November Exam timetable 2011.docx by cuiliqing


									          Assessment Timetable November 2011
          DATE        GRADE                                   Exam
Week ending:     Seven        LO Class Test            (during LO lesson)
28 October
1 November       Seven        Music Cycle
                 Six          Zulu Cycle
                 Five         Zulu Cycle
                 Four         History Cycle
2 November       Seven        English Shared Assessment: Paper A, B, C
7 November       Seven        Maths Shared Assessment: Paper I
8 November       Seven        Maths Shared Assessment: Paper II, III
10 November      Seven        Afrikaans Shared Assessment
14 November      Seven                          O U T I N G
(Periods 1-5)    Six          English Creative Writing
                 Five         English Creative Writing
                 Four         English Creative Writing
15 November      Seven        Internal Arrangement
(Periods 1-5)    Six          Afrikaans Kreatief
                 Five         Afrikaans Spelling en Kreatiewe Skryfwerk
                 Four         Internal Arrangement

16 November      Seven              N o r m a l                      T i m e t a b l e
                 Six          Afrikaans II                            Maths I
                 Five         P     A       N       T        O         M       I     M        E
                 Four         P     A       N       T        O         M       I     M        E
                              Session One: 07:30-09:30                Session Two: 10:00-12:00
17 November      Seven        Afrikaans (Letterkunde, Kreatief)       Art I
                 Six          P     A       N       T        O         M       I     M        E
                 Five         Mathematics I                           English (Comprehension and
                 Four         Afrikaans I (Taal en Begrip)            Mathematics I (Mental and
                                                                      Problem Solving)

18 November      Seven        Mathematics                             Study Session
                 Six          English II                              English III
                 Five         Afrikaans (Taal en Begrip)              English (Spelling and Word Study)
                 Four         Mathematics II (Application)            SPORT

21 November      Seven        English (Literature, Visual Literacy    SPORT
                              and Creative Writing)
                 Six          Natural Science                         SPORT
                 Five         Mathematics II                          LO
                 Four         English (Language Skills)               Afrikaans II (Spelling en Kreatief)

22 November      Seven        EMS                                     Art II
                 Six          Mathematics II                          Internal Arrangement
                 Five         Mathematics III                         SPORT
                 Four         English (Comprehension)                 Internal Arrangement

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