestra,
Aida           The John Alldis Chioir
               Anna Moffo, Richard Tucker,
               Robert Merrill, Rome Opera
La Traviata    House Orchestra and Chorus

               Simionato, Poggi, Bastianini,
               Hines, Choru and Orchestra of
               the Maggio Musicale Fiorention,
La Favorita    Erede

               Jose Carreras, Sylvia Sass,
               Matteo Manuguerra, Wladimiro
               Ganzarolli, Ezio di Cesare, Maria
               Venuti, Thomas Moser, Orf
               Symphony Orchestra and
               Chorus, Vienna, Lamberto
Stiffelio      Gardelli

               Beverly Hills, Sherrill Milnes,
               Alfredo Kraus, Mignon donn,
               Samuel Ramey, Ambrosian
               Opera Chorus & Philharmonica
Rigoletto      Orchestra, Julius Rudel
               Jussi Bjoerling, Robert Merril,
               Roberta Peteres, Giorgio Toxxi,
               Anna Maria Rota, Silvana Celli,
               Vittorio Tatozzi, Arturo La Porta,
               Tommaso Frascati, Leonardo
               Monreale, Lidia Grandi, Sannta
               Chissari, Andrea Mineo, Rome
               Opera House Orchestra and
               Chorus, Jonel Perlea as
Rigoletto      conductor
               Zinka Milanov, Jussi Bjoerling,
               Fedora Barbieri, Leonard
               Warren, The Robert Shaw
               Chorale, Robert Shaw as
               conductor, RCA VICTOR
               ORCHESTRA, Renato Cellini as
Il Trovatore   conductor

               jon vickers, leonie rysanek, tito
               gobbi, tullio serafin, rome opera
Otello         house orchestra and chorus
               ileana cotrubas, placido
               domingo, sherrill milnes,
               bayerisches, staatsorchester,
La Traviata    carlos kleiber
                   valerie masterson, john
                   brecknock, christian du plessis,
                   english national opera, chorus
                   and orchestra, sir charles
La Traviata        mackerras
                   victoria de los angeles, carlo del
                   monte mario sereni, the rome
                   opera house orchestra and
                   chorus, conducted by tullio
La Traviata        serafin
                   renata scotto, gianni raimondi,
                   ettore bastianini, maestro del
                   coro: norberto mola, core e
                   orchestra del teatro all scala
La Traviata        antonino votto

                   carlo cossutta, margaret price,
                   gabriel bacquier, the vienna
                   state opera chorus, the vienna
Otello             philharmonic, sir georg solti
                   renata tebaldi, poggi/protti,
                   l'accademia di santa cecilia,
La Traviata        rome, molinari-pradelli
                   Lorengar, aragall, fischer-
                   dieskau, maazel, deutsche oper
La Traviata        berlin
                   montserrat caballe, carlo
                   bergonzi, sherrill milnes, rca
                   italiano opera orchestra and
                   chorus, georges pretre
La Traviata        (conductor)

                   tito gobbi, elena suliotis, bruno
                   prevedi, carlo cava, vienna
                   opera orchestra and chorus,
nabucco            conducted by lamberto gardelli

                   cappuccilli, domingo, ricciarelli,
                   raimondi, mastromei, rca italiana
                   opera orchestra and chorus,
                   gianadrea gavazzeni
simon boccanegra   (conductor)

                   mirella freni, piero cappuccilli,
                   jose carreras, nicolai ghiaurov,
                   jose van dam, fiovanni fioani,
                   maestro del coro: romano
                   gandolfi, coro e orchestra del
simon boccanegra   teatro alla scala, claudio abbado
                   Renata scotto, sherrill milnes,
                   national philharomonic
                   orchestra, placido domingo,
Otello             james levine (conductor)
                                       teatro alla scala, renata scotto,
                                       fiorenza cossotto, carlo
                                       bergonzi, dietrich fischer-
                                       dieskau, ivo vinco, direttore:
Rigoletto                              rafael kubelik
                                       Sutherland , Pavarotti, Milnes,
                                       Tourangeau, Talvela, London
Rigoletto                              Symphony Orchestra

                                       Piero Cappuccilli, Ileana
                                       Cotrubas, Placido Doming,
                                       Elena Obraztsova, Nicolai
                                       Ghiaurov, Kurt Moll, Hanna
                                       Schwarz, Wiener
                                       Staatsopernchor, Wiener
                                       Philharmoniker, Vienna
Rigoletto                              Philharmonic, Carlo Maria Giulini
                                       Matteo Manuguerra, Renata
                                       Scotto, Nicolai Ghiaurov,
                                       Veriano Luchetti, Elena
                                       Obraztsova, Ambrosian Opera
                                       Chorus, Philharmonia Orchestra,
Nabucco                                Riccardo Muti

                                       Del Monaco, Tebaldi, Von
Otello                                 Karahan, Vienna Philharmonic
                                       Birgit Nilsson, Wolfgang
                                       Windgassen, Christa Ludwig,
                                       Martti Talvela, Eberhard
                                       Waechter, Karl Bohm,
Tristan und Isolde                     Bayreuther Festspiele
                                       nilsson, crespin, ludwig, king,
                                       hotter, frick, vienna
Die Walkure                            philharmonic, solti

Soprano Arias from Handel to Puccini   Leontyne Price
                                       grummer, otto, schock, frick,
                                       prey, kohn, chorus of the
                                       municipal opera, berlin. Berlin
                                       philharmonic conducted by
Der Freischutz                         joseph keilberth
                                       adam, donath, kollo, evans,
                                       hesse, schreier, ridderbusch,
                                       kelemen, moll, herbert von
                                       karajan conducting the dresden
                                       state orcfhestra, dresden state
                                       oepra chorus, leipzig radio
Die Meistersinger                      chorus
                                       moffo, bergonzi, sereni, flagello,
                                       rca italiana opera orchetra and
                                       chorus, gerges petre as
Lucia di Lammermoor                    conductor
                                         sills, ilosfalv, glossop, wolff, royal
                                         philharmonic orchestra, charles
                                         mackerras as conductor,
                                         ambrosian opera chorus, john
Roberto Devereux (Elizabeth and Essex)   mccarthy as chorus master
                                         popp, soffel, jerusalem,
                                         ridderbusch, nimsgern, chor des
                                         bayerischen rundfiunks,
                                         munchner rundfunkerchester,
Martha                                   heinz wallberg
                                         gershwin, heyward, goldman,
Porgy and Bess                           houston grand opera
                                         domingo, scotto, milnes, james
Andrea Chenier                           levine as conductor
                                         olivero, del monaco, gobbi,
                                         gardelli conducting l'orchestre
                                         national de l'opera de monte
Fedora                                   carlo
                                         montserrat, caballe, giacomo
                                         aragall, paul plishka, philippe
                                         huttenlocher, strasbourg
                                         philharmonic orchestra, alain
Faust                                    lombard

                                         steber, conley, siepi, votipka,
                                         roggero, guarrera, davidson,
                                         cleva conducting the chorus and
                                         orchestra of the metropolitan
Faust                                    opera association

                                         de los aangeles, gedda,
                                         christoff, orchestra and chorus
                                         of the theatre national de l'opera,
Faust                                    andre cluytens as conductor
                                         corelli, sutherland, ghiaurov,
                                         richard bonynge with the london
Faust                                    symphony orchestra
                                         robert shaw chorale and
                                         orchestra, robert shaw
                                         conducting. Rafkin, kopleff,
Messiah                                  lewis, paul

                                         berger, bjoerling, bori, caruso,
                                         de luca, destinn, eames, farrar,
                                         flagstad, galli-curci, homer,
                                         jeritza, martinelli, melba,
                                         melchiuor, merrill, milanov,
                                         peerce, peters, pinza, pons,
                                         ponselle, rethberg, sayao, scotti,
                                         sembrich, stevens, tibbett,
Selected acts from multiple operas       traubel, valletti, vinay, warren
                      milnes, sutherland, orchestra
                      and chorus of the welsh national
Hamlet                opera, richard bonynge

                      moizan, micheau, chorus of le
                      theatre royal de la monnaie,
                      brussels, and l'orchestre national
                      de belgique, conducted by
Mignon                geroges sebastian
                      sills, gedda, panerai, john alldis
                      choir and royal philharmonic
                      orchestra, aldo ceccat as
La Traviata           conductor

                      schwarzkopf, steffek, gedda,
                      knapp, waechter, philharmonia
The Merry Widow       orchestra, lovro von matacic
                      kollo, martin, wennberg, adam,
                      hillebrand, schreier, leipzig
                      rundfunk chor, chord der
                      staatsoper dresden,
                      staatskapelle dresden, heinrich
Reinzi                hollreiser
                      de los angeles, bumbry,
Tannhauser            windgassen, sawallisch

                      traubel, melchior, varnay, schorr,
                      kipnis, thorborg, leinsdorf as
Die Walkure           conductor
                      Vienna Philharmonic,
Die Walkure           Furtwangler as conductor

                      bible, ludgin, brooks, kelly de
                      lon, foster, macurdy, alberts,
                      wynder, stern ukena, farr,
The Crucible          krause malas
                      norman, hunter, gedda, janowski
                      conducting the dresden state
                      orchestra and leipzig radio
Euryanthe             chorus

Francesca da Rimini   Kabaivanska, domingo, queler
                      anneliese rothenberger, bohme,
                      gedda, moser, chorus of the
                      bavarian state opera, symphony
                      orchestra graunke, conducted by
Countess Maritza      willy mattes
                        cotrubas, von stade, soderstrom,
                        nimsgern, ludwig, te kanawa,
                        welting, gurzenich orchestra,
                        children's chorus of cologne
                        opera, john pritchard as
Hansel and Gretel       conductor
                        Sutherland, pears, brannigan,
                        galliver, the st. anthony singers,
                        philomusica of london, sir adrian
Acis and Galatea        boult
La Juive                Poncet, Brunin
                        milnanov, bjoerling, warren,
                        barbieri, christoff, clabassi, rome
                        opera house orchestra and
                        chorus, jonel perlea as
Aida                    conductor

                        lemini, picchi, silveri, stignani,
                        sciutti, neri, caniglia, gaggi, ponz
                        de leon, symphony orchestra
                        nad chorus of roma della radio-
                        televisione italian orchestra
                        conducted by fernando previtali,
                        chorus conducted by gaetano
Don Carlos              riccitelli
                        peters, peerce, tozzi, maero,
                        rome opera house orchestra and
                        chorus, erich leinsdorf as
Lucia di Lammermoor     conductor

                        tebaldi, bergonzi, panerai,
                        chorus and orchestra of the
                        teatro la fenice, venice, alfredo
Giovanna d'Arco         simonetto as conductor
                        Cristina Deutekom, Ruggero
                        Raimondi, Sherrill Milnes, Carlo
                        Bergonzi, Ambrosian Singers,
                        Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,
Attila                  Lamberto Gardelli

Alzira                  Cecchele, Macneil, Cava

                        heybalova, bugarinovich,
                        marinkovich, popovich, belgrade
                        national opera orchestra,
The Queen of Spades     baranovich
                        milanov, bjoerling, barbieri,
                        warren, christoff, rome opera
                        house orchestra and chorus/
Aida                    jonel perlea as conductor
                        merrill, peters, valletti, tozzi,
                        corena, metropolitan opera
                        orchestra and chorus, erich
The Barber of Seville   leinsdorf as conductor
                                    bonazzi, carreras, diaz, elgar,
                                    foldi, murcell, reardon, wolff, the
                                    clarion concerts orchestra and
                                    chorus, newell jenkins as
La Pietra del Paragone              conductor

                                    Teatro alla scala, callas, rossi-
                                    lemeni, gedda, gardino , palma,
                                    calabrese, stabile, orchestra e
                                    coro del teatro alla scala
                                    direttore e concertatore,
                                    gianandrea gavazzeni, maestro
Il Turco in Italia                  del coro vittore veneziani
                                    sutherland, horne, bonynge
                                    conducting the lond on
                                    symphony, rouleau, serge,
Semiramide                          malas

                                    price, francis, stokes, lewis,
                                    mcdonnel, jeefes, london voices,
                                    centre d'action, musicale de
Tancredi                            l'ouest, perras as conductor
                                    Regina d'inghilterra, vital,
Elisabetta                          campora, simonetto
                                    simionato, taddei, infantino,
                                    badioli, cassinelli, poldi, broilo,
                                    symphony orchestra of milan
                                    della radio-televisione italiana,
                                    orchestra condcute dby fernando
                                    previtalli, chorus conducted by
The Barber of Seville               roberto benaglio

                                    Simionato, bruscantini, benelli,
                                    montarsolo, chorus and
                                    orchestra of maggio musicale
La Cenerentola                      fiorentino, de fabritiis

                                    zeani, lazzari, baratti, handt,
                                    ventriglia, orchestra e coro della
Otello                              RAI di roma, Fernando Previtali
                                    fischer-dieskau, cerquetti, jaia,
                                    modesti, orchestra sinfonica e
                                    coro, di milano della RAI, robert
                                    benaglio, m del coro, mario
Guglielmo Tell                      rossi, direttore
                                    fischer-dieskau, cerquetti, jaia
Guglielmo Tell                      conductor is mario rossi

La Donna del Lago                   caballe, bottazzo, bonisolli

Schubert Lieder, too many to list   Fischer-Dieskau, Gerald Moore
                                      Dietrich fischer-dieskau, gerald
Schubert's lieder…too many to list.   moore
                                      Fischer-dieskau, shirley-quirk,
                                      pears, harwood, vyvyan,
                                      aldeburgh festival singers,
                                      wandsworth school choir,
                                      benjamin britten, english
Faust                                 chamber orchestra

                                      andreyeva, bulavin, radzievsky,
                                      yefimov, gennady provatorov
                                      conducting the chorus and
                                      orchestra of the stanislavsky,
                                      nemirovich-danchenko musical
Katerina Ismailova                    drama theater, moscow
                                      lorangar, cossotto, tagliavini,
Olympia                               molinari-pradelli

Der Liebe Der Danae                   kupper, shoffler

                                      Rysanek, Hongen, Loose, Goltz,
                                      Hopf, Bohme, Schoeffler, Vienna
                                      State Opera Chorus, Vienna
Die Frau Ohne Schatten                Philharmonic Orchestra, Bohm

                                      guden king, wunderlich, wiener
Daphne                                symphoniker, karl bohm

                                      franco corelli, mirella freni, zavier
                                      depraz, claude cales, orchestra
                                      and chorus of the pari sopera
Romeo and Juliet                      conducted by alain lombard
                                      treigle, sills, forrester, wolff,
                                      malas, cossa, devlin, beck, new
                                      york city opera chorus and
                                      orchestra, julius rudel as
Julius Caesar                         conductor
                                      balthrop, allen, rayam, white,
                                      harney, johnson, hicks, duckens,
                                      ransom, bazemore, pierson,
                                      chris nance as music director,
Treemonisha                           frank corsaro, etc.
                                      carol neblett, rene kollo,
                                      hermann prey, benjamin luxon,
                                      bavarian radio chorus, munich
                                      radio orchestra, erich leinsdorf
die tote stadt                        as conductor
                                    anneliese rothenberger, kurt
                                    bohme, niccolai gedda, edda
                                    moser, chorus of the bavarian
                                    state opera, symphony orchestra
                                    graunke, conducted by willy
Countess Maritza                    mattes
                                    sung in german, anneliese
                                    rothenberger, nicolai gedda,
                                    renate holm, bavarian radio
                                    chorus, bavarian symphony
                                    orchestra, conducted by willy
The Land of Smiles                  mattes
                                    elisabeth schwarzkopf, erich
                                    kunz, nicolai gedda, emmy
                                    loose, philharmonia orchestra
                                    and chorus conducted by otto
The Merry Widow                     ackermann

                                    rothenberger, miljakovic, gedda,
                                    zednik, kusche, chorus of the
                                    bavarian state opera, bavarian
                                    symphony orchestra, willi
                                    boskovsky as conductor, solo
Paganini                            violin: ulf hoelscher
                                    James McCracken, Pilar
                                    Lorengar, Robert Merrill, Tom
                                    Krause, Ugo Benelli, Lamberto
I Pagliacci                         Gardelli

                                    callas, di stefano, gobbi, monti,
                                    panerai, tullio serafin as
I Pagliacci (The Clowns)            conductor of teatro alla scala

                                    Luciano Pavarotti, mirella freni,
                                    julia varady, ingvar wixell, piero
                                    cappuccilli, giuseppe patane,
Cavalleria Rusticana, Pagliacci     gianandrea gavazzeni
                                    montserrat caballe, carreras,
                                    manuguerra, hamari, varnay,
                                    ambrosian opera chorus,
                                    philharmonia orchestra, riccaro
I Pagliacci, Cavalleria Rusticana   muti
                                    simionato, ,del monaco, mac
Cavalleria Rusticana                neil, serafin
                                    scotto, domingo, elvira, national
                                    philharmonic orchestra, james
Cavalleria Rusticana                levine
                                    Milnaov, bjoerling, merrill, rca
                                    orchestra/renato cellini as
Cavalleria Rusticana                conductor
                                    Beverly Sills, Nicolai Gedda,
                                    Gerard Souzay, Gabriel
                                    Bacquier, Julius Rudel, New
Manon                               Philharmonia Orchestra
                   Ghiaurov, crespin, bacquier,
                   l'orchestre de la suisse
Don Quichotte      romande, Kord
                   Aragall, Grant, Quilico,
                   Tourangeau, Davies, Lloyd,
                   national philharmonic orchestra,
Esclarmonde        bonynge
                   sills, milnes, gedda, john alldis
                   choir and new philharmonic
                   orchestra, with lorin maazel as
Thais              conductor
                   Horne, Domingo, Milnes,
                   Bacquier, Zaccaria, Davies,
                   London Symphony Orchestra,
La Navarraise      Henry Lewis as Conductor
                   bacquier, carreras, diaz, new
                   philharmonia orchcestra, julius
Thais              rudel as conductor

                   galvany, patenaude, stark,
                   cathcart, white, palmer, clarion
                   concerts, orchestra and chorus,
Medea in Corinto   newell jenkins as conductor
                   the philadelphia
                   orchestra/eugene ormandy,
                   marsh, verrett, richard lewis,
                   krause, singing city choirs,
Elijah             columbus boychoir

                   Sutherland, Arroyo, Tourangeau,
                   Vrenios, Bacquier, Cossa,
                   Ghiuselev, Ambrosian Opera
                   Chorus, New Philharmonia
Les Huguenots      Orchcestra, Bonynge

                   Sung in english, peters, steber,
                   thebom, tucker, guarrera, alvary,
                   stiedry, conducting the chorus or
                   the metropolitan opera
                   association, kurt adler as chorus
Cosi Fan Tutte     master, josef blatt as continuo

                   leontyne price, tatiana troyanos,
                   judith raskin, sherrill milnes,
                   george shirley, eio flagello, erich
                   leinsdorf conducting the new
                   philharmonia orchestra, the
                   ambrosian opera chorus, john
                   mccarthy as director, valda
Cosi Fan Tutte     aveling on harpsichord continuo
Tosca              tebaldi, del monaco, london
                                  Lipp, loose, ludwig, vienna
The Abduction from the Seraglio   philharmonic orchestra, krips
                                  Ricciarelli, Carreras, Raimondi,
                                  Corena, chor der deutschen
                                  oper berlin, berliner
                                  philharmoniker, herbert von
Tosca                             karajan
                                  scotto, domingo, bruson,
                                  ambrosian opera chorus,
                                  philharmonia orchestra, james
Tosca                             levine
                                  tebaldi, campora, mascherini,
                                  corena, palma, caselli, sacchetti,
                                  volante, chorus and orchestra of
                                  l'accademia di santa cecilia,
                                  rome. Alberto erede as
Tosca                             conductor
                                  price, di stefano, taddei, vienna
                                  philharmonic orchestra, vienna
                                  state opera chorus, herbert von
Tosca                             karajan
                                  callas, di stefano, gobbi, la scala
                                  orchestra and chorus conducted
Tosca                             by victor de sabata
                                  caballe, carreras, wixell, chrus
                                  and orchestra of the royal opera
                                  house, covent garden, colin
Tosca                             davis

                                  freni, pavarotti, milnes, rescigno,
Tosca                             national philharmonic

                                  Price, domingo, milnes, mehta
                                  conducting the new philharmonia
                                  orchestra, the john alldis choir
Tosca                             with john alldis as director

                                  vishnevskaya, bonisolli,
                                  manuguerra, orchestre national
Tosca                             de france, mstislav rostropovich
                                  Albanese, bjoerling, merrill,
                                  rome opera house orchestra and
                                  chorus, fonel perlea as
Manon Lescaut                     conductor
                                  de los angeles, di stefano,
                                  (conductor and orchestra not
Madama Butterfly                  listed)

                                  nilsson, corelli, fischer-dieskau,
Tosca                             conducted by lorin maazel
                         scotto, domingo, wixell, knight,
                         andreolli, ambrosian opera
                         chorus, philharmonia orchestra,
Madama Butterfly         lorin maazel

                         steer, tucker, valdengo, madeira,
                         votipka, paolis, luise, baker,
                         rudolf conducting the chorus and
                         orchestra of the metropolitan
Madama Butterfly         opera association
                         richard tucker, rosalind elias,
Madama Butterfly         philip maero, erich leinsdorf

                         Giorgio Tozzi, Roberta Peters,
                         Lisa Della Casa, George
The Marriage of Figaro   London, Rosalind Elias
                         harshaw, miller, tucker,
                         guarrera, votipka, fausto cleva
                         conducting the chorus and
                         orchestra of the metropolitan
Cavalleria Rusticana     opera association
                         schwarzkopf, seefried, otto,
                         streich, hoffman, felbermayer,
                         schock, prey, donch, unger,
                         guenod, strauss, kraus,
                         ollendorf, krebs, philharmonia
Ariadne auf Naxos        orchestra, herbert von karajan
                         rysanek, peters, jurinac, peerce,
                         vienna philharmonic orchestra,
Ariadne auf Naxos        erich leinsdorf

                         reining, gueden, jurinac, weber,
                         vienna state opera chorus,
                         vienna philharmonic orchestra,
Der Rosenkavalier        kleiber
                         souliotis, tucker, mac neil, elias,
                         dominguez, bruno bartoletti as
La Gioconda              conductor
                         Pavarotti, Freni, Ghiaurov,
                         Harwood, Panerai, Berlin
                         Philharmonic Orchestra, von
La Boheme                Karajan
                         milanov, di stefano, warren,
                         elias, orchestra and chorus of
                         the accademia di santa cecilia,
                         rome. Fernando previtali as
La Gioconda              conductor
                         gennady, rozhdestvensky as
                         conductor of the orchestra of the
                         all-union radio, soloists, chorus,
The Gambler              sung in russian
                                             gobbi, mas, prandelli, angeles,
                                             barbieri, del monte, solists,
                                             chorus and orchestra of the
                                             opera house in rome. Vincenzo
Il Tabarro, Suor Angelica, Gianni Schicchi   belleza, tullio serafin and
(Il Trittico)                                gabriele santini conducting
                                             rhodes, depraz, chorus and
                                             orchestra conducted by charles
L'ange de feu (The Flaming Angel)            bruck

                                             tebaldi, monaco, macneil, tozzi,
                                             other soloists with chorus and
                                             orchestra of accademia di santa,
                                             cecilia, rome, conductor: franco
La Fanciulla Del West                        capuana

                                             Puccini, Madame Butterfly, rome
Toti Dal Monte                               opera house oliviero de fabritiis
                                             petrella, tagliavini, taddei,
                                             masini, foscale, caruso,
                                             bbiancardo, albertini, mariani,
                                             lazzari, pagetti, darbesi,
                                             symphony orchestra of torino
                                             della radio-televisione italiana-
                                             cetra chorus, orchestra
                                             conducted by angelo questa,
                                             chorus conducted by giulio
Madama Butterfly                             mogliotti

                                             scotto, bergonzi, stasio, panerai,
                                             montarsolo, rome opera house
                                             orchestra and chorus, sir john
Madama Butterfly                             barbirolli conducting

                                             zamboni, conati, merli bordonali,
                                             nessi, baracchi, bassi, nessi,
Manon Lescaut                                villa, lorenzo molajoli as director
                                             tebaldi, campora, mascherini,
                                             corena, caselli, palma, with
                                             chorus and orchestra of
                                             accademia di santa cecilia,
                                             rome. Conducted by alberto
Tosca                                        erede

                                             nilsson, di stefano, price,
                                             paskalis, ,zaccaria, dickie,
                                             lorenzi, klein, pernerstorfer,
Turandot                                     molinari-pradelli is conductor
                       borkh, tebaldi, monaco, other
                       soloists with chorus and
                       orchestra of accademia di santa
                       cecilia, rome. Conductor is
Turandot               Alberto erede
                       Caballe, Domingo, Milnes,
                       London Symphony Orchestra,
                       Ambrosian Opera Chorus,
Giovanna d'Arco        James Levine
                       Deutekom, Domingo, Raimondi,
                       Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,
                       The Ambrosian Singers,
I Lombardi             Lamberto Gardelli

                       Sutherland, Bonisolli,
                       Manuguerra, Ramey, orchestra
                       and chorus of the Welsch
I Masnadieri           National Opera, Bonynge
                       cerquetti, christoff, ortica,
                       tagliabue, orchestra sinfonica e
                       coro di torino della rai, mario
I Vespri Siciliani     rossi as director

                       volpi, mancini, tagliabue,
                       pirazzini, colella, sciutti, carlin
                       achilli, symphony orchestra and
                       chorus of roma della radio-
                       television italiana, orchestra
                       conducted by fernando previtali,
                       chorus conducted by gaetano
Il Trovatore           riccitelli

                       farrell, corelli, colzani, flagello,
La Forza del Destino   grillo, guadagno
                       caniglia, masini, tagliabue,
                       dominici, stagnani, pasero,
                       orchestra sinfonica e coro di
                       torino della radiotelevisione
La Forza del Destino   italiana, gino marinuzzi
                       picchi, caniglia, lemeni, stignani,
                       silveri, neri, orchestra e coro di
                       roma della radiotelevisione
                       italiana, fernando previtali
Don Carlo              conducting
                       Moffo, Bergonzi, Verrett,
                       MacNeil, Tozzi, Flagello, RCA
                       Italiana Opera Orchestra and
Luisa Miller           Chorus, Rausto Cleva
                       gobbi, suliotis, prevedi, gardelli
                       conducting the vienna opera
Nabucco                orchcestra and chorus
                                   lauri volpi, kelston, vaghi, pace,
                                   baronti, colombo, colaresu,
                                   tommaso, symphony rochestra
                                   and chorus of roma della radio-
                                   television italiana, orchestra
                                   conducted by mario rossi,
                                   chorus conducted by gaetano
Luisa Miller                       riccitelli
                                   gigli, pinza, caniglia, stignani,
                                   rome opera house orchestra
Verdi: Requiem                     conducted by tullio serafin
                                   chorus, orchestra and soloists of
                                   the budapest national opera,
                                   under the direction of andras
The Caliph's Magician: Shu & Sha   korody

                                   Mitchinson, Cantelo, Haywood,
Die Feen                           McDonald, Downwes
                                   thomas, london, dalis, hotter,
                                   knappertsbusch conducting the
                                   chorus and orchestra of the
                                   bayreuth festival, talvela,
Parsifal                           neidlinger
                                   Flagstad, jarred, janssen, weber,
                                   lorenz, williams, london
                                   philharmonic orchestra
                                   conducted by fritz reiner,
                                   performances of june 2 and june
Der Fliegende Hollander            11, 1937

Macbeth                            callas, mascherini, de sabata

                                   leonard bernstein, the london
                                   symphony orchestra and chorus,
                                   arthur oldham as chorus
                                   director, martina arroyo,
                                   josephine veasey, placido
Verdi: Requiem                     domingo, ruggero raimondi
                                   gobbi, christoff, de los angeles,
                                   campora, santini as conductor,
                                   recorded in the opera house in
Simon Boccanegra                   rome
                                   del monaco, gulin, fioravnti, de
Stiffelio                          fabritiis
                                   verna, cassinari, cagliavini,
                                   valdengo, erato, stefanoni,
                                   orchestra sinfonica e coro di
                                   corino della radiotelevisione
un ballo in maschera               italiana, dirige: angelo questa
                        cossotto, norman, wixell,
                        carreras, ganzarolli, sardinero,
                        ambrosian singers, royal
                        philharmonic orchestra, lamberto
Un Giorno di Regno      gardelli

                        gasdia, zimmermann, palacio,
                        lendi, rigacci, schmiege, I solisti
Il Catone in Utica      veneti, Claudio Scimone

                        giacomotti, repetto, constantino,
                        falachi, masini, calma,
                        giacomotti, calma, minetti,
                        vacchelli, chamber orchestra,
                        member sof the opera, milan,
La Fida Ninfa           director is raffaello monterosso
                        horne, los angeles, valentini-
                        terrani, gonzales, kozma,
                        bruscantini, zaccaria, scimone, I
                        solisti veneti, cavalli as choir
                        director, amici della polifonia
Orlando Furioso         choir
                        sills, farrell, burrows, quilico,
                        aldo ceccato conducting the
Maria Stuarda           london philharmonic orchestra
                        caballe, verrett, kraus, flagello,
                        rca italiana opera orchestra and
                        chorus, jonel perlea as
Lucrezia Borgia         conductor

                        sills, bergonzi, cappuccilli, diaz,
                        london symphony orchestra
Lucia di Lammermoor     conducted by thomas schippers
                        Sutherland, Horne, Aragall,
                        Wixell, National Philharmonic
Lucrezia Borgia         Bonynge
                        sills, milnes, gedda, capecchi,
                        barbieri, raimondi, london
                        symphony orchestra and john
                        alldis choir, with james levine
The Barber of Seville   conducting
                        carreras, frederica von stade,
                        fisichella, ramey, pastine, condo,
                        philharmonia orchestra, jesus
Otello                  lopez cobos
                        Caballe Domingo Milnes, london
                        symphony orchestra and
                        Ambrosian opera chorus
Giovanna d'Arco         conducted by james levine
                        caballe, carreras, masterson,
                        creffield, benelli, jenkins,
                        ambrosian singers, london
                        symphony orchestra, gianfranco
Elisabetta              masini
                         sills, verrett, diaz, theyard,
                         london symphony orchestra and
                         ambrosian opera chorus with
The Siege of Corinth     thomas schippers conducting
                         bonazzi, carreras, diaz, elgar,
                         foldi, murcell, reardon, wolff, the
                         clarion concerts orchestra and
                         chorus, newell jenkins as
La Pietra del Paragone   conductor
                         ludwig, king, weikl, munich radio
                         orchestra , bavarian radio
                         chorus, giuseppe patane as
Samson and Delilah       conductor

                         tatiana troyanos, felicity palmer,
                         richard stilwell, english chamber
                         choir, english chamber
Dido and Aeneas          orchestra, raymond leppard

                         baker, hickey, tear, shirley-quirk,
                         english chamber orchestra and
                         the st. anthony singers. Anthony
Hippolyte et Aricie      lewis as conductor

                         Mainacht, La Nuit de Mai,
May Night                Vladimir Fedoseyev

                         victoria de los angeles, nicola
                         monti, nicolo rossi-lemeni, milan
                         symphony orchestra and chorus,
The Barber of Seville    tullio serafin as conductor
                         carol neblett, placido domingo,
                         sherrill milnes, chorus and
                         orchestra of the royal opera
                         house covent garden ,zubin
La Fanciulla Del West    mehta
                         ileana contrubas, placido
                         domingo, london symphony
                         orchestra, lorin maazel as
Gianni Schicchi          condcutor, tito gobbi

                         Sutherland, Pavarotti, Caballe,
Turandot                 Ghiaurov, Krause, Pears, Mehta
                         Birgit Nilsson, Franco Corelli,
                         Renata Scotto, Rome Opera
                         Chorus and Orchestra,
Turandot                 Francesco Molinari-Pradelli
                           barry morell, adriana maliponte,
                           Matteo Manuguerra, Nancy
                           Stokes, Walker Wyatt, Anton
                           Guadagno conducting the
                           Vienna volksoper Orchestra and
                           Vienna Academy Chamber
Le Villi, Edgar (act II)   Chorus

                           Arturo Toscanini conducts, licia
                           albanese, jan peerce, complete
                           recording of the actual
                           broadcasts in february, 1946,
La Boheme                  NBC Symphony Orchestra

                           bidu sayao, richard tucker,
                           salvatore baccaloni, mimi
                           benzell, fancesco valentino,
                           george cehanovsky, nicola
                           moscona, lodovico oliviero,
                           lawrence davidson, giuseppe
                           antonicelli conducting the chorus
                           and orchestra of the
La Boheme                  metropolitan opera association
                           montserrat caballe, placido
                           domingo, vincente sardinero,
                           noel mangin, robert tear,
                           ambrosian opera chorus, new
                           philharmonia orchestra, bruno
Manon Lescaut              bartoletti condcuting.
                           renata scotto, marilyn horne,
                           ileana cotrubas, new
                           philharmonia orchestra, lorin
Suor Angelica              maazel as conductor
                           anna moffo, daniele barioni,
                           mario sereni, graziella sciutti,
                           piero de palma, rca italiana
                           opera orchestra and chorus,
                           francesco molinari-pradelli as
La Rondine                 conductor
                           tebaldi, bergonzi, bastianini,
La Boheme                  siepi, corena, serafin.
                           Pavarotti, Freni, Ghiaurov,
                           Harwood, Panerai, Berlin
                           Philharmonic Orchestra, von
La Boheme                  Karajan
                           moffo, tucker, costa, merrill,
                           tozzi, maero, leinsdorf
                           conducting the metropolitan
La Boheme                  opera
                lucia popp, reri grist, arlene
                saunders, luigi alva, nicola
                monti, the orchestra of naples,
Il Re Pastore   denis vaughan as conductor
                regine crespin, alain vanzo, jules
                bastin, strasbourg philharmonic
                orchestra, alain lombard as
La Periehole    conductor

                patrice munsel, theodor
                uppman, cyril ritchard, ralph
                herbert, paul franke, heidi krall,
                madelaine chambers, rosalind
                elias, charles anthony, calvin
                marsh, alessio de paolis, jean
                morel as conductor of the
                metropolitan opera orchestra
                and chorus, kurt adler as chorus
Perichole       master
                renata scotto, alfredo kraus,
                sherrill milnes, carol neblett,
                matteo manuguerra, paul
                plishka, renato capecchi, italo
                tajo, ambrosian opera chorus,
                national philharmonic orchestra,
La Boheme       james levine
                orchestra and chorus fo the
                teatro dell'opera di roma, mirella
                freni, nicolai gedda, mariella
                adani, mario sereni, thomas
La Boheme       schippers conducting.

                caballe, domingo, milnes,
                blegen, sardinero, raimondi,
                london philharmonic orchestra,
La Boheme       the john alldis choir, georg solti

                cerquetti, del monaco,
                simionato, bastianini, siepi, the
                maggio musicale fiorentino
La Gioconda     orchestra, gavazzeni

                Marilyn Horne, Carlo Bergonzi,
La Gioconda     Robert Merrill, Lamberto Gardelli

                dietrich fischer-dieskau, ezio
                flagello, birgit nilsson, peter
                schreier, martina arroyo, martti
                talvela, reri grist, alfredo mariotti,
                orchester des nationaltheaters
Don Giovanni    prag, karl bohm
                                              sherrill milnes, anna tomowa-
                                              sintow, teresa zylis-gara, edith
                                              mathis, peter schreier, walter
                                              berry, john macurdy, dale
                                              dusing, weiner philharmoniker,
Don Giovanni                                  karl bohm
                                              van dam, cotrubas, tomowa-
                                              sintow, von stade, krause, the
                                              vienna philharmonic, von
Le Nozze Di Figaro                            karajan
                                              hildegard behrens, peter
                                              hofmann, theo adam, hans sotin,
                                              sona ghazarian, david kuebler,
                                              gwynne howell, the chicago
                                              symphony orchestra and chorus,
Fidelio                                       sir georg solti

                                              starring: kirsten flagstad, jussi
                                              bjoerling, zinka milanov, leonard
                                              warren, renata tebaldi, mario del
                                              monaco, guilietta simionato, inge
                                              borkh, cesare siepi, leonie
                                              rysanek, birgit nilsson, hans
                                              hotter, robert merrill, leontyne
                                              price, jon vickers, giorgio tozzi,
                                              sena jurinac, paul schoeffler,
                                              renato cioni, james mccracken,
                                              tito gobbi, joan sutherland,
                                              regina resnik, pilar lorengar,
                                              ettore bastianini, franco corelli,
music from: lohengrin, un ballo in            stuart burrows, regine crespin,
maschera, la forza del destino, la gioconda, nicolai ghiaurov, luciano
aida, the magic flute, die meistersinger, il  pavarotti, gwyneth jones, teresa
trovatore, norma, the barber of seville,      berganza, james king, christina
tristan und isolde, macbeth, don giovanni, deutekom, placido domingo,
tosca, la cenerentola, l'elisir d'amore, the  geraint evans, helen donath,
flying dutchman, die walkure, i puritani, der carlo bergonzi, georg solti, erich
rosenkavalier, faust, la boheme, ariadne      leinsdorf, francesco molinari-
auf naxos, die frau ohne schatten, rigoletto, pradelli, bruno bartoletti, richard
otello, la sonnambula, carmen, turandot,      bonynge, giuseppe patane, silvio
fidelio, andrea chenier                       varviso, nino sanzogno
                                              Milanov, di Stefano, Warren,
                                              Elias, Tozzi, Orchestra of the
                                              Accademia di Santa Cecilia,
La Forza del Destino                          Rome, Previtali
                                              Deutekom, Domingo, Raimondi,
                                              Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,
                                              The Ambrosian Singers,
I Lombardi Alla Prima Crociata                Lamberto Gardelli
                        Moffo, Bergonzi, Verrett,
                        MacNeil, Tozzi, Flagello, RCA
                        Italiana Opera Orchestra and
Luisa Miller            Chorus, Rausto Cleva

                        Pavarotti, Caballe, Milnes,
                        Giaitotti, Reynolds, Van Allan,
Luisa Miller            Maag, National Philharmonic

                        maria callas, giuseppe di
                        stefano, tito gobbi, fedora
                        barbieri, eugenia ratti, orchestra
                        and chorus of teatro alla scala in
un ballo in maschera    milan, antonio votto conducting.

