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									                              Fiscal Year End 2006
                             Teleconference Minutes
                                 August 22, 2006



1. Army Issues:
   a. The Fiscal Year-End web page will start being supported and maintained
      by the Army this year. Those activities responsible for FY06 year-end
      schedules and calendars will need to provide their input through the
      central POCs identified for each agency. The URL for the Fiscal Year-End
      web page is: http://www.asafm.army.mil/fo/fod/yearend/yearend.asp
      (Open – DASA(FO))
   b. There were several questions about the Army’s new Funds Control
      Module being fielded this fiscal year and the impact on the year-end price
      changes. DASA(FO) responded that “if” the Funds Control Module is
      fielded before year-end that MODs will be authorized for the year-end
      price changes. If it is NOT fielded, price increases will be funded through
      prior year de-obligations, like in the past. Additional information will follow.
      (Closed – DASA(FO))
2. DFAS Issues:
   a. The Army and DFAS distribution lists are still being updated. Provide
      information for any additions, changes, or deletions to Field Accounting.
      (Open – Field Accounting)
   b. DFAS Denver inquired, on behalf of one of their customers, when 37-100-
      07 will be published and available. Response - The DFAS Manual 37-
      100-07, as well as, the DFAS Manual 7097-01 for FY07 have recently
      been posted at: http://www.asafm.army.mil/budget/di/di.asp or
      http://www.asafm.army.mil/pubs/pubs.asp#D. (Closed – DFAS)
3. DISA Issues: None
4. Other Issues: None


1. Army Issues: None
2. DFAS Issues:
   a. There was a question raised about the normal DECC Maintenance
   Schedules with September 30th falling on a Saturday this year. The
   TSO/CDOIM representative stated that the schedules were being reviewed
   by them and DECC and would be available soon. Additional information will
   follow. (Open – TSO & DECC)
3. DISA Issues: None
4. Other Issues: None

1. September 5, 2006, 11:00 a.m. EDT
2. The telephone numbers for the MCI Audio Bridge are:
   a. CONUS – 1-877-612-9818, Passcode 25632.
   b. OCONUS – 1-484-630-0761, Passcode 25632.

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