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					                           The List of Printed & E-library Materials
NO.                                                 Title                                                               Author
 1     The role of the women and family in human development: The first international NGO
      conference report and proceedings
 2     2003 Resident coordinator: Annual reports: A compendium of good practices: UNDG             United Nation Development Group Office (UNDGO)
      response to TCPR 2001
 3     Care for children infected and those affected by HIV/AIDS: A handbook for community
      health workers
 4     Child labour today                                                                          UNICEF
 5    12 lessons learned from children's participation in the UN General Assembly Special          Save The Children
      Session on Children
 6    1996 report of the resident coordinator of the United Nations
 7    2003-2004 annual report                                                                      UNESCO
 8    2003 consolidated donor report: Southern Sudan                                               UNICEF
 9    2004 WHO year in review                                                                      WHO
10    2005 and beyond: Accelerating girls' education in South Asia: 7-9 February 2005,             UNICEF
      Bangkok, Thailand: Report of meeting
11    25 milestones towards better health
12    25 milestones towards better health                                                          Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Islamic
                                                                                                   Republic of Iran
13    4th report on the world nutrition situation: Nutrition through out the life cycle            UN Administrative Committee on Coordination, Sub-
                                                                                                   Committee on Nutrition (ACC/SCN) - International
                                                                                                   Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
14    8 steps establishing model areas for community-based initiatives
15    A comparative study of Jordanian legislation and the convention on the rights of the child   UNICEF
16    A millennium free from hunger                                                                FAO
17    A basic education profile of the Middle East and North Africa region                         UNICEF
18    A behavior change perspective on Integrating PMTCT and Safe Motherhood Programs: A           Moore, Mona,Change - The Manoff          Group -
      discussion Paper                                                                             Academy for Educational Development
19    A better world for 2000: Progress towards the international development goals                UN,World Bank

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NO.                                               Title                                                         Author
20    A brave new generation: Youth in federal republic of Yugoslavia, findings and
21                                                                                               UNICEF - Save the Children - Plan - Fandacao
      A Brazil fit for children: Brazilian society and the millennium development goals for children
      and adolescents                                                                            Abrino - et. al
22    A case of need: Michael crichton                                                           Hudson, Jeffery
23    A child rights guide to the 1996 mines protocol                                            UNICEF: Office of Emergency Programmes
24    A childline study: Unhappy families unhappy children                                       Macleod, Mary et al.
25    A collection of papers and report                                                          OIC Symposium on Women 's Role in Islamic
26    A comprehensive report on the situation analysis of the tribal population of Bangladesh Kabir, Humayun - Muhammad Shuaib
      using multiple indicator cluster survey data from 1994-1996
27    A comprehensive review of the status of early childhood development in the Middle East Khattab, Mohammed Salih
      and North Africa
28    A conceptual framework and basis for action: HIV/AIDS, stigma and discrimination           UNAIDS et al.
29    A country study to review existing capacity building and management of the training of UNAIDS,UNESCO,Ministry of Education of Iran
      teachers on preventive education against HIV/AIDS in the schools in Iran
30    A critical leap to Polio eradication in India
31    A framework for peace and development in conflict and post-conflict Afghanistan: A Rodey, Barbara J.
      socioeconomic evaluation of the community forum programme, Feb. 2000 for UNCHS
32    A framework for survival: Health, human rights and humanitarian assistance in conflicts
      and disasters
33    A general overview of education in the Islamic Republic of Iran                            Hakimi, Abdolazim
34    A glance at the Islamic Republic of Iran                                                   Iran. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFAI)
35    A global affair: An inside look at the United Nations
36    A Global review of diarrhoeal disease control                                              Enzley, Scott -Fernando Barros
37    A grain of salt: The way to free the world from iodine deficiency disorders                UNICEF
38    A green belt movement: Sharing the approach and the experience                             Maathai, Wangari
39    A guide for non-governmental organizations reporting to the committee on the rights of the NGO Group for the CRC
40    A guide to emergency health management after natural disaster                              Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)
41    A guide to mine action                                                                     Geneva International Center for Humanitarian
42    A guide to monitoring and evaluating adolescent reproductive health programs               Adamchak, Susan et al.
43    A guide to the development of on-site sanitation                                           Franceys, R. - J. Pickford - R. Reed

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NO.                                              Title                                                                     Author
44    A human rights-based approach to programming for children and women in Vietnam: Key            UNICEF
      entry points and challenges
45    A human rights-based approach to programming for maternal mortality reduction in a
      South Asian context: A review of the literature
46    A human rights conceptual framework for UNICEF                                                 Pais, Marta Santos
47    A humanitarian practitioner's guide to International human Rights                              O’Neill, William G.
48    A joint response to HIV/AIDS                                                                   UNAIDS
49    A legal analysis of children and cultural crimes in the Islamic Republic of Iran               Nowruzi, Kambiz
50    A model for action: The children 's rights development unit: Promoting the convention on       Lansdown, Gerison
      the rights of the child in the United Kingdom
51    A national survey on fertility, contraceptive prevalence and iodine salt utilization in Iran   Iran. Ministry of Health and Medical Education
52    A national workshop, the urban vision 2000 initiative: Making urban areas child friendly       Fonseka, Leo
53    A participatory approach in practice: Understanding fieldworkers use of participatory rural    Holmes, Tim
      appraisal in actionAid the Gambia
54    A pivotal decade 1995- 2005                                                                    UNICEF
55    A plague of paradoxes: AIDS, culture and demography in Northern Tanzania                       Setel, Philip W.
56    A point of view                                                                                UNICEF
57    A practical guide to the correction iodine deficiency                                          Dunn, Jhon T. - Frits Van Der Haar
58    A principled approach to humanitarian action (PATH) training programme                         UNICEF
59    A procedure to estimate the accuracy and reliability of HemoCue ™ measurements of              Burger, Susan - June Pierre-Louis
      survey workers
60    A proposal on monitoring the 20/20 compact on budget and aid restructuring
61    A reference kit on violence against women and girls in South Asia                              UNICEF
62    A report of a theological workshop focusing on HIV- and AIDS-related Stigma                    UNAIDS
63    A report on CDD in Iran
64    A report on follow up workshop on government rules, regulations and procedures for             Voluntary Health Services Society (VHSS)
65    A report on health network system and family planning activities in I.R. of Iran, July 1997    Assai, Mohammad

66    A report on indicators of quality of education                                                 Hashemi, Soheila
67    A review of a UNICEF country programme based on human rights: The case of Peru                 Rios-Kohn, Rebeca
68    A review of questionnaires completed by the participants in training courses held by rural     Zamani, Gassem
      female cooperatives
69    A review of young people's sexual and reproductive haelth and rights in the Arab States        Shepard, Bonnie L. - Jocelyn L. DeJong
      and Iran: Executive Summary

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NO.                                             Title                                                                       Author
70    A school for children with rights: The significance of the United Nations Convention on the   Hammarberg, Thomas
      Rights of the Child for modern education policy
71    A scientific group meeting on progress of quality assurance in primary health care: Meeting   WHO
      report: Tunis, Tunisia
72    A scientific theory of culture and other essays                                               Malinowski, Bronislaw
73    A short report on IDD control in the Islamic Republic of Iran                                 Sheikholeslam, Robabeh
74    A short report on Measles situation in I.R. 1997: Intercountry workshop on acceleration of
      Measles control
75    A simple solution, how oral rehydration is averting child death from diarrhoeal dehydration   William, Glen

76    A sorting hat that fails? The transition from primary to secondary school in Germany          Schnepf, Sylke Viola,UNICEF
77    A sourcebook for earth 's community of religion
78    A sourcebook for literacy work: Perspective from the grassroots                               Bhola, H. S.
79    A sourcebook for reporting: Under the convention on the right of the child                    Muntarbhorn, Vitit
80    A state of the art review of primary health care in the Philippines                           Bautista, Victoria
81    A statistical reference: Immunization summary 2005                                            UNICEF,WHO
82    A statistical reflection of the Islamic Republic of Iran no.12                                Statistical Center of Iran
83    A strategy for basic services                                                                 UNICEF
84    A study group meeting on analysis of in-depth reviews of primary health care: Meeting         WHO
      report: Nicosia, Cyprus
85    A study on the prevalence of some types of child abuse in Iran: Summary and dicussions        Razzaghi, Omran Mohammad...and
      on findings
86    A summary report on communicable diseases                                                     Iran. Ministry of Health and Medical Education
87    A survey of death rates caused by accidents and violence among the rural population of        Naghavi, Mohsen - Rahim Neamat - Amir Masood
      Iran in 13 provinces in the year 1373 (1994-95)                                               Azad
88    A synopsis of innovations and lessons learned in UNICEF cooperation: A selection from         UNICEF
      the 1999 country office annual reports
89    A travel guide to Iran                                                                        Faramarzi, M. T.
90    A trolley full of rights                                                                      Shapiro, Jonathan - Lizza Littlewort - Grant Schreiber
                                                                                                    - Roger Van Wyk
91    A UNICEF guide for monitoring and evaluation: Making a difference?
92    A vision for children: Social mobilization in East Asia and the Pacific: A report of the 1st UNICEF
      reginal social mobilization
93    A vital partnership: The work of GNP+ and the International Federation of Red Cross and UNAIDS- GNP+ - International Federation of Red
      Red Crescent Societies on HIV/AIDS                                                           Cross and Red Crescent Societies

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NO.                                             Title                                                                     Author
94    A voice for children: Speaking out as their ombudsman                                         Flekkoy, Malfrid Grude
95    A workbook for policymakers: Guide to assissing the economic value of breastfeeding           Levin, Ruth E.
96    A world fit for children                                                                      UNICEF
97    A world fit for children: Child-friendly version
98    A world fit for us                                                                            Mkapa, Bengamin
99    ABC of ASTHMA                                                                                 Rees, John - John Price
100   Absorbing social shocks, protecting children and reducing poverty: The role of basic social   Vandemoorele, Jan
101   Accelarating progress in girls' education                                                     UNICEF
102   Accounting for the family: The treatment of marriage and children in European income tax      O'Donoghue, Cathal - Holly Sutherland
103   Acess for all: Abstract book: XV International AIDS conference Bangkok 11-16 July 2004        UNAIDS et al.

104   Achievements of the first phase of the project on strengthening capacities for human University of Tehran: Faculty of Law and Political
      rights: Training and research                                                                Science - UNDP
105   Achieving basic education for all: Nutrition strategies for schoolchildren: A position paper

106   Achieving education for all
107   Achieving gender equality in families: The role of males 8-18 May 1995, Kingston, Jamaica     Richardson, John
      summary report
108   Action for adolescent health: Towards a common agenda: Recommendations from a joint           WHO - UNFPA - UNICEF
      study group
109   Acute care: Integrated management of adolescent and adult illness: Interim guidelines for     WHO
      first-level facility health workers at health center or district out patient clinic
110   Adolescent Friendly health services: An agenda for change
111   Adolescent girls in Bangladesh                                                                Kabir, Rachel
112   Adolescent programming experienses during and post-conflict: Case study                       UNICEF
113   Adolescents and youth reproductive health in Jordan: Status, issue, policies and programs:    Almasarweh, Issa S.
      Policy Project
114   Adolescents boy in Bangladesh: Assessment and analysis of the situation of adolescent         Kabi, Rachel
      boys in Bangladesh
115   Adolescents in Latin America and the Caribbean: Policy guidelines                             UNICEF
116   Adolescents take the lead: Empowering adolescents with basic life skills and health           UNICEF
117   Adolesent health and development: The key to the future                                       World Health Organization (WHO)

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NO.                                            Title                                                                Author
118   Advances in neonatology in the developing countries                               Saint George Hospital- Beirut
119   Advancing gender equality: World Bank action since Beijing                        The World Bank
120   Advocacy for immunization: How to generate and maintain support for vaccination Lasher, Heidi,Global Alliance for vaccines and
                                                                                        Immunization - The Global Fund for Children's
      programs                                                                          vaccines
121   Advocacy guide: HIV/AIDS prevention among injection drug users                    WHO - UNAIDS - UNODC
122   Advocacy paper on comperative laws of the countries in the Mekong sub-region with
      respect to trafficking in women and children
123   Afghan women and children in Iran: A study of hard-work and hope                  International Consortium for Refugees in Iran (ICRI)

124   Afghanistan consolidated donor report: Sub-regional programme for children and women       UNICEF
      of Afghanistan
125   Africa's orphaned generations                                                              UNICEF
126   Africa 's children, Africa 's future: Implementing the world summit declaration            UNICEF
127   African charter on the rights and welfare of the child, OAU Doc. CAB/LEG/24.9/49 (1990),
      entered into force Nov.,29 1999
128   After the fall: The human impact of ten years of transition                                UNICEF
129   Age wave: The challenges and opportunities of an aging American                            Dychtwald, Ken - Joe Flower
130   Ages & stages questionnaires (ASQ): A parent-completed, child monitoring system            Bricker, Diane - Jane Squires,Center on Human
                                                                                                 Development: University of Oregon, Eugene
131   AIDS and HIV infection: Information for United Nations employees and thier families        UNAIDS et al.
132   AIDS epidemic update                                                                       UNAIDS - World Health Organization (WHO)
133   AIDS epidemic update                                                                       UNAIDS - WHO
134   AIDS in Africa: Three scenarios to 2025                                                    UNAIDS
135   AIDS the second decade: A focus on youth and women                                         UNICEF
136   AIDS/HIV national strategic plan: Lebanon 2004-2009                                        Kassak, Kassem M. et al
137   Al-Quds: A historical document                                                             Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)
138   All China women 's federation (ACWF): Study visit 4-13 July 1994                           Ma, Yuqin - Niloufar Pourzand - Laylee Moshiri
139   Allergies in breastfeeding babies                                                          diamond, Sallie
140   Alliance global meeting on children's participation -Ethiopia, June 2003: Children's
      participation review Middle East and North Africa Region
141   Alternative approaches to meeting basic health needs in developing countries               UNICEF - World Health Organization (WHO)
142   Amnesty international/ nicro teaching for freedom                                          Soggot, Paula
143   Amnesty international/nicro teaching for freedom                                           Soggot, Paula
144   Amnesty international: Report 2003                                                         Amnesty international

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NO.                                            Title                                                                Author
145   Amputation for war wounds                                                                    Coupland, Robin M.
146   An analysis of the knowledge, attitude and perception of the personnel of the prisons Sadaghpour,                     Bahram      Saleh...and
                                                                                         ,UNICEF,Training and Research Centre of the
      organisation regarding special court proceedings vis-a-vis the adolescents                   Prisons Organisation
147   An analysis of the role of social safety net scholarships in reducing school drop-out during Cameron, Lisa A.
      the indonesian economic crisis
148   An anlysis of combating iodine deficiency: Case studies of China, Indonesia and The world Bank Operations Evaluation Department
      Madagascar                                                                                   (OED)
149   An assessment of the three year performance of women and children knowledge center UNICEF,Atieh Bahar Consulting
150   An end to the ambiguities: All marketing practices which disrupt breastfeeding should be
151   An evaluation of basic education for afghan Refugees in Iran: DFID project (Education sub- Pegah Pardazesh Novin Corp.
      project: Project Proposal)
152   An interview questionnaire on reproductive morbidity: The experience of the Giza morbidity Zurayk, Huda
153   An introduction to the themes contained within: HIV/AIDS NGO/CBO support toolkit: A CD- The International HIV/AIDS Alliance - UNAIDS -
      ROM and Website, Version 2.0                                                                 DFID
154   Anemia Prevention and control: What works , part 1: Programme guidance and part2: USAID - The World Bank - UNICEF - FAO - The
      Tools and resources                                                                          Micronutrient initiative
155   Annual economic report on the ECO member states 1998                                         ECO
156   Annual Management Plan 2001: Iran Country Office                                             UNICEF
157   Annual report                                                                                UNICEF
158   Annual report 03: Occupied Palestinian Territory
159   Annual report 2000: Making the global economy work for all                                   International Monetary Fund
160   Annual report 2001: UNICEF Iraq                                                              UNICEF
161   Annual Report of UNICEF, Islamic Republic of Iran                                            UNICEF
162   Annual report, 1998                                                                          World Health Organization (WHO)
163   Annual review                                                                                UNICEF
164   Antenatal care in developing countries: Promises, achievements and missed opportunities: WHO - UNICEF
      Ana analysis of trends, levels and diiferentials, 1990-2001
165   Appropriate             communication               for          behavior           change: UNESCO - UNAIDS
      Information/education/communication: A cultural approach to HIV/AIDS prevention and
166   Appropriate media for training and development                                               Zeitlyn, Jonathan
167   Arab adolescent girls: Reality and prospects: Excutive summary

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NO.                                            Title                                                                Author
168   Arab human development report 2000: Creating opprtunities for future generations       UNDP- Arab      Fund    for   Economic   and   Social
169   Arab states: regional report
170   Arachne rising: The search for the thirteenth sign of the zodiac                         Vogh, James
171   Area-based development project Iran: A demonstration project for improving the status of UNICEF - University of Medical Sciences of the
                                                                                               provinces of Hormozgan, Kohgilooyeh-Boyerahmad,
      children and women through integrated participatory community development 1998-2000: Kurdistan (Ministry of Health and Medical Education) -
                                                                                               Center     for   Sustainable  Development    and
      Participatory evaluation                                                                 Environment (CENESTA)
172   Arguing with the crocodile: Gender and class in Bangladesh                               White, Sarah C.
173   Articles on breastfeeding, child growth and growth monitoring
174   Asia and Pacific women's resource and action series health: Asian and Pacific women's Asian and Pacific Development Centre (APDC)
      resource collection network
175   Asian and Pacific women's resource and action series environment                         Asian and Pacific Development Centre (APDC)
176   Assessing aid: What works, what doesn't, and why
177   Assessing basic competencies : An evaluation of educational inputs and outputs in Iran Kiamanesh, Ali Reza - Maryam Kheirieh - Roozbeh
      (primary fifth grade): P- value almanac for test boolets                                 Kiamanesh
178   Assessing basic competencies: An evaluation of educational inputs and outputs in Iran Kiamanesh, Ali Reza - Maryam Kheirieh
      (primary fifth grade)
179   Assessing basic competencies: An evaluation of educational inputs and outputs in Iran Kiamanesh, Ali Reza
      (Primary Fifth Grade): Appendices
180   Assessing basic competencies: An evaluation of educational inputs and outputs in Iran Kiamanesh, Ali Reza - Maryam Kheirieh - Roozbeh
      (primary fifth grade): P - value almanac for school and questionnaire                    Kiamanesh
181   Assessing basic competencies: An evaluation of educational inputs and outputs in Iran Kiamanesh, Ali Reza - Maryam Kheirieh - Roozbeh
      (primary fifth grade): P - value almanac for student questionnaire                       Kiamanesh
182   Assessing basic competencies: An evaluation of educational inputs and outputs in Iran Kiamanesh, Ali Reza - Maryam Kheirieh - Roozbeh
      (primary fifth grade): P - value almanac for teacher questionnaire                       Kiamanesh
183   Assessing child survival programs in developing countries: Testing lot quality assurance Valadez, Joseph J.
184   Assessing child survival programs in developing countries: Testing LOT quality assurance Valadez, Joseph J.
185   Assessing community health needs and coverage: Module 2 facilitator 's guide             Hilton, Martine
186   Assessing community health needs and coverage: Module 2 user 's guide                    Reynolds, Jack
187   Assessing country progress in universal salt iodization programs iodized salt program
      assessment tool (ISPAT)

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NO.                                            Title                                                                     Author
188   Assessing effectiveness of family planning, breastfeeding and iodized salt programmes on
      15 to 49 years old married women
189   Assessing information needs: Module 1 facilitator 's guide                                  Miller, Mary
190   Assessing information needs: User 's guide                                                  Reynolds, Jack
191   Assessing learning achievement                                                              Izard, Jhon
192   Assessing needs in the health sector after floods and hurricanes                            World Health Organization (WHO)
193   Assessing the health consequences of major chemical incidents epidemiological               World Health Organization (WHO)
194   Assessing the quality of management: Module 7 facilitator 's guide                          Millar, Mary
195   Assessing the quality of management: Module 7 user 's guide                                 Brown, Lori Diprete
196   Assessing the quality of service: Module 6 facilitator 's guide                             Miller, Mary
197   Assessing the quality of service: Module 6 user 's guide                                    Brown, Lori Diprete
198   Assessing the status of women: A guide to reporting under the convention on the             Commonwealth Secretariat - United Nation           -
      elimination of all forms of discrimination against women                                    International Women's Rights Action watch
199   Assessment and monitoring of iodine deficiency disorders in countries of the Eastern        World Health Organization (WHO)

      Mediterranean region: Report of a symposium - workshop Tehran, Iran 9-11 Sep., 1999
200   Assessment monitoring and evaluation of iodine deficiency disorders                         Azizi, Fereidoun
201   Assessment of basic competencies (ABC) of children: A user 's manual
202   Assessment of basic education of children in Bangladesh                                     Chowdhury, A. M. R. - Md. Mohsin - Samir R. Nath

203   Assessment of iodine deficiency disorders and monitoring their elimination: A guide for     ICCIDD - UNICEF - WHO
      programme managers
204   Assessment of learning achievement of primary four pupils in Nigeria: National report       Falayajo, Wole
205   Assessment of life skills training among women and children                                 Bazar Negar Co.
206   Assessment of the effects of exclusive breast feeding duration on child's development and   UNICEF
      mother's pregnancy - prevention in the first six months
207   Assessment of trial child to child project                                            Fatehi, Mansoor,UNICEF,Ministry of Education and
                                                                                            Development,Ministry of Health and Medical
                                                                                            Education,State Welfare Organisation
208   Assessment of UNICEF's contribution to UN reform and its impact on UNICEF in the UNICEF
      humanitarian sector
209   Assessment of UNICEF's contribution to UN reform and its impact on UNICEF: UN reform UNICEF
      under the UN development group
210   Assessment of vitamin A and nutrition status in the provice of Sistan and Baluchestan Shahid Beheshti University

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NO.                                              Title                                                                     Author
211   Assessment strategies for skills-based health education with a focus on HIV prevention          Fountain, Susan - Amaya Gillespie
      and related issues
212   ASTHMA management and prevention: A practical guide for public health officials and             Global Initiative for ASTHMA - National Heart Lung -
      health care professionals                                                                       Blood Institute (NHLBI) - WHO
213   Atlas of South Asian children and women                                                         UNICEF
214   Attitudes and values of egyptian opinion leaders towards FGM/C: A qualitative                   El-Tawab, Nahla Abd
215   Attitudes to inequality after ten years of transition                                           Redmond, Jerry
216   Baby friendly hospital                                                                          Burak, Zekai Tahir
217   Baby friendly hospital initiative handbook: Compilation of programme guidelines and
      information materials
218   Baby friendly hospital initiative: A natural transformation, progress report                    Hickson, Karen
219   Baby friendly hospital initiative: Country-level implementation, part 1                         UNICEF
220   Baby friendly hospital initiative: Scientific update, compendium of articles on lactation and   World Health Organization (WHO)
      human milk issue 1
221   Backgroung papers World Bank/UNICEF nutrition assessment                                        The World Bank: Human Development Network -
                                                                                                      UNICEF Programme Division
222   Bangladesh integrated nutrition project (BINP): Project proforma (PP)                           Bangladesh. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

223   Bangladesh integrated nutrition project: Project Implementation Volume (PIV)                    Bangladesh. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

224   Baseline survey report on rural adolescents in Bangladesh                               Amin, Sajeda, Simeen Mahmud - Lopita Huq
225   Basic education for empowerment of the poor: Report of a regional study on litracy as a Ordonez, Victor - Prem K. Kasaju,Prof . C. Seshadri
      tool for empowerment of the poor
226   Basic epidemiology                                                                      Beaglehole, R - R. Bonita - T. Kjellstrom
227   Basic facts about the United Nations                                                    UN
228   Basic food safety for health workers                                                    Adams, M. - Y. Motarjemi
229   Basic laboratory peocedures in clinical bacteriology                                    Vandepitte, J. - K. Engback - P. Piot - C. C. Heuck

230   Basic Malaria microscopy                                                               World Health Organization (WHO)
231   Basic principles for control of acute respiratory infections in children in developing WHO - UNICEF
      countries: A joint WHO/UNICEF statement
232   Basic services for all? public spending and the social dimensions of poverty           Mehrotra, Santosh - Jan Vandemoortele - Enrique

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NO.                                            Title                                                                  Author
233   Battling HIV/AIDS: A decision maker's guide to the procurement of medicines and related    World Bank
234   Be a leader: Enrich the nation with Iron for the health and well-being of the population   The Micronutrient Initiative (MI)
235   Behavior change communication (BBC) for HIV/AIDS: A strategic framework                    Family Health International: Institute for HIV/AIDS
236   Beijing platform for action (PFA)                                                          UNICEF
237   Best practices: Transition from school to work for youth at risk in the Netherlands        Veenman, J. - A. Dijkstra - B. Goezinne
238   Better care at birth                                                                       Voluntary Health Association of India
239   Better care in Leprosy                                                                     Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI)
240   Better care of Malaria                                                                     Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI)
241   Better care of mentally disabled children                                                  Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI)
242   Better care of physically disabled children                                                Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI)
243   Better cave in V.D.                                                                        Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI)
244   Better child care                                                                          Voluntary Health Association of India
245   Better Ear care                                                                            Voluntary Health Association of India
246   Better Eye care                                                                            Voluntary Health Association of India
247   Between the guns: Children as a zone of peace                                              Vittachi, Tarzie V.
248   Between their stories and our realities: Women hold up the sky: A manual for seminars      Schuster, Gloria - Ivana Martinez - Julie
      and workshops on the Convention on Elimination of All forms of Discrimination Against      Madore,People's Movement for Human Rights
      Women (CEDAW)                                                                              Education (PDHRE)
249   Beyond 2000: Responding to HIV/AIDS in the new millennium                                  Larson, Heidi J. - Jai Prakash Narain
250   Beyond borders : Migration and the affects of HIV/AIDS on Southeast Asian children &       Cook, Michele R.