                        Renata Tebaldi, Luciano
                        Pavarotti, Sherrill Milnes, Regina
                        Resnik, Helen Donath, Chorus
                        and Orchestra of the Accademia
                        Nazionale di Santa Cecilia,
a masked ball           rome, Bruno Bartoletti
                        Cristina Deutekom, Ruggero
                        Raimondi, Sherrill Milnes, Carlo
                        Bergonzi, Ambrosian Singers,
                        Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,
Attila                  Lamberto Gardelli
                        Montserrat Caballe, Gianfranco
                        Cecchele, Juan Pons, Louis
                        Lebherz, Opera Orchestra of
                        New York, Eve Queler as
Aroldo                  conductor
                        birgit nilsson, franco corelli,
                        grace bumbry, mario sereni,
                        orchestra and chorus of the
                        teatro dell opera di roma,
Aida                    conducted by zubin mehta

                        cesare siepi, fernando corena,
                        anton dermota, suzanne danco,
                        lisa della casa, hilde gueden,
                        walter berry, kurt boehme, the
                        vienna state opera chorus under
                        Dr. Ricahrd Rossmayer, and the
                        vienna philharmonic orchestra
Don Giovanni            conducted by josef krips
                        carol neblett, rene kollo,
                        hermann prey, benjamin luxon,
                        bavarian radio chorus, munich
                        radio orchestra, erich leinsdorf
die tote stadt          as conductor
                        leonie rysanek, bernd aldenhoff,
                        annelies kupper, hermann uhde,
                        ira malaniuk, joseph keilberth s
Die Agyptische Helena   conductor
                      gueden, london, casa,
                      edelmann, dermota, kmentt,
                      wachter, malniuk, proglhof,
                      coertse, hellwig, lenninger,
                      sengl, vajda, kolowratnik, chorus
                      of the vienna state opera under
                      the direction of ricahrd
                      rossmayer, the vienna
                      philharmonic orchestra
Arabella              conducted by georg solti

                      giulietta simionato, sena jurinac,
                      graziella sciutti, herbert von
Orfeo Ed Euridice     karajan, salzburg festival 1959

                      victoria de los angeles, ines
                      rivadeneyra, ana maria higueras,
                      carlos cossutta, orquesta
                      nacional de espana conducted
La Vida Breve         by rafael fruhbeck de burgos

                      vocal solists, milan polyphonic
                      chorus, giulio bertola as chorus
                      master, I solisti di milano,
Euridice              Angelo Ephrikian as conductor

                      berganza, krenn, popp, casula,
                      fassbaender, franc, vienna state
La Clemenza Di Tito   opera orchestra, kertesz

                      lucia popp, reri grist, arlene
                      saunders, luigi alva, nicola
                      monti, the orchestra of naples,
Il Re Pastore         denis vaughan as conductor
                      Gobbi, Gencer, Tozzi, Panerai,
                      chor der wiener staatsoper,
                      wiener philharmoniker,
Simon Boccanegra      gavazzeni

                      Joan Sutherland, Nicolai Gedda,
                      Spiro Malas, Richard Bonynge
                      as conductor, Vienna Symphony
                      Orchestra and Vienna Academy
Orfeo Ed Euridice     Chamber Choir
                      janine micheau, rita gorr, henri
                      legay, jean borthayre, pierre
                      savignol, jacques mars, serge
                      rallier, choeurs et orchestre
                      national de la radiodiffusion
                      francaise direction andre
Le Roi D'ys           cluytens
                    schwarzkopf, edelmann, ludwig,
                    waechter, stich-randall, welitsch,
                    kuen, meyer, bierbach, majkut,
                    unger, proglhof, friedrich, gedda,
                    meyer, felbermayer, unger,
                    philharmonia orchcestra and
Der Rosenkavalier   chorus Herbert Von Karajan

                    regine crespin, yvonne minton,
                    manfred jungwirth, helen donath,
                    the vienna philharmonic
Der Rosenkavalier   orchestra, gerog solti

                    gwyneth jones, dietrich fischer-
                    dieskau, mignon dunn, richard
                    cassilly, wiestaw ochman,
                    orchester der hamburgischen
Salome              staatsoper, karl bohm
                    Teresa Kubiak, Bernd Weikl,
                    Stuart Burrows, Nicolai
                    Ghiaurov, Orchcestra of the
                    Royal Opera House, Covent
Eugene Onegin       Garden, Sir Georg Solti

                    ruth welting, alain vonzo, marilyn
                    horne, nicola zaccaria, frederica
                    von stade, ambrosian opera
                    chorus, philharmonia orchestra,
Mignon              antonio de almeida
                    leontyne price, troyanos,
                    gruberova, kollo, berry, kunz, the
                    london philharmonic orchestra,
Ariadne auf Naxos   sir georg solti

                    anneliese rothenberger, brigitte
                    fassbaender, edda moser,
                    nicolai gedda, chorus of the
                    bavarian state opera munich,
                    symphony orchestra graunke,
A Waltz Dream       conducted by willy mattes
                    Mady Mesple, Bernard Sinclair,
                    Orchestre du Theatre National
                    de l'Opera`Comique, Jean
Vienna Waltzes      Doussard as conductor
                    anneliese rothenberger, nicolai
                    gedda, renate holm, klaus hirte,
                    gabriele fuchs, heinz zeduik,
                    hans putz, chorus of the cologne
                    opera and philharmonia
Wiener Blut         hungarica
                        hilde gueden, anneliese
                        rothenberger, karl terkal, erich
                        kunz, vienna philharmonic
                        orchestra and signverein der
                        gesellschaft der musikfreunde
The Gypsy Baron         conducted by heinrich hollreiser
                        Montserrat Caballe, franco
                        bonisolli, pietro bottazzo, julia
La Donna del Lago       hamari, piero bellugi
                        maria chiara, bernd weikl,
                        orchestra of the royal opera
                        house covent garden, lamberto
The Secret of Susanna   gardelli
                        Arturo Toscanini conducting the
                        NBC symphony orchestra, with
                        herva nelli, fedora barbieri,
                        giuseppe di stefano, cesare
                        siepi, the robert shaw chorale
                        under the direction of robert
Requiem                 shaw

                        Leontyne Price, Placido
                        Domingo, Sherrill, Milnes, Grace
                        Bumbry, Ruggero Raimondi,
                        Hans Sotin, Erich Leinsdorf,
                        London Symphony Orchestra,
Aida                    the John Alldis Choir
                        Milanov, Bjoerling, Barbieri,
                        Warren, Christoff, Perlea,
                        rochestra and chorus of the
Aida                    rome opera house
                        Nilsson, Bergonzi, Macneil,
                        Simionato, Stahlman, Georg
                        Solti, Conducting Chorus and
                        Orchestra of L/Accademia di
un ballo in maschera    Santa Cecilia, Rome
                        antonietta stella, gianni poggi,
                        ettore bastianini, maestro del
                        coro: norberto mola coro e
                        orchestra del teatro alla scala,
un ballo in maschera    gianandrea gavazzeni
                        caballe, carreras, payne, wixell,
                        orchestra and chorus of the royal
                        opera house, covent guarden,
un ballo in maschera    colin davis
                        arroyo, domingo, cappuccilli,
                        cossotto, grist, chorus of the
                        royal opera house, covent
                        garden, new philharmonia
                        orchestra, riccardo muti as
un ballo in maschera    conductor
                       Ricciarelli, Carreras, Cappuccilli,
                       Ramey, ORF Symphony
                       Orchestra and Chorus,
I Due Foscari          Lamberto Cardelli

                       price, bergonzi, sereni, flagello,
Ernani                 schippers as conductor
                       Angelo Questa is dirige of
                       Sinfonica di torino della
                       radiotelevisione italiana e coro
Rigoletto              cetra
                       price, bergonzi, verrett, merrill,
                       grist, flagello, leinsdorf, rca
                       italiana opera orchestra and
un ballo in maschera   chorus
                       antonietta stella, gianni poggi,
                       ettore bastianini, maestro del
                       coro: norberto mola coro e
                       orchestra del teatro alla scala,
un ballo in maschera   gianandrea gavazzeni

                       Sutherland, Bonisolli,
                       Manuguerra, Ramey, orchestra
                       and chorus of the Welsch
I Masnadieri           National Opera, Bonynge
                       birgit nilsson, giuseppe taddei,
                       bruno prevedi, thomas
                       schippers, chorus and orchestra
                       of l'accademia di santa cecilia,
Macbeth                rome.

                       hilde gueden, erika koth, regina
                       resnik, giuseppe zampieri,
                       waldemar kmentt, walter berry,
                       eberhard wachter, erich kunz,
                       herbert von karajan conducting
                       the vienna philharmonic
                       orchestra, with guest
                       performances by renata tebaldi,
                       birgit nilsson, giulietta simionato,
                       joan sutherland, teresa
                       berganza, leontyne price, mario
                       del monaco, jussi bjoerling,
                       ettore bastianini, fernando
Die Fledermaus         corena, and ljuba welitsch
                       renata tebaldi, mario del
                       monaco, ebe stignani, aldo
                       protti, dario caselli, fernando
                       corena, piero di palma, chorus
                       and orchestra of l'accademia di
                       santa cecilia, rome. Alberto
Aida                   erede
               tebaldi, bergonzi, macneil,
               simionato, vienna philharmonic,
Aida           von karajan

               mirella freni, jose carreras,
               agnes balsta, piero cappuccilli,
               ruggero raimondi, jose van dam,
               katie ricciarelli, thomas moser,
               vienna state opera chorus and
               vienna philharmonic orchestra,
Aida           herbert von karajan
               Caballe, Domingo, Cossotto,
               Cappuccilli, Ghiaurov, new
               philharmonia orchestra chorus of
               the royal opera house, covent
               guarden, riccardo muti
Aida           conducting

Alzira         Zeani, Cecchele, MacNeil
               Leontyne Price, Jon Vickers,
               Rita Gorr, Robert Merrill, Giorgio
               Tozzi, Rome Opera House
               orchestra and chorus, conducted
Aida           by Sir Georg Solti

               Beverly Sills, Nicolai Gedda,
               Louis Quilico, Paul Plishka,
               London Philharmonic Orchestra,
I Puritani     with Julius Rudel as conductor

               Leontyne Price, Placido
               Domingo, Sherrill Milnes,
               Fiorenza Cossotto, Zubin Mehta,
Il Trovatore   New Philharmonia Orchcestra
               caballe, bergonzi, cappuccilli,
               raimondi, ambrosian singers,
               new philharmonia orchestra,
I Masnadieri   laberto gardelli

               leontyne price, rosalind elias,
               richard tucker, leonard warren,
               giorgio tozzi, rome opera house,
               orchestra and chorus arturo
Il Trovatore   basile as conductor
               franco corelli, gabriella tucci,
               giulietta simionato, robert merrill,
               chorus and orchestra of the
               teatro del' opera di roma,
Il Trovatore   thomas schippers
               antonietta stella, fiorenza
               cossotto, carlo bergonzi, ettore
               bastianini, coro e orchestra del
               teatro alla scala milano, tullio
Il Trovatore   serafin
                      maril del monaco, renata tebaldi,
                      giulietta simionato, giogio tozzi,
                      the chorus of the maggio
                      musicale fiorentino l'orchestre de
                      la suisse romande, conducted by
Il Trovatore          alberto erede
                      Warren, Rysanek, Bergonzi,
                      Hines, Metropolitan Opera
                      Orchestra and Chorus, Erich
Macbeth               Leinsdorf
                      Theo Adams, Anja Silja, Martti
                      Talvela, Gerhard Unger, Ernst
                      Kozub, Annelies, Burmeister,
                      B.B.C. Chorus, new
                      philharmonia orchestra
The Flying Dutchman   conducted by Otto Klemperer
                      Birgit Nilsson, Wolfgang
                      Windgassen, Gottlob Frick,
                      Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau,
                      Christa Ludwig, Claire Watson,
                      Gustav Neidlinger, Helen Watts,
                      Grace Hoffman, Anita Valkki,
                      Lucia Popp, Gwyneth Jones,
                      Maureen Guy, Georg Solti
                      conducting the Vienna
Gotterdammerung       Philharmoni

                      steer, windgassen, varnay,
                      uhde, bayreuth festival
Lohengrin             orchestra, keilberth
                      Arroyo, Domingo, Milnes,
                      Raimondi, James Levine,
                      conducting the New
                      Philharmonia Orchestra, the
I Vespri Siciliani    John Alldis Choir

                      Cossotto, Norman, Wizell,
                      Carreras, Ganzarolli, Sardinero,
                      Ambrosian Singers, Royal
                      Philharmonic Orchestra,
Un Giorno di Regno    Lamberto Gardelli as conductor

                      Callas, Filippeschi, Weede,
                      orchestra and chorus of the
                      Palacio de Bellas Artes in
                      mexico city, conducted by
Tosca                 Umberto Mugnai
                antonietta stella, fiorenza
                cossotto, boris christoff, flaviano
                labo, ettore bastianini, ivo vinco,
                maestro del coro: norberto mola
                coro e orchestra del teatro alla
Don Carlos      scala, gabriele santini
                Antonietta Stella, Elena Nicolai,
                Mario Filippeschi, Tito Gobbi,
                Boris Christoff, Rome Opera
                Chorus and Orchestra
Don Carlo       conducted by Gabriele Santini

                Placido Domingo, Montserrat
                Cablle, Ruggero Raimondi,
                Shirley Verrett, Sherrill Milnes,
                Giovanni Foiani, Simon Estes,
                Ambrosian Opera Chorus and
                Orchestra of the royal Opera
                House, Covent Garden
Don Carlo       conducted by Carlo Maria Giulini
                Caballe, Carreras, Mastromei,
                Norman, New Philharmonia
Il Corsaro      Orchestra Lamberto Gardelli

                Solti, the Vienna Philharmonic
                Orchestra, Oda Balsborg, Hetty
                Plumacher, Ira Malaniuk, Gustav
                Neidlinger, George London,
                Kirsten Flagstad, Claire Watson,
                Walter Kreppel, Kurt Bohme,
                Eberhard Wachter, Waldemar
                Kmentt, Set Svanholm, Paul
Das Rheingold   Kuen, Jean Madeira
                Birgit Nilsson, Wolfgang
                Windgassen, Hans Hotter,
                Gerhard Stolze, Gustav
                Neidlinger, Joan Sutherland,
                Georg Solti is conductor of the
Siegfried       Vienna Philharmonic
                Rene Kollo, Helga Dernesch,
                Christa Ludwig, Victor Braun,
                Hans Sotin, Georg Solti as the
                conductor of the Vienna
Tannhauser      Philharmonic Orchestra
                                        Leonard Bernstein conducting
                                        the Vienna Philharmonic
                                        Orchestra Dietrich, Fischer-
                                        Dieskau, Ilva Ligabue, Regina
                                        Resnik, Graziella Sciutti, Juan
                                        Oncina, Rolando Panerai, Hilde
                                        Rossel-Majdan, Murray Dickie,
                                        Erich Kunz, Gerhard Stolze,
Falstaff                                Chorus of the Vienna St
                                        mario del monaco, ettore
                                        bastianini, giulietta simionato,
                                        cesare siepi, fernando corena,
                                        renata tebaldi, with chorus and
                                        orchestra of l'accademia di
                                        santa cecilia in rome,
                                        chorusmaster is Bonaventura
                                        somma, conducted by
La Forza del Destino                    Francesco molinari-pradelli
                                        fiorenza cossotto, leontyne price,
                                        bonaldo giaiotti, placido
                                        domingo, sherrill milnes, gabriel
                                        bacquier, James Levine as
                                        conductor of the london
La Forza del Destino                    symphony orchestra

                                        Martina Arroyo, Carlo Bergonzi,
                                        Piero Cappuccilli, Biancamaria
                                        Casoni, ruggero Raimondi,
                                        Geraint Evans, Ambrosian
                                        Opera Chorus and Royal
                                        Philharmonic Orchestra
La Forza del Destino                    conducted by Lamberto Gardelli

                                        Royal Opera House Covent
                                        Garden, Covent Garden Opera,
                                        georg solti as conductor (of
bits and pieces of about 10-20 operas   many of the tracks)

                                        Marilyn Horne, James
                                        McCracken, Leonard Bernstein
Carmen                                  as conductor
                                        sir thomas beecham, victoria de
                                        los angeles, jussi bjoerling,
                                        lucine amara, robert merrill,
                                        giorgio tozzi, john reaardon,
La Boheme                               fernando corena

                                        conducted and directed by
                                        james r. morris, smithsonian
Naughty Marietta                        american musical theater series
                           joan sutherland, josephine
                           veasey, luciano pavarotti,
                           cornelius opthof, london
Beatrice di tenda          symphony richard bonynge

                           beverly sills, janet baker, nicolai
                           gedda, robert llyod, raymund
                           herincx, new philharmonia
                           orchestra, john alldis choir
I Capuleti e I Montecchi   conducted by giuseppe patane

                           Montserrat Caballe, Fiorenza
                           Cossotto, Placido Domingo,
                           Ruggero Raimondi, London
                           Philharmonic Orchestra, Carl
                           Felice Cillario as conductor, The
                           Ambrosian Opera Chorus, with
Norma                      John McCarthy as the director

                           beverly sills, shirley verrett,
                           enrico di giuseppe, paul plishka,
                           james levine conducts the new
                           philharmonia orchestra, john
Norma                      alldis choir
                           Renata Scotto, Tatiana
                           Troyanos, Paul Plishka,
                           Giuseppe Giacomini, ambrosian
                           opera chorus, national
                           philharmonic orchestra with
Norma                      James Levine
                           maria callas, nicola monti, nicola
                           zaccaria, eugenia ratti, fiorenza
                           cossotto, giuseppe morresi,
                           orchestra and chorus of teatro
                           alla scala, in milan, antonio votto
La Sonnambula              as conductor

                           vickers, veasey, lindholm, royal
                           opera house covent garden
                           orchestra and chorus, colin
Les Troyens                davis (First complete recording)

                           leontyne price, franco corelli,
                           robert merrill, mirella freni,
                           herbert von karajan conducting
                           the vienna philharmonic, vienna
                           state opera chorus, vienna boys
Carmen                     choir

                           maria callas, mario filippeschi,
                           ebe stignani, nicola rossi-lemeni,
                           la scala orchestra and chorus,
Norma                      tullio serafin as conductor
                         joan sutherland, marilyn horne,
                         john alexander, ricahrd cross,
                         richard bonynge as conductor fo
                         the london symphony orchestra
Norma                    and chorus

                         montserrat caballe, bernabe
                         marti, piero cappuccilli, ruggero
                         raimondi, orchestra and chorus
                         of radiotelevisione italiana in
Il Pirata                rome, gianadrea gavazzeni
                         rise stevens, jan peerce, licia
                         albanese, robert merrill, fritz
                         reiner conducting the RCA Victor
                         orchestra, and the robert shaw
                         chorale with robert shaw as
Carmen                   conductor

                         ileana contrubas, alain vanzo,
                         guillermo sarabia, roger soyer,
                         chorus and orchestra of the
Les Pecheurs de perles   paris opera, georges pretre

                         brenda lewis, elisabeth carron,
                         carol brice, joshua hecht, new
                         york, city opera orchestra and
                         chorus conducted by samuel
                         krachmalnick, staged by herman
Regina                   shumlin
                         benjamin luxon, janet baker,
                         john shirley-quirk, heather
                         harper, peter pears, sylvia
                         fischer, jennifer vyvyan, nigel
                         douglas, the wandsworth school
                         boy's choir, the english chamber
                         orchestra conducted by
Owen Wingrave            benjamin britten

                         peter pears, claire watson,
                         james pease, david kelly, owen
                         brannigan, lauris elms, jean
                         watson, marion studholme, iris
                         kells, raymond nilsson, john
                         lanigan, geraint evans, marcus
                         norman, conducted by Benjamin
Peter Grimes             Britten
                         renata tebaldi, mario del
                         monaco, piero cappuccilli,
La Wally                 justino diaz, fausto cleva
                         beverly sills, nicolai gedda, jose
                         van dam, mignon dunn, chorus
                         and orchestra of the paris opera,
Louise                   julius rudel
                       gwyneth jones, pilar lorengar,
                       bruno prevedi, fiorenza cossotto,
                       justino diaz, orchestra of
                       l'accademia di santa cecilia in
Medea                  rome, lamberto gardelli

                       renata scotto, placido domingo,
                       sherrill milnes, elena obraztsova,
                       giancarlo luccardi, florindo
                       andreolli, lillian watson, ann
                       murray, paul crook, paul hudson,
Adriana Lecouvreur     paul crrook
                       mady mesple, charles burles,
                       roger soyer, daniele millt, jean-
                       christophe benoit, orchestra and
                       chorus of the opera-comique in
                       paris, conducted by alain
Lakme                  lombard
                       Beverly Sills, Shirley Verrett,
                       Stuart Burrows, Paul Plishka,
                       London Symphony Orchestra
                       John Alldis Chorus, Julius Rudel
Anna Bolena            as conductor
                       Sutherland, Pavarotti, Malas,
                       Sinclari, Orchestra and Chorus
                       of The Royal Opera House,
La Fille du Regiment   Bonynge
                       beverly sills, donald gramm,
                       alfredo kraus, alan titus,
                       ambrosian opera chorus and
                       london symphony orchestra,
Don Pasquale           sara caldwell
                       Rosanna Carteri, Luigi Alva,
                       Giuseppe Taddei, Rolando
                       Panerai, Tullio Serafin,
                       Orchestra and Chorus of La
The Elixir of Love     Scala, Milan

                       joan sutherland, luciano
                       pavarotti, dominic cossa, spiro
                       malas, maria casula, ambrosian
                       opera chorus english chamber
L'elisir d'amore       orchestra, richard bonynge

various                New philharmonia, Bonynge

                       15-31 diferent orchestras and
Various.               conductors
                                            joan sutherland, marilyn horne,
                                            richard conrad, richard bonynge
                                            conducting the london symphony
                                            orchestra and the new
The Age of Bel Canto                        symphony orchestra of london

                                            New Philharmonia Orchestra,
                                            Nello Santi, Royal Philharmonic
                                            Orchestra, Lamberto Gardelli,
31 tenor arias from 25 Operas               Ambrosian Singers

                                            Karl Bohm, Bayreuther
                                            Festspiele, Teho Adam, Gerd
                                            Nienstedt, Hermin Esser,
                                            Wolfgang Windgassen, Gustav
Der Ring Des Nibelungen                     Neidlinger, Erwin Wohlfahrt, etc
                                            teresa berganza, placido
                                            domingo, Ileana Cotrubas,
                                            Sherrill Milnes, the Ambrosian
                                            Singers, London Symphony
Carmen                                      Orchestra, Claudio Abbado
                                            eleanor steber, rosalind elias,
                                            regina resnik, nicolai gedda,
                                            giorgio tozzi, george
                                            cehanovsky, robert nagy, dimitri
                                            mitropoulos conducting the
                                            metropolitan opera orchestra
Vanessa                                     and chorus

                                            beverly sills, walter cassell,
                                            frances bible, the new york city
                                            opera orchestra and chorus with
The Ballad of Baby Doe                      emerson buckley as conductor
                                            patricia neway, leopold
                                            simoneau, robert massard,
                                            pierre mollet, carlo maria giulini
                                            as conductor of the fesitval (sic)
                                            Chorus and Paris Conservatory
Iphigenie en auride (Iphigenia in Tauris)   Orchestra

                                            Arturo Toscanini, NBC
Symphonies 1-9                              Symphony Orchestra
                                            The Modern choir members,
                                            university of tulsa's school of
Te Deum op.93, my romance, I'm old          music, Laven Sowell as
fashioned, say it with music, cheek to      conductor of the university
cheek, the psalmist's meditation            chorale

                                            Thomas Pfeiffer, Dieter Hornung
Die Schone Mullerin                         on piano
                                              The Chicago Symphony
Tchaikovsky Symphony No.6                     Orchestra, Sir Georg Solti

Bizet Symphony in C, Mendelssohn              Stokowski, national philharmonic
Symphony No. 4 (Italian)                      orchestra

                                              livret du jules barbier et michel
Galathee                                      carre, musique de victor masse
la danza, brezairola, de los alamos, jardin
d'amour, spring waters, la dermiere valse,
memories, gigerlette, oyasumi na sai,
music for a while, the wakeful nightingale, o
waly waly, unter der linden, o lieb, varen
flyktar hastigt, moeke, afrikaans             Elly Ameling, Dalton Baldwin on
wiegeliedjie                                  piano

Peer Gynt suites, op.46 and op.55, Bizet:     Bamberg Symphony, Jonel
L'arlesienne Suites, no.1 and 2               Perlea as conductor
E.T., Chariots of Fire, Raiders of the Lost
Ark, Yes, Giorgio, New York New York,
Gone with the Wind, the Wizard of OZ,
Singin' in the Rain, Friendly Persuasion,     The Boston Pops, John Williams
Meet Me in St. Louis                          as conductor

                                              Magda olivero, eugenio fernandi,
                                              scipio columbo, giovanni
                                              amodeo, torando, palma, livi,
                                              chorus and orchestra conducted
Tosca                                         by emidio tieri
                                              soloists, monteverdi choir and
                                              orchestra, john eliot gardiner as
Dixit Dominus Coronation Anthem No.1          director

                                              vienna chamber choir, orchestra
                                              of the vienna volksoper, hans
Missa Solemnis                                gillesberger as conductor
                                              schwarzkopf, gedda, kunz,
                                              loose, philharmonia chorus and
                                              orchestra conducted by
Das Land Des Lachelns                         ackermann
giboen's bridal march op.72 no.1, cow-call
op.66 no.1, a king ruled in osterdal op.66
no.3, the prillar from os parish op.72 no.5,
in ola vally in ola lake op.66 no.14, I go with
a thousand thoughts op.66 no.18, rotnams-
knut halling op.72 no.7, gjendine's lulliby
op.66 no.19, sheperd's hey, the nightingale
and the two sisters, spoon river, three
scotch folksongs, blithe bells, the gum-
suckers march, colonial song, in dahomey Joseph Smith, piano
                                                rosanna carteri, christiane
                                                gayraud, nicolai gedda, michel
                                                dens, joseph rouleau, paris
                                                opera orchestra, conducted by
Romeo and Juliet Highlights                     alain lombard
pops roundup, o bury me not on the lone
prairie, red river valley, home on the range,
whoopie-ti-yi-yo, tumbling tumbleweeds, the
yellow rose of texas, wagon wheels, riders
in the sky, cool water, the last roundup,
pops hoe-down                                   Boston Pops Fiedler
                                                sung in german by the stars of
                                                the vienna opera, helge
                                                roswaenge, alfred jerger, rosette
                                                anday, liane, anny felbermayer,
                                                frederick guthrie, kurt presger,
                                                hedy fassler, chorus and
                                                orchestra of the vienna state
                                                opera, f. charles adler as
The Three Penny Opera                           conductor

                                              lois marshall, elsie morison, john
                                              cameron, alexander young,
                                              beecham choral society, royal
                                              philharmonic orchestra, sir
Handel: Solomon                               thomas beecham, as conductor
Kalinka, Bandura, Tipperary, Volga Boat       Colonel Boris Alexandrov as
Song, Ukrainian Poem, Snow Flakes, A          chief conductor, soviet army
Birch Tree in a Field                         chorus and band
with verdure clad, hear ye, israel!, my heart max rudolf conducting the
ever faithful, sighing weeping, I know that   columbia symphony orchestra,
my redeemer liveth                            eleanor steber

                                              antal dorati conducting the
Coppelia                                      minneapolis symphony orchestra
fanfare vive le roi, gaude francorum regia
corona, odieu mes amours, quis dabit
oculis nostris, un franc archer, allegez-moy,
on a dit mal de mon ami, il etait un
bonhomme, nous sommes de l'ordre de           the roger blachard ensemble
saint-babouyn                                 with the poulteau consort.
Scenes from Brunnhilde's Immolation,
Prelud and Liebestod (Gotterdammerung,       charles munch, boston
and Tristan and Isolde)                      symphony, eileen farrell
                                             Hubert Barwahser, vienna
                                             symphony orchestra, john
No.1 K313, No.2 K314 (both concertos)        pritchard as conductor
acts from Otello, Don Carlos, I Vespri       Maazel, The Cleveland
Siciliani                                    Orchestra
                                             Eleanor Steber, metropolitan
Arias from La Traviata, Otello, La Forza del opera orchestra with fausto
Destino, Don Carlos, Ernani                  cleva as conductor

scenes from Semiramide, I puritani,
Hamlet, Cosi fan tutte, Giulio Cesare,      June Anderson, Ashley Putnam,
Adriadne Auf Naxos                          Gianna Rolandi

                                            emma bruno, de sanctis, flora
                                            raffanelli, mario guggio, alfredo
                                            mariotti, alberto rinaldi, orchestra
                                            e coro del teatro la fenice
Il Campanello                               venezia, dir: ettore gracis

                                            Utah Symphony Orchestra,
Swan Lake                                   Maurice Abravanel as conductor
opera suite 5 from carmen, opera suite 6    vienna state opera orchestra,
carmen/faust/tales of hoffman               conducte dby sy shaffer

The Rite of Spring, ("le sacre du           antal dorati conducting the
printemps")                                 minneapolis symphony orchestra

                                            Whittemore & Lowe, thte
The Carnival of Animals, Mother Goose       philharmonia orchestra with
Suite, Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun   pierre dervaux as conductor

                                            pilar lorengar, heinz hoppe, franz
                                            craass, rene duclos chorus, the
                                            paris conservatoire orchestra
                                            conducted by jean-cleade
Saint Cecilia Mass                          hartemann
sonata in c minor on the 94th psalm,
fantasia and fugue on B.A.C.H., Gloria and
Credo from an organ mass                   E. Power Biggs
                                                 Leonard bernstein, new york
                                                 philharmonic, isaac stern,
                                                 eugene oramndy, the
                                                 philadelphia orchestra, andre
                                                 kostelanetz, the mormon
100 melodies from a variety of classical         tabernacle choir, richard p.
sources (all on one LP)                          condie, director
Overtures from Robert devereux, torvaldo e
dorliska, les dragons de villars, la fille du
tambour-major, giovanna d'arco, zampa         The london symphony orchestra,
maritana                                      Richard bonynge

                                                 rafael druian, abraham skernick,
                                                 exsultate jubilate, judith raskin,
Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante for Violin,         george szell and members of the
viola and orchestra                              cleveland orchestra.

tango in d, siboney, habanera from
rhapsodie espagnole, tico tico, cielito lindo,
seguidillas, mexican hat dance, espana           the hollywood bowl symphony
cani, castillane from le cid, spanish dance      orchestra, conducted by carmen
from la vida breve, la danza                     dragon
a mighty fortress, we all believe in one god,
evening star from tannhauser, none but the
lonely heart, all thrugh the night, hallelujah
chorus from messiah, toccata from suite
gothique, liebestraum no.3, clair de lune
from suite bergamasque, the old refrain, to      Virgil Fox, the aeolian-skinner
a wild rose from woodland sketches, the          organ of the riverside church in
lost chord                                       new york city

Moussorgsky-Rimsky-Korsakov: Night on
Bald Mountain. Moussorgsky-Ravel:                Lorin Maazel, the Cleveland
Pictures at an Exhibition                        Orchestra
                                                 Saint Louis Symphony
                                                 Orchestra, Leonard Slatkin
Carmen, Peer Gynt                                conducting
                                                 the royal swedish symphony
                                                 orchestra, conducted by leif
Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky)                          segerstam
Brahms: Horn Trio in E flat op. 40, Mozart:
Horn Quintet in E flat K.407, Marin Marais: Dennis Brain, wilfrid parry, and
Le Basque                                        ensemble
etude pour les octaves, la terrasse des
audiences du clair de lune, clair de lune, la
plus que lente, jardins sous la pluie,
reverie, reflets dans l'eau, feux d'artifice, la
fille aux cheveux de lin, la soiree dans
grenade, l'isle joyeuse                          Van Cliburn
tu che le vanita conoscesti, timor di me d'
amor sull' ali, e strano ah, fors' e lui, se
come voi, visse d'arte, chi il bel sogno di
doretta, quando m'en vo' soletta, in quelle John pritchard, london
trine morbide, o mio babbino caro, un bel di philharmonic orchestra, Kiri te
vedremo                                      Kanawa

                                               Vronsky, Babin (duo-pianists),
                                               elsie morison, marjorie thomas,
Brahms: Liebeslieder Waltzes                   richard lewis, donald bell
                                               mary thomas, honor sheppard,
                                               maurice bevan, helen watts,
                                               robert tear, ellen dales, harold
                                               lester, oriana concert choir and
                                               orchestra, alfred deller as
Dido and Aeneas                                conductor

valse triste, musetta's waltz song from la
boheme, waltzes from faust, coppelia and       Hollywood bowl symphony
the gypsy baron, waltz in a flat (brahms),     orchestra and capitol symphony
minute waltz and grande valse, brillante       orchestra, conducted by Carmen
(chopin), valse--la plus que lente (debussy)   Dragon
                                               Richard Bonynge, London
Le Papillon                                    Symphony Orchestra
                                               emmerich kalman, countess
The Merry Widow                                maritza

