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									                             SMALL BUSINESS LIAISONS
                           Warner Robins Air Logistics Center
                                 Robins AFB, Georgia

Robins AFB is the largest industrial complex in Georgia, employing a workforce of over 25,584
civilian, contractor, and military members. It is also the home of the Warner Robins Air Logistics
Center (WR-ALC), the 78th Air Base Wing, and various associate units (Air Force Reserve
Command; 116th Air Control Wing; 5th Combat Communications Group; 19th Air Refueling
Group; and Defense Distribution Depot). Additionally, the WR-ALC consists of the 330th Aircraft
Sustainment Wing, the 402d Maintenance Wing, and the 542d Combat Sustainment Wing.
Within the wings are groups and squadrons.

The WR-ALC Office of Small Business Programs consists of small business and source
development specialists to aid, counsel, and assist small businesses. Additionally, there are
small business liaisons assigned within the various wings as set forth below:

78th Air Base Wing
Provides support facilities and equipment for all associate units, and is responsible for logistics,
medical, civil engineering, security, morale and welfare, and mission support for Robins AFB.

SB Liaisons: Operational Contracting
             Mr. Robert Binkley, 78th Contracting Squadron (78 CCS/PK)
             Phone: (478) 222-0954

               Civil Engineering
               Mr. Terry Landreth, 778th Civil Engineering Squadron (778 CES/CECE)
               Phone: (478) 327-2910

               Information Technology
               Mr. Rick Reed, 78th Communications Group
               Phone: (478) 926-9407

330th Aircraft Sustainment Wing
Oversees programmed depot maintenance, modernization, and modification for the Air Force’s
fleet of helicopters and C-5, C-130, C-17, F-15, U-2, and E-8C Joint STARS aircraft.

SB Liaisons:   C-17
               Ms. Holly O’Quinn, 730 ACSG/GFKAA
               Phone: (478) 327-7115

               Special Operations Forces
               Mr. Ed Lemon, 330 SOSG/LUKA
               Phone: (478) 926-9112

               Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance Management (U-2)
               Ms. Donna Walcott, 560 ACSS/GFKA
               Phone: (478) 926-8375
            402d Maintenance Wing
            Manages depot-level maintenance production and manufacturing facilities for C-5, C-17, F-15,
            and C-130 aircraft. Manages software and avionics for Air Force and Defense Department
            programs worldwide. Provides ready expansion to meet wartime emergency and surge

            SB Liaison:    Maintenance
                           Ms. Kim Harrison, 402 MXSG/OB
                           Phone: (478) 926-8894

            542d Combat Sustainment Wing
            Designs, acquires, installs, distributes and sustains electronic warfare, support equipment,
            vehicles, missiles, weapons, and guns needed in war and peace. Ensures effective management
            of AF Metrology program.

            SB Liaisons:    Ground Support Equipment & Vehicles
                            Mr. Gerald Pounds, 542 CSW/PKB
                            Phone: (478) 222-1911

                            Mr. Bill Downs, 782 CBSSS/PKA
                            Phone: (478) 926-9264

            448th SCMG Global Logistics Support Center
            Provides contracting support to 638 SCMG, who sustains weapon systems worldwide
            by providing Supply Chain Management life cycle support to include developing enterprise
            demand/supply plans, developing/implementing sourcing strategies, executing the supply plan,
            and executing cognizant engineering authority to meet customer requirements for aircraft
            structural and avionics systems, electronic warfare, support equipment, vehicles, and automatic
            test equipment commodities.

            SB Liaisons:    C-5, C-130, F-15
                            Ms. Kim McDonald, 448 SCMG/PKHE
                            Phone: (478) 926-1656

                            Automatic Test Systems
                            Mr. Maurice Randolph, 448 SCMG/PKHB
                            Phone: (478) 222-3766

                            Ms. Linda Mauldin, 448 SCMG/PKHC
                            Phone: (478) 926-7405

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