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                                      Department of State Police

State Police Crime Laboratory (Baltimore)

GO Bonds                   $1,106,000           Recommendation: Approve

Bill Text: Prepare detailed plans for the construction of a new State Police Crime Laboratory.

Project Description: This project will provide a new single story building of 53,938 gross square feet
(GSF) for a comprehensive forensic laboratory serving as a resource for all Maryland law enforcement
agencies. The crime lab will include laboratories for ballistics, photography, serology, chemistry,
toxicology, trace evidence, documents, latent prints, and DNA analysis, among other functions. The
existing facility will be renovated for general office space upon completion of the new building.
Acquisition funds of $2 million general obligation (GO) bonds have already been provided. A 12-acre site
on Dreher Avenue in Pikesville has been purchased. Preliminary design funds of $667,000, also GO
bonds, were provided in fiscal 2001. The fiscal 2002 funds will provide for the completion of planning
and design.

Comments: Originally, the Department of State Police (DSP) planned to renovate the existing Maryland
State Police Crime Laboratory. Funding for renovations began in fiscal 1994; fiscal 1998 design and
construction funds of $5.8 million were reverted when DSP determined it was prohibitively expensive to
attempt to maintain crime lab operations while undertaking renovations in the same building. Acquisition
funds already provided will cover relocation expenses and demolition costs.

    Due to staffing and workload increases, DSP has outgrown its current crime lab building. The current
crime lab, circa 1985, is 24,276 GSF and was designed to accommodate 35 staff. Staffing at the crime
lab will grow to 78 in fiscal 2002. In addition, changes in forensic science require a more sophisticated
heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system than can be cost-effectively installed in the
current building. The inadequacy of the current system threatens the integrity of sample analysis by
increasing the risk of sample contamination from other parts of the building.

    Last year’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) estimated detailed planning costs in fiscal 2002 to
be $850,000. As a result of recent Department of General Services (DGS) estimates, planning costs have
increased $256,000 to the current request, $1,106,000. Construction cost estimates have also increased,
from $15.2 million to $17.8 million due to the current construction market and the postponement of
construction from fiscal 2003 to 2004. Construction cost estimates are preliminary and will change as
planning is completed. The current cost estimates include high architectural/engineering (A/E) costs and
inspection costs reflecting the added design complexities of a multi-purpose forensic science laboratory.

For further information contact: Cynthia M. Boersma                                 Phone: (410) 946-5530

                                       WA.01B - Department of State Police

    Since planning for the new crime lab began, legislation has added two significant responsibilities to the
crime lab’s operations: 1) DNA cataloguing of those convicted of specified violent felonies and 2)
maintenance of shell casings and a shell casing database. The category of those who must provide DNA
samples has expanded in recent years. Proposed legislation may require the State Police to preserve more
evidentiary DNA samples (examples include SB 84 and SB 15, both providing for DNA testing under
specified circumstances). These expansions in DNA analysis responsibility will have an impact on space
allocation within in the building. In addition, national standards for forensic laboratories have increased
the amount of space allotted to each chemist to prevent contamination. Also, maintenance of shell casings
and the shell casing database requires increased space for staff and evidence. For these reasons, it is
likely that DSP will submit a program plan modification to increase gross square footage and reallocate
space within the building.

    The Department of State Police should explain how planning for the new crime lab will
accommodate its current and potential responsibilities for DNA analysis and preservation and shell
casing analysis and storage. DSP should brief the committees on its time line for submitting a
program modification request and discuss the potential impact of program modifications on the
design and construction schedules.

Project Data
                                                    ($ in Millions)

                        Prior              2002           2003          2004            2005             2006
   Description       Authorization        Request        Estimate      Estimate        Estimate         Estimate

 Acquisition                 $2.000          $0.000        $0.000          $0.000           $0.000           $0.000
 Planning                    $0.667          $1.106        $0.000          $0.000           $0.000           $0.000
 Construction                  0.000          0.000           0.000        17.800            0.000            0.000

 Equipment                     0.000           0.000          0.000         0.200            0.150            0.000

 Total                       $2.667          $1.106        $0.000         $18.000           $0.150           $0.000

 Total Project Cost:             $21,937,000*        Cost Per Square Foot - Base:                              $190

                                                     With Escalation & Contingencies:                          $239

 Gross Square Footage:                   53,938      Net Usable Square Footage:                              29,636

 Approved Program Plan:                     Yes      Estimated Completion Date:                        March 2004

*Represents DGS cost estimate adjusted for planned equipment amount and is $14,000 more than is currently shown in the

                                  WA.01B - Department of State Police

Recommended Actions

Executive’s Operating Budget Impact Statement
                                             ($ in Millions)

                                 FY 2002       FY 2003         FY 2004    FY 2005       FY 2006

 Estimated Operating Cost           $0.000        $0.128         $0.064      $0.064         $0.064

 Estimated Staffing                      0               0           0              0             0

   The executive’s operating budget impact statement erroneously shows operating budget impact
beginning in fiscal 2003. However, this statement does not reflect the postponement of construction.
Because the new building will not be completed until fiscal 2004, building operations will not affect the
operating budget until fiscal 2004.

    In addition, DSP expects the operating budget impact to increase significantly over the estimates
included in the above statement. DSP is exploring the possibility of hiring a building manager with
expertise relevant to the needs of a crime lab facility to oversee a building maintenance contract.

                              WA.01B - Department of State Police

                                                                                        Appendix 1
                                 Capital Project Cost Estimate Worksheet

Department:                Department of State Police
Project Number:            WA.01B
Project Title:             New Crime Lab
Analyst:                   Cynthia M. Boersma

New Construction:        53,938 Sq. Ft. X               $190.00   Sq. Ft. =            10,248,220
New Construction:             0 Sq. Ft. X                 $0.00   Sq. Ft. =                     0
Renovation:                   0 Sq. Ft. X                 $0.00   Sq. Ft. =                     0
Renovation:                   0 Sq. Ft. X                 $0.00   Sq. Ft. =                     0
Built-in Equipment                                                                        475,000
Demolition                                                                                      0
Information Technology   53,938 GSF X                     $7.00 GSF =                     377,566
Telecommunications                                                                              0
SUBTOTAL                                                                               11,100,786
Regional Factor:        100.0%                                                                  0
SUBTOTAL                                                                               11,100,786
Escalation to midpoint:    3.39 Yrs. X                    5.8%         =      19.56%    2,170,944
TOTAL COST OF STRUCTURE (Bid Cost)                                                     13,271,730

Site Work and Utilities
Site Improvements:   1,665,118 + regional factor + mid-point escalation                 1,990,760
Utilities:           1,110,079 + regional factor + mid-point escalation                 1,327,173
PROJECT SUBTOTAL (Bid Cost)                                                            16,589,663

Fees and Miscellaneous Costs
Total Construction Contingency                     5.0%                                   829,475
A/E Fee through construction phase @               9.7%                                 1,698,351
Inspection Cost:                                   2.2%                                   364,969
Miscellaneous:              V-E/MHT/MDE/SFM reviews etc                                    75,000
Miscellaneous:              CPM/schedule                                                   30,000
Miscellaneous:              Moveable Equipment                                            150,000
Miscellaneous:              Information Technology                                        200,000
Miscellaneous:              Land Acquisition                                            2,000,000
TOTAL COST OF PROJECT                                                                  21,937,458

Base cost per new square foot                                                               $190
Adjusted cost per new square foot (includes escalation and contingencies)                   $239
Base cost per renovated square foot                                                           $0
Adjusted cost per renovated square foot (includes escalation and contingencies)               $0