Second Grade Unit 2 Life Cycles in Ohio Habitats

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					                                                         Second Grade
                                              Unit 2: Life Cycles in Ohio Habitats
                                                           (12 weeks)

   Week 1                    Unit Indicators                                        Resources                               Project Based
 What do we     Explain that animals, including people,       Scott Foresman:                                             Plant experiment-
 need to live?  need air, water, food, living space and       Pages A4-A5 (Poem about Plants – introduction)              What do they need
                shelter; and plants need air, water,          Pages A8-A11- (What a plant needs)
  How is that   nutrients, living space and light to          Lab Manual: Page 3, 5, 6, 7
similar to what survive
  plants and    Explain that food is a basic need of          Webquest:
animals need? plants and animals (e.g. plants need
                sunlight to make food and to grow,            Entire Unit with Links about Plants
                animals eat plants and/or animals for
                food, food chain) and is important
                because it is a source of energy

   Week 2-3                       Unit Indicators                                       Resources                          Project Based
  How do we       Identify that there are many distinct              Scott Foresman:
decide where to   environments that support different kinds of       Pages A38-39: Where do animals live?
     live?        organisms                                          Pages A40-41: What do animals eat?

                                                                     Habitats: Pages 2-3 (recognizing habitats)

                                                                     Disney Series: (DVD) Mysteries of the Deep
                                                                     and Beaver Valley
                  Explain why organisms can survive only in
                  environments that meet their needs
                  Investigate the different structures of plants     Scott Foresman:
                  and animals that help them live in different       Pages A12-A19-Parts of plants
                 environments (e.g. lungs, gills, leaves and    Pages A42-43: How animals protect themselves
                 roots)                                         Lab Manual: Pages 4, 23,24

                                                                Book Room:
                                                                Fur, Feathers and Scales – Level H
                                                                Using a Beak – Level L
                                                                Using a Tail – Level L

                                                                The Great Plant Escape

   Week 4-6                        Unit Indicators                                  Resources                       Project Based
                Compare similarities and differences among           Scott Foresman
How can we help individuals of the same kind of plant and animals,   Pages A6-A7- Kinds of plants
  one another   including people                                     Pages A28-29: Kinds of animals
   survive?                                                          Lab Manual: Page 1, 17, 22
                Compare the habitats of many different kinds of      IMS Lessons:
                Ohio plants and animals and some of the ways                Wetland Life
                animals depend on plants and each other                     Investigating Ohio’s
                                                                            Trash, Landfills and Recycling
                                                                            Life in the Woodlands
                                                                            Ohio Waters
                                                                            Our Grasslands
                                                                            Scientific Investigations

                                                                     “Living Together” – Level E
                                                                     “All From An Oak Tree” – Level J
  Week 7-10                      Unit Development                                       Resources                       Project Based
How do seasons    Compare the activities of Ohio’s common               Scott Foresman:
 affect the way   animals (e.g. squirrels, chipmunks, deer,             A 26-27: Poem about frogs
    we live?      butterflies, bees, ants, bats and frogs) during the   A 32-33: Frogs grow and change
                  different seasons by describing changes in their      A 34-37: Butterflies
                  behaviors and body covering                           Lab Manual: Page 18, 19, 21

                                                                        Book Room:
                                                                        “How Frogs Grow”- Level G



                  Compare Ohio plants during the different              IMS Lessons:
                  seasons by describing changes in their                 Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall – Ohio
                  appearance?                                              Animals Adapt to All
                                                                         Plants and Animals Around the Year

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