                                               dall' Argine, Scattolini, Colombo,
                                               Vienna state opera orchestra
Tosca                                          conducted by Argeo Quadri

Concert paraphrases of: rigoletto, ernani, il
trovatore, I lombardi, aida, don carlo,
simone boccanegra                             claudio arrau, piano
parlez-moi d'amour, ouvre ton coeur, oh
quand je dors, waltz from mireille, si tu le
veux, les filles de cadix, les chemins de     beverly sills, andre kostelanetz,
l'amour, plaisir d'amour, villanelle          the columbia syphony orchestra
cahmp d'honneur, marche consulaire a
marengo, marche des eclopes la boiteuse,
chant du retour de la grande armee, pas
accelere, veillons au salut de l'empire, la         the brass and percussion
grenadiere, salut des aigles, 3 marche pour         ensembles fo gardiens de la
le mariage de napoleon et marie-louise,             paix de paris under the direction
chant du retur de campo formio, marche du           of desire dondeyne, vocal
1er consul, aux manes de la gironde, pas            ensemble under the direction of
cadence des sans-culottes                           jean rollin

il etait un roi de thule, ah je ris de me voir si
belle en ce miroir, voici la vaste plaine et la
desert de feu, je veux vivre dans le reve, o
beau pays de la touraine, depuis le jour ou
je me suis donnee, c'est des                        new philharmonia orchestra
contrebandiers le refuge ordinaire, ah me           london, dirigent: reynald
voila seule o mon miroir fidele                     giovaninetti, montserrat caballe
Scenes and arias from Salome, Eugene                Ljuba Welitsch, with different
Onegin, Der Freischutz, Aida, Tosca, La             orchestras and conductors per
Boheme                                              track
Arias from don giovanni, the marriage of
figaro, the magic flute, the impresario, cosi
fan tutte, and the abduction from the               eleanor steber, bruno walter, the
seraglio                                            columbia symphony orchestra
theme from limelight, village swallows,
tammy, come prima, greensleeves, schon
rosmarin, I could have danced all night,
some enchanted evening                              Mantovani and his orchestra

sampler                                             sampler

Symphonies No. 94 "Surprise" and No. 101 Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra,
"Clock"                                  Karl Richter

                                                    Mogens Woldike, conducting the
Haydn: Symphony 99, 102                             vienna state opera orchestra
                                                    annae ayer, hugues cuenod,
                                                    mimi mattei, vienna volksoper
                                                    orchestra, willard straight as
Thesee Highlights                                   conductor
chi sa chi sa qual sia k.582, giunse al fin il
momento deh vieni non tardar, voi che
sapete, temerari! Sortit fuori di questo loco
come scoglio, misera, dove son, vado ma
dove? Oh dei!, non so piu cosa son, batti
batti o bel masetto, vedrai carino, ch'io mi elly ameling, english chamber
scordi di te?                                  orchestra, edo de waart
                                               leontyne price, placido domingo,
                                               sherrill milnes, erich leinsdorff,
Il Tabarro                                     new philharmonia orchestra

die fledermaus, thte gipsy baron, the merry    sadler's wells orchestra and
widow, thte land of smiles, la belle helene,   chorus, conducted by vilem
la vie parisienne, orpheus in the underworld   tausky, william reid, john
(all are highlights, not full works)           mtheson, alexander faris
                                               merrill, tucci, simionato, corelli,
                                               mazzoli, moneta, mercuriali,
                                               thomas schippers, chorus and
                                               orchestra of the teatro dell'
                                               opera di roma with chorus
Verdi: Il trovature highlights                 master gianni lazzari
                                               munsel, resnik, stevens, melton,
                                               merrill, peerce, thompson,
                                               lenchner, silver, reiner
                                               conducting the RCA victor
                                               orchestra, Robert Shaw
                                               conducting the robert shaw
highlights from die fledermaus                 chorale

Excerpts from: La Boheme, Edgar, La
Rondine, Tosca, Manon Lescaut, Le Villi,       new philharmonia orchestra,
Madama Butterfly, La Fanciulla Del West        edward downes, conductor

                                               tamara milashkina, orchestra of
                                               the bolshoi theater, mark ermler
highlights from Tosca                          as conductor, vladimir atlantov

the seraphim guide to the ring, a synopsis
and musical analysis of wagners ring of the
nibelung, illustrating the principal motifs wilhelm furtwanger, for radio
from the recordings by wilhelm furtwangler italiana (RAI) 1953

                                         new york city opera, erie mills,
                                         david eisler, john lankston, joyce
                                         castle, scott reeve, jack harrold,
                                         james billings, maris clement,
Candide (opera hous eversion 1982, music conducted by john mauceri,
by Bernstein)                            directed by harold prince
                                         camerata academia of the
                                         Salzburg Mozarteum, uli weder
                                         as conductor, welz, lawrencewic,
                                         brinck, harvey, vrooman, zureck,
Doktor und Apotheker                     perl

songs of the auvergne, bachianas               anna moffo, leopold stokowsky,
basileiras no.5, vocalise                      american symphony orchestra
                                                barbara hendricks, laurence
                                                dale, jean-philippe lafont, chorus
                                                of radio-france nouvel orchestre
St. Cecilia Mass                                philharmonique, georges pretre

                                                london symphony orchestra, the
                                                john alldis choir, new
                                                philharmonia orchestra, edward
                                                downes, rome opera house
                                                orchestra, oliviero de fabritiis,
                                                new philharmonia orchestra,
                                                zubin mehta, RCA Italiana opera
aria excerpts: aida, madama butterfly, don      orchestra, erich leinsdorf, new
giovanni, turandot, tosca, il trovatore,        philharmonia orchestra, peter
manon lescaut, un ballo in maschera, die        herman adler, new philharmonia
zauberflote, antony and cleopatra               orchestra, thoams schippers
ne ornera la bruna chioma, dolente
immagine di fille mia, la danza (tarantella
napoletana), una lagrima (preghiera), lo
spazzacamino, per pieta, la mere et
l'enfant, brindisi, giovanna d'arco, vaga
luna, che inargenti, malinconia ninfa
gentile, la corrispondenza amorosa,
stornello                                       walter baracchi, renata scotto

arias from: madama butterfly, tosca,
turandot, la rondine, gianni schicchi, l'amico mirella freni, various orchestras
fritz, adriana lecouvreur, la traviata, otello, I and conductors (different each
puritani, the marriage of figaro                  excerpt)
                                                  ogeas, mollien, kal, plantey,
                                                  collard, germain, orchestre de
                                                  chambre de la radiodiffusion,
                                                  television francaise, marcel
Ma Tante Aurore                                   couraud as conductor
excerpts from macbeth, carmen, die                maria callas, regine crespin,
walkure, faust, la traviata, fidelio, le nozze birgit nilsson, elisabeth
di figaro, don giovanni                           schwarzkopf, joan sutherland
                                                  the roger wagner chorale,
                                                  cameron, royal philharmonic
Belshazzar's Feast                                orchestra, wagner

Excerpts from Tristan und isolde,               strasbourg philharmonic
tannhauser                                      orchestra, alain lombard, caballe
Merry widow waltz, secunden polka,
waltzes from eva, violetta polka, klipp klapp
galop, waltzes from the count of
luxembourg, studenten polka, waltz freut
euch des lebens, demolierer polka, furioso      anton paulik conducting the
galop                                           vienna state opera orchestra
serenade, viens les gazons sont verts, ce
que je suis sans toi, le rossignol des lilas, la
derniere valse, a chloris, quand je fus pris
au pavillion, a sa guitare, les chemins de
l'amour, a la claire fontaine, , le prince
eugene, le moine simon, j'ai perdu mon
amant, au chant de l'alouette, c'est dans le
mois de mai, une perdriole, viola la             Rosemarie Landry, Dalton
recompense, au bois rossignolet                  Baldwin

l'italiana in algeri, il barbiere di siviglia, la   bernstein conducts the new york
scala di seta, la gazza ladra, semiramide           philharmonic

                                                    marilyn horne, london symphony
excerpts from il barbiere di siviglia, mignon,      orchestra, richard bonynge, the
les huguenots, la generentola, norma, l'            vienna opera orchestra, henry
italiana in algeri, orfeo ed euridice, samson       lewis, the royal oepra house,
et dalila, semiramide                               covent guarden sir georg solti,
emelia di liverpool, cavatina and rondo
finale, zemira and azor, rose softly
blooming, la fyoraia fiorentina, I puritani, o
rendetemi la speme, qui la voce sua soave
vien diletto e in ciel la luna, la traviata, e
strano ah fors' e lui, follie follie, sempre        Maria Callas and Joan
libera                                              Sutherland
                                                    di stefano, petrella, christoff,
IRIS                                                gavazzeni as conductor

                                                    Sylvia Sass, orchester der
Wesendonk-Lieder, Tannhauser, Tristan               ungarischen staatsoper,
und Isolde, Der Fliegende Hollander                 frauenchor der ungarischen
(excerpts from all).                                staatsoper
                                                    regina resnik, judith blegen,
                                                    opera society of washington,
The Medium                                          jorge mester as conductor
                                                    varady, fadle, kammerchor,
                                                    radio symphonnie orchester
Gli Amori Di Teolinda                               berlin, gerd albrecht

                                                    oriana santunione, licia falcone,
                                                    angelo mori, vito tatone, guido
                                                    guarnera, ettore geri, armando
Elena Da Feltre highlights                          gatto as conductor
                                                  kizewetter, pakulska, kondella,
                                                  czekay, kmiciewicz, chor I
                                                  orkiestra panstwowej opery im.
                                                  Stanislawa moniuszki w
                                                  poznaniu (chorus and orchestra
                                                  of the poznan state opera),
                                                  dyrygent (conductor) as robert
Verbum Nobile                                     satanowski
                                                  joan sutherland, werner krenn,
                                                  with special guest regina resnik,
                                                  national philharminoc orchestra,
The Merry Widow                                   richard bonynge

excerpts from: norma, la forza del destino,
nabucco, tosca, manon lescaut, un ballo in        simfonicni orkester RTV
maschera, andre chenier, tannhauser               ljubljana, dirigent: samo hubad
das fischermadchen, aufen thalt, the
toreador song, I got plenty of nuttin,
shenandoah, old man river, sometimes I
feel like a motherless child, ev'ry time I feel   Simon Estes, recorded in the
the spirit, nobody knows the trouble I've         Tulsa Performing Arts Center,
seen, wade in the water, precious lord,           Tulsa, Oklahoma, March 16,
without a song                                    1984

Marten Alle Arten, Ruhe Sanft Mein Holdes
Leben, Vorei Spie Garti O Dio, Amor Amor
op.68, Breit Uber Mein Haupt, Monologue London Philharmonic Orchestra,
and Transformation Scene from Daphne      Conducted by Aldo Ceccato
                                          marianne haggander, pia gunn
                                          ancker, peter lindroos, jorma
                                          hynninsen, finnish radio
                                          orchestra conducted by jussi
                                          jalas (helsinki january 1981, one-
the maid in the tower                     act opera written in 1896)

                                                  argine, scattolini, colombo, poell,
                                                  vienna state opera orchestra,
                                                  vienna kammerchor, argeo
Tosca                                             quadri as conductor
                                                 gigli, tajo, taddei, 1951 live
                                                 performance, conducted by
L' Elisir d' Amore                               gianandrea gavazzeni

excerpts from madama butterfly, la
boheme, turandot, tosca, rigoletto, aida         Not listed.
excerpts: floridante, allesandro, se tu
m'ami, die entfuhrung aus dem serail, lucia
di lammermoor, rigoletto, zemire et azor,        the renaissance quintet,
dinorah, mignon, le coq d' or, ou va la jeune    orchestra, andre kostelanetz and
hindoue la bas                                   rosario bourdon as conductors

                                                 the royal philharmonic orchestra,
                                                 ambrosian opera chorus, charles
excerpts from manon, louise, hamlet,             mackerras as conductor, chorus
mignon, robert le diable, les huguenots          master is john mccarthy

excerpts from manon, romeo et juliette,          national philharmonic orchestra,
fedora, I rantzau                                kurt herbert adler as conductor
coloratura soprano arias from bellini's I
capuletti ed I montecchi and La
sonnambula and Donizetti's Lucia di              vienna volksopern orchestra,
lammermoor, linda di chamounix, robert           vienna akademi chorus, jussi
devereux, and rosamonda d'inghilterra            jalas conducting

                                                 nadine conner, raoul jobin,
                                                 robert weede, george sebastian
                                                 conducting the metropolitan
Excerpts from Carmen                             opera chorus and orchestra
excerpts from: madama butterfly, la
boheme, la rondine, l'amico fitz-mascagni,       leona mitchell, kurt herbert adler,
gianni schicchi, turandot, le nozze di figaro,   an operatic partnership, national
william tell, ernani                             philharmonic orchestra
excerpts from: madama butterfly, la
boheme, la rondine, l'amico fitz-mascagni,       leona mitchell, kurt herbert adler,
gianni schicchi, turandot, le nozze di figaro,   an operatic partnership, national
william tell, ernani                             philharmonic orchestra
                                                 norma procter, edith mathis,
                                                 symphonie-orchester des
                                                 bayerischen rundfunks, dirigent:
Symphony 2                                       rafael kubelik
excerpts from die meistersinger von
nurnberg, lohengrin, eugen onegin, die
zauberflote, oberon, bartered bride,
allessandro stradella, l'africaine               siegfried jerusalem
o sole mio, a vucchella, o surdato
nnammurato, o marenariello, fenesta
vascia, marechiare, torna a surriento,
pecche, o paese d o sole, piscatore e
pusilleco, tu ca nun chiagne, maria mari,
funiculi funicula                                 pavarotti

excerpts from: william tell, I puritani, don the new philharmonia orchestra
pasquale, mefistofele, il trovatore, la      and chorus conducted by leone
gioconda, la boheme, l'arlesiana, maristella magiera

excerpts from die entfuhrung aus dem
serail, cosi fan tutte, rigoletto, martha, the
bartered bride, la boheme, the queen of
spades, countess maritza, giuditta                fritz wunderlich

Chopin: concerto no.2 in f minor op.21,           artur rubinstein, pianist,
andante spianato and grande polonaise in          symphony of the air, alfred
e flat op.22                                      wallenstein as conductor
                                                  Rubinstein, krips, symphony of
Beethoven: Concerto no.5                          the air
                                                  the soloists, chorus and
                                                  chamber orchestra of the pro
                                                  musica antiqua conducted by
The Messiah                                       randolph jones
                                                  berlin philharmonic, berlin
                                                  symphony, w. schuchter and
the magic flute                                   horst stein as conductors

excerpts from tannhauser, die                     boston symphony orchestra,
gotterdammerung, die walkure                      munch

The Four Seasons                                  Societa Corelli
                                                  london symphony orchestra,
Sibelius: symphony 2                              pierre monteux as conductor

                                                  berliner philharmoniker, herbert
complete overtures and preludes                   von karajan
excerpts from La boheme, don pasquale,
adriana lecouvreur, luisa miller, don carlo,
tosca, rigoletto, il trovatore, manon, l'elisir
d'amore, tosca, fedora, lucia di
lammermoor                                        Giacomo Aragall

La Clemenza di Tito, Die entfuhrung aus        margaret price, english chamber
dem serail, Il re pastore, le nozze di figaro, orchestra, james lockhart as
idomeneo, don giovanni (excerpts)              conductor

Norma, Zaide, Turandot, Nabucco (all
excerpts)                                         Rita Hunter, with kenneth collins
                                              zinka milanov, tito schipa, sigrid
                                              onegin, margarete matzenauer,
                                              lily pons, giuseppe de luca,
                                              emmy destinn, johanna gadski,
excerpts from: norma, l'elisir d'amore,       pasquale amato, enrico caruso,
lucrezia borgia, l'africana, rigoletto, il    rosa ponselle, florence
trovatore, aida, tosca                        quartararo, ramon vinay

Special selections of Simon Boccanegra,
Ernani, Attila, Scene for Two tenors and      Pavarotti, orchestra del teatro
orchestra                                     alla scala, claudio abbado
                                              sutherland, pavarotti, bonynge
excerpts from la traviata, la sonnambula,     as conductor of the national
linda di chamounix, otello, aida              philharmonic

                                                eleanor steber, set svanholm,
                                                maria jeritza, helen traubel,
excerpts from die entfuhrung aus dem            elisabeth rethberg, kerstin
serail, fidelio, der freischutz, lohengrin, der thorborg, kirsten flagstad,
friegende hollander, die walkure, tristan und ernestine schumann--heink,
isolde, gatterdammerung, parsifal               lauritz melchior
                                                neil jenkins, the ambrosian
                                                singers, chorus master: john
excerpts from don giovanni, tosca, manon mccarthy, pilar lorengar, the
lescaut, don carlo, la vida breve, suor         london philharmonic, lopez-
angelica, lohengrin, goyescas                   cobos

                                              regine crespin, orchestre du
excerpts from guillaume tell, le trouvere,    theatre national de l'opera, under
othello, tannhauser, la damnation de faust    the direction of otto ackermann

                                           The Metropolitain opera 1985
                                           tour. Permissions for the use of
excerpts from: lohengrin, cosi fan tutte,  excerpts on this recording was
eugene onegin, la boheme, rigoletto, simon from Angel records, RCA
boccanegra, hansel and gretel              Records, and Odyssey Records.
                                           helen traubel, soprano, with
excerpts from: aida, otello, don giovanni, orchestra conducted by charles
tosca, la gioconda, cavalleria rusticana   o'connell
excerpts from: robinson crusoe, dinorah,
louise, la grande-duchesse de Gerolstein,
manon lescaut, le coeur et la main, les   bonynge conducting l'orchestre
noces de jeannette, faust, vasco de gama, de la suisse romande, joan
l'etoile du nord                          sutherland

                                              denis vaughan conducting the
                                              orchestra and chorus of naples,
rosamunde, the magic harp                     lucia popp
die verschworenen, chanson perpetuelle,
non so piu, se geloso e il mio core, six      charles wadsworth, piano and
duets, le bonheur est chose legere, two       harpsichord, gervase de peyer,
duets                                         gerard schwarz, assisting artists

garb of old gaul, moray firth, les huguenots,
lilliburlero, golden spurs, the wee
macgregor, scotland the brave, scotia to      the regimental band of the scots
columbia, gathering of the clans,             guards, director of music:
ecossaise, coronation bells, birdcage walk lieutenant colonel S. Rhodes

Beethoven's fifth symphony (transcribed for
piano by liszt)                             Glenn Gould
                                            arroyo, moffo, tucker, giaiotti,
                                            antonio de almeida, new
                                            philharmonia orchestra,
                                            ambrosian opera chorus, john
La Juive                                    mccarthy as director
excerpts from lucia di lammermoor,
rigoletto, la gazza ladra, I capuletti ed I
montecchi, la sonnambula, the barber of     paris opera orchestra,
seville                                     gianfranco masini

                                              Beverly Sills, Alan Titus, Glenys
                                              Flowles, Henry Price, New York
                                              City Opera Orchestra & Chorus,
The Merry Widow                               Julius Rudel
                                              Regine Crespin, alain lombard
                                              conducting l'orchestre de la
excerpts from la grande duchesse, la belle suisse romande, the vienna
helene, la perichole, ciboulette, phi-phi,    volksoper orchestra, georges
l'amour masque, les trois valses              sebastion conducting (also).
La fille du regiment, la damnation de faust, the ambrosian opera chorus,
herodiade, hamlet, les pecheurs de perles, john mccarthy as director, new
robert le diable, romeo et juliette, werther, philharmonia orchestra, peter
louise                                        maag
                                                beverly sills, nicolai gedda,
                                                rolando panerai, delia wallis,
                                                keith erwin, terence sharpe,
                                                richard van allan, robert lloyd,
                                                the john alldis choir, and royal
                                                philharmonic orchestra, aldo
La Traviata highlights                          ceccato

excerpts from carmen, mignon, faust,            rca victor orchestra with erich
romeo and juliet, songs of the auvergne,        leinsdorf wilfred pelletier and
werther, samson and delilah, pique dame,        jean paul morel, with orchestra.
la perichole                                    Alexander smallens

Bernstein: Dances from West Side Story,
Gershwin: Porgy and Bess (a symphonic           Robert Russell Bennett, the RCA
picture)                                        Symphony Orchestra

                                                Arturo Toscanini, the NBC
Symphony 9                                      Symphony Orchestra

excerpts from Dido and Aeneas, the
marriage of figaro, la traviata, l'africaine,   Orchestra conducted by
manon, otello, adriana lecouvreur, louise,      Francesco Molinari-Pradelli,
vanessa                                         Leontyne Price

peer gynt suites 1 and 2, prelude: the        music treasures philharmonic
afternoon of a faun, tyl eulenspiegel's merry symphony conducted by max
pranks                                        schoenherr, anton paulik

excerpts from: the marriage of figaro, don
giovanni, the magic flute, cosi fan tutte,      philharmonia orchestra, alceo
misera dove son k.369, oratorio arias           galliera conducting, anna moffo

zapateado, cancion de la tempranica,
cancion de pastora, cacion de la gitana,
tango de la menegilda, chotis del eliseo
madrileno, romanza de gloria, cancion de la     members of the spanish national
gitana, escena lirica, couplets babilonicos,    orchestra, conducted by rafael
romanza de pilar, cancion de paloma             fruhbeck de burgos
excerpts from faust, rigoletto, la forza del
destino, adriana lecouvreur, turandot, la
fanciulla del west, gianni schicchi, les        new philharmonia orchestra,
pecheurs de perles, un ballo in maschera,       nello santi as conductor, placido
romeo et juliette                               domingo
                                               placido domingo, katia
                                               Ricciarelli, orchestra of the
                                               national academy of santa
excerpts from otello, madama butterfly, un     cecilia, gianadrea gavazzeni as
ballo in maschera, francesca da rimini         conductor
                                               edith mathis, norma procter,
                                               chor und symphonie-orchester,
                                               des bayerischen rundfunks,
Mahler Symphony 2                              rafael kubelik

arias from don giovanni, alceste, die
walkure, lohengrin, la gioconda, and a
recital of songs                               helen traubel

oberto conte di san bonifacio, un giorno di
regno, ernani, macbeth, rigoletto, il          vienna volksoper orchestra,
trovatore, la traviata, simon boccanegra, un   vienna academy chamber
ballo in maschera, la forza del destino, don   chorus, argeo quadri and anton
carlo, aida, otello, falstaff (all excerpts)   guadagno conductors

The American Centennial March,
huldigungsmarsch, kaisermarsch, die feen, london symphony orchestra,
das liebesverbot                          marek Janowski

Bitter Sweet                                   lee, cardinali, dawn, hauxvell
                                               the giuliana chorale, paul
                                               giuliana, brandon knowles, john
The Crucifixion                                conroy, richard ellsasser

Mendelssohn: a midsummer night's dream
incidental music, Humperdinck: hansel and Rudolf kempe, royal
gretel - suite                            philharmonic orchestra

I lombardi alla prima crociata, la mia letizia
infondere, la forza del destino, la vita e
inferno, luisa miller, oh fede negar potessi,
un ballo in maschera, forse la soglia
attinse, jerusalem, l' infamie, il giuramento,
la dea di tutti I cor, compiuta e omai, il duca
d'alba, inosservato, maria di rohan, nel        jose carreras, royal philharmonic
fragor della festa, adelson e salvini, ecco     orchestra conducted by roberto
signor la sposa, il figliuol prodigo, il padre  benzi

I feel pretty, malaguena, one hand one
heart, my favorite things, habanera, I
believe, climb ev'ry mountain, summertime, chorus and orchestra directed by
havah nagilah, bill, love is a many        oswald cheesman, kiri te
splendored thing, granada                  kanawa
a kiss in the dark, italian street song, to the
land of my own romance, orchestral
medley: im falling in love with someone
moonbeams, gypsie love song habanera,
kiss me again, ah! Sweet mystery of life, art
is calling for me, thine alone, orchestral
medley: sweethearts waltz, march of the
toys, toyland, the streets of new york, indian    beverly sills, andre kostelanetz,
summer, when you're away, romany life             the columbia syphony orchestra
arias from: Carmen, samson and delilah, il
trovatore, cavalleria rusticana, don carlos,      philharmonia orchestra,
adriana lecouvreur                                giuseppe patane, robin stapleton

arias from: daughter of the regiment, de
lisle: la marseillaise, variations on "ah vous
dirai-je maman", l'amero saro constante,
voi che sapete, der holle rache, ach ich
liebte, welche wonne, alleluia                 lily pons, soprano

excerpts from pagliacci, the barber of
seville, carmen, faust, the tales of
hoffmann, rigoletto, il trovature, la traviata,
un ballo in maschera, otello, tosca             leonard warren
ah perfido, arias from medea, der fliegende
hollander, il trovatore, la forza del destino, the vienna opera orchestra,
fidelio                                         argeo quadri

excerpts from macbeth, il trovatore,              orquesta sinfonica de barcelona
cavalleria rusticana, turandot, la wally, la      conducted by armando gatto,
gioconda, andrea chenier                          anton guadagno

excerpts from: la gioconda, cavalleria            martina arroyo, munchner,
rusticana, andrea chenier, tosca, la              rundfunkorchester, dirigent: kurt
boheme, madame butterfly, aida, don               eichhorn, aufnahmeleitung:
carlos, macbeth                                   theodor holzinger
excerpts from: luisa miller, fanciulla del
west, manon lescaut, turandot, aida, tosca,
macbeth, la traviata, pagliacci, cavalleria
rusticana                                         mario del monaco

                                                  lisa della casa, john reardon,
                                                  laurel hurley, charles k.l. davis,
                                                  paul franke, howard kahl, paul
                                                  richards, the american opera
                                                  society orchestra and chorus,
                                                  margaret hillis, choral director,
The Merry Widow                                   franz allers, conductor
stride la vampa, condotta ell'era in ceppi,
ritorna vincitor, tu che le vanita, nel di della
vittoria, ambizioso spirito tu sei, vieni        grace bumbry, orchester der
t'affretta, la luce langue, una macchia e qui deutschen oper berlin, dirigent:
tuttora                                          hans lowlein
                                                 Mary Martin, Eddie Maynard and
                                                 his orchestra, vocal sby patrice
                                                 roselle, rosemary hayes, leonard
The Sound of Music                               rogers

vesti la giubba, m'appari, flower song, che
gelida manina, la donna e mobile, salut
demeure, e lucevan le stelle, celeste aida,
nessun dorma, di quella pira                     Luciano Pavarotti

duets from: le nozze di figaro, mercadante,
le due illustri rivali, bellini, bianca e
fernando norma                              mirella freni, renata scotto
suites from I vespri siciliani, ernani, il
trovatore, don carlos, I puritani, linda di
chamounix, la sonnambula, I capuleti e I
montecchi                                   cristina deutekom, carlo franci

                                           leontyne price, new philharmonia
two scenes from antoy and cleopatra op.40, orchestra, thomas schippers as
knoxville: summer of 1915 op.24            conductor

sweethearts, it's love, 'neath the southern
moon, the desert song, close as pages in a
book, the fireman's bride, thine alone,
indian love call, it never, never can be love,   julius rudel, new york city opera
my hero                                          orchestra
hear my prayer o for the wings of a dov,
jerusalem, silent night holy night, o divine     kirsten flagstad, the london
redeemer, jerusalem, jubilate, o come all ye     philharmonic orchestra and choir
faithful, abide with me                          conducted by sir adrian boult
sventurata ildegonda, nour-eddin, al mio
core oggetti amati, ah pour un jeune coeur,
c'est sa tete que je reclame, ah! Sgombro il
loco alfin, e questo il loco!, il m'aime,        richard bonynge, l'orchestre de
espoire charmant                                 la suisse romande

                                                 Rosa Ponselle, orchcestra of
                                                 rosario bourdon, orchestra of
                                                 giulio setti, metropolitan opera
excerpts from serenade, aida, il trovatore,      orchestra with giulio setti, double
norma, ernani, otello, la forza del destino      string quartet, rosario bourdon
                                                  richard bonynge, james levine,
highlights from il trovatore, manon lescaut,      karl bohm, francesco molinari-
salome, le nozze di figaro, fledermaus, la        pradelli, kurt adler, with the
forza del destino, otello                         metropolitan opera orchestra
excerpts from tristan und isolde, bach
transcriptions by stokowski (ich ruf zu dir,
herr jesu christ non komm, der heiden
heiland wir glauben all' an einen gott),
symphonic dance 1, danse russe from
petrushka suite, viennese musical clock
from hary janos suite, the swan of tuonela,
the stars and stripes forever, the great gate     philadelphia orchestra,
at kiev from pictures at an exhibition, der       conducted by both eugene
rosenkavaler suite                                ormandy and leopold stokowski

excerpts from: la boheme, don pasquale,
andriana lecouvreur, luisa miller, don
carlos, tosca, rigoletto, il trovatore, manon giacomo aragall, orquesta
lescaut, l'elisir d'amore, tosca, fedora, lucia sinfonica de barcelona, dirigent:
di lammermoor                                   gianfranco rivoli

Elgar: Pomp and circumstance marches,             sir arthur bliss, london symphony
Bliss: things to come, welcome the queen          orchestra

excerpts from: carmen, herodiade,
mefistofele, faust, andrea chenier, rigoletto, new philharmonia orchestra,
cavalleria rusticana, la traviata              milnes, domingo

il fervido desiderio, me voglio fa 'na casa, la
gita in gondola, bella nice, la serenata,
meine liebe, a mezzanotte, per pieta bell'
idol mio, amore e morte, l'abbandono,
almen se non poss' io, l'orgia, eterno amore      lydia marimpietri, ugo benelli,
e fe, malinconia ninfa gentile, la partenza       enrico fabbro (piano)
excerpts from andrea chenier, pagliacci, la
gioconda, carmen, il trovatore, la forza del
destino, aida                                     pedro lavirgen, tenor
excerpts from: idomeneo, the magic flute,
cosi fan tutte, louise, la boheme, manon,
wien, sstars in my eyes, the merry widow,         eleanor steber, edwin biltcliffe,
tosca                                             joseph rabb
me voglio fa 'na casa, la tua stella, sogno,
l'invito-bolero, l' assiuolo, stornello, non
leggevamo insieme, serenata, se tu m'ami
se sospiri, m'ha presa alla sua ragna, o
cessate di piagarmi, o del mio dolce ardor,
il carretiere del vomero, la sposa del
marinaro, malinconia ninfa gentile, e
l'uccelino                                   richard bonynge, pianist

ah perfido, wie nahte mir der schlummer
leise leise fromme weise, grands dieux du
destin, tacea la notte placida, come in
quest'ora bruna, ecco l'orrido campo ma
dall' arido stelo divulsa, teco io sto oh qual
soave brivido, he was too good to me             eileen farrell

excerpts from la boheme, manon lescaut,
la fanciulla del west, madama butterfly,
mahagonny, hary janos, le nozze di figaro,
the bartered bride, eugene onegin, I             miklos erdelyi, orchestra of the
pagliacci                                        hungarian state opera house
escerpts from zerbinetta's arai, ariadne auf
naxos, queen of the night aria, die
entfuhrung aus dem serail, the tales of
hoffmann, il barbiere di siviglia, I puritani,   berliner rundfunk, sinfonie
rigoletto, un ballo in maschera                  orchester, kurt masur

excerpts from der freischutz, fidelio, rienzi,   with the vienna opera orchestra,
lohengrin, tannhauser, die meistersinger         conducted by dietfried bernet
semele: where'er you walk, oberon: ozean,
du ungeheurer!, norma: casta diva,
rigoletto: caro nome, tristan und isolde:
liebestod, pagliacci: ballatella, gloriana:      philharmonia orchestra, henry
soliloquy and prayer                             lewis as conductor

excerpts from turandot, tosca, manon             sylvia sass, the london
lescaut, manon lescaut, madama butterfly,        symphony orchestra conducted
aida, macbeth, I lombardi                        by lamberto gardelli
habanera, seguedille, chanson boheme,
carreau! Pique, air des adieux, mon coeur        orchestra of the royal opera
s'ouvre a la, so ist es denn aus, condotta ell   house, covent garden, conductor
'era in ceppi, o don fatale                      is edward downes

la sacre du printemps, petrushka suite,          the columbia symphony
firebird suite                                   orchestra, stravinsky conducting
idomeneo: d'oreste d'ajace!, the damnation
of faust: d'amour l'ardente flamme,
tannhauser: dich, teure halle, macbeth: la
luce langue, die fledermaus: czardas:
klange der heimat, cavalleria rusticana: vio
lo spaete, rusalka: song to the moon,
adriana lecouvreur: poveri fiori, die tote
stadt: marietta's lied: gluck, das mir            elizabeth bainbridge, daniele
verblieb, turandot: in questa reggia, amelia      barioni, the ambrosian opera
goes to the ball: while i waste these             chorus, john mccarthy as
precious hours                                    director, leontyne price

Joseph Haydn Completely Symphonies,       Vienna Chamber Orchestra,
Vol. III, Symphony 6 "Le Matin", Symphony Ernst Maerzendorfer as
7 "Le Midi"                               conductor

Haydn: Surprise symphony no. 94, clock
symphony no.101                                   monteux vienna philharmonic

arias from ariadne auf naxos, die
zauberflote, die entfuhrung aus dem serail,       berliner rundfunk, sinfonie,
the tales of hoffmann, il barbiere di siviglia,   orchester, kurt masur, sylvia
I puritani, rigoletto, un ballo in maschera       geszty
poet and peasant, beatiful galathea, light
cavalry, morning noon and night in vienna,        sudwestfunk orchestra, baden
boccaccio                                         baden, tibor szoke as conductor

                                              Lazar Berman, Claudio Abbado,
Rachmaninoff: piano concerto no.3             london symphony orchestra
                                              austrian wind quintet, helmut
                                              reissberger, alfred hertel, rolf
wind quintets: quintet in g major op.88 no.3, eichler, hermann stiedl, herwig
quintet in c major op.91, no.1                nitsch
                                              austrain wind quintet, helmut
                                              reissberger, alfred hertel, rolf
Wind Quintets: quintet in d major op.91,      eichler, hermann stiedl, herwig
no.9, quintet in a major op.91 no.11          nitsch

                                                  bruno walter, conducting the
                                                  philharmonic symphony
Brahms: symphony no.1 in c minor op.68            orchestra of new york

                                                  Conducted by Kurt Graunke,
                                                  Music Treasures Philharmonic
Symphony 5, 8                                     Symphony
                                                  freitz reiner, chicago symphony
ein Heldenleben                                   orchestra
ballade, cradle song, spring dance,
berceuse, folk song, papillon, spring dance,
shepherd boy, little bird, folk song, elfin
dance, album leaf, march of the dwarfs
(op.24, 68, 5, 47, 38, 38, 43, 38, 54, 43, 12,
12, 28, 54)                                    rubinstein (artur), pianist
                                               hungarian state orchestra, ernst
                                               marzendorfer as conductor,
                                               jeanette scovotti, elizabeth
                                               steiner, carlo bini, karl donch,
A night in venice                              wolfgang brendel

