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									                                        American Currents article list, 1972-2008

This is a chronological list of articles published in American Currents since its inaugural issue in 1972. Its objective is
to give you a quick look at the articles within each issue. Generally, administrative articles are not included. Issues since
1996 contain additional useful information not included in this article list (such as in the very informative Riffles
section). Many issues’ articles are not in order, because this was printed from a computer database.

The best way to search it is simply to use the “Find” command that comes with your word processing software.

1972 Issue #1

Fuqua, Frank
Review of the book How to Know the Freshwater Fishes

Bondhus, John
Northern Pike, Esox lucius
Rearing the northern pike in aquaria; habits, description and habits.

Terceira, Tony
Meet the Dashing Dace
Rearing and spawning the bluefin killifish in aquaria.

Fuqua, Frank
Review of article “Mating of the Fathead” (Natural History Magazine)

Hill, Mary
New Friends—Darters and Sculpins
General summary of rearing darters and sculpins in aquaria.

Abrams, Harry E.
Amateur Collectors Personified
Account of a collecting trip in Indiana.

Benages, Anthony
A Rainbow in Miniature
Rearing darters in aquaria.

Smith, Wesley E.
The Culture and Breeding of Jordanella floridae
Rearing and breeding the flagfish in aquaria.

Rosen, Robert T.
Meet the Blue-Spotted Sunfish
Rearing and spawning the bluespotted sunfish in aquaria.

1973 Spring

Bondhus, John
Catfish and Bullheads
Overview of collecting and keeping catfish, bullheads and madtoms; includes valuable tips on introducing and
acclimating native fish in general to aquaria.

Katula, Ray
The Sole Survivor
General aquarium tips on rearing and breeding the bowfin.
Farris, Russ
Experiences of a collecting group called the Santa Ana Mountain Suckers--a group of native fish collectors from the
San Diego Tropical Fish Society.

Eichhorn-von Wurmb, Heinrich K.
Commentary on “Meet the Dashing Dace”
General information on keeping the bluefin killifish in aquaria; in response to article from Issue #1.

Winward, Emily
Transplanting of the Stickleback
Discussion of California Dept. of Fish and Game reintroduction of the threespine stickleback to ponds around Los
Angeles; gives general information on spawning behavior.

Rosen, Robert T.
Description of his experiences rearing eels to 15-inch size; noted the eel's capacity for surviving desiccation.

Katula, Ray
Mating Dance of the Bluntnose Dace
Bluntnose minnow mating and spawning behavior he observed in his aquarium.

1973 Summer

Bondhus, John
Collecting Native Fishes
Tips on acquiring a collecting permit, finding suitable collecting places, collection gear, and acclimating collected fish
to home aquaria.

Katula, Ray
Breeding of the Pirate Perch
Short article on pirate perch spawing observations.

Fuqua, Frank
Review of the book A Guide to the Reptiles, Amphibians and Freshwater Fishes of Florida

Burroughs, Roger D.
Water Lilies
Planting water lilies in outdoor ponds.

Katula, Ray
Pup Fish Relocated
Discussion of the government's plan to move part of the Devils Hole pupfish population to artificial refugia.

Bickel, Sue
The Physa, Unfamiliar Aquarium Dweller
Introduction to the snail Physa.

Christensen, Robert
Native Fishes for the Aquarium
General overview of collecting and keeping common natives.

Christensen, Ted
Displaced Fishes
Glacial distribution of fishes in Canada; describes how most fish species migrated north from glacial refugia Missouri
River; speculates why some Missouri R. species did not migrate north.
Brind, Walter Lannoy
Aquarium Fishes From Our Own Country
Description of many species suitable for aquarium rearing.

1973 Fall

Kosta, Dan
Do Fish Drink?
General discussion of osmoregulation.

Buth, Donald G.
The Effect of Stream Aging on the Succession of Fishes in the Embarras River in Champaign County, Illinois
Results of study on erosional aging of headwater regions and the effects on stream fish community composition.

Pagoria, Frank G.
Spawning Deviations in Notropis [Cyprinella] lutrensis
Author relates his experiences breeding aquarium-bought red shiners, and how his results differed from what was
written in current literature.

Barnes, George
Ligula: A Freshwater Parasitic Tapeworm
Life history, biology and possible treatment for the tapeworm Ligula.

Stober, Dick
The Flagfin Minnow, Notropis [Pteronotropis] signipinnis
General description of the flagfin shiner, its habitat and aquarium care.

Fraboni, John J.
Oodinium pillularis
Life history and treatment of the causative agent of the disease commonly known as velvet.

Coombs, Raymond
Delmarva Dip-Netting
Collecting experiences on the eastern shore of Chesapeake Bay.

Mosse, Pete
If They're Good Enough for Sterba, They're Good Enough For Me!
General discussion of a few popular native fishes.

Stober, Dick
Forage Fish: an Important Link
Editorial on the problems with game and bait fish stocking.

Barnes, George
Maintaining Micropterus salmoides in Home Aquaria
Author's experiences acclimating largemouth bass to his aquarium.

1973 Winter

Rosen, Robert T.
Blue-Spotted Sunfish
Personal experiences with breeding the bluespotted sunfish, plus an observed problem with inbreeding.

Winward, Emily
Nevada's Unique Fish
Description of federal court ruling to protect Chasmistes cujus in Pyramid Lake, NV.
Ernst, Dave
The Natives are Friendly
Aquarium observations of longear sunfish spawning.

Norton , Joanne
Shipping Livebearers
Tips on shipping fish.

Burroughs, Roger D.
Brook Stickleback- Eucalia [Culaea] inconstans
General information on the biology and spawning of the brook stickleback.

Stober, Dick
Rainwater Killifish
Short description of the rainwater killifish and an even shorter mention of spawning in an aquarium.

Bondhus, John
Native Sunfish and Bass in Aquariums
Overview of collecting and keeping the sunfishes; includes a list of North American sunfishes.

1974 Jan-Feb

Kosta, Dan
Collecting and Conservation
Discussion of personal collecting ethics.

Holtgrieve, Donald
Review of Freshwater Fish and Fishing in Native North America

Relyea, Kenneth
Ictalurid Catfishes of the United States
Overview of North American catfishes.

Rivera, Liana M.
The Black-banded Sunfish
Summary of wild habitat of the blackbanded sunfish; aquarium foods and breeding.

Gottlob, Mark
Native Fish in Science
Author is an archaeologist; discusses how fish fossils show how early people lived.

Fraboni, John
Argulus: The Carp Louse
Life history of the parasite Argulus; fish symptoms; disease prevention and treatment.

1974 Mar-Apr

Rosen, Robert T.
A New Hybrid
Aquarium breeding of banded sunfish x bluespotted sunfish hybrid.

Scoggins, Bill
Review of the book Iowa Fish and Fishing

Rosen, Robert
Collecting in Tidal Bays
List of species collected in New Jersey Pine Barrens/Atlantic Ocean interface; thoughts on aquarium adaptability.

Zyburga, Martin
The Brown Bullhead
Short article on keeping the brown bullhead in an aquarium.

Katula, Ray
The Native Flying Fish
How to set up an aquarium for the brook silversides; comments on how the fish spawns in the wild.

Stober, Dick
Introduction to North America's Natives
List of North American fish families; general descriptions and some representative species in each.

1974 May-June

Fedon, Gio
Long Trip Fish Hauler
Very detailed description of home-made fish transporting container with filter, aerator and heater.

Goldstein, Robert J.
The Rainwater Killifish
Informative article on rearing, feeding and spawning of the rainwater killifish in aquaria.

Babberl, Wayne
Hummingbird Fish
General introduction to darters; describes foods taken by rainbow darters in aquaria.

Scoggins, Bill
Review of the book Handbook of Fishes of Kansas

Scoggins, Bill
Guidelines for ethical collecting.

1974 Jul-Aug

Kosta, Dan
Freshwater Invertebrates
Very general description of some invertebrates which can be reared in aquaria.

Rosen, Robert T.
Notes on Chemicals Used by Aquarists
Summary of aquarium water and disease treatment chemicals.

Scoggins, Bill
Desert Fishes Council
Introduction to the Desert Fishes Council; author attended and now describes the Council's Sixth Annual Symposium.

Pitts, Jim
The Grass Pickerel
Description of natural habitat of the grass pickerel; aquarium food preferences; discusses lack of aquarium spawning

Rosen, Robert T.
Hybrid Report
Aquarium spawning of banded sunfish x bluespotted sunfish hybrids.

Parish, Vern
A Native Fish Community Tank
Recommendation to keep the redfin shiner, blacknose dace and southern redbelly dace in a native fish community

1975 Jan-Feb

Schubert, Teddy
The Satinfin Shiner
Range, breeding and habitat of the satinfin shiner.

Brauhn, James L.
A Suggested Method for Sexing Bluegills
Methods to sex non-spawning or juvenile bluegills.

Bondhus, John
Locating Fish Literature Sources
Tips on information resources and how to use them.

Glut, Charles F.
Crickets: The Ideal Food
Methods of raising and feeding baby crickets for killifish food.

Terceira, Anthony
Notropis [Pteronotropis] welaka
Overview of rearing the bluenose shiner in aquaria.

Kosta, Dan
Live Foods Only: A Truth or a Myth?
Short description of converting fish to prepared foods.

Smith, Wesley
Readers Forum
Editorial on the value of a species.

Cokendolpher, James
The Red Horse Minnow
Account of spawning of the red shiner in aquaria.

Flather, Estella
An Outline of the Genus Cyprinodon
Overview of Cyprinodon; natural history, distributions and bibliography.

1975 Mar-Apr

Kosta, Dan
Pet Shop Natives, or How to Avoid Going Swimming With Your Clothes On
Short article on the benefits of buying native fish in pet stores.

Illinois Natural History Survey
The White Amur, or Grass Carp
Results of an experiment with grass carp for biological plant control.
Civil Engineer Magazine
Freshwater Institute Launched in Minnesota
Announcement of the construction of a center for the study of freshwater in Minnesota.

Pitts, Jim
Reference Collections for the Native Fishes Student
How to build and maintain a preserved fish collection.

Illinois Natural History Survey
Rare and Endangered Species
Description of the publication Rare and Endangered Fish of Illinois.

Cross, D.G.
A Review of Methods to Control Ichthyophthiriasis
Reprinted from The Progressive Fish-Culturist.

Stober, Dick
The Sailfin Minnow, Notropis [Pteronotropis] hypselopterus
Collection, aquarium care and breeding of the sailfin shiner; includes a well-written description of the appearance of the

Bondhus, John
Distribution of Fishes
Describes how temperature, water chemistry, habitat and physical barriers influence fish distribution.

Rosen, Robert T.
Enneacanthus chaetodon: Food Requirements on Captivity
Short article on the necessity of live food in the diet of the blackbanded sunfish.

Bellomy, Mildred D.
Reviews of the books Fishes of Arizona; The Fishes of Oklahoma; Fishes of the Red River Drainage, Eastern
Kentucky; Freshwater Fishes of Canada; and Pacific Fishes of Canada

1975 May-June

Eschbach, Chuck
Have You Got Planaria?
Biology of planaria.

Rosen, Robert T.
The Naked Goby
Natural habitat, collecting and aquarium rearing and breeding of the naked goby.

Keller, Charles
How About Barnacles?
Aquarium rearing of barnacles.

Pitts, Jim
Getting a Start on Fish Identification
Tools, methods and a summary of body parts used for fish identification.

Boucher, Joseph
The Tadpole Shrimp
Biology and culture of the tadpole shrimp.

Bondhus, John
A Review of Selected Local Distribution References
Review of fish reference books for the New England states.

Pitts, Jim
Readers Forum
Editorial in defense of taxonomy, and what kind of person a taxonomist is.

1975 July-Oct

Stober, Dick
Descriptions of several populations of the broadstripe shiner.

Krebs, Linda J.
Coldwater Aquascape
List of plants suitable for a coldwater aquarium.

Semeit, Allan
Fish Behavior
Observations of interactions between several native fish species.

Stober, Dick
Collecting and culturing Daphnia.

1975 Nov-Dec

Ramsey, John S.
Sources of Literature in Native Fishes
A list, by state, of books on fishes.

Beaulieu, John
Spawning the Rainbow Darter
Observations of rainbow darter breeding.

Brock, H. Ross
Reelin' 'em in at Reelfoot
Description of Reelfoot Lake, TN: collecting, fish, local accommodations and natural history.

Scoggins, Bill N.
Conservation: Education as our Top Priority
Editorial on the need to emphasize conservation through education.

Kosta, Dan
Death Valley to be Strip Mined!
Discussion of the strip mining of Death Valley National Monument.

1976 Jan-Feb

Pitts, Jim
Relationships Between Aquatic Plants and Reproduction of Fishes
Plants as spawn inducers, spawn receptacles and the adverse effects of plants on reproduction.

Pitts, Jim
Notes on Kentucky Fishes
List of the fishes of Kentucky.
Hunt, Vernon B.
North American Fishes in the United Kingdom
Rearing North American natives in England-- discusses problems and necessity of more imports.

Fletcher, Alan M.
A Rare Darter Spawning
Breeding the swamp darter in an aquarium.

Collier, Glen E.
Killifish from Outer Space
NASA Skylab experiments with the mummichog.

Kosta, Dan
Conservation in the Currents
Thoughts on NANFA's conservation efforts.

Patterson, Michael
Fundulus notatus and F. olivaceous: Two American Topminnows
Natural distribution and aquarium breeding of the two fishes.

1976 Mar-Apr

Sparks, Bob
Growth Inhibiting Substance
Growth inhibiting substance production, effects and solutions are discussed.

Abrams, Harry
GIS - GPS - Optimum Crowding: A Possible Synthesis
Growth inhibiting substances, growth proming substances and optimum crowding theories are described.

Scoggins, Bill N.
Saltwater Native Fishes: A Book Review
Review of the book Tidepool and Nearshore Fishes of California.

Etnier, David
A Statement Concerning the Snail Darter
Reprinted from Southeastern Fishes Council Proceedings; discussion of the probable effects of Tellico Dam

Pupfish Monthly
Some of the Best of Pupfish Monthly
Reprints of articles from the official publication of the Cyprinodon Study Group.

What is a Wetland?
Short article on the importance and history of North American wetlands.

Pitts, Jim
Notes on the Banded Sculpin, Cottus carolinae, in Kentucky
Distribution, environmental requirements, and aquarium rearing of the banded sculpin.

Gottlob, Mark
The Stickleback: The White Rat of the Aquarium
Value of the threespine stickleback to animal behavior studies.
1976 May-June

Spratt, Jerome D.
The Amazing Grunion
Grunion spawning, growth and collecting.

Pupfish Monthly
Cyprinodon salinus and Cyprinodon milleri
Distribution and habitat of the two pupfish species; reprinted from The Pupfish Monthly.

Fourkas, Ted
Endangered Species…
General newspaper account of the efforts of Al Castro to breed five endangered species in aquaria; reprinted from The
Sacramento Bee.

Buth, Don
Collecting Fishes in Mexico
Collecting regulations in Mexico.

Garretson, Fred
Amorous Salmon Fool the Experts
Newspaper account of salmon migration into Calaveras River, California; reprinted from the Oakland Tribune.

Gottlob, Mark
Rearing and breeding newts in aquaria.

Stober, Dick
Whitenose Notropis?
Account of a collecting trip and an unidentified white-nosed shiner.

1976 July-Aug

Boynton, K.L.
Dwarfs of Devil's Hole
Natural history of Death Valley; habitat and environmental conditions in which pupfishes survive; reprinted from
Desert Magazine.

Mann, Joseph C.
The Fishes of Missouri: A Book Review
Short review.

Mathews, Linda
Justices Back Rare Pupfish
Newspaper account of Supreme Court decision to protect the Devil's Hole pupfish; reprinted from the Los Angeles

Flather, Herbert H.
The Pupfish Monthly
Call to form a Cyprinodon study group; reprinted from The Pupfish Monthly.

1976 Sept-Oct

Buth, Donald G.
A Preliminary Inventory of the Fishes of Wildcat Slough
List of fishes in Wildcat Slough, Illinois.
News Item
The Fish Doctor
Account of a meeting of the American Fisheries Society Fish Health Section in Denver, Co.

Buth, Don
Aquarists to Blame?
Editorial against releasing aquarium fish.

Scoggins, Bill N.
Minnesota's Fishes, a Book Report
Review of the book Northern Fishes.

Fisk, William J.
Save Our Streams - Adopt One!
Discussion on the importance of quality stream habitat and the "Save Our Streams" program.

1976 Nov-Dec
Walker, Braz
The Leon Springs Pupfish…a Resurrection Story
Efforts to protect and relocate the Leon Springs pupfish.

Goldsmith, Ken
Those Creepy Crawlers Can Be Fun
Summary of the types of invertebrates found or reared in aquaria.

Copes, Frederick A.
The Iowa Darter, Etheostoma exile
Detailed treatment of the habitat, biology and aquarium rearing of the Iowa darter.

Stober, Dick
By the Bluenose Obsessed
Field observations and breeding observations of the bluenose shiner.

Buth, Donald
Spawning Johnny Darters
How to spawn johnny darters in aquaria.

Meryman, Charles Dale
Skin Flukes of Pet Fish
Descriptions of the types of skin flukes and their treatments.

1977 Jan-Mar

Stober, Dick
The Flagfin Shiner, Notropis [Pteronotropis] signipinnis
Appearance, habitat and aquarium rearing and breeding of the flagfin shiner.

Gebhardt, R. Bruce
Profiting From a Trashy Tank
Benefits of pond sludge and leaves in aquaria.

News Item
WES Uses On-Shelf Devices to Harvest Aquatic Plants
The Waterways Experiment Station's use of the Aqua-Trio to harvest noxious aquatic plants; reprinted from Engineer
News Item
Hope for the Cui-ui
Construction of a fishway to allow the cui-ui to return to the Trukee River in Nevada.

Gray, Harold H.
On the Origin and Evolution of Catostomid Fishes: A Literature Review
Evidence is given from the literature that the catostomids originated in Central Asia and descended from the cyprinids.

Scoggins, Bill
The California Diving Experience: A Book Review
Review of the book California Underwater.

Flather, Estella
Collecting Killies in the Wilds of Texas
Account of a collecting trip near Galveston, TX.

1977 Apr-June

Glamsch, Panky
The Fish Doctor Makes Pond Calls
Reprint from the Tampa Tribune about a fish pathologist and the types of work he performs.

Kolb, Joe W.
Filter Flies
Use of filter fly larvae as a fish food.

Scoggins, Bill N.
The Native Fish: A Book Review
Review of the book Freshwater Fishes of Louisiana.

Brock, Ross
Diamonds in the Rough
Collecting and rearing the bluespotted sunfish in aquaria.

Pobud, Ted
Notropis [Cyprinella] spilopterus (Cope)
Rearing and breeding the spotfin shiner in aquaria.

Meryman, Charles Dale
Who Me? I Don't Need to Keep Notes
The importance of keeping notes on feeding, water quality and diseases, and in keeping a collection of articles.

1977 July-Sept

Boucher, Joseph
Culture of the Stonefly Nymphs (Isoperla confusa)
Biology and aquarium culture of the stonefly Isoperla confusa.

Buth, Donald G.
Maximal Egg Number in Pimephales notatus Nests
Number of bluntnose minnow eggs from nests is given.

