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									“Technology and Application”
        Sir Arthur C Clarke

“I think there is a strong possibility that we are at
a turning point in history; a complete revolution in
human affairs with the discovery of totally new
energy sources.”
                                                        Science Fiction author, Inventor,
       Sir Arthur C Clarke
                                                 1. It’s nonsense, don’t waste
                                                    my time
                                                 2. Oh, it’s interesting but not
                                                 3. I always said it was a
                                                    good idea
“Many people are skeptical of this but I think
we may be going through the four stages          4. I wish I had thought of it
involved in any revolutionary development.”         first
        Strange but True

TRUE – There is enough energy that strikes the
Earth from the Sun in 1 hour to power all of
mankind’s energy needs for an entire year.
        Strange but True

TRUE – There is enough methane gas trapped at
the bottom of the ocean off the coast of North
Carolina to meet ALL of the energy needs of the
United States for the next 150 years.
         Strange but True

TRUE – Scientists theorize that 98% of the
Universe is made of Dark Matter, and that we
know virtually nothing about what Dark Matter is.
   What does this mean?

It is safe to assume that there is more that we DO
NOT know about the world around us than what
we do know, and it pays to keep an open mind.
     What Is LifeWave?

LifeWave is a new method and product for gently
stimulating acupressure points

                                                  White on Right
                                                  Tan on Left
     Why Acupressure?

Acupressure is used by over 1.8B people as their
primary means of healthcare. Acupressure
provides a simple, non-drug, safe method for
alleviating symptoms of common ailments.

                                                   Tan on Pain
                                                   Move White patch
                                                   around area of pain
        Clinical Research

LifeWave supports our products with valid
scientific research and studies. There are 7
studies published in journals, over 30 studies
completed, and another 20 to be finished this
         Clinical Research

The goal of these scientific studies is to learn
more about getting the best use of the
products since the studies have already
proven the products to be both safe and
              Clinical # 1

Blake-Greenberg, Sherry, and Homer Nazeran.
“ Nanoscale Glutathione Patches Improve Organ Function.”
International Federation for Medical & Biological Engineering Proceedings Series (2010).

Bioelectrical impedance data; Electro Interstitial Scanning; 30 healthy subjects. Over a
period of four weeks; Glutathione patches daily; highly significant improvement in
physiological functional status in pancreas, liver, gall bladder, intestines, left and right
adrenals, hypothalamus and pituitary gland.
             Clinical # 2

Blake-Greenberg, Sherry, and Homer Nazeran.
“ Nanoscale Carnosine Patches Improve Organ Function.”
International Federation for Medical & Biological Engineering Proceedings Series (2010).

Bioelectrical impedance; Electro Interstitial Scanning; 20 healthy subjects. Over a period
of two weeks, subjects who wore the Carnosine patches daily showed a highly
significant improvement in physiological functional status in eight organs.
             Clinical # 3

T. Budzynski, H. Budzynski, K. Maret, H.Tang.
“Heart Rate Variability enhancement Through Nanotechnology: A Double Blind
Randomized-Control Pilot Study.”
Journal of Neuropathy 12.1 (2008): 45-55. Print.

LifeWave Energy patches; testing for modulating certain resonant frequencies of the
body, promoting greater autonomic nervous system balance as reflected in heart rate
variability (HRV). Results – patches improve HRV
             Clinical # 4

Haltiwanger, Steve.
“A New Way to Increase Glutathione Levels in the Body.”
Hipppocrates: Healing our World 28.1 (2008): 48-49. Print.

A study testing blood samples of 15 individuals showed that over a 5 day period after
wearing the LifeWave Glutathione patches, the blood levels of glutathione increased on
average by 300%.
             Clinical # 5

Nazeran, Homer.
“Heart Rate Variability Signal Parameters Quantify Skin Cooling Effect of Energy
Patches During Rest And Exercise in Young Health Individuals.”
Biomedical Engineering Recent Developments (2007): 13-19. Print.