                                              orchestra filarmonica e coro del
                                              teatro comunale, giuseppe verdi
Fra Diavolo, French overtures                 trieste, arturo basile

norma overture, aida dance of the moorish
slaves, aida ballet music, nabucco
overture, I pagliacci intermezzo, cavalleria
rusticana intermezzo, l'amico fritz,         giuseppe patane conducting the
intermezzo, manon lescaut, suor angelica orchestra of the bavarian state
intermezzo                                   opera

                                              the cleveland orchestra, lorin
scheherazade                                  maazel as conductor

                                              michael tilson thomas conducts
                                              the cleveland orchestra, with
                                              judith blegen, kenneth riegel,
                                              peter binder, and the cleveland
                                              orchestra chorus and boys choir,
Carmina Burana                                robert page as director

                                              orchestre philharmonique de
                                              strasbourg, direction of alain
                                              lombard, choeurs de l'opera du
                                              rhin, gunter wagner, rhodes,
                                              corazzy, martin, bastin,
                                              trempont, auphan, friedmann,
                                              guigue trigeau, barbaux, trigeau,
La Belle Helene                               poulet-fernandez
                                              jean-francois paillard chamber
                                              orchestra, jean-francois paillard
canon in d major                              as conductor
Johann Pachelbel: canon in d major, partia
no. VI in b flat major, partie in G major,       maurice andre, pierre pierlot,
Johann Friedrich Fasch: trumpet concerto         jacques chambon, j.f. paillard
in d major, sinfonia in g major, sinfonia in a   chamber orchestra, jean-
major                                            francois paillard as conductor

pictures at an exhibition, night on bald         london symphony orchestra,
mountain                                         georg richter as conductor

Mozart: symphony 40 in g minor k.550, ein zubin mehta, the israel
kleine nachtmusik k.525                   philharmonic orchestra

1812 Overture, Capriccio Italien, Marche         antal dorati, detroit symphony
Slave                                            orchestra
                                                 sir adiran boult conducting the
Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet                         london philharmonic orchesta

                                                 Rampal, Pierlot, Penazzi, Toso,
concerto: p.342, 53, 422, 81, 261, 406           Claudio Scimone as conductor

                                                 I solisti Veneti, Claudio Scimone
Concerti opus 11 (complete)                      as director
Carnival overture, two slavonic dancese,
overture and three dances from "the              leonard bernstein, new york
bartered bride", the moldau                      philharmonic
                                                 for solists, chorus, string
                                                 orchestra, and continuo, schola
                                                 cantorum of the church of St.
Messa di Sancta Cecilia                          Mary the Virgin
agnus dei, polyphonic trope, organ
paraphrase, caccia, ballade, isorhythmic
motet, villancico, frottola, lute transcription,
meistersinger melody, magnificat, chorale,
psalm setting, anthem, polychoral motet          various.

psalmellus, improperia, antiphon, hymn,
liturgical drama, troubadour canso, cantiga,
lauda, organum duplum, motet,
instrumental motet, vocal motet              various.

a pedlar's song, the painter's song, the
bellman's song, buy new broom buy new            the ambrosian singers and
broom, in nomine crye, the cries of london,      players, patricia clark and ursula
all creatures now are merry-minded, this         connors, jean allister, edgar
sweet and merry month of may, each day           fleet, leslie fyson, john frost,
of thine, eliza her name gives us honour,        neville marriner, peter gibbs,
the queen's alman, eliza is the fairest          leslie malowany, max gilbert,
queen, blow shepherds blow, fair oriana          bernard richards, denis stevens
beauty's queen                                   as conductor

                                                 bowman, mcgriffin, mccauley,
                                                 holloway, lenicheck, banks,
the face on the bar room floor, thirteen         mollicone, freni, dick, williams,
ways of looking at a blackbird                   mikhashoff

                                                 USSR Symphony Orchestra,
Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade                    Yevgeni Svetlanov as conductor
Beethoven leonore overture no.3,                 boston symphony orchestra
Schumann Symphony 4                              erich leinsdorf
                                                 arturo toscanini and the nbc
Schubert: symphony 9                             symphony orchestra

                                                 london philharmonic orchestra,
Rachmaninoff Symphony no.2                       sir adrian boult

the four seasons, english suite 3 in g minor,
sonata in C k.336, pictures at an exhibition
the hut on fowl's legs the great gate at kiev,   leontyne price, sir george solti,
roman festivals, the october festival:           chicago symphony orchestra
serenade, piano concerto 3 in C op.26 first      and chorus, margaret price,
movement, songs fo the auvergne bailero,         brigitte fassbaender, leopold
+symphony 2 Mahler (fifth movement)---           stokowski, london symphony
???                                              orchestra and chorus
Richard Rodgers' waltzes, march of the      richard rodgers conducting the
siamese children, the carousel waltz,       philharmonic symphony
slaughter on tenth avenue, victory at sea   orchestra of new york

galop, dance of the rose maidens, polka,
polonaise, dance of the tumblers, troika,
russian sailors' dance, comedian's galop,
gopak, sabre dance, trepak, polovetsian     eugene ormandy, the
dances                                      philadelphia orchestra

                                            grand rapids east christian choir,
                                            robert talsma as conductor,
                                            hudsonville unity christian choir,
                                            robert achterhof as conductor,
                                            grand rapids east christian
                                            orchestra, ellen schripsema as
Coronation Mass                             conductor

                                            constantin silvestri conducting
                                            the london philharmonic
Symphony 4 in g major, carnaval overture    orchestra
                                            the concertgebouw orchestra of
                                            amsterdam conducted by
Symphony Fantastique                        eduard van beinum

Violin concerto (brahms----concerto in d    isaac stern, zubin mehta, new
major for violin and orchestra op.77)       york philharmonic

academic festival overture op.80, tragic
overture op.81, variation son a theme by    leonard bernstein conducting the
haydn op.56a                                new york philharmonic

Symphony 3 in f major, symphony 4 in e      slovak philharmonic orchestra,
minor                                       ludovit rajter as conductor
                                               berlin philharmonic orchestra
music for strings percussion and celesta,      conducted by herbert von
symphony "mathis der maler"                    karajan

                                               Arturo Toscanini, NBC
Symphony No. 4 in E Minor op. 98               Symphony Orchestra

it's almost like being in love, heather on a
hill, thank heaven for little girls, I talk to the
trees, gigi, waltz at maxims, another
autumn, on the street where you live, I
could have danced all night, if ever I would
leave you, come to me bend to me, get me sam fox music pub. , chappell
to the church on time                              and co. Inc.

Reminiscences of Don Juan (after Mozart),
Reminiscences of Robert le diable-Valse
Infernale, Waltzes from Gounod's "Faust,
Mephisto Walt, Mephisto Polka,
Gnomenreigen (Dance of the Gnomes)        Earl Wild, piano

                                               philharmonia orchestra
ballet music: la favorite, les martyrs, dom    conducted by antonio de
sebastien, l'assendio di calais                almeida

Afternoon of a faun (debussy), daphnis and the philadelphia orchestra,
chloe no.2 (ravel), la mer (debussy)       eugene ormandy

                                               luisa miller, nabucco, I vespri
excerpts from: aroldo, la forza del destino,   siciliani, london symphony
aida                                           orchestra, claudio abbado

toccata for organ, pavana for virginal,
quodlibet, lied, madrigal moro lasso, lute
ayre, instrumental dance, in nomine,
oratorio scene, chorale concerto, lute   carl parrish, mogens woldike,
piece, harpsichord piece, organ chorale  recorded in conjunction with W.
prelude                                  W. Norton and Company, Inc.
                                         yvonne ciannella, erich wenk,
                                         bach collegium, helmuth rilling
Pimpinone (or "the mismatched marriage") as conductor
                                                renato biffoli, gli accademici di
                                                milano, (edition: gli accademici
The four seasons, les quatre saisons            di milano)

Spring Symphony, and manfred overture           Munch, Boston Symphony

                                            national symphony orchestra,
Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet, suites 1 and 2 mstislav rostropovich

excerpts from: bolero, la valse, pavane,     the philadelphia orchestra,
escales, clair de lune, espana               eugene ormandy as conductor
                                             Fritz Reiner, vienna philharmonic
Till Eulenspiegel, death and transfiguration orchestra

                                                pierre monteux conducting the
Tchaikovsky: symphony 5                         boston symphony

original soundtrack of "See it Now"             Marian Anderson
                                                heifetz, reiner, chicago
Tchaikovsky-Violin concerto                     symphony
vivaldi: concerto in c major for 2 flutes and
cembalo, Telemann: concerto in a minor,
concerto in b flat major, haydn: flute          vienna philharmusica symphony,
concerto in d                                   paul anger as conductor

Weber: Grand Duo Concertant, Schubert:
Arpeggione Sonata                               richard stoltzman, emanuel ax

let there be light, psalm 14, walt whitman,
duty and vita, on the antipodes, the last
reader, luck and work, like a sick eagle,       the gregg smith singers,
toelrance, incantation, the pond, at sea, the   columbia chamber ensemble,
children's hour, the rainbow                    conducted by gregg smith
the continental, la cumparsita, carioca,
brazil, delicado, hora staccato, espana
rapsodie, jalousie, malaguena, la paloma,
serenata, la gitana, blue tango, ritual fire    boston pops orchestra, arthur
dance                                           fiedler as conductor

changing opinion, lightning, freezing, liquid michael riesman as conductor of
days, open the kingdom, forgetting            the philip glass ensemble
Dvorak: new world symphony, carnival           los angeles philharmonic, zubin
overture                                       mehta

                                               slovak philharmonic orchestra,
Symphony 9                                     zdenek kosler as conductor

Michel Corrette: Laudate Dominum (after        soloists, vocal and instrumental
vivaldi's spring), Henri Desmarets:            ensemble of lyon, guy cornut as
Mysteres de notre seigneur jesus christ        director

                                               tamas vasary, piano, berlin
piano concerto 1, 4 mazurkas (no.54, 44,       philharmonic orhcestra,
47, 5).                                        conductor: jerzy semkow

                                               ameling, andre, schmalfuss,
                                               kussmail, bauer, meuter, troog,
                                               gottfried bach (german bach
Bach Cantatas: jauchzet gott in allen          soloists, conducted by helmut
landen, mein herze schwimmt im blut            winschermann)

Tchaikovsky: violin concerto, meditation       national symphony orchestra,
op.42 no.1                                     stern rostropovich

the six sonatas and partitas for solo violin
(sonata 1, 2, 3, partita, 1, 2, 3              Nathan Milstein

the rasoumovsky string quartets (op.59,
nos 1, 2, 3)                                   Quartetto Italiano

Concertos for violin and orchestra nos. 1-5,
adagio for violin in e major, rondo for violin berlin philharmonic orchestra,
in b flat major, rondo for violin in c major   wolfgagn schneiderhan

"complete slavonic dances"…scherzo             bavarian radio symphony, rafael
capriccioso, overture "my home"                kubelik
mozart: symphony in g k.550, haydn
symphony in d no. 104, beethoven
symphony no.7, brahms symphony no.1,
strauss overtures waltzes polkas (johann     herbert von karajan, vienna
and josef),                                  philharmonic

excerpts from: the nutcracker, la boutique
fantasque, coppelia, giselle, swan lake,
carnaval, the sleeping beauty, les sylphides ernest ansermet, the royal ballet

                                             salvatore accardo, london
                                             philharmonic orchestra, charles
The 6 violin concertos                       dutoit

                                             leningrad philharmonic
Tchaikovsky: symphonies 4, 5, 6              orchestra, yevgeny mravinsky

chopin: les sylphides, schumann: carnaval, robert irving conducting the
delibes: sylvia & coppelia, adam: giselle  philharmonia orchestra
                                           popp, gruberova, lindner,
                                           jerusalem, brendel, bracht,
                                           zednik, bailey, bavarian radio
                                           chorus and orchestra, bernard
The Magic Flute                            haitink

                                             nicolai gedda, gundula janowitz,
                                             walter berry, ruth-margret putz,
                                             gottlob frick, lucia popp, gerhard
                                             unger, elisabeth schwarzkopf,
                                             christa ludwig, marga hoffgen,
                                             agnes giebelanna reynolds,
                                             josephine veasey franz crass
                                             karl liebl, the philharmonia
                                             orchestra conducted by otto
the magic flute                              klemperer
tocatta in g major, da jesus an dem kreuze
stund, chorale wenn wir in hochsten noten
sein, warum betrubst du dich mein herz, du
friedefurst, von himmel hoch, toccata and
fugue in a major, prelude and fugue in c
major, wer nur den lieben gott lasst walten,
prelude and fugue in e major, chorale
variations jesu meine freude, sonata for 2
keyboards& pedal in d major, two chorale
preludes, herzlich tut mich verlangen, nun
freut cuch, chorale prelude jesu leiden pein
und tod, fugue in d major, chorale partita
was gott tut das ist wohlgetan, concerto del
signor taglietti appropriato all'organo,
prelude and fugue in c major, trio in g
major, fugue in f major, sonata in d major,
chorale prelude was gott tut das ist
wohlgetan, fugue in c minor, chorale
prelude von himmel hoch, fantasy and
fugue in f major                             franz lehrndorfer, organist
                                             the new world symphony
The Nutcracker (complete)                    orchestra

                                             Leonard Bernstein, new york
Tchaikovsky: symphonies 4, 5, 6              philharmonic

Bartok: music for strings, percussion and    daniel barenboim, conducting
celesta, and divertimento for strings        the english chamber orchestra

                                             radio symphony orchestra
Lemminkainen suite (Karelia Suite)           helsinki, okko kamu

William Schuman: symphon no.3,               leonard bernstein, new york
symphony for strings (symphony no.5)         philharmonic

Schuman: new england triptych, Griffes:
poem for flute and orchestra, Mennin:        eastman rochester orchestra,
symphony no.5                                howard hanson
William Schuman: symphony no.6, Walter      the philadelphia orchestra,
Piston: symphony no.4                       eugene ormandy, conductor

                                            boulez conducts new york
                                            philharmonic, schola cantorum,
the miraculous mandarin, dance suite        hugh ross as director

William Schuman: symphony 9, Vincent
persichetti: sinfonia: Janiculum (symphony the philadelphia orchestra,
9)                                         eugene ormandy

                                            earl wild, arthur fiedler, london
Piano concerto and Fantaisie polonaise      symphony

                                            philadelphia orchestra
                                            conducted by eugene ormandy,
                                            the mormon tabernacle choir,
                                            richard p. condie as director,
                                            lucine amara, lili chookasian,
Beethoven: symphony 9                       john alexander, john macurdy

Alan Hovhaness Symphony 4, vittorio         eastman wind ensemble, A.
giannini symphony 3                         Clyde Roller as conductor

Saint-Saems: tone poems= danse
macabre, le rouet d' omphale, la jeunesse   pierre dervaux, orchestre de
d' hercule, phaeton                         paris

                                            jean martinon, orchestre national
Saint-Saens: symphonies nos.1 and 2         de la RTF
                                            the paris conservatoire
                                            orchestra, maurice durufle,
                                            organ, conducted by georges
Symphony 3                                  pretre

                                            boston symphony orchestra,
Ma Vlast                                    rafael kubelik as conductor
                                             Nikolaus Harnoncourt,
Brandenburgische Konzert 1-6                 Concentus Musicus
                                             leonard bernstein, new york
Mahler: symphony 5 in c sharp minor,         philharmonic, jennie tourel as
mahler: kindertotenlieder                    mezzo-soprano
                                             Sir John Barbirolli, london
ein Heldenleben                              symphony orchestra

Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks, Op. 28,    William Steinberg, Pittsburgh
Death and Transfiguration, Op. 24            Symphony Orchestra

Strauss: graduation ball-ballet, Weber: le   vienna philharmonic orchestra,
spectre de la rose-ballet                    boskovsky

                                             conductors: maksim
                                             shostakovich, and yuri
Shostakovich: overture on russian and        aranovich. Moscow Radio
kirghiz folk themes, symphony 1              Symphony Orchestra

                                             sir adrian boult, new
Williams: symphony 4, norfolk rhapsody 1     philharmonia orchestra

Liszt: hungarian rhapsodies 1 and 2,
Smetana: bartered bride (overture, polka,    the philadelphia orchestra,
furiant), Dvorak: Scherzo capriccioso        eugene ormandy

                                             georges petre, orchestra de la
concerto in d minor for two pianos and       societe des concerts du
orchestra                                    conservatoire
                                                leopold stokowski, the london
nocturnes (nauges, fetes, sirenes),             symphony orchestra and the B.
rapsodie espagnole                              B. C. Women's Chorus
                                                the original sound track
                                                recording, montand, papas,
                                                trintignant, produced and
Z                                               directed by costa gavras

                                                USSR Symphony Orchestra,
Symphony 7 (Leningrad)                          Yevgeny Svetlanov conducting

Bachianas brasileiras no.5, brazilian dance,
sensemaya, batuque, danzon cubano,           new york philharmonic, leonard
sinfonia india                               bernstein as conductor

Tchaikovsky: capriccio italien, marche
slave, gopak from mazeppa, Rimsky-
Korsakov: capriccio espagnol, procession        sir adrian boult, london
of the nobles from mlada                        philharmonic orchestra

st. paul's suite, two aquarelles, chacony in
g minor, prelude rhosymedre, two pieces         neville marriner conducting the
for strings from incidental music to the film   academy of St. Martin-in-the-
henry V, simple symphony                        fields

randall thompson symphony 2, henry cowell vienna symphony orchcestra,
symphony 5                                   dean dixon, conductor
                                             the central band of the royal air
                                             force, conducted by wing
crown imperial, three fanfares, god save     commander J. L. Wallace,
the queen, two fanfares, orb and sceptre,    finchley choral society and the
pomp and circumstance march 4, land of       barnet and district choral society,
hope and glory, imperial march, jerusalem, alan barlow, chorus master,
non nobis domine!                            frederic bayco, organ
                                             henryk szeryng, london
                                             symphony orchestra, alexander
Concerto per violino n.3                     gibson conducting
overture to an unwritten tragedy, an english
suite, lady radnor's suite, symphonic        london symphony orchestra
variations                                   conducted by sir adrian bouult
                                               chor und orchester der
                                               deutschen oper berlin, dirigent:
Carmina Burana                                 eugen Jochum

                                               L'orchestre de la suisse
Carl Nielsen Symphony no.5                     romande, Paul Kletzki

Tippett: symphony 1, suite for the birthday    london symphony orchestra,
of prince charles                              conducted by colin davis

overture excerpts: nabucco, giovanni             riccardo muti conducts verdi
d'arco, la battaglia di legnano, luisa miller, I overtures, new philharmonia
vespri siciliani, la forza del destino           orchestra
                                                 donald bell, the philharmonia
                                                 orchestra and corus, sir william
                                                 walton as conductor of his own
Belshazzar's Feast, patita for orchestra         work
                                                 moscow radio symphony
                                                 orchestra with arvid jansons as
Suite no.1 in D minor op.43                      conductor
                                                 antal dorati conducting the
Tchaikovsky: symphony 5                          london symphony orchestra

                                          national symphony orchestra, of
Tchaikovsky: Francesca da Rimini, Hamlet, washington, d.c., antal dorati as
Voyevode                                  conductor

Symphony 5                                     Andre Previn, London Symphony

                                               philharmonia orchestra, Sir
Film music of Henry V, Hamlet, Richard III     William Walton as conductor

Fantasie on Greensleeves, english folk         sir adrian boult, london
song suite, enigma variations                  symphony orchestra

A London Symphony                              Andre Previn, London Symphony

Symphony no.6 in e minor, the lark             sir adrian boult, new
ascending                                      philharmonia orchestra
                                                london symphony orchestra, sir
JOB---a masque for dancing                      adrian boult

festive prelude, till eulenspiegel, don juan,   berlin philharmonic orchestra,
salome's dance                                  karl bohm
                                                paul tortelier, max rostal,
Don Quixote, waltzes from der                   dresden state orchestra, rudolf
rosenkavalier                                   kempe

                                           Cleveland orchestra, the cbc
Jue De Cartes, Scenes de Ballet, Bluebird- symphony orchestra, the
pas de deux                                columbia symphony

                                                The cleveland orcehstra, boulez
Le Sacre du Printemps                           as conductor

                                                USSR symphony orchestra,
                                                conducted by Yevgeny
Manfred                                         Svetlanov

                                                the philadelphia orchestra,
Tchaikovsky Symphony 7                          eugene ormandy as conductor

                                                the academy of st. martin in the
                                                fields, directed by neville
serenade for strings, souvenir de florence      marriner

Tchaikovsky; symphony no.2 in c minor,          london symphony orchestra, igor
op.17                                           markevitch
                                                georg solti, the paris
Tchaikovsky symphony 2                          conservatoire orchestra

Schumann: the four symphonies, overture         georg solti, the vienna
julius caesar, overture, scherzo and finale     philharmonic orchestra

                                                new york philharmonic, leonard
Nielsen Symphony 4                              bernstein as conductor
                                                the concertogebouw orchestra,
                                                amsterdam, conducted by
Sibelius: symphony no.2 in d op.43              george szell
                                            the concertogebouw orchestra,
                                            amsterdam, conducted by
Sibelius: symphony no.2 in d op.43          george szell

                                            bolshoi theater orchestra,
                                            maksim shostakovich as
Ballet Suites Nos. 1, 2, 3 (1949-52)        conductor

                                            USSR symphony orchestra,
Shostakovich: Symphony no.10 in e minor     conducted by Yevgeny
op.93                                       Svetlanov

Dmitri Shostakovich: concertos nos. 1, 2,   Dmitri Shostakovich, pianist
and danses fantastiques                     (playing his own works).

                                            royal philharmoinc orchestra and
Shostakovich: symphony no.2, 3              chorus, morton gould conducting
                                            Kiril Kondrashin, Moscow
Symphony No. 4                              Philharmonic

Shostakovich: symphony no.6, the age of
gold (ballet suite)                         chicago symphony, stokowski
Shostakovich: symphony no.8 in c minor      london symphony orchestra,
op.65                                       conducted by andre previn
                                            moscow philharmonic, with vitaly
                                            gromadsky, and RSFSR russian
Shostakovich: the execution of stepan       chorus, kiril kondrashin as
razin, symphony no.9                        conductor

                                         moscow philharmonic, kiril
Shostakovich: symphony no.11             kondrashin
                                         ormandy, the philadelphia
                                         orchestra, tom krause, male
Shostakovich: symphony 13, on five poems chorus of the mendelssohn club,
by yevtushenko                           philadelphia
                                         maksim shostakovich,
                                         conducting the bolshoi theater
Shostakovich: music for soviet films     orchestra and chorus

                                             symphonie-orchester des
richard III op.11, wallensteins Lager op.14, bayerischen rundfunks, dirigent:
Hakon Jarl op.16, Prager Karneval            rafael kubelik
                                                michel schwalbe, solo-violine,
Antonio Vivaldi: le quttro stagioni, die vier   berliner philharmoniker, herbert
jahreszeiten, the four seasons                  von karajan

                                                munchener bach-orchester, karl
concerto grosso nr. 1-6                         richter

Bach: violin concertos 1 and 2, Vivaldi:
violin concertos in d minor and a major         nathan milstein
                                                lorin maazel, the vienna
Symphony 5, Bruckner                            philharmonic

                                                bernard Haitink, concertgebouw
Mahler: symphony 6                              orchestra, amsterdam

vaughan williams: concerto for two pianos
and orchestra, Vronsky and Babin:               london philharmonic orchestra,
Symphony no.8                                   sir adrian boult

                                                roberto szidon, piano. London
George Gershwin: Concerto in F, Edward          philharmonic orchestra, edward
MacDowell: Concerto no.2 in D minor             downes

                                                fruhbeck de burgos, the royal
concerto breve ascap, piano concerto BMI        philharmonic orchestra
                                                boston symphony orchestra,
William Schuman: violin concerto, Walter        michael tilson thomas, paul
Piston: symphony 2                              zukofsky

                                                berliner philharmoinker, herbert
Overture 1812, slave march, romeo and           von karajan, don kosaken chor
juliet                                          serge jaroff

Tchaikovsky: swan lake, sleeping beauty         herbert von karajan, vienna
suites                                          philharmonic orchestra

variations on a theme by hindemith, walton: the cleveland orchestra, szell as
symphony no.2                               conductor

                                                bernard Haitink, concertgebouw
Capriccio Italien, Ruslan and Ludmilla          orchestra, amsterdam
                                                Michael Tippet, L. S. O. Colin
Tippett: Symphony 2                             Davis

                                                robert gendre, jean-pierre
Georg Phillip Telemann: Water Music,            wallez, nicole laroque, violins,
overture in c major, hamberger ebb und          collegium musicum of paris,
fluht, concerto for three violins and strings   under the direciton of roland
in f major                                      douatte

Five overtures (king lear, les francs-juges,    london symphony orchestra,
roman carnival, waverley, the corsair)          conducted by colin davis

Beethoven: symphony 2, leonore overture         l'orchestre de la suisse
no.2                                            romande, ansermet

Beethoven symphony 4, prometheus                moscow philharmonic orchestra,
overture                                        kiril kondrashin
overtures to roman carnival and benvenuto
cellini, royal hunt and storm from les
troyens, overture and entracte from             Boulez conducts, new york
beatrice and benedict                           philharmonic
Bizet: l'arlesienne suites nos.1 and 2,         philharmonia orchestra, herbert
carmen suite no.1                               von karajan as conductor

                                              henryk szeryng, janos starker,
                                              concertgebouw orchestra,
Concerto for violin and cello, violin romance amsterdam, conducted by
no.1, 2                                       bernard haitink

                                                the london symphony orchestra,
Serenade No.1 in d major op.11                  istvan kertesz

Albinoni: adagio, Pachelbel: canon, Corelli:
christmas concerto, Mozart: eine kleine      toulouse chamber orchestra,
nachtmusik                                   louis auriacombe

                                             the philadelphia orchestra,
Bartok: piano concerto no.2, four pieces for eugene ormandy, alexis
orchestra                                    weissenberg

samuel barber; piano concerto, william          George Szell, the cleveland
schuman; a song of orpheus                      orchestra

                                                eugene ormandy, the
Mahler: symphony 10                             philadelphia orchestra
toccata in f major from the fifth organ
symphony, fantasia in e flat major, piece
heroique, scherzo in e major, final, from the   E. Power Biggs, playing the
first organ symphony, litanies, variations on   organ at st. george's church,
a noel                                          new york city

                                           kyung-wha chung, royal
                                           philharmonic orchestra, rudolf
violin concerto, scottish fantasia         kempe
                                           annie challan (harp), the paris
danses sacree et profane, introduction and conservatoire orchestra,
allegro, concertstuck, impromptu op.86     conducted by andre cluytens

excerpts from: journey to the center of the     Bernard Herrmann conducting
earth, the seventh voyage of sinbad, the        the National Philharmonic
day the earth stood still, fahrenheit           Orchestra
prokofiev sonata 7, bach partita no.6,       Lorin hollander at the fillmore
debussy fireworks, hollander toccata up      east, the historic new york
against the wall                             concert of february 23, 1969

                                             Karajan, the berlin philharmonic
Sinfonia Domestica                           orchestra
                                             philharmonia orchestra, otto
Beethoven symphony 1, 8                      klemperer

                                             otto klemperer, philharmonia
                                             orchestra and chorus, wilhelm
                                             pitz as chorus master. Lovbert ,
                                             ludwig, daniel barenboim, the
Ode to Joy (choral finale of symphony 9 in   john alldis choir and new
d minor), choral fantasia op.80              philharmonia orchestra

                                             USSR Symphony Orchestra,
piano concerto no.2 in g minor, carnaval     conducted by Neimye Yarvy

orb and sceptre, turkish march, alla marcia,
tannhauser march, marche militaire,          frederick fennell conducting the
homage march, prince igor march              eastman-rochester "pops"
                                             the mormon tabernacle choir,
finlandia, peer gynt suite no.1, swedish     the philadelphia orchestra,
rhapsody, valse triste                       ormandy

concerto for violin and orchestra: in d major stern, bernstein, ormandy, new
op.61, in d major op.77, in d major op.35, in york philharmonic, philadelphia
e minor op.64                                 orchestra

Soundtrack to Star Wars (1977 20th           John Williams conducting the
century-fox film corporation)                london symphony orchestra

                                             alfred brendel, piano, michael
                                             gielen as conductor fo the
wanderer fantasy, totentanz, czardas         vienna symphony and orchestra
macabre                                      of the vienna volksoper
original sound track to "how the west was debbie reynolds, alfred newman,
won"                                         ken darby
November woods, fugal overture,              london philharmonic orchestra,
sinfonietta                                  sir adrian boult
                                             jonathan woods, harpsichord,
batalla imperial, alta, pavana con su glosa, spanish harpsichord music by
diferencias sobre, zacara, minue, sonata in soler cabanilles bassa cabezon
b minor, sonata in d minor, fandango         and others.
hey jude, yellow submarine, the foll on the
hill, ob la di, ob la di, eleanor rigby, penny
lane, and I love her, a hard day's night, with
a little help form my friends, I want to hold
your hand, consider yourself, those were       arthur fiedler, boston pops
the days                                       orchestra
                                               natalie wood, richard beymer,
                                               russ tamblyn, rita moreno,
west side story                                george chakiris

beaver valley, dream of a lifetime, strings
on fire, cameo for violin, drummers' delight, henry mancini, the philadelphia
the ballerina's dream, speedy gonzales        orchestra pops

Offenbach: Gaite Parisienne, Khachaturian: boston pops orchestra, arthur
Gayne Ballet Suite                         fiedler as conductor

                                             Orchestra national de la
Iberia, Escales, Alborada Del Gracioso       radiodiffusion Francaise
Bartok: concerto for orchestra, Kodaly:      Seiji Ozawa conducting the
dances of galanta                            Chicago Symphony orchestra
                                             Charles Gerhardt, national
                                             phiilharmonic orchestra, kiri te
Citizen Kane                                 kanawa, joaquin achucarro

                                             david oistrakh, aram
                                             khachaturian conducting the
                                             moscow radio symphony
Concerto for violin and orchestra in D minor orchestra
the fountains of rome, feste romane, feste
romane, pines of rome, church windows,       the philadelphia orchestra,
the birds                                    ormandy
                                             andre previn conducting the
The Nutcracker (complete)                    london symphony orchestra

night on bald mountain, two caucasian
sketches, polovetsian dances, russian and leonard bernstein, the new york
ludmilla overture, khovantchina prelude   philharmonic

Schumann: symphony 3 in e flat Rhenish, rafael fruhbeck de burgos,
Mendelssohn: a midsummer night's dream conducting the london symphony
overture                                orchestra
royal fanfares for the conscration of Louis
XII, nun lob' mein seel' den herren, dances
from the french renaissance, sonata pian' e
forte', intrada VII, music for his majesty's
sagbutts and cornetts for the restoration of
king charles the 2nd, sarabande and bal,
sonata, prelude, menuet, gigue for trumpet
sdrums and oboe, the queen's funeral
march, divertissement op.7 for two
trumpets, equale no.1 for four trombones,
fanfares written for the jubilee of rimsky-    jean-francois paillard as
korsakov, fanfare du martyre de saint          conductor of the brass ensemble
sebastien, fanfare pour preceder la peri,      of paris, trombone quartet of the
fanfare from antony and cleopatra, fanfare     RTF orchestra, maurice andre,
pour un sacre paien, fanfares pour             georges barboteu, maurice
britannicus                                    suzan

Louis Moreau Gottschalk: symphony " a
night in the tropics", Gottschalk-kay: grand
tarentelle for piano and orchestra, Morton     Utah Symphony Orchestra,
Gould: latin american symphonette              Maurice Abravanel as conductor

Brahms: Serenade no.2 in a major, Dvorak:      Istvan Kertesz, london
Serenade for wind instruments                  symphony orchestra
Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 & 3, Two              Antal Dorati, London Symphony
roumanian Rhapsodies, Op. 11                   Orchestra

Khachaturian: Symphony 3, Rimsky-
Korsakoff Russian Easter Overture              Chicago Symphony , Stokowski
Hindemith: symphony in e flat, symphonic
metamorphosis of themes by carl maria          bernstein conducts the new york
von weber                                      philharmonic
                                               Zubin Mehta, the los angeles
The Planets                                    philharmonic orchestra
                                               sir adrian boult, the new
                                               philharmonia orchestra, the
The Planets                                    ambrosian singers

Three Places in New England, Symphony          The Philadelphia Orchestra,
no.3                                           Eugene Ormandy
                                             Leonard Bernstein, New York
Ives: Symphony 2, the fourth of july         Philharmonic

                                             virgil Fox playing the organ of
symphonie concertante                        the palais de chaillot
                                             vienna philharmonic,
Symphony no.2                                Khachaturian

                                             berliner philharmoniker, rafael
Symphony 6                                   kubelik

                                             rafael kubelik, vienna
Symphony no.7 in d minor op.70               philharmonic orchestra

excerpts from: Die Fledermaus, gypsy         boston pops orchestra, arthur
baron                                        fiedler as conductor

                                             George Szell, the cleveland
Dvorak symphony 8                            orchestra

                                             George Szell, the cleveland
The slavonic dances (complete)               orchestra

                                             london philharmonic orchestra,
Symphony 2                                   barenboim as conductor

                                             Yevgeny Svetlanov conducting
Symphony 2 in A (1898)                       the USSR symphony orchestra

our town, an outdoor overture, quiet city,   the london symphony orchestra,
two pieces for string orchestra              copland conducting

Antonin Dvorak: symphony variations
op.78, scherzo capriccioso op.66, notturno czech philharmonic orchestra,
op.40                                      vaclav neumann as conductor
                                            London Symphony Orchestra,
Symphonie Fantastique, opus 14              colin davis as conducor

                                            eugene ormandy, the
Harold in Italy                             philadelphia orchestra

Tchaikovsky suites from: the nutcracker,    eugene ormandy, philadelphia
sleeping beauty, swan lake                  orchestra

                                            yevgeny svetlanov, moscow
Rachmaninoff: symphony 3 in a minor         radio symphony orchestra

Ancient airs and dances, three suites 1917, los angeles chamber orchestra,
1923, 1932                                  neville marriner as conductor

Rimsky-Korsakov: christmas eve suite,
sadko musical picture, flight of the bumble- ernest ansermet conducting
bee from tzzar saltan, dubinushka            l'orchestre de la suisse romande

Rossini-Respighi: La Boutique Fantastique. israel philharmonic orchestra,
Dukas: The sorcerer's apprentice           solti

Prokofiev: suite from the love for three    st. louis symphony, edouard van
oranges, scythian suite                     remoortel as conductor

Prokofiev: the stone flower (music from the Gennady Rozhdestvensky,
ballet, op.118)                             bolishoi theater orchestra
                                            Kiril Kondrashin, moscow
                                            philharmonic, Yevgeny
                                            Svetlanov, Bolshoi Theater
Symphonic Dances, Three Russian Songs chorus and orchestra

                                            william steinberg and the
Rachmaninoff: Symphony 2 in E, op.27        pittsburgh symphony orchestra
Rossini Revisited: Britten, Matinees and       vienna state opera orchestra
soirees Musicales, Respighi - Rossiniana       conducted by robert zeller

                                               London symphony orchestra,
Overtures Sinfonie                             claudio abbado
                                               l'orchestre de la suisse
Symphony 3, 4                                  romande, ansermet
piano concerto 1, lend your love to me
tonight, c'est la vie, hallowed be thy name,
nobody lvoe syou like I do, closer to
believing, the enemy god dances with the
black spirits, LA nights, new orleans, two
part invention in d minor , food for your      carl palmer, greg lake, keith
soul, tank                                     emerson

Leonard Bernstein conducts his three
symphonies (Jeremiah, thte Age of Anxiety, Leonard bernstein, new york
Kaddish)                                   philharmonic

The Copland Album: Appalachian Spring,         Leonard Bernstein, New York
Billy the Kid, El Salon Mexico, Rodeo          Philharmonic

                                               Eugene Ormandy, The
Fifth Symphony                                 Philadelphia Orchestra

                                               The Israel Philharmonic
symphonies 4, 8                                Orchestra, Zubin Mehta

Symphony 1 in e minor op.39, der barde         radio-sinfonie-orchester helsinki,
(the bard) op.64                               okko kamu

                                               boston symphony orchestra
Symphony 3, 6                                  conducted by colin davis

                                               Yevgeny Svetlanov, USSR
Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade                  Symphony Orchestra

                                               the berlin philharmonic orchestra
Dvorak: New World Symphony, Smetana:           conducteed by her bert von
The Moldau                                     karajan
                                            arranged for orchestra by david
                                            bedford, performe dby the royal
                                            philharmonic orchestra, with
                                            mike olfield on guitar, conducted
The Orchestral Tubular bells                by david bedford

                                            new philharmonia orchestra of
Symphony in G minor                         london, sir adrian boult

Hebrides overture op.26, symphony 3 in a    berliner philharmoniker, dirigent:
minor op.56 "scotch"                        herbert von karajan

                                            berliner philharmoniker, herbert
symphony no.4, 5                            von karajan

                                           osian ellis, welsh national opera
                                           chorale, chorus master anthony
william mathias: dance overture, ave rex a hose, london symphony
carol sequence, invocation and dance, harp orchestra, conducted by david
concerto                                   atherton

                                            sir adrian boult, conducting the
Mahler symphony 1                           london philharmonic orchestra

Paul Hindemith: symphony Mathis der
Maler, konzertmusik fur streichorchester
und blechblaser op.50, concert msuic for    boston symphony orchestra,
strings and brass op.50                     william steinberg

                                            vienna philharmonic orchestra,
Haydn: symphony 94, 99                      krips

                                            concertgebouw orchestra,
Haydn Symphonies nos. 96, 99                amsterdam, bernard haitink
                                             susanna mildonian, orchestre de
                                             l'association des concerts
George Frideric Handel: concerto in b flat   pasdeloup, gerard devos as
major for harp and orchestra op.4 no.6,      conductor, michel debost,
three sonatas for flute and harpsichord      christian ivaldi

                                             Philharmonia orchestra
Romeo and Juliet                             conducted by efrem kurtz

Prokofieff: piano concerto no.3, Gary        San Francisco symphony
Graffman: classical symphony                 orchestra, enrique jorda

                                             arthur grumiaux, orchestre
                                             national de l'opera de monte-
Paganini: concerti per violino no.1 and 4    carlo, piero bellugi
Roumanian rhapsody 1, Hungarian
Rhapsody 2, Slavonic Rhapsody op.45
no.3, Rapsodie espagnole                     Dorati, the detroit symphony

eine kleine nachtmusik, the impresario
overture, cosi fan tutte overture, the
marriage of figaro overture, the magic flute bruno walter, columbia
overture, the masonic funeral music          symphony orchestra

                                             benny goodman, morton gould
                                             conducting the chicago
Clarinet concerto, symphony no.2             symphony
                                             gennady rozhdestvensky,
                                             moscow radio symphony
Prokofiev Symphony 3                         orchestra
                                             moscow radio symphony
                                             orchestra, gennady
Prokofiev: symphony no.4                     rozhdestvensky conducting.