Bacon, Mary
Jellyfish of the Sierra Foothills
Biology of freshwater jellyfish Craspedacusta sowerbii; reprinted from Outdoor California.
Scoggins, Bill N.
Native Fishes in Books
Review of the book Inland Fishes of California.

Weber, Dale
Bluefin Killy
Rearing, breeding and feeding the bluefin killifish in aquaria.

Brock, Ross
Swamping Through Georgia and Florida
Account of a weekend collecting trip.

1977 Oct-Dec

Brill, John S.
Pirate Perch
Biology, aquarium rearing and abortive spawnings of the pirate perch, plus comments on sexual distinction.

Scoggins, Bill N.
Fishwatchers’ Guide
Review of the book Fishwatchers' Guide to the Inshore Fishes of the Pacific Coast.

Boucher, Joseph
Marine Nebalia bipes as Live Fish-Food
The culture of Nebalia bipes for feeding fish.

1978 Jan-Mar

Cokendolpher, James
Cyprinodon elegans
Spawning behavior of the Comanche Springs pupfish; design and purpose of a refugium at Balmorhea State Park.

Robb, Thomas
Cycleptus elongatus Watches the Railroad!
Speculation on effects of Wabash River bridge construction on blue sucker habitat.

Boucher, James
Opossum Shrimps as Live Fish Food
Biology and culture of the opossum shrimp Mysis relicta.

Goldstein, Robert J.
Introduction to the Darters
Descriptions of darter genera, habitat and collecting methods.

1978 Apr-June

Brock, H. Ross
Pygmy Sunfishes
Distribution and aquarium care of Elassoma species.

Boucher, Joseph
Fairy Shrimps as Live Fish Food
Biology of the fairy shrimps and a recommendation as a fish food; complications as a self-reproductive food.
Pitts, Jim
Seining Without a Partner: How to Make the Task Easier
Tips and gear for seining alone.

1978 July-Sept

Cokendolpher, James C.
Astyanax fasciatus mexicanus in the Aquaria and the Wild
Description, habitat, collecting, breeding and aquarium rearing of the fish.

Scoggins, Bill N.
The Native Fish Book Review
Review of the book Ichthyology.

Patterson, Michael A.
Notropis [Cyprinella] venustus I: Gentle Giant
Habitat, collecting methods and aquarium care of the spottail shiner.

Boucher, Joseph
Water Louse (Asellus aquaticus)
Biology and culture of water louse as fish food.

Stegall, Mike
The Bantam Sunfish (Lepomis symmetricus)
Field observations, collecting, rearing and breeding the bantam sunfish.

1978 August (Lateral Line)

Gerald C. Corcoran
Spawning Trap
Design and construction of a plexiglas spawning trap to capture the eggs of egg-scattering fishes.

1978 Oct-Dec

Gebhardt, Bruce
Minutemen in Action
A collecting trip account in Stow Town Forest, Massachusetts.

Scoggins, Bill N.
The Native Fish Book Review
Review of the book Fishes of the World.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Discovery of the town of Welaka, FL, while searching for the bluenose shiner.

Patterson, Michael J.
Notropis [Cyprinella] venustus II: A Chance Observation of Breeding Habits
Observation of spawning in a stream and the subsequent raising of the fry in an aquarium.

Stegall, Mike
Collecting Last Summer
Account of a collecting trip near Jackson, MS.

Brill, John S.
Practical Considerations for Collecting
Good tips about fish collecting.

1979 July

News Item
Endangered Fishes in Texas and Utah
Update on listing of three fishes as endangered.

Goggin, Patricia
The Pine Barrens: An Oasis Protected
Description of the ecology and urbanization of the Pine Barrens.

News Item
Native Fishes Book Review - New Publications
Review of the booklet Endemic Fishes of the Colorado River System-- A Status Report.

Coffey, Robert J.
Meet a NANFA Member: Robert J. Coffey
A member tells how he became interested in native fishes.

Brittan, Martin R.
Carl Leavett Hubbs 1894-1979
Announcement of the passing of Dr. Carl Hubbs.

Baugh, Tom
Color Change in the Olympic Mudminnow
Color phases of the Olympic mudminnow may be a result of substrate color.

Baugh, Thomas M.
Food Preference of the Olympic Mudminnow
Food preferences of the Olympic mudminnow.

Castro, Alfred D.
Native Killifishes
List of the killifish of North America.

1980 Winter

Pister, E. P.
The Desert Fishes Council
Description of the origin and purposes of the Desert Fishes Council.

Garcia, Nancy
A Spawning of Etheostoma nigrum
Spawning and feeding johnny darters in aquaria.

Pappantoniou, Antonios
A General Overview of Fish Behavior
General overview of fish behavior.

Kenney, William R.
Ecological Zonation in the Aquarium
The importance of understanding the biological needs of fishes in aquaria, rather than just their physical environmental
Pitts, Jim
Collecting Fishes in an Urban Environment
Habitats and their associated fishes around Louisville, Ky.

McAllister, D. E.
Rare or Endangered Canadian Fishes
List of rare and endangered fishes of Canada; reprinted from The Canadian Field-Naturalist.

News Item
Tellico Dam Gets Go-Ahead
Summary of the Tellico Dam (of snail darter fame) project to date.

News Item
Endangered Dace Habitat
Notice is given that a report on the status of the Kendall Warm Springs dace (WY) has been published.

News Item
Humpback Chub Recovery Plans
USFWS recovery plans for the humpback chub are summarized in this very short article.

Soltz, David L.
Our Disappearing Desert Fishes
Rare desert fishes-- their habitat and plight; reprinted from the Nature Conservancy News.

Sanchez, Peter G.
MX Missile System: An Urgent Letter from the Desert Fishes Council
Letter from the Desert Fishes Council to NANFA members about MX Missile System proposal; includes lists of
affected fishes.

1980 Jan (Lateral Line)

Corcoran, Gerald C.
How to Collect Natives by Really Trying, and Trying…
Account of mishaps encountered by the Marine Education Center in Biloxi, Miss, while trying to replenish its fish

McKeel, Herman
The History of Ichthyology
A brief history of ichthyology, from Aristotle to present.

Corcoran, Gerald C.
Swapping Natives
Aquarium rearing of the starhead topminnow.

McCready, Alan M.
Desert Fishes Council Eleventh Annual Symposium
Summary of papers and research presented at the Desert Fishes Council Symposium.

1980 Feb (Lateral Line)

Corcoran, Gerald C.
Spawning Natives
Effects of chemical, thermal and visual shock on fish in aquaria.

1980 Mar (Lateral Line)
Goldstein, Bob
Report on Shipping Darters and Killies in Winter
Tips on mailing fish.

Trout, A.
Notropis incognito
Pursuit of an unknown shiner species in eastern Pennsylvania.

1980 Spring

Langhammer, James K.
The Lost Treasure of the Aztecs
Introduction to species of goodeids and their value as aquarium fishes; from Greater Detroit Aquarium Society.

Parker, Ed
The Red-Tailed Goodeid
Rearing and breeding the red-tailed goodeid in aquaria.

Goldstein, Bob
The Fishes of Spartanburg, South Carolina
List of fishes collected in a creek near Spartanburg, SC.

Pappantoniou, Antonios
The Behavior of Catfishes
Catfish communication is described.

Hill, Midge
Fish Feeding
Factors which affect the amount of food to give fish.

News Item
Acid Rain
The Corvallis (OR) Environmental Research Laboratory's research on acid rain is described.

News Item
Acid Rain and Fishes
Two outdoor magazine's articles on acid rain are recommended.

The Impact of ORVs
Description of the problems of ORVs in deserts.

Scoggins, Bill N.
ORVs vs Native Fishes
An article on the negative effects of snowmobile exhaust on brook trout is cited.

News Item
Mono Lake: Paradise in Peril
Summary of the problems of Los Angeles using Mono Lake as a water supply.

Schmidt, Robert E.
The Tessellated Darter
Distribution, biology and habitat of the tessellated darter.

McLarney, Bill
Pumpkinseed Spawning
Observations of pumpkinseed sunfish spawning in a pond, and a recommendation to learn to fish-watch.

1980 Apr (Lateral Line)

Pitts, Jim
Swapping Natives
Rearing and shipping the rainbow darter.

McKeel, Herman
The Blind Cave Fishes of the United States
List of cave fishes of the United States

Pitts, Jim
Review of The New Field Book of Freshwater Life

1980 May (Lateral Line)

Corcoran, Gerald C.
Swapping Natives
Aquarium rearing of the bowfin.

Pittman, Ella
Rearing and breeding the brook stickleback.

1980 Summer

Ramczyk, Dave
How Old is That Fish?
Methods by which fish are aged; reprinted from Outdoor California.

Masters, Charles O.
Blood Feeders - The Leeches
Introduction to leeches--their habitat, types and feeding.

Review of Pacific Coast Nudibranchs: A Guide to the Opisthobranchs of the Northeastern Pacific

Holtgrieve, Don
Review of Gulf of California's Fish Water's Guide

Environmental Regulation: The New Scapegoat
Problems with some views of economics and environmental regulations; reprinted from National Wildlife Federation's
Conservation News.

Corcoran, Gerald C.
The Marine Aquarium
Marine aquaria setup, chemistry, filtration and maintenance.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Fishes of Southeastern Massachusetts: A NANFA Expedition
Account of a collecting trip.
1980 July (Lateral Line)

Kenney, William R.
NANFA and Legislation
Editorial on the need for NANFA to insist that all U.S. states recognize native fishes as aquarium fishes.

Berry, Tony
Favorite (and Other) Native Aquarium Fishes
Keeping the golden shiner, creek chub and southern redbelly dace in aquaria; reprinted from Fish Tales.

1980 Aug (Lateral Line)

Migliozzi, Harold
Something Different
General comments on native fishes as aquarium fishes with recommendations on fishes for a community tank.

1980 Oct (Lateral Line)

Berry, Tony
Native Favorite (and Others) Aquarium Fishes
Recommendations and techniques on collecting and keeping several minnow species.

Omega, Al
Beginning Your Education
Editorial about tropical fish enthusiasts’ lack of knowledge about North American natives fishes.

Corcoran, Gerald
Pay Attention
Recommendation to observe fishes for their genetic mutations, with the idea of creating new strains.

Goldstein, Bob
North Carolina
Brief summary of the rivers and geographical provinces of North Carolina.

1980 Nov (Lateral Line)

Omega, Al
American Natives…Why Aren't They More Popular?
Why natives are as good or better than tropicals.

1980 Dec (Lateral Line)

Berry, Tony
Collecting Fundulus notatus
Account of a collecting trip.

Schmidt, Robert E.
Critical Habitats Determined
Habitats of the San Marcos gambusia and fountain darter.

1981 Jan (Lateral Line)

Ebhardt, B. G.
The Probability of Sex
Humorous look at fish sex ratios.

Goldstein, Bob
Collecting the Black Sounds of Virginia
Account of a collecting trip in Virginia; rearing and breeding the naked goby.

1981 Feb (Lateral Line)

Davis, Jerry C.
Sturgeon Surgeons? That's Right Folks
News story about a sturgeon culturist who plans to remove roe without killing the fish; reprinted from the Philadelphia

Corcoran, G. C.
Salt content of brackish water; converting fish from saltwater to fresh water and vice versa.

McKeel, Herman
Fundulus of the United States
List of Fundulus species in the U. S.

McKeel, Herman
The Bass Fishes of the U.S.
Distinguishing between true basses and sunfishes.

Wright, Mark S.
Notes on Acclimating Natives
Tips on aquarium acclimation of fishes.

Kenney, Bill
Pomoxis Problem
Tips on aquarium rearing of crappies--feeding and disease prevention.

1981 Mar (Lateral Line)

Hunt, V. B.
Fundulus diaphanus diaphanus
Aquarium rearing and breeding of the banded killifish.

1981 Spring

Soule, Norman
A History of the Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery, Part 1
History of the Cold Spring Harbor (NY) Fish Hatchery; the years it was used to culture fish for planting.

Baugh, Tom
Observations on the Courtship and Reproduction of the Desert Pupfish (Cyprinodon macularis)
Account of the spawning of desert pupfish in aquaria.

Gray, Harold H.
The Creek Chubsucker, Erimyzon oblongatus, in the Northeast
Description, distribution, habitat, forage role, food, growth and reproduction of the creek chubsucker.

Jim DeBernard
Native Aquarium Plants
Collecting and growing cabomba.

Faustman, Harry W.
A Marine Killifish Community
Aquarium-keeping of Long Island killifish.

Goldstein, Bob
Report on a Collection of Sticklebacks from Maine
Account of a search for stickleback species in the middle coast of Maine.

1981 Apr (Lateral Line)

Winstel, Al
Natives in a Nature Center
A native fish display in a Cincinnati, Ohio, county park.

1981 May-June (Lateral Line)

News Item
Snail Darters Versus Trout
Conflicts between snail darter transplanting and trout fishing in the Hiwassee River, Tenn.

Corcoran, G. C.
Piscatorial Perplexities
Water chemistry and foods needed to rear pipefish in aquaria.

1981 Sep-Oct (Lateral Line)

Pittman, Ella
You Can Spawn Your Native Fish
Encouraging editorial on the need to spawn native fish and share information with other people.

1982 Spring

Kenney, William R.
Thermal Relationships in Native Aquarium Fish
Effects of temperature on fish and how fish respond to temperature changes.

Copes, Frederick (incorrectly attributed to R. R. Miller)
The Longnosed Dace, Rhinichthys cataractae, in Wisconsin and Wyoming Waters
Field observations of the habitat, feeding habits, food, reproduction and growth of the longnose dace.

Perkins, E. Laurence
Life on a Stream Bottom
Types of invertebrate life in a stream.

Gasser, Robert A.
Native Aquarium Plants
The plant water hedge, Peplis diandra, in aquaria.

Soule, Norman
A History of the Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery, Part II
Uses of the Cold Spring Harbor (NY) Fish Hatchery since commercial operations were ended in 1979.
1982 Apr (Lateral Line)

Eccleston, John
Review of McClane's Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of North America

Eccleston, John
The Eastern Mudminnow, Umbra pygmaea
Description and behavior of the eastern mudminnow.

1982 May (Lateral Line)

Sweet, Eric
Spawning a Pickerel in an Aquarium?
How a female chain pickerel grew, then laid unfertilized eggs in an aquarium.

Gebhardt, Bruce
The Mud Sunfish (Acantharchus pomotis)
Recommendation of the mud sunfish for people interested in a pet-type species, and because of lack of knowledge.

1982 June (Lateral Line)

Eccleston, John
A Fish Photo Tank
Construction and use of a fish photo tank.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Pine Barrens Drought
Account of a collecting trip to the New Jersey Pine Barrens.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Banded Sunfish (Enneacanthus obesus) Spawned: A Minireport
Diary-type record of banded sunfish spawning.

Schmidt, Robert E.
Protected Darters of the Southeastern United States
A list, by state, of protected darters of the southeast.

1982 Jul-Aug

Eccleston, John
Spawning the Eastern Mudminnow (Umbra pygmaea)
Spawning the eastern mudminnow in aquaria.

Isgro, Tom
The Flagfish, Quick and Easy
Short article on the ease of spawning flagfish.

Goldstein, Bob
The Lyre Goby (Evorthodus lyricus)
Collecting and rearing the lyre goby.

Kenney, William R.
Rabida: The Mad Ones
List and description of fishes in the madtom subgenus Rabida.

Garcia, Nancy
Natives Invade Detroit
Native fishes on display at Detroit meeting of American Killifish Association.

Baugh, Tom
Native Fish: Thoughts of a Naturalist
How to research, identify, collect, maintain, and ship native fish.

1982 Sept

Baugh, Tom
Recent Scientific Articles
1981 scientific journal articles on fishes.

Kenney, William R.
A Fish Community in a Thermal Discharge
Species found downstream from thermal discharge of Western Mass. Electric Co., Connecticut R., W. Springfield, MA.

Bockstael, Joanne
The American Mini
Aquarium rearing of the least killifish.

Gebhardt, Bruce
The Swamp Killie (Leptolucania ommata)
Aquarium rearing of the swamp killifish.

Gebhardt, Bruce
National Aquarium Alive and Well in Washington
Old National Aquarium in Commerce Department building in Washington continued despite federal fund cutoff.

News Item
News From the USFWS Endangered Species Program
News about Cyprinodon nevadensis mionectes, Rhinichthys osculus nevadensis, Salmo [Oncorhynchus] gilae and
Rhinichthys osculus thermalis.

1982 Oct

Brown, Luther
The Mottled Sculpin (Cottus bairdi)
Range, habits, breeding and aquarium rearing of the mottled sculpin; reprinted from Delta Tale (Potomac Valley
Aquarium Society).

Baugh, Tom
Technique for Photographing Small Fish
Photographing small fish by using a modified aquarium; reprinted from The Progressive Fish-Culturist.

Bergesen, C.A.E.
Observations on Aquarium Maintenance of the Skilletfish, Gobiesox strumosus
Rearing and breeding skilletfish in aquaria.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Through a Glass, Brightly
Snorkeling as a technique for observing and collecting fish, especially in N.J. Pinelands.
News Item
News From the USFWS Endangered Species Program
News about Notropis simus, Gambusia amistadensis, Ptychocheilus lucius, Gila cypha, Gila robusta and Gila elegans.

Blanchard, Linn
Color Variations in Wild Mollies
Comments on 5 color variations of sailfin mollies in Louisiana.

News item
Keeping the Food Live
Keeping tubifex worms alive by using newspaper.

Baugh, Tom
Recent Scientific Articles
Recent articles in scientific journals about native fishes.

Gebhardt, Bruce
The Creek Chubsucker (Erimyzon oblongus): Belated Letter to the Editor
Color variations, aquarium habits and care of the creek chubsucker.

1982 Nov

Schmidt Robert E.
Summary of Recent Scientific Articles on Darters
Three scientific journal articles on darters are summarized.

Borgia, Andrew P.
Collecting in the South
Account of a sampling trip through VA, SC, FL, and NC.

Baugh, Tom
Spawning Crenichthys nevadae
Spawning the Railroad Valley springfish.

News Item
Notes from the USFWS Endangered Species Program
News about Gila boraxobius and Speoplatyrhinus poulsoni.

Magee, Donna
Native Crayfish? Bah, Humbug!
Keeping a large crayfish in an aquarium with fish.

Goldstein, Robert J.
Setting Up a Native Fish and Plant Collecting Trip
Clothing, accessories, containers, aeration gear, photography, nets and organization of a collecting trip

Blanchard, Linn
Wild Sailfin Mollies (Poecilia latipinnis)
Habitat and aquarium rearing of the sailfin molly.

Jones, Derek
Spawning the Fathead Minnow
How English enthusiasts of North American species find specimens; spawning the fathead minnow in aquaria.

1982 Dec
Kenney, William R.
More on Madtoms
Describes species of Noturus and subgenus Schilbeodes; special attention to how catfishes came to New England.

Baugh, Tom
Recent Scientific Literature
Recent scientific journal articles about native fishes.

Beaulieu, John J.
The Rainbow Darter (Too Bad It's Canadian)
Aquarium rearing of the rainbow darter; reprinted from Willowdale Aq. Soc., Ontario, which reprinted it from
Canadian Fish Fanciers.

News Item
"Rosy Red" Fathead Minnows
Aquaculturists in Arkansas have developed a strain of fathead minnows which are red.

Blanchard, Linn
Field Notes in the Sheepshead Minnow
Collecting and keeping the sheepshead minnow in aquaria.