Heart Rate variability (HRV) signal analysis; 20 young healthy volunteers in a controlled
study using placebo; Energy Enhancer patches before and after mild exercise.
Statistical results showed that the active patches, when compared to placebo, had a
significant effect in reducing the normalized heart rate signals during rest and
immediately after exercise.
             Clinical # 6

DeRock, Lauren J.
“Responsiveness of Horses to Biofrequency Modulation after Acupuncture
Journal of American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (2005): 11-14. Print.

Energy patches; relieve back discomfort in horses. One hundred forty two horses were
evaluated. Study results showed when the patches were placed on the horses, using the
technique based on acupuncture points, the back pain in the affected horse was
consistently alleviated.
             Clinical # 7

H. Nazeran, S. Chatlapalli, R. Krishnam.
“Effect of Novel Nanoscale Energy Patches on Spectral and Nonlinear Dynamic
Features of Heart Rate Variability Signals in Healthy Individuals during Rest and
IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Conference Proceedings (Sept.
Energy patches; The results of this study demonstrate that the patches have significant
and distinguishable effects on important HRV signal features.
 Other Studies Completed

- Multiple Studies utilizing GDV and EIS show increases in the electrical field on the
surface of the body (Streeter)
- Capnometer testing shows elevation of fat burning with energy patches
- Over 300 individuals tested with thermal imaging; IceWave reduces inflammation
within minutes of use (Clark)
- Acupoint testing shows increase in meridian energy within minutes of use (Maret,
- Spectravision demonstrates increase in bioelectrical energy of organs (Woolley)
  Other Studies Completed

- Blood and Urine Testing shows dramatic elevation of Glutathione levels (Shade)
- Multiple studies on SP6 showing appetite control (doctor surveys)
- Five studies completed on the new X15 anti-aging patch demonstrating new and
unique effects
         Clinical Summary
- LifeWave patches are safe to use
- LifeWave patches are non-transdermal
- LifeWave patches (in most cases) produce immediate effects
- The patches are a very effective tool for improving energy, relieving pain, promoting
sleep, appetite control and anti-aging
          Clinical Summary
Why is this important?

 - Clinical studies are required by law
 - Ethics – a company must be able to prove that products work and are safe
 - Claims – a company must be able to prove what they say

Beware of companies marketing products that do not have clinical research!
          Clinical Studies

So what does this mean to me?

We can use the results from scientific testing to improve our health and quality of life
  Get more from patching

The Five Element Cycle helps us to
understand the natural flow of energy in the
body. By improving the flow of energy we
improve our health
  Get more from patching

The table below helps us to understand how we apply patches to the body.

Patch Type Yin/Yang    Polarity Position           Effects   Energy Flow   Meridian Flow

TAN         Yin        Negative Left/Posterior     Sedate    Out           end point

                       Positive   Right/Anterior   Stimulate In            start point
WHITE       Yang
             Get more from patching - basic rules
Energy and Y-Age patch use:

   When to Apply              Apply in the A.M.

   Suggested frequency of
                              Apply patches on a 4-day or 5-day schedule.

   Preconditions              Drink enough water to be well-hydrated before and during use.

                              Wear the WHITE patch on the right side of the body, and wear
                              the TAN patch on the left side.
   Patch Type
          Get more from patching - basic rules (cont.)
 Energy and Y-Age patch use:

When to Apply                May apply in the A.M. or P.M.
                             Apply one Glutathione or Carnosine patch every day or 3 times per
Suggested frequency of use   week every other day (e.g., Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday).

                             It is generally recommended that you do not wear a Carnosine patch
                             while wearing a Glutathione patch.* It should be noted that the
Restrictions                 Carnosine patch can have sedating effects for some.