                                             ussr state philharmonic
                                             orchestra, conductor as gennady
                                             rozhdestvensky, ussr state radio
Prokofiev Symphony 2, 7                      symphony orchestra

                                             berliner philharmoniker, herbert
Symphony no.5                                von karajan

                                             gennady rozhdestvensky
Prokofiev: Symphony no.6 in e flat minor     conducting the moscow radio
op.111                                       symphony orchestra
sinfonietta, suite francaise, two marches
and an intermezzo, music for les maries de georges petre conducting
la tour eiffel                             orchestre de paris

                                            eugene ormandy, the
Rachmaninoff Symphony no.1                  philadelphia orchestra

dances of galanta, dances of marosszek,     the philharmonia, hungarica,
concerto for orchestra, theatre overture,   antal dorati

Edouard Lalo: namouna Ballettsuite,
auszuge selections), rhapsodie              orchestre national de l'ortf paris,
Norvegienne                                 jean martinon

                                            the large symphony orchestra,
Gliere: symphony no.3 in b minor, op.42     moscow radio and television,
"Ilya Murometz"                             nathan rakhlin as conductor

                                            the cleveland orchestra, szell as
Mozart: symphony 35, 39, 40, 41             conductor

Chopin: concerto no.1 in E minor, Liszt:    brailowsky/ ormandy, the
Todtentanz                                  philadelphia orchestra

                                             george malcolm, geoffrey
                                             parsons, simon preston, english
concerto in F, concerto in a minor, concerto chamber orchestra, conducted
in d minor, variations on a theme by mozart by raymond leppard
fantasy and fugue in g minor, fantasy in g
major, prelude and fugue in b minor,
prelude and fugue in c major, chorale
preludes, jesu priceless treasure, we all
believe in one god, the creator              E. Power Biggs
toccata and fugue in d minor, passacaglia
nad fugue in c minor, toccata adagio and
fugue in c major, fugue in g minor, fugue in
g major                                      E. Power Biggs

toccata and fugue in d, trio sonata in g
major, prelude and fugue in e flat major,   professor michael schneider at
passacaglia and fugue in c minor            the schleswig cathedral organ
                                            daniel barenboim, conducting
                                            the new phlharmonia orchestra
                                            and chorus, lucia popp, anne
                                            pashley, janet baker, birgit
                                            finnila, robert tear, thomas
Magnificat, Te Deum                         hemsley don garrard

                                            london philharmonic orchestra,
Symphony no.2, sinfonietta for strings      conducted by william alwyn
                                            london philharmonic orchestra,
                                            conducted by the composer
Symphony no.1                               (william alwyn)

overture to william tell, on the town, russlan
and ludmilla, symphony 1 in c major, the
three-cornered hat, the secret of susanne,
alborada del gracioso, the carnival of the
animals, symphony 4 in a major op.90,
candide, rodeo, orpheus in the underworld,
symphony 6 in b minor op.74, lohengrin,
classical symphony in d major op.25, west
side story, the merry wives of windsor,        Leonard Bernstein, New York
daphnis and chloe suite no.2                   Philharmonic

                                            czech philharmonic orchestra
                                            conducted by karel sejna, czech
Dvorak: Symphony no.5 in f major op.76,     philharmonic orchestra
smetana: shakespearean festivities march    conducted by jarmil burghauser

Symphony 4 in d minor op.13, othello op.93 london symphony orchestra
overture                                   witold rowicki
                                           london symphony orchestra,
Symphony no.2 in b flat, op.4              conducted by witold rowicki
                                           london symphony orchestra
Symphony 1                                 conducted by witold rowicki
                                           Otto Klemperer, the
Bruckner, Symphony 4                       philharmonia orchestra
                                           kiril kondrashin conducting the
                                           moscow philharmonic symphony
Symphony 1 in G minor                      orchestra

                                            ursula buckel, margarete bence,
                                            hans u. mielsch, eduard wollitz,
                                            bach choir, boblingen stuttgart
Requiem                                     philharmonic, roland bader
                                            Daniel Barenboim, Pierre
                                            Boulez, new philharmonia
Piano Concertos Nos. 1 and 3                orchestra
brandenburg concerto 2, air on a g string,
jesu joy of man's desiring, sinfonia from
cantata no.29, two-part inventions, chorale
prelude "wachet auf", preludes and fugues walter carlos performing on the
from the well-tempered clavier              moog synthesizer

symphony 1, overture to the school for       howard hanson as conductor of
scandal, medea suite, adagio for strings     the eastman-rochester orchestra

Johann Sebastian Bach: konzerte fur zwei     leonhardt-consort, (leonhardt,
und vier cembali (concertos for two and      hombergh, have, boer, koster,
four harpsichords)                           nijenhuis)
BWV: 541 prelude and fugue in g major,
579 fugue in b minor, 539 prelude and
fugue in d minor, 536 prelude and fugue in
a major, 583 trio in d minor, 547 prelude    lionel rogg, feldberg pedal-
and fugue in c major                         harpsichord

                                             the southwest german chamber
                                             orchestra, friedrich tilegant as
brandenburg concerto 1, 2, 6                 conductor

                                             the southwest german chamber
                                             orchestra, friedrich tilegant as
Brandenburg concertos nos. 3, 4, 5           conductor

french suites 1-4 BWV 812-815                huguette dreyfus, cembalo
toccata and fugue in d minor, arioso, little
suite, a mighty fortress is our god. , jesu joy
of man's desiring, fugue in g minor,
passacaglia and fugue in c minor,
preludium in e major, air on the g string,
fugue in g minor, sheep may safely graze,
come sweet death, sleepers awake,               the philadelphia orchestra,
toccata adagio and fugue in c major             eugene ormandy as conductor

two harpsichord concerto in c major,
harpsichord concerto in f minor, two-
harpsichords concerto in c minor,           menuhin festival orchestra
harpsichord concerto in g minor             conducted by yehudi menuhin

falstaff, symphonic study op.68, cockaigne london philharmonic orchestra,
overture op.40                             barenboim as conductor

Elgar: Pomp and circumstance marches,       sir arthur bliss, london symphony
Bliss: things to come, welcome the queen    orchestra

Ginastera: concerto for piano and           joao carlos martins, boston
orchestra, variaciones concertantes         symphony, erich leinsdorf

glazunou: the seasons, concert waltz no.1, ansermet, l'orchestre de la
2                                          suisse romande

                                            howard hanson conducting the
                                            eastman-rochester symphony
Grand Canyon Suite, Mississippi Suite       orchestra

                                            l'orchestre de la suisse
Franck: symphony in d minor, le chasseur    romande, conducter as earnest
maudit                                      ansermet

                                            leonard bernstein, new york
Rustic Wedding Symphony                     philharmonic
solomon: overture, sinfonia, arrival of the
queen of sheba, berenice: overture, Teseo:
overture, ariodante: overture, jephtha:
sinfonia, esther: overture, rinaldo: overture,
rinaldo: march and battle, sosarme:            richard bonynge, english
overture (mostly act III)                      chamber orchestra
                                               stephen bishop, piano, london
                                               symphony orchestra, conducted
Beethoven piano concerto no.5                  by colin davis

William Tell Overture, Lizst: grand galop
chromatique, Jarnefelt: praeludium, Pierne:
march of the little fauns, Kabalevsky:
comedian's galop, Mussorgsky: Gopak,
Delibes: the huntresses, Rimsky-korsakov:
dance of the tumblers, Saint-saens:         eugene ormandy, the
bacchanale                                  philadelphia orchestra

D'indy: symphony on a french mountain air, the philadelphia orchestra,
franck: symphonic varations                casadesus, ormandy
                                           arranged and conducted by
Victory at Sea, suite 1, 2, 3              robert russell bennett

                                             Earl Wild, pianist, boston
Scharwenka concerto no.1, op.32              symphony, erich leinsdorf

russian easter overture, in the steppes of
central asia, prince igor overture,          boston pops orchestra, arthur
polovetzian dances                           fiedler
                                                  the chicago symphony, sir georg
Beethoven's nine symphonies (all)                 solti

                                                  toscanini and the NBC
Beethoven symphonies 1 and 9                      symphony orchestra

                                                  antal dorati, philharmonia
Haydn: symphonies nos. 57-64                      hungarica

how was I to know, a ship without a sail,
you took advantage of me, soliloquy,
waltzes, do I love you, ev'ry Sunday
afternoon, have you met miss jones, over
and over again, little girl blue, thou swell, I
could write a book, it's a grand night for
singing, loneliness of evening
OKLAHOMA!, where's that rainbow, my
funny valentine, mimi, my romance, you
have cast your shadow on the sea, south
pacific, quiet night, dancing on the ceiling,
with a song in my heart                           andre kostelanetz
excerpts from the marriage of figaro, I
puritani, la traviata, louise, otello, suor       rome opera house orchestra,
angelica, turandot                                conducted by franco ferraris

la boheme, la rondine, madama butterfly,          orchestra of l'accademia di
turandot, gianni schicchi, rusalka, louise,       santa cecilia, rome. Giuseppe
carmen, les pecheurs de perles, manon             patane

                                                george lee andrews, larry
                                                blyden, susan browning, len
                                                cariou, jack cassidy, dorothy
                                                collins, steve elmore, harvey
                                                evans, hermione gingold,
                                                laurence guittard, pamela hall,
                                                ron holgate, beth howland, glynis
                                                johns, justine johnston, larry
                                                kert, mark lambert, angela
                                                lansbury, victory mallory, mary
                                                mccarty, donna mckechnie, john
songs from do I hear a waltz, gypsy, west mcmartin, pamela myers,
side story, follies, company, evening           anthony perkins, kurt peterson,
primrose, a little night music, forum, follies, alic playten, teri ralston, chita
west side story, a funny thing happened on rivera, marti rolph, virginia
the way to the forum, gypsy, anyone can         sandifur, tony stevens, ethel
whistle, do I hear a waltz?, company,           shutta, alexis smith, nancy
follies, a little night music, saturday night   walker, etc.
                                                zero mostel, stein, bock ,harnick,
                                                karnilova, arthur, merlin,
                                                pendleton, convy, migenes,
                                                granger, sullivan, evertt,
Fiddler on the Roof                             ponazecki
Bells are Ringing                            Judy Holliday

                                             the philadelphia orchestra,
                                             eugene ormandy as conductor,
Symphony no.3 in c minor op.78               e. power biggs as organist

R. Strauss: suite from der rosenkavalier,    the philadelphia orchestra,
death and transfiguration op.24              eugene ormandy

                                             siepi, nilsson, price, valletti, ratti,
                                             corena, vienna philharmonic
Mozart: Don Giovanni (highlights)            orchestra, Erich Leinsdorf
                                             Van Cliburn, Kiril Kondrashin as
Tchaikovsky Concerto No.1                    conductor

excerpts from : la boheme, tosca, turandot,
madama butterfly, manon lescaut, gianni       london symphony orchestra,
schicchi, la rondine, le villi                charles mackerras as conductor
                                              rca italiana opera orchestra and
la donna del lago, otello, stabat mater,      chorus, carlo felice cillario as
armida, tancredi, l'assendio di corinto       conductor
                                              ballet russe de monte carlo,
                                              orchestraed by manuel
                                              rosenthal, boston pops
                                              orchestra, arthur fiedler as
Gaite Parisienne                              conductor
                                              montserrat caballe, shirley
                                              verrett, new philharmonia
excerpts from semiramide, anna bolena,        orchestra, anton guadagno, the
norma, the tales of hoffmann, aida,           ambrosian opera chorus, john
madama butterfly, la gioconda                 mccarthy as director
excerpts from luisa miller, I due foscari, un
ballo in maschera, macbeth, lucia de
lammermoor, il duca d'alba, la favorita, don
sebastiano                                    luciano pavarotti

madame butterfly, la boheme (exerpts???
No singing?)                                 Boston pops, arthur fiedler

                                             Philharmonia Orchestra, Herbert
Tchaikovsky symphony 5                       von Karajan

                                             berliner philharmoniker, karl
symphony nr. 39, no.36                       bohm
                                             berliner philharmoniker, karl
symphony 35, 32, 38                          bohm
                                             wenglor, unger, adam, berlin
                                             radio chorus and orchestra,
The Creation                                 helmut koch as conductor

Beethoven: Leonora: overture 1, 2, 3.        Clemens Krauss conducting the
Fidelio, overture opus 72b.                  vienna philharmonic orchestra
Romeo and juliet (overture-fantasia),
Francesca da Rimini op.32 (fantasy after
dante)                                       Boston symphony, munch

Moonlight and Waldstein Sonatas.              Horowitz
                                              roger desormiere conducting
                                              l'orchestre de la societe des
Delibes: Coppelia ballet suite, Sylvia Ballet concerts du conservatoire de
Suite                                         paris

overture preciosa, overture genoveva,
overture in d, overture anacreon, overture   munchinger, vienna
calm sea nd prosperous voyage                philharmonic orchestra

                                             arturo toscanini and the nbc
beethoven symphonies 5 and 8                 symphony orchestra

beethoven, emperor concerto                  vladimir horowitz, fritz reiner
winer burger, amorettentanze,                by ziehrer, gungl, ivanovici,
donauwellen, weaner madln, die               lanner, lehar, the philharmonia
schonbrunner, gold und silber                promenade orchestra
don giovanni, the marriage of figaro, the
magic flute, the abduction from the
seraglio, idomeneo, cosi fan tutte, the
impressario, la finta giardiniera, la
clemenza di tito (all exerpts)               royal philharmonic orchestra
                                             bruno walter, conducting the
                                             philharmonic symphony
symphony 41, 39                              orchestra of new york

Mendelssohn: symphony 4, music for a         vladimir golschmann, conducting
midsummer night's dream                      the vienna stte opera orchestra
tannhauser overture and fest march, ride of
the valkyries, magic fire music, love-death
from "tristan and isolde", prelude to act III     eugene ormandy, the
of lohengrin                                      philadelphia orchestra
excerpts from louise, madama butterfly,
manon lescaut, la boheme, thais, manon, la
rondine, great day, the new moon, sweet
adeline                                           dorothy kirsten
dich teure halle, allmacht'ge jungfrau,
ocean thou mighty monster, und ob die
wolke, surta e la notte…ernani ernani
ernani, qui radames verra…o patria mia,           vienna opera orchestra argeo
suicidio, d'amor sull'ali rosee                   quadri, Nancy Tatum
sleeping beauty waltz, none by the lonely
heart, march of the toreadors, traumerei,
barcarolle, military polonaise, borodin,          Kostelanetz as conductor, new
nocturne, etc.                                    york philharmonic

Duets from Tristan and Isolde, Lohengrin,         Kirsten Flagstad, Lauritz
Parsifal                                          Melchior

arias from: il trovatore, otello, I vespri        philharmonic orchestra of rome,
siciliani, don carlo, I masnadieri, il corsaro,   gianandrea gavazzeni as
giovanna d'arco, jerusalem                        conductor
arias from: il trovatore, rigoletto, falstaff,
don carlo, un ballo in maschera, I vespri
siciliani                                         dietrich fischer-dieskau
bastien und bastienne, german operetta in         vienna symphony orchestra
one act k.50                                      conducte dby john pritchard

exerpts from la traviata, eugeen onegin,          london symphony orchestra,
don carlo, ariadne, fidelio                       fausto cleva as conductor

lontano lontano lontano, o soave fanciulla,
sono andati, bimba degli occhi, ma dunque mario del monaco, carlo
e vero, o luigi luigi, senti l'ora e vicina bergonzi
excerpts from carmen, the tales of
hoffmann, the barber of seville, cavalleria
rusticana, gianni schicchi, madame
butterfly, faust, la traviata               victoria de los angeles

VERDI---rigoletto act IV, Luisa Miller--
overture quando le sere al placido, I             NBC Symphony Orchestra,
lombardi: trio.                                   dirigent: Arturo Toscanini
                                                the royal philharmonic orchestra,
scenes and arias from : manon, louise,          ambrosian opera chorus, charles
hamlet, mignon, robert le diable, les           mackerras as conductor, chorus
huguenots                                       master is john mccarthy

on the beautiful blue danube, thunder and
lightning, overture to the gypsy baron,
perpetual motion, champagne polka,
radetsky march, fanz lehar: gold and silver,    sir john barbirolli, the halle
waltzes from der rosenkavalier                  orchestra
villa, marietta's lied, thunder and lightning
polka, voices of spring, im chambre, meine
lippen sie kussen so heiss, overture to a
night in venice, einer wird kommen, wein        beverly sills, julius rudel, london
wein                                            philharmonic orchestra

scenes from aida, don carlo, macbeth,           royal opera house orchestra,
otello                                          edward downes

scenes from: coloratura soprano arias
from bellini's I capuletti ed I montecchi and
la sonnambula and donizetti's lucia di        beverly sills, vienna volksoper
lammermoor, linda di chamounix, roberto       orchestra, vienna akademie
devereux and rosmonda d'inghilterra           chorus, jussi jalas as conductor

                                                Joan sutherland and marilyn
Norma (act one sceen two, act two, scene        horne, richard bonynge
one), Semiramide (act one scene two, act        conducting the london symphony
two scene 3)                                    orchestra

excerpts from norma, il pirata, robert
devereux, lucrezia borgia, maria di rohan       montserrat caballe

                                           fritz reiner conducting the
                                           orchestra of the metropolitan
                                           opera association, max rudolf
excerpts from salome, don giovanni, tosca, conducting the orchestra of the
die fledermaus, der zigeunerbaron          metropolitan opera association

                                                cristina deutekom, sona ardontz,
                                                guido fabbris, william mckinney,
excerpts from: attila, I lombardi alla prima    alessandro maddalena, chorus
crocciata, la battaglia di legnano, la          and orchestra of the monte carlo
traviata, armida, I puritani                    opera: conducted by carlo franci

excerpts from: madama utterfly, la boheme, anna moffo, with bergonzi, di
manon lescaut, lucia di lammermoor, la     stefano, kraus labo, tucker,
traviata, rigoletto, manon                 valletti
excerpts from un giorno di regno, I              montserrat caballe, rca italiana
lombardi, I due foscari, alzira, attila, il      opera orchestra and chorus,
corsaro, aroldo                                  anton guadagno as conductor
                                                 renata, scotto, carlo, bergonzi,
                                                 anna di stasio, rolando panerai,
                                                 rome opera house orchestra and
                                                 chorus, sir john barbirolli as
Madama Butterfly                                 conductor

excerpts from: marriage of figaro, don           bidu sayao, erich leinsdorf,
giovanni, faust, romeo and juliet, la            metropolitan opera orchestra,
boheme, madama butterfly, gianni schicci,        fausto cleva as conductor, many
pagliacci                                        others.
                                                 andrea guiot, nicolai gedda,
                                                 ernest blanc, orchestre du
                                                 theatre national de l'opera, paris,
                                                 conducted by alain lombard
William tell highlights                          (sung in french)
le maschere, guglielmo ratcliff, suor
angelica, la wally, il signor bruschino, luisa
miller, norma, linda di chamoniz (exerpts        the orchestra of the maggio
from all)                                        musicale fiorentino, gavazzeni

                                                 the ambrosian opera chorus and
excerpts from : the siege of corinth, la         the royal philharmonic orchestra
donna del lago                                   conducted by henry lewis
arias from tannhauser, lohengrin, tristan
and isolde, the flying dutchman, aida, la        leopold ludwig, philharmonia
forza del destino, un ballo in maschera          orchestra
blue tango, sleigh ride, a trumpeter's
lullaby, the waltzing cat, plink plank plunk!,
saraband, fiddle-faddle, the syncopated
clock, belle of the ball, the typewriter,        arthur fiedler, boston pops
serenata, bugler's holiday                       orchestra
lucia sextet, rigoletto quartet, flying
dutchman spinning chorus, schubert's
serenade, schumann's widmung, chopin's
maiden's wish                                    Jorge Bolet
excerpts from carmen, the tales of
hoffmann, faust, nabucco, otello, il
trovatore, lohengrin, rigoletto, die
meistersinger, mignon, cavalleria rusticana,
die fledermaus                                   Robert shaw and his chorus

                                                 rudolf schock, hermann prey,
                                                 soloists, chorus and orchestra of
                                                 the deutsche oper, berlin
scenes from Carmen                               conducted by horst stein
excerpts from la boheme, la forza del
destino, I vespri siciliani, don carlo, the
pearl fischers, otello, la forza del destino, la
gioconda                                         domingo, milnes

hofballtanze, seid umschlungen millionen,
tres jolie, dynamiden op.173,                 anton paulik conducting the
faschingskinder, kavalier waltzes             vienna state opera orchestra
                                              rise stevens, mario del monaco,
                                              metropolitan opera orchestra
                                              and chorus, fausto cleva as
Samson and Delilah                            conductor
                                              dorothy kirsten, richard tucker
excerpts from: madama butterfly, tosca, la and the metropolitan opera,
rondine, manon lescaut, gianni schicchi,      conducted by fausto cleva, percy
carmen, andrea chenier, songs from o kay!, faith and his orchestra and
goodwyn follies                               chorus
excerpts from gianni schicchi, madama         zinka milanov, rca victor
butterfly, andrea chenier, la boheme,         orchestra, arturo basile as
manon lescaut, otello, rusalka                conductor
selections from: my fair lady, carousel,
brigadoon, can-can, wonderful town, south
pacific, waltz medley                         Boston pops, arthur fiedler
bless this house, holy art thou, the palms,
the lord's prayer, the king of glory,
hallelujah chorus, jesu joy of man's
desiring, lamb of god, listen to the lambs,   the mormon tabernacle choir,
how lovely I sthy dwelling place, o lord most the philadelphia orchestra,
holy                                          ormandy

majest of christ beseeching his glory of the
father, sighing weeping, come sweet death,
largo, I knw that my redeemer liveth, largo,
hear ye israel, litany for all souls day,    pablo casals, cellist with the
pastorale, my heart ever faithful            prades festival orchestra
                                             markham, irving, warrick, pugh,
                                             alvarez, sell, sharaff, gennaro,
Irene                                        champion, others.

getting to know you, shall we dance, we
kiss in the shadow, something wonderful, I
hav edreamed, hello young lovers, my lord Al goodman's orchestra, torigi,
and master, the march of siamese children powell, shaute, rhoads
                                           lawrence, kert rivera, smith,
                                           calin, roy, becker, winters,
                                           mordente, roll, dale, jerome
west side story                            robbins
                                           helen traubel, william johnson,
                                           judy tyler, music by richard
Pipe Dream                                 rodgers
the desert song, stout hearted men, song of
love, serenade, lover come back to me,
golden days, one alone, the riff song, will
you remember, deep in my heart dear, one percy faith and his orchestra,
kiss, when I grow too old to dream          earl wrightson, lois hunt
                                            angela lansbury, herman,
Dear World                                  lawrence lee, milo o'shea

                                                angela lansbury, herman,
MAME                                            lawrence lee, milo o'shea

                                                robert merrill, patrice munsel,
                                                florence henderson, gloria lane,
Carousel                                        herbert banke, george irving
                                                cook, burns, kelton,
The Music Man                                   bloomgarden, greene

                                                members of the original new
                                                york production, alfred drake,
                                                joan roberts, celeste holm,
                                                howard da silva, lee dixon,
                                                oklahoma orchestra and chorus
Oklahoma!                                       directed by jay blackton
jalousie, in a persian market, the skaters
waltz, stars and stripes forever, ritual fire
dance, liebestraum, war march of the            Boston Pops Orchestra, Arthur
priests, espana rhapsody                        Fiedler,

                                                gordon macrae, dorothy irsten,
                                                the roger wagner chorale,
The New Moon                                    conducted by van alexander
exerpts from my fair lady, camelot, on a
clear day you can see forever, the sound of
music                                       Boston pops, arthur fiedler
                                            morris stoloff conducting the
Picnic                                      columbia pictures orchestra

                                                doris day, robert goulet, franz
Annie get your gun                              allers, orchestra and chorus
                                                tina louise, joe e. marks, bern
                                                hoffman, al nesor, ted thurston,
                                                julie newmar, william lanteau,
li'l abner                                      stanley simmonds
                                                oscar levant, philadelphia
                                                orchestra, ormandy,
concertos, Grieg: a minor, Tchaikovsky          philharmonic symphony
no.1                                            orchestra of new york, kurtz

Camelot                                         percy faith and his orchestra
                                                 ethel merman, ray middleton,
                                                 members of the original cast,
                                                 chorus and orchestra under the
Annie get your gun                               direction of jay blackton

Victory at Sea                                   unknown

                                             mary martin, neway, kasznar,
the sound of music                           marlowe, others.
battle hymn of the republic, america,
amercia the beautiful, columbia the gem of
the ocean, god bless america, chester,
yankee doodle, bonnie blue flag, lorena,
dizie, battle cry of freedom, tenting on the
old camp ground, when johnny comes
marching home, halls of montezuma,
anchors aweigh, off we go into the wild blue
yonder, caissons go rolling along, star      the robert shaw chorale and rca
spangled banner                              victor symphony orchestra

maple leaf rag, put it right there, jazz lips,   wally rose, bessie smith, louis
home cooking, sentimental baby, sensation        armstrong, eddie condon, bix
rag, merry-go-round, I'll never be the same,     beiderbecke, phil napoleon,
jam session, makin time, etc.                    duke ellington, george avakian

two's company                                    duke, nash, cahn, bette davis
                                                 dorothy kirsten, robert
The Student Prince                               rounseville

                                                 holm, brooks, huey, mccracken,
Bloomer Girl                                     wilson, arlen, taliaferro

                                                 harris, blyden alda, bock harnick,
The Apple Tree                                   nichols

                                                 munsel, wright, arno, porretta,
The Merry Widow                                  weldon, leon goss, auer, allers

                                                 tozzi, fenn, porretta, gillette,
The Great Waltz                                  fuchs, evans, brotherson, essler
                                                 merman, lamas, gibson, polk
                                                 finney, belasco, templeton,
                                                 cibelli, lindsay crouse, dubey,
Happy Hunting                                    karr, directed by abe burrows
bookends, save the life of my child,
america, overs, voices of old people, old
friends, bookends, fakin it, punky's
dilemma, mrs. Robinson, a hazy shade of
winter, at the zoo                               Simon and Garfunkl
                                                 laurents, styne, sondheim,
                                                 klugman, church, mielziner,
Gypsy                                            jerome robbins
                                                   raitt, clayton, darling, johnson,
                                                   mattson, vye, baxter, chorus and
                                                   orchestra under director joseph
Carousel                                           littau
hello dolly, fiddler on the roof, slaughter on
tenth avenue, people, ol' man river, bali
ha'I, the carousel waltz, seventy six          Stanley Black conducting the
trombones, baubles bangles and beads,          london festival orchestra and
oklahoma medley                                chorus

                                                   rise stevens, darren mcgavin,
the king and i                                     venora, porretta, neway

                                                   Rex Harrison, Julie Andrews,
                                                   Stanley Holloway, Robert Coote,
My Fair Lady                                       Leonard Weir, Bob Chisholm
                                                   morse, roberts, ritchard, stone,
                                                   styne, merrill, joyce, smith,
Sugar                                              champion

yours is my heart alone, she didn't say yes,
drink drink drink, indian love call, something
seems tingleingleing, my hero, song of the
vagabonds, softly as in a morning sunrise, I
love you so, the night was made for love,
every little movement, giannina mia, anvil
chorus, darling nellie gray, i'm fallin gin love
with someone, shenandoah, september
song, whiffenpoof song, hallelujah chorus,
deep river, what wonderous love, a mighty          Robert Shaw, Robert Shaw
fortress, bach mass excerpt, battle hymn of        Chorale, RCA Victor symphony
the republic                                       Orchestra
excerpts from: the magic flute, don
giovanni, the merry wives of windsor,
martha, rigoletto, madama butterfly, la
boheme, der zarewitch, the land of smiles,
die rose von stambul, die zirkusprinzessin,
grossman, zwei dunkle augen, der
rattenfanger                                       fritz wunderlich
tales from the vienna woods waltz, emperor         the vienna philharmonic
waltz, intermezzo from thousand and one            orchestra conducted by rudolf
nights                                             kempe
zampa overture, march slav, military march
in D, hungarian march, chromatic galopp,           national opera orchestra
poet and peasant                                   (recorded in europe),

the hebrides, les preludes, compositions for
piano, operatic selections, violin conceto in
e minor, piano concerto in e flat major,
papillions, symphonie fantastique,
symphonie fantastique                         unknown
overture in d major, symphony 94, overture
to iphigenie en aulide, eine kleine
nachtmusik, trumpet concerto in e flat
major, the creation, the creation, piano
concerto in g major, clarinet quintet in a
major, symphony no.1, don giovanni, final
scene                                      unknown

prelude to die meistersinger, symphon2,
symphony 2, overture to orpheus in the
underworld, romeo and juliet, die walkure
conclusion, overture to die fledermaus,
introduction and rondo capriccioso,
academic festival overture, suite from swan
lake, symphony 4                              unknown
leonore overture 3, overture to der
freischutz, symphony 5, songs from die
schone mullerin, piano concerto no.4, piano
concerto no.4, piano sonata no.27,
selections from the barber of seville, string
quartet no.16, symphony no.3, symphony
no.3                                          unknown

theater music and songs, concerto in b flat
minor for three oboes and three violins,
concerto in a minor for four harpsichords,
concerto grosso in g minor, concerto in d
major for flute, st. matthew passion,
messiah, pieces for harpsichord, gavotte
variee for harpsichord, toccata and fugue in
d minor for organ, sonatas for harpsichord,
brandenburg concerto no.2, water music       unknown

festival overture, suite from henry the fifth,
symphony 6, symphony 6, horn concerto, le
soleil des eaux, four sea interludes,,
appalachian spring, ensembles for
synthesizer, fancy free, the execution of
stepan razin, organ concerto                   unknown

verklart nacht, four pieces for clarinet and
piano, le sacre du printemps part 1 and 2,
concerto for orchestra, classical symphony,
concerto in d major for string orchestra, two
piano pieces, three songs, la creation du
monde, an american in paris, bachianas
brasileiras no.5, piano concerto no.3         unknown
till eulenspiegel, introduction and allegro,
selections from der rosenkavalier,
symphony 4, symphony 4, la mer, la
boheme, three preludes, jeux d'eau, four
preludes, songs from des knaben
wunderhorn, daphnis et cloe suite 2            unknown
overture to ruslan and ludmila, susanin's
aria from ivan susanin, in the steppes of
central asia, islamey, the moldau, russian
easter overture, scenes from boris
godounov, slavonic rhapsody no.3, cello
concerto in b minor, cello concerto in b
minor, overture to the bartered bride, suite
from czar saltan, sinfonietta                  unknown
la vida breve act two scene one, danzas
fantasticas, iberia: evocacion triana, el
albaicin, goyescas, la maja y el ruisenor,
espana, carmen, nights in the gardens of
spain, the three cornered hat intro part 1
and 2                                          unknown


barcarolle espanita waltz martha overture
anrcissus, largo from xerxes, naila
intermezzo, el baccio schubert's serenade,
la sorella, the spinning whell, li titi
schottisch, home sweet home, lucia
sextette, il est d'eau morceau brilliant merry
widow waltz, sweet by and by e, la gazza
ladrea, the maiden's prayer, loin du bal,
every littl emovement, minute waltz,
traumerei, die loreley ,blue danumb ewlatz,
l'estudiantina waltz                           The Voice of Silver Reeds
                                               ballet russe de monte carlo, p.
                                               montiel conducts le ballet
Gaite Parisienne                               francias orchestre

Beethoven's Archduke Trio                    The Istomin, Stern, Rose Trio
beautiful ohio, missouri waltz, in old new
york, tennessee waltz, sweetheart of sigma
chi, the waltz you saved for me, let me call
you sweetheart, home on the range, gay
nineties medley                              101 Strings
till there was you, hey there!, climb every
mountain, just in time, till tomorrow,
promise me a rose, gypsy, tonight, I enjoy
being a girl                                 101 strings
Malaguena, espana, la violetera, espana
cani, macarenas, domingo en sevilla               101 Strings, D. L. Miller
                                                  alford, gordon, haskell, jonas,
godspell                                          lamont, manzano

                                                  the london philharmonic
Bizet: Carmen Suite, I'Arlesienne Suite           orchestra
                                                  telemann society: richard
Water Music                                       schulze as conductor

La Calunnia (Barber of Seville, Rossini), Il
Lacerato Spirito (Simon Boccanegra,
Verdi), Infelice (Ernani, Verdi), Ella
Giammai M'amo (Don Carlos, Verdi), Non
Piu Andrai (Marriage of Figaro, Mozart),
Madamina (Don Giovanni, Mozart),
Deh:Vieni Alla Finestra (Don Giovanni,            The London Philharmonic
Mozart), Le Veau D'or (Faust, Gounod),            Orchestra, Conducted by
Vecchia Zimmara (La Boheme, Puccini)              Edward Downes
                                                  the philadelphia orchestra,
                                                  eugene ormandy as the
scheherazade                                      conductor
                                                  annelies kupper, koth,
                                                  wunderlich, st. hedwig's
                                                  cathedral choir and berlin
                                                  symphony, karl forster as
                                                  conductor, edith picht-axenfeld
the hunt cantata, the canary cantata              and ensemble

eidelweis, shenandoah, vaya con dios,
tina's waltz, remembrance waltz,
fascination, melody of love, hazel's waltz,
pandora's smile, hawaiian magic waltz             101 strings

duets: parigi o cara, duetto della ciliegie, or
lasciami al lavoro, dividerci dobbiam             pia tassinari, ferruccio tagliavini
leonore overture no.3, semiramide
overture, oberon overture, ruy blas               Leonard Bernstein conducts new
overture, benvenuto cellini overture              york philharmonic
overture to the marriage of figaro, overture      guy fraser harrison conducting
fantasy romeo and juliet, fantasy for strings,    the oklahoma city symphony
tone poem: finlandia                              orchestra

                                              leonard bernstein at the piano
                                              and conducting the columiba
                                              symphony orchestra, andre
                                              kostelanetz and his orchestra,
rhapsody in blue, three preludes, concerto andre previn at the piano, the
in f, an american in paris, porgy and bess, a philadelphia orchestra, eugene
symphonic picture                             ormandy as conductor
                                                 georg kulenkampff, the berlin
concerto in a minor op.53, for violin and        philharmonic orchestra
orchcestra                                       conducted by eugen jochum

                                                 Pablo Casals, iglesias, forrester,
                                                 saharrea, elvira, serrano, puerto
                                                 rico conservatory of music
                                                 chorus, festival casals orchestra
                                                 of puerto rico, alexander
El Pessebre                                      schneider as assistant conductor

                                                  caruso galli-curci, perini/de luca,
                                                  john philip sousa, fritz kreisler,
                                                  maurice chevalier, guy
                                                  lombardo, allan jones, will glahe,
quartet from rigoletto, stars and stripes         vaughn monroe, rise stevens,
forever, meditation from thais, louise,           leonard warren, mischa elman,
sweethearts on parade, the donkey                 artie shaw, wayne king, larry
serenade, beer barrel polka, riders in the        clinton, grace moore, arturo
sky, habanera from carmen, toreador song toscanini with NBC Symphony,
from carmen, air for g string, star dust,         mario lanza, glenn miller, tommy
josephine, dipsy doodle, ciribiribin, la          dorsey, david rose, sergei
traviata prelude act I, vesti la giubba, in the rachmaninoff, l,ucrezia bori,
mood, boogie woogie, holiday for strings,         perry como, spike jones, robert
troika, il bacio, till the end of time, cocktails merrill, leopold stokowski, eddie
for two, whiffenpoof song, tales from teh         fischer, pablo casals, harry
vienna woods, oh my pa pa, the swan,              belafonte, arthur fiedler and the
matilda matilda, sabre dance                      boston pops.