1983 Jan-Feb

Thompson, Daniel
Index to Native fish Articles Published in Popular Literature, 1946-1981
List of native-fish articles in major aquarium magazines

1983 Mar-Apr

Eccleston, John
Book Review: Handbook of Darters

Blanchard, Linn
A Word to the Wise
Increased efforts to extract oil and gas threaten Louisiana wetlands; reprinted from the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

McKeel, Herman
Fundulus julisia
Announcement that the Barren's topminnow has been described; reprinted from Bits and Pieces (Mid- South Aquarium

News Item
News from the USFWS Endangered Species Program
How to obtain recovery plans on various fish species.

Schmidt, Robert E.
Letter to the Editor
Distinguishing Elassoma, Erimyzon and Fundulus species.

Kenney, William R.
Letter to the Editor
Comments on use of keys and identification methods; distinguishing Elassoma, Erimyzon and Fundulus species.

1983 May
Kenney, William R.
An Aquascape for North American Stream-Dwellers
How to set up a stream aquarium using natural objects.

Finley, Lee
An Introduction to Enneacanthus obesus (Girard), the Banded Sunfish
Distribution, description, and aquarium rearing and breeding of the banded sunfish; adapted from Tidings, publication
of the New England Fish Fanciers.

News Item
Freshwater Fish in Brine
Short news item of a chain pickerel caught in the saltwater of Delaware Bay.

Wolfe, Steven H.
Letter to the Editor
Effects of crowding on reproduction in aquaria; breeding, feeding and water quality.

Kuhns, Carol L.
Review of A Net Full of Natives: Some North American Fishes

Eccleston, John
Review of Freshwater Fishes of New York State

News Item
News from the USFWS Endangered Species Program
News about Cottus pygmaeus and Ptychocheilus lucius.

1983 June

Schmidt, Robert E.
The Swamp Darter
Range, habitat, foods and reproduction of the swamp darter.

Gebhardt, Bruce
NANFA in the Public Arena
NANFA action regarding the Anadromous Fish Conservation and Protection Act (a bill in U.S. Congress), the purchase
of Ash Meadows, and opposing a water project on Esopus Creek, NY.

Eccleston, John
Microscopy of Larval Fish
The joys of observing eggs and fry with a microscope.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Confession: Enneacanthus obesus spawning was crossing of E. obesus male and E. gloriosus female
Enneacanthus obesus and E. gloriosus crossing is confirmed.

1983 Jul-Aug

Knelson, Dave
Native Aquarium-Fish Species of Canada
Lists 87 Canadian fish species suitable for aquarium rearing; includes names, provinces where each occurs and types of

Bockstael, Joanne
Spawning the Logperch, a Native Canadian Darter
Rearing and breeding the logperch in aquaria.
Bockstael, Joanne
Canadian Laws on Import and Export of Ornamental Fishes
Canadian fish importing and exporting laws and tips.

1983 Oct

Finley, Lee
Freshwater Catfishes of New England
Five members of the genus Ictalurus and two of Noturus are described.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Along the Jersey Coast: Fresh, Soft, Acid, Hard, Alkaline and Brackish
Account of a collecting trip to the New Jersey Pine Barrens and brackish water locations.

Unarmored Threespine Stickleback Recovery Team.
The Unarmored Threespine Stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus): An Endangered Freshwater Fish
Biology and plight of the unarmored threespine stickleback; reprinted from a government pamphlet.

1983 Nov

Coskren, Dennis, Chuck and Shirley Hawks, and Fred and Betsy Robinson
I Still Want a Lollipop
Collecting darters along Tennessee's southern border; tips regarding darter collecting.

Gebhardt, Bruce
The Gettysburg Campaign
Account of a collecting trip in south-central Pennsylvania.

1983 Dec

Baugh, Tom
Nevada Report
Update on the purchase of Ash Springs.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Review of Vanishing Species of North America

1984 Jan

Gebhardt, Bruce
Account of a collecting trip to Whitesbog, N.J.

Schmidt, Konrad
Fish-Collecting Records on a Home Computer
Using the personal computer to record collection data.

O'Neill, Charlie
Hogsuckers--Massachusetts Checks In
Letter regarding ways to increase hogsucker survival in aquaria.

Garcia, Nancy
Hogsuckers--Illinois Checks In
Letter regarding ways to increase hogsucker survival in aquaria.

News Item
News on Endangered Species--Catching You Up
Notes on Ash Meadows speckled dace, Ash Meadows Amargosa pupfish, cui-ui, blue pike, longjaw cisco, razorback
sucker, greenback cutthroat trout, Ash Meadows history, Lahontan cutthroat trout, Chihuahua chub, and the Platte

1984 Feb

Schmidt, Robert E.
Books and Publications: Reviews and Notes
Review of the books Fishes of Pennsylvania and the Northeastern United States, and Fishes of Wisconsin.

Eccleston, John F.
Review of The American Darters

Schmidt, Konrad
Night Collecting
Benefits of collecting at night.

News Item
News on Endangered Species
Notes on Borax Lake chub, Big Springs spinedace and smoky madtom.

Kirschner, Cal
Letter regarding increasing the survival of hogsuckers in aquaria.

1984 Mar-Apr

Brunson, Ken
Little Fish of Kansas, Part I
Brief description of Kansas fishes with special attention to habits and habitat of the orangethroat darter, Arkansas darter,
red shiner, duskystripe shiner and slender madtom.

News item
Feed 'Em Early
Notion that fry shouldn't be fed until they have absorbed their yolk sacs is dispelled by one aquarist.

Schmidt, Robert E.
More on Black-Spot
Letter on life cycle and treatment of digenetic trematodes (flukes).

News Item
Texas-Size Exotics
Introduction of hatchery-reared African Nile perch in a Texas lake to control Tilapia; includes letter from Texas Parks
and Wildlife Department.

1984 May

Schmidt, Konrad
Specially Protected Fishes
State and Provincial lists of endangered, threatened and special status fishes; totally re-written in July 1996.
1984 June

Thomas, Robert
The New Lacey Act
Description of 1981 amendments to the Lacey Act, which deals with the commercial traffic of endangered species.

Brunson, Ken
Little Fish of Kansas, Part II
Brief description of Kansas fishes with special attention to ecology of the plains killifish, blackstripe topminnow,
mosquitofish, fathead minnow, stoneroller, southern redbelly dace and brook silversides; also keeping native Kansas
fish in aquaria.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Review of The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Fishes, Whales and Dolphins

Komadowski, Henry E.
Review of Fisheries Techniques

Bockstael, Joanne
Spawning the Pumpkinseed Sunfish
Rearing and breeding the pumpkinseed sunfish in aquaria.

Argento, Steve
Collecting Lists and Collecting Maps
Value of locating or creating maps before collecting.

1984 July-Aug

Eccleston, John
The New England Aquarium
Description of native fish exhibits at the New England Aquarium.

Schmidt, Konrad
Dipping for Darters
Gear and techniques for collecting darters.

Weber, Dick
Bluefin Killifish
Rearing and breeding the bluefin killifish in aquaria.

Thompson, Daniel J.
Index to Native Fish Articles Published in the Popular Literature: 1982 and 1983 Update1982 & 1983 update,
with errata, to 1946-1981 Index, and indexing of American Killifish Association Literature, 1962-1970; supplement to
index in Jan-Feb 1983 AC.

Clark Hubbs
Letter to the Editor
Letter regarding the stocking of Nile perch in Texas lakes.

1984 Sept

Brunson, Ken
Frustrations of Photographing Southern Redbellied Dace
Problems and tips with photographing the southern redbelly dace.
Constantinescu, Vladimir
Comparative Breeding Patterns in the Genus Phoxinus
Comparison of breeding behavior and color of five Phoxinus species.

Martin, Arch C.
Field Notes on Pupfish Habitats in Death Valley, Ash Meadows and Southern Amargosa Basin
Observations of pupfish springs, refugia construction, water quality and pupfish activity.

Stober, Richard
Okefenokee Revisited
Collecting in and around the Okefenokee Swamp.

Gebhardt, Bruce
The Commuting Collector (or The Collecting Commuter)
Collecting by bus in Philadelphia streams.

1984 Oct

Fulton, Tom
For the Love of Gar!
General gar biology and habitat; rearing gar in aquaria.

Kilgroe, Virgil Fred
Bibliography: Some Native Fish Articles in Ichthyological Literature, 1979-Present
List of scientific journal articles on native fishes.

A List of Fishes from Central Montana
A list of fish species; excerpted from Fishes of the Lewiston, Montana, BLM District.

Baugh, Thomas M.
Letter to the Editor
Effects of predation and competition on populations of Hiko White River springfish, and some actions being taken.

Thomas, Robert
Letters to the Editor - Lacey Act
Author of article on the Lacey Act (June 1984) rebuts comments made by American Currents editor at the end of the
original article.

Fairfield, Hal
A Report on Collecting Fish Near Rockport, Texas March 1-9, 1984
Account of a collecting trip in Texas.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Dismal Trip
Account of a collecting trip in the Dismal Swamp, VA/NC.

1984 Nov

Schmidt, Konrad
Rare Fish in Minnesota
List of endangered, threatened and special concern species in Minnesota; recommended additions.

McLarney, Bill
Review of Earth Ponds: The Country Pond Maker's Guide and Ponds for Water Supply and Recreation
Mang, Peter J.
Who's Afraid of Spiders?: Collecting in the Niagara River
Account of a collecting trip on the Niagara River.

Goldstein, Bob
Report on a Collection of Fishes from Franklin Co., N.C.
Account of a North Carolina collecting trip.

Knoblock, Walter
Gambusia affinis
Rearing and breeding the mosquitofish in aquaria; adapted from There Won't Be Any Mosquitos in My Basement this
Summer, in Pisces Press.

1984 Dec

Schmidt, Konrad
Glassworms: A Native Food for Native Fish
Collecting, storing and using glassworms as fish food.

Martin, Arch C.
Field Notes on Pupfish Habitats in Death Valley, Ash Meadows and Southern Amargosa Basin, 5/31-6/4/83, Part
Further observations of pupfish springs, refugia construction, water quality and pupfish activity.

Book Review
Review of Vertebrate Wildlife of Alabama

Simon, Thomas P.
Fishes of the Mukwonago River, Wisconsin
Account of a collecting trip in southeastern Wisconsin.

1985 Jan

Fairfield, Hal
San Lorenzo River Report
Account of collecting threespine sticklebacks in the San Lorenzo River, California.

Schmidt, Robert E.
The Hudson River Larval Fish Project
Efforts to catalogue huge collection of larval fish in the American Museum of Natural History.

Shute, John R.
Tips on Collection and Handling of Silversides
The collecting and transporting of silversides; aquarium rearing and feeding.

Slotterback, Sue Ann
Care and Keeping of Silversides
Water quality and gentle handling necessary for silversides (species not mentioned).

Hall, David B.
Collecting and Keeping the Brook Silversides
Collecting, safe handling and aquarium rearing of the brook silversides.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Meshoppen Trip
Account of a collecting trip to the Meshoppen River, PA.
1985 Feb

Brill, John
Collecting and Spawning the Least Book Lamprey
Collecting and breeding the least brook lamprey.

Schmidt, Konrad
Revisions to Specially Protected Fishes
Revisions to May 1994 List of Threatened, Endangered and Special Concern Species; totally re-written in July 1996.

Stober, Dick
Spawning the Brook Silversides
Brief mention in letter to the editor regarding the spawning of the brook silversides.

Warny, Peter R.
Collecting with a Minnow Trap--"No Fuss, No Muss"
Advantages, techniques and regulations regarding collecting with minnow traps.

1985 May

Schmidt, Konrad
Snorkeling for Natives
The fun and benefits of snorkeling for native fishes.

McLarney, Bill
Fish-Watching in the Little Tennessee River
Observations of fishes in the Little Tennessee River, NC, including an entertaining, detailed account of river chub nest
building and spawning.

1985 June

Armes, Hal E.
Southern Natives in a Community Tank
Recommendations for an assortment of species in a native community tank.

Hall, David L.
Fishes that Crossbreed in Missouri
Known crossbreeding Missouri fishes.

Schmidt, Konrad
Photographing Fish
Equipment, tips and problems of photographing fish with a photo tank.

Schmidt, Robert E.
Review of Fishes of Ontario

Gebhardt, Bruce
Review of Fishes of Kentucky

Scalet, Charles G., and Timothy Modde
The Redear Sunfish
Natural foods and spawning behavior of the redear sunfish.

Harris, Mary
Raising White Worms
Culturing and feeding white worms.

1985 Jul-Aug

Hall, David L.
Collecting in Missouri--Part I, The Osage System
Account of collecting in Missouri's Osage River.

Faustmann, Harry W.
Have You Ever Tried Grindal Worms?
Culturing grindal worms for fish food; reprinted from Pisces Press.

Williams, John Ben
Going Collecting on Horseback
Riding a horse to scout collecting locations.

Williams, John Ben
Observing the Blackspot Shiner (Notropis atrocaudalis) in a 29-Gallon Aquarium
Feeding the blackspot shiner in aquaria; comments on its gentle nature in a community tank.

Cochran, Phillip A.
Notes on the Tadpole Madtom in Minnesota and Wisconsin
Tadpole madtom collecting records from author and others.

1985 Sept

Ribitzki, Paul
Return to Keck's Creek, Arkansas
Account of a collecting trip in Arkansas.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Three Tributaries of the Northwestern Chesapeake
Account of collecting trips in NW Chesapeake Bay.

List of Fishes From the Upper Allegheny River in New York and Pennsylvania
Taken from Fish of the Kinzua Dam and Allegheny Reservoir.

Schmidt, Robert E.
Endangered and Threatened Fishes in Maryland
Taken from Threatened and Endangered Fishes of Maryland.

Kilgroe, Fred
Bibliography: Some Native-Fish Articles in Ichthyological Literature, 1979-Present
Recent articles in scientific journals about native fishes.

Hunt, Vernon B.
The Creek Chub
Rearing the creek chub in aquaria; notes on their spawning in nature.

1985 Oct

Seal, A. P.
Breeding Habits of the Tessellated, Rainbow and Swamp Darter
Aquarium breeding of the tessellated, rainbow and swamp darters; reprinted from Forest and Stream (1890).

Thomas, Robert
An Aquarium Spawning of Rainbow Darters
Rearing and breeding the rainbow darter in aquaria.

Hall, David L.
Exciting Changes at the Missouri State Fair
Native fish display at the Missouri State Fair.

Schmidt, Konrad
Snorkeling in the Ocala National Forest of Northern Florida
Snorkeling in Florida springs.

Williams, John Ben
Collecting in East Texas
Account of a collecting trip in Texas.

1985 Nov

Simon, Thomas P.
A Checklist of Conasauga River Fishes, Tennessee
Results of a collecting trip in the Conasauga River, TN.

Schmidt, Robert E.
Letter to the Editor
Advice on how to prevent the cutlips minnow from eating eyes of other fish.

Hunt, Vernon B.
The Blacknose Dace (Rhinichthys atratulus)
Spawning the blacknose dace in aquaria.

Hubbs, Clark
Darter Hybrids for Home Aquaria
Discussion of darter hybridization and results of experimental crosses.

1985 Dec

Fairfield, Hal
Breeding Fundulus heteroclitus
Rearing and breeding the mummichog in aquaria.

Schmidt, Konrad
Carp Eggs: An "Exotic" Fish Food
Carp eggs as fish food
Lucas, Michael
Mud Creek in Upstate New York
Account of a collecting trip in New York; includes observations of greenside darter spawning.

Ragland, Craig
Review of Inland Fishes of Washington

Baugh, Thomas
Desert Fishes Council Meeting
Summary of the 1998 Desert Fishes Council Meeting, including a list of papers presented.
McDonnell, Bob
The Natives are Making Me Restless
How a tropical fish hobbyist became interested in natives.

1986 Jan

Mang, Peter J.
Collecting in the Allegheny River System in Northwestern Pennsylvania
Tips on collecting in the Allegheny River, PA; fish to expect.

Estes, William
Collecting French Creek in Northwestern Pennsylvania
Account of a collecting trip in French Creek, PA.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Flat Land, Fast Water
Swiftly moving waters on the Coastal Plain often yield large specimens; examples from New Jersey Pinelands.

Klym, Mark
More Non-Natives Proposed By State Fisheries Experts!                     .
Editorial on possible problems with introducing artificially large fishes

Sternburg, James G.
Spawning the Blackbanded Sunfish
Rearing and breeding the blackbanded sunfish in aquaria.

Klym, Mark
Some Ontario Cyprinids
Descriptions of some Ontario minnows.

1986 Feb

Castro, Alfred D.
The Tule Perch From Central California--A Livebearer
Systematics, habitat, breeding and aquarium rearing of the tule perch; adapted from "A Local Livebearing Fish" in
Golden Gate Aquarist.

Williams, John Ben
NANFA in the Schools
Account of a presentation on natives to a junior high school class.

USFWS List of Threatened and Endangered North American Fishes
List of federally threatened and endangered fishes.

1986 Mar-Apr

Wilson, Mike
Colorado's Two Native Killifish--Fundulus zebrinus kansae and Fundulus sciadicus
Natural habitat and aquarium rearing of the plains killifish and plains topminnow; adapted from "Sortin' the Peat" in
Colorado Aquarist.

Kray, Edd
Collecting Fundulus in Colorado
How to collect the plains killifish and plains topminnow.
Ballard, Bill
Catching Marine Fish While Snorkeling
Methods of collecting while snorkeling.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Notropis [Lythrurus] ardens
Description of the rosefin shiner; how its common name is misleading.

1986 May

McLarney, Bill
Letter to the Editor
The need for NANFA members to display a conservation conscience different than that of other hobbyist/collector

Lucas, Michael J.
Letter to the Editor
Recommendation against the plains topminnow as a community tank resident.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Renting a Car for Collecting
Tips on car rentals.

1986 June

Hunt, Vernon B.
What About the Other Mudminnow? The European Dogfish (Umbra krameri)
Rearing the European mudminnow in aquaria.

Williams, John Ben
Minnow Traps: A Native-Fish Collector's Best Friend
Tips on using a minnow trap and a table of fishes collected.

Hall, David L.
Native Fish Philately
U.S. postage stamps featuring fish are released.

Komadowski, Henry E.
Book Review
Review of An Introduction to the Aquatic Insects of North America and Freshwater Invertebrates of the United States.

Hall, David L.
Fish-Watching in Yellowstone Park
Observing Yellowstone Park fish.

Schmidt, Konrad
Backyard Ponds
The joys of an artificial pond.

Shrom, Michael J.
Tesselated Darter Observations
Observation of tessellated darters spawning in aquaria.

1986 July-Aug
Przybysz, Roger
Elassoma evergladei
Rearing and breeding the Everglades pygmy sunfish; adapted from SWAM (from the SW Michigan Society).

Seal, W. P.
Mesogonistius chaetodon: An Account of Its Breeding and Other Habits
Rearing and breeding the blackbanded sunfish in aquaria; reprinted from Aquarium News and Notes (Aquarium Society
of Philadelphia, 1914).

Langhammer, James K.
Some Goodeid Species for the Home Aquarium
Descriptions of goodeid species and their suitabilities as aquarium species; reprinted from “Lost Treasures of the
Aztecs” from Tropic Tank Talk (Greater Detroit Aquarium Society).

1986 Sept

Schmidt, Konrad
Creating a Stream Aquarium
Use of submerged powerheads to reproduce stream flow conditions.

