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                                           Coppin State College
                                         University System of Maryland

Campuswide Utilities/Security Systems Improvements (Baltimore

Academic Bonds                         $285,000       Recommendation:    Approve with language

Project Description: Implement a phased program to modernize utilities distribution systems.
Included are upgrades to water mains; the electrical distribution system; the sanitary sewer system;
and the heating, ventilation, and air systems. Also included are installation of a campuswide security
system that uses magnet card readers and a new fire alarm system. All of these upgrades are included
in the first two phases. Additional upgrades that are less urgent will be scheduled in subsequent

Comments: The total cost of this project estimated by the college is $13.6 million. This exceeds the
fiscal 2003 Capital Improvement Program estimate ($8.2 million) by $5.4 million and is due to new
deficiencies found by the engineering group. Additional projects will be included in Phase II of the
program, which is not yet complete.

    Although the program plan has not been approved for Phase I, the estimated cost of replacing the
boilers is $1.4 million; the cost of replacing piping to the Tawes and Connor buildings is $750,000,
and the extension of piping to the library and auditorium will cost $1.35 million. The combined fire
alarm and security system will cost $2.5 million. The final upgrades to the water mains, the electrical
distribution system, and the sanitary sewer system will total $1.2 million. All of these upgrades were
included in the Coppin State College Revitalization Report’s capital improvement plan. The
proposed academic bonding authority for the fiscal 2004 preliminary planning funds is included in
House bill 968.

       The second phase of this project is still being developed and will include additional
improvements to the campus infrastructure; therefore, the cost estimate worksheet only reflects costs
for Phase I.

For further information contact: Jessica E. Jordan                                Phone: (410) 946-5530

                                  RB27rb – USM – Coppin State College

Project Data
                                              ($ in Thousands)

                         Prior             2004            2005        2006         2007        2008
                      Authorization       Request         Estimate    Estimate     Estimate    Estimate

Planning                     $0.000          $0.285          $0.250      $0.300       $0.000     $0.000
Construction                  0.000           0.000           8.500       0.000        4.300      0.000

Equipment                      0.000          0.000           0.000       0.000        0.000      0.000

Total                        $0.000          $0.285          $8.750      $0.300       $4.300     $0.000

Total Project Cost:                   $13,635,000
Approved Program Plan:                        No      Estimated Completion Date:          November 2007

Recommended Actions

Approve with language. Add the following language:

, provided that no funds may be expended until:

1) the Part I and II program plan has been approved by the Department of Budget and Management;

2) a cost estimate based on the approved plan has been prepared by the Department of General
   Services; and

3) the budget committees have reviewed and commented on the cost estimate or 45 days have
   elapsed from the date the cost estimate is received by the committees.

                            RB27rb – USM – Coppin State College

                                                                                           Appendix 1

                              Capital Project Cost Estimate Worksheet

Department:                 Coppin State College
Project Number:             RB27rb
Project Title:              Campuswide Utilities/Security Systems Improvements
Analyst:                    Jessica E. Jordan

New Construction:             0 Sq. Ft. X               $0.00   Sq. Ft. =                   0
New Construction:             0 Sq. Ft. X               $0.00   Sq. Ft. =                   0
Renovation:                   0 Sq. Ft. X               $0.00   Sq. Ft. =                   0
Renovation:                   0 Sq. Ft. X               $0.00   Sq. Ft. =                   0
Built-in Equipment                                                                          0
Demolition                                                                                  0
Information Technology        0 GSF X                   $0.00 GSF =                         0
Telecommunications                                                                          0
Miscellaneous-Other                                                                         0
Miscellaneous-Other                                                                         0
Miscellaneous-Other                                                                         0
SUBTOTAL                                                                                    0
Regional Factor:        100.0%                                                              0
SUBTOTAL                                                                                    0
Escalation to midpoint:    2.50 Yrs. X                   4.4%        =      11.00%          0
TOTAL COST OF STRUCTURE (Bid Cost)                                                          0

Site Work and Utilities
Site Improvements:           0 + regional factor + mid-point escalation                      0
Utilities:           7,125,000 + regional factor + mid-point escalation              7,908,750
PROJECT SUBTOTAL (Bid Cost)                                                          7,908,750

Fees and Miscellaneous Costs
Green Building Premium                                   0.0%                                0
Total Construction Contingency                           5.0%                          391,875
Inspection Cost:                                         3.2%                          250,800
Miscellaneous:                                                                               0
Miscellaneous:                                                                               0
Miscellaneous:                                                                               0
A/E Fee through construction phase @                     6.7%                          576,000
TOTAL COST OF PROJECT                                                                9,127,425

Base cost per new square foot                                                              $0
Adjusted cost per new square foot (incl. escalation, contingencies & Green Bldg.)          $0
Base cost per renovated square foot                                                        $0
Adjusted cost per renovated square foot (incl. escalation, conting. & Green Bldg.)         $0