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									Royal Mayan Hotel & Spa business plan
Stage 1.
The content of hotel operation.

The objective of this business plan is to create a hotel in Belize that will have name recognition and content that will
distinguish above the competition with any other hotel in Belize and possibly in whole Caribbean region.

Even thought the hotel can be sold at any stage of this business plan, the best potential profits could be earned after
completion of the last stage.
Selling the property as a functional business based on the revenue multiples are much greater than based on the
fixed assets equation.
The ancient Mayan historical site. The hidden unique treasure, is the main highlight of this property.
The presence of this Mayan site on the property creates a great business opportunity by capitalizing as widely
increasing interest around the world regarding year 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar. this IS the key element
of proposition. Currently there is no any other hotel in World can offer accommodations on the top of the historical
Mayan site , but Royal Mayan Hotel and Spa have!

In the beginning of the operation after hotel will be open Destination Belize- Russian Travel Agency, Ltd. will be selling
tour packages to Russian, Israeli , USA and Italian ( English speaking European countries) tourist .
The commercial advertising will also target Belize and Guatemalan clients in the beginning of the business operation.

For the coming Holidays ( high season of 2008-09) Destination Belize- Russian Travel Agency, Ltd. will be advertising
special holiday packages.

At the end of the holiday season Destination Belize- Russian Travel Agency, Ltd. will be promoting the “ Archaeological
Expedition Excavation Project” to target clients from Russia, USA, Israel, Italy to participate in the excavation of ancient
Mayan site on the territory of Royal Mayan Hotel & Spa. The professional archaeologists along with the students and
tourists will be occupying the hotel rooms and grounds and working on the excavation of the Mayan site.
The tour packages for the project participants will include the price of the accommodation, meals, transfer and excursions.
The estimated life span of the excavation project is approximately six (6) months.

The excavation work will be provided for the hotel by the archaeological group for no cost, but
hotel will be earning profits from selling the tour packages to the project participants!

I. Open hotel for operation.
1. Get all the licenses for the hotel operation.
2. Start aggressive and intensive promotional advertising campaign to offer the tour packages for Holiday season in Russian,
Italian, USA, Belize and Guatemala tour markets.
3. At the same time start advertising campaign to promote the “ Archaeological Expedition Excavation Project” in
targeted Countries including all the above Countries and Israel.
4.Place the ads for vacancy to hire the staff. Start screening process for the job candidates.
  Hire staff of workers to operate hotel and prepare hotel for opening.

The list of the opening positions for staff:
1. The book keeper, full time ( permanent)
2. one receptionist- reservation clerk English- Spanish - Russian- Hebrew speaking, full time( permanent)
3. one chief cook in the beginning and 1-2 helpers after the hotel begin the full capacity operation, full time ( permanent)
4. one gardener, full time ( permanent)
5. one cleaning lady in the beginning + 2 more after the hotel begin the full capacity operation , full
time ( permanent)
6. one driver/ handy man, full time ( permanent)
7. one bartender/waiter in the beginning, full time ( permanent) + 2 more waiters after hotel begin the
full capacity operation
8. General hotel manager and project manager ( Dzulietta Vilenski)
9. Hotel manager Gregory Vilenski
10. Web site builder, advertising marketing campaign manager, Media spokesman - Steven Marek

II. Set up the day of official opening of the hotel.

III. Make full inspection of the hotel rooms, ground, facilities, kitchen, utilities and such to
determinate the preparation cost and work front to open the business. Start all the necessary
preparations in the fast speed.
IV. The road leading to hotel up to the hill have to be fixed ASAP.

V. Cable TV and Internet service connection.

VI. Office equipment ( see file with estimation cost)

Stage 2.
The concept of the stage 2.

The idea of excavation of the Mayan site on the territory of hotel is very important for the future
of this particular hotel. With the completion it will make the location unique and above all the
competition with any other hotel in entire country of Belize. The benefits from having excavated
Mayan ruins on the property not only will incise the value of the property, but dramatically
change all the concept of the hotel and will make this hotel famous in whole country of Belize and
possibly in the entire Caribbean region. As a result of the completion of stage 2 hotel will gain
easy recognizable and famous name which for any business is the guaranty for unbeatable

The plan for stage 2.
The concept of the stage 2.

We not only start excavation project for the future success of the hotel, we will gain a profits in
the process of doing so.

1. Excavation of the Mayan site on the property grounds and conservation of the ruins.
2. Start marketing project for International archaeological groups from Russia, Belize, Israel and
USA professional archaeologists, student, tourists and volunteers to participate in the excavation
process .
3. Selling a tour packages for the participants of the project and accommodate them in the hotel
4. Publicity of the discovered Mayan historical site and the archaeological project in the Belize and
international Media.
Excavation of the Mayan site. Preparation and organization plan.