Schmidt, Robert E.
An Essay on the Value of Collecting (or How to Tell if Your Collecting Trip Was More Than Just Fun)
How collecting fish can add to known species distributions.

McDonnell, Bob
Fundulus cingulatus
Rearing and breeding the banded topminnow in aquaria.

Komadowski, Henry E.
Book Reviews
Reviews of The Restoration of Rivers and Streams and Fish Remains in Archaeology and Paleo-Environmental Studies.

Schmidt, Konrad
Book Review
Review of Fishes of the Minnesota Region.

Lucas, Michael J.
Missouri Madness
Account of a collecting trip in Missouri.

1986 Oct

Hall, David L.
Bleeding and Duskystripe Shiners (Notropis zonatus and N. pilsbryi)
Rearing the bleeding and duskystripe shiners in aquaria; how to distinguish the two species from one another

Stober, Dick
By the Bluenose Obsessed
Collecting and rearing the bluenose shiner in aquaria.

Schmidt, Konrad
The Bait Store Collector
Exploring bait shops for fish.

News item
Clues From the Killifish
Uses of the mummichog in medical research

Schmidt, Konrad
Book Reviews
Reviews of Colorado's Little Fish, Game Fish of Colorado and Fishes of Oklahoma.

Sternburg, James G.
Aquarium Rearing and Spawning of the Southern Redbelly Dace
Rearing and breeding the southern redbelly dace in aquaria.

1986 Nov

Hall, David L.
…But No Redfins
Account of a collecting trip in SW Missouri and NW Arkansas.

Estes, William N. and Bruce Gebhardt
Fishes of the Lower Susquehanna (and Tributaries of the Northern Chesapeake), Part 1
Description of the Susquehanna River; collecting the eastern brook lamprey.

Slotterback, Sue Ann
Book Review
Review of Peterson's Guide to Atlantic Coast Fishes of North America.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Book Review
Review of Inland The Fishes of New York State.

Schmidt, Konrad
Minnesota Collecting Maps
Types of maps and how to obtain them.

1986 Dec

Fowler, Henry W.
Notes on the Spawning Habits of Three Lamprey Species
Field observations of sea lamprey, least brook lamprey and American brook lamprey spawnings; adapted from Notes on
the Spawning Habits of Our Lampreys (1917).

Argento, Stephen
Notes on Keeping Color in Darters
How to keep darters healthy and colorful through proper capture, transport, acclimation, feeding and aquarium

Gebhardt, Bruce
Photographing the Inland Fishes of Washington
Techniques used by authors of Inland Fishes of Washington to achieve lifelike appearance and color.

Komadowski, Henry E.
Book Review
Review of The Freshwater Molluscs of Canada.

Goddard, Kathryn
Aquarium Spawning of the Northern Redbelly Dace and Finescale Dace With Hybrids of These Species
Aquarium rearing and breeding of Phoxinus hybrids with parent species.

1987 Jan

Hall, David L.
Rearing the California roach in aquaria.

McDonnell, Bob
The Diamond Killifish (Adinia xenica)
Rearing and breeding the diamond killifish in aquaria.

Lucas, Michael
Ice-Water Sunnies
Collecting nearly-frozen pumpkinseed sunfish in a New York lake.

Harper, Rodney
Observations on Spawning of Banded Pygmy Sunfish
Breeding of the banded pygmy sunfish in aquaria.

Schmidt, Konrad
More on Minnesota Collecting Maps
Additional information on Minnesota collecting maps (cont. from Nov 1986).

1987 Feb

Gebhardt, Bruce
The Blue Shiner in Alabama
Description of the blue shiner, its distribution and population status.

Katula, Ray
Northern Redbelly Dace in Wisconsin
Rearing and breeding the northern redbelly dace in aquaria.

Ballard, Bill
Fundulus confluentus
Rearing of the marsh killifish in aquaria; field observations and habitat.

Komadowski, Henry E.
Book Review
Review of Rare, Endangered and Extinct Fishes in Canada.

Schmidt, Konrad
Return to the Ocala National Forest
Observations and snorkeling in Florida springs.

1987 Mar-Apr

Hall, David L.
Book Review
Review of Inland Fishes of California.

Komadowski, Henry E.
Book Reviews
Reviews of Current References in Fish Research and A Bibliography of the Sticklebacks.
Estes, William M. and Bruce Gebhardt
Fishes of the Lower Susquehanna (and Tributaries of the Northern Chesapeake), Part 2
Rearing the stoneroller and rosyside dace in aquaria; habits and habitats.

Ballard, Bill
Habitats of Some Killifishes of Southern Alabama and Vicinity
List of Alabama killifish and brief summaries of their habitats.

Wortman, Michael
Texas Collecting Rules
Summary of Texas fishing and collecting laws.

1987 May

Schmidt, Konrad
Endangered, Threatened, and Special Status Fishes of North America
Special issue: lists of special status fishes, by state and province.

1987 June-Sept

Burtson, Valerie
An Unexpected Spawning of Speckled Dace
Aquarium water conditions at the time of speckled dace spawning.

Harper, Rodney
Spawning of Fundulus chrysotus
Breeding the golden topminnow in aquaria.

Stober, Richard C.
Fringe Benefits
Other pursuits prized to be found while collecting fish.

Carpenter, Doug
Two Economical Food Sources
Culturing black-fly larvae and mealworms as fish food.

Harper, Rodney
You Know You're Hooked on Natives When…
Humorous descriptions of a native fish lover.

Katula, Ray
Spawning of the Pirate Perch Recollected
Rearing and breeding the pirate perch in aquaria; recollections of a semi-successful experience as a 13-year-old.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Book Review
Review of Wyoming Fishes.

1987 Oct-Dec

Komadowski, Henry E.
Book Review
Review of Thompson's Guide to Freshwater Fishes.
Hall, David L.
Maps and More For Missouri Collecting
Missouri map sources.

Estes, William M. and Bruce Gebhardt
Fishes of the Lower Susquehanna (and Tributaries of the Northern Chesapeake), Part 3
Rearing the carp, cutlips minnow and river chub in aquaria; habits and habitats.

Katula, Ray
Crossbreeding of River Darter and Blackside Darter (Percina shumardi and P. maculata)
Aquarium rearing and breeding male blackside darters with a female river darter

Weber, Scott
The Sheepshead Minnow
Aquarium rearing and breeding the sheepshead minnow; reprinted from Delta Tales (Potomac Valley Aquarium

Ballard, Bill
The Adventures of Three Fish Collectors in Northwest Florida and South Alabama
Account of a Florida-Alabama collecting trip.

Pittman, Ella
Spawning Gila orcutti
Rearing and breeding the Arroyo chub in aquaria.

Schmidt, Konrad
Endangered, Threatened, and Special-Status Fishes of North America, Suppl #1
KY, Mass, Tenn and Texas supplements to the Oct-Dec 1987 document.

1988 Jan

Fundulus similis
Description, habit, and aquarium rearing of the longnose killifish.

Schmidt, Robert E.
Search for a Rare Hudson River Fish
Account of a collecting trip to the Hudson River in search of the warmouth.

Garcia, Nancy
Ceriodaphnia--A Newly Discovered Live Food
Culturing Ceriodaphnia as a fish food; advantages over Daphnia.

Estes, William M. and Bruce Gebhardt
Fishes of the Lower Susquehanna (and Tributaries of the Northern Chesapeake), Part 3
Rearing the river chub and golden shiner in aquaria; habits and habitats.

Schmidt, Konrad
Book Review
Review of Iowa Fish and Fishing.

Schlesser, David
Book Review
Review of The Biology of the Perch and Related Fish.

McLarney, William O.
Book Review
Review of Native Trout of North America.

1988 Feb

Ulstein, Martin
Touchet River Expedition in Southeastern Washington State
Account of a collecting trip in SE Washington.

Harper, Rodney
Spawning the Sharptail Goby (Gobionellus hastatus)
Rearing and breeding the sharptail goby in aquaria.

Nichols, Barry
Book Review
Review of A Distributional Atlas of Kentucky Fishes.

Lucas, Michael J.
Boyd Creek, Upstate New York
Collecting in Boyd Creek, NY; breeding the green sunfish in aquaria.

1988 Mar-June

Katula, Ray
The Good, the Bad, and the Very Ugly Sculpin
Habitats and aquarium rearing of four sculpin species.

Turner, Bruce J.
The Mystery of the Golden Pupfish
Collecting a golden-colored Salt Creek pupfish variant and the subsequent failure to find it again.

Wagner, Brian K.
Craig Creek, Virginia
Account of a collecting trip in Virginia.

Estes, William and Bruce Gebhardt
Fishes of the Lower Susquehanna (and Tributaries of the Northern Chesapeake), Part 4
Rearing the comely, satinfin, spotfin, common, swallowtail and spottail shiners in aquaria; habits and habitats.

Schmidt, Konrad
Float Trip Collecting
Collecting by boat.

Schmidt, Konrad
Endangered, Threatened, and Special Status Fishes of North America, Suppl #3
Illinois supplement to the Oct-Dec 1987 document.

Schmidt, Konrad
Book Reviews
Reviews of Freshwater Fishes of Mississippi, Fishes of Idaho, and South Dakota Sportsmen's Atlas.

Montgomery, Robert
Salt as Tranquilizer for Transporting Fish
The use of salt to calm fish during transport; summarized from Southern Outdoors.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Probable Spawning of Bantam Sunfish (Lepomis symmetricus)
Bantam sunfish spawning behavior in aquaria.

Harper, Rodney
Breeding Lucania goodei: Guaranteed
Tips on breeding bluefin killifish in aquaria.

1988 July-Oct

Berry, Anthony C.
Easy Collection of Mealworms
A tip for removing mealworms from their culture medium,

Carpenter, Doug
"New Frontiers"--A Year of Collecting in Kentucky
Accounts of collecting trips in Kentucky.

Katula, Ray
Breeding of Finescale Saddle Darter (Etheostoma osburni) and Stippled Darter (E. punctulatum)
Brief observations on spawning of finescale saddle darter and stippled darter.

Katula, Ray
Orangefin Darter
Spawning the orangefin darter in aquaria.

Schmidt, Konrad
Endangered, Threatened, and Special-Status Fishes of North America Suppl #4
Wisconsin supplement to the Oct-Dec 1987 document.

Schmidt, Konrad
The Phenology of Colonial Creek
Seasonal patterns of species abundance in a Minnesota stream.

Gebhardt, Bruce
European Fish Introduced to Great Lakes Via Ship Ballast
How ship ballast serves to transfer unwanted species.

Schmidt, Konrad
Book Reviews
Reviews of The Fishes of Illinois and Freshwater Game Fish of North America.

News item
Underwater Grapefruit
Using grapefruit plants in aquaria.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Why the Fountain Darter Stayed Endangered
Comments on a research-related mortality of the fountain darter.

1988 Nov-Jan 1989

Wicksten, Mary K.
Blennies: Easy-To-Keep Marine Fishes
Rearing blennies in aquaria.

Ulstein, Martin and Del Blackburn
Schooling Behavior of the Chiselmouth (Acrocheilus alutaceus)
The gregarious and schooling behaviors of the chiselmouth are discussed.

Schmidt, Konrad
Rediscovering Plains Topminnows in Minnesota
Plains topminnows appear at collecting locality after 14 year absence.

McCready, Alan M.
Desert Fishes Council
Summary of history and 1998 meeting of the Desert Fishes Council; symposium papers are summarized.

Wenzel, Todd
How Good is Your Air Pump
Results of aquarium pump tests; adapted from Carolina Aquarist.

Estes, William M. and Bruce Gebhardt
Fishes of the Lower Susquehanna (and Tributaries of the Northern Chesapeake), Part 5
Rearing the rosyface shiner, bluntnose minnow and fathead minnow; habits and habitats.

Lucas, Michael J.
Grand Island, Grand Time
Account of a collecting trip in New York.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Mint Chocolate Chip Darters?
Collecting blenny darters in Tennessee.

Schmidt, Konrad
Mail Order Collecting Gear
Types of collecting gear that can be ordered from mail-order companies.

Williams, Jessica
Crayfish For the Native-Fish Aquarium
Recommendation to place crayfish in native fish aquaria.

1989 Feb

Schmidt, Konrad; Gebhardt, Bruce; and Arbour, David
Book Review
Three reviews of Fishes of Arkansas.

Johnston, Carol E.
Nest-Building Minnows
Behaviors of nest-building minnows; adapted from Male Minnows Build Spawning Nests (Illinois Natural History

Borgia, Andrew
Salt Ponds of Key West, Florida
Fish found in the salt ponds of Key West Airport.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Footwear for Collectors
Advice on collecting shoes.

Schmidt, Konrad
Perhaps You Should Seek Professional Help
Advice to seek the help of fisheries professionals.
Beck, Charles
Aquarium Hobby Moments in History
Significant historical aquarium-related events; adapted from Mid-South Aquarium Society newsletter.

1990 Sept-Nov

Gebhardt, Bruce
Book Reviews
Reviews of Atlas of the Fishes of the Upper Tombigbee River Drainage Alabama-Mississippi; Fishes of the Cahaba
River System in Alabama; and Minnows: Seining and Trapping.

Katula, Ray
Killifish in Oregon?
First record of the banded killifish in Oregon.

Cochran, P.A. and J.D. Lyons
Spawning by Three Cavity-Nesting Fishes in a Culvert
Observations of fantail darter, johnny darter and mottled sculpin spawning in a stream culvert; discussion on culvert
benefits to fishes.

Katula, Ray
Notes on Spawning of the Johnny Darter
Rearing and breeding the johnny darter in aquaria.

Lake, Tom
Fishes of the Hudson River
List of the fishes of the Hudson River, NY; summary of a version which appeared in Novitates (American Museum of
Natural History).

Schmidt, Konrad
Minnesota's Fish Fauna Expands By Seven
Discoveries of seven new fishes in Minnesota's waters.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Snappers of North America--The Fishes, Not the Turtles
Summary of snapper species found in North American waters.

Dec 1990-Feb 1991

Schmidt, Konrad
Collecting in the Twilight Zone
Observations while collecting at night.

Burtson, Valerie F.
Treatment for Parasites (Flukes Specifically)
Treating skin flukes with formalin.

Katula, Ray
Spawning of the Reticulate Sculpin
Rearing and breeding the reticulate sculpin in aquaria; habitats.

Arbour, David
Fish-Watching at Hunter's Spring
Snorkling in Hunter's Spring, FL.

Estes, William M. and Bruce Gebhardt
Fishes of the Lower Susquehanna (and Tributaries of the Northern Chesapeake), Part 7
Rearing the blacknose dace, longnose dace, creek chub, and fallfish in aquaria; habits and habitats.

Schmidt, Konrad
Book Reviews
Reviews of Fishing for Buffalo; and Minnows: Seining and Trapping.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Book Review
Review of Snappers of the World.

Richardson, Nancy
Shortnosed Gar: Albino and Spawning
Brief observation of and albino shortnose gar, and of shortnose gar spawning in the wild; summarized from publication
of the Willowdale (Ontario) Aquarium Society.

Burtson, Valerie F.
Southern Redbelly Dace (Phoxinus erythrogaster) Spawned
Brief account of southern redbelly dace spawning in aquaria on an artificial nest of pebbles.

1991 Spring

Gebhardt, Bruce
Basic Books on Native Fish
Summary of basic books for native fish study.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Book Review
Review of Freshwater Fishes.

Schmidt, Konrad
Book Review
Review of Freshwater Fishes of Southern Florida.

Katula, Ray
Spawning the Pirate Perch, One More Time
Rearing and breeding the pirate perch in aquaria.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Elephants' Graveyard
Appearances of spawning common shiners in the wild; the presence of a horn-like ring around each eye; color

Lucas, Michael J.
Spawning Spotfins
Rearing and breeding the spotfin shiner in aquaria.


Katula, Ray
Observations of Spawning Methods of the Creole Darter and the Finescale Saddled Darter (Etheostoma collettei
and Etheostoma osburni)
Observations of creole darter and finescale saddled darter spawnings.

Borgia, Andrew P.
The Preserved Reference Collection
How to preserve fish.

Schmidt, Konrad
Killer Kick Nets
Construction and use of dip nets.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Rudd Menace
Concerns over rudd introduction to U.S. waters; actions and responses from various states.

Wheeler, Timothy B.
Maryland Darter May Have Vanished
Reprint of Baltimore Sun newspaper story on the Maryland darter.

Gebhardt, Bruce
The Great Jersey Gambusia Wars
Mosquitofish introductions are discussed; includes three Philadelphia Inquirer articles.

Schmidt, Konrad
Book Reviews
Review of Common and Scientific Names of Fishes From the United States and Canada; Fishes of Montana;
Freshwater Fishes of Louisiana; and Fishes of Utah.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Book Review
Review of A List of the Fishes of Canada.

1991 Fall

Gebhardt, Bruce
Book Review
Review of the book Freshwater Fishes of Japan.

Schmidt, Konrad
Why Do I Collect?
Personal feelings on collecting.

Middleton, Joe
Greetings From an Olympic Swamp
Account of a search for the Olympic mudminnow in Washington.

Sorensen, Matthew D.
Spawning of the Green Sunfish, Lepomis cyanella
Rearing and spawning the green sunfish in aquaria.

Estes, William M. and Bruce Gebhardt
Fishes of the Lower Susquehanna (and Tributaries of the Northern Chesapeake), Part 8--the Suckers
Rearing the quillback sucker, white sucker and northern hog sucker in aquaria; habits and habitats.

Sternburg, James G.
Aquarium Spawning of the Mountain Redbelly Dace
Rearing and breeding the mountain redbelly dace in aquaria.

Wagner, Brian
Book Review
Review of Phylogenetic Studies of North American Minnows, with Emphasis on the Genus Cyprinella.
1991-1992 Winter

Wagner, Brian K.
Book Review
Review of Fishes of the Central United States.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Book Review
Review of Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Recollecting Collecting in South Jersey's Pinelands (Not Your Model Collecting Account)
Account of a collecting trip in New Jersey.

Arbour, David
Breeding Behavior of the Flagfish (Jordanella floridae)
Breeding the flagfish in aquaria.

Sorensen, Matthew
A Spawning of the Orangespotted Sunfish (Lepomis humilis)
Rearing and breeding the orangespotted sunfish in aquaria.

Arbour, David
Maintaining the River Carpsucker (Carpoides carpio) in the Aquarium
Rearing and feeding preferences of the river carpsucker.

Schmidt, Konrad
Lake Superior's "Inferior" Fishes
Descriptions and habitats of three Lake Superior deep-water fishes: pygmy whitefish, spoonhead sculpin, and deepwater

Schmidt, Robert E.
Book Review
Review of Pond and Brook: a Guide to Nature in Freshwater Environments.

1992 Spring

Schmidt, Konrad
Book Review
Review of Fishes of Okefenokee Swamp.

Quinn, John R.
Book Review
Review of Delaware's Freshwater and Brackish Water Fishes.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Virginia Adopts Dirty List
Summary of Virginia's fish collecting regulations on what fish are permissible to keep.

Corcoran, Gerald C.
Introduction to Native Fishes and NANFA
Summary of how to conserve, collect, transport, and rear native fishes.

Katula, Ray
The Northwestern Percopsis, the Sand Roller
Rearing and breeding the sandroller in aquaria.
1992 Summer

Parker, John
A "Fish Walk"?
A fish-walk is conducted, and patterned after bird-walks.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Fiery and Fireproof: Spawning of Common Shiners, Luxilus cornutus
Field observations of common shiner spawning.

