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                                      Department of State Police

New Hagerstown Barrack and Garage (Washington County)

GO Bonds                           $14,820,000       Recommendation:     Approve

Bill Text: Provide funds to construct and equip a new Hagerstown Barrack and Garage.

Project Description: This project would construct a 25,755 gross square foot barrack and a
5,027 gross square foot garage/communications building to replace Barrack O in Hagerstown. The
Hagerstown Barrack O was constructed in 1973 as a combined residence and operations center for 10
to 20 troopers. There are now 50 sworn and 15 civilian personnel assigned to this barrack. The
existing barrack is obsolete and poorly configured to meet modern police requirements. The new
barrack will be a regional facility and not just a traditional barrack operation. For example, this new
barrack will also include spaces for a regional forensic sciences laboratory and State Fire Marshal
Office, State Police training facilities, a storage bay for the bomb squad response vehicle, and parking
for 120 vehicles.

Comments: Due to its location, the new facility will, in effect, serve as a regional center for law
enforcement. The new training facilities and forensic services will minimize travel to the centralized
police training center and to the State’s crime laboratory in Pikesville. The consolidated space will
allow joint use of meeting rooms and other support facilities. The classroom will permit the agency to
conduct in-service training in Western Maryland. The Department of Natural Resources Police and
State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement will also have use of the facilities. Further, the State
Fire Marshal currently occupies leased space in Hagerstown for an annual cost of about $44,000. The
new facility will provide space for the Fire Marshall, eliminating the need for leased space.

         The facility will replace the current barrack which lacks sufficient Americans with Disabilities
Act (ADA) standards and has a deteriorating roof, inadequate waterproofing, and an aging heating
and ventilation system. If this project continues to be deferred in order to address other more
pressing budget priorities, the Department of General Services should coordinate a review of the
facility for funding of ADA compliance-related projects and other important facility renewal projects
to ensure the facility remains operational and does not unnecessarily deteriorate any further.

        Current cost estimates are expected to be fairly accurate as the project is based on 100%
construction documents. Funding for project design was authorized in fiscal 2004. At that time, the
Capital Improvement Program (CIP) indicated that construction funding would be provided in
fiscal 2005. Due to other budget priorities, the Department of Budget and Management deferred
construction funds to fiscal 2006. Although the fiscal 2006 budget as introduced by the Governor

For further information contact: Jody J. Sprinkle                                   Phone: (410) 946-5530

                        Analysis of the FY 2009 Maryland Executive Budget, 2008
                                      WA10A – Department of State Police

included construction funds for the project, the General Assembly chose to defer funding due to other
budget priorities. The General Assembly did include intent language requesting the Governor to
include funds to complete construction in the fiscal 2007 budget. However, other budget priorities
resulted in continued deferral of the construction funds for the project. The fiscal 2009 allowance
includes funds for all construction costs and information technology equipment costs. Funding for
remaining equipment purchases is expected in fiscal 2010.

Project Data
                                                ($ in Millions)

                         Prior              2009          2010          2011            2012           2013
  Description         Authorization        Request       Estimate      Estimate        Estimate       Estimate

Planning                     $0.985            $0.000        $0.000        $0.000         $0.000        $0.000
Construction                   0.000           14.600         0.000            0.000       0.000          0.000
Equipment                      0.000            0.220         0.350            0.000       0.000          0.000
Total                        $0.985           $14.820        $0.350        $0.000         $0.000        $0.000

Total Project Cost:                    $16,155,000      Cost Per Square Foot – Base:                      $284
Gross Square Footage:                       30,782      With Escalation & Contingencies:                  $295
Green Building:                                 No      Net Usable Square Footage:                      18,577
Approved Program Plan:                July 29, 2003     Building Efficiency:                             60.4%
                                                        Regional Cost Factor:                            100%
                                                        Estimated Completion Date:                February 2010

Recommended Actions

                      Analysis of the FY 2009 Maryland Executive Budget, 2008
                                 WA10A – Department of State Police

Executive’s Operating Budget Impact Statement
                                           ($ in Millions)

                                          FY 2009       FY 2010       FY 2011       FY 2012    FY 2013

Estimated Operating Cost                     $0.000          $0.254     $0.159        $0.159     $0.159

Estimated Staffing                                  0             1             1         1          1

        The new facility will have minimal impact on the operating budget. In fiscal 2010, $254,000
is for a one-time expenditure for new office furniture and supplies. In the out-years, there would be
increased utilities for a larger facility and laboratory waste disposal costs for the new facility.

                     Analysis of the FY 2009 Maryland Executive Budget, 2008
                                 WA10A – Department of State Police

                                                                                            Appendix 1

                                Capital Project Cost Estimate Worksheet

Department:                   Department of State Police
Project Number:               WA01A
Project Title:                New Hagerstown Barrack and Garage
Analyst:                      Jody J. Sprinkle

New Construction:               25,755    Sq.   Ft.   X   $295.00   Sq.   Ft.   =           $7,597,725
New Construction:                5,027    Sq.   Ft.   X   $230.00   Sq.   Ft.   =            1,156,210
Renovation:                           0   Sq.   Ft.   X     $0.00   Sq.   Ft.   =                    0
Renovation:                           0   Sq.   Ft.   X     $0.00   Sq.   Ft.   =                    0
Built-in Equipment                                                                                   0
Demolition                                                                                           0
Information Technology          30,782    GSF X             $7.15 GSF =                        220,000
Telecommunications                                                                                   0
Miscellaneous – Other                                                                                0
Miscellaneous – Other                                                                                0
Miscellaneous – Other                                                                                0
Subtotal                                                                                    $8,973,935
Regional Factor:               100.0%                                                                0
Subtotal                                                                                    $8,973,935
Escalation to Mid-point:           2.50     Yrs. X          8.2%           =        20.50%   1,839,657
Total Cost of Structure (Bid Cost)                                                         $10,813,592

Site Work and Utilities
Site Improvements:             1,400,000 + regional factor + mid-point escalation           $1,687,000
Utilities:                       875,000 + regional factor + mid-point escalation            1,054,375
Project Subtotal (Bid Cost)                                                                $13,554,967

Fees and Miscellaneous Costs
Green Building Premium                                      0.0%                                    $0
Total Construction Contingency                              5.0%                               677,748
Inspection Cost:                                            2.2%                               298,209
Miscellaneous:              CPM Schedule                                                        69,000
Miscellaneous:              Building Commissioning                                             153,553
Miscellaneous:              Code Modifications                                                 100,000
Miscellaneous:              Reviews and Permits                                                 51,123
Miscellaneous:              Movable Equipment                                                  320,000
Miscellaneous:              Information Technology                                             220,000
A/E Fee through Construction Phase @                        4.7%                               680,323
Total Cost of Project                                                                      $16,124,923

Base Cost Per New Square Foot                                                                    $284
Adjusted Cost Per New Square Foot (incl. escalation, contingencies & Green Bldg.)                $294
Base Cost Per Renovated Square Foot                                                                $0
Adjusted Cost Per Renovated Square Foot (incl. escalation, conting. & Green Bldg.)                 $0

                   Analysis of the FY 2009 Maryland Executive Budget, 2008