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									               OIE PVS Tool
First Global Conference on Veterinary Legislation
         Djerba, Tunisia 7-9 December 2010

                                 Dr Sarah Kahn
                      Head, International Trade Department

  - Introduction
  - OIE standards
  - OIE PVS Tool
  - OIE Guidelines on
  veterinary legislation
 OIE standards and the SPS Agreement
- International standards,
  guidelines and
  recommendations for animal
  health and zoonoses = the
  standards, guidelines and                     SPS Agreement
  recommendations developed
  under the auspices of the     Animal Health   Food Safety      Plant Health
  OIE                               OIE           CODEX              IPPC

- OIE standards integrate the
  outcome of a risk
  assessment and thus make
  additional risk assessments
                                International standard setting organisations
- A majority of OIE standards
  are now used for national
  disease control measures
                       SPS/OIE measures
                    are a global public good

Safe and Abundant                              Food Safety
Animal Production

                             Alleviation of

  Public Health                                   Market Access

                  OIE International Standards

Terrestrial Animal Health Code – mammals,
birds and bees

Aquatic Animal Health Code – fish, molluscs,
crustaceans and amphibians

Manual of Diagnostic Tests and Vaccines for
Terrestrial Animals

Manual of Diagnostic Tests for Aquatic
OIE PVS Pathway

        Legal basis:
        OIE Terrestrial Animal
        Health Code
                                      Adopted at GS78

Article 3.1.2. Fundamental principles of quality
New point 6. Veterinary legislation
    •   Veterinary legislation is a fundamental element
        of quality supporting good governance.
    •   Legislation should be suitably flexible to allow
        efficient responses to changing situations.
    •   It should define and document responsibilities
        and structure of the organisations.
    •   A similar demonstration by VS in charge of
        veterinary public health activities.
                                          « treatment »

                                          Veterinary Services
                                             Strategic Plan

OIE PVS Pathway for efficient                 of legislation
Veterinary Services

      Evaluation              PVS                                        PVS
         PVS             Gap Analysis                                 Follow-Up
     « diagnosis »      « prescription»                           Evaluation mission
                                            Country / Donors
                                          Investment / Projects

OIE collaborates with governments,
Stakeholders and donors (if needed)            Veterinary

                     State of play PVS – 01/12/2010

                           OIE                PVS Missions   Reports
                         Members                 done        available
OIE Regions                        received
Africa                     52        46           43            33
Americas                   29        21           19            15
Asia & Pacific             31        16           14            11
Europe                     53        13           12            9
Middle East                12        12           11            4
                 Total    177        108          99            72
                              State of play legislation – 01/12/2010

OIE Regions                                      Legislation Missions    Legislation        Legislation
                                 OIE Members
                                                  Requests received     Missions done   documents available

Africa                                 52                16                  8                  6

Americas                               29                 2                  2                  0

Asia and Pacific                       31                 3                  3                  3

Europe                                 53                 3                  1                  1

Middle East                            12                 4                  3                  2

              TOTAL                   177                28                 17                 12

Not including pilot visits to three countries.
PVS    4 fundamental components

                                     (6 - 12)

                                    5 levels of
       Levels of advancement

 5 levels of advancement           Level 1
 (qualitative) for each         no compliance
 critical competency

 A higher level assumes
 compliance with all                Level 5
 preceding levels           full compliance with OIE

 External independent evaluation
 Upon request of the country
  – according to its context
 To assess
  – compliance with OIE Standards
  – strengths / weaknesses
  – gaps / areas for improvement
 Not an audit or an inspection.
 Revised Critical Competencies
New competencies
  Management of resources/operations (I-
  Animal welfare (II-14)
Division of competencies
  Coordination capability of the VS (I-6)
  Food safety (II-8)
  Identification and traceability (II-13)
  Vet. Statutory Body (III-5)
Revised Critical Competencies
•   Continuing education (I-3)
•   Stability of structures/sustainability of policies
•   Operational / Emergency funding / Capital
    investment (I-8, 9, 10)
•   Veterinary medicines and biologicals (II-9)
•   Emerging issues (II-11)
•   Preparation of legislation and regulations (IV-1)
•   Implementation of legislation and regulations
    and stakeholder compliance (IV-2)
 Management of resources and
      operations (I-11)
Definition: The capability of the VS to document
 and manage their resources and operations in
 order to analyze, plan and improve both
 efficiency and effectiveness.