      youth : Child-centred care and support guidelines for community-based organisations
251   Beyond child labour, affirming rights                                                  UNICEF
252   Beyond krismom: The social legacy of Indonesia 's financial crisis                     Stalker, Peter
253   Beyond promises: Governments in motion: One year after the Beijing women 's conference

254   Beyond the numbers: Reviewing maternal deaths and complications to make pregnancy World Health Organization (WHO)
255   BFHI news memorandum                                                              UNICEF
256   Birth registration right from the start                                           UNICEF
257   Blueprint measuring sustainable development                                       Pearce, David
258   Bologna annual 92: Illustrators of children 's books                              UNICEF-Bologna
259   Books on women and development                                                    Women, INK
260   Born to work: Child labour in India                                               Burra, Neera

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NO.                                              Title                                                                       Author
261   BRAC technical manual: A action learning approachto gender and organizational change            Stuart, Rieky

262   Brand book                                                                                      UNICEF
263   Brandbook                                                                                       UNICEF
264   Breaking the cycle of poverty: The BRAC strategy                                                Lovell, Catherin H.
265   Breaking the cycle of poverty: The BRAC strategy                                                Lovell, Catherine H.
266   Breaking the earthenware jar: Lessons from South Asia to end violence against women             Hayward, Ruth F.
      and girls
267   Breaking the rules streching the rules 2004: Evidence of violations of the international code   IBFAN (International Baby Food Action Network)
      of marketing of breastmilk substitutes and subsequent resolutions
268   Breastfeeding                                                                                   UNICEF
269   Breastfeeding and fertility                                                                     World Health Organization (WHO)
270   Breastfeeding for everywoman: A friendly guide for community breastfeeding advisers and         University of Bristol
271   Breastfeeding infromation resource: An international listing of sources of resource             Hill, Sara E
      materials and organizations
272   Breastfeeding learning package: An open learning package for midwives and others                Thomas, Gail B. - Anna Haugh
      supporting breastfeeding women
273   Breastfeeding management and promotion in a baby-friendly hospital an 18-hour course            UNICEF,WHO
      for maternity staff
274   Breastfeeding rediscovered: Film guide                                                Gibbons, Gayle - Sandra L. Huffman
275   Breastfeeding special care babies                                                     Lang, Sandra
276   Breastfeeding your premative baby                                                     Gotscb, Gwen
277   Breastfeeding, Foundation for a healthy future                                        UNICEF
278   Breastfeeding, growth and illness: An annotated bibliography                          Cunningham, Allan - Derrick B. Jelliffe - E. F. Patrice
279   Breastfeeding: A guide for the medical profession                                     Lawrence, Ruth A.
280   Breastfeeding: Protecting, a natural resource                                         UNICEF
281   Breastfeeding: The passport to life: Proceedings of Dec. 10, 1988 meeting at UNICEF UNICEF
      house, NY
282   Brief report on daily activities of urban and rural citizens                          UNICEF,Atieh bahar Co.
283   Briefing papers for the visit of the Secretary General of the United Nations: General
284   Bringing citizen voice and client focus into service delivery                         Goetz, Anne Marie- John Goventa

                                                                  Page 12 of 86
NO.                                             Title                                                                       Author
285   Bringing up children in a changing world: Who 's right? whose rights?: Conversation with     Arnold, Caroline
      families in Nepal
286   Building a world fit for children: The United Nations general assembly special session on    UNICEF
      children 8-10 May 2002
287   Building connections: Understanding relashionships and networks to improve adolescent        Bond, Katherine C.
      sexual and reproductive health programs
288   Building partnerships: Sustaining and expanding community action on HIV/AIDS                 International HIV/AIDS Alliance - DFID
289   Building quality (Post-Conflict) educational space for quality education for all             Dierkx, Rene John
290   Business forms for the fax and copier                                                        Aselin-Kehr, Sharon
291   Calculation of the poverty line and the poverty gap: indices and methods used to determine
      and calculate the poverty line
292   Canadian immunization guide                                                             National      Advisory       Committee          on
293   Capacity building for UNICEF humanitarian response in review: An internal review of the UNICEF, Evaluation Office
      DfID-UNICEF programme cooperation to strengthen UNICEF programming as it applies to
      humanitarian assistance, phase 1, 2000-April 2002
294   Care centres for children with disabilities in Jordan: Case study                       UNICEF
295   Caring for us: HIV/AIDS in our workplace: Toolkit for office managers                   UNICEF - UNFPA
296   Case study methods                                                                      Hamel, Jacques - Stephane Dufour - Dominic Fortin

297   CBO/NGO support: The role and added value of NGO-based CBO/NGO support providers             Southern African AIDS Trust        (     SAT)   -   The
      in the response to HIV and AIDS in southern and eastern Africa                               International HIV/AIDS Alliance
298   Central department for communicable diseases control: Expanded program on
299   Certain issues on human rights                                                               Mehrpour, Hossein
300   Certain issues on: Human rights                                                              Mehrpour, Hossein
301   Challenge of change 3: Report of the third conference, Amsterdam, The Netherland, Jan.       Hong Kong. Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sport
      10 - 14 1996
302   Challenges of a human rights based approach to programming
303   Changes in the magnitude and composition of annual expenses of Iranian households            Mehryar, Amir H. - M. Tabibian - R. Gholipour
      between 1971 & 1993
304   Change: Threat or opportunity for human progress                                             UN - UNDP
305   Changing course: A global business perspective on development and the environment            Schmidheiny, Stephan
306   Changing lives of girls: Evaluation of the African girls' education initiative               UNICEF

                                                                Page 13 of 86
NO.                                               Title                                                                       Author
307   Changing minds, policies and lives: Improving protection of children in Eastern Europe and        UNICEF
      Central Asia Improving standards of child protection service
308   Changing pattern of household incomes in Iran, 1974-1993                                          Mehryar, Amir H. - M. Tabibian - R. Gholipour
309   Changing pattern of mortality in Iran: A review of available evidence                             Mehryar A. H. - M. Malekpour
310   Changing times: Information about puberty for boys and girls
311   Changing trend in anthropometric indices in children under 2 in the district of Zabol             UNICEF
312   Changing youth behavior through social marketing: Programme experiences and research              Neukom, Josselyn - Lori Ashford
      findings from Cameroon, Madagascar and Rwanda
313   Charter of the United Nations                                                                     United Nations
314   Child-friendly hygiene and sanitation facilities in schools: Indispensible to effective hygiene   UNICEF - International Water and Sanitation Center
315   Child-to-child: A practical guide: Empowering children as active citizens                         Gibbs, Sara - Gillian Mann - Nicola Mathers
316   Child-to-child: A resource book
317   Child abuse and culture: Working with diverse families                                            Aronson Fontes, Lisa
318   Child and adolescent health and development: Progress report                                      WHO
319   Child care in Islam                                                                               Youssef Ali, Abdallah
320   Child domestic work                                                                               UNICEF
321   Child health and survival: The UNICEF GOBI-FFF program                                            UNICEF
322   Child health under revolutionary regimes: The case of the Islamic Republic of Iran: A             Underwood, Carol Ruth
      dissertation submitted to the John Hopkins University in conformity with the requirements
      for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy
323   Child health: A manual for medical and health workers in health centres and rural hospitals

324   Child infromation                                                                                 UNICEF
325   Child labour in the Arab Countries                                                                Munajjed, Mona
326   Child labour legislation in South Asia 1881 - 1995: A documentation and analysis                  Mhatre, Shamila
327   Child malnutrition: Progress toward the world summit for children goal                            UNICEF
328   Child mortality: Since the 1960: A database for developing countries                              UN
329   Child nutrition in Oman: Qualitative study report on perceptions, attitudes and beliefs in        Gohar, Azza - Ibrahim Ismail
      Oman towards nutrition of children under five years and predisposing causes of protein
      energy malnutrition
330   Child poverty across industrialized nations                                                       Bradbury, Bruce - Markus Jantti
331   Child poverty dynamics in seven nations                                                           Bradbury, Bruce - Stephen P. Jenkins - John

                                                                    Page 14 of 86
NO.                                                Title                                                                Author
332   Child poverty dynamics in seven nations                                                      Bradbury, Bruce - Stephen P. Jenkins - John
333   Child poverty in Spain: What can be said?                                                    Canto-Sanchez, Olga - Magda Mercader-Prats
334   Child protection: A handbook for parliamentarians                                            UNICEF
335   Child right in Latin America: From irregular situation to full protection                    Mendez, Emilio Garcia - Santafe de Bogota
336   Child survival and development in the Islamic Republic of Iran
337   Child survival: The role of family planning                                                  Potts, Malcolm, Shyam Thapa
338   Child trafficking in West Africa: Policy responses                                           UNICEF Regional Office for West and Central Africa

339   Child well-being in the EU and enlargement to the East                                       Micklewright, John - Kitty Stewart
340   Childhoods 2005 Oslo: Program and abstracts                                                  University of Oslo - Childwatch       International
                                                                                                   Research Network
341   Children's and women's rights in Nigeria: A wake-up call                                     UNICEF
342   Children's and young people participation                                                    Child Rights Information Network
343   Children's development bank: An initiative by Bal Mazdoor Union in partnership with
344   Children's occupation status in Iran: An introductory review
345   Children’s rights: A second chance                                                           Lansdown, Gerison,Save the Children
346   Children 's directory                                                                        GAUTENG
347   Children 's particiption: The theory and practice of involving young citizens in community   Hart, Roger A. - Maria Fernanda Espinosa - Selim
      development and environmental care                                                           Iitus - Raymond Lorenzo
348   Children 's rights and habitat: Working towards child friendly cities                        UNICEF
349   Children 's rights in Iran: Awareness, attitudes, conducts: Final report, adults             Bazar Negar,UNICEF
350   Children and domestic violence in rural areas: Housing provisions; Health provisions;        The Countryside Agency Save The Children
      Educational provision; Welfare services
351   Children and families of ethnic minorities, immigrants and indigenous peoples: Innocenti     Black, Maggie
      global seminar, summary report
352   Children and the environment                                                          UNICEF - United Nations Environmental Programme
353   Children and the environment: Environment - integral to a comprehensive approach to Jansen, Maaike
      child survival protection and development
354   Children and the transition to the market economy: Safety nets and social policies in
      Central and Eastern Europe
355   Children and women in the news: A training programme in human development reporting Boerr, Hilary

                                                                     Page 15 of 86
NO.                                            Title                                                                     Author
356   Children and women in vision: A televisition training programme in human development        Farrant, Ann
357   Children and women of rural Egypt                                                           UNICEF
358   Children and women of Uganda strive for their rights                                        UNICEF
359   Children and women on the air                                                               Boerr, Hillary
360   Children and young people as citizens: Partners for social change                           O'Kane, Claire
361   Children and young people in a world of AIDS                                                UNAIDS
362   Children at crisis point: A study by childline                                              Childline
363   Children at risk in central and eastern Europe: Perils and promises: Regional monitoring    UNICEF
      report no. 4 , a summary
364   Children at work: Special health risks: report of a WHO study group                         World Health Organization (WHO)
365   Children calling from Northern Ireland                                                      Childline
366   Children first: The story of UNICEF, past and present                                       Black, Maggie
367   Children for health
368   Children in 2001: A report on the state of the nation 's children                           National Programme of Action (NPA)
369   Children in 2001: Report on the state of the Nation 's children                             NPA
370   Children in armed conflict: UNICEF staff working papers evaluation, policy and planning     UNICEF
      series No. EPP-99-001
371   Children in Bulgaria : Growing improvishment and unequal opportunities                      Gantcheva, Roumiana - Alexandre Kolev
372   Children in focus: A manual for participatory research with children
373   Children in institutions: The beginning of the end?: The case of Italy, Spain, Argentina,   UNICEF
      Chile and Uruguay
374   Children in the new millennium: Environmental impact on health                             UNEP - UNICEF - WHO
375   Children in the strategy of development                                                    UN
376   Children in war: A guide to the provision of services, A study of UNICEF                   Ressler, Everett M. - Joanne Marie Tortorici - Alex
                                                                                                 Mar Celino
377   Children living away from home                                                             Childline
378   Children living in a world with AIDS: Guidelines for children's participation in HIV/AIDS UNAIDS
379   Children living in a world with AIDS: Guidelines for children 's participation in HIV/AIDS Colling, Jane
380   Children of Bangladesh and their rights: Progress towards the realization of children's UNICEF Bangladesh
      rights under the Convention on the Rights of the Child
381   Children on the brink 2002: A joint report on orphan estimates and program strategies      UNICEF - UNAIDS -USAID
382   Children orphaned by AIDS: front-line responses from eastern and South Africa              UNAIDS - UNICEF

                                                                Page 16 of 86
NO.                                             Title                                                                   Author
383   Children participating in research, monitoring and evaluation (M & E): Ethics and your UNICEF
      responsibilities as a manager
384   Children population and development                                                           UNICEF
385   Children speak their minds                                                                    UNESCO
386   Children without sufficient family support: Separated children selected publications          Save The Children
387   Children working for peace: A manual for the teacher to use in the classroom                  UNICEF - Oxford Development Education Centre
388   Children & young people: Participating in decision-making: A call for action                  International Youth Foundation - The International
                                                                                                    Award Association - The International Federation of
                                                                                                    Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies - UNICEF -
                                                                                                    World Alliance of YMCAs - World Association of Girl
                                                                                                    Guides and Girl Scouts - World Organization of the
                                                                                                    Scout Movement - World YWCA
389   Children, HIV/AIDS and communication in South Africa: A Literature review                     Fox, Susan - Salome Oyosi - Warren Parker,
390   Children, law and justice: A South Asian perspective                                          Goonesekere, Savitri
391   Children, youth and media around the world: An overview of trend and issues: 4th World Gigli, Susan
      Summit on Media for Children and Adolescents
392   Chilren 's forum report, New York 5-7 May 2002: Report on the meeting of under -18 UNICEF
      delegates to the UN special session on children
393   Choices: A guide for young people                                                             Gordon, Gill
394   Chronic HIV care with ARV therapy (IMAI): Interim guidelines for first-level facility workers WHO

395   Civil code
396   Clinical AIDS care guidelines for resource-poor settings                                     Lynen, Lut
397   Code red                                                                                     Fisher, Nancy
398   Combating AIDS in the developing world: Achieving the millennium development goal            Wilson, Paul A. - Agnes Binagwaho - Josh Ruxin
399   Combating AIDS: Communication strategies in action                                           Singghal, Arvind - Everette M. Rogers
400   Combating child trafficking                                                                  InterParliamentory Union - UNICEF
401   Combating malnutrition: Time to act                                                          World Bank - UNICEF
402   Communicating for advancing humanity: MENA regional communication workshop Dubai             UNICEF
      17-23 March 2002
403   Communicating with the public in times of disaster: Guidelines for disaster managers on
      preparing and disseminating effective health messages: A contribution to the International
      Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction

                                                                 Page 17 of 86
NO.                                              Title                                                                     Author
404   Communication for development roundtable report: Focus on HIV/AIDS communication               UNFPA- UNESCO- PANOS-            The    Rockefeller
      and evaluation                                                                                 Foundation
405   Communication for humanitarian principles workshop 26 Dec. 2001                                UNICEF
406   Communication for Polio eradication and routine immunization: Checklists and easy              WHO- UNICEF- UNAIDS
      reference guides
407   Communication handbook for Polio eradication and routine EPI                                   UNICEF -WHO - USAID - BASICS
408   Communication handbook for Polio eradication routine EPI                                       UNICEF - World Health Organization (WHO)
409   Communications Frameworks for HIV/AIDS: A new direction                                        UNAIDS - PENNSTATE
410   Communications programming for HIV/AIDS: An annotated bibliography                             UNAIDS
411   Community - based approaches to child health: Basic experince to date
412   Community based intersectoinal nutritional intervention for reducing malnutrition in Islamic   UNICEF
      Republic of Iran
413   Community based monitoring of primary health care activities: Guideline for
414   Community based monitoring of primary health care activities: Guideline for primary health
      care committees
415   Community care, change and hope: Local response to HIV in Zambia: A lessons                    Lucas, Sue
      learned/case study
416   Community empowerment for health and development
417   Community health volunteers in Iran
418   Community nutrition action: An Omani experience                                                Sultanate of Oman. Ministry of Health (MHO)
419   Community nutrition for Eastern Africa                                                         Burgess, Ann and others
420   Community organizing: People power from the grassroots                                         Beckwith, Dave,Cristina Lopez
421   Community particiption and empowerment: The millennium challege for UNICEF and its             Friedman, Sara - Savina Ammassari
422   Comperative study of the legal provisions of the six countries in the Mekong sub-region
      with respect to trafficking in women and children: Part 1: Research findings and
423   Computers: Manager 's guide                                                                    Richardson, Paul
424   Concepts and methods of community-based initiatives
425   Conclusions of the pilot project for research into some of the problems of child abuse in      Razzaghi,          Emran       Mohammad,Taghavi,

      Semnan township (Jan. 2002) and factors influencing the same                         Mohsen,Ardalan, Glayol,Bagheri Yazdi, Mohammad
426   Confronting AIDS: Evidence from developing world: Selected background papers for the The European commission - The World Bank
      World Bank policy research report: Public priorities in a global epidemic

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NO.                                            Title                                                 Author
427   Consolidated donor report                                                 UNICEF
428   Constitutional law: Case summaries 1999                                   Govender, Karthy - Jody Kollapen
429   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Algeria
430   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Argentina
431   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Australia
432   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Austria
433   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Azerbaijan
434   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Belarus, Republic
435   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Belgium
436   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Belize
437   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Bolivia
438   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Bosnia & Herzegovina
439   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Brazil
440   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Bulgaria
441   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Cambodia
442   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Cape Verde
443   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Chile
444   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: China
445   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Colombia
446   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Congo, Republic
447   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Costa Rica
448   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Czech Republic
449   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Dominican Republic
450   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Ecuador
451   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Egypt
452   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: El Salvador
453   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Estonia
454   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Finland
455   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: France
456   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Gambia
457   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Ghana
458   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Greenland
459   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Guatemala
460   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Honduras
461   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Iceland

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NO.                                             Title                           Author
462   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: India
463   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Ireland
464   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Italy
465   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Japan
466   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Lesotho
467   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Luxembourg
468   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Maldives
469   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Malta
470   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Nepal
471   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Netherlands
472   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: New Zealand
473   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Nicaragua
474   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Nigeria
475   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Norway
476   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Paraguay
477   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Peru
478   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Philippines
479   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Poland
480   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Romania
481   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Russia
482   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Saudi Arabia
483   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Singapore
484   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Slovakia
485   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: South Africa
486   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Spain
487   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Sweden
488   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Switzerland
489   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Syrian Arab Republic
490   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Tanzania
491   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Thailand
492   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: The Islamic Republic of Iran
493   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: The United States of America
494   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Tibet
495   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Turkey
496   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Uganda

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NO.                                            Title                                                                  Author
497   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Ukraine
498   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: United Kingdom
499   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Uruguay
500   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Venezuela
501   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Viet Nam
502   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Yugoslavia
503   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Zambia
504   Constitution, Laws & Legislations: Zimbabwe
505   Continuous quality improvement of health services: Participant manual                       Vanormelingen, K. - F. Martinez - J. Bejarano - I.
506   Control of communicable diseases in men
507   Control of Epidemic meningococcal disease: WHO practical guidelines                         World Health Organization (WHO)
508   Controlling Cholera: A checklist for planners                                               BASICS
509   Controlling vitamin A deficiency: A report based on the ACC/SCN consultative group          Gillepie, Stuart - Jhon Mason
      meeting on strategies for the control of vitamin A deficiency, 28-30 July 1993 , Ottawa,
510   Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women: Adopted and     United Nation

      opened for signature, ratification and accession by General Assembly resolution, Dec 1979
511   Convention on the rights of the child                                                       UN
512   Convention on the rights of the child                                                       UN
513   Convention on the rights of the child: Adopted and opened for signature, ratification and   United Nation
      accession by General Assembly rsolution, Nov. 1989
514   Convention on the rights of the child: General guidelines regarding the form and contents   United Nation
      of periodic reports to be submitted by states parties
515   Coping with a traumatic event                                                               UNICEF
516   Coping with natural disaster: The role of local health personnel and the community
517   Correlates of fertility decline in Iran, 1986-1996                                          Mehryar, A.H. - M. Tabibian
518   Cost analysis in primary health care: A training manual for programme managers              World Health Organization (WHO)
519   Cost analysis: Module 8 facilitator 's guide                                                Miller, Mary
520   Cost analysis: Module 8 user 's guide                                                       Reynolds, Jack
521   Cost and financing of primary education: Options for reform in Sub-Saharan Africa           Mehrotra, Santosh - Jan Vandemoortele
522   Cost effective and easy to handle methods for program design and evaluation in sexual       Georgen, Regina
      and reproductive health programs for youths
523   Costs and financing: Meeting goals for children: Participant manual

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NO.                                            Title                                                                Author
524   Cost, resource use and financing methodology for district health services: A practical Hanson, Kara - Lucy Gilson
525   Cost, resource use and financing of health services in Bangladesh: A study in two thanas Guyon, Agnes

526   Counselling guidelines on child sexual abused
527   Countdown 2015: Sexual and reproductive health & rights for all: ICDP at Ten: Where are Population Action International - Family Care
                                                                                                 International - International Planned Parenthood
      we now?                                                                                    Federation
528   Countdown to Polio eradication                                                             UNICEF
529   Country programme evaluation - Mauritius 1996-2000                                         UNICEF
530   Country programme evaluation in an era of change                                           UNICEF
531   Country programme evaluation Peru-UNICEF                                                   UNICEF
532   Country programme management plan: Islamic Republic of Iran 2000-2004
533   Country report on the population and family planning programme in the Islamic Republic of Matin, A. - Jaleh Davanloo
534   Critical judgement                                                                         Palmer, Michael
535   Crossing the divide: Landmines, villagers and organizations                                Bottmley, Ruth,UNICEF - Handicap International -
536   Declaration of achievements in the Islamic Republic of Iran: Mid-decade goals
537   Demographic and reproductive health situation in Islamshahr Districts, Tehran
538   Demographic and reproductive health situation in Zabol and Zahedan Districts, Sistant and
539   Demographic training and research in Iran: A historical review                             Mehryar, Amir H.
540   Demography and sociology program: Changes in family, fertility behavior and attitudes in Abbasi-Shavazi,          Mohammad        Jalal,Peter
      Iran                                                                                       McDonald,Meimanat Hossein Chavoshi
541   Demonstrations user 's and installation guide for an IDD bibliopraphic database            ICCIDD
542   Department of social development: Annual report 1 April 2000 - 31 March 2001               Department of Social Development (DSD)
543   Design manual for health services facilities in the Carabbean with particular reference to Gibbs, Tony
      natural hazards and other low-frequency events
544   Desk review of UNICEF humanitarian response capacity                                       Freedman, Jim
545   Detailed programming and budgeting for integrated health services                          Pileh-Roudi, Cyrus
546   Detective                                                                                  Hailey, Arthur
547   Determination of maternal mortality rate (MMR) by reproductive age mortality survey Naghavi, Mohsen
      (RAMOS) in IR Iran - 1996

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NO.                                             Title                                                                 Author
548   Determination the expenses of services and health/treatment units in 11 towns in 1995

549   Developing material on HIV/AIDS/STIs for low-literate audiences                              Programme for Appropriate Technology in Health
                                                                                                   (Path) - Family Health International (FHI)
550   Developing materials on HIV/AIDS STIs for low-literate audiences                             Program for Appropriate Technology in Health
551   Development challenges and strategies for Tanzania: An agenda for 21th century               Dar es Salaam University Press (DUP)
552   Development of basic community services through primary health care: A training UN
      approach report of the fifth seminar
553   Development of basic literacy learning materials for unreached population in urban area: Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU)
      East and Southeast region: Final report of the fourth sub-regional workshop Antipolo,
      Philipines 8-19 April
554   Development strategies macroeconomic policies and the rights of the child: Discussion Vylder, Stetande
      paper for Radda Barnen
555   Diarrhoea treatment guidelines: Including new recommendations for the use of ORS and USAID - WHO - UNICEF - International Zinc
      zinc supplementation: For clinic-based healthcare workers                                    Nutrition Consultative Group
556   Different and equal: A review of peace education projects from Mozambique, Liberia, Kolucki, Barbara
      Srilanka and Lebanon: Reflections for others
557   DIMITRA guidebook: Rural women and development, a directory of European NGOs Borms, Tayart
      research institutes and information centres
558   Directory of child-to-child activities worldwide
559   Disaster chronicles no. 3
560   Disaster management: Fourteenth international disaster management training course 24 Cramfield University
      July - 23 Aug.
561   Discovering resiliency: A curriculum for life-skills learning                                Hanawalt Slobig, Judy Ann
562   Discrimination against the girl child: Female infanticide, female genital, cutting and honor Newell, Katherine S. - Elin Ross - Carrie Mcvicker
563   Distribution of vitamin A during national immunization days: A generic addendum to the WHO - Micronutrient Initative

      field guide for supplementary activities aimed at achieving Polio eradication, 1996 revision
564   Divorce and the Iranian woman: The financially secure working divorce                        Nourbakhsh, Mamak
565   Documenting and communicating HIV/AIDS work: A toolkit to support NGOs/CBOs                  International HIV/AIDS Alliance - UNAIDS - DFID -
566   Domestic violence against women and girls                                                    UNICEF
567   Draft covenant on the rights of the child in Islam