Preconditions                Drink enough water to be well-hydrated before and during use.
                             Wear the WHITE patch on the MIDLINE or on the right side of the body.
Patch Type
Day 1 – Wood Meridian

White Patch – On top of RIGHT
foot on the Gallbladder 41 Acu-

Tan Patch – On top of the LEFT
foot on the Liver 3 Acu-point

                                  Vésicule 41 et Foie 3
 Day 2 – Fire Meridian

White Patch – On the back of the
RIGHT hand, Triple Burner 6 Acu-

Tan Patch – On the LEFT wrist on
the Pericardium 5 Acu-point
Day 3 – Stomach Meridian

White Patch – Below the RIGHT knee
on the Stomach 36 Acu-point

Tan Patch – On inside of the LEFT ankle
on the Spleen 6 Acu-point
  Day 4 – Metal Meridian

White Patch – On the RIGHT hand on
the Large Intestine 4 Acu-point

Tan Patch – On the LEFT wrist on the
Lung 7 Acu-point
 Day 5 – Water Meridian

White Patch – On the RIGHT foot on
the Urinary Bladder 62 Acu-point

Tan Patch – On inside of the LEFT foot
on the Kidney 3 Acu-point
          Example # 1

When using Energy patches with the 5
Day protocol, either the Glutathione or
Carnosine patch may be used along the
mid line of the body
The Frontier of Anti-Aging
                 New Protocol # 1
  Note: This patch protocol helps control appetite
  and reinforces the body’s natural energy flow
  while providing detoxification benefits.

      SP6, Energy Enhancer & Y-Age Glutathione

SP6           Stomach 36 (on left side of body)

              Pericardium 6

              Stomach 36 (on right side of body)
               New Protocol # 2
Note: This patch combination releases tension in the
neck and shoulders.

               Y-Age Carnosine & Glutathione
Glutathion   Conception Vessel 6
             Governing Vessel 14: (at the C7 vertebra)
           New Protocol # 3
Improved Blood Flow
Based on acupuncture research, three important acupoints have been known to stimulate the central
nervous system and optimize blood flow: Large Intestine 4, Liver 3, and Spleen 6. You can experiment
with the following placements using a set of Energy Enhancer patches (WHITE on right, TAN on left)
            New Protocol # 4
Four Corners Balancing

This protocol was designed to bring balance to the body, providing an overall health boost. It can also have
the effect of raising energy and reducing overall pain. It uses balancing of the meridians on all four corners
of the body and employs four of the most powerful, far-reaching acupuncture points on the body.

Lung 7, Stomach 36, Spleen 6, Large Intestine 4
            New Protocol # 5
LifeWave patches as Tesla Coils

In the late 19th century, Nikola Tesla, an inventor and engineer made several revolutionary contributions to
the field of electromagnetism; the Tesla Coil was among the most important of these. The device is a type
of resonant transformer circuit used to transmit electrical energy without interconnecting wires. Put more
simply, Tesla coils are antennae that are highly resonant at the same frequency and enable the wireless
transmission of energy between them
            New Protocol # 5
LifeWave patches as Tesla Coils

Recent experiments are showing LifeWave patches can act as Tesla Antennae. Here is an example of how
this might work:

Using a set of two Glutathione patches,
Apply one patch to one of the following points: CV 17 (at the heart), Heart 7 (on the wrist), Heart 3 (at the
elbow), DU 11 (on the back)

Apply the second patch to a remote area of the body that needs healing
            New Protocol # 5
LifeWave patches as Tesla Coils
We know that everything vibrates at a specific frequency. By placing the Glutathione patch on a point that
regulates the heart, we pull the heart into resonance with the specific frequency of the patch. If we then
place the second Glutathione patch on the remote area of damaged tissue, we can pull that damaged area
into resonance with the heart.

We now have two areas of the body beating at the same resonant frequency. Since everything in nature
flows from an area of high potential to an area of low potential, we can expect to see energy transmitted
from the heart (an area of high energy) to the damaged tissue (an area of low energy).
           Summary of Anti-Aging Strategy

- Drink plenty of clean water each day
- Exercise, eat right, avoid excess
- Use Energy patches to increase energy flow and energy
- Use Y-Age to protect and repair your body from aging
- Use patches on ST 36 and K1 for additional anti-aging benefits

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