Schmidt, Konrad
The One-Person Seine
Use and design of a one-person seine.

Aguilera, Carlos
The Live Fish Collection at the Aquarium of the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, Mexico
List of Mexican native fishes in display at the Museum of Natural History, Universidad de Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Pell, Joe
You're in the Mainstream
Joys and benefits of collecting and keeping native fishes.

1992 Fall

Quinn, John
Book Review
Review of Fishes of the Sea: The North Atlantic and Mediterranean.

Arbour, David
Three Springs in Central Florida
Observations of fish in Florida springs.

Sarslow, Doris
Three Darters Found in Minnesota Rivers
Descriptions, habits, and habitats of the western sand darter, slenderhead darter, and rainbow darter; adapted from The
Aqua News (Minnesota Aquarium Society).

1992-1993 Winter

Komadowski, Henry E.
Book Review
Review of Fishes of Alberta.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Book Review
Review of A Field Guide to the Pine Barrens of New Jersey: Its Flora, Fauna, Ecology and Historic Sites.

Harper, Rodney W.
Behavior of Fundulus chrysotus and Fundulus olivaceous in a Captive Environment
Rearing and spawning the golden topminnow and blackspotted topminnow in aquaria; social behavior is noted.

Sternburg, James G.
Spawning of Southern and Northern Redbelly Dace Compared
Spawning the southern redbelly dace and northern redbelly dace in aquaria.
Katula, Ray
Spawning-Rocks for Cyprinids
Creating pebble piles for spawning; pros and cons.

Schmidt, Konrad
Endangered, Threatened, and Special-Status Fishes of North America, Supplements to the 3rd Edition
Missouri and Tenn supplements to the Mar-May 1990 document.

Estes, William M.
Fishes of the Lower Susquehanna (and Tributaries of the Northern Chesapeake), Part 9
Rearing the white catfish, yellow bullhead, channel catfish, and margined madtom in aquaria; habits and habitats.

1993 Spring

Gebhardt, Bruce
Book Review
Review of Native Fishes of Arid Lands: A Dwindling Resource of the Desert Southwest.

Newman, Larry
Book Review
Review of Fishes of the Great Basin: A Natural History.

Katula, Bruce
Spawning a “Winged Minnow”--the Broadstripe Shiner
Rearing and breeding the broadstripe shiner in aquaria.

Schmidt, Konrad
Putting Back the Pieces
Efforts at reintroduction of fish populations to their former habitat in the Knife River, Minn.

Beja, Ken
Pine Barrens--Double Trouble
Account of a collecting trip to the Pine Barrens.

Sears, William A.
A Trip to the Creeks of the San Ramon Valley, California
Account of a collecting trip in California.

Wojtowicz, Jon
Spawning Behavior of the Central Stoneroller (Campostoma anomalum)
Rearing and spawning of the central stoneroller in aquaria.

1993 Summer

Rosenquist, Mark
Laboratory Bluegill Culture
Rearing and spawning bluegills in aquaria.

Schmidt, Konrad
Minnesota River Fish Tales
Descriptions of fishes found in the Minnesota River, MN.

Florez, Michael
Desert Trip
Summary of a fish observation trip to Death Valley; natural history of area is discussed.
Newman, Larry
The Most Endangered Fish in Nevada: The White River Spinedace
Summary of the habitat and plight of the White River spinedace.

Schmidt, Konrad
Endangered, Threatened, and Special-Status Fishes of North America, Supplements to the 3rd Edition
Virginia supplement to the Mar-May 1990 document.

Estes, William M. and Bruce Gebhardt
Fishes of the Lower Susquehanna (and Tributaries of the Northern Chesapeake), Part 10
Rearing the banded killifish and mummichog in aquaria; habits and habitats.

1993 Fall

Schmidt, Konrad
Fish Videos
Camcorders: gear and uses.

Carpenter, Doug
Powerhead Toms
Affinity of mountain madtoms for a powerhead.

McKendrick, Pete
Breeding the Tessellated Darter
Rearing and spawning the tessellated darter in aquaria.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Trading Daces--The Strategy of Native-Fish Trading
Methods and ethics of trading fishes with NANFA members.

Wheeler, Timothy B.
New Fish is Discovered in Maryland
Sculpin from Potomac drainage previously mistaken for the slimy sculpin is identified as new species; reprinted from
Baltimore Sun.

Katula, Ray
Eulogy for the San Joaquin River
How land and water-use practices, and introduced species, have caused the decline in fish numbers in the Jan Joaquin
River system; descriptions of extinct and threatened fishes.

Dumas, Daniel P.
The Maine State Aquarist Society's Native Species Awareness Project
Description of project to facilitate hobbyist collecting of non-game fish in Maine.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Letter to the Editor
Letter from New Jersey Dept of Environmental Protection and Energy regarding NANFA concerns over the rudd in
New Jersey waters.

1993-1994 Winter

Katula, Ray
Letter to Minnesota DNR
Letter to Minnesota DNR regarding proposed changes to official fish listings.
Batzer, Fred
Reflections on the June 12, 1993 NANFA Convention
Comments on the 1993 NANFA Annual Convention in Urbana, IL.

Granier, B. G.
Deep South, Deep-Freeze Killies
Account of a collecting trip on the Louisiana coast; includes a description of the distinguishing characteristics of the
saltmarsh topminnow.

Schmidt, Konrad
Mother Nature Didn't Get it Right the First Time
How a Minnesota dam destroyed high quality habitat and fish populations.

1994 Spring

Carter, Brian
Book Review
Review of Fish: An Enthusiast's Guide.

Schmidt, Konrad
Book Reviews
Review of Conservation of Hawaiian Freshwater Fishes and Status Report on the Blue Sucker (Cycleptus elongatus).

Pitcairn, John G.
Big Fruit Flies
Fruit fly culture medium recipe.

Carillio, Robert
The Making of a 125-Gallon Native-Fish Aquarium Display
Design, creation and fishes in a native fish aquarium in a restaurant in Cleveland, OH.

Rollo, Peter
Successfully Spawning and Raising the Green Sunfish (Lepomis cyanellus)
Rearing and spawning the green sunfish in aquaria.

Schmidt, Konrad
The Mystery Cave Expeditions
Account of collecting trips to a Minnesota cave.

1994 Summer

Schmidt, Robert E.
Book Review
Review of The Physiology of Fishes.

Schmidt, Konrad
Book Review
Review of Distribution and Relative Abundance of Fishes in Wisconsin.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Book Review
Review of The Fishes of Tennessee.

Logan, Daniel J.
A Checklist of the Fishes of Benton County, Oregon
List of fishes in Benton County, OR.
Granier, B. G.
Crimson Tide, Neon Lights: Notropis chrosomus
An account of collecting the rainbow shiner in Alabama.

Hanyok, Joe
Breeding the Tessellated Darter
Rearing and breeding the tessellated darter in aquaria.

Sears, Will
The Sacramento Perch (Archoplites interruptus)--California's Only Native Centrarchid
Biology of the Sacramento perch and reasons for its decline.

Yanik, Joe
Lake Lily, Cape May County, New Jersey
Description of the changes that a lake in New Jersey underwent; speculation on the causes.

Gebhardt, Bruce
Intentional Introductions Policy Review Report (Aquatic Nuisance Species)--Executive Report
The USFWS report on the release of aquatic nuisance species is presented; comments from NANFA members on the
language with collecting ramifications is requested.

1994 Fall

Gebhardt, Bruce
Book Review
Review of the book Freshwater Fishes of Virginia.

Logan, Daniel J.
What in the World is a Pirapatinga?
Pacu description and a list of Oregon collections of pacu.

Katula, Ray
Golden Shiners (Notemigonus crysoleucas) Utilizing Bowfin (Amia calva) Nest as Spawning Site
Field observation of golden shiners spawning on a bowfin nest.

Rollo, Peter R.
Successfully Spawning and Raising the Blackbanded Sunfish (Enneacanthus chaetodon)
Rearing and spawning the blackbanded sunfish in aquaria.

1994-1995 Winter

Gebhardt, Bruce
Comments on length of "cold wintering", and size of aquaria necessary to spawn sunfish

Gebhardt, Bruce
Book Review
Review of Freshwater Fishes of the Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware.

News Item
Texas Exotic Species Task Force Concerned About Fish Releases
Newly formed Texas Exotic Species Task Force identifies need to educate public on dangers of releasing exotic fishes;
summarized from Texas Parks and Wildlife News.

Rollo, Peter R.
Successfully Spawning and Raising the Banded Sunfish (Enneacanthus obesus)
Rearing and spawning the banded sunfish in aquaria.

Logan, Daniel J.
Collecting in Ponds in Clackamas County, Oregon
Accounts of collecting trips in Oregon; discovery of the oriental weatherfish.

1995 Spring

Bondhus, John
Proposed NANFA Endangered Species Conservation Program
Ways that NANFA members can become involved in endangered species conservation.

Rice, Robert
The Central Longear (Lepomis megalotis) as an Aquarium Species
Rearing the longear sunfish in aquaria.

Sneegas, Garold W.
Underwater Photography in Kansas
Methods, tips and observations on underwater photography.

Schmidt, Konrad
Aquarium Care and Maintenance
Tips on aquarium setup and maintenance.

1995 Summer

Rollo, Peter R.
Elassoma evergladei, Hard to Find but Easy to Maintain and Spawn
Rearing and spawning the Everglades pygmy sunfish in aquaria.

Logan, Daniel J.
Collecting in Yamhill County, Oregon
Account of a collecting trip in Oregon.

Lerczak, Thomas V.
Fish Community Changes in the Illinois River, 1962-1994
Changes in fish communities in the Illinois River, IL; causes are discussed.

Rice, Robert
Our Hidden Jewels
The fun and ease of collecting natives; some recommended aquarium natives.

Rupp, Henry R.
Adverse Assessments of Gambusia affinis
Reasons why the mosquitofish is harmful and not good at mosquito control.

1995 Fall (Dec.)

Schmidt, Konrad
Endangered, Threatened, and Special Status Fishes of North America, 4th Edition
4th Edition of list of special status fishes, by state and province.

1996 Spring
Morgan, Tim
Natural Resources and Environmental Overview of the Ravenna Army Ammunition Plant
Description of the relatively undeveloped Ravenna Army Ammunition Plant; annotated list of fish species and

Logan, Daniel J.
Preparing for a Collecting Trip
Suggestions for preparing for a collecting trip.

1996 Summer

Rice, Robert
The North American Killies
Appreciation of native killifish, and summaries of some suitable for home aquaria.

Schmidt, Konrad
Putting Back the Pisces
Efforts at reintroduction of fish populations to their former habitat in the Knife River, Minn.

Katula, Ray
Darter Aquariums: Habitat Designs and Care Guidelines
How to set up aquaria for different types of darters.

Rice, Robert
The Aquarist as a Naturalist
Plea for aquarist involvement in fish conservation.

Schmidt, Konrad
Fish Communities of Minnesota National Wildlife Refuges
Descriptions of Minnesota Wildlife Refuges, and their fish communities; discussion on ecological niches.

Schmidt, Konrad
Minnow Trap Bait
Minnow trap bait preferences by species.

Bock, Bob
Collecting in Little Bennet Regional Park, Montgomery County's Gem
Account of a collecting trip in Maryland, and aquarium observations of collected fish.

1996 Fall

Wolff, R. W.
Bowfin Basics
Rearing of the bowfin in aquaria; description of spawning in the wild.

Schmidt, Konrad
Is the Blue Catfish in Minnesota?
The possibility that the blue catfish is in Minnesota.

Rosen, Robert T.
Meet the Bluespotted Sunfish
Rearing and spawning the bluespotted sunfish in aquaria; reprinted from 1972 inaugural issue of American Currents.

Rice, Robert
The Miser's Guide to Fishkeeping
Tips on creating and maintaining aquaria inexpensively.

Lawson, James E. and Peter Unmack
Field Trip to Railroad Valley, Nevada
A conservation trip to assist the Railroad Valley springfish; natural history and human effects are discussed; reprinted
from The Advocate (Tropical FishKeepers Exchange USA).

Sikkel, Paul C.
Surf, Turf, and Eggs
Observations and experiments with garibaldi nest building and spawning in the wild; reprinted from ZooGoer (Friends
of the National Zoo).

Williamson, Dave
A Native Fish Primer: Livebearers, Killifish, and Minnows
Descriptions of several types of native fishes suitable for aquaria; adapted from The Natives are Restless (Greater
Akron Aq. Soc.).

Schmidt, Konrad
Gregarious Gators
Experiences with alligators.

Rice, Robert
Overlooked Orangethroats
Rearing and spawning the orangethroat darter in aquaria.

Granier, B. G.
Keeping the Broadstripe Topminnow
Rearing and spawning the broadstripe topminnow in aquaria.

Bock, Bob
A NANFA Publicity Guide
Tips on writing an interesting article and publicizing NANFA and fish.

1996-1997 Winter

Christensen-Zak, Louise; Delong, Jay; Logan, Dan
A Summer Full of Collecting in Oregon
Accounts of collecting trips in Oregon.

Unmack, Peter J.
Review of the book Battle Against Extinction: Native Fish Management in the American West

Bock, Bob
"Stepchild of the Hobby": Bob Goldstein's Take on Native American Fishes
Veteran writer and aquarist's talk to an aquarium group is summarized.

Sneegas, Garold W.
Collecting Data While Collecting Fishes: A Valuable Information Tool
The value of keeping good collection records.

Semeit, Allan
The "Asiatic Fire Barb" aka Cyprinella lutrensis
Rearing and spawning the red shiner in aquaria; widespread encounters with the fish.

Yanik, Joe
Lake Lily Revisited
Changes to the fish population of a New Jersey lake; previous fish and water conditions were discussed in Summer
1994 AC article.

Scharpf, Christopher
The North American Native Fish Keeper's Bookshelf (Part One)
Reviews of many books on these topics: general books on fishes and ichthyology; general or comprehensive books on
North American fishes; northeastern and southeastern U.S. fishes.

Raasch, Maynard S.
The Gender Bender Experience of Lepomis
Brief note on nomenclatural oddity regarding the gender of the sunfish genus name Lepomis.

Schmidt, Konrad
"Yes, Mr. Warden, Sir"
Experiences with game wardens.

1997 Spring

Bock, Robert
What to do About Introduced Species?
Problems and advice regarding exotic fish introductions.

Rohde, Fred C.; Arndt, Rudolf G.
Rare Fishes of North Carolina (Part One)
Habitat and distribution of the sandhills chub and pinewoods darter.

Scharpf, Christopher
The North American Native Fish Keeper's Bookshelf (Part Two)
Reviews of many books on southeastern and midwestern U. S. fishes.

Sneegas, Garold W.
Beneath the Waters of Balmorhea State Park
Photographing and observing the Comanche Springs pupfish and Pecos gambusia in a refugium in Texas.

Logan, Dan; McDonald, Pat
Collecting Exotic Asian Freshwater Shrimp in Oregon
First record of exotic Asian shrimp in North America.

Bock, Robert
Centrarchid Observations
Rearing sunfish in aquaria; spawning longear sunfish; where to collect longear sunfish in Maryland.

Riffles item
New Species of Darter Described
Brief notice of description of golden darter (Etheostoma denoncourti)

Lund, Jr., Warren H.
NANFA ’96 National Meeting Report
A fun weekend in New Orleans is recounted.

Schmidt, Konrad
The Carp’s Last Laugh
Mirror carp appear to tolerate rotenone better than regular carp.

1997 Summer

Zoller, Cliff
Setting Up a Riffle Tank
Design for a non-submerged powerhead riffle tank; includes spawning fantail darter in aquaria.

Scharpf, Christopher
The North American Native Fish Keeper's Bookshelf (Part Three)
Reviews of many books on the fishes of the SW and NW United States.

Schmidt, Konrad
Iowa Army Ammunition Plant, Middletown, Iowa: 1994 Stream Survey Results
Results of fish surveys on several streams in SE Iowa.

Unmack, Peter J.
Arizona / Nevada Regional Report: Spring 1997
Conservation efforts with desert fishes are described.

Scott, Bruce
Keeping the Dwarf Crayfish, Cambarellus shufeldtii
Rearing and breeding the dwarf crayfish in aquaria.

Rice, Robert
Shipping Fishes 101
Tips on shipping fish through the mail.

Schmidt, Konrad
Robot-Reared Swans
Observation of swan behavior.

1997 Fall

DeLong, Jay
A Brief Trip to the Olympic Peninsula
Account of a collecting trip in Washington; includes a note on longnose dace coloration.

Scharpf, Christopher
The North American Native Fish Keeper's Bookshelf (Part Four)
Reviews of many books on the fishes of Canada, Mexico, and marine waters.

Andreasen, Linda; Jensen, Buddy
Dexter National Fish Hatchery and Technology Center
History and purposes of the Dexter National Fish Hatchery, NM.

Carillio, Robert S.
Putting Natives in Their Best Light
Methods and tips for aquarium lighting.

Bock, Robert
Fathead Fundamentals
Rearing the fathead minnow in aquaria; biology and spawning.

Guerri, Elmer A.
NANFA’s Regional Chapters Open the Door to Increased Activity
Benefits of regional NANFA involvement; summary of activities of IL-IN chapter.

Dickson, Tom
Minnesota’s Forgotten Fishes
Efforts in Minnesota to study and protect endangered fishes.
Granier, B. G.
Transporting Fishes
Tips on transporting fishes from stream to home.

DeLong, Jay
1997 Annual Meeting Report
A two-day NANFA weekend in the Pacific Northwest.

Letter to editor
John Brill comments on various nomenclatural matters re: killifish, with a checklist of North American killies; Brill and
Peter Unmack debate highest thermal tolerance of pupfishes.

Riffles item
Orangethroat Darter is actually 7 Species
Brief notice of descriptions of buffalo darter (Etheostoma bison), brook darter (E. burri), strawberry darter (E. fragi),
Highland Rim darter (E. kantuckeense), Shawnee darter (E. tecumsehi), and Current darter (E. uniporum), all originally
considered E. spectabile.

Schmidt, Konrad
Painful Pastimes
Mosquito bites and madtom stings.

1998 Winter

Mettee, Maurice F.; Scharpf, Christopher
Reproductive Behavior, Embryology, and Larval Development of Four Species of Pygmy Sunfish
Results of studies on the reproduction and growth of banded pygmy sunfish, Everglades pygmy sunfish, Okefenokee
pygmy sunfish, and spring pygmy sunfish.

Borgia, Andrew
In Search of the Mangrove Killie, Rivulus marmoratus
Rearing and spawning the mangrove killifish.

Granier, B. G.
Spawning the Marsh Killifish, Fundulus confluentus
Rearing and spawning the marsh killifish in aquaria

Rice, Robert
The Resurrection of Fox Den Lake
Stocking a man-made drainage lake with natives.

Borgia, Michael
Tropical Fish Collecting, Rhode Island Style
Collecting marine fishes off the Rhode Island coast.

Guerri, Elmer A.
The Joy of Bait Shops
Observations of bait shop fish and people.

Parosky, Leah
The Introduction of Exotic Species in the Great Lakes
Summary of exotics on the Great Lakes.