                                                                Page 23 of 86
NO.                                             Title                                                                  Author
568   Draft instruments for assessing learning achievements: Survey questionnaires and tests      Pawar, Paul - Holger Daun - Zhao Shangwu - Chen
569   Draft young people's health strategy and implementation framework                           Ministry of Health of Malawi
570   Drawing insight: Communicating development through animation                                Disney, Roy
571   Dreams, miracles and supplications in Islam                                                 Zamir, Muhammaad
572   Drug demand reduction education programme: Trainers reference manual                        The Kenya Scout Assoc - UNDCP - UNFPA
573   Drug prevention education functional adult literacy programme Ghana: Facilitator 's UNESCO
574   Drugs in pregnancy and lactation: A reference guide to fetal and neonatal risk              Briggs, Gerald G. - Rogerk K. Freeman - Sumner J.
575   Early childhood care and education: Directory of organizations in Asia and the Pacific      UNESCO
576   Early childhood counts: A programming guide on early childhood care for development         Evans, Judith L. - Robert G. Myers - Ellen M. llfeld
577   Early childhood development in Jordan: The formation of a mosaic image                      Hammad, Hala
578   Early childhood development revisited: From policy formulation to programme Dalais, Cyril - Cassie Landers - Pascale Fuertes
      implementation: Report on an inter-agency workshop held as a followup the 1989 Innocenti
      Global Seminar
579   Early childhood development strategy in Jordan                                              UNICEF - National Council for family Affairs - The
                                                                                                  Hashemite kingdom of Jordan
580   Early childhood development: The challenge and the opportunity                              UNICEF
581   Early intervention: Examples of practice averroes programme for children: An experience Cordus, Joyce
      to be shared
582   Early marriage: A harmful traditional practice: Statistical exploration                     UNICEF
583   Early marriage: Child spouses                                                               UNICEF
584   Early marriage: Fundametal child rights violation                                           UNICEF - Ministry of Women and Children Affairs,
                                                                                                  Government of Bangladesh
585   Earthquakes and people 's health: Vulnerability reduction, preparedness and rehabilitation, WHO
      proceedings of WHO Symposium Kobe, 27-30 Jan., 1997
586   Economic cosequences of Iron deficiency                                                     Ross, Jay - Susan Horton
587   Economic Support for national health for all strategies: Background document                World Health Organization (WHO)
588   Economics and health policy: Proceedings of the XIIIth round table conference Geneva,
      Switzerland, 8-9 Nov. 1979
589   ECO/UNICEF/WHO ministerial meeting on achieving the world summit for children goals in Iran. Ministry of Health & Medical Education
      health                                                                                      (MHMEI) - UNICEF - WHO - ECO
590   Educating girls and women: A moral imperative                                               UNICEF
591   Education-job number 1: Norwegian strategy for delivering education for all by 2015         Norway. Ministry of Foreign affairs

                                                                 Page 24 of 86
NO.                                               Title                                                                     Author
592   Education for all 2000: Country report                                                         Sadri, Abbass - Gholam Reza Karimi
593   Education for all assessment 2000                                                              UNICEF
594   Education for all the year 2000 assessment: General guidelines                                 UNESCO - UNFPA - UNICEF - World Bank - UNDP

595   Education for all the year 2000 assessment: Technical guidelines                               UNESCO
596   Education for all: Achieving the goal, statistical document                                    UNESCO - UNDP - UNICEF - World Bank
597   Education for all: Status and trends                                                           UNESCO
598   Education for all: The quality imperative                                                      UNESCO
599   Education for all: UNICEF 's response to the Jomtien challenge                                 UNICEF
600   Education for conflict resolution: A training for trainers manual                              UNICEF
601   Education for development: Report of the consultation Thonon-Les-Bains, France 24-27           UNICEF
      Jan. 1991
602   Education for earthquake: Teaching safety measures to children                                 Rezaei Panah, Nadia
603   Education in emergencies and for reconstruction: A developmental approach                      Pigozzi, Mary Joy
604   Education in emergencies: A basic right... a development necessity                             UNICEF
605   Education in the Islamic Republic of Iran                                                      Iran. Ministry of Education (MEI)
606   Education in the Islamic Republic of Iran: Now and in the future                               Iran. Ministry of Education
607   Education in the Middle East and North Africa: A strategy towards learning for development     World Bank

608   Educational handbook for health personnel                                                      Guilbert, J. J.
609   Education, inequality and transition                                                           Micklewright, John
610   Effective assessment of educational progress: A review of strategies for measuring             Harris, Abigail M.
      learning achievement
611   Effectiveness of vitamin A supplementation in the control of young child morbidity and         Beaton, G. H. et. al
      mortality in developing countries
612   Effects of daily and intermittent doses of iron supplements on serum levels of iron and zinc
      during pregnancy
613   Efforts in reducing maternal mortality: Kelantan experience                                    Office of State Director of Health, Kelantan
614   Eighteenth intercountry meeting of national managers of the expanded programme on              WHO
      immunization and fourteenth meeting of the EPI regional technical advisory group: Report :
      Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
615   Eliminating corporal punishment: The way forward to constructive child discipline              UNESCO -        Institute   for     Child   Rights   and
616   Embracing diversity: Toolkit for creating inclusive, learning-friendly environment             UNESCO

                                                                   Page 25 of 86
NO.                                             Title                                                                   Author
617   Emergencies and disasters in drinking water supply and swerage systems: Guidelines for
      effective response
618   Emergency contraception: A guide for service delivery                                        World Health Organization (WHO)
619   Emergency preparedness and response (EPR) training programme                                  ,UNICEF
620   Emergency relief items: Compendium of basic specifications                                   UNDP
621   Employers' handbook on child labour: A guide for taking action                               International Organisation of Employer
622   Empowering vitamin A foods-based process for the Asia and Pacific region
623   Empowering women to breastfeed, guideline for action                                         UNICEF
624   Empowering women, developing society: Female education in Middle East and North              Roudi-Fahimi, Farzaneh - Valentine M. Moghadam
625   EMU, Macroeconomics and children                                                             Atkinson, A. B.
626   End-decade multiple indicator cluster survey: Model Questionnaire                            UNICEF
627   End-decade review of strategic lessons learned from UNICEF's experience: An ad hoc           Quesnel, Jean S.
      effort to access institutional memory
628   End-decade review: Key issues, lessons learned abd challenges for the future: Based on       UNICEF, Evaluation Office
      an analysis of national reports on end-decade review of follow-up to the World Summit for
      children, and UNICEF country office and regional office reports
629   End decade report on children South Africa: National programme of action for national
      programme presidency of action (npa)
630   Engendering development: Through gender equality in rights, resources and voices             The World bank
631   Enquete-sondage sur les droits de l' enfant
632   Ensuring the quality of vaccine at country level: Guidelines for health staff                WHO - UNICEF
633   Ensuring the rights of indigenous children
634   Environmentally-induced population displacements and environmental impacts resulting         UNHCR - International Organization for Migration
      from mass migration                                                                          (IOM) - Refugee Policy Group (RPG)
635   Envisioning the national health care quality report                                          Institute of Medicine
636   EPI info version 5 : A word processing, database and statistics system for epidemiology on   Dean, Andrew G.
637   EPI information system: Global summary, Aug. 1997                                            World Health Organization (WHO)
638   Epidemic Diarrhoeal disease preparedness and response: Training and practice, Facilator      World Health Organization (WHO)
      's guide
639   EpiInfo2000: Manual                                                                          Dean, Andrew G. - et. al.
640   Equality, development and peace                                                              UNICEF
641   Equitable access to HIV counseling and testing for youth in developing countries: A review   McCauley, Ann P.,Horizons - ICRW
      of current practice

                                                                Page 26 of 86
NO.                                             Title                                                                  Author
642   Equity in the use of health care resources                                                   World Health Organization (WHO)
643   ESN- Nutrition country profile in Iran
644   Essenstial components of successful community-based development programs                     Jonsson, Urban
645   Essential drug information: The story of a workshop                                          Finer, David - Goran Tomson
646   Establishing a national social development management information system (SOMIS) in          Mehryar, Amir H.
      the Islamic Republic of Iran
647   Establishing health priorities in the developing world                                   Walsh, Julia A
648                                                                                            Schenk, Katie - Jan Williams,Impact - USAID -
      Ethical approaches to gathering information from children and adolescents in International
                                                                                               Horizons - Population Council - Family Health
      settings: Guidelines and resources                                                       International
649   Evaluating the implementation of the strategy for health for all by the year 2000: Third Iran. Ministry of Health and Medical Education
650   Evaluating the implementation of the strategy for health for all by the year 2000; third Iran. Ministry of Health and Medical Education
651   Evaluation of growth monitoring and promotion activities in Islamic Republic of Iran     Iran. Ministry of Health and Medical Education
652   Evaluation of schools providing compulsory education in Europe                           Eurydice - European Commission
653   Evaluation of the Innocenti Resource Center                                              UNICEF
654   Evaluation of the "Education of rural working girls " project                            Mohsenpour,         bahram        -     Ali     Reza
                                                                                               Kiamanesh,UNICEF,Litracy                    Movement
                                                                                               Organisation,Pegah Pardazesh Novin Co.
655   Evaluation of UNICEF performance (Tehran office) from the view points of its colleagues
      (colleagues outside the UNICEF headquarters)
656   Evolution and attainments of the Family planning program in the Islamic Republic of Iran Mehryar, Amir H. - Nazi Roudi - Akbar Aghajanian -
                                                                                               Farzaneh Tajdini
657   Executive Board of the United Nations Children's Fund: Report on the first and second
      regular sessions, the annual session and the extrabudgetary session of 2003
658   Expanding community action on HIV/AIDS: NGO/CBO strategies for scaling-up: Report of International HIV/AIDS Alliance - Positive Action
      the third year of the “Community Lessons, Global Learning” collaboration between the
      International HIV/AIDS Alliance and Positive Action, GlaxoSmithKline
659   Expenses and resources
660   Expert consultation on Anemia determinants and interventions                             Gilespie, Stuart - Janice L. Johnston
661   External Evaluation 1990-2002: Executive summary: UNDP/UNFPA/WHO/World Bank WHO : Departrment of Reproductive Health and
      special programme of research, development and research training in human reproduction
      HRP                                                                                      Research

                                                                Page 27 of 86
NO.                                                 Title                                                                   Author
662   Facilitators guide United Nations learning strategy on HIV/AIDS: Building competence of        UNAIDS
      the UN and its staff to respond to HIV/AIDS
663   Facing the challenges of HIV AIDS STDs: A gender-based response                                Royal Tropical Institute
664   Facing the future together: Report of the Secretary General's task Force on women, girls       UNAIDS
      and HIV/AIDS in South Africa
665   Facts for life : A communication challenge                                                     UNICEF et. al
666   Families focus: New perspectives on mothers, fathers and children                              Bruces, Judith - C. B. lloyd - A. Leonard
667   Family and human development across cultures: A view from the other side                       Kagitcibasi, Cigdem
668   Family planning and child survival: 100 developing countries                                   Ross, John A. - Marjorie Rich - Janet P. Molzan -
                                                                                                     Michael Pensak
669   Family planning in Islamic Republic of Iran                                                    UNFPA - Nutrition, MCH and family planning
                                                                                                     department (MOHME)
670   FAO policy strategy for cooperation with non-governmental and civil siciety organization       FAO

671   Father, Mother: Why a boy child?                                                               Ebrahimian, Ali - Hadi Kiashary,UNFPA
672   Feeding infants in four societies: Causes and consequences of mother 's choices
673   Female-headed households in Iran                                                               Motiee, Nahid
674   Female education in the Islamic Republic of Iran                                               Mehran, Golnar
675   Fertile, plump, and strong: The social construction of the female body in low-income, Cairo    Channam, Farha

676   Fertility and family structure: Preliminary report of joint study conducted in Shiraz (1996)   Institute for Research in Planning and Development
                                                                                                     (IRPD) - Institut National d' Etudes Demographiques
                                                                                                 (INED) - Shiraz University Population Center (SUPC)
677   Field methodology for entry into the community                                             Zurayk, Huda - Hind Khattab - Nabil Younis - Olfia
678   Field study report: Monitoring through self-evaluation method                              Semnan Urban Health Centers
679   Fifty years in the service of children                                                     UNICEF
680   Fighting HIV/AIDS: A strategic review                                                      UNICEF
681   Fighting HIV/AIDS: Strategies for sucess 2002-2005                                         UNICEF
682   Filling the gaps: Using a rights-based approach to address HIV/AIDS and its affects on Cook, Michele R.
      South African children, youth, and families: Care and Support Guidelines for child-centred
      and community-based organisations
683   Final report: International workshop, monitoring learning achievement towards capacity UNESCO

                                                                    Page 28 of 86
NO.                                              Title                                                                      Author
684   Final report: World conference on education for all, meeting basic learning needs 5-9 Inter Agency Commission, WCEFA (UNDP,
      March 1990 Jomtien - Thailand                                                         UNESCO, UNICEF, World Bank)
685   Finance development invest in children                                                UNICEF
686   Finding our voices: Gendered and sexual identities and HIV/AIDS in education          Pattman, Rob - Fatuma Chege
687   First aid manual: Emergency procedures for everyone at home, at work or at Leisure    The British red Cross society - St. John Ambulance &

                                                                                                     St. Andrew's Ambulance Association
688   First call for children: World declaration and plan of action from the world summit for        UNICEF
689   First international workshop on integrated approach to reproductive health and family          UNFPA
      planning in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Esfahan - Iran, 30 April - 15 May 2000
690   First national guide forum for Youth with disabilities: Review of results 18th and 19th July   Iran. State Welfare Organization (SWO) - UNICEF
691   First periodic report on the rights of the child in the Islamic Republic of Iran
692   First periodical report child rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran                           Iran. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
693   First supplementary report South African: United Nation convention on the rigths of the        UNICEF
694   First things first in child labour: Eliminating work determent to children                     Bequele, A. - W. Myers
695   Five years after Stockholm: The fifth report on the implementation of the agenda for action    ECPAT
      adopted at the first world congress against commercial sexual exploitation of children in
      Stockholm - Sweden, 28 Aug. 1996
696   Flow charts in disease diagnosis and treatment at health stations (for learner use)            Ministry of Health : Department of Science and
                                                                                                     Training - UNICEF
697   Focus: Home - based programmes for early childhood care and development
698   Food-based approaches for controlling vitamin A deficiency: Studies in breastfeeding           De Pee, Saskia - Jeaj Hautvast - CE West - Muhilal
      women in Indonesia
699   Food-based approaches to preventing micronutrient malnutrition: An international research
      agenda: Summary report of an international workshop
700   Food fortification in Canada                                                                   Lotfi, Mahshid
701   Food security in Islamic Republic of Iran: A country report to the world food summit
702   Food, health and care                                                                          UNICEF
703   For a 21st century free of drugs                                                               UNESCO - UN
704   For a better tomorrow: Report on the feedback sessions with government non-government          UNICEF
      organizations international development community in Iran ...and UNICEF country program
      2000-2004, 4th-5th and 10th March 1998

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NO.                                              Title                                                                     Author
705   For a Brazil of children
706   Formulating strategies for health for all by the year 2000: Guiding principles and essential   World Health Organization (WHO)
707   Fortification of flour with Iron in countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Middle East and
      North Africa
708   Forum for African women educationalists FAWE                                                   FAWE
709   Framework of guiding principles for HIV/AIDS level coordination at country                     World Health Organization (WHO)
710   Free, happy and expressive children: The audacity of intercultural,bilingual education in      UNICEF- CIPCA
      Bolivia: Executive summary
711   Frequently asked questions about community-based initiative
712   Frequently asked questions by the committe of the right of the child during reviews of
      states parties report
713   From aid dependence to self reliance: Development options for Bangladesh                       Bangladesh. Institute of Development Studies (BIDS)

714   From crisis to development coping with disasters in Bangladesh
715   From nutrition information to action: Some recent improvements in theory and practical         Pelletier, David L.
      implications for CBNM
716   From nutritional science to nutrition practice for better global health
717   From policy to practice: The future of the Bangladesh national drug policy                     Chetley, Andrew
718   From reasearch to action: How operations research in improving reproductive health             Shane, Barbara - Kate Chalkley
719   From security to uncertainty: The impact of economic change on child welfare in Central        Falkingham, Jane
720   From security to uncertainty: The impact of economic change on child welfare in central        Falkingham, Jane
721   From the roots up: Strengthening organizational capacity through guided self-assessment        Gubbels, Peter - catheryn Koss,World Neighbors

722   From users and choosers to makers and shapers: repositioning participation in social Cornwall, Andrea- John Gaventa
723   Frontiers of midwifery care: STDs HIV AIDS in safe motherhood, report of collaborative International Cofederation of Midwives (ICM)
      ICM/WHO/UNICEF/UNFPA/UNAIDS/ workshop....
724   Fundraising workshop for UNICEF staff in the Gulf Region
725   Future alliances international (FAI): Iran press analysis
726   Future search conference II 26-27 June, 2001: Planning participatory programmes for UNICEF
      adolescents in Jordanian society with a focus on girls

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NO.                                              Title                                                                  Author
727   Future search conference on child abuse 1-3 June 1998                                          UNICEF
728   Future search conference on street children 26-28 May 1998                                     UNICEF
729   Games and exercises: A manual for facilitators and trainers involved in participatory group    UNICEF
      events - Visualization in participatory programmes (VIPP)
730   Games of the hangman                                                                   Reily, Victor O.
731   Games: For adolescents reproductive health, an international handbook                  Programme for Appropriate Technology in Health
732   Gauteng child protection and treatment protocol committee with: CATTS and UWC: A Lamprecht, Luke
      Gauteng programme of action for (GPAC) sub-committee: Child abuse: Risk assessment
733   Gauteng child protection and treatment protocol committee: A Gauteng programme of Lamprecht, Luke
      action for children (GPAC) sub-committee: A basic manual for community intervention in
      child abuse and negelct cases 2000
734   Gauteng multi-disciplinary child protection and treatment protocol: Training manual    Child Abuse Treatment and Training Services
735   Gender analysis workshop 9 May 1993: Proceedings                                       Women 's Bureau of the President 's Office
736   Gender analysis workshop proceedings for female agricultural extension workers
737   Gender and education for all: The leap to equality                                     UNESCO
738   Gender awareness workshops                                                             Pourzand, Niloufar
739   Gender guidelines for mine action programmes
740   Gender mainstreaming in development strategies
741   Gender mainstreaming workshop                                                          UNICEF
742   Gender mainstreaming: A study of efforts by the UNDP the World Bank and the ILO to Razavi, Shahra - Carol Miller
      institutionalize gender issues: Fourth world conference on women
743   Gender policy (2003-2007): Enhanced committments to women to ensure food security      World Food Programme (WFP)

744   Gender quality and women 's empowerment                                                        UNICEF
745   Gender standards for humanitarian responses                                                    Clifton, Deborah
746   Gender, sexuality and the criminal laws in the Middle East and North Africa: A comparative     Zuhur, Sherifa
747   General principles of good chronic care (IMAI) : Interim guidelines for first-level facility   WHO
      health workers
748   Generalities, comparative study against internal laws recognition of areas of conformity
      and difference: Recommendations and possibilities

                                                                  Page 31 of 86
NO.                                             Title                                                                  Author
749   Geneva Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded and Sick in
      Armed Forces in the Field: Adopted on 12 August 1949 by the Diplomatic Conference for
      the Establishment of International Conventions for the Protection of Victims of War
750   Geneva Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of Wounded, Sick and
      Shipwrecked Members of Armed Forces at Sea:Adopted on 12 August 1949 by the
      Diplomatic Conference for the Establishment of International Conventions for the
      Protection of Victims of War
751   Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War: Adopted
      on 12 August 1949 by the Diplomatic Conference for the Establishment of International
      Conventions for the Protection of Victims of War
752   Geneva Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War: Adopted on 12 August
      1949 by the Diplomatic Conference for the Establishment of International Conventions for
      the Protection of Victims of War
753   Gifts differing: Understanding personality type                                              Myers, Isabel Briggs - Peter B. Myers
754   Girl's education: An agenda for change                                                       Forum for African Women Education (FAWE)
755   Girls' drop-out from primary schooling in the Middle East and North Affrica challenges and   Mehran, Golnar
756   Girls' education the trap of adolescent pregnancy                                            Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE)

757   Girls' education, making investments count
758   Girls at work                                                                       Friedman, Sara Ann
759   Girls fly high: Livlihoods project for girls                                        UNICEF
760   Girls, HIV/AIDS and education                                                       UNICEF
761   Give us credit: How acoss to loans and basic social services can enrich and empower UNICEF
762   Global educaion digest 2004: Comparing education statistics across the world        UNESCO
763   Global education digest 2005: Comparing education statistics across the world       UNESCO Institut for Statistice
764   Global education: Making basic learning a child-friendly experience                 Pike, Graham - David Selby
765   Global illicit drug trends 2003                                                     United Nations Office of Drug and Crime, Vienna
766   Global media AIDS initiative: The media and HIV/AIDS: Making a difference           UNAIDS - KAISER FAMILY
767   Global Polio eradication initiative: Progress 2003                                  World Health Organization (WHO)
768   Global Polio eradication initiative: Strategic plan 2001-2005                       WHO
769   Global prevalence of iodine deficiency disorders                                    WHO - UNICEF - ICCIDD
770   Global school feeding report                                                        Wood Food Programme (WFP)
771   Global school feeding: Reprt 2002                                                   World Food Programme (WFP)

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NO.                                           Title                                                                Author
772   Global strategy for health for all by the year 2000                                         World Health Organization (WHO)
773   Global strategy for infant and young child feeding                                          WHO - UNICEF
774   Global task team: On improving AIDS coordination among multilateral institutions and
      international donors: Final report
775   Global water supply and sanitation assessment 2000 report                                   WHO - UNICEF - Water Supply and Sanitation
                                                                                                  Collaborative Council (WSSCC)
776   Going to scale in Ethiopia: Mobilizing youth participation in a national HIV/AIDS Attwell, Kathy
      programme: A lessons learned/case study
777   Golshahr health - treating center and relevant executor bases of reproductivity hygiene and UNFPA
      family planning project activities for Afghani immigrants
778   Good practice review 2: Emergency supplementary feeding programmes                          Shoham, Jeremy
779   Good practice review, counting and identification of beneficiary populations in emergency Telford, John
      operations: Registration and its alternatives
780   Good practices and successful experiences against commercial sexual exploitation of
      children in Latin America and the Caribbean
781   Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and UNICEF country programme of UNICEF
      cooperation 2000-2004: Strategy Paper
782   Government spending on basic social services and its share of the GDP and total Mehryar, Amir H. - Gholamali Farjadi - Hossien
      government budget in the Islamic Republic of Iran 1971-1999                                 Abbassi
783   Great transitions: Preparing adolescents for a new century
784   Grounds for play: Creative play environment
785   Growing in confidence: Programming for adolescent health and development: Lessons WHO
      learnt from eight countries
786   Growing the sheltering tree: Protecting rights through humanitarian action                  UNICEF
787   Growing together: A parent 's guide to baby 's first year                                   Sears, William
788   Growing Up Alone: childhood under siege                                                     Black, Maggie,UNICEF
789   Growing Up Alone: HIV/AIDS a global emergency: Breaking the silence                         Black, Maggie,UNICEF
790   Growing Up Alone: the hidden cost of poverty                                                Black, Maggie,UNICEF
791   Growing: Birth to three interactions and daily routines                                     Doan-Sampon, Mary Anne - Karen Wollenburg - Ann
792   Growing: Birth to three: Developing guide                                                   Doan-Sampon, Mary Anne - Karen Wollenburg - Ann
793   Guide of kits and emergency items: Decision maker guide                                     Cruyt, V. - J. P. Huart
794   Guide to filling - out the vital horoscope and extracting various indices                   UNICEF - Iran. Ministry of Health and Medical
                                                                                                  Education (MHMEI)

                                                               Page 33 of 86
NO.                                           Title                                                                 Author
795   Guide to monitoring and evaluation of the national response for children orphaned and UNICEF - UNAIDS - USAID - FHI - The World Bank -

      made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS                                                               Save the Children - Alliance - MEASURE DHS
796   Guide to the optional protocol on the involvement of children in armed conflict
797   Guideline on using CBM software
798   Guidelines for a national programme for the control of iodine deficiency disorders in the World Health Organization (WHO)
      Eastern Mediterranean region
799   Guidelines for assessing disaster preparedness in the health sector                       Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) - WHO

