WA01B - DSP North East Barrack and Garage by winstongamso


                                    Department of State Police

North East Replacement Barrack and Garage (Cecil)
GO Bonds                       $300,000           Recommendation: Approve

Bill Text: Provide funds to equip the new North East Barrack and Garage/Communications Building.

Project Description: This project provides a new 11,750 gross square foot (GSF) barrack and a 4,350
GSF garage and communications building to replace the existing (circa 1959) 9,728 GSF barrack. The
existing barrack was designed to hold 12 to 15 staff; currently 48 people are assigned to it. It will be
demolished upon completion of its replacement. The new barrack will be designed to hold 50 sworn and
15 civilian personnel. The fiscal 2003 budget includes funding for capital equipment.

Comments: The current proposed appropriation is for $300,000 for capital equipment. Estimated
equipment costs increased last year, from $200,000 in the fiscal 2001 Capital Improvement Plan to
$300,000 in fiscal 2002 estimate. The increase resulted from a change in allocating information
technology costs; they had been included in and obscured by construction cost estimates. They are now
reported separately as additional equipment costs. The current projected equipment cost of $300,000 is
consistent with the cost of equipping other recently constructed barrack/garages. The Department of State
Police reports that much of the equipment, including the phone system, has to be ordered at the front end
of the project.

   Construction on this replacement barrack has not yet begun. It is expected to begin in March 2002,
with a completion date of May 2003.

For further information contact: Elizabeth A. Forkin                                 Phone (410) 946-5530

                                    WA.01B - Department of State Police

Project Data
                                                 ($ in Millions)

                     Prior              2003            2004            2005            2006           2007
  Description     Authorization        Request         Estimate        Estimate        Estimate       Estimate

Planning                  $0.354          $0.000            $0.000        $0.000           $0.000           $0.000
Construction                4.610             0.000          0.000          0.000             0.000             0.000
Equipment                   0.000             0.300          0.000          0.000             0.000             0.000
Total                     $4.964          $0.300            $0.000        $0.000           $0.000           $0.000

 Total Project Cost:              $5,264,000          Estimated Completion Date:                       May 2003

Recommended Actions

Executive’s Operating Budget Impact Statement
                                                 ($ in Millions)

                                    FY 2003       FY 2004            FY 2005        FY 2006       FY 2007

 Estimated Operating Cost             $0.045            $0.000         $0.000          $0.000         $0.000
 Estimated Staffing                        0                  0            0                  0             0

   Because the barrack is a replacement barrack, its completion should have no impact on the operating
budget beyond one-time, start-up equipment purchases. These include the phone system, furniture, and
equipment for the garage.


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