Myers, Doug Robert
Tips Offered for Breeding Sheepshead Topminnow
Tips on stimulating sheepshead minnows to spawn.
1998 Spring

Whitfield, Mike
Collecting in Tennessee: A NANFA Primer
Collecting regulations and fishes of Tennessee.

Granier, B. G.
The Bluenose Shiner, the Jewel of the Southeast
Aquarium rearing and spawning of the bluenose shiner.

DeLong, Jay
Endangered Species Reintroductions: The Need for Good Science
Editorial on the importance of planning and research regarding fish introductions.

Fullerton, Jeffrey A.
The Native Pond
Backyard pond design, maintenance, fish and plants.

Guerri, Elmer A.
Nongame Fish Identification Workshops: A Potential Regional Chapter Activity
Summary of a regional workshop and a recommendation for other regions.

Hickey, Clarence R. and James W. Lester
Additional Records of Fishes from Fort Pond Bay on Long Island, New York
List of 108 fishes found in a Long Island saltwater bay, 1970-1981; additions and corrections to 1983 publication by
same authors.

1998 Summer

Rohde, Fred C. and Rudolf G. Arndt
Rare Fishes of North Carolina (Part 2)
Field observations from fish survey of Dan River, NC.

Logan, Daniel J.
Parasites from Threespine Sticklebacks in Oregon
Parasites found in threespine sticklebacks; life history of the tapeworm Schistpcephalus solidus.

McKeighton, Kenneth L.
Native Killifishes: Cyprinodon from New Mexico
Natural history, distribution, spawning behavior and status of the Pecos pupfish and White Sands pupfish.

Unmack, Peter A.
Spring Conservation Trip to Nevada
Field survey and results in the Moapa River, NV; and the Virgin River, NV and AZ; includes field data collection sheet.

Zoller, Cliff
Brine Shrimp Hatchery
Brine shrimp hatchery setup and operation.

Fullerton, Jeffrey A.
Collecting and Spatial Habits of Three Native Killies
Field observations and collecting the banded killifish, blackstripe topminnow, eastern starhead topminnow and golden

Bock, Robert
Reach Out and Collect With Someone
The value of personal NANFA contacts; collecting natives and exotics in Florida          .

Cochran, Gary
Book Review
Review of Florida Freshwater Plants.

Middleton, Joe
Collecting the Marine Invertebrates of Oregon's Rocky Intertidal Areas
Collecting and keeping the common marine invertebrates of the Oregon coast.

Thennet, Michael
Creating a Native Stream Biotope Aquarium
Stream aquarium setup; appropriate fishes and their care.

Bock, Robert
Keeping Gamefish
Rearing bass, pike, crappies and catfish in home aquaria-- foods, aquarium requirements and aesthetics.

1998 Fall

Zoller, Clifford
Collecting, Spawning, and Rearing the Orangefin Darter, Etheostoma bellum
Tank set-up and breeding the orangefin darter in aquaria.

Fullerton, Jeffrey A.
Striking Gold: The Eastern Starhead Topminnow, Fundulus escambiae
Collecting, rearing and breeding the eastern starhead topminnow in aquaria.

Brill, John
Photographs and Text from John Brill's 1999 Aquarium Fish Calendars
Announcement of fish calendar; includes photographs and small description of aquarium care of the garibaldi, bluenose
shiner, yellow bullhead, Carbonera pupfish, and mummichog.

Bock, Robert
NANFA's Regional Representative Program Expanding
Description of NANFA's Regional Outreach program and call for volunteers.

Finkelstein, Hy
The Smallest Fish in North America, Heterandria formosa
Rearing and feeding the least killifish in aquaria.

Scharpf, Christopher
So Many Fishes, So Little Time: A Report From the 1998 NANFA Annual Meeting in Chattanooga
A report from the 1998 NANFA annual meeting in Chattanooga: talks, Tennessee Aquarium tour, fish collecting and

1999 Winter

Dickson, Tom
Ten Fantastic Fishes from Minnesota
Brief descriptions and life histories of 10 Minnesota fishes.

Scharpf, Christopher
The North American Native Fish Keeper's Bookshelf (Part Five)
Reviews of books on various fish groups.
Granier, BG
Keeping and Spawning the Golden Ear Topminnow, Fundulus chrysotus
Description, aquarium care, and spawning of Fundulus chrysotus.

Coco, Chris; Goodwin, Sue
Spotfin Chub Success
Efforts of Conservation Fisheries, Inc and the Tennessee Aquarium to breed spotfin chubs for release into the wild.

Thennet, Michael
Virginia Science Museum Showcases State’s Underwater Life
Visitor’s perspective of the Virginia Marine Science Museum.

Edwards, Bill
An Aravaipa Adventure
Account of a trip to sample the endangered fishes of Aravaipa Creek, AZ.

Bock, Robert
Do the Write Thing
Tips on writing style for a regional newsletter.

Hall, David
Surprisingly Hardy Silversides
Observations and thoughts on increasing the survival of brook silversides; update of Jan. 1985 AC article.

1999 Spring

Mundahl, Neal B.
Good Lampreys are Hard to Find
Species descriptions and life histories of Minnesota lampreys; from Minnesota Volunteer.

Kaplan, Eugene H.
A Center for the Preservation of Fish Species: Application of Aquaculture to Species Survival
Description of a program to rear endangered fish species; reprinted from Freshwater and Marine Aquarium.

Johnson, Patrick T.
The Continuous Flow Aquarium
Description and design of a well-water-based aquarium system.

Guerri, Elmer A.
Algal Turf Scrubber Technology Comes of Age for Freshwater Aquariums
Theory and application of a freshwater algal turf scrubber system.

Wolff, R.W.
Baby Swamp Fishes: How to Raise Them
Aquarium setup and care for fishes from swamp-type habitats.

Gonzaga, Shireen
Beginning a Planted Aquarium
Tips on creating a successful planted aquarium and plant species recommendations.

Bock, Robert
Of Mummichogs and Meadowlands
Natural, human and personal history of the Meadowlands, NJ; the resilient mummichog in that environment.

1999 Summer
Retzer, Michael E.
Fishes of the Mackinaw and Vermilion River Systems in Illinois
Descriptions of these rivers and lists of their fishes.

A Summary of Recent Fish Additions to the U.S. Endangered Species List
Recently listed threatened and endangered fish species; their biology and statuses.

Turner, Bruce J.
Seine Advice for Collecting Killies
Supplies and techniques for seining killifish.

Guerri, Elmer A.
A Long-Term Algal Turf Scrubber Freshwater Native Fishes Biome
Description of Inland Aquatics’ (Terre Haute, IN) freshwater aquarium.

Stallsmith, Bruce; Hagar, William
The Link Between Growth and Otolith Size in Young-of-the-Year Lepomis Sunfish
Relationships between otolith size, and the length, weight and age of bluegills and pumpkinseed sunfishes.

Wolff, R.W.
Dollar Sunfish: Spawning Two Varieties of Lepomis marginatus
Aquarium spawning methods used for the eastern and Louisiana strains of the dollar sunfish.

1999 Fall

Hoover, Jan Jeffrey; Killgore, K. Jack; Adams, S. Reid
Juvenile Pallid Sturgeon in Laboratory Aquaria
Description of pallid sturgeon culture by U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center biologists; fish
growth, behavior and research is also discussed.

Shute, J. R.
Comments on the Center for the Preservation of Fish Species
Editorial comments on an article in the Spring 1999 AC; reprinted from Freshwater and Marine Aquarium.

Zoller, Cliff
Fooling Fish With Light
Use of photoperiod control for spawning of rainbow darters, redfin darters, golden topminnow, and northern longear

Schleser, David L.
Spawning the Banded Topminnow, Fundulus cingulatus
Tips for aquarium spawning and feeding of the banded topminnow.

Endangered Species Update
Descriptions of new additions to the U..S. Endangered Species List.

Brill, John
Photographs and Text from John Brill’s 2000 Fish Calendars
Photos and descriptions from a wall calendar of tadpole madtom, Alaska blackfish, brook trout, West Coast threespine
stickleback, mottled sculpin, and blackbanded sunfish.

DeLong, Jay
The Great NANFA Loach Hunt of 1999
A search for introduced loaches in a western Washington creek.

Huntley, Wright
Desert Springs Action Committee Moapa Spring 1999 Trip Report
Field trip in Nevada to aid endangered fishes.

2000 Winter

DeLong, Jay
Walking in 100-Year-Old Footsteps in Southern Oregon
Account of a field trip retracing portions of a trip taken my Barton W. Evermann in 1899.

Shute, J. R.
NANFA 2000 and Beyond
Problems facing native North American fishes and how NANFA can work towards solutions.

Thennet, Michael
Backyard Billabongs
Methods to maintain an artificial pond: animals, plants, filtration feeding and more.

Scharpf, Christopher
Leaving Your Non-Fish Life Behind for Three Days: The 1999 NANFA National Convention in Champaign-
Entertaining and thorough description of the 1999 NANFA Convention.

Stallsmith, Bruce
A Proposal for NANFA to Establish a Grant Fund to Assist Native Fish Research and Conservation
President’s proposal which was subsequently adopted by the membership via a questionnaire in the same issue.

Zarlinga, Nick
Native Fishes at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Native fishes displayed at the zoo, plus cooperative efforts with the Ohio Department of Wildlife to breed and stock
native brook trout.

2000 Spring

Hoover, Jan Jeffrey K. Jack Killgore Steven G. George
Horned Serpents, Leaf Dogs, and Spoonbill Cats: 500 Years of Paddlefish Ponderings in North America
Biology, ecology, and development of the paddlefish; history of human encounters.

Muller, Bob
Spawning and Raising the Greenside Darter, Etheostoma blennioides, with a Note on the Eggs of the Rainbow
Darter, E. caeruleum
Aquarium spawning and egg development of the greenside darter; egg counts of rainbow darters.

Fullerton, Jeffrey A.
Coastal Plain Collecting
Collecting trip accounts from Maryland and Virginia; natural history and field observations.

Zoller, Cliff
How I Ship Fish
Supplies and methods for mailing fish.

Scharpf, Christopher
The North American Native Fish Keeper’s Bookshelf (Part Six)
Reviews of books on fish capture, aquarium rearing and field observations.

Springer, Craig
Arkansas River Shiner Takes Road Trip to Recovery
Transporting introduced Arkansas River shiners from New Mexico to an Oklahoma hatchery for spawning in order to
bolster diminished numbers in its historic range.

2000 Summer

Ross, Stephen T.; Slack, William T.
Imperiled Fishes in Mississippi
Factors contributing to the declines of 70 species that are in some way imperiled in Mississippi.

Scharpf, Christopher
Politics, Science, and the Fate of the Alabama Sturgeon
Detailed analysis of political efforts to keep the Alabama sturgeon off of the U.S. endangered species list.

Recent Additions and Changes to the U.S. and Canadian Endangered Fishes Lists
Santa Ana sucker and northern California steelhead added to U.S. list; Umpqua River cutthroat trout removed. Sculpin
addition and lamprey and stickleback uplistings to Canadian list.

Brill, John
Collecting and Maintaining the Mud Sunfish, Acantharcus pomotis
Updated reprint of 1985 classic from Freshwater and Marine Aquarium magazine.

Cochran, Philip A.
New Localities for the Tadpole Madtom (Noturus gyrinus) in Northeastern Wisconsin
Two additional records that fill gaps in the known distribution of this catfish species.

Binkley, Mark
NANFA’s Board Votes to Increase Dues and Launch Grants Program
Notice of $5 dues increase and how it will help fund the $1000 NANFA Conservation Grant program.

Stallsmith, Bruce
A Happening Regional Chapter
Notice of the publication of the Florida Collection Guide, written, photographed and produced by members of
NANFA’s Central Florida Regional Chapter.

Scharpf, Christopher
The Native American Fish Keeper’s Bookshelf—addenda
Brief notices of Wisconsin Fishes 2000: Status and Distribution and Salmon Nation: People and Fish at the Edge.

Springer, Craig
Tishomingo National Fish Hatchery Gets Alligator Gar
Federal efforts to learn more about the second largest freshwater fish in North America begin with catching some.

2000 Fall

Raptis, Loucas
British Columbia’s Lake Lamprey, Rare and Little Known
Natural history of Lampetra macrostoma, with a plea for lamprey conservation.

Fullerton, Jeffrey
Marvelous Milfoils and the Miracle of Barley Straw
Collecting and cultivating milfoils in ponds and aquaria; the use of barley straw to control algae blooms in outdoor

Cochran, Philip A.
The Spotfin Shiner (Cyprinella spiloptera): A Fish that Spawns in Trees
How this minnow spawns in the crevices of downed and submerged trees; the importance of woody debris in the
management of this species.
Blankenship, Karl
In Maryland, Stream Dwellers Decide What’s Healthy
Summary of findings of the Maryland Biological Stream Survey, with emphasis on how development affects stream
health and fish populations.

Guerri, Elmer A.
Gar Gettin’
Collecting shortnose gar from the Wabash River (boundary of Illinois and Indiana).

Muller, Bob
The Mystery of the Feeder Fish, or Who is Rosy Red?
The rosy red minnow may be a hybrid of fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas) and bullhead minnow (P. vigilax).
Spawning rosy reds in the aquarium.

Hayes, Thomas
Our Native Freshwater Mussels
Introduction to mussel biology and conservation.

Kelly, Michael
What’s in a Name? . . . The Olympic Mudminnow
In praise of Novumbra hubbsi, the only freshwater fish species endemic to the Olympic Peninsula.

Riffles item
Advice for Seines and Seining
Tips on the “art” of seining, contributed by NANFA members.

Scharpf, Christopher
The Native American Fish Keeper’s Bookshelf—addendum
Brief notice of National Audubon Society First Field Guide: Fishes.

Springer, Craig
Rounding Up Razorbacks
Summary of federal efforts to collect sexually mature razorback sucker to provide hatchery broodstock.

2001 Winter

Lyons, John
Fishes from the Land of Trucha de Tierra Caliente
Account of fish survey at a bio reserve in Mexico; mullets, goodeids, cichlids, and other fishes encountered.

Wolff, R. W.
Building the Perfect Gar Pond
Construction and maintenance of a 3600-gallon pond modeled after the channel and shallow flats of the Mississippi

Scharpf, Christopher
NANFA’s Hottest Convention Ever: Three Fish-Filled Days in Jackson, Mississippi
Lively account of NANFA’s annual celebration of fish, food, fun, fellowship, and more fish.

Zarlinga, Nick
What Are We Doing?
 Editorial urging native fish keepers to collect fish in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Shute, J. R.
Spawning the Rare Pygmy Madtom, Noturus staunali
The first captive spawning of North America’s smallest catfish is a giant step in the conservation of this extremely rare
Scharpf, Christopher
The Native American Fish Keeper’s Bookshelf—addendum
Brief notices of Pennsylvania Fishes and Catfish 2000: Proceedings of the International Ictalurid Symposium.

Goldstein, Robert G.
Corrections and Updates to American Aquarium Fishes
If a second edition of Dr. Goldstein’s book were to be published, this material would be included.

Carillio, Rob
A Native Fish and Riparian Zone Interpretative and Educational Sign Project
NANFA donated $400 to help pay for this sign educating people about the relationship between streamside forests and
healthy native fish populations in Ohio’s Mahoning River.

Stallsmith, Bruce
NANFA Establishes the Gerald C. Corcoran Education Grant
Brief bio of the late Gerry Corcoran, and how NANFA’s latest grant program continues his mission of conservation
through education.

Riffles item
Standard Collecting Gear for Native Fish Enthusiasts
NANFA members submit their advice on nets, traps, buckets, coolers, maps, waders, and winter collecting.

Guerri, Elmer A.
NANFA Illinois-Indiana Chapter Enjoys Fantastic Fall Outing
Account of a fall fish festival; Dr. Lawrence Page is honored with a commemorative plaque.

2001 Spring

Hoover, Jan Jeffrey; Killgore, K. Jack
The Smallest-Mouth Buffalo
Report of the collection of a smallmouth buffalo (Ictiobus bubalus) missing all external mouthparts and orifice.

Hrabik, Robert A.
A Species on the Edge: Occurrence of Pimephales vigilax (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) in the Spring River Drainage,
The bullhead minnow is naturally rare in the Spring River drainage, increasing and decreasing its abundance depending
on local physiochemical conditions.

Thennet, Michael; Jones, David
Search for the Fabled Mountain Nymph
Collecting mountain redbelly dace (Phoxinus oreas) in Virginia; notes on captive care and propagation.

Brill, John
Observations of the Unique Reproductive Behavior of Fundulus lima Vaillant, a Killifish from Baja California
Captive spawning, sexual anatomy, and courtship display of this little-known topminnow, in which females deposit
eggs above the water line.

Muller, Bob
How Do Your Redbellies Spawn?
Although most accounts indicate that northern redbelly dace (Phoxinus eos) spawn over plants, the author has spawned
them over gravel.

Stallsmith, Bruce
President’s Report, Spring 2001
The state of the union, NANFA-style, including an announcement of the first recipient of the NANFA Conservation
Research Grant.
Letter to the Editor
In praise of the late Gerald C. Corcoran, namesake of NANFA’s Corcoran Education Grant

2001 Summer

David, Robert E.; Wirtanen, Lawrence J.
Artificial Propagation of Loach Minnow, Rhinichthys cobitis
Detailed spawning, egg-hatching, and larvae-rearing protocols for this federally threatened minnow.

Stallsmith, Bruce
Where the Killifish Aren’t: A Pictorial Essay on How the Growth of Downtown Huntsville, Alabama, Destroyed
the Habitat of the Now-Extinct Whiteline Topminnow, Fundulus lineolatus
The title says it all.

Gonzaga, Shireen
Habitat Improvement and Native Fish Loss: The Upper Verde River Fish Mystery
Despite habitat improvements, spikedace (Meda fulgida) and other native fishes in an Arizona desert stream keep
plummeting. Reasons why are examined.

Muller, Bob
Raising Dusky Darters
Using a specially designed “riffle tank” for breeding Percina sciera.

Riffles item
The Alabama Sturgeon, One Year Later
Despite corporate fears, the listing of the Alabama sturgeon as a federally endangered species has not wrought
economic havoc.

Riffles item
Two “New” Sailfin Shiners (Pterontropis) Described from the Southeastern U.S.
The sailfin shiner (P. hypseloterus) is actually a complex of three species, including the orangetail shiner (P. merlini)
and the Apalachee shiner (P. grandipinnis)

Riffles item
Sicklefin and Sturgeon Chubs Kept Off Endangered Species List
How shallow-water sampling has misrepresented the true abundance of these rare minnows.

Cochran, Gary
Book Reviews: Florida’s Fabulous Trail Guides and Florida’s Fabulous Natural Places
Although they’re not fish or fish-collecting books, these guides can help fish collectors find trails and sites of interest
along Florida’s rivers, creeks and springs.

2001 Fall

Smith, Mark A.
Keeping the Brook Trout in a Home or Classroom Aquarium
Yes, it’s possible to spawn this colorful game fish in your basement.

Scharpf, Christopher
Farmers vs. Fish: The Battle of the Rio Grande Silvery Minnow
Analysis of the political and legal battles being fought over this federally endangered minnow.

Casman, Holly
The Rio Grande Silvery Minnow Recovery Effort at Albuquerque Biological Park
When the Rio Grande runs dry, Hybognathus amarus lives on thanks to captive propagation.
Shute, J. R.; Rakes, Patrick L.
Captive Propagation of Chubs of the Genus Erimystax
Methods used to spawn blotched chub (E. insignis) and streamlined chub (E. dissimilis) may be used to spawn the
slender chub (E. cahni), should this feared-extinct species be rediscovered.