800   Guidelines for Cholera control                                                               World Health Organization (WHO)
801   Guidelines for counselling children who are infected with HIV or affected by HIV and AIDS Canadian International Development Agency       -
                                                                                                   Canadian Public Health Association
802   Guidelines for data collection, monitoring and evaluation plans for A.I.D. assisted projects Norton, Maureen - Sharon Pines Benoliel

803   Guidelines for dengue surveillance and mosquito control                                   World Health Organization (WHO)
804   Guidelines for developing women's health and development country profiles
805   Guidelines for HIV/AIDS interventions in emergency settings                               Inter-agency Standing Committee
806   Guidelines for implementing collaborative TB and HIV programme activities                 WHO
807   Guidelines for laboratory and field testing of long-lasting insecticidal mosquito nets    WHO
808   Guidelines for monitoring the availability and use of obstetric services                  UNFPA - WHO - UNICEF
809   Guidelines for public health promotion in emergencies                                     Oxfam
810   Guidelines for the application of LFA in project cycle management: Methods and
      institutional development unit
811   Guidelines for the control of epidemics due to Shigella Dysenteriae type 1                World Health Organization (WHO)
812   Guidelines for the control of Iron deficiency in countries of the Eastern Medierranean,
      Middle East and North Africa
813   Guidelines for the control of Tuberculosis in prisons                                  Maher, Dermot - Malgorzata Grzemska - Rudi
                                                                                             Coninx - Hernan Reyes
814   Guidelines for the prevention of deformities in Polio                                  World Health Organization (WHO)
815   Guidelines for training personnel in developing countries for prosthetic and orthotic World Health Organization (WHO)
816   Guidelines for translation and adaptation of the manual, training in the community for World Health Organization (WHO)
      people with disabilities
817   Guidelines for treatment of dengue fever: Dengue haemorrhagic fever in small hospitals World Health Organization (WHO)

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NO.                                              Title                                                                      Author
818   Guidelines forth use of Iron supplements to prevent and treat Iron defficiency Aneamia          Stoltzfus, Rebecca J. - Michele L. Dreyfuss
819   Guidelines on the use of insecticide - treated mosquito nets for th prevention and control of   World Health Organization (WHO)
      Malaria in africa
820   Guiding principles for complementary feeding of the breastfed child                             Dewey, Kathryn
821   Hand in hand                                                                                    UNICEF
822   Handbook for applying: The guiding principals on internal displacement                          UN - OCHA - The Brookings Institution
823   Handbook for community surveillance volunteers: To support community participation in           Change Project - U.S Peace Corps - UNAID
      detection and prevention of polio and other diseases
824   Handbook for family planning operations research design                                  Fisher, Andrew A. - John T. Laing - John E. Stoeckel -
                                                                                               John W. Townsend
825   Handbook for Legislators on HIV/AIDS, law and human rights: Action to Combat HIV/AIDS UNAIDS - Inter-Parliamentary Union
      in View of its devastating human, economic and social impact
826   Handbook on monitoring learining achievement towards capacity building                   Chinapah, Vinayagum
827   Handbook on Radio and Television audience research                                       Mutton, Graham
828   Handbook: Integrated management of childhood illness (IMCI)                              WHO - UNICEF
829   Handling sexual feelings: A report on adolescent sexual behavior
830   Hanoi meeting on the 20/20 initiative 27-29 Oct., 1998: Country experiences in assessing UNICEF - UNDP

      the adequacy, equity and efficiency of public spending on basic social services
831   Harnessing: The power of ideas: Communication and social mobilization for UNICEF- Fraser, Colin
      assisted programmes, a case study
832   Health and health behaviour among young people                                    WHO - Universitst Bielefeld
833   Health and medical education in the Islamic Republic of Iran                      Iran. Ministry of Health & Medical Education
834   Health and sickness national project                                              Nourballa, A. A. - Mohammad, K.
835   Health assessment mission-Khorasen province 13 Oct. -17 Oct. 2001                 UNICEF,UNHCR,World Health Organization(WHO)

836   Health care in least developed countries: The experience of Yemen                               Wali Nasher, Abdulla A.
837   Health facility survey manual: Case management of acute respiratory infections                  World Health Organization (WHO)
838   Health into mathematics                                                                         Gibbs, William - Mutunga, Peter
839   Health laboratory facilities in emergency and disaster situation                                World Health Organization (WHO)
840   Health of adolescent girls                                                                      UNFPA
841   Health programme evaluation: Guiding principles for its application in the managerial           World Health Organization (WHO)
      process for national health development
842   Health reform and periority services                                                            Partnerships for Health Reform (PHR)

                                                                  Page 35 of 86
NO.                                             Title                                                                    Author
843   Health sector reforms in Africa: A review of eight country experiences, division of          UNICEF
      evaluation, policy and planning
844   Health services organization in the event of disaster                                        Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)
845   Healthy cities: Guidelines for the development of healty cities and activities               World Health Organization (WHO)
846   Healthy communication: Draft planning guide from practical field experience                  UNICEF
847   Health, economics and development : Working together for change: Selected proceedings        World Fedration of Public Health Association
      from the 7th international Congress: World Federation of Public Health Association 4-8
      Dec. 1994
848   Health, nutrition and population                                                             World Bank
849   Healty communication: Draft strategy guide, from practical field experience                  UNICEF
850   Helping children cope with the stresses of war: A manual for parents and teachers            Macksoud, Mona
851   Helping children who are blind: Family and community support for children with vision        Niemann, Sandy - Namita Jacob
852   Helping children who have difficulty seeing                                                  UNICEF
853   Helping children with epilepsy and their families                                            UNICEF
854   Helping disabled children in the community                                                   UNICEF
855   Helping health workers learn: A book of methods, aids and ideas for instrutors at the        Werner, David - Bill Bower
      village level
856   Helping love grow                                                                            Bumgarner, Norma Jane
857   Helping mothers to breastfeed                                                                Savage King, F.
858   Helping the young traumatised child: A manual for health and community workers and           UNICEF
      preschool teachers
859   Hindering and facilitating factors related to the access of girls to primary education       Kiamanesh, Ali Reza
860   HIV-related stigma, Discrimination and human rights violations: Case studies of successful   UNAIDS
861   HIV - related Stigma, discrimination and human rights violations: Case studies of
      successful programmes
862   HIV and Conflict:A double emergency: “Without war, we could fight AIDS”              Save the Children
863   HIV and infant feeding                                                               UNICEF - UNAIDS - World Health Organization
864   HIV and infant feeding: Guidelines for decision-makers                               UNICEF - UNAIDS - World Health Organization
                                                                                           (WHO) - UNFPA
865   HIV and infant feeding: A compilation of programmatic Evidence                       UNICEF, UNAIDS,
866   HIV and infant feeding: A report of a WABA - UNICEF collquim 20-21 Sep., UNICEF 2002 UNICEF
      Arusha, Tanznia World alliance for breastfeeding action (WABA)

                                                                Page 36 of 86
NO.                                            Title                                                                Author
867   HIV and infant feeding: Knowledge, gaps and challenges for the future                       Ross, Jay - Ellen Piwoz
868   HIV counseling and testing for youth: A manual for providers                                Fischer, Suzanne -,YouthNet - Family Health
                                                                                                  International - USAID
869   HIV ethics law and human rights: Report of a stocktake and planning meeting                 UNDP
870   HIV in pregnancy: A review                                                                  UNAIDS - World Health Organization (WHO)
871   HIV prevention in the era of expanded treatment access                                      Global HIV Prevention Working Group
872   HIV voluntary counseling and testing among youth ages 14 to 21: Results from an Population Council - UNAIDS
      exploratory study in Nairobi, Kenya, and Kampala and Masaka, Uganda
873   HIV & AIDS: Condoms, safe sex, high risk situations, testing, holidays
874   HIV, Health and Your Community: A Guide for Action                                          Granich, Reuben - Jonathan Mermin
875   HIV/AIDS and communication for behavior and social change: Programme experiences, UNAIDS
      examples and the way forward
876   HIV/AIDS and education: A strategic approach                                                UNESCO - UNDP - UNAIDS - WHO - UNICEF -
                                                                                                  UNFPA - USAID - ILO
877   HIV/AIDS and education: Life skills-based education for HIV prevention: A critical analysis Boler, Tania - Peter Aggleton,UN working group on
                                                                                                  education and HIV/AIDS
878   HIV/AIDS and the world of work: Regional strategy and plan of action for the Arab States    ILO Regional Office for Arab Satets

879   HIV/AIDS and work: Global estimates, impact and response                                International Labour Organization (ILO)
880   HIV/AIDS and young people: Hope for tomorrow                                            UNAIDS
881   HIV/AIDS: Stand up for human rights                                                     UN High Commissioner for Human Rights - UNAIDS -
882   Holding corporations accounatable: Corporate conduct, international codes and citizen Richter, Judith
883   Household baseline survey on key community child care practices in selected district of UNICEF - WHo - Malawi GVT
884   Household food security: Concepts, indicators, measurements: A technical review         Maxwell, Simon - Timothy R. Frankenberger
885   Household surveys of health care demand and health expenditures : A practical guide     Tibouti, Abdelmajid - Yves-Antoine Flori - Anne
886   Houshold baseline survey, Egypt
887   How effective is the British government's attempt to reduce child poverty?              Piachaud, David - Holly Sutherland
888   How effective is the British government 's attempt to reduce child poverty?             Piachaud, David
889   How nutrition improves: A report based on an ACC/SCN workshop held on 25 - 27 Sep. Gillespie, Stuart - John Mason - Reynaldo Martorell
      1993 at the 15th International Congress on Nutrition, Adelaide, Australia
890   How to investigate drug use in health facilities: Selected drug use indicators          World Health Organization (WHO)

                                                                Page 37 of 86
NO.                                           Title                                                                   Author
891   How to manage CBR centres                                                                 UNICEF - Ministry of Social Affairs & Labour (MSAL)

892   How to organize and run training workshops: A UNICEF guide                                UNICEF
893   How to use the HKI food frequency method to assess community risk of vitamin A            Rosen, David S. - Nancy J. Haselow - Nancy L.
      deficiency                                                                                Sloan
894   How to use the Uniscale                                                                   UNICEF
895   How to weighand measure children: Assessing the nutritional status of young children in   UN
      household surveys
896   How UNICEF uses the power of the media: 4th world summit on media for children and        UNICEF
      adolescents , Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2004
897   Human development report                                                                  UNDP
898   Human development report of the Islamic Republic of Iran 1999                             Plan of Budget Organization of Iran (PBOI)
899   Human development report office: Occasional papers, globalization and liberalization      Watkins, Kevin
      implications for poverty, distribution and inequality
900   Human nutrition in the develoing work                                                     Latham, Micheal C.
901   Human nutrition: Food and micronutrient relationships                                     Calloway, Doris Howes
902   Human rights approach to development programming                                          Jonsson, Urban
903   Human rights base programming: The Mali experience                                        UNICEF
904   Human rights, health and poverty reduction strategies                                     WHO
905   Human rights: A compilation of international instruments                                  UN
906   Human rights: Development, definitions, documents
907   Human rights: The rights of the child                                                     UN
908   Human rigthts principles for programming: Core course                                     UNICEF
909   Humanitarian action in the 21st century                                                   The Inter-Agency Standing Commite (IASC)
910   Humanitarian assistance in disaster situations: A guide for affective aid                 Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)
911   Humanitarian supply management and logistics in the health sector
912   Humanitarian supply management system manual: Instructions for the registration of
      pharmaceuticals in the SUMA system
913   Hunger 1995: Causes of hunger, fifth annual report on the state of world hunger
914   Hygiene education in water supply and sanitation programmes: Literature review with       Burgers, Lizette - Marietce Boot - Christine Van Wijk-
      selected and annotated bibliography                                                       Sijbesma
915   Hygiene promotion: A practical manual for relief and development                          Ferron, Suzanne - Joy Moraan - Marion o. Reilly
916   Hyperthyroidism and other thyroid disorders: A practical handbook for recognition and     Todd, Charles H.
917   I dream of peace: Images of war by children of former yugoslavia                          UNICEF

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NO.                                              Title                                                                   Author
918   ICRI international consortium for refugees in Iran
919   IDD in livestock: Ecology and economics
920   IDD studies and research: Conducted in the Islamic Republic of Iran
921   IDD: A brief review of IDD control in China                                                    Department of Endemic Disease Control of China
922   Ideas for action: Making urban areas child-friendly, a source book for community initiatives   Shameen, Saira
      in Malaysian cities
923   Ideas for development: reflecting forewards                                                    Chambers, Robert
924   If your baby could talk                                                                        UNICEF
925   Illicit drug situation in the regions neigboring Afghanistan and the response of ODCCP
926   Immunization in practice: Learning activities manual: Global programme for vaccines and        WHO
      immunization: Expanded programme on immunization
927   Immunization policy: Expanded programme on immunization: Global programme for                  WHO
      vaccines and immunization
928   Impact of HIV and sexual health education on the sexual behaviour of young people: A           UNAIDS et al.
      review update
929   Implementation and evaluation of a distance education course on the management of              Flores, Raphael - Junio Robles - Barton R.
      Cholera and Diarrhoeal diseases                                                                Barkhalter
930   Implementation handbook for the convention on the rights of the child                          Hodgkin, Rachel - Peter Newell
931   Implementation handbook for the convention on the rights of the child                          Hodgkin, Rachel - Peter Newell
932   Implementing quality primary education for countries in transition                             Cummings, William K. - Frank P. Dall
933   Implementing the convention on the right of the child: Resource mobilization in low-incom      Himes, James R. - Diana Saltarelli
934   Implementing the convention on the rights of the child: Resource mobilization in low-          UNICEF
      income countries
935   Implementing the United Nations convention on the rights of the child: Resource                Himes, James R.
      mobilization and the obligations of the states parties
936   Improving access to quality care in family planning: Medical eligibility criteria for          World Health Organization (WHO)
      contraceptive use
937   Improving child health                                                                         World Health Organization (WHO) - Child health &
                                                                                                     Development (CHD)
938   Improving child health in the community                                                        WHO - DFID - UNICEF - CORE - World Bank -
939   Improving communication in mine awareness programmes: An operational handbook                  Geneva International Center for Humanitarian

                                                                  Page 39 of 86
NO.                                             Title                                                                     Author
940   Improving health sector response to HIV/AIDS sexually transmitted disease in the              WHO
      countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region of WHO: Regional strategic plan 2002-
941   Improving the cost-effectiveness of breastfeeding promotion in maternity services             Sanghvi, Tina G
942   Improving the quality of life of grils                                                        Kurz, Kathleen - Cynthia J. Prather
943   In good faith: Empirical conference on children growing up in isolated religious              Andersen, Ordbua, Rune
      communities: The Munch Museum, Oslo, November 2001
944   In pursuit of health                                                                           World Health Organization (WHO): Regional Office
                                                                                                     for the Eastern Mediterranean
945   In search of the best interests of the child: A first step towards eliminating child labour in Chawla, Nilima
      the Bangladesh garment industry
946   In the green desert: Non formal distance education project for nomadic women of Gobi Robinson, Bernadette
      desert Mongolia
947   In the midst of the whirlwind: A manual for helping refugee children                           Richman, Naomi
948   In the shadow of the city
949   Income distribution, economic systems and transition                                           Flemming, John - John Micklewright
950   Income inequality and mobility in Hungary, 1992-96                                             Galasi, Peter
951   Independent institutions protecting children 's rights                                         UNICEF
952   Indicators for assessing breastfeeding practices: Report of an informal meeting 11-12 June World Health Organization (WHO)
953   Indicators for assessing breastfeeding practices: Reprinted report of an informal meeting World Health Organization (WHO)
      11-12 June 1991
954   Indicators for assessing breastfeeding practice: Report of an informal meeting 11-12 June
      1991,Geneva, Switzerland
955   Indicators for assessing health facility practices that affect breastfeeding                   WHO - UNICEF
956   Indicators for assessing iodine deficiency disorders and their control through salt iodization WHO - UNICEF - ICCIDD

957   Indicators for assessing vitamin A deficiency and their application in monitoring and         World Health Organization (WHO)
      evaluating intervention programmes
958   Indicators II on primary education in Eastern ans Southern Africa with special reference to   Obura, Anna P. - Kate A. Spring
      the education of girls
959   Indigenous peoples and participatory health research: Planning and management:                WHO
      Preparing research agreements
960   Infant feeding in emergencies: Module 1 for emergency relief staff: Manual for orientation,   UNICEF - WHO - LINKAGES - IBFAN - ENN
      reading and reference

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NO.                                            Title                                                                   Author
961   Infant feeding options in the context of HIV                                                Linkages project
962   Infant feeding: The physiological basis                                                     World Health Organization (WHO)
963   Influences of media violence: A brief research summary                                      Feilitzen, Cecilia Von
964   InfoDev: Facilitating communications in response to HIV/AIDS in South -East Asia,           UNAIDS
      UNAIDS case study
965   Informal consultation on Malaria control 18-20 June 1997                                    UNICEF
966   Information and communication technologies (ICTs): For community empowerment                UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for
      through non-formal education: Experiences from Lao PDR, Sri Lanka, Thailand and             Education - Asia-Pacific Programm of Education for
      Uzbakistan                                                                                  All
967   Inheriting the world: The Atlas of children 's health and the environment                   Gordon, Bruce - Mackay, Richard - Rehfuess, Eva
968   Initial country report South Africa: Convention on the rights of the child                  UNICEF
969   Innocenti essays: Children 's participation from tokenism to citizenship                    Hart, Roger A.
970   Innocenti essays: The United Nations convention on the rights of the child: Three essays    Himes, James R.
      on the challenge of implementation
971   Innocenti report card: A league table of child deaths by injury in rich nations             UNICEF
972   Innocenti report card: A league table of child maltreatment deaths in rich nations          UNICEF
973   Innocenti report card: A league table of child poverty in rich nations                      UNICEF
974   Innocenti report card: A league table of educational disadvantage in rich nations           UNICEF
975   Innocenti report card: A league table of teenage births in rich nations                     UNICEF
976   Innocenti working papers: The subterranean child labour force: Subcontracted home           Mehrotra, Sontosh - Marion Biggeri
      based manufacturing in Asia
977   Innovation approaches to HIV prevention: Selected case studies                              UNAIDS
978   Insecticide - treated mosquito net interventions: A manual for national control programme   World Health Organization (WHO)
979   Insights into the concept of stress                                                         Bryce, Cyralence P.
980   Instructions for treatment and use of insecticide treated mosquito nets                     World Health Organization (WHO)
981   Integrartion of concerns women 's into development planning in Asia and the Pacific
982   Integrated basic services in rural areas, Morocco, country programme 1992-1996 :
      Working paper for discussion at MENA huddle on area-based programming, Tunis 19-22
      October 1992
983   Integrated development interventions for nomadic tribal societies: Reflection on going to
      scale: Based upon pilot project undertaken in the different tribal communities in Iran
984   Integrated management of childhood illness (IMCI): A joint WHO/UNICEF initiative            World Health Organization (WHO) - UNICEF
985   Integrated management of childhood illness (IMCI): Planning guide: Gaining experience       WHO - UNICEF
      with the IMCI strategy in a country

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NO.                                                 Title                                                                       Author
986    Integrating economic and social policy: Good practices from high-achieving countries               Mehrotra, Santosh
987    Integrating the human rights-based approach in the country programme: UNICEF's                     UNICEF
       experience in Jordan
988    Integration of the human rights of women and the gender perspective: Violence against              United Nation
       women: Violence against women perpetrated and/or condoned by the state during times of
       armed conflict(1997-2000)
989    Inter-agency guiding principle on unaccompanied and separated children
990    Inter-agency guiding principles on unaccompanied and separated children                            International Committee of the Red Cross -
                                                                                                          International Rescue Committee - Save the Children -
                                                                                                          UNICEF - UNHCR - World Vision
991    Inter-country workshop on lodated salt for control of iodine deficiency disorders in Southern
992    Inter - regional meeting of ministers of health: Initiative to accelerate the reduction of child   WHO - UNICEF
993    Intercountry adoption
994    Intercountry consultation on referral support for strengthening primary health care in the         WHO
       Eastern Mediterranean Region: Meeting report: Lahore, Pakistan
995    Interim WHO clinical staging of HIV/AIDS and HIV/AIDS case definitions for surveillance:           WHO
       African region
996    International code of marketing of breastmilk substitutes                                          World Health Organization (WHO)
997    International coneference on health research for development: Regional consultative
       process, Eastern Mediterranean
998    International conference on nutrition, Rome, Dec., 1992: World declaration and plan of             USAID
       action for nutrition
999    International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: Adopted and opened for signature,            United Nation
       ratification and accession by General Assembly resolution
1000   International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Adopted and opened for              United Nation
       signature, ratification and accession by General Assembly resolution
1001   International guidelines for landmine and unexploded ordnance awareness education                  UN
1002   International HIV/AIDS alliance: Supporting community action on AIDS in developing                 International HIV/AIDS Alliance
       countries: A toolkit for assessing and building capacities for high quality responses to
1003   International meeting for the sustained elimination of Iodine deficiency disorders
1004   International migration, health and human rights                                                   WHO

                                                                     Page 42 of 86
NO.                                                 Title                                                                     Author
1005   International perspectives: Building local systems of care for children wirh disabilities and      Friedman, Jant - Phyllis R. Magrab - Merle P.
       their families: A report on the national profile of countries attending the fourth international
       congress on serving children with disabilities in the community                                    Mcpherson
1006   International resource centre for the protection of children in adoption
1007   International travel and health: Vaccination requirements and health advice                        World Health Organization (WHO)
1008   Interpersonal skills workshop: Based on the Myers-Briggs type indicator
1009   Interventions to improve maternal and neonatal health and nutrition                                George, Nicolette
1010   Interviewing children: A training pack for journalists: A children 's voices publication           McCrum, Sarah - Paul Bernal
1011   Introduction of Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine into immunization programmes:                WHO ( Department of Vaccines and Biological)
       Management guidelines, including information for health workers and parents
1012   Investigating practices in health manpower planning: Report on a country case study
1013   Investing in our future: Psychosocial support for children affected by HIV/AIDS, a case            UNAIDS
       study in Zimbabwe and the United Republic of Tanzania
1014   Invisible stars: A social history of women in American broadcasting                                Hallper, Donna L.
1015   Involving people evolving behaviour                                                                Aghi, Mira B.
1016   Iodine and health: Eliminating iodine deficiency disorders safely through salt iodization          World Health Organization (WHO)
1017   Iodine deficiency disorders in Islamic Republic of Iran
1018   Iodine status worldwide: WHO global database on Iodine deficiency                                  WHO
1019   Iran's family planning program: A response to nation's need                                        Roudi-Fahimi, Farzaneh
1020   Iran almanac 2003 and book of facts                                                                Behnam, Farjam - Karan Behrooz - Farhad Shahabi

1021   Iran and Iranians                                                                                  Wood, Vivian C.
1022   Iran health note
1023   Iran programme progress report                                                                     UNICEF
1024   Iran today                                                                                         Gita Shenasi
1025   Iran who 's who 2001                                                                               Kavan, Behrouz - Shemin Mortazavi - Farjam
1026   Iran, the GCC and environmental NGOs in the Persian Gulf
1027   IRIB: Islamic Republic of Iran broadcasting                                                        IRIB
1028   Iron interventions for child survival May 17-18, 1995 London, United Kingdom                       USAID
1029   Is childhood malnutrition being overcome?                                                          Mason, J. - U. Jonsson - J. Csete
1030   Is EFA affordable? Estimating the global minimum cost of education for all                         Mehrota, Sontosh - Jan Vandemoortele - Enrique
1031   Islamic edicts on family planning                                                                  Dilawar, Bahram - Saffiyah Shahryari Afshar - A'
                                                                                                          dham Dukht Rahimi

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NO.                                              Title                                                                   Author
1032   Islamic Repubic of Iran; national report on women                                             Rassame Honar Academic Institute (RHAI)
1033   Islamic Republic of Iran: National plan of action for women qualitative objectives            Bureau of Women 's Affairs (BWA)
1034   Islamic Republic of Iran: Progress report on country programme implementation
1035   Islam, the state and population
1036   Issues in microcredit for the poor: A practitioner 's viewpoint                               Gibbons, David S.
1037   It's in our hands: Stop voilence against women: Kosovo (Serbia and Montennegro): Does
       that mean I have rights?: Protecting the human rights of women and girls trafficked for
       forced prostitution in Kosovo
1038   It's only right: A practical guide learning about the convention on the rights of the childFountain, Susan
1039   It hurts me too: Children 's experiences of domestic violence and refuge life              Saunders, Alex - Carole Epstein - Gill Keep -
                                                                                                  Thangam Debbonaire
1040   JA 57: The Japan architect                                                                 Japanese Ministery of Land, Infrastructure and
1041   Japan 's ODA: Annual report 1998                                                           Japan. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1042   Joining hands to end hidden hunger                                                         Micronutrient Initiative (MI)
1043   Joint integrated nutrition pilot project                                                   Sarna, Avina
1044   Joint nutrition project in Iran Ministry of Health and Medical Education, World Bank 2001- World Bank
1045   Jordanian youth: Their lives and veiws                                                     UNICEF
1046   Juanita: Putting children in the electroal area                                            Fraser, Colin - Sonia Restrepo-Estrada
1047   Juvenile justice: The unwanted child of state responsibilities: An analysis and commentary
       on issues of juvenile justice in the concluding observations of the UN committee on the
       rights of the child 1993 - 2000
1048   Kangaroo mother care: A practical guide                                                    WHO: Department of Reproductive Health and
1049   Karibu Tanzania: An introduction to Tanzania                                               Jarvis, Heather - Pamm Fenney,UNICEF
1050   Kenyan civil society perspectives on rights, rights-based approaches to development, and Nyamu-Musembi, Celestine- Samuel Msyoki
1051   Knowledge for welfare and health: Stakes 2000                                              National Research and Development Center for
                                                                                                  Welfare and Health (STAKES)
1052   Knowledge, attitude and practice of the parents regarding the needs and abilities of their
       disabled children
1053   Koolteen 's guide                                                                          Lamprecht, Luke
1054   Labor force participation of women in Iran trends and covariates                           Mehryar, Amir H. - G. Farjadi - M. Tabibian