This stage of the project will be divided in 2 sub stages.
Sub Stage 1 - excavation project
Sub stage 2 - conservation project.

Sub Stage 1.
1. Meeting with the director of Institute of Archeology in Belize Mr. Jamie Awe and applying for the
professional expertise of the nature of the ancient Mayan site in the property.
2. Presenting the application to the NICH for starting the excavation process leading by the local
professional Belizean, Russian and USA archaeological professionals.
3. Starting the advertising process to offer the tour packages for Russian, US and Israel archaeologists
, students and volunteers to participate in the project.
a) Complete the description and the plan of the archaeological expedition with the concept of the
excavation project, time frame, names of the leading archaeologists, daily work shop plans and
lectures, excavation daily work schedule, prices for accommodation and services, meals and
b) Creating a web page for the Internet presentation and web advertising
c) Creating a series of the article in Russian, English and Hebrew for further publication in the
magazines and Internet sites in Russia, USA, Belize and Israel about this international archaeological
expedition for the purpose of advertising and popularization of the project to educate public of
targeting Countries about the ancient culture of Mayans in Belize to attract the prospective
participants attention to the project.

4. Getting ready hotel territory and accommodations for participants of the archaeological project

a) all the service personal and hotel workers have to be in place and ready.
b) all the necessary equipment for the rooms, kitchen, pools have to be ready.
c) the renting or purchasing the tents, and camping gears have to be ready.
d) the equipment and tools for the excavation work have to be ready. The storage rooms for the
equipment have to be ready.
e) the hotel vehicles have to be ready.
f.) the daily plan of the hotel operation for the project have to be complete and the personal responsible
for the job have to be appointed.

Sub stage 2 - conservation project.

1. Complete the plan for conservation project of the Mayan site with all the cost calculation, time frame
and leading archaeologist name ( the cost of the conservation project may be partially or fully covert by
the international archaeological group)
2. Calculating the cost of the Sub stage 2 - conservation project.
3. Publication of the results of the excavation ( sub stage 1) work of the expedition and the following
conservation plans in the web site and Media of the targeting Countries with the series of the articles.
4. Continue advertising for the conservation part of the expedition in the Internet and media of the
targeting Countries for the participants of the project to attract their attention and continue selling the
tour packages.
5. Buying the equipment and the building materials for the conservation project.
6. Plan for the museum have to be presented for the NICH for the approval ?? ( have to be discussed
with the owner of the property)

.3 egatS

The concept of the project.

The uniqueness of the location of ancient Mayan site with the complete restoration of the all Mayan
structures will dictate the necessity for further improvements to raise the level of the Hotel to the
higher point.

There further, the hotel concept will be oriented to host and serve exclusively the height class
guests. The combination of royal historical location of the Hotel with a magic of cosmic energy of
the ancient site, along with the ecological concept of the new organic life style of our clients will
provide our guests with one of the kind place on the Earth for relaxation, restoration of their body
and main energy with luxury services and accommodations.

The PR of the hotel concept for the advertising will be

 based on ancient Mayan calendar prediction of the date December 21st, 2012.

Which according the Mayan believes is the day of the end of the 14 chapters of 5,000 years old
calendar. And the beginning of the new cycle.
Some people believe that this day will be the Apocalypses day for the planet Earth. The others says that the calendar resets
it's date to the ground zero date and begin it’s cycle of 14 chapters of new 5,000 years calendar. The supporters of this
theory believe that the new era may start with some big changes for our planet and it’s inhabitants. But the new cycle of the
first chapter of 126 years period will be the one of the happiest time for the planet and people living on it.

On the winter solstice in 2012, the sun will be aligned with the center of the Milky Way for the first
time in about 26,000 years. This means that "whatever energy typically streams to Earth from the
center of the Milky Way will indeed be disrupted on 12/21/12 at 11:11 p.m. Universal Time"

In any case all the believers who live on the Earth would have to be ready emotionally, spiritually,
physically for the new life that they may face very soon.
But only small number of this people will have a rare chance and opportunity to visit and
experience the unique energy and the secret knowledge of the vanished civilization from the
top of the ancient pyramid of the last Mayan city Xunantunich from their luxury room at the
Royal Mayan Hotel & spa.
And may be this experience will lead them to the direction where they will find a harmony and peace
with their self, the God and the Earth we living on.

Reconstruction plan of the Hotel will be presented after completion the sub stage 2 of the conservation

The hotel building exterior and interior renovation have to be complete with all the cost calculation and
the time frame.
The plan of ground buildings, Mayan sauna and tee house have to be complete and estimated.
The plan for landscape have to be complete and estimated.

