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                                Miscellaneous Grant Programs

Kennedy Krieger Institute (Baltimore City)
GO Bonds                          $1,500,000       Recommendation: Approve

Bill Text: Provide a grant to the Board of Directors of the Kennedy Krieger Institute to assist in the
renovation of a facility in Baltimore City for use as a National Center for Advanced Research in
Developmental Disabilities, subject to the requirement that the grantee provide an equal and matching
fund for this purpose.

Program Description: The Kennedy Krieger Institute, located in Baltimore City, supports clinical
programs for children with developmental disabilities and related research. The proposed project
would renovate 50,000 square feet of existing office space to accommodate administrative and
research space related to establishment of a National Center for Advanced Research in
Developmental Disabilities. This research, designed to prevent and treat cognitive disorders, will
include brain mapping through magnetic resonance imaging, study of genetic abnormalities that cause
cognitive impairment, and translational research in motor skills.

Year Program Began: 2003.

Comments: Fiscal 2001 PAYGO funds totaling $1 million supported the first phase of this project.
The second phase of the project entered the design stage in 2003, supported with a combination of
federal and private funds. State funds provide an estimated $5.5 million of the total $22 million cost
of construction for the second phase of the project. Matching funds will be provided by the National
Institutes of Health, the Henry Rosenberg Foundation, and other private sources. Construction of the
facility is scheduled to commence in 2004 and be completed in 2009.

For further information contact: Suzanne M. Owen                                  Phone: (410) 946-5530

                       Analysis of the FY 2005 Maryland Executive Budget, 2004
                          ZA00F – Miscellaneous Grant Programs

Fund Data
                                    Authorization Request
                                       ($ in Millions)
               2003       2004         2005        2006       2007       2008        2009
Description   Approp.    Approp.      Request     Estimate   Estimate   Estimate    Estimate

Go Bonds        $0.000     $0.000        $1.500     $1.000     $1.000      $1.000      $1.000

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                 Analysis of the FY 2005 Maryland Executive Budget, 2004