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NO.                                              Title                                                                   Author
1055   leadership for children: Personal messages of heads of state and government on the UNICEF
       occasion of the World Summit for Children 29-30 Sep., 1990 UN, NY
1056   Leading women: What men need to know for women to grow                                       Dahlbom-Hall, Barbro
1057   Learning about the gynecological health of women                                             Zurayk, Huda - Karima Khalil - Nabil Younis - Hind
1058   Learning and teaching about AIDS at school: UNAIDS technical update                          UNAIDS
1059   Learning from experience: Water and environmental sanitation in India                        UNICEF
1060   Learning the treasure within: Report to UNESCO of the international commission on UNESCO
       education for the twenty first century
1061   Learning through practice: Integrating HIV/AIDS into programmes: A guide
1062   Learning to live: Monitoring and evaluating HIV/AIDS programmes for young people             Webb, Douglas - Lyn Elliot
1063   Learning to share learning: An exploration of methods to improve and share learning: A Chetley, And - Rob Vincent
       report prepared for the UK Commission for Health Improvement
1064   Lebanon common country assessment 2000 exercise                                              UN
1065   Legislation pertaining to special needs education
1066   Less fearful, more active: The psychosocial school project for children affected by the 1999 Turkey. Ministry of National Education - UNICEF
       earthquakes in Turkey
1067   Lessons from WFP's commitments to women 1996-2001, recommendations for the gender World Food Programme (WFP)
       policy 2003-2007
1068   Let 's communicate: A handbook for people working with children with communication UNICEF - WHO - Zimbabwe. Ministry of Health
1069   Letting them die: Why HIV/AIDS prevention programmes fail                                    Campbell, Catherine
1070   Life Planning Education                                                                      Hunter, Carol
1071   Life skill and HIV/AIDS education programme: Project report                                  Magome,             Kgobati,Nelia         Louw,Bingi
                                                                                                    Motlhoioa,Sibongile Jack
1072   Life skills for young Ugandans: Primary teachers' training manual                            UNICEF - NORAD
1073   Linking evaluation needs to design choices: A framework developed with reference to Habicht, J. P. - C. G. Victoria - J.P. Vaughan
       health and nutrition
1074   Linking fertility change to community level changes in mortality: The Egyptian case          Rashad, Hoda - Mohamed El Bhhy - Shadia Attia
1075   Listen to me: Protecting the development of young children in armed conflict                 Landers, Cassie
1076   Literacy movement organization at a glance                                                   LMO Islamic Republic of Iran
1077   Living in a world with HIV and AIDS: Information for employees of the UN system and their UNAIDS
1078   Living in a world with HIV and AIDS: Information for employees of the UN system and their UNAIDS

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NO.                                              Title                                                                   Author
1079   Local action Global change: Learning about the human rights of women and girls               Mertus, Julie - Nancy Flowers - Mallika Dutt
1080   Local Government Responses to HIV/AIDS:A Handbook: A Handbook to support local               Cities Alliance - UMP - AMICAALL - UNDP - The
       government authorities in ddressing HIV/AIDS at the municipal level                          World Bank
1081   Local solutions to global challenges: Towards effective partnership in basic education:
       Joint evaluation of external support to basic education in developing countries - Country
       study report - Bolivia
1082   Local solutions to global challenges: Towards effective partnership in basic education:
       Joint evaluation of external support to basic education in developing countries - Country
       study report - Burkina Faso
1083   Local solutions to global challenges: Towards effective partnership in basic education:
       Joint evaluation of external support to basic education in developing countries - Country
       study report - Uganda
1084   Local solutions to global challenges: Towards effective partnership in basic education:
       Joint evaluation of external support to basic education in developing countries - Country
       study report - Zambia
1085   Local solutions to global challenges: Towards effective partnership in basic education:
       Joint evaluation of external support to basic education in developing countries - Document
1086   Local solutions to global challenges: Towards effective partnership in basic education:
       Joint evaluation of external support to basic education in developing countries - Final
1087   Looking to the future: A global review of UNICEF 's facts for life initiative                Thomas, Pamela
1088   Low birthweight                                                                              Wardlaw, Tessa
1089   Lowbirth weight and neonatal mortality in the MENA region report on technical group
       meeting 25-27 Feb., Amman - Jordan
1090   Macroeconomics and data on children                                                          Micklewright, John
1091   Magic in Mumbai
1092   Mainstreaming and integrating HIV in humanitarian emergencies                                Oxfam
1093   Making a difference: Indicators to improve children 's environmental health: Summary         Briggs, David
1094   Making children count: Implementing the convention on rights of the child                    UNICEF
1095   Making commitments matter: A toolkit for young people to evaluate national youth policy

1096   Making it work: Change in action                                                             UNESCO - UNICEF
1097   Making motherhood safer in Egypt                                                             Khalil, Karima - Farzaneh Roudi-Fahimi

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NO.                                              Title                                                                 Author
1098   Making pregnancy safer: the critical role of the skilled attendant: A joint statement by World Health Organization (WHO),international
                                                                                                    Confederation of Midwives (ICM), International
       WHO, ICM and FIGO                                                                            federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO)
1099   Making use of vaccine vial monitors: Flexible vaccine management for polio World Health Organization (WHO)
       supplementary immunization activities
1100   Making waves: Stories of participatory communication for social change: A report to Gumucio Dragon, Alf
       Rockefeller Foundation
1101   Malaria control in emergencies                                                               Oxfam
1102   Malaria epidemics detection and control forecasting and prevention                           Najera, J. A. - R. L. Kouznetsov - C. Delacollette
1103   Management information system network 15-16 June                                             UNICEF
1104   Management of childhood illness                                                              WHO - UNICEF
1105   Management of severe Malaria: A practical handbook                                           World Health Organization (WHO)
1106   Management of solid health-care waste at primary health-care centers: A decision-making
1107   Management of the child with a serious infection or severe malnutrition: Guidelines for care UNICEF- WHO
       at the first-referral level in developing country
1108   Manager 's factomatic                                                                        Horn, Jack
1109   Managerial process for national health development: Guiding principles for use in support World Health Organization (WHO)
       of strategies for health for all by the year 2000
1110   Managing and planning a future search conference                                             Steil, Gil - Katharine Esty
1111   Managing teacher costs for access and quality                                                Mehrotra, Santosh - Peter Buckland
1112   Mangement of human resources for health                                                      World Health Organization (WHO)
1113   Manual for places of safety and secure care                                                  Gauteng
1114   Manual of epidemology for district health management                                         World Health Organization (WHO)
1115   Manual on feeding infants and young children                                                 Cameron, Margaret - Yngve Hofvander
1116   Manual on sexually transmitted diseases                                                      WHO - Arab Republic of Egypt, Ministry of Health,
                                                                                                    Egypt National AIDS Programme
1117   Manual on the rights and duties of medical personnel in armed confilicts                     Baccino-Astrada, Alma
1118   Mapping trade policy: understanding the challenges of civil society participation            Broch Karen- Rosemary macGee
1119   Master plan of operations and programme plans of operation 2001-2005: Government of UNICEF
1120   Master plan of operations with programme plans of operation: Government of Uganda UNICEF
       UNICEF country programme 2001-2005
1121   Material development                                                                         Madan, Radhika
1122   Maternal mortality in 1995: Estimates developed by WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA                        UNICEF - WHO - UNFPA

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NO.                                              Title                                                                        Author
1123   Maternal mortality in 2000: Estimates developed by WHO, UNICEF and UNFPA                     World Health Organization (WHO)
1124   Maternity protection at work: A breasfeeding perspective campagin kit : ILO Convention no.
       183 and recommendation no. 191
1125   Mathematics achievement in primary school: Iran 's performance in a national and             Kiamanesh, Ali Reza
       international context
1126   Mathematics achievement in the middle school years: IEA 's Third International               Beaton, Albert E.
       Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS)
1127   Measles: Mortality reduction and regional elimination strategic plan 2001-2005               UNICEF - WHO
1128   Measures to meet a refugee influx as a result of crisis conditions in Iraq                   Shadpour, Kamel,Sirus Pilehroodi
1129   Measuring childhood mortality: A guide for simple surveys                                    David, Patricia - Leila Bisharat - Allan G. Hill - Steve
1130   Measuring maternal mortality and morbidity
1131   Media promotion of breastfeeding: A decade 's experience                                     Green, Cynthia P.
1132   Meena comic book series                                                                      UNICEF
1133   Meeting report: Global meeting on cities and health, Kobe, Japan, 29-31 May 2000
1134   Meeting the MDG drinking water amd sanitation target: A Mid-Term assessment of               World Health Organization (WHO),UNICEF
1135   Meeting the MDG drinking water and sanitation target: a mid-term assessment of progress      UNICEF - WHO

1136   Meeting the needs of young clients: A guide to providing reproductive health services to     Barnett, Barbara,Jane Schueller
1137   Mellioni's illustrated medical dictionary                                                    Dox, Ida - Biagio John Melloni - Gilbert M. Eisner
1138   Men 's leaders course
1139   Men and women partners at work                                                               Simons, George E. - G. Deborah Weissman
1140   Men in families: Report of a consultation on the role of males and fathers in achieving      Engle, Patrice
       gender equality
1141   MENA regional nutrition strategy training workshop 26 Feb, 2 March 2000 Tehran, Iran         UNICEF
1142   Mental health of refugees                                                                    World Health Organization (WHO)
1143   Mental health services in disasters: Manual for humanitarian workers                         Cohen, Raquel E.
1144   Methods for measuring iodine in urine                                                        Dumn, John T.
1145   Micronutrient fortification of foods: Current practices, research and apportunities          Lotfi, Mahshid - Richard J.H.M. Merx - Petra Naber-
                                                                                                    Van den Heuvel
1146   Micronutrient laboratory: Equipment manual                                                   May, Warwick A. - Sandra l. May - Sarah Anderson-
                                                                                                    Courts - Huiping Chen
1147   Microstart: A guide for planning, starting and managing a microfinance programme             UNDP

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NO.                                               Title                                                                       Author
1148   Mid-Decade goals achievements: A success story from the Gulf countries: Bahrain,                UNICEF
       Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arbia & the United Arab Emirates
1149   Mid-Term Review 1995 of Islamic Republic of Iran and UNICEF Tehran                              UNICEF
1150   Mid-Term review report: Discussion document for the MTR meeting: Tehran, 29 Sep.,
1151   Middle East and North Africa Regional workshop on the elimination of iodine deficiency
1152   Migrant population and HIV/AIDS: The development and implementation of programmes:              UNESCO - UNAIDS
       Theory, Methodology and practice
1153   Migration catalogue
1154   Milliennium development goals in Kazakhstan
1155   Mine risk education implementation guide                                                        Handicap International
1156   Ministerial technical consultation on achieving the WSC goals in health                         ECO - UNICEF - WHO
1157   Ministry of Education report (1367-1376): Eight years of effort: Report of results, problems,   Iran. Ministry of Education
       future plans and outlook in education & development
1158   Missing the message? 20 years of learning from HIV/AIDS                                         Panos
1159   Model chapter for textbooks IMCI: Integrated Management of Childhood Illness                    UNICEF - WHO
1160   Model guidelines for the international provision of controlled medicines for emergency          World Health Ooganization: Programme             on
       medical care                                                                                    substance abuse
1161   Module five: Health effects of female circumcision                                              International Women 's Health Coalition (IWHC)
1162   Module four: Vaginal infections and sexually transmitted diseases                               International Women 's Health Coalition (IWHC)
1163   Module nine: Measuring the prevalence of contraceptive use: A family planning programe          International Women 's Health Coalition (IWHC)
       evaluation guide
1164   Module one: The female reproductive system                                                      International Women 's Health Coalition (IWHC)
1165   Module ten: A guide to infection control in health clinics                                      International Women 's Health Coalition (IWHC)
1166   Module Three: Gyncological examinations                                                         International Women 's Health Coalition (IWHC)
1167   Module two: The female urinary system                                                           International Women 's Health Coalition (IWHC)
1168   Moments in time: HIV/AIDS advicacy stories
1169   Monitoring and evaluating programmes: Module 5 facilitator 's guide                             Hilton, Martine
1170   Monitoring and evaluating programme: Modules user 's guide                                      Franco, Lynne M. - Paul Richardson - Jack Reynolds
                                                                                                       - Neeraj Kak
1171   Monitoring and supervision of communal health center activities
1172   Monitoring education for all goals: For focussing on learning achievement, joint UNESCO - UNESCO - UNICEF
       UNICEF project, progress report (Sep. 1992- March 1994)
1173   Monitoring learning achievment tward capacity building: A to Z handbook                   Chinapah, Vinayagum

                                                                   Page 49 of 86
NO.                                               Title                                                                    Author
1174   Monitoring Mid-Decade goals, MENA regional workshop 7-10 Feb. 1994 Amman, Jordan               UNICEF

1175   Monitoring of IDD prevention in I.R. Iran                                                      Azizi, F.
1176   Monitoring progress toward the goals of the 1990 world summit for children: End-Decade         UNICEF
       multiple indicator survey manual
1177   Monitoring progress toward the goals of the world summit for children: A practical             UNICEF
       handbook for multiple-indicator survey
1178   Monitoring progress toward the goals of the world summit for children: A practical             UNICEF
       handbook for multiple-indicator surveys
1179   Monitoring progress towards education for all reflections on data issues in South Asia         Irvine, Jim
1180   Monitoring universal salt iodization programmes                                                UNICEF - ICCIDD - WHO - PAMM - MI
1181   Monitoring universal salt iodization programs
1182   Monitoring vaccine wastage at country level                                                    WHO
1183   Monitoring vitamin A programs
1184   Mother to mother activities to promote breastfeeding in developing countries: An analytical    Steel, B.
1185   Mothering multiples: Breastfeeding and caring for twins                                        Gromada, Karen Kerkhoff
1186   Motivating better hygiene behaviour: Importance for public health mechanisms of change         Wijk, Christine Van - Tineke Murre

1187   Multiple indicator cluster survey: A survey tool for social change                             UNICEF
1188   Multiple micronutrient supplementation during pregnancy (MMSDP): Efficacy trials: Report       UNICEF - UNU - WHO study Team
       of a meeting held on March 4-8, 2002 at the Center for International Child Health, Institute
       of Child Health, UCL, London, UK
1189   Multiple ways of teaching and learning using 7 intelligences                                   UNICEF
1190   My name is today: A dossier on children and children's rights: A copilation of 10 years of
       writing on Child Rights based on the journal My Name is Today
1191   My rights: A guide on children 's rights in the African charter on the rights and welfare of   Barasa, Kukubo - Dan Amayo
       the child
1192   My testament to the UN: A contribution to the 50th anniversary of the United Nations 1995      Muller, Robert

1193   M/MC Health communication materials database: Access to the world's most
       comprehensive and rapidly growing collection of health communication materials
1194   National acute respiratory infections control programme: ARI health facility survey Feb 18-
       March 18, 1997

                                                                   Page 50 of 86
NO.                                                Title                                                                        Author
1195   National advocacy meeting to eliminate iodine deficiency disorders by the year 2000              UNICEF - UNDP - WHO
       Beijing, China 22-24 1993
1196   National AIDS programmes: A guide to indicators for monitoring and evaluating national           WHO - UNAIDS - The Global Fund - USAID -
       antiretroviral programmes                                                                        MEASURE Evaluation - FHI
1197   National AIDS programmes: A guide to indicators for monitoring and evaluating national           UNAIDS - WHO - UNICEF - UNFPA - USAID -

       HIV/AIDS prevention programmes for young people                                                  UNESCO - FHI - The World Bank - MEASURE DHS
1198   National census population and housing , 1996: Selected tables (National results)                Statistical Centre of Iran (SCI)
1199   National children 's rights committee (NCRC) national child social securities marshal plan

1200   National committee education for development workshop
1201   National guidelines for antiretroviral (ARV) therapy                                             Ministry of health of Nepal: National Center for AIDS
                                                                                                        & STD control
1202   National guidelines for voluntary HIV counseling and testing                                     Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP) - Family

                                                                                                        Health International (FHI) - USAIDS - Impact
1203   National HIV/AIDS policy: A call to renewed action: Summary                                      The National AIDS Commission
1204   National monitoring and Evaluation plan for voluntary HIV counseling and testing service         Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP) - Family

                                                                                                        Health International (FHI) - USAIDS - Impact
1205   National perinatal survey, Lebanon 1999-2000                                                     UNICEF - Lebanese Republic. Ministry of Health
1206   National plan of action for implementation of the World declaration on the Survival,             Iran. Ministry of Health and Medical Education
       Protection and Development of Children in the 1990s: Islamic Republic of Iran
1207   National plan of action for implementation of the world declaration on the survival,
       protection and development of children in the 1990s: Islamic Republic of Iran
1208   National report on women's status in the Islamic Republic of Iran (Beijin+10)                    Center for Women's Participation of Iran (CWP)
1209   National study on the prevalence of vitamin A defficienct (VAD) among children 6 months          Oman. Ministry of Health (MHO) - UNICEF - WHO
       to 7 years
1210   National workshop on review and implementation of Bangladesh laws relating to juvenile           Bangladesh.    Ministry   of     Law,   Justice   and
       justice and children at social risks in the light of the convention on the rights of the child
       (CRC)                                                                                            Parliamentary Affairs
1211   Natural disasters: Protecting the public's health
1212   Natural peace and ethics: A collection of essays and speeches on environment and                 Ebtekar, Massoumeh
       sustainable development

                                                                    Page 51 of 86
NO.                                               Title                                                                    Author
1213   NBR special report: Behind the veil of a public health crisis: HIV/AIDS in the muslim world   Kelly, Laura M. - Nicholas Eeberstadt

1214   Needs assessment on the quality of care (QoC) in the governmental health units             Family Planning Association of the Islamic Republic
                                                                                                  of Iran
1215   New approaches to health education in primary health care                                  World Health Organization (WHO)
1216   New challenges and apportunities? Communication for HIV and development                    Guerny, Jacuues Du- Lee NahHsu
1217   New perspectives: Malaria dignosis                                                         World Health Organization (WHO)
1218   New polio vaccines for the post eradication era Geneva, 19-20 Jan. 2000                    World Health Organization (WHO)
1219   NGO capacity analysis: A toolkit for assessing and building capacities for high quality International      HIV/AIDS   Alliance    - Frontiers
       responses to HIV/AIDS                                                                      prevention project
1220   NGO committee on the states of women, Geneva 2001-2004                                     NGO CSW
1221   Non-governmental organizations in the Islamic Republic of Iran: A situation analysis       Namazi, Baquar M.
1222   Nordem report: Norwegian resource bank for democracy and human rights
1223   Notes for participants in PRA-PLA familiarisation workshops in 2004                        Chambers, Robert
1224   Nothing about us without us: Developing innovative technologies for , by and with disabled Werner, David
1225   Nursing two, is it for you?                                                                Berke, Gail A.
1226   Nursing your adopted baby                                                                  Anderson, Kathryn
1227   Nutrient requirements for people living with HIV/AIDS: Report of a technical consultation

1228   Nutrition and families                                                                        Ritchie, Jean A. S.
1229   Nutrition and national development in Iran: A sudy on priority options for UNICEF support     Ghsssemi, H.

1230   Nutrition consultation meeting
1231   Nutrition during lactation                                                                    National Academy of Sciences :Institute of Medicine

1232   Nutrition essentials: A guide for health managers                                             WHO - BASICS - UNICEF
1233   Nutrition for developing countries                                                            Sanage King, Felicity - Ann Burgess
1234   Nutrition for improved development outcomes: 5th report on the world nutrition situation

1235   Nutrition handbook for community workers in the tropics: Caribbean food and nutrirtion Caribbean Food & Nutrition Institute (CFNI)
       institute (PAHO/WHO) in collaboration with Ministry of Health, Jamaica
1236   Nutrition relevant policies in the health sector: Planning and administration          Ghasemi, Hossein
1237   Nutritional anthropometric survey
1238   Occasional papers: Child labour in Bangladesh, a summary of recent investigations      Stalker, Peter

                                                                   Page 52 of 86
NO.                                               Title                                                                     Author
1239   Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights: Status of ratifications
       of the principal international human rights treaties
1240   Ombudswork for children                                                                        UNICEF
1241   Ombudswork for children                                                                        UNICEF
1242   On the go with UNICEF
1243   On the move: Action kit                                                                        UNICEF
1244   Opening minds, opening up opportunities: Children participation in action for working          Black, Maggie
1245   Operation mecacar eradicating polio                                                            World Health Organization (WHO) et al.
1246   Operational guidlines for supporting early child development (ECD) in multi-sectoral           The World Bank - UNICEF - UNAIDS
       HIV/AIDS programs in Africa
1247   Operations research: Summaries                                                                 USAIDS
1248   Optional protocols to the Convention on the Rights of the Child: Providing legal protection    UNICEF
       for children against the worst forms of exploitation
1249   Organizations working for and with youth in Jordan                                             UNICEF
1250   Orientation programme on adolescent health for health-care providers: Facilitator guide,       World Health Organization (WHO)
1251   Our common interest: Report of the commission for Africa                                       Commission for Africa
1252   Our people and our resources                                                                   Barton, Thomas - Grazia Borrini-Feyerabend -
                                                                                                      Patrizio Warren - Alex de Sherbinin,International
                                                                                                      Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural
                                                                                                      Resources - UNFPA
1253   Overcoming ioding deficiency in the Islamic Republic of Iran                                   UNICEF - Iran. Ministry of Health and Medical
1254   Oxfam publishing catalogue 2004/5: Publication on development and humanitarian issues

1255   Palliative care: Symptom management and end-of-life care ( IMAI): Interim guidelines for       WHO
       first-level facility workers
1256   Pandemic Facing AIDS: Featuring the work of over one thousand award-winning
       international photographers and artists
1257   Paradigms: Understand the future in business and life: It's easy for you to spot new trends,   Barker, Joel Arthur
       adapt to change, solve problems
1258   Paradise under their feet: Women in Iran                                                       Women 's Solidarity Association of Iran (WSAI)
1259   Participation for educational change: A synthesis of experience                                Shaeffer, Sheldon

                                                                   Page 53 of 86
NO.                                            Title                                                                Author
1260   Participation, hope, action: Mobilising communities to respond to HIV/AIDS: KHANA UNAIDS - AusAID - UNFPA - British Embassy
                                                                                               phnom Penh - Japan International Cooperation
       Annual report 2002                                                                      Agency
1261   Participatory communication for social change
1262   Participatory learning & action: A trainer's guide                                      Pretty, Jules N - Ian Scoones - John Tompson -
                                                                                               Irene Guijt
1263   Participatory workshops: A sourcebook of 21 sets of ideas & activities                  Chambers, Robert
1264   Partnership in action: UNICEF and NGOs working together for children                    UNICEF
1265   Partnerships for social development: A casebook                                         Arole, Mabelle
1266   Partnerships with local governments and communities review of the issues and selected UNICEF
       UNICEF experiences
1267   Passport to dignity                                                                     People's Decade of Human Rights Education
1268   PATH training manual: 16-18 June2005                                                    UNICEF
1269   Pathway to gender equality: CEDAW Bejing and the MDGs                                   Waldorf, Lee
1270   Peer education and HIV/AIDS:Concepts, uses and challenges                               UNAIDS - Horizons - Population Council - FHI -
                                                                                               Jamaican Ministry of Health - PSI - AIDSMark -
                                                                                               PATH - UNICEF
1271   Peer education Kit for uniformed services:Implementing HIV/AIDS?STI peer education for UNAIDS
       uniformed services
1272   Peer education life skills training: Unicef Uganda support to Ministry of Education and UNICEF-Uganda
1273   Peer education: Promoting healthy behaviors                                             Mason, Hillary
1274   Peer to peer: Using peer to peer strategies for drug abuse prevention                   United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Vienna -
                                                                                               Global Youth Network
1275   Pellagra and its prevention and control in major emergencies                            World Health Organization (WHO)
1276   People centered development
1277   People living with HIV: The law, ethics and discrimination                              Hamblin, Julie
1278   Personal and Community Health                                                           Barnes, Anne
1279   Perspective and practice in antiretroviral treatment: Dream and integrated faith-based Marazzi MC. - Guidotti G. - Liotta G. - Palombi
       initiative to treat HIV/AIDS in Mozambique                                              L.,WHO - Community of Sant' Egidio
1280   Perspectives on women 's in Iran (1994)                                                 The Women Affairs Bureau of the Presidential Office

