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					                                     Biology One Course Completion Guideline

If   you   are   completing   your   classes   in   18 weeks, you need to complete ½ a module a week.
If   you   are   completing   your   classes   in   12 weeks, you need to complete about 1 module a week.
If   you   are   completing   your   classes   in   9 weeks, you need to complete 1 module a week.
If   you   are   completing   your   classes   in   6 weeks, you need to complete 1 ½ modules a week.
If   you   are   completing   your   classes   in   3 weeks, you need to complete 3 modules a week.

MODULE ONE                                                       Matter – Atoms & Molecules Video Worksheet
UNIT ONE – WHAT IS BIOLOGY?                                      Matter – Atoms Tutorial
Ch. 1 – Biology: The study of Life                               Problem Solving Lab 6-1
   Conditions for Life Video Worksheet                           Periodic Table of Elements Worksheet
   What is Life Video Worksheet                                  Atoms, Molecules, Compounds Tutorial
   Biology Suffixes and Prefixes Worksheet                       Elements, Compounds, & Mixtures Worksheet
   Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle
   Examples of Characteristics of Living Things                  Problem Solving Lab 6-2
   Components of Scientific Method                               Acid-Base Worksheet
   Frog Metamorphosis Lab                                        Passive Transport – Diffusion Worksheet
   Designing an Experiment                                       Water – A polar Molecule Worksheet
   Metric Measurements                                           Organic Molecules of Life Worksheet
   Problem Solving Lab 1-2
   Unit 1 Chapter 1 BioLab                                    MODULE FOUR
UNIT TWO – ECOLOGY                                               Organic Compounds Worksheet
Ch. 2 – Principles of Ecology                                    Compounds & Chemical Reactions Worksheet
   Video – Organisms and their Environment Quiz               Ch. 7 – View of the Cell
   Ecosphere – Where all Life Exists Video Wksht.                Cells – Building Blocks of Life Video Worksheet
   Problem Solving Lab 2-1                                       Cells – Unit of Life Powerpoint
   Food Web Worksheet                                            Comparing a Cell to a City Worksheet
                                                                 Cell Structures and Their Functions Worksheet
MODULE TWO                                                       Problem Solving Lab 7-1
   Raptor Food Web Worksheet                                     Problem Solving Lab 7-2
   Problem Solving Lab 2-2                                       Assembly Line for Cell Products
   Cycles of Matter Worksheet                                 Ch. 8 – Cellular Transport & the Cell Cycle
Ch. 3 – Communities & Biomes                                     Matter & Energy on the Move Video Worksheet
   Succession Worksheet                                          Maintaining Equilibrium Video Worksheet
   World’s Biomes – Deserts to Rainforest Video                  Cellular Transport Worksheet
   Biomes of the World Map Worksheet                             Mitosis Video Worksheet
   Puget Sound Food Web Worksheet                                Identification of Phases of Mitosis
   Problem Solving Lab 3-2                                       Problem Solving Lab 8-1
   Forest Biomes of N. America Worksheet
Ch. 4 – Population Biology                                    MODULE FIVE
   Population Biology Worksheet                                  Mitosis in Plant & Animal Cell Powerpoint
   Mice-Foxes Population Dynamics                                Problem Solving Lab 8-3
   Problem Solving Lab 4-1                                       Cell Cycle – Cancer Worksheet
   Ecological Relationships                                   Ch. 9 – Energy in a Cell
   Human Population Growth Worksheet                             Analyzing Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration
Ch. 5 – Biological Diversity & Conservation                      Energy Flow Worksheet
   Threats to Biodiversity Video Worksheet                       Problem Solving Lab 9-1
                                                                 Problem Solving Lab 9-2
MODULE THREE                                                     Fermentation – Anaerobic Cellular Respiration
   Biological Diversity & Conservation Worksheet              UNIT FOUR - GENETICS
   Problem Solving Lab 5-2                                    Ch. 10 – Mendel and Meiosis
   Unit 2 Biolab – Exotic Pet                                    Probability Lab
   Geoduck Farming Controversy                                   Mendel’s Studies Worksheet
UNIT THREE – LIFE OF A CELL                                      Genetic Monohybrid Crosses
Ch. 6 – Chemistry of Life                                        Dihybrid Crosses Video Worksheet
                             Biology One Course Completion Guideline
   Simulating a Dihybrid Cross Lab                    Understanding Viruses Video Worksheet
   Dihybrid Cross Problems                            MiniLab 18-1 Measuring in SI
   Meiosis Video Worksheet                            Problem Solving Lab 18-1
                                                      Virus Reproduction Worksheet
MODULE SIX                                            Problem Solving Lab 18-2
   Stages of Meiosis Worksheet.
   Problem Solving Lab 10-2                        MODULE NINE
   Assortment of Genes in Gametes                     A.I.D.S. – A changing Epidemic Questions
Ch. 11 – DNA and Genes                                Understanding Bacteria Video Worksheet
   Understanding Genetic Code Video Wkst.             Bacteria MiniLab Powerpoint
   DNA-RNA Molecules Worksheet                        Controlling Microbes Worksheet
   Problem – Solving Lab 11-1                      Ch. 19 – World of Protists
   DNA Replication Worksheet                          Examples of Protozoans & Their Organelles

   DNA Transcription Worksheet                        Problem Solving Lab 19-2
   Protein Synthesis Worksheet                        Problem Solving Lab 19-3
   Simulating Protein Synthesis                       World of Protozoa Video Worksheet
   Gene Mutation Worksheet                         Ch. 20 - Fungi
Ch. 12 – Patterns of Heredity & Human Genetics        The World of Fungi Video Worksheet
   Pedigree Chart Exercise                            Problem Solving Lab 20-1
   Problem Solving Lab 12-2                           Representatives of the Kindgom Fungi
   Human Blood Types                                  Problem Solving 20-2
                                                      Relationships with Fungi Worksheet
MODULE SEVEN                                          Allergic Reactions to Antibiotics
   Sex-linked Inheritance Video Worksheet
   Hemophilia – Sex-Linked Disease
   Karyotype Excercise
   Human Genetic Problem
Ch. 13 – Genetic Technology
   Problem Solving Lab 13-1
   Power of Genes Part 1 Video Worksheet
   Using Restrictive Enzymes to Cut DNA
   Problem Solving Lab 13-3
   Genetic Engineering & Recombinant DNA
  Power of Genes Part 2 Video
   Human Genome Video Worksheet
   Gene Therapy Assignment
Ch. 14, 15 – History of Life/Theory of Evolution
   Problem Solving Lab 14-1
   Fossils – Records from the Past Powerpoint

   The Origin of the Species Worksheet
   Problem Solving Lab 15-1
   Chapter 15 Review Questions
Ch. 17 – Organizing Life’s Diversity
   How things are Classified Video Worksheet
   Method of Classifying Organisms Worksheet
   Problem Solving Lab 17-1
   Use of a Dichotomous Key Powerpoint
   Six Kingdom Classification Worksheet
   BioLab Making a Dichotomous Key
Ch. 18 – Viruses and Bacteria

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