                                                emma eames, marcella
                                                sembrich, geraldine farrar,
                                                emmy destinn, beniamino gigli,
excerpts from: gounod: faust, donizetti: don giovanni martinelli, rosa
pasquale, puccini: madama butterfly, Verdi: ponselle, lawrence tibbitt, rose
il trovatore, ponchielli: la gioconda, rossini: bampton, giovanni martinelli,
william tell, verdi: ernani, verdi: simon       leonard warren, roberts
boccanegra, mozart: le nozze di figaro,         nicholson, ezio pinza, elisabeth
wagner: tannhauser, wagner:                     rethberg, friedrich schorr, kirsten
gotterdammerung                                 flagstad, and various orchestras.

                                                 works by leonard bernstein, e
                                                 power biggs, alexander
                                                 brailowsky, the budapest
                                                 quartet, robert casadesus, pablo
                                                 casals, philippe entremont,
                                                 eileen farrell, zino francescatti,
                                                 glenn gould, the mormon
                                                 tabernacle choir, eugene
                                                 ormandy, thomas schippers,
                                                 rudolf serkin, isaac stern, igor
                                                 stravinsky, richard tucker, bruno
sampler (artist based, instead of                walter, vladimir horowitz, ivan
work/composer based)                             davis, gary graffman
prelude in c sharp minor, minuet in g,
romance, simple aveu, on wings of song,
largo, barcarolle, ave maria, cradle song,
air on the g string, etude in e, waltz from
serenade for strings                          Mantovani and his orchestra
cornish rhapsody, claire de lune, chopin's
study in e major, swedish rhapsody,
chopin's nocturne, meditation, thais,
liebestraum                                   101 strings

Brahms: concerto for violin and cello, tragic Bruno Walter conducting the
overture                                      Columbia Symphony Orchestra
                                              vienna state opera orchestra,
                                              conducted by pierre dervaux,
                                              vienna state opera orchestra
                                              with nello santi conducting,
                                              metropolitan opera orchestra
                                              with fritz stiedry conducting,
                                              vienna state opera orchestra
                                              with nello santi conducting,
air de fleur from carmen, celeste aida from columbia symphony orchestra
aida, un'aura amorosa from cosi fan tutte, o with fausto cleva conducting,
tu che in seno agli angeli from la forza del metropolitan opera orchestra
destino, gardate pazzo io son from manon with fausto cleva conducting,
lescaut, vesti la giubba from I pagliacci,    metropolitan opera orchestra
cielo e mar from la gioconda, e lucevan le with emil cooper conducting,
stelle from tosca, che gelida manina from la columbia symphony orchestra
boheme, quando le sere al placido from        with fausto cleva conducting,
luisa miller                                  etc.
                                              prey, wunderlich, wiemann,
                                              grummer, ,kohn, stewart, koth,
                                              der chor der deutschen oper,
                                              berlin, hermann luddecke as
excerpts from don giovanni                    director

                                              hamburg chamber orchestra
Brandenberg concertoes (4, 5, 6)              conducted by harry newstone
                                              orchestra and chorus of the
                                              accademia di santa cecilia of
                                              rome, conducted by alberto
aida                                          erede
                                              placido domingo, katia
                                              Ricciarelli, orchestra of the
                                              national academy of santa
excerpts from otello, madama butterfly, un    cecilia, gianadrea gavazzeni as
ballo in maschera, francesca da rimini        conductor

                                              berger, white, merriman peerce,
                                              sprinzena, warren, newman,
                                              ukena tajo, the robert shaw
                                              chorale, robert shaw, rca victor
                                              orchestra with renato cellini as
highlights of Rigoletto                       conductor
                                                Shirley jones, Jack Cassidy,
                                                Susan Johnson, Frank Porretta,
                                                Orchestra and chorus under the
brigadoon                                       direction of Lehman Engel
s wonderful, love is here to stay, they can't
take that away from me, the man I love,
love walked in, oh lady be good, preludes
two and three, maybe, someone to watch
over me, they all laughed, bidin' my time, I
got rhythm                                      percy faith and his orchestra

fanscinatin' rhythm, a foggy day, soon, clap
yo' hands, embraceable you, mine,
somebody loves me, I got plenty o' nuttin',
summertime, bess you is my woman now,
my man's gone now, nice work if you can
get it, for you for me for evermore, liza    percy faith and his orchestra

the theme from a summer place, non
dimenticar, till, all my love, jamaican
rhumba, delicado, the song from moulin
rouge, tropical merengue, they can't take
that away from me, the rain in spain, the
syncopated clock, swedish rhapsody              Percy Faith
                                                ballet russe de monte carlo, p.
                                                montiel conducts le ballet
Gaite Parisienne                                francias orchestre

                                                jean-pierre rampal, flutist, claude
suite for the flute and jazz piano              bolling, pianist/composer

                                                original 1910 orchestration,
                                                columbia symphony orchestra,
The Firebird                                    Stravinsky

Hungarian Rhapsodies 1 and 2, Bartered
bride overture, polka, furiant, Scherzo         The Philadelphia orchestra,
capriccioso                                     eugene ormandy
polovtsian dances, night on bald mountain,
russian easter overture and capriccio           gennady rozhdestvensky,
espagnol                                        orchestre de paris

Grieg: concerto in a minor for piano and   philippe entremont, pianist, the
orchestra op.16, rachmaninoff: rhapsody on philadelphia orchestra, eugene
a theme of paganini op.43                  ormandy as conductor
rachmaninoff piano concerto 2, three
preludes for piano: no.3 in d minor op.23,
no.6 in e flat major op.23, no.2 in c sharp    leonard bernstein and the new
minor op.3                                     york philharmonic,

                                               new york philharmonic, leonard
                                               bernstein as conductor, the
                                               chorus of the schola cantorum,
daphnis and chloe (complete ballet)            hugh ross as director

                                               eugene ormandy, rudolf serkin,
salome's dance, spinning song, song            george szell, alexander
without words, overture to die fledermaus,     brailowsky, andre kostelanetz,
overture to zampa, mazurka no33,               the philadelphia orchestra, the
interludio and the maiden and the              cleveland orchestra, the new
nightingale from goyescas                      york philharmonic, beverly sills

                                            the philadelphia orchestra,
                                            eugene ormandy as conductor,
                                            leopold stokowski conducting
                                            the philadelphia orchestra, bruno
                                            walter conducting the columbia
                                            symphony orchestra, kostelanetz
tannhauser overture and venusberg music, conducting the new york
nun komm der heiden heiland, coriolanus philharmonic glenn gould as
overture, polonaise op.40 no.1, intermezzo pianist, new york philharmonic
in a major op.118 no.2 no13, la gazza ladra with leonard bernstein as
overture                                    conductor

                                               the new york philharmonic with
                                               leonard bernstein as conductor,
                                               byron janis as pianist, e power
                                               biggs as organizt, leon fleischer
                                               as pianist, minneapolis
                                               symphony rochestra, stanislaw
                                               skrowaczewski as conductor,
overture to candide, valse oubliee no.1 in f   the philadelphia orchestra with
sharp major, rigaudon, jesu joy of man's       eugene ormandy as conductor,
desiring, ballet music from rosamunde,         alexander brailowsky as pianist,
poka and fugue from schwanda, mazurka          isaac stern as violinist with piano
in b flat major op.17 no.1, adagio from        accompaniment by a. zakin, the
violin concerto no.1 in c major, perpetual     cleveland orchestra with george
motion                                         szell as conductor

Chopin, sonata in b flat minor, op.35
funeral march, sonata in b minor op.58         Van Cliburn
                                               the philadelphia orchestra,
Swan Lake                                      eugene ormandy as conductor

what will my mary say, gina, unaccustomed
as I am, sweet Thursday, there you are,
wasn't the summer short?, that's the way it
is, marianna, I love her that's why, I'll never
be lonely again, one look, quiet girl           Johnny Mathis
all the things you are, my ideal, the
nearness of you, ja da, stardust, blueberry
hill, diane, old devil moon, stars in my eyes, fred waring and his
dream                                           pennsylvanians

what now my love, freckles, memories of
madrid, it was a very good year, so what's
new, plucky, magic trumpet, cantina blue,
brasilia, if I were a rich man, five minutes   Herb Alpert and the Tijuana
more, the shadow of your smile                 Brass

tennessee waltz, changing partners, cross
over the bridge, old cape cod, mockin' bird
hill, doggie in the window, detour, why don't
you believe me, mister and mississippi,
allegheny moon, with my eyes wide open
I'm dreaming, I went to your wedding          Patti Page
ciribiribin, sleepy lagoon, one o'clock jump,
two o'clock jump, you made me love you,
music makers, the flight of the bumble bee,
concerto for trumpet, don't be that way,
flatbush flanagan, september song, sleepy
time gal                                      Harry James

                                               soloists, singverein, der
                                               gesellschaft, der musikfreunde,
                                               wien, pro musica, orchester
Beethoven: Symphony 9                          wien, dir. Jascha horenstein

Moussorgsky: pictures at an exhibition,        the new york philharmonic,
rimsky-korsakov: capriccio espagnol            leonard bernstein as conductor

Gershwin: rhapsody in blue, an american in     the new york philharmonic,
paris                                          leonard bernstein as conductor
fire bell polka, hunting polka, explosions
polka, thousand and one nights, tritsch-
tratsch polka, new pizzicato polka, wine
women and song, young in heart polka,
roses from the south, thunder and lightning    The Philadelphia Orchestra,
polka, annen polka                             Eugene Ormandy as conductor
                                             julie andrews, dick van dyke,
                                             david tomlinson, glynis johns,
                                             hermione baddeley, rreta shaw,
                                             dotrice, garber, lanchester,
                                             treacher, owen, wynn, darwell,
Mary Poppins                                 malet

Sound Track of The Samuel Goldwyn            Sidney Poitier, Dorthy Danridge,
Motion Picture of Progy and Bess             Sammy Davis, Jr., Pearl Baily
                                             julie andrews, christopher
                                             plummer, arranged and
the sound of music                           conducted by irwin kostal

good christian men rejoice, silent night,
patapan, o come all ye faithful, o
sanctissima, joy to the world, away in a
manger, fum fum fum, march of the kings,
what child is this, hark the herald angels
sing, bring a torch jeanette isabella, angels
we have heard on high, break forth o
beauteous, heav'nly light, the first nowell, o robert shaw chorale, rca victor
little town of bethlehem, i saw three ships    symphony and orchestra, robert
deck the halls with boughs of holly            shaw as conductor

love is a many splendored thing, a summer
place, maria, never on Sunday, as time
goes by, the exodus song, moon river,
tonight, the second time around, tender is
the night, it might as well be spring, three
coins in the fountain                        andy williams, robert mersey
                                             cariou, mandan, williams,
Applause                                     maggart, penny fuller, etc.

                                             original television soundtrack,
Brigadoon                                    goulet, howes, falk

                                             Richard Burton, Julie Andrews,
Camelot                                      Robert Goulet

Doctor Zhivago                               the original sound track album

                                             barbra streisand, omar sharif,
funny girl                                   medford, francis, pidgeon
                                             lois hunt, harry snow, samuel
The King and I                               jones

                                             rex harrison, julie andrews,
My Fair Lady                                 lerner, loewe, hart, holloway

                                             vladimir ashkenazy, andre previn
Rachmaninov piano concerto 1, 2              , the london symphony orchestra
                                               Herbert von Karajan, berlin
Symphony 40, 41                                philharmonic orchestra

something misty, selections from jesus
christ superstar, I don't know how to love
him, everything's alright, superstar, sunny,
close to you, blues in a mist, we've only just
begun, the impossible dream, here there
and everywhere, green green grass fo
home, what hav ehtey done to my song ma Pete Fountain

some enchanted evening, it's a grand night
for singing, hello young lovers, surrey with
the fringe on top, you'll never walk alone,
younger than springtime I'm in love with a
wonderful guy, the carousel waltz, getting to
know youu whistle a happy tune, oh what a
beautiful morning, people will say we're in
love, the march of the siamese children, if I
loved you                                     John Gart at the organ

days of wine and roses, walk on the wild
side, the theme from the wonderful world of
the brothers grimm, love song from mutiny
on the bounty, mr. hobbs theme, seventy
six trombones, love theme from phaedra,
bachelor in paradise, too little time, drink
more milk, the wishing star, dreamsville          henry mancini
yakety sax, walk right in, if you've got the
money, cotton fields, charlie brown, cacklin'
sax, smoke gets in your eyes, I can't stop
loving you, lonely street, it keeps right on a-
hurtin', I fall to pieces, I really don't want to
know                                              Boots Randolph
mouvements perpetuels, nocturne in d
major, suite francaise, and piano music of
satie: (descriptions automatiques,
glymnopedie no.1, sarabande no.2,
gnossienne no.3, avant-dernieres pensees,
croquis et agaceries d'un gros -bon homme
en bois )                                         Francis Poulenc
suite en valse, op. 39a. Naila waltz,           ernst von dohnanyi and edward
schubert: valses nobles op.77                   kilenyi, pianos

debussy: danseuses de delphes, le vent
dans la plaine, la cathedrale engloutie, la
danse le puchk, minstrels, children's corner
suite, Faure: barcarolle in a minor, ravel:
valses nobles et sentimentales               Debussy, Faure, Ravel

(paganini-liszt): la campanella, (chopin):
prelude no.15 in d flat major, (beethoven-
liszt): fantasia on ruins of athens, saint-
saens: playing his symphony in a minor,
valse mignonne, le rouet d'omphale,             Charles Camille Saint-Saens,
samson et dalila, rhapsodie d'auvergne          Ferruccio Busoni

the two larks, barcarolle in a minor, heller:
prelude 3 in g major, prelude 10 in c sharp
minor, arabesque in a flat, scherzo in f
sharp, tiefland ballad in f minor, norwegian
bridal march, little bird, butterfly, hungarian
dance no.1 in g minor, hungarian dance          edvard grieg, theodore
no.4 in f minor, coppelia valse lent,           leschetizky, eugene d'albert,
sostenuto, humoresque in g minor                arthur niisch, max reger

minuet in g major op.14 no.1, mazurka
no.45 in a minor op.67 no.4, etude no.14 in
f minor op.25 no.2, waltz no.2 in a flat
major op.34 no.1, prelude no.20 in c minor
op.28, prelude no.23 in f major op.28,
prelude no.16 in b flat minor op.28, waltz
no.1 in d flat major, op.64, improvisation in
form of a gondola song, polish national         Ignace Jan Paderewski, Vladimir
dance in e flat minor op.47, goyescas,          De Pachmann, Manuel De Falla,
fandango, valse poetique, aragonesa,            Enrique Granados, Xaver
serenade, prelude, malaguena                    Scharwenka, Frank Marshall

das himmlische leben from symphony 4 in
g major, moderato from my diary, andante
from my diary, heimliche aufforderung
op.27 no.3, intermezzo, salome dance of
the seven veils op.54, ein heldenleben love
scene, preludes nos.1 2 13 and 14 op.11,
prelude no.1 op.22, mazurka no.2 op.40,     Richard Strauss, Gustav Mahler,
etude no.12 in d sharp minor op.8           Alexander Scriabin, Max Reger
polonaise in a flat, minute waltz, fantaisie-
impromptu, berceuse, nocturne in e flat,
waltz in c sharp minor, waltz in d flat,
mazurka in d, waltz in e flat, berceuse in d
flat, ballade in g minor, polonaise in a           Artur Rubinstein
yellow bird, gigi, an affair to remember, the
song of the rain, two different worlds, bess
you is my woman, roger's bumble bee, o
mio babbino caro, marie marie,                     Roger williams, orchestras
greensleeves, forgotten dreams, a lover's          directed by frank hunter, marty
symphony                                           gold, and gene von hallberg
                                                   the philadelphia orchestra,
Tchaikovsky Symphony No.6                          eugene ormandy

Debussy: Afternoon of a Faun, La Mer,        the philadelphia orchestra,
Ravel: Daphnis and Chloe no.2                eugene ormandy, conductor
it's such a pretty world today, bouquet of
roses, tennessee stud, anytime, little green
apples, make the world go away, wichita
lineman, mary in the morning, cattle call,
release me                                   Eddy Arnold

pathetique symphony, exerpt from first
movement. Concerto, Lohengrin's
faraewell, alto rhapsody, don quixote, fidelio The Philadelphia Orchestra,
act one                                        Eugene Ormandy as conductor

waltz in a flat major, kamenoi-ostrow, my
heart at they sweet voice, jesu, joy of man's
desiring, cradle song and other favorites     Virgil Fox

I left my heart in san francisco, once upon a
time, tender is the night, smile love for sal
taking a chance on love, candy kisses,
have told yo lately , rules of the roald marry
young, im always chasing rainbows, the
best is yet to come                                Tony Bennett
day o, I do adore her, jamaica farewell, will
this love be like his rum, dolly dawn, star o,
,the jack-ass song, hosanna, come back             Harry Belafonte awith tony scott
liza, brown skin girl, man smart - woman           and his orchestra, and millard
smarter                                            thomas on guitar
september song, pick yourself up, I got it
bad and that ain't good, let there be love
azure te , lost april a beautiful friendship, in   Nat King Cole sings George
other words, serenata, I'm lost, there's a lull    Shearing plays with the quintet
uin my life, don't go                              and string choir
clair de lune, song in the night, the forst
pool, gray donkeys on the road to el-azib,
premier arabesque, liebstraum, the
fountain, the music box, to a water-lily, will-
o-the-wisp, londonderry air, prelude in c       playd by the "First Lady of the
op.12 no.7                                      Harp" Mildred Dilling

die walkure (Ride of the valkyries),
Siegfried (forest murmurs), das rheingold
(entrance of the gods in to valhalla),
gotterdammerung (sigfriend's rhine ourney Stokowsky, london symphony
sigried's death and funeral music         orchestra

Prokofiev: Peter and the wolf.                 leonard bernstein, new york
Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker suite                  philharmonic
                                               Mary Martin, howard dietz, arthur
                                               schwartz, arnold schulman,
                                               vincent j. donehue, george
                                               wallace, ethel shutta, jack de
                                               lon, imelda de martin, robin
Jennie                                         bailey
                                               peter cookson, hans conried,
Can-can                                        gwen verdon, erik rhodes

bonston, judea, three settings of while
shepherds watched their flocks, rise up
shepherd and follow, star in the east,
expression, he is king of kings, I believ
ethis is jesus of a rose, a christmas carol,
ay ay galeguinos, salve regina magnificat,
ago lona, los cofla desde la estleya           The western wind

personent hodie, lo how a rose e'er
blooming, missus est gabriel, sibylla
tiburtina, in dulci jubilo, ave maria, bring a
torch, jeanette isabella, stille nacht,
omagnum mysterium, gloria, sibylla europa, the harvard glee club, F. John
magnificat, ante luciferum genitus             Adams as conductor

suzette, evergreen, sweet georgia brown,
jean, dixie/battle hmn of the republic
medley, toccata from organ symphony 5,
easy come, easy go, and I love you so,
bad bad leroy brown, when the leaes are        Hector Olivera plays the "mighty
turning, no moon at all                        mo" at the fabulous Atlanta Fox
                                               joe bova, allen case, jack gilford,
                                               anne jones, matt mattox, harry
                                               snow, robert neil, jane white,
                                               orchestra directed by hal
Once Upon a Mattress                           hastings
                                             robert goulet, carol lawrence,
                                             jessica walter, michael callan
                                             jules munshin, marty ingels,
Kiss Me, Kate                                russell nype, porter, spewack

                                             laurence guittard, christine
                                             andreas, mary wickes, agnes de
                                             mille, william hammerstein,
Oklahoma!                                    thomas z. shepard

it came upon the midnight clear, what child
is this, hark the herald angels sing, the
virgin's slumber song, cantique de noel,
jingle bells, good king wenceslas, little
drummer boy, wassail song, we wish you a
merry christmas, he is born, good christian
men rejoice, carol of the bells, jesus jesus
rest your hed, away in a manger, o come o
come emmanuel, the coventry carol, sing
we now fo christmas, lo how a rose e'er
blooming, angel swe have heard on high       Roger Wagner Chorale
                                             karl patrick krauss, candice
                                             earley, william parry, paul
                                             binotto, michael sahl, cleve
Civilization and its discontents             pozar

come home to the sea, rhodes, olympics,
nepenthe, orpheus, sirens                    Mannheim Steamroller

oh by jingo, south rampart street parade,
down home rag, sugar foot strut, the sheik
of araby, sorta blues, panama, riverboat
shuffle, five foot two, eyes of blue         billy may and his orchestra
thou swell, blues in the night, chicago, all
you want to do is dance, you go to my
head, soon, in a persian market, just one of
those things, you're the top, the donkey
serenade, deep purple, they didn't believe
me                                           billy may and his orchestra

sing a song with me, who are you now, wait
till you see him, dear friend, will he like me,
vanilla ice cream, glad rag doll, my father it
takes nothing away from me, dancing in the
dark, carolina in the morning, he was too
good to me, time heals everything, a song Barbara cook. Musical director
for you, sing a song with me                    orchestrations by bill brohn
battle hymn of the republic, a mighty
fortress is our god, when johnny comes
marching home, jesu, joy of man's desiring,
the lord's prayer, come ceom ye saints,           richard p. condie as director, the
halleluja chorus, this land is your land,         philadelphia orchcestra, eugene
bless this house,heavenly father!, onward         ormandy as conductor,
christian soldiers, god bless america             schreiner, cundick, asper,

communion for corpus christi day, introit for
the feast fo the immaculate conception,
introit for easter Sunday, alleluia for easter
Sunday, introit for the third christmas mass,
communion for the second Sunday after
epiphany, introit for the feast of christ the
king, communion for the feast of christ the
king, introit for all saints day, offertory for   sung by the monks of the abbey
palm sunday, tract of sexagesima sunday,          of st. thomas, directed by
offertory for maundy thursday (modes              brother mowrey with herbert
7,3,4,7,7,6,3,6,1,8,8,2 in order)                 tachezi on organ

Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto no.1                  Philip van Derek, pianist

                                                music and lyrics: harold rome,
Gone with the Wind                              book: horton foote,
Bittersweet: the way they do it in paree!,
dance the rondolet, come come I love ou
so, forgive, smiles, there's a long long trail, nelson eddy, jeanette mac
others.                                         donald

                                                  robert ryan, nanette fabray,
                                                  gillette, haskell, washburn,
Mr. President                                     grover, stickler, fairchild, brooks
                                                  max adrian, robert rounseville,
                                                  barbara cook, irra petina, stage
Candide                                           dby tyrone guthrie
                                                  rodgers, linden, deems, lang,
                                                  cole porter, production directed
Anything Goes                                     by lawrence kasha
                                                  Jim Dale, coleman, stewart,
                                                  bramble, close, tatum, white,
                                                  crofoot, witter, mitchell,
                                                  aldgrege, miller, munderloh,
                                                  hershey kay, directed and
Barnum                                            staged by joe layton
                                                  Lee Remick, Angela Lansbury,
                                                  Harry Guardino, with Gabriel
Anyone can whistle                                Dell, and others.

                                                  derr, conway, marlowe, cook,
                                                  nagrin, fletcher, daniels,
Plain and Fancy                                   schnabel, smith, nancy andrews
                                             keeler, gilford, van, gallagher,
No, No, Nanette                              watson, kelly

                                             garner, weiner, parrish, stevens,
La Cage aux folles                           louise, charles, stevens, kelly
                                             gillette, ashley, redfield,
Out of this World                            jongeyans, burns
                                             barbara cook, daniel massey,
                                             barbara baxley, jack cassidy,
                                             frey, williams, donath, harold
She Loves Me                                 prince

                                             erik geisen, celia jeffreys,
                                             mitglieder des chores und
                                             orchesters der hamburgischen
The Student Prince                           staatsoper, stefan gyarto

                                             lopez, james, harris,
                                             stephenson, draper, lazarus,
A day in hollywood, a night in the ukraine   garrison, hewett

                                             baker, evans, morison, thomas,
                                             sinclair, lewis, cameron,
                                             brannigan, glyndebourne-festival
exerpts from the mikado, H.M.S. pinafore,    chorus and pro arte orchestra,
iolanthe, the pirates of penzance, the       sir malcolm sargent as
yeomen of the guard                          conductor

                                             roth, kellog, parichy, billig,
The best little whorehouse in texas          gottfried, venable, walsh phillips
                                             anna maria alberghetti, olaf,
                                             orbach, lascoe, ballard,
Carnival                                     champion

                                             Jerome Moross as composer.
The Big Country                              Orchestra unknown
                                             black, matthaei, price, o'hara,
                                             alloway, evans, peters, donnelly,
George M!                                    carroll, castle, grove
                                             troy, scourby, irving, kirtland,
Tovarich                                     mitchell, gray

                                             music composed and orchestra
                                             conducted by Leonard
                                             Bernstein, walker, comden,
On the Town                                  green, reardon, alexander

                                             lucille Ball, arthur, davidson,
MAME                                         patten, preston, furlong
malaguena, 2 sets of variaciones, toque de
lavarte, bolero, alegria, farruca, zambrilla,
chufla                                        carlos montoya, guitarist
                                Rex Harrison, Julie Andrews,
My Fair Lady                    holloway, coote, lieberson
                                nichols, meehan, strouse,
                                charnin, andrea, reid, mcardle,
                                shelton, faison, fitch, dorothy
                                loudon, thorne, danielle,
                                brisebois, robyn, finn, janine,
Annie                           ruane
                                nroman panama, melvin frank,
                                michael kidd, tina louise, joe e
                                marks, bern hoffman, al nesor,
                                julie newmar, william lanteau,
li'l abner                      stanle simmonds
                                robert weede, mimi benzell,
                                molly picon, music and lyrics by
Milk and Honey                  Jerry Herman

                                original broadway cast
                                recording, michael stewart, jerry
                                herman, david burns, eileen
                                brennan, sondra lee, charles
Hello, Dolly!                   nelson reilly, gower champion

                                members of the trapp family
                                singers, and chorus arranged
the sound of music              and conducted by franz wasner
                                ethel merman, irving berlin,
                                bruce yarnell, benay venuta,
Annie get your gun              jerry orbach, danny daniels
                                gwen verdon, thelma ritter,
                                george wallace, cameron
                                prud'homme, original cast
New Girl in Town                recording

                                kipness, kasha, nederlander,
seesaw                          steinbrenner III, michael bennett

                                kline, smith, andrews, davis,
On The Twentieth Century        stephens, wise

                                daniels, hecht, david, poole,
                           1776 eerhart, ford, richards, lyndeck
                                KIRK, MITCHELL, MORRIS,
                                LANG, PIPPIN, MORRIS,
Mack & Mabel                    CHAMPION
                                original broadway cast album,
                                alda, blaine, levene, bigley,
guys & dolls                    rooney sr.
                                moon, keston, bullimore, fleet
                                raye langford, lansbury, cross,
                                blythe ingham, arthur laurents as
Gypsy                           conductor
                                              glenn ford, eleanor parker, roger
                                              moore, cecil kellaway, based on
                                              the life story of marjorie
Interrupted Melody                            lawrence
                                              alfred drake, venora, gray,
                                              weldon, cook, waddington,
Kean                                          smith, cutts

excerpts from : Let's Face it, red hot and    16 different orchestras and
blue, leave it to me!                         conductors.
                                              gower champion, thomas z.
                                              shepard, original broadway cast
42nd street                                   recording
                                              anthony perkins, kellaway,
greenwillow                                   kelton, mccown, chapman

                                              prince, mitchell, smith, nelson,
Follies                                       collins, mcmartin, de carlo

                                              umeki, blyden, hall, kenney,
Flower Drum Song                              luke, hong
                                              dixon, holliday, hepburn, rose,
                                              auberjonois, arnold, bennett,
Coco                                          benthall

                                              Richard Burton, Julie Andrews,
Camelot                                       Robert Goulet

bedelia, ma he's making eyes at me, the
sheik of araby, goody goody, the bowery,
deep river, varsity drag, ballin' the jack, give
my regards to broadway, rings on her
fingers, dixie, east side west side              unknown

                                              conducted by adolph deutsch,
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Rose         george stoll, MGM studio
Marie (Soundtracks to both)                   orchestra
                                              mary martin, cyril ritchard,
Peter Pan                                     jerome robbins

They're playing our song                      klein, arnaz
                                               allen, cilento, dennis, kirsch,
                                               lopez, percassi, walsh,
                                               baughman, cissel, drake,
                                               kuhlman, lupone, schweid,
                                               williams, bishop, clerk, edwards,
                                               lane mason, serrecchia, wilzak,
                                               blair, cole, garland, lee,
A Chorus liine                                 mckechnie, stuart
                                               the lyn murray singers and other
                                               members of the original cast
                                               with orchestra conducted by ray
Finian's Rainbow                               charles

Cabaret                                        haworth, gilford, convy, lenya

                                               mallory, guittard, elliott, lambert,
A little night music                           kahan, andrews, despo
contrasts, the breeze and I, I understand,
amapola, so rare, I'm getting' sentimental
over you, marie, song of india, opus 1,        Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey
boogie woogie                                  Bands

bei mir bist du schon, beer barrel polka,
rum and coca cola, rancho pillow, tulip
time, shoo-shoo baby, beat me daddy eight
to the bar, don't sit under the apple tree, I'll
be with you in apple blossom time, ti-pi-tin,
hold tight hold tight, aurora, bugle boy,
begin the beguine, well all right, ferry boat
serenade                                         the andrews sisters
                                                 the high button shoes chorus
                                                 and orchestra, milt rosenstock
High Button Shoes                                as conductor,

                                               battles, dickey, conte, lee, ching,
                                               o'malley, karlton, jonay, kirk,
Allegro                                        wills, reeves, bybell, humphries

                                               original broadway cast, elizabeth
Irma La Douce                                  seal, keith michell, clive revill
                                               robert merrill, resnik, mckellar,
                                               leigh, wallace, the mike sammes
Kismet                                         singers

                                               karin wolfe, drake, moorehead,
Gigi                                           karnilova, massey
                                               loudon, gardenia, kass,
                                               goldenberg, bergman, alzado,
                                               carroll, cooper, corrigan, dalton,
Ballroom                                       danner
                                             sigmond romberg, jerome
                                             chodorov, fields, lewis, atkinson,
the girl in pink tights                      kalioujny, traube, agnes de mille

excerpts from romeo and juliet, faust,
louise, madama butterfly, la boheme, the
fortune teller, the girl from utah, roberta, the
firefly, ouvre ton coeur, les filles de cadiz    Jeanette MacDonald

                                             barbra streisand, sydney chaplin,
                                             orchestra and chorus conducted
Funny Girl                                   by milton rosenstock

                                             rex harrison, julie andrews,
My Fair Lady                                 holm, smith, beaton
                                             nelson, orbach, gardner, larsen,
The Fantasticks                              thomas
                                             gower champion, thomas z.
                                             shepard, original broadway cast
42nd street                                  recording
                                             mary martin, cyril ritchard,
Peter Pan                                    jerome robbins
                                             Judy Carne, sandy duncan,
                                             sandy wilson, gus schirmer,
The boy friend                               buddy schwab

                                             cunningham, albarez, serabian,
Zorba'                                       bernardi, karnilova, prince
                                             original broadway cast, bert
three wishes for jamie                       wheeler, jeffreys, raitt
                                             jerry orbach, jill o'hara, edward
                                             winter, michael bennett, robert
Promises, Promises                           moore
                                             music by harold arlen, myrtil,
                                             donovan, brice, tun tun,
Saratoga                                     millhollin, graham, gaige
                                             original cast. Andrews, close,
                                             danielle, evanko, goldsmith,
                                             griffis, john, koppmeier,
                                             newman, shawman, aldredge,
REX                                          sherin

                                             mckeever, platt, johnson,
Oh Captain!                                  valentine, randall

                                             lehman engel and his orchestra,
                                             paul whiteman and his concert
                                             orchestra, orchestra conducted
                                             by henri rene, john scott trotter
a Collector's Show Boat                      and his orchestra and chorus
                                               nelson eddy, morrow, dalton,
                                               cass, atkinson, clary, chorus and
                                               orchestra conducted by lehman
the Desert Song                                engel