1281   Peru-UNICEF cooperation programme 1992-1996: Memoir                                    UNICEF
1282   Physical growth and development: From conception to maturity                           Valadian, Isabelle - Douglas Proter

                                                                Page 54 of 86
NO.                                                Title                                                                      Author
1283   Pilot for the use of the child monitoring chart: An analysis of the conclusions of group UNICEF,Shahid Beheshti Medical University

       discussions with mothers, health workers in the zone, prior to the issue of the new chart
1284   Placing women at the centre of the analysis                                                       Reid, Elizabeth
1285   Plan of action for implementing the global strategy for health for all and index to the "Health   World Health Organization (WHO)
       for all"
1286   Planning a sucessful conference                                                                   Winter, Cynthia
1287   Planning and assessing health worker activities: Module 3 facilitator 's guide                    Hilton, Martine
1288   Planning and assessing health worker activities: Module 3 user 's guide                           Khatidia, Housein - Vincent Dewit - Melvin Lobo -
                                                                                                         Nordin Cara
1289   Pocketbook of emegency resources                                                                  UNICEF
1290   Polices for achieving goals of universal iodized salt                                             Sheihk-Ol-Esla, R. - N. Almassian
1291   Policies for orphans and vulnerable children: A framework for moving ahead                        Smart, Rose,Policy - USAID
1292   Polio mopping up immunisation implementation plan for regions bordering Afghanistan
1293   Polishing the diomond: Values, image and brand as a source of strength for charities              Saxton, Joe
1294   Population and Family Planning in Iran: An annotated bibliography                                 Mehryar, Amir H. - Rafik Gholipour
1295   Population and health (DHS) in the Islamic Republic of Iran Oct. 2000                             Iran. Ministry and Health and Medical Education
                                                                                                         (MHMEI) - UNICEF - UNFPA
1296   Population policies reconsidered: Health, Empowerment and rights
1297   Population trends and challenges in the Middle East and North Africa
1298   Population, Health and human development in the Islamic Republic of Iran: Statistical             Hill, Kenneth
       needs and statistical sources
1299   Portfolio of mine action projects
1300   Position paper: Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and UNICEF programme of                UNICEF
       cooperation 2000-2004
1301   Position statement on children's participation: Draft 3
1302   Positive participation: Consulting and involving young people in health-related work: A           Cohen, Jul - Judith Emanuel
       planning and training resource
1303   Poverty and exclusion among urban children                                                        UNICEF
1304   Poverty and health: DAC guidelines and reference series
1305   Poverty and population: Approaches and evidence                                                   Rodgers, Gerry
1306   Poverty in the Transition: Social expenditures and the woking-age poor                            Klugman, Jeni, John Micklewright, Gerry Redmond

1307   Poverty reduction begins with children                                                            UNICEF

                                                                     Page 55 of 86
NO.                                              Title                                                                   Author
1308   Poverty reduction strategy papers: Do they matter for children and young people made        Bonnel, Rene - Miriam Temin - Faith Tempest
       valuable by HIV/AIDS? Result of a Joint UNICEF and World Bank review
1309   Power shift: Knowledge, wealth and violence at the edge of the 21st century                 Toffler, Alvin
1310   Practice standards in children's participation
1311   Precis V: An update in obstetrics and gynecology
1312   Prejudice and dignity: An introduction to community-based rehabilitation                     Helander, Einar
1313   Preliminary report on a rapid nutrition survey: Iron status of mothers in urban Kerman       Nutrition and Biochemical section of school of Public
1314   Prenferences for ineuality: East vs. west                                                    Suhrcke, Marc
1315   Preparation of literacy follow-up materials on agriculture for adults in rural area: Final Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU)
       report 12th regional workshop on the prepararion of literacy follow-up materials in Asia and
       the Pacific Dhaka-Bangladesh 18-29 Dec. , 1994
1316   Preparing the ground for peace: Mine action in support of peacebuilding
1317   Prevalence of some types of child abuse: Iran, 2002                                          UNICEF- Ministry of Health
1318   Preventing and controlling Iron deficiency anaemia through primary health care: A guide DeMaeyer, E. M.
       for health administrators and programme managers
1319   Preventing Iron deficiency in women and children: Background and consensus on key UNICEF - UNU - WHO - Micronutrient Initiative
       technical issues and resources for advocacy, planning and implementing national
1320   Preventing maternal death and disability in the horn of Africa countries: Workshop report, UNICEF MENA & ESARO
       May 19-23, 2003 Nairobi, Kenya
1321   Prevention of iodine deficiency disorders in children in rural Africa
1322   Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV: Generic training packeage: Participant WHO - Center for Disease Contril and Prevention
       and trainer manual
1323   Primary child care: A manual for health works                                                King, Maurice - Felicity King - Martodipoero -
1324   Primary education for all: Learning from the Brac experience: A case study
1325   Primary health care in the Islamic Republic of Iran                                          Iran. Ministry of Health & Medical Education
1326   Primary health care pioneer: The selected work of Dr. Cicely D. Williams
1327   Primary health care services for Afghan households and their Iranian neighbors in Iran
       (Sistan and Balouchestan, Tehran and Khorassan provinces)
1328   Primary health care: Report of the International Conference on Primary Health Care           WHO - UNICEF
1329   Principles of disaster mitigation in health facilities
1330   Prisons and AIDS:UNAIDS technical update                                                     UNAIDS

                                                                  Page 56 of 86
NO.                                                 Title                                                                   Author
1331   Problem - solving: Manager 's guide                                                             Hilton, Martine - Lynne Miller Franco - Gael Murphy -
                                                                                                       Maria Francisco
1332   Proceedings of the regional workshop on Environmental Health Management in Refugee World Health Organization (WHO)
       Areas- Peshawar, Pakistan 28 April - 2 May 1991
1333   Proceedings protecting the world 's children: A call for action, the fourth International Child
       Survival Conference Bangkok, Thailand, March 1-3 1990
1334   Procurement of vaccines for public-sector programmes: A reference manual                        PATH - BASICS - UNAIDS - WHO ( Department for
                                                                                                       Vaccines and Other Biologicals)
1335   Product Information Sheets                                                                      World Health Organization (WHO) - UNICEF
1336   Profiles in success: People 's progress in Africa, Asia and Latin America                       UNICEF
1337   Profiles of African women scientists                                                            Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE)

1338   Profiling domestic violence: A multi country study                                            Kishor, Sunita - Kiersten Johnson
1339   Progotir pathey: Achieving the goals for UNICEF children in Bangladesh
1340   Programme of co-operation for Palestinian children and women in occupied Palestinian          UNICEF Palestine
       territory: Master Plan of Cooperations 2004-2005
1341   Programme of Cooperation: Islamic Republic of Iran and UNICEF, Master Plan of
       Operation 1993-1997
1342   Programme policy and procedure manual: Programme operations                                   UNICEF
1343   Programming for adolescent health and development                                             WHO, UNFPA, UNICEF
1344   Programming for safe motherhood: Guidlines for maternal and neonatal survival                 Cameron, Sara
1345   Progress for children
1346   Progress for children                                                                         UNICEF
1347   Progress in times of austerity: Economic support of the 1987 technical discussions            World Health Organization (WHO)
1348   Progress of The Philippines, 1995 Mid-Decade goals for children                               Ramos, Fidel V.
1349   Progress on global access to HIV antiretroviral therapy: An update on "3 by 5"                UNAIDS - WHO
1350   Progress on global access to HIV antiretroviral therapy:An update on 3 by 5                   UNAIDS - WHO
1351   Progress report 1998                                                                          UNICEF
1352   Progress toward the elimination of iodine deficiency disorders (IDD)                          WHO - UNICEF - ICCIDD
1353   Progress Toward the Millennuim Development Goals in the Middle East and North Africa          Roudi-Fahimi, Farzaneh

1354   Project agreement between Statistical Center of Iran (SCI) and UNICEF
1355   Project on the establishment of National Institute on the rights of the child: Final report   Amir-Arjomand, Ardeshir,UNESCO

1356   Promise for progress                                                                          WHO

                                                                      Page 57 of 86
NO.                                               Title                                                                   Author
1357   Promises kept: James grant in South Asia                                                       Grant, James P.
1358   Promises still to keep: Beyond the year 2000 goals for children in the Middle East and         UNICEF
       North Africa
1359   Promises to keep: Goals for children in the middle East and North Africa: A Mid-Decade         UNICEF
       look at progress
1360   Promoting breastfeeding in health facilities: A short course for administrators and policy-    World Health Organization (WHO)
1361   Promoting children's participation in democratic decision-making                               Landsdown, Gerison
1362   Promoting growth and development of under fives: Proceeding of the International               Save The Children - Institut de Recherche Pour le
       Colloquium, Antwerp, 28-30 November 2001                                                       Developpment (IRD)
1363   Promotion of breastfeeding: Through MCH services and primary health care                       UNICEF - WHO
1364   Protecting children in emergencies: Ensuring their right to humanitarian assistance            Levine, Laine
1365   Protecting children protecting the future: The story of UNICEF in Bangladesh                   Wong, Wah
1366   Protecting from abuse: An investigation into the sexual exploitation of our children           UNICEF
1367   Protecting infant health: A health worker's, guide to the international code of marketing of   Allain, Annelies - Chetley, Andy
       breastmilk subtitutes
1368   Protecting new health facilities from natural disasters: Guidelines for the promotion of       Concheso, Tarina Garcia
       disaster mitigation
1369   Protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding: The special role of maternity services     WHO - UNICEF

1370   Protection in Practice: The protection of children's rights in situation of armed conflict: Majekodunmi, Ben
       UNICEF experience in Burundi
1371   Protein energy malnutrition                                                                 Waterlow, John C. - Andrew M. Tomkins - Sally M.
1372   Protocol for the study of interpersonal physical abuse of children                          WHO
1373   Prototype action-oriented school health curriculum for primary schools                      World Health Organization (WHO) - UNICEF -
                                                                                                   UNESCO - Islamic Educational Scientific & Cultural
1374   Provincial differences in fertility in Iran, 1976-1991                                      Mehryar, Amir H. - R. Gholipour
1375   Psychological maltreatment of children: The APSAC study guides 4                            Binggeli, Nelson J. - Stuart N. hart - Marla R.
1376   Public-private partnerships: Mobilizing resources to achieve public health goals: The BASICS - UNICEF- USAID - World Bank - EHP
       central American handwashing initiative points the way
1377   Public health action in emergencies caused by epidemics: A practical guide                  Bress, P.

                                                                   Page 58 of 86
NO.                                                Title                                                                     Author
1378   Public health and chemical incidents: Avidence for national and regional policy makers in International programme on chemical safety (IPCS)
       the public environmental health role
1379   Public health engineering: In emergency situation: A hand book for implementing health Medicins Sans Frontiers

       programmes in deprived environments, in particular in camps of displaced persons
1380   Public Health in Europe: Employment & social affairs
1381   Public information: Training with UNHCR                                                          UNHCR
1382   Publications and resources 2003/2004                                                             National Children's Bureau
1383   Publications caltalogue 2004                                                                     Save the Children
1384   Publications: The parents-teachers association of the Islamic Republic of Iran
1385   Put children first: UNICEF in Guinea-Bissau                                                      UNICEF
1386   Putting children in the right: Children's rights and the Media: Guidelines for journalists and
       media professionals
1387   Putting crises to work for people: Challenges of global development in the years ahead:          Grant, James P.
       Address by James P. Grant, Executive Director of the United Nations Children's Fund to
       the Michigan State University Conference on cooperation for international development -
       US policies and programs for the 1990s'
1388   Qualitative survey (Focus Group Discussion) on quality assessment of reproductive health         Family Planning Association of the Islamic Republic
       needs of 12-19 years old adolescents in Tehran: Final report                                     of Iran
1389   Quality and access to health care in urban settings: Results in research conducted in five       UNICEF - REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE
       west African capitals
1390   Quality assurance workshop for salt iodization programs Oct., 1996                           USAID - Opportunities for Micronutrient Interventions
                                                                                                    (OMNI) - PAMM - UNICEF
1391   Quality education for all: From a girl 's point of view                                      UNICEF
1392   Quality of maternity care: Silver bullet or red herring?                                     Pittrof, Rudiger - Oona Campbell
1393   Questioning the solution: The politics of primary health care and child survival, with an in Werner, David - David Sanders
       depth critique of oral rehydration theraphy
1394   Rapid assessment and response on HIV/AIDS among especially vulnerable young people Wong, Elsie,UNICEF - Canadian International
       in South Eastern Europe                                                                      Development Agency
1395   Rapid evaluation method guidelines for maternal and child health, family planning and World Health Organization (WHO)
       other health sevice
1396   Rapid health assessment protocols for emergencies                                            World Health Organization (WHO)
1397   Rapid nutrition survey: Iodine salt and IDD KAP study in urban areas of Tehran province- The Nutrition and Biochemical Section, School of
       1994                                                                                         Public Health - UNICEF

                                                                    Page 59 of 86
NO.                                             Title                                                                  Author
1398   RAP, rapid assessment procedures: Qualitative methodologies for planning and evaluation     International Nutrition Foundation for Developing
       of health related programmes                                                                Countries (INFDC)
1399   RBM advocacy guide: Roll back Malaria                                                       World Health Organization (WHO)
1400   Reaching children through dialogue                                                          Jareg, Elizabeth and Pal
1401   Reaching health for all
1402   Reaching the unreached: Iran's primary health care network                             UNICEF - Iran. Ministry of Health and Medical
1403   Reaching young people worldwide: Reproductive health communication activities to date, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs -
       1986-1995                                                                              UNAIDS
1404   Readings on Diarrohea: Student manual                                                  World Health Organization (WHO)
1405   Rebuilding hope in Afghanistan                                                         UNICEF
1406   Reclaiming the fields of war: Mainstreaming mine action in development                 Harpviken, Kristian Berg - Jan Isaksen,UNDP - PRIO

1407   Recommended iodine levels in salt and guidelines for monitoring their adequacy and          WHO - UNICEF - ICCIDD
1408   Reduction of maternal mortality                                                             WHO - UNFPA - UNICEF - World Bank
1409   Reduction of maternal mortality: A joint WHO/UNFPA/World Bank statement                     WHO - UNICEF - UNFPA - World Bank
1410   References library of selected materials IMCI: Integrated management of childhood illness   WHO - UNICEF

1411   Refugee statistics and ethnicity
1412   Regional consolidated plan to accelerate archievement of programme priorities 1998-2000

1413   Regional gender task force meeting 21-23 Oct. 1996 and regional GAD focal points            Yuquin, Ma
       meeting 24-25 Oct. 1996 Beirut, Lebanon
1414   Regional monitoring of child and family well-being: UNICEF's MONEE Project in CEE and       Fajth, Gaspar
       the CIS in a comperative perspective
1415   Regional orientation workshop monitoring and evaluation
1416   Regional pre-launch seminar "Reaching the Unreached: MENA's Basic Education                 UNICEF MENARO
       Challenge for the 21st Century"
1417   Regional statistical report: Multiple indicator cluster survey                              UNICEF
1418   Reinventing government in the information age: Inernational practice in IT-enabled public
       sector reform
1419   Releasing new energies for children: Strategies for child survival, protection and          UNICEF
       development in Islamic Republc of Iran 1993-1997

                                                                 Page 60 of 86
NO.                                               Title                                                                     Author
1420   Releasing new energies for children: Strategies for child survival, protection and
       development in the Islamic Republic of Iran
1421   Religion and right of children and women in South Africa                                        Arole, Mabelle
1422   Report from the field: Legal dispute settlement committees in Iran                              Keyhanlou, Fatemeh- Hani Mansourian
1423   Report national workshop on the preparation of literacy materials on agriculture in Laos,       Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU)
       Vientiane - Laos 8-17 March 1995
1424   Report of a meeting on research related to measles control and elimination                      WHO
1425   Report of a study on the awareness of and the measures taken by boys and girls aged 10          Iran. Ministry of Health and Medical Education:
       to 19 in the Islamic Republic of Iran with regards to personal health and hygiene during        Under-Secretariat for Public Health, Head Office for
       puberty: Esfand 1376 (March 1998)                                                               Family Health
1426   Report of the eighth meeting of the WHO alliance for the global elimination of blinding         World Health Organization (WHO)
1427   Report of the findings from consutations with children on sexual abuse and exploitation         Kabir, Rachel

1428   Report of the focused programme review of ARI and CDD activities in the Islamic Republic
       of Iran
1429   Report of the satellite symposium on socio-economic causes and consequences of                  UNDP
       HIV/AIDS: A focus on South Africa
1430   Report of the second meeting of the steering committee on immunization safety                   WHO
1431   Report of the UN ASIA - Pacific Regional task force on prevention of mother-to-child            UNICEF - UNAIDS
       transmission of HIV
1432   Report of the XVII international vitamin A consultative group meeting, virtual elimination of   International Vitamin A Consultative Group (IVACG)
       vitamin A deficiency: Obstacles and solutions for the year 2000, Guatemala city, 18-22
       March 1996
1433   Report of the XVIII international vitamin A consultative group meeting: Sustainable control     Stoltzfus, Rebecca - Rolf Klemm
       of vitamin A deficiency: Defining progress through assessment, surveillance, evaluation
       Cairo, Egypt 22-26 Sep. 1997
1434   Report of UNICEF/WHO regional consulatation prevention and control of Iron deficiency           UNICEF - WHO
       Anaemia in women and children 3-5 Feb., 1999 Geneva, Switzerland
1435   Report on nutrition consultation meeting, June 12-15, Tehran                           Sarna, Avina
1436   Report on the children 's summit held on 21 March 2001, Free State Province            The Office on the Rights of the Child in the
1437   Report on the fifth interregional meeting on coordination of operation mecacar, Cairo, World Health Organization (WHO)
       Egypt, 20-22 Oct., 1998

                                                                   Page 61 of 86
NO.                                              Title                                                                    Author
1438   Report on the regional forum on life skills-based education for behavioral development and   UNICEF, UNAIDS, Royal Thia Ministry of Public
       change: 1-4 June 2004, Bangkok Thailand                                                      Health. Dept of Mental Health
1439   Report on the situation of children and adolescents in Brazil: Diversity and equity: To      UNICEF - Brazil
       ensure the rights of each and every child and adolescents
1440   Report on: Monitoring of Measles-Rubella campaign activities in Islamic Republic of Iran     Mahoney, Frank

1441   Report: The MENA programme process training workshop 15-25 April 2001, Tehran          UNICEF
1442   Repression and revival of family planning in post-revolutionary Iran, 1979-1994        Mehryar, Amir H.
1443   Reproductive health during conflict and displacement: A guide for programme managers   WHO: Department of Reproductive Health and
1444   Reproductive health strategy: To accelerate progress         towards the attainment of World Health Organization (WHO)
       international development goals and targets
1445   Reproductive health (RH) needs assessment of adolescents (Boys)
1446   Reproductive health: In refugee situations                                                   WHO - UNFPA - UNHCR
1447   Research project: Assessment of reproductive health indices and family planning in the       Iran. Ministry of Health and Medical Education
       Islamic Republic of Iran ,Khordad 1376(May-June 1997)
1448   Reservations to the convention on the rights of the child: 10th Anniversary of the
       convention on the rights of the child
1449   Resolution adopted by the General Assembly: United Nations Millennium Declaration            United Nation
1450   Resource guide for theme groups: Working together on HIV/AIDS                                UNAIDS - WHO
1451   Resource guide for UN theme groups on HIV/AIDS                                               UNAIDS
1452   Rethinking family planning policy in light of reproductive health research                   Zurayk, Huda - Nabil Younis - Hind Khattab
1453   Rethinking rural poverty: Bangladesh as a case study
1454   Review of health situation
1455   Review of programme implementation 1985-1989 between The Arab Republic of Egypt
       and UNICEF
1456   Review of progress of the Mid-Decade goals: The Middle East and North Africa                 UNICEF - WHO - UNESCO
1457   Review of UNICEF 's Gender training activities: Experiences, lessons and future
1458   Rights-based approach to education                                                           Theis, Joachim
1459   Rights-based approaches and beyond: Challenges of linking rights and participation           Veneklasen, Lisa- Valerie Miller- Cindy Clark- Molly
1460   Rights-based monitoring and evaluation: A discussion paper                                   Theis, Joachim
1461   Rights approach: Key principles                                                              UNICEF
1462   Rights of girls                                                                              UNICEF

                                                                 Page 62 of 86
NO.                                            Title                                                               Author
1463   Road safety is no accident: A resource document for the WHO Eastern Mediterranean
       region: World Health Day 2004
1464   Roll back Malaria: Specifications for netting materials                               World Health Organization (WHO)
1465   Rolling back Malaria                                                                  UNICEF
1466   Rural drug vendors in Eritrea: A study of practices and training needs                Murray, Jhon - Asgedom Mosazghi - Bernado
                                                                                             Kifleysus - Nosa Orobaton
1467   Rural women of Iran
1468   Safe blood and blood products: Introductory module: Guidelines and principle for safe WHO
       blood transfusion practice
1469   Safe motherhood programs: Options and issues                                          Maine, Deborah
1470   Safe motherhood strategies: A review of the evidence                                  JSI (Center for Sexual & Reproductive Health - UON
                                                                                             Network (Unmet Need for Major Obstetric
1471   Salt 2000: salt life depends on it , 8th World Salt Symposium, 3rd announcement Salt 2000
1472   Sanitation and hygiene promotion: Programming guidance                                WHO - Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative
                                                                                             Council - Pan American Health Organization - water
                                                                                             and Sanitation program - UNICEF - Environmental
                                                                                             Health Project - USAID - London School of hygiene
                                                                                             & tropical Medicine
1473   Sanitation and hygiene, a right for every child: A summry of lessons learned and new
       approaches from the UNICEF workshop on environmental sanitation and hygiene
1474   Sanitation for all: promoting dignity and human rights                                UNICEF
1475   Sanitation without water                                                              Winblad, Uno - Wen Kilama
1476   Sara
1477   Sara: Life skills resources for today's adolescent
1478   Sara: Life skills resources for today's young people
1479   Sara: Skills for life
1480   School drop-out and adolescent pregnancy: African education ministers count the cost  Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE)

1481   School for today-skills for tomorrow in Sierra Leone: Affordable, child-friendly and Dierkx, Rene John,Franklin M. Elliot
       sustainable primary schools models to achieve education for all by 2015
1482   School speaker 's kit                                                                UNICEF
1483   School survey 2003-2004: Analytical report                                           Ministry of Education of Iraq

                                                               Page 63 of 86
NO.                                                Title                                                                      Author
1484   Schooling conditions in the least-developed countries: Synthesis of the UNESCO -                 UNESCO - UNICEF
       UNICEF pilot survey
1485   Science achievement in primary school: Iran 's performance in a national and international       Kiamanesh, Ali Reza
1486   Security in the field: Information for staff members of the United Nations system                UN
1487   See how they grow: Monitoring child growth for an appropriate health care in developing          Morley, David - Margaret Woodland
1488   Seeds 2: Supporting women 's work around the world
1489   Selected practice recommendations for contraceptive use
1490   SEN code of practice on the identification and assessment of pupils with special                 Department for Education and Employment (DEE)
       educational needs and SEN thresholds: Good practice guidance on identification and
       provision for pupils with special educational needs
1491   Serving the people who serve the world                                                           UNFCU
1492   Set of addresses and reports presented to the International Family Year Congress                 Parents & Teachers Association of Iran (PTAI)
1493   Seventh general programme of work: Covering the period 1984-1989
1494   Sex and sexual relationships: Some information for young people
1495   Sex and Youth: Contextual factors affecting risk for HIV/AIDS                                    UNAIDS
1496   Sex work and HIV/AIDS: UNAIDS Technical Update                                                   UNAIDS
1497   Sexual behavioural change for HIV: Where have theories taken us?                                 King, Rachel
1498   Sexual chemistry: A history of the contraceptive pill                                            Marks, Lara V.
1499   Sexual exploitation in schools: How to spot it and stop it                                       Shoop, Robert J.
1500   Sexually transmitted and other reproductive tract infection: A guide to essential practice       WHO

1501   Sharing risk & reward: Public-private collaboration to eliminate micronutrient malnutrition:     MI
       Report of the Forum on food fortification
1502   Simplified cataloguing manual                                                                    UNICEF
1503   Situation analysis of children and women in the Sultanate of Oman                                Oman. Ministry of Development (MDSO)
1504   Situation analysis of children in Tanzania 2001                                                  UNICEF - United Public of Tanzania
1505   Situation analysis of women and children in the Islamic Republic of Iran                         UNICEF
1506   Skills for health: Skills-based health education including life skills: An important component
       of a child-friendly/health-promoting school
1507   So you want to consult with children?: A toolkit of good practice                                International Save The Children Allience
1508   So you want to involve children in research? A toolkit supporting children's meaningful and      Save the Children
       ethical participation in research relating to violence against children
1509   Social exclusion and children: A European view for a US debate                                   Micklewright, John