Springer, Craig
Federal Hatchery Develops Technology for Imperiled Bonytail Chub
How genetic fingerprinting is being used to improve the survival fitness of hatchery-reared Gila elegans.

Stallsmith, Bruce
President’s Report, Fall 2001
Update on how NANFA continues to grow and strengthen its activities, including the latest recipients of the Corcoran
Education Grant.

Introducing the NANFA Breeders Award Program (BAP)
Announcement of new program designed to recognize the achievements of native fish breeders, and begin building a
captive husbandry database.

Moore, D. Martin
Book Review: Complete Guide to Building Aquariums
Redundant book is far from complete, but useful if you’re building an acrylic tank.

Haas, Travis
Note of an Aquarium Spawning of the Central Stoneroller, Campostoma anomalum
Unexpected late-winter spawning in an unheated garage; pit-building was not observed.

2002 Winter

McKeighen, Jr., Ken
Pools: Construction and Maintenance
Step-by-step guide to building and landscaping an outdoor pool, or pond.

Andrews, Jon
Catching and Keeping Redfin Pickerel
Authors uses a minnow trap to collect juveniles; tips on captive maintenance.

Rohde, Fred (Fritz) C.
The Fascinating Fishes of Cape Fear
Author’s account of a submersible dive into The Steeples, a section off North Carolina’s Atlantic coast noted for its
distinctive reef fish population.

Scharpf, Christopher
Something for Everybody: A Report from the 2001 NANFA Convention in Hocking Hills, Ohio
Summary of talks and collecting trips from NANFA’s annual shindig.

Stallsmith, Bruce
Killifishes of Nantucket
Five species are found on the Massachusetts island; Fundulus luciae, however, apparently never made it across from the
mainland although suitable habitat exists.

Carillio, Rob; Fullerton, Jeffrey; Thennet, Michael
What NANFA Means to Me
Three members derive different benefits from their association with NANFA, but all claim that making new friends tops
the list.

Riffles item
Expert Advice from the “Father” of Fishwatching
How Jacob Reighard (1851-1942) studied fish behavior in the wild without sticking his head under water.

Carillio, Rob
Something’s Fishy: A Quiz from the 2001 NANFA Convention in Hocking Hills, Ohio
Test your fishy knowledge with 16 multiple-choice questions.

2002 Spring

Hoover, Jan Jeffrey; Strange, Tyler
Growth, Condition, and Color of Juvenile Bowfin in Medium-Sized Aquaria
Laboratory tests to determine how long juvenile bowfin can be kept in a medium-sized aquarium before they outgrew it,
and whether their voracious appetites and uncertain nutritional requirements can be met.

Denkhaus, Rob
Audubon Shot Birds, I Keep Fish: Exploring the Naturalist-Aquarist Connection
Maintaining native fish in aquariums continues the tradition of the great amateur naturalists of yore.

McKeighen, Jr., Ken
Captive Propagation of Two Pupfishes, Cyprinodon nevadensis armagosae and Cyprinodon fontinalis
Spawning these pupfishes can be accomplished in three ways: with a spawning mop, over gravel, an in an outdoor pond.

Scharpf, Christopher
Birthplace of the Eels: A Biological Detective Story
How two Italian biologists and a Danish oceanographer cracked the case of where American and European eels come

Katula, Ray
Spawning of Three Nothonotus Darter Species
Spawning redline darter (Etheostoma rufilineatum), bluebreast darter (E. camurum), and orangefin darter (E. bellum),
all members of the subgenus Nothonotus.

Zarlinga, Nick
Feeding the North American Paddlefish, a Filter-Feeder, in a Large Multi-Taxa Exhibit
How aquarists at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo make sure their paddlefish, a passive eater, get enough food with other
large fishes in the tank.

Stallsmith, Bruce
President’s Report, Spring 2002
Getting involved locally, Conservation Grant winners, archiving American Currents, and other thoughts on the
President’s mind.

Breeders Award Program Report
Spawning Blacknose Dace in an Outdoor Artificial Stream System
How NANFA member Pat Halligan spawns Rhinichthys atratulus in a series of man-made pools and riffles.

Killgore, K. Jack; Hoover, Jan Jeffrey; Hrabik, Robert
Pallid Sturgeon Captured Four Years After its Release
Confirmation of a hatchery-bred specimen swimming hundreds of miles from its point of release, with new insights on
growth and movement of Scaphirhynchus albus.

Bock, Robert
Why Keep Natives?
How keeping native fish in aquariums reveals the unseen wonders of the underwater world.

2002 Summer
Washburne, Nancy S.
Snorkeling Michigan’s Inland Lakes
The joys of snorkeling; face-to-face encounters with sunfish, yellow perch, suckers, carp, pike, bowfin, and amorous

Hoover, Jan Jeffrey; Killgore, K. Jack; George, Steven G.
Where Bowfin Lurk: Natural and Unnatural Habitations from 1875 to the Present
Entertaining review of how bowfins, especially captive ones, have intrigued experimental zoologists for over 125 years.

Muller, Bob
Iowa and Least Darters: Their Spawning and Rearing Compared
Aquarium observations investigating how these darters manage to live together by exploiting different parts of the same

Hallyburton, Chad
Teens Promoting Native Fish Awareness Through Research and Teaching
Report from a Corcoran Education Grant recipient involving teens in a scientific project studying the relationship
between sampling effort and capture rates of fish species.

Hahn, Bruce; Thennet, Michael
A Little History, a Lot of Fish: Field Trip to Cedar Creek, Lebanon Church, Virginia
Account of a collecting trip to a creek that was the site of many Civil War battles and skirmishes.

Scharpf, Christopher
Discovering Desert Fishes: A Family Affair
How the Hubbs family made ichthyological history by “vacationing” in the deserts of the western U.S.

Bock, Robert
A Fragile Jewel, the Blackbanded Sunfish
How to avoid the pitfalls of keeping this delicate staple of the native fish hobby.

2002 Fall

Bondhus, John
NANFA: Its Past and Future
NANFA’s founder provides a history of the organization in celebration of its 30 th anniversary, with a brief reminiscence
by charter member Dick Stober.

Quinn, John R.
Keep Your Net Wet: Anniversary Kudos from a NANFA Old-Timer
 The naturalist and author weighs in with his
thoughts about NANFA reaching the big 3-0.

Margolis, Brian
New Species of Freshwater Sculpins from the Middle Atlantic Eastern United States
The Potomac slimy sculpin and Blue Ridge sculpin are two recent examples of the hidden diversity of cryptic fish

Rakes, Patrick L.; Shute, J. R.
Developing Propagation and Culture Protocols for the Cahaba Shiner, Notropis cahabae, and Goldline Darter,
Percina aurolineata
Reproductive behaviors and early life histories of two rare species based on captive observations.

Ellis, Steven A.
Tennessee River Gorge Seinearama 2002, or the Land of Slippery Footing
Account of fun-filled collecting trip to various sites on the Tennessee River.
Muller, Bob
Collecting and Spawning the Flagfin Shiner
If the right temperature is maintained, this beautiful minnow is a breeding machine.

Denkhaus, Rob
The First Texas Native Fish Weekend
The Forth Worth Nature Center & Refuge provides the backdrop to a weekend of camping and fish collecting.

Riffles item
Last Known Alabama Sturgeon Dies in Captivity
Notice of “Bubba’s” death, presumably of old age.

Riffles item
Diet Likely is Key to Madtom Captive Propagation
Notice of first captive spawning of smoky madtom (Noturus baileyi) at Conservation Fisheries, Inc.; diet is speculated
as key to spawning readiness and egg survival rate.

Moore, D. Martin
Anti-Bacterials, Tranquilizers and You!
Q&A: How do you prevent fish fungus? What’s the best way to immobilize fish for photography? How do you run for
NANFA’s Board of Directors?

Bock, Robert
Auction Ameca Collecting
The Mexican goodeid Ameca splendens is hardy and often available at fish club auctions.

2003 Winter

Sneegas, Gerald W.; Hendrickson, Dean A.
Extreme Catfishes
Distribution and morphological specializations of two subterranean catfishes, widemouth blindcat (Satan eurystomas)
and toothless blindcat (Trogloglanis pattersoni).

Killgore, K. Jack
Design and Application of a Larval Fish Trap
Construction of a light-activated Plexiglass trap used to catch larval fishes.

Moen, Sharon
Lake Superior’s Native Lampreys
Impact of sea lamprey control efforts on the populations of three native lamprey species.

Denkhaus, Robert
Book Review: Learn About . . . Texas Freshwater Fishes
Review of a coloring book that just happens to be the best available book on fishes of the Lone Star State.

Kehl, Kevin
Underwater Video Monitoring of Four Desert Fishes at an Arizona High School
Report from a NANFA Corcoran Education Grant recipient.

Hemdal, Jay
Propagation of the Pirate Perch, Aphredoderus sayanus, an Extirpated Fish in Ohio, at the Toledo Zoo
Initial results of a pirate perch breeding project.

Scharpf, Christopher
Great Lakes, Great People, Great Memories: A Report from the 2002 NANFA Convention in Ann Arbor,
Ciscoes, goodeids, candiru catfish are highlighted in the annual meeting roundup.
Margolis, Brian
Current Status of the Bridle Shiner, Notropis bifrenatus
State-by-state guide to the declining conservation status of a once-abundant minnow.

Quinn, John R.
Of Cormorants and Killies
In the Meadowlands of New Jersey, double-breasted cormorants eat more than their fair share of mummichogs, causing
bait dealers to cry “fowl.”

Riffles item
The Slender Chub is Still Out There
Report of capture of one specimen of the feared-extinct Erimystax cahni.

Moore, D. Martin
Supplicants, Ethics and Antiobiotics
Q&A: Where can you get fish x? Is it ethical to collect Special Concern species? Are antibiotics safe?

Bock, Robert
Beware the Green Sunfish
Lepomis cyanellus are plentiful and easy to collect, but boy are they mean!

2003 Spring

Scharpf, Christopher
Herrings and Shads of North America: Diversity, Natural History, Conservation, and Aquarium Care
Detailed survey of an ecologically and economically important group of fishes that is usually overlooked by most native
fish enthusiasts.

Wolff, R. W.
Building the Perfect Gar Pond II: The Gar River
Follow-up to the author’s Winter 2001 American Currents article, documenting how he added a headwater stream,
riffles, waterfalls, and simulated springs and bogs to his massive pond complex.

Springer, Craig
Gila Trout Swim Back From Extinction
Summary of federal efforts to save Oncorhynchus gilae, the nation’s only trout in danger of extinction.

Hoover, Jan Jeffrey
National Water (and Fish) Monitoring Day 2002
Report of NANFA member involvement in a nationwide water quality survey commemmorating the 30 th anniversary of
the Clean Water Act.

Granier, B. G.
Cheap and Easy Shipping Boxes
The U.S. Postal Service’s Postal Store and your local home improvement store have everything you need to ship fish
and plants safely and inexpensively.

Smith, Gerald R.
Robert Rush Miller, 1916-2003
Obituary of the legendary ichthyologist who described or co-described over 80 North American freshwater fishes, and
championed fish conservation in the American West.

Riffles item
Feeding Pygmy Sunfishes
Tips and advice submitted by several NANFA members.
Moore, D. Martin
Green Water, Shipping and Bad Taste
Q&A: What is green water and how do you make it? When is collecting fish unethical, or at least in bad taste?

Bock, Robert
The Least Amount of Trouble
The least killifish is one of the least-demanding native fishes you can keep.

2003 Summer

Criswell, Rob
Where Have All the Shiners Gone?
Explaining the disappearance of Notropis heterodon and N. heterolepis from Pennsylvania.

Krejca, Jean K.
The Mexican Blindcat (Prietella phreatophila): Research and Exploration in the Groundwater
NANFA Conservation Research Grant report about rare subterranean catfish.

McNeely, David L; Caire, William
The Fishes of Traders Creek in Northwestern Oklahoma
NANFA Education Grant report about project in which college undergrads survey declining fish fauna of spring-fed

Kukulski, Philip
Spawning the Okefenokee Pygmy Sunfish (Elassoma okefenokee)
A NANFA Breeders Program Report.

Springer, Craig
Darters and Bass Get a Pass
How protecting habitat for smallmouth bass in Oklahoma also benefits endangered leopard darter.

Millevolte, Spike
The Crested Goby (Lophogobius cyprinoids): an “Underwater Hound” from Florida
This goby makes a good resident for either salt- or freshwater aquaria.

Davis, Scott
A Controlled, Safe Way to Raise Mosquito Larvae
How to harvest larvae without any of them turning into adults.

Pottern, Gerald
Secret Sex Life of Pirate Perch Revealed!
Summary of recent scientic journal paper on “transbranchioral spawning.”

Letter to Editor
Of Special Concern is Reason for Concern
Ichthyologist Helfman takes issue with Moore’s Spring 2003 Q&A column; Moore responds.

Moore, D. Martin
Hog Suckers, Latin and Pain
How do you keep hog suckers alive? Why do Latin names change so much? Do fish feel pain?

Bock, Robert
Bringing ’em Back Alive
How to travel long-distance with your fish.

2003 Fall
Criswell, Rob
The Lonely Longnose Sucker
Pennsylvania’s Catostomus catostomus is a glacial relict.

Ellis, Steven A.; Rinehart, Chip
Okefenokee II: The Return
Account of March 2003 collecting trip to the famous swamp.

Muller, Bob
Notes on Spawning the Swamp Darter (Etheostoma fusiforme)
Use nylon mops; they spawn in groups.

Unmack, Peter J.
Seining Downstream and Other Tips
Counterintuitive ways to catch more fish.

Cox, Casper
Have Snorkel, Will Travel
The best way to see Alabama is under water.

Butler, Robert S.; Mayden, Richard L.
Cryptic Biodiversity
Reprint of gov’t article on undescribed fish diversity in the Southeast.

Riffles item
Canadian Version of Endagered Species Act is Now Law
Complete list of fishes protected under Species At Risk Act (SARA).

Scharpf, Christopher
Sacramento Splittail Removed from List of Federally Threatened Species
Were earlier assessments of this California minnow’s decline accurate?

Riffles item
Three New Darters Described from Tennessee and Kentucky
Notice of recent descriptions of corrugated darter (Etheostoma basilare), stone darter (E. derivativum), and Chickasaw
darter (E. cervus).

Moore, D. Martin
SOPE (Sudden Onset Piscine Expiration)
Q&A: Why fish die for no reason.

Bock, Robert
The Best Kept Secret in the Bait Shop
Golden shiner are irresistible to bass, pike … and native fish aquarists.

2004 Winter

Hoover, Jan Jeffrey
Finship and Fun: A Report from the 2003 NANFA Convention in Huntsville, Alabama
The annual post-convention summary, with Susan Binkley’s trip reports interpolated.

Bagur, Daniel
Stickleback Behavior: A Brief Overview
Diet, feeding, courtship, reproduction, parental care, predator response, and more.

Muller, Bob
A Northern Minnow: Notes on the Captive Propagation of Notropis heterodon, the Blackchin Shiner
This glacial fish is easy to breed and raise.

Ranvestel, Anthony W.; Burr, Brooks M.
Conservation Assessment for Bluehead Shiner (Pteronotropis hubbsi)
Review of taxonomy, biology, and potential threats to existing populations.

Scott, Bruce
Fish Collecting Tips
Keep them cool., minimize stress, provide aeration.

Riffles item
New Gambusia Described from Texas
Notice of recent description of San Felipe gambusia (G. clarkhubbsi)

Moore, D. Martin
Dry Streams, Leaks and Heart Attacks
Q&A: How can a stream be dry one year and full of fish the next? How do you fix an aquarium leak? Do fish have heart

Bock, Robert
The Best Sunnie in the Show
The author’s longear sunfish wowwed tropical fish enthusiasts at his local fish club.

2004 Spring

Scharpf, Christopher
American Beauties: Flagfin Shiners (Pteronotropis) of the Southeastern U.S.
Species-by-species guide to the biology and husbandry of this popular genus (now with more species!).

Stallsmith, Bruce
The Spotfin Killifish, Fundulus luciae, is More Common Than You Thought
Inaccessible habitat has hindered previous population estimates.

Lyons, John
Goodeid Status Update, January 2004
The news (most of it bad) on Mexico’s endemic goodeids.

Hoover, Jan Jeffrey
Ancient Bowfin Presents New Ich-Theological Conundrum
Are bowfin kosher? NANFA members join forces with rabbi to find out, but answer remains elusive.

Blankenship, Karl
Sturgeon Surgeons
Biologists and hatchery workers are using surgical techniques to determine reproductive status of rare Atlantic sturgeon.

Riffles item
The Puzzling Anus of the Pirate Perch
The latest discoveries regarding this anatomically weird fish may provide clues to their captive husbandry.

Riffles item
Captive Maintenance of the Bay Anchovy
They’re not as delicate as you think.

Bock, Robert
The Gawky but Graceful “Airplane Fish”
In praise of the longnose dace.
2004 Summer

Hoover, Jan Jeffrey
Rare Treasure from River Bottom: Juvenile Goldeye (Hiodon alosoides) for Medium-Sized Aquaria
Collecting them is hard, but keeping them isn’t.

Tiemann, Jeremy S.; Tiemann, Bernadette L.
A Review of the Fishes and Freshwater Mussels of the Tippecanoe River Basin in Indiana, with Comments on
Freshwater Mussel Life History
Account of a Spring 2004 NANFA outing, with a primer on mussel biology.

Cochran, Philip A.
How Native Lampreys Are Portrayed by State Agencies: Positive and Negative Examples
How the public’s perception of lampreys has been negatively biased by the presence of the exotic sea lamprey.

Pirhalla, Doug
Physical Habitat and the Assesment of Stream Health
The five habitat parameters that tell you whether a stream is healthy and full of fish.

Riffles item
The Chucky Madtom Lives!
This undescribed madtom is seen alive in May 2004 for the first time since 2000.

Riffles item
Two New Livebearing Fishes Described from México
Notice of 2003 descriptions of a goodeid (Girardinichthys [Hubbsina] irenae) and a swordtail (Xiphophorus kallmani)
by European scientists.

Bock, Robert
Summer Satinfins
The satinfin shiner keeps its breeding colors throughout the summer.

2004 Fall

Criswell, Robert
Seldom-Seen Sunnies
Review of the lesser known sunfishes from Pennsylvania; reprinted from Pennsylvania Angler & Boater.

Cochran, Philip A.
Historical Notes on Lampreys in Wisconsin
New (or overlooked) records of silver lamprey, southern brook lamprey, and sea lamprey from Wisconsin.

Hoover, Jan Jeffrey
Collecting and Selling Troglodytic Fish: A Novel Idea
Notice of 1958 novel written for younger readers about two young native fish collectors.

Blankenship, Karl
Eel Fortunes
Investigating the alarming decline of American eel populaitons along the Atlantic Coast; reprinted from Bay Journal.

Muller, Bob
Breeding Experiments with Fishes of the Sipsey Fork: Warrior Bridled Darter, Speckled Darter, Tuskaloosa
Darter, and Burrhead Shiner
The author’s experiences with fishes he collected during the 2003 NANFA Convention in Alabama.
Burkhead, Noel
Logperches: Masters of the Stone
Behvaior of and conservation challenges facing this unique subgroup of darters.