• New competency reflects the needs of
  developing countries

• Note: some aspects covered by coordination (I-
  6) and funding (I-8)
        Animal welfare (II-14)

Definition: The authority and capability of the VS
 to implement the animal welfare standards of the
 OIE as published in the Terrestrial Code.

• Compliance with OIE standards

• Covers standards on transportation, slaughter
  and killing for disease control only

• Should be considered judiciously
      Coordination capability (I-6)

A. Internal coordination (chain of command)
• To coordinate its resources and national
  activities (public and private sectors) with a
  clear chain of command
B. External coordination
• To coordinate its resources and activities with
  other relevant authorities as appropriate
• Relevant authorities include other ministries
  and competent authorities, national agencies
  and decentralised institutions.
               Food safety (II-8)

A. Ante and post mortem inspection at abattoirs and
  associated premises
• To implement and, manage the inspection of
  animals destined for slaughter at abattoirs and
  associated premises
B. Inspection of collection, processing and
  distribution of products of animal origin
• To implement, manage and coordinate food safety
  measures on Inspection of collection, processing
  and distribution of products of animals
A&B also covers coordination with other authorities
    Identification and traceability (II-13)

A. Animal identification and movement control
• To identify animals under their mandate and trace
  their history, location and distribution for animal
  health, food safety, etc.
B. Identification and traceability of products of animal
• To identify and trace products of animal origin for
  animal health, food safety, etc.
A&B in coordination with stakeholders
      Veterinary statutory body (III-5)

A. VSB authority
The VSB is an autonomous authority responsible for
the regulation of the veterinarians and veterinary
B. VSB capacity
The capacity of VSB to implement its functions and
objectives in conformity with OIE standards.
       Preparation of legislation and
             regulations (IV-1)

Definition: The authority and capability of the VS to
actively participate in the preparation of national
legislation and regulations in domains under mandate
in order to warranty its quality with respect to
principles of legal drafting and legal issues (internal
quality), and its accessibility, acceptability, and
technical, social and economical applicability
(external quality).
   Implementation of legislation and
     regulations and stakeholder
          compliance (IV-2)

Definition: The authority and capability of
the VS to ensure that stakeholders are in
compliance with legislation and
regulations under the VS mandate.
 Assessment based on facts and evidence,
  not impressions
 Donors have accepted the OIE PVS official
  procedure in the evaluation of performance
  of VS
 A prerequisite and a guide in helping
  countries request national and/or
  international financial support.
 Experts trained and certified by the OIE
               Country PVS Reports
Country PVS reports are either:
  • Confidential (very few);
  • Available for transmission to Donors and
    Partners, incl. international development
    organisations having an agreement with the OIE
    (73 reports to date);
  • Fully in the public domain (12% to date): Belize;
    Bolivia; Brazil; Guinea-Bissau; Namibia; Panama;
    Paraguay; Uruguay; and Vietnam
Veterinary legislation guidelines

On the OIE internet site since 2008

Appear to have been well accepted by
OIE Members
Will be proposed for adoption in the
Terrestrial Code in 2011.
              Part I - General
• General principles
• Quality of legislation
• Competent authorities and veterinary
  chain of command
• Powers of officials
• Penalties
• Administration, financial resources
• Etc. …
                        Part II
• The veterinary profession
• Laboratories
• Delegation of tasks
• Animal production
• Animal diseases
• Animal welfare
• Veterinary products (medicines and vaccines)
• Food safety
• International trade
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