                                                                    Page 64 of 86
NO.                                               Title                                                                      Author
1510   Social funds in developing countries: Recent experiences and lessons                            Reddy, Sanjay
1511   Social marketing: Expanding access to essential products and services to prevent                UNAIDS, PSI
       HIV/AIDS and to limit the impact of the epidemic
1512   Social mobilisation of the grassroots: Experience from west Africa: A comparative analysis      Ammassari, Savina
       of three case studies from Burkina Faso, Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leone
1513   Social monitor 2002: The MONEE project CEE/CIS/Baltics                                          UNICEF
1514   Social protection in the informal economy home based women workers and outsourced               Mehrotra, Santosh - Mario Biggeri
       manufacturing in Asia
1515   Social security in Iran                                                                         Eate Zadpour, Nahid
1516   Social security in the Islamic Republic of Iran                                                 Eatezadpour, Nahid
1517   Socio cultural factors influencing the prevalence of Diarrhoeal disease in rural upper Egypt:   Oldman, Linda
       An ethnographic study in six village
1518   Some correlates of fertility in Iran: Results of the 1991 sample survey of mothers applying     Mehryar, A.H. - R. Gholipour
       for registration of a live birth
1519   Some correlates of poverty and prosperity as defined by household expenditures and              Mehryar, Amir H. - M. Tabibian - M. Malekpour - R.
       incomes in Iran, 1972-1993                                                                      Gholipour
1520   Some indicators of education, health and sustainable human development in the Islamic           Mehryar, Amir H.
       Republic of Iran
1521   Some indicators of education, health and sustainable human development in the Islamic           Mehryar, Amir H.
       Republic of Iran
1522   Sourcebook for gender issues at the policy level in the water and sanitation sector             Wakeman, Wendy - Susan Davis - Christine Van
                                                                                                       Wijk - Alka Naithani
1523   Sources and prices of selected medicines and diagnostics for people living with HIV/AIDS        UNICEF - UNAIDS - WHO - MSF

1524   South and East Asia regional report: Statistics and indicators on education, 2000/01      UNESCO Institute for Statistics
1525   South Asia orientation to ECCD: Early childhood care for survival, growth and development UNICEF ROSA in collaboration with UNICEF-India
                                                                                                 and Programme Section, UNICEF NYHQ
1526   South Asia regional forum for young people on HIV/AIDS, Kathmandu, 15-18 Dec., 2002       UNICEF

1527   Special children, challeged parents: The struggles and rewards of raising a child with a        Naseef, Robert A.
1528   Special education in Iran future directions: A report to special education organization         McConkey, Roy - Brian O' Toole
1529   Special education in Iran: future directions- A report to special education organisation        McConkey, Roy - Brian O Toole
1530   Special meeting of the WHO/SEAR technical consulative group on poliomyelitis                    World Health Organization (WHO)
       eradication and other vaccine-preventable diseases

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NO.                                                Title                                                                    Author
1531   Special protection of Filipino children: Republic Act Nos. 7610 and 7658 and their UNICEF
       implementing rules and regulations
1532   Sport for development and peace: Towards achieving the millennium development goals, United Nations

       report from the United Nation inter-agency task force on sport for development and peace
1533   Sport recreation and play                                                                        UNICEF
1534   Spotlight on the cities: Improving urban health in developing countries                          Tabibzadeh, I. - A. Rossi Espagnet - R. Maxwell
1535   State of the world 's vaccines and immunization                                                  WHO - UNICEF - World Bank
1536   Statements by heads of state or government at the world summit for children                      UNICEF
1537   Statistical summary of institutes, classes, students and staff in different educational levels   Iran. Ministry of Education: Deputy of Programming
                                                                                                        and   Manpower:    Office   of   Coordination   and
                                                                                                        Incorporation of Projects and Programmes
1538   Statistics and indicators on education, 1998-99 Latin America and the Caribbean Spanish          UNESCO
       and Portugese-speaking countries: Regional report
1539   Statistics indicators on education 1998/99 the Caribbean and Latin America English, Dutch        UNESCO
       and French-speaking countries: Good neighbours: Tertiary level of education
1540   Statistics of South Asian children and women                                                     UNICEF
1541   Statistics speak: A comparative study of juvenile delinquency during a period from 21            Afsari, Ali Reza
       March 1995 to 22 Sept. 1996 and from 21 March 1996 to 22 Sept. 1998
1542   Status of investigations about child abuse in Iran                                               Mokri, Azarakhsh
1543   Status of the aged nationwide                                                                    Statistical Centre of Iran (SCI) - UNFPA
1544   Strategic communication in the HIV/AIDS epidemic                                                 McKee, Neill - Jane T. Bertrand - Antje Becke-
1545   Strategies and programmes for young people in cities: Berlin, 7-11 Dec., 1994
1546   Strategies to strengthen NGO capacity in resource mobilization through business activities Viravaydia, Mechai - Jonathan Hayssen

1547   Street and working children: Innocenti global seminar, summary report                      Black, Maggie
1548   Street children's experiences in the injustice system                                      UNICEF
1549   Street children of Tehran: A situational analysis                                          Dasgupta, Ranjana
1550   Strengthening capacity in public health communication for diphtheria control: A case study Rasmuson, Mark et al.
       of the basics program in Russia
1551   Strengthening government capacity for evaluation of the impact of social policies
1552   Strengthening health management in districts and provinces                                 Cassels, Andrew - Katja Janovsky

                                                                     Page 66 of 86
NO.                                              Title                                                                Author
1553   Strengthening management in UNICEF: An examination of UNICEF management based             UNICEF
       on evaluative materials produced over the past five years, identifying areas for
1554   Strengthening organizational learning through accelerated programming: UNICEF             Erik Kruse, Stein - Anne Hertzberg
       technical support group on HIV/AIDS and youth health and development: An evaluative
1555   Strengthening performance monitoring and evaluation of reproductive health and family     MOHME - ESCAP - UNFPA
       planning programs in Islamic Republic of Iran: Final report of the project
1556   Strengthening the teaching of Diarrhoeal diseases in medical schools: Instructor manual   World Health Organization (WHO)

1557   Stress in our workplace: Caring for us                                                    UNICEF
1558   Stress management in disasters                                                            Bryce, Cyralence P.
1559   Stress management workshop: Cumulative stress module                                      UNICEF
1560   Student's support and assistance system: Traning manual & counseling teacher's manual     Thai Ministry of Public Health: Department of Mental
1561   Study guide for breasfeeding and human lactation                                          Auerbach, Kathleen G. - Jan Riordan
1562   Study of health care demand and health care expenditures in Kuba district
1563   Study of knowledge, attitude and behavior of 15 to 25 years old singles and married
       women regarding reproductive health cares in Iran-1996
1564   Study of living, psychological and social conditions of street children in Iran
1565   Study on views of policymakers and intellectuals on the condition of children in Iran
1566   Study report on prevalence of physical child abuse among admitted cases in selected Bagheri Yazdi, Abbas
       pediatric clinics and emergency wards in Tehran
1567   Sub-Saharan Africa: Regional report                                                   UNESCO
1568   Sucessful community nutrition programming: Lessons from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda Iannotti, Lora - Stuart Gillespie

1569   Summary booklet of best practices: The international partnership against AIDS in Africa   UNAIDS

1570   Summary booklet of best practices                                                       UNAIDS
1571   Summary record of the 618th meeting: Iran (Islamic Republic of Iran) - 2000
1572   Supplementary report 2004 to Norway's third report to the UN committee on the rights of Norway. Ministry of Foreign affairs
       the child
1573   Supply division: Annual report                                                          UNICEF

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NO.                                              Title                                                                   Author
1574   Supporting community action on AIDS in developing countries: Guide to participatory International               HIV/AIDS   Alliance    - Frontiers
                                                                                                      Prevention Projects - Asia Pacific Network of Sex
       production of resources for HIV prevention among vulnerable                                    Work Projects
1575   Surgery for victims of war                                                                     Dufour, D.
1576   Surveillance of morbidity and mortality: Module 4 facilitator 's guide                         Hilton, Martin
1577   Surveillance of mordidity and mortality: Module 4 user 's guide                                Claquin, Pierre - Jack Reynolds - david Marsh
1578   Survey over physical paralysis in Iran                                                         The University of Welfare and Rehabilitaion
                                                                                                      Sciences: Deputy for Research
1579   Survey over socio-cultural organisation in Iran: Terms of reference, reciprocators, various Tayefi, Ali,UNICEF
       services, possibilities and methods to provide services
1580   Sustainability analysis: Module 9 facilitator 's guide                                         Miller, Mary
1581   Sustainability analysis: Module 9 user 's guide                                                Reynolds, Jack - Wayne Stinson
1582   Sustainability of achievements: Lessons learned from universal child immunization: Report UNICEF
       of a steering committee
1583   Sustainability of the world summit for children goals: Concepts and strategies                 Chen, Linon G. - Sagari Singn
1584   Swimming with Dolphins                                                                         Pizzey, Erin
1585   Symposium and round table on operational activities 27 to 29 June 1999: Rebuilding UNCHS
       communities in the urban areas of Afghanistan
1586   Take the baby friendly initiative: A global effort with hospitals, health services and parents UNICEF
       to breastfeed babies for the best start in life
1587   Taking child rights seriously in the southern cone: UNICEF 's work in Argentina, Chile and UNICEF
1588   TALC 2005 catalogue: Teaching aids at low cost
1589   Talking about AIDS: A guide for everybody                                                      UNAIDS
1590   Talking to tomorrow: Young people in the Middle East and North Africa
1591   Tanzania food and nutrition centre, 20th anniversary, 1973-1993, nutrition - relevant Kavishe, Festo P. - S. S. Mushi
       actions in Tanzania
1592   Tanzania: The limits to development from above                                                 Havnevik, Kjell J.
1593   Targeting social assistance in transition economy: The Mahallas in Uzbekistan                  Coudouel, Aline - Sheila Marnie - John Micklewright

1594   Teacher 's introduction to voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) modules
1595   Teaching human rights: Practical activities for primary and secondary schools               United Nation High Commissioner for Human Rights

1596   Technet consultation, Harare, 6 - 10 Dec., 1999                                             World Health Organization (WHO)
1597   Technical consultation workshop on the convention on the rights of the child

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NO.                                                Title                                                                      Author
1598   Technical expert consultation on innovative wastewater management for small                     Bakir, Hamed
       communities in EMR countries, Amman-Jordan 6-9 November 2000: Guiding principles
       and options
1599   Tehran lipid and glucose study: Study methodology and summarized findings                       Azizi, Fereidoun
1600   Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services
1601   Tehran: The jewel on the silk road                                                              Tavakoli, Alireza
1602   Telephone directory: Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)                        UNAIDS
1603   Television programmes feature films: Cima Media International                                   I. R. I. B. Iran
1604   Telling our Stories: Children deal with loss, grief and transition.                             Family Health International - Care International
1605   Ten steps in health system research                                                             Asefzadeh, S. - H. Malekafzali
1606   Testing the correlation between vaccine vial monitor and vaccine potency                        World Health Organization (WHO)
1607   The 1996 multiple indicator cluster survey: A survey to assess the situation of families in
       Iraq: Final report
1608   The 1999 global report                                                                          UNHCR
1609   The addis affirmation: Save the Children global meeting on children's participation - June      Save the Children
1610   The Agathe Uwilingiyimana Prize: Honouring innovative achievements in female education          Forum for African Women Education (FAWE)
       in Africa, Forum for African women educationalists
1611   The Amman affirmation: Joint UNESCO-UNICEF monitoring learning achievement (MLA)                UNESCO - UNICEF

       Project: Mid-decade meeting of the International Consultative Forum on Education for all
1612   The art of facilitating participation: releasing the power of grassroots communication
1613   The Aryan Golshani case
1614   The Bamako initiative: Rebuilding health system                                                 UNICEF
1615   The barefoot college of knowledge demystified                                                   Brien, Catherin O.
1616   The baseline survey for Bangladesh integrated nutrition project: Final report
1617   The basic development needs initiative: Integrated community development in action              World Health Organization (WHO)
1618   The best interests of the child towards a synthesis of children 's rights and cultural values   Alston, Philip - Bridget Gilmour Walsh

1619   The bicycle: Vehicle for a small planet                                                         Lowe, Marcia D.
1620   The child in the justice system: Seminar, Workshop, proceedings                                 University of the Philippines
1621   The children can not wait                                                                       Chawla, Nilma
1622   The children here: Current trends in the decentralization of national programmes of action      Castillo, Carlos

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NO.                                              Title                                                                     Author
1623   The children write a book at school about the United Nations convention on the rights of
       the child
1624   The choice is ours, who reports on the global Tuberculosis epidemic 1998                     World Health Organization (WHO)
1625   The clinical use of blood: Handbook                                                          World Health Organization (WHO)
1626   The code handbook: A guide to implementing the International Code of Marketing of            Sokol, Ellen J.
       Breastmilk Substitutes
1627   The communication program for the convention on the rights of the child, Islamic Republic    UNICEF
       of Iran
1628   The community based rehabilitation project: Its community development impact                 Nubani, Randa - Muna Mseis
1629   The comparison of the social and health indicators of the city and peri-urban areas of
1630   The constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, 1979 (With all Amendments up to 1989)      Meskkini, Ali

1631   The constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996
1632   The consultative group on early childhood care and development: Parenting programs           Evans, Judith L. - P. A. Stansbery
       designed to support the development of children from birth to the years of age
1633   The convention of child rights and UNICEF experience at the country level                    UNICEF
1634   The convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women: The          United Nations
       optional protocol: Text and materials
1635   The convention on the rights of the child and the Philippine legal system
1636   The convention on the rights of the child and the Philippine legal system                    UNICEF
1637   The convention on the rights of the child impact study                                       Woll, Lisa
1638   The convention on the rights of the child in a Libyan legislative context: A comparative     Raoubi, Murad Mahmoud
       study brief
1639   The cost of free education in Iran: stage one and final report                               UNICEF,Atieh Bahar Co.
1640   The CVI strategic plan, Managing apportunity and change: A visition of vaccination for the   The Children 's Vaccine Initiative (CVI)
       21 century
1641   The damaged brain of iodine deficiency: Cognitive, behavioral, neuromotor, educative
1642   The dancing horizaon: Human development prospects for Bangladesh                             World Bank
1643   The district primary health care networks in Iran                                            Pileroudi, Cyrus
1644   The economic value of breastfeeding: The national public sector, hospital and houshold       Levine, Ruth E. - Sandra L. Huffman
1645   The education of children with special needs: Barriers and opportunities in central and      Ainscow, Mel - Memmenasha Haile-Giorgis
       eastern Europe

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NO.                                              Title                                                                    Author
1646   The education of girls and women in Africa
1647   The effects of contraception on obstetric outcomes                                           Marston, Cicely - john cleland
1648   The environment for children: Understanding and acting on the environmental hazards that     Satterthwaite, David et al.
       threaten children and their parents
1649   The Era of construction (a narration of eight years of construction durting the presidency
       of Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani) 1989-1997
1650   The essential handbook, Radio and HIV/AIDSA: making a difference, A guide for radio          Adam, G. - Nicola Harford
       practitioners,health workers and donors
1651   The essential handbook: Radio and HIV/AIDS: Making a difference: A guide for radio           Adam, gordon - Nicola Hardford,UNAIDS - Media
       practitioners, health workers and donors                                                     Action International
1652   The essentials of contraceptive technology                                                   Hatcher, Robert A.
1653   The evolving capacities of child                                                             Lansdown, Gerison,UNICEF - Save the Children
1654   The faces, voices and skills behind the GIPA workplace model in South Africa: UNAIDS         Simon-Meyer, Janine - Dan Odallo
       case study
1655   The family-in-focus approach: Developing policy oriented monitoring and analysis of          Betke, Friedhelm
       human development in Indonesia
1656   The fifth hostage                                                                            Strong, Terence
1657   The first millennium development goals report 2004: Achievement and challenges               Deputy for Social Affair,Institute for Management and
                                                                                                    Planning Studies,UN in Iran
1658   The flood emergency in Iran: Immediate health needs estimates                                Iran. Ministry of Health and Medical Education -
1659   The flourishing Iran: Eight years of sacred effort                                           Plan and Budget Organization of Iran (PBO)
1660   The food basket: A potential data-based tool for food security and nutrition policy and Harrison, Gail G.
1661   The future search conference 20-22 June 1999: Increasing the role and life choices for UNICEF
       adolescents in Jordanian society with a focus on girls
1662   The future seen by Egptian teenagers: Perceptions, expectations and attitudes of Kandil, Ragia A.
1663   The girl child in Tanzania: Today's girl and tomorrow's women: a research report             UNICEF
1664   The global fund: To fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria: Annual report 2002/2003            The Global Fund
1665   The global movement for children: The Jordanian experience                                   UNICEF
1666   The global status of legislative reform related to the convention on the rights of the child UNICEF, Global Policy Section

1667   The government of the Sultanate of Oman and UNICEF programme of cooperation 1997-

                                                                  Page 71 of 86
NO.                                                Title                                                                       Author
1668   The gril child: An investment in the future, section for development programmes for women        UNICEF
       programme division
1669   The hammer of eden                                                                               Follett, Ken
1670   The health impact assessment of development projects                                             Birley, M. H.
1671   The health situation of mothers and children in the Islamic Republic of Iran                     Malekafzali, Hossein
1672   The human rights of women and children: Challenges and opportunities                             UNICEF
1673   The impact of conflict: On women and girls in West and Central Africa and the UNICEF             UNICEF
1674   The impact of sanctions: A study of UNICEF 's perspective                                        Hoskins, Eric
1675   The impact of the Indonesian financial crisis on children: An analysis using the 100 villages    Cameron, Lisa A.
1676   The importance of caregiver- child interactions for the survival and healthy development of      World Health Organization (WHO)
       young children: A review
1677   The incidence of abuse among high school pupils in Khorramabad in 1377/1998 and the              Namdari, Parissa
       factors influencing it
1678   The information network of indicators pertaining to women and children                           Raffii, K.
1679   The International cotext of rural poverty in the third world: Issue for research and action by
       grassroots organizations and legal activities
1680   The international criminal court
1681   The Iranian red crescent society: Annual report
1682   The Jordanian national plan of action for children for the years 2004-2013: Excutive             UNICEF
1683   The Jordanian youth forum I 20 -22 April 1999                                                    UNICEF
1684   The last mile to end Polio                                                                       UNICEF
1685   The law on the Third Economic, Social and Cultural Development Plan, legal information
1686   The long-run economic costs of AIDS: Theory and an application to South Africa                   Bell, Clive,shantayanan Devarajan,Hans Gersbach
1687   The male latex condom: Specification and guidelines for condom procurement 2003                  World Health Organization (WHO)
1688   The management and prevention of Diarrhoea: Practical guide                                      World Health Organization (WHO)
1689   The management of bloody Diarrhoea in young children                                             World Health Organization (WHO)
1690   The management of nutrition in major emergencies                                                 World Health Organization (WHO)
1691   The maternal mortality ratio in the Islamic Republic of Iran-1990: Linking a reproductive        Naghavi, Mohsen,Alikbar sayari
       age mortality survey to the census
1692   The matic evaluation of alternative basic education for spcial groups in the MENA region         Allemano, Eric

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NO.                                               Title                                                                     Author
1693   The media and children's rights                                                                Media Wise - UNICEF
1694   The media and HIV/AIDS: Making a differences                                                   UNAIDS - Kaiser Family Foundation
1695   The micronutrient initiative annual report 03-04                                               Micronutrient Initiative Association
1696   The millenium development goals and the United Nations girl 's education initiative: A         UNGEI
       guidance note to UN country teams
1697   The millennium development goals: They are about children                                      UNICEF
1698   The missing millions of females in South Asia: A literature review                             Onishi, Junko
1699   The multiple health indicator cluster survey of the Islamic Republic of Iran 23-27             Iran. Ministry of Health and Medical Education -
       September 1995                                                                                 UNICEF
1700   The national breastmilk vitamin A study                                                        UNICEF
1701   The national report on the women 's NGO 's in Iran
1702   The needs of internally displaced women and children: Principles and considerations:           Kunder, James
       Office of emergency programmes working paper sersies
1703   The new emergency health kit 98: Drugs and medical supplies for 10,000 people for              World Health Organization (WHO)
       approximately 3 months
1704   The nutritional status of children Oct.-Nov. 1998                                              UNICEF
1705   The opportunities of children in female-headed families (FHH), and the question of their       Motiee, Nahid
1706   The outcomes of teenage motherhood in Europe                                                   Berthoud, Richard - Karen Robson
1707   The Oxfam poverty report                                                                       Watkins, Kevin
1708   The participation rights of adolescents: A strategic approach                                  UNICEF
1709   The PHC experience in Iran                                                                     Shadpour, Kamal
1710   The Philippine minimum basic needs (MBN) approach to improved quality of life: Manual of       Minimum Basic Needs (MBN) - UNICEF
1711   The playful city: Conference workbook: Draft Policies, guidelines and ideas for creating       Braciszewski et al.
       urban environments to meet the needs of children, youth and families
1712   The policymaking uses of multitopic household survey data: A primer
1713   The practical progress of the children situation in Iran with regard of the principle of the
       CRC, measured through indicators for global monitoring of the child rights
1714   The prevention and control of iodine deficiency disorders
1715   The progress of Indian states: A report on the achievement of Indian states in child           UNICEF
       survival, health, nutrition, family planning, maternal mortality, primary education, gender
       equity, child labor: marking the progress toward india 's goals for children
1716   The progress of nations                                                                        UNICEF

                                                                   Page 73 of 86
NO.                                                Title                                                                       Author
1717   The progress of provinces Islamic Republic of Iran                                                Iran. Ministry of Health and Medical Education
1718   The public health system in Afghanistan: Current issues                                           Waldman, Ronald- Homaira Hanif
1719   The quality of evaluations supported by UNICEF country office 2000-2001                           UNICEF
1720   The report of the society for protecting the rights of the child (SPRC) to the commite of the

       rights of the child on the national periodic report of IRI on implimentation of CRC in Iran
1721   The reporting process to the committee on the rights of the child: A UNICEF resource              UNICEF
1722   The right start to life: Let 's and iodine deficiency                                             UNICEF
1723   The rights of the child                                                                           UN
1724   The rights of the child: A comparative study of the convention on the rights of the child and     Ebadi, Shirin
       the legislation of the Islamic Republic of Iran
1725   The rights of the child: A study on legal aspects of children 's rights in Iran                   Ebadi, Shirin
1726   The rights of the child: Norway's third report to the United Nations Committee on the Rights
       of the Child - 2003
1727   The rights start to life: A statistical analysis of birth registration                            UNICEF
1728   The rise and fall of fertility rates of Iranian population after the Islamic revolution of 1979   Mehryar, Amir H.

1729   The road ahead                                                                             Gates, Bill
1730   The road to intelligence: An advocay program for provention of Iodine deficiency disorders

1731   The role of communication in comprehensive Anemia control: A framework for planning &             Hyde, James - Rosanna Agble - Penelope Nestel
       implementing a strategic communication plan
1732   The role of NGOs and private sector in health and family planning in the fourth five year         Voluntary Health Services Society (VHSS)
1733   The role of NGOs: Report of the Tokyo symposium on child trafficking: 20-21 February              UNICEF East Asia and the Pacific Regional Office
       2003, Tokyo, Japan
1734   The role of religion and ethics in the prevention and control fo AIDS                             World Health Organization (WHO)
1735   The role of the law, ethics and discrimination
1736   The rural private practitioner                                                                    Rohde, Jon Eliot - Hema Viswanathan
1737   The safe strategy: Preventing Trachoma: A guide for environmental sanitation and                  Mariotti, S. P. - A. Pruss
       improved hygiene
1738   The second decade: Improving adolescent health and development                                    WHO - FRH- ADH
1739   The silent endurance: Social conditions of women 's reproductive health in rural Egypt            Khattab, Hind A. S.

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NO.                                              Title                                                                      Author
1740   The situation of children, youth and women in Jordan                                          Amr, Hady
1741   The siutation of palestinian children in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Jordan, Syria and      UNICEF
       Lebanon: An assessment based on the UN convention on the rights of the child
1742   The sound of silence: Difficulties in communicating on HIV/AIDS in schoolds, experiences      Boler, Tania
       from India and Kenya
1743   The sound of silence: Difficulties in communicating on HIV/AIDS in schools: Experiences       Boler, Tania
       from India and Kenya
1744   The Sphere project: General information                                                       The Sphere project
1745   The Sphere Project: Humanitarian charter and minimum standards in disaster response

1746   The Sphere project: Humanitarian charter and minimum standards in disaster response

1747   The state of child health in the eastern mediterranean region                               World Health Organization (WHO)
1748   The state of children and women in the Middle East and North Africa region: An UNIUCEF
       assessment based on the End-Decade review of nations
1749   The state of South Africa 's population report 2000: Population poverty & vulnerability     South Africa. The Department of Social Development
1750   The state of the world 's children                                                          UNICEF
1751   The state of the young Islamic Republic of Iran                                             UNICEF
1752   The state of women as the head of household in Iran                                         The University of Welfare and Rehabilitation
1753   The state of women, Islamic Republic of Iran                                                UNICEF
1754   The status of girls and women in Kurdestan province - Iran                                  UNICEF
1755   The status of girls and women in society (the case of Sistan and Baluchestan): Final report Seddigh Sarvestani, Rahmatollah

1756   The story of a successful public-private partnership in Central America: Handwashing for      Saade, Camille - Massee Bateman - Diane B.
       Diarrhoeal desease prevention                                                                 Bendahmane
1757   The story: 3551                                                                               UNICEF
1758   The struggle for health: Medicine and the policies of underdevelopment                        Sanders, David - Carver - Richard
1759   The study report on the knowledge, attitude, and practice of juvenile judges, Iran 2000       Zamani, Ghassem
1760   The summaries of the reproductive health researches in 10 provinces of the Islamic            UNFPA - Iran. Ministry of Health and Medical
       Republic of Iran                                                                              Education: Deputy Ministry of Research
1761   The teacher's toolkit: Youth-to-youth peer education activities for sexual and reproductive
       health: 14 activities for group session + practical information
1762   The team handbook: How to use teams to improve quality                                        Scholtes, Peter R. et. al

                                                                  Page 75 of 86
NO.                                                Title                                                                    Author
1763   The thin book of appreciative inquiry                                                         Hammond, Sue Annis
1764   The third wave                                                                                Toffler, Alvin
1765   The time to act: Women 's nturition and its consequences for child survival and               Baker, Jean - Luann Martin - Ellen Piwoz
       reproductive health in Africa
1766   The traveling twins in a jolt in Jaipor
1767   The treatment and prevention of acute diarrhoeal: Practical guidelines                        World Health Organization (WHO)
1768   The twins in Madurai
1769   The two faces of education in ethnic conflict: Towards a peacebuilding education for
1770   The UNICEF adolescents project: Promoting adolesecents ' participation with a focus on
       girls (2000-2003)
1771   The United Nation decade of disabled persons: A decade of accomplishment 1983-1992            UN

1772   The United Nation system in the Islamic Republic of Iran: A briefing kit for newly-recruited United Nation
       staff members
1773   The United Nation system and nutrition: The need for change in a more democratic world Forman, Martin J.

