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                               Local Jails and Detention Centers

Baltimore County Detention Center (Baltimore)

GO Bonds                          $10,000,000             Recommendation:     Approve

Bill Text: Provide a grant to the County Executive and County Council of Baltimore County to assist
in the expansion and renovation of the Baltimore County Detention Center, subject to the requirement
that the grantee provide an equal and matching fund for this purpose. Notwithstanding Section 1 (5)
of the Act, the matching fund may include funds expended prior to the effective date of this Act.

Project Description: This request is for the State share of funds to construct a 255,055 gross square
foot (GSF), 784-bed addition to the Baltimore County Detention Center in Towson and the
reconfiguration of 21,388 GSF of support space. This will result in an increase in capacity from 778
to 1,513. Dayrooms, correctional officer stations, indoor exercise areas, sally ports, administrative
space, and associated correctional spaces will also be provided in the new space. The renovations will
expand medical, kitchen storage, and staff training areas. This will permit discontinuing the
correctional use of modular housing units.

Comments: The State share of this project is 45.6%.

Project Data
                                                   ($ in Millions)

    Description          Prior Authorization             2004 Request      State Request          Total

Total                                    $5.000                  $10.000          $18.200            $33.200

Total State Project Cost:              $33,200,000

Gross Square Footage:                       276,443        Net Usable Square Footage:                     170,120
Approved Program Plan:                            Yes      Estimated Completion Date:                 July 2004
State % Match                                 45.6%

Recommended Actions

For further information contact: William Honablew, Jr.                                     Phone: (410) 946-5530