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									                  TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE
                        DIRECT DEPOSIT POLICY
                        (Office responsible for this section: Human Resources)

PURPOSE:                    To provide information and guidelines concerning the electronic funds
                            transfer system or direct deposit, which will allow employees to have
                            their net state salaries transferred directly to their accounts in financial
                            institutions. In addition, this system allows transfers for authorized
                            reimbursements such as travel.

AUTHORIZATION:              Government Code Section 403.016; 34 Tex. Admin, Code Sub Section

POLICY:                     Employees shall be compensated their net salaries and travel expense
                            reimbursements by electronic transfer to their accounts in financial
                            institutions, unless:

                               by completing Section 5, an employee claims exemption
                                from direct deposit and requests payment by warrant;
                               holds a position classified below group 8 in the position
                                classification salary schedule;
                               is unable to establish a qualifying account at a financial institution;
                               certifies that payment by direct deposit would be impractical
                                and/or more costly than payment by warrant.

PROCEDURES FOR A new employee must complete a Direct Deposit Authorization Form
COMPLETING     (Comptroller of Public Accounts Form 74-158) to:
FORM 74-158:    set up direct deposit instructions; or
                claim exemption from direct deposit.

                            See the Payroll Office for form 74-158 and instructions for completing
                            the form. Return the completed original form to the Payroll Office for

                            Note: Fax copies are accepted when trying to meet the deadline, but
                            you must follow the fax with the original form.

CHANGING OR                 Employees who have direct deposit must complete form 74-158:
YOUR ACCOUNT:                  to change direct deposit instructions; or
                               cancel direct deposit instructions and claim exemption in Section

                            Employees who have direct deposit must notify payroll

Direct Deposit Policy                                                                      November 2000

                        immediately by e-mail or telephone when they change financial
                        institutions and/or accounts. The direct deposit form must follow
                        this notification to payroll.

                        Important: If an employee closes an account with their financial
                        institution and the payroll has already been processed, the employee is
                        responsible for contacting his/her old financial institution to retrieve or
                        make other arrangements to collect the pay amount directed to the old

DEADLINES:              Direct deposit changes received in the payroll office by the fifth of the
                        month should be in effect on the first of the next month. If you make a
                        direct deposit change or complete a new direct deposit setup, be sure
                        to contact your new financial institution on the first of the month to
                        insure the change has taken place. After the first month, this
                        verification should not be necessary.

                        Note: Due to time constraints new employees may or may not have
                        their pay direct deposited after the first month of employment. The
                        exception is a new employee who is a direct transfer from another
                        state agency.

Direct Deposit Policy                                                                 November 2000

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