1774   The universal declaration of human rights: An Adaptation for children                         Rocha, Ruth - Otavio Roth
1775   The use of antimalarial drugs: Report of a WHO informal consultation                          World Health Organization (WHO)
1776   The use of essential drugs: Ninth report of the WHO                                           World Health Organization (WHO)
1777   The way forward: Health & nutrition strategies for the government of Bangladesh-UNICEF        Bangladesh. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
       programme of cooperation 1996-2000                                                            (MHFW) - UNICEF
1778   The wealth and poverty of nations                                                             Landes, David
1779   The World Bank annual report 2000: Financial statements and appendixes to annual report       The World Bank

1780   The world health report 1998: Life in the 21st century, a vistion for all: Report of the director- World Health Organization (WHO)
1781   The world health report 2004: Changing history
1782   The world summit for children                                                                      UNICEF
1783   The young voices of young Kenyans: Gender, sexuality and HIV/AIDS in education                     Akunga, Alice - Eileen Kwamboka - Daniel Muia
1784   The "Three Ones" in action: Where we are and where we go from here                                 UNAIDS
1785   Thematic evaluation of UNICEF support to growth monitoring                                         Pearson, Roger
1786   These are your rights: The United Nations convention on the rights of the child                    Villiers, Susan De
1787   Things change: Ending female genital cutting: A resource book for working with youth and

                                                                    Page 76 of 86
NO.                                                Title                                                                 Author
1788   Things you must know before marriage                                                         Sadeghipoor Rostami, Hamidreza - Homa Ma'aref -
                                                                                                    Shohreh Naderi Moghadam,UNFPA
1789   Third socio-economic and cultural development plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran           The Islamic Consultative Assembly (ICA)
1790   Time management
1791   Time to listen: The experiences of children residential and foster care: A childline study   Morris, Sally - Helen Wheatley

1792   Today 's needs VS. yesterday 's traditions: Report of a study on reproductive health needs
       of Afghan refugees in Mashad, Iran
1793   Tommorrow when the war began                                                               Marsden, John
1794   Too old for toys, Too young for motherhood                                                 UNICEF
1795   Toolkit for targeted HIV/AIDS prevention and care in sex work settings                     WHO
1796   Toolkit: Pathways to partnerships                                                          International HIV/AIDS Alliance - UNAIDS - DFID
1797   Tourist guide of Iran                                                                      Iran. Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance
1798   Toward a literate world: Television in litracy education lessons from the Arab Region      Palmer, Edward L.
1799   Toward a virtuous circle: A nutrition review of the Middle East and North Africa           Aoyama, Atsuko
1800   Towards a better understanding of youth knowledge, Attitude and practices(KAP) survey of Ahmed Jaffer, Yasmin - Fatima Mohamed Al-Ajami -
       secondary school students in the field of general and reproductive health                  Khalid Al-Wahshi
1801   Towards a healthy district: Organizing and managing district health systems based on Tarimo, E.
       primary health care
1802   Towards a national programme of action for chidren in South Africa: Report of the UNICEF - National Children 's Rights Committe
       consulative conference 11-13 March 1994                                                    (NCRC)
1803   Towards a new global agenda for children in the 21st century: Child development            UNICEF
1804   Towards a new global agenda for children in the 21st cenutury: Gender equality and the UNICEF
       rights of women and girls
1805   Towards a new global for chidren in the 21st century: Learning                             UNICEF
1806   Towards a unified system of demographic estimates for the Islamic Republic of Iran         Hill, Kenneth
1807   Towards an international consensus on policy for long-term care of the aging.              WHO - Milbank Memorial Fund
1808   Towards better programming: A water handbook                                               UNICEF
1809   Towards the global elimination of brain damage due to iodine deficiency: A global program
       for human development with a model applicable to a variety of health, social and
       environmental problems
1810   Toys for fun: A book of toys for pre-school children
1811   Trafficking in human beings, especially women and children in Africa

                                                                    Page 77 of 86
NO.                                            Title                                                                   Author
1812   Training and resource manual: Comprehensive education analysis, a flexible training       UNICEF
1813   Training manual for helping children in situations of armed conflict                      UNICEF
1814   Training manual for primary school health education (using the child-to-child approach)   Bonati, Grazyna
1815   Training manual for public health promotion in emergencies                                Oxfam
1816   Training materials and information resources on disasters: Catalog 2002
1817   Training of rural midwives, family planning advocates: Joint programme with UNFPA         Iran. Ministry of Health and Medical Education
1818   Training package for a family member of a child who has difficulty seeing: Information    World Health Organization (WHO)
       about the disability and what you can do about it
1819   Tranforming the present protecting the future: Consolidation report
1820   Transcending the legacy of apartheid: Children in the new Southern Africa                 African European Institute (AEI)
1821   Translating law into reality
1822   Trap door                                                                                 O. Keefe, Bernard J.
1823   Treating 3 million by 2005: Making it happen: The WHO strategy                            UNAIDS - WHO
1824   Tubercubsis control in refugee situations: An inter-agency field manual                   World Health Organization (WHO)
1825   Tunisia's quest for educational quality: Interducing the competency approach in primary   Sultana, Ronald
1826   Turist guide to TANZANIA                                                                  Luhikula, Gratian
1827   Turning the tide: CEDAW and the gender dimensions of the HIV/AIDS pandemic                The United Nation Development Fund for Women
1828   Twenty-six FAO regional conference for the Near East: Tehran Islamic Republic of Iran, 9-
       13 March 2002
1829   Two decades of progress: Linking knowledge to action, report of the XVI international International Vitamin A Consultative Group (IVACG)
       vitamin A consulatative group meeting Chiang Rai, Thailand 24-28 Oct., 1994
1830   Two thousand and two: Donor report                                                        UNICEF
1831   Uganda participatory poverty assessment report: Learning from the poor                    Uganda. Ministry of Finance and Economic
1832   Understanding and challenging HIV stigma: Toolkit for Action                              Kidd, Ross- Sue Clay
1833   Understanding Iran's youth: Leisure and education
1834   Understanding results-based programme planning and management: Tools to reinforce UNICEF
       good programming practice
1835   Understanding the prersent, shaping the future: Children in the Arab world                UNICEF
1836   Understanding the present shaping the future: Children in the Arab World
1837   Understanding the youth in Iran: A study in the urban areas of Tehran                     UNICEF,State Welfare Organization
1838   UNDP 's 1990 report on human development in Bangladesh: A pro-poor agenda                 UNDP

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NO.                                             Title                                                                    Author
1839   UNDP/LAPSO review 2003
1840   UNESCO's strategy for HIV/AIDS prevention education                                         UNESCO
1841   UNESCO publishing catalogue                                                                 UNESCO
1842   UNESCO statistical yearbook annuaire                                                        UNESCO
1843   UNFPA activities in the Islamic Republic of Iran                                            UNFPA
1844   UNFPA annual report 2000: UNFPA activities in the Islamic Republic of Iran
1845   UNFPA annual report 2004                                                                    UNFPA
1846   UNFPA state of world population 2004                                                        UNFPA
1847   UNICEF's immunization plus organizational priority: An evaluation of the policy and         UNICEF
       enabling environment
1848   UNICEF's Role in Middle & High incom countries 2000 and beyond                              Vittachi, Sarojini,UNICEF
1849   UNICEF's strengths and weaknesses: A summary of key internal and external institutional     UNICEF
       reviews and evaluations conduct from 1992-2004
1850   UNICEF-Iran input to the pre-sessional working group of the committe on the rights of the
       child sep. 1999
1851   UNICEF 's priorties for children 2002-2005: This is an overview of UNICEF 's medium-        UNICEF
       term strategic plan (MTSP) for the period 2002-2005
1852   UNICEF actions on behalf of children affected by armed conflict: Selected examples          UNICEF
1853   UNICEF and basic education                                                                  UNICEF
1854   UNICEF and humanitarian crises: An overview of operational and programme strategies         UNICEF

1855   UNICEF and photography
1856   UNICEF and Radda Barnen child rights training manual                                        Martens, Kim
1857   UNICEF Angola                                                                               Elder, James
1858   UNICEF at a glance                                                                          UNICEF
1859   UNICEF CD-ROM illustration catalogue
1860   UNICEF contribution to UN reform and its impact on UNICEF                                   UNICEF
1861   UNICEF financial circular                                                                   UNICEF
1862   UNICEF gender training package: MENA Region
1863   UNICEF in China                                                                             Dixit, Kunda
1864   UNICEF in Iraq 2002                                                                         UNICEF
1865   UNICEF in Jamaica
1866   UNICEF in Jordan                                                                            UNICEF
1867   UNICEF in Jordan: Fulfilled promises
1868   UNICEF in Thailand: A journey of fifty years                                                Martin, Steven

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NO.                                             Title                                                                    Author
1869   UNICEF in Thunsia
1870   UNICEF manuals                                                                              UNICEF
1871   UNICEF nutrition portfolio review (1980-1999), a contribution to the World Bank/UNICEF      Shrimpton, Roger et al.
       nutrition assessment
1872   UNICEF policy and procedure manual: Programme operations: Book D                            UNICEF
1873   UNICEF programme guidelines: Women 's programmes                                            UNICEF
1874   UNICEF strategies in basic education
1875   UNICEF thesaurus                                                                            Di Lauro, Anne,UNICEF
1876   UNICEF Training of Trainers on Gender-Based Violence: Focusing on Sexual Exploitation       UNICEF
       and Abuse: Introduction and Background to the Training
1877   UNICEF Yemen: 2004 Annual report                                                            UNICEF
1878   UNICEF/MENA gender and development training source book (Task force review copy)            UNICEF
       Feb. 1998
1879   UNICEF: Guide of national and international NGOs active in women and children's issues
       in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
1880   UNIFEM annual report 1992                                                                   United Nations Development Fund for Women
1881   UNIFEM in beijing and beyond: Celebrating the fourth World Conference on Women              UNIFEM
1882   UNISCALE assessment in health facilities                                                    Sadighi, Jila - Kourosh Samadpour - Hamed
                                                                                                   Pouraram,UNICEF,Ministry of Health and Medical
                                                                                                   Education,Health Sciences Research Institute
1883   United Arab Emirates yearbook 2005                                                          UAE Ministry of Information and Culture
1884   United Nation development assistance framework Tanzania 2002-2006                           United Public of Tanzania - United Nation
1885   United Nations common country assessment for the Islamic republic of Iran
1886   United Nations Federal Credit Unoin (UNFCU): Annual reports                                 UNFCU
1887   United Nations human rights mechanisms: A quick guide                                       UNICEF
1888   United Nations learning strategy on HIV/AIDS: Building competence of the UN and its staff   UNAIDS
       to respond to HIV/AIDS
1889   United Nations learning strategy on HIV/AIDS: Building competence of the UN and its staff
       to respond to HIV/AIDS
1890   United Nations postal administration: Philatelic Bulletin
1891   Universal declaration of human rights                                                       United Nation
1892   Universalizing the right to education of good quality:                         A rights-    Tomasevski , Katarina
       based approach to achieving education for all
1893   Unlock every child's potential: Iron and early childhood

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NO.                                              Title                                                                 Author
1894   Unsafe abortion: Global and regional estimates of the incidence of unsafe abortion and
       associated mortality in 2000
1895   Unsafe schools: A literature review of school-related gender-based violence in developing UNAIDS - Development & Training Services, Inc.

       countries                                                                                  (DTS) - Wellesley Centers for Research on Women
1896   Urban basic services: Reaching children and women of the urban poor                        UNICEF
1897   Urban health in developing countries: Progress and prospects
1898   Urban poor pay for water: Evidence and implications for going to scale                     Nigam, Ashok
1899   Urbanization and the healthy cities programme
1900   V & B catalogue 2000                                                                          World Health Organization (WHO)
1901   V & B catalogue 99                                                                            World Health Organization (WHO)
1902   Vaccines and biologicals: Annual report 2000                                                  World Health Organization (WHO)
1903   Vaccines and biologicals: Biennial report                                                     World Health Organization (WHO)
1904   Vector and pest control in refugee situations                                                 UNHCR - WHO
1905   Viet Nam: Children and women, a situation analysis 2000                                       UNICEF
1906   Violence against women in South Africa: A resource for journalists                            Soul City Institute for Health and Development
1907   Violence against women: New movements and new theories in India                               Omvedt, Gail
1908   Vision of a better work: Global cooperation for a better world a peace messenger initiative Drake, Christopher - Nicholaa Malet de Carteret -
       dedicated to the United Nations presents                                                      Gayatri Naraine
1909   Visualisation in participatory programmes: A manual for facilitators and trainers involved in UNICEF
       participatory group events
1910   Vital signs: The trends that are shaping out future 1994-1995                                 Brown, Lester R. - Hal Kane - David Malin Roodman

1911   Vitamin A deficiency and its consequences: A field guide to detection and control          Sommer, Alferd
1912   Vitamin A supplementation and child mortality: A meta-analysis
1913   Vitamin and mineral deficiency: A global progress report                                   Adamson, Peter
1914   Vitamin and mineral requirements in human nutrition                                        WHO - FAO
1915   Vitamin K deficiency and haemorrhagic disease of the newborn: A public health problem in   UNICEF
       less developed countries?
1916   Voices across the hills                                                                    Guttman, Cynthia
1917   Voices from the community in the Sultanate of Oman: Local women 's perceptions of          Sultanate of Oman. Ministry of Health (MHSO)
       community support group volunteers, Final report
1918   Voices of children and adolescents in Latin America and the Caribbean, regional survey     UNICEF

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NO.                                              Title                                                                   Author
1919   Volunteer health workers in Iran as social activists: Can governmental non-governmental Hppdfar, Homa
       organizations be agents of democratisation?
1920   Walter Sisulu child and youth care centre: 1999-2000 annual report                      Walter Sisulu Child & Youth Care Centre (WSCYCC)

1921   War and public health: Handbook on war and public health                                     Perrin, Pierre
1922   War wound with fractures: A guide to surgicals management                                    Rowley, David I.
1923   War wounds: Basic surgical management, the principles and practice of the surgical           Gray, Robin
       management of wounds produced by missiles or explosions
1924   Wasted opportunities when school fail: Repetition and drop-out in primary schools            UNESCO
1925   Water and sanitation in emergencies                                                          Chalinder, Andrew
1926   Water and sanitation in Islam                                                                AL-Sheikh, Abdul Fattah
1927   Water: A matter of life and health                                                           Black, Maggie - Rupert Talbot
1928   We are children, We have rights: Glimpses of working children in Bangladesh                  UNICEF
1929   We have achieved: Implementation of the national plan of action for women                    Center for Women's Participation
1930   We the children: End-Decade review of the follow-up to the world summit for children:        UN
       Report of the secretary-general
1931   We the children: Meeting the promises of the world summit for children                       Annan, Kofi A.
1932   We will never go back: Social mobilization in the child survival and development             UNICEF
       programme in the United Republic of Tanzania
1933   Welcome to Iran: An orietation guide for UNICEF staff and their families travelling to the   Soufi, Narges
       Islamic Republic of Iran
1934   Wellstart international statement of capabilities                                            Wellstrat
1935   WFP's 40 years of fighting hunger                                                            WFP
1936   What happens when gender is considered/when gender is not considered in economic
       development activities
1937   What is the effect of child labour on learning achievement? evidence from Ghana              Heady, Christopher
1938   What Parliamentarian can do about HIV/AIDS: Action for children and young people             UNICEF - UNAIDS -European Parliamentarians for
                                                                                                    Africa (AWEPA) - The Parliamentary Network on the
                                                                                                    World Bank (PNoWB)
1939   What religious leaders can do about HIV/AIDS: Action for children and young people           UNICEF - UNAIDS - World Conference of Religions
                                                                                                    for Peace
1940   What we are waiting for?                                                                     Anderson, Mary B.
1941   What works in youth participation: Cases studies from around the world                       International Youth Foundation
1942   What you think! How to establish and get involved with shadow youth councils                 Field, Jane - Julie Harrison
1943   When the invisible hand rocks the cradle: New Zealand children in a time of change           Blaiklock, Alison J. , et al.

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NO.                                                Title                                                                  Author
1944   Where there is no doctor: A village health care handbook                             Werner, David - Carol Thuman - Jane Maxwell
1945   Where there is no doctor: A village health care handbook                             Werner, David - Carol Thuman - Jane Maxwell
1946   WHO- recommended standards for surveillance of selected vaccine-preventable diseases WHO

1947   WHO-PAHO guidelines for the use of foreign field hospitals in the aftermath of sudden-
       impact disasters: International meeting Hospitals in Disasters-Handle with Care, San
       Salvador, EL Salvador, 8-10 July 2003
1948   WHO Center for health development: WHO Cobe Center: Annual report of the director
1949   Who counts reality: Participatory monitoring and evaluation: A literature review              Estrella, Marisol,John Gaventa
1950   Who does what in UNICEF external relations: A directory of services, functions and staff of   UNICEF
       UNICEF external relations offices at headquarters locations
1951   WHO global databank on breastfeeding                                                          World Health Organization (WHO): Nutrition Unit
1952   WHO healthy cities: A programme framework, a review of the operation & future                 World Health Organization (WHO)
       development of the WHO healthy cities programme
1953   WHO model formulary 2004: Based on the 13th model list of essential medecines 2003            WHO

1954   WHO vaccine preventable diseses: Monitoring system: Global summary 2000                       World Health Organization (WHO)
1955   WHO/Conrad technical consultation on Nonoxynol-9: WHO, Geneva, 9-10 October 2001              WHO: Department of Reproductive Health and
1956   Why UNICEF                                                                                    UNICEF
1957   Woman in Islam and her role in human development                                              Al Khayat, M. H.
1958   Women's governmental and non-governmental organizations in Islamic Republic of Iran

1959   Women's social and economical indicators in the Islamic Republic of Iran: Litracy, Beladi Mussavi, Sadroddin
       Education, Health, Occupation, Marriage, Divorce
1960   Women-friendly health services experiences in maternal care: Report of a WHO - UNICEF - UNFPA
       WHO/UNICEF/UNFPA workshop
1961   Women 's educations labour force participation and fertility decline in Iran         Mehryar, Amir H. - Akhbar Aghajanian - Sh.
                                                                                            Ahmadnia - F. Tajdini
1962   Women 's governmental and non-governmental organizations in Islamic Republic of Iran

1963   Women 's health and their quality of life in Islamic Republic of Iran                   Bassiri, Sussan,World              Health    Organisation
1964   Women 's rigths and children 's rights: The United Nations convention as compatible and Goonesekere, Savitri
       complementary international treaties

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NO.                                             Title                                                               Author
1965   Women and children in Tanzania: An overview                                             Leach, Valerie - Walter Bgoya,UNICEF - The
                                                                                               Government of the United Republic of Tanzania
1966   Women and children: Environment, poverty and sustainable development
1967   Women and the family                                                                    Connell, Helen O.
1968   Women and the family in the Middle East: New voices of change
1969   Women and the political process in twentieth-century Iran                               Paidar, Parvin
1970   Women in grassroots communication: Furthering social change
1971   Women living under Muslim laws
1972   Women to women: Transfer of health and reproductive knowledge                           Mumtaz, Khawar - Fauzia Rauf
1973   Women workers' rights: The international labour organization and women worker's rights: International Labour Organization
       Equality for women in employment: An interdepartmental project
1974   Woment on the move: The role of UN agencies in the Islamic Republic of Iran             Amiri, Soudabeh
1975   Women, population and global analysis                                                   Bandarage Asoka
1976   Women, The HIV epedemic and human rights: A tragic imperative                           Hamblin, Julie - Elizabeth Reid
1977   Women, work and breastfeeding                                                           Esterik, Penny Van
1978   Women: The key to food sceurity                                                         Quisumbing, Agnes R.
1979   Work it out: Clues for solving people problems at work                                  Hirsh, Sandra Krebs - Jane A.G Kise
1980   Working for the rights of the child: Publications catalogue 2001                        Save the Children
1981   Working together on HIV/AIDS: Resource guide for theme groups
1982   Working with children with cerebral palsy and slow development                          UNICEF
1983   Working with children with hearing and speech handicaps                                 UNICEF - Ministry of Social Affairs & Labour
1984   Working with young people: A guide to preventing HIV/AIDS and STDs                      World Health Organization (WHO)
1985   Workplan for achieving the 1995 global Mid-Decade goals for children                    Iran. Ministry of Health & Medical Education (MHME)

1986   Workshop on gender and disasters
1987   Workshop on strengthening participatory attitudes in communication and development: UNICEF
       Facilitator 's manual
1988   Workshop on United Nations-civil society relations, Tehran Islamic Republic of Iran, 26
       October 2003
1989   Workshop women 's role in the construction of Afghanistan                                 Association for Protection of Refugee Women and
1990   World conference on education for all
1991   World declaration on the survival, protection and development of children and plan of World Summit for Children
       action for implementing the world declaration on the survival, protection and development
       of children in the 1990

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NO.                                              Title                                                                   Author
1992   World development report 1989: Financial systems and development                              World Bank
1993   World education forum: Final report                                                           Fiske, Edward B.
1994   World food programme: Annual report 2003                                                      World Food Programme (WFP)
1995   World Health Organization (WHO) : global action plan for laboratory contain of wild           World Health Organization (WHO)
1996   World Malaria report 2005                                                                UNICEF - WHO - Roll Back Malaria
1997   World military and social expenditures 1993                                              Sivard, Ruth Legar
1998                                                                                            International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse
       World perspectives on child abuse: An official publication of the International Society for
                                                                                                and      Neglect     (ISPCAN)-UNICEF-WHO-Health
                                                                                                Canada-Interchurch Organization for Development
       Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect                                                    Co-operation (ICCO)-World Vision
1999   World resource: A guide to the global environment                                        World Resource Institute (WRI) - UNEP - UNDP
2000   World summit for children                                                                UNICEF
2001   World summit for children-inspired programmes of action for children in the 1990: A Tadesse, Admassu
       process assessment and lessons learnt: Prepared as part of the world summit for children
       end-decade review
2002   World summit for children: Moving from worlds to action, summary: Report of the second UNICEF
       meeting of the Chief Executive Officers of International NGOs
2003   Writing up qualitative research                                                          Wolcott, Harry F.
2004   WTO agreements and public health: A joint study by the WHO and the WTO secretariat       World Health Organization (WHO)

2005   Young gay men talking
2006   Young people and HIV/AIDS: Opportunity in crisis                                              UNICEF - UNAIDS - WHO
2007   Young people in changing societies: Regional monitoring report no. 7- 2000                    UNICEF
2008   Young people speak out: Meeting our rights to HIV prevention and care: Access for all:
       Preliminary report findings from country consultations held with young people
2009   Young women: Silence, susceptibility and the HIV epidemic
2010   Youngs people 's voices on HIV/AIDS: A communication for development workshop 16-19           UNAIDS - UNICEF
       Nov. 1998
2011   Your move - your choice: Treasure your family, keep AIDS away: World AIDS Campaign            UNAIDS - WHO
2012   Youth forum on 21st century issues                                                            UNICEF
2013   Youth forum on 21st century issues                                                            UNICEF
2014   Youth friendly health services: Training manual for service providers in Malawi               UNICEF - National Youth Council of Malawi - Unity
                                                                                                     and Freedom

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NO.                                         Title                                                          Author
2015   Youth health for a change: A UNICEF Notebook on Programming for Young People's UNICEF
       Health and Development
2016   Youth livelihood opportunities in Egypt                                        El-Tayeb El-Kogali, Safaa - Nagah Hassan Al-
2017   Youth participation guide: Assessment, Planning, and implementation            YouthNet - Family Health International- Advocates
                                                                                      for Youth
2018   Youth study: Qualitative phase II- Complete report                             Bazar Negar Co.

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