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                                       General State Facilities
                        Board of Public Works/Department of General Services

Underground Heating Oil Storage Tanks (Statewide)

 GO Bonds                              $500,000         Recommendation: Approve

Bill Text: Remove, replace, or upgrade State-owned underground heating oil storage tanks.

Program Description: The purpose of this program is to remove and replace State-owned underground
storage tanks (USTs) used for heating oil. Existing heating oil USTs have reached or are nearing the end
of their useful life and must be replaced to eliminate leakage problems and related soil contamination.

Year Program Began: 2001

Comments: This program began in fiscal 2001. DGS has received responses from most of the State
agencies to surveys requesting identification of problem underground storage tanks. The current list of
projects shows a need for funding of at least $5 million. One factor influencing the actual costs of these
projects is the existence and extent of soil contamination, a condition which cannot be known until the
tank is removed. Soil remediation has an average cost of $100 per ton for removal and disposal.

    The processes used in underground heating oil tank mitigation are similar to those that were used in
the removal, replacement, or upgrade of State-owned motor fuel storage tanks. While there is no federal
requirement for the removal of heating oil tanks, the environmental damage caused by leaking tanks is the
same. The motor fuel tank replacement program was completed in fiscal 1999.

    Projects recommended for fiscal 2002 have been evaluated and prioritized by the Department of
General Services (DGS). The fiscal 2002 allowance is for the removal/replacement of 17 USTs at four
State facilities. Fifteen of the tanks are located at the Cheltenham Youth Facility. The high cost
($246,000) of replacing the tank, located under “B” parking lot at the Central Services Building in the
Annapolis Government Complex, is due to associated costs of replacing piping, pumps and fittings,
excavating a portion of the parking lot, and replacing asphalt, curb, gutter, and sidewalk.

For further information contact: Beverly A. Rebar                                    Phone: (410) 946-5530
                         DE.02.01D - BPW/DGS - General State Facilities

Fund Data
                                          Authorization Summary
                                              ($ in Millions)

                                                 Funds                                  Balances

                                                                               To Be               To Be
 Fiscal Year   Authorizations        Encumbered            Expended          Encumbered           Expended

2001                      0.250               0.164                  0.014            0.086            0.236

Total                    $0.250              $0.164             $0.014               $0.086           $0.236

                                          Authorization Request
                                             ($ in Millions)

                2000        2001            2002           2003           2004         2005          2006
Description    Approp.     Approp.         Request        Estimate       Estimate     Estimate      Estimate

GO Bonds         0.000            0.250       0.500          1.000           1.000        1.000        1.000

                           DE.02.01D - BPW/DGS - General State Facilities

Recommended Actions

Fiscal 2002 Proposed Projects

   Department                                    Project                                 Amount
 DMIL               Easton Armory -- Replace 1 UST                                             $77,000

 DMIL               Queen Anne Armory -- Replace 1 UST                                          60,000
 DGS                Annapolis Government Complex -- B Lot -- Replace 1 UST                     246,000

 DJJ                Cheltenham Youth Facility -- Replace up to 15 USTs                         117,000

 TOTAL                                                                                        $500,000

Fiscal 2001 Project Status

 Department                       Project                    Amount                  Status
 DGS            Annapolis Public Buildings and Grounds --                    Funded with other fund
                Central Service Building -- Replace 2 USTs   $242,000        source
 DMIL           Glen Burnie Armory -- Replace 1 UST             60,000       Under contract

 DMIL           La Plata Armory -- Replace 1 UST                60,000       Under contract
 DMIL           Greenbelt Armory -- Replace 1 UST               60,000       Under contract

 DNR            Patuxent River State Park -- former
                Blumenaur House -- Replace 1 UST                 9,000       Completed

 DNR            Patuxent River State Park -- Former
                DeSilva House -- Replace 1 UST                   9,000       Completed