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                           University System of Maryland Office
                                       University System of Maryland

Capital Facilities Renewal (Statewide)

 GO Bonds                            $3,800,000         Recommendation: Approve
 Academic Bonds                    $10,000,000

Bill Text: Provide funds to construct capital facilities renewal projects at System institutions (statewide).

Program Description: This program provides for improvements to various facilities at University
System of Maryland (USM) institutions.

Comments: Eligible projects must have a life expectancy of at least 15 years and a cost in excess of
$100,000. Renewal projects costing over $1,000,000 may use this fund source but are listed and
described separately. In addition to the smaller projects funded in this request, separate requests include
$1.6 million to renovate Key and Taliaferro Halls and $3.5 million to renovate the Chemical and Nuclear
Engineering Building at the University of Maryland, College Park bringing the total funded with revenue
bonds to $15 million.

   The program is typically $15 million per year in academic revenue bonds. Due to strain on the
general fund budget in fiscal 2003, an additional $3.8 million in general obligation bonds is being made
available to fund facilities renewal projects that would have otherwise been funded in the operating
budget. The $3.8 million in general fund savings are spread throughout various system institutions.

    The academic revenue bonds are authorized in HB 828 of 2002.

For further information contact: M. Kathleen Gardiner                                  Phone: (410) 946-5530

                      RB.36A - USM - University System of Maryland Office

Fund Data
                                           Authorization Summary
                                               ($ in Millions)

                                                  Funds                                   Balances
                                                                                 To Be               To Be
  Fiscal Year   Authorizations        Encumbered            Expended           Encumbered           Expended

 1997                 $16.500                $16.500            $16.114                $0.000           $0.386

 1998                     11.900              11.900             10.841                 0.000            1.059
 1999                     13.740              13.740             11.737                 0.000            2.003
 2000                     12.800              12.800                  7.705             0.000            5.095

 2001                      9.300               9.300                  4.421             0.000            4.879
 2002                     12.800              11.517                  1.021             1.283           10.496

 Total                $77.040                $75.757            $51.839                $1.283          $23.918

                                           Authorization Request
                                              ($ in Millions)

                 2001        2002            2003           2004           2005          2006          2007
 Description    Approp.     Approp.         Request        Estimate       Estimate      Estimate      Estimate

 ARB             $9.300      $12.800         $10.000        $12.900           $5.000     $10.000       $15.000
 GO Bonds         0.000            0.000       3.800          0.000            0.000        0.000        0.000

 Total           $9.300      $12.800         $13.800        $12.900           $5.000     $10.000       $15.000

Recommended Actions

                           RB.36A - USM - University System of Maryland Office

Fiscal 2003 Proposed Projects
                                                                                              ($ in Thousands)
Institution   Project                                                                                Cost

      UMB     Medical school facade and window upgrade: Phase III                                   $960

              School of Pharmacy heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) upgrade/          250
              replacement: Phase II

              Medical school elevator upgrade                                                        250

              School of Pharmacy floor renovation: Phase I                                           750

              Campuswide improvements to air handlers, mechanical systems, elevators, HVAC,          510
              roofs, gutters, and windows

UMCP          Campus utilities infrastructure improvement, phased                                    900

              Building interior architectural infrastructure improvements, phased                    304

              Security lighting and emergency/fire alarm systems                                     400

              HVAC infrastructure                                                                    209

              Elevator renovation                                                                    270

              Major interior renovations                                                             175

              Sidewalks, steps, and railings                                                         150

BSU           James Gym renovation                                                                   200

              Campus security upgrade                                                                150

              Robinson Hall renovation                                                               137

              McKeldin Gym HVAC system replacement and locker room renovation                        200

TU            Power plant chiller and electrical distribution system replacement                     990

              Roof replacement, various buildings                                                    175

              Stephens Hall repairs                                                                  125

              Resurface campus roadways, phased                                                      106

UMES          Lida Brown Hall upgrade                                                                564

              Library chiller replacement                                                            150

FSU           Library and Administration elevator upgrade                                            267

              Performance Arts Center HVAC upgrade                                                   300

              Resurface parking lots                                                                 100

              Physical Education Center minor remodeling                                             100

                            RB.36A - USM - University System of Maryland Office

                                                                                              ($ in Thousands)
Institution   Project                                                                                Cost

CSC           Campus wide roof repairs, HVAC improvements, and other repairs and upgrades               359

SU            Devilbliss Hall minor renovation                                                          471

              Maintenance building roof repair                                                          115

UB            Library Auditorium/Law Clinics minor renovation                                           367

              Renovate 5-7 West Chase Street                                                            300

UMBC          Roof replacements                                                                         490

              Social science building HVAC improvements                                                 200

              Phased University Center conversion                                                       656

              Administration Building renovations (floors 3 and 9)                                      410

              Science, technology, and engineering lab renovation                                       311

UMCES         Pier, bulkhead, and paving upgrade at Chesapeake                                          150

              Morris Marine Lab cooling towers                                                          129

              Horn Point fiber optic cable installation                                                 150

USMO          Emergency projects                                                                     1,000

              Total                                                                               $13,800

Fiscal 2002 Project Status
Institution                                 Project                             Cost              Status
UMB              Medical school facade and window upgrade, Phase I and II      $1,905,000   In construction
                 School of Pharmacy HVAC upgrade and/or replacement              750,000    In design
                 Medical school elevator upgrade                                 204,286    Scope development
UMCP             Campus utilities infrastructure improvement                    1,100,000   In construction
                 Electro-mechanical infrastructure building improvement          370,000    In construction
                 Interior architectural infrastructure building improvement     1,141,000   In construction
                 HVAC infrastructure building improvement                        510,000    In construction
                 Exterior and structural infrastructure building improvement     116,000    In construction
                 Vehicular infrastructure improvements                           200,714    In construction
BSU              McKeldin Gym repairs (Phase I)                                   88,875    In construction
                 Robinson Hall renovation for office space                       328,554    Bid due 3/19/02
TU               Resurface campus roadways                                       750,000    In design

                        RB.36A - USM - University System of Maryland Office

Institution                              Project                            Cost              Status
              Replace Main Substation high voltage transfer switches         150,000    In procurement
              Replace roof, elevators and masonry for various buildings      871,571    Bid due March
UMES          Student Development Center conversion                          100,000    In design
              Campus sewer system upgrade                                    383,429    In construction
FSU           Upper quadrangle site improvements                             486,000    In design
CSC           Campuswide roof repair and replacement                         105,000    Bid received
              Parking lot and building repairs                               100,000    In construction
              Campuswide HVAC system improvements                            102,714    Bid due soon
SU            Campus signage                                                 403,714    In construction
UB            Academic Center HVAC system upgrade                            314,571    In design
UMBC          Bio-science exterior improvements                              675,000    Complete
              Bio-science construction                                       290,000    Complete
              Water pipe and valve repair                                    114,483    Complete
UMCES         Horn Point Lab seawater system repair                          139,143    In construction
              Truitt elevator upgrade                                        100,000    In design
USMO          Emergency projects                                            1,000,000   In construction
              Total                                                       $12,800,000


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