Chen, Linus
Desert Fish: Life on th Edge
Brief overview of desert spring fishes from the American Southwest; reprinted from Endangered Species Bulletin.

Riffles item
Captive Propagation Reports of Spikedace and Loach Minnow Released
Detailed summary of two federal reports describing captive propagation protocols for these two federally protected

Bock, Robert
Can’t Keep It? Photograph It!
Digital photography tips for native fish enthusiasts.

2005 Winter

Echelle, Alice F.; Echelle, Anthony A.
Reproductive Behavior in Banded Pygmy Sunfish, Elassoma zonatum (Elassomatidae), with Comments on
Implications for Relationships of the Genus
Reprint of paper from obscure 2002 Mexican publication detailing previously unreported color changes and spawning

Gutmann, Christopher
Treasure Hunting in the Suburbs: Discovery of the State-Endangered Iowa Darter (Etheostoma exile) in DuPage
County, Illinois
Unexpected finding of a rare fish in an urban setting. Note: shortly before press time, fish was downlisted to state-

Scharpf, Christopher
Something Different: A Report from the 2004 NANFA Convention in Columbia, South Carolina
Annual summary of talks and memorable moments from NANFA’s big weekend.

Bock, Robert
A Word About Water
How the author maintains water quality and collect rainwater.

Riffles item
Longear Sunfish Milt May Be Secret to Spawning Welaka
One hobbyist’s experiment with using sunfish milt to induce spawning about bluenose shiner (Pteronotropis welaka)

2005 Spring

Nunziata, Charles A.
Breeding the Southern Sheepshead Minnow, Cyprinodon variegatus variegatus
An experiment with a long thrice-nodded mop shows that most eggs are jammed in the tight strands around the rubber
band (and none in the free strands).

Muller, Bob
Are Temperate Fishes More Difficult to Spawn Than Tropicals?
A guide to temperature, spawning media, foods, feeding, raising the fry, and sharing what you learn.

Unmack, Peter J.
The Changing Role of Aquarists in Aquatic Conservation
Approaches to conservation breeding at home, and other ways aquarists can make a difference.

Tiemann, Jeremy S.
Madtoms: Some Cool Cats
Review of madtom diversity and biology, and author’s limited spawning success.

Soule, Norman
Sampling New York State’s Bashakill Marsh and Stream
Report of the first field trip of NANFA’s New York State chapter.

Strange, Tyler; Smith, Heather
Fine Fare for Native Fishes: The Fairy Shrimp, Streptocephalus seali
Collecting and cultivating this abundant and nutritious live food.

Scharpf, Christopher
Naming Names (and Often Changing Them): A Native Fish Hobbyist’s Guide to Zoological Nomenclature
Using the scientific (or Latin) names of native fishes to teach the importance of biological nomenclature and why names
change over the years.

Smith, Dustin
Elassoma: Great Fish for Small Quarters
Captive care and breeding is simple, feeding the fry a little harder.

Bock, Robert
In Praise of Poeciliids Part I: Heterandria and Gambusia
Least killifish are nice, mosquitofish can be nasty.

Riffles item
Goldstripe Darters Spawn Early at CFI
Account of a surprise January spawning of Etheostoma parvipinne at Conservation Fisheries, Inc.

2005 Summer

Hoover, Jan Jeffrey, K. Jack Killgore and Alfred F. Cofrancesco
Suckermouth Catfishes: Threats to Aquatic Ecosystems of the United States
Documents the presence of South American “plecos” in American waters and their effects on food chains, native
species, shore birds, aquatic plant communities, and bank erosion.

Raasch, Maynard S. and Christopher Scharpf
Historical Use and Misuse of the Name “Carp”
18th-century references to carp were likely referring to quillback (Carpiodes cyprinus). Surmises that Thomas Jefferson
may be the first documented native fish hobbyist.

McNeely, David L. and Jan Jeffrey Hoover
The National Fish Contest is Underway
The U.S. has a National Bird and a National Tree. Why not a National Fish? Candidates for this honor are nominated
for NANFA members to select.

Bock, Robert
In Praise of Poeciliids Part II: Spectacular Sailfins
The right water chemistry and the right diet are essential in bringing out the full beauty of wild-type Poecilia velifera
and P. latipinna.

Springer, Craig
Eyeing Gulf Coast Walleyes Through Genetics
Brief note on why Gulf Coast walleye, acclimated to warm southern rivers, is not your everyday northern walleye.
Brill, John
Freshwater Fishes of the Northeastern United States, With Special Reference to Species of the Passaic River
Drainage and Great Swamp Wetlands
Text and select photos from the 2004 recipient of NANFA’s Corcoran Education Grant.

Riffles item
Native Killie Steals AKA Fish Show
How a pair of PetSmart-derived bluefin killies took Best of Show at the American Killifish Association’s 2005

2005 Fall

Scharpf, Christopher
Annotated Checklist of North American Freshwater Fishes, Including Subspecies and Undescribed Forms Part I
Distribution, name etymology, listing and conservation status, and nomenclatural notes for 473 native and established
exotic species and subspecies belonging to the families Petromyzontidae (lampreys), Acipenseridae (sturgeons),
Polyodontidae (paddlefishes), Lepisosteidae (gars), Amiidae (bowfins), Hiodontidae (mooneyes), Notopteridae
(featherfin knifefishes), Anguillidae (freshwater eels), Engraulidae (anchovies), Clupeidae (herrings and shads), and
Cyprinidae (carps and minnows).

2006 Winter

Muller, Bob
Darter Observations: Spawning, Eggs and Fry
The author’s practical advice on spawning 16 species of darters, including data on egg characteristics and hatching

Cochran, Philip A.
Historial Notes on American Eels (Anguilla rostrata) in the Upper Midwest
19th-century newspapers and modern-day surveys shed new light on the distribution, abundance and exploitation of the
largely coastal American eel in the upper midlands of North America.

Lyons, John
Status of Algansea aphanea (Cyprinidae), a Rare Mexican Fish
The author documents the continued occurrence of A. aphanea in the Río Coahuayana and recommends its listing as an
endangered species.

Bock, Robert
In Praise of Poeciliids Part III: Xiphophorus Notes
Livebearer expert Ted Coletti is asked to provide his insight on the difference between wild and domestic varieties of
swordtail and platyfish.

Stallsmith, Bruce
What I Know About Flame Chubs and Who I Told
NANFA’s president testifies before the Alabama Environmental Management Commission about the dwindling status
of flame chubs in Alabama. Whether the commissioners listened … well, that’s another matter.

McGrath, Claire C.
A Rule Made to be Broken: Research and Education in Rocky Mountain National Park
NANFA Conservation Research Grant report about interactions between invasive brook trout and native greenback
cutthroat trout in the interior west.

Remembering Robert Rosen and Remembering Ronald H. Humbert
Obituaries of two beloved NANFA members.
2006 Spring

Terceira, Anthony C.
Spawning the Goldspotted Killifish, Floridichthys carpio (Günther 1866)
Breeding, hatching the eggs, and raising the fry of this colorful brackish water Florida native.

Austin, Mike
Ohio’s Little Muskingum River: Notes on its Fishes and a New Drainage Record for the Variegate Darter,
Etheostoma variatum
Fish diversity of this southeastern Ohio stream.

Zarlinga, Nick
Lake Erie Shark!
The capture and identification of a tropical shark from Lake Erie, and the author’s hypothesis of how it got there.

Crail, Todd D.
System Design for the Ultimate Native Fish Aquarium
How live sand, saturation feeding and strong circulation combine to support a densely populated 100-gallon aquarium in
which even suckers flourish and grow.

Oldfield, Ronald G.
Fish Species Observed on the Regina and Sport Shipwrecks in Lake Huron
A rare look at a deepwater North American freshwater fish habitat.

Barnhart, Chris
The Perfect Marine Snail for Your Freshwater Aquarium
The olive nerite, Vitta usnea, is attractive, hardy, eats of lots of algae, and won’t spawn in fresh water.

Riffles item
“Fishapod” from Canada Closes Evolutionary Gap Between Fish and Limbed Animals
A new fossil discovery, Tiktaalik rosae, has a skull, neck and ribs of a land animal, and the fins and scales of a fish.

2006 Summer

Katula, Ray
Back Into Saddleds: A Review of the Saddled Darters of North America
Collecting, keeping and breeding Etheostoma osburni, E. variatum, E. tetrazonum and E. euzonum.

Neal, Nellie
The Wildlife Pond Renovation at Clinton Community Nature Center: Get to Know Native Fishes
NANFA Corcoran Education Grant report on the rebuilding of a pond and how the pond teaches youngsters about
aquatic science.

Cox, Casper
Swamps, Sloughs, Springs, Sinkholes and More: An Expedition to the Floridian Gulf Coast
Entertaining and illustrated account of an October 2005 collecting weekend.

Blankenship, Kurt
Shortnose Sturgeon Found in the Potomac
Account of the first-recorded spawning run of the federally endangered Acipenser brevirostrum in Chesapeake Bay.
Reprinted from the June 2006 Bay Journal.

Grimes, Charlie
The Alabammy-Whammy
Battling the elements during a bitter cold December 2005 collecting trip to Alabama.
Bock, Robert
Sculpin Basics
Sculpins are easy to keep in the aquarium if you keep the water cool and make sure they don't try to swallow fishes
twice their size.

Riffles item
The Ultimate Fish Collecting Vehicle?
What holds 14 28-quart coolers, air pumps, a laptop with GPS software, and lots of fish?

2006 Fall

Scharpf, Christopher
Annotated Checklist of North American Freshwater Fishes, Including Subspecies and Undescribed Forms Part
Distribution, name etymology, listing and conservation status, and nomenclatural notes for 281 native and established
exotic species and subspecies belonging to the families Catostomidae (suckers), Cobitidae (loaches), Characidae
(characins), Ictaluridae (North American catfishes), Clariidae (labyrinth catfishes), Ariidae (sea catfishes), Doradidae
(thorny catfishes), Heptapteridae (heptapterid catfishes), Callichthyidae (callichthyid armored catfishes), Loricariidae
(suckermouth armored catfishes), Esocidae (pikes), Umbridae (mudminnows), Osmeridae (smelts), Salmonidae
(salmonids), Percopsidae (trout-perches), Aphredoderidae (pirate perches), Amblyopsidae (cavefishes), Gadidae (cods)
and Mugilidae (Mullets). Also includes additions, updates and corrections to Part I from Fall 2005.

2007 Winter

Katula, Ray
John Bondhus: A Friend Remembers
A tribute to NANFA founder, John Bondhus (1944-2006), written by one of his closest friends. Also includes
reminiscences from other NANFA members, including Konrad Schmidt.

Tiemann, Jeremy S.
Pimephales: More Than Just Bait
Spawning behavior of and husbandry notes for all four species of the minnow genus Pimephales.

Wetzel, James E.
Spawning and Raising the Bantam Sunfish, Lepomis symmetricus
Detailed laboratory spawning study.

Cochran, Philip A.
Some Historical Records of Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) in the Upper Midwest
Heretofore uncollected references to lake sturgeon from 18th- and 19th-century diaries and 19th- and early 20th-century
newspapers, providing early glimpses into the over-harvest and decline of this large and magnificent species.

Scharpf, Christopher
50 Thank Yous
Thanking the volunteers who made the 2005 and 2006 NANFA Conventions in Little Rock, AR and Cape Girardeau,
MO, respectively, such memorable and successful events.

2007 Spring

Thomas, Uland
The Second Annual Illinois Garvana
Gars + nirvana = adventurous collecting trip.

Austin, Mike
A New Ohio Drainage Record for the Bluebreast Darter, Etheostoma camurum
Finding this state-threatened darter for the first time in Ohio’s Little Muskingum River.

Kukulski, Philip
Too Cold
Account of frozen nets and “anchor ice” while collecting in the dead of a Michigan winter.

Blankenship, Karl
While Not Endangered, American Eels Face Numerous Threats
The feds decide not to list Anguilla rostrata, but the species is still in decline and faces an uphill (and upstream) battle.
Reprinted from the March 2007 Bay Journal.

Reynolds, Eric W.
The New York-State Threatened Longear Sunfish, Lepomis megalotis: Collection, Rearing and Recovery Efforts
Longear sunfish broodstock from Huron River, Michigan, are pond-raised for eventual stocking into New York waters
where this species once occurred.

Varble, Krista and Jan Jeffrey Hoover
Juvenile White Sturgeon, Acipenser transmontanus, in Laboratory Aquaria
Although it’s the largest freshwater fish species in North America, the white sturgeon is surprisingly adaptable and
slow-growing in average-sized aquaria..

Nunziata, Charles A.
The Bluefin Killifish: A Summary Review
Range, description, natural conditions, collecting, aquarium maintenance, breeding and fry care of Lucania goodei.
Reprinted from the Journal of the American Killifish Association 33 (4).

Riffles item
Shipping Fishes Without Killing Them
Breather bags allow one NANFA member to ship 150 fishes over 1200 miles in two days without a single loss.

Riffles item
First Alabama Sturgeon Captured Since 1999
This reproductively inactive male, the second largest specimen on record, was fixed with a sonic tag and released.

Scharpf, Christopher
Want to Edit a Fish Magazine?
In which the AC editor announces his “retirement” at the end of 2008 and offers advice for his replacement(s).

2007 Summer

Khudamrongsawat, Jenjit
Life History Study and Population Structure of Vermilion Darter (Etheostoma chermocki) from Turkey Creek,
Jefferson County, Alabama, and Warrior Darter (E. bellator) from Gurley Creek, Blount County, Alabama
A NANFA Conservation Research Report.

Scharpf, Christopher
What Exactly is a Species?
Brief review of species concepts illustrated with examples from North American freshwater fishes.

Walker, Gretchen E.
End of Life Behavior in the Mountain Brook Lamprey, Ichthyomyzon greeleyi
Adult mountain brook lamprey do two things: spawn and die. Here’s how they die.

Kukulski, Philip
The Fish Bandolier
Instead of holding bullets, it holds fish collecting paraphernalia.
Criswell, Rob
Westylvania’s Aquatic Gems
A review of western PA’s “exquisite” darters; reprinted from Westylvania magazine.

Cochran, Philip A.
Additional Notes on American Eels (Anguilla rostrata) in the Upper Midwest
Follow-up to article in Winter 2006 issue.

Muller, Bob
Breeding Wild-Caught and F1 Pirate Perch (Aphredoderus sayanus)
In the author’s breeding set-up, the fish seemed to prefer ceramic tile over yarn mops as a spawning surface.

2007 Fall

Scharpf, Christopher
Annotated Checklist of North American Freshwater Fishes, Including Subspecies and Undescribed Forms Part
Distribution, name etymology, listing and conservation status, and nomenclatural notes for 268 native and naturalized
exotic species and subspecies belonging to the families Atherinopsidae (New World silversides), Belonidae
(needlefishes), Hemiramphidae (halfbeaks), Rivulidae (New World rivulines), Profundulidae (Middle American
killifishes), Fundulidae (topminnows), Poeciliidae (poeciliids), Goodeidae (goodeids), Cyprinodontidae (pupfishes),
Gasterosteidae (sticklebacks), Syngnathidae (pipefishes and seahorses), and Synbranchidae (swamp eels). In addition,
two species from two families (Dasyatidae, Callichthyidae) that were overlooked in the first two parts are added here,
plus additions, updates and corrections to Part I from Fall 2005 and Part II from Fall 2006.

2008 Winter

Muller, Bob
Scaly Sand Darter (Ammocrypta vivax): Observations and Captive Spawning
Captive husbandry of this little-seen, sand-burrwing darter.

Meadows, Dwayne
Alewife and Blueback Herring are Species of Concern Facing Many Threats
Summary of federal efforts to protect these two “river herrings.”

Kukulski, Philip
Unineine Version 4.0
Quite possibly the ultimate one-man seine net.

Scanlan Joseph
Notes on the Captive Spawning of Fundulus bifax
Substrate, spawning trios, collecting and feeding the fry, and other things the auther has learned in 7 years of working
with this imperiled Alabama species.

Scharpf, Christopher
North America’s Freshwater Fishes: Where They Came From, How They Got Here, and Why They Are Where
They Are
A quick review of fish zoogeography—how continental drift, Pleistocene glaciation, and other factors influence the
distribution of North America’s fishes.

Wildhaber, Mark L.
The Role of Reproductive Behavior in the Conservation of Fishes: Examples from the Great Plains Riverine
How the captive spawnings of Topeka shiner, Neosho madtom, and pallid and shovelnose sturgeon shed new light on
the reproductive success of these imperiled fishes in the wild. Reprinted from The Conservation Behaviorist.
Cochran, Philip A.
Mystery Fish Identified (Again!)
What was the unusual fish a Wisconsin angler caught in 1878? A rare occurrence of the not-so-unusual golden shiner,
Notemigonus crysoleucus.

Rohde, Fritz
President’s Report, Winter 2008
NANFA’s new president outlines 7 short- and long-term objectives for the organization.

2008 Spring

Hoover, Jan Jeffrey
Searching for Sawfish: A History of the Hunt
Review of sawfish (Pristis pectinata and P. perotteti) lore and legend from the Florida and Gulf coasts, illustrated with
postcards and other images from the early 20th century.

Thomas, Uland
Point-and-Shoot Digital Photography for the Beginner
You don’t need a fancy camera to take decent fish photographs, both in the field and in the aquarium.

Glassburner, Thomas
My Native Winter Fish Winter Cooling Device
How the author used “pool noodles” to lower his darter tank temperature from 71˚F to 47˚F during the winter.

Hellweg, Mike
Syngnathus scovelli, the Elusive Freshwater Pipefish
Captive care and breeding of this Gulf Coast native. Reprinted from Livebearers, the bulletin of the American
Livebearer Association.

Riffles item
Field Hospital for Endangered Sturgeon
How a mobile “hospital” is being used for minimlly invasive surgery on federally endangered Pallid Sturgeon to collect
information about their reproduction and migration.

2008 Summer

Plater, Zygmunt J. B.
Tiny Fish/Big Battle: 30 Years After TVA and the Snail Darter Clashed, the Case Still Echoes in Caselaw,
Politics and Popular Culture
On the 30th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s historic Snail Darter decision, the lawyer who argued the case reviews
how a motely and underfunded group of citizens took a nondescript fish to the highest court in the land, and how that
fish has become a “poster fish” for both sides of the environmental agenda. Reprinted from the Tennessee Bar Journal.

Bock, Robert
The Mummichog: Master of Survival
Fundulus heteroclitus are as undemanding in the aquarium as they are adaptable in the wild.

Hopkins, Robert L. II, and Fisk, Lisa
Status of the Stone Darter, Etheostoma derivativum, in Kentucky
The authors believe the darter still swims in Kentucky, but they were only able to find one specimen. A NANFA
Conservation Research Grant Report.

Moyle, Peter B.
Multiple Causes of Central Valley Chinook Salmon Decline
No, despite what state and federal government officials say, “ocean conditions” are not the sole cause of the Chinook’s
unprecedented collapse earlier this year. Written by the leading authority on the biology and conservation of
California’s fishes.

Herler, Juergen; Lipej, Lovrenc; Makovec, Tihomir
A Simple Technique for Digital Imaging of Live and Preserved Small Fish Specimens
How to use a regular flatbed scanner to take surprisingly good photographs of small fishes — without getting the
scanner wet. Reprinted from Cybium, the quarterly journal of the Société Française d’Ichthyologie.

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