                                               barr, woodward, fryer, johnson,
Sweeney Todd: the demon barber of fleet        richards, angela lansbury, len
street                                         cariou, directed by harold prince

                                               the london original cast, keith
                                               michell, joan diener, bernard
Man of La Mancha                               spear, olive gilbert, alan crofoot

Lady in the Dark, Down in the Valley           gertrude lawrence

Star dust, fiedler's all time favorites,
conceto in f for piano, opera without
singing, swan lake (all complete)              fiedler, boston pops

the lord's prayer, come come ye saints,        the mormon tabernacle choir, dr.
blessed are they that mourn, o my father,      richard p. condie, the
how great the wisdom and the love, battle      philadelphia orchestra, eugene
hymn of the republic, holy holy holy, 148th    ormandy as conductor,
psalm , for unto us a child is born, david's   alexander schreiner and frak w.
lamentation, londonderry air                   asper as organists
                                               p. montiel conducts le ballet
Gaite Parisienne                               francais orchestre

lo how a rose eer blooming, tell us sheperd
maids, o little town of bethlehem, the snow
lay on the ground, the shepherd's story, for
christ is born, hark the herald angels sing,
while shepherds watche dtheir flocks, the
coventry carol, silent night holy night, carol
of the bells, glory to god in the highest, the
three kings, break forth o beauteous
heavenly light, bethlehem night, what
perfume this o shepherds say, christmas
day, o come all ye faithful                    the mormon tabernacle choir

Beethoven Serenade Opus 8, Kodaly Duo
for Violin and cello                           heifetz, primrose, piatigorsky

                                               Robert Russell Bennett, the RCA
Victory at Sea, volume 1                       Victor symphony orchestra

Grand Canyon Suite (Grofe), Wellington's
Victory (Beethoven)                            Morton Gould and his orchestra
Unfinished, symphony 5                            reiner, chicago symphony
                                                  Lehar, don raleigh and his
The Merry Widow                                   orchestra

how lovely is thy dwelling place, nearer my
god to thee, the lord's prayer, god made
our hands, bridge over troubled water,            the chancel choir of St. Mark's
jacob's ladder, my eternal king, no golden        United Methodist Church,
carriage no bright toy, ye shall be               directed by Lloyd Lorey,
witnesses, battle hymn of the republic            accompanied b Sue Lawrence
theme music from the film "Cleopatra" and
music from the Nile                               unknown

there's a meeting here tonight, I stood on
de ribber of jerdon, let us break bread
together, little david play on your harp, my
lord what a morning, on ma journey, there
is a balm in gilead, I gotta robe, were you
there, he is king of kings, steal away to         choirs of the harlem school of
jesus, i want jesus to walk with me, ev'ry        the arts and st. james
time i feel the spirit, a city called heaven, i   presbyterian church in new york
coudln't hear nobody pray                         city led by dorothy maynor

                                                  originial production (nothing else
one night of love                                 listed)
ring de banjo, beautiful dreamer, gentle
annie, way down in ca-i-ro, my old kentucky
home good night, old black joe, doley
jones, thou art the queen of my song, old
folks at home, come where my love lies
dreaming, oh susanna, gentle lena clare,
nelly bly, some folks, laura lee, camptown Robert Shaw Chorale, Robert
races                                       Shaw

excerpts from it’s a grand night for singing,
the heater on the hill, on a clear day you
can see forever, oklahoma!, if I loved you, columbia symphony, jerold ottley
seventy six trombones, look to the rainbow, as conductor, mormon
there but for you go I, my favorite things    tabernacle choir

                                                  antal dorati conducting the
The Nutcracker                                    minneapolis symphony orchestra
Let's dance, these foolish things,
madhouse, you turned the tables on me,
stompin at the savoy                              Benny Goodman
moonlight serenade, elmer's tune,
goin'home, juke box Saturday night ,
tuxedo junction                                   Glenn Miller
trumpet blues, all or nothing at all, back
beat boogie, I can't begin to tell you, music
makers                                        Harry James
Hawaiian War Chant, I'll never smile again,
boogie woogie, on the sunny side of the
street, east of the sun                       Tommy Dorsey

Contemporary pop music                     Benny Goodman

Contemporary pop music                     Coleman Hawkins

Contemporary pop music                     Jack Teagarden

Contemporary pop music                     Sidney Bechet

Contemporary pop music                     Benny Carter

Contemporary pop music                     Earl Hines

Contemporary pop music                     The Guitarists

Contemporary pop music                     Lester Young

Contemporary pop music                     Fats Waller

Contemporary pop music                     Henry "Red" Allen

Contemporary pop music                     Johnny Hodges

Contemporary pop music                     Teddy Wilson

Contemporary pop music                     Ben Webster

Contemporary pop music                     Count Basie

Contemporary pop music                     Frank Teschemacher

Contemporary pop music                     Art Tatum

Contemporary pop music                     Bunny Berigan

Contemporary pop music                     Johnny Dodds

Contemporary pop music                     Joe Sullivan

Contemporary pop music                     Bessie Smith
I've found a new baby, sophisticated lady,
muskrat ramble, four or five times,
maniac's ball, hors d'oeuvre, st. louis blues,
steppin' pretty, sometimes im happy,
cavernism, king porter stomp, happy as the
day is long, I'm walking through heaven
with you, white jazz, mahogany hall stomp,
blue lou, dance of the lame duck, mood
indigo, charmaine, walk jennie walk,
rosetta, blue skies, rokin' in rhythm, by
heck, if dreams come true, ja-da, echoes of
harlem, rhythm is our business, mad
house, casa loma stomp                         not listed

bugle call rag, gin mill blues, marie, clap
hands! Here comes charley!, down south
camp meetin', one o'clock jump, it's been
so long, toy trumpet, organ grinder's swing,
moten swing, I'm getting' sentimental over
you, stompin' at the savoy, topsy, moon
glow, parade of the milk bottle caps, royal
garden blues, you turned the tables on me,
song of india, remember, swingtime in teh
rockies, caraban, walkin' and swingin', my
blue heaven, stop look and listen parts I
and II, christopher columbus, goodbye, in a
sentimental mood, goody goody, prisoner's
song                                         not listed.

Don't be that way, sleepy time gal, annie
laurie, summertime, every tub, blue and
sentimental, what is this thing called love?,
the dipsy doodle, sing sing sing parts I and
II, john's idea, coquette, liza, nightmare,
march of the bob cats, back bay shuffle,
smoke rings, little rock getaway, i can't get
started, quaker city jazz, for dancers only,
music maestro please!, powerhouse, i let a
song go out of my heart, changes, boogie
woogie, twilight in turkey, margie, roll 'em,
south rampart street parade                   not listed.
begin the beguine, swingin' the blues, my
reverie, undecided, pavanne,
woodchopper's ball, what's new, piano
man, embraceable you, hawaiian war
chant, jumpin at the woodside, lullyby in
rhythm, cheatin' on me, in an eighteenth
century drawing room, big john's special,
wrappin' it up, memories of you, softly as in
a morning sunrise, big noise from winnetka,
john silver, floyd's guitar blues, carioca,
anitra's dance, copenhagen, 'tain't what you
do, boy meets horn, honky tonk train,
melancholy lullaby, octoroon, and the
angels sing                                   not listed.

pennsylvania 6-5000, all the things you are,
huckleberry duck, harlem nocturne, celery
stalks at midnight, don't get around much
anymore, boogie woogie maxixe, ain't she
sweet, seven come eleven, after hours, no
name jive part I and II, cotton-tail, slow
freight, shorty george, march of the toys,
day in day out, the gal from joe's my
inspiration, farewell blues, in a persian
market, g. t. stomp, think f me little daddy,
concerto for trumpet, when buddha smiles,
honeysuckle rose, jack the bear, opus 5,
uptown blues, symphony in riffs               not listed

in the mood, you made me love you,
frenesi, bizet has his day, deep river,
temptation, tuxedo junction, blues on
parade, cherokee, boogie woogie on st.
louis blues, stealin' apples, stardust, little
brown jug, well all right then, two o'clock
jump, sunrise serenade, redskin rhumba,
lonesome road part I and II, ciribiribin,
swanee river, music makers, let's dance,
pompton turnpike, 720 in the books, take
the A train, snowfall, moonlight serenade,
anvil chorus part I and II                       not listed
a string of pearls, don't sit under the apple
tree, warm valley, swing low sweet chariot,
flying home, jersey bounce, I cried for you,
basie boogie, charleston alley, air mail
special, 9:20 Special, the man I love,
summit ridge drive, adios, golden wedding,
beyond the blue horizon, chattanooga choo
choo, autumn nocturne, benny rides again,
the mole, a smo-o-o-o-th one, blue flame,
well git it!, perdido, song of the volga
boatmen, contrasts, strictly instrumental,    recreations produced by david d
dancing in teh dark, american patrol          cavanaugh and bill miller.

trumpet blues and cantabile, on the alamo,
clarinet a la king, ida! Sweet as apple cider,
rockin' chair, mexican hat dance, chelsea
bridge, straighten up and fly right, bear
mash blues, after you've gone, I've got a
gal in kalamazoo, sleepy lagoon, six flats
unfurnished, blues in the night part I and II,
mission to moscow, i guess i'll have to
dream teh rest, st. louis blues, cherry,
where oh where has my little dog gone?,
down for double, i've heard that song
before, the earl, moonlight on the ganges, i
dreamt i dwelt in harlem, c jam blues, he's
my guy, bugle blues, stardreams, the elks' Recreations produced by David
parade                                         D. Cavanaugh and bill Miller

opus one, oh what a beautiful mornin', taps
miller, it's only a paper moon, 's wonderful,
carinval, sentimental journey, wildroot,
sweet lorraine, things ain't what they used
to be, eager beaver, begin the beguine, it's
been a long long time, tippin in, northwest
passage, apple honey, on the sunny side of
the street, slipped disc, poinciana,leave us
leap, skyliner, twilight time, tampico,
malibu, hamp's boogie woogie, leap frog,
i'm beginning to see the light, clarinade,    recreations produced by david
southern scandal, goosey gander               cavanaugh and bill miller
chicago, september song, high on a windy
trumpet, midnight sun, intermission riff,
tenderly, chloe, dream, concerto to end all
concertos, I've got my love to keep me
warm, I should care, hamp's walkin' boogie,
afternoon in august, sherwood's forest, at
sundown, rachel's dream, the man with the
horn, bijou, artistry in rhythm, lover, then i'll
be happy, blowin' up a storm, happy go
lucky local, the good earth, autumn
serenade, route 66, carnegie blues, lover's Recreations produced by David
leap                                              D. Cavanaugh and bill Miller

the kid from red bank, satin doll, swanee
riger boogie, just a-sittin' and a-rockin, all of
me, april in paris, the continental, early
autumn, the champ, so rare, st. louis blues
march, the peanut vendor, li'l darlin', tango
blues, caravan, four brothers, vip's boogie,
across the alley from teh alamo, bingo
bango boffo, lean baby, hot toddy, the
doodletown fifers, interlude, cute, pussy
willow, artistry jumps, night train, keen and Recreations produced by David
peachy, starburst, benjie's bubble                D. Cavanaugh and bill Miller

caribbean clipper, I don't want to walk
without you, at the jazz band ball, concerto
for cootie (do nothin' till you hear from me),
it's sand, man, just one of those things,
sereande in blue, humoresque, yesterdays,
number 19, solo flight, my melancholy
baby, day-dream, let me up, traffic jam,
cherry point, blues rhapsody, indian
summer, slow mood, sidewalks of cuba, it
happened in sun valley, bakiff, get happy,
boogie blues, what's your story, morning
glory, unison riff, moon ray, lester leaps in, Recreations produced by David
satan takes a holiday, night and day           D. Cavanaugh and bill Miller

james session, at last, struttin' with some,
rose room, coral reef, I get a kick out of
you, all too soon, juke box Saturday night,
lover come back to me, tea for two, say it
isn't so, happiness is a thing called joe,
flash, moonlight cocktail, in a mellow tone,
broadway, sophisticated swing, nola, i love
you for sentimental reasons, out of
nowhere, runnin' wild, chopin prelude no.7,
and her tears flowed like wine, body and
soul, plymouth rock, i'm here, i'll buy that
dream, high society, dream of you, royal     Recreations produced by David
garden blues                                 D. Cavanaugh and bill Miller
paganini caprice XXIV, I had the craziest
dream, In a persian market, between the
devil and the deep blue sea, ingie speaks,
bojangles, rhapsody in blue, drumboogie,
it's de-lovely, painted rhythm, diggin' for
dex, perfidia, I know that you know, I guess
i'll have to change my plan, I surrender
dear, you do something to me, shiny
stockings, central avenue breakdown,
stairway to the stars, jungle drums,
panama, a sunday kind of love, time out,
elmer's tune, southern fried, sun valley
jump, you're a sweetheart, blue serge,       recreations produced by david d
zigeuner, flatbush flanagan                  cavanaugh and billy may.

let's dance, charade, stompin' at the savoy,
king poerter stomp, a smo-o-o-th one,
bugle call rage, call me irresponsible,
runnin' wild, macedonia lullaby, brussels
blues, on a clear day you can see forever,
the shadow of your smile, king and me, the
sound of music, i'm a ding dong daddy, one
o'clock jump, i talk to the trees, cheek to
cheek, stealin' apples, undecided, this guy's
in love with you, do-re-mi, fascinating
rhythm, seven come eleven, hello dolly, like
someone in love, the girl from ipanema,
meadowland, goodbye                           benny goodman

moonlight serenade, in the mood, tuxedo
junction, I dremt I dwelt in harlem,
chattanooga choo choo, star dust, a string
of pearls, don't sit under the apple gree,
serenade in blue, at last, little brown jug,
juke box Saturday night, think of me, beat
me daddy eight to the bar, celery stalks at
midnight, scrub me mama, you're lucky to
me, strange carto, oh johnny oh johnny oh,
billy, chant of the weed, shakin the african, glenn miller, will bradley, orrin
tea for two, i got rhythm                     tucker, don redman

ciribiribin', two o'clock jump, all or nothing at
all, feet draggin' blues, music makers,
trumpet rhapsody, you made me love you,
you've changed, I don’t want to walk without
you, cherry, I've heard that song before, I'm
beginning to see the light, I'll love you in
myd reams, listen to the mocking bird, good
morning, deep in the heart of texas,
lamplighter's serenade, pennsylvania polka,
star dust, the night is blue, what more can i
give you?, i would do most anything for you, harry james, horace heidt, jack
mystic moan, three little words                   jenney, claude hopkins
broadway, down for double, lester leaps in,
topsy, jumping at the woodside, taps miller,
shorty george, doggin' around, avenue c,
jive at five, rock-a-bye basie, swinging the
blues, sent for you yesterday, tickle toes,
blue and sentimental, time out, 920 special,
red bank boogie, every tub, dickie's dream,
texas shuffle, out the window, boogie
woogie                                       count basie

                                             red allen, louis armstrong, buster
                                             bailey, eddie barefield, chu
                                             berry, emmett berry, jerry blake,
                                             benny carter, roy eldridge,
                                             charlie green jimmy harrison,
                                             coleman hawkins, horace
                                             henderson, j c higgenbotham,
                                             hilton jefferson, claude jones,
                                             tommy ladnier, benny morton,
                                             russel procope, don redman,
                                             edgar sampson, joe smith,
                                             bobby stark, rex stewart, pete
                                             suggs, fats waller, ben webster,
A study in frustration: the fletcher         dicky wells, cootie williams,
henderson story, thesaurus of classical jazz sandy williams

Beethoven symphony 3, tchaikovsky                fiedler, boston pops, morton
symphony 6, dvorak symphony 5, hi fi             gould and his orchestra, heifetz,
fiedler, copland billy the kid ballet suite,     reiner, chicago symphony,
brahms concerto in d, saint saens concerto       monteux boston symphony,
no.2 in g minor, moussorgsky-ravel pictures      munch, boston symphony,
at an exhibition, ravel: ;bolero la valse        reiner, chicago symphony,
rapsodie espagnole, prokofieff: leutenant        rubinstein, symphony of the air,
kije op.60                                       wallenstein
                                                 louis armstrong, chet baker,
the golden striker, wheatleigh hall, lower       count basie, earl bostic, bob
boneville, all the things you are, gee baby brookmeyer, ray brown, dave
ain't I good to you, blue lou, susie, bags'      brubeck, miles davis, paul
new groove, there's no you, rock a bye           desmond, ella fitzgerald, four
your baby with a dixie melody, playboy's         freshmen, erroll garner, stan
theme, how high the moon, two shades of getz, dizzy gillespie, jimmy
autumn, stereo stomp, mighty cool                giuffre, benny goodman, lionel
penthouse, fascinatin' rhythm, song of the hampton, coleman hawkins hi-
wind, let's fall in love, swingin' the toreador, lo's, milt jackson j j johnson, stan
golden horn, four, blues in hoss' flat, body kenton, barney kessel, shelly
and soul, my manne shelly, bronz blues, in manne, gerry mulligan, oscar
this whole wide world, mambo 207, when           peterson, sonny rollins, frank
the saints go marchin in, hello young            sinatra, jack teagarden, kai
lovers, twenties late, the sheik of araby        winding
rhapsody in blue, an american in paris, old-
timers' night at the pops, song fest, grand
canyon suite, a leroy anderson fun fest,
serenade under the stars, for a summer
evening, victory at sea, a latin serenade,
the pops on parade, tales of vienna, boston
pops hits, holiday for strings, family fun with
familiar music, arthur fiedler's all-time         arthur fiedler, boston pops
favorites. [10 LPs.]
I'm getting' sentimental ver you, take the A      orchestra
train, blossoms, moonlight serenade,
stardreams, nighty night, nightmare, kay's
melody, goodbye, make believe ballroom,
flying home, snowfall, the flat foot floogee, I
double dare you, you go to my head, says
my heart, my reverie, you must have been
a beautiful baby, taking a chance on love,
moonlight mood, dearly beloved, let's get
lost, that old black magic, warsaw concerto,
christopher columbus, the music goes
round and round, when did you leave
heaven?, all my life, these foolish things,
moon over miami, atchison, topeka and
santa fe, there i've said it again, ac-cent-
tchu-ate the positive, symphony, its been a
long long time, sentimental journey, blue         37 top bands play 10 years of
orchids, don't worry 'bout me, scatter-brain,     top tunes (1936 to 1945),
wishing, sunrise serenade, serenade in            original recordings by glenn
blue, jingle jangle jingle, blues in the night,   miller, tommy dorsey, guy
when the lights go on again, strip polka,         lombardo, benny goodman,
tangerine, bob white, a sailboat in the           vaughn monroe, artie shaw,
moonlight, a study in brown, moonlight and        duke ellington, sammy kaye, fats
shadows, once in a while, goodnight my            waller, hal kemp, tony pastor,
love, blue rain, it had to be you, i'm making     eddy duchin, les brown, shep
believe, mairzy doats and dozy doats, you         fields, larry clinton, charlie
always hurt the one you love, poinciana, do       barnet, freddy martin, xavier
i love you, and the angels sing, i cried for      cugat, bunny berigan, ozzie
you, heaven can wait, the lamp is low, the        nelson, etc
tales of the 1001 nights, scheherazade, the
romantic tchaikovsky, symphony no.5 in e
minor, the pleasure dome, islamey oriental
fantasy, the pleasure dome of kubla khan,
ports of call escales, spanish rhapsodie,
the worl'd most beautiful love story romeo
and juliet overture, romantic symphony
no.2, love the magician el amor brujo, the
three-cornered hat, the fountains of rom,
festival in rome, rome festivals, the magic
of the firebird, firebird suite, sounds of the
sea, la mer, rhapsody, rumanian rhapsody
no.1, spanish rhapsody capriccio espagnol
op.34, romantic melodies for piano and
orchestra, rapsodia sinfonica op.66,
symphonic variations for piano and
orchestra, tribute to nature, the beauty of
nature, the wild huntsman, the sleeping
beauty, the sleeping beauty ballet suite,
coppelia ballet suite, sylvia ballet suite     not listed.
                                               london philharmonic orchestra,
                                               rodney friend, conducted by
scheherazade op.35                             bernhard haitink

                                                london philharmonic orchestra,
                                                the john alldis choir, jose
Symphony 4                                      serebrier as conductor

 will you remember, rosalie, giannina mia,
ros-marie, italian street song, indian love
call, ah sweet mystery of life, the breeze
and I, while my lady sleeps, wanting you,   jeanette macdonald and nelson
stouthearted men, beyond the blue horizon eddy

From the original motion picture soundtrack
of XANADU: magic, suddenly, dancin'
suspended in time, whenever you're away
from me, I'm alive, the fall, don't walk away, electric light orchestra, olivia
all over the world, xanadu                     newton-john

                                              tennessee ernie ford, the four
                                              preps, paul weston, ed
                                              townsend, dorothy donegan, red
twenty-one years, the sand and the sea,       nichols, peggy lee and george
just friends, on the street where you live, a shearing, jack fascinato, dan
foggy day, eccentric, beauty and the beat!, kaleikini, iwalani kamahele,
oily boid, ke kali nei au, don’t fence me in, cliffie stone, paul weston, larry
my romance, love-wise                         hovis
sing along, home on the range, my wild
irish rose, I love you truly, tavern in the
town, and the band played on, you tell me
your dream, down in the vallye, in the good
old summertime, auld lang syne              Connie Francis

cheek to cheek, I'll never smile again, these
foolish things, sleepy lagoon, april in paris,
tea for two, let's put out the lights, paradise,
embraceable you, adios querido, let's do it,
how deep is the ocean                            lew davies and his orchestra

molly dee, across the wide missouri, haul
away, the wanderer, 'round about the
mountain oleanna, the unfortunate miss
bailey, san miguel, e inu tatou e, a rollin'
stone, goober peas, a worried man                  the kingston trio
little light, coplas revisited, chilly winds, oh
miss mary, loredo?, o ken karanga, roddy
mccorley, M.T. A., 500 miles, the shape of
things, where have all the flowers gone,
goin' away for to leave you                        the kingston trio
M.T.A., all my sorrows, blow ye winds,
corey corey, the seine, I bawled, good
news, getaway john, the long black rifle,
early morning, scarlet ribbons, remember
the alamo                                          the kingston trio

the last farewell, I don't believe in if
anymore, mexican whistler, dirty old town,
sumemr days, all of my life, the first hello
the last goodbye, elizabethan serenade,
brahm's lullaby, that's life, new world in the
morning, durham town, mammy blue, hello
good morning happy day, oh no not me,
time, before she breaks my heart, image to
my mind, kilgary mountain, skye boat song Roger Whittaker

tara's theme from gone with the wind,
exodus, the apartment, the misfits, never
on Sunday, the dark at the top of the stairs,
sons and lovers, a summner place, tammy
tell me true, laura, fascination from love in
the afternoon, mon oncle (sic?)               Percy faith and his orchestra

lies, I'm saving myself for you, subway
serenade, rendezvous for two, blues in a
happy mood, heywood's, beguine,
canadian sunset, all about you, now you're
mine, rain, dearest darling, time to go home Eddie Heywood
misty, exactly like you, you are my
sunshine, what is this thing called love,
fratenality, again, where or when, love in
bloom, through a long and sleepless night,
that old feeling                                erroll garner
smoke gets in your eyes, lullaby of birdland,
june in january I cover the waterfront, the
very thought of you, it had to be you,
paradise, april in paris, that old feeling, say
it isn't so, all the things you are, lovely to
look at                                         ray conniff and his orchestra

love is a many-splendored thing, thanks for
the memory, easy to love, pacific sunset,
cheek to cheek, my heart stood still,
please, love letters, laura, stella by starlight,
yesterdays, it might as well be spring              ray conniff and his orchestra
calcutta, sailor (your home is the sea),
bombay, april in portugal, corrine corrina,
save the last dance for me, ruby,
mam'selle, perfidia, blue tango, mountain
king, humoresque boogie                             lawrence welk
september song, autumn leaves, dancing
on the ceiling, I'll close my eyes, a foggy
day, have you met miss jones?, the starlit
hour, all of you, 'round midnight, no moon          the george shearing quintet with
at all                                              string choir
opening announcement, bourbon street
parade, basin street blues, perdido, show
me the way to go home, new orleans, diga
diga doo, that's a-plenty, yellow dog blues,
oh johnny oh johnny oh, while we danced at
the mardi gras, frankie and johnny,
brotherhood of man                                  Al Hirt at the Mardi Gras
body and soul, I only have eys for you,
romeo digs juliet, all of me, two sleepy
people, alone together, let's fall in love, the
way you look tonight, rachmaninoff sits in,
you do something to me                              the phil moody quintet

the impossible dream, alfie, ode to billie
joe, I will wait for you, to sir with love, more
than a miracle, mas que nada, the spinning
song, never my love, something in your
smile, more than a miracle                       roger williams
summertime, jeannie with the light brown
hair, in the evening by the moonlight, listen
to the mocking bird, while strolliung             ray conniff, the dave brubeck
throughn the park one day, lazy afternoon,        quartet, frank de vol, les elgart,
bouquet, by the campfire, stairway to the         percy faith, andre kostelanetz,
stars, star eyes, it's a wonderful world, just    bobby hackett, art van damme,
friends, like love, ramona, march from teh        les brown, billyl butterfield, andre
love for three oranges, waltz of the flowers      previn, the harmonicats, thomas
from nutcracker suite, second movement            schippers, new york
from symphonie espagnole, russian sailors'        philharmonic, leonard bernstein,
dance from the red poppy, waltz 7 in c            conductor,zino francescatti, the
sharp minor op.64 no.2, one fine day from         philadelphia orchestrea eugene
madame butterfly, can can, fantasia on            ormandy, conductor, alexander
greensleeves, clair de lune, londonderry air,     bralowsky, eileen farrell, philippe
liebestraum, the stars were shining from          entremont, mormon tabernacle
tosca, hoe down from rodeo                        choir, ivan davis, richard tucker

if you wouldn't be my lady, you never really
wanted me, a Sunday kind of woman,
peace on you, the most beautiful girl, I take
it on home, 'til I can't take it anymore, we
love each other, I'm not going hungry
anymore, nothing in the world (to do with
me), behind closed doors                      Charlie Rich

opening narration, smiles, I'm gunna meet
my sweetie now, what can I say after I say
I'm sorry, breezin' along with the breeze, oh
didn't he ramble, sugar, I never knew,
somebody loves me, hard hearted hannah, jack webb (narrative), pete kelly
bye bye blackbird, pete kelly's blues         and his Big Seven

                                                  the golden orchestra and chorus
fiddler on the roof (complette story and          condcuted and arranged by
songs), the golden records' version               peter moore
cheerful little earful, if I had my way, do you
ever think of me, the man I love, blue
moon, you are my sunshine, begun the
beguine, somebody else is taking my place,
volga boatman, juggin' along, west ,              les elgart orchestra, (directed by
yesterdays                                        les elgart???)

muskrat ramble, sugar, preacher,
dardanella, let's sing like a dixieland band,
'way down yonder in new orleans, brother
bill, little ol' tune, at the jazz band ball, rocky
mountain moon, bye bye blues                        bing and satchmo
dixieland onestep, just a closer walk with
thee, honeysuckle rose, lazy river,
liebestraum stomp, aruh c cola, I found a
new baby, st. james infirmary blues, bill
bailey wont you please come home,             ed bernet and the dixieland
chinatown my chinatown, saints no.1, 2        seven at the Levee
cherokee, all by myself, moonlight shuffle,
pick yourself up, 'deed I do, ginger snap,
when I take my sugar to tea, these foolish
things, lullaby of the leaves, poinciana,
painting the clouds with sunshine, if I could
be with you                                   les elgart

stranger in paradise, poor butterfly, fools
rush in, sleepy lagoon, as time goes by,
east of the sun, sleepless hours, true love,     al hirt, with orchestra arranged
I'll never smile again, I cried for you, how     and conducted by marty paich,
deep is the ocean, easy to love                  produced by steve sholes
american patrol, rhapsody in blue, in the
mood, alice blue gown, song of the volga
boatmen, anvil chorus, moonlight
serenade, st. louis blues march,
londonderry air, string of pearls, tuxedo        glenn miller orchestra, under the
junction, little brown jug                       direction of ray mckinley

main title, the five pennies, after you've
gone, bill bailey won't you please come
home, indiana radio montage, back home
in indiana, good night sleep tight, lullaby in
ragtime, battle hymn of the republic, the five
pennies saints, college montage and follow
the leader, good night sleep tight medley,
just the blues, carnival of venice, the music    danny kaye in the five pennies,
goes 'round and 'round, wail of the winds,       barbara bel geddes, louis
jingle bells, the five pennies finale and        armstrong, harry guardino, bob
battle hymn of the republic finale               crosby, bobby troup
I'll b ehome for christmas, christmas in
paris, jingle bells, white christmas, santa
claus is comin' to town, have yourself a
merry little christmas, the christmas song,
I've got my love to keep me warm, snowfall,
by the firesdide, home, happy holiday,
winter wonderland, the story of a starry
night                                            Jackie Gleason

blue midnight, love, red roses for a blue
lady, java, almost there, lonely nightingale,
cotton candy, three o'clock in the morning,      bert kaempfert and his
free as a bird, love comes but once, treat       orchestra, featuring fred moch,
for trumpet, goodnight sweet dreams              produced by milt gabler
the man with the golden arm, the man that
got away, dragnet, witchcraft, harlem            peter appleyard, kraus, gubin,
nocturne, there will never be another you,       rubinstein (beril), alexander,
peter gunn, mack the knife, why don'ot you       severinsen, starling, most,
do it right, tenderly, mambo inn, undecided      bodner
                                                 big band bossa nova, stan getz
manha de carnival, balanco no samba,             with the gary mcfarland
melancolico, chega de saudade, noite             orchestra, arranged and
triste, samba de uma nota, bim bom               conducted by gary mcfarland
maria, lollipops and roses, the sweetest
sounds, more than likely, moonglow and
theme from "picnic", my favorite things,
once upon a time, can't help falling in love, perry como with mitchell ayres
what's new?, somebody cares, I'll             and his orchestra and the ray
remember april, moon river                    charles singers

the second time around, fanny, high time,
moon talk, tier, theme from the great            henry mancini and his orchestra,
imposter, the old college try cha-cha, fish      all music arranged by mr .
frosh, love music, my cousin from naples         Mancini

                                                 paul newman, eva marie saint ,
                                                 ralph richardson, peter lawford,
                                                 lee j. cobb, sal mineo, john
EXODUS (soundtrack)                              derek.

two of a kind, indiana, bob white, ace in the
hole, east of the rokies, if I ah dmy
druthers, I ain't gonna give nobody none of
my jellyroll, lonesome polecat, my cutey's
due at two-to-two today, medley (paddlin'
madelin' home, row row row), who takes
care of the caretaker's daughter,
mississippi mud, two of a kind                billy may and his orchestra

cotton candy walkin', hello dolly!, django's
castle, moo moo, last date, big man, too
late, rumpus, melissa, walkin' with mr. lee,
12th street rag                                  al hirt, with chorus and orchestra

                                                 performed by the cinema sound
around the world in 80 days                      stage orchestra
I love a rainy night, drivin' my life away,
short road to love, rockin' with my baby, I
need to fall in love again, so deep in your
love, what will I write, pretty lady, just the
way it is                                        Eddie Rabbitt

the main event/fight, the body shop, the
main event/fight (short version), copeland
meets the coasters (get a job), big girls
don't cry, it's your foot again, angry eyes, I'd
clean a fish for you, the main event (ballad) Barbra Streisand, Ryan o'neal
did you think to pray, I'll fly away, time out
for jesus, angel band, jesus don't give up
on me, let me live, whispering hope, this
highway leads to glory, the church in
wildwood, lord build me a cabin in glory         Charley Pride

I love this land, living together, love calls,
island women, dream away, my hawaii,
koni au, it's a small world, minoi, try to
remember                                         al harrington

sound track to Rome Adventure, featuring
al di la                                         emilio pericoli, max steiner

I'm in the mood for love, whatever lola
wants, misirlou, I surrender dear, orchids in
the moonlight, I love paris, my heart            terry snyder and 'all the stars',
belongs to daddy, tabu, the breeze and I,        mottola, rodriguez, hyman,
aloha oe, japanese sandman, love is a            lesberg, sommer, marotti, webb,
many-splendored thing                            cortese

tenderly, love walked in, if I could be with
you, I cover the waterfront, stars fell on
alabama, autumn leaves, september in the
rain, where or when, la vie en rose,
something to remember you by, dardanella,
when april comes again                       paul weston

you're just in love, I whistle a happy tune,
wish you were here, I love paris, baubles
bangles and beads, all of you, just in time,
too close for comfort, cool, grant avenue    david carroll and his orchestra
the thrill is gone, I love you, time on my
hands, I'll see you in my dreams, lies ,
dream, blue moon, bye bye blues, linger
awhile, all by myself, sometimes I'm happy,
street of dreams                             paul weston

                                              enoch light, charles e. murphy,
                                              moe wechsler, don lamond, tony
she's funny that way, serenata, I guess I'll mottola, bob haggart, exelle
have to change my plans, pavanne, as time watson, wally kane, toots
goes by, I want to be happy, bewitched,       mundello, al klink, stanley webb,
badinage, s'posin, saxophobia, thou swell, russ banzer, phil bodner, romeo
stompin at the savoy                          penque, tom parshley
gone with the wind: swanee river, the
lonesome road, georgie on my mind,
camptown races, camptown races,
short'nin' bread, basil street blues, ol' man
river, gone with the wind                     the dave brubeck quartet
melanctha, weep no more, talkin and
walkin, briar bush, paradiddle joe, late
lament, strange meadowlark, tristesse,          tte dave brubeck quartet,
tonight only                                    carmen mcrae

celebrated skier, in this white world,super
skier, highlands lassie, bend in his knees,
talking skier, ski patrol, skiin' in the
morning', super skier's last race, what'll we
do, skol to the skier                         bob gibson

moonlight serenade, american patrol,
pennsylvania six-five thousand, in the
mood, (I've got a gal in) kalamazoo,
boulder buff                                    glenn miller and his orchestra

the happiest christmas, secret of christmas,
twelve days of christmas, the first noel, o
come all ye faithful, god rest ye merry
gentlemen, hark the herald angels sing,
good king wenceslas, it came upon a             lawrence welk, connie francis,
midnight clear, winter wonderland, skater's     vladimir horowitz, erich leinsdorf,
waltz, o little town of bethlehem, panis        petula clark, mantovani, joan
angelicus, jingle bells, a christmas tale for   sutherland, bing crosby, lena
children, ave maria                             horn, richard kiley