Unique and luxury service for future hotel concept. ( just few ideas)

1. The real Mayan shaman ritual and spiritual ceremonies:

According to the Mayan believes each person have their own unique power and weaknesses, his/her
purpose and destination on the Earth. The day of the birth of each person have it’s cosmic meaning.
Mayans do have their own very progressive astrological calendar where each day of the year have it’s
name and concept in the Universe. There is a 3 days of the month which based on the astronomical
location of the stars and planets the Mayan shaman can see clearly all the life map of the individual
who is in the front of him. He can help you to understand better your power, as well as tell you what
you should know about the bright and dark sites of your self. He can guide the person to the further
success and avoid making mistakes. The ceremony also so have a healing affects and bring the
partisipants to the mental and physical balance. This kind of Mayan ceremonies are very popular with
the tourists visiting in Guatemala. We can do the same thing in Belize.

2. The Mayan sauna.
 On the site of the property will be build the traditional Mayan sauna. The herbal tee and the steam of the herbal potion
based on the ancient Mayan recipes will be used in the sauna. Nice looking young people dressed in Mayan costumes
preferably Mayans will be serving the guests in the sauna and tee house.

In the tee house the guests will be also served with the special herb tee based on the Mayan ancient
recipes to increase the sexual performances, energy, the brain activities, cleaning affects, relaxation.
The many of different tees and organic fresh fruit and veggie juices, including the famous rejuvenate
nony fruit juice.

3. Russian sauna.

The Russian sauna specialist called “ banshik” will be serving the guests in the sauna by providing
them with the special massage techniques involving the bounds of the small branches of threes
imported from Russia or Europe traditionally used for generation in the culture of Slav nations and
having relaxing, healing and refining affect to the body. We can use exciting sauna room in the hotel
for this purpose.

The Russian tee will be served in the tee house for the guests in process of sauning with the special
Russian herbs and barriers based on the old traditional recipes to help the cleaning and healing process
to the body.

4. The spa.

The rejuvenate bath.
At the end of XX century, scientists RAMS (academics Kaznacheev VP and Razumov AN) found that
the aging man, a sharp weakening of his immunity is due to unfavorable environmental conditions,
poor working conditions and constant stress, Otor lead to a rapid disintegration The surviving cells of
the body isotope carbon 13 (C13), which is responsible for their health and youth. Problem finding
ways to return the isotope C13 in the weakened cells. In 2000 he was found in the panta deer in large
quantities not found in other organs of animals and plants.

Find ways to slow down aging organism, its rejuvenation, restoration and strengthening of male
and female sexual opportunities, improve mental and physical performance and previously
occupied the minds of the largest academic world.

Healing drugs from panta for more than 3500 years ago is widely used in Old Chinese medicine for
improving health and enhancing potency.

But only in Russia developed a unique technology preservation and processing of panta in ultra
fine powder to keep in clean raw materials, all components of the natural biostimulants
This magical bath also use for complex treatment of cardiovascular diseases, digestive organs,
respiratory, disease male and female sexual organs, nervous system diseases and injuries of support and
movement (joints, muscles, tendons, bones, etc.), inflammatory and degenerate nature of skin disease
and chromosomal abnormalities. The 10 days bath treatment is required for best results.

The Russian medical trained specialist will be managing this spa and taking care of the clients.
The product will be imported direct from Russia.

The Food.

The food will be cooked by the sheaf of the kitchen based on the concept of organic products, health,
unique recipes, elegance. The dishes will made from fresh organic veggies with special herbs and
spices to make food not only tasty, but also having the healing and stimulating affect to the body. The
ingredients for the dishes will be chosen based on the concept of healthy and exotic.
As a special menu will be offered the dishes based of the recipes from the Royal families kitchen
around the world.

The tee house.
The fresh herbal tee with unique recipes from all over the world with the healing, relaxation or energy
increasing affects will be served in the tee house.
The fresh fruit’s juice with the best rejuvenate effects will be offered for the guests, including the nony
fruit juice.

The jams.

Exotic barriers and fruit jams home made import from Europe and Russia

The alcoholic beverages.

Along with the choice of good and classy wines ( especially the natural height quality red wine
collection. Red wine have very positive affect on human organism by increasing our life time and
health) and liquors for the guests we will be offering some exotic and tasty home made fruit and berry
liqueur, such as currants liqueurs and balsams, sea-buckthorn liqueurs and balsams, wild strawberries
liqueurs and balsams, bramble and liqueurs and other unusual and rare beverages.
The souvenir store.

In the store guests will have a choice of different tee collection based on the Mayan and other herb and
medical plans collection.

The duplicated from originals of ancient Mayan art work.

The Rooms décor.
The fresh cut flower designer arrangements with exotic tropical flowers and also with the plants that
have a special ritual Mayan meaning like for good health, for luck, for spiritual and religious Mayan
gods and such.
The copies of the rare Mayan artifacts will be decorating the rooms.

The full plan with the ideas for the Stage 3 hotel concept will be complete at the time of the hotel

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