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									    Preventive Maintenance



•   Increase uptime
•   Reduce unplanned production interruptions
•   Maximize budget dollars
•   Increase employee confidence

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•   Reduced labor rates
•   Priority scheduling

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•   Hydraulic
•   Electrical
•   Mechanical
•   Safety
•   Datalogging


•   Visual inspection of all fittings. Tighten as necessary. Determine cause for any leaks, change O
    rings for any pipe leaks.
•   Take oil sample from reservoir and analyze.
•   Change all oil filter cartridges.
•   Take readings from all pressure check points. Make adjustments if necessary.
•   Confirm cooling system operating in accordance with specification.
•   Change air breather cartridge.

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•   Inspection of control cabinets to ensure tight wire and component connections.
•   Test all limit switches
•   Verify control interface program pages for proper operation.
•   Monitor all motor voltages and amperage readings.
•   Monitor proportional valve amplifier card voltages.
•   Hydraulico-Inc. will verify and record all power-supply voltages AC and DC and incoming line
    voltage. Adjust if out of +/-5% tolerance range. These checks are made in both the “static” and
    “load” conditions.

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•   Check all bolt connections between cylinders and ram. Tighten where necessary.
•   Hydraulico will inspect the condition of the gibs. We will look for pitting, scoring or any wear
•   We will inspect all cylinder rods, including the ejector for leaks, scoring, and or pitting

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•   Safety Manifold (Counterbalance): Validate proximity switch settings and operation.
•    Mechanical Guards: Ensure all mechanical guards and barriers are intact and the electrical
    interlock switching is operational.
•   Two Hand Control: Substantiate proper control operation.
•   Light Curtain: Test for proper operation. This check dovetails with Stop time checks.
•   Ram Lock: Test proper operation of ram locking pin device.
•   Emergency Stop Functions: Verify all ”E”-stop circuits are operational.
•   Hydraulico will conduct a test on the stop time that will consists of a 12 point measuring test on
    channel 1 and a 12 point test on channel 2 that will document the ram stopping time. This time
    will then be used to compute the proper safety distance for the operator. We will also make any
    necessary adjustments that are required.

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Preventive Maintenance Contract: Advantages
•   The maintenance measures can be planned to a large extent
•   Maintenance and production plans can be agreed upon
•   The demand of spare parts can be specified in advance
•   The downtimes tend to be shorter
•   Reduced production downtime, resulting in fewer machine breakdowns
•   Better conservation of assets and increased life expectancy of assets, thereby eliminating
    premature replacement of machinery and equipment
•   More economical use of maintenance workers due to working on a scheduled basis instead of a
    crash basis to repair breakdowns.
•   Timely, routine repairs circumvent fewer large-scale repairs.
•   Reduced cost of repairs by reducing secondary failures. When parts fail in service, they usually
    damage other parts.

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… Advantages, continued

•    Reduced product rejects, rework, and scrap due to better overall equipment condition.
•    Identification of equipment with excessive maintenance costs, indicating the need for corrective
     maintenance, operator training, or replacement of obsolete equipment.
•    Improved safety and quality conditions.
•    Reduced overtime

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Optional service: Data logging

•    Increase the production output by optimizing the speed of the press cycle.
•    Reducing scrap because you can see and correct the invisible failures and instabilities.
•    Reduce down time and extraordinary service cost due to prediction of coming failures.

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Data logging: Sample
BLACK – Actual Pressure – Back cylinder
RED – Actual Pressure – Left cylinder
GREEN – Actual Pressure – Right cylinder
BLUE – Actual Pressure – Front cylinder
BROWN – Signal for amplifier card back cylinder
PINK – Signal for amplifier card right cylinder
RED/BROWN – Signal for amplifier card back cylinder

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Datalogging may reduce cycle time by:

•    Verifying pressures are smooth and stable
•    Visually seeing delays as pressure builds
•    For settings that are being reached, see HOW it is reaching the desired point

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Data Logging: Benefits
Improved Blankholder Control
For unstable pressures, data logging enables Service Technician to isolate the reason, adjust and/or
    change a component, blankholder control, improving scrap rate and quality.

Seals and Packings
Data logging can indicate problems with pressure holding at the preset value, indicating that the
    seals in the cylinders may be leaking.

Data logging will reveal change in valve performance, or slow performing valves, resulting in
    excessive wear and slower production.

Data logging can reveal slow relays and slow PLC signals, and signal malfunctions to minute to see,
    or too intermittent.

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