                                              stan kenton plays piano and
                                              conducts on all selections,
                                              herfurt, musso, nimitz, niehaus,
artistry jumps, interlude, intermission riff, perkins, sinatra, candoli, leddy,
minor riff, collaboration, painted rhythm,    ferguson, noto, paladino, tanno,
lover, the peanut vendor, eager beaver,       fitzpatrick, bernhart, fontana,
concerto to end all concertos artistry in     kelly, larsen, blaze, bagley,
boogie, unison riff                           lewis, guerrero
there's no business like show business,       irving berlin, ethel merman,
after you get what you want you don't want donald o'connor, dan dailey,
it, play a simple meldoy, lazy, the midnight johnnie ray, mitzi gaynor, dolores
choo choo leaves for alabam', if you          gray, the 20th century fox
believe, a man chases a girl, heat wave, a orchestra and chorus, alfred
sailor's not a sailor, alexander's ragtime    newman and lionel newman as
band, there's no business like show           musical directors, ken darby as
business (finale)                             vocal director

cheatin' on me, looking for a boy, will you
still be mine?, until the real thing comes
along, by myself, moonglow, I went out of
my way, I remember it well, how high the
moon, I don't want to cry anymore, oh!
Look at me now, everybody loves my baby jackie gleason
your cheatin' heart, move it on over, I'm so
lonesome I could cry, honky tonk blues, my
heart would know, kaw-liga, cold cold heart,
lovesick blues, ramblin' man, honky tonkin',
there'll be no teardrops tonight, mind your
own business, jambalaya (on the bayou),
wedding bells, hey good lookin', window
shopping, settin' the woods on fire, i can't
help it (if i'm still in love with you), hal fas
much, why don't you love me, you win
again, may you never be laone, baby we're
really in love, take these chains from my
heart                                            Hank williams
you may be right, sometimes a fantasy,
don't ask me why, it's still rock and roll to
me, all for leyna, I don't want to be alone,
sleeping with the television on, c'etait toi
(you were the one), close to the borderline,
though the long night                            Billy Joel

la seine, bolero, l'ame des poetes, mon
faible coeur, melancolie, la mer, les feuilles
mortes, embrasse-moi bien, jezebel, c'est
le printemps, padam padam, la vie en rose jacqueline francois

tijuana taxi, I'm getting sentimental over
you, more and more amor, spanish flea,
mae, 3rd man theme, walk don't run, felicia,
and the angels sing, cinco de mayo, a walk
in the black forest, zorba the greek         herb alpert, the tijuana brass

autumn nocturne, nola, misty, canadian
sunset, autumn leaves, like young, sunrise
serenade, honeysuckle rose, snowfall,      george shearing, the shearing
tonight we love, bewitched, one o'clock    touch string choir conducted by
jump                                       billy may

more about john henry, when nobody wants
your body anymore, windy city anne, the
story of your life is in your face, willy the
wandering gypsy and me, st. louis named a
shoe after me, old dongs children and
watermelon wine, the rolling mills of
middletown, grandma whistled, a piece of
the road, one more song for jesus             Tom T. Hall

I love, country cabin-it is, back when we
were young, subdivision blues, running
wild, joe don't let your music kill you, pay no
attention to alice, I know who I'll be seeing
in new zealand, never having you, love's
been good to me, last hard town                 Tom T. Hall
lullabys legends and lies, paul, marie
laveau, daddy what if, the wonderful soup
stone, the winner, in the hills of shiloh,
she's my ever lovin' machine, the mermaid,
rest awhile, bottomless well, true story, sure
hit songwriters pen, rosalie's good eats
cafe                                               Bobby Bare
like love, when I fall in love, I wish I were in
love again, falling in love again, in love in
vain, nothin' to do with love, love is here to
stay, love me or leve me, looking for love,
at long last love, like someone in love, I         Andre Previn and his piano and
love a piano                                       orchestra
a place for the lonesome, I'd rather love
you, is anybody goin' to san antone, kiss an
angel good mornin' you don't belong,
someone I can't forget, afraid of losing you
again, you'll still be the one, I'm just me, let
me live                                            charley pride

love will keep us together, disney girls, the
way I want to touch you, cuddle up, the
good songs, god only knows, honey come
love me, feel like a man, broddy bounce,
gentle stranger, I write the songs                 captain & tennille
white silver bands, boo boo stick beat, oh
lonesome me, one mint julep, take a
message to mary, teensville, night train,
come softly to me, sleep walk, django's
castle, till there was you, hot toddy              chet atkins

jive talkin', night fever, tragedy, you should
be dancing, stayin' alive, how deep is your
love, love so right, too much heaven, (our
love) don’t throw it all away, fanny (be
tender with my love), if I can't have you, you
stepped into my life, love me, more than a
woman, rest your love on me, nights on
broadway, spirits (having flown), love you
inside out, wind of change, children of the
world                                          Bee Gees

swing low sweet chariot, some of these
days, mack the knife, love for sale,
clementine, you'd be so nice to come home
to , dream lover, bill bailey, I have dreamed,
I can't give you anything but love, alright ok
you win, medley by myself, when your lover darin, orchestra conducted by
has gone, i got a woman, that's all            richard behrke
liza, you'v egot me cryin' again, this can't be
love, the very thought of you, east of the
sun, I may be wrong, there's no one but
you, sometimes I'm happy, for all we know, arrangements by pete rugolo,
lullaby in rhythm, this love of mine, I get     dick reynolds. Four freshmen
along without you very well                     and Five Saxes

stormy weather (keeps rainin' all the time),
bewitched, canadian sunset, dreamy, I'm in
the mood for love, that's all, ebb tide, my
foolish heart, deep purple, misty, evening   earl grant, organ solo with piano
rain, theme from "exodus"                    accompaniment

days of wine and roses, walk on the wild
side, the theme from the wonderful world of
the brothers grimm, love song from mutiny
on the bounty, mr. hobbs theme, seventy
six trombones, love theme from phaedra,
bachelor in paradise, too little time, drink
more milk, the wishing star, dreamsville     Henry Mancini

no mozart tonight, you're so london, oh
dear what can the matter be, from russia:
the nausiev ballet, meantime, from
switzerland the pratt family, history of
musical comedy, from texas the big "d"     julie andrews, carol burnett
s wonderful!, dancing in the dark, speak
low, wagon wheels, sentimental journey,
begin the beguine, september song, I get a
kick out of you, stardust, I'm an old cow
hand, sometimes I'm happy, that old black
magic                                      ray conniff and his orchestra

besame mucho, stranger in paradise,
summertime, I've got you under my skin,
too young, softly as in a morning sunrise,
just one of those things, deep purple, brazil, ray conniff, his orchestra and
night and day, temptation,say it with music chorus

from breakfast at tiffany's, moon river, town
without a pity, guns of navarone, theme
from king of kings, paris blues, louis
armstrong, from west side story maria,
flower drum song, parent trap, pocket full of
miracles, tonight from west side story, blue
hawaii, el cid, fanny, theme from teh happy
thieves, theme from billy wilder's one two    ferrante & teicher, gene pitney,
three, lili marlene from judgement at         al caiola, roger wayne, ralph
nuremburg                                     marterie, nick perito
the way you look tonight, I hear a rhapsody,
they can't take that away from me,
moonlight serenade, I love you, I've told
ev'ry little star, you do something to me, as
time goes by in the still of the night,
someone to watch over me, be my love,
where or when                                  ray conniff and his orchestra
it's the talk of the town, you're an old
smoothie, buttons and bows, let's put out
the lights, it's been a long long time, zip-a-
dee-doo-dah, deep in the h eart of texas,
love is the sweetest thing, they say it's
wonderful, hands across the table, my heart
cries for you, rosalie                         the ray conniff singers

I can't get started, java, man with a horn,
tansy, night theme, talkin' 'bout that river, fly
me to the moon, to be in love, al di la,
malibu, theme from a dream I'm movin' on al hirt
do I love you?, I lost my sugar in salt lkae
city, if dreams come true, all too soon,
mambo in miami, isn't it romantic? Blue
prelude, you came a long way from st.
louis, always true to you in my fashion,
there'll be another spring, get out of town,
satin doll                                        peggy lee and george shearing

soundtrack to Grease                             john travolta, olivia newton-john

love walked in, love for sale, no hard
feeligns, enchanted, stranger in paradise,
the lamp is low, double deal, and then I
wrote, darn that dream, lois ann, mambo in       george shearing, and the
chimes                                           montgomery brothers
exotica (quiet village, return to paradise,
hong kong blues, busy port, lotus land,
similau, stone god, jungle flower, china
nights, ah me furi, waipio, love dance)          Martin Denny
under paris skies, let it be me, I love paris,
april in paris, mam'selle, la valse des lilas,
domino, au revoir paris, boom comme ci
comme ca, mademoiselle de paris, I wish          Andy Williams, the orchestra of
you love                                         quincy jones
funny way of laughin' sixteen fathoms
down, brooklyn bridge, ninety-nine,
thumbin' johnny brown, I ain't comin' home
tonight, what you gonna do leroy?, in foggy
old london, that's all I can remember,
mother wouldn't do that, poor little jimmie,
call me mr. in-between                       Burl Ives

blame it on my youth, young man's lament,
you make me feel so young, young and
tender, while we're young, too young to be
true, last night when we were young, like
young, younger than springtime, a year of
youth, too young to go steady, love is the andre previn, piano, david rose
very young                                 and his orchestra

on green dolphin street, oh! Look at me
now, the nearness of you, you are there,
born to be blue, blue lou, lullaby of birdland,
all night long, inspirtation, the thigns we did george shearing quintet, nancy
last summer, don't call me, let's live again wilson

9 to 5 soundtrack (including dolly parton      jane fonda, lily tomlin, dolly
singing 9 to 5)                                parton

sunset, stars fell on alabama, tennessee
waltz, home on the range, moonlight in
vermont, californ-i-ay, autumn in new york,
beautiful ohio, moon over miami, carolina
moon, shenandoah (across the wide
missouri), sweet leilani                       Percy faith and his orchestra
danger, carioca, what's new, dancing on
the ceiling, I didn't know what time it was,
carnival time, the song is you, spring is
here, humorescapade, prelude to a kiss,
am I blue, coquette                            tony mottola on guitar
tic tic tic, gue gue, dorie, south coast,
zombie jamboree, wimoweh, new york girls,
they call the wind maria, the merry minuet,
shady grove, lonesome traveler, when the
saints go marching in                          the kingston trio
greensleeves, bucko's memoirs, la
chanson de claudine, com eto me, cowboy
buckaroo, the brothers theme, j. edgar
swoop, sunflower, a major thang, a gift of
song                                           mason williams
hello darlin, rose colored glasses, tulsa
time, the way I am, tight fittin' jeans,
backside of thirty, I believe in you, if we're
not back in love by Monday, as long as I'm
rockin' with you, good ole boys like me, I
think I'll just stay here and drink, red neckin' conway twitty, merle haggard,
love makin' night                                don williams, john conlee
search find, stop [think again], living
together, I'm satisfied, until, tragedy, too
much heaven, love you inside out, reaching
out, spirits having flown                        the Bee Gees

somebody loves me, golden earrings,
you're the cream in my coffee, I don't want
to set the world on fire, don't fence me in, I
only have eyes for you, the thrill is gone,
you'd be so nice to come home to, it had to
be you, the green leaves of summer, moon
song, all or nothing at all                    the ray conniff singers

beyond the blue moon, you must have
been a beautiful baby, all the things you
are, oh what a beautiful mornin' time on my
hands, something to remember you by,
what a diff'rence a day made, south fo the
border, can't we be friends, rosalie, a love
is born, i found a million dollar baby          conniff, butterfield
                                                rosemary clooney, duke
tenderly, perdido, no moon at all, gigi, justin ellington, jerry vale, les brown,
time, I've got the world on a string, night     tony bennett, jo stafford, ray
and day, take the A train, you'll never walk conniff, les elgart, norman luboff
alone, april in paris, autumn in new york,      choir, michel legrande, hi-lo's,
moonlight in vermont                            polly bergen

remember, if I loved you, harbor lights,
young at heart, you'll never know, these
foolish things, I'm in the mood for love, ma
he's making eyes at me, I'll see you in my
dreams, dancing with tears in my eyes, I'll
be seeing you, it's dark on observatory hill the ray conniff singers
something you got, lonely avenue, look-a-
here, mephis in june, blue spring, blues for
the night owl, hello cello!, little liza jane,
c.c.rider, my bucket's got a hole in it, travel
on, delilah, carmen                             the ramsey lewis trio
when, secret love, since you went away, if I
could only dream, the last farewell, I
remember you, rose marie, where do I go
from here, that silver-haired daddy of mine,
beautiful dreamer                               slim whitman
you'll never walk alone, the boy next door,
my funny valentine, moonlight in vermont,
there you are, stella by starlight, everyone
wants something, 'til roses cry, ebb tide, the
nearness of you, take care, it never entered
my mind                                        Roger Williams
blue moon, out of this world, duet, easy to
love, I only have eyes for you, soft lights
and sweet music, how high the moon,
invitation, if I loved you, music until
midnight (lullaby for adults only), stella by  the percy faith strings, bouquet
starlight, I concentrate on you                of love

I only have eyes for you, september in the
rain, this heart of mine, I'll string along with
you, bewitched bothered and bewildered,
three little words, jeepers creepers, I know
why and so do you, there will never be
another you, lullaby of braodway who's             andre previn, piano with rhythm
sorry now, the gypsy in my soul                    accompaniment
en el agua, come all you fair and tender
ladies, the jug of punch, bonny hielan'
laddie, utawena, hard travelin' hangman,
speckled roan, the river is wide, oh yes oh,
blow the candle out, blue eyed gal                 the kingston trio
bad man blunder, the excape of old john
webb, when iw as young, leave my woman
alone, this mournin this evenin so soon,
everglades, buddy better get on down the
line, south wind, who's gonna hold her
hand, to morrow (sic?), colorado trail, the
tattooed lady                                      the kingston trio

three jolly coachmen, bay of mexico,
banua, tom dooley, fast freight, hard ain't it
hard, saro jane, sloop john B, santo anno,
scotch and soda, coplas, little maggie         the kingston trio
el matador, the mts. Of mourne, don't cry
katie, tanga tika and toerau, with her head
tucked underneath her arm, bimini,
raspberries strawberries, mangwani
mpulele, with y ou my johnny, the hunter
adelita                                        the kingston trio

guilty (duet with barry gibb), woman in love,
run wild, promises, the love inside, what        produced by barry gibb, albhy
kind of fool (duet with barry gibb), life story, galuten and karl richardson.
never give up, make it like a memory             Barbra Streisand
my tribute, sweet sweet song of salvation,
the blood will never lose it's power, movin'
in the spirit, would you, praise the lord, he
never changes, one more day, say I do, on
the wings of a snow white dove, I surrender
all, I need three every hour                  Evie Tornquist
                                              conducted by henry mancini,
Mr. Lucky                                     produced by dick peirce.

when you're away, what can I sasy after I
say I'm sorry, alone, love letters, in the
sand, you are too beautiful, if I should lose
you, the touch of your lips, sleepy time gal,
good night sweet nightingale, memories of
you, love locked out, are you lonesome
tonight, i apologize, close as pages in a
book, dances with tears in my eyes, a
thousand goodnights                           jackie gleason

cimarron, harbor lights, drifting and
dreaming, jealous heart, red sails in the
sunset, shine on harvest moon, blue moon,
indian love call, moonlight bay, my
happiness, blueberry hill, you can't be true,
dear, isle of capri, moonlight and roses      billy vaughn

my ideal, that face, my darling my darling,
you're my girl, star eyes, sleepy time gal,
you couldn't be cuter, too marvelous for
words, oh you beautiful doll, warm, younger
than springtime, the object of my affection the norman luboff choir
oh but I do, ask anyone who knows,was
that the human thing to do, every day,
please don't talk about me, twenty-four
hours of sunshine, when hearts are young,
keep smiling at trouble, have a little faith in
me, love will find a way, a little kiss each
morning, suddenly                               reg owen and his orchestra
caress, when you rlover has gone, casa
d'amor, the song is ended, plae blues,
you've changed, melancholy serenade,
yesterdays, pink lace, she's funny that way,
the girl, it's all right with me                jackie gleason
east st. louis toodle-oo, creole love call,
black and tan fantasie, black and tan
fantasie, black beauty, yellow dog blues,
hot and bothered, jubilee stomp, the
mooche, shout'em aunt tillie, rring dem
bells, mood indigo, rockin' in rhythm, it don't
mean a thing if it ain't got that swing, baby
when you ain't there, bugle call rag, merry
go round, harlem speaks, in the shade of
an old apple tree, merry go round, truckin',
clarinet lament barney's concerto, echoes
of harlem cootie's concerto, caravan, i let a
song go out of my heart, sophisticated lady,
ko-ko, jack the bear, concerto for cootie do
nothin' till you hear from me, cotton tail,
never no lament don't get around much any
more, in a mellotone, harlem air shaft, in a
mellotone, warm valley, take the A train, i
got it bad adn that ain't good, perdido, c
jam blues, rockabye river, jeep's blues         Duke Ellington and his band(s).

your mother's son in law, I wished on the
moon, what a little moonlight can do, miss
brown to you, if you were mine, these 'n'
that 'n' those, it's like reaching for the
moon, these foolish things, no regrets,
summertime, a fine romance, billie's blues,
the way you look tonight, i've got my love to
keep me warm, this year's kisses, why was
i born?, i must have that man!, they can't
take that away from me, sun showers, i'll
get by, mean to me, foolin' myself, easy
living, me myself and i, trav'lin' all alone,
he's funny that way, nice work if you can
get it, when a woman loves a man, any old
time, the very thought of you, i can't get
started, strange fruit, yesterdays, fine and
mellow, them there eyes, the many i love,
god bless the child, trav'lin' light, lover man, Billie Holiday and her
big stuff                                        orchestra(s)

                                            louis bagger, monadnock music
Bach: (CPE), concerto in e flat major wq.43 ensemble, james bolle as
no.3, concerto in c minor wq.31             conductor

                                                christopher wood: solo
                                                harpsichord, goldsbrough
                                                orchestra, conductor as
harpsichord concertos: 3, 4.                    lawrence leonard
                                            christopher wood: solo
                                            harpsichord, goldsbrough
                                            orchestra, conductor as
Harpsichord concertos: 1, 2                 lawrence leonard
                                            fritz neumeyer, lily berger,
                                            konrad burr, ilse urbuteit,
                                            harpsichord with the chamber
Harspichord concertos: in c minor, d minor, orchestra of the sarre under the
c major, a minor                            directino fo karl restenpart

concerto for 3 harpsichords no.1 in d minor, soloists, pro musica string
concerto for 3 harspichords no.2 in c major, orchestra, stuttgart, rolf reinhardt
concerto for 4 harpsichords in a minor       as conductor

                                            Robert, Gaby, &, Jean
Bach: concerto for three pianos in d minor, Casadesus, the philadelphia
Mozart: concerto for three pianos in F      orchestra, eugene ormandy as
major K.242, italian concerto in F major    conductor

                                              sylvia marlowe, pamela cook,
Bach: concerto for 2 harpsichords in c        robert conant, theodore
major, concerto for 3 harpsichords in c       saidenberg, baroque chamber
major, concerto for 4 harpsichords in a       orchestra, daniel saidenberg as
minor                                         conductor
concerto for two pianos percussion and
orchestra, music for strings percussion and
celesta                                       bernstein, new york philharmonic

                                              rudolf serkin, george szell,
                                              columbia symphony orchestra,
Bartok: concerto no.1 (1927), Prokofiev:      eugene ormandy, the
concerto no.4 (for the left hand)             philadelphia orchestra

                                              gyorgy sandor, piano,
                                              sudwestfunk orchester, baden-
Bartok: piano concerto no.1, rhapsody for     baden, rolf reinhardt as
piano and orchestra                           conductor
                                              the hungarian state orchestra,
                                              janos ferencsik conducting,
concerti for piano nos.1 and 2                kornel zempleny, tibor wehner
                                              edith farnadi, vienna state opera
                                              orchestra conducted by
piano concertos nos. 2 and 3                  hermann scherchen
                                          gyorgy sandor, piano, symphony
                                          orchestra of the southwest
                                          german radio, baden-baden, rolf
                                          reinhardt as conductor, felicja
Bartok: Rhapsody for piano and orchestra, blumental, piano, innsbruck
paderewski: fantasy on polish themes for  symphony orchestra, robert
piano and orchestra op.19                 wagner, conductor

                                            rudolf serkin, arturo toscanini,
Beethoven: piano concerto 4                 NBC Symphony orchestra

                                         Solomon, philharmonia
Beethoven piano concerto 1, sonata no.27 orchestra, herbert menges as
op.90                                    conductor
                                         julius katchen, london symphony
                                         orchestra and chorus, pierino
Beethoven: piano concertos 2, 4          gamba
                                         robert casadesus, van beinum
                                         conducting the concertgebouw
Beethoven: piano concertos 1, 4          orchestra
                                         julius katchen, london symphony
Beethoven: Piano concerto no.5 in E flat orchestra and chorus, pierino
"emperor", egmont overture               gamba

Beethoven: piano concerto no.4, sonata in   antal dorati, london symphony,
e major opus 14 no.1                        gina bachauer
                                            emil gilels, philharmonia
                                            orchestra-, leopold ludwig as
Beethoven: piano concerto no.4              conductor

                                            Rubinstein, krips, symphony of
Beethoven: concerto no.3                    the air
                                            Robert Casadesus,
                                            concertgebouw orchestra, hans
Beethoven: Emperor Concerto                 rosbaud as conductor
Beethoven: piano concerto in e-flat major   martin galling, piano. Berlin
(1784), piano concerto in d major (in one   symphony orchestra, C. A.
movement)                                   Bunte as conductor

Beethoven: concerto no.2, prokofieff:
concerto no.3                               William Kapell
                                            claudio arrau, concertgebouw-
Beethoven: piano concerto no.5 in E flat    orchester, amsterdam, bernard
"emperor"                                   haitink
                                              julius katchen, london symphony
Beethoven: Piano concerto 3, rondo in b       orchestra and chorus, pierino
flat major                                    gamba

                                              frederich stock, chicago
Beethoven emperor concerto                    symphony, artur schnabel

                                              philharmonia orchestra, alceo
                                              galliera as conductor, walter
Beethoven, concerto no.5                      gieseking

                                              Serkin, Bernstein, New York
Beethoven: Emperor Concerto                   Philharmonic

Beethoven: piano concerto no.1 in c major     claudio arrau, philharmonia
op.15                                         orchestra, alceo galliera

Beethoven: concerto 2 for piano and           leonard bernstein, conducting
orchestra op.19, Bach: concerto 1 for piano   the columbia symphony
and orchestra                                 orchestra
Piano concerto 3 in c minor op.37, 32         radu lupu with the london
variations on an original theme for solo      symphony orchestra conducted
piano in c minor G.191                        by lawrence foster

Beethoven: concerto 2 for piano and
orchestra op.19, overture to coriolanus       paul badura-skoda, orchestra of
op.62, consecration fo the house overture     the vienna state opera
op.124                                        conducted by herman scherchen

                                           rudolf serkin, piano, with the
Beethoven: concerto 1 in c major for piano philadelphia orchestra, eugene
and orchestra op.15                        ormandy as conductor

                                              julius katchen, london symphony
Beethoven piano concerto 1, choral            orchestra and chorus, pierino
fantasia                                      gamba
                                              julius katchen, london symphony
                                              orchestra and chorus, pierino
Beethoven piano concertos 2, 4                gamba
Beethoven: piano concerto 5 in e flat major
op.73 "emperor", six variations on the      friedrich wuhrer, piano, pro
turkish march from the ruins of athens      musica orchestra, vienna,
op.76                                       heinrich hollreiser as conductor

Beethoven: concerto 4 in g major for piano
and orchestra op.58, Mozart: concerto      Leon Fleisher, the cleveland
no.25 in c major for piano and orchestra   orchestra, george szell as
k.503                                      conductor

                                            daniel barenboim, piano, vienna
Beethoven: piano concerto no.3 op.37,       academy chamber choir, vienna
fantasia for piano chorus and orchestra     state opera orchestra, laszlo
op.80                                       somogyi conducting
                                            van cliburn, fritz reiner, chicago
Beethoven concerto no.4 in g op.58          symphony orchestra
                                            van cliburn, fritz reiner, chicago
Beethoven concerto no.4 in g op.58          symphony orchestra

                                            wilhelm backhaus (piano), with
Beethoven concerto 5 in e flat major for    clemens krauss conducting nthe
piano and orchcestra op. 73                 vienna philharmonic orchestra

                                            rudolf serkin, eugene ormandy,
Beethoven piano concerto 1 in c             the philadelphia orchestra
                                            artur schnabel, chicago
Beethoven concerto no.4                     symphony, frederick stock

                                            wilhelm backhaus (piano), the
Beethoven: piano concerto 4 in g major      vienna philharmonic orchestra,
op.58                                       conductor is clemens krauss

                                            vladimir horowitz, pianist, fritz
Beethoven concerto 5 in e flat op.73        reiner conducting the RC A
(emperor)                                   Victor Symphony orchestra
                                           wilhelm backhaus , piano, the
Beethoven: concerto 3 in c minor for piano vienna philharmonic orchestra
and orchestra op.37                        conducted by karl bohm

                                           rudolf serkin, piano, with the
Beethoven: concerto 3 in c minor for piano philadelphia orchestra, eugene
and orchestra op.37                        ormandy as conductor

                                           clifford curzon (piano), with
                                           george szell conducting the
Beethoven: Piano concerto 5                london philharmonic orchestra

concerto symphonique for piano and         marjorie mitchell, piano, vienna
orchestra, scherzo from concerto           state opera orchestra, vladimir
symphonique no.4 op.102                    golschmann as conductor

                                           david epstein conducting the
                                           czech radio orchestra, the fine
                                           arts quartet, leonard sorkin,
concerto grosso for string orchestra and   irving ilmer, abram loft, george
piano, quartet #5                          sopkin
                                           van cliburn, fritz reiner, chicago
Brahms: concerto no.2                      symphony orchestra
                                           chicago symphony orchestra,
                                           erich leinsdorf conducting,
Brahms: concerto no.2                      sviatoslav richter

                                            the london symphony orchestra,
Brahms: piano concerto no.2 in b flat major zubin mehta, vladimir ashkenazy

                                           van clibur, boston symphony
Brahms: concerto no.1 in d minor           orchestra, erich leinsdorf
                                           gyorgy sandor, pianist,
                                           southwest german radio
                                           orchestra (baden-baden), rolf
Piano concerto no.2                        reinhardt as conductor

                                           Sir John Barbirolli, the new
Brahms: piano concerto no.1 in d minor     philharmonia orchestra

                                           recorded in 1942, edwin fischer
                                           on piano, furtwangler conducts
Brahms: piano concerto no.2                the berlin philharmonic orchestra

                                           Radu Lupu, london philharmonic
Brahms: piano concerto no.1                orchestra, edo de waart
                                           Wilhelm Backhaus, piano, with
                                           the vienna philharmonic
Brahms: concerto no.1 in d minor for piano orchestra conducted by karl
and orrchestra op.15                       bohm

                                           Rudolf Serkin, piano, the
Brahms: concerto no.1 in d minor for piano cleveland orchestra, george szell
and orrchestra op.15                       as conductor

                                                Istomin, Ormandy conducting
Brahms: piano concerto no.2                     the philadelphia orchestra
                                                Wilhelm Backhaus, pianist,
                                                vienna philharmonic orchestra
                                                under the direction of carl
Piano concerto no.2 in Bflat major op.38        schuricht

                                            Vladimir Horowitz, Arturo
                                            Toscanini and the NBC
Brahms: concerto no.2 in b flat op.83       Symphony Orchestra
                                            eduard mrazek, pianist, hans
Brahms: piano concerto no.2 in b flat major swarowsky conducting the
op.83                                       vienna state opera orchestra

                                            sviatoslav richter, orchestre de
Brahms: piano concerto no.2 in b flat major paris, lorin maazel conducting

                                                boston symphony orchestra,
                                                erich leinsdorf, jacob lateiner,
piano concerto, as quiet as                     pianist

Chopin: concerto no.1 in e minor                Dinu Lipatti

                                                eugene ormandy, the
Chopin: concerto no.1 in e minor                philadelphia orchestra, gilels

Chopin: piano concerto no.1 in e minor,         antal dorati, london symphony
nocturne in c sharp minor, three etudes         orchestra, gina bachauer
piano concerto no.2 in f minor, nights in the   igor markevich, orchestra of the
gardens of spain                                concerts lamoureux
piano concerto 1 mvt.1, scherzo 2,
polonaise in a flat major op.53 heroic,
mazurka op.63 no.1, variations on a
german theme, valse brillant 1 op.18,
mazurka op.33 no.2, ballade op.52, prelude
20 op.28, piano concerto 1 mvt.3, polonaise
5 op.44, etude 12 op.10 revolutionary, waltz
7 opus 64 no.2, nocturne op.9 no.2, waltz 6
op.64 no.1 minute, fantasie-impromptu 4
op.66, etude 3 op.10, nocturne op.15 no.2,
prelude op.28 no.15 raindrop, polonaise        written by marianne kuranda,
op.40 no.1 military, ballade op.23, piano      narrated by arthur hannes,
concerto 2 mvt 2, piano sonata 2 op.35,        designed by gitta mallasz,
funeral march, piano sonata 3 op.58 finale     performers not listed

Chopin: piano concerto no1, Mendelssohn: gary graffman, charles munch,
capriccio brillant                       boston symphony

                                               Malcuxynski, the philharmonia
Chopin: piano concerto no.2 in f minor         orchestra, paul kletzki as
op.21, fantaisie in f minor op.49              conductor
concerto no.2 in f minor, trois nouvelles      eugene ormandy, the
etudes, scherzo no.2 in b flat minor           philadelphia orchestra

                                               the philharmonia orchestra
                                               conducted by paul kletzki,
Chopin: concerto no.1 in e minor               maurizio pollini
                                               paul badura-skoda, vienna state
                                               opera orchestra, conducted by
Piano concertos nos. 1 & 2                     artur rodzinski

                                               orazio frugoni, pianist, vienna
                                               volksoper orchestra, micahel
Chopin: piano concerto 2 in f minor op.21      gielen conductor

                                               boston symphony orchestra,
Dello Joio: Fantasy and Variations, Ravel:     erich leinsdorf, lorin hollander,
Concerto in G                                  pianist

                                               gaby casadesus, pianist,
                                               lamoureux orchestra conducted
                                               by manuel rosenthal, jacques
Ballade for piano and orchestra op.19,         thibaud, lamoureux orchestra
poeme for violin and orchestra op.25           conducted by eugene bigot
concerto no.1 in e flat, rondo brillant on a   Felicja Blumental, Helmuth
russian folk theme op.98                       Froschauer

                                               new york philharmonic, leonard
Rhapsody in blue, an american in paris         bernstein as conductor

                                               Stanley Black, piano, and
                                               conducting the london festival
Rhapsody in blue, an american in paris         orchestra

                                               oscar levant, piano with the
                                               philadelphia orchestra, eugene
                                               ormandy as conductor, artur
                                               rodzinski conducting the
Rhapsody in Blue, and an american in           philharmonic symphony
paris, concerto in F                           orchestra of new york,

                                               hilde somer, pianist, vienna
Alberto Ginastera: concerto for piano and      philharmonia orchestra, ernst
orchestra (1961), sonata for piano             maerzendorfer, conductor

                                           yury boukoff, piano, conducted
                                           by artur rodzinski, philharmonic
Grieg: piano concerto and peer gynt suites symphony orchestra of london

                                               gunther schuller as conductor,
                                               robert miller on piano, american
Piano concerto, Inner Space                    composers orchestra

Leonard Pennario, Grieg: Piano Concerto
in a minor, Rachmaninoff: Rhapsody on a        Los Angeles Philharmonic, Erich
theme of paganini                              Leinsdorf as conductor
Grieg: concerto for piano and orchestra in a
minor op.16, moussorgsky: pictures at an       the philadelhpia orchestra,
exhibition                                     eugene ormandy as conductor
Josef haydn: concerto in f major for piano
and orchestra, concerto in c major for oboe     prague symphony orchestra,
and orchestra                                   harry newstone as conductor
Hiller: concerto for piano and orchestra in f   michael ponti, pianist, hamburg
sharp minor op.69, Raff: concerto for piano     symphony, richard kapp as
and orchestra in c minor op.185                 conductor

Chopin: The Piano Concertos no.1 and
no.2                                            Artur Rubinstein, piano

Hummer: piano concerto in a minor,
Clementi: piano sonata op.40 no.2               Artur Balsam, pianist

Hummel: piano concerto in b minor (en si Martin Galling, piano, symphony
mineur), Boieldieu: piano concerto in F (en orchestra innsbruck, director
fa)                                         robert wagner
                                            peter katin, piano, with hugu
                                            rignold conducting the london
concerto for piano and orchestra            symphony orchestra
Piano Concerto no. 1 in E flat major,       Alfred Brendel, Pro Musica
Concerto no. 2 in A major                   Orchestra, Michael Gielen

Liszt: piano concerto no.1 in e flat,
hungarian fantasia                              Gyorgy Cziffra, pianist

                                                byron janis, pianist, kyril
                                                kondrashin conductin gthe
                                                moscow philharmonic orchestra,
                                                gennadi rozhdestvensky
                                                conductin gthe moscow radio
Liszt: piano concerto no.1 in e flat major      symphony, recorded on location
"triangle", piano concerto no.2 in a major      in moscow

                                                columbia symphony orchestra,
concerto 1, 2                                   eugene ormandy
                                                rene kyriakou, piano, vienna
                                                symphony strings, mathieu lange
Mendelssohn: concerto in a minor for piano      as conductor. Pro musica
and strings, rondo brillante op.29, serenade    symphony in vienna, hans
and allegro gioioso op.43                       swarowsky as conductor
Concert for Two Pianos and Orchestra in A       Marie-jose Billard, Julien Azais,
Flat Major, The Fair Melusina Overture, Op.     Chamber Orchestra of the Saar,
32                                              Karl Ristenpart

                                                chicago symphony orchestra,
                                                jean martinon as conductor, john
                                                ogdon, pianist, royal
Peter Mennin: symphony no.7, piano              philharmonic orchestra, igor
concerto                                        buketoff as conductor
Piano concerto in G minor op.58, etudes
opus 70 (# 5, 9, 12, 13, 14, 24),
characteristic etudes op.95 (#3, 4, 6, 9)       michael ponti
concerto op.59, caprice espagnol, etude in
f major op.72, etinselles op.36 no.6, the       michael ponti, philharmonia
venusberg bacchanale, danse boheme              hungarica, hans richard stracke
after bizet's carmen                            as conductor

                                                pierre sancan, jean-bernard
Mozart: concerto for two pianos and             pommier, catherine silie, solists,
orchestra in e flat major K.365, concerto for   orchestra of the assocation of
three pianos and orchestra in F major           lamoureux concerts, dimitri
K.242                                           chorofas as conductor

                                                state orchestra of the USSR, kiril
Concerto for Two pianos K.365 (mozart),         kondrashin and kurt eliasberg as
Carnival of Animals (Saint-Saens)               conductors

                                           monique de la bruchollerie,
Mozart: Concerto no.20 for piano and       piano, camerata academia of the
orchestra in d minor k.466, concerto no.23 salzburg mozarteum bernhard
in a major for piano and orchestra k.488   paumgartner, conductor
                                               marie-claire alain, chamber
Sonatas: nos. 16, 5, 3, 9, 8, 11, 17, 1, 6, 4, orchestra of jean-francois
12, 2, 7                                       paillard, j.f. paillard as conductor

                                            alfred brendel, piano, pro musica
Mozart: piano concerto in c k.503, rondo in orchester wien, direction of paul
d k.382                                     angerer

Mozart piano concertos, no.8 in C major
k.246, no.27 in b flat major k.595              Wilhelm Kempff, piano

                                                cadenzas by Robert Casadesus,
                                                rudolf serkin, piano, george szell
                                                conducting the columbia
Mozart: concerto no.17, 25 (k453, k503)         symphony orchestra

                                                peter frankl, piano, wurttemberg
Mozart: piano concerto, no.15, 11 (k450,        chamber orchestra, heilbronn,
k387)                                           jorg faerber as conductor

Mozart: concerto no.20, Haydn: andante          Artur Rubinstein, orchestra
and variations in f minor                       conducted by alfred wallenstein

Mozart: concerto no.20, Haydn: andante